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428615000 Composite; i.e., plural, adjacent, spatially distinct metal components (e.g., layers, joint, etc.) 998
428546000 Having metal particles 232
428600000 Having variation in thickness 94
428613000 Porous (e.g., foamed, spongy, cracked, etc.) 70
428606000 Foil or filament smaller than 6 mils 56
428596000 Having aperture or cut 55
428586000 Workpiece with longitudinal passageway or stopweld material (e.g., for tubular stock, etc.) 48
428603000 Nonplanar uniform thickness or nonlinear uniform diameter (e.g., L-shape) 40
428594000 Plural layers discontinuously bonded (e.g., spot-weld, mechanical fastener, etc.) 38
428687000 Surface feature (e.g., rough, mirror) 36
428610000 Having composition, density, or hardness gradient 34
428577000 Intermediate article (e.g., blank, etc.) 33
428576000 Shaped configuration for melting (e.g., package, etc.) 23
428593000 Honeycomb, or with grain orientation or elongated elements in defined angular relationship in respective components (e.g., parallel, inter- secting, etc.) 23
428545000 Component of composite having metal continuous phase interengaged with nonmetal continuous phase 21
428570000 Composite powder (e.g., coated, etc.) 19
428573000 Width or thickness variation or marginal cuts repeating longitudinally 18
428592000 Helical or with helical component 15
428614000 Laterally noncoextensive components (e.g., embedded, etc.) 14
428611000 Having magnetic properties, or preformed fiber orientation coordinate with shape 11
428598000 Having member which crosses the plane of another member (e.g., T or X cross section, etc.) 10
428595000 Nonplanar, uniform-thickness material having symmetrical channel shape or reverse fold (e.g., making acute angle, etc.) 10
428612000 Microscopic interfacial wave or roughness 10
428608000 Embodying fibers interengaged or between layers (e.g., paper, etc.) 10
428609000 Macroscopically anomalous interface between layers 7
428571000 Having marginal feature for indexing or weakened portion for severing 5
20100055488NON-LINEAR WELDED BLANK AND METHOD OF REDUCING MASS - A structural inner, such as a vehicular door inner, formed from an engineered non-linearly welded blank comprising blank sections of differing thickness, a method of reducing the mass of the blank and redistributing the stresses experienced thereby during a drawing process, and a modified three-piece draw die having a control split device adapted for stamping the blank and localizing, minimizing and redirecting a blank failure to a predetermined location, such as the speaker hole of the door, during the process.03-04-2010
20100129678METHOD OF MAKING STRIP FORMED BY WEB-CONNECTED WIRES - The method serves for the production of a wire strip (05-27-2010
20110212341LEAD FRAME SHEET - A lead frame sheet made of an electrically conductive material has lead frames integrally formed on it. Spacing members also are formed from the sheet. A first one of the spacing members is proximal to a first longitudinal edge of the sheet and a second one of the spacing members is proximal to a second longitudinal edge of the sheet. The spacing members extend from an underside surface of the sheet and, in use, space the underside surface from a planar support such as a surface of a heating block.09-01-2011
20110151271METAL FORMING PROCESS AND WELDED COIL ASSEMBLY - A metal forming process and welded coil assembly that may be used to form complex metal components in a manner that is efficient, reduces scrap material, and maintains the structural integrity of the components. Generally, a number of individual metal blanks are welded to one or more sheet metal coils in order to produce a welded coil assembly. The metal blanks may be welded along the length of the inner sides of two sheet metal coils, or the metal blanks may be welded along the length of the outer sides of a single sheet metal coil, to cite a couple of possibilities. The welded coil assembly can then be fed through a progressive stamping apparatus or other machine to create a complex metal part.06-23-2011
20110033724Tie-Bar Configuration For Leadframe Type Carrier Strips - A conductive clip having a riser or post formed along a side thereof includes a notch or opening formed in the riser or post to create a first riser or post section and second riser or post section separated by the notch or opening through which a tiebar extends. The conductive clip organization is will suited for formation as elongated strips of such conductive clips for automated machine assembly of the conductive clips in an integrated circuit package context.02-10-2011
428599000 Defined configuration of both thickness and nonthickness surface or angle therebetween (e.g., rounded corners, etc.) 4
20090311550WEAR ELEMENT, AND COMPONENT PROVIDED THEREWITH - A wear element for component subject to abrasive influences, for example in a region of a receiving element for bulk material, includes an element formed by a one-piece, approximately plate-shape molded body made of a wear resistant alloy. The molded body is configured not to be planar in any plane. The molded body has an approximately rectangular cross-section and includes longitudinal sides and lateral sides that are rounded sections flowing into each other.12-17-2009
