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428137000 Composite web or sheet 370
428134000 Noncircular aperture (e.g., slit, diamond, rectangular, etc.) 64
428132000 Struck out portion type 18
20100119770Process for Manufacturing Thermoelectric Conversion Module and Thermoelectric Conversion Module - A process for manufacturing thermoelectric conversion modules according to the present invention includes the steps of forming a thermoelectric green base material, the thermoelectric green base material including a green frame member including an insulating ceramic powder and a binder and having a plurality of holes that are formed so as to extend parallel to each other in a predetermined direction; and a thermoelectric element raw material placed in the holes and including a raw material powder of a thermoelectric material; and stretching the thermoelectric green base material in the predetermined direction in which the holes extend.05-13-2010
20080260993Moisture drainage product having limited bearing surface, wall system incorporating such and method therefore - A moisture drainage product and a wall system utilizing such product adapted to allow drainage of moisture from a wall of a structure and a method of draining moisture from a wall structure. A sheet of material forms a plurality of ridges and grooves on opposite sides of the sheet of material. The plurality of ridges and grooves forms a moisture drainage product having a bearing surface of not more than twenty (20%) of the surface area of the product. A sheet of water permeable material is affixed to one side of the sheet of material.10-23-2008
20100159191PROCESSED SUBSTRATE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - The present invention provides (i) a processed substrate having a through-hole whose openings on respective surfaces of the processed substrate are matched to each other in size, and (ii) a method for easily manufacturing the processed substrate with high efficiency. A processed substrate 06-24-2010
20090191379Adhesion Method for Attaching Barrier Sheets to Motor Vehicle Door Panels - A methodology for adhesively attaching a barrier sheet to a motor vehicle inside door panel. A plurality of adhesive beds are disposed on the attachment face of a barrier sheet, whereby pressure applied to the barrier sheet causes the adhesive beads to wet-out with respect to the door inside panel and mergingly wet-out with respect to each other so as to thereby form an adhesive band. Visual inspection of the continuity of the merged wet-out through the barrier sheet provides installer feedback regarding installation integrity.07-30-2009
20130078419RUNNING SHOES, HIKING SHOES AND BOOTS, SNOWBOARD BOOTS, ALPINE BOOTS, HIKING BOOTS, AND THE LIKE, HAVING WATERPROOF/BREATHABLE MOISTURE TRANSFER CHARACTERISTICS - The waterproof/breathable moisture transfer liner for a running and hiking shoe includes an inner liner selected from technically advanced fabrics which are carefully selected. A series of layers are provided outside the inner liner including foam material layers, breathable membranes, a supportive mesh or a moldable foam, and an outer shell fabric. The applicability of the liner to alpine, snowboard boots, cross country, hiking boots, protective gear and helmets, along with appropriate variations for each application.03-28-2013
20130078418COMPONENTS WITH COOLING CHANNELS AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE - A manufacturing method is provided. The manufacturing method includes forming one or more grooves in a component that comprises a substrate with an outer surface. The substrate has at least one interior space. Each groove extends at least partially along the substrate and has a base and a top. The manufacturing method further includes processing an intermediate surface of the component to plastically deform the surface adjacent at least one edge of a respective groove, such that the distance across the top of the groove is reduced. Another manufacturing method is provided and includes processing an intermediate surface of the component to facet the intermediate surface in the vicinity of the groove.03-28-2013
20130034686NONWOVEN FABRIC HAVING PROJECTIONS AND RECESSES, COMPRISING EXTENSIBLE FIBER AND ELASTIC FIBER, AND METHOD OF PRODUCING NONWOVEN FABRIC - It is an object of the invention to provide a nonwoven fabric having projections and recesses, comprising extensible fiber and elastic fiber, which has excellent feel on the skin and elasticity, and excellent air permeability in the planar directions and the thickness direction, as well as a method of producing the nonwoven fabric.02-07-2013
20130034687GLASS SUBSTRATE FOR FORMING THROUGH-SUBSTRATE VIA OF SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - A glass substrate for forming a through-substrate via of a semiconductor device includes a plurality of penetration holes. In the glass substrate, an α-count is 0.05 c/cm02-07-2013
20090130383Biaxially Oriented Polystyrene Film Containing Small Rubber Particles and Low Rubber Particle Gel Content - A biaxially oriented film has a machine direction-orientation (MDO) ratio of more than 1.2 and a transverse direction orientation (TDO) ratio of 2.0 or less, where the MDO ratio is greater than the TDO ratio; where the film contains a polymer composition containing a first high impact polystyrene (HIPS) component with a block copolymer grafted to polystyrene, a rubbery conjugated diene content of one to seven weight percent based on first HIPS weight, less than 10 weight-percent gel concentration, an average rubber particle size of between one and 0.01 micrometers, about 40 to about 90 volume percent of the rubber particles have diameters of less than about 0.4 microns and from about 10 to about 60 volume percent of the rubber particles have diameters between about 0.4 and about 2.5 microns, a majority of rubber particles with a core/shell morphology and a concentration that accounts for 30 to 100 weight-percent of the total polymer composition weight and one to five weight-percent rubbery diene based on total polymer composition weight. The film can also contain up to 70 weight percent of a general purpose polystyrene and up to 20 weight-percent of a second HIPS component that is different from the first HIPS component, both based on total polymer composition weight. The polymer composition accounts for at least 95 weight-percent of the film, with the balance of the film weight being additives.05-21-2009
20090104401Method for Producing Alkylsiloxane Aerogel, Alkylsiloxane Aerogel, Apparatus for Producing Same, and Method for Manufacturing Panel Containing Same - A method for producing an alkylsiloxane aerogel of the invention includes (a) a step of letting a reaction to produce a sol and a reaction to convert the sol to a gel take place in one step by adding a silicon compound whose molecules have a hydrolysable functional group and a nonhydrolysable functional group to an acidic aqueous solution containing a surfactant, and (b) a step of drying the gel produced in the step (a). In the step (b), the gel is dried at a temperature and a pressure below the critical point of a solvent used to dry the gel.04-23-2009
20100040829PROTECTIVE COATINGS FOR SOLID INKJET APPLICATIONS - This disclosure provides an aperture plate coated with a composition comprising a fluorinated compound and an organic compound selected from the group consisting of a urea, an isocyanate and a melamine. This disclosure also provides a process of applying a coating composition to an aperture plate, comprising adding a fluorinated compound, an organic compound selected from the group consisting of a urea, an isocyanate and a melamine, and an optional catalyst together in a solvent to form a coating composition, applying the coating composition to a base film, and curing the base film. This disclosure also describes replacing the aperture plate with polyimide film, where the polyimide film is coated with the above-described coating composition before a laser cutting process.02-18-2010
20130045356Contour sink mat - A sink mat made of soft, pliable material comprising a set of slits defining flaps in said sink mat enabling said sink mat to fit in a sink smaller than said sink mat and for the flaps to curve against the walls of said sink and overlap and lie flat against each other.02-21-2013
20130029093METHOD OF FORMING MICROSTRUCTURE, LASER IRRADIATION DEVICE, AND SUBSTRATE - A method of forming a microstructure includes a Step (A) of forming a modified region in a substrate by irradiating a laser beam having a pulse duration on the order of picoseconds or shorter on a region where a pore-like microstructure is to be provided, and scanning a focal point at which the laser beam is converged; and a Step (B) of forming a microstructure by performing an etching process on the substrate in which the modified region has been formed, and removing the modified region, where a linear polarized laser beam is used as the laser beam in the Step (A), and the laser beam is irradiated so that an orientation of a linear polarization has a certain direction with respect to a direction of scanning the focal point.01-31-2013
20130029092METHOD OF FORMING MICROSTRUCTURES, LASER IRRADIATION DEVICE, AND SUBSTRATE - A microstructure forming method includes a step A of irradiating a region of a substrate, in which a hole-shaped or groove-shaped microstructure is to be formed, with a circularly or elliptically polarized laser beam having a pulse width of which the pulse duration is on the order of picoseconds or shorter, and scanning a focal point at which the laser beam converges to form a modified region, and a step B of performing an etching process on the substrate in which the modified region is formed and removing the modified region to form a microstructure.01-31-2013
20130029091RESIN SHEET, METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME AND THROUGH-HOLE FORMING APPARATUS - A method of producing a resin sheet includes the steps of arranging a resin sheet between a substrate and a die opposed to the substrate, and forming a through-hole in the resin sheet to pass through the resin sheet in a pressing direction by relatively pressing the die against the substrate. The die includes a first protrusion protruding toward a downstream side in the pressing direction. A second protrusion protruding toward the downstream side in the pressing direction is formed on a peripheral edge portion of an end portion of the first protrusion on the downstream side in the pressing direction. An end portion of the second protrusion on the downstream side in the pressing direction is formed at an acute angle in sectional view along the pressing direction.01-31-2013
20130029090BIAXIAL STRETCHABLE ELASTIC LAMINATE - A biaxial stretchable elastic laminate is provided, which includes a biaxial elastic film, and a first uniaxial elastic fiber web layer and a second uniaxial elastic fiber web layer, wherein the first uniaxial elastic fiber web layer and the second uniaxial elastic fiber web layer are respectively laminated on the two opposite surfaces of the biaxial elastic film, and the stretchable direction of the first uniaxial elastic fiber web layer and the stretchable direction of the second uniaxial elastic fiber web layer are orthogonal to each other, and the elastic coefficients of the first uniaxial elastic fiber web layer and the second uniaxial elastic fiber web layer are lower than the elastic coefficient of the biaxial elastic film.01-31-2013
20130089701SUBSTRATE CONTAINING APERTURE AND METHODS OF FORMING THE SAME - A method of forming an aperture (e.g., a through via, a blind via, a trench, an alignment feature, etc.) within a substrate includes irradiating a substrate with a laser beam to form a laser-machined feature having a sidewall. The laser-machined feature is then processed to change at least one characteristic (e.g., the sidewall surface roughness, diameter, taper, aspect ratio, cross-sectional profile, etc.) of the laser-machined feature. The laser-machined feature can be processed to form the aperture by performing an isotropic wet-etch process employing an etchant solution containing HNO04-11-2013
20130089702METHOD OF PROVIDING THROUGH-THICKNESS REINFORCEMENT OF A LAMINATED MATERIAL - A laminated composite material comprising a polymeric matrix material and plurality of fibre layers is heated to a first pre-determined temperature which is defined as the temperature at which there is a first pre-determined time interval until the matrix material reaches its gel point. The first pre-determined time interval being defined as the time required to insert the required quantity of through-thickness reinforcement fibres into the laminated material. A plurality of holes is formed in the laminated material; each hole being formed by inserting a needle having a conical tip, into the laminated material. A reinforcing element is then inserted into each of a respective one of the plurality of holes.04-11-2013
20130052409PREVENTING CONDUCTIVE ANODIC FILAMENT (CAF) FORMATION BY SEALING DISCONTINUITIES IN GLASS FIBER BUNDLES - An enhanced substrate for making a printed circuit board (PCB) includes a silane applied to the ends of glass fibers in via holes. In one embodiment, during a plated through-hole (PTH) via fabrication process, glass fiber bundles exposed in a drilled through-hole are selectively sealed. For example, after the through-hole is drilled in a substrate, the substrate may be subjected to an aqueous silane bath (e.g., an organo trialkoxysilane in an aqueous solution of an acid that acts as a catalyst) to deposit a layer of silane on the exposed glass fiber bundle ends. For example, trialkoxy groups of the silane may react with exposed silanols on the glass to form a siloxane, which is further polymerized to form a silane polymer barrier layer on the exposed glass fiber ends. The barrier layer effectively seals the glass fiber bundles and eliminates the conductive anodic filament (CAF) pathway between PTH vias.02-28-2013
