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Heating above ambient temperature

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426 - Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products

426665000 - PROCESSES

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426523000 Cooking, e.g., broiling, baking, etc. 92
426521000 Pasteurizing or sterilizing 22
20130034644IN-LINE HEATING PROCESS - A process for heating a pumpable food product comprising the steps of: a) providing a pumpable food product, b) transporting the pumpable food product through a continuous flow passage, c) heating the pumpable food product during at least part of the transporting of step b), characterised in that the flow rate of transportation during step b) comprises phases of acceleration and phases of deceleration, wherein the phases of acceleration and of deceleration periodically repeat.02-07-2013
20090110794Device and Method for Heating Food Products - The invention relates to a device for heating the outside of food particles, comprising a substantially cylindrical tube extending with a substantially horizontal axis, heating means for heating the tube on the outside, drive means for driving the tube in rotation about its axis, supply means for supplying food particles for heating to the interior of ̂ the tube in the vicinity of a first end of the tube, and discharge means for discharging the heated food particles from the second end of the tube. The invention is based on the product being heated briefly by contact heating in a rotating tube, being carried along by the rotating part and detaching from the wall at a point in time due to gravity in combination with the rotating movement, and thereby coming loose from the other part of the tangle of meat.04-30-2009
20080213449FOOD WARMING AND HOLDING DEVICE CONSTRUCTION AND METHOD - A device for heating food includes a housing and a plurality of heated shelves or trays supported on the housing. Each tray includes a heater and a temperature sensor. The heater is operable to heat the tray and the temperature sensor is capable of sensing the temperature of the tray. A controller is coupled to each heater and each temperature sensor, and the controller is configured to operate the heater as a function of the tray temperature.09-04-2008
20100278990CONSTRUCT WITH LOCATING FEATURE - A construct for heating a food product. The construct comprises a first centerline extending in a first direction and a second centerline extending in a second direction, wherein the first centerline is substantially perpendicular to the second centerline, a base, a pair of opposed platforms extending upwardly from the base. The pair of opposed platforms are separated by a recess extending in the second direction. The construct comprises at least one locating feature foldably connected to the construct and being located between the opposed platforms for locating a food product on one of the opposed platforms11-04-2010
20080292762METHOD FOR PRODUCING DRIED MICROBIAL CELLS - An inexpensive heat treatment method for producing dried microbial cells is provided, wherein the method does not result in lowering the quality of the microbial cells or causing pulverization. The method includes a step of heating microbial cells to between 200 to 450° C. for 1 to 30 seconds.11-27-2008
20120171343METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COOKING APPLIANCE HEATING ELEMENT AND CONTROL IDENTIFICATION - A method and apparatus are provided for determining which heating element on a cooking appliance is associated with a particular heating element control. More particularly, when a user of the appliance touches a control on the cooking appliance and/or comes in close proximity to such control, a visual identification of which heating element is associated with such control is provided. The visual identification can be e.g., a light that illuminates the associated heating element or a visible display that otherwise indicates the associated heating element.07-05-2012
20110256288Food Processing Vat With Zoned Temperature Control - A food processing vat is provided with a zoned heat transfer system that provides zoned temperature control to the vat. The zoned heat transfer system selectively transmits heat to or removes heat from different portions of a bottom wall and/or side wall(s) of the vat. A heat transfer fluid may be directed through the zoned heat transfer system along a flow path that is selected based on a target size and/or a target temperature of a batch of food product being processed in the vat.10-20-2011
20100323076Method For Reversing An Oxidized Off-Flavor From Milk - A method of reversing the formation of an oxidized off-flavor in milk that includes providing milk, and heating the milk to a temperature between approximately 70° C. and approximately 90° C. for a period of between approximately 25 seconds and approximately 60 seconds.12-23-2010
20090098267USE OF INORGANIC PHOSPHATE COMPOUNDS AS PALATABILITY ENHANCERS OF FLAVOURS GENERATED BY THERMAL REACTIONS IN WET PET FOODSTUFFS - The present invention concerns means and methods for obtaining an edible or drinkable wet pet foodstuff having enhanced palatability, by heating an edible or drinkable foodstuff preparation comprising: —at least one inorganic phosphate compound, preferably at least one inorganic pyrophosphate; and—at least one thermal reaction-generated flavour and/or aminoacid and reducing sugar precursors thereof.04-16-2009
20120251696METHOD OF USING A DROP-IN PASSIVE THERMAL INSERT FOR FOOD SERVICE COUNTERS - Passive temperature control is provided to vessels too tall to be stored in a shallow, temperature-controlled tray or basin by a vertically oriented thermally-conductive tube. In one embodiment, an insulative collar covers the tray and insulates portions of the tube that extend above the top of the tray. Optional heat sinking fins and air convection holes increase heat transfer between the tube and the tray.10-04-2012
