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427 - Coating processes

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427236000 Spraying 20
427237000 Coating by vapor, gas, mist, or smoke 13
427238000 Vacuum or pressure utilized 8
427235000 Removing excess coating material 8
427239000 Metal base 7
427231000 Rotating the article 6
20100104747Drop Deposition Control - A dispense controller and a tool controller may aid in providing a drop pattern of fluid on a substrate. The dispense controller may provide dispense coordinates to a fluid dispense system based on the drop pattern. The tool controller may control movement of a stage and also provide synchronization pulses to the fluid dispense system. The fluid dispense system may provide the drop pattern of fluid on the substrate using the dispense coordinates and the synchronization pulses.04-29-2010
20100104748CLOSED-CELL SURFACES WITH ENHANCED DRAG-REDUCTION PROPERTIES - An apparatus, comprising a plurality of closed cells disposed on a surface of a substrate. Each of the closed cells has at least one dimension that is less than about 1 millimeter and are configured to hold a medium therein. The apparatus also comprises a foam that contacts the closed cells. The foam has fluid walls that include a surfactant, and bubbles of the foam layer are filled with the medium.04-29-2010
20100040778Refractory Material with Improved Resistance to Molten Slag - A treated refractory material includes a porous refractory material having one or more protective materials disposed within pores of the refractory material. Methods of preparing the treated refractory material are also provided. The treated refractory material provides protection from the penetration of slag and extends the service life of the refractory material.02-18-2010
20130052344AUTOMATED WET MASKING FOR DIFFUSION COATINGS - A wet masking system for applying a maskant to a portion of a workpiece includes one or more pressurized mixing vessels with agitators for continuously blending the ingredients of the maskant, a dispensing system connected to the vessels for supplying metered volumes of maskant to injection valves. An electronic controller operable for controlling the system to coat the portion. A fixture for holding the workpiece with just the portion inside a cavity of the fixture includes one or more inlet ports alignable with injection ports of the injection valves injecting the maskant into the cavity. Heaters are positioned for drying or flash drying the maskant on the portion of the workpiece. Recirculation lines from the injection valves to at least one of the mixing vessels operated by the controller to flow the maskant through the recirculation lines after a period of time when no maskant is flowing through masking system.02-28-2013
20110020543Method For Installing Function Monitoring Means In A Flow Machine Installation - A method for installing function monitoring means in a flow machine installation, wherein the function monitoring means are formed by at least one thermochromic paint, and wherein the method comprises: selecting at least one component of the flow machine installation whose function is to be monitored; selecting a predetermined thermochromic paint for the component whose function is to be monitored; applying the thermochromic paint on the component whose function is to be monitored; and wherein the thermochromic paint is applied to at least one component of the flow machine installation, which component is to be monitored with respect to the through-flow of process fluid therein.01-27-2011
20120114853Method And Device For Coating A Catalyst Support Body With Catalyst-Free Outer Surface - The invention relates to a method for coating a catalyst support body, which comprises: providing the catalyst support body as well as slurry located within a pan; introducing an open input end of the catalyst support body into the slurry; and, subsequently, directing an amount of the slurry though the input end and into the inside of the catalyst support body. At least a part of the circumference of the input end is covered with an impermeable sealing element while slurry is directed through the open end. In this way, contact between slurry and a circumferential outer surface of the catalyst support body is prevented and slurry is provided through the open end to an inner surface of the catalyst support body. Further, the invention relates to a loading platform for carrying out the method. The inventive assembly comprises a loading platform adapted for releasably holding a catalyst support body, and a cover mechanism having a sealing holder and a ring shaped sealing element attached to the sealing holder. The cover mechanism further comprises a first lifting mechanism connected to the sealing holder, wherein the first lifting mechanism provides a moving direction for the sealing holder along a longitudinal axis of the sealing element relative to the loading platform. In addition, the invention relates to a coating station comprising the loading platform. The coating station comprises a slurry pan and a second lifting mechanism providing a relative moving direction between the pan and the loading platform. The first lifting mechanism is synchronized with the second lifting mechanism by a synchronization device.05-10-2012
20130216706PIPE COATING - Apparatus (08-22-2013
