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20100151181Polymeric Composition and Durable Polymeric Panels and Devices Exhibiting Antiballistic Capacity Made Therefrom - A coating composition that includes a reactive blend of at least one first component and at least one second isocyanate or isocyanate quasi-prepolymer component with the first component is consisting essentially of a polymer and/or a blend of polymers present in an amount sufficient to impart a predetermined amount of tensile strength, hardness, flexibility and adhesive strength to the resulting polymeric coating. The first component can be composed of at least one of amine terminated polyetherpolyols, amine-based polyols and high functional polyols. Also disclosed is a composite article that includes a polymeric substrate composed of fibers of at least one of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene and aramid in a polymeric mixture and the coating material and a vehicle having an interior surface having at least one polymeric panel composed of the substrate and the coating.06-17-2010
20120183721DISPLAY APPARATUS AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - Provided is a process for producing a display apparatus, which comprises (a) a step of forming a seal part made of e.g. a double-sided adhesive tape 07-19-2012
20130078412FLOOR PAD AND COVER APPARATUS - An apparatus is disclosed that may include a cover and pad that may be removably positioned in the cover. The cover may include a front face and a rear face, with the faces defining an interior space. The interior space may be accessed though an opening defined in the rear face of the cover. The pad may be positioned within the interior space. The front face of the cover may include indicia and/or a textured surface, such as a three-dimensional design (e.g., basket weave or the like). The rear face may also include an anti-slip member.03-28-2013
20130084421METHOD FOR PRODUCING A COMPONENT AND SUCH A COMPONENT - The invention relates to a component, which has a layer applied by gas dynamic cold spray, said layer having at, least one layer section or a reinforcing element, the material and orientation of which are selected according to a load line, and to a method for producing such a component by gas dynamic cold spray.04-04-2013
20100104794THERMOSETTING EPOXY RESIN COMPOSITION AND SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - A thermosetting epoxy resin composition characterized by containing as a resin ingredient a product of pulverization of a solid matter obtained by reacting a triazine derivative/epoxy resin with an acid anhydride in such a proportion that the amount of the epoxy groups is 0.6-2.0 equivalents to the acid anhydride groups.04-29-2010
20100104795METHOD FOR FITTING AND PROTECTING A SENSOR ON A SUBSTRATE - The method consists in depositing, by alumina spraying, an electrically insulating sublayer on the substrate, then in placing the sensor on the electrically insulating sublayer and finally in depositing, by alumina spraying, a cover layer on the sensor and the electrically insulating sublayer. It further includes a capillary impregnation step by means of an impregnant, so as to block the pores and microcracks on the surface of the cover layer or even through the entire thickness of the deposited alumina coatings right down to the substrate.04-29-2010
20130045354SEALED FUNCTION ELEMENT - A sealed function element obtainable by sealing a function element, for example, a liquid crystal display element, an element such as an organic EL and the like, and an organic function element such as a sheet like luminous illuminant, an optical device and a solar cell, reliably by a convenient step, particularly it provides a thin type sealed function element having a long life. The sealed function element comprises a substrate layer (W), a function element layer (X) and a laminated film for sealing (Z) wherein the substrate layer (W) and a heat-sealing thermoplastic resin layer (E) of the laminated film for sealing (Z) are adhered and unified by heat-sealing. The laminated film for sealing comprises the heat-sealing thermoplastic resin layer (E), a water-absorbing layer (F) and a gas barrier layer (G) which layers are laminated in this order.02-21-2013
20130045352NON-WOVEN FIRE BARRIER MAT - A burnthrough resistant non-woven mat is made of a glass fibers and includes a binder having a vinyl component and a strengthening component. The vinyl component may be, for example, ethylene vinyl chloride, and the strengthening component may be, for example, melamine formaldehyde. The burnthrough resistant non-woven mat may be used in conjunction with an insulation blanket, and may be especially suited to use in insulating aircraft. Methods of making the burnthrough resistant non-woven mat are discussed.02-21-2013
20130045353Chemical Resistant Membrane - The present invention provides a flexible multi-layer ground membrane that comprises the following layers that are bonded together: a) at least one layer of a polyolefin, e.g. a high density polyethylene, or a mixture including at least a majority by weight of polyolefin with a density greater than 0.9 g/cm02-21-2013
20130029083THIN PLASTIC CASING WITH DECORATIVE OUTER FILM AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A thin plastic casing with a decorative outer film and a manufacturing method thereof are revealed. First provide an outer film that is a fabric layer or a leather layer. Then arrange a thermoplastic rubber (TPR) adhesive layer on an inner surface of the outer film. Next fix the outer film flatly in a cavity of an injection mold of a thin plastic casing while an outer periphery of the outer film is over an outer boundary of the cavity. Then inject the thin plastic casing to the TPR adhesive layer by plastic injection molding. The outer boundary of the cavity is over a boundary line of the thin plastic casing to form a thinner material overflow area. Cut the flash to get a thin plastic casing with a decorative outer film. Thus adhesion strength between the outer film and the thin plastic casing and product quality are improved.01-31-2013
20120107547Multi-Layer Thermal Insulation Composite - A multilayer thermal insulation composite for fire protection applications. The composite includes a fibrous insulation layer, at least one inorganic heat absorbing layer disposed on one side of the fibrous insulation layer, and at least one superinsulation layer disposed on at least one side of the composite adjacent the heat absorbing layer or the fibrous insulation layer. The composite may further include a scrim layer comprising a high temperature resistant, flexible, woven or non-woven scrim or scrim and high temperature resistant material disposed around the multilayer thermal insulation composite partially or substantially totally encapsulating the composite. The composite is lightweight and flexible, exhibits reduced heat transfer to the cold-face, with improved thermal insulation capability.05-03-2012
20130164486ELECTRONIC DEVICE - Provided is an electronic device wherein at a time of laser-sealing a space between two glass substrates, it is possible to suppress generation of a crack or a breakage etc. in the glass substrates or a sealing layer. When a cross-section of the sealing layer 06-27-2013
20130059109Curable Polyorganosiloxane Composition For Use As An Encapsulant For A Solar Cell Module - The invention relates to curable polyorganosiloxane compositions for the use as an encapsulant for a solar cell module, in particular, for the encapsulation of photovoltaic modules, cured polyorganosiloxane composition made therefrom and photovoltaic modules comprising the same as encapsulant.03-07-2013
20110014415Oxygen-barrier packaged surface mount device - A method for producing a surface mount device includes providing a plurality of layers including a B-staged top layer and bottom layer, and a C-staged middle layer with an opening. A core device is inserted into the openings, and then the top and bottom layers are placed over and under, respectively, the middle layer. The layers are cured until the layers become C-staged. The core device is substantially surrounded by an oxygen-barrier material with an oxygen permeability of less than approximately 0.4 cm3·mm/m2·atm·day.01-20-2011
20120308762Method for the Application of a Conformal Nanocoating by Means of a Low Pressure Plasma Process - The invention relates to a conformal nanocoating applied by a low pressure plasma process. The invention also relates to a method for making such a conformal nanocoating on a three-dimensional nanostructure, in particular a three-dimensional structure containing electrically conductive and non-conductive elements.12-06-2012