20120213903Apparatus for modified heated air flow to floor holder - A food warming and cooking apparatus used over a burner of a range or similar heat source. The apparatus has a base section adapted to cover the heater and help contain heated air therein. A heat modifier having a plurality of emitters emits heated air into an intermediate section. A pot or other food holder is placed into a receiver during operation. One or more guides position the pot for even cooking. Hot air is emitted in a manner that induces good heat transfer at relatively lower temperatures than would be experienced by direct contact of a pot or other cooking implement to reduce the risk of sticking and scorching.08-23-2012
20120263847AUTOMATIC DISTRIBUTOR APPARATUS FOR HEATED FOOD PRODUCTS, SUCH AS PIZZAS OR OTHER PRODUCTS, AND AN OPERATING METHOD - An apparatus includes a chamber containing a plurality of food products, and a second chamber having a heater. In use, the apparatus: transfers the products individually from the collection chamber to the second chamber; displacing a lower heating device into an inactive position enabling nearing and distancing movement of the product with respect to the upper heating device; vertically translates the product, along a vertical axis, up to a heating position, defined in proximity of and below the active heating surface of the upper heating device; brings the lower heating device into an active position, facing upwards and located below the active surface of the upper heating device. The product interposed, and the upper heating device and the lower heating device heat the product, displacing the lower heating device into the inactive position, vertically translating the product, moving the product to a position outside the second chamber.10-18-2012
20120231138Field-Ready Oven - A field-ready oven has reinforced telescoped side walls that extend and hold a base, shelf, tray support and cover spaced apart. A low air intake and a semipermeable membrane deliver air and vapor fuel to catalyst pads on the shelf. Radiant heat from exothermic reaction is diffused over a bottom of a tray. Hot gas circulates around the diffuser and tray with a chimney effect before exhausting. A lid on the cover lifts for access to the tray. A fuel container in the oven forces fuel through a capillary restriction to limit fuel flow. A spring in the container is released to start fuel flow.09-13-2012
20130101721INDUCTION-BASED HEAT RETENTIVE SERVER - A heat retentive server includes a chamber defined between an upper shell and a lower shell that are connected to one another. An induction-heatable member is positioned in the chamber, and the induction-heatable member may be heated by electromagnetic induction to a first temperature that is greater than the heat deflection temperature of the upper shell. Buffering material is positioned in the chamber between the induction-heatable member and the upper shell, and the buffering material is adapted for providing predetermined conductive heat transfer from the induction-heatable member to the upper shell so that at least a portion of the upper shell is heated to a second temperature that is greater than the heat deflection temperature of the upper shell. The second temperature is less than the first temperature.04-25-2013
20130156920JUG WITH TEMPERATURE INDICATOR - A multi-purpose jug with temperature indicator, wherein the jug is formed from a material having high thermal conductivity, including a liquid crystal thermometer attached to a side of the jug, the thermometer being arranged to indicate temperatures of liquid within the jug from 35 degrees Celsius to greater than 65 degrees Celsius, wherein the liquid crystal thermometer is in the form of a label adhered to the external side of the jug and is sealed with a layer of resin covering the label.06-20-2013
20130189416Method, Apparatus and Mold for Producing a Confectionery Product - A method for producing a confectionery product from at least two pieces with at least one interface between the two pieces and including meltable material at least in parts of the interface, comprising the step of heating the interface during or after the two pieces have been brought into contact with each other. An apparatus for producing a confectionery product from two or more pieces comprising at least one heater in or downstream of a station where at least two pieces of the confectionery product are brought into contact with each other. A mold for the production of a confectionery product having at least two pieces has at least one component or portion heatable by induction heating. A heatable component, preferably a ferromagnetic component provided in the vicinity of a confectionery product, is used for partially heating the confectionery product, preferably by induction heating.07-25-2013
20120021109METHOD AND DEVICE FOR LEADING MEDIA THROUGH A TREATMENT SYSTEM FOR A LIQUID PRODUCT - A method and a device for leading media in a thermal treatment system for a liquid product where, determining the led-in volume of the expelling medium while a medium is being expelled from the treatment system and by setting the determined volume of the expelling medium in a ratio to a nominal capacity of the treatment system, the shutting off of a product pipe on the outlet side following a medium change on the inlet side can be accomplished independent in time of the performance of the medium change on the inlet side. This reduces product losses and permits the treatment of residual amounts remaining in the treatment system.01-26-2012
20120027903HEAT EXCHANGE APPARATUS AND METHOD - A heat exchange apparatus includes an outer shell defining a cavity and a volume-occupying member received within the cavity. The outer shell and the volume-occupying member cooperate to define a fluid-receiving volume therebetween. An opening in the outer shell defines a passageway for receiving a liquid to be heated therethrough. The opening includes a fastener for removably attaching to an open top of a container containing a liquid to be heated, wherein the liquid to be heated will flow from the container into the fluid-receiving volume when the apparatus is inverted and the liquid will flow back into the container when the bottle is returned to the upright position.02-02-2012

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