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426 - Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products

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426241000 Heating by electromagnetic wave 78
426238000 Involving wave energy of the sonic or pulsating type 48
426248000 Treatment with ultraviolet or visible light 23
426240000 Involving ionizing radiation, e.g., beta rays, X-rays, gamma rays, etc. 19
426244000 Involving dielectric heating or passage of electric current through food material 16
426239000 Movement of material by an applied electromotive force, e.g., electrodialysis, etc. 5
20100092628METHOD FOR SIMULTANEOUS CONCENTRATION AND RECTIFICATION OF GRAPE MUST USING NANOFILTRATION AND ELECTRODIALYSIS - The invention described herein relates to a process for the simultaneous concentration and rectification of grape must with the retention of the volatile aromas precursors. The process consists in the integration of nanofiltration in concentration/diafiltration modes, with electrodialysis. The nanofiltration membranes exhibit selective permeation controlled by steric hindrance mechanisms and/or electrostatic interactions.04-15-2010
20100310735BEVERAGE STERILISATION DEVICE - A beverage sterilisation device comprises a housing defining an inner space, and having a first and a second end. An electrically insulated fluid path-defining conduit extends through the inner space from the first end to the second end. A first electrode has a first part positioned adjacent to the fluid path and a second part extending perpendicular to the first part. A first counter electrode defines together with the first electrode a first capacitor, and a second electrode having a third part and a fourth part. The third part is positioned adjacent to the fluid path, and the fourth part extends substantially perpendicular to the third part. A second counter electrode defines together with the second electrode a second capacitor. The first counter electrode and the second counter electrode are short-circuited by an electrical connection, and a conductive device is electrically connected between the first electrode and the second electrode. A first trigger point is defined at the second part and remote from the first part, and a second trigger point is defined at the first counter electrode opposite to the first trigger point. The device further comprises an electrical activation circuit for short-circuiting the pair of trigger points and for causing an electric field to propagate from the first trigger point and along the fluid path.12-09-2010
20090142459PROCESS FOR DEMINERALIZING WHEY AND PRODUCT THEREFROM - A process has been found for demineralizing whey which results in usable by-product streams, comprising softening the whey, and then applying bipolar electrodialysis to the softened whey to recover valuable by-products and product streams, demineralized whey, dilute acid and dilute caustic.06-04-2009
20100189851COMPLETE FRACTIONATION WITH REVERSE OSMOSIS IN FOOD PROCESSING - A method for producing fruit or vegetable paste, fruit or vegetable juice concentrate, and similar food products by using Complete Fractionation with Reverse Osmosis.07-29-2010
20080254174Tea Extracts - A tea extract comprising tea solids derived from an aqueous infusion of tea plant material, said tea extract comprising magnesium, manganese, calcium and potassium ions in such amounts that the Euclidean Distance calculated using Formula (I) in which [Mg] is the concentration of magnesium ions in ppm, [Mn] is the concentration of manganese ions in ppm, [Ca] is the concentration of calcium ions in ppm and [K] is the concentration of potassium ions in ppm is less than 1.76.10-16-2008
426245000 Including step of shaping in mold to form final desired configuration 1
20120244262Method and Apparatus for Forming Unit Portions of Frozen Food Materials - A method and apparatus for forming pressed food products can utilize up to 98% chicken breast meat in high profit margin products. Breast meat is marinated and then extruded into a slab which is then frozen and shaped into a plank. The plank is sliced into unit portions which are then pressed into shaped portions with a preferred, or other, press. One preferred press linearly reciprocates unit portions into the press. This or another preferred press imparts three dimension exterior shape to the pressed food products.09-27-2012
20110177216MICROBIAL REDUCTION IN A PROCESSING STREAM OF A MILLED PRODUCT - A process for treating a milled product to reduce microbial activity at a high confidence level is disclosed. A sterile ready to eat milled product at a high confidence of sterility is also disclosed.07-21-2011
20120171339NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS HAVING IMPROVED QUALITY AND METHODS AND SYSTEMS REGARDING SAME - Nutritional formulas and methods for producing same are provided. In an embodiment, the present invention provides a nutritional composition produced in a process requiring a heating step, the composition comprising a reduced amount of undesirable reaction products formed from chemical reactions between proteins and carbohydrates during exposure to heat. For example, the composition can have a reduced amount of AGEs compared to similar products made by conventional heat treatment processes.07-05-2012