20130209731METHOD AND DEVICES FOR CREATING A MULTIPLICITY OF HOLES IN WORKPIECES - Methods and apparatuses for producing a multiplicity of holes in thin workpieces made of glass or glass-like materials and semiconductors are provided. The method includes directing multiple laser beams onto predetermined perforation points of the workpiece in a wavelength range between 1600 and 200 nm and with a radiation intensity that causes local non-thermal destruction of the workpiece material along respective filamentary channels. Subsequently, the filamentary channels are widened to the desired diameter of the holes.08-15-2013
20090304989RESILIENT PLATE FOR LENS ACTUATOR - A resilient plate includes a plate shaped body, a through hole defined in the center of the plate shaped body, a plurality of main slots defined in the plate shaped body and, a plurality of resilient portion and a plurality of resilient portions. The main slots cooperatively surround the through hole and are oriented an angle with respect to each other. Each of the resilient portions is arranged between two neighboring main slots. Each of the auxiliary slots is defined in each of the resilient portions.12-10-2009
20130071613SMALL DIMENSION PACKING MATERIAL - A packing chip is formed from a flat intermediate sheet and includes a central section and two outer sections located on opposite sides of the central section and a tab located on each of the two outer sections. Each section defines a width and a depth, which may each be between about 0.5 inches and about 0.75 inches. Securing elements for securing the tabs of the chips in an assembled shape are located on each tab. One or more apertures defined by at least one section are configured such that the packing chip forms interlocking engagement with portions of adjacent packing chips when employed as packaging.03-21-2013
20090274869COLORED MACHINABLE GLASS-CERAMICS - The invention relates to opaque, colored glass-ceramic articles and to the production of opaque, colored glass-ceramic articles which can be readily formed to a desired shape using standard metal-working tools. The glass-ceramic material used to make such articles contains mica crystals as the predominant phase. The desired color is obtained through the addition of a colorant system to the precursor glass. In a particular embodiment the invention is directed to a black glass-ceramic article, the black color being obtained by the addition of iron oxides in levels as high as 20 wt %, which can yield a glass-ceramic having an iron-rice mica phase and/or a glass ceramic having an iron-rich mica phase plus an iron oxide phase.11-05-2009
20090258187PROTECTIVE COATING FOR GLASS MANUFACTURING AND PROCESSING INTO ARTICLES - The invention is directed to a method of protecting a glass surface during transportation and/or process using an aqueous solution of an acrylic material to protectively coat the surface of the glass sheet. The acrylic protective coating may be applied by dipping, roller applying or spraying the coating on the glass. The coating is then cured, dried or baked in an oven. Subsequently, the glass sheet may be scored and separated into individual glass article blanks for further processing; for example, edge grinding to produce smooth edges and drilling/milling to produce openings such as holes in the surface of the glass. When processing of the glass article is completed, the protective coating can be removed or the article can be shipped to the end used who can remove the coating using an aqueous solution of pH≧12 to remove the coating.10-15-2009
20110020597HOT-MELT POLE, SECURING ASSEMBLY USING THE HOT-MELT POLE AND HOT-MELT METHOD USING SAME - A hot-melt pole is provided. The hot-melt pole comprises a first end and a second end opposite to the first end. The second end defines a guide hole. the guide hole is surrounded by a melting wall. A hot-melt method using the hot-melt pole is also provided.01-27-2011
20090233045STRUCTURED FILMS HAVING ACOUSTICAL ABSORBANCE PROPERTIES - Structured films having acoustical absorbance properties are disclosed. Methods of making and using the structured films are also disclosed.09-17-2009
20090011184METHOD OF MAKING A FLEXIBLE PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD - An exemplary method of making an FPC includes forming a substrate comprising metal foil layers interleaved with intervening layers by: (a) laminating intervening layers with metal foil layers; (b) adhering a covering film to outermost surfaces of the substrate; (c) defining a hole in one side of the substrate through the covering film and at least two metal foil layers and the intervening layer between the at least two metal foil layers by etching or laser technology; and (d) plating a portion of an inner wall of the hole with conductive material to form a via to electrically connect the at least two metal foil layers.01-08-2009
20100086732TRIM AND CORE THEREOF, AND METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING TRIM AND CORE - The occurrence of recessed marks on a surface of weatherstrip having a core embedded therein is prevented. Core (04-08-2010
20100239814INDUSTRIAL FABRIC FOR PRODUCTION OF NONWOVENS, AND METHOD OF MAKING THEREOF - An industrial fabric such as an endless belt or sleeve for use in the production of nonwovens, and a method of making thereof are disclosed. The fabric includes a plurality of through voids, where each of the voids has a first opening associated with a top surface of the fabric and a first raised edge circumferentially adjacent to the first opening. The voids may each further include a second opening associated with a bottom surface of the fabric and a second raised edge circumferentially adjacent to the second opening, such that the first opening may have a surface area that is larger than or the same as the second opening.09-23-2010
20120027991Floor mat - An improved floor mat having a cellular topography. Individual cells define a containment portion to contain liquid and debris. Part of the wall of the containment portion serves as a common wall for adjacent containment portions. The common wall between adjacent containment cells defines one or more openings so that the adjacent cells are in fluid communication with each other to distribute liquid as evenly as possible on the floor mat surface. The openings preferably are troughs that include intermediate ribs. The bottom of the trough is located at a higher elevation than the bottom of the containment portion. This allows the containment portion to hold a certain amount of liquid before spilling into another containment portion. The ribs extend upward and serve as cleaners for soles of shoes, and also help keep clothing from contacted the liquid and debris.02-02-2012
20110281064STERILE DRAPE FOR ATTACHMENT TO AN IMAGING MACHINE - An embodiment of the present invention provides a kit of parts for use in a surgical procedure performed under image guidance, and particularly under real time image guidance. The kit includes a sterilized drape for use with the chosen imaging machine and which can be used to provide a sterile operating environment when the procedure is performed under the imaging beam. The kit also includes a needle holder that can keep the surgeon's hand away from the imaging beam. The needle holder is operable to hold a needle that is made from a material suitable for piercing tissue, but also substantially preserves the appearance of the needle when it is viewed under the imaging beam.11-17-2011
20120288667Metallized Structure Layer For a Window Arrangement - A metallized structure layer having a first main side and a second main side. The metallized structure layer is arranged to be mounted such that the first main side faces a second base main side of a transparent base plate layer, where said main sides are parallel to each other and at least partly overlap. The metallized structure layer comprises a plurality of metallic areas separated by a coherent aperture forming a grid in which the metallic areas are positioned. The present invention also relates to a window arrangement comprising a metallized structure layer according to the above.11-15-2012
20110287216LOW-E HOUSEWRAP - A low-E housewrap having improved energy efficiency protection against air infiltration and moisture build-up in buildings. The aforementioned low-E housewrap material utilizing existing framing openings or without increasing the wall profile of a building. The present invention provides a low-E housewrap material which may be implemented on traditional 2×4 framing having R-15 mass insulation material within existing or newly constructed framing cavities. The material of the present invention also meets requirements for serving as a water resistive barrier as defined by ICC AC38.11-24-2011
20110287215STRUCTURE FOR MOLECULAR SEPARATIONS - A process of producing a structure for molecular separations includes providing a plurality of template materials. The template materials are selected from biomolecules, biopolymers, polymers, or combinations thereof. A sieve material, suitable for producing a structure for molecular separations, is provided around the template materials. The template materials are positioned in an arrangement for leaving pores suitable for molecular separations. The template materials are removed to leave pores in the sieve material and produce the structure suitable for molecular separations.11-24-2011
20090162606BRITTLE NON-METALLIC WORKPIECE WITH THROUGH HOLE AND METHOD FOR MAKING SAME - An exemplary brittle non-metallic workpiece (06-25-2009
20090258186WAFER-LEVEL METHOD FOR FABRICATING AN OPTICAL CHANNEL AND APERTURE STRUCTURE IN MAGNETIC RECORDING HEAD SLIDERS FOR USE IN THERMALLY-ASSISTED RECORDING (TAR) - A process for forming a plurality of sliders for use in thermally-assisted recording (TAR) disk drives includes a wafer-level process for forming a plurality of aperture structures, and optionally abutting optical channels, on a wafer surface prior to cutting the wafer into individual sliders. The wafer has a generally planar surface arranged into a plurality of rectangularly-shaped regions. In each rectangular region a first metal layer is deposited on the wafer surface, followed by a layer of radiation-transmissive aperture material, which is then lithographically patterned to define the width of the aperture, the aperture width being parallel to the length of the rectangularly-shaped region. A second metal layer is deposited over the patterned layer of aperture material. The resulting structure is then lithographically patterned to define an aperture structure comprising aperture material surrounded by metal and having parallel radiation entrance and exit faces orthogonal to the wafer surface.10-15-2009
20110217509METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING RESIN FILM FOR THIN FILM-CAPACITOR AND THE FILM THEREFOR - The present invention provides a resin film for a film capacitor making it possible to obtain the excellent heat resistance, materialize a reduction in a size of the film capacitor and an increase in a capacity thereof and satisfy a reduction in a thickness of the film and a high voltage resistance thereof. In a manufacturing method in which an extruding equipment 09-08-2011
20110195222RESIN COMPOSITION AND FLAT PANEL DISPLAY FIXING FRAME - The object of the present invention are to provide a resin composition suitable for use in a flat panel display fixing frame having a snap fit structure, which comprises a filler and has stiffness and flame retardancy and a flat panel display fixing frame.08-11-2011
20100112281Protector - The object of the present invention is to protect a member from damage when a part is fit to the member.05-06-2010
20100112282FIBER FOR PRODUCING THREE-DIMENSIONAL, SELF-INTERLACING COMPOSITES - A fiber includes a base having a surface to be impacted by a fluid wave for propelling the fiber forward and a body having a trailing end connected to the base, a leading free end, and a spiral shape causing the fluid wave to rotate the fiber. A locking system causes the fiber to engage and hold at least one other fiber being propelled and rotated by the fluid wave.05-06-2010
20090148659POROUS MEMBRANE OF VINYLIDENE FLUORIDE RESIN AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - A porous membrane, made of polyvinylidene fluoride which is excellent in fractionating capability, permeating capability and physical strength and suitable for use in water treatment such as water purification, preparation of drinking water, preparation of water for industrial use and wastewater treatment, and which can be manufactured inexpensively and easily. The porous membrane has one surface formed with round or oval micropores and the opposite surface formed with substantially slit shaped micropores. The round or oval micropores have an average ratio between the major axis and the minor axis, which is within the range of 1:1 to 5:1, and the substantially slit shaped micropores have an average ratio between the major axis and the minor axis, which is not smaller than 5:1 and the particle cutoff of the membrane is not smaller than 0.2 μm.06-11-2009
20090148658Sealing arrangement composed of different types of polymer material - The invention relates to a sealing arrangement composed of at least: two adjoining structural parts (06-11-2009
20100003455System And Method For Preventing Vegetation - A vegetation prevention device and method includes a sheet of material having a thickness sufficient to stop vegetation growth. The sheet forms an aperture that fits about a cross section of the fencepost. An optional slit extends from the aperture to an outer rim of the sheet. Bending the sheet at the slit opens the sheet so that the fencepost may pass through the slit and the aperture may be arranged about the fencepost. Caulking may optionally be applied about the fencepost and/or to seal up the slit.01-07-2010
20120034418Process for Preparing Conductive Films and Articles Prepared Using the Process - A free standing film includes: i. a matrix layer having opposing surfaces, and ii. an array of nanorods, where the nanorods are oriented to pass through the matrix layer and protrude an average distance of at least 1 micrometer through one or both surfaces of the matrix layer. A method for preparing the free standing film includes (a) providing an array of nanorods on a substrate, optionally (b) infiltrating the array with a sacrificial layer, (c) infiltrating the array with a matrix layer, thereby producing an infiltrated array, optionally (d) removing the sacrificial layer without removing the matrix layer, when step (b) is present, and (e) removing the infiltrated array from the substrate to form the free standing film. The free standing film is useful as an optical filter, ACF, or TIM, depending on the type and density of nanorods selected.02-09-2012
