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427 - Coating processes

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427407100 Synthetic resin coating 61
427419100 Metallic compound-containing coating 17
427404000 Metal coating 8
427416000 Wax containing coating 2
20090098303Coatings to increase water and grease resistance of porous materials and materials having such protection - A method of improving gas, water, water vapor, and/or grease resistance of a porous material is disclosed which comprises treating th(e material with a wax, poly(vinyl alcohol), plasticizer, and optionally a polyamine. In some embodiments, an optional first treatment agent may be applied to the material prior to the application of wax and poly(vinyl alcohol), plasticizer, and optionally a polyamine. Materials that have a single coating of wax, poly(vinyl alcohol), plasticizer, and optionally a polyamine, as well as materials having a multi-layer coating that includes a first coating of a first treatment agent and a second coating of wax, poly(vinyl alcohol), plasticizer, and optionally a polyamine are also disclosed.04-16-2009
20110183076METHOD FOR TREATING A WOOD BOARD - The invention relates to a method for treating a wood board. According to the invention, a composition containing a hydrophobic agent is provided onto the surface of the wood board and coating agent is provided over it to form a coating layer.07-28-2011
427403000 Settable inorganic coating (e.g., cement, etc.) 2
20100034978Compositions for use in construction and methods of applying the same - A composition for use in construction that is substantially free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that when applied to a surface produces a smooth or textured, water-shedding (hydrophobic properties), aesthetically-pleasing, protective continuous coating. The coated surface as well as the method of preparing and applying the composition is also provided.02-11-2010
20120164340CORROSION-RESISTANT GLASSES FOR STEEL ENAMELS - A cementitious composite material wherein glass-coated steel rods are positioned in a cementitious matrix. The glass composition for coating the steel reinforcing rods includes between about 33-45 weight percent SiO06-28-2012
427417000 Natural resin, oil, or fat containing 1
20100129558PAINT FILMS WHICH HAVE EXCELLENT HEAT-RADIATING PROPERTIES, AND A METHOD FOR THEIR FORMATION - To provide paint films which have excellent heat-radiating properties and with which many colors with light colors in the main can be obtained. (Means of Resolution). A paint film which has excellent heat-radiating properties which comprises an undercoat paint film layer which contains from 1 to 20 mass % with respect to the total solid fraction of the paint film of carbon black and a top-coat paint film layer which contains 1 to 40 mass % with respect to the total solid fraction of the paint film of a pearl pigment and which does not contain aluminum powder and the paint film thickness of the top-coat paint film layer is from 11 to 50 μm which can be formed with a method of forming paint films which have excellent heat-radiating properties wherein an undercoat paint which contains from 1 to 20 mass % with respect to the total solid fraction of the paint film of carbon black is applied and hardened and an undercoat paint film layer is formed and then a top-coat paint which contains 1 to 40 mass % with respect to the total solid fraction of the paint film of a pearl pigment and which does not contain aluminum powder is applied over said undercoat paint film layer and hardened and a top-coat paint film layer of which the paint film thickness is from 11 to 50 μm is formed.05-27-2010
427414000 Protein or derivative containing coating (e.g., casein, glue, gelatin, etc.) 1
20110070376Anti-fouling Paints & Coatings - Disclosed herein are a materials such as a coating, an elastomer, an adhesive, a sealant, a textile finish, a wax, and a filler for such a material, wherein the material includes an proteinaceous molecule such as a peptide and/an enzyme that confer a metal binding, an anti-fouling and/or an antibiotic property to the material. In particular, disclosed herein are marine coatings such as a marine paint that comprise an anti-fouling peptide sequence that reversibly binds a metal cation that is toxic to a fouling organism. Also disclosed herein are methods of reducing fouling on a surface by treating the surface with a metal binding peptide.03-24-2011
20100112228FLAME RETARDANT FOR WOOD APPLICATION - A flame retardant for wood application characterized as a fire retardant made of phosphorus ammonium polyphosphate, with the chemical formula (NH4) n+2PnO3n+1, that can be used in watery and not-watery applications, in flame retardant inks and latex inks, applied during ink's formularization, and later applied, through the coating process in the phase of finishing of the construction, where the coating can be applied by brush, coil, airless pistol or other conventional means, and based on its easy application it can be used in new construction and in building rehabilitation.05-06-2010
