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Thin film media

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428827000 Multiple magnetic layers 113
428836000 Single magnetic layer 32
428831000 Single magnetic layer having two or more nonmagnetic underlayers (e.g., seed layers, barrier layers, etc.) 30
428833000 Single magnetic layer with plural overcoat layers 23
428832000 Single magnetic layer and single underlayer 19
428834000 Single magnetic layer with single specified overcoat layer 9
428837000 With nonmagnetic backcoat layer (e.g., inorganic particles in polymer, carbon, etc.) 3
20090117410Thin Film Material and Recording Medium - Disclosed is a thin film material including a substrate (05-07-2009
20100190037BIAXIALLY ORIENTED LAMINATED FILM - It is an object of the present invention to provide a biaxially oriented laminated polyester film which has excellent dimensional stability to environmental changes such as temperature and humidity variations and excellent flatness and windability.07-29-2010
20130130064ALUMINA DISPERSION FOR MANUFACTURING PARTICULATE MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING PARTICULATE MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM USING THE SAME, AND PARTICULATE MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM - An aspect of the present invention relates to an alumina dispersion, which is employed to manufacture a particulate magnetic recording medium, comprises alumina, a solvent, and a dispersing agent in the form of an aromatic hydrocarbon compound having a phenolic hydroxyl group, and essentially does not comprise ferromagnetic powder.05-23-2013
20100075179MASTER DISK FOR TRANSFER AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF THE SAME - A manufacturing method of a master disk for transfer having an uneven pattern corresponding to information to be transferred comprises an initial layer forming step of forming an initial layer containing a nickel film on a surface of a reverse type master disk; an electroforming step of forming a metal layer so as to layer the metal layer on the initial layer by an electroforming method; and a peeling off step of peeling off a duplicated disk having at least two layers that are the initial layer and the metal layer to be integrated from the reverse type master disk after the electroforming step, and obtaining the master disk for transfer that is the duplicated disk with the initial layer being formed by being stacked on an uneven surface of the metal layer.03-25-2010
20090029189IMPRINT MOLD STRUCTURE, AND IMPRINTING METHOD USING THE SAME, AS WELL AS MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM - The imprint mold structure of the present invention is an imprint mold structure including at least a disc-shaped substrate having a concavo-convex pattern having a plurality of convex portions, wherein the imprint mold structure is used for transferring the concavo-convex pattern onto an imprint resist layer formed on magnetic recording medium substrate, with the concavo-convex pattern of the imprint mold structure being pressed against the imprint resist layer, wherein the shape of a vertical cross-section of the concavo-convex pattern taken on a line having a direction perpendicular to the direction in which the convex portion extends satisfies the following three Mathematical Expressions: (Mathematical Expression 1) 40°≦θ<90°, (Mathematical Expression 2) SRas>SRab, (Mathematical Expression 3) LRah>LRav.01-29-2009
20100266873MAGNETIC STACK STRUCTURE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A magnetic stack structure is disclosed. The magnetic stack structure includes two metal layers and a free layer sandwiched by the two metal layers. The thickness of the free layer is 1-30 nm. The thickness of the metal layers are 0.1-20 nm respectively.10-21-2010
20120225323Ag ALLOY THERMAL DIFFUSION CONTROL FILM FOR USE IN MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM FOR HEAT-ASSISTED MAGNETIC RECORDING, MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM FOR HEAT-ASSISTED MAGNETIC RECORDING, AND SPUTTERING TARGET - Disclosed is a thermal diffusion control film to be used in a magnetic medium for thermally assisted recording, said thermal diffusion control film maintaining a high heat conductivity, and at the same time, having all of a high thermal diffusivity, a smooth surface roughness, and a high heat resistance. The thermal diffusion control film, i.e., an Ag alloy thermal diffusion control film, is composed of an Ag alloy having Ag as a main component, and satisfies a surface roughness (Ra) of 1.0 nm or less, a heat conductivity of 100 W/(m·K) or more, and a thermal diffusivity of 4.0×1009-06-2012
20120114976Sputtering targets and recording materials of the magnetic recording medium formed from the same - The present invention provides a sputtering target essentially consisting of cobalt-platinum-copper oxide-oxide (CoPt—CuO-oxide), cobalt-chrome-platinum-copper oxide-oxide (CoCrPt—CuO-oxide), or cobalt-chrome-platinum-boron-copper oxide-oxide (CoCrPtB—CuO-oxide) with addition of CuO. The sputtering target is applied to a recording material of a magnetic recording medium. The thickness of the oxide grain boundary in the sputtering target is reduced, resulting from the decreased amount of oxide in the sputtering target, to allow a sputtering process utilizing the same to become more stable. Further, the volume of the magnetic grains per unit area is increased, whereby a better thermal stability and a high recording density are acquired.05-10-2012
