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Multiple magnetic layers

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428 - Stock material or miscellaneous articles


428826000 - Thin film media

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428828000 Magnetic layers separated by nonmagnetic (antiferromagnetic, Cu, dielectric, etc.) layer(s) 63
428829000 Differing compositions in plurality of magnetic layers (e.g., layer compositions having differing elemental components, different proportions of elements, etc.) 13
428830000 Plural magnetic layers of same empirical composition, each with different structure (e.g., differing crystalline lattice, atomic structure, etc.) 1
20090197123Nano-Scaled Reactor for High Pressure and High Temperature Chemical Reactions and Chemical Ordering - A storage device includes a storage medium, a controller and a read/write head. The storage medium includes a substrate with a plurality of nano-structures arranged in an ordered pattern on a surface of the substrate. The controller is coupled to the storage medium. The controller has a read structure that extends over the substrate and a positioner adapted to adjust a position of the read structure relative to the substrate. The read/write head is mounted on the read structure and positioned over the substrate during operation. The read/write head is adapted to read and to write information to and from the plurality of nano-structures.08-06-2009
20090123781METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIA - A method for manufacturing discrete track media and patterned media is disclosed which enables a magnetic recording layer having excellent magnetic characteristics to be obtained without imparting damage to a crystal orientation control layer which is at the surface when forming the magnetic recording layer. A method for manufacturing magnetic recording media comprises a process of forming a soft magnetic layer on a substrate; a process of forming a first crystal orientation control layer on the soft magnetic layer; a process of providing a depression in at least a portion of the first crystal orientation control layer; a process of forming a second crystal orientation control layer on the first crystal orientation control layer; and a process of forming a magnetic recording layer on the second crystal orientation control layer.05-14-2009
20090123780Method Of Providing A Packaging Laminate With An Identification Code, Method Of Identifying A Package, And Package With Identification Code - In a method of providing a packaging laminate with an identification code the packaging laminate is subjected to a magnetic field, thus magnetising a matrix of magnetic domains in the packaging laminate. Each magnetic domain is made up of a number of the magnetisable particles. A method of identifying a package is also disclosed. The package has walls of a packaging laminate comprising magnetisable particles. The method comprises the steps of subjecting the packaging laminate to a magnetising magnetic field, thus magnetising a matrix of magnetic domains in the packaging laminate, and detecting an emitted magnetic field emitted by the magnetic domains in the matrix. A package having an identification code is also described.05-14-2009
20130045395PERPENDICULAR MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM - A perpendicular magnetic recording medium according to which both the thermal stability of the magnetization is good and writing with a magnetic head is easy, and moreover the SNR is improved. In the case of a perpendicular magnetic recording medium comprising a nonmagnetic substrate (02-21-2013
20130045394Low-Coupling Oxide Media (LCOM) - A low-coupling perpendicular magnetic recording media comprising a magnetic storage layer and at least one low saturation magnetization layer. The magnetic storage layer has a saturation magnetization between about 400-900 emu/cm3 and the at least one low saturation magnetization layer has a saturation magnetization below that of the magnetic storage layer.02-21-2013
20100119876Magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same - A magnetic recording medium includes a substrate, and a soft magnetic layer, a crystal orientation control layer, a magnetic recording layer, and a protective layer formed sequentially on the substrate. The magnetic recording layer includes at least one granular magnetic layer having a granular structure and a non-granular magnetic layer having a non-granular structure. The at least one granular magnetic layers includes a plurality of magnetic portions and a separation portion surrounding the magnetic portions. The separation portion has magnetic characteristics different from the magnetic characteristics of the magnetic portions. The non-granular magnetic layer is a continuous film.05-13-2010
20130052485RECORDING STACK WITH A DUAL CONTINUOUS LAYER - A perpendicular magnetic recording stack with a dual continuous layer and a method of manufacturing the same. The perpendicular magnetic recording stack includes a substrate, one or more magnetic granular recording layers, and a dual continuous layer having first and second continuous layers. The first continuous layer, disposed between the second continuous layer and the magnetic granular recording layers, has an intermediate lateral exchange coupling, which is higher than the lateral exchange coupling of the magnetic granular layers. The second continuous layer has a higher lateral exchange coupling than the first continuous layer.02-28-2013