20100034977SPRAY TYPE GRADATION SYSTEM AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - A spray type gradation system and method wherein an object to be painted is mounted in a jig unit including a rotation shaft. The jig is rotated to position the object to be painted in front of a coloring unit including a first spray gun and a second spray gun. The first and second spray guns spray paints to different portions of the object to be painted.02-11-2010
20080233301STACKED-FILM-FORMING SYSTEM, SPUTTERING APPARATUS, AND METHOD FOR FORMING STACKED FILM - According to an aspect of an embodiment, a stacked-film-forming system for forming a stacked film has a first film-forming apparatus including a holder having a frame surrounding the substrate and a holding mechanism for holding the substrate inside the frame so that the major surface of the substrate is vertically oriented, a material emission portion for emitting a material of a first film toward the substrate held in the holder, and a shield being disposed between the holder and the material emission portion and shielding areas except for a portion of the frame from the emitted material. The portion is located at the upper part of the substrate. The stacked-film-forming system has a second film-forming apparatus for forming a second film, on the first film. The second film is made of a material different from the material of the first film.09-25-2008
20120196045LIQUID COATING DIE - A coating die that includes a removable manifold section with each side of the manifold section defining a manifold, a land, and an outlet or lip. The two manifolds, lands and outlets may be the same or different, respectively. The manifold section is removably connected to at least one die body and can be removed from the die body to switch between the two sides of the manifold section. The coating die is designed and configured for web or substrate coating, either on-roll (supported web) coating or off-roll (tension web) coating.08-02-2012
20090238983METHODS ALLOWING FOR VISUAL INSPECTION OF COATED COMPONENTS FOR EROSION DAMAGE - Methods allowing for visual inspection of a coated component for erosion damage involving providing a component, and applying a plurality of layers of an erosion system to at least a portion of the component to produce the coated component where each layer of the erosion system comprises a different color that becomes visible as the layer is eroded.09-24-2009
20090098301SOLID SUPPORT HAVING ELECTROSTATIC LAYER AND USE THEREOF - It is intended to provide a solid support capable of immobilizing nucleic acid molecules in a high proportion, and with a high bond strength to nucleic acid molecules. The solid support comprises a substrate and, provided thereon, an electrostatic layer for electrostatically attracting nucleic acid molecules and functional groups capable of covalently binding to nucleic acid molecules.04-16-2009
20080206470Method for Producing an Optical Article Coated with an Antireflection or a Reflective Coating Having Improved Adhesion and Abrasion Resistance Properties - The invention relates to a method for producing an optical article having antireflection or reflective properties and comprising a substrate having at least one main surface, comprising the step of depositing a sub-layer onto a substrate's main surface, the step of treating the sub-layer by ionic bombardment and the step of depositing onto said sub-layer a multilayered stack comprising at least one high refractive index layer and at least one low refractive index layer. According to a preferred embodiment, the deposition of the sub-layer is conducted in a vacuum chamber in which a gas is supplied during the deposition step.08-28-2008
20080311304ORGANIC PHOTOSENSITIVE OPTOELECTRONIC DEVICES WITH NONPLANAR PORPHYRINS - Embodiments of the present invention provide an organic photosensitive optoelectronic device comprising at least one nonplanar porphyrin of formula (I),12-18-2008
20080274293Spiral Multilayer Fibers - A spiral wound fiber that includes birefringent interfaces is useful in different optical devices. One type of wound fiber includes at least first and second material layers. At least one of the layers is polymeric and at least one of the layers is birefringent. The spiral wound fiber may be used alone, or in an optical device. Such an optical device can include the fiber embedded within a matrix or attached to a substrate. The spiral wound fiber can be made by rolling a stack of at least two layers, by coextruding the two layers or by coating a rotating form.11-06-2008
