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Cooking, e.g., broiling, baking, etc.

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426 - Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products

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426520000 - Heating above ambient temperature

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20090123625PAN FOR BAKING - A pan is for making baked products. The pan comprises an upper surface and a plurality of receptacles for receiving batter. Each receptacle has one or more side walls extending from a bottom wall to the upper surface. Each receptacle is configured to cause a product baked therein to be crispy around the entire periphery of the product05-14-2009
20090123624OMELET SPATULA AND COOKING METHOD - An omelet spatula includes a handle and a body. The body is attached to the handle and includes a surface in the shape of half of a cooking food, having an inner edge and an outer edge that meet at each end. The shape of the spatula allows the user to easily fold the cooking food over itself, for example, as when cooking an omelet. The spatula is configured to remain in the cooking pan, underneath half of the omelet, until the omelet is folded. Also, a cooking method using the spatula is described.05-14-2009
20090004352Method of Frying Minced Meat - A method of frying minced meat includes the steps of providing a heated frying surface, providing a flow of discrete and separate particles of minced meat in a condition wherein the mean temperature of the flow of particles is less than 5 degrees centigrade, and heating the discrete particles to the onset of frying conditions, defined as a discernible change of the color of the particles from the original red meat color to a grey and brownish color, by bringing the particles into contact with the heated frying surface.01-01-2009
20100151103DOMESTIC APPLIANCE - A toasting appliance includes a toasting chamber, a heating element arranged to heat a foodstuff located within the toasting chamber, and an optical system for optically illuminating the foodstuff and detecting light reflected from the foodstuff. Before the foodstuff begins to change colour as a result due to the heating thereof by the heating element, a controller varies the illumination of the foodstuff by the optical system so that the intensity of the light reflected from the foodstuff is at or around a set value. The controller subsequently terminates the toasting operation when the intensity of the light reflected from the foodstuff has reduced, due to toasting thereof, from the set value by an amount depending on a desired degree of toasting of the foodstuff.06-17-2010
20100112169Continuous process for cooking bacon with improved recovery - An improved continuous process for cooking bacon includes the steps of continuously feeding bacon strips in three or more rows to an inlet of a spiral cooking oven, moving the bacon strips along a spiral path inside the spiral oven, applying a cooking fluid into the spiral oven and through the spiral path, and cooking the bacon strips in the spiral oven to a yield percentage having a mean bandwidth variation not greater than 4.5%. A conveyor belt having variable weaving includes belt openings that are initially larger through an inner side of the belt than through an outer side of the belt, when the belt is straight. When the belt collapses into the spiral configuration, the openings adjust so that the areal size of the openings is similar on both lateral sides of the belt, resulting in more even distribution of cooking fluid and more uniform cooking. By cooking the bacon more uniformly, the product yield can be increased significantly.05-06-2010
20090191323EASY-TO-CLEAN COOKING SURFACE - A food cooking surface for a cooking appliance, a method of producing that surface and a method of cooking food with a cooking appliance having that food cooking surface. The food cooking surface is made of a metal alloy of zirconium and of at least another metal, the zirconium content is not less than 75 wt %. In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, the alloy contains less than 10 wt % of elements added to zirconium.07-30-2009
20090191322Rotisserie Oven Having Horizontally and Vertically Oriented Cooking Elements - Indoor use rotisserie ovens which have construction features and scale which make the cleaning process easier. Shown are indoor use rotisserie ovens which also may rotate cooking foods about either a horizontal or vertical axis, which makes their applications more versatile. Construction features include: a scale appropriate for cleaning in a typical kitchen sink, use of removable electrical components, and single oven wall construction, all to allow easy cabinet cleaning. Also shown is a locking tab manufacturing detail which creates an inexpensive, light weight, oven cavity, which is easy to clean and also permits oven cavity washing and/or immersion in water. This manufacturing detail also is easy to handle by the end-user without projecting sharp edges. Self lubricated spit assembly axles are shown as well to help deaden sound.07-30-2009
20100330242METHOD OF PREPARING BAKED EGG - A method of producing baked egg using a horizontal rotating cylinder-type continuous frying apparatus, which baked egg has a small size and a strong fried flavor, is disclosed. Egg liquid is sprayed onto the inner surface of a heating drum while rotating the heating drum to solidify the egg liquid and then to make the solidified egg liquid detach from the inner surface of the heating drum, which egg liquid is sprayed within an area of the inner surface of the heating drum, which area expands at an angle of 60° to 150° in the direction of rotation of the heating drum from a rotation origin defined as the intersection of a vertical line and the rotation axis of the heating drum, wherein the angle is indicated taking the angle of the direction of the vertical line as 0°. The heating drum has a temperature and a rotation speed such that the egg liquid sprayed onto the inner surface of the heating drum is solidified and then the solidified egg liquid is detached from the inner surface before the heating drum rotates by 360°.12-30-2010
20130029024BARBEQUE STOVE - This disclosure describes systems and methods for cooking using a stove system. In some embodiments, a method of heating materials using a stove may include inserting fuel through a third conduit positioned substantially above a fourth conduit. In some embodiments, the method may include allowing air to flow through the fourth conduit and a second opening. In some embodiments, the method may include inhibiting flames from reaching the second end of the first conduit using a deflector. In some embodiments, the method may include heating a heating surface coupled to the second end of the first conduit. In some embodiments, the method may include elevating the heating surface above the second end of the first conduit using a spacer. In some embodiments, the method may include inhibiting escape of heated fluids from the first conduit such that a heating surface is heated by the heated fluids.01-31-2013