20100129685RECORDING MEDIA WITH REDUCED MAGNETIC HEAD KEEPER SPACING, HEAD MEDIA SPACING, OR HEAD TO SOFT UNDERLAYER SPACING - Aspects include recording media with enhanced areal density through reduction of head media spacing, head keeper spacing, or head to soft underlayer spacing. Such aspects comprise replacing currently non-magnetic components of devices, such as interlayers and overcoats with components and compositions comprising magnetic materials. Other aspects relate to magnetic seed layers deposited within a recording medium. Preferably, these aspects, embodied as methods, systems and/or components thereof reduce effective magnetic spacing without sacrificing physical spacing.05-27-2010
20120225324PERPENDICULAR MEDIA WITH DUAL SOFT MAGNETIC LAYERS - A recording medium having a substrate, a first soft magnetic underlayer, a second soft magnetic underlayer and a perpendicular magnetic recording layer without a spacer layer between the first and second soft magnetic underlayers is disclosed.09-06-2012
20090011282MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM, HARD DISK DRIVE EMPLOYING THE SAME, AND METHOD OF MEASURING WRITE READ OFFSET OF THE HARD DISK DRIVE - A magnetic recording medium, a hard disk drive (HDD) employing the same, and a method of measuring a write read (WR) offset of the HDD are provided. The magnetic recording medium includes a disk substrate and a magnetic recording layer formed on one or both surfaces of the disk substrate, wherein the magnetic recording layer comprises: at least one pattern area patterned into a plurality of data tracks wherein the at least one pattern area is formed of a patterned magnetic substance; and at least one continuous area formed of a continuous magnetic substance, wherein the continuous area is used to measure a WR offset. Accordingly, the HDD employing the magnetic recording medium can correct the WR offset of the magnetic head without requiring large modifications.01-08-2009
20110293967Multilayer structure with high perpendicular anisotropy for device applications - Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and Hc are enhanced in magnetic devices with a Ta/M1/M2 seed layer where M1 is preferably Ti, and M2 is preferably Cu, and including an overlying (Co/Ni)12-01-2011
20090291328NEW PROCESS FOR THE APPLICATION OF SPIN TRANSITION MOLECULAR MATERIALS IN THIN LAYERS - This application relates to a new process for the application of thin layers of substantially pure spin transition molecular materials while maintaining the hysteresis properties of the material. The process makes it possible to obtain a dense uniform surface with very low roughness.11-26-2009
20080311430Recording Medium - A recording medium for perpendicular magnetic recording, the medium comprising: a magnetically soft underlayer (SUL) having a first crystalline orientation; and a second magnetic film; wherein the second magnetic film is induced to epitaxially grow from the SUL in a second crystalline orientation by controlling the first crystalline orientation.12-18-2008
20110171494DISCONTINUOUS ISLANDED FERROMAGNETIC RECORDING FILM WITH PERPENDICULAR MAGNETIC ANISOTROPY - The present invention discloses a discontinuous islanded ferromagnetic recording film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. The discontinuous islanded ferromagnetic recording film includes a substrate and a ferromagnetic layer. The ferromagnetic layer is formed on the substrate and annealed by a high-temperature vacuum annealing process. After annealing, a surface energy difference existed between the ferromagnetic layer and the substrate turns the ferromagnetic layer into well-separated and discontinuous islanded ferromagnetic particles. Each islanded ferromagnetic particle is thought of a single magnetic domain, which is beneficial to achieve a discontinuous islanded ferromagnetic recording film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy.07-14-2011
20120141832PERPENDICULAR MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIA HAVING A DECOUPLED LOW ANISOTROPY OXIDE LAYER FOR WRITEABILITY ENHANCEMENT - A magnetic media having a multi-layer magnetic oxide structure with an uppermost magnetic oxide layer having a very low magnetic anisotropy energy. The magnetic oxide structure includes at least three magnetic oxide layers. An upper most magnetic oxide layer structure has a magnetic anisotropy energy of less than 1×1006-07-2012
20090162701Magnetic recording tape having large particles in magnetic recording layer - A magnetic recording tape includes an elongated substrate and a magnetic film coated over the elongated substrate, where the magnetic film includes a first magnetic recording layer. The first magnetic recording layer includes particles having a diameter that is between a factor from about 2 to 5 greater than a thickness of the first magnetic recording layer.06-25-2009
20080318086SURFACE-TREATED FERROELECTRIC MEDIA FOR USE IN SYSTEMS FOR STORING INFORMATION - A system for storing information comprises a media including a ferroelectric layer and a passivation layer formed over the ferroelectric layer, and a tip arranged in approximate contact with the passivation layer. The tip detects a polarization signal that corresponds to changes in polarization of domains of the ferroelectric layer.12-25-2008
20090117408PERPENDICULAR MAGNETIC RECORDING DISK AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - To provide a perpendicular magnetic recording disk having a film structure that improves overwrite characteristics (O/W) while maintaining a coercive force (Hc) high enough not to affect heat fluctuation resistance, and a manufacturing method thereof.05-07-2009
20100190035PERPENDICULAR MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM AND PERPENDICULAR MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM MANUFACTURING METHOD - [Problems] To provide a reinforcing layer between a main recording layer and a continuous layer so as to improve the S/N ratio of a magnetic recording medium and reduce the write fringing effect by the new configuration.07-29-2010
