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427314000 Heating or drying pretreatment 47
427301000 Preapplied reactant or reaction promoter or hardener (e.g., catalyst, etc.) 41
427327000 Metal base 28
427307000 Etching, swelling, or dissolving out part of the base 20
427322000 Organic base 17
427300000 Shielding or spacing 9
427310000 Fluxing 3
20110195191SURFACE PREPARATION OF STEEL PARTS FOR BATCH HOT-DIP GALVANIZING - This innovation is relevant to a surface preparation of pre-fabricated steel parts, able to guarantee an excellent contact between the surface to be coated, and the molten bath, based on a Zinc-alloy containing Aluminum between 0.01 and 0.1 wt %. In a greater detail this invention is related to a procedure for hot-dip coat steel parts with a Zn—Al-alloy, according to which the parts are properly pickled and then immersed into an aqueous flux solution containing ZnCl08-11-2011
20110293838FLUX AND FLUXING BATH FOR HOT DIP GALVANIZATION, PROCESS FOR THE HOT DIP GALVANIZATION OF AN IRON OR STEEL ARTICLE - The present invention generally relates to a flux for hot dip galvanization comprising from: 36 to 80 wt. % (percent by weight) of zinc chloride (ZnCl2); 8 to 62 wt. % of ammonium chloride (NH4C); from 2.0 to 10 wt. % of a least one of the following compounds: NiCl2, MnCl2 or a mixture thereof. The invention further relates to a fluxing bath, a process for the hot dip galvanization of an iron or steel article as well as to the use of said flux.12-01-2011
20120183693Coating Film Forming Apparatus, Use Of Coating Film Forming Apparatus, And Recording Medium - A coating film forming apparatus that holds a substrate upon a spin chuck and forms a coating film by supplying a chemical liquid upon a top surface of said substrate comprises: an outer cup provided detachably to surround the spin chuck; an inner cup provided detachably to surround a region underneath the substrate held upon the chuck; a cleaning nozzle configured to supply a cleaning liquid for cleaning a peripheral edge part of the substrate, such that the cleaning liquid is supplied to a peripheral part of a bottom surface of the substrate; a cutout part for nozzle mounting, the cutout part being provided to the inner cup to engage with the cleaning nozzle; and a cleaning liquid supply tube connected to the cleaning nozzle, the cleaning nozzle being detachable to the cutout part in a state in which the cleaning liquid supply tube is connected.07-19-2012
20100075053NON-ELECTROLYTIC METHOD FOR METALLIZING A SUBSTRATE BY THE REDUCTION OF METALLIC SALT(S) AND THE SPRAYING OF AEROSOL(S) - The invention relates to a non-electrolytic method for metallizing a substrate by projecting an aerosol containing a solution of an oxidant metallic cation and of a reducing agent; said method comprising a step of—a—wetting the substrate; starting to project a metallisation according to a succession of projecting phases alternating with relaxing phases: (i) by adjusting the duration Dp of the projection phases and the duration Dr of the relaxing phases from a metallisation constant k intrinsic for each metal; and (ii) by adjusting the projection flow-rate. The metallisation projection is carried out dynamically by displacing projection means relative to the substrate in order to carry out a periodical scanning, wherein Dp correspond to the duration during which the surface unit in question is submitted to the continuous projection of the aerosol and Dr corresponds to the duration during which the part is not submitted to projection.03-25-2010
20130078378COATING APPARATUS AND COATING METHOD - According to one embodiment, a coating apparatus includes, a stage which supports an object of coating, and a coating head integrally includes a material discharge unit, which is movable relative to the stage and configured to discharge a coating material to the object of coating on the stage, and a gas injection unit, which, along with the material discharge unit, is movable relative to the stage and configured to inject a gas to the object of coating on the stage.03-28-2013
20100040784Biological method for the treatment of abiotic surfaces - Method for the preventive treatment of an abiotic surface in a domestic or medical environment, using a watery solution of a mixture with gram-positive non-pathogenic bacteria of the Bacillus genus, by creating a biofilm on the abiotic surface, whereby the application method promotes the hydrophobic interaction and fluid flow.02-18-2010
20090304933Method of Painting Carpet and a Carpet Paint Formulation - This invention is a carpet paint, and a method for applying the carpet paint to an installed carpet so as to inexpensively achieve a uniform, even distribution of color across the entire surface of the carpet.12-10-2009