20100159267DEVICE COVER AND METHOD FOR FABRICATING THE SAME - A device cover includes a bottom base and at least one sidewall extending from the bottom base. The at least one sidewall is formed by an upsetting process. The device cover is made of metal. Only one fold is formed by flow tracks of metallic grain of the at least one sidewall. A method for fabricating the device cover is also disclosed.06-24-2010
20110165431PRESSED PRODUCT - The invention offers a pressed product (F) produced by press-forming a metal plate (07-07-2011
20080226935TUBULAR PRODUCT AND MANUFACTURING METHOD AND MANUFACTURING DEVICE THEREOF - A tubular product comprises a side section having outer surfaces disposed along a parallelogram and a bottom section formed on one end of the side section. The outer surfaces of the side section are pressure formed by a roller. The tubular product preferably is manufactured from a tubular material by a process comprising the use of a device having a roller that is configured to engage with a side section of the tubular material. The device also comprises a mandrel configured to position the tubular material so that the roller can apply pressure against at least a portion of the outer surfaces of the side section and can extend the side section of the tubular material to form the product.09-18-2008
428587000 Workpiece mimicking finished stock having nonrectangular or noncircular cross section 3
20120003494CASING MOLDED WITH ATTACHED PIPES - A method for making a light alloy foundry part that includes at least one piping supported by a wall of the part. The method includes making the piping, making a mold reproducing a shape of the part without the piping, positioning the piping in the mold, and casting a metal for making the part. At least a portion of the piping is subjected, prior to the installation thereof in the mold, to a surface-processing to generate a thermal barrier between the portion of the piping and the casting metal, the mold including at least one hollow location around the piping for making a bridge for supporting the piping and extending from the wall of the foundry part.01-05-2012
20100028707TARGETS AND PROCESSES FOR FABRICATING SAME - In particular embodiments, the present disclosure provides targets including a metal layer and defining a hollow inner surface. The hollow inner surface has an internal apex. The distance between at least two opposing points of the internal apex is less than about 15 μm. In particular examples, the distance is less than about lam. Particular implementations of the targets are free standing. The targets have a number of disclosed shaped, including cones, pyramids, hemispheres, and capped structures. The present disclosure also provides arrays of such targets. Also provided are methods of forming targets, such as the disclosed targets, using lithographic techniques, such as photolithographic techniques. In particular examples, a target mold is formed from a silicon wafer and then one or more sides of the mold are coated with a target material, such as one or more metals.02-04-2010
20130122322STEEL SHEET FOR HOT PRESSING AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING HOT-PRESSED PART USING STEEL SHEET FOR HOT PRESSING - In order to provide a steel sheet for hot pressing from which a hot-pressed part excellent in perforation corrosion resistance is obtainable and a method of manufacturing a hot-pressed part using the steel sheet for hot pressing, provided is a steel sheet for hot pressing having, sequentially on a surface of a base steel sheet: a plating layer I containing 60% by mass or more of Ni and the remainder consisting of Zn and inevitable impurities, a coating mass thereof being 0.01 to 5 g/m05-16-2013
428591000 With provision for limited relative movement between components 2
20090324986Friction-Welded Assembly with Interlocking Feature and Method for Forming the Assembly - A welded assembly includes a weld joint formed via a spin-welding process. A disc receives a cylinder prior to spin-welding, with the disc having a circumferential groove undercutting or defining an annular shelf. An interlocking feature retaining the cylinder and disc is formed between a flow pattern of the cylinder and the annular shelf upon cooling of molten flash in the groove underneath the annular shelf. Teeth can be formed integrally with the disc to provide a torsional interlocking feature between the disc and cylinder. A method for forming a weld joint between a plastic cylinder and disc includes providing the disc with a circumferential groove forming an annular shelf, and rotating the cylinder with respect to the disc under an axial force to thereby form an outflow of molten flash. The flash forms an interlocking feature when cooled after flowing into the groove underneath the shelf.12-31-2009
