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427427400 Polymer containing coating material 42
427424000 Moving the base 31
427427300 Moving nozzle or projector 21
427427000 Inorganic coating material 20
427426000 Ingredients supplied separately 12
427422000 Heated coating material 11
427427200 With programmed control or using mechanized nozzle or projector (e.g., robotic sprayer, etc.) 9
427427100 Using nozzle or projector supported or guided by base (e.g., work, workpiece, etc.) during coating 7
427427700 Organic compound containing base 5
20100068402HEAT AND RAIN EROSION RESISTANT COATING - A binder formulation is provided that is capable of forming a heat and erosion resistant coating on the surface of a substrate, particularly a substrate comprising titanium or aluminum. The binder formulation comprises a metal alkoxide compound, such as a titanium alkoxide and an organosilane, such as 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane (GTMS). The binder material may be capable of strongly bonding the binder to the substrate. The binder coating may also include one or more additives that may help improve the heat resistance and impact absorbance of the coating. The binder may also include one or more pigments so that the resulting sol-gel coating has a desired appearance and properties. The sol-gel coating can be cured under ambient conditions and does not require additional heat curing.03-18-2010
20100221445O-DESMETHYLVENLAFAXINE AND BAZEDOXIFENE COMBINATION PRODUCT AND USES THEREOF - A combination product containing at least two active compounds, O-desmethylvenlafaxine or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof and bazedoxifene or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof is described. Also described are methods of making and using this combination product to treat a variety of conditions associated with low circulating estrogen levels or low estrogen receptor activity.09-02-2010
20090186161Composition, film manufacturing method, as well as functional device and manufacturing method therefor - Disclosed are compositions, useful in ink jet printing methods, that prevent clogging during dispensing, achieve stable dispensing, prevent precipitation of content matter during dispensing, and prevent phase separation during film formation. Also disclosed are uniform, homogenous, functional films formed using the compositions and manufacturing methods therefor, as well as organic EL devices and other such display devices and manufacturing methods therefor. The compositions contain a functional material and a solvent comprising at least one benzene derivative having one or more substituents, whereby the substituents have at least three carbon atoms in total.07-23-2009
20110039031CARRIER, FORMULATION AND METHOD FOR THE TREATMENT OF TIMBER - According to the present invention there is provided a carrier composition for migration and/or redistribution of a preservative formulation within wood or engineered wood products, said carrier system comprising a drying oil and/or a semi-drying oil and an extender. There is also provided a preservative formulation comprising such a carrier composition and a method of treating wood comprising the step of applying such a preservative formulation to the wood or engineered wood product.02-17-2011
20120045587Papermaking Additives for Roll Release Improvement - Compositions and methods for reduction in adhesion between wet paper web and roll surfaces in papermaking process are disclosed. The method is particularly useful for improvements in press section roll release.02-23-2012
20080280053Reactive Dyes Containing Divalent Sulfur in Non-Reactive Side Chain at Trizine Nucleus - The present invention refers to dyestuffs of the formula (I) wherein R11-13-2008
20090191349AEROSOL GENERATOR, METHOD FOR GENERATING AEROSOL, FILM FORMING APPARATUS, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING FILM FORMING BODY - An aerosol generator includes a generator vessel in which a powder of material particles is accommodated, a jetting port which jets a gas, in a direction having a component in a circumferential direction with a substantial center of an inner circumference of the generator vessel as a center of a circle, into the powder of the material particles which are accommodated and accumulated in the generator vessel, a first gas supply mechanism which supplies a gas to the jetting port; and a controller which controls the first gas supply mechanism to adjust supply amount of the gas to the jetting port.07-30-2009
20120183700METHOD FOR DISPENSING FOAM ONTO SUBSTRATES OF LARGE WIDTH - A method for dispensing a foamed material onto a substrate surface, including: generating a relative movement between a substrate surface and a material dispensing apparatus exit opening, mixing at least two material components in a mixing device, generating a pressure differential between the mixing device and a dispensing region, conveying the dispensing material from the mixing device to the exit opening, and discharging the dispensing material from the exit opening onto the substrate surface.07-19-2012
20130040061FACE-DOWN PRINTING APPARATUS AND METHOD - Film-forming apparatuses, systems, and methods are provided. The apparatus can include a substrate positioning system and a printing array that includes an inkjet printing array and/or a thermal printing array. The positioning system can be a gas-bearing plate system. The positioning system can be configured to move a substrate between a first position, away from the printing array, and a second position, above the printing array. The apparatuses, systems, and methods can be used to manufacture organic light emitting devices (OLEDs), for example, flat panel displays.02-14-2013
20130040062LIQUID PROCESSING METHOD - A liquid processing method forms a coating film by supplying and pouring a coating solution from a coating solution nozzle onto a surface of a substrate held substantially horizontally by a substrate holder. In the liquid processing method, a process for photographing a leading end portion of a coating solution nozzle is provided. When performing a process for anti-drying of the coating solution for a long period of time in advance, a position of the coating solution and a position of an anti-drying liquid are set by using a soft scale displayed on a screen where the photographed image is displayed. Therefore, a dispense control is performed based on a set value without depending on the naked eyes and a control for suppressing the drying of the coating solution in the leading end portion of the coating solution nozzle is performed.02-14-2013
