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428601000 Discontinuous surface component 18
428602000 Longitudinally smooth and symmetrical 1
20120021243COMPONENTS WITH BONDED EDGES - A metallic sheath for a mounting on a component is disclosed. The metallic sheath comprises a nose portion extending in a chordwise direction, a first side-wall extending in the chordwise direction from the nose portion and a second side-wall extending in the chordwise direction from the nose portion wherein the second side-wall is bonded to the nose portion such that the nose portion, the first side-wall and the second side-wall form a cavity capable of receiving a portion of the component.01-26-2012
20110183153Decorative strip for showers - A decorative strip (07-28-2011
20110195268Wire Core Lace - An exemplary embodiment includes new product technology that greatly improves the lace used for shoes, boots, clothing, climbing, and other similar activities. This invention includes technology enhancements for laces that result in a lace that is substantially stronger, and more resilient than current lace technology. The lace described herein has a strong flexible multi-core design, and is capped by a metal tip that is wrapped around the ends of the lace and locked to the wire core with inverted metal prongs.08-11-2011
20130059166CUP-SHAPED MEMBER INCLUDING INNER PERIPHERAL CORRUGATED PORTION AND MANUFACTURING METHOD AND MANUFACTURING APPARATUS FOR THE SAME - A cup-shaped member in which the outer peripheral recesses are formed on the base end portion side of the outer peripheral surface of the cylinder portion, on which the bottom portion is disposed, by denting the outer peripheral surface radially inward of the cylinder portion at positions that correspond to the inner peripheral protrusions. The smooth outer peripheral portion is formed on the opening end side of the outer peripheral surface of the cylinder portion that is opposite to the side on which the bottom portion is disposed. The smooth outer peripheral portion has no corrugation and has generally the same diameter over the entire circumference of the outer peripheral surface, thereby increasing the strength of the cup-shaped member, and allowing the inner peripheral corrugated portion to be surely formed.03-07-2013
20090269607Cast product having aluminum-based film and process for producing the same - In a throttle body, a passive film and a corrosion-resistant film are stacked in that order on a substrate of aluminum. The passive film has a concave part on its corrosion-resistant film side. A metal layer is provided in the concave part. In shot blasting, upon collision of a blasting material against the corrosion-resistant film, a part of the blasting material is separated and adhered onto the resultant concaves to form the metal layer. For example, aluminum having a purity of not less than 98% is selected as the blasting material.10-29-2009
20120225314INVISIBLE SET DECORATIVE PART - The invention relates to a decorative part (09-06-2012
20110300398Method of Producing a Relief Image From a Liquid Photopolymer Resin - A method of producing a relief image from a liquid photopolymerizable resin, said method comprising the steps of a) placing a coverfilm onto an exposure glass; b) casting a liquid photopolymerizable resin layer onto the coverfilm; c) laminating a substrate to a backside of the liquid photopolymerizable resin layer as the liquid photopolymerizable resin layer is being cast onto the coverfilm; d) placing an image or film negative on top of the substrate; and e) exposing the liquid photopolymerizable resin layer through the image or film negative from the backside of the liquid photopolymerizable resin layer to selectively crosslink and cure the photopolymerizable resin layer and form a cured relief image, wherein said depth of the cured relief image is less than the height of the cast liquid photopolymerizable resin.12-08-2011
20110281133METAL CASTING AND METAL CASTING PROCESS - A metal casting has a metal casting base body into which at least one metal insert body (11-17-2011
20090110951Atomically Sharp Iridium Tip - A method for preparing an iridium tip with atomic sharpness. The method includes tapering an iridium wire to a needle shape and heating the iridium needle in an oxygen atmosphere. Also disclosed is an iridium needle having a pyramidal structure which terminates with a small number of atoms prepared by the methods.04-30-2009
20100035079HIGH-STRENGTH COLD-ROLLED STEEL SHEET AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A high-strength cold-rolled steel sheet having a tensile strength of 340 MPa or more, which can prevent galling, can be manufactured even if a large number of the steel sheets are continuously press-formed. This is because a surface texture thereof is con-trolled so that the surface texture includes flat areas in which a roughness profile has a deviation of ±2 μm or less from a filtered waviness curve and a dented portion having a maximum depth between 10 μm and 50 μm from the filtered waviness curve, wherein an average area of the dented portion is more than 0.01 mm02-11-2010
20100112372COMPONENT HAVING A CERAMIC BASE THE SURFACE OF WHICH IS METALIZED - A component having a ceramic base the surface of which is covered in at least one area by a metalized coating, the ceramic base being spatially structured and the partial discharge resistance between at least two layers of a metalized structure produced from the same or different materials and between the layer of a metalized structure and the ceramic being <20 pC.05-06-2010
20110262765Process of metal plate press-formation with a fine line pattern and method of forming a fine line pattern on a molding die - A metal plate press-forming process with a fine line pattern, in which the metal plate is heated and applied with a gas or liquid pressure in several stages so as to be pressed against a molding die to be formed into a shape and simultaneously to obtain a second fine-line pattern transferred from a first fine-line pattern on the molding die. A press-formed metal housing obtained using the aforesaid metal plate press-forming process is also disclosed. Also, a method of forming a fine line pattern on a molding die is disclosed, in which a patterned photoresist layer is formed on a block, and a fine line pattern on the block is formed by etching the block using the patterned photoresist layer as a mask.10-27-2011
