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428058000 Sheets or webs coplanar 67
20090081400Sandwich Component Assembly with An L-Shaped Or T-Shaped Element, And Method For Production Of Such Assemblies - A sandwich component assembly (03-26-2009
20100075096ROLL - The invention relates to a roll of material sheets, which material sheets have a longitudinal direction and a transverse direction, wherein the roll includes discrete material sheets. The material sheets are folded at least once in the longitudinal direction, which direction corresponds to the winding direction of the roll. The material sheets being interlinked in such a way that, when a first material sheet is extracted, a predetermined part of a subsequent material sheet is fed out.03-25-2010
20130078410METHOD FOR COATING A CORE OF AN ARBITRARY SHAPE BY THERMOFORMING, AUTOMATIC MACHINE FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION THEREOF AND FINISHED PRODUCT OBTAINED BY SUCH A METHOD - A method for coating a preformed core having two faces and an edge around the periphery of the core, which edge links the two faces, includes thermoforming of a polymer material. The coating is formed by the heating, gluing and vacuum application of the two sheets of polymer material which are applied successively to the two faces of the core in order to cover same completely. An automatic machine can be used to carry out the method. The method can be used to produce finished products, in particular surfboards, furniture or display objects.03-28-2013
20080268195Die-cut and method of manufacturing or assembling die-cuts from the components thereof - Methods are provided for assembling desired die-cuts from individual die-cut components. Each individual die-cut component may consist of films of various materials, diverse adhesive tapes, diverse foam materials, fabrics, metals and others. Individual die-cut components are assembled onto liners that function as carriers or platforms. The liners may be in individual panels or continuous rolls. Individual die-cut components are assembled onto the liner using computer controlled pick and place equipment with a high degree of accuracy and speed. The liner may consist of a film with controlled adhesive strength to maintain the x-y position of placed individual die-cut components. The die-cut comprising the liner and assembled die-cut components is then used for various purposes, such as holding two parts together, in the assembly of various products, such as cell phones.10-30-2008
20130089693LAMINATED PLATE - A vehicle deck board 04-11-2013
20130071599METHOD FOR PRODUCING A THREE-DIMENSIONAL OBJECT FROM SOLIDIFIABLE MATERIAL AS WELL AS AN OBJECT PRODUCED THEREWITH - A method serves to produce a three-dimensional object by additive construction in direct construction sequence from solidifiable material, which is either present in the starting state in a fluid phase or can be liquefied, where multiple material components are discharged alternately in a programmable manner by means of multiple discharge units and configure different parts of the object joined to one another as a result of the discharge, where the geometric proportions obtained during discharge already correspond to the object, and because the material components form between them either edge regions merging into one another without boundaries or boundary regions of the different material components abutting one another without joining, a method and an object produced therewith can be provided, in which boundary and edge regions are formed “as if from one piece” between different material components even in the case of complex geometries.03-21-2013
20130071598DISPLAY APPARATUS - A display apparatus includes a display apparatus comprising, a display panel comprising a front substrate and a back substrate, at least one structure disposed in the rear of the display panel, and a supporting film attached to the display panel and connected to at least one structure.03-21-2013
20110268907DECORATED DEVICE - An decorated device including a first body, a second body, a first decoration layer, and a second decoration layer is provided. The second body is disposed beside the first body. The first decoration layer contacts with the first body. The second decoration layer contacts with the second body, wherein the first body contacts with at least two of the second body, the first decoration layer, and the second decoration layer.11-03-2011
20110151171BONDED SUBSTRATES AND METHODS FOR BONDING SUBSTRATES - Herein are disclosed apparatus and methods for impinging heated fluids onto the surfaces of substrates to heat the surfaces of the substrates so as to facilitate melt-bonding the substrates to each other to form a laminate. Also are disclosed are laminates in which a fibrous web is bonded to a substrate in a surface-bonded manner and/or is bonded in a loft-retaining manner. The substrate may comprise protrusions on the surface of the substrate opposite the surface that is bonded to the fibrous web.06-23-2011
20090280284PROCESS FOR CONNECTING TWO FABRIC PIECES, AND SEAM OF TWO FABRIC PIECES - The invention relates to a method for connecting two fabric pieces (11-12-2009
20080274322Fiber Composite Component and Method for the Production of a Fiber Composite Component - A fiber composite component comprising at least two, first and second partial elements (11-06-2008