20130052322Fire Fishing Device - A device for roasting food of fire, the device designed to mimic a fishing pole and having a rod, a wire, and a flipping mechanism. The wire is attached to an end of the rod and extends a fixed length culminating in a bifurcation at its end. The bifurcation includes apertures to receive a shaft of the flipping mechanism. The flipping mechanism includes a pair of rails and skewers located at the ends of the shaft and a weight centrally located on the shaft between the bifurcation, wherein the weight acts as a counter balance to flip the flipping mechanism when the rod is moved up and down or tilted.02-28-2013
20130071534Grill with Upper Platen Position and Pressure Control - An improved grill with an upper platen position and a pressure control is disclosed. The grill may include a lower platen assembly having a lower grilling plate, and an upper platen assembly movably connected to the lower platen assembly. The upper platen assembly may include an upper grilling plate operatively connected to a manipulator capable of applying positive pressure on and adjusting position of the upper grilling plate. Methods of using the grill to cook food items are also disclosed.03-21-2013
20090092723AUTOMATIC MENU SWITCHING - A system for controlling the process of cooking a variety of food items at a single cooking apparatus which includes a cooking computer for controlling the operation of the apparatus. A database is operatively connected to the computer recipes for controlling the cooking of each food item are stored in the database.04-09-2009
20130059056USE OF MODIFIED WHEAT FLOUR FOR REDUCING BAKING LOSSES - The present invention relates to the use of wheat flour for reducing baking losses. The wheat flour can comprise genetically or chemically phosphorylated starch.03-07-2013
20120225179 APPARATUS AND A METHOD FOR ESTIMATING THE AIR HUMIDITY WITHIN AN OVEN CAVITY - The present invention relates to an apparatus for estimating the air humidity within an oven cavity (09-06-2012
20120225178BARBECUE PAN WITH REMOVABLE HANDLE - A barbecue pan having a body portion. The body portion is characterized as having side walls and a substantially planar mesh base extending therefrom. A receiving element extends from the body portion and a handle is provided which is removably appended to the receiving element.09-06-2012
20090011101COOKING METHODS FOR A COMBI OVEN - A combination oven includes convection, steam and microwave cooking sources. When implementing a user selected cooking program using the microwave source and at least one of the other sources, the oven control is configured to implement the cooking program in a manner using an input food product mass value to set microwave energy level applied to the food product during operation of the cooking program and without changing cook time as set by the cooking program. The microwave energy level may be set such that end product achieved without changing cook time has a comparable degree of doneness regardless of mass. The oven control, or a separate computerized device, may be used to automatically convert a non-microwave cooking program into a microwave enhanced cooking program that is stored by the oven control for selection by an operator. Where a collective power consumption capability of the convection heat cooking source, steam cooking source and microwave energy cooking source is higher than rated power available from a power source of the combination oven, the oven control implements power sharing rules.01-08-2009
20120237657COOKING APPARATUS AND METHOD WITH PRODUCT RECOGNITION - Cooking apparatus having first and second platens with product recognition. A positioning mechanism moves the second platen toward the first. A detector senses the second platen making contact with a food product disposed on the first platen and provides a signal. A controller uses the signal to measure the travel distance of the second platen. The product thickness is a function of the travel distance, which is used to select a cooking procedure for the food product. The controller then executes the selected cooking procedure to cook the food product. The detector can include a micro switch, proximity sensor, touch sensor, strain sensor, thermal sensor, optical sensor, sonar sensor or positioning load change sensor.09-20-2012
20130164427Barbecue Grill with Variably Positioned Food Basket - A barbecue grill provides a top cooking level and a central cooking zone located below the top cooking level. Lateral heat panels warm the central cooking zone. A food basket is configured to be opened and loaded with foodstuff when in an approximately horizontal position at the top cooking level. An elevator mechanism lowers the filled food basket into the central cooking zone while converting the food basket to an approximately vertical position. The food cooks while the basket is vertical. The elevator mechanism raises the basket of cooked food to the top cooking level while converting the food basket to approximately horizontal position. A user-operated control selectively actuates the elevator mechanism to move the food basket in either direction.06-27-2013
20090311399Baking oven having a suspended baked goods carrier - A baking oven has a supporting device for a baked goods carrier, a lifting device for lifting the supporting device, and a drive motor for rotating the supporting device. The lifting device is situated in such a way that the drive motor and the supporting device are lifted jointly to provide a particularly simple and reliable baking oven.12-17-2009
20110300280SHELLFISH COOKING RACK - A rack having a mesh body, a length and a width or if not rectangular, a circumference. The mesh body, in cross section, is provided with a plurality of ridges and troughs creating v-shaped surfaces sized for receiving and retaining shellfish thereon during cooking. The shellfish is placed upon the rack over the troughs and between the ridges for maintaining the shellfish in a substantially horizontal orientation during cooking.12-08-2011
20110165300Flameless cooking appliance - A flameless cooking apparatus for use with liquid fuels and for indoor or outdoor use under field operations. The burner exhibits low CO and hydrocarbon emissions and meets standards for burner thermal efficiency when used with JP-8 fuel. The apparatus employs a catalytic burner having among its parts (i) a combustion catalyst; (ii) a conductive surface, e.g., cooking surface; and (iii) in between the catalyst and the conductive surface and in direct physical contact with both surfaces, a heat spreader for conductively transferring heat of combustion from the catalyst to the conductive surface. Also claimed are a method of heat flux and a method of cooking.07-07-2011
20110217441BARBECUE FIREBOX AND METHOD OF OPERATION - A barbecue cooking apparatus is provided. The barbecue cooking apparatus includes a firebox comprising a housing having solid walls. A charcoal tray is disposed within the housing, and one or more vents are disposed in the housing above the charcoal tray. One or more vents are disposed in the charcoal tray. An upper interior chamber within the housing above the charcoal tray is configured to hold wood and charcoal. A lower interior chamber within the housing below the charcoal tray is configured to provide a volume for the collection of wood ash. A duct is attached to the housing and forms a passageway from the lower interior chamber for heated air and wood smoke.09-08-2011
