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Organic coating

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427 - Coating processes


427372200 - Heating or drying (e.g., polymerizing, vulcanizing, curing, etc.)

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427385500 Resin, resin precursor, rubber, or hardenable oil-containing coating 330
427394000 Textile or cellulosic base 8
20100159143Ultrafiltration membranes and methods of making and use of ultrafiltration membranes - An inherently hydrophobic polymer membrane substrate having its surface rendered hydrophilic with a hydroxyalkyl cellulose and having a throughput greater than about 1500 L/m06-24-2010
20090092759Polyimide-titania hybrid materials, their preparation, and film prepared from the materials - The present invention relates to polyimide-titania hybrid thin film, which possesses relatively good surface planarization, excellent thermal properties (40004-09-2009
20090068364Method of surface treatment using imidazole compound - It is an object of the present invention to provide a novel imidazole alcohol compound that adheres strongly to metal surfaces in metal products, especially copper, aluminum and steel products, and that has a superior rust-preventive effect even in a thin film, and a surface-treating agent using the same. The novel imidazole alcohol compound is expressed by the following general formula (1) show a rust-preventive effect.03-12-2009
20090232992REVERSE MICELLE NETHOD OF PRODUCING CORE/SHELL PARTICLES - A core/shell particle which includes a core component that contains a metal, and a shell component that coats the core component, the shell component including a a hydrolysate and/or a partial condensate of a compound represented by the formula “(R)09-17-2009
20090047435PARTIALLY FLUORINATED UREAS AND AMIDES - One aspect of the invention is a compound of formula (I)02-19-2009
20090098299METHODS FOR MAKING POLYMERIC SUBSTRATES COMPRISING A HAZE-FREE, SELF-HEALING COATING AND COATED SUBSTRATES MADE THEREBY - Disclosed are methods for making polymeric substrates, such as polycarbonate substrates, at least partially coated with a haze-free, self-healing coating. Also disclosed are substrates made by such methods.04-16-2009
20100062166PRESERVATIVE COMPOSITIONS FOR WOOD AND LIKE MATERIALS - Disclosed are compositions and processes for the preservation of porous materials, particularly porous fibrous materials, such as wood, wood composites, other processed wood materials, paper, board, card, textiles, rope, cordage and leather. Also for horticultural and agricultural application to plants or growing media prevent the growth and spread of fungal and other disease. The compositions contain salts of one or more preservative metals and carboxylic acids having one or a plurality of hydroxyl groups rendered soluble by means of complex formation with boric acid or a water soluble salt thereof. Application of the compositions of this invention to the porous organic material may be by any means used with conventional preservative solutions, for example soaking, spraying, brushing and vacuum or pressure application or other contact of the solution with the material to be treated.03-11-2010
20110217470Preparation For Chemical Treatment Of Glass, Ceramic And Stone Surfaces - The invention relates to a preparation for chemical treatment of glass, ceramic and stone surfaces consisting of esters of fatty acids, monomeric organo-silicon compounds and organic solvents. Glass, ceramic and stone surfaces treated with the invention show excellent hidrophobicity and shine. Furthermore, the application of the invention prevents damages of the treated surfaces caused by abrasion during transport, abiding of fingerprints on the treated surfaces and dust accumulation on the treated surfaces.09-08-2011
20100112226PROCESS FOR THE CURTAIN-COATING OF SUBSTRATES WITHOUT THE USE OF TENSIDES - Substrates, in particular paper, are coated by means of curtain-coating with one or more layers of hydroxyl group-containing polymers, preferably polyvinyl acetals or polyvinyl alcohols without the use of surfactants, wherein the coating composition contains at least one organic solvent. The coatings have a barrier against oil, fat and/or oxygen.05-06-2010