20100119771SOLID STATE JOINING METHOD FOR CONTINUOUS STRUCTURES - An assembly may include at least two structures having angled edges disposed adjacent to one another forming a first gap between the at least two structures. A plurality of angled joining members may be linear friction welded adjacent to one another between the adjacent angled edges of the at least two structures in the first gap. A second gap may be disposed between the plurality of linear friction welded angled joining members. At least one hole may be disposed at a location of the second gap. The at least one hole may extend into and between adjacent edges of the welded angled joining members, and may extend into and between the adjacent angled edges of the at least two structures. A plug member may be rotary friction welded at least partially into the at least one hole.05-13-2010
20120088064Method For Coating A Component With Film Cooling Holes And Component - During the complete masking of film cooling holes when coating a component with film cooling holes, problems frequently arise when the cooling gas exits from the film cooling hole. The method is provided which proposes that the masking is only carried out sectionally such that part of the coating is present in the film cooling hole. Thus the flow may still form like a film on the component.04-12-2012
20090263624METHOD OF FORMING AN ARTICLE - A method of forming an article in a layer wise manufacturing process from a computer software file representing the article includes dividing the file into sub files in dependence of the size or other characteristics of features of the article to be created, applying a process characteristic selected independence on a characteristic feature to each sub file and manufacturing the article in accordance with the subfiles.10-22-2009
20080206516SURFACE MOUNT CIRCUIT BOARD, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SURFACE MOUNT CIRCUIT BOARD, AND METHOD FOR MOUNTING SURFACE MOUNT ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A surface mount circuit board includes: an insulating substrate having through holes each extending from front to rear surfaces of the insulating substrate; high thermal conductive members each filing a different one of the though holes; lands each disposed to cover an end surface of a different one of the high thermal conductive members and also cover part of the front surface around the peripheral edge of the corresponding through hole; and heat receiving members each disposed to cover an end surface of a different one of the high thermal conductive members and also cover part of the rear surface around the peripheral edge of the corresponding through hole. Each land may be made of solder cream filled into and flashed out of the through hole. Alternatively to the high thermal conductive members, wire rods may be fitted into the respective through holes.08-28-2008
20090110877Method and substrate for making composite material parts by chemical vapour infiltration densification and resulting parts - A composite material part is made by forming a fiber preform (04-30-2009
20090169808COMPOSITE, PREPREG, LAMINATED PLATE CLAD WITH METAL FOIL, MATERIAL FOR CONNECTING CIRCUIT BOARD, AND MULTILAYER PRINTED WIRING BOARD AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURE THEREOF - It is an object of the invention to provide a composite with sufficiently reliable bonding and adequately minimized generation of fluff from flaking resin dust and fibers. This object is achieved by the composite (07-02-2009
20100080954Process for formation of highly uniform arrays of nano-holes and nano-pillars - A photolithography method of patterning photoresist involves disposing a two-dimensional array of focusing particles of spherical or other shape on the photoresist and illuminating the particles on the photoresist to generate deep, sub-wavelength patterns on the photoresist. When developed, a positive photoresist layer generates a two-dimensional array of micro- or nano-holes on the developed photoresist. When developed, a negative photoresist layer generates a two-dimensional array of micro- or nano-pillars on the developed photoresist.04-01-2010
20110206898JOINT DESIGN FOR WELDING PLASTIC ASSEMBLIES - A weldable component is described. The weldable component includes a weld rivet attached by a thin portion, which is designed to break during the ultrasonic welding process. The weld rivet is driven through a complementary void pocket which extends through the part and is positioned under the weld rivet. The weld rivet is embedded in the base component to form the weld. A welded joint and a method for ultrasonic welding using the weldable component are also described.08-25-2011
20110206897LAPPED ROLLS OF INSULATION AND PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - A method of making a lapped fibrous insulation is provided which includes the steps of conveying a cured binder-impregnated mat of fibers, the mat having a thickness, a longitudinal length and transverse ends. The method further includes providing a plurality of spaced, perhaps every 24 inches to 120 inches, transverse cuts through at least a portion of the thickness of the mat, and lapping the mat of fibers in opposite directions to fold said mat into a generally sinous configuration, having a series of continuous lengths wherein at least one of the transverse cuts is aligned with at least one of the folded regions for assisting in making the mat of fibers easier to fold during the lapping step. A fibrous insulation material in the form of a lapped roll in accordance with this invention is also provided.08-25-2011
20080280097Replaceable Wet-Set Tactile Warning Surface Unit and Method of Installation and Replacement - A replaceable, wet-set tactile warning surface unit having a body defining an upper surface and a lower surface, the body defining a series of raised projections on its upper surface, and defining a plurality of spaced through-holes from the top to the bottom surface, in which the raised projections are spaced from one another and the through-holes are located between projections. An anchor member such as a threaded insert is coupled to the bottom surface of the unit member directly below each of the through-holes by fasteners such as bolts that pass through the through-holes.11-13-2008
20120141727SPORTBOARD - An improved sportboard includes a planar support platform that has a top surface, a bottom surface, a first end, a second end, a first side, a second side, a first predetermined thickness and first and second attachment features for wheel mounting trucks. The improvement includes at least one aperture. The aperture extends from the top surface to the bottom surface and is sized and shaped to permit insertion of either at least one finger of a user or a securing device. The aperture may have a beveled or curved edge for more comfortable carrying or may include a liner with an enhanced gripping surface. The apertures are positioned adjacent either side or either end of the sportboard. The sportboard may be formed of wood, plastic or other semi-rigid material. Mounting features are provided at either end of the sportboard for securing wheel trucks and mounted wheel sets to the sportboard.06-07-2012
20100040830Droplet Deposition Component - A method of forming a nozzle plate component for a printhead comprising the steps of: providing a laminar body having a polymeric upper layer defining a top surface and a metal lower layer defining a bottom surface; removing material by ablation or photolithography from the polymeric layer to selectively expose the metal layer; and applying etchant from the top surface that selectively etches the exposed areas of the metal layer, thereby undercutting said upper layer to form a recess area in the metal layer and forming an opening through said body.02-18-2010
20100323154Multifunction Cushion Apparatus for Wristwatches and Wristwatch Bands and Methods Thereof - An improved multifunction cushion apparatus for wristwatches and associated bands used by the individual watch wearer by attaching the inventive pad to the back of the wristwatch casing and to the back of the wristwatch band. A pad or a pad and associated cross members are utilized to increase comfort, decrease rubbing and irritation, provide moisture control and provide antimicrobial properties when wearing a wristwatch and band without impacting the visual appeal and style of the wristwatch and its band.12-23-2010
20120034417FIBER PRODUCT, MOLDED FIBER PART AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - According to the invention, it was recognized that the fiber products, in particular, glass fiber products, suitable for thermal insulation can be temporarily given: an inherently stable shape by fixing agents that can be activated. This enables the fiber molded parts produced from the fiber products according to the invention to be used more easily or fully automatically. Processing the fiber products to form a molded part becomes exceptionally simple if said product itself carries the fixing agents. Therefore, a fixing agent does not have to be added in a separate production step during the molding.02-09-2012
20090047469DEVICE AND METHOD FOR INDICATING PATRON USAGE OF A DRINK AND/OR SEAT - A device and method of use with a vessel, e.g., glass or bottle, holding a drink to indicate that the person to whom the drink belongs has not abandoned it and/or his/her seat and/or to protect the drink. The device is a thin member that is generally planar or arranged to be generally planar and is arranged to be disposed on and supported by at least portions of the rim of the vessel to cover the drink. The device has an opening extending through it adapted to enable an item associated with the drink, e.g., a toothpick with an olive on it, a straw, etc., to be extended through the opening into the vessel. The planar member bears indicia indicating usage of the drink/seat to be readily visible when it is in place on the vessel.02-19-2009
20090186189Hydroentangled Product Comprising Cellulose Fibers - The present invention relates to a process for the production of a hydroentangled product comprising cellulose fibers, which includes the steps of 07-23-2009
20110223380PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE TAPE - A pressure-sensitive adhesive tape includes a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer containing a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, a bubble, and a hollow inorganic fine particle. When a pinhole region is present in the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer where the light that has been radiated onto one surface of the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is transmitted through the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer up to the other surface thereof, and when the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is bisected with a line intersecting the longitudinal direction of the tape at right angles, 60% or more of large pinhole regions each having a diameter of 1.5 mm or more are present in either of the two portions. Thereby, when the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is to be wound, the tape can be easily wound or it can be suppressed that the pressure-sensitive adhesive composition may be forced out.09-15-2011
20090142546SHEET SUPPORT FOR DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPH PRINTS - A sheet support for digital photographic prints includes along at least one of its borders, perforations made at the origin for insertion of the sheet into a ringed file-holder or the like. The perforations are normally closed by a protective adhesive strip applied in a detachable way to the dorsal face of the sheet, possibly on a reinforcement film made of thermoplastic material provided in a position corresponding to the areas surrounding the perforations.06-04-2009
20090053464PERCUSSION DRILLED SHAPED THROUGH HOLE AND METHOD OF FORMING - A percussion drilled shaped through hole formed between a first surface and a second surface of a component and a method of forming the through hole. The through hole is defined by a primary crater, a secondary crater, and a metering hole. The primary crater is formed using laser percussion drilling in the first surface of the component. The secondary crater is formed using laser percussion drilling within the primary crater and substantially offset from a centerline of the primary crater. The metering hole is formed using laser percussion drilling within the secondary crater and extending through the component to the second surface. The primary crater, the secondary crater, and the metering hole define a Coand{hacek over (a)} ramp and provide for the flow of fluid through the percussion drilled shaped through hole according to the Coand{hacek over (a)} effect.02-26-2009
20110229687Through Glass Via Manufacturing Process - Fabrication of a through glass via in a relatively thick glass substrate includes patterning a through glass via hard mask on a surface of the glass substrate. The fabrication also includes wet etching a portion of the glass substrate, through the hard mask, to create a partial through glass via. The wet etching may involve applying a vapor of an oxide etch chemical, such as HF and XeF6, or applying a wet oxide etch chemical, such as HF and XeF6. The fabrication further includes passivating the etched partial through glass via, removing bottom passivation from the partial through glass via, and repeating the etching, passivating and removing to create the through glass via. The resulting through glass via has a scalloped side wall, a vertical profile and a high aspect ratio.09-22-2011
20090148657Injection Molded PTC-Ceramics - An injection molded body includes a ceramic material with a positive temperature coefficient containing less than 10 ppm of metallic impurities. A method for producing the injection molded body includes providing a feedstock for injection molding containing less than 10 ppm of metallic impurities, injecting the feedstock into a mold, removing a binder, sintering the molded body, and cooling the molded body.06-11-2009