20100068551MECHANICAL DESIGN OF LAMINAR WEAK-LINK MECHANISMS WITH CENTIMETER-LEVEL TRAVEL RANGE AND SUB-NANOMETER POSITIONING RESOLUTION - An enhanced mechanical design for laminar weak-link mechanisms with centimeter-level travel range and sub-nanometer positioning resolution is provided. A multiple parallelogram weak-link structure includes a predefined pattern of a plurality of perpendicularly arranged groups of connecting links, each link having at least one pair of weak-link connections. Each of the plurality of perpendicularly arranged groups includes a terminal for mounting to a fixed base. The multiple parallelogram weak-link structure includes a moving part for mounting on a carriage, providing precisely controlled movement with stability in one direction. A two-dimensional (2D) ultra-precision scanning stages assembly for x-ray nanoprobe applications includes multiple redundantly constrained weak-link structures, a vertical ultra-precision positioning stage, and a horizontal ultra-precision positioning stage.03-18-2010
428605000 Mass of only fibers 2
20100129682METHOD TO PROVIDE COIL SHAVED METAL FIBERS - A method for providing coil shaved metal fibers according to the present invention comprises the steps of -providing a metal composite foil, the metal composite foil comprising oat least two metal layers (Lx) for being converted into metal fibers, each pair of adjacent metal layers are mutually separated by a sacrificial layer (Sy) provided from a sacrificial metal, each sacrificial layer (Sy) having a first and second surface, whereby for each sacrificial layer, the first surface contacts one of the pair of adjacent metal layers, the second surface is contacting the other of the pair of adjacent metal layers; -coiling said metal composite foil on a shaft thereby providing a metal coil having one free end surface; -rotating the metal coil and cutting the free end surface of the metal coil by means of a cutting tool, thereby providing a bundle of composite fibers; -removing the sacrificial metal of the sacrificial layers from the composite fibers thereby providing a bundle of metal fibers, each metal fiber being obtained from one of the metal layers (Lx).05-27-2010
20110300400METAL MEMBER - High aspect-ratio metal members such as a nanopillar, a nanorod, and the like, and a method of producing the same. The present invention provides high aspect-ratio metal members such as a nanopillar or a nanorod, and a method of producing the same, such metal members being produced by filling the micropores of an anodized film having a degree of ordering of 70% or more with a metal having an aspect ratio of 5 or more, followed by baking in inert gas atmosphere or in a vacuum at 300° C. or more to 1000° C. or less to improve crystallinity.12-08-2011
20090220811TITANIUM-TANTALUM BASE SHAPE MEMORY ALLOYS, ACTUATOR AND ENGINE - A Titanium-Tantalum base shape memory alloy is provided which possesses high machinability and is suitable for repeated high temperature operation. The Titanium-Tantalum base shape memory alloy consists of 15 mol %-40 mol % Tantalum, additive elements, and the balance Titanium and impurities.09-03-2009
20120202086Aluminum alloy that is not sensitive to quenching, as well as method for the production of a semi-finished product - An aluminum alloy that is not sensitive to quenching, for the production of high-strength forged pieces that are low in inherent tension, and high-strength extruded and rolled products, consisting of: 7.0-10.5 wt. % zinc, 1.0-2.5 wt. % magnesium, 0.1-1.15 wt. % copper, 0.06-0.25 wt. % zirconium, 0.02-0.15 wt. % titanium, at most 0.5 wt. % manganese, at most 0.6 wt. % silver, at most 0.10 wt. % silicon, at most 0.10 wt. % iron, at most 0.04 wt. % chrome, and at least one element selected from the group consisting of: hafnium, scandium, strontium and/or vanadium with a summary content of at most 1.0 wt. %. The alloy can also contain contaminants at proportions of at most 0.05 wt. % per element and a total proportion of at most 0.15 wt. %, wherein the remaining component includes aluminum.08-09-2012
20100055486Compacted, lock-stabilized scrap-metal bundle, lock-stabilization thereof, and associated bundling apparatus - Apparatus and methodology for compacting to a final, lock-stabilized bundle an initial charge of randomly and chaotically arrayed, loose pieces of scrap metal, and also a final, lock-stabilized bundle of such material, per se.03-04-2010
20100075168FATIGUE DAMAGE RESISTANT WIRE AND METHOD OF PRODUCTION THEREOF - Fatigue damage resistant metal or metal alloy wires have a submicron-scale or nanograin microstructure that demonstrates improved fatigue damage resistance properties, and methods for manufacturing such wires. The present method may be used to form a wire having a nanograin microstructure characterized by a mean grain size that is 500 nm or less, in which the wire demonstrates improved fatigue damage resistance. Wire manufactured in accordance with the present process may show improvement in one or more other material properties, such as ultimate strength, unloading plateau strength, permanent set, ductility, and recoverable strain, for example. Wire manufactured in accordance with the present process is suitable for use in a medical device, or other high end application.03-25-2010
20130084462POWDER-METALLURGICALLY PRODUCED, WEAR-RESISTANT MATERIAL - A wear-resistant material comprising an alloy that contains: 1.5-5.5 wt. % carbon, 0.1-2.0 wt. % silicon, max. 2.0 wt. % manganese, 3.5-30.0 wt. % chromium, 0.3-10 wt. % molybdenum, 0-10 wt. % tungsten, 0.1-30 wt. % vanadium, 0-12 wt. % niobium, 0.1-12 wt. % titanium and 1.3-3.5 wt. % nickel, the remainder being comprised of iron and production-related impurities, whereby the carbon content fulfils the following condition:04-04-2013