20090269499Mixtures, Compositions, and Methods of Using and Preparing Same - Mixtures are provided that can include at least one polyhydric alcohol; at least one acrylic compound; and at least one polyhydric ester. Compositions are provided that can include a particle at least partially coated with a mixture can include at least one polyhydric alcohol and a carbonyl compound. Methods for limiting particulate distribution during road use are provided that can include providing a mixture to the surface of the road, the mixture including at least one polyhydric alcohol and a carbonyl compound. Methods for limiting particulate distribution are provided that can include providing a mixture comprising at least one polyhydric alcohol and a carbonyl compound to a surface prior to agitating the surface.10-29-2009
20100166965SEAL WITH SUPPORT AND PRODUCTION OF SAME - The seal comprises a two-dimensional support, to which on one-side or both-sides an elastomer is applied by means of an injection molding process. The elastomer of the seal consists of at least one elastomer material. For the manufacture, a support is provided which is continuously fed to a pick apparatus, which cyclically applies on one or both sides an organic elastomer material as seal to the support. Subsequently, the seal is punched free.07-01-2010
20110287186Method for making a phoshate-treated galvanized steel sheet - A method for making a phosphate-treated galvanized steel sheet, including forming a phosphate film on the surface of a galvanized layer of a galvanized steel sheet using a phosphate treatment solution containing Zn11-24-2011
20100055330Epitaxy Processing System and Its Processing Method - An epitaxy processing system and its processing method for enhancing operation efficiency is provided. The system includes a stacked cassette, a transportation device, a reaction chamber, and a cooling device. The cooling device can rapidly cool down susceptor and processed wafers without damaging the epitaxy layer. The cluster system design minimizes the footprint of system, reduces the operation cost, and increases throughput and thereby enhances the productivity of the system.03-04-2010
20090191343Method for printing decorative member - A method for forming a decorative member includes applying a resilient layer onto a basic layer, applying a printing layer onto the resilient layer, applying another resilient layer onto the printing layer for forming a layered element, forming the layered element into a three-dimensional element, shaping the three-dimensional element into a prototype, and applying a protective layer onto the prototype for covering and shielding and protecting the prototype. The layered element may be disposed in a mold device for heating and vacuumming the layered element, or may be disposed between two mold pieces of a mold device for being formed into the three-dimensional element with the mold pieces of the mold device.07-30-2009
20090004388Method for Depositing an Anti-Adhesion Layer - A method for depositing an anti-adhesion layer onto a surface of micromechanical structures on a substrate. The material or precursor material to be deposited being delivered to the structures in a dissolution and transport medium. A supercritical CO01-01-2009
20100098862METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRECISION SURFACE MODIFICATION IN NANO-IMPRINT LITHOGRAPHY - A scalable, high-throughput nanoimprint lithography priming tool includes a dual-reactant chemical vapor deposition reactor chamber, a mandrel configured to hold a plurality of hard disks at an inner diameter of the hard disks, and a transport mechanism to move the plurality of hard disks into and out of the chamber. The tool may also include a transfer tool to transfer the plurality of hard disks to additional chambers for processing.04-22-2010
20080206467Method of prevention of coating defects - In accordance with the present invention, a method of prevention of defects in uniform coatings is proposed. The method comprises decelerating the advancement of the dewetting front of a coating attained by externally controlling the wettability and the size of a buffer zone at the boundary of the coating area. The surface of the buffer zone should have better wettability with respect to the fluid in the coating than the surface of the coating area.08-28-2008
20110200753APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SUBSTRATE - Disclosed herein is an apparatus for manufacturing a substrate, including: a first chamber supplying an insulation layer; a second chamber including a roughening roller roughening at least one side of the insulation layer supplied from the first chamber, an evaporator depositing a metal layer on the roughened insulation layer, and a pressing roller pressing the insulation layer and the metal layer; and a third chamber storing the insulation layer including the metal layer formed thereon, the insulation layer being taken out from the second chamber. The apparatus for manufacturing a substrate is advantageous in that substrates are continuously produced, thus increasing the productivity of the substrates and preventing the substrates from being contaminated by the air.08-18-2011