20090220737STRUCTURAL REINFORCEMENT SYSTEM - Disclosed are various embodiments of a structural reinforcement system. The system reinforces hollow cavities within various products to increase the structural rigidity of the product. The system generally includes a rigid carrier, an expandable material, and an adhesive. The expandable material and the adhesive are placed within the carrier such that when the expandable material expands, the adhesive moves to be positioned to bond the rigid carrier to the cavity walls.09-03-2009
20130122249Hydractive Recipe - A method for assembling an adhesive device comprising a first matrix-forming material with holes and a second material, including the following steps: (a) compose the first matrix-forming material with holes; (b) compose the second material with a Tm lower than the Tm of the first material, while enabling increase in the Tm of the second material; (c) assemble the adhesive device by filling the holes of the first matrix-forming material of step (a) with the deformable second material of step (b) at a temperature where the second material is deformable and the first material is non-deformable; (d) increase the Tm of the second material.05-16-2013
20090117321MATTE SEAL - A matte seal includes a seal body that extends along and about a width-wise axis. The seal body has a first surface and an opposite parallel second surface and an outer peripheral surface extending to and between the first and second surfaces. The seal body has an inner through hole surface defining a through hole extending along and about the width-wise axis and between and through the first and second surfaces. The seal body has at least one recess formed into the first surface. The at least one recess is disposed apart from and between the inner through hole surface and the outer peripheral surface. The at least one recess extends parallel to the width-wise axis and partially into the seal body.05-07-2009
20130216772FILM FORMED BY SECONDARY GROWTH OF SEED CRYSTALS, THREE CRYSTAL AXES OF WHICH HAD ALL BEEN UNIFORMLY ORIENTED ON SUBSTRATE - The present invention provides a method for preparing a thin or thick film, comprising the steps of: (1) arranging non-spherical seed crystals on a substrate such that all the a-, b- and c-axes of each seed crystal are oriented under a predetermined rule; and (2) forming and growing the film from the seed crystals through secondary growth by exposing the arranged seed crystals of step (1) to a seed crystal growth solution. The invention also provides a film prepared by the method. According to the invention, crystals or films larger than the seed crystals can be prepared.08-22-2013
20120141728RESIN-SOLUBLE VEILS FOR COMPOSITE ARTICLE FABRICATION AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Embodiments of the invention are directed to resin-soluble thermoplastic veils for use in liquid resin infusion processes, methods of manufacturing resin-soluble thermoplastic veils for use in liquid resin infusion processes, and methods of manufacturing composite articles using resin-soluble thermoplastic veils for use in liquid resin infusion applications. The resin-soluble thermoplastic veils according to embodiments of the invention and of which function as a toughening agent in composites having the veil incorporated therein have improved characteristics including, but not limited to, increased uniformity and decreased thickness relative to prior art veils. These characteristics translate into improvements in the processing of a composite article including, but not limited to, a substantial or complete elimination in premature dissolution of the veil during cure. The resultant composite article also realizes improvements including, but not limited to, distribution evenness of the toughening agent throughout the composite.06-07-2012
20090041977System for the Manufacture of Electronic Assemblies Without Solder - The present invention provides an electronic assembly 02-12-2009
20090324881Adhesive surface structure of optical components - An adhesive surface structure of an optical component includes a plurality of ridge portions extending linearly and radially from one point on an adhesive surface, and valley portions formed in a configuration that a central line between respective ridge portions inclines to be away from an adherend surface as it goes away from the one point.12-31-2009
20090324880DECORATIVE ACCESSORY - A decorative accessory unit, a decorative accessory assemblage, a kit for a personal accessory craft project and a method for creating a personal accessory are described. A plurality of decorative units having at least two linking ends protruding therefrom are provided along with a plurality of connector elements for coupling the linking ends of two decorative units together.12-31-2009
20120171413MULTI-LAYER ASSEMBLY WITH RETENTION FEATURE - A multi-layer assembly, such as a sound damping metal laminate used in the automotive industry, having first and second rigid layers and an adhesive layer in between. A retention feature in the form of a raised embossment may be formed in one or more of the rigid layers and may be located near a fastening hole, which accommodates a nut and bolt or some other type of fastening device. The retention feature may impart rigidity and improved stiffness to the multi-layer assembly in the area surrounding the fastening hole, and it may also create a space between the rigid layers that is generally devoid of adhesive from the adhesive layer. This, in turn, can improve the long term performance of the multi-layer assembly by addressing issues such as compression set, spring back and/or stress relaxation. Methods of manufacture and other embodiments are also provided, including ones that accommodate multiple fastening holes, have discontinuous retention features, and use welds in place of nuts and bolts, to name a few.07-05-2012
20110111170BLOCK COPOLYMER FILM AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME - Provided is a block copolymer film in which a microphase separation structure formed by a block copolymer is arranged perpendicularly to the film surface, and all components forming the block copolymer are uncovered to the film surface, whereby the microphase separation structure penetrates the film surface. A method of producing the block copolymer film includes the steps of extruding a melt of the block copolymer in one direction by extrusion molding or injection molding, cooling the extruded block copolymer to a temperature equal to or lower than glass transition temperatures of polymer components in the block copolymer to provide a prismatic or cylindrical extrusion molded product, and cutting the prismatic or cylindrical extrusion molded product in the direction perpendicular to the extrusion direction.05-12-2011
20110008573SHEET OF MATERIAL WITH BEND-CONTROLLING STRUCTURES AND METHOD - A two-dimensional sheet of material for bending along a bend line to form a three-dimensional article having a load-bearing bend line, the sheet including at least one bend-controlling displacement. The displacement includes a displaced portion displaced from the sheet of material in a thickness direction defined by a sheared face, the displaced portion further including a central portion extending along the bend line and opposing end portions at opposite ends of the central portion; and a stem portion interconnecting the displaced portion to the remainder of the sheet of material. The stem portion is located inwardly of the end portions and defined by opposing termini of the sheared face. In various aspects, the displacements are formed in opposite thickness directions and configured to promote bi-directional precision folding. Methods of forming and using the sheet of material are also described.01-13-2011
20090035514Phase change memory device and method of fabricating the same - A method of fabricating a phase change memory device includes forming an opening in a first layer, forming a phase change material in the opening and on the first layer, heating the phase change material to a first temperature that is sufficient to reflow the phase change material in the opening, wherein the first temperature is less than a melting point of the phase change material, and, after heating the phase change material to the first temperature, patterning the phase change material to define a phase change element in the opening.02-05-2009
20110039062STRUCTURAL COMPONENT - Structural components are traditionally made by rolling or extruding to define a desired shape. Such processes lead to extra costs and inflexibility with regard to bespoke design. By providing a structural component (02-17-2011
20110033656PATTERN FORMING METHOD, ELECTRONIC DEVICE MANUFACTURING METHOD AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - On a film as an object of processing, a first positive photo-resist having a dense hole pattern is formed. On the first positive photo-resist, a second positive photo-resist is formed to fill each of the plurality of holes of the pattern. To the second photo-resist, an image of dark points as a bright-dark inverted image of a high-transmittance half-tone phase shift mask is projected and exposed. By the development of second photo-resist, a pattern of dots of the second photo-resist formed at portions of the dark point image are left in any of the plurality of holes of the pattern. The film as the object of processing is patterned, using the first and second photo-resists as a mask.02-10-2011
20110244178INSULATION STRUCTURE FOR RESISTOR GRIDS - An insulation board for a resistor grid and a method of constructing the same are disclosed. The insulation board includes one or more longitudinal voids. Longitudinal structural members are disposed within the longitudinal voids, wherein the cross section of the longitudinal structural members conforms to the profile of the longitudinal voids. The insulation board also includes one or more rows of transverse pin holes for engaging one or more resistive elements of the resistor grid, disposed along the length of the insulation board.10-06-2011
20110244179Kit of Beach Towel and Associated Anchoring Device, Towels and Anchoring Devices - Described is a sitting means for use on a ground surface for the purpose of avoiding direct contact with the ground surface, wherein the sitting means comprises a towel (10-06-2011
20090035513TETHERED NANORODS - An apparatus (and a method of making the apparatus) that includes a substrate (e.g. a conductive and/or non-conductive material) and a plurality of nanorods (e.g. having a diameter less than 1000 nanometers) tethered to the substrate. The nanorods may be formed by forming the substrate on a mold (e.g. an inorganic membrane having a plurality of pores) and then depositing material on the substrate inside of the mold. Since the deposited material has a relatively low interaction with the mold and a relatively high interaction with the substrate, nanorods may be formed. After the nanorods are formed inside of the mold, the nanorods remain tethered to the substrate and the mold may be removed.02-05-2009
20100062214Method for drilling micro-hole and structure thereof - Disclosed is a micro-hole structure and a method for forming the micro-hole. A working energy source is projected onto a predetermined drilling site on a first surface of a substrate for a given period of time so as to melt a portion of the substrate to form a working energy entering section until the working energy source penetrates through a second surface of the substrate to form a micro-hole. A melt formed by melting a portion of the substrate in the micro-hole next to the second surface is allowed to reflow in a direction opposite to the projection of the working energy source to thereby form a reflow section in the substrate. Further, a two or more stages emission of laser pulses is used to form the micro-hole to control the bore diameter of the micro-hole.03-11-2010
20110070398LASER ABLATION TOOLING VIA DISTRIBUTED PATTERNED MASKS - A distributed patterned mask for use in a laser ablation process to image a complete pattern onto a substrate. The mask has a plurality of apertures for transmission of light and non-transmissive areas around the apertures. When the apertures for the distributed pattern are repeatedly imaged on a substrate, structures within the distributed pattern merge within different areas of the imaged pattern to create the complete pattern with distributed stitch lines in order to reduce or eliminate the stitching effect in laser ablation. The mask can also form a sparse and distributed pattern including apertures that individually form merging portions of the complete pattern and collectively form a distributed pattern.03-24-2011
20120202006ZEOLITE COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS FOR TAILORING ZEOLITE CRYSTAL HABITS WITH GROWTH MODIFIERS - Embodiments of the invention generally provide compositions of crystalline zeolite materials with tailored crystal habits and the methods for forming such crystalline zeolite materials. The methods for forming the crystalline zeolite materials include binding one or more zeolite growth modifiers (ZGMs) to the surface of a zeolite crystal, which results in the modification of crystal growth rates along different crystallographic directions, leading to the formation of zeolites having a tailored crystal habit. The improved properties enabled by the tailored crystal habit include a minimized crystal thickness, a shortened internal diffusion pathlength, and a greater step density as compared to a zeolite having the native crystal habit prepared by traditional processes. The tailored crystal habit provides the crystalline zeolite materials with an aspect ratio of about 4 or greater and crystal surfaces having a step density of about 25 steps/μm08-09-2012
