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428138000 Including nonapertured component 219
20100159192ADHESIVE LAMINATES AND APPLICATIONS THEREOF - A releasably adhesive laminate (06-24-2010
20120183726Perforated Nonslip Non-Adhesive Surface Covering - A surface covering that is a multilayered composite material. The multilayer composite material includes a top facing layer of polymeric film and a bottom layer of unsupported foam.07-19-2012
20130078420MULTI-LAYER SHEET OF A PERFORATED FILM FOR HOLDING LOADS OR PRODUCTS REQUIRING HEAT EXCHANGE EASE, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME - The invention relates to a sheet of a plastic film macroperforated by means of a cold punching process and formed by one or more layers, to be used mainly in the packaging of palletising systems, enabling optimum ventilation without creating a heat barrier, and reducing the consumption of polymer materials without reducing the mechanical resistance.03-28-2013
20120244314MICROPERFORATED POLYMERIC FILM AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING THE SAME - Described herein are microperforated polymeric films comprising: opposed first and second surfaces separated by a first certain distance (09-27-2012
20130084422Panel Assembly and Method of Making the Same - In an embodiment of the disclosure, there is provided a panel assembly for joining to a structure and method of making the same. The assembly has a first panel element having at least one first panel nonlinear edge, and has a second panel element having at least one second panel nonlinear edge, wherein the second panel nonlinear edge is designed to interlace with the first panel nonlinear edge to form a panel assembly with interlaced panel edgebands for joining to a structure. A width of the interlaced panel edgebands is reduced as compared to a width of adjacent panel edgebands formed by adjacent panel elements having linear edges, and the reduced width results in an overall reduced weight of the panel assembly and the structure to which the panel assembly is joined.04-04-2013
20090252923INK JET CARTRIDGE COMPRISING A LAYER MADE BY A CURABLE RESIN COMPOSITION - The present invention relates to a curable resin composition comprising a cyclic aliphatic multifunctional epoxy resin having general formula of the specification, a cyclic aliphatic difunctional epoxy resin having general formula of the specification, and, optionally, a photoinitiator, a process for manufacturing an ink jet printhead comprising a polymeric material layer defining ink passage ways formed by curing said curable resin composition, and ink-jet print head comprising a polymeric material layer defining ink passage ways formed by curing said curable resin composition.10-08-2009
20100104800UV RESISTANT MULTILAYERED CELLULAR CONFINEMENT SYSTEM - The present disclosure generally relates to a polymeric cellular confinement system which can be filled with soil, concrete, aggregate, earth materials, and the like. More specifically, the present disclosure concerns a cellular confinement system characterized by improved durability against damage generated by UV light, humidity, and aggressive soils, or combinations thereof.04-29-2010
20090041979Collar for tube and related methods of manufacture and installation - The invention proposes a collar intended to be placed around a portion of a tube and in contact with a separator between a first space and a second space. The collar has a generally annular shape and comprises a superimposition of alternating layers of silicone adhesive and fabrics and an upper layer of silicone elastomer.02-12-2009
20130071615Substrates and Method of Preparing the Same - A method of preparing substrates, including the steps of depositing metal particulates into a pillar form at a prescribed position of a substrate (03-21-2013
20130059114FUSIBLE INTERLINING - A fusible interlining usable as a front fusible interlining in the textile industry includes a support layer including a weakly bonded and water jet-structured fiber web or nonwoven. The support layer is bonded in preselected areas by a binder and has an adhesive compound on at least one side. The support layer has a grid-like hole structure.03-07-2013
20110014421FASTENING OF EDGE STRUCTURE TO SANDWICH STRUCTURE - In an edge of a sandwich structure a thin sheet is detached for a predetermined portion from a material. A first edge part is placed on one surface of the thin sheet detached from the material. A second edge part is placed on the opposite surface of the thin sheet detached from the material. The thin sheet detached from the material is fastened with a fastening element tightly between the first edge part and the second edge part.01-20-2011
20090269549Anisotropic conductive sheet, production method thereof, connection method and inspection method - The invention offers an anisotropic electroconductive sheet suitable for connecting with pin electrodes of a through-hole-mounting type. The sheet has electrical conductivity in the direction of thickness. The sheet comprises a base film formed using a porous film (10-29-2009
20130065017MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE WITH MULTILAYER COATING - A microfluidic device comprised of a material layer and a fluid transport feature having at least one characteristic dimension of less than 500 micrometers formed in or on the material layer. A chemically resistant, thermally stable and biocompatible multilayer coating is provided onto and in contact with the microfluidic device, wherein the multilayer coating includes one or more thin film layers comprised primarily of hafnium oxide or zirconium oxide and one or more thin film layers comprised primarily of tantalum oxide, the multilayer coating being located on a surface of the fluid transport feature. The corrosion resistant film can be formed on the surfaces of fluid transport features of microfluidic devices using atomic layer deposition film forming methods that produce conformal films that cover complex geometries, thereby enabling the corrosion resistant film to be formed on all surfaces of the fluid transport features of the microfluidic device.03-14-2013
20090239033DIAPHRAGM AND DEVICE FOR MEASURING CELLULAR POTENTIAL USING THE SAME, MANUFACTURING METHOD OF THE DIAPHRAGM - A diaphragm is formed by etching a substrate. This substrate has a first surface provided with a depression by isotropic dry etching, and a second surface opposite the first surface. Furthermore, a through-hole is formed from the depression to the second surface by anisotropic dry etching. The depression and the through-hole are formed by using one resist mask. The depression has a hemispherical shape or a semi-elliptical spherical shape.09-24-2009
20090233047SUBSTRATE HAVING A FUNCTIONALLY GRADIENT COEFFICIENT OF THERMAL EXPANSION - A substrate and a method of making a substrate having a functionally gradient coefficient of thermal expansion are described herein. A system having a silicon die, an organic package substrate, and a substrate having a functionally gradient coefficient of thermal expansion, connecting the silicon die and the organic substrate is also described. The coefficient of thermal expansion at the upper surface of the substrate matches the coefficient of thermal expansion of the die, the coefficient of thermal expansion at the lower surface of the substrate matches the coefficient of thermal expansion of the package substrate, and the substrate has one or more coefficients of thermal expansion between the coefficients of thermal expansion of the upper and lower surfaces.09-17-2009
20090011187Method of Manufacturing Plastic Component Assembly and Plastic Component Assembly, and Plastic Component Welding Head and Plastic Component Welding Machine - A lower half (01-08-2009
20090011186FLEXIBLE BASE FOR MANUFACTURING FLEXIBLE PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS - A flexible base includes a main region configured for forming flexible printed circuit board units; and two conveying regions respectively arranged on two sides of the main region. Each of the conveying regions includes an insulating substrate, a plurality of sprocket holes, and a patterned supporting layer. The sprocket holes are defined along a lengthwise direction of the insulating substrate. The patterned supporting layer is formed on the insulating substrate. The patterned supporting layer extends from an edge of each sprocket hole towards a periphery region of the corresponding sprocket.01-08-2009
20090142549FASTENED CONNECTIONS FOR LAMINATE TOOLING - A tool for forming an article in a forming operation is provided with a plurality of individually formed laminate sheets that are aligned, stacked and assembled to collectively form a tool body, each having a coefficient of thermal expansion. A series of the laminate sheets has a plurality of apertures coaxially formed therethrough. A plurality of pins collectively have a coefficient of thermal expansion and sized to be received within the plurality of apertures the plurality of pins extending through at least a plurality of the laminate sheets and collectively extend through the series of the laminate sheets. The coefficient of thermal expansion of the pins is higher than the coefficient of thermal expansion of the laminate sheets such that the laminate sheets and pins expand to secure the pins within the apertures to maintain the laminate sheets in stacked alignment while being heated to form the tool.06-04-2009
20130164495PATCH BACKING FOR WATER-BASED PASTY PREPARATION - The present invention relates to a backing for a water-based patch consisting of the following constituents, wherein the backing is excellent in pasty preparation retention and moisture retention, improves the persistence of drug efficacy by inhibiting the sublimation of the drug, gives neither restrained feeling nor rough feeling due to a thin thickness and an excellent elasticity, controls the moisture permeability, gives almost no sticky feeling and thereby gives an excellent feeling in application. A patch backing for a water-based pasty preparation consisting of a laminate, wherein the laminate consists of three layers, a film layer having through-holes is laminated between a nonwoven fabric layer A and a nonwoven fabric layer B, said film layer consists of a resin containing an olefin elastomer, the through-hole area per a hole is 0.02-0.18 mm06-27-2013
20110300331LAMINATE COUNTERTOP INSERT AND TEMPLATE - In one aspect, the invention provides an insert that is incorporated into laminated countertops during fabrication of stock countertop material. Once installed, a guide portion of the insert serves as a template for the later removal of a selected cut-out portion of the insert, to leave an opening in the countertop defined at least in part by a remaining portion of the insert. In this way, the insert may for example serve as both a template for cutting a sink opening in a laminated countertop, and as a component of a sink undermounting system in the laminated countertop.12-08-2011
20090297769BARRIER FLUOROPOLYMER FILM-BASED LINERS AND PACKAGING COMPRISING SAME - A container liner comprises at least one sheet bounded along portions thereof to form at least one peripheral seam, with the at least one sheet including a first fluoropolymer layer, a barrier film layer, and a third layer bonded along at least peripheral portions thereof. Any of such layers may be peripherally bonded to form a gap or pocket therebetween, or bonded along substantially entire major surfaces thereof. Surface modification may be employed to facilitate bonding of materials having otherwise dissimilar surface energies. The resulting liner is adapted for storing and dispensing high purity chemical reagents, e.g., by placing the liner in an overpack, and applying pressurizing gas to a space between the liner and the overpack for progressive compaction of the liner to dispense its contents.12-03-2009
