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428350700 Polymer or resin containing (i.e., natural or synthetic) 1294
428350200 Nonself-supporting tubular film or bag (e.g., pouch, envelope, packet, etc.) 198
428340400 Glass, ceramic, or sintered, fused, fired, or calcined metal oxide or metal carbide containing (e.g., porcelain, brick, cement, etc.) 177
428340900 Shrinkable or shrunk (e.g., due to heat, solvent, volatile agent, restraint removal, etc.) 58
428340200 Paper containing (e.g., paperboard, cardboard, fiberboard, etc.) 56
428340800 Flexible food casing (e.g., sausage type, etc.) 31
428350600 Cellular material derived from plant or animal source (e.g., wood, cotton, wool, leather, etc.) 26
20120201980FIBER-REINFORCED ARTICLE AND METHOD THEREFOR - A method for use in manufacturing a ceramic matrix composite article includes assembling a ceramic fiber sheet between a tool and a die, where the tool is conformable to the shape of the die and the melting point of the die is greater than the melting point of the tool. The assembly is then heated to soften the tool. At least one of the tool, the die or a separate inflatable member is then pressurized to conform the tool and the ceramic fiber sheet to the die. Next, the assembly is cooled and the pressure is vented before removal of the tool and ceramic fiber sheet from the die. A preceramic resin with a catalyst is then applied to the ceramic fiber sheet and cured at a curing temperature that is below the melting point of the tool, to form a preform. The tool is then removed from the preform.08-09-2012
20110206876VACUUM THERMAL INSULATING MATERIAL AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME, AND THERMAL INSULATING BOX HAVING THE VACUUM THERMAL INSULATING MATERIAL - In a vacuum thermal insulating material having a core material enclosed in a gas barrier container whose inside is made to be a decompressed state, the core material has a lamination structure in which a plurality of sheet-shaped long fiber organic fibrous assemblies are continuously wound up from an inner periphery to an outer periphery. Then, a plurality of sheet-shaped organic fibrous assemblies are arranged in parallel and sheet-shaped multiple organic fibrous assemblies having joint sections are formed. The joint sections are made not to overlap with the upper and lower of joint sections.08-25-2011
20120171396Drug suspension agent and method of manufacture thereof - A drug suspension agent and method of making same is used for curing or preventing diseases, or adjusting the physiological function of a human or animal body by drug information without contacting the skin. The basic configuration of the drug suspension agent consists of a drug holder (1), a container (4) and a connector (5). The contents (2) are drugs having pharmacological activity.07-05-2012
20090047452Carbon nanopipes and ductwork with nanometric walls and methods of making the same - A method of making a carbon nanopipe and ensemble of carbon nanopipes, comprising the steps of flowing a carbon precursor over silica fibers and thereby depositing a durable graphitizable carbon coating of tunable thickness of about 10-500 nm onto the silica fibers and etching away the silica fibers to yield a three-dimensional mat of electronically networked, hollow carbon tubules. A carbon nanopipe comprising a durable graphitizable carbon wall of tunable thickness of about 10-500 nm formed by exposing a silica fiber network to a carbon precursor vapor and thereby depositing a carbon film onto the silica fiber network at a temperature suitable for complete pyrolysis of the carbon precursor and removing the silica fibers.02-19-2009
20100151163BLOWMOLDING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A method of blow molding an article comprises providing a mold having a single mold cavity and a length and a width. The mold may be oriented such that the length is oriented horizontally. A first parison and a second parison are extruded into the mold cavity. The first parison and the second parison are expanded such that the material from the first parison contacts the material from the second parison to form a structural rib inside of the article. A blow molded article is also provided comprising an outer wall formed of a first parison and a second parison where a structural rib is formed where the first parison contacts the second parison. Additional parisons may be used in the same mold cavity forming additional ribs and compartments.06-17-2010
20090191367MEMORY DEVICES, STYLUS-SHAPED STRUCTURES, ELECTRONIC APPARATUSES, AND METHODS FOR FABRICATING THE SAME - An exemplary hollow stylus-shaped structure is disclosed, including a hollow column spacer formed over a base layer and a hollow cone spacer stacked over the hollow column spacer, wherein the hollow cone spacer, the hollow column spacer, and the base layer form a space, and sidewalls of the hollow cone spacer and the hollow column spacer are made of silicon-containing organic or inorganic materials.07-30-2009
20110195207GRAPHENE ROLL-TO-ROLL COATING APPARATUS AND GRAPHENE ROLL-TO-ROLL COATING METHOD USING THE SAME - There are provided a graphene roll-to-roll coating apparatus and a graphene roll-to-roll coating method on the basis of a continuous process.08-11-2011
20100047491TRANSIENT LIQUID PHASE EUTECTIC BONDING - A structure including a first structural component, a second structural component and a bonding structure bonding the first and second structural components together, where the bonding structure contains a hypoeutectic solid solution alloy. The hypoeutectic solid solution alloy may be a gold-germanium solid solution alloy, a gold-silicon solid solution alloy or a gold-tin solid solution alloy.02-25-2010
20100119741Waterborne Adhesive - The invention provides the art with a starch based corrugating adhesive that may advantageously be used in the manufacture of water-resistant paperboard products, such as laminated board and corrugated board. The adhesive has the required tack, water resistance and viscosity that allows its use at commercial speeds in a cold corrugating process.05-13-2010
20100075075FLEXIBLE TUBE FOR ENDOSCOPE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A flexible tube is constituted of a flexible tubular structure, a jacket for covering the periphery of the tubular structure, and a coating layer for coating the jacket. The jacket has a soft resin layer and hard resin layer, and has constant thickness throughout its length. The thickness of the soft resin layer is tapered from a distal end to a proximal end of the tubular structure. The hard resin layer applied on the soft resin layer gradually thickens from the distal end to the proximal end, conversely. While an assembly, which includes a plurality of tubular structures coupled in series, is passing through a head section, two layers of the soft resin layer and hard resin layer are successively formed thereon. The assembly with the jacket is wound up after cooling. After a dust removing step, a coating layer is applied on the hard resin layer.03-25-2010
20100075074Collapsible Mandrel Tools and Associated Methods for Fabrication of Wound Composite Articles - Mandrels of various configuration, and action, including collapsible mandrels, to be used in forming composite articles with preselected three dimensional shapes and construction are disclosed and described. In one aspect, such a mandrel may have a plurality of discrete segments coupled about a longitudinal axis and collectively forming an enclosure with a substantially continuous exterior working surface. The working surface can have a network of intersecting grooves formed therein, and such grooves can cooperatively establish a substantially continuous interconnected lattice corresponding to the three dimensional geometric configuration to be imparted to a composite article formed. The mandrel may optionally include a removable core assembly to aid in collapse of the mandrel.03-25-2010
20130078401PACKAGING - The present invention relates to a front sheet for packaging, the front sheet comprising a laminate of an inner layer and an outer layer relative to the interior of the packaging. The inner layer incorporates a removable strip having longitudinal edges abutting adjacent panels of the inner layer. Removal of the removable strip forms an opening through the inner and outer layers of the front sheet. An overlay sheet overlays and is substantially in contact with the removable strip. An improved product can thereby be produced. The invention also relates to containers and bags formed using a front sheet as described, and methods of manufacturing and filling and sealing such containers and bags.03-28-2013
20130078400MOLD FOR MANUFACTURING SLEEVE AND SLEEVE MANUFACTURED BY USING THE SAME - There are provided a mold for manufacturing a sleeve capable of improving product quality by preventing damage in an edge of a mold used for manufacturing a sintered type sleeve, and a sleeve manufactured by using the same. The mold includes: a housing mold having a hollow part formed therein, a closed lower end, and a pillar standing at a center thereof in order to form a shaft hole of a sleeve; and a pressing mold pressing sintering powder after the housing mold is filled with the sintering powder, thereby allowing the sintering powder to be sintered in a sleeve shape, wherein the pressing mold has an outer inclined surface formed along an edge portion of an outer diameter of a front end thereof and a step portion formed at an outermost portion of the outer inclined surface.03-28-2013
20120244299INSULATION APPARATUS - Herein disclosed are embodiments of an insulating device adapted for use with at least one heat source which may have at least one projection on an end thereof. In one embodiment, the insulating device includes a plurality of insulating cap modules. The modules may assemble together to form an insulating cap that substantially covers the end. Each of the insulating cap modules may have least one aperture that allows passage of the at least one projection when assembled. Further disclosed is a kit comprising an insulating device and a method of making an insulating device.09-27-2012
20130078399METHOD FOR MAKING HOUSING AND HOUSING MADE BY SAME - A method for making a housing of an electronic device comprises the following steps: providing an aluminum or aluminum alloy substrate; anodizing the aluminum or aluminum alloy substrate to form an anodic oxide layer; screen printing ink on a portion of the surface of the anodic oxide layer and then drying the ink to form an ink layer; dying the anodic oxide layer to form a colorant layer on the surface of the anodic oxide layer not covered by the ink layer; and sealing the anodic oxide layer.03-28-2013
20130078398MULTI-LAYERED CERAMIC ENCLOSURE - Techniques for fabricating a laminated ceramic housing that can be used for a handheld computing device that includes an enclosure having structural walls formed from a multi-layered ceramic material that can be radio-transparent. The multi-layered ceramic housing can be formed of a plurality of ceramic materials such as zirconia and alumina in any combination. The multi-layer ceramic substrate includes an inner layer and surface layers that sandwich the inner layer. The multi-layer ceramic substrate has an increased transverse strength due to the surface layers having a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) that is less than that of the inner layer.03-28-2013
20090280276Method and Device for Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition on the Inner Wall of a Hollow Body - The invention relates to a method for plasma-assisted chemical vapour deposition for coating or material removal on the inner wall of a hollow body (11-12-2009
20090081390CYLINDER STRUCTURE - A cylinder structure including a plastic cylinder, a metal cylinder, and a metal layer is provided. The plastic cylinder has a first flat on the top thereof. The metal cylinder has a second flat on the top thereof, and is partly inserted into the top of the plastic cylinder, wherein the second flat is higher than the first flat relative to the top of the plastic cylinder. The metal layer covers the exposed surface of the plastic cylinder and the exposed surface of the metal cylinder.03-26-2009
20130040082COMPOUNDS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR SUSCEPTOR MATERIALS - Inorganic compositions include at least one inorganic compound of iron silicate as it is, or mixed with at least one binding compound able to increase the temperature of the composition when the composition is exposed to irradiation caused by an electromagnetic field or electromagnetic waves and are therefore usable for the production of susceptor materials.02-14-2013
20130040081MULTILAYER TEXTILE SLEEVE AND METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION THEREOF - A multilayer textile sleeve and method of construction thereof is provided. The sleeve includes a textile wall having opposite edges extending lengthwise along a longitudinal axis of the sleeve between opposite ends. The opposite edges are configured to overlap one another to bound a central cavity of the sleeve. The wall has an inner layer with opposite inner and outer faces and an outer layer with opposite inner and outer faces. The inner and outer layers overlap one another and are constructed of interlinked yarn. The inner and outer layers are integrally connected to one another across interlinked portions adjacent the opposite edges by yarn common to each of the inner and outer layers.02-14-2013
20090155503Stirring Rod - The invention relates to a rod (06-18-2009
20090155501Preform and a Mold Stack for Producing the Preform - According to embodiments of the present invention, there is provided a preform and a mold stack for producing the preform. For example, there is provided a preform suitable for subsequent blow-molding. The preform comprises a neck portion; a gate portion; and a body portion extending between said neck portion and said gate portion; the gate portion being associated with a substantially conical shape. In an example embodiment, the substantially conical shape is selected such that to substantially homogenize angle of refraction of rays used during a re-heating stage of a blow-molding process.06-18-2009
20090155502COMPOSITE CORE DENSIFICATION - A reinforcement tube for composite core densification and a composite article therewith.06-18-2009
20130045344Football Helmet Cover and or Display - A article of manufacture comprising of, a one piece cover and or display in which is composed of layers of composite materials shaped to resemble a three dimensional football helmet. This article has extruding layers for the facemask display and intruding layers for the ear holes. The football helmet cover and or display is fully enclosed prohibit entry of unwanted items. This football helmet cover can be externally tinted with gel coat prior to manufacture or painted post manufacture. This cover tint to include metallic material to produce a highly reflective exterior topcoat. This cover can be used to reduce the outside elements for such as well heads, water outlets, smaller stumps. This football helmet display can also be used in any decorative faction.02-21-2013
20120213955METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A SHELL BODY AND CORRESPONDING BODY - In a method for manufacturing a shell, at least two shell sections are fabricated out of a composite fiber material, at least one compensation body of a plastically deformable material is secured to at least one limiting edge of at least one shell section, the shell sections are overlapped to form the shell, yielding flat seams between respectively adjacent shell sections. The at least one compensation body is arranged on at least one of the seams. In order to compensate for dimensional deviations in each overlap, the shape of the corresponding compensation bodies is changed, and the shells sections are joined together at the seams.08-23-2012
20100104781Method for Working a Tube Made from a Metallic Material, and Such a Tube - In the case of a method for working a tube made from a metallic material, wherein at least one punching is made in a tube wall of the tube at at least one first circumferential location of the tube wall, the tube wall is provided, at at least one second circumferential location, which faces away from the first circumferential location in the circumferential direction, with at least one forming selected from the group that consists of at least one depression of the tube wall, at least one throughhole in the tube wall.04-29-2010
20120164357External Preparation - The present invention is an external preparation that comprises (A) a higher alcohol, (B) 0.01-5 wt % of a long chain acyl sulfonate anionic surfactant represented by the following general formula (1), such as stearoyl methyltaurate, and (C) 0.1-5 wt % of tranexamic acid, and has a pH of 3.0-6.0.06-28-2012
20100266789METAL CORD REINFORCED FLEXIBLE PIPE - A flexible pipe for conveying pressurized fluids that has an inner tubular layer, two reinforcing layers, an outer layer and a barrier layer. The reinforcing layers are comprised of metal cords wrapped around the inner tubular layer. The metal cords may be comprised of multiple individual wires twisted about themselves or a central guide line. The barrier layer may be positioned between the two reinforcing layers and penetrate therebetween. Additionally, a method for making a flexible pipe is provided, which includes the use of heat to facilitate the penetration of the barrier layer into each of the reinforcing layers.10-21-2010
20100266788Structural Components for Oil, Gas, Exploration, Refining and Petrochemical Applications - A structural component for use in oil, gas, exploration, refining and petrochemical applications in the form of a pipe system is provided. The structural component comprises a plurality of layers, a structural layer comprising a composite material; a corrosion resistant layer for contacting the corrosive petroleum products, the corrosion resistant layer comprising an amorphous metal; a fire resistive layer having a thermal conductivity of less than 0.4 W/m° C. In one embodiment, the structural component has a burn-through time of greater than 5 minutes. In another embodiment, the structural component meets level II fire endurance standard according to IMO A 18/Res.753 fire testing protocol.10-21-2010
20090304957Method for Enshrouding an Actuator - A method for enshrouding an actuator for use in a fuel injector, comprising the steps of providing an actuator having a body section, a first end piece and a second end piece; providing a shroud having first and second ends; applying a sealant material to at least one portion of an exterior surface of the end pieces, and/or to at least one part of the shroud; and enshrouding the actuator with the shroud, such that the sealant material provides an intermediate layer between the end pieces and the shroud and forms a fluid-tight seal between them.12-10-2009
20130071582ANNULAR STRUCTURE HAVING MULTIPLE REINFORCEMENT BANDS - An annular reinforcement structure is provided having a first reinforcement band and a second reinforcement band in a spaced-apart, concentric relationship, and a cast-in-place core material positioned between the first and second reinforcement bands and bonded thereto.03-21-2013
20130071583Auxetic Material - An auxetic material comprises an outer component of a relatively compliant material, and an inner component of a relatively stiff material, wherein the inner component is located within a cavity provided within the outer component, the cavity being of non-linear form in the longitudinal direction of the material when the material is at rest.03-21-2013
20130071584Skins Of Flexible Intelligence - This document describes the design of an articulated artificial skin that may be used to cover any three dimensional surface that changes morphology with time. In one embodiment the skin is made from individual four sided pyramids arranged to bend about their edges. Each pyramid may contain a solid, liquid, gas, or plasma, or any relevant technology such as solar panels and rechargeable batteries. Each pyramid may be connected to neighboring pyramids via tubes, pipes, or electrical wires to allow the flow of fluids and/or electricity. Multi layers of the artificial skin may be used to provide features such as pressure garments, cooling garments, thermal barriers, and armor shielding suitable for use in extreme environments.03-21-2013
20130059096METHODS AND COATINGS FOR TREATING BIOFILMS - A method of treating, reducing, or inhibiting biofilm formation by bacteria, the method comprising: contacting an article with a composition comprising an effective amount of a D-amino acid, said composition being essentially free of the corresponding L-amino acid, thereby treating, reducing or inhibiting formation of the biofilm, wherein the D-amino acid is selected from the group consisting of D-alanine, D-cysteine, D-aspartic acid, D-glutamic acid, D-histidine, D-isoleucine, D-lysine, D-leucine, D-asparagine, D-proline, D-glutamine, D-arginine, D-serine, D-threonine, D-valine, D-tryptophan, D-tyrosine, and a combination thereof.03-07-2013
20110014403METHOD AND APPARATUS OF FORMING INTEGRATED MULTILAYER FABRICS - A method for fabricating multilayer fabrics having a prescribed integration pattern and an apparatus of implementing same. In one embodiment, the method include the steps of providing a plurality of winding yarn carriers arranged in a multilayer structure along a first direction and configured such that each winding yarn carrier is operably movable with respect to one another along a second direction that is perpendicular to the first direction, forming a plurality of crossover points of the winding yarns by moving at least one winding yarn carrier along the second direction according to the integration pattern, transporting the binder yarns through the plurality of winding yarn layers at predetermined locations along the first direction, and locking the binder yarns in place, pushing the binder yarns toward the fell of the multilayer fabrics, and taking up the formed multilayer fabrics.01-20-2011
20110064897Personalizable Stationery Assemblies and Methods - A customizable stationery item adapted to hold supplemental material, comprising at least one backing sheet, adhesive material, a face sheet, and a release strip. The adhesive material is applied to the backing sheet to define first, second, third, and fourth portions arranged to define a material chamber. The face sheet is secured to the backing sheet by the first, second, and third portions of the adhesive material. The release strip selectively engaged with the fourth portion of the adhesive material to define a material opening. After the supplemental material is inserted into the material chamber through the material opening, the release strip is removed to allow the face sheet to contact the fourth portion of the adhesive material, thereby closing the material opening.03-17-2011
20090269525Weight for vibration motor - A weight for a vibration motor, the weight including: a resin part including: a semi-cylindrical portion having a shaft hole in which a rotary shaft is fitted and expanding radially from the shaft hole at a given center angle so as to be eccentrically weighted with respect to the shaft hole; and a pair of locking projections respectively disposed at both axial end areas of an outer circumferential surface of the semi-cylindrical portion so as to extend radially outwardly threfrom; and a metal part attached to the resin part so as to sit on the outer circumferential surface of the semi-cylindrical portion, the metal part including: a pair of locking recesses positioned and configured to correspond respectively to the locking projections of the resin portion, wherein an elevated portion formed between the pair of locking recesses makes contact with the pair of locking projections of the resin portion.10-29-2009
20090269523BRAZING ALLOY AND CERAMIC DISCHARGE LAMP EMPLOYING SAME - There is described a brazing alloy having a first component comprising a source of molybdenum and a source of aluminum and a second component comprising boron, wherein a weight ratio of said second component to said first component is not greater than 1:20. The addition of boron results a substantially lower melting point than alloys employing molybdenum and aluminum alone. It is suitable for use in discharge vessels having a hollow bodies selected from the group of monocrystalline alumina, polycrystalline alumina and aluminum nitride; metallic electrode holders fitted into ends of the hollow body; and sealed thereto by a braze.10-29-2009
20120225225LOW-MONOMER POLYURETHANE FOAMS - A crosslinkable foamable composition with low content of monomeric isocyanates comprising a) 10 to 90 wt % of a prepolymer of polyester diols reacted with an excess of diisocyanates and subsequent removal of the excess monomeric diisocyanate, b) 90 to 10 wt % of a component based on polyether polyols which possesses at least one Si(OR)09-06-2012
20130064998Tool For Forming A Three Dimensional Article Or Container - A tool for forming a container from a blank. The container can include a flange. The tool comprises a first tool assembly, and a second tool assembly. At least one of the first tool assembly and the second tool assembly can be moveable between an open position, wherein the blank is received between the first tool assembly and the second tool assembly, and a closed position wherein the blank is formed into the container. At least one of the first tool assembly and the second tool assembly can comprise flange forming features for forming the flange of the container whereby a first portion of the flange is folded with respect to a second portion of the flange.03-14-2013
