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428410800 Release layer 214
428410300 Polymer derived only from ethylenically unsaturated monomer 57
428410700 Protective layer 32
428420200 Sectional layer removable 24
428400200 Capsule or particulate matter containing (e.g., sphere, flake, microballon, etc.) 16
428420100 Ornamental, decorative, pattern, or indicia 15
428410500 Polymer derived from material having at least one acrylic or alkacrylic group or the nitrile or amide derivative thereof (e.g., acrylamide, acrylate ester, etc.) 15
428400900 Metal containing 13
428410600 Coloring agent 12
428400300 Bituminous 7
428400600 Halogen containing compound 5
20080280086MULTI-LAYER ASSEMBLY, MULTI-LAYER STRETCH RELEASING PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE ASSEMBLY, AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING THE SAME - A multi-layer assembly that includes a release liner, a first layer disposed on the release liner, the first layer including a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition that includes a silicone polymer that includes silicone polyurea block copolymers, polydiorganosiloxane polymers, or combinations thereof, a second layer disposed on the first layer, the second layer including a composition that includes an elastomer, the composition of the second layer being different from the pressure-sensitive adhesive composition of the first layer, the first layer of the multi-layer assembly exhibiting a release force to the release liner of no greater than 100 gram per 0.5 inch width after the multi-layer assembly has been stored for 46 days at 120° F.11-13-2008
20100055370ADHESIVE COMPOSITION FOR SELF-ADHESIVE REDETACHABLE ARTICLES BASED ON ADHESIVE POLYMERS AND ORGANIC NANOPARTICLES - A description is given of an adhesive composition comprising, in a solvent, at least one first organic polymer and at least one different, particulate, second organic polymer. The first polymer is an adhesive polymer having a glass transition temperature of less than or equal to 0° C. which forms a film on a substrate. The second polymer is present in the composition in the form of dispersed solid nanoparticles, has an average particle size of less than or equal to 50 nm and a glass transition temperature of at least 50° C., and does not form a film on a substrate. The composition can be used to produce redetachable self-adhesive articles, more particularly paper labels, film labels or adhesive sheets.03-04-2010
20120148779Integrated foam tape - A part having foam tape integrated into a base component. The base component of the part is a body side molding which is attached to a vehicle using an adhesive. More specifically, the part includes a foam layer integrally formed with the body side molding such that a first side of the foam layer is formed with the body side molding, and an adhesive layer attached to a second side of the foam layer. A release film material is selectively attached to the adhesive layer such that the adhesive layer is disposed between the release film material and the foam layer. The release film material is able to be removed from the adhesive layer, and the body side molding is attached to a vehicle using the adhesive layer. The body side molding is used to protect the vehicle, as well as provide an improvement in the appearance of the vehicle.06-14-2012
20110151167RELEASE SHEET - Disclosed is a release sheet including a substrate and a resin layer formed on the substrate. The resin layer includes: 100 parts by mass of an acid-modified polyolefin resin including an acid-modifying component in a content of 1 to 10% by mass; and 1 to 50 parts by mass of a crosslinking agent and/or 5 to 1000 parts by mass of polyvinyl alcohol. The crosslinking agent is composed of a carbodiimide compound and/or an oxazoline compound.06-23-2011
20120027976POLYDIORGANOSILOXANE POLYAMIDE COPOLYMERS HAVING ORGANIC SOFT SEGMENTS - Polydiorganosiloxane polyamide, block copolymers having organic soft segments and methods of making the copolymers are provided.02-02-2012
428400400 Ceramic, glass, glasslike, vitreous 5
20090239019Relating To Materials - The invention provides a method of manufacturing a plurality of spacers comprising: (a) providing a carrier medium; (b) applying one or more stripes of a first material on a first face of the carrier medium; and (c) applying a layer of a second material over the first face of the carrier medium; so as to form a substrate on the carrier medium comprising first material and second material;09-24-2009
20090263605SURFACE-HYDROPHILIC STRUCTURE - A structure comprising: an adhesive layer; a plastic substrate; and a hydrophilic coating film, provided in this order, wherein the hydrophilic coating film includes a cross-linked structure produced by hydrolysis and polycondensation with an aqueous solution containing (a) a hydrophilic polymer and (b) an alkoxide of a metal selected from the group consisting of Si, Ti, Zr, and Al.10-22-2009
20100266800Method for Fastening a Plate or Glass Panel in a Frame Element and Sealing Element for Use in Such a Method - The invention relates to a novel method for fastening at least one plate, such as a glass panel, in a profile, which has an assembly groove for peripherally receiving an edge of the glass panel. The method is characterized in that on at least one of the glass panels and an inside of the assembly groove oriented parallel thereto an assembly rubber seal is disposed, on the surface of which facing the glass panel a double-sided adhesive tape having a cover film that covers the side of the double-sided adhesive tape facing the glass panel is attached, wherein the glass panel is inserted into the assembly groove and is pressed against the double-sided adhesive tape in the assembly groove by at least one counter element disposed on the opposite side of the glass panel, or by the opposite inside of the assembly groove, and wherein the cover film is removed when the glass panel is inserted into the assembly groove.10-21-2010
20110177276ARMOUR REPAIR SYSTEM - The armour repair patch uses a simplified adhesive system for securement of the repair patch in the field without specialized equipment. A preferred adhesive system includes a pressure sensitive adhesive provided on a back surface of a body member and a fabric overlay cover is and extending beyond the body member. This combination provides an effective system for battlefield repair.07-21-2011
20130189467ADHESIVE COMPOSITION AND ADHESIVE COMPRISING THE SAME - Adhesives with a specific viscose component to provide good thermal conductivity, insulation and flame retardant and high temperature resistant is provided. The adhesive composition form may be single-sided or double-sided with a substrate or not. The substrate may be metal foil, glass fiber, thermal pad or organic polymers. Adhesive composition includes polymerized siloxane, metal hydroxides, and metal oxides. Nitrides, aluminum powder or coupling agent may be added. The coupling agent is specially used in non-silica resin substrate, which enhances the adhesion to substrate surface. Optionally, the adhesive may include a release film.07-25-2013
428400500 Wax containing 5
20100285258OPACIFYING LABEL - A multilayer label having an opacifying layer coated onto the back side of a paper facestock is provided. The opacifying layer prevents the paper from losing opacity when the label is subjected to wet conditions.11-11-2010
20090148643Supply wax for polisher - A supply wax structure of a reel for a polisher includes a protective layer on one surface; a releasable layer on the other surface; and a wax layer adhered between the protective layer and the releasable layer. In one embodiment, the protective layer has a plurality of first apertures arranged in rows filled with wax and the releasable layer has a plurality of second apertures arranged in rows filled with wax. Preferably, the releasable layer is formed of fabric. Preferably, the protective layer is formed of paper. Preferably, the width of the wax layer is substantially equal to that of a polishing wheel of the polisher.06-11-2009