20110039064FLEXIBLE CONDUCTIVE POLYMERIC SHEET - An electrically conductive article including a substrate and at least one electrically conductive layer disposed on the substrate. The conductive layer may include a thermoplastic resin and from about 1 to 30 weight percent of at least one conductive additive based on a total weight of the thermoplastic resin and the at least one conductive additive. The conductive article may have a surface resistance between 0.001 to 20Ω at a test distance of 2.54 cm (1 inch).02-17-2011
20120189807Device and Method for Repairing Structural Components - A device and method to repair a structural component. The device includes a plug that bonds to the structural component. The plug includes a flange and a solid shank extending from the flange, the solid shank being disposable in an opening of the structural component. The device further includes disc that bonds to the structural component such that, when bonded, the disc covers the solid shank of the plug. The method includes bonding the plug to the structural component such that the solid shank of the plug is disposed in the opening of the structural component. The method further includes bonding the disc to the structural component.07-26-2012
20110217510REINFORCED AIRCRAFT FUSELAGE PANEL AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A fuselage panel made of composite material having a skin with an opening, at least part of the contour of which is reinforced by an integrated reinforcement made of composite material. The fuselage panel includes at least one liner made of composite material which is attached to and superposed on the reinforced skin portion and participates at least partially in defining the contour of the opening, the panel additionally including consolidating members, each passing at least partially through the liner and at least partially through the reinforced skin portion.09-08-2011
20090304990MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR A NOZZLE PLATE AND A NOZZLE PLATE - A manufacturing method for a nozzle plate including a plurality of nozzle holes may include the step of forming a plurality of through-holes extending through a plate member in a thickness direction of the plate member. The manufacturing method may also include the step of forming a water repellant film in a region of one surface of the plate member where apertures of the through-holes are not positioned. The manufacturing method may further include the step of pressing individual regions on the one surface of the plate member, the individual regions respectively including the apertures of the through holes, to separate at least portions of the water repellant film formed in the individual regions from the water repellant film formed on the one surface.12-10-2009
20090317588Self standing medal - A self standing achievement medal that can be worn about the neck of the user in a conventional manner, or alternatively, when not being worn, can be conveniently and attractively displayed on a flat surface, such as found on a desk or bookshelf. The achievement medal includes a plate-like display surface upon which various decorations and indicia can be conveniently imprinted or engraved and a pivotally mounted, generally U-shaped support that can be conveniently moved from a stowed configuration to an extended configuration wherein the medal can be supported on a flat surface in a manner such that the indicia provided on the display surface of the medal is readily visible.12-24-2009
20100112284MULTILAYER CERAMIC SUBSTRATE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A laminate includes base material layers and interlayer constraining layers disposed therebetween. The base material layers are formed of a sintered body of a first powder including a glass material and a first ceramic material, and the interlayer constraining layer includes a second powder including a second ceramic material that will not be sintered at a temperature for melting the glass material, and is in such a state that the second powder adheres together by diffusion or flow of a portion of the first powder including the glass material included in the base material layer at the time of baking. The incorporated element is in such a state that an entire periphery thereof is covered with the interlayer constraining layer.05-06-2010
20090148661Layered adhesive construction useful for attaching a collecting bag or collecting device to the perianal area - A layered adhesive construction comprising a layer of a mouldable paste wrapped in one or more wrapping layers, and comprising a first adhesive layer attached to the wrapping layer on one outer surface of said layer of wrapped mouldable paste where the layered adhesive construction has a symmetrical shape around a central axis of symmetry lying in the plane of the layers of the adhesive construction, and has a hole going through the adhesive construction, which hole is placed with its center on said axis of symmetry so that it divides the central axis of symmetry in two parts; and where an area around at least one of said two parts of the central axis of symmetry consist of one or more backing layers and a layer of adhesive on the same side of the adhesive construction as the first adhesive layer.06-11-2009
20090148660INTUMESCENT STRIPS FOR STRUCTURAL BEAM FIRE PROTECTION - An intumescent strip for fire protecting cellular beams is disclosed. The intumescent strips of the present invention are made from flexible intumescent compositions and retain their flexibility after being molded into a solid. The strips are often generally U-shaped to fit over the edge of an opening in a cellular beam. The intumescent strip may be adhered to the beam with an adhesive and the entire beam including the strips may be covered with a thin film intumescent coating.06-11-2009
20100055393MULTILAYER CERAMIC SUBSTRATE - There is provided a multilayer ceramic substrate including a conductive via of a dual-layer structure capable of preventing loss in electrical conductivity and signal. The multilayer ceramic substrate includes: a plurality of dielectric layers; and a circuit pattern part formed on at least a portion of the dielectric layers, the circuit pattern part including at least one conductive via and conductive pattern, wherein the at least one conductive via comprises an outer peripheral portion and an inner peripheral portion, the outer peripheral portion formed along an inner wall of a via hole extending through the dielectric layers and formed of a first conductive material containing a metal, and the inner peripheral portion filled in the outer peripheral portion and formed of a second conductive material having a shrinkage initiation temperature higher than a shrinkage initiation temperature of the first conductive material.03-04-2010
20090214823METHODS FOR ALIGNING POLYMER FILMS AND RELATED STRUCTURES - Methods and a structure. The method includes applying a solution including two or more immiscible polymers to a substructure including features having at least one sidewall and a bottom surface. The immiscible polymers include a first polymer and a second polymer. The at least one sidewall includes a material. A selective chemical affinity of the first polymer for the material is greater than a selective chemical affinity of the second polymer for the material. The first polymer is segregated from the second polymer. The first polymer selectively migrates to the at least one sidewall, resulting in the first polymer being disposed between the at least one sidewall and the second polymer. One or more immiscible polymers is selectively removed. At least one immiscible polymer remains, resulting in forming structures including the substructure and the immiscible polymer remaining. Two additional methods and a structure are also included.08-27-2009
20090263625DECORATIVE PART FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE, COMPRISING AN OPENING AND A SUPPORTING ELEMENT - The invention relates to a decorative part for a motor vehicle, especially for the inside of a motor vehicle. Said decorative part comprises a visible side and a rear side, in addition to a carrier. According to the invention, the decorative part comprises a decorative material on the visible side thereof and the carrier comprises an opening, the decorative material being turned up in the region of the opening on the rear side of the decorative part, forming a doubled-back edge. Furthermore, a supporting element connected to the carrier is provided in the region of the opening, said supporting element being used to form the doubled-back edge of the decorative material.10-22-2009
20090047470SHOCK ELIMINATING SHEET AND ELECTRONIC APPLIANCE MAKING USE OF THE SAME - The shock absorbing sheet has a first surface subjected to an impact load, and is formed of first shock absorbing material and second shock absorbing material. The second shock absorbing material has a compressive elastic modulus larger than that of the first shock absorbing material and arranged in the first shock absorbing material. The second shock absorbing material is arranged so as to extend in the direction substantially orthogonal to the first surface. The cross-sectional area of the first shock absorbing material is equal to or larger than that of the second shock absorbing material in a cross-sectional area parallel to the first surface.02-19-2009
20090233046Apertured nonwoven webs with lined apertures - Apertured nonwoven webs are disclosed wherein the apertures in the web are treated with an active substance such that the inner surface of the aperture differs in properties, characteristics or appearance from a surface of the web adjacent to the aperture.09-17-2009
20100098905NON-SHRINKING CERAMIC SUBSTRATE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A method of manufacturing a non-shrinking ceramic substrate according to an aspect of the invention may include: preparing a ceramic laminate having a via electrode therein; firing the ceramic laminate so that a void is formed at the interface between the via electrode and the ceramic laminate; and performing plating to fill the void with a conductive material.04-22-2010
20090104404FABRIC, PARTICULARLY FOR ITEMS OF CLOTHING AND SHOES - A fabric, particularly for items of clothing and shoes, including: a first inner layer, to be directed toward the body of the user, which is substantially hydrophobic and breathable and suitable to direct liquid-phase and vapor-phase perspiration away from the user of an item of clothing or the like produced with the fabric, a second intermediate spacing layer, which is substantially hydrophobic and transfers the liquid-phase perspiration from the first inner layer toward a third outer layer and defines preferential passages for vapor-phase perspiration from the first layer outwardly, and a third outer layer, which is substantially hydrophilic and suitable for permeation of vapor-phase perspiration, for absorbing liquid-phase perspiration that arrives from the first layer, and for distributing the liquid-phase perspiration over a large surface thereof so that it can evaporate outwardly.04-23-2009