20120141687METHOD OF FORMING A ROOFING PRODUCT INCLUDING A CERAMIC BASE MATERIAL AND RECYCLED ROOFING MATERIAL - A method of forming a roofing product can include providing a ceramic base material having an open structure, and filling the open structure of the ceramic base material with a bituminous material. In a particular embodiment, the bituminous material has no greater than approximately 5 weight % of abrasive particles or has a first particle size distribution. The method can further include applying a recycled roofing material. In an embodiment, the recycled roofing material is applied along a principal surface of the ceramic base material or adjacent to the ceramic base material. In a particular embodiment, the recycled roofing material has at least 2 weight % acid-insoluble solids or has a second particle size distribution that is narrower than the first particle size distribution.06-07-2012
20090117283Coating Installation and Associated Operating Method - The invention relates to a coating installation, in particular for painting motor vehicle bodies, comprising a transport path (05-07-2009
20100323114COATING AGENTS BASED ON INCOMPATIBLE POLYMERS AND ELECTRICALLY CHARGED PARTICLES - Coating materials that comprise at least one polymer (P1), at least one polymer (P2) which is incompatible with polymer (P1) in the solid phase and/or a crosslinking agent (V) which is incompatible with the polymer (P1) in the solid phase, where the polymers (P1) and/or (P2) have at least one functional group (a) which reacts in the course of curing of the coating material to form covalent bonds, wherein the coating material comprises 0.1 to 30% by weight, based on the nonvolatile constituents of the coating material, of electrically charged inorganic particles (AT) whose average particle diameter (D) is <1 μm and whose average D/d ratio of the average particle diameter (D) to the average particle thickness (d) is >50. Also disclosed is a method for producing antistonechip OEM coat systems using the disclosed coating material.12-23-2010
20100055337Method for producing substrate for making microarray - There is disclosed a method for producing a substrate for making a microarray, the method comprising: at least, a step of forming a monomolecular film having orientated oxysilanyl groups toward an outmost surface on the substrate; and a step of forming a monomolecular film having orientated amino groups toward an outmost surface on the substrate by applying a solution containing a diamine compound to the oxysilanyl groups. There can be provided a method for producing a substrate for making a microarray in which density and orientation of amino groups orientated toward an outmost surface are controllable, and in addition, there is no delamination of a monomolecular film formed on the substrate.03-04-2010
20110097502PROCESS FOR THE COATING OF OBJECTS - Process for the coating of objects, comprising contacting the objects with a composition comprising an additive, a film-forming binder and optionally a distributing agent, at a temperature below the softening temperature Tp of the objects and at a temperature at which the binder can form a film, forming and consolidating an additive-containing layer of binder on the surface of the objects, the objects being kept in mutual motion while they are being contacted with the composition and while the additive-containing layer of binder is being formed and consolidated, which process is carried out in a container bounded by walls of which the temperature of the walls is so much lower than the application temperature that formation of a film of the binder on the walls is prevented.04-28-2011
20100129557SPRAY COATING AT LEAST ONE PORTION OF A SUBJECT - A method of spray coating at least one portion of a human subject includes providing a first container containing a first skin coating solution, where the first container is configured to removably connect to a spraying apparatus configured to receive the first container and a second container containing at least one of the first skin coating solution and a second skin coating solution, where the first container includes a first disconnect valve configured to removably connect to a first disconnect fitting fluidly coupled to at least one nozzle in the spraying apparatus, and where the first container is configured for opening of a vent in the first container for air to enter the first container as the first skin coating solution flows out of the first container through the first disconnect valve and out of the at least one nozzle and onto the at least one portion of the human subject.05-27-2010