20100119668ANTI-OXIDATION FOOD PREPARATION DEVICE - An anti-oxidation food preparation device includes a food preparation vessel having an electrically conductive body and a separate power supplying base. The base generates high frequency AC power that is transferred by a primary coil to as secondary coil maintained by the vessel. A rectification circuit converts the high frequency AC power into a rippled, rectified AC current that is supplied to the electrically conductive body of the vessel so as to create a reducing environment of available electrons for absorption by the food as it is prepared.05-13-2010
20130164419Methods and Devices for Cleaning and Sterilization with Shock Waves - Shock waves are applied to clean and sterilize fluids in containers and conveyances. Shock waves destroy pathogens and pollutants in blood, water, food liquids and other fluids.06-27-2013
20100034936METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REDUCING PATHOGENS - A method and system is provided whereby pathogens in food are reduced by first sealing food in a package and then applying high hydrostatic pressure to the sealed package. The package is moved to a clean area having pathogen-reducing treatment such as a cleansing plasma. The food is removed from the sealed package and then transferred to a food processor such as a grinder or dicer having internal pathogen reducing treatment. The food may then be transferred to a patty maker having internal cleansing plasma. The food may then be transferred to a freezer or freeze dryer having internal cleansing plasma.02-11-2010
20110200720NOVEL CANOLA PROTEIN ISOLATE - A novel canola protein isolate consisting process predominantly of 2S canola protein and having equal to better solubility properties and improved clarity properties in aqueous media, has an increased proportion of 2S canola protein and a decreased proportion of 7S canola protein. The novel canola protein isolate is formed by isoelectric precipitation of aqueous supernatant from canola protein micelle formation and precipitation, to effect precipitation isoelectric precipitation isoelectric precipitation of 7S protein which is sedimented and removed.08-18-2011
20120107464SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING A FOOD PRODUCT WITH ADDITIVES - A food product includes a first extruded component, a second extruded component co-extruded over the first component, the second component comprising a meat component and an additive, and a casing provided over the second component, wherein the additive comprises at least one of a flavoring, a seasoning, and a coloring.05-03-2012
20090280223Produce Treatment Method - A method for storing fresh produce and comestible derivatives thereof while controlling the total viability count and/or surface pathogen count thereon comprises the step of shining light wavelengths selected from blue light, red light or a combination of red light and blue light onto the surface of the produce.11-12-2009
20120294993TREATMENT OF FOOD MUST WITH LOW ENERGY, SHORT PULSED ELECTRIC FIELD - An apparatus for treating food must, such as grape must, may include a food must chamber configured to apply an electric pulse to the food must in a manner that causes an electric field to be generated within the food must. A pulse generator may be configured to deliver an electric pulse to the chamber that has a pulse width of between 10 and 100 nanoseconds. The chamber and the pulse generator may be configured such that they cause the electric field that is generated within the food must to be at least 1 kV/cm.11-22-2012
20090017174Food product treatment using alkaline electrolyzed water - Treatment of food and agricultural products involves contacting the product by washing or otherwise with alkaline electrolyzed oxidizing water. Treatments include using brine solutions or marinades that include the alkaline electrolyzed oxidizing water therein.01-15-2009
20110070343Canola protein product from supernatant - A novel canola protein product consisting predominantly of 2S canola protein and having improved solubility properties, has an increased proportion of 2S canola protein and a decreased proportion of 7S canola protein, and a protein content of less than about 90 wt % (NĂ—6.25) d.b. The novel canola protein isolate is formed by heat treatment or isoelectric precipitation of aqueous supernatant from canola protein micelle formation and precipitation, to effect precipitation of 7S protein which is sedimented and removed.03-24-2011
20110020509USE OF MAGNETIC, IONIC LIQUIDS AS AN EXTRACTION AGENT - The invention relates to a method which uses magnetic ionic liquids for the liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, or liquid-gas extraction, wherein the partition of the phases occurs in a magnetic field.01-27-2011