20120201990Release Formulation for Label Including Synthetic Wax - A heat transfer label comprising a support portion and a transfer portion for transfer of the transfer portion from the support portion to an article. Heat is applied to the support portion while the transfer portion is placed into contact with the article. The support portion comprises a release layer including a synthetic wax.08-09-2012
20080311331PROCESS FOR PRINTING WAX RELEASE LAYER - A wax printing process, apparatus, formulation, and label. The process includes contacting a wax formulation with a surface having at least one etched region thereon, and confronting a carrier with the surface such that at least a portion of the wax transfers from the etched surface to the carrier. The apparatus includes a tray and a manifold positioned in the tray. In another aspect, the apparatus includes a gravure sleeve and a heatable mandrel disposed inside the gravure sleeve. The wax formulation includes a paraffin wax, an ester wax, a hydrocarbon resin, a microcrystalline wax, and an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resin. The label includes a carrier and a wax release layer confronting a surface of the carrier. The wax release layer confronts less that the entire surface of the carrier.12-18-2008
20100047499Hot Melt Adhesive Compositions Comprising Metathesized Unsaturated Polyol Ester Wax - Disclosed are hot melt adhesive compositions comprising a metathesized unsaturated polyol ester wax. Typically, the metathesized unsaturated polyol ester wax is derived from renewable starting materials such as vegetable oils or animal fats. The metathesized unsaturated polyol ester wax typically replaces a portion or all of a petroleum-derived wax or synthetic wax in various hot melt adhesive compositions. The hot melt adhesives may be conventional hot melt adhesives or hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesives.02-25-2010
428410900 Dissimilar adhesives 1
20090162595STRIPED ADHESIVE CONSTRUCTION AND METHOD AND DIE FOR MAKING SAME - Structured adhesive constructions are provided. The adhesive constructions comprise a layer of a first adhesive with a first property and a layer of a second adhesive with a second property. The layer of the first adhesive comprises a plurality of spaced apart stripes of adhesive, coated on or laminated to a facestock or release liner. The layer of the second adhesive comprises a plurality of spaced apart stripes of adhesive, coated on or laminated to the facestock or release liner and located between the plurality of stripes of the first adhesive. The use of two different adhesives enables manipulation of desired adhesive properties in a single adhesive construction. The resulting adhesive may have two or more different desired properties, such as adherence at both high and low temperatures, or initial repositionability followed by permanent adhesion, or other combinations of desired properties. A coating die and a method of coating structured adhesive constructions are also provided.06-25-2009
20110200778POLYMERIC MULTI-LAYER SUBSTRATES - Biodegradable polymeric multi-layer substrates in which the tie layer or layers comprise a mixture of at least the polymers forming the substrates on either side of the tie layer wherein the grades of said polymers are selected such that their melt flow indices and their melt viscosities are similar requiring the grade of at least one polymer within the tie layer to be different from the grade of the same polymer(s) comprising one or other substrate adjacent the tie layer. The inclusion of higher melting point polymers in one outer substrate allows the multi-layer substrate to be subsequently peeled from the article to which it has been sealed.08-18-2011
20120183712TOUCH SCREEN PROTECTOR - The invention relates to a method for protecting a touch screen of a hand held electronic device having a front face that includes a touch screen portion and a non-functional band. The method of the invention comprises providing a touch screen protector comprising a film having front and back sides, an outer perimeter that corresponds to that of the device, and a transparent window; and an exposed adhesive along the outer perimeter of the film surrounding the transparent window; and removably attaching the protector upon the outer perimeter of the front face of the device via the exposed adhesive to form an enclosed air space between the transparent window of the film, the adhesive and the touch screen portion of the device.07-19-2012
20100075091THREE DIMENSION ORNAMENTAL ARTICLE - A three-dimension ornamental article is disclosed. The member comprises a plasticizing layer coated onto a substrate, an electroplated layer covered the plasticizing layer and an adhesion layer, wherein the plasticizing layer is epoxy resins or plastics. The base paper is a patterned layer and the circumferential edge of the patterned layer has dotted scored lines, facilitating the peeling off of the ornamental article.03-25-2010
20130078405SELF-ADHESIVE PADS - A self-adhesive pad for use in a laboratory setting.03-28-2013
20130078404METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PREVENTING PETS FROM CLAWING HOME FURNISHINGS - An apparatus and method is provided for controlling animal activity with an adhesive sheet. In one embodiment, the sheet includes strips uniformly spaced apart on a transfer layer including a bisected protection layer. In another embodiment, the sheet is flat and generally rectangular. In another embodiment, the sheet is rolled. In yet another embodiment, the sheet is deployed from a dispenser. In one embodiment of the method, the sheet is deployed by locating an area of activity to be controlled, removing the control sheet from the transfer sheet, placing the control sheet on an the area of activity to be controlled and then systematically and sequentially removing the first protection sheet and the second protection sheet. In another embodiment, the area to be controlled includes a surface discontinuity requiring placement of the control sheet along the discontinuity.03-28-2013
200902086863D Bevel Sticky Note Pad - The present invention discloses a 3D bevel sticky note pad, which comprises a plurality of stacked sheet papers with an adhesive portion formed on one side of each sheet paper and between each two neighboring sheet papers. All the sheet papers have identical figures at identical locations. The sheet papers respectively have different lengths from the adhesive portions, and the lengths sequentially increase top down to form a beveled face on the other side of the adhesive portions, and the figures are continuous from the topmost sheet paper to the beveled face. Thereby, the 3D bevel sticky note pad of the present invention has a superior visual effect.08-20-2009
20130084416PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE COMPOSITION AND PRESSURE SENSITIVE ADHESIVE TAPE - Provided is a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition capable of sufficiently expressing each of “attachment position correction workability” that enables a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape containing the composition to be easily aligned by the expression of good temporary attachment property, “reworkability” that enables the tape to be easily reattached, and “temperature-sensitive strong pressure-sensitive adhesiveness” that enables the tape to express strong temperature-sensitive pressure-sensitive adhesiveness. Also provided is a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape containing such pressure-sensitive adhesive composition. The pressure-sensitive adhesive composition includes a cross-linked polymer in which an acrylic copolymer (A) is cross-linked by a polyurethane (meth)acrylate (B), in which the acrylic copolymer (A) includes a copolymer of monomers essentially containing a (meth)acrylate and a (meth)acrylamide.04-04-2013