20090304934METAL PLATING - A package plating machine may be used to metal-plate yarn directly on the package. Similar devices and methods can be used for metal-plating other materials, including staple fiber or tow fiber in a basket and woven, nonwoven or knitted fabric on a beam.12-10-2009
20100143594METHOD FOR THE APPLICATION OF A LIQUID FILM AFTER AQUEOUS PRETREATMENT OF THE SURFACE TO BE COATED - The invention concerns a method for producing removable surface protection by the application of a curable, liquid coating composition (liquid film), in which the surface is treated using water, or an aqueous solution of surface-active agents, and the coating composition is subsequently applied. Preferably, the surface is the topcoat of a motor vehicle. The invention further relates to the use of water or aqueous solutions of surface-active agents in such a method. Finally, the invention also relates to a removable surface protection coating of this nature. According to the invention, the flow of the coating composition into a uniform film is improved.06-10-2010
20100143595FLEXIBLE SUBSTRATE, MANUFACTURING METHOD OF DISPLAY ELEMENT, AND MANUFACTURING APPARATUS OF DISPLAY ELEMENT - In a manufacturing apparatus of display element, a display element is formed in a flexible substrate that has a first surface and a second surface that is an opposite surface thereof, and this manufacturing apparatus of display element includes a transportation section that transports the flexible substrate in a predetermined direction that intersects with a width direction of the flexible substrate; a first partition wall formation section that forms a first partition wall for a display element in the first surface; and a second partition wall formation section that forms a second partition wall in the second surface.06-10-2010
20090081368METHOD FOR TREATING MINERAL SURFACES - The invention provides a method of treating mineral surfaces, comprising the steps of03-26-2009
20110229642METHOD FOR DISPOSING A COMPONENT - A method for disposing a component comprises: a step of preparing a substrate and a first liquid; a step of preparing a component-containing liquid containing the components and a second liquid; a step of disposing the first liquid in a hydrophilic region; a step of bringing the component-containing liquid into contact with the first liquid disposed on the hydrophilic region; a step of removing the first liquid and the second liquid to dispose the component on the hydrophilic region. The hydrophilic region is composed of a component-disposing region and a liquid-capturing region formed on the periphery of the component-disposing region. The liquid-capturing region comprises a surface represented by X—(CH09-22-2011
20090087566SUBSTRATE TREATING APPARATUS AND SUBSTRATE TREATING METHOD - A substrate treating apparatus for treating substrates with treating liquids includes a treating tank for storing the treating liquids and receiving the substrates, a holding mechanism movable, while holding the substrates, between a treating position inside the treating tank and an upper position above the treating tank, a first supply device for supplying deionized water into the treating tank, a second supply device for supplying a water-soluble organic solvent in liquid form into the treating tank, a third supply device for supplying a water-insoluble organic solvent in liquid form into the treating tank, and a controller. With the holding mechanism having moved the substrates to the treating position, the controller carries out a deionized water cleaning process to clean the substrates by supplying the deionized water from the first supply device into the treating tank, treats the substrates with the water-soluble organic solvent by supplying the water-soluble organic solvent from the second supply device into the treating tank to replace the deionized water in the treating tank with the water-soluble organic solvent, treats the substrates with a mixture of the water-soluble organic solvent and water-insoluble organic solvent by supplying the water-soluble organic solvent from the second supply device into the treating tank and supplying the water-insoluble organic solvent from the third supply device into the treating tank, and thereafter moves the holding mechanism to the upper position.04-02-2009
20100291300Device and Method for Coating Wheel Rims - The invention provides a device and a method for coating wheel rims, which allow the production of both standard rims and special rims, configured as gloss-copied rims. The device comprises a pre-treating station that is followed by a powder priming station followed by a basecoat application station and a final coating station, in particular an acrylate powder station, the final coating station being coupled to both the powder priming station and the pre-treating station by at least one conveyor, respectively. The system permits a proportion of special rims to be introduced in addition to standard rims without any impairment of the spindle-synchronous operation of the device.11-18-2010
