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Preparation of product which is dry in final form

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426 - Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products

426665000 - PROCESSES

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
426465000 Including heating or dehydration 35
426455000 Including treatment with aqueous material, e.g., hydration, etc. 20
426445000 Size increase by puffing, or pore forming of solid material by heating 12
426453000 Building up units from initially dry material, e.g., agglomerating, etc. 8
426444000 With temperature reduction 32 degrees F. or less 5
20110027439METHOD FOR FREEZING FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PRODUCE - The procedure consists of subjecting the product to osmosis in order to force the fruit perspiration until reducing its water content between 6 and 10%, or whether using the vacuum cooling (vacuum cooler) technique or through a dry air stream, after which said products are flashily frozen in a tunnel or closet with liquid nitrogen, carbonic anhydride or mechanical cooling depending on the product size and shape (whole, peeled or sliced), at a temperature below −40° C. The dry air can be supplied through a dehumidifier, or it can either be dried through a strong air cooling and then heating.02-03-2011
20100166929CONVEYOR BELT HAVING ROTATING DRIVE SHAFT - An apparatus and method for processing products by chilling or freezing includes a conveyor for conveying the products along a plane of travel; lifting means disposed for intermittent contact with the conveyor during processing; cam means rotatable for contacting and displacing the lifting means to contact and displace the conveyor from the plane of travel, thereby displacing the products on the conveyor to prevent the products from adhering to the conveyor and other of the products; and drive means operatively associated with the cam means to impart rotational movement to the cam means for intermittently contacting and displacing the lifting means.07-01-2010
20110081467METHOD AND DEVICE FOR ROASTING/COOLING BEAN - Operation of roasting machine is stabilized by controlling the flow rate or the temperature of cold air for cooling with high precision when roasted beans are cooled, and efficient roasting/cooling operation is attained at a low cost. In the roasting/cooling method of beans for quickly cooling roasted beans by circulating cold air for cooling while closing the cold air from the outdoor air, the cold air for cooling is cooled by cryogenic brine in a heat exchanger (04-07-2011
20080254180Low Temperature Extrusion Process and Device for Energy Optimized and Viscosity Adapted Micro-Structuring of Frozen Aerated Masses - The invention describes a low temperature extrusion process and a respective device for an energy-optimized and viscosity-adapted microstructuring of frozen aerated systems like ice cream. Therewith a very finely dispersed microstructure is reached under optimized balance of viscous friction based mechanical energy dissipation (1) and transfer of dissipation heat and additional phase transition (freezing) heat (2) to a refrigerant up to very high frozen water fraction at very low temperatures. With this new process and device aerated masses are continuously frozen and optimally micro-structured under minimized/optimized mechanical energy input. The microstructure of this-like treated masses supports on the one hand preferred rheological properties which lead to improved shaping, portioning and scooping properties, even at very low temperatures, and on the other hand leads to an improved shelf life (heat shock stability) and mouth feel (e.g. creaminess, melting behavior).10-16-2008
20080233255PROCESS FOR PRODUCING A FREEZER-TO-OVEN BAGEL - A process for making a freezer-to-oven bagel product is provided. The process comprises mixing at least flour, water, salt and yeast to form a bagel dough, dividing the bagel dough to form individual bagel units, proofing the bagel units for about 2 to about 4 hours in a proof box, preliminarily freezing the bagel units for about 10 to about 30 minutes in a freezer, and blast freezing the bagel units for about 20 to about 30 minutes in a blast freezer. The proof box has an internal temperature of from about 68° F. to about 75° F. and a relative humidity of from about 80% to about 100%, the freezer has an internal temperature of from about 0° F. to about −10° F., and the blast freezer has an internal temperature of from about −20° F. to about −30° F.09-25-2008
426451000 Alimentary paste, e.g., macaroni, spaghetti, noodles, etc. 5