20090155476Vented Combinatorial Processing Cell - A vented combinatorial processing cell is described, including a sleeve having an end forming a fluid seal with a region of a substrate, a flow head including a vent and disposed in the sleeve to dispense fluid onto the region, the flow head, the substrate, and the sleeve defining a chamber for processing the region, a fluid source attached to the flow head to deliver the fluid into the chamber, and a vacuum port attached to the flow head to remove fluid from the chamber.06-18-2009
20090155475Device and method for coating base material - A device and a method which is capable of uniformly coating, without waste, any flow passages formed in a raw material with a slurry even if a slurry having high viscosity is fed thereto by an amount required for the use of coating without excess and shortage. When the slurry (S) fed to one end of the base material (M) in which a large number of flow passages (06-18-2009
20130052359PNEUMATICALLY-DRIVEN JETTING VALVES WITH VARIABLE DRIVE PIN VELOCITY, IMPROVED JETTING SYSTEMS AND IMPROVED JETTING METHODS - An improved pneumatic jetting valve includes a housing with first and second chambers. A pneumatic piston is enclosed between the chambers. First and second solenoid valves are configured to respectively supply air pressure to the chambers and to exhaust the chambers. A controller is operable to regulate the pressurization and venting of the chambers. The controller controls the timing of control signals for the first and second solenoid valves to control the overlap time during which both the first and second chambers are pressurized. By controlling this overlap time, the controller controls the speed of the drive pin of the jetting valve and thereby the speed at which the valve closes to jet a droplet of material. This allows a valve speed to be selected that is most appropriate for the viscosity of the material being jetted. Numerous new methods for utilizing the improved jetting valve and system are disclosed.02-28-2013
20130052360SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS, SUBSTRATE PROCESSING METHOD, AND NOZZLE - A substrate processing apparatus includes a substrate holding unit that holds a substrate, an injection unit that injects droplets of a processing liquid from a plurality of injection ports respectively toward a plurality of collision positions within a principal surface of the substrate held by the substrate holding unit, and a liquid film forming unit. The liquid film forming unit discharges a protective liquid from a plurality of discharge ports respectively toward a plurality of liquid contact positions within the principal surface of the substrate held by the substrate holding unit to form a plurality of liquid films of the protective liquid that respectively cover different collision positions.02-28-2013
20130071573Automated Wing Painting System - A method and apparatus for spraying a liquid onto a surface. An apparatus comprises a nozzle and a number of disks. The nozzle is configured to generate a spray of a liquid towards a surface. The number of disks is positioned relative to the nozzle and configured to form a gap through which a portion of the spray of the liquid passes towards the surface.03-21-2013
20090092761DISCHARGE METHOD, CONTINUOUS FILM FORMATION METHOD, ALIGNMENT FILM FORMATION METHOD, METHOD FOR FORMING LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE, HEAD UNIT, DROPLET DISCHARGE DEVICE, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A discharge method is provided for discharging a fluid from nozzle sets having nozzles arrayed between first and second end portions. The method includes classifying each of the nozzle sets into one of a first nozzle group having a distribution characteristic in which a discharge quantity at the second end portion is greater than the discharge quantity at the first end portion, a second nozzle group having the distribution characteristic in which the discharge quantity at the first end portion is greater than the discharge quantity at the second end portion, and a third nozzle group having the distribution characteristic in which the discharge quantity at the first end portion is substantially the same as the discharge quantity at the second end portion. The method also includes forming a nozzle formation including the nozzle sets classified as the first nozzle group, the second nozzle group and/or the third nozzle group.04-09-2009
20110014385METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COATING AN ARTICLE USING A SPRAY-COATING METHOD - The invention relates to a method and apparatus for coating an article using a spray-coating method. Coating can be produced by atomizing a fluid coating precursor material into droplets with an average diameter of 0.5 to 5 micrometres. The droplets are introduced onto the article to be coated at a velocity that exceeds the critical impaction velocity. The evaporation of the droplets can be controlled by controlling the concentration of the fluid precursor material solvent in the spray chamber.01-20-2011
20110014384Bladder-based apparatus and method for dispensing coatings - The invention is related to a coating delivery system that includes at least one pressure vessel having an inner surface, a flexible bladder disposed in a first pressure vessel and having an open condition and a closed condition, an internal region disposed between the inner surface and the bladder, and a deliverable substance including a coating component interspersed with at least one of liquefied carbon dioxide and supercritical carbon dioxide. The deliverable substance is disposed in one of the flexible bladder and the internal region, and the pressure-conveying fluid is received in the other to exert pressure on the deliverable substance and thereby permit transport thereof when the flexible bladder is in the open condition.01-20-2011
20130064983PROCESS FOR REMOVING PAINT OVERSPRAY FROM A PAINT SPRAY BOOTH - The present invention relates to a specific aqueous separation liquid and to a process for removing paint overspray from a paint spray booth comprising: i) directing a gas stream through a paint spray booth; ii) contacting paint overspray with the gas stream flowing through the paint booth thereby forming a paint loaded gas stream containing paint particles or droplets dispersed therein, iii) forming a flowing substantially continuous liquid film of the aqueous separation liquid on a surface positioned within the flow path of the gas stream; iv) directing the paint loaded gas stream to said surface, in order to bring the gas stream in contact with the flowing substantially continuous film of the aqueous separation liquid, thereby transferring paint particles or droplets from the gas stream into the separation liquid to form a first paint loaded separation liquid; and v) removing the first paint loaded separation liquid and the gas stream having a reduced paint load.03-14-2013