20100330385METHOD FOR TABLETING SURFACE TREATMENT OF TABLETING PUNCH OR DIE, PUNCH OR DIE SUBJECTED TO SURFACE TREATMENT BY THIS METHOD, AND TABLET FORMED BY USING THIS TABLETING PUNCH OR DIE - A method for tableting surface treatment of a tableting punch or die includes provisional filming and beam irradiation steps. In the provisional filming step, a tableting surface of a base metal material 12-30-2010
20090214885LIGHT-INDUCED DIRECTED SELF-ASSEMBLY OF PERIODIC SUB-WAVELENGTH NANOSTRUCTURES - In various exemplary embodiments, the present invention provides a system for the light-induced directed self-assembly (LIDSA) of periodic sub-wavelength nanostructures, including: a light source for delivering a beam of photons; a reaction chamber disposed adjacent to the light source; a gas including one or more precursor materials disposed within the reaction chamber; and a substrate disposed within the reaction chamber, wherein the substrate is positioned and configured to receive the beam of photons; wherein the beam of photons causes a periodic sub-wavelength nanostructure of one or more constituents of the one or more precursor materials to form on a surface of the substrate. In various exemplary embodiments, the present invention also provides an associated method.08-27-2009
20110003164Method for casting a material, utilization of the method, casting mould for implementing the method and objects manufactured in accordance with the method and in the casting mould, as well as core for being inserted into such a casting mould - The invention pertains to methods for manufacturing objects in moulds, the moulds used for the manufacture and objects manufactured in accordance with the method and/or in the moulds.01-06-2011
20090233116METHOD FOR PRODUCING A CAST COMPONENT WITH A CAST-IN PIPE - The invention relates to a method for producing a cast component 09-17-2009
20080311417ARRANGEMENT AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A CRYSTAL FROM A MELT OF A RAW MATERIAL AND SINGLE CRYSTAL - An arrangement for manufacturing a crystal of the melt of a raw material comprises: a furnace having a heating device with one or more heating elements, which are configured to generate a gradient temperature field directed along a first direction, a plurality of crucibles for receiving the melt, which are arranged within the gradient temperature field side by side, and a device for homogenizing the temperature field within a plane perpendicular to the first direction in the at least two crucibles. The arrangement further has a filling material inserted within a space between the crucibles wherein the filling shows an anisotropic heat conductivity. Additionally or alternatively, the arrangement may comprise a device for generating magnetic migration fields, both the filling material having the anisotropic heat conductivity and the device for generating magnetic migration fields being suited to compensate or prevent the formation of asymmetric phase interfaces upon freezing of the raw melt.12-18-2008
20090047536THIN CAST STEEL STRIP WITH REDUCED MICROCRACKING - A thin cast steel strip and method of making thereof with improved resistance to microcracking, where the steel strip is produced by continuous casting and contains a carbon content between about 0.010% and about 0.065% by weight, less than 5.0% by weight chromium, at least 70 ppm of total oxygen and between 20 and 70 ppm of free oxygen, and manganese to sulfur ratio greater than about 250. The carbon content in the cast strip may be below about 0.035%, less than 0.005% by weight titanium, and the average manganese to silicon ratio in the strip produced may be greater than 3.5. The carbon content may be less than 0.035%, the casting speed less than 76.68 meters per minute, and the tundish temperature of the molten metal is maintained below 1612° C. (2933.7° F.).02-19-2009
20110300395Corrosion Protection System for Offshore Steel Structures and a Method for its Application - A corrosion protection device (12-08-2011
20090087677Amorphous Aluminum Alloy Coatings - The present disclosure relates to an amorphous aluminum alloy coating. The aluminum alloy coating may specifically include one of cerium, cobalt and/or molybdenum as alloying elements and be applied by a physical vapor deposition process to a desired thickness. The coating may supply improved corrosion resistance to a given environmental condition.04-02-2009
20100081004FORGED PRODUCT AND CRANKSHAFT MANUFACTURED FROM IT - When the density (D04-01-2010
20120295123STEEL PLATE FOR COLD FORGING AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING SAME - This steel plate for cold forging includes a hot-rolled steel plate, wherein the hot-rolled steel plate includes: in terms of percent by mass, C: 0.13% to 0.20%; Si: 0.01% to 0.8%; Mn: 0.1% to 2.5%; P: 0.003% to 0.030%; S: 0.0001% to 0.008%; Al: 0.01% to 0.07%; N: 0.0001% to 0.02%; and O: 0.0001% to 0.0030%, with a remainder being Fe and inevitable impurities, an A value represented by the following formula (1) is in a range of 0.0080 or less, a thickness of the hot-rolled steel plate is in a range of 2 mm to 25 mm, and an area percentage of pearlite bands having lengths of 1 mm or more in a region of 4/10t to 6/10t when a plate thickness is indicated by t in a cross section of a plate thickness that is parallel to a rolling direction of the hot-rolled steel plate is in a range of not more than a K value represented by the following formula (2),11-22-2012