20080268121Barbecue firebox and method of operation - A barbecue cooking apparatus is provided. The barbecue cooking apparatus includes a firebox comprising a housing having solid walls. A charcoal tray is disposed within the housing, and one or more vents are disposed in the housing above the charcoal tray. One or more vents are disposed in the charcoal tray. An upper interior chamber within the housing above the charcoal tray is configured to hold wood and charcoal. A lower interior chamber within the housing below the charcoal tray is configured to provide a volume for the collection of wood ash. A duct is attached to the housing and forms a passageway from the lower interior chamber for heated air and wood smoke.10-30-2008
20120034362Food Preparation Method - A cooking apparatus includes a spatula assembly and a cooking container comprising an upper access opening and an inner, cooking surface having a spherical surface portion. The spatula assembly includes a spatula driver and a curved spatula pivotally mounted to the cooking container for moving along the cooking surface and about a pivot axis between first and second positions. The pivot axis passes through the center point of the spherical surface portion. The spatula assembly may be constructed so that at least one of the first and second positions is above the pivot axis. The curved spatula may also include a spatula body having an outer surface and a barrier member extending radially inwardly from the outer surface, the outer surface contacting the cooking surface of the cooking container.02-09-2012
20120034361Sous Vide Cooking Method - A sous vide cooking method for structured foods that may include solid, liquid and semi-solid components in a structured form, such as foods that are not homogeneous or are formed in layers. The method comprises the use of an unsealed inner container to hold the food in that structure and a sealable outer container from which air can be pumped. The inner container may be a serving container; the outer layer may be flexible, sealable food-grade plastic. Air is pumped from the outer container until it applies light pressure on the surface of the food in the inner container and then the food in the inner and outer containers is cooked in a preheated water bath until done.02-09-2012
20090087534Cooking apparatus - A cooking apparatus, as in a domestic fryer, includes a stacked shell, cooking pot and basket combination. A heater element extends into the cooking pot and has a generally horizontal portion suspended above the pot bottom and supported by a support platform as in a volume reduction step-in region in the cooking pot and/or a removable basket support platform. The pot holds sufficient cooking fluid to provide for deep frying large food items as in a whole turkey (e.g., 3.63 Kg to 8.16 Kg). An embodiment includes a drain spigot with adjustable drain spigot cover assembly. The heating device includes a combination control unit and heating element that is releasably supported by the shell with a fail-safe electrical disconnect connection. The basket support platform and one or more temperature sensors are connected to the heating element and thus removable as well. The cooking pot has an edge recess for receipt of the heating element and for pot drainage.04-02-2009
20120107476COOKING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF ASSEMBLY AND USING - Cooking apparatus having a shell structure with a reception cavity and a base bottom. The base bottom includes an essentially solid funnel wall extending down and in toward a lower fluid outlet. A leg support assembly is secured to the shell structure and a holder device is positioned within a reception cavity of the shell structure. The holder device has an upper portion secured to the shell structure and a lower catch support portion. The food holder defines a food reception recess and a food holder base bottom. The food holder base bottom has an essentially solid, sloped wall extending down and in from a lower end portion of said main body portion. The food holder is supported in a state of suspension by the catch device and is configured with a lower portion that extends below the lower catch support portion and above an underlying region of the shell base bottom. A heating device extends into heat transfer proximity to the food holder.05-03-2012
20100124596Insulated cover and method for cooking pizza and similar food items on a home gas or charcoal grill - An insulated cover and method that makes it possible to create a thermal environment on a home gas or charcoal grill similar to that produced by a wood fired brick oven or commercial pizza oven. The cover is made from a high temperature resistant, thermal insulation material that is encapsulated (sandwiched) between thin metal sheet or metal foil skins. The insulated cover covers both a food support surface that has been placed on the grill's grate directly over the grill's heat source and the remainder of grills grate area that is suspended directly above the grills heat source that is not already covered by the food support surface. The food items are cooked from below by the thermal energy stored in the food support surface, and from above by the thermal energy contained within the low volume zone created by the insulated cover resulting in uniform, fast, even and energy efficient cooking of food items like pizza.05-20-2010
20080206420Air Fryer - An accelerated cooking air fryer is disclosed comprising a cavity, controller, thermal heating source, blower assembly, gas directing means and a vent assembly. Hot gas is circulated by the blower motor assembly into the air fryer cavity where the hot air is directed in a manner wherein a conflicting, colliding turbulent gas flow is directed at a food product providing for the accelerated cooking of the food product.08-28-2008
20090104329Method for heating a meal and cooking appliance which is mounted in an elevated manner - A method for heating a meal in a closed cooking appliance which is mounted in an elevated manner. Said elevated cooking appliance comprises at least one muffle which comprises a muffle opening and which defines a cooking area, a base door which closes the muffle opening and a ceramic hob which is arranged in the base door. Said method comprises the following steps: (a) at least one meal is placed on the ceramic hob, without cooking utensils, when the cooking appliance, which is mounted in an elevated manner, is in the open state, (b) the elevated cooking appliance is closed and (c) the at least one meal is heated at least by contact heat from the heated ceramic hob when the elevated cooking appliance is in the closed state.04-23-2009
20080241328PASSIVE HEATER - A passive heater including a carriage actuatable to move along a cooking surface and a cover. In one exemplary embodiment, the carriage may be positioned on a guide bar to direct movement of the carriage along the cooking surface. The cover may be connected to the carriage and positionable near the cooking surface. Advantageously, positioning the cover near the cooking surface provides for the retention of nearby heat. Thus, the top surface of a food item cooking on the cooking surface may be heated by placing the cover over the food item. In another exemplary embodiment, the cover has a lifted position and a lowered position. By moving the cover from the lifted position to the lowered position, the cover may contact the cooking surface to surround food cooking thereon. In another exemplary embodiment, the lowered positioned may be spaced upwardly from the cooking surface, allowing the cover to cap food thereon.10-02-2008