20130089688Touch screen saver - A stack of laminated transparent lenses consists of two alternating optically clear materials in intimate contact. The materials are a plastic lens and clear adhesive. The adhesive is uninterrupted. The lens and the adhesive have refraction mismatch of less than 0.2. A tab portion is part of each lens acts as an aid in peeling away the outermost lens after contamination of the lens layer during racing conditions. The lens stack can be mounted to the posts on the face shield or laminated directly to a windshield.04-11-2013
20130071595Plant Label - The present invention discloses a plant label, which comprises a front layer, a middle layer and a bottom layer sequentially, and at least one kind of plant seeds is arranged between the middle layer and the bottom layer. The front layer is provided with at least one hole; and the middle layer 03-21-2013
20130071596ADHESIVE FILM AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - An adhesive film includes a film-like adhesive layer and a pair of separators sandwiching the adhesive layer. The outer edges of both separators extend outward beyond the outer edge of the adhesive layer, and a blade is used to form a notch on the adhesive layer side of the heavy release separator, along the outer edge of the adhesive layer. The thickness of the heavy release separator is between 50 μm and 200 μm, the average notch depth is between 5 μm and 45 μm and the standard deviation for the notch depth is no greater than 15 μm. Specifying the notch depth allows complete cutting of the adhesive layer with the blade, while also limiting release problems between the heavy release separator and the adhesive layer.03-21-2013
20090092779ADHESIVE TAPE FOR A FLYING ROLL CHANGE - An adhesive tape for the flying roll change of flat web material wound on rolls has a carrier having a leading side and a trailing side. An optically detectable means and an exposable self-adhesive compound are arranged on the leading side. A cleavable adhesive system is located on the trailing side. An inductively detectable means is arranged in the adhesive tape in a visually inconspicuous manner.04-09-2009
20090239018PREPREG PEEL PLY FOR CONTINUOUSLY FORMING COMPOSITE MATERIAL - The invention provides a prepreg peel ply to be laminated on a surface of a composite material prepreg for forming a member having a concaved portion such as an H-shaped member, wherein the prepreg peel ply is peeled off after performing hardening so as to improve the adhesiveness of the surface of the composite material. A prepreg peel ply impregnated with resin having a hardening property substantially equivalent to that of the composite material prepreg is used as the peel ply to be laminated on a surface of the composite material prepreg. Through use of such prepreg peel ply, it becomes possible to apply a continuously formed prepreg material to form members having concaved portions, such as H-shaped members, and to form excellent members without voids. By using polyester or nylon as fiber material contained in the prepreg peel ply, the peel property can be improved, and the surface of the composite material prepreg will have a desirable roughness after peeling off the prepreg peel ply, according to which the adhesiveness of the surface is enhanced.09-24-2009
20090047457DUPLEX CAPABLE PAPER BACKED TRANSPARENCIES - A paper backed transparency includes a transparency, a paper backing for the transparency and a first adhesive along a leading edge of the paper backed transparency. A second adhesive along a trailing edge of the paper backed transparency is disclosed to limit movement between the transparency and the paper backing during duplexing.02-19-2009
20130122231Adhesive Tape Products and Methods of Making - The adhesive tape of this application comprises a layer of polymeric material, particularly a polyvinyl chloride, having a Shore A Hardness of between 92 and 100 and a layer of adhesive material attached to a surface of the layer of polymeric material.05-16-2013
20120237709Corrugated Roof Filler and Method for Making Same - A closure strip, for use with a corrugated material, includes an elongated flat thermoplastic sheet member and a plurality of thermoplastic undulations. The elongated flat thermoplastic sheet member has a bottom surface and an opposite top surface. The elongated flat thermoplastic sheet member defines a plurality of linearly disposed and spaced apart openings therethrough. A plurality of thermoplastic undulations is complimentary in shape to the corrugated material. Each undulation extends upwardly from the flat thermoplastic sheet member and defines a void that opens to a different one of the openings defined by the flat thermoplastic sheet member.09-20-2012
20110070389MULTI-LAYER WOVEN HEAT-SHRINKABLE COATING - A multi-layer coating includes an adhesive layer and a polyolefin layer. A multi-layer coating may include at least one adhesive layer and a heat shrinkable polyolefin layer.03-24-2011
20110008563READHERABLE, REPOSITIONABLE AND REUSABLE ADHESIVE FABRIC PAPER FOR PRINTING AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF THE SAME - An adhesive fabric paper for printing is used to color printers for personal computers, printing machines for indoor and outdoor advertising, wide format printers, plotters to print colored images. The manufacturing method includes: heating and cooling a woven fabric; preparing a first “S” coating liquid, a second “S” coating liquid and an “R” coating liquid as coating liquids to be coated on the front face of the fabric and maturing them for three days; coating twice the rear face of the fabric; coating once the rear face of the fabric; carrying out first and second “S” coating works on the front face of the fabric with the first “S” coating liquid and the second “S” coating liquid; coating twice the front face of the fabric with the “R” coating liquid; and laminating a backer coated with an adhesive to the fabric.01-13-2011
20090053446ADHESIVE SHEET - An adhesive sheet S applicable to a delivery slip and the like includes a first sheet S02-26-2009
20110151166Purge Dam For Retaining Purge Gas Around A Weld Zone - A purge dam for retaining a purge gas around a weld zone includes a purge dam structure configured to substantially obstruct an air passage leading to the weld zone. The purge dam includes a main blocking portion configured to substantially block the air passage. The purge dam structure further includes a wall portion configured to engage the air passage for attachment. Adhesive can be optionally provided on the wall portion to facilitate the air passage attachment. Some or all of the purge dam structure may be formed as a multi-layer structure that includes one or more layers of water degradable paper and one or more layers of water degradable polymer. If present, the optional adhesive may be applied to the water degradable polymer layer. The purge dam may be installed by placing the purge dam in the air passage and adhering the wall portion thereto.06-23-2011
20100119756Partially pre-printed label for food products - A novel method to provide a consumer printable label. The method includes an adhesive-backed stock layer which may be printed on both surfaces. Following the desired printing, an ultraviolet varnish is applied to a portion of the stock surface which is not adhesive backed and an adhesive laminate covers the stock surface, including the portion to which the ultraviolet varnish was applied. The laminate is then removed from the portion of the stock layer to which the ultraviolet varnish was applied. This portion of the label may be printed by the consumer while the remainder of the label remains protected by the laminate which was not removed.05-13-2010