20120107636METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A COATED METAL STRIP WITH AN ENHANCED APPEARANCE - One subject of the invention is a process for manufacturing a metal strip having a metal coating for corrosion protection, comprising the steps consisting in: 05-03-2012
20100098967Method for Imprinting and Erasing Amorphous Metal Alloys - The present invention relates to materials, methods and apparatuses for performing imprint lithography using amorphous metallic materials. The amorphous metallic materials can be employed as imprint media and thermoplastic forming processes are applied during the pattern transfer procedure to produce micron scale and nanoscale patterns in the amorphous metallic layer. The pattern transfer is in the form of direct mask embossing or through a serial nano-indentation process. A rewriting process is also disclosed, which involves an erasing mechanism that is accomplished by means of a second thermoplastic forming process. The amorphous metallic materials may also be used directly as an embossing mold in imprint lithography to allow high volume imprint nano-manufacturing. This invention also comprises of a method of smoothening surfaces under the action of the surface tension alone.04-22-2010
20100098966Process for preparing nanogap electrode and nanogap device using the same - The present invention relates to a process of preparing a nanogap electrode and a nanogap device using the same, and a preparing process according to the present invention is characterized in that reduced metal is grown by reduction reaction from a metal ion in solution on the surface of a metal pattern with a predetermined shape. A method of preparing a nanogap electrode according to the present invention has an advantage that nanogap electrodes having a gap distance of 1-100 nm, which are difficult to prepare by a conventional method, can be easily prepared in a reproducible and uniform manner.04-22-2010
20080286600Designs and Fabrication of Structural Armor - Fabrication techniques for and examples of metallic composite materials with high toughness, high strength, and lightweight for various structural, armor, and structural-armor applications. For example, various advanced materials based on metallic-intermetallic laminate (MIL) composite materials are described, including materials with passive damping features and built-in sensors.11-20-2008
20120295127SCULPTED ALUMINUM FASCIA VALANCE SYSTEM AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME - A sculpted aluminum fascia valance system and method of making it according to certain embodiments of the invention may include an aluminum fascia valance that has been sculpted by a water jet cutter. The sculpted design may be an ornamental design, or it may be a company name, logo, or tagline. Lights or colored sheets of plastic or fabric may be used behind the sculpted aluminum fascia to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the sculpted design.11-22-2012
20130216853WORKPIECE PRODUCED FROM AN ELONGATED BLANK OR INTERMEDIATE PRODUCT AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF - A method for producing a workpiece from an elongated blank or intermediate product. The workpiece geometry is formed in a first method step, for example by forging the blank or intermediate product, a centering region for subsequent machining of the workpiece between centers being introduced in two oppositely situated sides of the workpiece with reference to the longitudinal axis thereof, and at least one of the centering regions having a desired deformation face. The workpiece is calibrated in a second method step, the desired deformation face being adapted in such a manner that the distance between the contact faces of the centering regions for the machining between centers being adjusted to a predetermined desired measurement. The invention also includes a corresponding workpiece with centering regions, at least one of which has at least one desired deformation face.08-22-2013
20100279141LOW CORE LOSS GRAIN-ORIENTED ELECTRICAL STEEL PLATE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A grain-oriented electrical steel plate is characterized in that grooves having a width of 10 μm to 200 μm and a depth of 10 μm to 30 μm exist in at least one of a front surface and a rear surface of a steel plate at intervals of 1 mm to 10 mm, an angle between a direction in which the grooves extend and a rolling direction of the steel plate is 60 degrees to 120 degrees, and tensile stresses having a maximum value of 20 MPa to 300 MPa act in the rolling direction within ranges of 10 μm to 300 μm from side surfaces of the grooves.11-04-2010
20110206941COPPER-TIN ALLOY, COMPOSITE MATERIAL AND USE THEREOF - The invention relates to a copper-tin alloy, comprising 0.2 to 0.8% by weight Sn, 0.1 to 0.6% by weight Ni and/or Co, 0 to 0.05% by weight Zn, 0 to 0.2% by weight Fe, 0.008 to 0.05% by weight P, and also Cu as remainder. The invention furthermore relates to a corresponding composite material having a base material made of such an alloy and also to suitable uses thereof. The technological and physical properties are comparable with those of a CuFe2P alloy. However, the alloy according to the invention and also a tin-plated composite material made thereof can be readily recycled.08-25-2011
20120040204WALL FACING PANEL - Use: This invention is for improvements in or relating to the design of wall facing panels with textured surface and can be used in products designed for both indoor and outdoor wall panelling.02-16-2012
