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428095000 Particular backing structure or composition 72
428096000 With coating, impregnation, or bond 50
428091000 Nap type surface 43
428090000 Flock surface 36
428092000 Particular shape or structure of pile 27
428088000 Edge feature or configured or discontinuous surface 25
428086000 Interlaminar 24
428097000 Composition of pile or adhesive 21
428087000 With particles 15
20130052399Hook-Engageable Loop Fasteners and Related Systems and Methods - A method of making a sheet-form loop product can include placing a layer of staple fibers on a first side of a substrate, the layer of staple fibers including first staple fibers and second staple fibers that are intermingled with one another, where a diameter of the smallest circle capable of circumscribing one of the second staple fibers is greater than a diameter of the smallest circle capable of circumscribing one of the first staple fibers; needling substantially only the first fibers of the layer through the substrate by penetrating the substrate with needles that drag portions of the first fibers through the substrate during needling, leaving exposed loops of the first fibers extending from a second side of the substrate; and anchoring the loops of the first fibers by fusing the second fibers to each other on the first side of the substrate.02-28-2013
20110281057BULKED CONTINUOUS FILAMENTS WITH HEXALOBAL CROSS-SECTION AND THREE VOIDS AND SPINNERET PLATES FOR PRODUCING THE FILAMENT - Briefly described, embodiments of this disclosure include hexalobal bulked continuous filaments with three axial voids, spinneret plates with a capillary design for producing the hexalobal, tri-void bulked continuous filaments (BCFs) of the present disclosure, articles made from the hexalobal filaments of the present disclosure, methods of making the hexalobal, tri-void filaments of the present disclosure, and the like.11-17-2011
20110287210BULKED CONTINUOUS FILAMENTS WITH TRILOBAL CROSS-SECTION AND ROUND CENTRAL VOID AND SPINNERET PLATES FOR PRODUCING FILAMENT - Briefly described, embodiments of the present disclosure include trilobal bulked continuous filaments (BCFs) with a generally round central void, spinneret plates with a capillary design for producing the BCFs of the present disclosure, articles and carpets produced from the BCFs of the present disclosure, methods of producing the trilobal BCFs of the present disclosure, and the like.11-24-2011
20080206511SYNTHETIC MICROFIBER MATERIAL - An apparatus comprising a plurality of first threads coupled to and extending from a substrate, and a plurality of second threads coupled to and extending from the substrate, wherein each of the plurality of first threads comprises a plurality of synthetic filaments, each of the plurality of filaments comprises a plurality of synthetic microfibers, each of the plurality of second threads is adjacent to at least one of the plurality of first threads, and each of the plurality of second threads does not comprise synthetic microfibers.08-28-2008
20090087612Reflective Insulating Barriers In Floor Coverings - A reflective metallized material having at least one metal layer with at least one reflective surface that is capable of reflecting radiant energy, and at least one spacing layer to provide void space directly adjacent the reflective surface of the metal layer. The reflective metallized material may be used in a floor covering installation, such as in a carpet backing or carpet underlay, to provide a reflective insulating barrier to the floor covering. When the floor covering is installed, the resultant floor has improved energy efficiency.04-02-2009
20100143640DRYING MAT - A drying mat is described. The drying mat includes layers of a microfiber material and a foam layer. The drying mat may be used as dish mat to absorb water from dishes. The dying mat may be used as a shower or bath mat to absorb water from a bather standing upon the drying mat.06-10-2010
20090117320CARPET FOR VEHICLE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - Disclosed are a carpet for a vehicle and a method of manufacturing the same. A first material is scored to define a gap. A portion of the first material interior to the gap is compressed, and then folded out of the gap. A second material is adhered to the first material. The second material may be adhered to the compressed portion of the first material. The volume of the compressed portion may be decreased by about half. The first material may be a sound-absorbing material.05-07-2009
20120141723POLYMER FIBER CONTAINING FLAME RETARDANT, PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME, AND MATERIAL CONTAINING SUCH FIBERS - The present invention provides a polymer fiber containing a flame retardant. In particular, the invention provides a fiber containing poly(trimethylene terephthalate) and a flame retardant that melts at a temperature of equal to or below 280° C. The present invention also provides a process for producing such a fiber, and a material incorporating such fibers.06-07-2012
20090041972COMPOSITE STRUCTURES AND METHODS OF MAKING SAME - A complex-shaped, three-dimensional fiber reinforced composite structure may be formed by using counteracting pressures applied to a structural lay-up of fiber plies. The fiber plies are arranged on a pressurizable member that may become an integral part of the final product, or may be removed before the product is finalized. The pressurizable member may take the form of a hollow blow molded or rotomolded thermoplastic component or a superplastic formed metallic component having an opening such that the pressurizable member may be vented or pressurized and thus expanded against the fiber plies. In addition, a number of the pressurizable members may be joined in fluid communication, where they may each have different configurations, yet be arranged to form a large, complex-shaped lay-up surface for the fiber plies. The arrangement of the fiber plies onto the pressurizable members may produce integral I-Beam stiffeners, ribs, flanges, and other complex shaped structural components.02-12-2009
20100304076Elongated floor rug for bathroom toilets - An elongated floor rug (12-02-2010
20080241457INTERIOR TRIM COMPONENT AND METHOD OF FORMING THE SAME - An interior trim component includes an aerated skin layer and a glass-reinforced urethane substrate layer. A method for manufacturing an interior trim component is also disclosed. The method includes the steps of aerating a skin layer into a molding tool and depositing a glass-reinforced urethane substrate layer over the aerated skin layer.10-02-2008