20090291218Method For Forming A Film On A Substrate - A method for forming a film on a substrate includes steps of: blending precursor, dissolvent, de-ionized water and catalyst in proportion to make sol solution; standing the sol solution for a period of to form gel solution; mixing the gel solution with diluent in proportion to form the coating solution; and coating the coating solution onto the substrate and then drying the coating solution to form a film on the substrate. The ratio of the gel solution and the diluent in the coating solution can be controlled to change the thickness of the film formed on the substrate. The ratio of the gel solution and the diluent is adjusted, the thickness of the film is adjusted according to the ratio to realize controlling the thickness of the film, therefore, the method for forming the film on the substrate is simply, and the thickness of the film can be controlled exactly, so the method can be used in industry field.11-26-2009
20100279019CONTROL OF NANOCRYSTALLINE CELLULOSE FILM IRIDESCENCE WAVELENGTH - A new method to control the iridescence colour of solid nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC) films by ultrasound and high-shear (mechanical) energy input to the NCC suspension prior to film formation is provided. As the energy input to the NCC suspension increases, the resulting film colour shifts from the ultraviolet region towards the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum; this wavelength shift lies in the opposite direction to that caused by the addition of electrolytes to NCC suspensions prior to film formation. No additives are required to achieve the changes in colour; colour changes can also be effected by mixing two suspensions exposed to different levels of sonication.11-04-2010
20080213485METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING HONEYCOMB FILTER FOR PURIFYING EXHAUST GASES - A method for manufacturing a honeycomb filter for purifying exhaust gas, including: providing a columnar body including porous ceramic and having a wall portion and through holes partitioned by the wall portion, the through holes extending in a length direction of the columnar body, coating a sealing material including one or more organic components over a circumferential surface of the columnar body to form a sealing material layer; and heating the columnar body having the sealing material layer on the circumferential surface of the columnar body at a temperature sufficient to lower a total weight of the organic component with respect to a total weight of the honeycomb filter, Vα.09-04-2008
20080292799Production of Coated Substrates - The present invention relates to a process for coating substrates, which comprises the steps: 11-27-2008
20100143597COMPOUND AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - The invention provides a compound and method of producing the same. The method of the invention includes the following steps. First of all, Polycaprolactone (PCL), dimethylol propionic acid (DMPA), 4,4′-methylenebis (cyclohexyl isocyanate) (H12MDI), and dibutyltin dilaurate (DBT) are mixed in a solvent in the first place and a solution is formed. This solution is then mixed with triethylamine (TEA) and triethylene tetramine (TETA). After that, amino-terminated anionic waterborne polyurethane (WPU) is produced. A sol-gel process is proceeded with a mixture of amino-terminated anionic waterborne polyurethane, tetraethylorthosilicate (TEOS) without any extra catalyst, and a compound, waterborne polyurethane-silica nanocomposite materials, is eventually produced.06-10-2010
20080317960Dispersant for Reducing Viscosity of Solids - The invention provides a dispersant for an aqueous dispersion of negatively charged or chargeable solid particulates which comprises a compound having an anchoring moiety linked to a polymeric hydrophilic moiety, the anchoring moiety containing at least one basic group and having an overall basicity and the polymeric moiety having a lower affinity for the particulate surface than the anchoring moiety. The invention also provides a coating composition containing the dispersant, an inkjet recording element containing the dispersant and methods of coating or reducing viscosity using the dispersant.12-25-2008
20090104362Organic-inorganic hybrid material, hybrid film derived therefrom, and method for preparing the same - A method of preparing an organic-inorganic hybrid material is described. A M(OR)x and an organically modified Si-alkoxide having a predetermined functional group are dissolved in a first solvent and a second solvent to form a first solution and a second solution, respectively. The first solution and the second solution are then mixed and heated. As a result, the M(OR)x reacts with the organically modified Si-alkoxide to form a functionalized organic-inorganic hybrid material. Furthermore, the solid content of the functionalized organic-inorganic hybrid material is increased by transferring the same into another solvent. Therefore, a thick hybrid film is fabricated by means of the transferred functionalized organic-inorganic hybrid material.04-23-2009