20080268278WEIGHT SETS - Free weights for strength training or other athletic endeavors are provided. The free weights according to the present invention can provide a non-traditional, comfortable look and feel to users, and can reduce user intimidations to promote the use of the free weights and the resulting health benefits.10-30-2008
20110206940WORKPIECE ARRANGEMENT - A workpiece arrangement includes at least two join regions of at least one workpiece that are joined together by a material-to-material connection seam. The material-to-material connection seam covers only a portion of a first of the at least two join regions. A thermal insulation device is disposed in an area of the material-to-material connection seam and corresponds to the first of the at least two join regions.08-25-2011
20100143742WEAR-RESISTANT CASTINGS AND METHOD OF FABRICATION THEREOF - A wear resistant casting and method of fabrication thereof, the casting comprising inserts embedded in a matrix; each insert having a form such that a ratio A/B in any mutually perpendicular section that passes through the centre of mass of the insert is comprised between 0.4 and 2.5, and a distance C between two insert is at least two times smaller that a width thereof; the inserts forming at least one grid.06-10-2010
20090220816METAL BASE, METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME, AND CATALYST - A metal base including a surface portion containing aluminum. The metal base is formed with at least either of recesses and projections at a surface of the metal base and therefore has a planar pattern formed by the at least either of the recesses and projections when viewed from above the surface of the metal base, in which the planar pattern is a scale-like pattern.09-03-2009
20100261030METHOD FOR CREATING PATTERN ON A METAL SURFACE BY IMPRINTING WITH THE AID OF HEATING - This invention relates to the development of method for creating pattern on any metal surfaces used for structuring and decorative purposes by impression with the aid of heating. The method of the present invention can be modified to suite any industrial manufacturing processes.10-14-2010
20100233504METHOD OF MANUFACTURE OF A DUAL MICROSTRUCTURE IMPELLER - There is provided a method for fabricating a dual microstructure component that may in turn be machined to fabricate a rotary element such as an impeller characterized as capable of withstanding high heat conditions for use in a gas turbine engine. The method provides a nickel based superalloy suitable for application of an impeller in a gas turbine engine. The bore region is manufactured having a grain size finer than ASTM 10.0 and the body region is manufactured having a grain size coarser than ASTM 7.0. The bore region and the body region define a dual microstructure and an interface.09-16-2010
20120141816METHOD FOR PULSED ELECTROCHEMICAL MACHINING - The invention is related to the field of pulsed electrochemical machining of steels and alloys and can be used for performing various precision copying and piercing operations for manufacturing intricate profile surfaces of machine and tool workpieces made of hard-to-machine materials. The method comprises the steps of applying microsecond current pulse packages synchronized with an instant when the machining electrode and a workpiece are moved to a minimum distance towards each other, measuring at least one concordant voltage and current value in each pulse, calculating corresponding values of an interelectrode gap resistance, and adjusting the machining process in accordance with the changes of the interelectrode gap resistance. During the machining process, amplitude-time pulse parameters are adjusted in accordance with the changes of the shape of an interelectrode gap resistance curve during a pulse supply, said curve shape being considered as an accuracy criterion for copying the shape of the machining electrode. Amplitude-time pulse parameters can be adjusted by increasing a current pulse amplitude and controlling a ratio of a duration of a voltage rise to a duration of a steady-state process, or by increasing a voltage pulse duration and controlling a ratio of a duration of a current decrease to a duration of a steady-state process. In addition, an amplitude or duration of a pulse of an opposite polarity can be adjusted. The invention allows improving the copying accuracy and increasing the machining performance when the copying accuracy is predetermined.06-07-2012
20110236712COPPER ALLOY AND ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE MATERIAL FOR CONNECTING PARTS, AND MATING-TYPE CONNECTING PART AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - The surface roughness of a copper sheet is adjusted to have an arithmetic mean roughness Ra of 0.5 μm or more and 4.0 μm or less in a direction parallel to a sliding direction upon connection, a mean projection-depression interval RSm of 0.01 mm or more and 0.3 mm or less in the direction, a skewness Rsk of less than 0, and a protrusion peak portion height Rpk of 1 μm or less. Further, as a surface coating layer, a Sn coating layer group X observed as a plurality of parallel lines is included, and a Cu—Sn alloy coating layer is present adjacent to each side of each of Sn coating layers constituting the Sn coating layer group X. The maximum height roughness Rz is 10 μm or less in a direction of part insertion. At the time of stamping the copper sheet, the copper sheet is surface-roughened by pressing, thereby forming depressions observed as a plurality of parallel lines in the surface of the copper sheet. The copper sheet is then plated with Cu and Sn, followed by reflowing to complete the production.09-29-2011
20100297465SURFACE-TREATED STEEL SHEET, PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME, AND RESIN-COATED STEEL SHEET - It is an object to provide a surface-treated steel sheet which contains no Cr, which is excellent in wet resin adhesion, and which can be used as an alternative to a conventional tin-free steel sheet and to provide a resin-coated steel sheet produced by coating the surface-treated steel sheet with resin. A surface-treated steel sheet including an adhesive layer which is disposed on at least one surface of the steel sheet and which contains Ti and at least one selected from the group consisting of Co, Fe, Ni, V, Cu, Mn, and Zn, the ratio of the total amount of Co, Fe, Ni, V, Cu, Mn, and Zn to the amount of Ti contained therein being 0.01 to ten on a mass basis, and a method for producing the surface-treated steel sheet.11-25-2010