20100323110MODIFIED SURFACES FOR THE DETECTION OF BIOMOLECULES AT THE SINGLE MOLECULE LEVEL - Support surfaces are disclosed that are designed to support molecules or molecular assemblies immobilized thereon so that the molecules or molecular assemblies can be observed in single molecule detections systems, where the support surfaces have reduced background and the fluorescent labels associated with the immobilized molecules or molecular assemblies have longer active lifetimes prior to permanent photo-bleaching or deactivation and have improve fluorescence properties and where the surfaces have more uniform fluorescent properties.12-23-2010
20090280252Method for Extending and Improving the Functionality of a Hard Surface - A method for cleaning hard surfaces at the micro level incorporates a two-phase process that initially cleans a surface and then seals the surface. The cleaning phase implements a cleaning solution that penetrates the surface of equipment and removes dirt and debris at the micro or nana level of the equipment. The sealing phase of the method seals the surface of equipment such that gaps at the micro level are filled in to prevent debris from accumulating at the micro-level of the surface of the equipment. The sealed surface provides improved aerodynamic flow of air across the hard surface.11-12-2009
20090169752Method for Improving Resistance to CMAS Infiltration - Methods for providing improved resistance to CMAS infiltration for hot section components of a gas turbine engine. Exemplary methods include coating a substrate with a thermal barrier coating system by overlying a bond coated substrate with an inner thermal barrier layer comprised of a thermal barrier material such as yttria-stabilized zirconia. A top layer, including a rare-earth aluminate, is deposited so as to overlie at least a portion of the inner layer. Deposition processes and coating thicknesses may be tailored to the type of component to be coated.07-02-2009
20110111127METHOD FOR BONDING A COATING ON A ROLLER - A roller for a conveyor comprising a cylindrical core defining a support surface; a helical groove disposed in said support surface and lagging bonded to said support surface.05-12-2011
20090110833METHOD FOR ABRASION-RESISTANT NON-STICK SURFACE TREATMENTS FOR PELLETIZATION AND DRYING PROCESS EQUIPMENT COMPONENTS - A combination of surface treatments that synergistically provides abrasion, erosion, corrosion, and wear resistance simultaneously conferring a minimal stick surface that can effectively eliminate problematic obstruction of passageways and unwanted stricture, accumulation, clumping, and agglomeration of pellets and micropellets during the pelletization, transport, drying, crystallization, and post-processing of polymeric and related materials.04-30-2009
20110212265METHOD, APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR PROCESSING OF VEHICLE TYRES, AND VEHICLE TYRE - A method of processing a vehicle tyre, comprising inserting a delimiter (09-01-2011
20120148751WEAR RESISTANT ANTIMICROBIAL COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS OF USE - Anti-microbial compositions comprising (a) a quaternary ammonium compound and (b) a cationic biocide. Applicant has discovered a synergistic combination of the two components with the ration of cationic biocide to quaternary ammonium being less than 1:10 or with a single quaternary compound in a ratio of less than 1.6 to 1 provide a film forming coating that has residual anti-bacterial activity and improved durability with strong resistance to general wear between applications.06-14-2012
20110059243ADHERENDS WITH ENHANCED SURFACES - Metallic substrates have a surface for receiving application of an adhesive that includes a precipitated coating of metallic nanoparticulates. A first portion of the nanoparticulates is adhered to the surface and a second portion is in contact with the first portion. Also provided are adhered constructs. These constructs include a first substrate with a first surface that has a metallic precipitated coating of nanoparticulates. A first portion of the nanoparticulates is adhered to the surface and a second portion contacts the first portion. The constructs include a second substrate that has a second surface; and an adhesive is applied between the first surface and the second surface.03-10-2011