20080241376METHOD OF AND APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING COATED BEARING - In the case where rolling printing is used to apply a coating liquid to an inner surface of a half bearing to form a coating layer thereon, the coating layer is formed in uniform thickness.10-02-2008
20080292791METHODS FOR MAKING REINFORCED REFRACTORY CRUCIBLES FOR MELTING TITANIUM ALLOYS - Methods for making a reinforced refractory crucible for melting titanium alloys including providing a form, applying a facecoat to the form, the facecoat having at least one facecoat layer, applying a backing about the facecoat, the backing having at least one backing layer, applying at least one reinforcing element to at least a portion of the facecoat layer, the backing layer, or a combination thereof where the reinforcing element includes at least one composition selected from ceramic compositions, metallic compositions, and combinations thereof.11-27-2008
20080311293Method and device for coating hollow cylindrical member - A method and a device for coating a hollow cylindrical member. The method includes radially coating an entire inner surface of the hollow cylindrical member with a first coating material discharged by a first slit nozzle and simultaneously circularly coating an entire outer surface of the hollow cylindrical member with a second coating material discharged in an axial direction of the hollow cylindrical member by a second slit nozzle located opposite the first slit nozzle with the hollow cylindrical member therebetween. The first slit nozzle and the second slit nozzle discharge the first coating material and the second coating material, respectively, to a same height of the hollow cylindrical member relative to the inner surface and the outer surface thereof.12-18-2008
20090004382Electroless methods - Methods of electroless metallalization are disclosed. The methods include treating through-holes of printed wiring boards to increase catalyst adsorption on the walls of the through-holes. The increased catalyst adsorption improves electroless metallization of the through-hole walls.01-01-2009
20110033617Composite Porous Materials and Methods of Making and Using The Same - The invention provides composite porous materials in which a second material is fused to and/or is in the pores and/or is fused directly to some of the pore walls of a porous first material. The invention also provides methods of filtering a fluid using these composite porous materials and methods of manufacturing the composite porous materials.02-10-2011
20110076397Pipe lining method and apparatus - An exemplary embodiment provides a form for providing a lining in a pipe. The form includes a body having a leading part and a trailing part, a hole in a leading side of the leading part and a channel in the body communicating with the hole. The body has a diameter at the leading part that is similar to the inner diameter of the pipe to be lined and greater than the diameter at the trailing part. The channel has at least one peripheral opening positioned rearwardly of the leading part of the form at a position to discharge lining material from the channel around the trailing part of the form and onto the interior surface of the pipe. The form is preferably provided with an attachment on the leading side for a tube supplying flowable settable lining material to and through the hole. Another embodiment relates to a method of producing a lining in a pipe which comprises supplying flowable settable lining material to the form while pulling the form through the pipe.03-31-2011
20110076396Method of forming a calcium phosphate coating within a porous material - The present invention relates to a method of coating a porous material such as a medical implant with a layer of calcium phosphate, wherein the material is submersed in an aqueous solution of calcium, phosphate and carbonate ions, and the pH of the solution is gradually increased. A calcium phosphate coating is formed on an internal surface of the porous material by agitating the solution during coating formation.03-31-2011
20120121805METHOD FOR FILLING WALL CAVITIES WITH EXPANDING FOAM INSULATION - The invention described herein generally pertains to the use of low boiling point, low vapor pressure blowing agents with froth polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foams to achieve superior cavity filling than when using conventional higher vapor pressure or more ozone-depleting blowing agents.05-17-2012
20110135819AQUEOUS SOLUTION FOR APPLYING TO A CHANNEL AND APPLYING METHOD - An aqueous solution containing a buffer and an organosilicone surfactant and a method of applying an aqueous solution containing a buffer and an organosilicone surfactant to a channel are presented. The aqueous solution includes a buffer and an organosilicone surfactant and may also include a blocking agent. The method includes providing an aqueous solution containing a buffer and an organosilicone surfactant, and applying the aqueous solution to the channel having the hydrophobic surfaces. The organosilicone surfactant is used to reduce surface tensions of the solution on the hydrophobic channel. The organosilicone surfactant is combined with the blocking agent for preventing an interaction between the surface of the channel and a component in the aqueous solution.06-09-2011
20090202718PASSIVATION OF POROUS CERAMIC ARTICLES - An apparatus and method to passivate porous ceramic articles containing microcracks as described herein. The method includes circulating a fluid including a passivator through the porous ceramic article and depositing at least a portion of the passivator on the porous ceramic article.08-13-2009