20090123777METHOD OF IMPROVING THE PERFORMANCE OF A HYDRODYNAMIC SURFACE - An apparatus for use in a liquid environment has a metallic substrate material with a nodular nickel boron coating applied using an electroless plating process. Where the coated apparatus comes into contact with a fluid, the coated apparatus exhibits improved hydrodynamic performance, including decreased cavitation and erosion of the substrate. The coating also decreases the drag coefficient between the coated surface and liquid. Moreover, the surface of the coated article experiences less marine growth, and any growth that does accumulate is easier to remove.05-14-2009
20110111247BRAZED COMPONENT AND METHOD OF FORMING A BRAZED JOINT THEREIN - A brazed part, and methods of forming a brazed joint therein, are disclosed. The brazed part includes two or more components that are brazed together. Using the method of locating the parts herein disclosed, an inter-component gap between the components may be formed. Flow control features formed along the inter-component gap may then be used to assist in the retention of the braze material between the components during brazing.05-12-2011
20100040902FORMABLE LIGHT WEIGHT COMPOSITES - The present invention relates to light weight composite materials which comprise a metallic layer and a polymeric layer, the polymeric layer containing a filled thermoplastic polymer which includes a thermoplastic polymer and a metallic fiber. The composite materials of the present invention may be formed using conventional stamping equipment at ambient temperatures. Composite materials of the present invention may also be capable of being welded to other metal materials using a resistance welding process such as resistance spot welding.02-18-2010
20100040901Electrode and a Method for Forming an Electrode - A method of forming an electrode includes casting a molten metal in a mould to form an electrode with a header portion and a blade portion. The blade portion of the electrode is then rolled after it has been cast. The blade portion may be rolled into at least two different thicknesses. In one embodiment the metal is lead or lead alloy and the method relates to the forming of a lead or lead alloy anode.02-18-2010
20090317654SLIDE MEMBER - A slide member provided with an Al-based alloy layer including Si and having a first contoured surface having first planar surfaces and first convexities consisting of Si particles protruding from the first planar surfaces; an intermediate layer that coats the Al-based alloy layers an overlay that coats the intermediate layer; wherein 90% or more of the Si particles protruding from the first planar surfaces are configured to have a predetermined particle diameter of 2 μm or less, the Si particles having the predetermined particle diameter being distributed in the Al-based alloy layer with a distance between centers of gravity of the Si particles having the predetermined particle diameter averaging 6 μm or less, and wherein the overlay has a second contoured surface having second planar surfaces and second convexities conforming with the first planar surfaces and the first convexities of the first contoured surface.12-24-2009
20080268277Method for the Production of a Sheet Metal Plate, in Particular of Steel, for the Manufacture of Motor Vehicle Body Components - The invention relates to a sheet metal plate, especially made of steel, for producing motor vehicle body components. In order to make the body component sufficiently rigid at highly stressed points in spite of using lightweight materials, the sheet metal plate (10-30-2008
20110052933COMPOSITE CAST TOOL - A composite cast tool is cast in one continuous piece, partly of steel and partly of grey iron, so that an interconnection zone is formed between the steel and the grey iron. The steel portion forms the working component of the tool, for example a cutting edge, and the grey iron portion forms the body component of the tool. The steel portion and the grey iron portion have projections or walls extending towards one another. The interconnection zone is located in the region of union between these walls and is planar.03-03-2011
20100285328PRESS-FORMING METHOD AND PRESS-FORMED PART - A current density changing portion is formed in a heating process on an upper base side with respect to a center portion of a flat metal plate in a direction of current flow, by passing current from a lower base side to the upper base side of the flat metal plate which is rectangular when viewed from above. As a result, a quenchable portion is formed on the upper base side with respect to the center portion of the flat metal plate in the direction of current flow, and a non-quenchable portion is formed on the lower base side with respect to the center portion of the flat metal plate in the direction of current flow. The flat metal plate is press-formed after the heating process, so a complex die cooling structure is not necessary during press-forming, which enables the die cost to be reduced.11-11-2010
20120034485WALL FACING PANEL - A wall facing panel has a base of sheet metal and on a front face of which there are convex elements and/or concaves producing a textured design; the convex elements are made with a diameter of 0.001 mm to 25 mm, and the concaves are made with 0.01 mm to 25 mm and a depth not exceeding 0.9502-09-2012
20120064361HEAT RADIATING COMPONENT AND METHOD OF PRODUCING SAME - A heat radiating component includes a base including a first metal, a first plating layer formed on the base and including a second metal and carbon material structures dispersed in the second metal, and a second plating layer formed on the first plating layer. The first plating layer includes protruding parts that are parts of the carbon material structures protruding from a surface of the second metal. The second plating layer is formed on the first plating layer to cover surfaces of the protruding parts and the surface of the second metal without filling spaces between the protruding parts.03-15-2012