20090208687WEB AND ADHESIVE STRIP - Represented and described is a sheet having at least one fastening section for the bonding of the sheet to a substrate or for bonding to a further sheet. In accordance with the invention the fastening section is coated partially with an adhesive and has at least two bonding regions formed by the adhesive coating, and adjacent bonding regions are separated from one another at least partly by at least one adhesive-free region of the fastening section.08-20-2009
20100124626METHOD AND PRINTING SHEET FOR THE PRODUCTION OF HAND STAMPS - A label sheet for the production of hand stamps. The sheet comprises a transparent portion and a label portion. The stamp image may be printed in multiple locations on the sheet, on both the transparent portion and the label portion. The transparent portion, or a part thereof, with a printed stamp image may be removed for use with a stamp making machine or device. A suitably-sized label may be removed and placed on the hand stamp handle.05-20-2010
20100279049SELF ADHERING MEMBRANE FOR ROOFING APPLICATIONS - A preformed, self adhering single ply roofing membrane including a water impermeable membrane; a pressure sensitive, hot melt adhesive adhered to one side of the water impermeable membrane, and a release liner on the side of the pressure sensitive, hot melt adhesive opposite of the water impermeable membrane.11-04-2010
20110206884Sheet adhesive method, sheet adhesive apparatus, laminated products and transcription process products - A sheet bonding method includes a closely attaching step and a steam supply step. In the closely attaching step, a thermal adhesive sheet is closely attached to the surface of a workpiece to closely attach an adhesive layer of the sheet to the surface of the workpiece. In the steam supply step, steam is supplied to the space around the workpiece so as to heat the adhesive layer by heat conduction from the steam to bond the thermal adhesive sheet to the workpiece.08-25-2011
20080241452FLAME RETARDANT ADHESIVE COMPOSITION, AND ADHESIVE SHEET, COVERLAY FILM AND FLEXIBLE COPPER-CLAD LAMINATE USING SAME - The present invention provides a halogen-free, flame retardant adhesive composition that exhibits excellent anti-migration properties, not only within single layer structures, but also within multilayer structures of much higher density such as copper-clad laminates.10-02-2008
20100189947POLYMERIC COMPOSITE ADHESIVE TAPE - An adhesive tape comprising a layer of metallized polymeric material having a first side and a second side, and a layer of adhesive compound applied to the first side of the layer of metallized polymeric film is provided. An adhesive tape meeting Underwriter Laboratories criteria for use with both rigid and flexible air ducts and air connectors, comprising a layer of metallized polymeric material having a first side and a second side, and a layer of adhesive compound applied to the first side of the layer of metallized polymeric material is also provided. Additionally provided is a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape comprising a film backing having a predetermined tensile strength and a predetermined heat stability, a compounded adhesive layer coated on a side of the backing, and a release liner material laminated to an exposed side of the compounded adhesive layer.07-29-2010
20110268904ARTICLE FOR PREPPING/FLATTENING A FLOOR - An article, system and method for flattening a three dimensional depression within a substrate floor. A straight edge is applied in a progressive X and Y grid fashion across the depression, with varying levels of shims defining contact locations, thereby establishing a floor template identifying common depths of depression at overlapping perimeter defined boundaries. One or more thermo-polymer sheets is resized to define an outer perimeter matching that of a perimeter boundary. A subset thickness of the sheet is incised around its outer perimeter to establish a feathering effect upon the sheet prior to it overlaying the boundary perimeter and prior to sizing and application of additional overlapping sheets up to an outermost boundary corresponding to a shallowest depression.11-03-2011
20090186181Screen Protector Film with Particulate Removal Means and Method of Applying the Same - A multilayered protective film set for use with an electronic device screen having a first film layer, a second film layer, a first adhesive layer positioned between said first film layer and said second film layer, a third film layer, a second adhesive layer positioned between said second film layer and said third film layer and whereby the application method for the film set is such that dust and particulate matter is efficiently removed prior to final application of the protective film.07-23-2009
20090004420FRICTIONAL HOLDING PAD - A frictional holding pad for removably attaching items, such as a cell phone or sunglasses, to a vehicle surface, such as a dash or console, to allow storage of items on the pad to prevent the items from shifting or sliding due to the movement of the vehicle. The holding pad includes a top surface having an uppermost contact surface configured to contact and frictionally cling to the item and a bottom surface having a lowermost contact surface configured to contact and frictionally cling to the vehicle surface. The top and the bottom surfaces are configured to provide a greater frictional engagement between the lowermost contact surface and the vehicle surface than the uppermost contact surface and the item. Protrusions or indentation can be formed in the top and bottom surfaces of the pad.01-01-2009
20090004419MULTI-LAYER MASKING FILM - A multi-layer, disposable, and patternable masking film, comprising: 01-01-2009
20090186180RECORDING DEVICE FOR ENHANCED CLINICAL WORKFLOW - A recording device is presented. The recording device includes a material having a front surface and a back surface, wherein the front surface is configured to allow a user to record information, where the back surface has an adhesive disposed thereon, and where the recording device is configured to be removably and re-adherably affixed to the user.07-23-2009
20080260982Sheet to Form a Protective Shield for Chips - A sheet to form a protective film for chips includes a release sheet and a protective film forming layer formed on a detachable surface of the release sheet. The protective film forming layer includes a thermosetting and/or energy ray-curable component and a binder polymer component.10-23-2008
20090252911Double-sided adhesive sheet - A double-sided adhesive sheet (10-08-2009
20100178445Stretchable Applique And Method For Making The Same - A stretchable appliqué made from a stretchable substrate with indicia thereon may be applied to a variety of articles including stretchable performance athletic wear. A method for making the stretchable appliqué may include applying an adhesive and a carrier layer to one surface of a stretchable substrate. Indicia may then be applied to the opposite surface of the stretchable fabric and the stretchable substrate may be cut to a desired shape to form the stretchable appliqué. The carrier layer may then be removed and the stretchable appliqué may be adhered to the desired article. The stretchable appliqué may be adhered to stretchable articles of apparel so that the appliqué may stretch when the article of apparel stretches. The carrier layer may be less stretchable than the stretchable substrate, including being completely non-stretchable.07-15-2010