20100086699SOLUTION CONTAINMENT DURING BUFFER LAYER DEPOSITION - Improved methods and apparatus for forming thin-film layers of chalcogenide on a substrate web. Solutions containing the reactants for the chalcogenide layer may be contained substantially to the front surface of the web, controlling the boundaries of the reaction and avoiding undesired deposition of chalcogenide upon the back side of the web.04-08-2010
20100266777Film forming apparatus and method of forming film - Temperature adjustment means is provided to a chamber for accommodating a stage, a discharge head, and a maintenance device. The temperature adjustment means adjusts the temperature of the maintenance area at least while the transport device has the discharge head positioned in the maintenance area, so that the temperature is equal to or greater than the temperature of the drawing area while the transport device has the discharge head positioned in the drawing area.10-21-2010
20120231172Lubricating Apparatus and Methods for Lubricating Vehicle Panel Assembles for Vehicle Installation - A lubricating apparatus for lubricating a panel assembly prior to vehicle installation includes a lubricating jig assembly. The lubricating jig assembly includes a front guard wall and a rear guard wall connected to the front guard wall defining a panel receiving volume therebetween. At least one nozzle opening is located in the receiving volume. A pump is fluidly connected to the at least one nozzle opening for delivering a lubricant fluid thereto. A lubricant reservoir is in fluid communication with the receiving volume.09-13-2012
20090280259Composition and application process of non-aqueous liquid unmolding product - A non-aqueous liquid un-molding composition is provided for use in the baking industry and an application method for this composition. The composition of the present application includes oil, wax and an emulsifying agent but no water. As a result the dough excess in the mold edges do not burn resulting in the infiltration of dirt into the bakery product that can cause contamination of the bakery product. A method of applying the compound is provided by sprays, application pistols, as well as of modular pulverization systems that facilitate the performance of automatic pulverization pistols, pulverizing the desired surface in a uniform and accurate way.11-12-2009
20110217474SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGING ENERGY USAGE IN A MANUFACTURING FACILITY - A system and method for managing energy usage in a manufacturing facility includes harvesting the thermal properties of paint particulate wash for pre-conditioning air that is drawn into the building. The drawn-in air may be conditioned to a target temperature by an air makeup unit and then used in a painting operation wherein the air is subsequently passed through a water wash unit. Heat exchangers in thermal communication with the water inside the wash unit enable heat to either be transferred from the water to the air makeup unit, or vice versa. One or more ovens may have their energy usage managed in such a manner that they switch between using gas heat and electrical heat. Such management may take into account the daily variation in electrical rates, as well as the total amount of electrical usage currently being drawn by the electrical utility customer.09-08-2011
20120034388APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLED APPLICATION OF LIQUID STREAMS TO A SUBSTRATE - An improved system for application of liquid streams to a substrate. The system incorporates open face flow channels for carrying the liquid away from fully enclosed flow segments prior to discharge along an unconstrained flow path. The present invention further provides an improved, self-aligning modular assembly for delivery of impingement jet to the liquid streams for diverting the direction of the liquid streams. The present invention further provides an improved arrangement for collection of the deflected liquid in response to application of the impingement jet without excess residue build-up.02-09-2012
20090087573Process for Producing Base Material for Forming Heat Shielding Film - There is provided a production process of a heat-ray shielding film-formed base member comprising the steps of mixing a sol solution, formed by using a starting raw material of trialkoxysilane or trialkoxysilane and tetraalkoxysilane, with a solution in which tin-doped indium oxide ultra-fine particles are dispersed, to make a treatment agent; and applying the treatment agent to a base member. In this production process, the treatment agent has an organic solvent having a boiling point of 100-200° C. as a dispersion medium, and the application is conducted by a means by bringing a member retaining the treatment agent into contact with the base member or by a means by spraying the treatment agent, thereby adjusting haze value of the film to be formed to 0.5% or less.04-02-2009
20100098869LIQUID PROCESSING APPARATUS AND LIQUID PROCESSING METHOD - Provided is a liquid processing apparatus (method) that forms a coating film by supplying and pouring a coating solution from a coating solution nozzle onto a surface of a substrate held substantially horizontally by a substrate holder. In the liquid processing apparatus (method), a unit for photographing a leading end portion of a coating solution nozzle 04-22-2010
20130216716NOZZLE FOR APPLYING A COATING AGENT - The invention relates to a nozzle (08-22-2013
20100272915PORTABLE SPRAY BOOTH WITH AIR HANDLING SYSTEM - The present invention discloses a paint spray booth which consists of an inflatable structure. The structure comprises downdraft jets powered by the same air pressure that inflates the building. The downdraft air jets blow volatile paint fumes toward the bottom portion of the paint booth where one or more ventilation exhaust jets extract the volatile gases and filter the volatile gases out before ejecting clean air to the environment.10-28-2010