20100279064FLEXIBLE MARKING SYSTEMS WITH PAINTED IMAGES AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING THEREOF - Described herein are flexible marking systems possessing one or more painted images. The systems comprise a carrier layer adjacent to the adhesive layer, where the carrier layer is capable of receiving paint to produce painted images. The systems described herein are durable with respect to retaining the painted image. The systems are also durable with respect to remaining on the substrate once applied to the substrate. The systems do not require the use of heat and other expensive equipment for applying the system to the substrate.11-04-2010
20100279063Breaker plates for shaking tables and rotary drums - Carbon steel breaker plates mounted internally in rotary drums or on planar shaking tables and having holes for the sizing and passage of undersized material are provided with an array of protruding shapes which may be pyramid-shaped or wedge-shaped or otherwise shaped for breaking down large cohesive lumps or agglomerates passing over the breaker plates. The protrusions have abrasion, wear and impact resistant coatings for use in high wear applications.11-04-2010
20100136286COVERING FOR PAPER MACHINE - A covering for use with a paper, cardboard, tissue or fibrous web making machine, the covering including a plurality of films laminated together, the films including a polymer material. The plurality of films each having a plurality of perforations penetrating a thickness of each film. The perforations being configured to form drainage channels through the covering. At least one of the films having perforations had filler particulates distributed through the polymer material of the film. The filler particulates having been substantially removed from the polymer material to form the perforations in the films.06-03-2010
20080311343Highly Resilient, Dimensionally Recoverable Nonwoven Material - A microcreped wet laid nonwoven with recoverable stretch suitable for apparel applications such as waistbands and interlinings. The microcreping and heat setting improves dimensional stability after washing and drying cycles, minimizes shrinkage and substantially eliminates the surface wrinkling phenomenon, known in the industry as “alligatoring”, associated with wet laid and other apparel nonwovens.12-18-2008
20080233349Functional Device - The present invention provides a low-cost MEMS functional device by improving air tightness of a jointed section by anode junction in wafer level packaging for MEMS based functional devices. The MEMS functional device comprises a function element section formed by processing a substrate mainly made of Si, a metallized film for sealing formed around the functional element, and a glass substrate jointed to the metallized film for sealing by anode junction. Formed on a surface of the metallized film for sealing is a metallized film containing at least one of Sn and Ti as a main component.09-25-2008
20100143647LABELS WITH WATER-SOLUBLE UV CURABLE ADHESIVES - The invention relates to a method for gluing labels on hydrophobic substrates, wherein a radiation cross-linking, pressure-sensitive adhesive is applied on the label or on the substrate on a surface opposite to the label and irradiated with UV or electron radiation, and label and substrate are then brought together and glued to one another. The pressure-sensitive adhesive is soluble in aqueous solutions. The label is selected from i) water permeable labels with a water uptake (Cobb value) greater than 0.2 g/m06-10-2010
20090162607FLEXIBLE FILM AND DISPLAY DEVICE COMPRISING THE SAME - A flexible film is provided. The flexible film includes a dielectric film, a metal layer disposed on the dielectric film, and at least one hole formed through the dielectric film and the metal layer. Therefore, it is possible to facilitate the alignment of circuit patterns on a flexible film with an electrode of a panel of a display device or a circuit of a driving unit of a display device.06-25-2009
20090186190SILICON FILTER - The invention provides a filter device comprising a first member wherein at least a portion of the first member is foraminous, a second member wherein at least a portion of the second member is foraminous, wherein there is a fixed gap space between the members and wherein the holes of the first and second members are offset.07-23-2009
20090136711Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Sheet - A pressure sensitive adhesive sheet 05-28-2009
20100151192Sensor-Securing Apparatus and Camera Module - According to one embodiment, a sensor-securing apparatus has a frame having a sensor-mount region to hold an image sensor that generates heat while operating. The frame has a first adhesive-applying hole and a plurality of second adhesive-applying holes. The first adhesive-applying hole opens in the sensor-mount region and faces the center part of the image sensor. The second adhesive-applying holes are smaller than the first adhesive-applying hole, open in the sensor-mount region and are arranged around the first adhesive-applying hole. Adhesive is filled in the first adhesive-applying hole and the second adhesive-applying holes. The adhesive secures the image sensor to the frame.06-17-2010
20090324885Printed substrate and electronic device - A printed substrate includes: a plurality of pads provided in a mounting area, and having a polygonal shape, in which an electronic component is mounted; and a hole facing and extending along at least two adjacent sides of the polygonal shape.12-31-2009
20090324884Polyamide Based Mixed Resin Laminated Film Roll and a Process for Producing the Same - The present invention provides a polyamide based mixed resin laminated film roll formed by winding up a polyamide based mixed resin laminated film comprising a plurality of polyamide mixed resin sheets stacked on top of each other. A first sample cutout portion is provided within 2 m from the winding end of film, and a final sample cutout portion is provided within 2 m from the winding start of film. The roll is regulated so that, when sample cutout portions are provided at intervals of about 100 m from the first sample cutout portion, for all samples cutout from the cutout portions, the elastomer content, tensile modulus of elasticity, thickness unevenness in the longitudinal direction and other properties fall within a predetermined variation range.12-31-2009
20090081410Fly Away Caul Plate - Techniques and apparatus for providing a fly away caul plate are disclosed. In an embodiment, a method for curing a composite structure includes placing a pre-cured caul plate proximate an uncured composite lay-up, the lay-up may or may not include one or more stiffeners extending substantially perpendicular to the lay-up surface, the caul plate including an aperture for receiving the at least one stiffener. A force may be exerted against the caul plate to engage the composite lay-up. Heat and/or pressure may be applied to the composite lay-up to cure the stiffener panel and co-bond the caul plate to the composite lay-up.03-26-2009
20110143089MECHANICAL COMPONENT COMPRISING AN INSERT MADE OF COMPOSITE - A method of manufacturing a mechanical component, and winding device to implementing the method. The component includes at least one insert of metal matrix composite, within which matrix ceramic fibers extend, the composite insert obtained from a plurality of coated filaments each including a ceramic fiber coated with a metal sheath. The method manufactures an insert preform by winding a bonded lap or bundle of coated filaments about a cylindrical component. At least some of the winding is performed in at least one rectilinear direction. The method further inserts the insert preform in a first container; performs hot isostatic compaction of the first container; and machines the first container to form a rectilinear insert.06-16-2011
20090220738Conductive paste and multilayer printed wiring board using the same - The present invention provides a conductive paste comprising flake conductive fillers having a 99% cumulative particle size of 25 μm or less and a binder resin as essential components. The flake conductive fillers are metal particles having a silver-copper alloy surface layer. The conductive paste according to the present invention is fused with a part of a copper foil circuit to which the conductive paste is to be connected during connection by heating and pressurization, and has high electrical conductivity and high fill ration in a via hole. Thus, the conductive paste according to the present invention provides a multilayer printed wiring board that has high reliability of connection and excellent interlayer connection.09-03-2009
20090142548AIR COOLED GAS TURBINE COMPONENTS AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURING AND REPAIRING THE SAME - A component suitable for use in a gas turbine engine. The component includes a substrate defining a surface of the component and has a first surface and a second surface. At least one aperture extends through the substrate from the first surface to the second surface, and has a first open area. The component has a first coating on at least one of the first surface and the second surface adjacent to the at least one aperture. The component also has a second coating overlying the first coating adjacent to the at least one aperture, such that at least a portion of the first coating is exposed adjacent to the at least one aperture. The first coating defines a second open area which is smaller than the first open area. In another aspect, a method of manufacturing a component suitable for use in a gas turbine engine, comprising the steps of forming the component from a substrate having a first surface and a second surface, forming at least one aperture through the substrate from the first surface to the second surface having a first open area, applying a first coating to at least one of the first surface and the second surface adjacent to the at least one aperture, the aperture remaining at least partially unobstructed by the first coating, applying a second coating to the first coating adjacent to the at least one aperture, the aperture remaining at least partially unobstructed by the second coating, and removing the second coating from the aperture, leaving most or all of the first coating to define a second open area which is smaller than the first open area. In a further aspect, a method of repairing a component suitable for use in a gas turbine engine, the method comprising the steps of removing coatings from the component, repairing any defects in the substrate of the component, and applying coatings as described herein.06-04-2009
20090274870 METHOD OF FABRICATING A MEMBRANE HAVING A TAPERED PORE - The present invention relates to a method of fabricating a membrane having a tapered pore, to a polymeric membrane having a tapered pore and to uses of such polymeric membrane.11-05-2009
20100015394CERAMIC MATRIX COMPOSITE WALL WITH POST LAMINATE STITCHING - A stitching geometry and method for selective interlaminar reinforcement of a CMC wall (01-21-2010
20100151190ADAPTIVE MEMBRANE STRUCTURE WITH INSERTABLE PROTRUSIONS - The present invention relates to a multilayer protective enclosure for protecting humans, animals or perishables from hazardous agents in the environment. The enclosure contains a porous adaptive membrane structure that has movable membranes with insertable protrusions. The structure can be made to change its gas, liquid or particulate permeability in response to surrounding environmental conditions. Hence, the enclosure is highly breathable in a non-hazardous environment but impermeable or only semipermeable in a hazardous environment.06-17-2010