20110305830WATER-BASED GROUTING COMPOSITION WITH AN INSULATING MATERIAL - According to an embodiment, a method for thermally insulating a portion of a tubular located inside an enclosed conduit comprises the steps of: (A) introducing a grouting composition into an annulus between the tubular and the enclosed conduit, the grouting composition comprising: (i) a water-swellable binding material comprising water-swellable clay; (ii) an aqueous liquid, wherein the aqueous liquid is the continuous phase of the grouting composition; and (iii) an insulating material; and (B) allowing the grouting composition to set after the step of introducing, wherein after setting the grouting composition has a thermal conductivity of less than 0.3 BTU/hr·ft·° F. According to another embodiment, a grouting composition for use in insulating a portion of a tubular located inside an enclosed conduit comprises: (A) a water-swellable binding material comprising water-swellable clay; (B) an aqueous liquid, wherein the aqueous liquid is the continuous phase of the grouting composition; and (C) an insulating material, wherein after the grouting composition has set, the grouting composition has a thermal conductivity of less than 0.3 BTU/hr·ft·° F.12-15-2011
20120040094Compositions Comprising Solvated Aromatic Amines and Methods for the Preparation Thereof - The present invention provides a composition comprising a solvated aromatic amine and a liquid carrier, wherein said solvated aromatic amine is the reaction product of an aromatic amine and at least one of any anhydride, an isocyanate or an acid in the liquid carrier. The present invention also provides a method of preparing a composition comprising a solvated aromatic amine and a liquid carrier, said method comprising the steps of providing a reaction mixture comprising: a) an aromatic amine; b) at least one of an anhydride, an isocyanate or an acid; and c) a liquid carrier; and heating the reaction mixture at an elevated temperature to provide the solvated aromatic amine in the liquid carriers. The present invention further provides the use of the compositions for the preparation of the curable compounds and for gasoline resistant coatings.02-16-2012
20120301611SOLDERING IRON WITH REPLACEABLE TIP - A soldering iron (and a desoldering iron) with a replaceable tip, which is releasably securable on the forward heat-conducting end of a soldering (or desoldering) iron heat assembly. The tip has a heat conducting core in a tip cap. Methods of manufacturing and using the tip are also disclosed. A method of manufacturing a replaceable soldering or desoldering iron tip can comprise preparing a cap having a base opening and at least substantially filling the cap through the base opening with a heat conducting material so that a tip core is formed in the cap, the tip core having a core face at the base opening.11-29-2012
20100330275Burn Protective Materials - A method is described for reducing the afterflame of a flammable, meltable material. A textile composite is described comprising an outer textile comprising a flammable, meltable material, and a heat reactive material comprising a polymer resin-expandable graphite mixture.12-30-2010
20120207925PREMIX AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A THERMALLY EXPANDABLE AND CURABLE EPOXY-BASED COMPOUND - A two-component premix for preparing a heat-expandable and heat-curable epoxy-based material, comprises an isocyanate, a diol or polyol, an epoxy prepolymer, a heat-activatable hardener for epoxy prepolymers, and a heat-activatable blowing agent.08-16-2012
20120064242METHOD FOR MONITORING CORROSION PROTECTION IN POWER PLANT - According to one embodiment, there is provided a method for monitoring corrosion in a power plant, including: forming a film with a composition of M1FeO03-15-2012
20110091645NOZZLE PLATE OF INKJET PRINTHEAD AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE NOZZLE PLATE - A nozzle plate of an inkjet printhead, and a method of manufacturing the nozzle plate. The nozzle plate includes a substrate through which nozzles are formed; an ink-philic coating layer formed on an outer surface of the substrate and inner walls of the nozzles; and an ink-phobic coating layer selectively formed on the ink-philic coating layer disposed around the nozzles.04-21-2011
20090130307Method for the rapid densification of a porous substrate, comprising the formation of a solid deposit within the porosity of the substrate - A refractory porous fiber substrate is densified by forming a solid matrix deposit from a fluid composition containing a reagent fluid that is a precursor for the material of the solid deposit that is to be formed, together with an optional dilution fluid. The operation is performed at a temperature and a pressure that enable the reagent fluid and/or the optionally-present dilution fluid to be maintained in the supercritical state, while spontaneously and directly forming the solid deposit of the matrix, thereby enabling the duration of the process to be reduced considerably compared with conventional CVI methods.05-21-2009