20090220699METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING CERAMIC HONEYCOMB STRUCTURE AND COATING MATERIAL USED FOR THE METHOD - A method for manufacturing a ceramic honeycomb structure includes the steps of: forming the outer periphery of a ceramic structure having a plurality of cells separated by ceramic porous partition walls into a predetermined shape; applying a coating material containing at least a ceramic powder, water, and a high-boiling additive having a higher boiling point than that of water on an outer periphery of the cell structure 09-03-2009
20100183813Aluminum Phosphate Compounds, Compositions, Materials and Related Metal Coatings - Aluminophosphate compounds, compositions and/or materials as can be used for substrate coatings.07-22-2010
20110059252TWO COMPONENT COATING COMPOSITIONS AND COATINGS PRODUCED THEREFROM - The present invention is directed to two component coating compositions that cure under ambient conditions and more particularly to those having low VOC (volatile organic content) that are suitable for use in automotive refinish and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) applications. The coating composition includes crosslinkable and crosslinking components, wherein the crosslinkable component includes a low polydispersity, low molecular weight copolymer having on an average 2 to 25 functional groups, such as hydroxyl, carboxyl, acetoacetoxy, primary and secondary amine, and epoxy. The copolymer is polymerized from a monomer mixture that includes one or more non-functional acrylate monomers and one or more functional methacrylate monomers provided with the functional groups. The crosslinking component includes polyisocyanate, polyamine, ketimine, melamine, epoxy, polyacid or a combination thereof. The invention is also directed to coating produced from the coating composition.03-10-2011
20100227071PROCESS FOR PREPARING STRUCTURED ORGANIC FILMS (SOFS) VIA A PRE-SOF - A processes for preparing structured organic film (SOF) comprising a plurality of segments and a plurality of linkers arranged as a covalent organic framework, wherein the structured organic film may be a multi-segment thick structured organic film by reaction of a pre-SOF.09-09-2010
20100215860Apatite-containing film having photocatalytic activity and a process for producing it - An apatite-containing film having photocatalytic activity is produced by a process comprising the steps of preparing a liquid mixture comprising a Ca-containing compound and a P-containing compound, subjecting the liquid mixture to reaction to prepare an apatite-precursor composition, applying the apatite-precursor composition to a substrate, and drying the applied apatite-precursor composition. The process may further comprise a heating step after the drying step. The apatite-precursor composition is preferably in the form of a sol.08-26-2010
20090035473Conversion Coatings With Conductive Additives, Processes For Applying Same And Their Coated Articles - A coating composition includes a conductive polymer including at least one of the following: a single conductive polymer, a dual strand conductive polymer, a combination of a single conductive polymer and a dual strand conductive polymer or an organic-inorganic hybrid composite.02-05-2009
20110097499Coating apparatus, coating method thereof, and method of forming organic layer using the same - A coating apparatus includes a stage supporting a coating target, a coating part on the stage, the coating part being configured to apply a coating material onto the coating target, and a heating source opposite to and spaced apart from the stage, the heating source being configured to supply heat to the coating target after application of the coating material onto the coating target.04-28-2011
20110250359PROTECTIVE AQUEOUS TREATMENT FOR WOOD AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING TREATMENT - A multi-functional aqueous protective treatment for wood substrates. The treatment comprises an aqueous solution of a zirconyl compound and incorporated bio-active constituents, providing protection against bio-degradation of wood and against degradation of aesthetic value of applied wood coatings by spontaneous staining and also protects against termites or other “in-depth” bio-degradation factors.10-13-2011