20100330389SKIN PASS FOR CLADDING THIN METAL SHEETS - According to at least one aspect of the present invention, a method is provided for cladding a thin metal sheet for enhanced formability and manufacturability thereof. In at least one embodiment, the method includes contacting at least one metal cladding layer with the thin metal sheet to form a thin metal sandwich having an original thickness, wherein the metal cladding layer may be a thin metal foil or a plated or deposited thin metal film, and then subjecting the thin metal sandwich to four Skin-Pass steps at an incremental thickness reduction ratio of 25 percent of the total thickness Reduction Ratio per step in four alternating directions. The method provides Skin-Pass processed clad sheet metals with reduced uniaxial pre-strain, improved uniformity in microstructure and material properties along the longitudinal and transversal directions, and enhanced formability and manufacturability.12-30-2010
20120301740ELECTRO-OPTICAL OR ELECTROMECHANICAL STRUCTURAL ELEMENT OR SLIDING ELEMENT - The invention relates to an electro-optical or electromechanical structural component, in particular LED, connector or also stamped grid, or sliding element, consisting of a rolled metal substrate of a metal strip or a sheet produced therefrom and made of Cu or a Cu alloy strip, Al or an Al alloy strip, Fe or a Fe alloy strip, Ti or a Ti alloy strip, Ni or a Ni alloy strip or a stainless steel strip, which has a specially structured surface. The structure of the surface allows joining using optical methods even in the case of highly reflective surface coatings and simultaneously improves the functional properties of the components used.11-29-2012
20090269608Al-Zn-Mg-Cu ALLOY WITH IMPROVED DAMAGE TOLERANCE-STRENGTH COMBINATION PROPERTIES - An Al—Zn—Mg—Cu alloy with improved damage tolerance-strength combination properties. The present invention relates to an aluminium alloy product comprising or consisting essentially of, in weight %, about 6.5 to 9.5 zinc (Zn), about 1.2 to 2.2% magnesium (Mg), about 1.0 to 1.9% copper (Cu), preferable (0.9Mg−0.6)≦Cu≦(0.9Mg+0.05), about 0 to 0.5% zirconium (Zr), about 0 to 0.7% scandium (Sc), about 0 to 0.4% chromium (Cr), about 0 to 0.3% hafnium (Hf), about 0 to 0.4% titanium (Ti), about 0 to 0.8% manganese (Mn), the balance being aluminium (Al) and other incidental elements. The invention relates also to a method of manufacturing such as alloy.10-29-2009
20110111248Component Having Weld Seam and Method for Producing a Weld Seam - During welding, frequently cracks develop at the end of the weld seam. A method is provided in which the power is reduced at the end of the weld seam, reducing the development of cracks. For the method, a welding appliance is used wherein the welding appliance may be a laser.05-12-2011
20120040205METHOD FOR PRODUCING A PRESS-QUENCHED METAL COMPONENT - The invention relates to a method for producing a press-hardened metal component, in which a blank (02-16-2012
20110064964MECHANICAL DESIGN OF LAMINAR WEAK-LINK ROTARY MECHANISMS WITH TEN-DEGREE-LEVEL TRAVEL RANGE AND TEN-NANORADIAN-LEVEL POSITIONING RESOLUTION - Enhanced mechanical designs are provided for weak-link rotary mechanisms for implementing angular rotations with a defined angular travel range and positioning resolution, for example, with ten-degree-level travel range and ten-nanoradian-level positioning resolution. A weak-link rotary structure has a predetermined pattern for implementing angular rotations with repeatable and reliable angular travel range and positioning resolution including a plurality of connecting links radially extending from a central portion with a predefined angular separation between the connecting links; each said connecting link having at least one pair of weak-link connections; alternate connecting links being coupled to a respective terminal, each said respective terminal being mounted to a connecting carriage; remaining other connecting links being coupled to a respective mounting portion of a mating part of the weak-link rotary structure.03-17-2011
20120208042STAINLESS STEEL ARTICLE AND METHOD FOR MAKING SAME - A stainless steel article is provided. The stainless steel article includes a stainless steel substrate, and a pattern formed on an outer surface of the substrate. The pattern is defined by at least one recess formed on the outer surface. The pattern has a surface roughness of about 50 nm-150 nm. A method for making the present article is also provided.08-16-2012
20100009212METAL SHEET ROLLING METHOD AND ROLLED SHEET MANUFACTURED BY METAL SHEET ROLLING METHOD - The present invention provides a metal sheet rolling method of rolling a metal sheet with a pair of rolls, as well as a rolled sheet manufactured by the metal sheet rolling method. In the metal sheet rolling method, respective interfaces between the pair of rolls and the metal sheet have mutually different frictions. Additionally at least one of the interfaces may be lubricated by a procedure other than lubrication by coating of a liquid lubricant agent. Alternatively at least one of the interfaces may be subjected to surface treatment by a procedure other than lubrication, or otherwise the pair of rolls may be made of mutually different materials.01-14-2010
20120058360CLAD PLATE - A clad plate includes an aluminum plate and a hard metal plate such as a copper plate, joined together at side end surfaces thereof, the clad plate being excellent in joint strength and flexural separation-resistant characteristics. A side end surface of an aluminum plate and a side end surface of a hard metal plate are jointed together via a nickel layer by pressure welding. A ridge and a groove formed in the side end surface of the aluminum plate are respectively engaged and joined, via the nickel layer, to a groove and a ridge formed in the side end surface of the hard metal plate, and an end portion of the nickel layer extends beyond the rear end portion of the side end surface of the aluminum plate and is jointed to the plate surface of the aluminum plate with the end portion exposed thereon. The average width W of the exposed portion of the nickel layer exposed on the plate surface is preferably in the range from about 0.2 mm to about 1.5 mm.03-08-2012