20110268886METHODS FOR MAKING SLIP RESISTANT FILE FOLDERS - Methods for producing easily and securely gripped slip-resistant file folders, including file pockets and hanging folders. The methods include providing folder paper stock; conveying the folder paper stock in the process of folder manufacture; providing a curable slip-resistant material in a melt state; applying the slip-resistant material at predetermined areas of the folder paper stock; and curing the slip-resistant material; such that the slip-resistant portion comprises cured slip-resistant material. Another method includes providing folder paper stock; providing embossing dies in spaced, operable, mating relationship; positioning the folder paper stock appropriately in the embossing dies; applying force to at least one of the embossing dies so as to decrease the spaced relationship; and deforming the folder paper stock.11-03-2011
20090169756Paint Strainer System and Method - Systems and methods for painting in which a paint container strainer is held in place with a fastener that exerts strength or force sufficient to keep, hold or restrain the strainer in place, and not fall down into the paint container, during the jostling and other disturbances that typically occur during painting operations.07-02-2009
20080280052Process for Printing Textile Fibre Materials in Accordance with the Ink-Jet Printing Process - An ink-jet printing process for printing textile fibre materials, wherein 11-13-2008
20080286478Apparatus and process for treating an article to impart color and/or enhance the properties of that article - A process and an apparatus for treating large articles to impart color or performance enhancing additives to the article in which a treatment system which includes: (i) a coloring solution and/or a solution containing at least one performance enhancing additive, (ii) water, and (iii) a solvent such as ethylene glycol monobutyl ether and diethylene glycol is applied to the article. The apparatus is made up of (a) a spray enclosure sized to contain the article(s) to be treated; (b) dispensing means, such as nozzles, which are configured to dispense sequentially, hot solution (i), hot solution (ii) and hot water (iii) directly onto the article surface(s); (c) means for securing and transporting the article to be treated into and out of the spray enclosure (such as a trolley system); and at least three closed vessels capable of delivering enough hot saturated coloring and/or performance enhancing solution, hot dye-free rinse solution and deionized water, respectively, with sufficient pressure to form small droplets from the spray nozzles, to thoroughly cover and rinse articles contained in the enclosure.11-20-2008
20080286479METHOD OF COATING LEAD FRAMES - The invention relates to a method of coating multiple lead frames that are connected to mechanical, electrical, or electronic components, with the lead frames encased in a coating composed of plastic, with provision being made according to the invention for the coating to be applied without a mold tool surrounding the lead frame.11-20-2008
20090191350FILM FORMING APPARATUS AND FILM FORMING METHOD - A film forming apparatus is provided which includes a device A that generates liquid fine particles having controlled particle diameters; a device B including a via for guiding the generated liquid fine particles while controlling a temperature thereof; a device C that sprays the guided liquid fine particles; and a device D including a space for forming a transparent conductive film by coating the sprayed liquid fine particles onto a subject to be processed.07-30-2009
20090186159Method and Apparatus for Coating a Curved Surface - An apparatus includes a workpiece support, a source that is spaced from the workpiece support and can emit a plume of coating material toward the workpiece support, and plume adjusting structure that, between the source and workpiece support, can influence a plume of material flowing from the source. A different aspect involves a method that includes emitting from a source a plume of coating material that flows toward a workpiece support, and adjusting, between the source and the workpiece support, a plume of material flowing from the source.07-23-2009
20110229647INK COMPOSITION AND RECORDING METHOD - An ink composition has a viscosity of 25 mPa·s to 35 mPa·s at 20° C., wherein a, b, and c are 800 or more, 7.4 to 14, and 0.16 to 0.22, respectively, when a cylindrical portion is formed by expanding the ink composition so as to have a free surface parallel to the expanding direction of the ink composition, the rate of change in width of the cylindrical portion with time is measured in the expanding direction thereof, and the rate of change in width of the cylindrical portion with time is fit to a quadratic function given by the following equation:09-22-2011
20110229648INK COMPOSITION - By using an ink composition which contains C.I. Acid Red 52, C.I. Acid Red 92, and a specific dye at a ratio in a specific range, it is possible to provide recorded matter having good lightfastness without impairing fluorescence intensity and color developability.09-22-2011
20110223340ELECTRO-FORM NOZZLE APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SOLUTION COATING - An apparatus and method for liquid-phase coating of layers onto a substrate of an electronic device. Electo-form nozzles containing a body and disc are arranged in an array to perform multiple depositions on the substrate. A low solids mixture produces a very thin dried film of electronic materials.09-15-2011
20130122209Organosilicon Hydrophobing Agents - An organosilane having the formula05-16-2013
20090252881METHOD OF SPRAY APPLICATION, AND SPRAY APPARATUS, FOR BENTONITE MATERIAL - The present invention provides a spray method and spray apparatus for bentonite-based material that allow forming a bentonite layer of high dry density. A spray apparatus 10-08-2009
20100143599ROTARY ATOMIZER COMPONENT - A rotary atomizer component, such as for a steering air ring or bell cup for a rotary atomizer with at least one steering air jet for delivering steering air (or controlled air) and a rotary bearing shaft where, in axial direction between the bell cup and the steering air jet, a circumferential annular gap is located. A shaft cover in form of a bushing covers the bearing shaft, when mounted, at least partially in the annular gap area between the bell cup and the steering air jet. In addition, the annular gap space between the front surface of the bearing unit and the internal surface facing it axially or any other front element of the atomizer is sealed in a radial way internally against the externally accessible area of the shaft. The sealing element provided for this purpose is located along the internal circumference of the air-steering rings or front element and able to be attached to the front surface of the bearing unit in a way that it is elastically deformable.06-10-2010