20090022898WATER-DILUTABLE SOL-GEL COMPOSITION - The present invention provides a sol-gel composition which is dilutable with water in any proportion and is based on the reaction of at least the following components: (i) a glycidyloxypropylalkoxysilane, (ii) an aqueous silica sol having a solids content of >1% by weight, (iii) an organic acid as hydrolysis catalyst, and (iv) n-propyl zirconate, butyl titanate or titanium acetylacetonate as crosslinker, starting from a mass ratio of the solids mass of component (ii) to component (i) 0.75, a process for preparing it and its use, in particular as a sol-gel composition for corrosion control coatings, a corresponding corrosion control coat or primer coat, and articles equipped with such a coating.01-22-2009
20080248208APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MEASURING THE QUANTITY OF CONDENSABLE MATERIALS WHICH OUTGAS DURING CURE OF ORGANIC THIN FILMS - An apparatus and method for measuring an amount of condensable material which outgas during cure of organic thin films. The apparatus includes a hotplate placed in a chamber having a removeable liner and means for cooling the liner. The method includes: weighing the liner, sequentially placing multiple substrates on said hotplate, and then weighing the liner again.10-09-2008
20100028544COATING COMPOSITIONS WITH HIGH SCRATCH RESISTANCE AND WEATHERING STABILITY - Disclosed are coating compositions comprising at least one hydroxyl-containing compound (A) and at least one isocyanato-containing compound (B), wherein one or more of the constituents of the coating composition comprise between 2.5 and 97.5 mol %, based on the entirety of structural units (I) and (II), of at least one structural unit of the formula (I)02-04-2010
20090162558Core-shell polymers suitable for use in organic media - A composition including a core-shell polymeric particle, the core including, when dry, at least one void and the shell including, as polymerized units, from 18% to 50%, by weight based on the weight of the shell, monomer selected from the group consisting of acrylonitrile, methacrylonitrile, acrylamide, methacrylamide, and mixtures thereof. is provided. Also provided is a composition including an organic medium and a core-shell polymeric particle, the core including, when dry, at least one void and the shell having a calculated shell-organic medium interaction parameter, X06-25-2009
20100068398MERCHANDISERS HAVING ANTI-FOG COATINGS AND METHODS FOR MAKING THE SAME - A variety of refrigerators and merchandisers having glass or plastic substrates that are substantially fog-resistant are provided. For example, refrigerator doors having a substantially transparent substrate including an anti-fog coating on at least a portion thereof are provided. The portion of the substrate may substantially not fog when the portion has an initial surface temperature and is then exposed to a moist air ambient with a dewpoint temperature equal to or greater than the surface temperature for a period of time. The surface temperature may be less than about 0° C. and the period of time may be greater than about 6 seconds.03-18-2010
20100297355CURABLE COATING COMPOSITION CONTAINING A COMPOUND HAVING A URETDIONE GROUP AND A DIFFERENT FUNCTIONAL GROUP AND CURED COATINGS - A curable coating composition includes a uretdione compound having one uretdione group and having a plurality of functional groups selected from crosslinkable groups and groups that modify a coating property. The disclosed coating compositions include those having a binder component having a plurality of active hydrogen-containing groups. When the uretdione compound has a functional group that is a crosslinkable group, the coating composition further includes a crosslinker that has a plurality of crosslinking groups reactive under curing conditions with the crosslinkable group. Also disclosed is a method of making the curable coating composition, including preparing the uretdione compound having one uretdione group and having at least one further functional group.11-25-2010