20090117304Cover Ups - What is new about this product is it ability to bring humor to an embarrassing situation, while working to pre-treat the stain or spill. This invention is a simple combination of a sticker like material, with a pre-soaked pad attached. By sticking this patch to ones clothing, the pre-treated, pre-soaked pad will be in direct contact with the stain until removed. Hiding the stain and increasing the chance the stain will come out in the wash. Cover Ups should be removed before places clothes into the washing machine. Cover Ups can be proudly displayed with funny or meaningful text or pictures on the front. Or solid color matching Cover Ups can be used to discreetly hide the stain.05-07-2009
20100227100Images on window blinds and shades - The present invention relates to a decorative coatings and a method for modifying or altering existing horizontal or vertical blinds, louvers and the like. The decorative coating or adhesive layer is designed to conform to any preexisting vertical or horizontal louver assembly. In a preferred embodiment, the images on window blinds and shades device of the present invention comprises a transparent coating which is designed to adhere to a slat of an existing vertical blind assembly, thereby creating a two sided image. On either one or both sides of the slat a decorative adhesive layer is positioned. The decorative layer may be any design that provides the desired decorative intent, such as logos, trade marks, team names and the like. The images on window blinds and shades can be easily and quickly installed onto any existing solid surface louver assembly without the use of any special tools or exceptional skills. The decorative layer, in the form of a partial strip or section of a larger image or design, is simply positioned onto the slat and in order of the design layout. When the images on window blinds and shades is installed onto each of the slats of the existing blind assembly, an integrated or complete image, design or the like is created when the thus-covered slats are viewed in their entirety. In an alternative embodiment, the universal covering case is in the form of an installation kit containing a plurality of pre-selected, pre-positioned decorative inserts.09-09-2010
20090041970ADHESIVE SHEET AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed herein are an adhesive sheet and a manufacturing method thereof. The adhesive sheet comprises a polyvinyl chloride sheet formed of a polyvinyl chloride sheet comprising polyvinyl chloride, tourmaline and/or kiyoseki, and a flame retardant. The adhesive sheet may further comprise an antibacterial/deodorant layer formed on one side of the polyvinyl chloride sheet. The adhesive sheet has excellent ability to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and excellent flame retardancy and printability.02-12-2009
20090075005Transfer-Type Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape - A transfer-type pressure sensitive adhesive tape containing a pressure sensitive adhesive layer on a support, which is characterized in that ramentum particles are incorporated in the pressure sensitive adhesive layer for the purpose of providing a transfer-type pressure sensitive adhesive tape wherein the pressure sensitive adhesive layer can surely be cut off at the desired position upon transfer thereof under sufficiently keeping adhesive force to a receiving object such as a paper surface and running ability without using any specific pressure sensitive adhesive agent by selecting particles to be added to the pressure sensitive adhesive layer.03-19-2009
20100136275FILM FOR MANUFACTURING SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A present invention relates to a film for manufacturing a semiconductor device in which a cover film is pasted onto a laminated film, wherein the shrinkage in the longitudinal direction and in the lateral direction in the laminated film after peeling the cover film and leaving for 24 hours at a temperature of 23±2° C. is in a range of 0 to 2% compared to the laminated film before pasting of the cover film.06-03-2010
20090022923Apparatus and Method for Providing an Information Recording System - Apparatuses and methods for providing an information recording system that enables a paramedic to record and transpose vital signs during an emergency are disclosed. The information recording system may include one or more printed decals which may be written on during a response to an emergency and may then be affixed to one or more pages of a corresponding run report. The printed decals may include vital sign categories with associated recording means such as fill-in-the-blank locations, checkboxes and numerical alternatives, such as for taking measurements. The printed decals may be affixed to more than one surface before finally being affixed into a corresponding run report. By affixing the printed decal into an associated run report the recorded information is thereby effectively transposed into the report entirely. The decal may be printed directly on surgical or other tape or may be originally affixed to a backing and provided thereon.01-22-2009
20090317578FOAMED FILM PACKAGE - A package includes at least one layer of foamed thin film and an opening feature formed in the layer of foamed thin film. The foamed thin film has a caliper of from about 10 microns to about 250 microns thick. The foamed thin film comprises from about 5% to about 50% density reduction as compared to a non-foamed thin film of substantially the same caliper and substantially the same composition. The package may include foamed thin film made of a plastic resin and a whitening additive that is added to plastic resin. The whitening additive is selected to produce a foamed thin film having an opacity value of from about 35% to about 99%. The whitening agent is of substantially the same composition and is present in substantially the same amount as would be selected to produce substantially the same light reflectivity in a non-foamed thin film of substantially the same caliper and substantially the same composition.12-24-2009
20080213525Label Comprising a Transponder and a System Comprising a Transponder - This relates to a label to be attached to a surface, the label comprising a transponder. The label comprises a non-adherent flap which contains the transponder. This also relates to a web comprising a backing web and labels, and to a system comprising a surface and a label.09-04-2008
20100285257REINFORCED, SELF ADHERING, SEE-THROUGH, CONSTRUCTION FLASHING TAPE - A laminated, see through, concealed window flashing function including a flexible, transparent strip having a first and second side and first and second longitudinally edges. A layer of transparent adhesive coextensively covers one side of the flexible, transparent strip. A core layer of reinforcing is positioned upon a center portion of the transparent adhesive leaving edge margins on each side of the core layer. The width of the edge margins are such that in combination they comprise between approximately twenty five and fifty percent of the width of the construction flashing tape. The core layer is composed of a plurality of high denier fiber bundles that are positioned along the center of the tape with lateral gaps between adjacent bundles so that it is possible to see through the center of the tape. Finally a release strip is coextensively applied along the tape surface so that the tape can be stored in a roll and the release strip removed on site to apply the tape, as concealed flashing, around a window junction or the like.11-11-2010
20110052851Protective Substrate for a Battery and Methods for Making and Applying Same - Disclosed herein an adhesive substrate having a peelable backing for use with battery packs. The adhesive substrate can include an integral tab, and perforations can be formed between a main body of the substrate and the tab. To peel the backing from the main body, the tab can be detached from the main body while remaining bonded to the peelable backing. The tab can be pulled to peel the backing from the main body of the substrate. The substrate is then applied to the battery pack.03-03-2011