20080233258Method of producing cooked rice by intermittent heating - A method of producing cooked rice is disclosed, by which taste and mouthfeel, as well as the aging resistance, of the cooked rice are improved. In this method, process of cooking rice is carried out intermittently in a plurality of steps, interposing one or more cooling steps during the cooking process. In each cooling step, the rice is not heated. Each cooling step is carried out for 1 to 10 minutes at an inner temperature lower than the inner temperature during heating by 0.1 to 10° C. After the final cooling step, the final heating step is carried out to finish the rice-cooking process.09-25-2008
20080286429DEVICE AND METHOD FOR THE HEATING OF FOOD - The invention relates to a device for heating food comprising a frame, a pan or basket having an opening into which the food to be heated can be placed, which pan or basket can be coupled to the frame by means of coupling means and in which the frame comprises a heating element and a fan for circulating heated air in the pan or basket, and a drive for rotating the pan or basket about a non-vertical rotation axis during the heating of food in a heating position of the frame. The frame is designed such that the pan or basket can be coupled to the frame while the pan or basket is on a supporting surface with its opening directed upwards. The invention also comprises a method for heating food.11-20-2008
20080311264Grill plate - A grill plate includes a plurality of bars having a predetermined width, thickness and length that are arranged substantially parallel relative to each other with adjacent bars being secured relative to each other. A predetermined narrow spacing is provided between adjacent bars. The plurality of bars provide a substantially flat surface formed by the predetermined width of the plurality of bars secured adjacent to each other and the predetermined narrow spacing therebetween. The substantially flat surface enables a food product to be cooked thereon with the predetermined space permitting a draining of any residue from the food product as the food product is cooked.12-18-2008
20110206818Solar Oven and Method of Solar Cooking - An improved solar oven with the ability to overcome recognized prior art limitations, such as temperature variation during prolonged cloudy periods is described. The solar oven according to the invention utilizes an enclosure similar to a box type oven and a thermosiphon (alt. thermosyphon) device to generate and maintain heat sufficient to cook food. The invention also encompasses a method of solar cooking utilizing an enclosure similar to a box type oven and a thermosiphon device.08-25-2011
20120070556DUTCH OVEN COOK STATION APPARATUS AND METHOD - A fire pan provides a table-top or ground-supported pan or tray to hold a source of heat such as charcoal, burning wood, gas burner, and so forth. The pan places the heat source away from a surface, thus not damaging lawns, tabletops, parking lots, sidewalks, or other supporting surfaces. The pan may support one or more Dutch ovens, thus providing a “fire pit” of modest size, foldable into a very small envelope. Handles are extendible away from the pan for handling or moving, even when hot coals are present. The legs below are curved to fold up along the contour of the bottom surface of the pan.03-22-2012
20090081347INDUCTION COOKING STRUCTURE AND SYSTEM AND METHOD OF USING THE SAME - In summary, the invention is a method of producing an edible food product. The method includes the step of forming a vessel core with a first material having a first level of susceptibility to heating by induction. The method also includes the step of casting an apron of a second material with a second level of susceptibility to heating by induction lower than said first level around at least a first portion the vessel core in an in situ casting process to form a clad cooking vessel having a cooking surface. An uncooked food product is then disposed on the cooking surface of the clad cooking vessel and heated to produce the edible food product by subjecting the vessel core to a magnetic field.03-26-2009
20090117245METHOD FOR COOKING IN AN OVEN AND DEVICE FOR CARRYING OUT SAID METHOD - The invention provides a method of cooking an intermediate preparation for preparing a cooked dish in an oven, the method being characterized in that it is implemented by placing said intermediate preparation under a device (05-07-2009
20100003387AIR CIRCULATOR FOR AN OVEN - An air circulator and an oven including such an air circulator. Ducting has an inlet located toward an upper end of a cooking chamber of the oven and an outlet proximate the lower portion of the chamber. An air mover can move air in the chamber though a fluid passage defined in the ducting from the upper portion of the chamber to the lower portion.01-07-2010
20100015313Smart Sensing Oven - Smart oven allows contactless detection of surface temperature of an item being heated. The temperature of the heated object can be maintained at the specified temperature for a specified time. The program for cooking can be read automatically from a package from the food, e.g, from a bar code on the package. When the preheating or cooking is finished, a text message can be sent to a user.01-21-2010
20120196017FOOD PREPARATION APPARATUS AND METHOD - A cooking apparatus and method provide for relative movement between a first support member for food items and at least one stop member and/or relative movement between a first support member for food items and a second support member for food items. Relative lateral movement between a first support member and a stop member facilitates rolling movement of rollable food items. Relative up-and-down movement between first and second support members facilitates alternating support and attendant positioning of food items.08-02-2012
20100260910Simplified Device to Quickly Cook Food - A device to bake farinaceous foods such as cakes, cookies, breads, pies, and pizzas more rapidly and flavorfully, with retention of desire food textures and reduced risk of burning by the use of intermittent application of radiant energy. The preferred embodiment rotates farinaceous ingredients in front of a radiant heat source. The preferred embodiment may control oven temperatures by regulating the amount of outside cool air fan forced into the oven cavity.10-14-2010
20120244270APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR REHEATING WEDGE SHAPED FOOD PRODUCTS, SUCH AS ONE OR MORE PIZZA SLICES - Apparatus for heating a wedge-shaped food product, such as one or more slices of pizza, includes an assembly and a handle mechanically connected with the assembly. The assembly includes a first arm including a side wall and a floor, and a second arm including a side wall and a floor. The second arm is pivotably connected with the first arm such that the wedge-shaped food product can be held between the first arm and the second arm with the wedge-shaped food product being supported by the floors of the first and second arms and abutting the side walls of the first and second arms. Additional supports may be provided between the arms. The handle may be removeably connected with the assembly, for example, via a riser.09-27-2012