20110111262METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING PERPENDICULAR MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM AND PERPENDICULAR MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM - An object of the present invention is to provide a method of manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic recording medium (05-12-2011
20110097603PERPENDICULAR MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM AND PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURE THEREOF - An object of the present invention is to provide a perpendicular magnetic recording medium in which each space between crystal grains of a first magnetic recording layer is so designed as to allow the layer to also have a function as a continuous layer, and a method of manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic recording medium. In a perpendicular magnetic recording medium 04-28-2011
20090214895Magnetic recording medium and manufacturing method thereof - Embodiments of the present invention produce discrete track media and bit patterned media having both excellent read/write performance and reliability. According to one embodiment, the medium comprises a magnetic layers formed by at least two ferromagnetic alloy layers with different compositions on a substrate. The ferromagnetic alloy layer located closest to the medium surface has more concentrated parts and less concentrated parts of nonmagnetic element in the in-plane direction. The more concentrated parts of the nonmagnetic element contain more nonmagnetic elements than the other parts except for an intermediate layer in the magnetic recording layer. The more concentrated parts and the less concentrated parts of the nonmagnetic element in the ferromagnetic alloy layer located closest to the medium surface are formed substantially concentric. The more concentrated parts of the nonmagnetic element is formed by being doped with ions of nonmagnetic element.08-27-2009
20100119877CORROSION-RESISTANT GRANULAR MAGNETIC MEDIA WITH IMPROVED RECORDING PERFORMANCE AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURING SAME - A corrosion-resistant granular magnetic recording medium with improved recording performance comprises a non-magnetic substrate having a surface; and a layer stack on the substrate surface, including, in order from the surface: a granular magnetic recording layer; an intermediate magnetic de-coupling layer; and a corrosion preventing magnetic cap layer. The intermediate magnetic de-coupling layer has an optimal thickness and/or composition for: (1) promoting magnetic exchange de-coupling between the granular magnetic recording layer and the magnetic cap layer; and (2) reducing the dynamic closure field (H05-13-2010
20080254323MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM - A magnetic recording medium includes a metal thin-film magnetic layer formed on a non-magnetic substrate. The metal thin-film magnetic layer is formed so that the coercivity measured when a magnetic field is applied with an angle of intersection of 120° between the plane of the non-magnetic substrate and magnetic field lines of the magnetic field and the coercivity measured when the magnetic field is applied with the angle of intersection of 60° are both at least 160 kA/m.10-16-2008
20100196740PERPENDICULAR MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF THE SAME - A perpendicular magnetic recording medium of the invention is characterized by having, on a disk substrate 08-05-2010
20100209738THIN FILM MATERIAL AND RECORDING MEDIUM - Disclosed is a thin film material including a substrate and an underlying layer formed on the substrate. A large number of recesses of an extremely small size are demonstrated in a surface of the underlying layer. On this surface of the underlying layer is formed a magnetic film or a non-magnetic film.08-19-2010
20100055502TUNNELING MAGNETORESISTIVE DEVICE - A tunneling magnetoresistive device includes: a fixed layer that includes a ferromagnetic material; a tunneling insulating film that is provided in contact with the fixed layer; and a free layer that includes a first ferromagnetic film provided in contact with the tunneling insulating film, a second ferromagnetic film whose magnetization is coupled parallel to the magnetization of the first ferromagnetic film, and a conductive film interposed between the first ferromagnetic film and the second ferromagnetic film.03-04-2010
20120064374Dot-Patterned Structure, Magnetic Recording Medium, and Method for Production Thereof - Disclosed herein are a dot-patterned structure for magnetic recording bits and a magnetic recording medium provided therewith. The former exhibits high functionality and high performance owing to good crystallinity. The dot-patterned structure is composed of a first layer, which is continuous, and a second layer, which is discrete. The magnetic recording medium having a dot-patterned recording layer is formed by the steps of treating an underlying layer by lithography, thereby forming grooves, filling the grooves by epitaxial growth with the same material as the underlying layer, removing the photoresist used for lithography in a solvent, thereby forming pits, and filling the pits by epitaxial growth with a magnetic film as the recording layer.03-15-2012
20120070694Perpendicular Media with Cr-Doped Fe-Alloy Containing Soft Underlayer (SUL) - A perpendicular magnetic recording medium having a substrate, a Cr-doped Fe-alloy-containing underlayer containing about 8 to 18 at % Cr and a perpendicular recording magnetic layer, and a process for improving corrosion resistance of the recording medium and for manufacturing the recording medium are disclosed.03-22-2012