20120225240LUMINESCENT GLASS, PRODUCING METHOD THEREOF AND LUMINESCENT DEVICE - A luminescent glass comprises glass matrix. Said glass matrix comprises a glass part and a complex part of glass and fluorescent powder, which is embedded in said glass part. Said complex part of glass and fluorescent powder comprises glass material and fluorescent powder dispersed in said glass material. Said fluorescent powder is of nitrides or oxynitrides series. A method for producing the luminescent glass and a luminescent device comprising the luminescent glass are also provided. The luminescent glass and the luminescent device have good luminescence reliability, high luminescence stability and long service life. The method can be carried out at a relatively low temperature.09-06-2012
20130065010GALLIUM NITRIDE CRYSTAL, GROUP 13 NITRIDE CRYSTAL, GROUP 13 NITRIDE CRYSTAL SUBSTRATE, AND MANUFACTURING METHOD - A gallium nitride crystal having a hexagonal crystal structure includes a first region located on an inner side of a cross section intersecting c-axis of the hexagonal crystal structure, and a second region surrounding at least a part of the outer periphery of the first region in the cross section. An emission spectrum of each of the first region and the second region with electron beam or ultraviolet light excitation has a first peak including a band edge emission of gallium nitride and a second peak located in a longer wavelength area than the first peak. A peak intensity of the first peak is smaller than a peak intensity of the second peak in the first region, and a peak intensity of the first peak is greater than a peak intensity of the second peak in the second region.03-14-2013
20090011172Method of packaging for thin fragile parts - A method of laminating a part and a laminated packaging part are described herein. The method includes (a) preparing a laminatable assembly, including (i) providing a first sheet of laminatable material having a first surface, a second surface and a peripheral edge; (ii) contacting the second surface of the first sheet of laminatable material with a first surface of a non-stick layer; (iii) placing a part to be packaged on a second surface of the first non-stick layer opposite the first surface of the non-stick layer such that a first surface of the part contacts the second surface of the non-stick layer; (iv) contacting a second surface of the part opposite the first surface of the part with a first surface of a second non-stick layer; and (v) providing a second sheet of laminatable material having a first surface, a second surface and a peripheral edge, such that the peripheral edge of the first sheet of laminatable material is generally aligned with the peripheral edge of the second sheet of laminatable material to form the laminatable assembly having the first sheet and the second sheet of laminatable material as outer surfaces thereof; and (b) laminating the outer peripheral edges of the first and second sheets of laminatable material to form a laminated package enclosing the part.01-08-2009
20130164485RESIN BLEND - Provided are a resin blend for melt processing, a pellet and a method of preparing a resin article using the same. The resin blend may include a first resin, and a second resin having a difference in surface energy from the first resin at 25° C. of 0.1 to 35 mN/m. The resin blend can improve mechanical and surface characteristics of a resin article. Further, since coating or plating is not required for manufacturing a resin article, a manufacturing time and/or cost can be reduced, and productivity can be increased.06-27-2013
20130164487ENCAPSULATION AND PRODUCTION OF AN ENCAPSULATED PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY - An encapsulation is formed on a printed circuit board that is populated with electronic components, especially a printed circuit board having electronic components that have to meet certain safety standards because they are used, e.g. in the area of explosion control. The printed circuit board assembly is coated with a bottom layer, preferably a bottom layer produced from a plasma and pretreated such that the protective coat adheres on the entire surface of the printed circuit board assembly evenly and in a sufficient thickness and does not shrink during the subsequent curing process regardless of the material of the surface and/or regardless of the fact whether the coat is applied to a geometrically problematic area on the printed circuit board assembly such as a corner or an edge.06-27-2013
20110027519PAD STRUCTURE - A pad structure is composed of a thermoplastic, an inner cloth layer, a buffering high molecular layer and an outer cloth layer. The buffering high molecular layer is enclosed with the inner cloth layer, the outer surface of the inner cloth layer is bonded to the thermoplastic which is further enclosed with the outer cloth layer. After that at least a recess slot is formed on the surface combined as such. The completed pad structure is of excellent properties of softness, slip-proof, air ventilation and heat dissipation. When the pad is bonded to the subject matter for associated use, it can improve the usability of the subject matter and make the user comfortable.02-03-2011
20120231205SOLID-CORE PANEL INCORPORATING DECORATIVE AND/OR FUNCTIONAL MATERIAL - A panel includes a fiberglass substrate encapsulating an aesthetic material. The fiberglass substrate and the aesthetic material are both impregnated with resin to form the solid-core of the panel. The solid-core panel can be manufactured by arranging multiple layers of a fiberglass material between multiple plates, interleaving aesthetic material between at least two of the layers of fiberglass material, applying resin to the multiple layers of fiberglass material and the aesthetic material, and then allowing the combination of the resin, multiple layers of fiberglass material, and the aesthetic material to cure between the plates, forming a solid-core panel encapsulating the aesthetic material.09-13-2012
20120107548Pellicle frame and a pellicle - A new kind of pellicle frame is proposed which is made up of a core body and a clad body; the core body consists of a composite of carbon fiber plus resin, and it is preferred that the carbon fiber exists in the form of a laminated body of carbon fiber sheets in which the resin is impregnated; and the clad body is the outer layer sealing the core body such that no carbon is exposed through the clad body.05-03-2012
20110217504Ballistic Panels and Method of Making the Same - A ballistic panel is described that comprises a ballistic-resistant component and a cover that comprises a laminate comprising (i) a substrate layer and (ii) an inner bonding layer. The cover is bonded to at least one surface of the ballistic-resistant component by the inner bonding layer of the laminate, and is bonded around the perimeter of the ballistic resistant component to form a perimeter seal. A method for making the ballistic panel is also described.09-08-2011
20100112271IDENTIFICATION PLATES - The invention relates to an identification tag (05-06-2010
20110171417GLASS FILM LAMINATE, GLASS ROLL OF THE LAMINATE, AND METHOD OF PRODUCING GLASS ROLL - A glass film laminate includes a glass film, a supporting sheet fixed on one surface of the glass film so as to protrude from the glass film and having a stretch ratio of 10% or less under a tensile strength of 50 MPa, and a protective sheet peelably laminated on the other surface of the glass film so as to cover edge portions of the glass film.07-14-2011
20110151173INORGANIC GRADED BARRIER FILM AND METHODS FOR THEIR MANUFACTURE - The present invention refers to a graded barrier film comprising a layered structure, wherein the layered structure comprises a first layer consisting of metal oxide; an intermediate layer consisting of metal nitride or metal oxynitride which is arranged on the first layer; and a third layer consisting of a metal oxide which is arranged on the intermediate layer. The present invention further refers to a sputtering method for manufacturing this graded barrier film and a device encapsulated with this graded barrier film.06-23-2011
20090087610INTEGRATED CERAMIC METAL IMITATION - An integrated ceramic metal imitation comprises a ceramic body; a metal element being engaged to the ceramic body; a metal layer adhered on outer surfaces of the ceramic body and the metal element so that the surface presents shine effect. The metal layer is formed by electroplating or electric sputtering or evaporation. The ceramic body is one of a sanitation device, a hook for dressing, a switch, a door handle, and a toothbrush frame. The metal layer is formed by electroplating or sputtering or evaporation. The ceramic body is one of a sanitation device, a hook for dressing, a switch, a door handle, and a toothbrush frame.04-02-2009
20090081405SEALABLE, PEELABLE FILM - The present invention concerns a sealed package formed from a polymer film comprising a block copolymeric substrate and a heat sealable coating and/or skin layer on the substrate, the package being formed by wrapping the film around an article to be packaged in a manner to obtain at least one region of film overlap, and heat sealing the resulting overlapped film sections to each other to provide at least one sealed region of the package, the sealed region being subsequently openable by manually separating the overlapped film sections, effective without substantial tearing of the film at or around the sealed region.03-26-2009