20130064997MULTICOLOR GELATIN RIBBONS AND MANUFACTURE OF SOFT GELATIN PRODUCTS - The invention provides a multicolor and marbleized paintball and softgel gelatin capsule manufactured by using a dispensing system comprising: a first box having a bottom thereof for storing gelatin of one color and having an unobstructed discharge opening at the bottom for spreading a layer of gelatin, a second box for storing and dispensing a gelatin of a second color and having means for securing the same to said first box with said spaced discharge openings disposed above and away from said unobstructed discharge opening thereby dispensing a plurality of spaced lines onto said layer, said second box including an adjustable plate for regulating the flow of gelatin through said openings, said first and second boxes having means for introducing different colored gelatin, and wherein said second box has a plurality of spaced discharge openings extending across a width thereof and slanted downward to facilitate the discharge of gelatin.03-14-2013
20090239007Process for the low-deformation diffusion welding of ceramic components - A process for joining ceramic components, wherein the components which are to be joined consist of sintered nonoxide ceramic, and the components are brought into contact with one another in a diffusion-welding process in the presence of a shielding gas atmosphere and are joined with little deformation, under the application of a temperature of at least 1600° C., preferably over 1800° C., particularly preferably over 2000° C., and if appropriate a load, to form a monolith, the components which are to be joined experiencing plastic deformation in the direction in which force is introduced of less than 5%, preferably less than 1%.09-24-2009
20090239006AIR ENCLOSURE WITHOUT HEAT RESISTANT MATERIAL AND MANUFACTURING OF SAME - An air enclosure without a heat resistant material is formed by stacking two outer films and two inner films, allowing the two inner films to be lain in between the two outer films, placing a heat resistant pad between the two inner films, adhering the two outer films and the two inner films to each other to form at least one air inlet between the two inner films and at least one air cylinder between the two outer films, and thereafter, taking out the heat resistant pad, and filling air into the air cylinder via the air inlet to cause the air cylinder to be filled with air and expanded, where the air in the air cylinder compresses the two inner films to cover the air inlet to shield the air cylinder.09-24-2009
20090233022Method for Mounting Logistics Strips to an Inner Surface of a Storage Container Sidewall - A logistics strip defining at least one opening therethrough may be bonded to an inner surface of a storage container side wall. At least one channel may be formed in the inner surface of the side wall. A bonding medium may be applied to an underside of the logistics strip along opposite sides thereof with the at least one opening positioned therebetween. The at least one opening may then be aligned over the at least one channel. The underside of the logistics strip may then be contacted with the inner surface of the side wall such that the bonding medium contacts and bonds to the inner surface of the side wall on both sides of the at least one channel.09-17-2009
20120114886SAFETY INSERT FOR EXTRA-CORPOREAL CIRCUITS - The present invention relates to a safety insert 05-10-2012
20120114885Hollow Article With Covering - A hollow article is provided having a first wall, a second wall and a plurality of edge walls interconnecting the first wall and second wall. A covering is bonded to the hollow article, wherein the covering is bonded to the first wall, and is dimensioned to partially wrap around the hollow article.05-10-2012
20120114884COMPOSITE MATERIAL HOLLOW AXISYMMETRIC BODY - A method of manufacturing a component comprising a hollow axisymmetric body formed of a cured composite material is provided. The method includes the step of positioning the constituents of the composite material in a mould corresponding to at least a portion of the hollow axisymmetric body. The composite material is cured into a composite part, and residual stresses are generated in the composite material during the curing by controlling the temperature of the constituents in the mould. When the composite part is released from the mould, relaxation of the residual stresses causes one or more regions of the composite part to deflect in the radial direction of the hollow axisymmetric body, the position of greatest radial deflection of each region having a radial deflection which is at least 0.1% of the greatest diameter of the hollow axisymmetric body.05-10-2012
20120114883Layered adaptive membrane structure - A layered adaptive membrane structure that has movable membranes is provided. The structure can change its gas, liquid and/or particulate permeability in response to surrounding environmental conditions. Applications include protective apparel that is comfortable to wear wherein the level of protection provided is based on conditions in the environment. Hence, the protective apparel is highly breathable and comfortable in a non-hazardous environment but impermeable or only semipermeable in a hazardous environment.05-10-2012
20090011159PATCH PACKAGE STRUCTURE - The present invention relates to a patch package structure which includes: a package including a first sheet material and a second sheet material, the first and second sheet materials being sealed together in peripheral parts thereof; and a patch disposed in the package, the patch contains a backing, a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer laminated on at least one side of the backing, and a release liner which protects a pressure-sensitive adhesive surface of the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, the release liner having on a surface thereof a cut line supporting a peel-off of the release liner at the time of using the patch, the patch being disposed in the package so that the release liner faces the inner surface of the first sheet material, the first sheet material having a first region in which the inner surface of the first sheet material faces the cut line of the release liner, the first sheet material having in the first region a minimum first distance between the inner surface of the first sheet material and the surface of the release liner, and the inner surface of the first sheet material being spaced from the surface of the release liner at the minimum first distance in the first region.01-08-2009
20090011158MICRONEEDLE STRUCTURES AND CORRESPONDING PRODUCTION METHODS EMPLOYING A BACKSIDE WET ETCH - A method for forming a hollow microneedle structure includes processing the front side of a wafer to form at least one microneedle projecting from a substrate with a first part of a through-bore, formed by a dry etching process, passing through the microneedle and through a part of a thickness of the substrate. The backside of the wafer is also processed to form a second part of the through-bore by a wet etching process.01-08-2009
20090011157Molded Article, A Mold Insert for Producing the Molded Article and a Method of Manufacturing of the Mold Insert - There is provided a preform, a molded article, a mold insert for producing the molded article and a method of manufacture of the mold insert. A mold assembly comprises a core insert defining a first molding contact surface; said first molding contact surface comprising a first impacting pattern; a cavity insert defining a second molding contact surface; said second molding contact surface comprising a second impacting pattern; said first impacting pattern being rougher than said second impacting pattern.01-08-2009
20130164465ANTI LATERAL-TORSIONAL BUCKLING STRUCTURAL MEMBER OF AN AIRCRAFT FUSELAGE - A frame of an aircraft fuselage structure made from composite material, which includes a skin and several stringers fixed on the skin. The frame includes a profile elongated in a longitudinal direction which is hollow over at least a portion of its length. The profile is mounted on two legs. Each leg, intended to be fixed on the skin, includes a first portion extending continuously over the whole length of the profile and a second portion extending from this continuous portion so as to form several openings spaced apart in the longitudinal direction of the profile, in each of which a stringer passes. The presence of the hollow profile in the frame and the structure of the legs makes it possible to dispense with clips and cleats.06-27-2013
20120269998SHEET MATERIAL HAVING CONCAVE-CONVEX SECTION, AND LAMINATED STRUCTURE AND VEHICLE PANEL USING THE SAME - Within an area of substantially regular hexagons arranged at regular intervals on an imaginary reference plane, a sheet material includes a concave-convex section (10-25-2012
20080286505Mica-Reinforced Insulation - Mica-reinforced insulating hose (11-20-2008
20120015120MAGNETICALLY ATTACHABLE DECORATIVE ITEMS - The present disclosure provides ornamental items used to compliment, adorn, decorate or accessorize personal items such clothing, apparel, shoes, purses, backpacks, scarves, belts, headwear, etc., wherein the ornamental items are magnetically attachable to such personal items.01-19-2012
20090311451Insert Apparatus for a Mold, Method of Manufacturing a Structural Unit, Method of Retrofitting an Existing Mold, and a Structural Unit - A method of manufacturing a structural unit includes the steps of: (a) engaging a carrier within at least a portion of a mold, the carrier in operative communication with a face having at least one design portion extending into or out of an inner cavity of the mold; (b) placing material into the inner cavity of the mold, such that at least a portion of at least one side of the inner cavity comprises the face; (c) at least one of compacting, consolidating and condensing the material, thereby forming the structural unit; and (d) removing the structural unit and the carrier from the mold.12-17-2009
20100178440SUBSTRATES WITH BARRIER PROPERTIES AT HIGH HUMIDITY - The invention relates to a substrate comprising a layer of crystalline triazine with a protective compound having a retention of oxygen barrier at 85% RH of about 50% or better. The protective compound preferably contains an azine-formaldehyde or phenol-formaldehyde resin, preferably with an hydroxy-functional polymer, and is cured.07-15-2010
20110287197CONTAINERS - The invention provides, in one aspect, a method of making a container having a body and a rim defining an opening for the container, the opening being capable of being closed by a push-on lid, the container being made of a material which is susceptible to deformation when heated. In other aspects, the invention also provides a container and an apparatus for making a container.11-24-2011
20080286504Steel Plate or Steel Pipe with Small Occurrence of Bauschinger Effect and Methods of Production of Same - The present invention provides steel plate or steel pipe with small occurrence of the Bauschinger effect and methods of production of the same, particularly steel pipe used for steel pipe for oil wells or line pipe with a small drop in the compression strength in the circumferential direction due to the Bauschinger effect when expanded and methods of production of the same, that is steel plate or steel pipe with small occurrence of the Bauschinger effect characterized by having a dual-phase structure substantially comprising a ferrite structure and fine martensite which is dispersed in the ferrite structure. Further, this steel plate or steel pipe contains, by mass %, C: 0.03 to 0.30%, Si: 0.01 to 0.8%, Mn: 0.3 to 2.5%, P: 0.03% or less, S: 0.01% or less, Al: 0.001 to 0.01%, and N: 0.01% or less and a balance of iron and unavoidable impurities.11-20-2008
20110287198ALKALI-ACTIVATED BINDER, ALKALI-ACTIVATED MORTAR, CONCRETE PRODUCTS AND WET RED CLAY PAVING MATERIAL USING BINDER - The present invention relates to an alkali-activated binder which can be used as a binder for replacing cement, and more particularly, to an alkali-activated binder, and to mortar, concrete, concrete products, and wet loess paving material comprising the binder, in which inorganic sodium-free alkaline materials are contained to reduce the total amount of Na11-24-2011
20110143061TWO-COMPONENT ADHESIVE SUITABLE FOR CONSTRUCTION PURPOSES, ITS USE AND THE CURED STRUCTURAL BONDS OBTAINED THEREBY - A two-component adhesive composition suitable for structural bonding of concrete/concrete, steel/concrete, or steel/steel, as well as for structural strengthening and reinforcing applications with fiber reinforced polymers, is disclosed. The composition includes a resin component A with a peroxide containing at least one norbornene group and at least one methacrylate containing compound and a hardener component B comprising a peroxide and at least one thiol. The resin component A and the hardener component B are spatially separated from one another to inhibit any reaction before mixing of the components.06-16-2011
20110217491LITHIUM OR BARIUM BASED FILM GETTERS - Two film materials, one of them with the structure of barium eutectic and another one with the structure of lithium solid solution, manufactured by thermal deposition. The mentioned films may give a freedom of choice of the sealing methods starting from the standard bonding processes with heating under vacuum to common gluing at room temperature.09-08-2011
20110217490Protective Sheathing Apparatus - A protective sheathing apparatus comprising an elongated flexible member, first fastening elements, second fastening elements, an attachment section, and one or more third fastening elements is provided. The first fastening elements and the second fastening elements are affixed in proximity to a first lengthwise edge and a second lengthwise edge of the elongated flexible member respectively. The affixed second fastening elements detachably engage with the affixed first fastening elements for defining a generally cylindrical lengthwise channel within the elongated flexible member for accommodating one or more longitudinal objects. The attachment section is attached to and extends outwardly from a first widthwise edge and/or a second widthwise edge of the elongated flexible member for enabling detachable engagement with another protective sheathing apparatus. The third fastening elements are affixed on an exterior surface of the elongated flexible member for enabling detachable attachment of the protective sheathing apparatus to a support surface.09-08-2011
20100028572Corrosion-resistant member and process for producing the same - A corrosion-resistant member having a high acid resistance, plasma resistance, and hydrophilicity and a process for producing the corrosion-resistant member are provided. The corrosion-resistant member is obtained by surface-treating an untreated member (a ceramic, a metal) to a surface-treatment with a spray of a superheated water vapor having a temperature of 300 to 1000° C. The corrosion-resistant member may be a member contacting with a processing space in a vapor phase surface process apparatus (e.g., a chamber) for the surface process of a substrate by a vapor phase method such as a PVD, a CVD, or a dry etching.02-04-2010
20090098318DIAPHRAGM ISOLATION FORMING THROUGH SUBTRACTIVE ETCHING - Described herein is a housing comprising an inside and at least one sidewall, wherein the at least one sidewall comprises inner and outer surfaces. An etch stop deposit is disposed over at least a portion of the housing, and a diaphragm material deposit is disposed over at least a portion of the etch stop deposit.04-16-2009
20110262667COMPOSITE MATERIAL AND PRODUCTION PROCESSES - The invention relates to a composite material and to processes for producing it. A composite material according to the invention contains at least one reinforcing component with an at least partially crystal-oriented titanium and/or titanium alloy phase. A composite material of this type has a high strength and rigidity and simultaneously a ductility that is higher than in the prior art.10-27-2011
20080241445Flower Vase and Blank for the Production Thereof - Flower vase made of a watertight, cardboard-like material. Starting from a blank, after fold lines suitably applied have been introduced, a vase is obtained, which is watertight without glue or sealing techniques. In particular it is proposed to design the folding structure such that there are elastic material flaps in the middle of the vase for accommodating a bouquet of flowers closely fitting therein. Because of the folding inwards, a stiff outside of the vase is created. Optional carrying handles, such as cords, can be applied such that this inward-moving effect for retaining a bunch of flowers is reinforced. A vase of this type can be provided with any desired printing and can have any desired dimensions.10-02-2008
20090155504Laminated molded body - A laminated molded body is produced by coextrusion of plural types of resin materials and includes a main body (06-18-2009
20090148635NON-EVAPORABLE GETTER ALLOYS BASED ON YTTRIUM FOR HYDROGEN SORPTION - Non-evaporable getter alloys, such as Y 75%-Mn 15%-Al 10%, are provided and can be activated at relatively low temperatures and have good properties in sorbing a wide variety of gases, particularly hydrogen.06-11-2009
20090148633Vapor Deposited Film by Plasma Cvd Method - A vapor deposited film is formed on a base material surface by a plasma CVD method where an organic metal compound and an oxidizing gas are used as a reactive gas. The vapor deposited film has three sections of a base material side adhesive layer having 5% or more carbon, a barrier intermediate layer having less than 5% carbon, and a surface protection film having 5% or more carbon, by element concentration with respect to the total amount of three elements of a metal element (M), oxygen (O) and carbon (C) derived from the organic metal compound. The vapor deposited film has excellent adhesiveness to the base material, and has excellent resistance to water, especially to alkaline aqueous solutions, as well.06-11-2009
20090148632PACKAGE FOR FIBRES AND A METHOD FOR THE APPLICATION THEREOF - A package for reinforcing fibres to be used in production of fibre concrete or similar materials. The package has a continuous, elongated design with a circular, elliptical, square, rectangular or polygonal cross section. The fibres are longitudinally or transversally or randomly oriented and are tilled into the package, wherein the fibres are uniformly arranged so that each length unit of the package has a defined amount of fibres. The continuous package is arranged into a transport box to be delivered to a concrete plant. The continuous package is fed to a conveyer belt, an aggregate belt, a skip, a weigh hopper, a truckmixer, or a premixer, wherein the package is opened and the fibres are dosed into the concrete.06-11-2009
20100034997METAL-COMPOSITE BONDING METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS - Embodiments described herein provide various processes for bonding metals to composites and for reinforcing the bonded metal and composite structures. In addition, the embodiments include the metal/composite compositions resulting from these processes.02-11-2010
20110195208FLEXIBLE PIPE HAVING INCREASED ACID RESISTANCE AND/OR CORROSION RESISTANCE - Use of a boron holding grease or fluid or oil for the purpose of increasing acid resistance and/or corrosion resistance in at least one metallic component of a flexible pipe body.08-11-2011
20100124624CAPSULE AND CHEMICAL REACTION CARTRIDGE - There are provided a capsule and a chemical reaction cartridge capable of properly handling reagents and so forth. The capsule is formed by laminating two dome-shaped films together at the peripheries thereof. The films are formed by subjecting heat sealable films, to which aluminum vapor deposition is applied, to a drawing process. The films are made of a material (easy-peel material), which can be varied in seal strength by a heating temperature and are thermally welded together at an adhesion area at the peripheries thereof. Thereafter, contents such as reagents and so forth are filled up inside the capsule via a filling section.05-20-2010
20100086710Hollow profile, particularly hollow profile sash bar, as well as a method and a device for its production - A hollow profile welded in the longitudinal direction, in the region of two abutting edges, via a longitudinal weld seam, particularly a hollow profile sash bar for sash bars, made of metal, has a profile wall and an outer profile surface imprinted with paint. The longitudinal weld seam has an outer weld seam surface that does not project beyond the profile wall on the outside, and the outer weld seam surface is imprinted with paint.04-08-2010
20120034402Removable Adhesive Label Containing Polymeric Film Layer Having Water Affinity - An adhesive label includes a polymeric first film layer that has an affinity for water. The label is useful in various labeling applications and especially adhesive labeling of reusable and recyclable containers which require removal of the label during a washing process in a warm or hot washing fluid.02-09-2012
20090291239HIGH STRENGTH HOLLOW BOARD - A high strength hollow board includes two plastic sheets and plural plastic bars fixed between the two plastic sheets. The plastic bars are elongate flat and erect bars successively bent into a series of S-shaped curves, able to evenly disperse a large external force borne by the hollow board and bear a horizontal bending force of the hollow board to prevent the hollow board from causing breakage by bending. Further, the two plastic sheets have their opposite inner sides respectively fixed with lots of lengthwise projecting bars for strengthening their pressure resistant and bending tensile force and producing refraction action, having effects of sound insulation, heat prevention and weakening of light.11-26-2009
20110200767MIXING APPARATUS AND SEALANT - It is an object to provide a mixing apparatus for a high viscosity material that can obtain a sealant with the air caught therein reduced. The mixing apparatus includes a main agent supply unit 08-18-2011
20090252904METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF MACHINERY COMPONENTS AND SUBSEQUENTLY PRODUCED ROLL SLEEVE - A method for the production of mechanically highly stressed machinery components, with at least one pass-through opening, especially suction roll sleeves on paper machines, includes the material characteristics of the machinery component being altered with regard to an increase in the resistance against vibratory fissure corrosion on the machinery component in the localized area of the pass-through opening. A roll sleeve produced according to this method is also provided.10-08-2009
20120107535ORNAMENTAL ARTICLE - In ornamental articles which make it difficult for other people to visually recognize a symbol or symbol string, required is an ornamental article which makes it easy to visually recognize even solely when a specific condition is satisfied, and also permits smooth alignment. The ornamental article comprises a first ornament and a second ornament each having a symbol or symbol string laid out across at least two surfaces adjacent to each other. When one surface of the first ornament having a part of the symbol or symbol string laid out thereon, and one surface of the second ornament having a part of the symbol or symbol string laid out thereon are adjacent to each other, the symbol or symbol string is displayed recognizably from the one surface of the first ornament to the one surface of the second ornament.05-03-2012
20120107534Degradable Sachets for Developing Markets - Disclosed herein are degradable sachets useful for enclosing a consumer product, such as, for example, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, bar soap, and detergent. The sachets of the invention have a moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) of less than about ten grams per square meter per day (g/m05-03-2012
20090263598METHOD FOR PRODUCING A METAL TUBE BY CLAD ROLLING ONE MORE PROFILES TO FORM AT LEAST ONE CHANNEL, A CLAD ROLLING MILL FOR JOINING ONE OR MORE PROFILES, A CLAD ROLLED METAL TUBE - A method for producing a metal tube including arranging at least one metal profile to form at least one channel for conduction of a fluid. The at least one metal profiled is fed into a clad-rolling mill. A first and second portion of the at least one metal profile are clad-rolled to each other, so that the first and the second portions are joined with each other. The first and the second portions form a seal that holds the at least one metal profile together and seals at least part of the channel. A clad-rolling mill is adapted to produce a metal tube and a metal tube.10-22-2009
20090263597METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A HOUSING - A method for manufacturing a housing, comprising providing a buffer cushion, fixing the buffer cushion in an injection mold, and injecting molten material into the injection mold to form a housing, with the housing being attached to the buffer cushion.10-22-2009
20090047453NANO-ENHANCED SMART PANEL - Methods, systems, and apparatuses are provided herein for a smart panel. In embodiments, the smart panel is assembled to be lightweight, while being stiff, strong, flexible, and/or tough. The smart panel may include one or more functions, such as power generation, power storage, wireless communications capability, memory, one or more sensors, a display for graphics/video, being enabled to programmatically change colors, and/or further functions. In an embodiment, the smart panel is a multilayered panel, assembled from one or more materials. The materials may be optionally enhanced with micro-scale and/or nano-scale technologies/components.02-19-2009
20090148634Insert and Injection-Molded Part Having an Insert - An insert in an injection-molded part is provided, in particular a fastening bush for accommodating a fastening means in a receptacle opening, having at least one outer surface. At least the outer surface has a metallic anticorrosion layer on which a sealing layer is deposited.06-11-2009