20100304032BACKING RUN FOR NOZZLE PASTE APPLICATION - The invention describes a bottomer for the production of sacks, preferably cross-bottom valve sacks (12-02-2010
20110076411FLUID SUPPLY DEVICE FOR SPRAYING SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a fluid supply device for a spraying system, comprising a first module (03-31-2011
20100015345Coating apparatus and operating method thereof - A coating apparatus and an operating method thereof that prevent damage to the nozzle of a spinless coater from impurities on a substrate during resin coating of the substrate, and impurities remaining on a stage at the bottom of the substrate. The coating apparatus comprises a stage, a nozzle, a nozzle cleaner, and a stage cleaner. A substrate is placed upon the stage. The nozzle discharges resin on the substrate to perform coating. The nozzle cleaner cleans the nozzle. The stage cleaner cleans the stage. The operating method includes removing a coated first substrate from atop a stage, cleaning the stage using a stage cleaner, introducing a second substrate to be coated onto the cleaned stage, and discharging resin through a nozzle onto the second substrate and coating the second substrate.01-21-2010
20100255209Aerodynamic Jetting of Blended Aerosolized Materials - Method and apparatus for direct writing of passive structures having a tolerance of 5% or less in one or more physical, electrical, chemical, or optical properties. The present apparatus is capable of extended deposition times. The apparatus may be configured for unassisted operation and uses sensors and feedback loops to detect physical characteristics of the system to identify and maintain optimum process parameters.10-07-2010
20080254223FILM FORMING APPARATUS AND FILM FORMING METHOD - A film forming apparatus is provided which includes a device A that generates liquid fine particles having controlled particle diameters; a device B including a via for guiding the generated liquid fine particles while controlling a temperature thereof; a device C that sprays the guided liquid fine particles; and a device D including a space for forming a transparent conductive film by coating the sprayed liquid fine particles onto a subject to be processed.10-16-2008
20100330292APPLICATION ROBOT WITH MULTIPLE APPLICATION DEVICES - An application robot, specifically a painting robot, for coating workpieces with a coating medium and an appropriate operating method. The painting robot has multiple movable axes and a spatially positionable end effector. Multiple application devices are attached to the end effector.12-30-2010
20100330291TWO STAGE KINETIC ENERGY SPRAY DEVICE - A two stage kinetic energy spray device has a first stage first nozzle having a receiving end that receives a particulate stream, an injection end located axially to the first nozzle receiving end, the injection end receiving the particulate stream from the receiving end. A second stage has a second nozzle, the second nozzle having a gas receiving portion that receives an effluent gas, a convergent portion that is downstream from the gas receiving portion and a divergent portion that is downstream from the convergent portion, the convergent portion and the divergent portion meeting at a throat. The particle stream is accelerated to a first velocity in the first nozzle located within the second nozzle divergent portion The effluent gas is accelerated to a second velocity in the second nozzle. First nozzle injection end chevrons allow mixing of particulate and supersonic effluent streams prior to exiting the spray device.12-30-2010
20110052824APPARATUS AND PROCESS FOR DEPOSITING COATINGS - A spray coating process and apparatus suitable for depositing coatings on surfaces of components, and particularly surfaces that are difficult to access with conventional cold spraying equipment. The process and apparatus employ a spray gun having a tubular body with a longitudinal axis and an exit at one end thereof. The body has a first portion defining a converging passage, a second portion defining a diverging passage that defines the exit of the body, and a throat portion therebetween that defines a throat between and connecting the converging and diverging passages. The gun is further equipped with at least one gas inlet for introducing a gas upstream of the converging passage, and at least one feedstock inlet for introducing a feedstock at or immediately upstream of the throat.03-03-2011
20110274847UNIVERSAL ACTUATOR FOR COATINGS - An actuator device for applying a single or multi-component coating, which comprises: at least one universal attachment port configured to connect to one or more of a spray attachment, brush, applicator pad, or roller; a throughway configured to secure and/or position at least one feed tube in or on the actuator; and a trigger configured to control a remote coating liquid dispensing system, wherein when in operation the feed tube is capable of fluidly conducting one or more coating liquids from the remote coating liquid dispensing system to one or more selected from the group consisting of the spray attachment, brush, applicator pad, roller, actuator, universal attachment port, or a combination thereof.11-10-2011
20120027942SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DISPENSING A FLUID - A fluid dispensing system may include a first die portion having a first face defining a first edge and a second die portion spaced from the first die portion and having a second face facing the first face and defining a second edge, wherein the first edge and the second edge define a fluid outlet opening. The fluid dispensing system may also include a fluid inlet for introducing fluid to a region between the first face and the second face, and a cavity in flow communication with the fluid inlet, wherein the cavity opens to the region between the first face and the second face. The fluid dispensing system may further include a shim disposed between the first die portion and the second die portion to maintain the spaced positioning of the first and second die portions, wherein the shim defines a plurality of channels bounded by the first and second faces and extending from the cavity in a direction toward the fluid outlet.02-02-2012