20120107550PHOTON INDUCED FORMATION OF METAL COMPRISING ELONGATED NANOSTRUCTURES - The preferred embodiments provide a method for forming at least one metal comprising elongated nanostructure on a substrate. The method comprises exposing a metal halide compound surface to a photon comprising ambient to initiate formation of the at least one metal comprising elongated nanostructure. The preferred embodiments also provide metal comprising elongated nanostructures obtained by the method according to preferred embodiments.05-03-2012
20120107549SMART SURFACES WITH TEMPERATURE INDUCED SOLAR REFLECTANCE CHANGES AND MAKING METHODS - Devices using thermochromic materials, where the thermochromic materials are stable for long time exposure to UV light and heat, have higher index of refraction, can be produced cost-effectively at large scale for large surface coating, allow convenient installation and a fast color switch are disclosed hereinbelow. Also disclosed are methods of use and fabrication.05-03-2012
20120107546COULOMB DAMPING AND/OR VISCOUS DAMPING INSERT USING ULTRASONIC WELDING - One or more layers of vibration damping material are placed on one or more selected surface regions of a body portion of a vibratile metal article. The layer of damping material is covered with a thin metal sheet. The selected surface may be recessed in the body portion to receive the damping material. The covering sheet may be formed of the same metal composition as body portion, or of a compatible metal composition. The peripheral edges of the covering sheet are ultrasonically welded to the surface of the article body portion to confine the damping material against the selected surface(s) so that the damping material forms a vibration damping interface(s) with the surface(s) of the article. The damping material may function as a coulomb damping material, or a viscous damping material, or both.05-03-2012
20080206510MANUFACTURING METHOD OF PRODUCTS ATTACHED WITH RFID LABEL IN A MOLD - A manufacturing method of products attached with a RFID label in a mold includes a first step of forming a thin substratum by injecting molding, pushing molding, vacuum molding, blowing molding or sword molding in a first mold, a second step of making a substratum label composed of the substratum and an RFID label adhered with the substratum, and a third step of placing the substratum label in a second mold, in which a plastic product is to be formed and also to be attached with the substratum label inside the product during molding process. Thus, protected by the substratum and the plastic product. The RFID cannot be broken or damaged to always maintain its capacity to be identified, with the plastic product enhanced in its value.08-28-2008
20100279056AMORPHOUS ALLOY COMPOSITION FOR A MAGNETOMECHANICAL RESONATOR AND EAS MARKER CONTAINING SAME - The invention may include a novel composition for and/or processing of an active element for an EAS marker that achieves the same or better performance of existing materials while solving the problem of higher cost. It may include a magnetomechanical active element formed by planar strip of amorphous magnetostrictive alloy having a composition Fe11-04-2010
20080274325MULTI-LAYER THERMAL INSULATION FOR A BONDING SYSTEM - A thermal insulation system is provided for a component of a bonding system, such as an optical system. The thermal insulation system comprises multiple insulation layers located between the component and a heat source. The multiple insulation layers comprise at least one layer of moving air injected into the layer and a cover layer enclosing the layer of moving air. The multiple insulation layers may further comprise a layer of static air.11-06-2008
20090142538CORROSION RESISTANT PRECOATED LAMINATED STEEL - Two steel sheets joined face-to-face with a core layer form a laminated workpiece that may be shaped, for example, into automotive components. Depending on the nature of the core layer the laminated workpieces may be used for sound and vibration damping or as light weight structural panels. Before joining of the steel sheets, their facing surfaces may each be provided with a polymeric (organic or inorganic) corrosion resistant film that resists physical degradation such as tearing or scratching as the laminate is formed into a desired component shape. The pre-applied protective layer may also provide a bonding layer for the viscoelastic core or a structural core material. Conductive particles may be incorporated into the viscoelastic layer to assist in electrical resistance welding involving the laminated steel workpiece.06-04-2009
20090053459CONDUCTIVE CONNECTING PIN AND PACKAGE SUBSTRATE - A package substrate 02-26-2009
20090004427ARTICLES FOR HIGH TEMPERATURE SERVICE AND METHODS FOR THEIR MANUFACTURE - An article for use in aggressive environments is presented. In one embodiment, the article comprises a substrate and a self-sealing and substantially hermetic sealing layer disposed over the bondcoat. The substrate may be any high-temperature material, including, for instance, silicon-bearing ceramics and ceramic matrix composites. A method for making such articles is also presented. The method comprises providing a substrate; disposing a self-sealing layer over the substrate; and heating the sealing layer to a sealing temperature at which at least a portion of the sealing layer will flow.01-01-2009
20110223371SEALING GLASS, GLASS MEMBER PROVIDED WITH SEALING MATERIAL LAYER, ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING IT - The bonding strength to a glass substrate comprising soda lime glass is increased with good reproducibility at a time of laser sealing, to improve the sealing ability and the reliability of an electronic device.09-15-2011
20110143080PROTECTIVE ARTICLES FOR RESISTING MECHANICAL LOADS AND RELATED METHODS - Protective articles for resisting mechanical loads and associated methods are generally described. The load resistant articles described herein can incorporate one or more features that enhance the ability of the article to absorb an applied force.06-16-2011
20090246446Article formed from a composite material - An article such as a fan blade of a turbofan engine comprises a core made up of components at least some of which comprise packs of rods embedded in a resin matrix material. The rods extend in the span-wise direction of the blade to resist centrifugal forces imposed on the blade during operation. The core is encased in a skin-formed from preforms which may comprise fabric reinforcements.10-01-2009
20090252915ELASTIC COMPOSITE TAPE - An elastic composite strip has a longitudinally elongated substrate strip having a pair of opposite faces and formed of an elastomer that is highly stretchable longitudinally but only limitedly or not stretchy at all transversely. A respective soft knit fabric cover strip that is highly stretchable longitudinally but only limitedly or not stretchy at all transversely extends longitudinally on each of the faces. Respective arrays of longitudinally spaced and transversely extending lines of adhesive are bonded to the faces and to filaments of the respective cover strips.10-08-2009
20090258181Multilayer paper tape - A multilayer paper tape including two or more paper sheets which are bonded by adhesive layers is described. Each of the top layer and the bottom layer of this stack of paper sheets and adhesive layers is an adhesive layer, around which, as a casing, is formed a folded paper sheet enclosing the stack of paper sheets and adhesive layers. This folded paper sheet is completely surrounded by an adhesive layer. A process for producing the same is also described.10-15-2009
20100310812METHOD FOR PRODUCING A POLYCARBONATE LAYERED COMPOSITE - The invention relates to a method for making a structure with at least a first polymer layer and a second polymer layer, each made from a polycarbonate polymer based on bisphenol A, between the polymer layers a component being arranged, comprising the following steps: a) the component is arranged on the first polymer layer or placed in a depression of the first polymer layer, b) the first polymer layer is coated on the side, on which or in which the component is arranged, at least in the region of the component with a liquid preparation comprising a solvent or a mixture of solvents and a polycarbonate derivative based on a geminally disubstituted dihydroxydiphenyl cycloalkane, c) optionally a drying step is made after step b), d) after step b) or step c), the second polymer layer is placed on the first polymer layer, covering the component, e) the first polymer layer and the second polymer layer are laminated with each other under pressure, at a temperature from 120° C. to 180° C. and for a defined time.12-09-2010
20100151180MULTI-LAYER FLUOROPOLYMER FILM - The invention describes a carbon black particulate filled film, useful as a backsheet for a photovoltaic construct.06-17-2010