20120114975Sputtering Targets And Recording Materials Of Hard Disk Formed From The Sputtering Target - Disclosed is a sputtering target and its application to the recording material of hard disks wherein the sputtering target comprises cobalt-platinum (CoPt), cobalt-chrome-platinum (CoCrPt) or cobalt-chrome-platinum-boron (CoCrPtB) and a combination of oxides. A recording material is formed by the sputtering target through the sputtering process as a high areal recording density hard disk, which essentially has silica oxide (SiO05-10-2012
20090220821SILICON SUBSTRATE FOR MAGNETIC RECORDING AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - There is provided a silicon substrate for magnetic recording that does not make the process for forming a magnetic recording layer complicated, excels in surface flatness, and has a thermal conductivity equivalent to the thermal conductivity of a single crystalline or polycrystalline bulk substrate. After forming a thin Silicon film on the surface of a polycrystalline silicon substrate subjected to rough polishing (S09-03-2009
20110287282Fine Structural Body, Method For Manufacturing Fine Structural Body, Magnetic Memory, Charge Storage Memory And Optical Information Recording Medium - There are provided a fine structural body capable of manifesting an unprecedented property; a manufacturing method thereof; and a magnetic memory, a charge storage memory and an optical information recording medium employing such fine structural body. Unlike conventional bulk bodies phase-transited between nonmagnetic semiconductors and paramagnetic metals around about 460K, there can be provided a fine structural body 11-24-2011
20080233435Polymer Thin Film, Patterned Substrate, Patterned Medium for Magnetic Recording, and Method of Manufacturing these Articles - A polymer thin film in which cylindrical phases are distributed in a continuous phase and are oriented in a pass-through-direction of the film includes at least: a first block copolymer including at least a block chain A09-25-2008
20110223445METHOD & APPARATUS FOR MULTI-STAGE SPUTTER DEPOSITION OF UNIFORM THICKNESS LAYERS - A method of forming a uniform thickness layer of a selected material on a surface of a substrate comprises steps of: 09-15-2011
20090239099LUBRICANT FOR MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIA, AND MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM USING THE LUBRICANT - A magnetic recording medium having high bonding capability between the surface lubricant and the diamond-like carbon (DLC) protective layer in the surface of the magnetic recording medium is disclosed. The lubricant is a fluorine-containing lubricant for magnetic recording media represented by the following formula (1), (2) or (3), wherein the substituents R09-24-2009
20100167090METHOD OF FORMING A PROTECTIVE FILM, A PROTECTIVE FILM OBTAINED BY THE METHOD, AND A MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM INCLUDING THE PROTECTIVE FILM - A method of forming a protective film for a magnetic recording medium is disclosed. The protective film suppresses cobalt elution out of the magnetic recording layer and has a thickness not larger than 3 nm. The method of the invention of forming a protective film for a magnetic recording medium comprises (1) a step of forming a protective film, on a lamination including a substrate and metallic film layers formed on the substrate, by means of a plasma CVD method using a raw gas of a hydrocarbon gas, wherein a flow rate of the hydrocarbon gas is in a range of 50 sccm to 200 sccm and a emission current is in a range of 0.1 A to 0.3 A, and (2) a step of surface treatment on the protective film that has been formed in the step (1), including sub-steps of (2a) a plasma treatment in an argon gas and (2b) a plasma treatment in a gas containing a nitrogen gas.07-01-2010
20090075122IMPRINT MOLD STRUCTURE, IMPRINTING METHOD USING THE SAME, AND MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM - The present invention provides an imprint mold structure which can efficiently and uniformly transfer a pattern by enhancing flow of a composition of the imprint resist layer when the imprint mold structure is pressed against the imprint resist layer, an imprinting method of improved transfer accuracy by using the imprint mold structure, and a magnetic recording medium of improved recording and reproduction property. Provided is an imprint mold structure in which at at least any one of an inner circumferential edge and an outer circumferential edge of the concavo-convex patterns in a data area and a servo area of the disc-shaped substrate of the imprint mold structure a dummy pattern is formed which corresponds to a pattern on a magnetic recording medium substrate extending radially from at least any one of an inner circumferential edge and an outer circumferential edge of a pattern forming area.03-19-2009