20080206584High strength gray cast iron - A gray cast iron alloy is disclosed. The gray cast iron alloy includes carbon from about 3.05 to about 3.40 weight percent, niobium from about 0.05 to about 0.3 weight percent, and silicon from about 1.75 to about 2.3 weight percent. The gray cast iron alloy also includes nickel less than or equal to about 0.06 weight percent.08-28-2008
20100136357COLD-FORMABLE CHROME STEEL - A cold-formable, corrosion-resistant chrome steel includes, by weight percent, 14% to 20% chromium, 0.005% to 0.05% carbon, up to 0.01% nitrogen, 0.2% to 0.6% silicon, 0.3% to 1.0% manganese, 0.1% to 1.0% molybdenum, up to 0.8% nickel, 0.2% to 1.0% copper, 0.15% to 0.65% sulfur, as well as separately or in combination 0.01% to 0.1% lead, 0.01% to 0.5% bismuth, 0.01% to 0.1% arsenic, 0.01% to 0.1% antimony, 0.005% to 0.08% of each of vanadium, titanium, niobium, and zirconium, 0.02% to 0.2% of each of selenium and tellurium, the remainder iron and incidental smelting-related impurities.06-03-2010
20100221566PROCESS FOR PRODUCING METAL MEMBER, AND METAL MEMBER - A process for producing a metal member having improved fatigue life via a simple process. The process for producing a metal member comprises a burr removal step of removing burrs from the corners and edges of a metal member, and a projection step, which is performed after the burr removal step, without performing a chamfering treatment, of projecting particles having an average particle size of not less than 10 μm and not more than 400 μm onto a surface of the metal member.09-02-2010
20090053546Molding-System Set-Up Based on Molded-Part Attribute - Disclosed is a molding-system set-up process, having: (i) a receiving operation, including receiving an attribute associated with a molded part, (ii) a determining operation, including determining a molding-system set-up parameter based on the attribute associated with the receiving operation, the molding-system set-up parameter being usable for setting up a molding-system operation, and (iii) a providing operation, including providing the molding-system set-up parameter.02-26-2009
20080318076ALLOY FOR ORNAMENTAL ARTICLES - Alloy for ornamental articles comprising a non-precious metal base and one or more precious metal alloying elements. The latter are present in an alloy, in combination or individually, with a content by weight chosen from the range of between 0.1/1000 and 100/1000. The content by weight produces concentrations of the precious metal alloying elements mainly in phase separation structures distributed around the particles of the crystal structure of the base. This particular nanometric distribution of the precious metal alloying elements imparts to the alloy a shininess which is comparable to that of precious metal alloys.12-25-2008
20090208769Method and apparatus for as-cast seal on turbine blades - An investment casting mold article includes a wall for retaining casting material and a cavity defined by the wall. The cavity includes an airfoil portion, a root portion adjacent to the airfoil portion, and a labyrinth seal portion extending from the root portion.08-20-2009
20090208768Local Buckling Performance Evaluating Method for Steel Pipe, Steel Pipe Designing Method, Steel Pipe Manufacturing Method, and Steel Pipe - A method for evaluating local buckling performance of a steel pipe includes obtaining a stress-strain relationship of a material having a yield plateau in the stress-strain relationship; determining the comparison of a starting strain of strain-hardening in the stress-strain relationship obtained and a critical strain of the steel pipe; and evaluating that the steel pipe has a possibility of being applied to a structure that requires plastic design when the critical strain is determined to be larger than the starting strain and evaluating that the steel pipe has no possibility of being applied to a structure that requires plastic design when the critical strain is determined to be not larger than the starting strain.08-20-2009
20090220810METHOD FOR SPRAY FORMING A METAL COMPONENT AND A SPRAY FORMED METAL COMPONENT - A method for spray forming a metal component (09-03-2009
20100239877METHOD FOR ADDING A FUSIBLE MATERIAL TO A CONTAINER WALL - A method for adhering a shaped fusible material (09-23-2010
20100196733Method for Producing a Composite Skin in the Field of Aeronautics and Astronautics - The present invention provides a composite skin for the aeronautics and astronautics industries, and also a method for producing a composite skin of this type. The method comprises the following method steps: removing excess material from a butt plate to form a butt strap at one end thereof, subsequently connecting the other end of the butt plate to a skin plate with a substance-to-substance bond, and then fastening a further skin plate to the butt strap to form the composite skin. The idea behind the invention involves replacing a rivet connection with a substance-to-substance bond. This provides the advantage that the weight of the composite skin and the production costs for the composite skin are reduced.08-05-2010