20130216675PLIABLE SUPPORT FOR A FOOD PRODUCT OR PREPARATION IN A ROASTING PAN - A support for providing a stable resting place for a food product being cooked in a roasting pan. The support has a pliable spine and a plurality of heat resistant elements that extend outwardly from the spine. The spine has a core member, such as a wire, that enables it to be manipulated by a user into a variety of shapes so as to be adaptable to support foods having different shapes and sizes. The spine and heat resistant elements can be molded of silicone with the core member molded therewithin. The heat resistant elements may be formed in a variety of shapes, and can be molded into various decorative shapes such as leaves, and as illustrated herein, give the appearance of a laurel.08-22-2013
20100239736MULTI-EDGE BAKING PAN - The present invention is directed to a baking pan for baking brownies or other foods in which substantially each side of the baked good has a crisp edge, the pan comprising a bottom surface, a plurality of sidewalls comprising a plurality of sidewall segments, a plurality of towers joined to said bottom surface and rising therefrom and not touching any of the sidewalls, and a single baking cavity formed by the bottom surface, the plurality of sidewalls and the plurality of towers, wherein said towers and sidewalls define a plurality of baking compartments and a plurality of passages connecting said baking compartments. The present invention further relates to a method of baking brownies comprising providing the pan of the present invention, depositing a batter or food product into said baking cavity, baking the batter or food product, and forming a food item with crisp edges.09-23-2010
20100255169PACKAGE HEATING APPARATUS AND CHEMICAL COMPOSITION - A heating device is provided comprising a heating chamber for receiving and storing a substance to be heated having at least two walls, a reaction chamber affixed to a wall of the heating chamber, a solid-state modified thermite reaction composition located within the reaction chamber and an actuatable trigger mechanism affixed to the reaction chamber such that the trigger mechanism is in contact with the reaction composition. According to another aspect, a heating device is provided comprising a heating chamber defining an interior space for receiving and storing a substance to be heated, a reaction chamber, a solid-state modified thermite reaction composition disposed within the reaction chamber such that it is physically isolated from and in thermal communication with the interior space of the heating chamber and an activator mechanism affixed to either reaction chamber or heating chamber such that the activator mechanism is in communication with the reaction composition.10-07-2010
20090087535METHOD OF COOKING HOLLOW FOOD ITEMS - A cooking method for cooking a hollow food item with a wall having an exterior surface and an interior surface defining an interior volume, a plurality of skewers supporting the food item be piercing the wall through a stem side of the food item. The skewers maintaining the orientation of the food item with the stem side facing down and maintaining a minimum volume of the interior chamber to facilitate the accumulation of steam within the interior chamber.04-02-2009
20110177222Automated dual cooking surface grill and method - A dual-sided cooking device is provided that determines whether the upper and lower cooking platens are substantially parallel to each other when in a cooking position. In addition, the method and device in accordance with the invention are capable of identifying a type of food item placed on a lower cooking platen of a two-sided cooking grill.07-21-2011
20110236549Portable Cooking Device - A portable cooking device suitable for baking foods such as pizza. The device can include a base with a cover, a fan mounted circulate air within the device, and a thermoelectric device for powering the fan.09-29-2011
20100297321Barbecue Grill with Variably Positioned Food Basket - A barbecue grill provides a top cooking level and a central cooking zone located below the top cooking level. Lateral heat panels warm the central cooking zone. A food basket is configured to be opened and loaded with foodstuff when in an approximately horizontal position at the top cooking level. An elevator mechanism lowers the filled food basket into the central cooking zone while converting the food basket to an approximately vertical position. The food cooks while the basket is vertical. The elevator mechanism raises the basket of cooked food to the top cooking level while converting the food basket to approximately horizontal position. A user-operated control selectively actuates the elevator mechanism to move the food basket in either direction.11-25-2010
20110008507Lighter fluid compositions with n-butanol and biodiesel - An improved, environmentally friendly lighter fluid composition made from renewable resources is described that includes n-butanol and biodiesel. This lighter fluid has reduced VOCs compared to a petroleum-based lighter fluid. The fuel sources such as charcoal ignited with the lighter fluid composition maintain desirable temperature profiles. Food cooked using the lighter fluid composition as the ignition source have improved taste characteristics due to reduced VOCs. Methods of using the lighter fluid compositions are also described.01-13-2011
20110045154INCLUSIVE SINGLE-USE HEATING DEVICE - The invention comprises a fuel package comprising a vessel, a fuel, a combustion-restricting choke plate and a sealed lidding.02-24-2011
20100015314Surface For A Food Preparation Device - A novel dense PTFE article in the form of a surface for a food preparation device is described in one embodiment, the surface being fabricated from a sheet of PTFE with a thermal resistance of 1.3° C. in01-21-2010
20110151087PORTABLE AND COMPACT GRILL APPARATUS - A portable and compact grill apparatus can be implemented in the form of free standing portable propane fueled cooking device, which utilizes one or more legs (e.g., four legs) to support the cooking surface. The device permits a standard propane tank to fit between the legs and directly under the cooking surface. The design permits one of the legs to be removed (by rotating it away from the center) to accommodate the exchange of the propane unit (required for refill of fuel). This design creates a very compact unit due to the fact that the fuel tank, burner and cooking surface all fit in a vertical column thus requiring minimal space.06-23-2011
20110256289Coffee Machine - The invention relates to a coffee machine comprising a boiler (10-20-2011
20090311400FOOD RACK - A food rack including a frame having a plurality of food supporting members mounted rotatably within the frame. At least one end of the food supporting members are detachable from the frame to allow the food supporting members to be passed through the food items. When food items are supported on the food supporting members and the frame is placed over a cooking surface, each of the food items contacts the cooking surface and movement of the frame parallel to the cooking surface causes rotation of the food supporting members.12-17-2009