20120141720Enhanced Flexible Lightweight Ballistic, Stab and Spike resistant Materials - The present invention provides a use of a thermoplastic composition for manufacturing a personal protection equipment for personal ballistic, stab and knife protection, wherein the thermoplastic composition comprises at least a first thermoplastic polymer that has a melting point different to the melting point of a second thermoplastic polymer. Further, the present invention provides a personal protection equipment comprising a plurality of ballistic fabric layers, and at least one thermoplastic composition for use in ballistic applications, wherein the thermoplastic composition comprises at least a first thermoplastic polymer as set forth above.06-07-2012
20120141721Window Panel and Method of Fabricating of the Same, Window Panel Integrated Type Touch Screen Panel and Method of Fabricating of the Same - A window panel for a display apparatus is provided comprising a first reinforced layer formed at a first predetermined depth from entire upper and lower surfaces, a second reinforced layer formed at a second predetermined depth from a side surface connecting an edge of the upper surface and an edge of the lower surface, and a non-reinforced portion formed at least a portion of the side surface.06-07-2012
20100310811SINGLE-LAYER PLASTIC COMPOSITE PANEL - A single-layer plastic composite panel (12-09-2010
20110244170Thermally Formed Three-Dimensional Mesh Fabric - A thermally formed three-dimensional mesh fabric comprises a flexible three dimensional permeable sheet and a thermally formed cover. The flexible three dimensional permeable sheet has a surface and a softening temperature. The thermally formed cover is applied to at least a portion of the surface of the three dimensional permeable sheet, is low-temperature thermoplastic polyester and has a softening temperature lower than that of the three dimensional permeable sheet. Thus, thermal forming three-dimensional mesh fabric is permeable, lightweight and has good support and is suitable for applications such as splints, plaster bandages and safety protectors.10-06-2011
20110020587HERMETICALLY SEALING A DEVICE WITHOUT A HEAT TREATING STEP AND THE RESULTING HERMETICALLY SEALED DEVICE - A method for hermetically sealing a device without performing a heat treatment step and the resulting hermetically sealed device are described herein. The method includes the steps of: (1) positioning the un-encapsulated device in a desired location with respect to a deposition device; and (2) using the deposition device to deposit a sealing material over at least a portion of the un-encapsulated device to form a hermetically sealed device without having to perform a post-deposition heat treating step. For instance, the sealing material can be a Sn01-27-2011
20110143079SUBSTRATE SECTION FOR FLEXIBLE DISPLAY DEVICE, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SUBSTRATE SECTION, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING ORGANIC LIGHT EMITTING DISPLAY DEVICE INCLUDING SUBSTRATE - A substrate section for a flexible display device is disclosed. The substrate section prevents adhesion loss between a reinforcing layer and a barrier layer, thereby preventing a peel-off phenomenon between an inorganic barrier layer and a reinforcing layer.06-16-2011
20100112270MULTILAYER FILM, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURE THEREOF AND ARTICLES INCLUDING THE SAME - A multilayer film is provided. The multilayer film includes a barrier layer and an adhesive layer underlying the barrier layer. The adhesive layer contains a block copolymer that can phase separate into two or more different domains. The multilayer film has good gas and moisture barrier properties and is highly flexible. Therefore, the multilayer film can be effectively used in manufacturing encapsulation structures for electronic devices. In addition, the multilayer film is suitable for use as a substrate for a device. Further provided are a method for producing the multilayer film and an encapsulation structure including the multilayer film.05-06-2010
20090029095Vaccum Heat Insulator and Testing Method for the Glass Fiber Laminated to be Used in the Inslulator - Vacuum insulator includes core member and jacket which covers core member. Jacket is decompressed its interior and core member includes a glass-fiber laminated unit. The glass fiber is formed of reinforced glass-fiber which is low brittle and its fiber strength is reinforced. This structure allows improving the heat insulating performance as well as lowering the material cost of vacuum insulator.01-29-2009
20090280287Fire Protection Blanket And Associated Method - A fire protection blanket comprising: at least two fibrous subassemblies arranged substantially parallel to a principal surface of the blanket in which each fibrous subassembly comprises at least two mineral fibre wool layers, substantially parallel to the principal surface of the blanket, separated by at least one mineral fibre fabric and in which refractory particles are arranged inside at least one mineral fibre wool layer; at least one layer of refractory adhesive attaching the fibrous subassemblies to each other; and a covering comprising a mineral fibre fabric impregnated with a fire-resistant silicone and enclosing all of the fibrous subassemblies.11-12-2009
20110020586Craft Fabric - A fabric material for use in craft activities, the fabric material comprising a textile substrate and a pressure sensitive adhesive carried by opposite surfaces of the substrate, whereby upon the application of pressure to one piece of the fabric material against another piece of the fabric material causes the adhesion of the pieces of fabric.01-27-2011
20110027520METHOD FOR PRODUCING A FLOOR COVERING SUBSTRATE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A SUBSTRATE LAYER FOR A FLOOR COVERING SUBSTRATE COMPRISING AT LEAST ONE ELECTRONIC CONSTRUCTION ELEMENT INTEGRATED THEREIN - A method for producing a floor covering substrate is provided, wherein at least one electronic device is embedded within a layer, which includes at least one curable material; wherein the at least one electronic device is embedded in a substrate layer and/or on a substrate layer; wherein the substrate layer, including the electronic device, is embedded in a layer, which includes at least one curable material; wherein the substrate layer that includes a porous or meshed structure or a reinforcement fabric, which is penetrable for the at least one curable material.02-03-2011
20110027517METHODS OF IMPROVING SURFACE ROUGHNESS OF AN ENVIRONMENTAL BARRIER COATING AND COMPONENTS COMPRISING ENVIRONMENTAL BARRIER COATINGS HAVING IMPROVED SURFACE ROUGHNESS - Methods for improving surface roughness of an environmental barrier coating including providing a component having a plasma sprayed environmental barrier coating; applying a slurry to the environmental barrier coating of the component, the slurry being a transition layer slurry or an outer layer slurry; drying the environmental barrier coating having the applied slurry; and sintering the component to produce a component having an improved surface roughness where the slurry includes a solvent; a primary transition material, or a primary outer material; and a slurry sintering aid selected from iron oxide, gallium oxide, aluminum oxide, nickel oxide, titanium oxide, boron oxide, alkaline earth oxides, carbonyl iron, iron metal, aluminum metal, boron, nickel metal, iron hydroxide, gallium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, nickel hydroxide, titanium hydroxide, alkaline earth hydroxides, iron carbonate, gallium carbonate, aluminum carbonate, nickel carbonate, boron carbonate, alkaline earth carbonates, iron oxalate, gallium oxalate, aluminum oxalate, nickel oxalate, titanium oxalate, solvent soluble iron salts, solvent soluble gallium salts, solvent soluble aluminum salts, solvent soluble nickel salts, solvent titanium salts, solvent soluble boron salts, and solvent soluble alkaline earth salts.02-03-2011
20110027518Ultra-Low Permeability Polymeric Encapsulated Acoustic Device and Method - This invention is an acoustic device protected by an acoustically transparent low water permeability encapsulant made from an acoustically clear polymer such as polyurethane. High aspect ratio clay nanoparticles are positioned in the substrate in overlapping layers with layers of the substrate interposed. The invention also provides a method for forming an acoustically transparent low permeability encapsulant about an acoustic device. The method includes treating high aspect ration clay nanoparticles to make them organophilic. The treated nanoparticles are then mixed in a polymer resin in such a way as to form an intercalated mixture. A curing agent is added to the mixture, and the mixture is allowed to set. When set the resulting intercalated mixture produces an acoustically clear, low permeability polymer coating.02-03-2011