20110070375MODULAR SUBSTRATE PROCESSING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A modular substrate processing system is provided for processing a flexible substrate. The system includes at least two process modules arranged adjacent to each other in a horizontal direction. The process modules include gas cushion rollers adapted for contactless guiding of the flexible substrate and for diverting the flexible substrate in vertical directions.03-24-2011
20110020558 DRY LUBRICATION METHOD EMPLOYING OIL-BASED LUBRICANTS - The present invention relates to a method of lubricating a conveyor belt wherein a lubricant concentrate containing at least one oil is employed in a dry lubrication process. Afterwards, a liquid composition having a pH-value ≧5 is applied to the surface of the conveyor belt on which the lubricant concentrate has been applied earlier.01-27-2011
20110262649TWO-LAYER COATING SYSTEM HAVING IMPROVED INTERCOAT ADHESION - A two-coat coating system for producing a two-coat coating, comprising (A) a composition of a transparent radiation-curable or radiation-curable and thermally curable clearcoat material, comprising at least one hydroxy-functional binder, and (B) a pigmented coating composition, the pigmented coating composition comprising at least one blocked, water-soluble or water-dispersible isocyanate.10-27-2011
20100166969SYRINGE TIP ASSEMBLY AND LAYERED DEPOSITION SYSTEMS UTILIZING THE SAME - A syringe tip assembly comprising a seal component configured to engage a syringe tip, a nozzle configured to slidably engage with the seal component, and a biasing member configured to apply a biasing pressure between the seal component and the nozzle.07-01-2010
20120128885CORROSION-RESISTANT MULTILAYER VARNISH AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF - An electroless deposition coating is applied in a first stage with an aqueous corrosion preventative (K1), comprising at least one compound (A1) having a lanthanide metal cation and/or a d-element metal cation and/or a d-element metallate as anion, and at least one acid (A2) capable of oxidation; a further electroless deposition coating is applied in a second stage with an aqueous corrosion preventative (K2) which comprises at least one preferably water-dispersible and/or water-soluble polymer (P) having covalently bonded ligands (L) which form chelates with the metal ions released on corrosion of the substrate, and/or with the substrate surface, and having functional groups (B), and at least one water-dispersible and/or water-soluble crosslinker (V) having functional groups (B′) which react with the functional groups (B) of the polymer, and having covalently bonded ligands (L′) which form chelates with the metal ions released on corrosion of the substrate, and/or with the substrate surface.05-24-2012
20100209614COATING METHOD, AND COATING APPARATUS - The invention provides a coating method by which plural coating solutions of a coating solution formed from organic EL material for formation of an organic EL layer in an organic EL element and another coating solution formed from organic photoelectric conversion element material for formation of an organic photoelectric conversion element layer can be coated to prepare a multilayer film with no damage of the organic EL layer and organic photoelectric conversion element layer, and also provides a coating apparatus with the coating method. It is a feature in the coating method that plural coating units each facing a backup roll and sandwiching a long length support with the backup roll are provided, and plural coating solutions are coated onto the support by the plural coating units to form a multilayer coating film, wherein the moving support is wound up by the continuously moving backup roll supporting the support.08-19-2010
20120258250EXTRUSION-BASED ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING PROCESS WITH PART ANNEALING - A method for building a three-dimensional part, the method comprising providing a printed three-dimensional part and support structure, where the support structure comprises at least two polymers having different glass transition temperatures. The method also comprises annealing the three-dimensional part.10-11-2012
20110223339METHOD FOR SURFACE PROCESSING - A method for a surface processing is provided. The method may include coating a surface of an object by a carbon coating including at least one type of a nano carbon selected from a carbon nano coil, a carbon nanotube and a carbon nano filament and applying liquid including fullerene to the carbon coating.09-15-2011