20090104386ORIENTED NANOFIBERS EMBEDDED IN A POLYMER MATRIX - A method of forming a composite of embedded nanofibers in a polymer matrix is disclosed. The method includes incorporating nanofibers in a plastic matrix forming agglomerates, and uniformly distributing the nanofibers by exposing the agglomerates to hydrodynamic stresses. The hydrodynamic said stresses force the agglomerates to break apart. In combination or additionally elongational flow is used to achieve small diameters and alignment. A nanofiber reinforced polymer composite system is disclosed. The system includes a plurality of nanofibers that are embedded in polymer matrices in micron size fibers. A method for producing nanotube continuous fibers is disclosed. Nanofibers are fibrils with diameters 100 nm, multiwall nanotubes, single wall nanotubes and their various functionalized and derivatized forms. The method includes mixing a nanofiber in a polymer; and inducing an orientation of the nanofibers that enables the nanofibers to be used to enhance mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. Orientation is induced by high shear mixing and elongational flow, singly or in combination. The polymer may be removed from said nanofibers, leaving micron size fibers of aligned nanofibers.04-23-2009
20080311319PROCEDURE AND DEVICE FOR STICKING OBJECTS - The invention relates to a method for sticking, a container, a pocket tape, a method for the production of a pocket tape, a device for the production of a pocket tape, a method for the production of an adhesive tape, an adhesive tape and a device for the production of an adhesive tape. The invention is characterised in that adhesive zones are spaced from one another by non-adhesive zones.12-18-2008
20090291240LABEL WITH BENDABLE PART - A label has a part that is to stand out at a defined angle from a curved surface to which the label is applied. There is a reinforcement area that has an edge curvature at the transition part of the label, between the part that is to be raised up and the part that is attached to the curved surface. The edge curvature is implemented such that it fixes the part to be raised up at a defined angle during or after placement of the label on a specific object.11-26-2009
20090169779In Particular Frustoconical Hollow Body Which Can be Stabilized by Positive Air Pressure and Can be Anchored On an Underlying Surface Via Bracing Means - An in particular frustoconical hollow body (07-02-2009
20100143618COMPOSITE COMPONENT AND A METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PRODUCING THE COMPOSITE COMPONENT - In a method and apparatus for producing a composite component comprising a hollow profile and at least one injection-molded element, a hollow profile (06-10-2010
20090169778Sensor housing - A sensor housing (07-02-2009
20080241444HONEYCOMB STRUCTURE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREFOR - A honeycomb structure including a ceramic block having two ends. The ceramic block is formed of a plurality of honeycomb units having cell walls, which define a plurality of cells that extend from one end to the other end. The honeycomb units are bonded together by interposing bonding layers therebetween. A coat layer is provided on an outer peripheral surface of the ceramic block. At least one heat absorbing material is provided to at least one part selected from among the cell walls, the coat layer, and the bonding layer.10-02-2008
20080241442IMAGE INPUT/OUTPUT APPARATUS WITH FREE STOP FUNCTION AND SUPPORT ARM THEREWITH - A support arm is connected a main body and an open/closed body. An opening is disposed on the main body. The open/closed body is pivoted to the main body in a foldable manner. The support arm includes a connecting part connected to the open/closed body, and a wedge part connected to the connecting part. A notch is formed inside the wedge part, and a first side of the wedge part is a camber. When the wedge part wedges in the opening with different sections on the camber, the wedge part deforms at different deformations so as to hold the open/closed body in different positions relatively to the main body.10-02-2008
20100129574Trophy Assembly with Twist Connector - A trophy assembly having a base with an integral lower clip, a column with interior column ribs, in which the lower clip is adapted to engage the column ribs, thereby joining the base and the column when the column is placed over the clip and rotated. A trophy assembly having a base attached to a lid with an integral clip, and a column with interior column ribs, wherein the clip is adapted to engage the column ribs, thereby joining the base, the lid and the column when the column is placed over the clip and rotated. A trophy column having an exterior column surface and an interior column surface with a plurality of inwardly and longitudinally extending ribs. A plastic base for use in a trophy assembly having a base and a column, wherein the base has in integral clip adapted to engage ribs on the interior surface of the column. A figure for use in a trophy assemble having a column with ribs on the interior column surface wherein the figure has an integral clip adapted to engage the ribs. A lid for a trophy assembly that is attachable to a base, figure or platform, in which the lid has an integral clip adapted to engage the column ribs.05-27-2010
20080286506IN-MOLD LABELING SYSTEM FOR CONTAINERS - A container or other article is integrally molded to a labeling assembly. The labeling assembly includes a release surface for releasably supporting an adhesive label for identifying a feature of the container. A method of making a container having an in-mold labeling assembly is also disclosed. A labeling assembly is provided in a mold cavity so that the top face of the labeling assembly faces away from the hollow mold cavity. Moldable material is introduced into the mold cavity to form the container and the formed container is integrally molded to the labeling assembly. A method for tracking the contents of a container using such an assembly is also provided.11-20-2008
20080286503Method For Production of Thin-Walled Parts - The invention relates to a method for producing thin-walled parts made of molding material by moving a first and an additional shaping tool relative to one another. According to the inventive method, a hollow space of the first shaping tool or another part that is inserted into the first shaping tool is filled with pourable molding material, and a thin-walled zone made of molding material is created between an exterior wall area of the additional shaping tool and an interior wall area of the shaping tool by moving the first and the additional shaping tool relative to each other so as to partially displace the molding material.11-20-2008
20080311318Multiwire Unit and Method for Producing the Same - A multiwire unit having a plurality of wire sections which are formed in one piece from a tubular piece whose tubular jacket is subdivided in at least an axial subsection by a plurality of axial slots. The wire pieces remain interlinked at a front end section at a distance to a front tube face, and assume a bent functional state downstream of the wire linking area in a defined functional state of the multiwire unit. The front wire linking area, in the functional state of the multiwire unit, is shaped to an essentially tipless front end closure. For this purpose, the axial slots end at an appropriate small axial distance to the front tube face. The multiwire unit may be formed as, for example, a wire basket unit or a wire filter unit for medical instruments.12-18-2008
20110206874Insulating Corrective Lens System for Aftermarket Windows - An aftermarket application to improve the insulating properties of an existing window using vessels filled with nanotechnology insulating materials. Application does not impede users' ability to see through while minimizing heat transfer allowed through the window. The vessels can be customized by contractors and engineers to control range and direction of vision that viewers from the inside and outside can see.08-25-2011
20120034400CARBON FIBER-REINFORCED CARBON COMPOSITE MATERIAL AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A carbon fiber-reinforced carbon composite material and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The carbon fiber-reinforced carbon composite material includes carbon fibers, and a carbonaceous matrix. The carbon fiber-reinforced carbon composite material is integrally formed. The carbon fibers are a substantially linear fiber existing in a bare-fiber state within the carbonaceous matrix and having an average fiber length of less than about 1.0 mm. The carbon fiber-reinforced carbon composite material has a bulk density of about 1.2 g/cm02-09-2012
20100136268BONDED FIBROUS ARTICLES AND METHODS FOR MAKING SAME - Bonded fibrous articles having one or more bonds that are in contact with a lotion and methods for making such bonded fibrous articles are provided.06-03-2010
20120196059VACUUM HEAT INSULATING MATERIAL, HEAT INSULATING BOX, REFRIGERATOR, REFRIGERATING/AIR-CONDITIONING APPARATUS, WATER HEATER, APPLIANCE, AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF VACUUM HEAT INSULATING MATERIAL - A highly reliable vacuum heat insulating material having excellent processability, handleability and heat insulating performance, and a heat insulating box using the vacuum heat insulating material are provided. In the vacuum heat insulating material with the inside in an approximately vacuum state by sealing a core material 08-02-2012
20120141700GRAPHENE STRUCTURE AND METHOD OF FABRICATING THE SAME - A graphene structure and a method of forming the same may include a graphene formed in a three-dimensional (3D) shape, e.g., a column shape, a stacking structure, and a three-dimensionally connected structure. The graphene structure can be formed by using Ge.06-07-2012
20090181191CAPSULE FOR TAKING AN ACTIVE SUBSTANCE WHICH CAN BE INHALED - The invention relates to a novel capsule for receiving an active substance to be administered by inhalation, which is preferably intended for use in a powder inhaler operating on the Bernoulli principle.07-16-2009
20090029076Metal-Molded Article Made By Mold Assembly - Disclosed is, according to an aspect, a metal-molded article, including: (i) a body molded in association with a mold assembly, and (ii) a hollow insert embedded, at least in part, in the body. The body has a light-metal alloy that was injected, under pressure, into the mold assembly.01-29-2009
20090029077Drug eluting medical devices having porous layers - In accordance with an aspect of the invention, implantable or insertable medical devices are provided that comprise (a) a substrate and (b) a porous layer comprising close packed spherical pores disposed over the substrate. The porous layer may also comprise a therapeutic agent. In another aspect, the present invention provides methods of forming implantable or insertable medical devices. These methods comprise forming a predecessor structure that comprises (i) a substrate over which is disposed (ii) an assembly of microspheres. This assembly of microspheres is then used as a template for the formation of a porous layer, which may be subsequently loaded with a therapeutic agent.01-29-2009
20090136693Container Produced Using an Injection Molding Method, and Plastics Film Label Provided for Over-Molding With Plastics - The invention relates to a container (05-28-2009
20090162584RE-WORKABLE PRESSURE VESSELS FOR SUPERCONDUCTING MAGNET ARRANGEMENTS - A reworkable pressure vessel for containing a superconducting magnet arrangement. At least first and second separate parts of the vessel are fabricated from fibre-reinforced thermoplastic material. Said first and second parts comprise facing end surfaces adapted for fusion bonding together to form a union closing said vessel such that said vessel can be opened by application of heat and a cutting tool, and re-closed by re-application of fusion bonding to said union.06-25-2009
20090162585JEJUNAL FEEDING TUBE - The present invention provides a method of manufacturing a flexible tube. The method includes the steps of providing a source of material to be extruded and forming a tubular member with an extrusion die. The extrusion die includes a radially and outwardly extending tooth configured to define a protrusion upon the outer surface of the tubular member. The method further includes the step of rotating the tubular member after exiting the extrusion die such that the protrusion forms a helical profile along the length of the tubular member.06-25-2009
20090297740PRECISION-FOLDED, HIGH STRENGTH, FATIGUE-RESISTANT STRUCTURES AND SHEET THEREFOR - Precision-folded, high strength, fatigue-resistant structures and a sheet therefore are disclosed. To form the structures, methods for precision bending of a sheet of material along a bend line and a sheet of material formed with bending strap-defining structures, such as slits or grooves, are disclosed. Methods include steps of designing and then separately forming longitudinally extending slits or grooves through the sheet of material in axially spaced relation to produce precise bending of the sheet when bent along the bend line. The bending straps have a configuration and orientation which increases their strength and fatigue resistance, and most preferably slits or arcs are used which causes edges to be engaged and supported on faces of the sheet material on opposite sides of the slits or arcs. The edge-to-face contact produces bending along a virtual fulcrum position in superimposed relation to the bend line. Several slit embodiments suitable for producing edge-to-face engagement support and precise bending are disclosed. With these teachings, forming numerous three-dimensional load-bearing structures from a two dimensional sheet are enabled. Examples of straight and curved beams, chassis, and exoskeletons are disclosed.12-03-2009
20090136694Multi-Layer Arrangement Method For A Tubular Net On A Support Tube - A tubular net arrangement is made by placing a tubular net on a transfer tube and inserting a support tube coaxially inside the transfer tube. The support tube has a support tube diameter that is smaller than the transfer tube diameter. The tubular net is then moved off the transfer tube and past the end of the transfer tube to fold the tubular net onto the support tube in the form of multiple successive concentric layers. The transfer tube then moves relative to the support tube to expose the support tube as the layers are formed on the support tube. The inner diameter of each layer is adjacent the support tube and is equal to the support tube diameter and the outer diameter of each layer is spaced away from the support tube and is greater than the support tube diameter and at most equal to the transfer tube diameter.05-28-2009
20090186173Multilayer composite pressure vessel and method for making the same - A pressure vessel for containing materials under elevated pressures includes a metal liner and an adhesive layer, applied to the outer surface of the metal liner, where the adhesive layer is treated with a vacuum bag in order to secure the adhesive to the outer surface of the liner. An overwrap layer is applied on top of the adhesive on the outer surface of the metal liner, where the overwrap layer is formed by winding a filamentary material around the liner, such that the filamentary material adheres to the adhesive forming an overwrap layer on the outer surface of the metal liner, forming the pressure vessel.07-23-2009
20100151161FLEXIBLE HOLLOW SHAFT - The invention relates to a flexible hollow shaft (06-17-2010
20130216741Method And System For Assembling Blow Molded Panels To Create Cantilevered Structures - Assembling blow molded parts to form cantilevered structures incorporating a joint among three blow molded parts. A joint incorporates connector components from each part. One part comprises a cantilever, and has a tab with a through hole disposed substantially at the fixed end. The other two parts are assembled using a barbed post-and-hole joint, such that the post is inserted through the hole in the tab. The tab acts in tension at an angle to oppose the moment and shear generated by the weight of the cantilever. Other aspects of the invention include an additional dovetail joint connecting the cantilever part and the other part or parts, The dovetail joint may be blind, and may contribute to supporting the weight of, as well as opposing the moment and shear.08-22-2013
20080317982COMPLIANT AND NONPLANAR NANOSTRUCTURE FILMS - A coated substrate comprising a nanostructure film formed on a non-planar substrate is described. The coated substrate may further be compliant, optically transparent and/or electrically conductive. Fabrication methods thereof are also described.12-25-2008
20090142522HOLLOW NANOCRYSTALS AND METHOD OF MAKING - Described herein are hollow nanocrystals having various shapes that can be produced by a simple chemical process. The hollow nanocrystals described herein may have a shell as thin as 0.5 nm and outside diameters that can be controlled by the process of making.06-04-2009
20090324859DENSE, SHAPED ARTICLES CONSTRUCTED OF A REFRACTORY MATERIAL AND METHODS OF PREPARING SUCH ARTICLES - The invention provides a method of forming a dense, shaped article, such as a crucible, formed of a refractory material, the method comprising the steps of placing a refractory material having a melting point of at least about 2900° C. in a mold configured to form the powder into an approximation of the desired shape. The mold containing the powder is treated at a temperature and pressure sufficient to form a shape-sustaining molded powder that conforms to the shape of the mold, wherein the treating step involves sintering or isostatic pressing. The shape-sustaining molded powder can be machined into the final desired shape and then sintered at a temperature and for a time sufficient to produce a dense, shaped article having a density of greater than about 90% and very low open porosity. Preferred refractory materials include tantalum carbide and niobium carbide.12-31-2009
20110206875METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT FOR PRODUCTION OF AN INTEGRAL HOLLOW-PROFILED COMPONENT WITH FIBRE COMPOSITE MATERIAL - Method for production of an integral hollow-profiled component with fibre composite material comprising at least the following steps: a) providing at least one inner tool core, b) covering the at least one inner tool core with at least one layer of fibre composite material, c) curing the at least one layer of fibre composite material, and d) removing the at least one inner tool core. This makes it possible to produce particularly dimensionally accurate aircraft components, which have an integral hollow-profiled component with a tapering cross section and a plurality of longitudinally running stringers.08-25-2011
20090098319HEAT RESISTANT ALLOY ADAPTED TO PRECIPITATE FINE TI-NB-CR CARBIDE OR TI-NB-ZR-CR CARBIDE - A heat resistant alloy comprising, in % by weight, over 0.6% to not more than 0.9% of C, up to 2.5% of Si, up to 3.0% of Mn, 20 to 28% of Cr, 8 to 55% of Ni, 0.01 to 0.8% of Ti and 0.05 to 1.5% of Nb, the balance being Fe and inevitable impurities, the value of (Ti+Nb)/C being 0.12 to 0.29 in atomic % ratio. When the alloy further contains up to 0.5% of Zr, the value of (Ti+Nb+Zr)/C is 0.12 to 0.29 in atomic % ratio. When the alloy is heated at a temperature of at least about 800 degrees C., a fine Ti—Nb—Cr carbide or Ti—Nb—Zr—Cr carbide precipitates within grains to thereby retard creep deformation and give an improved creep rupture strength. The alloy is therefore suitable as a material for hydrogen production reforming tubes.04-16-2009
20110229666INJECTION-MOLDED BODY - An injection-molded body according to the present invention includes a tubular body portion, an airtight seal surface formed on a peripheral surface of the body portion near one end of the body portion, and a plurality of undercuts disposed at positions around the peripheral surface of the body portion that are closer to the end than the airtight seal surface is. The undercuts prevent a seal member mounted on the airtight seal surface from falling off, in which a clearance is formed between a peripheral wall and the undercuts. The peripheral wall defines an inner hole of the body portion, and the clearance accommodates deformation of the undercuts in radial directions.09-22-2011
20120034399Injection-Molded Composite Container - Constructs including a blank and a body formed from liquid molding material are provided. The blank may be hermetically sealed to the body. For example, a mold assembly may injection mold the blank to the body. The mold assembly may include a male mold and a female mold that cooperatively define a first cavity and a second cavity. The first cavity may receive a peripheral margin of the blank and the second cavity may receive the remainder of the blank. Liquid molding material may be directed into the first cavity to form the body of the construct. The liquid molding material may be directed into the first cavity in a manner that avoids bending the peripheral margin of the blank such that a tight seal is established between the blank and the body of the construct and the blank retains a planar configuration.02-09-2012
20090017238Martensitic stainless steel pipe - A martensitic stainless steel pipe having a heat-affected zone with high resistance to intergranular stress corrosion cracking is provided. In particular, the martensitic stainless steel pipe contains less than 0.0100% of C; less than 0.0100% of N; 10% to 14% of Cr; and 3% to 8% of Ni on a mass basis. Alternatively, the martensitic stainless steel pipe may further contain Si, Mn, P, S, and Al within an appropriate content range. The martensitic stainless steel pipe may further contain one or more selected from the group consisting of 4% or less of Cu, 4% or less of Co, 4% or less of Mo, and 4% or less of W and one or more selected from the group consisting of 0.15% or less of Ti, 0.10% or less of Nb, 0.10% or less of V, 0.10% or less of Zr, 0.20% or less of Hf, and 0.20% or less of Ta on a mass basis. The content C01-15-2009
20110223363WAFER AND PACKAGE PRODUCT MANUFACTURING METHOD - A wafer is provided that is stacked on and anodically bonded to another wafer to form a plurality of package products each having a cavity in which an operation piece is contained between the wafers. In a portion of the wafer located inward with respect to the outer circumference of a product area in which a plurality of concave portions are formed each of which will be part of the cavity when stacked on the another wafer, a depressed area or through hole is formed having a plane area larger than that of one of the concave portions.09-15-2011
20090246427PRODUCT LABELS HAVING REMOVABLE PORTIONS HAVING ADHESIVE AND BACKING THEREON - A method of labeling a container is provided that includes providing a label having a release liner sheet secured to a label stock sheet; defining a cut line through the release liner sheet but not through the label stock sheet to separate the release liner sheet into a removable portion and a remaining portion; defining a weakened line through the label stock sheet to separate the label stock sheet into a remaining portion and a removable portion; removing the removable portion of the release liner sheet from the label stock sheet so that the remaining portion of the release liner sheet remains secured to the removable portion of the label stock sheet and so that adhesive on the remaining portion of the label stock sheet is exposed; and placing the label on the container so that the exposed adhesive secures the remaining portion of the label stock sheet to the container and so that the remaining portion of the release liner sheet prevents adhesion of the removable portion of the label stock sheet to the container.10-01-2009
20080260976CARRIER FOR CARRYING A PACKAGED CHIP AND HANDLER EQUIPPED WITH THE CARRIER - A carrier for carrying a packaged chip includes a housing having a space into which the packaged chip is placed and at least one guiding hole formed between outside and inside lateral surfaces thereof A moving block moves along the guiding hole and engages with a latch, which is also provided in the guiding hole. The latch rotates to hold and release a packaged chip placed into the space. Corresponding steps on the moving block and the latch prevent the latch from rotating when the moving block makes small movements caused by jolts or shocks.10-23-2008
20090220710PROCESS OF MAKING A MICROTUBE AND MICROFLUIDIC DEVICES FORMED THEREWITH - A process for producing a micromachined tube (microtube) suitable for microfluidic devices. The process entails isotropically etching a surface of a first substrate to define therein a channel having an arcuate cross-sectional profile, and forming a substrate structure by bonding the first substrate to a second substrate so that the second substrate overlies and encloses the channel to define a passage having a cross-sectional profile of which at least half is arcuate. The substrate structure can optionally then be thinned to define a microtube and walls thereof that surround the passage.09-03-2009
20110229667NANOSTRUCTURED SUPERHYDROPHOBIC, SUPEROLEOPHOBIC AND/OR SUPEROMNIPHOBIC COATINGS, METHODS FOR FABRICATION, AND APPLICATIONS THEREOF - Systems, techniques and applications for nanoscale coating structures and materials that are superhydrophobic with a water contact angle greater than about 140° or 160° and/or superoleophobic with an oil contact angle greater than about 140° or 160°. The nanostructured coatings can include Si or metallic, ceramic or polymeric nanowires that may have a re-entrant or mushroom-like tip geometry. The nanowired coatings can be used in various self-cleaning applications ranging from glass windows for high-rise buildings and non-wash automobiles to pipeline inner surface coatings and surface coatings for biomedical implants.09-22-2011
20090239005EDGE IMPACT PROTECTOR - An edge impact protector (09-24-2009
20120196058Method For Colouring Anodically Oxidised Aluminum Surfaces - The invention relates to a process for adsorptive coloration of anodically oxidized surfaces of aluminum and/or aluminum alloys, characterized in that 08-02-2012