20130136940WELDING SYSTEM, WELDING PROCESS, AND WELDED ARTICLE - A welding system, welding process and welded article are disclosed. The system includes a laser welding apparatus, a GMAW apparatus, and a GTAW apparatus. The laser welding apparatus, the GMAW apparatus, and the GTAW apparatus are positioned to weld an article along a weld path. The process includes providing a welding system having a laser welding apparatus, a GMAW apparatus, and a GTAW apparatus. The process further includes welding an article with one or more of the laser welding apparatus, the GMAW apparatus, and the GTAW apparatus. The welded article includes a weld formed by welding from a GMAW apparatus, a laser welding apparatus, and a GTAW apparatus.05-30-2013
20110250463ALUMINIUM OXIDE FORMING NICKEL BASED ALLOY - Nickel based alloy intended for use at high temperatures wherein it comprises in percent by weight (wt-%) 10-13-2011
20110076508Magnetic Strip, Sensor Comprising a Magnetic Strip and Process for the Manufacture of a Magnetic Strip - The invention relates to a magnetic strip, wherein the strip has a magnetic easy axis which is axially parallel to a transverse axis of the strip. The strip is cut to length, from strip material made of a semi-hard magnetic crystalline alloy, along a transverse axis of the strip material substantially corresponding to a length (l) of the strip. The strip material has a magnetic easy axis which runs axially parallel to the transverse axis of the strip material.03-31-2011
20120202085LOW-COST ALPHA-BETA TITANIUM ALLOY WITH GOOD BALLISTIC AND MECHANICAL PROPERTIES - An alpha-beta Ti alloy having improved mechanical and ballistic properties formed using a low-cost composition is disclosed. In one embodiment, the Ti alloy composition, in weight percent, is 4.2 to 5.4% aluminum, 2.5 to 3.5% vanadium, 0.5 to 0.7% iron, 0.15 to 0.19% oxygen and balance titanium. The exemplary Ti alloy exhibits a tensile yield strength of at least about 120,000 psi and an ultimate tensile strength of at least about 128,000 psi in both longitudinal and transverse directions, a reduction in area of at least about 43%, an elongation of at least about 12% and about a 0.430-inch-thick plate has a V08-09-2012
20110256416METHOD OF FORMING AN ARTICLE USING A POWDER LAYER MANUFACTURING PROCESS - A method of forming an article using a powder layer manufacturing process includes providing a first support, forming a part of an article up to a level at or beneath the lowest point of a to-be-formed part which has a base spaced from the first support, locating a preformed support beneath the location in which the to-be-formed part will lie so that part can be formed on the preformed support and wherein the preformed support does not project beyond the level, and removing the preformed support when the to-be-formed part and/or the article is completed.10-20-2011
20120177938METALWORKING FLUID, METAL WORKING METHOD AND METAL WORK PRODUCT - The invention provides a metalworking fluid which contains (A) a base oil including 2-ethylhexanol palmitate or 2-ethylhexanol stearate, and (B) an anionic surfactant that is a salt of a branched aliphatic carboxylic acid having 8 to 18 carbon atoms with a branched alkanolamine having 3 to 12 carbon atoms. The metalworking fluid of the invention is excellent in the cutting performance, anti-foaming properties, stability of stock solution, emulsion stability and resistance to hydrolysis, and shows low kinematic viscosity at low temperatures.07-12-2012
20110177355AL ALLOY MEMBER, ELECTRONIC DEVICE MANUFACTURING APPARATUS, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING AN ANODIC OXIDE FILM COATED AL ALLOY MEMBER - Provided is an Al alloy member with an excellent mechanical strength that is sufficient for use in large-scale manufacturing apparatuses. The Al alloy member is characterized in that, in mass %, Mg concentration is 5.0% or less, Ce concentration is 15% or less, Zr concentration is 0.15% or less, the balance comprises Al and unavoidable impurities, the elements of the unavoidable impurities are respectively 0.01% or less, and the Vickers hardness of the Al alloy member is greater than 30.07-21-2011
20120064357TYRE BEAD WIRE AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCTION THEREOF - A tire bead wire and a process for producing a tire bead where a carbon steel wire rod containing carbon in a range of 0.61% or more to 0.65% or less in weight percent and having a diameter in a range of 5.5 mm to 6.5 mm is wiredrawn through a single wiredrawing process to a predetermined final wiredrawing diameter having a true strain in a range of 2.0 to 4.0 and is turned to a pearlite structure in which ferrite and cementite are drawn in parallel with a narrow interval therebetween.03-15-2012