20100143635SPLICE SEAM - A splice seam for joining various sections of fabric together is disclosed, wherein the fabric sections are initially delaminated into their constituent plies. The plies associated with each fabric section are then interleaved with each other, and bonded together. The amount of surface area between each interleaved plies can be adjusted as so as to achieve a desired level of load carrying strength between the fabric sections. Additionally, the splice seam may utilize an external and/or internal seam tape to increase the strength of the resultant seam.06-10-2010
20130216756COMPOSITE PARTS JOINED BY A FLEXIBLE CONSTRUCT - A composite part includes a first composite section and a second composite section connected by a flexible section. The first composite section has a laminated structure including multiple layers of reinforcement material supported by a matrix material. The second composite section has a laminated structure including multiple layers of reinforcement material supported by a matrix material, and a flexible composite section joins the first composite section to the second composite section. The flexible composite includes multiple layers of a fabric material supported by a flexible elastomer. The multiple layers of the fabric material overlap with the first composite section and the second composite section by being layered in between at least a portion of the multiple layers of reinforcement material forming the laminated structures of the first composite section and the second composite section.08-22-2013
20090142536ANGLED DOUBLE-WALL JUNCTION - An enclosure (06-04-2009
20090208690Windproof Waterproof Breathable Seamed Articles - The present invention provides waterproof, breathable non-textile seamed articles which exhibit high levels of durability and allow wearers a high level of flexibility and article strength. This invention is of particular interest for use in dexterous hand coverings and conformable foot coverings.08-20-2009
20120141717DECORATIVE PANEL ASSEMBLIES AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - Decorative panel assemblies and associated methods for forming and installing decorative panel assemblies are provided. One or more decorative panels may be provided, and each panel may include a front surface forming one or more decorative surfaces and a back surface including an at least partially flat surface area for abutting a flat surface to which the decorative panel is applied. Additionally, as desired, a template may be provided for applying the one or more decorative panels to the flat surface, the template sized based at least in part upon the size of the one or more decorative panels.06-07-2012
20100112266METHOD FOR PRODUCING A CONNECTION BETWEEN COMPOSITE PARTS - A method for joining together constructional parts which are made of a composite material and extend transversely to one another, such as a flange and a web of a profile, includes the steps of: 05-06-2010
20100304073Resistive Implant Welding for Assemblies of Plastic Components - A novel method and set of structures for performing resistive implant welding of two plastic components to form an assembly. A first one of the components to be welded includes a channel structure which receives the resistive implant and maintains it in a desired position until the welding operation is performed. The second component to be welded includes a complementary structure including a land which is sized to engage the channel structure and captive resistive implant on the first component. The two components are pre-weld positioned with the land in the channel structure and the positioned components are then placed in a press which exerts a pre-selected pressure on the interface between the channel and the land. Next, a pre-selected electric current is passed through the resistive implant to heat it and to bring the plastic material of the channel structure and the land to their molten points, where they intermingle through the resistive implant. The electrical current is removed and the weld is allowed to cool to its finished state and the welded assembly is removed from the press.12-02-2010
20120189798PREFORM AND METHOD FOR REINFORCING WOVEN FIBER NODES - Preforms including fiber reinforced nodes for use in fiber reinforced composite structures and methods for making fiber reinforced composite structures. Preforms with woven fabric elements extending radially from a common node include at least one reinforcing fiber interwoven between at least two elements and passing through the node. A method of assembling preform structures using the preforms to provide a structure with reinforced nodes.07-26-2012
20090029087Method for producing sintered body, and sintered body - A first inorganic powder molded body 01-29-2009
20100279052SHELL ASSEMBLY - A shell assembly includes a shell and an ornamental element attached to the shell. The shell includes a main body with an ornamental area, and a plurality of crossed grooves are defined in the ornamental area. A crossed portion of every two grooves defines a through hole. When the ornamental element is applied to the ornamental area of the main body, air between the ornamental element and the main body can be vented to outside the shell via the grooves and through holes.11-04-2010