20130115415MESH STRUCTURE, PRODUCTION AND USES THEREOF - A one-piece plastics material mesh structure, particularly a geogrid, is produced by stretching a plastics sheet starting material formed with an array of holes and comprises a plurality of generally parallel rib structures extending longitudinally in a first direction parallel to the stretch direction and a plurality of generally parallel bar structures extending in a second direction transverse to the rib structures. The rib structures and said bar structures are interconnected by junctions. The rib structures have rib segments oriented in the first direction along their lengths and orientation in this direction extends across the junctions connecting two such oriented rib segments. The bar structures are such that their overall stretch ratio in the second direction is a maximum of 1 and all locations along the length of the bar structures have a maximum orientation of 1.5 in the second direction.05-09-2013
20100310821Repair strip for utensil baskets in dishwashers - A utensil basket used in dishwashers which has compartments to hold utensils for washing and a base in those compartments where the utensils rest on and allow detergent to drain out during washing and rinsing cycles.12-09-2010
20110250386Highly Durable Composite Radiant Barrier - A highly durable composite radiant bather for inhibiting radiant heat transfer is disclosed. Such a radiant barrier includes a core material including a mixture of expanded polyethylene foam and a fire retardant material. A layer of a mixture of low density polyethylene and a fire retardant material may be applied to each side of the core material. A highly reflective material, such as polished aluminum foil, is affixed to one side of the core material. A woven polyethylene material having an aesthetically pleasing color and texture is affixed to the opposite side of the core material.10-13-2011
20110212294BREATHABLE STRUCTURE AND METHOD FOR BREATHABLE STRUCTURE FORMATION - In a breathable structure, a luer lock cap has a low melting point, and a through-hole to be covered with a breathable film. The breathable film is a two-layered film, in which a second film having a low melting point adheres to a porous first film having water repellency. An auxiliary film body is a two-layered film with an outer shape larger than that of the breathable film, in which a fourth film having a higher melting point adheres to a third film having a low melting point. The breathable film is connected to the auxiliary film body with the second film being heat-laminated to the third film. The auxiliary film body is connected to the luer cap lock with an outer edge portion of the third film being heat-laminated to the luer cap lock.09-01-2011
20110256344GLASS SUBSTRATE FOR SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE COMPONENT AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING GLASS SUBSTRATE FOR SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE COMPONENT - It is an object of the present invention to provide a glass substrate having plural through-holes which is not likely to peel from a silicon wafer, even though laminated on and jointed to a the silicon wafer and then subjected to heat treatment.10-20-2011
20110256343FORMED STRUCTURAL ASSEMBLY AND ASSOCIATED PREFORM - A superplastically formed structural assembly is provided, as is an associated preform and method for forming such an assembly. The assembly includes a skin member and a support member that are joined to define a space between the members and between the joints. The assembly can be produced by joining the members in a flat configuration, and then forming the resulting preform to a predetermined shape of the structural assembly. The support member defines at least one aperture in communication with the space between the members. Thus, the skin member can be formed by delivering a pressurized fluid through the support member to the skin member, e.g., to superplastically form the skin member against a die that defines a contour surface corresponding in shape to the predetermined configuration of the assembly. The support member can extend in a substantially direct configuration between opposing portions of the skin member.10-20-2011
20080268201Low OH glass for infrared applications - A fused silica glass having a composition for use in bulk IR optical applications. The fused silica glass has a OH concentration of less than 5 ppm (parts per million) by weight and an absorbance of less than about 50 ppm/cm at a wavelength of about 1.3 μm. A method of making the fused silica glass is also described.10-30-2008
20110020598UNDERLAY SUBSTRATE FOR PRINTING A PRINTED CIRCUIT ON A SUBSTRATE - A plurality of through holes having an equal size are formed in an underlay substrate. Positions of the plurality of through holes are suitably set according to the shape of a substrate sheet. Specifically, an equal number of through holes are formed in each of end blank corresponding regions that, when the substrate sheet and the underlay substrate are overlapped with each other, overlap with end blank regions of the substrate sheet, of the underlay substrate. In addition, the through holes are formed at equal spacing in portions excluding the end blank corresponding regions in a blank corresponding region, which overlaps with a blank region of the substrate sheet, of the underlay substrate.01-27-2011
20100330329Vehicle With Drag-Reducing Outer Surface - A vehicle with a drag-reducing outer surface. A method of reducing aerodynamic or hydrodynamic drag on a vehicle includes the steps of: providing an outer surface on a body of the vehicle, with the outer surface including spaced apart turbulence-inducing structures thereon. The structures cause boundary layer separation to be delayed along a length of the body, thereby reducing a drag coefficient of the body. A vehicle wrapping product for reducing aerodynamic or hydrodynamic drag on a vehicle includes an outer surface for applying onto an opaque portion of a body of the vehicle. The outer surface includes a plurality of structures which induce turbulence and thereby delay separation of a boundary layer along a length of the body, to thereby reduce a drag coefficient of the body.12-30-2010
20100285271CARBON NANOTUBE ASSEMBLY - A carbon nanotube assembly comprises a plurality of carbon nanotubes arranged into a patterned frame and extending from a base of the patterned frame to a face of the patterned frame, the patterned frame having a height of at least about 10 μm or greater. At least one passage extends through or is defined in the patterned frame, the at least one passage extending from the base of the patterned frame to the face of the patterned frame. An interstitial material at least partially fills interstices between at least some of the carbon nanotubes.11-11-2010
20110262695Discreetly Defined Porous Wall Structure for Transpirational Cooling - A wall structure (10-27-2011
20110262697FLEXIBLE SUBSTRATE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A flexible substrate 10-27-2011
20110262696MEDICAL DEVICE INCLUDING A BACTERIAL CELLULOSE SHEET, PERFORATED OR MICROPERFORATED AS A MESH - The present invention relates to a medical device comprising a bacterial cellulose sheet having perforations. The invention further relates to a method of making such a medical device.10-27-2011
20120148795METHOD FOR FORMING A VENT PORT IN A GLASS PANEL, AND GLASS PANEL PRODUCT MANUFACTURED USING THE SAME - A method for forming a vent port in a glass panel and a glass panel product manufactured using the same. The vent port has no protruding vent pipe, such that the vent port discharging gas from a sealed space to the outside is formed in either one of a pair of plate glasses separated in a thickness-direction to form the sealed space therebetween, produced by: forming an exhaust hole in either one of the plate glasses; vertically inserting a vent-pipe-type sealing material into the upper portion of the exhaust hole; discharging gas from a space between the plate glasses to the outside; heating the sealant member such that the sealing material is converted into fluid and the exhaust hole is closed by the sealing material having collapsed after being heated; and solidifying the sealing material remaining in the exhaust hole, ensuring good sealing properties without using a protruding vent pipe.06-14-2012
20100323153PACKAGING MATERIAL - A packaging material and method for making the material. The material having a member that may be made from a natural growing and biodegradable material, such as a sunflower stalk. The members may be connected to a string so that it is easy to clean if it falls to the ground or is removed from a package or box. The members or sunflower stalk segments may be securely fastened to a string, or they may be slidably disposed on a string. The string is also called a connector. The string or connector may also be biodegradable.12-23-2010
20100143646PAPER PRODUCTS HAVING SOLID SUPPORT MATERIALS - A paper product having one or more plies of fibrous structure; a plurality of solid support materials embedded into or affixed to the fibrous structure; wherein the solid support materials have a length of from about 0.5 mm to 60 mm, a width from about 0.5 mm to 60 mm, and a z-direction thickness from about 0.05 mm to about 5 mm.06-10-2010
20100068453METHOD FOR PRODUCING PROCESSED GLASS SUBSTRATE - A processed substrate of the present invention includes a translucent substrate having a plurality of through-holes, in each of which there is a gap from 0 to 5 μm between (a) a straight line which passes through a central point of an opening plane of the each of the plurality of through-holes and which is perpendicular to the opening plane and (b) a straight line which passes through a central point of the other opening plane of the each of the plurality of through-holes and which is perpendicular to the other opening plane, thereby making it possible to provide (i) a processed substrate having through-holes in each of which central axes are aligned, which can be easily produced with high productivity, and (ii) a production method thereof. Further, a production method of the present invention of a processed glass substrate includes: (a) forming photosensitive resin layers on surfaces of a glass substrate; (b) forming a through-hole in the glass substrate; and (c) immersing the glass substrate in acid, with the photosensitive resin layers remaining on the both surfaces. Accordingly, it is unnecessary to perform smoothing the surfaces of the glass substrate after the step (c), thereby successfully producing a processed glass substrate having a through-hole with high productivity.03-18-2010
20090197040METHOD OF BORING GLASS SUBSTRATE AND GLASS SUBSTRATE FOR PLASMA DISPLAY MANUFACTURED BY THE METHOD - A first drill is pressed, in a rotating manner, against a lower surface of a glass substrate, to thus make a first hole of a predetermined depth. A second drill is pressed, in a rotating manner, against a position on an upper surface of the glass substrate opposing the first hole, to thus make a second hole, and the first hole and the second hole are brought into mutual communication with each other, to thus make a through hole in the glass substrate. A step on an internal periphery of the through hole formed as a result of the first hole and the second hole overlapping each other in a thicknesswise direction of the glass substrate is situated on the upper surface side than to the center of the glass substrate achieved in its thicknesswise direction.08-06-2009
20090197039Extruded Thermoplastic Articles with Enhanced Surface Segregation of Internal Melt Additive - Disclosed herein are extruded articles such as, for example, fibers and films, containing thermoplastic polymeric compositions having a copolymeric major component and a melt processable additive treatment, wherein the melt processable additives have enhanced segregation to or expression at the surface of the article, thereby improving the effect of the desired characteristic of the additive treatment. Also disclosed are multicomponent extruded thermoplastic articles having two or more distinct components arranged in a specific geometric arrangement, wherein the thermoplastic polymeric composition of at least one geometric component includes a copolymeric major component and a melt processable additive treatment. Also disclosed are web materials including the extruded articles. Such extruded articles and multicomponent extruded thermoplastic articles are useful in a wide range of limited use and disposable products such as, for example, personal care products, mortuary and veterinary products, protective wear garments, and medical care garments and products.08-06-2009
20110135875STITCHED PERFORATED SHEET MATERIALS - A method of producing a stitched perforated sheet material including providing a sheet material (06-09-2011
20120308771NANOSTRUCTURE FILMS - A nanostructure film, comprising at least one interconnected network of nanostructures, wherein the nanostructure film is optically transparent and electrically conductive. A method for improving the optoelectronic properties of a nanostructure film, comprising: forming a nanostructure film having a thickness that, if uniform, would result in a first optical transparency and a first sheet resistance that are lower than desired; and patterning holes in the nanostructure film, such that a desired higher second optical transparency and a second sheet resistance are achieved. A method for depositing a nanostructure film on a rigid substrate comprises: depositing the nanostructure film on a flexible substrate; and transferring the nanostructure film from the flexible substrate to a rigid substrate, wherein the flexible substrate comprises at least one of a release liner and a heat- or chemical-sensitive adhesive layer.12-06-2012
20100021684CERAMIC COMPOSITE - A ceramic composite includes a substrate and a ceramic coating. The substrate includes a carbon fiber-reinforced carbon composite and has a surface on which a plurality of holes are provided. The ceramic coating is provided on the surface of the substrate and inside each of the plurality of holes.01-28-2010
20110117318CROSSLINKED FILMS AND ARTICLES PREPARED FROM THE SAME - The invention provides cross-linked polymeric films, laminates, membranes or other polymeric articles, which show rubber like heat resistance (hot set) and dimensional stability above the polymer melting point, while maintaining heat sealing properties. For example, the invention provides a film comprising at least one layer formed from a composition comprising the following components: A) at least one polymer selected from the group consisting of the following: i) an ethylene-based polymer, ii) an ethylene/α-olefin/diene interpolymer, and ii) a C4-C10 olefin-based polymer; B) at least one polymer selected from the group consisting of a propylene/ethylene interpolymer and a propylene/&alpha,- -olefin interpolymer; and wherein the film is crosslinked using radiation and/or chemicals.05-19-2011