20110052857ORGANIC EL LIGHT-EMITTING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE ORGANIC EL LIGHT-EMITTING DEVICE - This invention provides an organic EL light-emitting device, which can prevent the occurrence of brightness unevenness due to resistance of a transparent electrode, in a large surface light-emitting panel of an organic EL element.03-03-2011
20100196651MOLD MANUFACTURING OF AN OBJECT COMPRISING A FUNCTIONAL ELEMENT, TRANSFERING PROCESS AND OBJECT - This invention relates to an object having a functional element embedded in its top surface and processes for its manufacturing. The object is in general formed by molding, stamping, lamination or a combination thereof. The functional element is includes any electrical or mechanical elements that are capable of performing a function.08-05-2010
20100068446Articles Comprising Protective Sheets and Related Methods - Methods of the invention include those for applying protective sheets to articles. According to these methods and resulting articles, a protective sheet is applied to at least a portion of an exterior surface where protection is desired on an article. At least one portion of at least one exterior surface of the article to be protected can be integrally formed in the presence of the protective sheet. Improved bonding of the protective sheet to the article and improved processing efficiency are advantageously achieved according to the invention.03-18-2010
20090176049Towel - The invention relates to a towel (07-09-2009
20120308761CLAY FILM COMPOSITE - A clay film composite which exhibits high gas barrier properties even under high humidity conditions is provided. The clay film composite having a clay film including a clay without or with an additive, and provided on at least one surface thereof, a water vapor barrier layer having a water permeability of 1.0 g/m12-06-2012
20120148786VACUUM INSULATOR - The vacuum insulator includes an internal structure; a filler for filling empty spaces of the internal structure; and an envelope having an upper envelope composed of a metal layer and a polymer layer formed on the metal layer to surround an upper surface of the internal structure, and a lower envelope composed of a metal layer and a polymer layer formed on the metal layer to surround a lower surface of the internal structure, wherein the metal layer of the upper envelope and the metal layer of the lower envelope being opposite to each other, wherein at an area facing the internal structure in an end of the envelope, the upper envelope and the lower envelope are adhered by a heat adhesion part, and at an area opposite to the internal structure in the end of the envelope, the upper envelope and the lower envelope are adhered by polyurethane.06-14-2012
20100021677Method of encapsulating a post - A method and apparatus is disclosed enabling a length of wood such as a post to be encapsulated in a coating such as plastic. The method involves placing end caps at the ends of the post and coating the resulting assembly. The method also provides for encapsulating a plurality of posts in a production line.01-28-2010
20100143639OUTDOOR ELECTRICAL DEVICE WITH AN IMPROVED RESIN INSULATION SYSTEM - An electrical apparatus is provided that has an electrical device encapsulated in a plastic encasement. The encasement includes an inner shell and an outer shell. The inner shell has a thickness greater than the outer shell and the inner shell is more flexible than the outer shell. The inner shell is formed from a first resin composition that, when cured, has a tensile elongation at break of greater than 5% and the outer shell is formed from a second resin composition that, when cured, has a tensile elongation at break of less than 5%.06-10-2010
20090123687Lightweight Structural Composite for Load Bearing Application - The present invention relates to a lightweight structural composite, which comprises an inner core of lightweight panel encapsulated by outer layers of polymer material. Specifically, the lightweight panel consists of multiple laminations of corrugated thin metal or fibre reinforced plastic sheets kept in position by polymeric foam and/or adhesive, and enclosed in a casing of the same material. The outer layer is made up of a blend of thermosetting and thermoplastic polymers. The method of forming the composite comprises of stacking the corrugated sheets, filling the interstitial spaces with the foam, constructing the casing, the surface treatment of the panel for good adhesion to the outer polymer layer and the high temperature/pressure encapsulation of the panel with the polymer blend containing curing agents. The composite has application as replacement to wood, concrete or particle board panels used in ship docking, panels for wall, door and windows, blast-proof panels, rail sleepers and shipping pallets.05-14-2009
20090068392Decal Protector and Protection Method - A decal plate assembly for a motocross motorcycle includes an underlying base plate such as a number plate that is mounted to the vehicle. A decal having printed indicia thereon is attached to the base plate via adhesive or being integrally molded into the base plate. Additionally, the transparent cover plate at least partially covers a portion of the decal and the underlying base plate to prevent wear of the decal. This is particular applicable to high wear regions such as in the boot area of the motocross motorcycle where decals are typically subject to high wear.03-12-2009
20130011600COMPOSITE LAYER - Composite layer comprising a plurality of longitudinal, generally parallel first zones comprised of a first polymeric material each encapsulated in a second polymeric material. There are at least 10 longitudinal first zones per cm.01-10-2013
20110165369CONTROL OF FLOW RATE AND THERMAL CONDITIONS USING TWO-LAYERED THIN FILMS SEPARATED BY FLEXIBLE SEALS AND ROTATABLE PIVOT - Devices for the control of flow rate and thermal conditions using two-layered thin films separated by flexible complex seals. The plates of an upper thin film are separated by a sealing assembly. The sealing assembly is composed of an elastic soft seal separating closed voids of stagnant fluid and in contact with the upper plate of the device as it is the heated plate. The lower and the upper plates of the lower thin film can be separated by an elastic soft seal. The lower and upper thin films are named as main and secondary layers, respectively. Both the upper plate of the secondary layer and the lower plate of the main layer are fixed while the intermediate plate and is free to move in the vertical direction. When the pressure or the working temperature in the secondary layer increases, the secondary layer expands causing the main layer thickness to shrink. This reduces the main layer flow rate and temperature gradients within the main layer.07-07-2011
20120064278PACKAGE OF ENVIRONMENTAL SENSITIVE ELEMENT AND ENCAPSULATION METHOD THEREOF - A package of environmental sensitive element including a first substrate, a second substrate, an environmental sensitive element and a filler is provided. The second substrate is disposed above the first substrate and has a first barrier structure. The first barrier structure is located between the first substrate and the second substrate. The first barrier structure and the second substrate are integrally formed and made of the same material. The environmental sensitive element is disposed on the first substrate and located between the first substrate and the second substrate. The first barrier structure surrounds the environmental sensitive element. The filler is disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate and covers the environmental sensitive element and the first barrier structure.03-15-2012
20090162600Flexible bamboo chair pad - A bamboo Chair pad that can be manufactured from 100% Anji Mountain bamboo from China. The bamboo is all treated with various protective coatings to add resistance to natural factors including water, sun and dirt. All bamboo chair pads can be manufactured from the harder portions of the bamboo trunk. (Some bamboo is manufactured from the softer fibers of the inside of the bamboo trunk). This portion of the bamboo trunk is not utilized for this invention. The bamboo utilized in the present inventions is taken from the harder part of the bamboo trunk to assure maximum endurance and longevity. The lower trunk portion of the bamboo plant is harder and less porous.06-25-2009
20110104429SUBSTRATE MEMBER, MODULE, ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT, AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF MODULES - A substrate member is a manufacturing component of a module including electronic components mounted on a substrate and sealed with resin. The substrate member has substantially a plate-like shape and is to be the substrate later. A manufacturing process of the modules includes a mounting step of mounting electronic components on a component side of the substrate member, and a sealing step of supplying resin to flow on the component side so that the mounted electronic components are sealed with the resin. The mounting step includes mounting a first electronic component having substantially a flat mounting surface in a first mounting region specified on the component side so that a gap is formed between the mounting surface and the component side. The component side is provided with a first groove for boosting the resin to fill up the gap in the sealing step. Thus, insufficient filling of the resin in the gap between the substrate member and the electronic component is suppressed.05-05-2011