20110052850Multi-ply label - A multi-ply label includes a first material ply (03-03-2011
20100215880METHOD FOR MAKING MULTI-LAYER PRINT MEDIA BY EXTRUSION COATING - The current invention utilizes an extrusion coating method as a key step in a series of multilayer construction processes to make a laminate for graphic application. The extrusion coated layer performs as a strengthening layer to provide mechanical properties for the construction, while an ink receptive coating layer delivers high quality printability performance. High gloss can be achieved through the use of a PET carrier.08-26-2010
20100021667ADHESIVE TAPE - An adhesive tape 01-28-2010
20120148778Mat apparatus preventing the spread of bacteria infection - A mat apparatus for preventing the transmittal and/or transference of contact-based bacteria is disclosed. A first layer of the mat is composed of a cloth-like textile, the first layer having a plurality of pores for absorbing moisture when in contact with a bodily surface. A second layer is composed of a water-resistant material adhered to an opposing side of the first layer for providing a barrier between the first layer and a floor, wherein at least another portion of the second layer extending beyond the first layer is bent to avoid contacting the floor.06-14-2012
20090142531Method of Forming Note Pads With Shaped Sides - A paper pad having a three dimensional image is disclosed wherein the faces or sides of the pad comprise a plurality of paper sheet edges formed into three dimensional surfaces extending from the common planar surface of the side or indenting into said surface. According to one embodiment, the three dimensional surfaces are created through computer numeric controlled (CNC) carving of a compressed side of the paper pad to create an aesthetically pleasing, complex three dimensional design. According to another embodiment, a shaped die is applied to a compressed side of a paper pad under selected conditions of time, temperature, pressure and humidity to deboss a portion of the paper material and produce a three dimensional design in the surface of the compressed side.06-04-2009
20120207959PET PAW MAGIC MAT - The Pet Paw Magic Mat is used to collect dirt, food and any foreign object introduced by pets. The double sticky side layer and one-side sticky layer will enable pet owners to collect any object from, for example, the paws of their pets with minimal effort. The soiled outer layer can be removed by simply peeling off the outer layer.08-16-2012
20080233324Sheet Structure and Method for Adhesive Image Transfer - The present invention generally relates to a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way to label a wide variety of objects. The invention includes both an adhesive image transfer sheet assembly and a method for labeling a disc using standard computer equipment typically found in a home or office, such as an ink jet printer. One embodiment of the invention relates to an adhesive image transfer sheet assembly having a backing sheet that is coated with an ink-receptive coating. The coating is activatable to a tacky state by the application of light pressure or heat, and/or by wetting the coating with ink jet ink. The assembly may also be pre-cut to a particular shape, so as to correspond to the shape of a disc, for instance. An other embodiment of the invention relates to a method of labeling an object using the adhesive image transfer sheet assembly. After receiving printing, the ink-receptive coating is placed against the upper surface of the disc, and the user lighty rubs the backing sheet. The light rubbing activates the ink-receptive coating to a tacky state, causing the ink-receptive coating to adhere to the disc. The user can then pull away the backing layer, which may be release-coated for easily separating the backing from the ink-receptive coating. An additional water-resistant layer may be provided on the assembly, in between the ink-receptive coating and the backing sheet, to provide a protective layer over the image after the image has been transferred to the disc.09-25-2008
20120015126ADHESIVE MATERIAL REEL - A bonding-material reel according to the present invention includes a tape for circuit connection having a tape-shaped base material and an adhesive layer formed on one surface of the base material, and a core around which the tape for circuit connection is wound, wherein the tape for circuit connection has a region in which an adhesive layer is not formed over at least one reel length of the core toward the start end of the tape for circuit connection from the terminal end thereof, and an end tape which is bonded to the terminal end of the tape for circuit connection so as to cover the region, and extends toward the core from the terminal end.01-19-2012
20120114891Sticky note and post it note in a rolled form - This invention is a special roll of sticky note, post it note or one note paper or sheets created for a specific function. The roll of sticky note, post it note or one note sheets are to be fed into a special printer specifically created to print on this specific roll of sticky note, post it note or one note sheets. This special printer can at any given time print messages and reminders on each individual sticky note, post it note or one note sheet. The roll of sticky note, post it note or one note sheets well unroll inside the special printer allowing multiple messages and reminders that can be printed. Each individual sticky note, post it note or one note sheet with said message or reminder printed on them can simply be peeled off from the rest of the sticky note, post it note or one note sheets and relocated to the desired location without disturbing the rest or the special printer.05-10-2012
20110165360MULTI-LAYER FILM - To provide the multi-layer film which is easy to install on devices. The multi-layer film has the material base sheet, the adhesive layer formed on one side of the material base sheet, and the separator temporarily fixed on the adhesive layer, and the separator has strong tear directionality.07-07-2011
20100092713SCREEN PROTECTOR AND METHOD OF USING SAME - A screen protector for use on a mesh screen in a screen printing process can include a layer of protective material such as a polyester film, and a pressure sensitive adhesive on a surface of the polymeric film for adhering the layer to the mesh screen. The screen protector supports the mesh screen and helps prevent premature fraying of the screen. The adhesive can be an acrylic based pressure sensitive adhesive that substantially retains its adhesion properties when in contact with ink. The protector remains substantially attached to the mesh screen when in contact with ink, and therefore no filler material is needed.04-15-2010
20100247831ADHESIVE SHEET AND LAMINATE THEREOF - [Means To Solve The Problems] The patch P has a base sheet B, one surface thereof being an adhesive surface A, and the other surface thereof being a peeling treatment surface L. A laminate P09-30-2010
20120251754METHOD OF MANUFACTURING HEAD SUSPENSION, APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING HEAD SUSPENSION, AND HEAD SUSPENSION - A method of manufacturing a head suspension includes a punching process, a positioning process, and an affixing process. An objective part on the head suspension to which a damper 10-04-2012
20090117305Bundle of Sticky Notes and Sticky Note Supply Device - A bundle of sticky notes that includes: a pile of sticky notes including a plurality of sticky notes whose one end portions are peelably adhered to one another; and a base member adhered to the pile of sticky notes via the lowermost sticky note. In the bundle, an outer periphery of the base member is partially protruded from the pile of sticky notes.05-07-2009