20090011099METHOD FOR PRODUCING EXTRUDED NOODLES - Disclosed is a method for producing extruded noodles including mixing noodle materials; kneading the mixed noodle materials and mixing water into dough and gelatinizing the dough through a first extruder; cooling the gelatinized dough to a temperature of 40° C. or less; extruding strips of noodles from the gelatinized dough through a second extruder; cutting the extruded strips of noodles; putting a designated amount of the cut strips of noodles into a mold so as to mold the noodles; firstly drying the molded noodles at a temperature of 40˜70° C. under a relative humidity of 20% or more for 1˜20 minutes; and secondarily drying the firstly dried noodles at a temperature of 60˜100° C. for 30˜60 minutes. The dough is gelatinized through the first extruder without using a separate mixer, and then continuously passes through the second extruder without applying heat, thereby having an increased uniformity and allowing the extruded strips of noodles to be easily separated from each other. Further, since the drying of the noodles is divided into two steps, the extruded noodle producing method increases the disentangling property of final products of the extruded noodles in cooking, reduces the ingredient elution amount of the noodles, and prevents the generation of cracks of the noodles, thereby providing noodles, which have stability and convenience in circulation, storage, and cooking so as to be easily handled, and have excellent appearance and texture after cooking.01-08-2009
20080206419Process for Producing Konjac Product - A process for producing a konjac product, which is free from the smell characteristic to konjac, contains isoflavone, lecithin, saponin, vitamins B08-28-2008
20080241324Extrusion Apparatus and Method for Extruding High Protein Foodstuffs - There is described a twin-screw extruder in which there are provided a pair of die hole sets which are aligned with the extrusion paths from each screw. This arrangement allows all the extrusion path lengths from a plane perpendicular to the screw ends to the outer ends of the die holes to be substantially the same. Preferably two sets of cutter blades cut extrudate at the die hole outlets of each set. The blades are arranged on a pair of rotary assemblies, the axes of rotation of which are substantially coaxial with the axes of rotation of the extruder screws. Optionally a pressure chamber, capable of sustaining a pressure of less than ambient, is in gas tight communication with the outlet of the extruder to receive extrudate to enhance expansion of the extrudate.10-02-2008
20110129582METHOD FOR PRODUCING INSTANT NOODLES - The present invention provides a method for producing instant noodles having fresh noodle-like texture and flavor and having an excellent reconstitution property even if the noodles are thick. In the present invention, superheated steam flow is directly sprayed to raw noodle strings for 5 to 50 seconds such that a temperature of superheated steam to which surfaces of the noodle strings are exposed becomes 125 to 220° C., the noodle strings are supplied with moisture using water or hot water, the noodle strings are further steamed by directly spraying the superheated steam flow to the noodle strings for 5 to 50 seconds and/or steamed by using non-superheated steam, and the noodle strings are dried to produce the instant noodles.06-02-2011
20080220136Method for Producing Dried Foods to be Eaten After Cooked or Reconstituted with Hot Water, and Dried Noodles - To provide a method for manufacturing, etc., dried foods that can be cooked or reconstituted in hot water in a short time and have a good texture and a good unraveling property. [Solution Means] A dried food is manufactured by subjecting a to-be-processed object, obtained by shaping a prepared object of a raw material containing starchy matter to a predetermined shape, to at least: (1) a first step P09-11-2008
426452000 Cereal filament or filament composite 1
20110212237Production of Whole Grain Shredded Products - Shredded whole grain products, such as ready-to-eat cereals, and sweet and savory snacks, such as whole grain shredded corn chips are continuously produced by pelletizing agglomerates of cooked, tempered, whole cereal grain particles. Cooked whole grains, such as corn and other non-gluten or low-gluten containing grains have a tendency to become hard and rubbery after cooking during the cooling and tempering process. The pelletization results in the production of whole grain pellets having a soft, pliable texture, which are shreddable into continuous net-like sheets on a mass production basis. The pelletizing may be at a pressure of about 200 psig to about 600 psig, preferably from about 400 psig to about 500 psig. The pelletizing temperature may be controlled to provide a pellet temperature of about 80° F. to about 120° F., preferably from about 90° F. to about 110° F., upon exiting the pelletizer.09-01-2011