20120121848Composite materials for sports articles and method of manufacturing the composite materials - The present invention relates to forming a laminated composite material that can be used to make sports articles, such as skis, snow boards, skate boards, surf boards, and wave boards and other articles of drastic mechanical properties. First, a plurality of layers of composite materials having fibres therein are assembled into a mould, the layers being arranged in a sandwich construction and super imposed on each other. A vacuum is applied to the mould, and a resin and catalyst mix is injected into the mould so as to evenly saturate, by means of the vacuum being applied to the mould, the layers of composite materials with the resin and catalyst mix. The layers of composite materials are then subjected to heat and pressure until the resin and catalyst mix has cured and imbedded the fibres of the composite materials together. The finished composite may vary in thickness between 4 mm and 30 mm, depending on end use.05-17-2012
20130171405PARTICLE ENHANCED COMPOSITION FOR WHISKER MITIGATION - A method of obstructing metal whisker growth that includes providing a conductive structure comprised of a whisker forming metal, and forming a composite coating on the whisker forming metal. The composite coating may include a matrix phase of a polymer and a dispersed phase of reinforcing particles. The reinforcing particles are incorporated into the polymer to provide the composite coating with mechanical properties that obstruct whiskers from penetrating through the composite coating.07-04-2013
20090130369Embedded type multifunctional integrated structure and method for manufacturing the same - An embedded type multifunctional integrated structure and a method for manufacturing the same are disclosed. The present invention utilizes the concept of multi-layer design to integrated more than two passive components on a component structure that would be adhered to a substrate. Hence, the embedded type multifunctional integrated structure has an OCP function, an OVP function, an anti-EMI function, and an anti-ESD function at the same time. Therefore, the present invention effectively integrated two or more than one passive components in order to increase function of the embedded type multifunctional integrated structure. Moreover, the present invention effectively reduces the size of the passive components on a PCB and reduces the number of solder joints.05-21-2009
20120128921HIGH-TEMPERATURE SEALING - The invention relates to a high temperature sealing, including the following features: 05-24-2012
20120219750LUMINESCENT GLASS, PRODUCING METHOD THEREOF AND LUMINESCENT DEVICE - A luminescent glass comprises glass matrix. Said glass matrix comprises a glass part and a complex part of glass and fluorescent powder, which is embedded in said glass part. Said complex part of glass and fluorescent powder comprises glass material and fluorescent powder dispersed in said glass material. Said fluorescent powder comprises the fluorescent material which can be excited by ultraviolet. A method for producing the luminescent glass and a luminescent device comprising the luminescent glass are also provided. The luminescent glass and the luminescent device have good luminescence reliability, high luminescence stability and long service life. The method can be carried out at a relatively low temperature.08-30-2012
20120219748METHOD FOR MAKING A REINFORCED STRUCTURAL PART FOR AN AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE - A reinforced structural part and method are provided. The reinforced structural part includes a body made from a plastic material provided with a core made from a metallic material. The method includes the steps of positioning the metallic core in a first mold cavity, injecting a plastic material into the first mold cavity, the cavity being arranged so that the plastic material over-molds at least part of the inner surface of the core, positioning the over-molded metal core in a second mold cavity and injecting a plastic material into said second mold cavity, the cavity being arranged so that the plastic material over-molds the entire outer surface of the core.08-30-2012
20120171406ANTIMICROBIAL RAW MATERIAL AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME, AND ANTIMICROBIAL MATERIAL - Provided is an antimicrobial raw material having excellent antibacterial and corrosion-resistance properties, which can be directly formed as a film even on a plastic substrate with low heat-resistance or a substrate whereof the color or properties are likely to change due to heat, and this can be achieved at relatively low cost. The antimicrobial raw material is a laminated structure which comprises a substrate layer and a copper-tin alloy layer disposed on the substrate layer, and which has a thickness ranging from 5 nm to 200 nm. The substrate layer is made of resin, natural fiber, or paper, the resin having the deflection temperature under load being 115° C. or lower when measured in accordance with ASTM-D648-56 under a load of 1820 kPa. The copper-tin alloy layer contains over 60 at % but no more than 90 at % of copper and 10 at % or more but less than 40 at % of tin.07-05-2012
20120219749TRANSPARENT LAMINATE STRUCTURES - A transparent laminate structure is provided that includes two transparent layers, a transparent interlayer, and an inorganic barrier layer. The two transparent layers each have an inner face and a side edge. The transparent interlayer is between and laminates the inner faces of the two transparent layers to one another. The transparent interlayer also extends over the side edges of the two transparent layers and laminates the inorganic barrier layer to at least the side edges of the two transparent layers.08-30-2012
20100272945MULTI LAYER FOR ENCAPSULATION COMPRISING A PLANARIZING ORGANIC THIN LAYER AND A CONFORMAL ORGANIC THIN LAYER - A multi layer encapsulated film includes at least one planarizing organic thin film, at least one conformal organic thin film, and at least one inorganic thin film. The thin films are laminated in order of (a) a planarizing organic thin film, an inorganic thin film, a conformal organic thin film, and an inorganic thin film, (b) a conformal organic thin film, an inorganic thin film, a planarizing organic thin film, and an inorganic thin film, (c) a planarizing organic thin film, a conformal organic thin film, and an inorganic thin film, or (d) a conformal organic thin film, a planarizing organic thin film, and an inorganic thin film. The multi layer encapsulated film according to the invention can improve the surface roughness by using the planarizing organic thin film, and can enable particles to uniformly cover the device by using the conformal organic thin film.10-28-2010
20090061147SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INSULATING ITEMS USING A REFLECTIVE OR INFLATABLE INSULATION PANEL - An inflatable or gas-filled insulation panel comprises an envelope having two outer sheets sealed together along edges of the sheets and at least one of the sheets has an outer reflective surface. The envelope encases a plurality of internal films that include a polymeric film having a plurality of reflective stripes disposed thereon and spaced apart on the films. Seals are formed along the gaps or areas between the reflective stripes on the films by application of heat and pressure, which causes the films to seal to each other and the outer sheets at spaced apart intervals. A channel is formed between the outer edges of the films and the outer sheets, and a valve, disposed at an end of the panel, is in fluid communication with the channel for the injection of a fluid, such as an inert gas or air, to inflate panel.03-05-2009
20120315430Decorated Part of an Assembly and Manufacturing Process Therefor - A decorated part for an assembly includes a decorative skin and a body, the skin wrapping an edge of the body so that adjacent edges of adjacent parts in the assembly do not expose the body. The process for making the part includes first vacuum forming the skin from a film, loading the formed skin into a mold and forming the body against the pre-formed skin.12-13-2012
20120263909EDGE-REINFORCED MICROMECHANICAL COMPONENT - The present subject matter relates to a micromechanical component having a top face and a bottom face and at least two side faces, and a coating of diamond and/or diamond-like carbon (DLC) which encompasses all the surfaces of the component, wherein on at least one side face, across at least a part of said side face, the coating has a smaller coating thickness than that of the top face and/or bottom face, so that a reinforced area in reference to the at least one side face is produced.10-18-2012