20100080917POROUS MATERIAL PRODUCTION METHOD - A solution containing a polymer and a solvent is discharged onto a surface of a polymer film to form a coating film. When a thickness of the coating film is a critical thickness or less, dewetting of the solution occurs on the surface, and the coating film becomes a dewetting material having dewetting pores. Wet air is blown to a surface of the dewetting material. The solvent is evaporated from the dewetting material. Water vapor is condensed from ambient air on the surface of the dewetting material to generate water drops. Dry air is blown to the surface of the dewetting material. The solvent and the water drops are evaporated from the dewetting material. Thereby, it is possible to produce a porous material whose surface includes first pores as the dewetting pores formed by the dewetting of the solution and the second pores formed by the water drops as a template for the porous material.04-01-2010
20100330283LIQUID PROCESSING APPARATUS, LIQUID PROCESSING METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A liquid processing apparatus processes an object to be processed W including a body part W12-30-2010
20100285222Method of Reducing Gaseous Sulfur Components from Indoor Air Caused by Emissions from Construction Materials - In a method for reducing the pollution of buildings with gaseous acidic sulfur compounds, interior building walls, floors, or ceilings are provided with a coating composition containing an alkaline-earth hydroxide in an amount from 5 to 90 wt % with respect to the weight of the coating composition in a binder matrix, and the coating containing calcium hydroxide is allowed to react with the gaseous acidic sulfur compounds to form solid crystalline reaction products. In one embodiment, the coating composition may also contain 1 to 30 wt. % of at least one alkali-metal hydroxide. In another embodiment, the coating composition may also contain 1 to 5 wt. % zinc oxide. One or more diffusion-tight layers may be employed.11-11-2010
20100297351PRODUCTION METHOD OF PRODUCING WRAPPER FOR CIGARETTES - A production method for producing a wrapper for cigarettes is provided wherein, with a web kept traveling, a combustion inhibitor in liquid form is intermittently applied to one surface of the web to form undried banded layers arranged with a predetermined space therebetween in the traveling direction of the web, water is applied to the surface of the web over its entire area before or after the combustion inhibitor is applied, and then the web is rapidly dried.11-25-2010
20110135826MOUNTING DEVICE FOR MOUNTING A BODYSHELL SLIDING DOOR OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - An improved mounting device for mounting a bodyshell sliding door to a body-in-white of a motor vehicle during a painting operation comprises a body connection which can be mounted to the body-in-white and a door connection which can be mounted to the bodyshell sliding door. The body connection and the door connection are connected with each other by a multiple joint.06-09-2011
20100159141Brake caliper paint applicator - A method of protecting a brake caliper is provided. The method includes the steps of cleaning an outer surface of a brake caliper and blending a liquid protective covering solution in an applicator mix the coating composition. The applicator is primed to start the flow of the solution. A first coat of the protective solution is applied to the brake caliper and allowed to dry. Additional coats can be applied as desired. The protective solution includes a water based or alcohol based solvent, a binder selected from the group consisting of an acrylic, a polyurethane, a polyester melamine and acrylate resins or blends thereof and an acrylic copolymer.06-24-2010
20090208654CLEANING APPARATUS AND METHOD - Printing apparatus (08-20-2009
20090176021Adhesive roller and method for use - A roller cover having an adhesive surface. Embodiments may provide tear-away, disposable sheets having an adhesive coating. The adhesive may be adapted to remove loose material from a substrate prior to the application of stain or paint to the substrate. The roller cover may be sized to fit industry standard paint rollers.07-09-2009
20110189400SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND SUBSTRATE PROCESSING METHOD - Disclosed is a substrate processing apparatus for forming a coating film on a substrate, which includes; a nozzle having a slit-shaped ejection port for ejecting a coating solution onto the substrate, the ejection port being elongated in a width direction of the substrate; a relative movement mechanism configured to cause relative movement between the nozzle and the substrate to allow the substrate to be relatively scanned by the nozzle; and a first gas flow generating unit configured to generate a gas flow of an inert gas that flows, uniformly along a direction of the relative movement, at least within a zone on one side of the nozzle above an area of the substrate having been scanned by the nozzle.08-04-2011