20110104513COOLING PLATE FOR A METALLURGICAL FURNACE - A cooling plate (05-05-2011
20110104512STRETCHED STRIPS FOR SPACER AND SEALED UNIT - A spacer for a sealed unit is formed of a stretched elongate strip of material, such as metal. The elongate strip is longitudinally stretched, causing a reduction in the thickness of the material. Stretching is performed by applying a tension across a segment of an elongate strip. The tension can be applied to the elongate strip by passing the elongate strip through at least two spaced sets of rollers. A first set of rollers operating at a first speed engages with the elongate strip and a second set of rollers operating at a second speed applies a tension to the elongate strip to cause stretching of the material. Corrugated rollers can also be used to form the material into an undulating shape.05-05-2011
20100092796Microforming method and apparatus - Method of forming depressions (e.g. dimples) in a sheet material to form a textured surface thereon involves pressing one or more tool tips into a metallic or non-metallic sheet material while the sheet material is supported by a support layer that is relatively softer (e.g. having a lower Young's modulus) than the sheet material so as to allow plastic deformation and reduce pile-up of raised displaced material of the sheet material at the edges of the depressions.04-15-2010
20120219818PANEL MEMBER, AIRCRAFT MAIN WING, AND METHOD FOR FORMING PANEL MEMBER - There is provided a panel member capable of restraining an increase in weight of a wing panel while restraining wasteful work in the manufacturing process, an aircraft main wing, and a method for forming the panel member. A wing panel 08-30-2012
20110183154Method for Producing a Strip for Packaging Purposes - A method for producing a strip consisting of aluminum or an aluminum alloy for packaging purposes, in particular for cans, can lids or can closures, which provides an individualized aluminum strip for packaging purposes, with which decorative or identification elements can be reliably embossed without additional production steps being required, for example at the producer of the packaging means, is achieved in that decorative or other identification elements are embossed into the strip in the last rolling pass of cold rolling and in that the strip thickness is greater in the area of the decorative and identification elements than in the remaining areas of the strip.07-28-2011
20120171507ELECTROLYTIC MACHINING METHOD AND SEMIFINISHED WORKPIECE BY THE ELECTROLYTIC MACHINING METHOD - The present invention relates to an electrolytic machining method. For increasing size precision of electrolytic machining method, a metallic mask layer is formed on the surface of a workpiece whose material has high conductivity or volume electrochemical equivalent, whereby the metallic mask layer can be used as a sacrificial layer of electrolytic machining and simultaneously protects the non-machining region of the workpiece so as to reduce lateral machining of the workpiece Consequently, the size precision of electrolytic machining is enhanced. In addition, the feasibility of electrolytically machining a miniature interval between two machined structures is increased as well. In addition, the present invention provides a semifinished electrolytic workpiece, comprising a workpiece and a metallic mask layer formed on the surface of the workpiece. The conductivity or volume electrochemical equivalent of the metallic mask layer is smaller than that of the workpiece.07-05-2012
20120214018COMPOSITE MATERIALS INCLUDING REGIONS DIFFERING IN PROPERTIES AND METHODS - The invention is directed at composite materials, articles including the composite materials, and methods for producing and using them. The composite material includes regions that differ in one or more properties. The composite material generally includes a first metallic sheet, a second metallic sheet; one or more metallic inserts interposed between the first and second metallic sheets; and a polymeric layer (e.g., a core layer) interposed between the first and second metallic sheets. The polymeric layer preferably includes a thermoplastic polymer. Preferably, the composite material includes a first region having an insert interposed between the metallic sheets so that the first region (relative to the second region) has a high tensile strength, a high thickness, a high density, or any combination thereof.08-23-2012
20120077055METAL PLATE FOR HEAT EXCHANGE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING METAL PLATE FOR HEAT EXCHANGE - The present invention provides a metal plate for heat exchange which facilitates nucleate boiling and is extremely excellent in heat conductivity. In the metal plate for heat exchange of the present invention, a recess part 03-29-2012
20120077054ELECTROLYTIC GOLD OR GOLD PALLADIUM SURFACE FINISH APPLICATION IN CORELESS SUBSTRATE PROCESSING - Electronic assemblies including coreless substrates having a surface finish, and their manufacture, are described. One method includes electrolytically plating a first copper layer on a metal core in an opening in a patterned photoresist layer. A gold layer is electrolytically plated on the first copper layer in the opening. An electrolytically plated palladium layer is formed on the gold layer. A second copper layer is electrolytically plated on the palladium layer. After the electrolytically plating the second copper layer, the metal core and the first copper layer are removed, wherein a coreless substrate remains. Other embodiments are described and claimed.03-29-2012