20110081493METHOD FOR PRODUCTION OF INK-JET HEAD - Disclosed is a method for producing an ink-jet head which enables the formation of an ink-repellent layer having excellent ink ejection stability, excellent adhesion to a head base material and excellent pressure resistance in a simple manner. The method for producing an ink-jet head is characterized by applying a coating solution comprising a compound represented by Formula (1) and an aqueous dispersion of a fluororesin to an ink-ejecting surface of an ink-jet head to form an ink-repellent layer on the ink-ejecting surface.04-07-2011
20110104375Biocide composition comprising pyrithione and pyrrole derivatives - The present invention is directed to a biocidal composition comprising a blend of one or more pyrithione compounds, and one or more pyrrole compounds of Formula I wherein said biocidal composition is copper free or low copper content.05-05-2011
20120076943METHODS FOR MAKING ENVIRONMENTAL BARRIER COATINGS USING SINTERING AIDS - Methods or making an environmental barrier coating using a sintering aid including combining at least water, a primary transition material selected from mullite, BSAS, or a mullite/BSAS mixture, and a slurry sintering aid to produce a transition layer slurry; applying the transition layer slurry to a ceramic component; combining at least water, and a primary outer material of BSAS to produce an outer layer slurry; applying the outer layer slurry to the component having the applied transition layer slurry; and sintering the component to produce the environmental barrier coating having at least a transition layer and an outer layer where the transition layer comprises a porosity of from 0% to about 30% by volume of the transition layer, and the outer layer comprises a porosity of from 0% to about 15% by volume of the outer layer.03-29-2012
20120177831METHOD FOR MAKING FUSED CERAMIC ARTICLES OF NEAR NET SHAPE - The invention is a solution impregnation and drying treatment that imparts a high temperature binder into an already formed porous green body composed of particulate batch material. The batch material includes inorganic compounds and binder. The result is reduced sag and distortion and the same or increased strength when the porous body is later fused during sintering/firing.07-12-2012
20100291306Hydroxyalkylated Chitosan Solution - This invention relates to hydroxyalkylated chitosan solution characterized in that a hydroxyalkylated chitosan and an organic acid or its derivative are contained in an aprotic polar solvent. This invention also relates to a coating process of a substrate, which is characterized by a step of causing the hydroxyalkylated chitosan solution to adhere onto a surface of the substrate, and another step of heating the substrate, which has been obtained in the first-mentioned step, at 100° C. or higher for 1 second or longer. This invention can provide a one-pack solution of a chitosan derivative, which is free from crosslinking and stable at room temperature, can form a chitosan coating excellent in waterproofness after heated and dried, and is suited for the coating of a hydrophobic or lipophilic surface. This invention also provides a coating process of a substrate, which makes use of the one-pack solution.11-18-2010
20120231170VAPOR PERMEABLE BARRIER COATING APPLICABLE AT LOW TEMPERATURE - Disclosed is a coating composition that includes an aqueous emulsion of a hydrophobic acrylic polymer, a water-soluble polymer, and an inorganic filler, and further includes a freezing-point lowering component to permit low temperature application. The freezing-point lowering component will preferably include a water-soluble, corrosion inhibiting salt. The coating composition will also optionally and preferably include an evaporation enhancing component to promote faster drying and skin formation at low temperatures. The coating composition may be coated onto a construction surface (e.g., by spraying) where, after drying, it will form a fully adhered barrier membrane that is water-vapor permeable, but air and liquid-water impermeable. Such membrane will preferably have sufficient coating thickness and sufficiently high elongation that it will bridge joints and cracks.09-13-2012
20110274844AGENT FOR THE TREATMENT OF TOP-COAT PAINT FILMS TO IMPART STAIN RESISTANCE AND A METHOD FOR THE TREATMENT OF TOP-COAT PAINT FILMS TO IMPART STAIN-RESISTANCE - An agent for imparting stain resistance to a top-coat paint film that has (a) from 3 to 10 mass % of a compound represented by Formula (1) or a partial hydrolysis condensate thereof, wherein Formula (1) is R11-10-2011
