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426 - Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
426425000 Extraction utilizing liquid as extracting medium 187
426392000 Packaging or treatment of packaged product 153
426520000 Heating above ambient temperature 132
426478000 Separating a starting material into plural different constituents 98
426443000 Preparation of product which is dry in final form 94
426506000 Treatment with aqueous material, e.g., hydration, etc. 73
426474000 Including gas-liquid contact 67
426512000 Molding, casting, or shaping 63
426496000 Treatment or preparation of farinaceous dough, batter, or pastry product, e.g., pie, etc. 44
426389000 Per se removal of food product from mold, container or receptacle 39
426383000 Applying indicia or ornamentation, or the treatment of article having indicia or ornamentation 39
426417000 Preparing or treating triglyceridic fat or oil, or processes of separating triglyceridic fat or oil from a starting material, e.g., rendering, etc. 38
426438000 Heat treatment of food material by contact with glyceridic fat or oil, e.g., potato chip frying, etc. 33
426519000 With mixing or agitating, e.g., homogenizing, etc. 29
426518000 With cutting, or mechanically subdividing solid material, e.g., slicing, comminuting, slitting, etc. 26
426418000 Storing solid material under controlled condition 24
426442000 Treatment of food material by addition of material other than water, air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen or inert gases, or mixtures thereof 22
426524000 Cooling, freezing, or treating cooled or frozen product, e.g., thawing, etc. 21
426422000 Treatment of liquid with nongaseous material other than water per se 20
426420000 Treating or preparing food material having nonedible feature in final product, e.g., interleaving, etc. 9
426386000 Separating volatile essence and combining the separated volatile essence with a food material 7
426416000 Combined 7
426384000 Freeze drying or freeze concentrating 6
426390000 Preparing or treating food having diverse utility 3
20100297317METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AN EDIBLE SERVING DISH MADE OF BAKED COOKIE - A method of making an edible serving dish made of baked cookie includes forming a dough into a disk; cooling the disk of dough so that the disk generally maintains its shape; placing the disk on a mold; and baking the disk and mold, so that some of the dough flows down the sides of the mold, thereby forming a bowl11-25-2010
20120040063Dual Pie Crust Bag, Kit and Method - A disposable bag used to make a lower and upper crusts for a circular pie. The bag is square or rectangular, and is sufficient in width and length to hold a pre-cooked, 11 inch circular or rectangular pie. The bag is made of disposable, FDA food approved plastic film with a top layer and a bottom layer that are registered and partially sealed along its perimeter edges. A section of the edges of the bag are detached thereby forming a large opening into the bag allows a pie pan to be easily inserted into the bag. Formed on the top layer is a centrally perforated line can be easily torn to allow the bag's top layer to be unfold so that the flat dough configuration used to make the upper crust may be easily removed and aligned over a pie. Imprinted on the outside surface of the top layer are one or two, centrally aligned pie pan crust templates that the user uses to make flat dough configurations with the proper diameters for the upper and lower crusts on a pie, respectively. Using the above bag, a method for manufacturing a pie is also disclosed.02-16-2012
20120294997Edible Baking Liner - An edible baking liner is formed from an edible paper made with large-granule vegetable starch. The liner may be baked with a baking product, and can be consumed without removing the liner from the baking product. The edible baking liner can replace the use of an inedible baking liner. In one aspect, a method of making an edible baking liner may include placing pieces of shredded edible paper into a recess of a mold, pressing an insert into the recess, and removing the formed edible baking liner from the mold.11-22-2012
20090181155Kebab machine carrier - A kebab machine (07-16-2009
20090092738USING FOOD SERVING TRAY ASSEMBLY HAVING DISPOSAL OPENING WITH DEEP SERVING WELLS - A food serving tray assembly includes a serving platter and a receptacle platter. The serving platter includes a disposal opening and serving wells for receiving food items. The receptacle platter and serving platter releasably couple to one another in a serving configuration and a transport configuration. An improvement includes the serving platter having an outer peripheral wall and a plurality of dividing walls defining and separating adjacent serving wells; and the serving platter being generally received within the outer peripheral wall of the receptacle platter with the bottom of the receptacle platter and the dividing walls of the serving platter collectively isolating the wells from one another when the food serving tray assembly is in the transport configuration.04-09-2009
20120288614METHOD OF TREATING SOLID AND SEMI-SOLID FOODS TO REDUCE MICROORGANISMS AND ENZYMES IN THE FOOD - A method of treating solid and semi-solid foods to reduce microorganisms and enzymes in the food including introducing solid or semi-solid food to a pressure vessel, exposing the food in the vessel to supercritical carbon dioxide to reduce the one or more microorganisms or enzymes, exhausting the supercritical carbon dioxide at a rate to maintain organoleptic integrity of the food.11-15-2012
20110287166Method and device for the continuous coating of cores by means of a dragee making apparatus - Disclosed is a method for continuously coating cores by means of a dragée-making apparatus (11-24-2011
20090169713APPLE SAVER - A device includes an upper portion, a lower portion including a flat bottom removably connected to a second connector. The upper portion is adapted to removably connect with a half of an apple.07-02-2009