20090117322MULTIFUNCTIONAL ELECTROMAGNETIC SHIELDING - A method of manufacturing a multifunctional shielding mat for an interior of a vehicle is provided. The method includes providing at least one sheet of dampening material, coupling at least one sheet of electromagnetic shielding material to the at least one sheet of dampening material, and configuring the multifunctional shielding mat to cover a predetermined area of the vehicle.05-07-2009
20110059292HYDROGEL CONSTRUCTS USING STEREOLITHOGRAPHY - A preferred embodiment of the present invention provides a method and system for building cost-efficient biocompatible hydrogel constructs using stereolithography. Hydrogel constructs may be used in, for example, multi-lumen nerve regeneration conduits and other tissue engineering scaffolds with embedded channel architecture that facilitate tissue regeneration through possible incorporation of precisely located bioactive agents, cells, and other desired inert and/or active chemical agents and devices. Another preferred embodiment of the present invention provides a method of fabricating a hydrogel construct comprising: solidifying a first solution into a first construct layer with a first energy dosage using stereolithography, the first solution comprising: a first polymer; and a first photoinitiator, wherein the first polymer and first photoinitiator are of a first concentration.03-10-2011
20100151191Forming screens - Composite forming screens comprise a layer of hard rubber with a Shore D hardness of 12-90, preferably 33-90 and most preferably 46-60 and in preferred embodiments, comprise a support layer of plastic or metal bonded to the hard rubber to form a composite. The forming screens may be planar or cylindrical and are provided with a plurality of apertures or through holes and a pattern of fine scale structures. Methods of making the forming screens are also disclosed.06-17-2010
20090041978Synthetic composite structures - A composite biomaterial having a continuous metal sheet with arcuate members that define a first fenestration pattern, and a polymer layer over at least one surface of the continuous metal sheet. The arcuate members elastically stretch to allow the continuous metal sheet to bend in more than one axis without buckling or wrinkling.02-12-2009
20110027528GAS DIFFUSER MEMBRANE WITH COATED SUBSTRATE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A flexible diffuser membrane for diffusing gas into a liquid includes a substrate covered wholly or partially by a thin coating. The substrate is formed by a mold or extruder and is of an elevated temperature upon exiting the mold or extruder. The coating may be applied directly to a selected surface of the substrate just after it exits the mold or extruder and while the substrate is at an elevated temperature and before it may become contaminated by foreign materials. The membrane's manufacturing process may be a substantially continuous process wherein the substrate is continuously formed by an extruder and the coating is applied to the substrate in a continuous manner as the substrate exits the extruder.02-03-2011
20090197043Flat Sheet for Receiving a Printed Pattern, Process for Producing Same, and Use Thereof - In a sheet with openings which is designed to receive a printed pattern on one of its surfaces, a fabric woven from crossed threads, more particularly synthetic filaments, has different coloring on each surface with the printed pattern on the lighter surface. More particularly the woven fabric is a monofilament or multifilament synthetic woven fabric which either is made of black threads or is dyed black and is colored white on one surface. The threads are crimped at the same level and the lighter surface has a high degree of whiteness.08-06-2009
20090110879Method for Forming Bends In Composite Panels and Composite Panels Made Thereby - A composite panel with a bend therein is formed by first and second adjacent panel sections having a common facesheet forming an outer radius of the bend, and a substantially void-free joint between the adjacent panel sections.04-30-2009
20090110878METHODS FOR FABRICATING SUB-RESOLUTION ALIGNMENT MARKS ON SEMICONDUCTOR STRUCTURES AND SEMICONDUCTOR STRUCTURES INCLUDING SAME - A method of fabricating semiconductor structures comprising sub-resolution alignment marks is disclosed. The method comprises forming a dielectric material on a substrate and forming at least one sub-resolution alignment mark extending partially into the dielectric material. At least one opening is formed in the dielectric material. Semiconductor structures comprising the sub-resolution alignment marks are also disclosed.04-30-2009
20080286526STRUCTURE FOR SUPPORTING SAMPLE TO BE SUBJECTED TO SURFACE ENHANCED VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPIC ANALYSIS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - In order to provide a jig for surface enhanced vibrational spectroscopic analysis which can measure weak Raman scattered light or weak infrared absorption at high sensitivity and a method of manufacturing the jig, a structure for supporting a sample to be subjected to the surface enhanced vibrational spectroscopic analysis according to the present invention includes a substrate, a ground film formed on the substrate, and a base formed on the ground film. The base includes a plurality of holes formed in a direction perpendicular to the substrate. Metal fine particles are exposed on inner surfaces of the holes formed in the base and on a surface of the base.11-20-2008
20110123765METHOD OF PRODUCING OPTICAL ELEMENT AND OPTICAL ELEMENT - Provided are an optical element and a method of producing an optical element in which sufficient adhesion with an upper layer can be secured without damaging spectral characteristics. The production method includes the step of forming a first structural body in which a space part and a structural part are alternately and repeatedly arranged, the step of forming an etching stopper layer on an upper part of the structural part, and the step of forming a second structural body on the etching stopper layer by etching.05-26-2011
20100215900WALLBOARD TAPE - A wallboard tape having a base layer of paper tape having two parallel outer edges and two strips of paper tape applied to the base layer and parallel to the outer edges with an adhesive material. The strips are separated by a gap.08-26-2010
20090311473HEAT-ACTIVATEDLY BONDABLE 2D DIECUTTING ELEMENT - A heat-activatedly bondable, substantially two-dimensional (“2D”) diecutting element having a carrier, a first adhesive coating and a second adhesive coating is presented, its carrier taking the form of a carrier film having a first side and a second side, its first adhesive coating being disposed on the first side of the carrier film and comprising at least one heat-activable adhesive, and its second adhesive coating being disposed on the second side of the carrier film and comprising at least one heat-activable adhesive. The carrier film here has, over its two-dimensional extent, a multiplicity of openings which extend continuously through the carrier film from the first side of the carrier film through to the second side of the carrier film.12-17-2009
20100062215Component having through-hole and method of manufacturing component - In accordance with an exemplary aspect of the present invention, a method of manufacturing a component includes forming a resin block by a resin molding method such that a peripheral region including a region where a through-hole is formed is formed as a convex portion in one of front and back surfaces, and the other surface has a hole in a region where the through-hole is formed, removing the convex portion so that the hole completely penetrates the resin block, forming a conductive film on an exposed surface of the resin block, and electrically connecting conductive films formed on the front and back surfaces of the resin block.03-11-2010
20100055392METHOD OF FABRICATING MULTI-LAYERED SUBSTRATE AND THE SUBSTRATE THEREOF - The present invention directs to fabrication methods of single-sided or double-sided multi-layered substrate by providing a lamination structure having at least a core structure and first and second laminate structures stacked over both surfaces of the core structure. The core structure functions as the temporary carrier for carrying the first and second laminate structures through the double-sided processing procedures. By way of the fabrication methods, the production yield can be greatly improved without increasing the production costs.03-04-2010
20090214822MULTILAYERED LAMINATED FABRIC WITH SINGLE SEAM - A system and method of for creating a multilayered laminated fabric having a single seam. The system includes a top base layer having a seam and a roll side base layer having a first end and a second end arranged in a non-contacting manner to form a gap. The method includes joining a top base layer and a roll side base layer together and seaming the top base layer, wherein a gap is formed in the roll side base layer.08-27-2009
20110097539Compensation element - A compensation element for leveling an add-on part (04-28-2011
20110097538Substrate Features for Mitigating Stress - An article may include an array of features formed in a substrate and may be coated by a thermal barrier coating (TBC). The array of features may mitigate thermal stress experienced by the coated article. In particular, the array of features may reduce or limit crack propagation at or above the interface of a thermally insulative layer and a bond coat in the TBC. In some embodiments, the array may be formed proximate to and substantially aligned with cooling holes formed in the substrate. In other embodiments, an article may include a first array of features formed in a first location of a substrate and a second array of features formed in a second location of a substrate. The first and second locations may be determined or selected based on a prediction of thermal stresses that the substrate will experience at the first and second locations during use.04-28-2011
20110076445INTERNALLY REINFORCED STRUCTURAL COMPOSITES AND ASSOCIATED METHODS OF MANUFACTURING - Internally reinforced structural composites, suitable uses for such composites, and associated methods of manufacturing are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method of making a reinforced structural component includes forming a precursor having a crystal structure with a plurality of lattice layers and exfoliating the precursor. As a result, a distance between adjacent pairs of the plurality of lattice layers is expanded. The method also includes wrapping the exfoliated precursor with a surface support material around at least a portion of a circumference of the individual lattice layers in the exfoliated precursor.03-31-2011
20110076447PANEL ASSEMBLY FOR DECORATION - A panel assembly for decoration is disclosed herein, which is to be attached to a side of a transparent plate. The panel assembly includes a panel piece and at least one embedding piece. The panel piece is a thin plate and has at least one through hole. The embedding piece is corresponding to and fitted in the through hole. The embedding pieces are configured as a pattern or a character and have various colors. When the panel assembly is attached to the transparent plate, it gives the transparent plate a vivid appearance. The individual embedding pieces or the whole panel assembly may be replaced with other colors or patterns to make the transparent plate present a diverse appearance.03-31-2011