20120196056Attachable Ornament with Functional Features - An attachable ornament for use with short haired, short furred, or hairless animals. In one embodiment, the ornament includes an ornamental portion, a strip of first material having a first side attached to said ornamental portion and a second side having a fur safe adhesive coating thereon. It also includes a strip of second material substantially covering and removably adhered to the adhesive coating, wherein said second strip of material is removable without substantially degrading the effective tackiness of the fur safe adhesive coating. In another embodiment, the ornament includes an ornamental portion having a receptacle having a lip for for slidably receiving an insertable adhesive tab. In either embodiment the ornamental portion may optionally include various functional means such as dispenser of therapeutic scent, powder or ointment, or a portion that changes color when a pet is exposed to too much ultraviolet light.08-02-2012
20090258171Antifreeze gel in a deformable container - An antifreeze gel composition is provided which particularly useful in gel toy to prevent ice formation. The composition includes a water-soluble antifreeze agent such as sorbitol, dextrose; gel was formed by either water-soluble polymers or gums; and salt. The present invention further provides a transparent antifreeze gel and container that is also transparent.10-15-2009
20100178441SILVER-ION COATED OBJECT OBTAINED BY MICROWAVE IRRADIATION AND A METHOD FOR COATING A SILVER-ION ONTO A TARGET OBJECT - This invention provides a silver ion coated product, such as a denture and a restoration object for body deficiency, which can realize an antimicrobial coating capable of exhibiting persistent antimicrobial properties, antifouling properties, and deodorant properties. Silver ions are coated onto a target object (07-15-2010
20100015369Method for producing a container from aluminum sheets - A method for producing a container from sheets of aluminum or an aluminum alloy, wherein the surfaces of the aluminum sheets are at least partly visible on the finished container includes partly prefabricating the container by working and/or joining the aluminum sheets, and subsequently subjecting the entire, at least prefabricated container to surface processing by mechanical blasting.01-21-2010
20100166988ASSEMBLY OF PREPREGS FOR PRODUCING STRUCTURES, FOR EXAMPLE ONES WHICH DEPLOY THROUGH INFLATION - The invention relates to a method of assembling pre-impregnated plies by local isolated polymerization of the assembly region (07-01-2010
20120141702ETHYLENE COPOLYMER HAVING MULTIPLE PITCH IN MOLECULAR WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION AND THE METHOD OF PREPARING THE SAME - Disclosed are an ethylene polymerization process, a catalyst for use in the process, a production method employing the catalyst, and a product produced thereby. More specifically, disclosed is a process of producing an ethylene copolymer from ethylene and an alpha-olefin comonomer, in which the produced ethylene copolymer has a multimodal molecular weight distribution and excellent processability and physical properties, and thus can increase the value and productivity of products, including pipes and films. Particularly, the produced ethylene copolymer has a trimodal or higher molecular weight distribution or density distribution, and thus, when it is a linear low-density copolymer, it has an excellent effect of improving the impact strength of films, and when it is a medium-density ethylene copolymer, it can be produced into pipes, which have slow crack growth rate and can be used even at high temperature.06-07-2012
20110229665THERMAL SPRAY COATING FOR TRACK ROLLER FRAME - A method for coating a component of a track roller frame track tensioning and recoil system is disclosed. The method includes irradiating a surface of the component with a continuous laser to heat the component's surface. The method also includes coating the surface of the component with a thermal spray coating after irradiating.09-22-2011
20100260949SYNTHETIC SILICA GLASS TUBE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF A PREFORM - Known synthetic quartz glass tubes for the production of a preform have an inner bore with a surface layer produced without using tools in the molten state and an inner zone. The aim of the invention is to provide a tube which does not release any OH groups to the surroundings. For this purpose, the surface layer (10-14-2010
20100183829METHOD FOR PREPARING OXIDE MATERIAL - In the current invention a method for the preparation of an oxide material was described that involves bringing the sol onto the substrate, the gelation of the solution and thermal treatment of the gel. Alkoxides are used as precursor materials for the sol preparation and substrate free structures are employed for the manufacturing of the oxide material. A gel film with thickness ranging from 5 nm to 1 μm is created onto the sol layer. The gelled film is separated into pieces by self organizing and the gelled part is disconnected from the substrate. Substrate free tubular structures with diameters ranging from 0.01-100 μm are formed of the gel film which are then heated at temperature range of 200-1600 C during a period of 5 minutes to 10 hours. The manufactured oxide materials are employed as catalysts, gas sensors, stationary phases of chromatographic columns, composite materials, thermal isolation materials and micro- or nano electronic mechanical systems (MEMS or NEMS) components.07-22-2010
20100151162METHOD FOR PRODUCING AN INTEGRAL, REINFORCED FIBRE COMPOSITE COMPONENT AS WELL AS A HOLLOW FIBRE COMPOSITE COMPONENT - The invention relates to a method for producing an integral, reinforced fibre composite component comprising at least one hollow reinforcing component made of fibre composite material and shell component, comprising the following method steps: providing a mould core formed of a hose having a target cross-section deviating from a round cross-section and is adapted to an inner cross-section of the hollow reinforcing component to be produced, at least in portions, or substantially corresponds with said inner cross-section, at least in portions; introducing the mould core into a cavity in the at least one hollow reinforcing component; fixing the mould core in the at least one hollow reinforcing component using a fixing agent; applying the at least one hollow reinforcing component with the mould core fixed therein to the shell component; and subjecting the mould core to a pressurised medium and applying heat and/or pressure to this arrangement in order to produce the integral, reinforced fibre composite component comprising the at least one hollow reinforcing component and the shell component. The invention also relates to an integral, reinforced fibre composite component, a method for producing a hollow fibre composite component and a hollow fibre composite component.06-17-2010
20100221464Flat Bottom Bag - A bag and a method of making a bag having a first panel, a second panel and gusseted side panel, and each side panel having a tuck forming, folding geometry with folds intersecting at junctions with longitudinal folds at the first panel and second panel, and having an apex intersecting the center gusset fold, the apex and the junctions being intersected with respective transverse creases, at least a first region of the bag being flattened, a turned back portion of the first panel being turned back on itself and folded along one of the transverse creases, and the first region being pivoted and flattened against the turned back portion of the first panel An end of the bag is covered with a tamper evident structure having an adhesive tape with or without a tamper evidence security device and with or without a tear strip09-02-2010
20100221462PACKAGING FILMS - A package having two or more compartments that is made from a laminated flexible film is disclosed. The compartments store products having different requirements for in relation to contact of oxygen and other gases from outside the compartments or release of oxygen and other gases generated by the products in the compartments. The laminated film has different OTR or GTR levels in different sections of the film to suit the different requirements for oxygen and other gases of the products in the compartments. A method of manufacturing the package is also disclosed.09-02-2010
20100255226SELF-SEALING INFLATABLE ARTICLE - A self sealing inflatable article including an inflatable body portion and a neck portion having an opening, a ring member supporting the opening of the article and a plug member for sealing the opening wherein at least a portion of the body portion of the article is invaginated through the opening of the article with the plug member associated with the invaginated portion.10-07-2010
20110111148RADIALLY EXTENDING COMPOSITE STRUCTURES - A composite structure having at least one radially extending part is provided. The composite structure is formed with ply layers. At least one of the ply layers used to form the radially extending part has fibers oriented at 17.5 to 27.5 degrees in relation to an edge of the ply layer.05-12-2011
20100227087PANEL AND RELATIVE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A fully or partly edged panel (09-09-2010
20100239795Modular Construction Units and Uses Thereof - The invention relates to a modular unit used for constructing various items, the unit being made of a deformable material and characterized in that the unit has a flat element which is co-formed with a plurality of parallel tubular elements attached to a surface thereof, wherein the tubular elements are spaced apart from each other and each tubular element has a common wall with the flat element.09-23-2010
20100221463Integrated Encapsulation for MEMS Devices - In one general aspect, methods and articles of manufacture for creating micro-structures are disclosed. In one embodiment, the micro-structures are configured to provide a desired level of hermiticity to other micro-sized devices, such as MEMS and microfluidic devices. In one embodiment, the microstructures are formed from a single species of photoresist, where the photoresist is lithographically patterned to encapsulate the micro-sized device. In general, the ability to form an encapsulating micro-structure from a single photoresist relies in part on applying variable light doses to a later of photoresist to affect a desired level of cross-linking within the photoresist.09-02-2010
20100209635METHOD FOR PRESSURIZING THE INTERIOR OF A THIN-WALLED CONTAINER, AND RESULTING PRESSURIZED CONTAINER - A process for pressurization of a thin-walled container, designed to contain a flat liquid, includes the following stages: 08-19-2010
20120141703AIRCRAFT OR SPACECRAFT CASING - An aircraft or spacecraft casing includes a composite shell made of first rod elements or sandwich core elements, and first skin elements connected to the first rod elements or sandwich core elements such that all exterior loads are received jointly thereby. The shell has an opening receiving a rod supporting structure of at least two groups of second rod elements. Second rod elements of a first group are arranged parallel to each other, and second rod elements of different groups are arranged non-parallel to each other. The second rod elements are connected to the composite shell at the edge of the opening and a second skin element is arranged in each partial opening delimited by second rod elements such that free edges of the second skin element are free of bending moments and tangential forces, and exterior loads are redirected solely from the second rod elements into the composite shell.06-07-2012
20120141701ZIRCON COMPONENTS - A zircon body for use in glass manufacturing is provided containing zircon grains and an intergranular phase present between the zircon grains. The intergranular phase may contain silicon oxide. The body may be exposed to a halide to at least partially remove at least a majority of the silicon oxide contained in the intergranular phase from the outer portion or to at least partially remove the intergranular phase along an outer portion of the component.06-07-2012
20090041958NON-METAL CONSUMER GOODS WITH AESTHETIC POWDER COATING - A powder coated non-metal consumer good with added aesthetic appeal. The non-metal consumer good has an outer surface and an inner surface. At least a portion of the outer surface has a powder coating applied increasing the aesthetic look of the consumer good.02-12-2009
20120196057COMBINATION OF VITAMIN D AND 25-HYDROXYVITAMIN D 3 - We disclose compositions comprising Vitamin D (cholecalciferol and/or ergocalciferol) and 25-OH D3 (calcifediol), and use of those compositions to affect at least concentration, bioavailability, metabolism, or efficacy of vitamin D in a human. Forms and dosages of the composition, as well as processes for manufacturing a spray-dried formulation, are also disclosed.08-02-2012
20090233021System and methods for forming barbed tape product with predetermined pattens of attachment points including patterns for concertina tape products configured for.... - In barbed tape products, adjacent pairs of loops may be attached to each other at an attachment point that is circumferentially offset relative to an attachment point of the adjacent pair of loops. A system for producing a barbed taped product is controlled by an electronic controller to provide a predetermined pattern of attachment points. A pattern of attachment may be varied from roll to roll, between rolls, and/or within a given roll to provide a predetermined natural configuration of the product in a deployed state. The system and method eliminates the need for ceasing production between rolls in order to re-thread. Attachment elements are sized and configured for strength and accuracy in automatically attached barbed tape products. A deployment system and associated products utilize a magazine for holding and dispensing the products. The products may have any of a number of internal and external gasses for rigidifying the product.09-17-2009
20110027506FUNCTIONAL COMPOSITE MATERIAL - The invention relates to a functional composite material consisting of a support (02-03-2011
20090186174FLEXIBLE LAMINATE HAVING AN INTEGRATED PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE - A multilayered flexible laminate comprising: a first lamina having a inlet channel; a second lamina having a outlet channel; the first and second laminas joined to one another about an unbonded valve region having open and closed orientations; wherein the first and outlet channels are in gaseous communication when the valve region is in the open orientation.07-23-2009
20090169780SURROUNDING LABEL AND ARTICLE BEARING THE LABEL - A surrounding label wherein the back side of an ending part can be superposed on and bonded with a water-based adhesive to the front side of a beginning part, the back side of the surrounding label has a water absorption of from 1 to 30 ml/m07-02-2009
20090110851MELAMINE RESIN CONTAINER HAVING THREE-DIMENSIONAL SHAPE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A melamine resin container having three-dimensional shape and a manufacturing method thereof. The method includes preparing a dual-mold and forming at least one predetermined pattern bulge on male die surface of the second mold; manufacturing an inner surface and using a machine to press an inner surface of the container; forming a predetermined pattern of bulge surface onto the inner/outer surface of the container; using compressing and molding and placing a color material film that corresponds respectively to the bulge surface onto the second mold, placing the accomplished bulge surface onto male die surface of the second mold and using a machine to compressing and molding the color material film onto the bulge surface to form a melamine resin container having three-dimensional shape.04-30-2009
20090035496Bag With Three Dimensional Designs02-05-2009
20100173105CONTINUOUS, HOLLOW POLYMER PRECURSORS AND CARBON FIBERS PRODUCED THEREFROM - The present invention relates to a continuous, multicellular, hollow carbon fiber wherein the fiber structure includes a substantially hollow fiber and multiple internal walls defining multiple integral internal hollow fibers such that the fiber structure comprises a honeycomb-like cross section.07-08-2010
20100143619Thermal Conduction Principle And Device For Intercrossed Structure Having Different Thermal Characteristics - The present invention relates to relay thermal conductor made of material having better thermal conductivity coefficient, wherein which is thermal conductively coupled with heating or cooling first thermal body at one end or face thereof, and is coupled with interface thermal conductor having higher specific heat capacity at the other end or face thereof; the relay thermal conductor directly performs thermal conduction with second thermal body at another part thereof; and the interface thermal conductor having higher specific heat capacity is the thermal conducting carrier between the relay thermal conductor and the second thermal body.06-10-2010
20100143617CORE STRUCTURE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A CORE STRUCTURE - The present invention relates to a method for producing a core structure. Firstly, a first core structure and a second core structure are fastened. The first core structure and the second core structure are positioned at a defined distance. A reinforcement element is introduced into a cavity between the first core structure layer and the second core structure layer. The reinforcement element, the first core structure layer, and the second core structure layer form a self-supporting core structure.06-10-2010
20110244151MACHINE APPLICABLE NOTE-CARRIED LIQUID PACK - A note-carried liquid pack for application on an article by machine includes a base note layer with printed indicia on a top note face. The note-carried liquid pack also includes first and second fluid-impermeable, substantially transparent laminate layers overlying the base note layer. A first adhesive secures the first laminate layer to the base note layer, and a second adhesive secures the second laminate layer to the first laminate layer along an endless adhesive boundary. The endless adhesive boundary surrounds a central portion devoid of adhesive, in which the laminate layers define a liquid-holding pocket therebetween. A substantially transparent liquid is disposed within the pocket to be sealed therein so long as at least portions of the laminate layers adjacent the pocket remain secured to one another. The printed indicia is viewable through the laminate layers and through the pocket. A web label product including a plurality of note-carried liquid packs carried on an elongated liner is also disclosed.10-06-2011
20110244150Unitized Engine Nacelle Structure - The different advantageous embodiments provide an inner barrel structure comprising an outer skin, an inner skin, a number of septa, and a truss core.10-06-2011
20090087599Hollow Composite Article and Method for Making the Same - A method for making a hollow composite article includes: preparing a deformable shell; filling the deformable shell with an incompressible-and-flowable material through an access opening in the deformable shell so as to enable a size and a shape of the deformable shell to correspond to those of the hollow composite article in subsequent thermal molding; covering the deformable shell with a composite material; thermally molding the composite material in a mold so as to form the hollow composite article; removing an assembly of the hollow composite article, the deformable shell, and the incompressible-and-flowable material from the mold; opening the access opening and removing the incompressible-and-flowable material from the deformable shell through the access opening; and removing the deformable shell from the hollow composite article.04-02-2009
20100003430SECTIONAL HOLLOW STRUCTURE AND TEMPLATE THEREOF - A sectional hollow structure includes a plurality of hexagonal templates, pentagonal templates and fastening parts to assemble a Buckminster-ball-like hollow structure. Five hexagonal templates adjoin a pentagonal template via five sides of the pentagonal template. A hexagonal template adjoins three hexagonal templates and three pentagonal templates alternately via six sides of the hexagonal template.01-07-2010
20120189789METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FORMING HIGH STRENGTH PRODUCTS - A system and method are presented in which a flow of plastic is extruded to obtain nano-sized features by forming multiple laminated flow streams, flowing in parallel through the non-rotating extrusion system. Each of the parallel laminated flow streams are subjected to repeated steps in which the flows are compressed, divided, and overlapped to amplify the number of laminations. The parallel amplified laminated flows are rejoined to form a combined laminated output with nano-sized features. The die exit is formed to provide a tubular shape.07-26-2012
20100055360Surface Covering For Melting Ice And Snow - A surface covering for melting ice and/or snow comprises at least one elongate element arranged to form a generally flexible mat structure, and a melting composition integrated with the elongate element. The elongate element may comprise a tube defining a cavity therein, and the melting composition may be disposed within the cavity.03-04-2010
20090214807PEELABLE SEALS INCLUDING POROUS INSERTS - Peelable seals including porous inserts are described. An example peelable seal includes a porous insert positioned between a first sheet and a second sheet. The porous insert includes a plurality of interwoven strands and a plurality of pores adjacent the interwoven strands through which a bond is formed between the first sheet and the second sheet when heat is applied to at least one of the first sheet, the second sheet or the porous insert.08-27-2009
20090214808CONTAINER HOLDING MEMBER AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - A container holding member to hold a container includes a basket-shaped mesh body which has a closed-end. The basket-shaped mesh body is formed by weaving a plurality of strands to be arranged diagonally with respect to a central axis of the mesh body. Each of the strands includes a plurality of carbon fibers. A matrix is filled in interstices between the plurality of carbon fibers.08-27-2009
20110097521FILMS FOR INFLATABLE CUSHIONS - Films for inflatable cushions are disclosed. Generally, each of the disclosed films includes a pair of web layers that are aligned to be generally coextensive and that are sealed together by longitudinal and/or transverse seals that cooperatively define the boundaries of inflatable chambers.04-28-2011
20110070385TUBULAR ARTICLES WITH VARYING WALL THICKNESS - A method for manufacturing a one-piece axle tube housing with localized sections of increased wall thickness includes providing a tube blank, inserting a mandrel having a reduced diameter profile, passing the tube through an extrusion die to conform the tube to the shape of the mandrel; and extraction of the mandrel from the tube to cause outward deformation of the tube at specific locations. A further reducing step may be used to form the final desired profile, including reduced inner and outer diameters along sections of the axle tube housing.03-24-2011
20110070384WRAP-AROUND LABEL, LABEL STOCK AND LABEL PROCESSING - The invention is concerned with a wrap-around labelstock comprising a web material having a machine direction (MD) and a transverse direction (TD), the web material comprising an MD fold, with a label severed from such a labelstock, with a container or other form of article labelled with such a label, and with a process for labelling a container or other form of article comprising: providing a labelstock comprising a web material having a machine direction (MD) and a transverse direction (TD), the web material comprising an MD fold; severing a label from the labelstock; applying an adhesive to the label; and adhering the label to the container or other form of article.03-24-2011
20080241443Topologically controlled composite structure - A composite structure is provided. In another aspect of the present invention, a composite structure has relative layer-to-layer fiber orientations of between approximately 5° and 15°, inclusive. A further aspect of the present invention employs relative fiber offset angles less than 30° on a curved section. Yet another aspect of the present invention provides a three-dimensionally woven configuration where the first sheet is interwoven or mechanically linked with both the adjacent second layer and the opposite third or deeper layer.10-02-2008
20110159216Colored Metal - A colored metal composite including a metal matrix; and colored particles distributed throughout the metal matrix AND/OR a method including providing metal powder as a first phase of a composite; providing colored particles to form a second phase of the composite; mixing the metal powder and colored particles; and sintering the metal powder around the colored particles to form a metal matrix that has colored particles distributed throughout.06-30-2011
20090022915PARTICLE AND PREPARATION CONTAINING THE PARTICLE - The present invention relates to a particle having a mean particle size of 0.01 to 20 μm, containing tert-butyl (4R)-4-{[((1R)-2-[(1-benzylpiperidin-4-yl)amino]-1-{[(cyclohexylmethyl)thio]methyl}-2-oxoethyl)amino]carbonyl}-1,3-thiazolidine-3-carboxylate. A preparation containing the particle is excellent in pulmonary delivery through inhalation and is easy to handle because of excellent dispersibility of the particle, and thus the present compound can be used as a pulmonary preparation.01-22-2009
20090022914PACKAGING BUFFER MATERIAL - A packaging buffer material includes a pair of outer sidewalls having concave grooves in a length direction, and bottom wall having a concave groove in the length direction, and stoppers preventing a packing object from being displaced, attached between the sidewalls. If external pressure is applied to the packaging buffer material, the outer sidewalls and concave groove bottoms are deformed. However, because of narrow widths of the concave grooves, the outer sidewalls are not entirely deformed but only the concave grooves are deformed. Due to this, a space can be kept between the sidewalls even if high external pressure is applied to the packaging buffer material.01-22-2009