20090297691Method of serving a drink to a person - A method of serving a drink to a person is disclosed. The method includes the steps of supplying the person with a drinking vessel having a closed bottom, an open top, and a sidewall extending between the bottom and the top. The drinking vessel is capable of holding a predetermined volume of liquid. The person is also supplied with a pre-packaged, flexible container of ice and air. The container has a volume of less than about 20 cubic inches. The method further includes supplying the person with a liquid which can be poured through the open top of the drinking vessel.12-03-2009
20100304005POURING SPOON FOR PRODUCING LAYERED BEVERAGES - A pouring spoon (12-02-2010
20110256303PROCESS FOR CROSSLINKING PROTEINS WITH DIHYDROXYACETONE - A process for cross-linking proteins, according to which the crosslinking agent is dihydroxyacetone and the proteins are chosen from proteins from animal tissues, from milk or from blood, such as in particular casein, gelatin or collagen; proteins from cereals, such as in particular maize, wheat or rice proteins; protein from high-protein plants, such as in particular pea, alfalfa, lupin, barley, millet or sorghum proteins; proteins from oleaginous plants, such as in particular soybean proteins, for instance soybean cakes, rapeseed or flax proteins, for instance rapeseed cakes, sunflower, groundnut or cotton proteins; and proteins from tubers, such as in particular from potato or manioc.10-20-2011
20080286438Container System for Successively Producing Multiple Servings of Reconstituted Liquid Product - A container system (11-20-2008
20120058248SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR REDUCING ALGAL BIOMASS - The invention relates to systems and methods for reducing algal biomass in eutrophic water, wherein organism that feed on algae are introduced into the eutrophic water and cultured in the eutrophic water, until the algal biomass is reduced or the organisms have reach desirable size. The body of eutrophic water can be restocked with juveniles after harvesting. The organisms can be fishes and/or shellfishes. The methods further comprising producing biofuel, specialty chemicals, nutraceuticals, food, and/or fish meal from the harvested fish.03-08-2012
20100209590Method and Apparatus for Material Handling for a Food Product Using High Pressure Pasteurization - A method and apparatus for high-pressure pasteurization utilizes a basket (08-19-2010
20120189759Method for Controlling Ground Meat Flow Rates - A method for continuously controlling the flow rate of a meat input stream for making a meat product is disclosed. A flow rate algorithm is provided that depends upon pump speed (RPM) for control of the flow rate. A correction factor provides further control of the system and is dependant upon loss in weight data when meat is not being added. When meat is being added and a new target flow rate is desired, a modified correction factor is calculated based upon a previous error factor and a new initial pump speed based on the new target flow rate. The modified correction factor is used to obtain an adjusted pump speed. The RPM of the pump motor is used as the main control of the flow rate, and the loss in weight data fine tunes this RPM parameter for finer control to better achieve a target flow rate.07-26-2012
20120321775APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR HOLDING A COOKIE - An apparatus and method for holding a cookie includes a handle and a holder configured to hold a cookie to be dipped in a beverage. The holder includes a pair of retainer panels and a generally C-shaped clip. The C-shaped clip separates the pair of retainer panels and is adapted to hold the cookie between the panels. The handle is gripped and the cookie inserted into the holder such that the C-shaped clip resiliently bends around at least a portion of the cookie. The cookie is held by the holder and may be dipped into a beverage, such as milk.12-20-2012
20130095225DUAL BLADDER SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TREATMENT AND REDUCTION OF MICROBIAL CONTENT IN FLUIDS BY MEANS OF HIGH PRESSURE - A system for treating edible fluids under high pressure to reduce microorganisms. The system comprises a high pressure housing having an interior chamber containing two parallel flexible bladders adapted to hold the fluid to be treated under high pressure within the confines of the chamber. A pressurizing fluid fills the interior chamber outside the bladders. When one bladder is filled the other bladder is collapsed. In operation pressure is exerted throughout the interior chamber by means of the pressurizing fluid for a period sufficient to reduce microorganisms in the fluid within the filled bladder. Pressure will be released and the collapsed bladder will then be filled with an edible fluid causing treated fluid to be removed from the first bladder due to expansion caused by the filling of the second bladder such that the first bladder is collapsed. The process can then be repeated.04-18-2013
20090061070METHOD AND COOKING APPLIANCE FOR COOKING ACCORDING TO THE C-VALUE - A method for the cooking of a cooking product in a cooking appliance with a cooking chamber that comprises at least one heating device, a computer device, a memory device and at least one sensor device, is carried out, in dependence on a degree of cooking of a cooking product and/or of a cooking duration, in particular determined by the core temperature, the browning, the pH value and/or the cooking value, from values measured by the sensor device with consideration of the at least occasionally deposited values in the memory device via the computer device, wherein at least two steps separated from one another in time, comprising a pre-cooking step, which is interrupted when a determined intermediate value of the degree of cooking and/or of the duration of cooking, in particular a determined remaining time for reaching the cooking duration is reached, and a finishing cooking step, in particular a finishing step that is recalled at a later time point in order to end the cooking of the cooking product with consideration of the intermediate value.03-05-2009

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