20090004498Manufacturing Method of High Purity Nickel, High Purity Nickel, Sputtering Target formed from said High Purity Nickel, and Thin Film formed with said Sputtering Target - Upon performing electrolysis with a solution containing nickel as the electrolytic solution, anolyte is adjusted to pH 2 to 5; impurities such as iron, cobalt and copper contained in the anolyte are eliminated by combining any one or two or more of the methods among adding an oxidizing agent and precipitating and eliminating the impurities as hydroxide, eliminating the impurities through preliminary electrolysis, or adding Ni foil and eliminating the impurities through displacement reaction; impurities are thereafter further eliminated with a filter; and the impurity-free solution is employed as catholyte to perform the electrolysis. The present invention relates to a simple method of performing electrolytic refining employing a solution containing nickel from nickel raw material containing a substantial amount of impurities, and provides technology on efficiently manufacturing high purity nickel having a purity of 5N (99.999 wt %) or more.01-01-2009
20100209728MAGNETRON CO-SPUTTERING DEVICE - The present invention provides a magnetron co-sputtering device (08-19-2010
20110183151HIGH-STRENGTH Ni-BASED ALLOY TUBE FOR NUCLEAR POWER USE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - [Problem to be Solved] There are provided a high-strength Ni-based alloy tube for nuclear power use having uniform high temperature strength throughout the overall length of tube and a method for manufacturing the same.07-28-2011
20120077051STEEL SHEET HAVING HIGH YOUNG'S MODULUS, HOT-DIP GALVANIZED STEEL SHEET USING THE SAME, ALLOYED HOT-DIP GALVANIZED STEEL, SHEET, STEEL PIPE HAVING HIGH YOUNG'S MODULUS, AND METHODS FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - In an embodiment of a steel sheet having high Young's modulus, the steel can include in terms of mass %, e.g., C: 0.0005 to 0.30%, Si: 2.3% or less, Mn: 2.7 to 5.0%, P: 0.15% or less, 0.015% or less, Mo: 0.15 to 1.5%, B: 0.0006 to 0.01%, and Al: 0.15% or less, with the remainder being Fe and unavoidable impurities. One or both of {110}<223> pole density and {110}<111> pole density in the ⅛ sheet thickness layer can be 10 or more, and a Young's modulus in a rolling direction can be more than 230 GPa. Other embodiments can include, e.g., Mn: 0.1 to 5.0%, N: 0.01% or less, and one or more of Mo: 0.005 to 1.5%, Nb: 0.005 to 0.20%, Ti: at least 48/14×N (mass %) and 0.2% or less, and B: 0.0001 to 0.01%, at a total content of 0.015 to 1.91 mass %.03-29-2012
20090017324METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DIE CASTING OF PARTS - A cold-chamber die-casting apparatus and method for making a die-cast part with an open space within the geometry of the part. The apparatus includes an injection shaft which receives molten material for casting the part. The molten material is pushed with a plunger through a gate and into a tool cavity corresponding to the part. The gate is disposed at an end of the injection shaft and adjacent the tool cavity at a position that corresponds to the open space of the part and is inside the geometry of the part.01-15-2009
20120328896REINFORCING BAR AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An improved reinforcing bar (REBAR) and the process for manufacturing the same for the enhancement of the life span of reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete structures and constructions as well as reinforced concrete elements without the need for any surface treatment or surface protection to REBAR or addition of admixture in concrete or without any other special provision or effort following the making/manufacturing of REBAR where the rebar, even when made of high strength steel or any other material, has a plain surface but with a deformed axis for use in all concrete constructions. The improved reinforcing bar (REBAR) for reinforced concrete constructions and reinforced concrete structures comprising a high strength material, a circular or oval or elliptical cross section of said bar; deformation of the axis of the bar in specific plane(s).12-27-2012
20100167077PROCESS FOR PRODUCING PURE METALLIC INDIUM FROM ZINC OXIDE AND/OR SOLUTION CONTAINING THE METAL - This invention is intended to provide an innovative process to produce pure metallic indium with the use of sulphured concentrates of zinc and lead as sources of the metal. The process begins with the zinc oxide produced by Waelz process from the neutral leaching residues of the zinc oxide calcinate. But the overflow (or supernatant) of the mild leaching of neutral underflow (or residue) of neutral leaching of zinc calcinate also contains indium in lower proportion and may or may not be part of the global process of indium recovery. The new technology is characterized by comprising the following stages: a) Production of indium pre-concentrate; b) Production of indium cement: comprised, in turn, of at least a mild leaching and at least one strong leaching of the indium cement product obtained in the reducing leaching; c) Production of indium solution; d) Extraction of indium by organic solvent; e) Cementation of indium; f) Fusion, purification, and ingoting of the metal; g) Electrolysis of indium to obtain a product with high purity more than 99.995%.07-01-2010
