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426 - Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products


426112000 - Having consumer oriented diverse utility

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426116000 Aerosol type 8
426117000 Baby bottle type 1
20110151069Infant or baby feeding systems - An infant feeding system comprising a sterile sealed laminated bag having a predetermined quantity of liquid infant food sealed therein, a compressed integral sterile teat sealed with the bag closure and or spout and a protective cap for the teat, the system being arranged such that the cap can be removed to enable the infant to feed from the sterile teat and food.06-23-2011
20110189354METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AN UPRIGHT FOOD HOLDER - The present invention discloses an apparatus and method for consuming a wrapped food item in a non-dining or informal dining environment. The method comprises placing the wrapped food item into an upright food holder, removing one or more portions of the upright food holder during a process of consuming the to wrapped food item, wherein the wrapped food item comprises a substantially cylindrical shape. In one embodiment, the upright food holder comprises a tapered cup designed such that portions of the tapered cup are removed during a process of consuming the wrapped food item. Methods for removing portions of the upright food holder comprise string, tape, and perforations. The wrapped food items may be burritos, wraps, shawarmas, gyros, falafels, and special shaped sandwiches.08-04-2011
20090191316RETRACTABLE CANDY HOLDER - The present invention is a holder for a confectionary product. The holder has two sections that enclose the confectionary product when in the closed position. The holder may be opened by sliding the two sections apart and then pivoting one of the sections relative to the other one hundred and eighty degrees to intermesh and thereby form a handle for holding the confectionary product during consumption by a user.07-30-2009
20100075001FOOD DISPENSING APPARATUS - A food dispensing apparatus comprises a first shell, at least one second shell disposed within the first shell, a nozzle coupled to the first shell and the at least one second shell, and a check valve disposed in the nozzle and coupled to the at least one second shell. The at least one second shell is suitable for containing a food component. The food dispensing apparatus is suitable for preventing air from entering the at least one second shell.03-25-2010
20100075000Combined Particulate Solid and Liquid Container and Method of Using Same - A combined particulate solid and liquid container includes a base for holding a particulate solid; and a top removably attached to the base. The top includes a reservoir for holding a liquid and has an opening defined by a lower part projecting downwardly from the reservoir. The top also includes a port door removably attached to the opening and having a thermally-conductive insert projecting upwardly from the port door and into the reservoir when the port door covers the opening.03-25-2010
20130078342COFFEE MAKER - Methods and apparatus for a coffer maker. A beverage preparation apparatus includes a coffee link chamber for receiving coffee grounds and water, a coffee receiving chamber for receiving prepared coffee, the heating source operative check heat for coffee brewing chamber, at least one biasing element formed of a shape memory materials, and at least one piston element couples to the biasing element, whereby when the coffee brewing chamber reaches a transition temperature of the shape memory material, a biasing element deforms, releasing a spring force urging the piston element into the coffee brewing chamber to decrease the volume and increase the pressure within the coffee brewing chamber, and forcing heated water through the coffee grounds through a filter and into a coffee collection container situated in the coffee receiving chamber.03-28-2013
20130078341Cartridge And Method For The Preparation Of Beverages - A cartridge contains a beverage ingredient which comprises liquid beverage ingredient and elongate particles of beverage ingredient. The cartridge comprises an inlet (03-28-2013
20130209622METHODS AND DEVICES FOR FORMING BEVERAGES FROM POWDERS WITH ENHANCED DISPERSIBILITY - A method and apparatus is provided for forming at least a portion of a beverage from a co-milled powdered composition. An amount of a co-milled powdered composition is combined with a fluid to produce at least a portion of a beverage. The co-milled powdered composition is obtained from co-milling together at least one powdered ingredient having a difficult to disperse or dissolve portion with one or more dispersion facilitator components to form a co-milled powder effective to enhance the dispersion or dissolving of the powder when forming a food or beverage.08-15-2013