20080280000Method for Conducting at Least One Cooking Process - The invention concerns a method for conducting at least one cooking process in a cooking chamber of a cooking appliance based on a multiple number of parameters that can be entered through an input device of the cooking appliance, whereby, based on the parameters, at least one cooking product and/or cooking program and at least one starting and/or ending time of the cooking of at least one cooking product and/or for at least one cooking program and at least one cooking parameter can be selected, whereby, in dependence of the selection of the starting time and/or ending time in the selection of a multiple number of cooking products and/or cooking programs, an output device indicates when which cooking product is to be loaded into the cooking chamber and to be removed from the cooking chamber and/or, based on at least one parameter, that determines at least one cooking parameter, each cooking process is optimized with regard to the energy consumed by the cooking appliance, the required time and/or the weight loss of each cooking product and/or, in the case of a multiple number cooking products and or cooking programs, the sequence of cooking of the cooking products and/or of the cooking programs; and a cooking appliance for performing this method.11-13-2008
20110052774METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AN AIR INLET IN A COOKING DEVICE - A cooking device includes a housing having an opening, an airflow device that draws air into the housing through the opening, a filter that is removably connected to the housing to cover the opening, and a controller that controls an amount of the air drawn into the housing based upon a presence of the filter covering the opening or an absence of the filter covering the opening.03-03-2011
20100323077FOOD SUBSTANCE FLIPPING SYSTEM, METHOD AND APPARATUS - A food substance flipping apparatus including a handle support member fixedly attached to a handle of the flipping apparatus and an outer support member coupled to the handle support member disposable to engage the food substance.12-23-2010
20090196970System and Device for Grilling Foods - A system of modular, interlocking, raised-rail grate panels and a complementarily-shaped basin for supporting and peripherally-containing the base of the grate panels while continuing to allow the passage of gasses lengthwise between the raised rails and the passage of gases and liquids through the base of the grate panels, such that delivery of searing and reflective heat to a cooking food is facilitated, wherein the grate panels and basin are coated with an abrasion-resistant, high-temperature, easy-to-clean, non-stick coating for ease of use, and wherein accessory features such as integrated, stylized food branding irons and raised-rail adaptive cooking tools are optionally provided.08-06-2009
20100021605Method for cooking and cooling food products and installation for carrying out said method - A method and system for processing food products in a vessel includes the steps of introducing intermediate temperature water from a first reservoir into the vessel, circulating the water and emptying it back into the first reservoir. Next, hot water from a second reservoir fills the vessel, is regulated by circulation between the second reservoir and the vessel, and is emptied back into the second reservoir. Intermediate temperature water from the first reservoir is then reintroduced into the vessel, circulated and emptied. Then, chilled water or brine from a third reservoir fills the vessel, is regulated by circulation between the third reservoir and the vessel, and is emptied back into the third reservoir.01-28-2010
20090181146MULTI-STAGE COOKING SYSTEM USING RADIANT, CONVECTION, AND MAGNETIC INDUCTION HEATING, AND HAVING A COMPRESSED AIR HEAT GUIDE - A cooking system for cooking foods using a combination of magnetic induction, convection and radiant heat, including a magnetic induction stage proximate the inlet end of a cooking chamber in which food is cooked by convention and radiant heating. A conveyor system, either continuous or configured in stages, passes food from the magnetic induction heating stage to and through the radiant and convention heating stages.07-16-2009
20100260909BAKING APPARATUS - A baking apparatus includes a sleeve having a base, a sidewall, and a lip. The sidewall protrudes upwardly from said base. The lip is positioned on an opposite end of the sidewall from the base. The sidewall establishes a cutout. The base, the sidewall and the cutout define a reservoir.10-14-2010
20110305810COOKING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF COOKING - An apparatus and method for cooking food, such as meat, protein, vegetable, or soup is disclosed. In one embodiment, the food items are supplied in a flexible polymer package that can withstand the temperature needed to cook the item. The cooking apparatus has two cooking surfaces in the form of heated platens, which may be arranged in a vertical orientation. These platens come together to simultaneously contact both sides of the food item. The cooking apparatus further includes a controller, configured to prepare the food using various control system algorithms. The apparatus cooks the food item from both sides to affect rapid and even cooking. It uses a combination of temperature, time, food thickness, platen force and a cooking code that is unique for each food type. The control system algorithm uses some or all of these parameters to determine precisely when the food item is cooked correctly.12-15-2011
20120040067SEQUENTIAL COOKING UTENSIL, A CORRESPONDING SYSTEM, AND A CORRESPONDING METHOD - The invention relates to an utensil (02-16-2012
20080220138Process and Equipment to Deactivate Grains - The aim of this patent is a basically cylindrical vertical body where the displacement of grains occurs through gravity.09-11-2008
20080220137Skewer holder - A holder for shish kabob skewers having a body and a plurality of bores in one side thereof sized and shaped to simultaneously receive at least two spaced skewers. Each holder also having a knob for grasping and rotating the holder. Preferably, a heat shield at least partially surrounds the grasping knob. The bores being have separate regions adapted to receive skewers of different sizes. The holders being constructed of a low heat retention material, especially silicone to facilitate direct pick up from a grill by a user.09-11-2008
20120308702AUTOMATED PIZZA PREPARATION AND VENDING SYSTEM - Automated apparatus for preparing pizza, and method of operating same. A customer selects a type of pizza, such as toppings or crust style. The apparatus slices and defrosts dough, applies cheese, slices and applies toppings, and cooks the pizza to order. The cooked pizza is packaged for delivery to the customer and may include a separate cutting apparatus. Proper temperature of hot and cold sections is maintained while ingredients are stored and as the pizza is cooked. The process is monitored and controlled by one or more processors.12-06-2012