20120040132PROTECTIVE FILM, METHOD FOR FORMING THE SAME, SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING APPARATUS, AND PLASMA TREATMENT APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, a protective film formed on a component in a plasma treatment apparatus and having a plasma resistance includes a base film formed on the component and having a concave-convex structure, and an upper film formed on the base film to cover the concave-convex structure.02-16-2012
20090311472SHRINK LABELS OF ORIENTED POLYSTYRENE FILM CONTAINING SMALL RUBBER PARTICLES AND LOW RUBBER PARTICLE GEL CONTENT AND BLOCK COPOLYMERS - A polymer composition containing (a) a high impact polystyrene (HIPS) component with a block copolymer grafted to polystyrene, a rubbery conjugated diene content of one to seven weight percent based on HIPS weight, less than 10 weight-percent gel concentration, an average rubber particle size of between one and 0.01 micrometers, about 40 to about 90 volume percent of the rubber particles have diameters of less than about 0.4 microns and from about 10 to about 60 volume percent of the rubber particles have diameters between about 0.4 and about 2.5 microns, a majority of rubber particles with a core/shell morphology and a concentration that accounts for 10 to 70 weight-percent of the total polymer composition weight and one to five weight-percent rubbery diene based on total polymer composition weight; (b) from 10 to 70 weight percent of a general purpose polystyrene and from about 2 to about 80 weight-percent of a styrene block copolymer component, both based on total polymer composition weight. In a film, preferably oriented, wherein the polymer composition accounts for at least 95 weight-percent of the film, with the balance of the film or film composition weight being additives. Shrink labels are made from the film.12-17-2009
20120040133METHOD OF PRODUCING PERFORATED RETROREFLECTIVE TRIM - A method for producing a perforated retroreflective trim that includes the steps of providing a substrate having first and second sides and a plurality of openings extending between the sides, providing a backing on the first side of the substrate, providing a retroreflective layer on the second side of the substrate, adhering the retroreflective layer to the second side of the substrate and to the backing within the openings of the substrate so that portions of the retroreflective layer are adhered to the backing through the openings in the substrate, and removing the backing from the first side of the substrate to strip away from the retroreflective layer the portions of the retroreflective layer adhered to the backing through the openings in the substrate to provide the perforated retroreflective trim.02-16-2012
20120040131Composite Panel Having Perforated Foam Core - A composite panel configured for use with a sidewall of a trailer includes an outer metal sheet, an inner metal sheet, and a core member positioned between the inner and outer metal sheets. The core member includes a plurality of apertures formed therethrough such that each aperture extends from an inner surface of the core member to an outer surface of the core member. Illustratively, the plurality of apertures is covered by the inner and outer metal sheets.02-16-2012
20110064911SOFT CUSHION STRUCTURE - A soft cushion structure of the present invention includes a soft foaming resilient supportive body and a soft elastomer. The soft foaming resilient supportive body has one or more penetrating holes which communicate upper and under gel rooms disposed on the soft foaming resilient supportive body. The soft elastomer is filled in the holes and at least a part of the upper and under gel rooms respectively, so as to combine the soft elastomer with the soft foaming resilient supportive body to form a composite structure.03-17-2011
20130011606Curable Liquid Silicone Rubber Composition For Forming A Sealing Member And Sealing Member - A liquid silicone rubber composition comprising an alkenyl group-containing liquid organopolysiloxane, a reinforcing silica filler, an organohydrogenpolysiloxane, a platinum group catalyst, a liquid organopolysiloxane that is free of crosslinking groups and is compatible with the alkenyl group-containing liquid organopolysiloxane, and a liquid organopolysiloxane that is free of crosslinking groups and is incompatible with the alkenyl group-containing liquid organopolysiloxane, wherein the cured material therefrom has a JIS type A durometer hardness of 15 to 26 and a tensile stress at 100% elongation of 0.25 to 0.60 MPa. Also, a through hole-containing sealing member comprising this cured material.01-10-2013
20090214821Multi-axial grid or mesh structures with high aspect ratio ribs - A multi-axial geogrid possesses a series of interconnected strands or ribs that are arranged along at least two different axes within the plane of the structure. The strands or ribs have an aspect ratio, defined as the ratio of the thickness to width, of greater than 1.0, thickness being the direction normal to the plane of the structure. The geogrid can be manufactured by modifying the process parameters in order to create high aspect ratio ribs, using any of the various known methods for producing geogrids. A reinforced civil engineering structure, and method therefor, is formed by embedding in soil one or more horizontal layers of geogrid having high aspect ratio ribs. The reinforced structure shows improved rutting performance when subjected to vehicular traffic.08-27-2009
20110318528MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR 3D STRUCTURE OF BIOMATERIALS USING STEREOLITHOGRAPHY TECHNOLOGY AND PRODUCTS BY THE SAME - Disclosed is a manufacturing method for a 3D structure of biomaterials using a stereolithography technology capable of ensuring processability of various biomaterials. The manufacturing method for a 3D structure of biomaterials using a stereolithography technology includes: shaping a 3D sacrificial mold by using the stereolithography device; injecting prepared biomaterials into the sacrificial mold by using a solvent; curing the biomaterials by removing the solvent injected into the sacrificial mold; and acquiring the 3D structure from the cured biomaterials by removing the sacrificial mold.12-29-2011
20110318530PRODUCT HAVING THROUGH-HOLE AND LASER PROCESSING METHOD - A processing method of forming a through-hole in a workpiece by means of a pulsed laser beam includes the steps of providing a removable sacrifice layer on the workpiece, forming a through-hole in the workpiece by the laser beam in a state where the sacrifice layer is provided, and removing the sacrifice layer from the workpiece after the step of forming the through-hole.12-29-2011
20110318529MULTI-LAYER FOAM STRUCTURE - Embodiments herein may provide multi-layer structures for straps or utility packs. Embodiments include a multi-layer structure for support elements of a utility pack, such as straps (e.g., backpack straps, duffle bag straps, etc.) and/or panels (e.g., the back panel of a backpack). The multi-layer structure may have improved breathability while still retaining other desired properties, such as resilience, strength, comfort, padding/cushioning, and/or durability. Some embodiments of the multi-layer structure also may be thinner and/or lighter than conventional padded support structures. Various embodiments may provide utility pack straps including a reinforcing layer coupled to at least one of an inner structural layer and an outer structural layer. In some embodiments, the straps may include both the inner structural layer and the outer structural layer. The inner structural layer may contact the body of the user when the strap is in use, and may be designed to provide cushioning to the user. The reinforcing layer may provide strength and/or stability to the strap.12-29-2011
20110318531HEAT SHIELD ELEMENT OF A HEAT SHIELD - A heat shield element for a heat shield including heat shield elements disposed adjacently on a support structure is provided. The heat shield element includes a hot side and a cold side, provided for mounting on the support structure as a closing final heat shield element and includes a heat shield plate forming the hot side and a carrier plate forming the cold side, wherein the heat shield plate may be mounted on the carrier plate. A through hole is provided in the heat shield plate to mount it on the carrier plate. A depression having a through-hole is provided in the carrier plate at a position corresponding to the through-hole of the heat shield plate, through which a screw is inserted, wherein the head of the screw is captured in a space formed by the depression and the side of the heat shield plate facing the carrier plate.12-29-2011
20120003421ELASTIC LAMINATE - An elastic laminate has a coextruded film having an outer film layer formed of an elastic and sticky styrene-block copolymer and an inner film layer of lesser elasticity than the outer layer, an outer fleece or nonwoven web or overlay, an outer adhesive layer between the outer fleece web and the outer film layer adhering the outer fleece web to the outer film layer, an inner fleece or nonwoven web or overlay, and an inner adhesive layer between the inner fleece web and the inner film layer adhering the inner fleece web to the inner film layer. The inner adhesive layer forming between the inner fleece web and the inner film layer a bond that is weaker than a bond formed by the outer adhesive layer between the outer fleece web and the outer film layer such that on stretching the inner fleece layer separates locally from the inner film layer.01-05-2012
20090104400Clean-Up Pal - The invention is a tablecloth that doubles into a garbage bag. What is new is the concept of cinching the skirt while eating, cinching the top while away from your food thereby protecting it and then, after removing the leftovers and/or non-disposables, picking it all up and throwing it away.04-23-2009
20120207969Tear Resistant Film - An elastic film material that resists the propagation of a tear. The film material includes an SEEPS elastomeric block copolymer and has a time to break of at least 10 hours. The elastomeric block copolymer has a T08-16-2012
20120058299Composite Sandwich Panel - Constructional panel having a front side suitable to be exposed to outside weather conditions, comprising a front side element, a rear side element and an insulating material arranged between said front and rear side elements, where the front side element is made from a high strength concrete, and where the insulating material is adhered to the rear side of said front and rear side elements.03-08-2012
20120270012OPENING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME, AND A PACKAGING CONTAINER PROVIDED WITH SAID OPENING DEVICE - An opening device for a packaging container comprises two operational parts: a membrane part ensuring a secure seal of the packaging container and a support part ensuring rigidity for the opening device. The opening device is characterized in that a membrane portion of the membrane part is mechanically attached to the support part to operate as one piece during opening of the packaging container, and the materials of the membrane part and the support part are thermally incompatible.10-25-2012
20120064289MESH AND APPARATUS FOR FORMING AND/OR USING MESH - A method of forming a mesh by a moulding a link element around other link elements to form a mesh in which the interlinking link elements are formed as continuous unjoined loops by a moulding process. An apparatus for forming a mesh including a plurality of first cavities for accommodating first link elements and a plurality of second cavities for forming interlinking link elements. The method and apparatus allow the continuous production of mesh formed of a range of materials including plastics materials.03-15-2012
20120164376METHOD OF MODIFYING A SUBSTRATE FOR PASSAGE HOLE FORMATION THEREIN, AND RELATED ARTICLES - A method for the formation of at least one passage hole in a high-temperature substrate is described. For each desired passage hole or group of passage holes, a node is first formed on the exterior surface of the substrate, by a laser consolidation process. The node functions as a pre-selected entry region for each passage hole. The passage hole can then be formed through the node, into the substrate. Related articles, such as turbine engine components, are also described.06-28-2012
20100092724PROCESS FOR PRODUCING CARBON STRUCTURAL BODY, CARBON STRUCTURAL BODY, AND AGGREGATE AND DISPERSION OF CARBON STRUCTURAL BODIES - A process for producing a carbon structural body is provided, with which a carbon structural body having any of various nanostructures can be produced inexpensively and efficiently. The method includes forming a carbon-containing material into a pattern, coating the obtained pattern with a proto-shaped mold, and calcining and carbonizing the coated pattern.04-15-2010
20080305298LASER ACTIVATION OF ELASTIC LAMINATES - There is provided a method of activating a substantially inelastic laminate to an elastic state by providing an elastic layer bonded on at least one face to a fibrous facing layer. The laminate is directed under laser beams so as to cut fibers of the at least one fibrous facing layer along perforation lanes in at least one region forming a laminate that is extensible and elastic in a direction generally transverse to the direction of the perforation lanes. This laminate is particularly adapted for use in personal care articles.12-11-2008
20090130384Chip Provided with film Having Hole Pattern with the Use of Thermoresponsive Polymer and Method of Producing the Same - [Problems] To provide a novel chip useful for treating cells and the like which has a mechanism and a structure wherein the size of a hole pattern is arbitrarily changed so that cells can easily move in and get out from the hole in scattering or collecting cells but can hardly get out from the hole during washing or antigen-stimulation.05-21-2009