20080233291Method for depositing an inorganic layer to a thermal transfer layer - The invention is a method for depositing an inorganic layer to a laser-induced thermal transfer layer, and to a deposited transfer layer made by the method. In one embodiment, the transfer layer is disposed on a receiver element comprising a glass substrate with black matrix for a color filter comprising red, blue and green transparent pixels formed by laser-induced thermal transfer, and the inorganic layer is an indium-tin oxide transparent electrode grounding layer. The method for depositing the inorganic layer to the transfer layer comprises exposing a laser-induced thermal transfer layer to ultraviolet radiation to produce an exposed transfer layer, treating the exposed transfer layer with a cleaning fluid to produce a cleaned transfer layer, and depositing an inorganic layer in contact with the cleaned transfer layer to produce a deposited transfer layer.09-25-2008
20090280251Mitigation of Biomolecular Adsorption with Hydrophilic Polymer Additives - Molecular adsorption to the microfluidic device surfaces can be passively and actively mitigated by mixing certain hydrophilic polymers (organic polymers with repeating hydrophilic groups—the preferred polymers being amphipathic surfactants—with the sample liquid during or prior to relevant microfluidic operations. Nonionic surfactants such as polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate and polyoxyethylene octyl phenyl ether are especially effective. High molecular weight polyethylene polymers are also effective. The hydrophilic polymers appear to prevent binding of the fouling molecules to the microfluidic by occupying the surface sites in place of the fouling molecules or by interacting with the fouling molecules to prevent binding of the fouling molecules the surface. When surface adsorption is thus mitigated, microfluidic devices can readily handle samples containing biomolecules to enable active sample concentration, filtering, washing, transport, mixing and other sample handling operations.11-12-2009
20120015108Composition Containing A Silicon-Containing Compound - The invention provides a composition for improving the water repellency of a substrate, like a construction substrate for example a building component. This composition contains a mixture formed by combining: water, at least one water-repellent silicon-containing compound, which is a silicone resin, an alkoxysilane or a polysiloxane, a siloxane surfactant containing an alkylpoly(ethyleneoxy)siloxane group and an alkyl siloxane group, where the alkyl group contains 1-6 carbon atoms. The composition can be used on previous treated substrates or more generally on substrates which are difficult to wet or penetrate.01-19-2012
20100098861Painting Method of Plastic Parts Reinforced With Carbon Nano Tube - Disclosed is a method of coating carbon nanotube-reinforced plastic, which enables higher productivity and cost reduction by omitting one or more steps as compared to a conventional coating process, and which allows a paint film to be superior in adhesion and brilliance. The inventive method includes: a plastic-forming step for forming a plastic article to be coated from a plastic material mixed with a minute quantity of nanotubes; a pre-treatment step for removing oil-fat and foreign matters from the plastic article; and a surface coat coating step for coating the plastic article with paint directly on the surface of the plastic article so as to protect the plastic article.04-22-2010
20090311429Plating method and apparatus - A plating apparatus has a steam treatment chamber configured to perform a steam treatment using steam on a surface of a substrate, and a plating chamber configured to plate the surface of the substrate subjected to the steam treatment. The plating apparatus also has an acid treatment chamber configured to bring the surface of the substrate subjected to the steam treatment into contact with an acid liquid. The plating apparatus includes a frame housing the steam treatment chamber, the acid treatment chamber, and the plating chamber.12-17-2009
20120164334ARTICLE TREATED WITH SILICA PARTICLES AND METHOD FOR TREATING A SURFACE OF THE ARTICLE - An article including a substrate, and a base layer formed on a surface of the substrate, and methods for treating the surface of the substrate are provided.06-28-2012
20110183073DEVELOPING TREATMENT METHOD, PROGRAM, COMPUTER STORAGE MEDIUM AND DEVELOPING TREATMENT SYSTEM - The present invention is a method of developing a resist film on a substrate using a developing solution at a predetermined temperature lower than room temperature, including a first cooling step of mounting and cooling the substrate on a cooling plate at a temperature lower than room temperature and higher than the predetermined temperature in a cooling apparatus; a second cooling step of then carrying the substrate into a developing apparatus and supplying a rinse solution at the predetermined temperature or lower onto the substrate to cool the substrate in the developing apparatus; a developing step of then supplying the developing solution onto the substrate and developing the resist film on the substrate to form a resist pattern in the resist film; and a cleaning step of then supplying a rinse solution at the predetermined temperature onto the substrate to clean a front surface of the substrate.07-28-2011