20110076446PERFORATED LAMINATED POLYMERIC FOAM ARTICLES - A polymeric foam article has at least two thermoplastic polymer foams in layered orientation, each of the thermoplastic polymer foams having an adjoining surface that contains a polymer skin, a thickness dimension perpendicular to the adjoining surface, perforations that are less than one millimeter in diameter that penetrate through the adjoining surface to a depth less than the thickness dimension of the foam, where the adjoining surface of one thermoplastic polymer foam is adjacent and adhered to the adjoining surface of another thermoplastic polymer foam with an adhesive thereby affixing the thermoplastic polymer foams to one another.03-31-2011
20120121854COMPOSITE-MATERIAL STRUCTURE AND AIRCRAFT MAIN WING AND AIRCRAFT FUSELAGE PROVIDED WITH THE SAME - An object is to provide a main wing whose weight can be reduced, taking into consideration the stress concentration at circumferential edges of access holes. A main wing (05-17-2012
20110250390NONWOVEN FABRIC HAVING STRETCHABILITY, AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - The invention provides a stretchable nonwoven fabric which has concavo-convex structure on the surface, is bulky and highly flexible, has air permeability, and is capable of displaying stretchability in all directions irrespective of the directions of MD and CD. Specifically, the invention provides a stretchable nonwoven fabric, comprising a fiber layer (10-13-2011
20100086733ALUMINUM ALLOY SUBSTRATE AND A METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An aluminum alloy substrate having nano-holes in an ordered arrangement is disclosed, as well as a method of manufacturing such an aluminum alloy substrate. The aluminum alloy substrate of the invention includes a substrate, a first underlayer, a second underlayer, and an aluminum-containing layer including a lower layer portion composed of an amorphous aluminum alloy and an amorphous surface layer portion containing alumina, the surface layer portion having a plurality of nano-holes formed thereon.04-08-2010
20090053465SCRATCH RESISTANT, REFLECTION REDUCING SURFACE HAVING ANTI-FOGGING PROPERTIES - An optical element or component having excellent anti-fog effects as well as excellent scratch resistance and/or reflection reducing effects and optionally also hydrophobic and/or oleophobic properties, and a method for producing such an optical element or component. The element or component includes, in the following order, a glass substrate, a water-absorbing first layer, and a second layer selected from (i) an anti-reflecting coating; a mirror coating and a hard layer; (ii) a compound and/or combination of a hard layers and anti-reflecting coatings; and (iii) a compound and/or combination of hard layers and mirror coating. Blind holes or bores are introduced into the second layer and the water-absorbing first layer with the holes opening out from the second layer and extending completely through the second layer, and at least partially through the water-absorbing first layer.02-26-2009
20110027529BAMBOO SCRIMBER AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A bamboo scrimber includes a plurality of pressure-pressed bamboo strips impregnated with an adhesive and modified through heat-treatment. Each of the bamboo strips is formed with a plurality of slots penetrating through the bamboo strip substantially in a direction of thickness defined by the bamboo strip. A substantially longitudinal direction defined by the slots is substantially consistent with a substantially longitudinal direction defined by fibers of the bamboo strip.02-03-2011
20100330330Expandable foam sheet that locks in expanded configuration - A mechanically expandable foam sheet has comprising a plurality of discrete slits therein that allow the foam sheet to be expanded from an unexpanded foam sheet configuration to an expanded foam sheet configuration. The expandable foam sheet has a density of from 14 g/liter to 48 g/liter in the unexpanded configuration and a thickness of from 6 mm to 50 mm. The slits are of a kind and of a size and arrangement that the expanded foam sheet locks into the expanded configuration by exhibiting a pressure-to-close of at least 5 gm/cm12-30-2010
20110052866DISPLAY DEVICES, ACCESSORIES THEREFORE AND METHODS - A display article comprising one of a magnetic and magnet attractive material disposed such that the material defines an area, a substrate for the material, the substrate optionally being permeable to a pushpin, the material allowing a magnet or magnet attractive material to be secured thereto, the material be integrally secured to the substrate so as to form a composite article whereby an item to be displayed can be secured to the composite article by a magnet or magnet attractive material and optionally by a pushpin. The composite article is suitable for use as a display surface, allowing securement of articles to be displayed by a magnet or optionally by pushpin. The composite article may be used as wallpaper or a wall covering, for example.03-03-2011
20110052865STRUCTURED PERFORATED PLASTIC SHEET - A structured perforated plastic sheet includes a plastic sheet body having bottom ribs in a bottom layer, middle ribs in a middle layer, and top ribs in a top layer. The top ribs are interconnected to define a top hole. The middle ribs divide the top hole into multiple middle holes. The bottom ribs divide each middle hole into multiple bottom holes. Each of the top, middle and bottom ribs has a top wall and two side walls extending downwardly from two opposite sides of the top wall. The side walls of the top and middle walls are deflected in a plane of the top walls of the bottom ribs.03-03-2011
20110052864THERMAL ADHESIVE TAPE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF THE SAME - Disclosed is a thermal adhesive tape, in which a conductor that generates heat by a high frequency wave is disposed in the middle of the thermal adhesive tape to thereby improve productivity and give strong adhesive strength while thermally adhering materials having a low thermal conductivity with each other. The thermal adhesive tape for a portable terminal, includes a heated sheet made of a conductor; a first melting sheet adhered to one face of the heated sheet; and a second melting sheet adhered to the other face of the heated sheet, wherein the first and second melting sheets are made of a polyester composition, the heated sheet is made of aluminum or copper, and the first and second melting sheets are melted upon heating of the heated sheet by a high frequency induction to adhere the case and the LCD cover with each other.03-03-2011
20110052863No Drip Tray Liner - The present invention is directed to a two-ply absorbent liner for use in a sterilization process and, more particularly, to an absorbent liner having a foam layer and a paper layer for cushioning sterilization trays and surgical instruments in a sterilization pack and providing advantageous moisture absorption functionality during and after completion of a sterilization process. The absorbent liner functions advantageously with steam or ethylene oxide gas as the sterilization agent. The absorbent liner is fabricated from a foam material, preferably a hydrophilic polymeric foam material, e.g., a hydrophilic polyurethane foam flame laminated to paper, preferably medical grade paper. The disclosed liner may be advantageously utilized in sterilizing surgical instruments and in conjunction with sterilizing trays such that potential residual moisture is eliminated from the surface of the instruments or trays and metal surfaces are cushioned.03-03-2011
20120148797CAMOUFLAGE STRUCTURE CAPABLE OF ALTERING ITS APPEARANCE - A camouflage structure, capable of altering its appearance, comprises a camouflage graphic layer and a color-changing layer disposed on the camouflage graphic layer. Originally, the camouflage structure presents a first color state. After the color-changing layer changes the color by driving methods, the camouflage structure presents a second color state. For example, a transparent or semi-transparent color-changing layer able to reflect or emitting red light could be disposed on the woodland camouflage graphic layer, which allows for the overall appearance to change from the greenish woodland camouflage to the brownish desert camouflage. Alternatively, the camouflage structure could comprise a greenish camouflage graphic layer made of material with red-shift characteristics, which means the greenish camouflage graphic layer consists of different colors of chromic materials with reversible red-shift characteristics. The greenish camouflage graphic layer can be red-shifted by driving methods so as to present an appearance of brownish desert camouflage.06-14-2012
20100159193COMBINED ELECTRICAL AND FLUIDIC INTERCONNECT VIA STRUCTURE - A via structure configured for electrical and fluidic interconnection, and including an electrically conductive layer and an electrically insulating layer disposed on the electrically conductive layer.06-24-2010
20090197042COMPOSITE CONTAMINANT VAPOR BARRIER SYSTEM AND METHOD - A composite membrane comprises: a first layer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and a layer of asphalt applied over the first layer of HDPE. A second layer of HDPE sheeting is applied over the layer of asphalt. A method of creating a composite barrier to chemical vapors is also disclosed which comprises applying a base layer comprising high density polyethylene (HDPE); applying an asphalt layer over the base layer; and applying a top layer comprising HDPE over the asphalt layer.08-06-2009
20090176054Insulative Material And Associated Method Of Forming Same - An insulative material and a method of forming the insulative material are provided. The insulative material is configured to change shape in response to temperature and thus, for example, the insulative material may become more insulative as the temperature decreases. For example, the insulative material may include a plurality of fibers that change shape, such as by curling, in response to decreases in temperature, thereby correspondingly changing the insulative properties.07-09-2009
20110189431STOPPER FOR CLOSING A MEDICAL SYSTEM - A cylindrical stopper for closing a medical system and a method for closing a medical system, and to the medical system itself, closed with the stopper of the invention.08-04-2011
20100028597SWITCH UNIT - A switch unit comprises: a switch cover having an opening; and a knob for operating a switch, the knob being provided within the opening in such a manner as to oscillate or rotate. The switch cover comprises: a first resin layer which is molded of a resin material having a property in which a plate layer does not adhere thereto, in which the opening is formed and which defines a rear side of the switch cover; a second resin layer which is molded of a resin material having a property in which a plated layer can adhere thereto and which is provided on a surface side of the first resin layer in such a manner as to be integral with the first resin layer; and a plated layer which is provided to cover a surface of the second resin layer.02-04-2010
20100021685MULTI-LAYERED SUPPORT STRUCTURE - A multi-layered support structure provides ergonomic, adaptable seating support. The multi-layered support structure includes multiple cooperative layers to maximize global comfort and support while enhancing adaptation to localized variations in a load, such as in the load applied when a person sits in a chair. The cooperative layers each include elements such as pixels, springs, support rails, and other elements to provide this adaptable comfort and support. The multi-layered support structure also uses aligned material to provide a flexible yet durable support structure. Accordingly, the multi-layered support structure provides maximum comfort for a wide range of body shapes and sizes.01-28-2010