20090130382METHOD FOR PRODUCING THERMOPLASTIC FILM - According to the present invention, the film is cooled little by little by controlling the surface temperature of the cooling drums so that the surface temperature of the cooling drums downstream is lower than that of the cooling drums upstream, whereby it is prevented from slipping and shrinking on the surface of the cooling drums. Thus, defects can be prevented from occurring in the film, whereby a high-quality thermoplastic film for optical applications can be produced.05-21-2009
20120128927AIR PERMEABLE ELASTIC LAMINATE AND FABRICATING METHOD THEREOF - An air permeable elastic laminate and a fabricating method thereof are disclosed. At least two materials having different elasticity coefficients are combined to form an elastic laminate. A thermal melting processing technique is utilized to perform a local thermal treatment to the elastic laminate so as to form a plurality of hardened parts on the elastic laminate. A stretch stress is applied to the elastic laminate in order to break the hardened parts. The elastic laminate is elastically recovered after the stretch stress is released. The air permeability is provided to the elastic laminate through the broken hardened parts, and the unhardened parts on the elastic laminate still have elasticity.05-24-2012
20100209662WINE BOTTLE AND WINE GLASS HOLDER/SERVER/COASTER - The Wine Bottle and Wine Glass Holder/Server/Coaster is a wine or bottled beverage server, wine glass holder and a coaster once the wine is opened and poured. A central hole in the WB&WGH/S/C fits over the neck of the bottle and the top seal and surrounding this central hole are a number of receptacles where stemmed glasses are hung in an inverted position. This allows one person to carry and serve the wine and glasses WB&WGH/S/C by picking up the bottle and it can all be carried in one hand. Finally, once the beverage is opened the WB&WGH/S/C can be placed under the beverage bottle to act as a coaster and catch any drips.08-19-2010
20110183108SUCTION SHEET - A suction sheet (07-28-2011
20110183107DENTAL MIRROR PROTECTIVE COVER - A protective cover includes a first side having a plurality of openings, a second side having a plurality of openings, and an interior portion coupling the first side to the second side. The first side, the second side, and the interior portion define a cavity configured to receive a medical instrument and the protective cover is flexible. The cavity is configured to be in fluid communication with a region exterior to the cover to facilitate cleaning of a dental or other medical instrument placed in the cover.07-28-2011
20120219753CAST SHEET AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME - A cast sheet that consists of a non planar net structure with cavities, where the net structure spread across a plane and where the cavities can form holes from one side of the sheet to the other. The cavities on both of the sides of the sheet can be arranged in identical structures where the structure of both sides are displaced or rotated in relation to each-other. Also described is a form template for casting of such a sheet and a method for producing such sheet.08-30-2012
20120251770OPTICAL DEVICE SEALING STRUCTURE AND OPTICAL DEVEICE MANUFACTURING METHOD - To provide an optical device sealing structure capable of simply sealing an optical fiber inserting portion. Provided is a structure that seals an optical device including a metallic case having an optical element disposed therein and an optical fiber inserted through a through hole of the case, wherein a Zn-containing surface is formed on a surface of a bare fiber portion that is formed by partly removing a coating of the optical fiber so as to expose a bare fiber, and wherein an Sn-containing sealing material is charged between the Zn-containing surface and an inner wall of the through hole.10-04-2012
20120251769LIQUID CRYSTALLINE POLYMER MOLDED ARTICLE - Provided is a liquid crystal polymer molding including an opening portion in which a weld portion has high strength and also surface properties are satisfactory. A liquid crystal polymer molding including an opening portion obtained by subjecting a liquid crystal polymer composition containing a spherical filler to injection molding, wherein the liquid crystal polymer molding includes a weld portion, formed by injection molding, which extends toward the outside from the opening portion, and the weld portion has a thickness in the opening portion of 2.5 mm or less, and also has a length, along a surface of the molding, of at least two times the thickness.10-04-2012
20120177878Part For And Method Of Repairing A Damaged Structure, In Particular An Airframe Skin, And A Repair Kit For Implementing It - The invention aims to enable rapid and efficient repair of damaged metal structures, in particular airframe fuselage skins, without necessitating any additional thickness compromising the transmission of waves. To this end it proposes a double internal/external plate constituted by a particular material. In one embodiment, the damaged structure having an external face and an internal face, the part features a substantially plane double internal/external plate adapted to be fastened to the internal face and the external face of the metal structure, respectively, and a central hub connecting the internal plate and the external plate. A groove is thus formed between these plates. The part is constituted of a single composite material block, and a glass ply, lining the groove, may be positioned between the plates and the structure. The hub may have passing through it at least one orifice adapted to allow connections to pass through the structure.07-12-2012
20100009119High Strength Low Density Multi-Purpose Panel - A high strength low density multi-purpose panel. The preferred panel is made of a plurality of sections, organized into rows and columns, and each preferably including two voids. The voids are preferably triangular in cross-section and may be rounded at their apex and corners. Solid strips of material, extending between opposite corners and between the faces of each section, intersect at the center of each face, resulting in an X-shaped cross in each section. Each section is rotated ninety degrees with respect to each adjacent section. Each section shares sides with four adjacent sections and corners with four cater-corned sections. The common sides create perpendicular sets of parallel braces running the panel's length and width. The shared corners align and join the X-shaped cross braces with the X-shaped cross braces of their cater-cornered neighbors, creating diagonal braces that run across the entire panel.01-14-2010
20090061153Apparatus and Method for Manufacturing Foam Parts - A method and machine for manufacturing foam parts are provided. The method generally includes cutting a plurality of sections across the width of the base sheet, engaging and reorienting at least one portion of each section, and joining the portions of each section in a desired configuration to thereby form a plurality of parts. The portions can be engaged by actuator assemblies operating in successively adjacent work spaces across the width of the base sheet to simultaneously produce a plurality of similar parts. In some cases, each part includes at least one portion that is reoriented relative to another portion, such as by rotating one of the portions or adjusting one of the portions to a position that is offset from the plane of the section.03-05-2009
20090061152Methods for fabricating isolated micro- and nano- structures using soft or imprint lithography - The presently disclosed subject matter describes the use of fluorinated elastomer-based materials, in particular perfluoropolyether (PFPE)-based materials, in high-resolution soft or imprint lithographic applications, such as micro- and nanoscale replica molding, and the first nano-contact molding of organic materials to generate high fidelity features using an elastomeric mold. Accordingly, the presently disclosed subject matter describes a method for producing free-standing, isolated nanostructures of any shape using soft or imprint lithography technique.03-05-2009
20100291343METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING PERFORATED NONWOVEN FABRICS - A method for manufacturing a perforated laminated or nonwoven fabric, comprising the steps of:11-18-2010
20120231214FORMED CORE SANDWICH STRUCTURES - A formed core comprising a first and second plurality of pyramidal frustum bases, the first plurality of pyramidal frustum bases extending in a first direction and the second plurality of pyramidal frustum bases extending in a second direction, and wherein each pyramidal frustum base comprises: a node comprising a convex regular polygon, the convex regular polygon comprising a plurality of sides oriented in a first plane and wherein each side of the polygon of the node of each of the first plurality of pyramidal frustum bases is parallel to a side of the polygon of the node of at least one of the second plurality of pyramidal frustum bases; a plurality of faces extending from each of the sides of the polygon of each node of the first plurality of frustum bases to a side of the polygon of each of the second plurality of frustum bases.09-13-2012
20110123763Polylactic acid shrink films and methods of manufacturing same - A heat-shrinkable polylactic acid (PLA) film and a method of its manufacture are provided. In an exemplary embodiment, the PLA films exhibit heat-induced growth in the cross direction with concomitant shrinkage in the machine direction. The films may comprise any grade of PLA polymer, optionally including additives, such as antiblock, slip, viscosity enhancers and combinations thereof. A method of manufacture is disclosed which includes a post-extrusion temperature conditioning step.05-26-2011
20110003114METHOD FOR FORMING THROUGH HOLE AND PRODUCT WITH THE FORMED THROUGH HOLE - A method for forming a through hole, which resolves many problems of conventional method for forming a through hole by applying laser beam and can easily control a shape of the through hole so as to form even diameters at a laser incident side and an opposite side without dependence on a shape of a work object, and form a counter-tapered hole with a diameter at the opposite side larger than that at the incident side, is provided. In the method based on a laser ablation method for forming a through hole, the laser beam is applied on a laser beam exit surface of the work object to be in contact with at least one of a colloid solution of a high-polymer material, a solution of a high-polymer material or polyol.01-06-2011
20110045237ELIMINATION OF ODOR CAUSED BY LASER-ETCHING LEATHER - Systems and methods for the elimination of odor caused by burned or laser-etching leather are provided. One method comprises the steps of providing a leather article with a burned-odor characteristic by laser-treating a side of the leather article; and treating the side of the leather article with an odor absorbent comprising zinc ricinoleate to eliminate the burned-odor characteristic.02-24-2011
20110045236Building board for handling and use - Described herein are articles for handling and use that include one or more spaces in predetermined and select locations. The one or more spaces may be more centrally located, on the edges of the article, on opposite edges of the article or in one or more positions that aid in handling and use of the article. The shaped spaces may be in any form, wherein simple shapes are more cost effective, such as those that resemble a square, rectangular, circle or oval.02-24-2011
20110045235METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING POROUS POLYMER MOLDED ARTICLE - A method for manufacturing a porous polymer molded article, comprising a step of laminating a first mask with a plurality of openings formed therein and a second mask with a plurality of openings formed therein and having a mean opening diameter that is larger than the mean opening diameter of the first mask, on a polymer molded article, and a step of forming through-holes in the polymer molded article by dry etching from the second mask side.02-24-2011
20120321843Perforated Cover for Slicing Machine - This invention relates to a perforated cover which is retrofitted to a slicing machine for meat and other foods. The perforated cover may be made from metal and non-metal materials. The perforated cover is designed to be removed from the slicing machine so that the perforated cover and slicing machine can be cleaned. The perforated cover acts as a protective shield for the operator's hands and fingers while the operator is using the slicing machine. The perforated cover is attached to the slicing machine and moves with the slicing machine thus allowing the operator to use the slicing machine while the perforated cover is in place. Technology has evolved where a cutting system can accurately insert perforations in materials during manufacture which allows the operator to see through the perforated cover while the slicing machine is being operated. In addition the perforations reduce the weight of the perforated cover which makes the perforated cover easier to remove and carried by humans.12-20-2012
20120276328MULTI-PLY PAD - A multi-ply pad includes a base layer, an intermediate member and a top layer, which are made of a resilient material. The intermediate member is sandwiched between the base layer and the top layer and provided with a plurality of through holes each having a predetermined shape. A plurality of parts of the top layer, which correspond in location to the through holes of the intermediate member respectively, are respectively embedded into the through holes of the intermediate member and attached on a plurality of parts of the base layer, which correspond in location to the through holes of the intermediate member, such that a plurality of concavities and a plurality of convexities defined between the concavities are formed on a top surface of the multi-ply pad.11-01-2012