20100209737MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIA WITH ENHANCED WRITABILITY AND THERMAL STABILITY - Aspects are directed to recording media with enhanced magnetic properties for improved writability. Examples can be included or related to methods, systems and components that allow for improved writability while reducing defects so as to obtain uniform magnetic properties such as uniformly high anisotropy and narrow switching field distribution. Some examples include a recording medium with an exchange tuning layer inserted between the hard layer and the soft, semi-soft or thin semi-hard layer so as to maximize the writability improvement of the media. Preferably, the exchange tuning layer is granular and reduces or optimizes the vertical coupling between the hard layer and the soft, semi-soft or semi-hard layer of a magnetic recording or storing device.08-19-2010
20120315505PERPENDICULAR MAGNETIC RECORDING DISK WITH MULTIPLE MAGNETIC LAYERS AND INTERMEDIATE DUAL NUCLEATION FILMS FOR CONTROL OF GRAIN SIZE - A perpendicular magnetic recording disk has a graded-anisotropy recording layer (RL) formed of at least two ferromagnetically exchange coupled CoPtCr-oxide magnetic layers (MAG1 and MAG2) with two nucleation films (NF1 and NF2) between the magnetic layers. NF1 is a metal film, preferably Ru or a Ru-based alloy like RuCr, sputter deposited on MAG1 at low pressure to a thickness between about 0.1-1.5 nm. NF2 is a metal oxide film, preferably an oxide of Ta, sputter deposited on NF1 at high pressure to a thickness between about 0.2-1.0 nm. MAG2 is sputter deposited over NF2. NF1 and NF2 provide a significant reduction in average grain size in the RL from a graded-anisotropy RL without nucleation films between MAG1 and MAG2, while also assuring that MAG1 and MAG2 are strongly exchange coupled.12-13-2012
20120171519MULTILAYER STRUCTURE WITH HIGH ORDERED FePt LAYER - A multilayer structure and method for making the same. In accordance with some embodiments, a multilayer structure has a first layer of Fe, a layer of A1 phase FePt on the first layer of Fe, and a second layer o Fe on the layer of FePt. The multilayer structure is annealed to convert the A1 phase FePt to L1o phase FePt.07-05-2012
20120251845EXCHANGE COUPLED MAGNETIC ELEMENTS - Approaches to reduce switching field distribution in energy assisted magnetic storage devices involve first and second exchange coupled magnetic elements. The first magnetic elements have anisotropy, H10-04-2012
20120082865METHOD FOR FORMING A MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM AND A MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM FORMED THEREOF - A method for forming magnetic media is provided. The method of forming the magnetic media includes forming a plurality of regions of resist material on a top surface of a substrate which defines a plurality of regions of exposed substrate on the top surface of the substrate between adjacent ones of the plurality of regions of resist material. The method also includes forming magnetic material on the plurality of regions of resist material and the plurality of regions of exposed substrate and depositing material over the magnetic material, the material encapsulating a portion of the magnetic material formed on the plurality of regions of exposed substrate. A magnetic recording medium formed in accordance with the method is also provided.04-05-2012
20080299416PERPENDICULAR MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A perpendicular magnetic recording medium and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. The perpendicular magnetic recording medium comprises a recording layer including a plurality of regions formed in the depth direction of the recording layer and a magnetic anisotropy constant of a region relatively deeper than another region, among the plurality of regions, is greater than that of the another region. The method of manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic recording medium includes: forming a recording layer having perpendicular magnetic anisotropy; and irradiating the recording layer with ions.12-04-2008
20110039125MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM - A method for manufacturing a magnetic recording medium for perpendicular magnetic recording includes the steps of forming a first magnetic layer which has magnetic crystal grains exhibiting perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and nonmagnetic substances for magnetically separating the magnetic crystal grains from each other at grain boundaries of the magnetic crystal grains, forming a second magnetic layer which has magnetic grains exchange-coupled to the magnetic crystal grains, a grain boundary width of the magnetic grains being smaller than a grain boundary width of the magnetic crystal grains, and forming separation regions which magnetically separate tracks from each other in regions between the tracks of the magnetic recording medium in at least the second magnetic layer. The separation regions are disposed substantially only in the second magnetic layer of the first magnetic layer and the second magnetic layer.02-17-2011
20120028077PERPENDICULAR MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM - A perpendicular magnetic recording medium is disclosed that enables a high track density while maintaining good OW characteristics, SNR, and thermal stability. The medium includes a magnetic recording layer on a non-magnetic base, wherein the magnetic recording layer includes a first magnetic layer, a first exchange coupling control layer, a second magnetic layer, a third magnetic layer, and a fourth magnetic layer, in that order. It is preferable that when the perpendicular magnetic anisotropy constants of the first magnetic layer, second magnetic layer, third magnetic layer, and fourth magnetic layer are Ku02-02-2012

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