20120148798METHOD FOR MAKING LAMINATED GLAZING AND LAMINATED GLAZING INCLUDING AT LEAST ONE HOLE - A process for manufacturing a laminated glazing including a hole of substantial size, the process arranging a seal on an edge face and external faces of the glazing around an entire periphery of the hole, the seal including protruding fastening elements that are applied against the external faces of the glazing.06-14-2012
20120148796Nonwoven Composite Including an Apertured Elastic Film and Method of Making - An elastic nonwoven composite that contains an elastic film laminated to one or more nonwoven web materials is provided. The composite is formed by passing an extrusion-coated film/nonwoven laminate through a nip to create apertures through both the film and the nonwoven. The apertures are of a size sufficient to provide a desired level of texture, softness, hand feel, and/or aesthetic appeal to the composite without having a significant adverse effect on its elastic properties. Apertures are accomplished in the present invention by selectively controlling certain parameters of the lamination process, such as film content, element pattern, degree of film tension, temperature and pressure conditions, and so forth.06-14-2012
20100112283PERFORATED COMPOSITE STRUCTURES AND METHODS THEREFORE - Method including: (a) forming a laminate structure including a plurality of uncured prepreg sheets, wherein the laminate structure comprises an initial substantially planar configuration; (b) subjecting the laminate structure to suitable first curing conditions to provide a partially cured laminate structure while maintaining the substantially planar configuration; (c) providing the partially cured laminate structure with a plurality of perforations to provide a partially cured and perforated laminate structure; (d) shaping the partially cured and perforated laminate structure; and (e) subjecting the partially cured and perforated laminate structure to second curing conditions at least partially simultaneously with or after step (d) to provide a shaped and finally cured laminate structure.05-06-2010
20100247855Breathable low-emissivity metallized sheets - A durable metallized moisture vapor permeable sheet is formed by coating a moisture vapor permeable sheet with at least one metal coating comprising a layer of a corrosion resistant metal or a plurality of metal layers having differing compositions. The metallized moisture vapor permeable sheet material is suitable for use as a building construction wrap such as roof lining and house wrap, and as EMF radiation shielding material.09-30-2010
20120040134Laminate of thermoplastic film materials exhibiting throughgoing porosity - A laminate of thermoplastic film materials exhibiting throughgoing porosity and comprising plies A and B, A having an inner surface A02-16-2012
20120301667Method and apparatus for coating a complex object and composite comprising the coated object. - Disclosed are coating apparatus and coating methods to uniformly coat complex objects. The coating apparatus comprises first, second and/or third gimbals connected to rotational mechanisms to allow rotation of the gimbals around or about first, second and/or third axis. When three gimbals are used, an object holder is connected to the third gimbal. When an object is present in the object holder, it can be immersed in a coating solution to form a coated object. After removal from the coating solution, the coated object is then rotated around or about two or three axes which produces a multidirectional centrifugal force which causes the coating solution to spread evenly over the surface of the object to produce a uniform thin film. Coating methods based on the forgoing are also disclosed.11-29-2012
20120003422LAYERED FLAME-PROOF MATERIAL - Materials or composites that can provide a complete finished product to the transportation industry that meets or exceeds fire resistant regulations and standards, e.g., the UL 94 V-0 Flame Test Standard are disclosed. These materials combine aesthetic and functional properties that are not apparent in other flame proof insulation materials available in the industry a whole.01-05-2012
20120003423EMBOSSED TEXTURED WEBS AND METHOD FOR MAKING - Methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture are shown for creating a soft textile expanded apertured film.01-05-2012
20120045612PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE SHEET - A pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet is a laminate of a base material, a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and a release material, and has a plurality of through-holes passing through from a surface of the base material to a pressure-sensitive adhesive face. The base material comprises a resin composition that contains 65 to 98 wt % of a polyolefin based resin (A) and 2.0 to 35 wt % of a pigment (B). In such a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, air entrapments and blisters can be prevented or removed by way of the through-holes. Also, expansion of the inner diameter of the through-holes is suppressed, and thereby the pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet has good appearance.02-23-2012
20120045611Composite Carrier Structure - A composite carrier structure for manufacturing semiconductor devices is provided. The composite carrier structure utilizes multiple carrier substrates, e.g., glass or silicon substrates, coupled together by interposed adhesive layers. The composite carrier structure may be attached to a wafer or a die for, e.g., backside processing, such as thinning processes. In an embodiment, the composite carrier structure comprises a first carrier substrate having through-substrate vias formed therethrough. The first substrate is attached to a second substrate using an adhesive such that the adhesive may extend into the through-substrate vias.02-23-2012
20120045613COMPOSITE STRUCTURE - A structure comprising a cured composite part formed from a series of plies of fibre-reinforced composite material; a doubler plate attached to the composite part by an array of pointed prongs which partially penetrate the composite part; and a hole passing through the doubler plate and the composite part. An interface plate carries the array of prongs on a first side and is attached to the doubler plate on a second side.02-23-2012
20120015141MOULDING COMPOUND FOR MOULDINGS WITH HIGH WEATHER RESISTANCE - A moulding compound comprises a copolymer (I)a), produced by polymerisation of 90-100% by weight methylmethacrylate, styrene and malic acid anhydride, and optionally 0-10% by weight additional monomers which can be copolymerised with methylmethacrylate, a (co)polymer (II)b), produced by polymerisation of 80-100% by weight methylmethacrylate and optionally 0-20% by weight additional monomers which can be copolymerised with methylmethacrylate, and has a solution viscosity in chloroform at 25° C. (ISO 1628 Part 6) of 50 to 55 ml/g, as well as c) optional conventional additives, auxiliary agents and/or fillers. The moulding compound is characterised in that the copolymer (I) has a solution viscosity in chloroform at 25° C. (ISO 1628 Part) of 55 ml/g or less. Also disclosed are mouldings produced by thermoplastic processing of the moulding compound and their uses.01-19-2012
20090035515METHOD FOR PRODUCING A WEBLIKE PRODUCT FOR THE PRODUCTION OF ABSORBENT ITEMS AND SIMILAR, PRODUCT SO OBTAINED AND ABSORBENT ARTICLE INCLUDING SAID PRODUCT - A method for the production of a weblike material including a flocked substrate (F) is described, in which: on at least a first side of the substrate (F) is applied an adhesive (R); on said first face are distributed flock fibers (02-05-2009
20120207970COMPOSITE MOLDED ARTICLE - A composite molded article comprising: a main body portion including, a bottom wall portion formed of an elastically deformable polymer material, and a peripheral wall portion protruding so as to surround a peripheral edge of the bottom wall portion and formed of an elastically deformable polymer material; a vent hole passing through the bottom wall portion; and a gas permeable membrane integrally connected to the main body portion and is permeable to gas but is impermeable to liquid, wherein the gas permeable membrane is arranged to the bottom wall portion so as to cover the vent hole and connected to the bottom wall portion at a periphery of the vent hole, and wherein the bottom wall portion includes at least one rigid body portion which is more difficult to be deformed than the bottom wall portion at an outer peripheral part of the gas permeable membrane.08-16-2012
20110165373RADIO-OPAQUE FILMS OF LAMINATE CONSTRUCTION - A radio-opaque film with a laminate structure includes one or more layers of radio-opaque material between a pair of containment layers. Each radio-opaque layer may comprise particles of radio-opaque material and a binder, which holds the particles of radio-opaque material together. One or both of the containment layers may impart the radio-opaque film with paper-like or cloth-like characteristics. Alternatively, a sheet of paper-like or cloth-like material may be adhered to one or both of the containment layers. Methods for manufacturing radio-opaque films are also disclosed, as are systems in which radio-opaque films are used.07-07-2011
20110104434FLOOR TILE - A modular plastic floor tile has a body of a first polymer compound and features overmolded onto the body from a second polymer compound. The compounds may be different from each other in hardness and/or color. The features may include raised pads on the upper surface and/or skins on support member cores downwardly depending from the tile lower surface. The pads on the upper surface may be injection-molded from the lower surface through through-holes. Lateral edges of the tile are provided with latches which fit into loops with an interference fit. The loops flex in order to impose a compressive force on mating tile edges. The tile may have an overmolded peripheral seal.05-05-2011
20100092725Wallboard Tape And Method of Using Same - The present invention is a wallboard tape that simplifies the initial covering and installation of elongated wallboard joints formed by the abutting of adjacent wallboards. The wallboard tape includes a fibrous paper tape having a resin-impregnated body and a water-soluble, specially formulated water-activated adhesive layer applied to a surface of the body. The resin impregnated body remains relatively non-moisture absorbent during wetting of the adhesive layer thereby allowing the adhesive layer to dry several minutes after installation of the tape over a wall joint.04-15-2010
20120164377SPORTS PAD - A sports pad is a pad-shaped main unit assembled primarily by an outer layer, an adhesive layer and an inner layer. Ventilation holes are formed in the pad-shaped main unit by punching at one time with a mold tool to penetrate the outer layer, the adhesive layer and the inner layer. A hot-press formation and a cutting are carried out next to accomplish the sports pad having a pre-determined shape, having a concaved and convex arc at a pre-determined position and manifesting a fused and smooth pattern at outer peripheries. The outer side of the pad is a high-intensity structure to provide stopping and protection functions; whereas, the inner side is a soft and fitting material, providing comfortableness when wearing.06-28-2012