20110151155Fabric Strap with Multi-Layer Structure For Air-Cushion Effect And Uses Thereof In Underwear - The present utility model relates to the technical field of fabric straps, more particularly, it relates to a fabric strap with a multi-layer structure. Said fabric strap itself is integrally interwoven by the fabric with at least a double-layer structure. It is characterized in that: there are at least two layers fabric connecting up-and-down with one or more groups of yarn according to a certain weave structure. Said one or more groups of yarn not only can form an air cushion with erect fine hairs, but also can increase anti-bursting strength of the fabric. When the present utility model is applied to the shoulder straps of underwear, it can effectively relieve the stress on the skin generated by the fabric straps and increase comfort of underwear; when applied to the underwear wire casing, it can not only greatly increase anti-bursting strength, but also relieve the stress on female breasts generated by wire with formed cushion, thus preventing uncomfortable stress on the points of contact on skin after wearing said underwear. Impressions on the skin can be avoided and the comfort and safety of underwear can be improved.06-23-2011
20120201981COMBINATIONS OF BIOLOGICAL CONTROL AGENTS WITH A NEMATICIDAL SEED COATING - This invention provides combinations of at least one biological control agent and at least one nematicide to enhance plant protection against pests and pathogens.08-09-2012
20080268188Foamable moisturizing compositions - Foamable moisturizing compositions are disclosed. The compositions can include quaternary ammonium surfactant, humectant, secondary solubilizer, and thickening agent. In one embodiment, the composition can be contained in a non-aerosol dispensing container that mixes the composition with air causing the composition to foam when dispensed.10-30-2008
20090081391METHANOL OXIDATION CATALYST - A methanol oxidation catalyst is provided, which includes nanoparticles having a composition represented by the following formula 1:03-26-2009
20090053433PACKAGING MATERIAL AND FLEXIBLE MEDICAL TUBING CONTAINING THERMALLY EXFOLIATED GRAPHITE OXIDE - A packaging material or flexible medical tubing containing a modified graphite oxide material, which is a thermally exfoliated graphite oxide with a surface area of from about 300 m02-26-2009
20110256326System and Method for Manufacture of Information Handling System Laminated Housings - An information handling system housing is manufactured from a laminate material having a stainless steel exterior and magnesium interior that are encapsulated with injection molding. A thin sheet of stainless steel is formed to have a lip that meets against the magnesium and is secured in place with injection molding material. In one embodiment, an injection molding tool holds the laminate material in place to encapsulate the perimeter of the material with injection molding material and also activates an adhesive that holds the laminate material together, such as by applying pressure and heat to the laminate material.10-20-2011
20080268189N-Halamine-Based Rechargeable Biofilm-Controlling Tubular Devices, Method of Making and Using - The present invention includes compositions, articles, methods controlling microbial contamination of a surface by functionalizing a surface of an object and binding one or more acyclic-amine structures to the surface. The one or more acyclic-amine structures are halogenated to form one or more acyclic N-halamine structures. The one or more acyclic N-halamine structures modulate the formation of a biofilm.10-30-2008
20080213518Ink set, ink-jet recording method, and recorded material - An ink set includes a metallic ink composition containing a metal pigment and at least one curable ink composition selected from the group consisting of a chromatic ink composition, a black ink composition, and a white ink composition.09-04-2008
20110020569PROCESS FOR CONNECTING A TUBE STABILIZER PART OF A DIVIDED TUBE STABILIZER HAVING AN INTERMEDIATE ELEMENT, AND A TUBE STABILIZER - A process for connecting a tube stabilizer part of a divided tube stabilizer with an intermediate element, such as an actuator or shift transmission. The process steps include providing the tube stabilizer part, providing the intermediate element, widening an end-side section of the tube stabilizer part using a conical mandrel, and bending the tube stabilizer part, and connecting the tube stabilizer part with the intermediate element.01-27-2011
20100285248HOUSING FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - A housing for an electronic device and a method for making the same are disclosed, the housing comprises a transparent base layer including an inner surface and an outer surface, an opaque screen ink layer printed on the inner surface of the base layer and surrounding a display screen, a transparent outer ink layer printed on substantially the entire outer surface of the base layer to protect the base layer.11-11-2010
20120135166Method for Manufacturing a Powder Based Article - A method for manufacturing a powder based article comprising one portion of a first material and at least one portion of a second material comprising the steps of: 05-31-2012
20110052845METHOD FOR PRODUCING A HOLLOW BODY - In a method for producing a hollow body—implemented as a sandwich construction—in particular an aircraft fuselage, an inner layer is formed from a specifiable number of plies of a specifiable at least resin-wetted fiber material, for simple, rapid, and cost-effective formation of a large-volume cavity, which has a low weight and a high mechanical carrying capacity in relation to its size. At least a first ply of the inner layer has a helical configuration and is configured without interruption essentially over an entire length of the hollow body.03-03-2011
20110052844CASE MODULE FOR PORTABLE TERMINAL USING THERMAL ADHESIVE TAPE - Disclosed is a case module for a portable terminal using a thermal adhesive tape. The portable terminal using a thermal adhesive tape includes: a case and a LCD cover of a portable terminal disposed so as to face with each other; a heated sheet made of a conductor and disposed between the case and the LCD cover; a first melting sheet adhered to a face of the heated sheet facing to the case; and a second melting sheet adhered to the other face of the heated sheet facing to the LCD cover, wherein the first sheet is melted to couple the heated sheet and the case to each other and the second sheet is melted to couple the heated sheet and the LCD cover to each other when the heated sheet is heated by a high frequency induction.03-03-2011
20120148769METHOD OF FABRICATING A COMPONENT USING A TWO-LAYER STRUCTURAL COATING - A method of fabricating a component is provided. The fabrication method includes depositing a first layer of a structural coating on an outer surface of a substrate. The substrate has at least one hollow interior space. The fabrication method further includes machining the substrate through the first layer of the structural coating, to define one or more openings in the first layer of the structural coating and to form respective one or more grooves in the outer surface of the substrate. Each groove has a respective base and extends at least partially along the surface of the substrate. The fabrication method further includes depositing a second layer of the structural coating over the first layer of the structural coating and over the groove(s), such that the groove(s) and the second layer of the structural coating together define one or more channels for cooling the component. A component is also disclosed.06-14-2012
20100215876Multi-wrap wrap-around label and container having such a label - A multi-wrap wrap-around label is able to make a plurality of wings and/or documentation parts available. The wing parts can be provided with information on one or both sides. The documentation parts are also provided with information and are configured to be removable. By wrapping a container with a proposed label, multiple times, a structure is formed that is able to accommodate a number of wing and/or documentation parts on a small container. Furthermore, a container is described that is provided with the proposed label. A container labeled in this manner can be equipped with a large amount of information.08-26-2010
20100196632Thin Wall Plastic Container and Method for Forming Same - A conditioning station for conditioning a blow mold preform which includes a heating element for the base of the preform. The conditioning section may also include other heating elements for heating a variety of locations of the preform. The elements are generally arranged so that at least one heat ring is arranged below the preform. The lower preform will generally have a reduced diameter compared to the circumference of the preform. There can also be an element in a moveable position which can adjust position about the side walls of the preform.08-05-2010
20100196634Shop horse pad - A shop horse pad of closed cell foam is cylindrical in shape and having a central radial opening provided therein. An axial slit is provided along the length of the pad that creates two axial edges. A strip of adhesive is arranged along at least one of the axial edges. A covering strip, of preferably cellophane, is provided on the strip of adhesive such that when it is removed, the two axial edges adhere together. In this manner, a user may simply force the pad over the horizontal work tubing of the shop horse and removes the covering strip. Thereafter, the axial edges of the pad are forced together to form a solid pad about the exterior of the horizontal tubing.08-05-2010
20100080941COMPOSITE TRUSS PANEL HAVING FLUTED CORE AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - A composite truss structure employs a sandwich-in-sandwich construction in which a composite fluted core is sandwiched between two facesheets, and at least one structural foam stiffener is sandwiched within the core or between the facesheets and/or the core.04-01-2010
20100068428Method for Producing Hollow Shaft Base Bodies and Hollow Shaft Base Body Produced Thereby - A method of producing a hollow shaft base body including a first step in which a perform (03-18-2010
20090176042Medical Devices and EFAB Methods and Apparatus for Producing Them - Various embodiments of the invention present miniature medical devices that may be formed totally or in part using electrochemical fabrication techniques. Sample medical devices include micro-tweezers or forceps, internally expandable stents, bifurcated or side branch stents, drug eluting stents, micro-valves and pumps, rotary ablation devices, electrical ablation devices (e.g. RF devices), micro-staplers, ultrasound catheters, and fluid filters. In some embodiments devices may be made out of a metal material while in other embodiments they may be made from a material (e.g. a polymer) that is molded from an electrochemically fabricated mold. Structural materials may include gold, platinum, silver, stainless steel, titanium or pyrolytic carbon-coated materials such as nickel, copper, and the like.07-09-2009
20090176040Methods of Forming Tubular Objects - A tubular object is fabricated by a method comprising the steps of providing a first layer, forming a second layer on the first layer, and then patterning the second layer to form a raised feature with one or more sidewalls. Subsequently, the first layer is processed such that components of the first layer deposit on the one or more sidewalls of the raised feature.07-09-2009
20110189411Composite Cable - A composite cable (08-04-2011
20100189934PREFORM AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A CONTAINER FOR HOLDING FLUIDS USED IN MEDICAL APPLICATIONS - The preform according to the invention for producing a container for medical fluids, which has a neck portion having an opening, which has a wall portion and which has a floor portion, is characterised in that one end of a first and a second sub-section is integrally formed on the underside of the floor portion, which ends can be connected together, following the production of the preform, to form an annular hanger for hanging the container up.07-29-2010
20100189933Article with an internal structure - An aerofoil has first and second panels spaced apart from each other to provide a cavity, the cavity containing a damping material, the first panel has at least one protrusion extending therefrom within the cavity towards the second panel, the protrusion having a proximal end and a distal end, wherein the proximal end is secured to the first panel and the distal end is slidably mounted to the second panel.07-29-2010
20120308748CONTAINER-ENCLOSED FULLERENE, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME, AND METHOD OF STORING FULLERENE - A container-enclosed fullerene, a method of manufacturing the same, and a method of storing fullerene are provided, that make it possible to inhibit alteration of fullerene, especially that make it possible to prevent degradation of the solubility to solvent. A container-enclosed fullerene includes fullerene hermetically enclosed in a container with a high degree of vacuum. The internal pressure of the container is preferably 10 Pa or lower. The fullerene is preferably a metal encapsulated fullerene. The container-enclosed fullerene is manufactured by filling fullerene in a container, evacuating the container, and thereafter sealing the container.12-06-2012
20100028573AA' STACKED GRAPHITE AND FABRICATION METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed is AA′ graphite with a new stacking feature of graphene, and a fabrication method thereof. Graphene is stacked in the sequence of AA′ where alternate graphene layers exhibiting the AA′ stacking are translated by a half hexagon (1.23 Å). AA′ graphite has an interplanar spacing of about 3.44 Å larger than that of the conventional AB stacked graphite (3.35 Å) that has been known as the only crystal of pure graphite. This may allow the AA′ stacked graphite to have unique physical and chemical characteristics.02-04-2010
20100080942JOINING CURVED COMPOSITE SANDWICH PANELS - A curved composite structure, comprises at least two curved composite panel segments joined together. Each of the panel segments includes a fluted core sandwiched between first and second facesheets. A layer of adhesive is used to rigidly bond the panel segments together.04-01-2010
20090029078OXYGEN SCAVENGING COMPOSITION, COATING COMPOSITION AND PACKAGE CONTAINING TRANSITION METAL OXIDE - An oxygen scavenging composition composition having an oxidizable ascorbic acid derivative, a multi-copper oxidase enzyme, and a transition metal oxide wherein the enzyme is disposed upon the surface of the oxidizable ascorbic acid derivative, and wherein the transition metal oxide is intermixed with the oxidizable ascorbic acid derivative. The invention extends to a coating composition thereof and a package or container containing the oxygen scavenging composition.01-29-2009
20110305854DISPLAY FRAME - An artifact frame comprised of a hollow container bordered on front, rear, left and right sides and bottom to define an interior cavity into which can be placed ornamental material. On the front or back panel, or side or bottom panels, the artifact to be displayed may be mounted. Any number of mounting configurations are contemplated to be within the scope of the invention. A top panel may also be provided, which may be partially or totally removable to permit access to the interior cavity for the mounting of the artifact and placement of the ornamental material.12-15-2011
20120040113LAMINATE, PACKAGE, PACKAGING SHEET, PACKAGING MATERIAL, LABEL, AND CONTAINER - A laminate and the like capable of improving the barcode reading accuracy with a configuration having a smaller number of layers is provided. Further, a laminate and the like capable of further improving the barcode reading accuracy and further reducing the size of a barcode portion even when applied to a conventional layer configuration is provided. The laminate includes a colored barcode print layer 02-16-2012
20120040112COATING OF HYDROXYLATED SURFACES BY GAS PHASE GRAFTING - A method of coating hydroxylated surfaces by gas phase grafting is described. Especially acyl groups, silyl groups and/or alkyl groups are located on the surface of materials by gas phase grafting. The grafting method is a dry process. The material to coat can be organic or inorganic materials. The produced surface coated material are strong and durable and material normally not water-proof can be water-proof due to the surface treating. Examples of items produced from surface treated material may be water-proof cardboard boxes, other containers, furniture, interior for cars and boats. Items produced from organic materials such as from plant parts are biodegradable.02-16-2012
20090197025Thermal Break for Aluminum Structures - A thermal insulating structural assembly and a method for forming a thermal insulating structural assembly includes longitudinally separating an elongated metallic support beam into a first portion and a second portion, mechanically coupling the first beam portion to the second beam portion with a plurality of clamp assemblies so that the first beam portion is spaced a predetermined non-zero distance from the second beam portion and is mechanically coupled to the second beam portion only by the clamp assemblies, and introducing between the beam portions, a low thermal-conductive material at least partially thermally insulating the first beam portion from the second beam portion.08-06-2009
20120301643ABRASIVE BLASTING - A method of abrasive blasting cleaning of a surface (11-29-2012
20090004413Conformable Ballistic Resistant and Protective Composite Materials Composed of Shear Thickening Fluids Reinforced by Short Fibers - A composition which contains a mixture of a shear thickening fluid and at least one inert filler and said shear thickening fluid and filler remain in a conformable form.01-01-2009
20110064896MULTI-COLOR MOLDING ARTICLE, MULTICOLOR MOLDING METHOD AND SUBSTRATE STORAGE CONTAINER - A multicolor molding article is integrally formed of first and second molding materials in combination. At least part of the peripheral portion in the boundary between a first molding part of the first molding material and a second molding part of the second molding material is formed with a thin projected piece. The tapering inclined angle of the thin projected piece is specified to range from 5° to 40°.03-17-2011
20110318512COVER FOR AN EYEWEAR STRAP - Covers for eyewear straps are provided. In some aspects, a cover may include a first member, a second member associated with the first member and movable toward and away from the first member, and a fastener connected to the first member and the second member for removably connecting the first member to the second member. The cover may be adapted to receive an eyewear strap between the first and second members when the first and second members are disconnected, and the cover may be securable to the eyewear strap when the first and second members are connected together. In other aspects, a cover may include first and second members permanently connected at their top edges and at their bottom edges. The cover may define a cavity between the first and second members and the cavity may be adapted to receive an eyewear strap.12-29-2011
20120003407DECORATIVE BLEMISH COVER - A decorative blemish cover for covering blemishes on toes includes a rolled length of decorative fabric, such as colored fabric, printed fabric, lace or ribbon. The blemish cover is sized to fit over a user's toe, but does not extend beyond the tip of the toe.01-05-2012
20120003406PIPE COATING - A method of increasing the surface roughness of a coated pipe comprises the steps of applying a particulate material to the outer surface of the pipe including the field joint coating at the ends of the pipe.01-05-2012
20120045597SYSTEM FOR SECURING ACCESSORIES - The disclosure is related to systems and devices for securing accessories, such as a strap cover. A strap cover may be used with shoulder straps or other carrying straps for backpacks, duffel bags, golf bags, or other containers. A strap cover may be an open sheet with opposite edges that secure to one another around an object, such as a strap, or may be a flattened tubular sleeve that can be passed over an object. A device for securing accessories may have a resilient display panel with a series of accessory attachments or attachment passages. The accessories may comprise any practicable form, with certain accessories having posts with wide flanges extending therefrom that are pushed through the resilient material for capture by the accessory attachment passages.02-23-2012
20120207953COMPONENTS WITH COOLING CHANNELS AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE - A method of manufacturing a component is provided. The method includes forming one or more grooves in an outer surface of a substrate. Each groove extends at least partially along the surface of the substrate and has a base, a top and at least one discharge point. The method further includes forming a run-out region adjacent to the discharge point for each groove and disposing a coating over at least a portion of the surface of the substrate. The groove(s) and the coating define one or more channels for cooling the component. Components with cooling channels are also provided.08-16-2012
20120045598STERILE COVER SYSTEM FOR STERILELY COVERING A MEDICAL TECHNICAL ROBOT ARM AND METHOD FOR STERILELY COVERING A MEDICAL TECHNICAL ROBOT ARM - The sterile cover system for sterilely covering a medical technical robot arm with a connecting element, having a receiving bore with an inner wall, for endoscopic devices, is provided with a sack-shaped drape for enclosing the connecting element. The drape comprises a film tube which is adapted to the receiving bore for covering the inner wall, and a guiding element which is removably attached to a first end of the film tube, adapted to the receiving bore and extends into the film tube in an initial state of the sterile cover system. The film tube can be inserted into and guided through the receiving bore by means of the guiding element such that a surface of the film tube, facing inward in an initial state of the sterile cover system, faces the inner wall of the receiving bore in a state in which the film tube is guided through the receiving bore.02-23-2012
20090162586Ultrasonic joining method, ultrasonic joining device and unit joined by ultrasonic joining - In an ultrasonic joining method for joining a flange portion of a first member to a portion of a second member, a first horn and a second horn are arranged on the flange portion on a side opposite to the second member, and the first horn is vibrated in a condition that the second horn is biased against the first horn and the first horn and the second horn are pressed against the flange portion such that the flange portion is vibrated while being pressed against the portion of the second member. Because the first horn is vibrated in a condition that the first horn and the second horn are pressed against each other at press-contact portions thereof, vibration of the first horn is transferred to the second horn through the press-contact portions.06-25-2009
20090162583ANTI-FOMITIC DEVICES - A sanitary hypo-allergenic latex-free disposable anti-fomitic device is provided. The anti-fomitic device comprises a sheet of a microorganism-impenetrable material comprising a first side and a second side, and a pressure-sensitive adhesive, such as, for example, a covering used in medical tape, covering at least a portion of the first side.06-25-2009
20110165350INTEGRATED HOLLOW FABRIC STRUCTURE - In one aspect of the invention, an integrated hollow fabric structure includes a body having an axis and a thickness along a direction perpendicular to the axis, at least first and second groups of yarns, the yarns of each group space-regularly disposed in layers, where the yarn layers of the at least two groups of yarns are alternately stacked and interlocked together, and embedded in the body, and a third group of yarns through the thickness of the body to interlock the layers together, where the positions and the pattern of interlocking vary according to the need.07-07-2011
20110165349Award trophy - A novel award trophy that includes a supporting base, a riser member superimposed over the supporting base, a first uniquely configured connector member having a plurality of securement legs for inter-connecting the riser member with the supporting base, a trophy superimposed over the riser member and a second uniquely configured connector member having a plurality of securement legs for inter-connecting the trophy with the riser member.07-07-2011
20110059276HIGH-TEMPERATURE-STABLE HOLLOW PROFILE - A high-temperature-stable hollow profile is described. The hollow profile is provided with side walls and transverse walls. Wall thicknesses of the side walls and of the transverse walls increase in cross-section from a central region to a corner region of the hollow profile.03-10-2011
20100279039Heat pipe and method for manufacturing the same - A heat pipe comprises a metal tube and a sintered powder layer formed on an inner wall face of the metal tube. The sintered powder layer has a plurality of fine passages extending axially. The sintered powder layer may cover the inner wall face of the metal tube entirely or partially.11-04-2010
20080213517PROCESSING METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF AMORPHOUS/NANOSCALE/NEAR NANOSCALE STEEL SHEET - The present disclosure relates to an iron alloy sheet comprising α-Fe, and/or γ-Fe phases wherein the alloy has a melting point in the range of 800 to 1500° C., a critical cooling rate of less than 1009-04-2008