20090202731SPRAY COATING APPLICATOR SYSTEM - A spray applicator system is provided with a reservoir manifold assembly having a separate reservoir for each different coating to be applied. Reservoirs are filled from a coating supply system and isolated electrically from the supply system when coating is dispensed from a reservoir to the applicator. Multiple sets of reservoirs can be used, so that an empty reservoir in one set can be filled while coating is dispensed from a reservoir in the other set. The set of reservoirs in which a reservoir is being filled is isolated electrically from the applicator, and of the set of reservoirs in which a reservoir is dispensing coating to the applicator is isolated electrically from the supply system.08-13-2009
20100021646DEFLECTING AIR RING AND CORRESPONDING COATING PROCESS - A deflecting air ring is disclosed having a plurality of deflecting air nozzles for discharging a deflecting air jet onto a spray jet of a vaporizer in order to shape the spray jet. The deflecting air nozzles are configured such that the deflecting air jet is substantially laminar within a close region, while the deflecting air nozzles also generate turbulence in a remote region situated downstream of the close region of the deflecting air jet.01-28-2010
20120308732Overspray Reclaiming System - An overspray reclaiming system is disclosed. The system may collect and reuse overspray produced when discharging material on an object to create a coating on the outer surface of the object. The system may generally include a housing in which an object may be sprayed, a holder for holding the object, a discharging device for discharging coating material onto an object, a vessel for collecting and/or treating overspray, and conduits and flow controllers for directing overspray to be reused. The discharging device and the holder object may be disposed within the housing. At least one porous material may be disposed between the discharging device and a wall of the housing.12-06-2012
20120308731ADHESIVE APPLICATOR FOR THREADED DEVICES AND PROCESS FOR APPLYING ADHESIVE TO THREADED DEVICES - An adhesive applicator includes a base portion and an adhesive distributing portion. The base portion includes a first passageway extending from the exterior of the base portion to and through an integral cylindrical portion of the base portion. The adhesive distributing portion includes a plurality of passageways therethrough in communication with the first passageway of the base portion. The plurality of passageways of the adhesive distributing portion extend to the exterior of the adhesive distributing portion. An adhesive pump forces adhesive to and through the first passageway of the base portion and into and through the plurality of passageways of the adhesive distributing portion to the exterior of the adhesive distributing portion. Adhesive emanates from the exterior of the adhesive distributing portion under the force of the adhesive pump and coats the threads of an internally threaded device. Another example coats the threads of an externally threaded device. Processes for coating internal and external threads are disclosed.12-06-2012
20100183815METHOD AND DEVICE FOR APPLYING LIQUID PAINT TO AN APPLICATION SURFACE - The invention relates to a device for applying liquid paint to an application surface, particularly for applying dispersion paint onto a wall surface, wherein a method is implemented in which the paint is shot drop-wise onto the application surface, and a paint film is formed by the drops flowing into each other on the application surface.07-22-2010
20090136673FILM FORMING METHOD, FILM FORMING DEVICE, LIQUID CRYSTAL ARRANGEMENT METHOD, LIQUID CRYSTAL ARRANGEMENT DEVICE, LIQUID CRYSTAL DEVICE, LIQUID CRYSTAL DEVICE PRODUCTION METHOD AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT - A film forming device forms a coated film on a substrate by discharging a liquid material in the form of liquid droplets, and causing the liquid droplets to impact on the substrate at a predetermined pitch. The predetermined pitch is determined based on the diameter of the liquid droplets after impact of the liquid droplets on the substrate. Drop marks are reduced and a uniform coated film is formed on the substrate.05-28-2009
20120156384PRESSURE CONTROLLED DROPLET SPRAYING (PCDS) METHOD FOR FORMING PARTICLES OF COMPOUND MATERIALS FROM MELTS - A method and apparatus of forming compositionally homogeneous particles is provided. The method includes forming a homogenous melt from a plurality of constituent materials under a first pressure sufficient to prevent substantial vaporization of the constituent materials. Droplets are generated from the homogenous melt. The droplets are cooled under a second pressure sufficient to prevent substantial vaporization of the constituent materials at least until the homogeneous particles formed therefrom have stabilized.06-21-2012
20110081499DUAL COMPONENT DISPENSING AND MIXING SYSTEMS FOR MARINE AND MILITARY PAINTS - One embodiment of the present invention provides a device for applying a coating, which includes a multi-component cartridge, a static mixing nozzle in fluid communication with the cartridge, and at least one paint applicator selected from the group including a roller, a brush, and an angled spray tip, in fluid communication with the nozzle. Another embodiment of the invention provides a method, which includes applying a coating to a surface with the above-described device. Another embodiment of the invention provides a method, which includes applying a non-skid coating to a surface with the above-described device.04-07-2011
20110091656CONNECTOR FOR A GRAVITY FEED SPRAY GUN, A GRAVITY FEED SPRAY GUN AND A METHOD OF PREPARING A SPRAY PAINT - The present invention concerns a connector for connecting a paint container (04-21-2011
20110091655METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMPREGNATION OF ITEMS - A method and apparatus for surface treatment of footwear, bags, gloves, other leather items or leather-like items. The method includes optional covering a surface or a part of the items which are not to be treated; optional selecting time of operation of a spraying unit; placing items to be treated in a chamber; shutting the chamber and thereby manually or automatically initiating; activating the spraying unit for forming a mist of impregnating agent inside the chamber for applying impregnating agent onto the surfaces of the items; activating an air pump, ventilator or corresponding means for removal of excess impregnating agent from the chamber; and retaining excess impregnating agent in a filter which preferably is a filter containing activated carbon.04-21-2011