20130209621BEVERAGE EXTRACTION FILTER - Disclosed is a beverage extraction filter that can extract in a plurality of extraction machine types. The beverage extraction filter comprises a filter unit (08-15-2013
20130209620IDENTIFICATION OF BEVERAGE INGREDIENT CONTAINING CAPSULES - A beverage ingredient capsule (08-15-2013
20130209619PORTION CAPSULE FOR PULVERULENT OR LIQUID BASIC DRINKS COMPOUNDS - Main claim: Cup-like portion capsule (08-15-2013
20130209618Multilayered Material And Containers And Method Of Making Same - A multilayered material and a container (such as a beverage capsule) formed of at least one multilayered material is provided. A method for making a beverage container is also provided. The multilayered material comprises a barrier layer formed of a material adapted for deterring one or more undesired elements from passing through the barrier layer and a sealing layer formed of a material adapted for forming a seal with another surface. The multilayered material or container also comprise a gasket layer or gasket strips formed of a material having a plurality of channels adapted for receiving at least a portion of the material for said sealing layer.08-15-2013
20120164284FOLDED DUAL SPLIT PACKAGE - The present invention provides a package assembly for enclosing and dispensing a plurality of consumable products. The package assembly includes a package housing defining a pair of product pockets each having an open end for removably accommodating a plurality of products in an aligned array. The open ends of the pockets are in facing orientation. The package housing includes a fold line between the open ends of the pocket for folding the housing thereat and placing the pockets in an angled orientation for dispensing of product. The housing further defines at least one openable flap for overlying and enclosing the pockets.06-28-2012
20130089642MODULAR FABRICATION SYSTEMS AND METHODS - The present invention relates to an article fabrication system having a plurality of material deposition tools containing one or more materials useful in fabricating the article, and a material deposition device having a tool interface for receiving one of the material deposition tools. A system controller is operably connected to the material deposition device to control operation of the material deposition device. Also disclosed is a method of fabricating an article using the system of the invention and a method of fabricating edible foodstuffs.04-11-2013
20090041911Methods for delivering transparent shelf-stable liquid drink concentrates - Disclosed is a method of making and delivering a composition beverage and nutritional components in a concentrated form. The method includes providing sweeteners, nutritional supplements, flavors, colors, thickening agents, acidifying agents or combinations thereof in a shelf stable format. The method also includes providing portable lightweight beverage mix or nutritional supplement. Additionally, the method includes providing clear and non-turbid beverage upon dilution in dilution media.02-12-2009
20090041909Salsa can cup top/bowl top - The SALSA CUP BOWL TOP design was created to provide salsa purchasing consumers an easy, accessible NEW “bowl” option when dipping tortilla chips/chips in a salsa jar. Once the jar is opened, the consumer is able to use my SALSA CUP BOWL TOP as a “bowl”, rather than looking for one to use in the kitchen. After top is used, it can be cleaned/rinsed and placed back on the chosen salsa jar. The SALSA CUP BOWL TOP is made of the same thin, durable aluminum material used for all salsa tops. The exception is that its concavity is needed to make the “bowl” functionality of the top and could either have a flat base (see top in FIG. 02-12-2009
20090011095PACKAGED COFFEE DRINK - A packaged coffee drink containing chlorogenic acid in high concentration and having excellent flavor and suppressed precipitation when stored for a prolonged time is provided. The heat-sterilized packaged coffee drink contains (A) monocaffeoylquinic acid, (B) ferulaquinic acid and (C) dicaffeoylquinic acid, the drink containing (i) a total of from 0.19 to 4% by mass of the components (A), (B) and (C) in a dissolved state, (ii) 80% by mass or more of water and (iii) from 0.005 to 0.028% by mass of a brown colorant in terms of edible yellow dye No. 4, wherein (iv) the mass ratio of magnesium/sodium is from 0.04 to 1, and (v) the mass ratio of quinic acid/brown colorant is from 0.5 to 30.01-08-2009