20090035606MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM AND MAGNETIC RECORDING AND REPRODUCING DEVICE - The present invention has its object to offer magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording and reproducing device that can record and reproduce high density data by optimizing the soft magnetic layer material forming the soft magnetic underlayer and the under layer material. In the present invention, the perpendicular magnetic recording medium A has at least the soft magnetic underlayer a, the under layer 02-05-2009
20100040907MAGNETIC DISK SUBSTRATE, MAGNETIC DISK, AND MAGNETIC DISK DEVICE - It is an object to provide a magnetic disk substrate highly reliable to prevent the occurrence of crash failure even if a magnetic disk is rotated at high speed, and suitable for a hard disk that starts and stops by the load/unload method, and a magnetic disk using such a substrate.02-18-2010
20100239889METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING RESIN STAMPER, IMPRINT METHOD, MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM, AND MAGNETIC RECORDING/REPRODUCING APPARATUS - The present invention provides a technique capable of manufacturing a resin stamper at a low cost. A method of manufacturing a plate-shaped resin stamper includes: pressing a resin composite base material against a mother stamper having a pattern formed on the surface thereof by compression molding to transfer the pattern of the mother stamper to the composite base material; and punching the composite base material. In the manufacturing method, the resin composite base material includes at least one curing resin. In addition, during the compression molding, a portion of the composite base material is cured by active energy beams or heat, the pattern is transferred to the composite base material, and the composite base material is punched, thereby manufacturing the resin stamper.09-23-2010
20120064373TECHNIQUE FOR MANUFACTURING BIT PATTERNED MEDIA - A technique for manufacturing hit pattern media is disclosed. In one particular exemplary embodiment, the technique may be realized as a method for manufacturing bit pattern media. The method may comprise forming an intermediate layer comprising a modified region and a first region adjacent to one another, where the modified region and the first region may have at least one different property; depositing magnetic species on the first region of the intermediate layer to form an active region; and depositing non-ferromagnetic species on the modified region of the intermediate layer to form a separator.03-15-2012
20100028720SPUTTERING APPARATUS, SPUTTERING METHOD AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM - A sputtering apparatus includes a substrate holding section that holds a substrate on which surface a film is formed; a plate-shaped target made of a material of the film and disposed in a position facing the surface of the substrate in an atmosphere of a predetermined gas; a magnetic field generator that is disposed on a side, opposed to the substrate side, of the target, that generates a magnetic field having an arc shape with a vertex reaching the substrate side, and that rotates the magnetic field along the target; a power source that applies, to the target, voltage of a polarity causing ions of the predetermined gas to head for the target; and a magnetic plate that is inserted between the target and the magnetic field generator and that limits the magnetic field reaching the target at a part of a rotation path of the magnetic field.02-04-2010
20100247968MAGNETIC TAPE CARTRIDGE - A magnetic tape cartridge including a reel and a pack of magnetic tape wound onto the reel, the magnetic tape includes an aromatic polyamide support and has a thickness of from 3.5 to 5.5 μm and a length of 1000 m or more, and a difference in tape thickness produced between an outer and an inner winding of the tape pack after 2-week storage of the cartridge in a dry environment at 60° C. is 60 nm or smaller.09-30-2010
20100233514RESIN STAMPER FOR PATTERN TRANSFER AND MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM MANUFACTURING METHOD USING THE SAME - According to one embodiment, pattern transfer is performed using a combination of an ultraviolet-curable resin having a surface tension of 31 to 39 mN/m and a stamper having a critical surface tension of 31 mN/m or less.09-16-2010
20110293966MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM AND MAGNETIC RECORDING/REPRODUCING APPARATUS - A magnetic recording medium which has been made by forming at least one magnetic layer having a granular structure on a substrate by sputtering, wherein said at least one magnetic recording layer having a granular structure comprises magnetic grains separated from each other by an oxide, and is made by sputtering a target comprising cobalt oxide and substantially free from metallic chromium and a chromium alloy. The magnetic grains in the granular structure have an average grain diameter of not larger than 6 nm, and are separated from each other by the oxide with a grain boundary width of at least 1.5 nm. The magnetic grains are minute and separated from each other with an enhanced grain boundary width, and the magnetic recording medium exhibits an enhanced recording density and improved electromagnetic conversion characteristics.12-01-2011

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