20100247791METHOD OF FORMING A LAYERING OF ELECTRONICALLY-INTERACTIVE MATERIAL - A machine controlled by a computer for depositing a liquefied electronically-interactive material on a sheet or support card, which includes: a base (09-30-2010
20100173087Apparatus, Systems, and Methods Involving Cold Spray Coating - A cold spray coating system comprising, a cold spray coating gun having a nozzle member operative to emit a stream of gas and granules of a coating material from a nozzle opening defined by the nozzle member such that the granules of the coating material impact and bond with a first region of a substrate, and a heat source member operative heat the first region of the substrate.07-08-2010
20100173088Miniature Aerosol Jet and Aerosol Jet Array - A miniaturized aerosol jet, or an array of miniaturized aerosol jets for direct printing of various aerosolized materials. In the most commonly used embodiment, an aerosol stream is focused and deposited onto a planar or non-planar target, forming a pattern that is thermally or photochemically processed to achieve physical, optical, and/or electrical properties near that of the corresponding bulk material. The apparatus uses an aerosol jet deposition head to form an annularly propagating jet composed of an outer sheath flow and an inner aerosol-laden carrier flow. Miniaturization of the deposition head facilitates the fabrication and operation of arrayed deposition heads, enabling construction and operation of arrays of aerosol jets capable of independent motion and deposition. Arrayed aerosol jets provide an increased deposition rate, arrayed deposition, and multi-material deposition.07-08-2010
20120258251APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR COATING SUBSTRATE - An apparatus and a method for producing a liquid film from one or more liquid precursors onto the surface of a substrate in order to establish a coating, the apparatus being arranged to direct an aerosol flow against the surface of the substrate in a coating chamber. The apparatus includes a homogenizing nozzle for making the aerosol flow homogeneous substantially in the direction of the surface of the substrate prior to passing the flow into the coating chamber.10-11-2012
20120082797Nozzle For A Thermal Spray Gun And Method Of Thermal Spraying - A nozzle for a thermal spray gun and a method of thermal spraying are disclosed. The nozzle has a combustion chamber within which fuel is burned to produce a stream of combustion gases. The streams of heated gases exit through a pair of linear exhausts which are located on either side of an aerospike. The streams converge outside the nozzle and powdered coating material is introduced into the converging streams immediately downstream of the aerospike. The coating material is heated and accelerated before impacting on a substrate to be coated.04-05-2012
20120328790Rinse Aid Compositions with Improved Characteristics - The present invention is directed to rinse aid compositions with improved biodegradability that may be used in automated carwash operations to promote drying and improve the appearance of vehicles.12-27-2012
20110045195RESIST SOLUTION SUPPLY APPARATUS, RESIST SOLUTION SUPPLY METHOD, AND COMPUTER STORAGE MEDIUM - A resist solution supply apparatus of the present invention includes: a resist solution supply source storing a resist solution therein; a supply tube for supplying the resist solution from the resist solution supply source to a coating nozzle; a filter provided in the supply tube for removing foreign matter in the resist solution; and a heating unit provided along the supply tube at a position closer to the resist solution supply source than the filter, for heating the resist solution in the supply tube to a predetermined temperature higher than room temperature to make a resist gel to aggregate to become coarse so that the coarse resist gel can be collected and removed by the filter.02-24-2011
20110045194ROBOT COMPRISING A CLEANING DEVICE AND ASSOCIATED OPERATING METHOD - Exemplary robots and corresponding exemplary operating methods for a painting system are disclosed. In one example, the robot is a handling robot for opening and closing doors or bonnets of motor vehicle bodies. A robot element of a handling robot that is susceptible to dirt retention, e.g., a handling tool, may be arranged away from the spray jet of a paint during the painting operation and is applied to the component that is to be painted. The robot may include a cleaning device for cleaning or for keeping the robot element of the handling robot that is susceptible to dirt retention clean from paint that is applied with spray jet in the painting operation.02-24-2011
20120269979Rotary Machine with Separately Controllable Stations - A rotary machine may have multiple stations that have a linear motion operated by a cam and a rotational motion operated by individual motors mounted on each station. Each station may perform a motion profile that is proportional to the machine's central axis rotation or, in some cases, independent of the central axis rotation. In some embodiments, each station may rotate to orient a part prior to processing. In one embodiment, the cam driven linear motion may enable a station to lower for loading and unloading, then raise for processing. The rotary machine may have various mechanisms at each station for processing a part. One such embodiment is a rotary machine that may be outfitted with compound dispensing mechanisms at each station.10-25-2012
20130011568APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SPRAYING A SURFACE OF A SUBSTRATE - The invention relates to a device for spraying a surface of a substrate, wherein the device comprises at least one first spray nozzle for the supply of a fluid to the surface of the substrate to be treated and the first spray nozzle is arranged at a first distance from the substrate, wherein at least one second spray nozzle is arranged at a second distance from the substrate and a ratio of the second distance to the first distance is in a range from 0.1 to 0.8. At most a first volume flow of the fluid can be passed through the at least one first spray nozzle and at most a second volume flow of the fluid can be passed through the at least one second spray nozzle, wherein the ratio of the second volume flow to the first volume flow is in a range from 0.005 to 0.5.01-10-2013