20110003108MULTICOLOR MOLDING METHOD, MULTICOLOR MOLDING APPARATUS, AND MULTICOLOR MOLDED PART - A multicolor molding method including: sandwiching, between a first cavity member having a through hole and a second cavity member, a substrate film on which an in-mold layer is formed so that the in-mold layer is positioned between the through hole and the second cavity member, the second cavity member closing one of openings of the through hole; disposing a core in a primary cavity formed of at least the through hole and injecting a first molding material into the primary cavity, to mold a primary molding layer on a surface of which the in-mold layer is transferred; and disposing the core in a secondary cavity and injecting a second molding material into the secondary cavity, to mold a secondary molding layer that covers the in-mold layer, the core being provided with the primary molding layer.01-06-2011
20110039050ULTRA-THIN MULTI-LAYER PROTECTION - An implantable medical device including a plurality of components on a substrate, and a biocompatible multi-layer coating applied by vapour deposition to conform to and sealingly cover at least a portion of the components and/or the substrate. The coating is applied in at least two sets, each set having first, second and third layers. At least one of the first, second and third layers consist essentially of a polymer such as parylene and at least one of the other two layers of the set consist essentially of inorganic material such that each layer differs in at least one diffusion barrier property from the other layers in the set and adds to an overall barrier effect of the coating.02-17-2011
20110045229Element sealed body and method of producing the same - An element sealed body comprises a glass substrate, an element mounted on the glass substrate, and a protective glass for sealing the element, wherein a surface of the protective glass and a surface of the glass substrate, which are brought into contact with each other, have a surface roughness Ra of 2.0 nm or less respectively.02-24-2011
20120088057CLOTHING PRODUCT TO REDUCE HYPOTHERMIA - The present invention provides multilayer structure to be worn by a wearer to reduce the incidence of hypothermia, the multilayer structure comprising a semi-permeable membrane, and a very low absorption fabric coupled to an outside surface of the very low absorption fabric, wherein the very low absorption fabric comprises an encapsulated fabric having a plurality of fibers and interstices, wherein the plurality of fibers are encapsulated by a polymer, and wherein, the plurality of interstices are tilled with the polymer.04-12-2012
20100260964Glass film laminate, glass roll of the laminate, method of protecting end face of glass film, and method of producing glass roll - Provided are a glass film laminate having a glass film, a support sheet laminated on one surface of the glass film to extend off the glass film, and a protective sheet peelably laminated on the other surface of the glass film to cover the edges of the glass film, and a glass roll produced by winding the laminate.10-14-2010
20130011597DISPLAY APPARATUS AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - Provided is a process for producing a display apparatus, which comprises (a) a step of forming a seal part made of e.g. a double-sided adhesive tape 01-10-2013
20130011599ENCAPSULATION FOR AN ORGANIC ELECTRONIC COMPONENT, ITS PRODUCTION PROCESS AND ITS USE - An encapsulation for an organic electronic component, characterized in that the component, encapsulated in a dimensionally stable capsule, is at least partially covered with a protective film.01-10-2013
20130011598ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - When local heating by use of laser sealing or the like is applied, the bonding strength between glass substrates and a sealing layer is improved to provide an electronic device having increased reliability. An electronic device includes a first glass substrate, a second glass substrate, and a sealing layer to seal an electronic element portion disposed between these glass substrates. The sealing layer is a layer obtained by locally heating a sealing material by an electromagnetic wave, such as laser light or infrared light, to melt-bond the sealing material, the sealing material containing sealing glass, a low-expansion filler and an electromagnetic wave absorber. In the first and second glass substrates, each reacted layer is produced to have a maximum depth of at least 30 nm from an interface with the sealing layer.01-10-2013
20130017356SOFT COMPONENT WITH DECORATIVE SURFACE FINISH - A soft component includes a cushion, and an outer skin disposed onto the cushion and configured to flex in response to deformation of the cushion. The soft component also includes a decorative layer disposed onto a show surface of the outer skin, and a top coat layer disposed onto the decorative layer and bonded to the show surface of the outer skin. The top coat layer is configured to flex with the outer skin while substantially maintaining continuity across the show surface of the outer skin.01-17-2013
20130177732DISPLAY APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A display apparatus includes a first substrate, a second substrate, a pixel layer and an adhesive part. The first substrate includes an adhesive area, fiber bundles and a base material which is impregnated between the fiber bundles. The second substrate includes an adhesive area, fiber bundles and a base material which is impregnated between the fiber bundles. The pixel layer is between the first and second substrates and includes a display area. The adhesive part is between the first substrate and the second substrate, is in each of the adhesive areas of the first and second substrates, and seals the pixel layer between the first and second substrates. The adhesive area of the first or second substrate includes an exposure area through which the fiber bundles are exposed, and the adhesive part contacts the exposure area.07-11-2013
20090191375ADHESIVE JOINT SEALED WITH SILICONE - The invention relates to an adhesive joint, for fixing a metallic fixing to a disc, wherein the fixing and the disc are glued by means of a (meth)acrylate adhesive completely enclosed by a silicone sealant.07-30-2009
20110268909Process for Packaging Tacky Polyester Resins - A method for packaging plastic material using a film to surround the material, and more particularly to a method for packaging a copolyester, and the resulting package formed thereby. The method is preferably a coextrusion process for packaging an amorphous or semi-crystalline copolyester having a low glass transition temperature by extruding it through a die orifice, and coextruding a copolyester polymeric film having a high glass transition temperature to surround the low glass transition copolyester. The coated low glass transition copolyester may then be formed into individual packaged units having a finite size and shape.11-03-2011
20130101780METHOD OF FORMING A COMPONENT HAVING AN INSERT - A component includes a cast portion and an insert. The cast portion includes a sacrificial suspension device. The insert is configured to provide damping to the component. The sacrificial suspension device is dissolved during a casting process, into a molten material, forming the cast portion such that the insert is fully encapsulated by the cast portion, including the dissolved suspension device.04-25-2013
20130156995Partially Metalized Plastic Product And Manufacturing Process - An at least partially metalized plastic product for cosmetic and perfume packaging comprising a plastic body, the plastic body being directly covered at least partially by a metal layer, wherein the plastic is a polyolefin selected from: polyethylene, polypropylene, their copolymer or their mixture;06-20-2013
20130149485SUPPORT SUBSTRATE - This invention relates to a support substrate that is to be attached to a substrate to be supported to thereby support the substrate to be supported, including: a support substrate main body having an attachment surface that is to be attached to the substrate to be supported; and a conductive film mainly including a fluorine-doped tin oxide, which has been formed on at least a surface opposite to the attachment surface among surfaces of the support substrate main body.06-13-2013