20120225234Sticker Structure with an Antibacterial Function - A sticker structure includes a plurality of stickers laminating each other. Each of the stickers includes a substrate layer, two thin film layers mounted on two opposite surfaces of the substrate layer, and an adhesive layer mounted on one of the two thin film layers. Thus, the thin film layers of each of the stickers cover the substrate layer completely to form an antibacterial layer on the two surfaces of the substrate layer so as to inhibit growth of bacteria so that when a user's fingers touch the substrate layer of each of the stickers, the antibacterial layer on each of the stickers can isolate the user's fingers from the bacteria so as to protect the user's safety and to prevent transfer or spread of the bacteria.09-06-2012
20120263904LASER METHODS TO CREATE EASY TEAR-OFF MATERIALS AND ARTICLES MADE THEREFROM - A method of creating an easily torn material using laser etching, as well as articles produced therefrom is provided. As opposed to standard perforations, a laser is used to etch a line in a sheet of material. The line allows the material to be easily torn by a user, yet exhibits enough tensile strength to prevent tearing during regular use.10-18-2012
20120082813Fob Keeper is a string of material modified as to repair an automobile remote fob case that is broken at the point it attaches to a key ring. - The Fob Keeper can be used with any automobile remote fob case. Neither the number of buttons on the remote fob nor the sizes of the remote fob are a determining factor of the Fob Keepers use. It must be attached on the inside of the remote fob. It is not necessary for the Fob Keeper to be attached to both the front and back cover, the Fob Keeper will work while being only attached to either part of the fob case.04-05-2012
20120258271METHODS FOR REDUCING TACK OF PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE - The invention relates to labels and other items that have a surface at least partially coated with an adhesive. In various embodiments of the invention, an agent is applied to a region in the adhesive to reduce tackiness of the adhesive in the region. This may reduce the oozing of adhesive, particularly during storage, shipping and use of labels in various types of printers.10-11-2012
20110123753High Opacity Laser Printable Facestock - A multilayer laminate such as a label assembly having high opacity and desirable appearance characteristics is described. The laminate includes a facestock layer, an adhesive layer, and a liner layer. The facestock layer includes a print-receiving top coat layer that includes a combination of titanium dioxide and one or more optical brighteners. The combination of these materials avoids build up of static charges upon laser printing on the facestock.05-26-2011
20110123752Thermoplastic Shelf Talker Labels - A sheet of printed labels where the facestock and the liner are microperforated around and through the depth of the perimeter of each of the labels provided in the sheet of printed labels. An attachment pattern or feature is provided on one or both of the facestock or shelf area to facilitate attachment of the shelf taker. Combining the microperforations along the perimeter with a connecting smooth full cut portion provides a smooth full cut for ease of removal of the label from the sheet and removal of the facestock from the liner.05-26-2011
20120270001Label with an Active Portion - A roll-fed label web for a label with an active portion includes a base ply, at least one top ply, a plurality of separate, repeating cut zones, and a plurality of separate, repeating bond areas between the base ply and the at least one top ply. The separate, repeating bond areas are set back from the cut zones, and alternatively define a hinge and a release-reseal system. An individual label with an active portion is produced from the roll-fed label web when the web is cut at the cut zones by a label application machine. The individual label thus produced has adhesive-free opposing ends.10-25-2012
20120321830Precompressed Sealing Tape - The precompressed sealing tape for sealing a joint includes an elastically re-expandable foam strip and a foil-type wrapping, which completely surrounds the foam strip and thus holds it in a precompressed state. A transverse surface of the foam strip is pressed against a strip-like element of stiff material, which is arranged inside the wrapping. A double-sided adhesive tape connects the foam strip to the strip-like element, and the strip-like element is adhesively connected to the foil-type wrapping.12-20-2012
20110274862BONDED STRUCTURE, ROOF STRUCTURE, LAMINATED SHEET FOR USE THEREIN, AND METHOD OF USING LAMINATED SHEET - The present invention relates to a bonded matter prepared by bonding a first member to a second member with a laminated sheet, wherein a contractile film constituting the above laminated sheet contracts when the bonded matter is heated, and a part of the laminated sheet is peeled off or the laminated sheet is peeled off from the member, whereby the bonded matter is prevented from being deformed; a roof structure; a laminated sheet used for the above bonded matter, wherein at least a contractile film and a peelable layer are laminated in this order, and the peelable layer is bonded to one of the above members; and when the bonded matter is heated, the peelable layer is peeled off from the above member; and a use method of a laminated sheet characterized by sticking a peelable layer surface of the laminated sheet on one surface side of one member, adhering a contractile film surface of the laminated sheet to the other member with an adhesive and bonding one member to the other member. Provided are a bonded matter which can release bonding when heated, a roof structure, a laminated sheet used for the same and a use method of the laminated sheet.11-10-2011
20120328816SAFETY DEVICE FOR BREAKING GLASS - A quick, easy to use, and inexpensive device is disclosed for controlling most of the glass shards that can spread during the breaking of a window. A substrate material is mounted over the window by an adhesive, and the window is broken. The substrate material and adhesive are strong enough to hold the shards, and the substrate material with the window shards can be removed from the window area to allow for safe access through the window opening.12-27-2012
20120288658Hot-Melt Adhesive Unit of An Adhesive Bonding Arrangement - A hot-melt adhesive unit of an adhesive bonding arrangement for adhesively bonding a first component, for example a vehicle window, to a second component, for example a vehicle frame, wherein the hot-melt adhesive unit contains a hot-melt adhesive body having a base region and a head region, and the hot-melt adhesive body is at least partially bounded laterally in the base region thereof by a casing, and projects with the head region thereof, the head region forming the adhesive bond, beyond the casing.11-15-2012
20100203278Tamper-Proof Adhesive Tape Assembly - Provided is a tamper-proof adhesive tape assembly, including: a tape strip carrier with a hollow core; a plurality of tamper-proof adhesive strips arranged in stack around the tape strip carrier, each including a substrate having opposing first and second surfaces, an adherent portion and a tearing portion formed on the second surface of the substrate, wherein each tamper-proof adhesive strip in stack is applied on one another in fully-overlapping fashion by the second surface of the substrate facing toward the tape strip carrier; and a retaining element for securing in position the tamper-proof adhesive strips. The tamper-proof adhesive tape assembly is capable of package sealing and identification, convenient to use, reusable, and environment-friendly.08-12-2010