20120237643Flexible tubular package for edible product - A squeezable, flexible tubular package for an edible product is compartmented to simultaneously hold a first edible product in one compartment separate from a second edible product in another juxtaposed compartment. The package includes an elongated enclosure defined by a pair of transparent, flexible film strips bonded to one another around the periphery thereof by a liquid tight seal; and a membrane situated between the film strips, bonded to the periphery of the film strips by a liquid tight seal, partitioning the enclosure into a pair of juxtaposed, liquid tight compartments. An extrudable, edible product is separately contained in each of the compartments. Apparatus for continuously and successively forming, filling and sealing articulated arrays of such packaged products is also disclosed.09-20-2012
20130164416Cartridge And Method For The Preparation Of Beverages - A cartridge for use in a beverage preparation machine, the cartridge containing one or more beverage ingredients and being formed from substantially air- and water-impermeable materials, the cartridge comprising an inlet for the introduction of an aqueous medium into the cartridge and an outlet for discharge of a beverage produced from the one or more beverage ingredients, wherein the one or more beverage ingredients is a liquid chocolate ingredient.06-27-2013
20130129873PROCESS FOR FABRICATING LEAF TEA PRODUCTS - Disclosed is a process for manufacturing a fabricated leaf tea product. The process comprises the steps of: (i) providing a concentrated liquid tea composition; (ii) providing a base leaf tea; (iii) combining the concentrated liquid tea composition with the base leaf tea to form a tea mixture having a total soluble solids content of at least 50% by dry weight of the mixture; and (iv) drying the tea mixture. At least 20% by weight of the base leaf tea has a particle size of +16 mesh and/or the tea mixture is sorted according to particle size to yield a fraction wherein at least 20% by weight of the fraction has a particle size of +16 mesh; and the time between forming the tea mixture (step iii) and drying (step iv) is at least 5 minutes.05-23-2013
20090098258DISPOSABLE BUTTER DISH - The invention includes a disposable container with a lid and a base. The base includes an amount of seal-forming liquid, such as water. The lid includes a butter reservoir and cooperates with the base to enclose the butter reservoir and the water. The water and the butter reservoir form a seal to keep butter in the butter reservoir fresh at room temperature.04-16-2009
20110300270COOKING DEVICE AND METHOD OF MEAL PREPARATION - A pre-loadable cartridge for retaining and dispensing of ingredients of a meal to be subsequently cooked, the cartridge including an ingredient separating portion of at least two compartments, one for solid ingredient and one for liquid ingredient. Also includes is a base portion that together with the ingredient separating portion defines a receptacle for retaining said ingredients in each compartment. The ingredient separating portion and base portion are moveable relative to each other. Each compartment includes a first aperture, and the base portion includes at least one second aperture, such that in use, the ingredient separating portion is able to be moved relative to the base portion to allow the first aperture of each compartment to be moved into operable communication with at least one second aperture to provide an outlet passage for ingredient in each compartment from the cartridge through the base portion.12-08-2011
20100215814PREMIXED BLOODY MARY WITH ALCOHOL - A premix Bloody Mary cocktail is disclosed herein comprising: tomato juice; alcohol, preferably vodka; spices; wherein the tomato juice and alcohol are premixed homogenously with the spices and sealingly-stored within a single compartment beverage container as either a single serving portion or a multiple serving portion. A method of premixing and purveying of a Bloody Mary cocktail is also disclosed herein. The present invention provides a convenient means whereby a consumer may enjoy a premixed Bloody Mary cocktail and avoid the time and mess involved in making such a drink.08-26-2010
20100112146PACKAGES FOR DISPENSING LIQUID AND DRY FOOD - Describe are food packages having features such as multiple containers in a single package; the packages can contain multiple food products including (for example) cereal and milk, for consumption together in a convenient manner.05-06-2010
20090004343Beverage systems - A beverage and supplement system comprises a beverage container having: i) a liquid contained therein; and ii) a dispensive opening. A container lid is coupled to the container adjacent the dispensive opening. An envelope is contained within the container lid, the envelope being in communication with the dispensive opening of the container and having a first side sealed to a second side with said supplement being contained therebetween. The second side of the envelope is rupturable upon application of force to said first side in order to dispense said supplement from the envelope without contacting said supplement with an external object. A removable protective cover is positionable on the container lid, the protective cover restricting access to the envelope when positioned on the container lid.01-01-2009