20110091670DOUBLE-LAYER CONTAINER AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - A double-layer container includes an outer layer and an inner layer, both of which are formed by molding. The outer layer includes a 3-D pattern. The 3-D pattern has at least two pattern units each having at least one first groove which communicates with at least one through hole. The through hole is defined through the outer layer. At least one first slot is defined between the pattern units. The inner layer is fixed to an inner surface of the outer layer and the material of the inner layer is filled in the first groove via the through hole to form a first decoration portion.04-21-2011
20110091669METHOD FOR FABRICATION OF SILICONE COMPOSITE WITH ANTIMICROBIAL COATING - A method of fabricating silicone composite with a layer of antimicrobial coating, the method includes forming an antimicrobial mixture by adding a calculated amount of antimicrobial agent to a solution of water and alcohol, depositing the antimicrobial mixture in a container with a thickness of 0.1 μm to 10 μm, evaporating the water and alcohol of the antimicrobial mixture to form the layer of antimicrobial coating, adding silicone resin on top of the layer of antimicrobial coating and allow the silicone resin to permeate and crosslink with the layer of antimicrobial coating and removing the silicone composite with the layer of antimicrobial coating from the container.04-21-2011
20080299335ABRASIVE PROCESS FOR MODIFYING CORNERS, EDGES, AND SURFACES OF CAPACITOR ANODE BODIES - Porous sintered bodies for capacitors formed from valve metals are treated by electrolysis to form a dielectric layer and coated with cathode layers. When standard parallelepiped shapes are used as they were passed, cathode coverage at the sharp corners and edges is non-uniform and failures occur at those locations. Treating pressed anode bodies with an abrasive process alters the sharpness of corners and edges, creating rounded transitions between primary surfaces and remove surface imperfections resultant from the pressing process both of which enhance cathode layer uniformity.12-04-2008
20120219736COMPOSITE ARTICLE AND METHOD - Method, and articles therefrom, for providing a hard, abrasion-resistant, attractive, oxide surface layer of selectable thickness and having an outer appearance within the scale from gray to black, to a zirconium titanium alloy article by heating the article in an oxygen containing atmosphere.08-30-2012
20120164356PROCESS FOR SURFACE TREATING ALUMINUM OR ALUMINUM ALLOY AND ARTICLE MADE WITH SAME - A method for surface treating aluminum or aluminum alloy, the method comprising the following steps of: providing a substrate made of aluminum or aluminum alloy; forming a TiON coating on the substrate by magnetron sputtering, using aluminum as a target, and nitrogen and oxygen as reactive gases; and forming a chromium oxynitride coating on the TiON coating by magnetron sputtering, using chromium as a target, and nitrogen and oxygen as reactive gases.06-28-2012
20130011587HEAT-SHRINKABLE POLYESTER-BASED FILM AND HEAT-SHRINKABLE POLYESTER-BASED LABEL - Disclosed are a heat-shrinkable polyester-based film and a heat-shrinkable polyester-based label. The heat-shrinkable polyester-based film has superior shrinkability and color, and thus provides aesthetic enhancement to the product to which the film is attached when the film is printed. Therefore, the polyester-based film can be suitable as a label film as it can replace labels made of paper, and can be easily peeled off by means of hot water, and thus may contribute to the recycling of bottles. The heat-shrinkable polyester-based label includes a heat-shrinkable polyester-based film layer, and minimizes the rolling phenomenon thereof.01-10-2013
20130011586SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FABRICATING A COMPOSITE MATERIAL ASSEMBLY - A system and method for fabricating a composite material assembly. The components of the assembly originate from more than one mold while providing curing or solidifying under heat and vacuum in one step only, preferably with a composite material in a pre-preg form which does not require autoclave treatment. A removable insert is removed from a second mold prior to assembly of a first mold to the second mold. A section of a laminate extending over the removable insert overlaps over an adjacent laminate after closing and assembly of the first mold onto the second mold.01-10-2013
20120121830REGIOSELECTIVELY SUBSTITUTED CELLULOSE ESTERS PRODUCED IN A TETRAALKYLAMMONIUM ALKYLPHOSPHATE IONIC LIQUID PROCESS AND PRODUCTS PRODUCED THEREFROM - This invention relates a cellulose solution comprising cellulose and at least one tetraalkylammonium alkylphosphate and processes to produce the cellulose solution. Another aspect of this invention relates to shaped articles prepared from a cellulose solution comprising cellulose and at least one tetraalkylammonium alkylphosphate. Another embodiment of this invention relates to compositions comprising derivatives of cellulose prepared from a cellulose solution comprising at least one tetraalkylammonium alkylphosphate. Another embodiment of this invention relates to compositions comprising regioselectively substituted cellulose esters prepared from a cellulose solution comprising cellulose and at least one tetraalkylammonium alkylphosphate. In another embodiment of the invention, the cellulose esters of the present invention are used as protective and compensation films for liquid crystalline displays.05-17-2012
20120121831INKJET RECORDING INK, INK CARTRIDGE AND INKJET RECORDING APPARATUS - An inkjet recording ink containing: water; a water-soluble organic solvent; a colorant; and at least one fluorochemical surfactant having a formula selected from the group consisting of (b), (a), (a′), and (h):05-17-2012
20090176041Steel Pipe for Automobile Piping - A steel pipe for use in a piping of an automobile is provided, which can exhibit enhanced corrosion resistance and resistance to chipping required for a steel pipe for use in a vehicle, such as a fuel piping or brake piping, without need of employing a thicker protective resin coating layer as well as provide excellent formability for processing an end portion of the pipe. In a steel pipe which is coated with a multilayered coating including a plated coating, the multilayered coating comprises a hot dipped coating 07-09-2009
20090130350Multi-component synthetic closure and method of manufacture - In the present invention, a manufacturing process is provided in which a complete multi-component synthetic closure is achieved which incorporates printed indicia formed thereon, in a continuous, in-line manufacturing operation. In the preferred embodiment of the present invention, the core member of the synthetic closure is formed by a continuous extrusion process which enables the core to be manufactured as an elongated, continuous length of material. As the continuous elongated length of extruded material forming the central core is advanced from the extruder towards an outer skin forming station, the central core passes through a printing station for forming any desired indica on the outer surface of central core prior to the application of the outer skin layer.05-21-2009
20120315414COMPOSITE COMPONENT - A composite component (12-13-2012
20120164358STRUCTURAL REINFORCEMENTS - The present invention is predicated upon the provision of systems and methods for reinforcement of a structural member. More particularly, the present invention is predicated upon unique carrier configurations and application of reinforcing material thereto. In one configuration, the application of reinforcing material is achieved without the use of fasteners, adhesives, or both, for placement, locating and restrictive movement of the reinforcing material onto the carrier.06-28-2012
20110183089BUFFER DEVICE PROVIDING RELIABLE BUFFER EFFECT - A buffer device providing reliable buffer effect includes a channel-shaped buffer member and at least one first reinforcing tubular member. The channel-shaped buffer member is a substantially U-sectioned hollow member and includes two facing inner sidewalls, two opposing outer sidewalls, an inner bottom wall, two outer top walls and an outer bottom wall to enclose a third buffer space therein. The first reinforcing tubular member is received in the third buffer space and encloses a first buffer space therein. The first reinforcing tubular member includes at least one normal-direction supporting wall extended between and pressed against the inner and outer bottom walls and provided with at least one second curved buffer section. The normal-direction supporting wall and the second curved buffer section thereof not only give the channel-shaped buffer member an increased normal-direction supporting strength, but also buffer impact force and compressing force applied normal to the outer bottom wall.07-28-2011
20100209633CURVED TEST SPECIMEN - A cylindrical test specimen is provided. The test specimen comprises a metallic sheet curved to form a cylindrical shape, an adhesive layer contacting the metallic sheet, and a thermal barrier coating coupled to the metallic sheet with the adhesive layer, the thermal barrier coating adapted to inhibit thermal transfer.08-19-2010
20100209634BLOW MOLDING FOR CONTAINER EQUIPPED WITH DIVIDED RECEPTACLE - A blow molding method for manufacturing a container equipped with a receptacle divided by a partition wall, wherein the partition wall is formed in a preform, which is in general fabricated by injection molding, the preform is arranged in a blow molding die, and blow molding is performed to the preform in a molding process which is conducted two times, so that a container product has constant partition walls overall. The blow molding method includes forming a preform having a receptacle divided by the partition wall, arranging the preform in a blowing mold and initially blow molding the same via a first blowing so as to impart a certain shape, and secondarily blow molding the resultant via a second blowing so as to impart a shape corresponding to that of the blowing mold.08-19-2010
20110183090CELLULOSE DERIVATIVE, PROCESS OF PREPARING CELLULOSE DERIVATIVE, RESIN COMPOSITION, MOLDED ARTICLE, METHOD OF MAKING MOLDED ARTICLE, AND HOUSING FOR ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT - A cellulose derivative and a resin composition having good thermoplasticity, strength, and elongation at break and therefore suited to molding processing are provided. The cellulose derivative is derived by replacing at least part of the hydrogen atoms of the hydroxyl groups of cellulose with a hydrocarbon group and an aliphatic or aromatic oxycarbonyl group.07-28-2011
20120219735METHODS FOR PREPARING AND USING METAL AND/OR METAL OXIDE POROUS MATERIALS - Disclosed are methods for producing carbon, metal and/or metal oxide porous materials that have precisely controlled structures on the nanometer and micrometer scales. The methods involve the single or repeated infiltration of porous templates with metal salts at controlled temperatures, the controlled drying and decomposition of the metal salts under reducing conditions, and optionally the removal of the template. The carbon porous materials are involve the infiltration of a carbon precursor into a porous template, followed by polymerization and pyrolysis. These porous materials have utility in separations, catalysis, among others.08-30-2012
20100196633EXPANDABLE WEB MATERIAL - The Present Invention discloses a slit web material, substantially longer than it is wide, with specially shaped slits that permit relatively easy expansion upon deployment. The specially shaped slits are referred to in the Present Application as “tilde-slits,” because they resemble a tilde mark. The cuts are arranged in continuous rows of tilde-slits. In any given row, the tilde-slits follow one-after-the-other in a linear direction. Adjacent rows of slits are parallel to each other, but are offset from one another such that a line drawn between adjacent tilde-slits in adjacent rows is not perpendicular to the direction of the rows. The invention contemplates that the material dispenses from a continuous roll. If the slits are arranged in the longitudinal direction, then the web material expands in the width direction only upon deployment. However, if the slits are arranged such that the row direction is at some angle to the longitudinal direction, then the web material expands in both directions upon deployment. In this case, a special dispenser is not required, and the material expands in both directions as it is pulled off the roll prior to cutting a desired length of material from the roll.08-05-2010
20120219733System and Method for Maintaining a Massage Device in a Localized Position - Described herein is an improved system and method for maintaining a massage device in a localized position wherein a massage device holder can comprise a containment unit comprising a front end, back end, top, left side and right side. Said containment unit front end can comprise an aperture that allows access to a chamber within such containment unit. The method also comprise a left adhesive strip having a top side, a bottom side, a left side and a right side, said left adhesive right side connected to said containment unit. Additionally, the method can comprise a first adhesive connected to the left adhesive strip bottom side. Furthermore, the method can comprise a right adhesive strip having a top side, a bottom side, a left side and a right side, said right adhesive left side connected to said containment unit and a second adhesive connected to the right adhesive strip bottom side.08-30-2012
20120219734BLOW MOLDED RECTANGULAR CONTAINER - An extrusion blow molded plastic container includes a main body portion and a finish portion that defines an opening. The finish portion has an upper surface and an outer surface on which a snap bead is defined. In order to prevent saddling of the upper surface, a plurality of grooves is defined in the outer surface, each of the grooves passing through the snap bead. In addition, the main body portion has an outer surface that defines a substantially rectangular shape with rounded corners when viewed in transverse cross-section. The outer surface of the finish portion also has a substantially rectangular shape with rounded corners when viewed in transverse cross-section. The shape of the finish portion when viewed in transverse cross-section is smaller than the shape of the main body portion. A ledge is defined between the outer surface of the main body portion and the outer surface of the finish portion. The ledge has a first width, adjacent to one of the rounded corners of the finish portion, which is greater than a second width that is not adjacent to one of the rounded corners of the finish portion.08-30-2012
20090286022Multi-layer insulation composite material including bandgap material, storage container using same, and related methods - In one embodiment, a multi-layer insulation (MLI) composite material includes a first thermally-reflective layer and a second thermally-reflective layer spaced from the first thermally-reflective layer. At least one of the first or second thermally-reflective layers includes bandgap material that is reflective to infrared electromagnetic radiation. A region between the first and second thermally-reflective layers impedes heat conduction between the first and second thermally-reflective layers. Other embodiments include a storage container including a container structure that may be at least partially formed from such MLI composite materials, and methods of using such MLI composite materials.11-19-2009
20120076963PHOTOLUMINESCENT (PL) APPLICATIONS ON MOVEABLE EQUIPMENT - An equipment article and method of illuminating equipment articles in low light conditions. The equipment article includes a rotatable element and a photoluminescent application to a surface of the rotatable element. The photoluminescent application includes a plurality of strontium aluminate phosphor crystals. The photoluminescent application exhibits a luminance of greater than or equal to 0.05 millicandela per square meter (mcd/m03-29-2012
20120076962INTEGRATED MULTIAXIAL ARTICLES: METHOD, APPARATUS AND FABRICS - Integrated multiaxial articles have a prescribed integration pattern formed of winding yarns arranged in multiaxial direction at prescribed angles in a plurality of layers bound together by a set of through-the-layers binding yarns with yarns of non-crimp. Methods and apparatus of making same are presented. Hollow integrated multiaxial fabric and its variants are introduced.03-29-2012
20100047490EYE-LIKE ORNAMENT - An eye-like ornament, has a body, a base and a pivoting cover. The base is connected with the body. The body is hollow and has an opening centrally formed on a top part of the body. The pivoting cover is pivotally mounted inside the body and has a through hole formed centrally. A plurality of projections curled to face outwards are separately formed on an outer surface beside the through hole. A plumb portion is formed on one end by extending toward an inner portion of the body. Therefore, the projections are inclined to face to another end opposite to the decorative ribs on the body and the through hole is within the opening. The plumb portion maintains the projections at one end of the body exhibiting an appearance resembling an eye-opening look, and the pivotal rotation of the pivoting cover results in another appearance resembling a blinking look.02-25-2010
20100047489Super beam - The Super Beam is comprised of any structural medium hollowed out to receive any or all of a carbon composite core.02-25-2010
20120315413REFLECTIVE TEXTILE SLEEVE AND METHJOD OF CONSTRUCTION THEREOF - A tubular textile heat shield for providing protection against radiant heat to elongate members shielded by the heat shield, and method of construction thereof, is provided. The tubular textile heat shield includes a tubular wall of interlaced yarn. The interlaced yarn includes polymeric monofilament yarns interlaced with one another. The polymeric monofilament yams contain reflective aluminum particles interspersed therein, as extruded in the yams, wherein the aluminum particles provide a reflective outer surface to the tubular wall and increase the radiant heat resistance of the yarn.12-13-2012
20120315412Scented Thermochromic Ink - A thermochromic ink contains scented microcapsules.12-13-2012
20120315411Vacuum insulation panel - [ which prevents heat loss or heat gain in a building ] - This invention concerns an article of manufacture for building material insulation, wherein the article of insulation includes vessels which are evacuated of its air contents. As such, it relates to an apparatus, completely devoid of air and in a complete state of vacuum which totally prevents or drastically retards the transmigration of heat energy loss via conduction and convection from the interior of a building's space to the outside environment during the winter months; and vice versa, thus retarding the gain of environmental heat into said space during the hot summer months.12-13-2012
20100272931MANUFACTURING OF LOW-FRICTION ELEMENTS - A manufacturing method of mechanical elements comprises providing (10-28-2010
20120237703METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REMOVAL OF CONTAMINATES FROM PHASESHIFT PHOTOMASKS - A system and method to clean the pellicle frame and adhesive ring of a photomask reticle are described. One embodiment includes a cover that isolates the photomasks from the pellicle frame. The reticle is secured between a spin chuck and the cover so that the photomasks are isolated and protected from solvents used in a cleaning process. With the reticle secured to the spin chuck, the spin chuck is rotated under a pressurized spray of solvent. The solvent, which is caustic to the photomasks, removes the contaminants from the adhesive ring. After the exposed areas are cleaned, the cover is removed and foreign material from photomasks are removed using less invasive solvents and methods.09-20-2012
20120177852HEAT REGENERATING ELEMENT AND HEAT REGENERATING MATERIAL USING SAME - There is provided a novel heat regenerating element having an excellent heat regenerating property which can accumulate thermal energy and effectively radiate the accumulated thermal energy to various objects. The present invention further provides a heat regenerating material including the heat regenerating element. The heat regenerating element of the present invention includes: 100 parts by weight of a base component composed of 60 to 90 parts by weight of a hydrotalcite compound and a remnant including at least one of zinc oxide and electrically-conductive zinc oxide; and 0.5 to 1 parts by weight of at least one heat regeneration enhancing component selected from a group of zirconium oxide components and zirconium carbide components.07-12-2012
20100272933FLEXIBLE ENCAPSULATING FILM SYSTEMS - An encapsulating film system comprises (a) a flexible barrier film, (b) an adhesive on at least a portion of the flexible barrier film, and (c) a desiccant on at least a portion of the flexible barrier film or the adhesive.10-28-2010
20100272932DECORATIVE COMPONENT - In a conventional decorative component, a conductive material is formed on the entire surface of an insulation part so that the decoration part looks in metallic color. However, an electric current flows through the inside of the conductive material, and hence electromagnetic waves applied to the decoration part suffers a loss. This poses a problem that sufficient antenna characteristics cannot be obtained. On the member surface, a semiconductor layer or a semi-metal layer with a film thickness of 5 nm or more, and a mean transmittance of 65% or less and a mean reflectance of 20% or more at 400 nm to 800 nm is formed. This can implement a decorative component exhibiting a sufficient metallic luster without blocking the electromagnetic waves.10-28-2010
20100272930GPS Heat Shield - A protective device which houses and shields global positioning systems used for automobile navigation, commonly called and referred from here on out as a Gps device. Gps devices become subject to intense heat which can develop as a result of solar emissions being focused through an automobiles' windshield or the automobiles' general embodiment. As the heat from solar emissions intensifies, Gps devices that have been fixed or mounted to the interior windshields of an automobile, are particularly susceptible to malfunction or even permanent damage. Creating a Gps heat shield accessory will advert the painful loss people incur when their Gps is damaged by this excessive heat produced when solar emission are magnified through an automobiles windshield or by the automobiles general embodiment.10-28-2010
20100009102METHOD OF AND APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING A LARGE SURFACE PANEL, A LARGE SURFACE PANEL, AND A SET OF INDIVIDUAL PANELS - The invention provides a method of manufacturing a large surface panel, which has a decoration layer with a repetitive decoration layer pattern, and a repetitive surface structure pattern, wherein the frequencies of the repetitive patterns of the surface structure and the decoration layer are different. The invention also provides a set of individual panels. The individual panels are cut out from the large surface panel and can be collected and wrapped into a package. The package comprises at least a plurality of individual panels having identical decoration layer patterns, but different surface structure patterns. The invention provides large surface panels and individual panels which present a very good imitation of panels made of a natural material.01-14-2010
20100285247Combined self-sealing, and chemical and visual camouflage coating - A combined-function protective coating for a fuel-containing structure including a self-sealing underlayer structure applied directly to such a fuel-containing structure, and an outer, chemical-agent and biological-agent resistant (CARC) overcoating material applied to the outside of the underlayer structure.11-11-2010
20090061125THERMALLY AND ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE STRUCTURE, METHOD OF APPLYING A CARBON COATING TO SAME, AND METHOD OF REDUCING A CONTACT RESISTANCE OF SAME - A thermally and electrically conductive structure comprises a carbon nanotube (03-05-2009
20100291328FREE-STANDING SILICON CARBIDE ARTICLES FORMED BY CHEMICAL VAPOR DEPOSITION AND METHODS FOR THEIR MANUFACTURE - Improved methods for manufacturing silicon carbide rings using chemical vapor deposition. Cylindrical tubes are used as deposition substrates and the resulting material deposited on the inside surface of cylindrical tubes or on the outside surface of cylindrical mandrels, or both, is sliced or cut into the desired ring size and shape. The resulting rings have a crystal growth that is oriented substantially planar to the finished article. The invention also relates to nitrogen doped silicon carbide material, as well as to silicon carbide structures having axes of grain growth substantially parallel to the plane of the structure and to each other, and having rotational orientation that is substantially random with respect to the axes of grain growth of the grains.11-18-2010
20100291327UV-CURABLE UNDERCOAT - A UV-curing primer contains barium sulfate, methods for manufacturing same, methods for coating substrates therewith and the coated substrates.11-18-2010
20120258266Coatings For Engine And Powertrain Components To Prevent Buildup Of Deposits - Provided are methods and components related to preventing hydrocarbon residue buildup in engine components. Prevention is achieved using a coating of a mixed metal oxide. The mixed metal oxide comprises a mixture of at least two of Gd, Al, Ti, Ce, Pr, La, Y, Nd, and Mn. The coating can also contain amounts of precious metals, eg. Pt, Pd, Rh and/or Au.10-11-2012
20120082808METHOD FOR INSTALLING HEAT SHIELDING ON A FIXED INTERNAL STRUCTURE OF A JET ENGINE NACELLE - The invention relates to a method for installing heat shielding (04-05-2012
20120082807KNIT SLEEVE WITH KNIT BARRIER EXTENSION HAVING A BARRIER THEREIN AND METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION - A knit sleeve and method of construction thereof is provided. The knit sleeve is constructed including a knit tubular wall and at least one knit tubular extension attached to the wall. Further, a barrier member is disposed in the at least one knit tubular extension. The at least one knit tubular extension and the barrier member are foldable at least partially about the knit tubular wall.04-05-2012