20110183072HOT-DIP GALVANIZATION SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A method for hot-dip galvanizing metal tubes, may include placing a rack of metal tubes in an acid bath; removing the rack of metal tubes from the acid bath; placing the rack of metal tubes in a molten bath; removing the rack of metal tubes from the molten bath; and quenching the rack of metal tubes in a shower. The rack of steel tubes may be placed in the molten bath immediately after the rack is removed from the acid bath without further processing therebetween07-28-2011
20100173081Device and Method for Cleaning Cables - The present invention relates to a device arranged to move along a cable (07-08-2010
20090104355Water-Based Coating Application System - A method for applying a water-based coating (04-23-2009
20120177825METHOD OF COATING A FABRIC USING A BLADE-COATING DEVICE - A method of coating a fabric includes advancing the fabric to a cutting device; cutting and trimming two opposite edges of the fabric that are hairy and that extend along an advancing direction of the fabric by using the cutting device such that hairy parts are removed from the opposite edges; and subsequently advancing the fabric to a blade-coating device, and spreading a coating material on a surface of the fabric using a coating blade of the blade-coating device. Since the hairy parts are removed, interference between the coating blade and the fabric can be avoided.07-12-2012
20120328783APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR WOOD FINISHING SHEETS - An apparatus and method for wood finishing sheets is provided. The apparatus includes a plurality of absorbent sheets in close proximity to each other within a container, and a wood finishing composition being evenly permeated throughout the plurality of absorbent sheets. The wood finishing composition may be one of stain, colored finish, clear coat, and/or wood sealant and may further include an extender chemical. The method includes preparing wood finishing sheets, by placing a plurality of absorbent sheets in close proximity to each other in a container, adding a wood finishing composition to the plurality of absorbent sheets, enclosing within the container the sheets and the wood finishing composition using a sealing mechanism, and allowing time for the wood finishing composition to permeate the sheets.12-27-2012
20100178427SUBSTRATES WITH BIOCIDAL COATING - The present invention provides a process for coating the surface of a substrate comprises the following steps (i) oxidizing the surface of the substrate (ii) applying a composition comprising one or more quaternary ammonium compounds carrying one or more ethylenically unsaturated groups onto the oxidized surface of the substrate and (iii) curing the composition in order to form a coating layer, and substrates obtainable by the latter process.07-15-2010
20100233372METHOD FOR HORIZONTALLY ELECTROPLATING, ELECTRO DEPOSITION AND ELECTROLESS-PLATING THIN FILM ON SUBSTRATE - A method for horizontally electroplating or electro deposition a thin film on a substrate comprises the steps of transferring and positioning a substrate on a substrate supporter; the substrate being positioned approximately horizontally; moving a plurality of stop plates to enclose horizontal edges of the substrate so as to form with an enclosure around an edge of the substrate; moving a first electrode to be in contact with a portion of the substrate; the portion being a non-wired area; moving a second electrode to be above and not in contact with the substrate; wherein the second electrode has a polarity opposite to that of the first electrode; and filling electroplating liquid into the enclosure formed by the stop plates so as to be in contact with the second electrode above the substrate for electroplating or electro deposition.09-16-2010
20120321801CLEANING COMPOSITION FOR BONDING PREPARATION OF AEROSPACE MATERIALS - A composition for removing silicone oils from a material and methods of using the same are disclosed. The composition and methods may be used to prepare a material for bonding. The composition may be a liquid cleaning composition including a strong base, a soap, an abrasive, and water.12-20-2012
20090148605PROCESS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF COATED TITANIUM DIOXIDE PIGMENTS - A process for the preparation of pigment-grade titanium dioxide is provided that produces substantially anatase-free titanium dioxide with a uniform coating of a metal oxide without producing separate particles of the metal oxide that are not incorporated into the coating. The process comprises mixing a titanium dioxide precursor with a silicon compound to form an admixture and introducing the admixture and oxygen into a reaction zone to produce substantially anatase-free titanium dioxide. The titanium dioxide produced is contacted with a metal oxide precursor homogeneously mixed with a solvent component downstream of the reaction zone to form a uniform coating of the metal oxide on the titanium dioxide particles.06-11-2009