20100124589Food Package for Segregating Ingredients of a Multi-Component Food Product - A food package for segregating ingredients of a multi-component food product, such as the multiple components of a sandwich, the package comprising an outer container to house a first food component and at least one flexible envelope or barrier film layer that encloses at least one intermediate food component allowing for separation of the intermediate food component during extended periods of storage and prior to opening the product. A method for opening the package comprises applying a pulling force to an externally located protruding end portion of the envelope, such that the envelope peels apart and separates into ruptured layers that are pulled out of the food product and out of the outer container by the continual pulling force from the protruding end portion.05-20-2010
20130216663CAPSULE FOR PREPARATION OF A BEVERAGE - The present invention is directed to a capsule (08-22-2013
20090162501BEVERAGE CONTAINING NITROUS OXIDE AND CARBON DIOXIDE - Disclosed herein are beverage compositions containing dissolved gases. The beverage compositions generally contain a mixture of dissolved nitrous oxide and dissolved carbon dioxide.06-25-2009
20130122156Composition for Preparing a Beverage or Food Product Comprising a Plurality Insoluble Material Bodies - The present invention relates to improvements in the preparation of beverage and food products and, in particular, to an improved composition for preparing beverage and food products in machines. The composition is 10 prepared by the addition of a liquid to said composition and comprises one or more beverage or food ingredients and at least one preparation aid. The preparation aid comprises a plurality of bodies formed from a substantially insoluble material and the preparation aid is selected to have a 15 predetermined effect on the interaction between the liquid and the composition. The bodies have a diameter in the range of 0.1 mm to 200 mm, and preferably in the range of 1 to 20 mm or in the range of 100 to 200 mm.05-16-2013
20120141641DISPENSING CONTAINER - A dispensing container (06-07-2012
20090148571Disposable spreading device for edible spreadable compounds - A single use disposable spreading device to be used with pre-attached edible spreadable compounds such as butter, cream cheese, peanut butter and the like. Compounds are attached to spreader and have a protective cover over them to protect them until they are ready to be spread. The device has a snap out handle to grip with fingers for more control when spreading. One or more sides of the device may have a knifelike edge and/or serration to cut food and help spread compounds. The device may be flat or a shape other than flat to conform to the products it is being used on.06-11-2009
20100183776WATER BOTTLE WITH DOSAGE IN A BLISTER PACK - A nutritional preparation in solid dosage form is provided with a bottle of water. The solid dose is contained a safe and sanitary blister package and attached by means of a shrink band to the closure of the bottle. The shrink band provides a tamper-indicating seal for the both the bottle and blister contents. An advantage of the design is that it does not require customization of bottle and closure tooling, and thereby provides a simple and cost-effective means for combining solid and liquid materials in a unitary package.07-22-2010
20110059208MULTI-FLAVOR FLAVORING SYSTEM - A multi-flavor flavoring system is disclosed. The system includes a flexible substrate having a first surface adapted to be secured to a beverage bottle and at least one flavor packet secured to a second surface of the substrate. The flavor packet of the system includes a cylinder and a plunger within the cylinder. The system may include a radial flange about an interior surface of the cylinder and an annular groove about a periphery of the plunger. The annular groove is adapted to engage the radial flange to bias the plunger in a first position. Whereupon user movement of the plunger permits the groove to move past the flange to bias the plunger in a second position within the cylinder to pierce the side wall of the beverage bottle to allow flavoring liquid of the flavor packet to be in fluid communication with contents of the beverage bottle.03-10-2011
20090041910MULTI-PIECE FEEDING BOWL - The present invention is directed to a multi-piece animal food server including two separate components, a feeding component containing a unitary pre-packaged serving of animal food and a support component configured to hold at least one feeding component. The present invention is also directed to a sanitary, quick and easy method of feeding an animal that utilizes the multi-piece animal food server.02-12-2009