20110256276FISH SAUCE SEASONING AND PREPARATION METHOD OF THE SAME - The present invention relates to a preparation method of fish sauce seasoning, the method comprising: (a) decolorizing and deodorizing a liquid fish sauce; (b) concentrating the fish sauce from the step (a) and crystallizing salts contained in the fish sauce; (c) separating the fish sauce concentrate (b) and the crystallized salts; and (d) repeating the (b) and (c) steps at least once, and to a fish sauce seasoning prepared by the method. The fish sauce seasoning of the present invention has a high total nitrogen content and is a natural seasoning material as chemical additives are neither contained in raw materials of the seasoning nor added during a processing thereof, and the seasoning's nicely salty and palatability makes it useful as a substitute material for MMG and nucleic acid that are classified as synthetic additives.10-20-2011
20110135794PROCESS FOR PRODUCING PRECISELY SHAPED GRAIN BASED PRODUCTS - A cooking system includes a main wheel having a first surface and a secondary wheel having a second surface. The second surface of the secondary wheel mates with the first surface of the main wheel at a nip to form and set a grain based material disposed between the first and second surfaces. The grain based material may be dried, toasted, baked, puffed, or blistered between first and second surfaces. The method begins by disposing a cooked or uncooked grain based material over the first surface. The second surface, which corresponds to the first surface is applied to the grain based material at the nip to form and set the grain based material between the first and second surfaces. At least one of the first and second surfaces is heated to heat the grain based material disposed between the first and second surfaces to produce a ready-to-eat grain based product.06-09-2011
20120207888Comestible Coating Delivery Method and Apparatus - The present invention relates to an improved apparatus and method for delivering a coating substance and to an improved apparatus for delivering a powder coating to glutinous products such as confectionary/bakery, gum and dough-like products in a manufacturing and/or packaging procedure. Chewing gum is typically produced by combining chewing gum components, extruding and subsequently rolling a gum composition into a uniform flat sheet of a desired thickness and width. During processing, the extruded material must pass through a series of rollers to produce the ultimate product. In a conventional process, a rolling compound or powdered non-stick agent may be applied to the sheet during processing to avoid fouling of the rollers by a tacky material. Present systems for the application of dusting are inefficient and lead to the loss of much powder. The present invention seeks to provide an improved system.08-16-2012
20080299271LIQUID FOODS AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - The invention is to provide a process for producing a liquid food, characterized by subjecting at least one of coffee, a milk composition, a food material (liquid) containing a component(s) having an antioxidation ability (radical-scavenging activity) and mixed liquids containing one(s) of them to an electrolysis treatment and/or a current passage treatment. Since the invention can prevent quality deterioration of coffee or milk composition over a long period of time without using additives and also improve safety, it is appropriate for producing canned coffee, milk-containing coffee or milk-containing tea drink to be sold in vending machines or can warmers. Further, since the invention can improve the antioxidation ability of foods, the resulting foods can suppress the in-vivo increase of active oxygen and free radicals, it greatly contributes to health.12-04-2008
20080233249Process for wine electrochemical evolution of wine under controlled potential and relevant reactor - The invention relates to a process for wine evolution by electrochemical way, with reduced treatment times and controlled selectivity. The process may be carried out at the anodic compartment of an electrochemical reactor subdivided by a semipermeable membrane on a valve metal anode, for instance a titanium anode, provided with catalytic coating containing platinum or other noble metal.09-25-2008
20080286423Electric Field Fluid Treatment Chamber - A fluid treatment chamber is provided for the deactivation of microorganisms in a fluid. The fluid treatment chamber comprises a housing and an electrode assembly. The housing comprises a fluid inlet for receiving fluid to be treated and a fluid outlet for allowing treated fluid to be retrieved. The electrode assembly is located within the housing and comprises at least two electrodes for generating an electric field there between. The electrodes have opposing convex electrode surface sections defining there between a biconcave treatment zone for treatment of the fluid by the most intense electric field generated by the electrode assembly. The treatment zone comprises a channel between the opposing convex electrode surface sections through which the fluid is to flow to receive treatment. The channel width tapers towards a vertical midsection of the channel due to the convex configuration of the opposing electrode surface sections.11-20-2008