20100068397LOW VOC COATING COMPOSITION - A pigmented, aqueous coating composition comprising i) an aqueous dispersion of non-crosslinkable addition oligomer of weight average molecular weight of from 5000 to 15000 Daltons and calculated Fox Tg greater than 0° C. and less than 50° C. ii) an aqueous dispersion of addition polymer of weight average molecular weight greater than 53,000 Daltons, calculated Fox Tg greater than 10° C. and less than 40° C. and mean particle diameter of less than 150 nanometers, where the ratio of i):ii) is from 0.25:1 to 2.70:1, based on % weight dispersion solids.03-18-2010
20110159193METHOD OF FORMING FLEXIBLE MOISTURE AND OXYGEN BARRIER THIN FILM SUBSTRATE - Disclosed herein is a method of forming a flexible moisture and oxygen barrier thin film substrate for a flexible display and food packaging, the thin film being able to increase the life-spans of organic devices. The method includes the steps of: a) uniformly dispersing plate-shape nanometer-size or micrometer-size particles in polymer solution; b) casting the polymer solution dispersed with the nanometer-size or micrometer-size particles using the solution casting method and then removing the solvent from the cast polymer solution to form a plastic film; c) stretching the formed plastic film between the glass transition temperature and melting point to exfoliate the plate-shape nanometer-size or micrometer-size particles and to orient the exfoliated nanometer-size or micrometer-size particles; d) coating the stretched plastic film with an organic film to smooth the surface of the flexible substrate; and e) heat-treating the flexible substrate to cure the organic film.06-30-2011
20120251728Oil-Repellent Coating Material Composition - An oil-repellent coating material composition containing:10-04-2012
20090304937Compositions and Method for Coating Metal Surfaces With an Alkoxysilane Coating - An aqueous composition consisting of: (i) an alkyl polysaccharide surfactant; (ii) an alkoxysilane selected from the group consisting of γ-amino propyl triethoxysilane and γ-glycidoxypropyl trimethoxysilane; (iii) water; (iv) optionally alcohol, solely from hydrolysis of the alkoxysilane; and (v) optionally, one or more components selected from the group consisting of biocides, antifoams and adhesion promoters, and its use in a method of coating a metal surface with a silane coating, which method comprises (A) contacting a metal surface with the composition to deposit the alkoxysilane on the metal and (B) drying the metal surface with the alkoxysilane deposited thereon, to produce on the metal surface, a coating comprising a hydrophobic, interlocking network of covalent siloxane bonds. The coated metal is resistant to corrosion.12-10-2009
20100047462SOLVENTBORNE PIGMENTED COATING COMPOSITIONS AND THEIR USE FOR PRODUCING MULTICOAT PAINT SYSTEMS, AND METHODS OF ENHANCING THE FLOP OF EFFECT PAINT SYSTEMS - Disclosed are pigmented coating compositions comprising at least one inorganic particle (N) having a primary particle size of 1 to 800 nm, at least one binder (B), at least one color and/or effect pigment (D), and one or more organic solvents (E), and at least one wax or one waxlike compound (W), wherein the inorganic particles (N) are at least partly modified with a stabilizer (S) which has groups (S1) which are able to interact with the surface of the inorganic particles (N), and one or more hydrophobic substructures. Also disclosed are processes for producing multicoat paint systems and also to the use thereof and also processes for enhancing the flop of multicoat paint systems by using the pigmented coating compositions.02-25-2010
20120027940PROTECTION COATINGS, MANUFACTURING METHOD AND USE THEREOF - A protection coating, a manufacturing method and a use thereof are provided. The manufacturing method includes (1) mixing tetraethyl orthosilicate with acrylic silane and evenly stirring at room temperature for 0.5-1.5 hours, so as to obtain an inorganic mixture; (2) mixing the inorganic mixture with deionized water and an organic solvent and continuously stirring at room temperature for 48-72 hours, so as to obtain a clear transparent solution A; (3) preparing a solution of nano-scale silica gel by a sol-gel process; and (4) mixing the solution A with the solution of nano-scale silica gel, adding a predetermined amount of benzoyl peroxide into a mixture of the solution A and the solution of nano-scale silica gel, and evenly stirring at the room temperature for 0.5-1 hour, so as to form a protection coatings of the present invention. The protection coating is applicable on a surface of a plastic product.02-02-2012

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