20120258329RACK BAR AND METHOD FOR PRODUCTION THEREOF - Disclosed herein are a rack bar and a method for production thereof. The rack bar is composed of a steel pipe (10-11-2012
20120258330METHOD OF MAKING FLUSH DOOR SKINS AND ASSEMBLED DOORS, AND UNIVERSAL MASTER BOARDS FOR THE SAME - Universal master boards and methods of making flush door skins and doors from the universal master boards are disclosed. The universal master boards each have an expansive surface with a graphic design of at least first depressions and second depressions in at least first and second surface regions, respectively. The first depressions simulate a first wood grain pattern, and the second depressions simulate a second wood grain pattern aligned in a different direction than the simulated first wood grain pattern. The universal master boards may be cut and demarcated selectively to establish different assortments of simulated wood patterns and different ornamental features, such as stiles and rails.10-11-2012
20120263970COMPOSITE STRUCTURE - The present invention provides an apparatus including a first metal component and a second metal component. The apparatus includes an interface between the first component and the second component, and a metal mesh interposed in the first interface. The apparatus further includes a composite component including a composite material. The composite component includes two portions, the first portion filling voids in the first interface and the second portion forming a structure that adjoins the first component and the second component. The metal mesh extends into the second portion of the composite component.10-18-2012
20110003167METALLIC MATERIAL FOR A CONNECTOR AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME - A metallic material for a connector, having a base material of a bar material or a rectangular wire material formed of copper or a copper alloy, in which a striped copper-tin alloy layer is formed in the longitudinal direction of the metallic material on a part of the surface of the metallic material, and in which a tin layer or a tin alloy layer is formed on the remaining part of the surface of the metallic material; and, a method of producing a metallic material for a connector, containing: providing a bar material or a rectangular wire material of copper or a copper alloy as a base material; forming a tin plating layer or a tin alloy plating layer on the base material, to obtain an intermediate material; and subjecting the intermediate material to reflow treatment in a stripe form in the longitudinal direction of the intermediate material.01-06-2011
20120328899Metal Strip Having a Constant Thickness and Varying Mechanical Properties - The invention relates to a metal strip which is produced from steel by hot rolling and by cold rolling of the metal strip. The invention also relates to a blank produced from the metal strip, the use of the metal strip, and to a method of producing it. The object of providing metal strip from which components of minimum weight which are adapted to specific loads can be produced with little cost or complication is achieved by metal strip of the generic kind which, after the cold rolling, is of constant thickness and has, section by section, regions whose mechanical properties vary. What “after the cold rolling” means, for the purposes of the present invention, is that, immediately on completion of the cold rolling, i.e. without any further treatment such as heat treatment, regions whose mechanical properties vary are present in the metal strip.12-27-2012
20120321904HIGH CORROSION RESISTANT EQUIPMENT FOR A PLANT - Provided is high corrosion resistant equipment for a plant having the lining structure which exhibits high reliability against breaking of a joining portion over a long use period. The high corrosion resistant equipment for a plant includes a lining plate and a support portion which are made of a high corrosion resistance material and a structural material portion made of a steel material or the like. The lining plate and the support portion include a joining portion to which friction stirring is applied. The support portion is assembled into or fastened to the structural material portion by means of the geometrical structure with a gap interposed between the support portion and the structural material portion. Due to such a constitution, high corrosion resistant equipment for a plant having the lining which exhibits high reliability can be acquired.12-20-2012
20100167081RESIN COMPOSITION CONTAINING CATALYST PRECURSOR FOR ELECTROLESS PLATING IN FORMING ELECTRO-MAGNETIC SHIELDING LAYER, METHOD OF FORMING METALLIC PATTERN USING THE SAME, AND METALLIC PATTERN FORMED BY THE SAME METHOD - A catalyst precursor resin composition includes an organic polymer resin; a fluorinated-organic complex of silver ion; a monomer having multifunctional ethylene-unsaturated bonds; a photoinitiator; and an organic solvent. The metallic pattern is formed by forming catalyst pattern on a base using the catalyst precursor resin composition reducing the formed catalyst pattern, and electroless plating the reduced catalyst pattern. In the case of forming metallic pattern using the catalyst precursor resin composition, a compatibility of catalyst is good enough not to make precipitation, chemical resistance and adhesive force of the formed catalyst layer are good, catalyst loss is reduced during wet process such as development or plating process, depositing speed is improved, and thus a metallic pattern having good homogeneous and micro pattern property may be formed after electroless plating.07-01-2010