20100104717Gas-Effusing Compositions and Methods of Making and Using Same - Gas-effusing compositions, particularly, particulate compositions having pressurized gas held within open internal voids thereof, are provided as well as methods of making and using such compositions.04-29-2010
20110014341SOYBEAN VARIETY A1016502 - The invention relates to the soybean variety designated A1016502. Provided by the invention are the seeds, plants and derivatives of the soybean variety A1016502. Also provided by the invention are tissue cultures of the soybean variety A1016502 and the plants regenerated therefrom. Still further provided by the invention are methods for producing soybean plants by crossing the soybean variety A1016502 with itself or another soybean variety and plants produced by such methods.01-20-2011
20090148576Methods for Preparing Oat Bran Enriched in Beta-Glucan and Oat Products Prepared Therefrom - Dry milling methods for preparing oat products enriched in the content of β-glucan and methods for preparing foodstuffs incorporating such an enriched oat product especially ready-to-eat cereals are provided. Heat conditioned dehulled oats are dry milled to form a coarse whole non defatted oat flour and then, without a preceding removal of fat, dry fractionated into coarser bran and finer oat flour fractions at multiple stages. The coarse oat flour is first dry classified to separate or form a coarser fraction oat bran containing more concentrated β-glucan and a finer oat flour or starch containing or endosperm containing fraction. The oat bran is subjected to second and third rounds of milling and classification to form a high β-glucan content (>7-9%) oat bran and a low β-glucan content (3%) oat flour. The oat bran and oat flours can be used to prepare foodstuffs such as ready-to-eat cereals.06-11-2009
20090291176Granulated flavor and method for producing the same - The present invention provides a method for producing a granulated flavor, comprising: forcing a powdered flavor prepared from raw materials containing a flavor and a carrier to free-fall; conveying the powdered flavor with a horizontal screw to obtain a pressed powdered flavor; compacting the pressed powdered flavor with rollers to obtain a partially melted plated matter; cooling the plated matter; and grinding and granulating the cooled plated matter. According to the present invention, a granulated flavor is provided which releases flavor immediately when needed while the storage stability of the aroma is superior. The granulated flavor of the invention is less fragile and thus less likely to crumble upon transportation of the granulated flavor itself or of the food or beverage containing the granulated flavor. The granulated flavor as prepared above has a moisture content of 10% or less by weight and a hardness of 1 N/mm2-50 N/mm2.11-26-2009
20110223303RESISTANCE GENES - The present invention relates to polynucleotides encoding adult plant pathogen resistance proteins. Also provided are transgenic plants expressing these polynucleotides to enhance the resistance of the plants to pathogens.09-15-2011
20110250335PLANT FOR DRYING AND RIPENING FOOD PRODUCTS AND METHOD FOR TRANSFERRING SUCH PRODUCTS WITHIN SAID PLANT - A plant has a line to convey trays and a processing chamber under modified atmospheric conditions that has a regulating chamber with gates at an entrance and a regulating chamber (10-13-2011
20100203211GENETIC BASIS FOR IMPROVED MILLING PERFORMANCE - A method of selecting a grain or a grain-producing plant with improved millability by determining the relative amount of an isolated nucleic acid that is associated with or linked to improved millability to determine whether the grain or grain-producing plant has improved millability is provided therein. Typically, the grain or grain-producing plant is wheat. Also provided are genetic constructs, methods for the diagnosis of improved millability and methods for the production of grain or grain-producing plants with improved millability.08-12-2010
20080226784Corn mill having increased through production - An internal milling device for milling of corn or other grains and in particular for debranning corn kernels, or kernels or the like, and exposing or freeing germ in dry milling. The improvements include a modified internal milling rotor, modified screen sieve, additional and modified breaker bars, and an improved particle removal system.09-18-2008

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