20080286518THERMALLY CAULKED COMBINED STRUCTURE, METHOD OF THERMAL CAULKING, AND IMAGE SENSOR UNIT AND IMAGE READING APPARATUS USING THE SAME - In an image reading apparatus incorporating a CIS unit warped by heat shrinkage of a thermoplastic resin molded product, the optical distances from a read line to a photoelectric conversion element in the center and the two end portions in the longitudinal direction of the photoelectric conversion element are different. A thermally caulked combined structure is obtained by fixing an object to be fixed by thermal caulking by thermally deforming a plurality of caulking projections formed in the longitudinal direction of a molded product made of a thermoplastic resin and having a rectangular parallelepiped outer shape. Antiwarping grooves (11-20-2008
20100285261Resistive Implant Welding of Thermoplastic Materials with Butt Joints - A method for forming butt joints between thermoplastic members by resistive implant welding. A tongue is formed on one member to be joined and a complementary groove is formed in the other member. A resistive implant is placed between the tongue and the groove which are then pressed together by an applied pressure. An electric current is run through the resistive implant to melt a portion of the thermoplastic material of both the tongue and groove, and the melted plastic intermingles through the implant. When the electric current is removed, the plastic cools, forming a weld.11-11-2010
20100021675LAMINATED PLATE AND END TREATMENT METHOD OF THE LAMINATED PLATE - A manufacturing method of a laminated plate (01-28-2010
20100009111Aircraft Sealant - A sealant made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene having a coating of an active hydraulic fluid repellent component and an indicator, the sealant having a first uncompressed state and a second compressed state, wherein the sealant is repellent to hydraulic fluid in both the first uncompressed state and the second compressed state.01-14-2010
20090022929ADHESIVELY BONDED SEAMS AND SEAM FORMING METHODS - A stitchless seam comprises a first portion of material folded upon itself proximate an edge to define an overfolded end portion having overlapping edge and nonedge portions and a second portion of material positioned adjacent the overfolded end portion. A first portion of adhesive is interposed between the overlapping edge and nonedge portions and a second portion of adhesive is interposed between the second portion of material and the edge portion of the overfolded end portion. Energy may be applied, via an ultrasonic seam bonding machine or other means, to activate the adhesive portions. The seams may be used for items made of waterproof breathable laminate fabric material, such as garments and sports articles.01-22-2009
20120045606COMPOSITE STRUCTURES HAVING COMPOSITE-TO-METAL JOINTS AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - A composite structure comprises stacked sets of laminated fiber reinforced resin plies and metal sheets. Edges of the resin plies and metal sheets are interleaved to form a composite-to-metal joint connecting the resin plies with the metal sheets.02-23-2012
20110059284Welding Of Biodegradable Polymer Parts - A microwave processing device/system can create strong temperature gradients in biodegradable polymer material. Novel physical phenomena caused by the heated particles cause local changes in viscosity and flow, leading to high mass transport and current densities in activated polymer matrix materials and to dramatically shorter reaction times and solvent-free reaction conditions. Advancements in the process speed and quality of packaging films in general can be achieved by increasing the polymeric amorphous to crystalline ratio, especially with regard to the claimed methods for manufacturing and sealing biodegradable packaging films. Micron-size particles or nanoparticles in the processed materials can interact with microwaves of different frequencies and intensities to create intentionally varied local material property changes to create an tunable flexible packaging product that is sustainable and “green.” Related systems, apparatus, methods, and/or articles are also described.03-10-2011
20100159181High Seam Strength Architectural Fabric - An article useful as an architectural fabric having (a) a plurality of segments of fabric having a first surface and a second surface made of polytetrafluoroethylene fibers; and (b) a fluoropolymer coating disposed on at least the first surface of the fabric, and (c) at least one seam formed by an overlap of two of said segments, said seam having a seam warp strip tensile strength that is substantially equal to said nominal warp strip tensile strength at room temperature.06-24-2010
20120219746GROUND CONTAINMENT LINERS - The present invention provides containment liners to protect the environment from spills and leaks at oil and/or gas production sites and other sites. The containment liner comprises a first felt geotextile layer and a polymeric barrier layer embedded partially into the felt geotextile layer.08-30-2012
20120315426AUTO-ALIGNING JOINT ARCHITECTURE - The Auto-Aligning Joint Architecture consists of adding endpoint margin regions to sheets which are intended to be joined together. A series of T shaped cuts are made into the margin regions to create alternating connected or disconnected margin regions. The connected margin regions of one sheet align to the disconnected margin regions of the other sheet, such that connected margin regions can fit into disconnected margin regions, thereby joining both sheets together with great precision.12-13-2012