20130149486METHOD AND DEVICE FOR THINLY COATING A COMPONENT ON ALL SIDES, IN PARTICULAR A DECORATIVE ELEMENT, AND COMPONENT WITH A THIN COATING - A method and a device for thinly coating a component on all sides are provided. A single layer is applied onto the component by casting in a casting mold, wherein during the casting process the material to be applied moves as laminar flow in the region of the decorative element. For this purpose, a casting mold consisting of a lower and an upper part is provided, in which proceeding from at least one sprue in the upper part to the side of the component to be coated a runner extends in direction of the component to be coated for filling the casting material into the casting mold, wherein in the runner in the vicinity of the component to be coated a retaining groove is provided for distributing the casting material across the width, and wherein the runner has a reduced passage subsequent to the retaining groove.06-13-2013
20090004428Moisture-permeable, waterproof and windproof laminated sheet, interlining using the same, and garment containing the interlining - The invention relates to molded thermoplastic articles consisting of: a thermoplastic resin overmolded on a support screen, which support screen has indentations/protuberances.01-01-2009
20100297384TOKEN HAVING A DETECTION UNIT - The invention relates to a flat token, comprising a detection unit which is enclosed between two half-shells (11-25-2010
20130156994LOW WATER-VAPOR PERMEABLE COMPOSITE FILM AND PACKAGING STRUCTURE - Provided is a low water-vapor permeable composite film, which includes a 3-layered co-extruded biaxial-oriented film formed of polyester films or polypropylene films including a first layer, a second layer and a third layer stacked in sequence. The first layer further includes an anti-block agent. An alternate structure including a plurality of organic protection layers and a plurality of inorganic layers are formed on the 3-layered co-extruded biaxial-oriented film. The plurality of organic protection layers and the plurality of inorganic layers are stacked alternately. The inorganic layers are formed by atom layer deposition06-20-2013
20130156993MICRO-ELECTRO-MECHANICAL SYSTEM (MEMS) STRUCTURES AND DESIGN STRUCTURES - Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) structures, methods of manufacture and design structures are disclosed. The method includes layering metal and insulator materials on a sacrificial material formed on a substrate. The method further includes masking the layered metal and insulator materials. The method further includes forming an opening in the masking which overlaps with the sacrificial material. The method further includes etching the layered metal and insulator materials in a single etching process to form the beam structure, such that edges of the layered metal and insulator material are aligned. The method further includes forming a cavity about the beam structure through a venting.06-20-2013
20130183479METALIC LAMINATE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF LIGHT EMITTING DIODE PACKAGE USING THE SAME - The present invention relates to a metallic laminate and a manufacturing method of a light emitting diode package using the same. The present invention provides a metallic laminate including: a core layer made of an insulating material; a metal layer disposed on one surface of the core layer; a heat radiating metal layer disposed on the other surface of the core layer; and a protective metal oxide layer disposed along an outer surface of the heat radiating metal layer and made of an oxide of the heat radiating metal layer.07-18-2013
20130122238CHROMIUM-FREE RUST-INHIBITIVE SURFACE TREATMENT AGENT FOR METAL PARTS WITH ZINC SURFACES AND METAL PARTS WITH ZINC SURFACES COATED WITH RUST-INHIBITIVE SURFACE COATED FILM - Disclosed is a chromium-free rust-inhibitive surface treatment agent to form a siliceous film that rarely cracks or peels off and yields an excellent rust-inhibitive performance on zinc surfaces of a metal part. The chromium-free rust-inhibitive surface treatment agent is an alcoholic solution of alkoxysilane oligomer having weight-averaged molecular weight of 1,000 to 10,000, and 2.5 to 15% of silicon in molecules of the alkoxysilane oligomer has been replaced with titanium. To prepare partly titanium-replaced alkoxysilane oligomer, titanium compound, in which about a half of alkoxy groups in titanium tetraalkoxide has been chelated, is reacted with tetraalkoxysilane monomer or alkoxysilane oligomer in the alcoholic solution.05-16-2013
20130189471FIRE RESISTANT INSULATED FLEXIBLE WALL PANELS - Example flexible wall panels (e.g., demising walls) comprising a flexible, thermally insulated multilayer panel with a flammable core has a surprisingly low flame-spread index and smoke-developed index due to the flammable core being sandwiched between two fire resistant pads. The flammable core's high thermal resistance (high R-value) provides most of the panel's thermal insulation while a peripheral compressed region and the fire resistant pads help keep the flammable core from burning. In some examples, the materials and thicknesses of the panel's core, fire resistant pads and surrounding outer skin are such that the panel is of sufficient flexibility to be folded onto itself without experiencing appreciable permanent damage.07-25-2013
20120027984HYBRID LAYERS FOR USE IN COATINGS ON ELECTRONIC DEVICES OR OTHER ARTICLES - A method for forming a coating over a surface is disclosed. The method comprises depositing over a surface, a hybrid layer comprising a mixture of a polymeric material and a non-polymeric material. The hybrid layer may have a single phase or comprise multiple phases. The hybrid layer is formed by chemical vapor deposition using a single source of precursor material. The chemical vapor deposition process may be plasma-enhanced and may be performed using a reactant gas. The precursor material may be an organo-silicon compound, such as a siloxane. The hybrid layer may comprise various types of polymeric materials, such as silicone polymers, and various types of non-polymeric materials, such as silicon oxides. By varying the reaction conditions, the wt % ratio of polymeric material to non-polymeric material may be adjusted. The hybrid layer may have various characteristics suitable for use with organic light-emitting devices, such as optical transparency, impermeability, and/or flexibility.02-02-2012
20130196109Insulated Composite Fabric - An insulated composite fabric that includes an inner fabric layer, an outer fabric layer, and an insulating-filler fabric layer enclosed between the inner fabric layer and the outer fabric layer. The insulating-filler fabric layer is a textile fabric with a raised surface on at least one side of the fabric. The insulating-filler fabric layer comprises fibers having an axial core surrounded by a multiplicity of radially extending, axially-elongated whiskers, separated by axially-extending grooves.08-01-2013
20130196108Method and Device for Making a Continuous Strip of a Highly Adhesive Product Packaged in a Thermoplastic Film - A process for manufacturing a continuous strip of self-sealing product having very low hardness, being very elastic and highly tacky, said strip being intended for feeding a converting machine, during which a thermoplastic protective film is deposited on the surface of the strip, and comprising the steps during which: a strip of self-sealing product P is extruded to a first cross section (S08-01-2013
20130202841SANDWICH PANEL - The present invention relates to a sandwich panel comprising a first covering layer, a second covering layer substantially parallel to the first covering layer, a sandwich core provided between the covering layers, and two opposite end surfaces on the longitudinal sides. The invention is characterized in that the end sides are of bevelled or stepped design in such a manner that (i) two sandwich panels which are joined to each other on the end sides in the same orientation and lie one against the other are arranged at 90° to each other, and (ii) two sandwich panels which are joined together on the end sides in an opposite orientation and lie one against the other lie in the same plane, i.e. a 180° connection is realized.08-08-2013
20130202840DISPLAY DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A display device includes: a display layer; a surface film disposed to face a display surface of the display layer; and a moisture-proof film disposed between the display layer and the surface film and including a projecting section. The projecting section projects outwardly of an end face of the display layer and an end face of the surface film.08-08-2013
20120088058AQUEOUS SOLUTION-ABSORBING MAT - A mat for absorbing aqueous solutions has a bottom sheet with a liquid-impervious layer, an top fabric layer overlying the bottom sheet and providing a top surface for the mat, and a superabsorbent polymer located between the bottom sheet and top fabric layer. The bottom sheet is joined to the fabric layer about their mutual peripheries, the polymer being thereby retained between the bottom sheet and fabric layer. The polymer may be supported by a fabric matrix captured between the bottom sheet and the fabric layers.04-12-2012
20120094056COMPOSITE MATERIAL AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A COMPOSITE MATERIAL - The invention relates to a composite material (04-19-2012

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