20120135188Padding construction - A padding has a first outer layer that is made from an abrasion resistant fabric, a second outer layer that is made from a stretch fabric having a smooth surface, and a middle layer that is made from a foam material. The middle layer is positioned between the first and second outer layers. The first and second outer layers are then stitched along their peripheral edges to completely encapsulate the middle layer therebetween, and then a plurality of lines that are cut through all the layers.05-31-2012
20100173124EXERCISE MAT AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An exercise mat includes: a core layer including upper and lower opposite surfaces; and upper and lower layers being respectively heat-pressed on the upper and lower opposite surfaces of the core layer. The upper and lower layers are independently made of a foamed material, and have a plurality of holes that are formed therethrough and that extend to the respective one of the upper and lower opposite surfaces of the core layer. The core layer is an elastomer that is thermally compatible with the upper and lower layers, and that has a higher density than those of the foamed material of the upper and lower layers. A method for manufacturing an exercise mat is also disclosed.07-08-2010
20100173123Repairing a Friction Stir Welded Assembly - A method of repairing and a repaired friction stir welded assembly is disclosed. The friction stir welded assembly repair may include the steps of: drilling a hole through a discrepant portion of the friction stir welded assembly; sliding a mandrel head and a tubular rivet body of a rivet assembly through the hole; seating a rivet head and an adhesive/sealer washer against one of the first workpiece and the second workpiece, with the adhesive/sealer washer located between portions of the rivet head and body and the friction stir welded assembly; pulling a mandrel to cause the mandrel head to create an upset portion of the rivet body engaging the friction stir welded assembly; and curing the adhesive/sealer washer.07-08-2010
20120251771METHOD OF MAKING A SMOOTH ELASTIC NONWOVEN COMPOSITE - A method making an elastic nonwoven composite that contains an elastic film laminated to one or more nonwoven web materials is provided. The method includes forming an elastic film from a polymer composition and passing the film and a nonwoven web material, the nonwoven material having a basis weight from about 5 gsm to about 30 gsm, through a nip formed by at least one patterned roll. The patterned roll includes raised bonding elements repeating in the machine direction, the elements being spaced in the machine direction by less than about 760 micrometers. At the nip, the film and the nonwoven web material are concurrently melt fused while the film is under tension at a stretch ratio of about 1.5 or more in the machine direction.10-04-2012
20120219754METHOD FOR REINFORCING A HOLE EDGE REGION WORKPIECE WITH A HOLE WITH REINFORCED HOLE EDGE REGION HOLE EDGE REINFORCING DEVICE - The invention relates to a method for reinforcing a predetermined edge region of a hole in a hole region of a workpiece, the edge region comprising an edge of the hole, the hole region comprising thermoplastically bound fibres, preferably a thermoplastically bund fibre tangle, comprising the steps: providing the workpiece with a softened thermoplastic binder at least in the hole region, penetrating the hole region of the workpiece in a penetration direction with displacement of fibres with a spike, after penetration: scraping fibres from the spike contrary to the penetration direction by a scraper part mobile relative to the spike, and compacting the predetermined edge region surrounding the spike with a pressing surface of the scraper part relative to workpiece regions of the hole region located radially outside the edge region.08-30-2012
20120076980METHOD FOR FORMING AN APERTURE AND ACTUATOR LAYER FOR AN INKJET PRINTHEAD - A method enables multiple inkjet printhead dies to be manufactured by bonding a single wafer to a single polymer layer. Multiple die sites on the single wafer are arranged in a predetermined pattern that corresponds to the pattern in which a plurality of aperture arrays are arranged in the polymer layer. The die sites on the wafer and the aperture arrays in polymer layer are aligned, the wafer and polymer layer are bonded, and the bonded wafer and polymer layer are cut to form a plurality of inkjet printhead dies.03-29-2012
20100047517METAL CLAD LAMINATE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING METAL CLAD LAMINATE - A method for manufacturing a metal clad laminate having a film and a metal layer formed of a foundation layer and an upper layer includes the steps of forming the foundation layer on at least a part of a surface of the film by plating to obtain a first laminate; forming the upper layer on the first laminate by plating to obtain a second laminate; and heating the second laminate to obtain the metal clad laminate. Further, the film is a flexible thermoplastic polymer film, the foundation layer is formed of a nickel alloy, the upper layer is formed of copper, at least one of the foundation layer and the upper layer has a compression stress before the step of heating the second laminate, and the metal clad laminate shrinks in a planar direction of the film during the step of heating the second laminate.02-25-2010
20120315435INSULATION MATERIALS HAVING APERTURES FORMED THEREIN - An improved electrical insulation tape (12-13-2012
20100272952Screen Element - Methods of manufacturing screen elements for use with vibratory separators are disclosed. The screen elements include a curved structural frame with perforations therein, the perforations designed to maximize both open area and process liquid throughput. At least one layer of screen cloth is attached to the curved structural frame by means of fluidized powdered epoxy resin.10-28-2010
20100291344COATED SUBSTRATES AND PACKAGES PREPARED THEREFROM - The invention relates to a perforated coated substrate comprising at least the following: i) a first layer, ii) a second layer, and iii) a woven and/or nonwoven web; and wherein the second layer has a lower softening and/or melting temperature, as compared with the respective softening and/or melting temperatures of the first layer, and the respective softening and/or melting temperatures of the web; and wherein the layers of the coated substrate have perforations with a common center.11-18-2010
20090061154Metallic-Colored Thermoplastic Molding Material - The invention relates to a metallic-colored thermoplastic molding material, which contains metal glitter in various admixtures. In addition, the invention relates to a method to manufacture this molding material and its use in molded bodies with openings. No visible formation of flow lines occurs with the use of this molding material, so that the quality of the goods manufactured is improved. For this purpose, it is planned that the percentage by weight of the metal glitter in the thermoplastic molding material lies between six and 15%, wherein the size of the glitter is not in a Gaussian distribution, but the molding material to a large extent contains only equally sized glitter particles in glitter mixtures.03-05-2009
20110123764METHOD OF MAKING A MOLDED ARTICLE - In various embodiments, a method of making a molded article comprises forming a composite into a desired shape for the article, and cutting the formed article to form desired openings in the article. The composite comprises a top layer that comprises a blend of a first polycarbonate comprising repeat units of dimethyl bisphenol cyclohexane and a second polycarbonate comprising repeat units of bisphenol A, said second polycarbonate being different from said first polycarbonate, wherein the repeat units of dimethyl bisphenol cyclohexane are present in an amount of at least 50 weight percent relative of the total repeat units in the top layer, and (b) a second layer comprising a bisphenol-A polycarbonate, said second layer being joined with the top layer.05-26-2011
20080299349Method for preparing a porous inorganic coating on a porous support using certain pore fillers - Methods for preparing porous inorganic coatings on porous supports using certain pore fillers, and porous supports coated with porous inorganic coatings. The porous inorganic coatings may serve as membranes useful in, for example, liquid-liquid, liquid-particulate, gas-gas, or gas-particulate separation applications.12-04-2008
20110003115GAS DIFFUSER MEMBRANE WITH COATED SUBSTRATE - A flexible diffuser membrane for diffusing gas into a liquid includes a substrate covered wholly or partially by a thin fluorocarbon elastomer coating. The coating is applied after the substrate has been fully constructed and cured. The coating is then mixed with an adhesive catalyst and applied by spraying or in another suitable manner to the substrate. The substrate and coating are then heated to a temperature such as 350° F.-800° F. adequate to form a strong chemical, molecular, and adhesive bond between the coating and substrate. Perforations are formed in the membrane, the substrate may be treated with a biocide allowing the uncoated edges of the perforations to be coated with the biocide and resist biological growth.01-06-2011
20110045238Printing Template of an SMT Process and Method of Coating It - The printing template (02-24-2011
20120321847THREE-DIMENSIONAL BOARD STRUCTURE AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - The present invention is to provide a three-dimensional board structure and method thereof by sequentially coating an adhesive on a plurality of veneers containing plant fibers, sequentially bonding the veneers together to form a multilayer board, penetrating and pressing the multilayer board by using a plurality of spikes arranged on a tool for deforming and breaking the plant fibers around peripheries of penetrated portions of the veneers, and removing the spikes from the multilayer board, such that the plant fibers around the peripheries of the penetrated portions of any two adjacent veneers are entangled with each other to form three-dimensional connecting portions in the multilayer board. Since the adhesive will permeate into the three-dimensional connecting portions due to penetration of the spikes and pressure of the tool, the three-dimensional connecting portions between the adjacent veneers and the adhesive permeated therein make the multilayer board having a three-dimensional bonding strength accordingly.12-20-2012
20120321846TRANSPARENT ELECTROCONDUCTIVE FILM AND ORGANIC ELECTROLUMINESCENT DEVICE - Provided is a transparent electroconductive film. The film includes a transparent electroconductive layer. The layer contains an electroconductive polymer and a self-dispersing polymer dispersible into aqueous solvent. The self-dispersing polymer has a dissociable group, and has a glass transition point of 25° C. or higher and 80° C. or lower.12-20-2012
20120276331CORRUGATED AND APERTURED WEB - Corrugated and apertured web materials are disclosed. More specifically, the webs comprise alternating ridges and grooves, wherein apertures are located in the grooves. In one embodiment, a web comprises alternating ridges and grooves as well as alternating regions of lower basis weight and higher basis weight. The higher basis weight regions are located in the ridges and grooves and the lower basis weight regions are located in the sidewalls between the ridges and grooves. The higher basis weight regions located in the grooves comprise apertures. The apertures have greater open area than previous apertures in similar webs.11-01-2012