20120082806Heatable coating with nanomaterials - Coatings and heatable coatings containing electrically conductive nanomaterial; methods for making such a coating; items with such a coating; and methods for applying such a coating. In one aspect, such a coating is a deicing coating. This abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract which will allow a searcher or other reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the technical disclosure and is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims, 37 C.F.R. 1.72(b).04-05-2012
20120263895INTERCHANGEABLE DECORATION AND ARTWORK FOR JEWELRY AND CLOTHING - An interchangeable accessory comprised of a plaque or decorative element and a housing with a cavity. Emblems, logos, indicia, or other types of decoration are displayed on the decorative element, and the decorative element is releasably mounted within the cavity of the housing. The housing can be attached to a wrist-worn band, sweat shirt strings, a key chain or the like, or it can be directly mounted on items of wearing apparel, such as shoes.10-18-2012
20100304060STERILE COVER FOR A WIND SCREEN MADE OF RADIOPROTECTIVE MATERIAL - The present invention relates to a sterile cover intended for covering a screen (12-02-2010
20110123737MARKING OF PRODUCT HOUSINGS - Techniques or processes for providing markings on products are disclosed. In one embodiment, the products have housings and the markings are to be provided on the housings. For example, a housing for a particular product can include an outer housing surface and the markings can be provided in the outer housing surface so as to be visible from the outside of the housing.05-26-2011
20110123736ICE-PHOBIC COATING AND USE THEREOF - The invention pertains to a method for reducing gas hydrate adhesion to the interior surface of a conduit and associated equipment transporting or processing a fluid stream in oil and gas exploration and production, petroleum refining and/or petrochemistry, by providing the conduit interior surface with a coating layer exhibiting a static contact angle of the sessile water drop on the coating layer in air higher than 75° at ambient air conditions, as measured according to ASTM D7334-08, wherein said coating layer comprises diamond like carbon (DLC) comprising fractions of one or more components selected from the group consisting of silicon (Si), oxygen (O) and fluor (F).05-26-2011
20110123735CNT-INFUSED FIBERS IN THERMOSET MATRICES - A structural support includes a cylindrical core, an inner layer within the core and an outer layer. The inner and outer layers include CNT-infused fiber materials in a thermoset matrix. A composite includes a thermoset matrix and a CNT-infused fiber material having CNTs with lengths between about 20 to about 500 microns or about 0.1 to about 15 microns. For the latter range, CNTs are present between about 0.1 to about 5 percent by weight of the composite. A method of making a structural support includes wet winding a first CNT-infused fiber about a cylindrical mandrel in a direction substantially parallel to the mandrel axis, wet winding a baseline layer about the first CNT-infused fiber at an angle substantially non-parallel to the mandrel axis, and wet winding a second CNT-infused fiber about the baseline layer in a direction substantially parallel to the mandrel axis.05-26-2011
20120231186ROTATIONAL CASTING PROCESS - In various embodiments, provided are methods of refining silicon wherein impurities of different densities are separated and concentrated using centrifugal force, and controlled crystallization of molten silicon provides further purification through concentration of impurities at a solid/liquid interface.09-13-2012
20080299337Method for the formation of surfaces on the inside of medical devices - A method of manufacturing a medical device having interior and exterior surfaces, the method including the steps of: a) shielding the exterior surface; and, b) exposing the interior surface to a plasma, wherein the shielding of the exterior surface substantially prevents exposure of the exterior surface to the plasma.12-04-2008
20080299336Calcinated or Sintered Hollow Body Comprising a Spherically Curved Surface - A method is for producing calcinated or sintered hollow bodies comprising a spherical surface, to hollow bodies produced using the method, and to the uses thereof. Calcinated or sintered hollow bodies comprising a spherically curved surface, an enlarged, freely accessible surface and/or a structured surface. An organic spherical carrier is coated with a powder which forms the shell of a hollow body, and a binding agent, both contained in suspension. A heat treatment is then carried out, leading to the expulsion of organic constituents and to the sintering process. At least one elevation is arranged on the surface of the carrier or embodied thereon, the projection past the surface corresponding at least to the thickness of the shell of the finished sintered hollow body, taking into account the degree of shrinkage of the powder material during the sintering process. The elevation(s) is/are then removed by conversion into the gas phase of the respective material from which they are formed and/or mechanically, during the heat treatment.12-04-2008
20120328804MOLDED ARTICLES OF POLYMER-OIL COMPOSITIONS - Molded articles formed from compositions comprising thermoplastic polymers and oils are disclosed, where the oil is dispersed throughout the thermoplastic polymer.12-27-2012
20100233395CAULKED RETAINING MEMBER, METHOD FOR RETAINING MEMBER BY CAULKING, STRUCTURE OF CAULKED RETAINING MEMBER, AND CAULKING APPARATUS - During a caulking process, a pressure is applied to a pressure receiving shoulder portion in the same direction as a direction of a clamping force generated by a caulking portion. The clamping force for holding an outer race can thereby be increased. Also, a pressure receiving surface of the pressure receiving shoulder portion is set higher than an end face. Thus, no pressure resulting from plastic deformation in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the clamping force of the caulking portion is generated. In addition, a groove is formed between the pressure receiving shoulder portion and an end serving as the caulking portion.09-16-2010
20110045217DUNNAGE CONVERSION MACHINE WITH TRANSLATING GRIPPERS, AND METHOD AND PRODUCT - A dunnage conversion machine for converting stock material into a dunnage product includes a forming assembly and a pulling assembly. The pulling assembly includes at least two grippers movable together through a transfer region in opposition to one another and cooperative to grip therebetween the dunnage strip for advancing the dunnage strip through the transfer region, and at least one of the grippers including an aperture operative to gather and laterally capture therein the dunnage strip as the grippers move through the transfer region. Also disclosed is a severing assembly including a movable blade and a reciprocating actuator connected to the blade by a motion transmitting assembly that moves the blade through a full severing cycle upon a stroke of the actuator in either direction. Also disclosed is a void fill dunnage product including a three dimensional crumpled strip of dunnage round in cross-section and including at least one ply of sheet material having, in cross-section, a crumpled multi-lobed undulating body, with the lobes thereof extending longitudinally and being dispersed in an irregular pattern.02-24-2011
20110045216Method For Manufacturing a Hollow Profile, a Hollow Profile and a Vehicle Body - A hollow profile that has improved handling ability and a good ability to be attached to other components and a method for producing the hollow profile. In the method for producing a hollow profile having at least two half shell sheets, a first half shell sheet is applied to a first side of web plate along two axially running joint edges of the first half shell sheet, a second half shell sheet is applied to a second side of the web plate along two axially running joint edges of the second half shell sheet, and then the joint edges of the half shell sheets are subsequently joined to the web plate. An edge section of the web plate projects beyond the contact area of at least one joint edge so that at least one flange is formed for attaching other components. The hollow profile formed has two half shell sheets and a web plate disposed between the half shell sheets, which can form part of a vehicle body.02-24-2011
20110045215BIODEGRADABLE MOISTURE-IMPERMEABLE PACKAGES FOR CONSUMER GOODS - A biodegradable package includes a shaped body formed from a composition that contains: (i) a source of starch; (ii) a strengthening agent; (iii) a binding agent; (iv) a plasticizer; and a moisture-impermeable film covering at least a portion of the shaped body.02-24-2011
20110045214CLEANING PASTE - A cleaning paste containing02-24-2011
20120269997METHOD FOR ASSEMBLING AN ELECTRON EXIT WINDOW AND AN ELECTRON EXIT WINDOW ASSEMBLY - The present invention refers to a method for assembling an electron exit window of an electron beam generating device, comprising the steps of: arranging a foil support plate on a housing of the electron beam generating device, bonding a window foil to a frame along at least one continuous bonding line, thus creating an exit window sub-assembly, and attaching the exit window sub-assembly onto the housing. The invention also relates to an electron exit window assembly.10-25-2012
20120269999METHOD FOR PRODUCING CONTINUOUS-FIBER-REINFORCED MOLDED PARTS FROM THERMOPLASTIC PLASTIC, AND MOTOR VEHICLE MOLDED PART - A method for producing continuous-fiber-reinforced molded parts from thermoplastic plastics. The method includes several steps. In a first step, preparing cut-to-size, substantially flat, unidirectionally fiber-reinforced mats are prepared with a thermoplastic matrix which at least partially surrounds the fibers. In a second step, the mats are transferred to a workpiece carrier which predetermines the rough contour of the molded part. In a third step, the mats are deposited and progressively built up on the workpiece carrier to form a three-dimensional preform such that the fiber orientation of the mats is adapted to the forces applied during the subsequent use of the molded part and to the load paths resulting therefrom within the molded part. In a fourth step, the mats are secured in place relative to each other during or after completion of the build-up of the perform. In a fifth step, the preform is heated up to or above the melting temperature of the thermoplastic matrix of the perform. In a sixth step, the three-dimensional preform is introduced into a mold tool forming the final contour of the molded part. In a seventh step, a homogenous pressure is set within the mold tool in order to ensure that the preform consolidates whilst simultaneously retaining the orientation of the fibers within the perform. In an eighth step, the resulting consolidated molded part is removed from the mold tool.10-25-2012
20110212280Expandable Pocket Design - Expandable Pocket Design offers wearer the option to limit or decrease volume of storage capacity contain within pocket, profile of pocket and/or dimensions of mouth opening of a pocket. The design utilizes snap/Velcro or other closures at various expansion points along side fabric rectangle(s)/triangle(s)/rhombus(es) or other shape that form the left, right and/or bottom sides of pockets in any combination there of—enabling expansion properties of pocket. Closure(s) when affixed decrease the volume of area contained within pocket. The closure(s) also serve to diminishes profile or appearance of pocket. Expandable Pocket Design allows the user to define volume by altering shape and appearance by altering profile of pocket. When closures are employed along upper edge of left and/or right side fabric rectangle(s), triangle(s) and/or rhombus(es) or shape, the area composing the mouth of pocket may be altered using closures.09-01-2011
20120321824TRANSDUCER MODULE - The present invention is directed to a transducer module including a first transducer, a support member and a block member. The support member rests or is fixed on a first plate with a first end, and rests or is fixed on the central section of the first transducer with a second end. The block member rests or is fixed on the central section of the first transducer with a first end, and rests or is fixed on a second plate with a second end.12-20-2012
20100255227Decorative Door Covers - A removable decorative cover for closet or other doors with physical dimensions adapted to fit conventional doors as found in most homes and living areas. The decorative door cover may be adapted to suit changing design needs of the home decorator.10-07-2010
20110236611PRINTABLE COATING - A primer-less coating composition for facestock comprises: a binder being a water-dispersible polymer; an ethylenically unsaturated compound which is aqueous-dispersible and miscible, with or bonded to said water-dispersible polymer, wherein said ethylenically unsaturated compound is able to form a covalent bond with an ink; and a crosslinker, wherein said crosslinker is suitable for binding the coating to the facestock. The coating composition may be applied to a substrate to form a printable film. A printed film in accordance with the invention may be used in a label, for example for use on a container such as a bottle.09-29-2011
20110236610REINFORCEMENT WITH CHANNEL DESIGN - A reinforcement includes a carrier having a plurality of exterior walls spaced from one another. The carrier defines a channel extending substantially parallel to a longitudinal axis defined by a cavity. A material layer is disposed on at least one of the exterior walls within the channel such that an electrocoating material is able to flow through the channel before the material layer is expanded and the channel is substantially filled after the material layer is expanded.09-29-2011
20120321826METHODS OF CONNECTING - A method is provided for connecting an upwardly extending member to a support member including the steps of providing a substantially rigid support member and then extruding plastics material to form a hollow component which will include the upwardly extending member, and then forcing the members together such that the hollow component slides over the support member, the hollow member being such that it deforms elastically as it moves relatively over the base member such that the two members are secured together by a combination of interference fit, and the elastic gripping of the support member by the upwardly extending member. The invention includes an article manufactured using the method according to the invention. The article may include a post attached to a base plate and the article may include part of a plastics barrier or fence system.12-20-2012
20100233394PROCESS FOR MAKING PLASTIC CLOSURES AND CLOSURE - A process for realizing plastic capsules (09-16-2010
20100233393Process for Producing Aluminum Nitride Sintered Body - A process for producing an aluminum nitride sintered body having improved light transmission properties includes the step of subjecting an ordinary aluminum nitride sintered body to thermal treatment in an inert atmosphere at a temperature of from 1300 to 1400° C. for at least 1 hr. A cover for light sources is produced by the process and includes a hollow aluminum nitride sintered body having a light transmittance in the visible light region of at least 87%, which body is obtainable by thermally treating a hollow aluminum nitride sintered body in an inert atmosphere at a temperature of 1300 to 1400° C. for at least 1 hr.09-16-2010
20120276309APPARATUS CONFIGURATION - A configurable apparatus is disclosed. A method, computer-readable medium, and system for configuring an apparatus are also disclosed.11-01-2012
20120276308COMPONENT AND METHODS OF FABRICATING A COATED COMPONENT USING MULTIPLE TYPES OF FILLERS - Methods of fabricating coated components using multiple types of fillers are provided. One method comprises forming one or more grooves in an outer surface of a substrate. Each groove has a base and extends at least partially along the outer surface of the substrate. The method further includes disposing a sacrificial filler within the groove(s), disposing a permanent filler over the sacrificial filler, disposing a coating over at least a portion of the substrate and over the permanent filler, and removing the first sacrificial filler from the groove(s), to define one or more channels for cooling the component. A component with a permanent filler is also provided.11-01-2012
20120321827EXCIPIENT SYSTEM AND MEDICAL CONTAINER FOR ERYTHROCYTE ENRICHED LIQUID - Provided are an excipient system and a medical container for an erythrocyte enriched liquid. The excipient system is prepared by adding a hemolysis inhibitor and a surfactant to an erythrocyte storage solution. Herein, the surfactant has an HLB value of 13 or more, and the number of oxyethylene groups at a hydrophilic segment in the molecular structure of the surfactant is 20 or more. The inside of the medical container is filled with the excipient system for an erythrocyte enriched liquid.12-20-2012
20120321825Method for assessing the coolant consumption within actively cooled components - A process for setting the average flow rate within a hollow component is provided. The process includes setting a relatively small wall thickness in a first region with a relatively large flow cross section using a first diffusion coating process and setting a relatively large wall thickness by a second different diffusion process in a second region with a relatively small flow cross section. The use of different diffusion coatings in a component allows the flow of coolant through a component to be set in a controlled manner.12-20-2012
20120321823RECEPTACLE WITH INTEGRALLY MOLDED ELONGATED ELEMENTS - A method of forming a fuel tank may include providing a cavity for forming fuel tanks; inserting one or more elongated elements within the cavity; placing a parison in the cavity proximate to the elongated elements; and exerting fluid pressure on the parison thereby deforming the parison and engaging the elongated elements with a surface of the parison.12-20-2012
20120276311DIELECTRIC STRUCTURE FOR ANTENNAS IN RF APPLICATIONS - A dielectric structure for positioning adjacent to an active element of an antenna for radio frequency (RF) applications, the dielectric structure comprising: a plurality of individual dielectric material layers in a stacked layer arrangement including a first layer including a first dielectric material and a second layer including a second dielectric material.11-01-2012
20120276310EXTRUDED FIBER REINFORCED CEMENTITIOUS PRODUCTS HAVING WOOD-LIKE PROPERTIES AND ULTRAHIGH STRENGTH AND METHODS FOR MAKING THE SAME - A method of manufacturing a cementitious composite including: (1) mixing an extrudable cementitious composition by first forming a fibrous mixture comprising fibers, water and a rheology modifying agent and then adding hydraulic cement; (2) extruding the extrudable cementitious composition into a green extrudate, wherein the green extrudate is characterized by being form-stable and retaining substantially a predefined cross-sectional shape; (3) removing a portion of the water by evaporation to reduce density and increase porosity; and (4) heating the green extrudate at a temperature from greater than 65° C. to less than 99° C. is disclosed. Such a process yields a cementitious composite that is suitable for use as a wood substitute. Particularly, by using higher curing temperatures for preparing the cementitious building products, the building products have a lower bulk density and a higher flexural strength as compared to conventional products. The wood-like building products can be sawed, nailed and screwed like ordinary wood.11-01-2012
20110274858FAIL-CLOSED ADAPTIVE MEMBRANE STRUCTURE - Porous adaptive membrane structures having movable membranes are provided. The structures can be made to change their gas, liquid and/or particulate permeability in response to surrounding environmental conditions. Applications includes protective apparel that is comfortable to wear wherein the level of protection provided is based on conditions in the environment. Hence, the protective apparel is highly breathable and comfortable in a non-hazardous environment but impermeable or only semipermeable in a hazardous environment.11-10-2011
20120100318LASER ASSISTED DIRECT BONDING - Techniques are described for directly bonding different substrates together. In some examples, a technique includes placing a first surface of a first substrate in contact with a second surface of a second substrate to directly bond the first substrate to the second substrate at a contact location. The contact location is defined where at least a portion of the first surface of the first substrate contacts at least a portion of the second surface of the second substrate. The technique may also include directing a laser beam on at least a portion of the contact location to strengthen the direct bond between the first substrate and the second substrate. In this manner, a direct bond may be heated with localized laser energy to strengthen the direct bond. Localized laser energy may create a strong direct bond while minimizing thermal defects in regions proximate the direct bond.04-26-2012
20120288647MAGNETIC NANOPARTICLE FABRICATION - Structures and apparatuses for fabricating magnetic nanoparticles are provided. In one embodiment, a structure for fabricating magnetic nanoparticles is described including a substrate that defines at least one cavity through a portion thereof, and an agglomerate of magnetic nanoparticles within the at least one cavity, wherein the at least one cavity has an aspect ratio of greater than one.11-15-2012
20120288646Method for Applying a Polymer Coating to an Internal Surface of a Container - A method of cleaning and coating at least one surface of a container for storing a medicament or other ingestible non-pharmaceutical product, the method comprising the steps of using a water-based cleaning composition in conjunction with a water-based crosslinked acrylic resin containing coating material. The process makes the cleaning and coating technology consistent with present environmental regulations and workplace safety requirements, including control of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Further, the concentration of extractible organic compounds has been reduced to the lowest practical level. The process is also applicable to other substrates where it is desired to have low-extractable organics and high adhesion of the subsequently applied coating.11-15-2012
20100203268LINE OF SIGHT HOSE COVER - A multilayer hose cover for a hose, such as a high-pressure hose, is disclosed. In some embodiments, the hose cover comprises at least three layers that are interwoven together using weft yarn. In these embodiments, the hose cover includes an outer sheath, a middle sheath, and an inner sheath interwoven together by weft yarn in such a way that the layers reinforce one another and are configured to contain the energy associated with a hose burst.08-12-2010
20100129573RESILIENT PAD COMPOSITE AND PROCESS FOR MAKING SAME - The present application discloses a composite pad structure that includes a substrate bonded to a plurality of discrete, spaced-apart, resilient elements engaged to at least one reinforcing structure.05-27-2010
20130017348INVISIBLE ENCLOSUREAANM Sanada; AtsushiAACI YamaguchiAACO JPAAGP Sanada; Atsushi Yamaguchi JP - An invisible enclosure includes a cylindrical central enclosure having a cavity formed therein and an outer shell formed of homogenous materials, with an object in the cavity and the central enclosure itself being substantially invisible with an electromagnetic wave. The central enclosure is formed by laminating a large number of cylindrical layered films formed by radially laminating a plurality of materials having different permittivities. Effective values of respective permittivities of respective parts of the central enclosure are adjusted by adjusting permittivities and radial thicknesses of respective layers of the layered films along a radius value of the central enclosure. The radial element of a permittivity tensor is set to be a value sequentially increasing along a radius from the innermost circumference of the central enclosure to the outermost circumference thereof and is set to be a predetermined value smaller than the permittivity of the outer shell at the outermost circumference.01-17-2013
20130017347SCALE INHIBITING SURFACE TEXTUREAANM Russell; Ronnie D.AACI CypressAAST TXAACO USAAGP Russell; Ronnie D. Cypress TX US - A downhole component, including a surface exposed to a downhole fluid. A plurality of ridges extending from the surface. The ridges pointed for impeding growth of crystalline structures or other deposits thereon. A plurality of grooves alternatingly spaced between adjacent pairs of the plurality of ridges. The grooves sized to impede growth of crystalline structures or other deposits therein.01-17-2013
20110159217METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REDUCING HEAT LOSS FROM SUBSEA STRUCTURES - There is provided a system and method for using a thermal insulating paint in a subsea environment. In accordance with one embodiment of the present technique, the thermal insulating paint may be applied to a casing for use in a subsea mineral extraction system. In another embodiment, a surface-rated thermal insulating paint may be applied to any component for use in a subsea mineral extraction system. The insulated component may be protected from the subsea environment to prevent damage to the surface-rated thermal insulating paint. For example, protecting the component may include burying it in cement or concrete, encasing it in another subsea structure or enclosure, or applying a protective sealant over the surface-rated thermal insulating paint.06-30-2011