20120064215Portable towable stove for outdoor use - A portable stove for outdoor enthusiasts has, in one embodiment, a tow bar (03-15-2012
20120114822OVEN FOR HEAT-TREATING FOOD PIECES - An oven serves for heat-treating food pieces laid upon a grid in a cabinet by a heat source. The grid has an upper part of an endless chain running around a number of chain supports of which a lower and upper support defines a lower and upper end of the upper chain part. Portions of food pieces such as French fries can be quickly and easily heat-treated in rapid succession in this oven in a simple and economical manner.05-10-2012
20120058234FOLDABLE COOKER - A device for food preparation. The device comprises: (a) a vertical support; (b) at least one arm characterized by a longitudinal axis. The arm is pivotally connected to the vertical support; (c) at least one cooker connected to of the arms, such that the plane of the at least one cooker is substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the arm. The device is characterized by two positions: (i) a FOLDED position; and, (ii) a horizontally OPERATIVE position; in the FOLDED position, the longitudinal axis of the arm is substantially parallel to the vertical support, and in the OPERATIVE position, the longitudinal axis of the arm is substantially perpendicular to the vertical support. The device is adapted to save space when the device is in the FOLDED position.03-08-2012
20120064216COOKING GRILL - A cooking grill uses infrared radiant top-down heat from burning a solid carbonaceous fuel to cook food. The cooking grill includes a grill body having sidewalls, a fuel rack disposed substantially horizontally within the grill body and adapted to hold a carbonaceous solid fuel, and a food rack disposed substantially horizontally within the grill body below the fuel rack. A method of grilling a food item includes placing the food item in a food rack and inserting the food rack into a grill body in a substantially horizontal orientation, placing a solid carbonaceous fuel in a food rack in a substantially horizontal position above the food rack in the grill body, igniting the solid carbonaceous fuel, and removing the food rack from the grill body when the food is cooked.03-15-2012
20120156350COOKING VESSEL - The invention provides an improved cooking vessel design that can be used to easily employ a combustible fuel to produce reliably cooked and acceptable food products, especially poultry and chicken products.06-21-2012
20120156348DEVICE AND METHOD FOR THERMALLY PROCESSING FOOD PRODUCTS - Device and method for thermally processing food products, comprising a receptacle which is intended to receive food products, a thermal processing bath downstream of the receptacle, the receptacle having a cross-section in the form of a chute, a supply of thermal processing water with the food products being moved into the receptacle by the water, and a sluice arranged downstream of the receptacle, the sluice having at least one open position which allows the thermal processing water and the food products moved by the thermal processing water to pass, and a closed position which retains the food products in thermal processing water, the thermal processing bath comprising a thermal processing water vessel which is arranged downstream of the sluice, and a member for timing the duration of the thermal processing operation, the timing member being provided with vanes, the sluice being synchronised with the timing member in the closed position when a vane is opposite the sluice and in an open position when the access to the thermal processing water vessel is free.06-21-2012
20120156349Grill - A grill configured to cook food placed above it. The grill comprising a base having an interior and containing a support for the food being cooked and gas jets for burning gas and generating heat to cook the food. The gas jets are directed downwards towards the interior of the base, thereby heating a bed of heat absorbent inert material. This material is heated by the gas jets and then radiates heat upwardly in the direction towards the support.06-21-2012
20110081471Cooking Apparatus - A cooking apparatus which includes a shell assembly having a cover assembly that has two cover parts that are pivotally connected to each other with one of the two pivotally connected to a shell body of the cooking apparatus such that the cover parts can be adjusted from a cooking pot cover position to a cooking pot access position where the cover parts are collapsed with opposing pot cover faces arranged in an over center location. The shell body includes a recessed section which is filled in with a heating device support structure as in a corner filling support structure that is frictionally mounted on a common base as that of the shell. A rectangular shaped cooking apparatus includes a corner filled in with the heating support tower and a spigot access cover at another corner along a common side as the support structure. Also a house shaped cooking pot with tapered side walls provide for cooking a whole turkey of 12 pounds or more with 2 gallons or less and also has its roof shaped wall region extending between the spigot access and heating device support structure locations. The cover includes an apertured, cantilever hand grip extension that extends over the heater support structure.04-07-2011
20120251698CAMP TAILGATE COOKING SYSTEMS - A portable cooking system comprises a grilling assembly including: a grill-housing with a rotatable lid and doors; a generator for generating electricity, the generator being removably couplable within confines of the grill-housing; a water container with water dispensed from the water container; a grill rack; a side burner; at least one convection fan located in the rotatable lid; a control panel useful to set temperature(s) and cooking times; a first removable sliding drawer, the first removable sliding drawer for catching and containing grease drippings; a second removable sliding drawer, the second removable sliding drawer for containing wood chips for flavoring food as it cooks; a pull-out table top useful for setting at least one cooking-related item; a spice rack shelf; an inner storage and utensil storage shelf; electrical outlets located on a back of the grill-housing; and wheels such that the grilling assembly is movable about a planar surface.10-04-2012
20090130281Chocolate and Method of Producing the Same - It is to provide a chocolate product having a delicate and higher-quality taste and further having improved both a fruit flavor and a nut flavor, and a method for producing the same.05-21-2009
20120164296COOKING UTENSIL SUPPORT DEVICE - A portable reconfigurable device for supporting an operable and closable cooking utensil such as a pie iron. The device is movable between a support position wherein an open pie iron may be supported thereon and a storage position wherein a portion of a closed pie iron is supported therein for storage and transport. Other devices and methods for transporting a pie iron are disclosed.06-28-2012
20120219688CONVEYOR OVEN AND METHOD FOR IMPROVING ENERGY EFFICIENCY - A conveyor oven that preheats air for a combustion burner. A heat exchanger extracts heat from a heated surface of the oven to preheat the air. In one embodiment, the heated surface is a surface of a door and/or of a wall, particularly, a side wall that includes either an inlet or an outlet for the conveyor oven.08-30-2012