20120276329DECORATED CARD - A decorated card having at least one leaf, and a cutout formed in the leaf and defined by a cutout outline. The card is characterized by the fact that it has at least two threads extending under tension across the cutout outline, and a plurality of spangles, the spangles being held suspended from each of the threads under tension so as to cover at least part of the area defined by the cutout outline. A manufacturing method is also provided.11-01-2012
20100203285Napkin - A napkin having a basic quadratic shape. Two or three slits are provided that are disposed parallel to one another. The slits are spaced from at least one outer edge of the napkin, and each slit has a length configured to receive at least a portion of a piece of cutlery or an eating utensil therethrough.08-12-2010
20120135187GLASS FILM LAMINATE - A glass film laminate comprises a supporting member and a glass film laminated to each other. The supporting member protrudes from the glass film, and comprises a peeling start portion at which at least one corner portion of the glass film is exposed from the supporting member. The peeling start portion is provided with a distance from a side of the supporting member.05-31-2012
20100129603RETRO-PERCUSSIVE TECHNIQUE FOR CREATING NANOSCALE HOLES - A method of forming extremely small pores in glass or a similar substrate, useful, for example, in patch clamp applications, that employs a backer plate to contain energy of a laser-induced ablation through the front surface of the substrate so as to create a rear surface shock wave providing a fire polishing of the exit aperture of the pore such as produces improved sealing with cell membranes.05-27-2010
20130022781All Weather Adjustable Holiday Column Wrap - Adjustable Holiday Column Wrap constructed of Weather Proof vinyl material to wrap around decorative or support column allowing holiday decorating without utilization of electricity or complicated application. Constructed to be cost effective and adjustable to fit various heights and circumferences of decorative columns. The wrap allows decorating for holidays with ease of application and storage. Cord or straps used to apply Wrap through a flap system, allowing for different size columns. The Wrap has an attached extension piece, enabling modification of the wrap to fit different size columns while covering the entire circumference of the column. Different holiday designs can be imprinted on the surface allowing easy decorating. Utilize holiday designs such as, but not limited to Toy Soldier, Santa Claus, Uncle Sam, Pilgrims, or Halloween designs.01-24-2013
20130022782FUNCTIONAL ELEMENT HAVING FEATURES PROVIDING SECURITY AGAINST ROTATION AND ALSO A COMPONENT ASSEMBLY CONSISTING OF THE FUNCTIONAL ELEMENT AND A SHEET METAL PART - A functional element having a shaft part and a head part has at least one feature providing security against rotation which is provided in the region of a sheet metal contact surface of the functional element. The functional element is characterized in that each feature providing security against rotation comprises a recess provided in the sheet metal contact surface of the functional element with a raised portion disposed at least substantially centrally in the recess or with a raised portion surrounding the recess. With this design the functional element can be straightforwardly be inserted in a thick sheet metal part or in a sheet metal part of higher strength and thus a security against rotation of high quality can be achieved.01-24-2013
20130171409DEVICE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF CELLULAR MATERIALS - A system and method for the production of cellular materials. Several geometries such as honeycomb, chiral, auxetic are described. The pre-formation of the cellular structure is by penetration of a reinforcement fabric by means of punches properly structured. Punches housed on one of the matrices of the device allow obtaining several geometries without need of complex fabric pre-formations operations or of manual placement of the fabric in the interstices of the mold.07-04-2013
20080220208TAPED COMPONENT AND METHOD OF MOUNTING PRODUCT USING THE SAME - A taped component includes a career tape having an upper surface having recesses provided therein, and products stored in the recesses, respectively. Each of the recesses has a bottom on which each of the products is placed. The bottom has an aperture provided therein, and the aperture faces a position different from the center of gravity of each of the products. This taped component allows the product to be mounted efficiently.09-11-2008
20130095285SILICON CARBIDE SUBSTRATE, SILICON CARBIDE INGOT, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A silicon carbide substrate and a silicon carbide ingot excellent in uniformity in characteristics, and a method of manufacturing the same are obtained. A method of manufacturing a silicon carbide ingot includes the steps of preparing a base substrate having an off angle with respect to a (0001) plane not greater than 10° and composed of single crystal silicon carbide and growing a silicon carbide layer on a surface of the base substrate. In the step of growing a silicon carbide layer, a temperature gradient in a direction of width when viewed in a direction of growth of the silicon carbide layer is set to 20° C./cm or more.04-18-2013
20130095286OPTICAL RECORDING MEDIUM - A recording layer is formed from an organic material (thermoplastic resin, thermosetting resin) having an oxygen element ratio of 9.1% or more. Examples include polyethersulfone, polyimide, and polyethylene. Alternatively, the recording layer is formed from a material in which a low-molecular compound is added to a resin and which has an oxygen element ratio after mixing of 9.1% or more.04-18-2013
20130115416CERAMIC MEMBER, PROBE HOLDER, AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF CERAMIC MEMBER - There is provided a ceramic member which is a sintered body containing enstatite and boron nitride as constituents, in which boron nitride is oriented in a single direction, a probe holder formed using the ceramic member, and a manufacturing method of the ceramic member. In the ceramic member, an index of orientation degree is not less than 0.8. In so doing, it is possible to provide a ceramic member which has a free machining property, a coefficient of thermal expansion which is close to that of silicon, and high strength, and a probe holder which is formed using the ceramic member, and a manufacturing method of the ceramic member.05-09-2013
20110223379PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE TAPE - A pressure-sensitive adhesive tape includes a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer as a pressure-sensitive adhesive containing a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, a bubble, and a hollow inorganic fine particle. The hollow inorganic fine particle contains at least sodium and silicon, and the mass ratio of the sodium and the silicon that are contained in the hollow inorganic fine particle (Na/Si) is 0.5 or less. Thereby, the size of the pinhole and the number of the pinholes in the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape can be suppressed, the pinhole having a structure in which, when light is radiated onto one surface of the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer that is in the state of not being laminated on a substrate, the transmission amount of the light on the other surface thereof exceeds a predetermined threshold value, as a result of the presence of a bubble having a predetermined size or more in the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer.09-15-2011
20110250387METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A MASK HAVING SUBMILLIMETRIC APERTURES FOR A SUBMILLIMETRIC ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE GRID, AND MASK AND SUBMILLIMETRIC ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE GRID - A process for manufacturing a mask having submillimetric openings, in which: for a masking layer, a first solution of colloidal nanoparticles in a first solvent is deposited, the particles having a given glass transition temperature T10-13-2011
20120282436APPARATUS AND PROCESS FOR APERTURING AND STRETCHING A WEB - Apparatuses and processes for aperturing and stretching a web are disclosed. In one embodiment, the method involves feeding a web into a nip that is formed between at least one pair of intermeshing rolls. The first roll is a raised ridge rotary knife aperturing roll and the second roll is a ring roll; both rolls comprise ridges and grooves. The first roll comprises a plurality of spaced-apart teeth extending outwardly from the top surface of the ridges, said teeth having tips, wherein the top surface of said ridges are disposed between the tips of said teeth and the bottom surface of said grooves. These apparatuses and processes enable a web to be formed which comprises apertures having greater open area than previously achievable with traditional processes and apparatuses.11-08-2012
20120282435Nanostructured Silicon with Useful Thermoelectric Properties - The invention provides for a nanostructured silicon or holey silicon (HS) that has useful thermoelectric properties. The invention also provides for a device comprising the nanostructured silicon or HS. The HS can be placed between two electrodes and used for thermoelectric power generation or thermoelectric cooling.11-08-2012
20130122247Spacer Wafer For Wafer-Level Camera And Method For Manufacturing Same - A spacer wafer for a wafer-level camera, a wafer-level camera including the spacer wafer and a method of manufacturing a spacer wafer include a layer of photoresist being formed over a substrate, the layer of photoresist being exposed to radiation through a mask that defines a spacer geometry for at least one wafer-level camera element. The layer photoresist is developed, such that the layer of photoresist is the spacer wafer for the wafer-level camera.05-16-2013
20130122248ELECTROSPUN PATTERNED STENT GRAFT COVERING - An endoluminal prosthesis and systems and methods for making the prosthesis are provided. In one example, a patterned graft material for a prosthesis includes a network of electrospun fibers. The network of electrospun fibers may include a plurality of continuous electrospun fibers. The fibers may be collected on a collector plate using an electrospinning process to form the network of fibers. The patterned graft material also may include a plurality of openings in the network of electrospun fibers. The plurality of openings may be arranged in a pattern. The network of electrospun fibers may include a plurality of edges, each surrounding a corresponding one of the plurality of openings. Each of the plurality of edges may include at least one electrospun fiber of the network of electrospun fibers. A majority of the electrospun fibers of the plurality of edges may be continuous at the edges.05-16-2013
20110311765RESILIENT CORES WITH CONVECTION BARRIERS PARTICULARLY FOR INFLATABLE BODIES AND METHODS FOR MAKING THE SAME - Resilient cores preferably for inflatable bodies having resilient slabs that define a plurality of generally columnar holes or resilient arrays of generally columnar solids, methods for making such slabs and arrays, and articles incorporating the same wherein the cores further includes thermal transmission mitigation means for improving a core's resistance to heat transfer beyond the core's innate insulative properties. Non-exclusive and non-exhaustive examples of such thermal transmission mitigation means in slab core embodiments include consideration to hole or bore geometric cross section, frequency, pattern and orientation, the introduction of a thermal barrier at or within at least some holes or bores, and/or slab material selection/treatment. Non-exclusive and non-exhaustive examples of such thermal transmission mitigation means in array core embodiments include consideration to the geometric cross section, frequency (density), pattern and orientation of the solids, the introduction of thermal barriers within inter-solid spaces and/or solid material selection/treatment.12-22-2011
20110311764MULTI-SCALE, MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MICROSTRUCTURED MATERIAL - A microstructure disposed on a surface carried by an object comprising: a first set of microfeatures carried by the object wherein said first set of microfeatures causes the surface of the object to exhibit physical properties differing from physical properties exhibited by a non-microstructured surface; and, a second set of microfeatures carried by said surface wherein said second set of microfeatures causes the surface of the object to exhibit physical properties differing from physical properties exhibited by the non-microstructured surface and by said first set of microfeatures.12-22-2011
20120021172Foil-Backed Wallboard and Insulation System - An insulated exterior wall assembly combining insulating material and reflective surface insulation coupled with an air gap. A wall assembly according to this invention includes wall support studs defining insulation cavities between them, sheathing boards facing the building exterior, an insulating material such as cellular plastic material or fibrous insulation applied from the exterior sheathing partly through the depth of the insulation cavities, a foil-backed gypsum-containing wallboard applied to the interior facing portions of the studs, with an air gap between the foil backing of the wallboards and the surface of the foam along the depth of the studs. The wall assembly according to this invention provides comparable thermal resistance compared to a deep layer of insulating material.01-26-2012
20120021171Industrial Fabric, and Method of Making Thereof - A support member such as a belt or sleeve includes a topographical pattern on its sheet contact side. A plurality of land areas, corresponding depressions, through voids, and/or groove areas are formed on the top surface of the support member to produce the topographical pattern. The land areas, corresponding depressions, through voids, and/or groove areas may be formed by graving, cutting, etching, embossing, mechanical perforation or a combination thereof. The improved belt or sleeve imparts desired physical characteristics, such as bulk, appearance, texture, absorbency, strength, and hand to a nonwoven product produced thereon.01-26-2012

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