20130022764HOUSING WITH PATTERNS AND METHOD FOR FORMING PATTERNS ON THE HOUSING - A method for forming patterns on a curved surface of an article includes of the following steps: a photo-resist layer is coated on the curved surface, in which a material of the photo-resist layer is, for example, a negative photo-resist; a photo-mask is provided, and the photo-mask is placed above the curved surface, in which at least one light hole is defined in the photo-mask; in addition, a shape of the at least one light hole corresponds to a shape of the pattern; a light source is provided, and the photo-resist layer is exposed; and the photo-resist layer is developed after being exposed to form the pattern on the curved surface.01-24-2013
20130022765Pad Elements For Apparel And Other Products - A pad element may include a base member, a pair of cover layers, and a plurality of insert elements. The base member defines a plurality of apertures. The cover layers are secured to opposite surfaces of the base member and extend across the apertures. The insert elements are located within the apertures and between the cover layers. As examples, the base member and the insert elements may be formed from polymer foam materials, and the cover layers may be formed from textile materials. The pad element may be utilized to attenuate impact forces and provide one or more of breathability, flexibility, a relatively low overall mass, and launderability.01-24-2013
20080254243APPARATUS AND METHOD OF FABRICATING A DOOR - A method for fabricating a door having a window, the door having a first door skin and a second door skin, the method including the following steps in the order named: forming a first door light opening perimeter having a first plurality of tabs arranged about the first door light opening perimeter, wherein the first door light opening perimeter defines a first door light portion; forming a second door light opening perimeter having a second plurality of tabs arranged about the second door light opening perimeter, wherein the second door light opening perimeter defines a second door light portion; positioning the first door skin on a first press; positioning an insert in aligned registration with the first plurality of tabs; positioning the second door skin over the insert, wherein the second plurality of tabs are in aligned registration with the insert, and the first door light opening perimeter is aligned with the second door light opening perimeter; applying pressure with the first press to secure the first and second door skins with the insert; injecting a foam into a first cavity formed between the first skin outside the first door light portion, the second door skin outside the second door light portion and the insert; and, removing the first and second door light portions.10-16-2008
20080241441OVERMOLDING OF A TUBE HEAD ON A SKIRT END TO GIVE A TUBE WITH A HIGH RESTITUTION RATE - Manufacturing process for a flexible tube, in which a tubular blank is fitted around a punch so that an end portion of the tubular blank protrudes by a height H from the side wall of the punch; a die is brought up to the punch and the end portion is imprisoned in the cavity thus formed; plastic is injected into the cavity until it comes into contact with the end portion so that it is welded to the skirt, without any additional contribution of heat or matter. The impression of the die used is at a depth greater than the protruding height H of the end portion, and has a ring-shaped boss obstructing the flow of the plastic, the outer edge of the ring-shaped boss and the inner edge of the end portion being distant from each other by a value less than the average thickness e of the transverse wall.10-02-2008
20090081392FRAGRANCE EMITTING PATCH AND COMPACT FOR HOLDING A PLURALITY OF SUCH PATCHES - A fragrance emitting patch kit including a compact having an internal compartment and a plurality of fragrance emitting patches positioned within the internal compartment of the compact.03-26-2009
20080233318Flexible composite tubular assembly with high insulation properties and method for making same - The present invention is directed to an improvement over the flexible composite tubing described in U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,491,779, 6,804,942, and 7,073,978, wherein said improvement provides for void space or otherwise insulating region along the length of the tubing. The present invention is additionally directed to methods for implementing such improvement.09-25-2008
20090311450Tubular container made of carbon - It is an object of the present invention to prevent leakage of a raw material gas or molten silicon in a carbon columnar container which is constructed by connecting plural carbon cylindrical members to each other by a screw portion provided along the periphery of an end of each of the cylindrical members, by sealing a gap present at the connection portion through a high-reliability method that causes no cracking or the like. The carbon columnar container of the invention is a carbon columnar container constructed so as to form a multistage structure by connecting plural carbon cylindrical members to each other by a screw portion provided along the periphery of an end of each of the cylindrical members, wherein each of the cylindrical members connected to each other has such a ring-shaped plane extending from the inner peripheral wall in the diameter direction as to form a ring-shaped butt area on the inner peripheral wall side when the cylindrical members are connected, and the sum of surface roughness (Ra) of the ring-shaped planes to form the butt area is in the range of 1 to 100 μm.12-17-2009
20130171381SANDWICH CORE MATERIAL - A sandwich core material for a sandwich laminate is disclosed. The sandwich core material includes a number of flexible core material elements having a longitudinal structure. A flexible core material for a sandwich core material, a sandwich laminate and a wind turbine blade including such a sandwich core material are provided. In addition, the present a method of manufacturing such a sandwich core material is provided.07-04-2013
20130171382INJECTION-MOLDED HOLLOW PRODUCT - A hollow injection-molded product has a sidewall that is formed in a mold cavity by injecting molding material. An interior surface of the sidewall includes at least one ridge that is shaped by a flow channel in the mold cavity. The flow channel directs the flow of the injected molding material in the mold cavity. The cross-sectional dimension of the ridge normal to the direction of flow of the molding material that is injected in the flow channel generally decreases in the direction of flow. A label is inserted into the mold cavity prior to injection of the molding material so that the label is on the exterior surface of the sidewall of the hollow product.07-04-2013
20080268187SILICONE ENCASED GLASS OBJECT - Presented herein is a device comprising a breakable object embedded within a flexible housing, wherein, the housing deforms when pressure is applied and returns to the original shape when the pressure is removed; and when the embedded breakable object breaks, the housing contains and supports the fragments of the breakable object such that said fragments maintain the outline and appearance of the breakable object.10-30-2008
20120251742NANOPARTICLE SURFACE TREATMENT - The present invention relates to methods and compositions for reducing damaging oxidation of metals. In particular, the present invention relates to nanoparticle surface treatments and use of nanoparticle surface treatments to reduce the damaging oxidation and corrosion of stainless steel and other alloy components in oxidating and corrosive conditions.10-04-2012
20120251741Method for adjusting the coolant consumption within actively cooled components, and component - A method for adjusting the coolant consumption within actively cooled components is produced. The components include an interior with at least one duct with different regions which have different cross sections of flow. A greater increase in the wall thickness is produced in the region having the smaller cross section of flow by a first diffusion process and a lesser increase in the wall thickness is produced in the region having the larger cross section of flow by a second diffusion process which is different from the first. By using different diffusion coatings in a component, it is possible to adjust the flow of coolant through a component in a controlled way.10-04-2012
20120251740VEHICLE FLOOR MATS - A vehicle floor mat includes cutting grooves for severing and removing at least one section of a peripheral portion of the mat. The cutting grooves are arranged to define a plurality of distinct outer contours so that the vehicle floor mat is compatible with a plurality of different vehicle models. The vehicle floor mat can further include apertures arranged to receive the anchors of each of the different vehicle models. Each of the different vehicle models can be selected from different models of a particular vehicle manufacturer. The vehicle floor mat can be compatible with at least five different vehicle models.10-04-2012
20130095260TRANSPARENT MATERIAL PROCESSING WITH AN ULTRASHORT PULSE LASER - Methods for ultrashort pulse laser processing of optically transparent materials. A method for scribing transparent materials uses ultrashort laser pulses to create multiple scribe features with a single pass of the laser beam across the material, with at least one of the scribe features being formed below the surface of the material. Slightly modifying the ultrashort pulse laser processing conditions produces sub-surface marks. When properly arranged, these marks are clearly visible with side-illumination and not clearly visible without side-illumination. In addition, a method for welding transparent materials uses ultrashort laser pulses to create a bond through localized heating. The ultrashort pulse duration causes nonlinear absorption of the laser radiation, and the high repetition rate of the laser causes pulse-to-pulse accumulation of heat within the materials.04-18-2013
20130115390METHOD FOR PRODUCING A COMPONENT AND COMPONENT PRODUCED BY THE METHOD - A method for producing a component and to a component as such made of a ceramic material having a predefined shape. The method includes providing a plurality of sheets made of carbon material), providing an adhesive containing a carbonizable component and joining the plurality of sheets to each other by the adhesive to form a sheet arrangement. The spatial dimensions of which are such that the predefined shape of the component can be generated from the arrangement by material removal. The sheet arrangement is worked by removing carbon material from the sheet arrangement to obtain a preform which is made of carbon material and has the predefined shape of the component to be produced. The perform is siliconized to obtain the component made of ceramic material.05-09-2013
20130115389TRASH COMPACTOR CARTON WITH ANTIMICROBIAL PROPERTIES - Embodiments of the invention relate to trash compactor boxes that have an antibacterial or antimicrobial feature incorporated therein. In a general embodiment, the carton boxes have a built-in compound, such as an antimicrobial, antiseptic, and/or a biocide material.05-09-2013
20130115388TAPE STRUCTURE AND SOLAR MODULE USING THE SAME - A tape structure is disclosed which includes a body and a first adhesive layer. The body has at least one linear notch formed in a top surface thereof. The first adhesive layer is disposed on the top surface of the body. The linear notch is parallel to a long axis of the body. The body has a bottom surface opposite to the top surface, and a plurality of the linear notches are formed in the top surface and the bottom surface of the body. The tape structure may further include a second adhesive layer disposed on the bottom surface of the body.05-09-2013
20130101761COMPONENTS WITH LASER CLADDING AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE - A method of manufacture is provided. The manufacturing method includes using an abrasive liquid jet to form one or more grooves in an outer surface of a substrate. Each groove has a base and an opening and extends at least partially along the outer surface of the substrate, where the substrate has an inner surface that defines at least one hollow, interior space. The manufacturing method further includes using a laser cladding process to apply a laser clad material over the opening of the respective groove(s), to at least partially define one or more channels for cooling the component, and disposing a coating over at least a portion of the outer surface of the substrate and over the laser clad material. Other manufacturing methods and a component are also provided.04-25-2013
20130101762ULTRALIGHT COMPOSITE STRUCTURES - A structure is disclosed that has a single first layer with a plurality of unidirectional fibers and a single second layer with a plurality of non-directional fibers.04-25-2013
20130129946Impregnated Cloth - A knitted spacer fabric has a tightly knitted bottom layer, a more loosely knitted upper layer and linking fibres extending across the space between the lower and upper faces. Settable material, e.g. cement, is introduced into the space between the upper and lower faces and can be caused to set by the addition of a liquid, e.g. water. Until set, the fabric is flexible and can be shaped but after the material in space has set, the fabric is rigid and can be used as a structural element in a wide range of situations. The bottom layer has an extension that extends beyond the upper face and is connected to the upper face by elastic connecting fibres that draw the extension towards the other face, thereby at least partly closing the space at the edge of the cloth and preventing the settable material from spilling out. In addition, the packing of the settable material and maximum space between the faces are such that only a predetermined amount of liquid can be accommodated within the space and that amount is matched to the water required to set the cement.05-23-2013
20130156977FLEXIBLE HOUSING, IN PARTICULAR FOR WRITING IMPLEMENTS, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A FLEXIBLE HOUSING - A flexible housing is provided for writing implements or for other articles of everyday use, such as bottles, lighters, etc. The housing has at least one separating point to provide a flexible housing that can move independently of the elastic properties of the base material used. The elements of the housing that are separated by the separating point are connected to one another in a form-fitting manner, and the form-fitting region has play. As a result, the housing can move, and the extent of movement is determined by the sum of the selected plays over all separating points. The ability of the housing to move allows an interaction between the housing and the article received by the housing, i.e. a movement of the housing acts on the article received and can produce a desired function (moving a pen refill, producing a flame, ejecting liquid, etc.).06-20-2013
20080199641Wet-type friction material and its manufacturing method - In a wet-type friction material, a ring-shaped friction material substrate is compressed and fixed on a surface of a core metal by heat-pressing by a manufacturing metal mold. At the same time, a taper of an angle α corresponding to a taper at an outer peripheral side of an upper mold is provided on an outer peripheral side of the ring-shaped friction material substrate. Thus, the taper is formed such that a thickness in a radial direction of the ring-shaped friction material substrate becomes smaller from a middle point toward an outer peripheral edge.08-21-2008
20110223362METALIZED IN MOLD LABEL AND MOLDED ARTICLES HAVING SAME - A printed metalized in mold label (IML) or insert for use in manufacturing injection molded or blow molded drinkware or containers. The labels generally include a metalized film assembly that comprises a base substrate and a metalized layer applied thereon. One or more image or graphic layers are then either printed directly onto the metalized film assembly or laminated thereto. Protective substrates, films, or coatings are applied to the assembly to protect by sandwiching the one or more ink or printed layers between the protective layer and the metalized layer.09-15-2011
20110256327System and Method for Manufacture of Information Handling System Laminated Housings - An information handling system housing is manufactured from a laminate material having a stainless steel exterior and magnesium interior that are encapsulated with injection molding. A thin sheet of stainless steel is formed to have a lip that meets against the magnesium and is secured in place with injection molding material. In one embodiment, an injection molding tool holds the laminate material in place to encapsulate the perimeter of the material with injection molding material and also activates an adhesive that holds the laminate material together, such as by applying pressure and heat to the laminate material.10-20-2011
20130149474PROFILE FOR A CYLINDRICAL COMPONENT - A cylindrical component has a groove bottom (06-13-2013
20130149475Composite Core Densification - A reinforcement tube for composite core densification and a composite article therewith.06-13-2013
20130149476ENERGY ABSORBING COMPOSITION AND IMPACT AND SOUND ABSORBING APPLICATIONS THEREOF - A substantially non-elastic incompressible composition, which substantially does not quickly self-level under standard operating conditions, includes: a suspending agent which reacts substantially as a solid when subjected to forces below a critical force, and which becomes substantially flowable when subjected to forces above said critical force; ceramic microparticulates dispersed within the suspending agent; flexible-walled microparticulates dispersed within the suspending agent; and celled macroparticulates dispersed within the suspending agent. The composition provides an incident energy absorbing property. The incident energy may include sound energy, and the microparticulates and macroparticulates may convert some of the sound energy into heat, or may diffract the sound energy.06-13-2013
20130183462Process For The Manufacture Of An Article Comprising a Recess - The present invention relates to a process for blowing an article with at least one recess.07-18-2013
20130189458THREE-DIMENSIONAL STRUCTURES AND RELATED METHODS OF FORMING THREE-DIMENSIONAL STRUCTURES - The present disclosure provides three-dimensional structures and related methods. The three-dimensional structures may define patterns of positive and negative spaces on opposing surfaces that combine to form the three-dimensional structures. The negative spaces of the patterns may intersect to form apertures through the three-dimensional structures, which may define linear or non-linear paths therethrough. The apertures may be configured to provide desirable characteristics with respect to light, sound, and fluid travel therethrough. Further, the three-dimensional structures may be configured to define desired stiffness, weight, and/or flexibility. The three-dimensional structures may be employed in embodiments including heat sinks, housings, speaker or vent covers, springs, etc.07-25-2013
20130189459Re-attachable Pipe Insulator - A method of insulating a tube comprising the steps of separating a slit tube insulator to two opposing split tube insulator sides created by radially slitting the tube shaped insulator; covering a tube with the tube insulator; and pressing the slit tube insulator sides together. One of the split tube insulator sides can contain a hook attaching component and the other side can contain a loop attaching component.07-25-2013
20120027968DEVICE HOUSING AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - A device housing is provided. The device housing includes a substrate, and an anti-fingerprint film formed on the substrate. The anti-fingerprint film is a metal-nitrogen-oxygen compound coating. A method for making the device housing is also described there.02-02-2012
20120027967COMPOSED ELEMENT, MULTI-LAYERED BOARD AND PANEL-SHAPED ELEMENT FOR FORMING THIS COMPOSED ELEMENT - Composed element including at least two panel-shaped elements, which each have an edge zone in which coupling means are present in the form of a profiled part respectively extending in the longitudinal direction of the respective edge zone, as well as each including an end face extending transversely to the respective edge zone, wherein said profiled parts allow coupling the panel-shaped elements together in an interlocking manner, wherein at least one of the panel-shaped elements includes an arrangement which hides from view at least a portion of the profiled part formed at the pertaining edge zone at the location of the end face.02-02-2012
20120027966Process for Drawing, Injection and Blowing Ultra-Light Weight Bottles ( Swerve Neck) - A new profile of the internal neck that, instead of being simply cylindrical, presents an internal ring in proximity to, and at the height of, the support ledge plain and to which corresponds a specific profile in the area under the support ledge. These profiles allows a ring to be created of different shapes and geometries (SWERVE SHAPE) using the internal material between the support ledge and the area under the support ledge, thereby re-enforcing the neck and avoiding oval formation (creating problems with sealing and loss of content) as well as deformation of the support ledge during the blowing process, without impacting weight reduction. This invention allows for ultra-light containers with good physical-mechanical behavior. A further reduction of the width(s) using present technologies is not permissible due to insufficient radial rigidity. This present invention permits the light-weighting of various types of containers of different prime materials.02-02-2012
20130196092ANTIPERSPIRANT COMPOSITIONS HAVING PARTICULATE OPACIFYING AGENT, ANTIPERSPIRANT PRODUCTS INCLUDING THE ANTIPERSPIRANT COMPOSITIONS, AND METHODS OF PREPARING THE ANTIPERSPIRANT COMPOSITIONS - An antiperspirant composition includes an antiperspirant active compound and a particulate opacifying agent. The antiperspirant active compound is based upon an astringent metallic salt. The particulate opacifying agent has a refractive index greater than a comparable antiperspirant composition absent the particulate opacifying agent, provided that a difference in refractive index between the particulate opacifying agent and the comparable antiperspirant composition absent the particulate opacifying agent is less than or equal to about 0.3. An antiperspirant product including a container and the antiperspirant composition disposed in the container is also provided.08-01-2013
20130196093SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DIFFUSING ESSENTIAL OILS - The present invention relates to essential oils. In particular, some implementations of the present invention relate to systems and methods for diluting and diffusing one or more essential oils from a portable dispenser. In some cases, the described systems include a solution comprising one or more essential oils, emulsifiers, and diluents, wherein the solution is disposed in a container that is capable of diffusing the solution. While the various ingredients can be present at any suitable concentration, in some instances, a ratio between the volume of the essential oil and the volume of the emulsifier is between about 2:1 and about 1:2. In some instances, a ratio of the volume of the essential oil to the volume of the diluent is between about 1:4 and about 1:8. Other implementations are also disclosed.08-01-2013
20120034401C/C COMPOSITE MATERIAL MOLDED BODY AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A C/C composite material molded body and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The C/C composite material molded body includes carbon fibers, and a carbonaceous matrix. The C/C composite material molded body has a shell-like structure, an outer surface of which is configured by a three-dimensional curved surface or a combination of a plurality of surfaces, and which is configured by a continuous structure having a uniform composition as a whole. A longitudinal direction of the carbon fibers is oriented along the outer surface.02-09-2012
20130202822ENCAPSULATED FIRE EXTINGUISHING AGENTS - The encapsulated fire extinguishing agents include a sealed outer shell containing at least one fire extinguishing agent therein. The shell is formed of material that melts when exposed to extreme heat, as in a fire. One embodiment has a single outer shell with a single fire retardant agent therein. Other embodiments may have a second shell within the outer shell, each shell defining an interior volume containing a separate fire extinguishing agent. The agents may combine to form a more effective fire extinguishing agent when the two shells melt. The shells may be formed to melt at different temperatures. Another embodiment includes an outer shell filled with a large number of smaller capsules, each of the smaller capsules filled with a fire extinguishing agent. The smaller capsules may each contain identical agents, or two or more different agents from one another.08-08-2013
20120094041THICK WALLED COMPOSITE TUBULAR AND METHOD OF MAKING - A method and apparatus for forming a tubular from a composite material. The composite material includes fibers and epoxy resin that are formed into plies that are wound around an axis to form an annular member. The fibers in each ply are arranged axially and hoopwise. The axially oriented fibers are angled from about 10° up to about 20° with respect to an axis of the tubular. The hoopwise fibers are wound in the plies ranging from about 60° at the innermost ply up to about 90° in the outermost ply. The hoop fibers in the intermediate plies are arranged at increasing angles with distance away from the innermost layer. Transitioning the hoop fiber alignment in the successive plies better distributes hoop stress through the wall of the tubular thereby reducing stress concentrations on the innermost ply.04-19-2012

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