20120076905METHOD FOR EFFECTUATING TEMPERATURE CONTROL IN ROLLER GRILLS - The present invention provides a method for effectuating temperature control in roller grill assembly. Some embodiments provide a roller grill assembly which provides enhanced measurement by utilizing temperature probes located in convective air streams generated in the roller tube. Certain embodiments also provide an improved method for maintaining of a food product temperature by utilizing an intermediate holding mode. Finally, certain embodiments provide improved current control by limiting the number of heating circuits of a food heater that may be simultaneously enabled such that the current draw does not exceed a maximum current draw.03-29-2012
20100021606METHOD AND AN APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING THE RESIDUAL TIME UNTIL A COOKING PROCESS OF A FOODSTUFF HAS BEEN FINISHED - The invention relates to a method for determining the residual time until a cooking process of a foodstuff (01-28-2010
20100009053MEAT TREATMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD - An offset barbeque smoker grille has an openable cover shaped as the elongated back portion of a quadruped and the products of combustion are applied to meat on said grille with the cover closed and at least one restrictor is included in said fourth flow path to hold smoke in contact with said meat wherein a meat treatment apparatus is used as a smoker. The cooking and smoking uses counter flow from the firebox near the head of the quadruped under the cooking and smoking chambers toward the rump of the quadruped and back over the top of the cooking chambers to provide even cooking.01-14-2010
20120328753NON ROTATING RACK OVEN - A cooking apparatus (12-27-2012
20130011537MULTI-SECTIONAL RICE COOKER - A rice cooker comprising several inner containers, wherein a set of cooking parameters for each inner container is independently selectable, thus, permitting the automatic and simultaneous preparation of different style, recipe or taste of rice in each of the plurality of the inner containers.01-10-2013
20130022727Solar Cooking Apparatus - The present invention relates to a solar cooking apparatus, comprising: a first solar reflector; a second solar reflector; a solar collection element; and a solar collection element holder, wherein the first solar reflector and the second solar reflector are concave, and opposably arranged and aligned with a solar collection element axis, each reflector having a range of motion on a plane perpendicular to the solar collection element axis, and focusing, radiation at the solar collection element, which rapidly heats when the first and/or second solar reflectors are in an opened position, the first and second solar reflectors protectably encase the solar collector when in a closed position. The solar cooking apparatus is adjustable and, in some embodiments, portable.01-24-2013
20080233257Cooking facilitator - A cooking facilitator which is preferably portable and well suited for use as both a timer and cooking process facilitator having particular usefulness with cooking objects which have a characteristic associated with establishing a cooking time such as the weight of a turkey in the case of deep frying a turkey or the thickness of a steak in deep frying the same. A gas flow timer for shutting off an overheated or unattended cooking system is also featured.09-25-2008
20130129892METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROCESSING FOOD PRODUCTS IN A VESSEL - A method and system for processing food products in a vessel includes the steps of introducing intermediate temperature water from a first reservoir into the vessel, circulating the water and emptying it back into the first reservoir. Next, hot water from a second reservoir fills the vessel, is regulated by circulation between the second reservoir and the vessel, and is emptied back into the second reservoir. Intermediate temperature water from the first reservoir is then reintroduced into the vessel, circulated and emptied. Then, chilled water or brine from a third reservoir fills the vessel, is regulated by circulation between the third reservoir and the vessel, and is emptied back into the third reservoir.05-23-2013
20110311701RIGID DURABLE NON-METALLIC RELEASE LAMINATE FOR OVEN COOKING AND OVEN CONTAINING SAME - A rigid, durable non-metallic release laminate for holding food products during baking, cooking, toasting and other processing is provided. By eliminating the use of metal, the laminate of the invention can be readily manufactured in a variety of shapes and forms. The laminate can be used in a wide variety of ovens, including without limitation a conventional baking oven, microwave oven, toaster oven, convection oven, or multi-technology oven.12-22-2011
20120027904COOKING APPLIANCE AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A cooking appliance includes a main body having an inner space, the main body defining an outer appearance, a cooktop part disposed on an upper end of the main body to heat a food or a container containing the food disposed on a top surface thereof, an oven part disposed under the cooktop part to cook the food received in the inner space, a manipulation panel including a manipulation part for manipulating operations of the cooktop part and the oven part, and a display part in which cooking by category according to a signal of the manipulation panel is displayed on an upper menu, a lower menu of the upper menu in which a first input signal of a user is inputted is displayed, and an operation of the lower menu in which a second input signal of the user is displayed.02-02-2012
20120040066Bottom Access Dollies For Conveyor Oven - A conveyor oven is provided, which has an oven housing having a frame with a top wall and side walls downwardly dependent from the top wall, and a substantially open bottom portion of the frame. A heat source heats the baking chamber in excess of 7000 F. An endless conveyor is used for continuous transport of foodstuffs through the baking chamber. The oven uses access dollies to insulatingly cover the bottom of the oven below the conveyor. These dollies can be unsealed and slidably removed to access the baking chamber without turning off the heat source or cooling the oven.02-16-2012
20130202761Method for Cooking Food in an Oven - A method for cooking food items in an oven is disclosed. A history of instant oven temperatures is initially obtained during a cook of a first food item. A salient representation of the oven temperature history is stored in a non-volatile memory. The salient representation includes multiple average oven temperatures, each selected to represent a summary of the instant oven temperatures at various specific time periods throughout the cook of the first food item. During a cook of a second food item that is substantially similar to the first cook item, the current cook settings are dynamically adjusted during the cook of the second food item based on the results of a comparison between the instant oven temperatures and the stored average oven temperatures in order to duplicate the result of the cook of the first item.08-08-2013

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