20100203250DEVELOPING DEVICE, DEVELOPING METHOD AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A developer nozzle supplies a developer onto the surface of a substrate rotating around a vertical axis, while a pure water nozzle supplies pure water onto the surface of the rotating substrate. The pure water nozzle is spaced apart from the developer nozzle and located on an outer side of the substrate with respect to the developer nozzle. The pure water restricts flow of the developer on the substrate and causes the developer to spread toward a clockwise side of the substrate when the substrate rotates in a clockwise direction. A liquid film containing the developer and the pure water is formed on the substrate. The developer nozzle and the pure water nozzle are spaced apart from each other to suppress splattering of the developer and the pure water due to collision of the developer with the pure water.08-12-2010
20080226830Method and system for removal of films from peripheral portions of a substrate - A substrate processing apparatus includes an anti-reflection film processing block, a resist film processing block, and a resist cover film processing block. In the processing blocks, an anti-reflection film, a resist film, and a resist cover film are formed on a substrate, respectively. Additionally, a film formed at a peripheral edge of the substrate is removed. The film formed at the peripheral edge of the substrate is removed by supplying a removal liquid capable of dissolving and removing the film to the peripheral edge of the substrate during rotation. When the peripheral edge of the film is removed, the position of the substrate is corrected such that the center of the substrate coincides with the center of a rotation shaft.09-18-2008
20080220172Sintering resistant, low conductivity, high stability thermal barrier coating/environmental barrier coating system for a ceramic-matrix composite (CMC) article to improve high temperature capability - In accordance with an embodiment of the invention, a thermal barrier coating (TBC) for inclusion in a thermal barrier coating/environmental barrier coating system (TBC/EBC system) for use on a silicon containing material substrate is provided. The TBC comprises a compound having a primary constituent portion and a stabilizer portion stabilizing said primary constituent. The primary constituent portion of the TBC comprises hafnia present in an amount of at least about 5 mol % of the primary constituent. The stabilizer portion of said thermal barrier coating comprises at least one metal oxide comprised of cations with a +2 or +3 valence present in the amount of about 10 to about 40 mol % of the thermal barrier coating.09-11-2008
20080199623ANTIMICROBIAL COMPOSITIONS CONTAINING COLLOIDS OF OLIGODYNAMIC MATERIALS - Described herein are coatings containing water-soluble oligodynamic metal salts that are formulated and applied from hydrophobic solvents. In particular, articles of manufacture comprising polymer coatings containing oligodynamic metal salts can include hydrophilic polymer coatings made from water-reactive monomers and hydrophilic polymers compounded in hydrophobic solvents which contain a small amount of water that aids in the solubilization and suspension of the oligodynamic metal salts. Methods of preparing these antimicrobial polymer coatings, and methods of coating a substrate to produce an article of manufacture having an antimicrobial polymer coating are also described08-21-2008
20130183450NON-PHOTOSENSITIVE SILOXANE COATING FOR PROCESSING HYDROPHOBIC PHOTOIMAGEABLE NOZZLE PLATE - A method of forming a patterned photoresist layer having a hydrophobic surface is provided. The method includes forming a photoresist layer on a substrate and image patterning. The photoresist layer may comprise a polymeric material. The imaged photoresist layer may then undergo a two-stage post-exposure bake. A surface treatment may be performed on the photoresist layer in between the two-stage post-exposure bake. The surface treatment may include applying a siloxane solution on a partially post-exposure baked photoresist layer. The post-exposure baked photoresist layer may then be developed to form the patterned photoresist layer. The method may be used to form a hydrophobic photoimageable nozzle plate of a micro-fluid ejection head having improved mechanical properties and stable hydrophobic properties.07-18-2013
20120088033SEALED ANODIZED ALUMINUM COMPONENTS AND PROCESS FOR THEIR MANUFACTURE - A more efficient process of sealing an anodized aluminum article, which can facilitate higher production rates than conventional sealing techniques, includes steps of providing an article comprised of aluminum or an aluminum alloy that has been anodized, treating the oxide layer with a solution containing an anion capable of combining with a cation to form a water-insoluble precipitate, and contacting the treated oxide layer with a second solution containing a cation which combines with the anion to form a water-insoluble precipitate. In certain embodiments, the oxide layer can be treated with a dye to provide a sealed anodized aluminum article exhibiting enhanced dye retention.04-12-2012