20130011565TREATMENT SOLUTION FOR FORMING OXIDATION-RESISTANT FILM ON SURFACE-COATED CERMET - A processing solution for forming an oxidation resistant film on a surface-coated cermet member is provided, wherein the processing solution is capable of easily forming an oxidation resistant film improving the oxidation resistance while maintaining the excellent performance of a titanium sintered body. The composition of the processing solution of the present invention includes a metal salt which creates a complex oxide by reacting with a titanium compound and 20 mass % or more of a solvent. It is preferable that the metal salt is a transition metal of divalent iron ion. An oxidation resistant film 01-10-2013
20080226826Substrate Processing Method and Substrate Processing Apparatus - A substrate processing method includes applying electroless plating of CoWB onto a Cu interconnection line formed on a wafer W, and then performing a post-cleaning process by use of a cleaning liquid on the target substrate or wafer before a by-product is precipitated on the surface of the CoWB film formed by the electroless plating to cover the Cu interconnection line.09-18-2008
20080220171Controlling wood staining and color during post-harvest processing - Methods of darkening and preserving wood, including cut wood, are described herein. The methods comprise treating wood, including cut wood, with a solution containing a cell signaling agent to darken wood. Also described herein are methods for preserving the color of wood comprise treating wood, including cut wood, with a solution containing a cell signaling agent inhibitor. Wood, including cut wood, prepared by such methods are further described herein.09-11-2008
20080199618Method of Strengthening a Brittle Oxide Substrate with a Weatherable Coating - The present invention relates to a method of strengthening brittle oxide pieces such as glass pieces with a siloxane-acrylate coating system that has superior weatherability, particularly hydrolytic stability. The coating system comprises a combination of a silane solution and a radiation-curable acrylate solution. The mixture is applied to a clean, brittle oxide surface. The silane solution comprises one or more silanes in a non-aqueous solvent and the radiation-curable acrylate solution comprises one or more acrylate or methacrylate monomers, acrylate or methacrylate oligomers, and initiators, such as photoinitiators.08-21-2008
20130149451METHOD OF FORMING A SIMULATED COMBUSTIBLE FUEL ELEMENT - A method of forming a simulated combustible fuel element including covering at least a part of a surface of a master with a material selected to produce a mold, and then removing the master from the mold. A predetermined amount of a liquefied body material that is less than a volume of the mold is introduced into the mold. A body including the body material is produced with one or more cavities therein and an exterior surface simulating at least the part of the surface of the master. The body material is allowed to solidify, at least to the extent that the body material is self-supporting, and the mold and the body are separated. One or more fuel light sources are positioned to direct light therefrom in the cavity. At least a portion of the exterior surface is coated so that the portion simulates a combustible fuel element.06-13-2013
20120288630Novel Coated Membranes and Other Articles - The present invention provides porous media or membranes having a surface coating that includes a cross-linked terpolymer which has a superior combination of properties, including heat stable biomolecule resistant adsorptive properties, resistance to strong alkaline solutions, and low levels of extractable matter. In some preferred embodiments, the porous media is a porous membrane.11-15-2012
20130209688METHOD FOR SINGLE-STEP SPRAY APPLICATION OF A LINER FOR SYSTEM COMPONENTS - A single-step, spray-applied, multi-layer liner seals the components and imparts structural integrity for lining a system component. The multi-layer liner includes an inner or first moisture barrier or skin layer, a foam layer and a second moisture barrier or skin layer. Where desired, a separate primer layer can be applied to wet surfaces and in order to form an enhanced bonding layer between the system component, typically a concrete or cement surface, and the first moisture barrier or skin layer. The first and second moisture barrier layers naturally form a skin on both sides of the internal foam layer. The combination of the foam layer and the two moisture barrier layers imparts structural strength and rigidity to the cured liner.08-15-2013

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