20120164325METHOD OF FORMING LUBRICATIVE PLATED LAYER ON VISCOUS LIQUID FEED NOZZLE AND VISCOUS LIQUID FEED NOZZLE - In a viscous liquid feed nozzle having a nozzle body provided with a thin and long hole with a front end serving as a feed port, a lubricative plated layer is provided by immersing the liquid feed nozzle in a plating tank containing a lubricative plating solution and forming, by electroless plating, the lubricative plated layer at least on the inside and outside of the feed port.06-28-2012
20100209606METHOD OF TREATING A TUBULAR STRING USING A PIGTRAIN - Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to a method of treating a tubular string using a pigtrain. In one embodiment, a method of treating a tubular string includes injecting working fluid between a lead pig and a trail pig of a pigtrain. A bypass pig of the pigtrain is in a first position between the lead pig and trail pig and closer to the lead pig. The method further includes injecting propellant behind the trail pig, thereby driving the pigtrain through the tubular string. The bypass pig gradually moves from the first position to a second position closer to the trail pig, thereby agitating the working fluid.08-19-2010
20120177821COMPOSITION OF NANOPARTICLES - Catalytic nanoparticles are coated with a layer of an amphoteric surfactant to stabilize the nanoparticles for electroless metal plating.07-12-2012
20100009077Method for Treating a Material Having Nanoscale Pores - A method and a device for treating a material having nanoscale pores), especially implant material for the treatment of living cells, as provided. The method distinguished in that the surface tension of a substance (01-14-2010
20120189772Process for preparing a polyolefin pipe having inherent resistance to thermooxidative degradation - A process for producing a pipe having improved resistance to thermooxidative degradation, the process comprising melting a polyolefinic molding composition in an extruder, extruding the molten molding composition through an annular die and subsequently cooling it, wherein the inner surface of the pipe is exposed to the action of a halogen-comprising treatment gas before or after cooling.07-26-2012
20100233365TUBING WITH AN INNER COATING PROTECTING IT AGAINST DEPOSITS AND A METHOD FOR APPLYING SAID COATING - A method for applying a coating to a tubing is provided, wherein the tubing includes inner walls and end faces. A plug, having outer walls, is inserted into the tubing, so that the longitudinal axes of the plug and tubing coincide and internal space is provided between the inner and the outer walls. The inner walls are preferably heated up. Polyurethane is pumped into the internal space until it's filled up. Polyurethane is held to the full cure thereof. The plug is then extracted from the tubing, thereby producing the coating. The outer walls are preferably lubricated. Optionally, a reinforcement tube is inserted into the tubing. The tube is configured as a web made of perforated metal, and has a diameter equal to the inner diameter of tubing. Two mandrels are provided, so configured that can centering the plug during the insertion, and are fitted onto the end faces.09-16-2010
20100129545Method Of Coating Tubes Using A Self-Assembly Process - A method of coating an inner surface of a tubular workpiece includes immersing the tubular workpiece lengthwise into a liquid subphase, inserting a first end of a delivery tube into the tubular workpiece so as to bring a distal end surface of the delivery tube to within a predetermined distance from the liquid surface, dispensing a suspension of coating particles into the first delivery tube to form a monolayer of the coating particles on the liquid surface in an area of the liquid surface between the inner surface of the tubular workpiece and an outer surface of the first delivery tube, and withdrawing at least a portion of the tubular workpiece from the liquid subphase so as to form a coating of the coating particles on a portion of the inner surface of the workpiece.05-27-2010
20080199608Method for the anticorrosive Treatment of Hollow Bodies, Method for Producing a Metallic Structure Treated According to Said Method, and Method for Maintaining the Structure - The invention involves the treatment of a hollow body having a difficult-to-access surface (08-21-2008
20120015102SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DRYING FIVE-SIDED CONTAINERS - A method of painting a five-sided container, which includes applying a water-based paint to the interior surfaces and the exterior surfaces of the container, and forcing heated air into the open side of the container to at least partially dry the paint on the interior surfaces and the exterior surfaces of the container.01-19-2012
20120027935EXTREMELY HIGH TEMPERATURE WEARING COMPOUND - A wearing compound slurry comprising an inorganic binder, ceramic particles, ceramic powder, diluent and optionally filler and discontinuous fibers. The slurry is applied to a wearable surface and exposed to heat to remove diluent and cure the wearing compound into a hard layer. The cured wearing compound layer remains intact after exposure to extremely high temperatures.02-02-2012
20120094021METHOD OF FORMING A DIFFUSION ALUMINIDE COATING ON A SURFACE OF A TURBINE COMPONENT AND A HOMOGENEOUS PASTE FOR COATING SUCH SURFACES - The subject invention is directed to diffusion aluminide coatings, and more particularly, to a homogenous paste for applying a diffusion aluminide coating to a selected surface of a turbine component and to a method of applying a diffusion aluminide coating to a selected surface of a turbine component.04-19-2012

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