20100196652QUASI-ISOTROPIC SANDWICH STRUCTURES - A quasi-isotropic sandwich structure is provided for resisting loads along multiple axes. The structure includes a core material sandwiched by fiberglass reinforcements. Fiberglass rovings are inserted through the structure such that the rovings are oriented along three axes, with adjacent axes separated by approximately 120°. Machines and methods for forming the structures are also disclosed. In one case, a machine having a single stitch head is reconfigured in each of three passes of the material to form the sandwich structure. In other cases, a machine having three stitch heads is used to form the structure with a single pass of the material. In some embodiments, the machine includes an indexing stitch head oriented at approximately 0° and two stationary stitch heads oriented at approximately −60° and +60° with respect to the machine direction. In other embodiments, the machine includes three stationary stitch heads oriented at approximately 90°, −30°, and +30°.08-05-2010
20120064280Deformed Web Materials - Deformed web materials are disclosed. The web materials have discrete deformations formed therein. The deformations may be features in the form of portions of a web with apertures therein, protrusions, depressed areas, and combinations thereof. These features may extend out from the surface on one side of the web, or from both of the surfaces of the web. Different features may be intermixed with one another.03-15-2012
20120164367HONEYCOMB SANDWICH CONSTRUCTION FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY - Sandwich construction for automotive applications consisting of a honeycomb core (06-28-2012
20120076971AIR RICH YARN AND FABRIC AND ITS METHOD OF MANUFACTURING - The present invention relates to air rich yarn and fabric with pores throughout the cross-section. Air rich yarn and fabric have high wettability, easy dryability, quick absorbency and increased thickness. When air rich yarn is used to make terry fabric it makes thicker fabric with increased capacity to absorb water and also release moisture faster while drying.03-29-2012
20110123757BREATHABLE CHEMBIO PROTECTION FABRIC WITH CARBON NANOTUBE PHYSICAL PATHOGEN BARRIER - A fabric for use in chemical and biological (CB) protective garments includes at least one felt layer having from 25% to 100% carbon nanotube (CNT) fibers as a breathable physical barrier against toxic chemical droplets and/or pathogens. The felt layers are cleaned and consolidated into a mechanically competent sheet which can form adhesive seams having lapshear greater than the sheet itself. An additional supporting layer can be included. The supporting layer can be a wicking layer which is permeable with a chlorinated or otherwise chemically active solution to establish a reactive chemical barrier, the solution being dispensed on demand from a portable container. Embodiments include a second layer of CNT or of another backing fabric, sandwiching the wicking layer therebetween. Impermeable fluoropolymer seams can divide the fabric into a plurality of CNT/wicking cells. A layer of activated charcoal and/or halamine-forming hydantoin can be included for persistent reactive chemical protection.05-26-2011
20110039053Non-Slip Mat having a Lower Cost of Micorfabric - A mat includes a lint layer including a substrate cloth and a fuzz layer combined with the substrate cloth, and a non-slip layer combined with the substrate cloth of the lint layer integrally. Thus, the mat consists of the lint layer and the non-slip layer only so that the mat has a simplified construction, thereby decreasing the cost of fabrication.02-17-2011
20110045230Metallic Nanowire Arrays and Methods for Making and Using Same - Freestanding metallic nanowires attached to a metallic substrate are disclosed. A method of creating the nanowire structure using an anodized layer is presented. In one embodiment an optical SERS sensor is formed. The sensor head has at least one array of nanowires chemically functionalized to recognize molecules of interest. A method of forming a SERS sensor and using the sensor to analyze a sample is presented.02-24-2011
20130095274TEXTILES WITH ODOR-ABSORBING PROPERTIES AND METHODS FOR PRODUCING SAME - In one aspect, the invention relates to fibers treated with or formed from at least one odor-absorbing composition, fiber treatment compositions, fiber treatment kits, and articles produced therefrom. In a further aspect, the invention relates to methods of increasing odor absorbency properties in a fiber. In still a further aspect, the fiber treatment compositions comprise an aqueous composition having a pH of less than about 2.1 and at least one anionic binding agent or fluorochemical. Is a further aspect, the fiber treatment compositions comprise an aqueous composition to provide a residual fiber pH of less than about 5.75 and at least one anionic binding agent or fluorochemical. This abstract is intended as a scanning tool for purposes of searching in the particular art and is not intended to be limiting of the present invention.04-18-2013
20110311757SOIL REPELLENCY AQUEOUS DISPERSIONS, SOIL REPELLANT SOFT ARTICLES, AND METHODS OF MAKING THE SAME - A soil repellency aqueous dispersion for treating various fibers, yarns, and textiles is disclosed. The dispersion provides superior soil resistance when compared to known fluorochemical and silicone fiber treatments. The dispersion comprises clay nanoparticle components and fluorochemicals that can be applied to the fibers, yarns, and textiles using known methods.12-22-2011
20130189472THREE-DIMENSIONAL NET-SHAPED STRUCTURE AND METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING THEREOF - A manufacturing apparatus of three-dimensional net-like structure includes: a nozzle with a plurality of extrusion holes that are arrayed to extrude and drop downward a thermoplastic synthetic resin in a molten state and thereby form a filament assembly of a plurality of filaments; a pair of chutes arranged across longitudinal faces of the filament assembly to have inclined surfaces that are sloped toward the filament assembly and opposed to each other across a distance that is less than a short side length of the array of the extrusion holes; water supply ports arranged to supply cooling water to the inclined surfaces; and a pair of haul-off machines configured to have endless belts arranged to be in contact with the longitudinal faces of the filament assembly and haul off the filament assembly and opposed to each other across a less distance than the distance between the pair of chutes.07-25-2013

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