20130143057MULTI-LAYER HIGH MOISTURE BARRIER POLYLACTIC ACID FILM - A laminate film including a first core polylactic acid layer, a coating receiving-layer of polylactic acid, and coated on one side of the coating receiving-layer with PVOH, EVOH, a blend of crosslinked EVOH/PVOH, vinyl alcohol-vinylamine (PVAm) copolymer, anionic carboxylated styrene-butadiene copolymer (SBR) emulsion, or blends thereof. This coating may be applied after the machine-direction orientation step and dried and oriented in a transverse direction orientation oven if in-line coating is desired; or applied to the film in an off-line coating method and dried in an air flotation oven. The dried coating layer can be metallized. This laminate film exhibits excellent gas and moisture barrier properties, appearance, and metal adhesion. It may also optionally include a heat sealable or winding improving layer on the side opposite the coating receiving-layer of the core layer.06-06-2013
20100316879COPPER ALLOY MATERIAL FOR ELECTRIC/ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS - A copper alloy material for electric/electronic components according to the present invention is characterized in that a average grain size of 1 to 50 μm that is designated by ((a+b)/2) in which a thickness of a grain is defined to be (a) and a width thereof is defined to be (b) which is on a cross section that is vertical to a rolling direction, an aspect ratio (a/b) thereof is between 0.5 and 1.0, an aspect ratio (a/b) of a grain before performing a bend working and an aspect ratio (a′/b′) of which a grain is effected by a tensile stress after performing a bend working of 90 degrees satisfy the following (Formula 1) of:12-16-2010
20130122320Martensitic Stainless Steel and Production Method Therefor - A martensitic stainless steel for use in tableware, knives, scissors and the like, containing in % by weight, 0.10 to 0.50% carbon and 11 to 16% chromium, and a production method therefore. A production method for mid-carbon martensitic stainless steel in a strip-casting device comprising a pair of rolls rotating in opposite directions, edge dams respectively provided to both sides of the rolls so as to form a molten steel pool, and a meniscus shield for supplying inert nitrogen gas to the upper surface of the molten steel pool, wherein a stainless-steel thin sheet is produced by supplying a molten stainless steel of the above composition to the molten steel pool via a nozzle from a tundish, and a hot-rolled annealed strip is produced to a rolling reduction of 5 to 40% using in-line rollers, and relates to martensitic stainless steel produced by the production method05-16-2013
20090075109SILVER ALLOY REFLECTIVE FILMS FOR OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIA, SILVER ALLOY SPUTTERING TARGETS THEREFOR, AND OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIA - A silver alloy reflective film is used in an optical information recording medium and contains silver as a main component, a total of 0.01 to 3 atomic percent of at least one of Bi and Sb, and a total of 3 to 42 atomic percent of at least one of Cu, Ge, Mg, and Zn. The silver alloy reflective film preferably further contains 0.1 to 3 atomic percent of yttrium. An optical information recording medium includes the silver alloy reflective film. A sputtering target for depositing the silver alloy reflective film contains silver as a main component, 0.01 to 3 atomic percent of Sb (or 0.03 to 10 atomic percent of Bi), and a total of 3 to 42 atomic percent of at least one of Cu, Ge, Mg, and Zn.03-19-2009
20130202906EQUIPMENT FOR USE IN CORROSIVE ENVIRONMENTS AND METHODS FOR FORMING THEREOF - A corrosion resistant steel pipe for use in sulfur containing environments, e.g., refineries, oil and gas exploration and/or production, etc, having a corrosion rate of less than 15 mpy upon exposure to hydrocarbons saturated with a gas stream containing 10% H08-08-2013
20130202907EQUIPMENT FOR USE IN CORROSIVE ENVIRONMENTS AND METHODS FOR FORMING THEREOF - A corrosion resistant pressure vessel for use in sulfur containing environments, e.g., refineries, oil and gas production facilities, etc, having a corrosion rate of less than 15 mpy upon exposure to hydrocarbons saturated with a gas stream containing 10% H08-08-2013
20130202908EQUIPMENT FOR USE IN CORROSIVE ENVIRONMENTS AND METHODS FOR FORMING THEREOF - Corrosion resistant structural equipment, e.g., steel pipe, for use in CO08-08-2013
20120094140FINE SOLID SOLUTION ALLOY PARTICLES AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME - The alloy fine particles of the present invention are fine particles of a solid solution alloy, in which a plurality of metal elements are mixed at the atomic level. The production method of the present invention is a method for producing alloy fine particles composed of a plurality of metal elements. This production method includes the steps of: (i) preparing a solution containing ions of the plurality of metal elements and a liquid containing a reducing agent; and (ii) mixing the solution with the liquid that has been heated.04-19-2012
20130209824TITANIUM ALLOYS - A titanium alloy contains niobium from 8 to 18% by weight; zirconium from 2 to 15% by weight; tin from 0 to 8% by weight; yttrium from 0.0 to 0.3% by weight, and a balance essentially titanium. The titanium alloy has a low Young's modulus, high yield strength, excellent cold bending properties, and good cold stamping and forming performance.08-15-2013

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