20110159197COATING METHOD - A coating method of coating a surface of an object with a paint containing a glitter pigment, including: spraying the paint onto the surface of the object; and controlling a color shade of the paint on the object by adjusting a particle size of paint particles to be sprayed according to a spray width indicating a width of a spread of the paint particles.06-30-2011
20110159196COATING DEVICE AND COATING METHOD HAVING A CONSTANT DIRECTING AIR TEMPERATURE - Exemplary coating devices and methods are disclosed. An exemplary coating device may include an atomizer for applying a spray jet of a coating means or material to a component, at least one directing air nozzle for outputting shaping or directing air in order to shape the spray jet, and a temperature-control device for controlling the temperature of the directing air. The coating device may further include a control unit which activates the temperature-control device as a function of at least one operating variable of the atomizer in order to set a predetermined directing air temperature.06-30-2011
20130022751DISPENSING DEVICE FOR BOTH FROTH AND NON-FROTH COATINGS - A dispensing device (01-24-2013
20080241409DEPOSITION SYSTEM WITH IMPROVED MATERIAL UTILIZATION - A target assembly for material deposition includes a first target piece having a first sputtering surface and comprising a first target material that is to be sputtered off the first sputtering surface and to deposit on a substrate. The target assembly also includes a second target piece juxtaposed to the first target piece. The second target piece comprises a second sputtering surface and a second target material that can be sputtered off the second sputtering surface and to deposit on the substrate. The first target piece and the second target piece are configured to be switched in positions and/or orientations after a period of sputtering operations.10-02-2008
20080233302Method and Device for Production of a Three-Dimensional Article - The invention relates to a method and device for production of a three-dimensional article from a material, by means of layered application. According to the invention, a dropwise application is carried out, whereby drops of reaction components are ejected by a nozzle arrangement (09-25-2008
20130129929Sensor for Registering a Measurement Variable of a Medium - A sensor for registering a measurement variable of a medium, comprising a sensing body with a section of surface area, which is exposed to the medium to register the measurement variable, whereby a condition of the section of surface area affects the provided value of the measured measurement variable, whereby the section of surface area comprises a coating that comprises nanoparticles. The coating, which comprises the nanoparticles, comprises at least one nano polymer.05-23-2013
20110244135Water-Based Ink for Ink-Jet Recording, Ink Cartridge, Ink-Jet Recording Apparatus, Ink-Jet Recording Method, Method for Producing Water-Based Ink for Ink-Jet Recording, and Method for Preventing Corrosion of Metal Member of Ink-Jet Recording Apparatus - There is provided a water-based ink for ink jet recording including a self-dispersible carbon black modified by carboxylic acid group, a water, and a water-soluble organic solvent, wherein a weight concentration of phosphate ion in the water-based ink is not more than 35 ppm. The water-based ink for ink jet recording has excellent water resistance and is capable of lowering or preventing corrosion of a metal member, in an ink jet recording apparatus, contacting with the water-based ink for ink-jet recording.10-06-2011
20110236589NOVEL PEST REPELLANT AND PESTICIDE COMPOSITION AND METHOD OF USE - A novel pest repellant and pesticide composition for use in repelling, and in some cases exterminating, reptiles, rodents, insects (including bed bugs), and other unwanted pests. Advantageously, this pest repellant and pesticide composition is safe, effective, economical to produce, and environmentally-friendly. The novel pest repellant and pesticide composition includes: between about 0.5% and 5.0% by weight cinnamon oil; between about 0.1% and 2.0% by weight sodium lauryl sulfate; between about 0.1% and 2.0% by weight citric acid; and between about 90.0% and 98.0% by weight inert ingredients. Optionally, the novel pest repellant and pesticide composition also includes between about 1.0% and 5.0% by weight garlic oil. Optionally, the inert ingredients include one or more of water and diatomaceous earth.09-29-2011
20110236588METHODS, APPARATUS, AND SYSTEMS FOR FACILITATING COMPLIANCE WITH MARKING SPECIFICATIONS FOR DISPENSING MARKING MATERIAL - Control of locating equipment used by a locate technician to perform a locate and/or marking operation to detect and/or mark a presence or an absence of at least one underground facility at a work site is based at least in part on marking specifications (e.g., government-based regulations, industry-based recommended guidelines/best practices, standard operating procedures of locate companies and/or facility owners, and/or contractual obligations relating to marking operations). In various examples, control signals are generated to alert a locate technician when to start and stop dispensing of a marking material, or control signals are generated to automatically or semi-automatically control dispensing of the marking material by a marking device, so as to facilitate compliance with marking specifications.09-29-2011
20110311730Sealant Application Tool - A method and apparatus for applying a sealant. A sealant application system is positioned over a fastener. The sealant application system comprises an elongate member, a first channel, a nozzle, a second channel, and a biasing system. The elongate member has a first end connected to a sealant source for the sealant and a second end. The first channel extends through the elongate member from the first end to the second end. The nozzle has an input associated with the first end of the elongate member and an output. The second channel extends through the nozzle from the input to the output. The first channel is in communication with the second channel. The biasing system is configured to engage an outer surface of the nozzle and move on the outer surface of the nozzle such that the second channel changes shape. The sealant is applied onto the fastener.12-22-2011

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