20100166997DECORATIVE SHEET WITH DIFFERENT BEADS IN DIFFERENT LAYERS - A durable decorative sheet high in the ability to follow a curved surface with small appearance change by heat or elongation. A decorative sheet comprising a transparent resin film having two main surfaces, a transparent resin layer formed on the first main surface of the transparent resin film, a pattern printed layer arranged on the transparent resin layer, and a colored base film arranged on the second main surface of the transparent resin film. The transparent resin layer includes first beads, the pattern printed layer include second beads. The first beads are different from the second beads in content, color and/or particle size. The first beads and the second beads are embedded in the transparent resin layer and the pattern printed layer.07-01-2010
20100129582ANISOTROPIC ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE ADHESIVE FILM AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - Disclosed is an anisotropic electrically conductive adhesive film for establishing electrically conductive interconnection between electronic components. The adhesive film includes a first peel film (05-27-2010
20100086719SEALING TAPE FOR SEALING A GAP - A sealing tape for sealing a gap between a structural element such as a frame profile element of a window or door and a building consists of a soft foam strip (04-08-2010
20130177725Heat Shrink Wire Marker Carrier - A wire marker is provided. A carrier strip includes a first layer having at least one opening, two bands applied to opposite edges of the first layer, the bands including an adhesive on at least one side, and a label secured into the opening and attached to the adhesive. At least one access perforation may be located on the first layer that is horizontal and adjacent to one side of the opening. The access perforation facilitates removal of the label from the carrier and allows for insertion of a cable through the label. A plurality of horizontal carrier perforations may further be located between each opening on the first layer to facilitate removal of the carrier strip from a printer.07-11-2013
20130142980FLOOR PANEL HAVING ADHESIVE APPLIED SHEET - The present invention relates to a floor panel characterized in that a sheet is laminated to a tile, and the sheet has an L-shaped adhesive applied surface which is exposed at an edge protion of the tile, the tile comprises a G/F layer for size reinforcement and a middle layer formed of a PVC material which is attached to an upper portion of the G/F layer so as to maintain a balance between upper and lower portions, the sheet comprises a PVC sheet and an acrylic adhesive which is applied to one side of the PVC sheet, and the L-shaped adhesive applied surface of the sheet is covered by a protect film And the tile further comprises a print layer attached to an upper portion of the middle layer; a transparent cover layer attached to an upper portion of the print layer; a high strength UV layer stacked on the transparent cover layer; a base layer attached to a lower portion of the G/F layer; and an release layer attached to a lower portion of the base layer.06-06-2013
20130122230PHOSPHOR-CONTAINING COMPOSITE MATERIAL - A phosphor-containing composite material comprises: an optical excitable film including a releasable adhesive matrix and a phosphor dispersed in the releasable adhesive matrix, the optical excitable film having a surface and a peel adhesion value ranging from 10-200 g/inch as determined by PSTC-1 standard test; and a plastic substrate bonded peelably and directly to the surface of the optical excitable film.05-16-2013
20130129957Peel Ply, Method of Surface Preparation and Bonding Composite Structures Using the Same - A resin-rich peel ply that does not leave behind residual fibers after peeling and can work well with different resin-based composite substrates. The resin-rich peel ply is composed of a woven fabric impregnated with a resin matrix different from the resin matrix of the composite substrate. The peel ply is designed such that, upon manual removal of the peel ply from the composite substrate's surface, a thin film of the peel ply resin remains on the composite substrate's surface to create a bondable surface capable of bonding with another composite substrate, but no fibrous material from the woven fabric remains on the same surface.05-23-2013
20110212284Stretcher Stopper - A floor mounted stopping device having an oblong solid material: a bottom surface and a double sided high bonding adhesive tape affixed on one side to the bottom surface; a peal away backing affixed to the other side of the double sided high bonding adhesive tape; the oblong solid material is shaped as a triangle across its length; the oblong solid material is shaped as a triangle on two end sides; the length of the floor mounted stopping device is greater than the distance between two wheels of a device; the width of the floor mounted stopping device is such that is prepared to stop wheeled devices; the oblong solid material has a triangular design with a flat bottom and angles inward from a rounded or flat edge base running the length of the device; the material is made from: plastic, rubber, vinyl, metal, elastomeric materials, PVC, wood and polymers.09-01-2011
20090068387Composite thermal interface material including aligned nanofiber with low melting temperature binder - A thermal interface material includes a mechanically compliant vertically aligned nanofiber film and a binder material for joining the nanofibers of the film to the surfaces of two substrates. Preferably, the binder material comprises a non-hydrocarbon-based material such as a metallic eutectic with a melting temperature below a nanofiber thermal damage threshold temperature of the film. The film is grown on a substrate which is then bonded to another substrate by the binder material in an adhesion process that may include pressure and heat. Alternatively, the film may be released from the substrate to produce a stand-alone thermal tape which may later be placed between two substrates and bonded.03-12-2009
20090075006Cleancall - A multilayered protective covering including a plurality of sanitary/protective layers including a plurality of films coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive, each of the sanitary/protective layers being stacked to form the multilayered protective covering. The layers can be peeled away one from another by a non-adhesive pull-tab during the course of usage.03-19-2009
20120027975METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TOXIC SUBSTANCE ENCAPSULATION - A method of encapsulating a toxin on a contaminated surface includes providing a plastic air-tight substrate having first and second opposing surfaces. An adhesive substance is disposed on the first surface. The first surface of the plastic substrate is applied to the contaminated surface such that the plastic substrate is adhered to the contaminated surface, and such that the toxin is completely covered by the plastic substrate.02-02-2012
20080280085Dynamically Tunable Fibrillar Structures - A multi-mode adhesive is disclosed comprising a plurality of fibers connected to a backing material where applying an external influence causes a change in properties of the plurality of fibers or backing. This change in properties causes the multi-mode adhesive to change from one level of adhesive strength to another. The multimode adhesive may be used for a variety of novel applications, from adhesives that can be detached remotely to medical adhesives with adhering and non-adhering modes.11-13-2008


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