20130017408GRAIN-ORIENTED ELECTRICAL STEEL SHEET AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAMEAANM Sakai; TatsuhikoAACI TokyoAACO JPAAGP Sakai; Tatsuhiko Tokyo JPAANM Hamamura; HideyukiAACI TokyoAACO JPAAGP Hamamura; Hideyuki Tokyo JP - In a method for producing a grain-oriented electrical steel sheet, grooves each having a given length and extending in a direction including a direction perpendicular to a transportation direction of the grain-oriented electrical steel sheet are formed at given intervals in the transportation direction by irradiating the surface of the grain-oriented electrical steel sheet with a laser beam while scanning the surface of the grain-oriented electrical steel sheet with the laser beam. Further, in the method for manufacturing a grain-oriented electrical steel sheet, the laser beam is a continuous-wave laser beam having a laser wavelength λ of 1.0 μm to 2.1 μm, power density Pd [W/mm01-17-2013
20130171464Composite Insulating Layer and Manufacturing Method Thereof - A composite insulating layer and a manufacturing method thereof. The composite insulating layer includes a socket substrate, a connection layer disposed on the socket substrate, a conductive metal layer disposed on the connection layer, an insulating metal layer disposed on the conductive metal layer, an insulating ceramic layer disposed on the insulating metal layer, and a electrodeposition layer disposed on the insulating ceramic layer. The composite insulating layer of the present invention can avoid the electromagnetic interference generated from the pins of the CPU and increase the stability of the CPU.07-04-2013
20080241572BONDING METHOD OF DISSIMILAR MATERIALS MADE FROM METALS AND BONDING STRUCTURE THEREOF - Disclosed is a bonding method for dissimilar materials made from metals and its resulting structures. The materials to be bonded are formed by layering three or more sheets such that a dissimilar material interface and a same material interface are formed. A first current is conducted between a three-sheet layered plate material wherein an aluminum alloy plate, a zinc plated steel plate and a bare steel plate, for example, are layered in order. A nugget is formed in an interface between the zinc plated steel plate and the bare steel plate, which are the same materials. Then, a second current greater than the first current is conducted, and a nugget is formed in an interface between the aluminum alloy plate and the zinc plated steel plate.10-02-2008
20130095342BRAZING PROCESS, BRAZE ASSEMBLY, AND BRAZED ARTICLE - A brazing process, a braze assembly, and a brazed article are disclosed. The brazing process includes applying a braze material to an article within a vacuum chamber while the vacuum chamber is substantially evacuated. The braze assembly is capable of applying a braze material to an article within a vacuum chamber while the vacuum chamber is substantially evacuated. The brazed article is devoid of re-formed oxides.04-18-2013
20130095343SHEET METAL PLATE WITH RELIEFS FOR CREATING INDUSTRIAL FLOORING OVER WHICH TRUCKS ARE TO RUN, ENGRAVED CYLINDER FOR OBTAINING SUCH SHEET METAL PLATES BY ROLLING - Sheet metal plate for creating flooring, particularly of industrial vehicles, over which trucks are to run, having a plurality of patterns, the maximum height of said reliefs ranging between 0.2 and 1.5 mm, said reliefs having a friction surface which has a mean width of at least 1 mm, in which said reliefs are arranged in a plurality of aligned groups of reliefs all of the same shape, the same orientation, and with their centers of gravity substantially aligned in one and the same given direction (D), the minimum distance, measured in said direction (D), between two adjacent reliefs of one and the same aligned group being less than 6 mm. The direction (D) in which the aligned groups are aligned advantageously coincides with the direction (De) in which the trucks run.04-18-2013
20130115476METAL CASTING APPARATUS, CAST WORK PIECE AND METHOD THEREFOR - A metal casting apparatus includes a feeder for providing a molten metallic material. A mold includes a sprue and a component cavity. The sprue is arranged to receive the molten metallic material from the feeder and the component cavity is arranged to receive the molten metallic material from the sprue. A starter is arranged adjacent the component cavity and is operable to induce a first grain orientation upon solidification of the molten metallic material. The sprue includes an aborter that is arranged to induce a second grain orientation upon solidification of the molten metallic material.05-09-2013
20130157074HOLLOW SUPERELASTIC SHAPE MEMORY ALLOY PARTICLES - Hollow superelastic shape memory alloy particles are disclosed herein. An example of the hollow superelastic shape memory particle includes an outer shell of a shape memory alloy having an Austenite finish temperature (Af) that is lower than a temperature encountered in an application in which the particle is used so that the shape memory alloy exhibits stress-induced superelasticity. The hollow superelastic shape memory particle also includes an interior hollow portion at least partially surrounded by the outer shell.06-20-2013
20130189537CHASSIS FOR ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - There is provided a thin-plate shaped chassis for an electronic apparatus, which has a plurality of step portions extended substantially in parallel with each other in such a way as to form at least one bulge portion which is bulged in a convex shape. The step portions are formed to have a larger thickness than that of other thin-plate portion having a predetermined thickness, and wherein there is provided at least one rib having a predetermined height which extends from the step portion to the thin-plate portion.07-25-2013
20120021242WALL FACING PANEL - A wall facing panel includes a metal base and an outer layer with the thickness d01-26-2012
20120028071WALL FACING PANEL - A wall facing panel has a metal base and an outer layer, on the front face of which there are convex and/or concave elements making up a design with textured structure; the design formed by the elements features convex elements with a diameter of 0.01 mm to 25 mm and concaves with a width of 0.01 mm to 25 mm and a depth not exceeding 0.95 d where=0.02-5.0 mm, the thickness of the sheet material of the outer layer; the design is formed in conformity with the condition where S02-02-2012

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