20090291244Laser- welded article - It is an object of the present invention to provide a laser-welded article that workpieces prepared simply can be easily unified by laser in one laser welding process without using complicated processes. Moreover, the laser-welded article has sufficient welding strength of the molded workpieces, and does not damage the resin property.11-26-2009
20120263907METHOD FOR APPLYING AND FASTENING A DECOR LAYER - The invention relates to a method for applying and fastening a decorative layer on a preform for the formation of a support part, with the steps: 10-18-2012
20120321832THERMOPLASTIC POLYMER YARNS AND FILMS INCLUDING DRY LUBRICANTS AND INDUSTRIAL TEXTILES MADE THEREFROM - An extruded oriented thermo-plastic polymeric element for industrial textiles, and textiles comprising polymeric elements. The polymeric elements are constructed of a material selected from yarn material, fiber material and film, and comprise a thermoplastic polymer, and at least one dry lubricant, selected from molybdenum disulphide, tungsten disulphide, boron nitride, and a soft metal, the dry lubricant comprising particulate matter having an average particle size between about 0.05μ and about 100μ, and present in the polymeric element in an amount from between about 0.1% and about 10% parts by weight, based on a total weight of the polymeric element. The polymeric elements can be used as yarns in woven and non woven textiles, and as seaming elements. The polymeric elements provide increased abrasion resistance in industrial textiles, and reduced co-efficient of friction.12-20-2012
20100215888BORDER - A border or beading article for use as beading, coving, dado rails and architraves and the like, and/or as a protective border for objects. The border including two or more members joined together at an angle. Said border can be easily cut with a knife and/or scissors to substantially provide one or more internal and/or external angles required to form said border.08-26-2010
20100215889SEAM FABRICATION METHOD AND ARTICLE MADE BY THE METHOD - A method of joining laminate panels includes providing at least two laminate panels and joining together the seam areas of the at least two laminate panels by forming at least one seam. Each laminate panel includes at least one layer of textile material having a first thickness in a non-seam area and a second thickness in a seam area. The second thickness is less than the first thickness. An article of manufacture includes at least two laminate panels joined together at the seam areas of the at least two laminate panels by forming at least one seam. Each laminate panel includes at least one layer of textile material having a first thickness in a non-seam area and a second thickness in a seam area.08-26-2010
20130115405TPU LAMINATING ADHESIVE - A hot melt adhesive, having a viscosity from 10,000 mPas to 150,000 mPas at 140° C., containing at least 75 wt % of a thermoplastic polyurethane having an average molecular weight from 5000 to 40,000 g/mol and method of making a composite film using this adhesive.05-09-2013
20090162597Multi-Ply Disintegratable Absorbent Sheet, Associated Roll and Associated Manufacturing Process - The invention relates to a substantially rectangular multi-ply disintegratable absorbent sheet based on tissue which comprises at least three plies, and which has a coefficient K06-25-2009
20120282423Joined Veneer Strip - The invention relates to veneer strips made of individual veneer layers (11-08-2012
20130183476FORMING OF CONSOLIDATION REGIONS IN A WEB AND A WEB COMPRISING SUCH REGIONS - An apparatus and methods for thermally treating webs having thermoplastic respectively meltable compounds, thereby creating cylindrical or elliptic consolidation regions which may optionally have an aperture by employing a thermal energy source, such as ultrasonic energy, as well as to webs with elliptic consolidation regions. In a particular, the apparatus and methods create consolidation regions by using an anvil with a flexible elongated member, such as a wire, a chain or a tubular anvil with circumferential ribs.07-18-2013
20130122235Manual Sonic Welding Machine - A system and method is presented that provides a manual sonic welding device for welding multiple labels or other articles together. The manual sonic welding device includes an anvil and a head. The anvil is where the labels are placed on the welding device and allows the high frequency vibration from the welding device to be directed to the proper interfaces of the labels. The head allows the multiple labels to be assembled under pressure. Additionally, the manual sonic welding device includes a converter, a sonic horn, and a power supply to seal the multiple labels together. The power supply delivers a high power AC signal, the converter converts the electrical signal into a mechanical vibration, and the sonic horn applies the mechanical vibration to the labels to be welded. The manual sonic welding device also includes dual safety switches which activate the device.05-16-2013

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