20090110786Food Container and Method of Storing Food - A container for foods. The container includes a hollow body (04-30-2009
20100310730User Selectable Flavored Drink - A multi-chamber container for a beverage is described. The container includes a center chamber that contains a first beverage constituent, and at least one resealable opening for dispensing the beverage. Also included is at least one peripheral compartment that contains at least one second beverage constituent, where the peripheral compartment is physically adjacent to the center chamber, and where the peripheral compartment and center chamber are separated by at least one initial seal. The at least one second beverage constituent is at least partially dissolved into the first beverage constituent upon an at least temporarily breaking of the at least one initial seal by a force that is applied by a consumer of the beverage. Also described is a method for mixing beverage components in the aforementioned multi-chamber container.12-09-2010
20130142915BEVERAGE CARTRIDGE - The present invention relates to a beverage cartridge for use in a beverage preparation machine, the cartridge being formed from substantially water-impermeable materials and comprising an inlet for the introduction of an aqueous medium into the cartridge and an outlet for discharge of a beverage produced from the aqueous medium and one or more beverage ingredients contained in the cartridge, wherein the one or more beverage ingredients includes one or more discrete edible components which are substantially insoluble in the aqueous medium and which, in use, are dispensed from the cartridge with the beverage.06-06-2013
20090068323LIQUID EDIBLE PRODUCTS AND METHODS OF STABILISING LIQUID EDIBLE PRODUCTS - The invention provides a liquid edible product comprising a first liquid component, a second liquid component dispersed in the first liquid component to form an emulsion, and an emulsifier comprising a sucrose ester or a functionally equivalent derivative of a sucrose ester. The liquid edible product is of sprayable viscosity and may include edible oil and have use as a non stick cooking composition or a shallow frying oil.03-12-2009
20110151068IMPROVEMENTS IN OR RELATING TO GASSED BEVERAGES - The use of an additive is described, to reduce disproportionation in a gassed beverage so as to produce a) enhanced retention of the gas in the beverage and b) a desired foaming profile selected from a quick-breaking form and a persistent foam.06-23-2011
20110091614CONTAINER SYSTEM - A container system is described. In one or more implementations, the container system comprises a lower container for receiving a first food component (or components) and an upper container assembly for receiving a second food component (or components) so that the second food component is separated from the first food component. The upper container assembly is configured for engagement with the lower container and is operable to be at least partially opened while the upper container assembly is engaged with the lower container to introduce the second food component into the lower container with the first food component. In one or more embodiments, a pull tab is coupled to the upper container assembly. The pull tab is configured to be pulled while the upper container assembly is engaged with the lower container to at least partially open the upper container assembly.04-21-2011
20130156899METHOD FOR BREWING BEVERAGE AND CARTRIDGE CONTAINING INFUSIBLE MATERIAL - The present invention provides a method for brewing a beverage in a brewing apparatus, wherein a cartridge containing infusible material is connected to a brew chamber and will form the bottom of the brew chamber. By the introduction of air through the filter of the cartridge, water and infusible material are mixed, and an effective brewing process is conducted. After brewing the beverage is discharged into a receptacle through the filter of the cartridge, leaving infusible material behind in the cartridge. The invention also provides a cartridge for use in the method.06-20-2013
20120148709SYSTEM, METHOD AND CAPSULE FOR PREPARING A BEVERAGE - The invention relates to a system, method and capsule for preparing a predetermined quantity of beverage suitable for consumption using an extractable product. The system comprises an exchangeable capsule, and an apparatus comprising a receptacle for holding the exchangeable capsule, and a fluid dispensing device for supplying a fluid to the exchangeable capsule. The capsule comprises an exit area to allow draining from the prepared beverage from the capsule there through, wherein the exit area comprises a filter layer. The filter layer comprises a layer of non-woven and/or woven fibrous material with at least one first region where the non-woven and/or woven material has been sealed to prevent egress of liquid there through and at least one second region where the non-woven and/or woven material has not been sealed to allow egress of liquid there through.06-14-2012