20120321845METHOD FOR PRODUCING HONED SEGMENT BORES IN WORK PIECES AND WORK PIECE HAVING A HONED SEGMENT BORE - The invention relates to a method for producing a honed segment bore (12-20-2012
20110274876Three-dimensional board structure and method for making the same - The present invention is to provide a three-dimensional board structure and method thereof by sequentially coating an adhesive on a plurality of veneers containing plant fibers, sequentially bonding the veneers together to form a multilayer board, penetrating and pressing the multilayer board by using a plurality of spikes arranged on a tool for deforming and breaking the plant fibers around peripheries of penetrated portions of the veneers, and removing the spikes from the multilayer board, such that the plant fibers around the peripheries of the penetrated portions of any two adjacent veneers are entangled with each other to form three-dimensional connecting portions in the multilayer board. Since the adhesive will permeate into the three-dimensional connecting portions due to penetration of the spikes and pressure of the tool, the three-dimensional connecting portions between the adjacent veneers and the adhesive permeated therein make the multilayer board having a three-dimensional bonding strength accordingly.11-10-2011
20130183485ELASTIC MULTILAYER STRUCTURE HAVING ALVEOLI WITH HOLES - The invention provides a multilayer structure comprising: at least one first layer comprising a first film; and at least one springy second layer comprising a springy second film; the second layer being joined, in a plurality of junction zones, to the first layer; the junction zones defining a region of contact between the first layer and the second layer, the first layer and the second layer forming at least one cell outside the contact region. At least one cell presents at least one hole that is open to the outside.07-18-2013
20120288669Reinforced Thin Film for Flexible Packaging - The invention provides a thermoplastic film comprising: a base film wherein the base film comprises a stretchable polyolefin material comprising one or more layers; and a plurality of extruded fibre elements; wherein the extruded fibre elements are located on at least one surface of the base film; wherein the extruded fibres form one or more protrusions relative to the plane of the base film; wherein at the location where the fibre elements are provided on the base film, a domain of a material mixture comprising the base film material and the fibre material is present between a domain of pure base film material and a domain of pure fibre material, and wherein the average thickness of the base film is less than the average thickness of the protrusion.11-15-2012
20120100338METHOD OF AND SYSTEM FOR TWO-WAY SEE-THROUGH BANNER AND WINDOW IMAGING - A two-way see-through banner. The two-way see-through banner includes a first side having a first image printed thereupon, a second side having a second image printed thereupon, and a plurality of perforating holes through the banner. The perforating holes are created only after the first image and the second image have been printed on the first and second sides of the banner.04-26-2012
20100178457CERAMIC COMPOSITE THERMAL PROTECTION SYSTEM - An apparatus comprises a thermal protection element, a number of washers, a ceramic layer, a number of blind fasteners, and a number of tabs. The thermal protection element has an upper surface, a lower surface, and a plurality of sides. The ceramic layer covers at least the plurality of sides of the thermal protection element. The number of tabs is connected to the number of sides by the number of blind fasteners secured to the ceramic layers. The tabs may be part of a frame secured to a groove around the plurality of sides.07-15-2010
20080233350STRUCTURED PERFORATED PLASTIC SHEET - A structured perforated plastic sheet includes a plastic sheet body having a tri-layer configuration that includes a planar top layer of a top net-like structure, a planar middle layer of a middle net-like structure that is disposed below and that is parallel to the top net-like structure, and a planar bottom layer of a bottom net-like structure that is disposed below and that is parallel to the middle net-like structure.09-25-2008
20080226870Multifunctional periodic cellular solids and the method of making thereof - A cellular material that can provide a unique combination of properties and characteristics for a variety of applications requiring a cellular solid that possesses one or more of the following characteristics: (09-18-2008
20080220211LAY FLAT BOOK SHEETS - A sheet stock having a flexible hinge area is described. The sheet stock includes a substrate having an opening and gap stiffener, and a flexible film covering the opening and defining a flexible hinge area in the region of the opening and gap stiffener covered by the film. Methods for producing sheet stock having a flexible hinge area are also described. The sheet stock may be used in printing, binding, and in other applications.09-11-2008
20080213535Oriented Zeolite Material and Method for Producing the Same - An oriented zeolite material comprises a plurality of zeolite crystals (09-04-2008
20130095288STRETCHABLE BULKY NONWOVEN FABRIC AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - To provide a stretchable bulky nonwoven fabric having a high bulkiness and a good feeling; wherein a first fibrous layer including fibers (04-18-2013
20130101789THERMAL RESISTOR MATERIAL - An insulating material having structures and a design that maximizes vacuum area relative to material volume and minimizes the area of contact to a region to be insulated in order to provide maximum thermal resistance between the contacted area and an external environment is provided.04-25-2013
20130129972Porous Thin Films - Compositions of porous thin films and methods of making are provided. The methods involve self-assembly of a cyclic peptide in the presence of a block copolymer05-23-2013
20130149492POROUS THIN FILM HAVING HOLES AND A PRODUCTION METHOD THEREFOR - The present application relates to a porous thin film having holes, wherein the holes are formed in the top part and/or the bottom part of the thin film and the holes are linked to the pores of the thin film; and the present invention also relates to a production method for a porous thin film having holes, comprising the use of a particle alignment layer as a mould.06-13-2013
20100316841LAMINATION PROCESS FOR PRODUCING SECURITY LAMINATES - A process for producing a security laminate comprising a plurality of lamellae and layers, comprising the steps of: a) providing at least one film, at least a first and a second prelaminate and a contactless module, wherein the contactless module is not incorporated in the prelaminate or the film; and b) laminating in one step together the at least first prelaminate, the at least one film, the contactless module and the at least second prelaminate to provide the security laminate.12-16-2010
20130189483COMPONENT HAVING A THROUGH-CONNECTION - A method is described for manufacturing a component having a through-connection. The method includes providing a substrate; forming a trench structure in the substrate, a substrate area which is completely surrounded by the trench structure being produced; forming a closing layer for closing off the trench structure, a cavity girded by the closing layer being formed in the area of the trench structure; removing substrate material from the substrate area surrounded by the closed-off trench structure; and at least partially filling the substrate area surrounded by the closed-off trench structure with a metallic material. A component having a through-connection is also described.07-25-2013
20120021173BASE MATERIAL WITH SINGLE-CRYSTAL SILICON CARBIDE FILM, METHOD OF PRODUCING SINGLE-CRYSTAL SILICON CARBIDE FILM, AND METHOD OF PRODUCING BASE MATERIAL WITH SINGLE-CRYSTAL SILICON CARBIDE FILM - In a base material with a single-crystal silicon carbide film according to an embodiment of the invention, a plurality of recessed portions is formed on the surface of a silicon substrate, an insulating film including silicon oxide is formed across the surface of the silicon substrate including the inner surfaces of the recessed portions, the top surfaces of side wall portions of recessed portions of the insulating film form flat surfaces, a single-crystal silicon carbide film is joined on the flat surfaces, and the recessed portions below the single-crystal silicon carbide film form holes.01-26-2012
20120295062MULTI-PLY LAMINATE COMPOSITE MATERIALS HAVING APERTURES DEFINED THEREIN - Multi-ply laminate composite components of non-planar shape can be formed with apertures defined therein, instead of cutting the apertures after forming the multi-ply laminate composite component. This is achieved by cutting apertures in the individual plies before the plies are assembled and consolidated, with the aperture or apertures in each ply, or in each set of plies, positioned to accommodate the local distance differential between adjacent plies, or sets of plies, so that the resulting component aperture or apertures will achieve a desired alignment. Removable pins can be used to maintain the plies in alignment during the consolidation process, and fittings such as annular collars can be secured in the component apertures during consolidation.11-22-2012
20120295061COMPONENTS WITH PRECISION SURFACE CHANNELS AND HYBRID MACHINING METHOD - Methods of forming one or more grooves in a component are provided. One method includes using a first machining technique to form one or more preliminary grooves in an outer surface of a substrate. Each preliminary groove has a base and extends at least partially along the outer surface of the substrate, and the substrate has an inner surface that defines at least one hollow, interior space. The method further includes using a second machining technique to further machine the preliminary groove(s) to form the respective groove(s). In addition, the method includes forming one or more access holes through the base of a respective groove to connect the respective groove in fluid communication with the respective hollow interior space. Components with grooves characterized by a sidewall radius R in a range of 0≦R≦0.127 mm are also provided.11-22-2012
20120094066INTEGRATED MICRO-OPTICAL SYSTEMS AND CAMERAS INCLUDING THE SAME - A device having an optical system including first and second substrates, a first optical element on a first surface of the first substrate, and a second optical element on a second surface of the second substrate, the first and second surfaces being parallel and the first and second optical elements being substantially centered along an optical axis of the optical system, and an active element positioned in optical communication with the optical system, wherein an imaging function of the optical system is distributed over at least the first and second optical elements.04-19-2012
20120094065LIGHTWEIGHT POLYPROPYLENE NETS MANUFACTURED WITH A BETA NUCLEATION ADDITIVE, THE METHOD OF MANUFACTURING AND USES THEREOF - Integral polypropylene oriented nets are made by stretching and orienting a polypropylene starting sheet material having a defined pattern of holes or depressions in which the polypropylene is at least 20%, and preferably up to about 80%, beta crystals caused by adding a beta nucleating agent to the polypropylene, preferably in concentrations between about 04-19-2012

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