20090022859Container assembly - The invention relates to a container assembly comprising fluid, and particularly beverage, cooling and/or mixing means. The cooling and/or mixing is achieved by positioning a movable plunger assembly within the container, the base of which defines notional volume variable upper and lower chambers of the container. The base of the plunger is provided with perforations (and optionally, sealable compartments for sugar, milk etc.) adapted to allow pressurised liquid to be urged from the lower chamber to form upwardly directed jets of liquid in the upper chamber. The invention is particularly advantageous because it allows the consumer to selectively cool and/or mix a beverage by means of a plunging and/or twisting action, thus balancing the demand for hot beverages with the dangers of scalding.01-22-2009
20100003379Packages for dispensing liquid and dry food - Describe are food packages having features such as multiple containers in a single package and multiple pieces for a package; the packages can contain multiple food products including (for example) cereal and milk, for consumption together in a convenient manner.01-07-2010
20120231126Capsule Based System for Preparing and Dispensing a Beverage - The present invention relates to dispensing of a substance from a container by means of a dispensing apparatus. Specifically, the exemplary embodiment of the present invention relates to (1) a container and (2) the automated method for opening such container and (3) the automated method of dispensing of the contents from such container into a customer receptacle or glass.09-13-2012
20100166923METHOD OF INJECTION MOLDING OPENING DEVICES ON SHEET MATERIAL FOR PACKAGING POURABLE FOOD PRODUCTS, AND PACKAGING MATERIAL AND PACKAGE OBTAINED THEREBY - A method of injection molding an opening device on sheet packaging material for packaging pourable food products; the packaging material has at least a first and a second layer, and an opening formed through the first layer and sealed by a cover portion of the second layer; the method includes the steps of injecting molten plastic material onto a first side of the cover portion of the second layer, feeding the molten plastic material along the cover portion to cover it on the first side, and feeding the molten plastic material through an annular peripheral portion of the cover portion to form a spout of the opening device projecting from a second side, opposite the first side, of the cover portion; the molten plastic material covers the cover portion to define, with the cover portion, a user-removable sealing portion of the spout.07-01-2010
20100196556CONTAINER SYSTEM - A container for containing and dispensing viscous comestibles is disclosed. Viscous comestibles typically include frozen and/or partially frozen comestibles such as ice-cream and frozen and/or partially frozen yogurt, custard, gelato, sorbet, and smoothies. The container comprises a nozzle with a nozzle opening at the proximal end of the container. The distal end of the container body has a distal opening. The container includes a plunger cap, which sealably, frictionably fits within the container body, wherein the plunger cap moves towards the nozzle opening in response to suction applied to the nozzle opening. In some embodiments the container includes a lip at the distal end of the container to retain the plunger cap within the container body. The container can include a dispensing ledge or the container can include a lid, wherein the lid can be repeatably coupled to the nozzle opening.08-05-2010
20090136629Carbonated spirits - A spirit produced from any suitable ingredients that has A maximum ABV of 47 94 Proof is carbonated during the bottling process to contain not less than two volumes of carbonation. The carbonated spirit after filling into the bottles is closed with a cap to retain the carbonation in the bottle until opened for use05-28-2009
20110142997CLOSURE FOR DISPENSING PRESSURIZED OR CARBONATED BEVERAGE FROM A CONTAINER, CONTAINER USING SAID CLOSURE AND A SET COMPRISING SAID CONTAINER AND CLOSURE - Closure for a container for keeping pressurized or carbonated beverage, comprising means for dispensing the beverage from the container so that dispensation of gas not being dissolved in the beverage is prevented or reduced until all beverage has been dispensed, and being provided with means for permitting, preventing and optionally regulating dispensation of the beverage. Set comprising a container for keeping pressurized or carbonated beverage and a closure as disclosed above. Preferably the container is a standardized PET bottle. Preferably the beverage is a carbonated beverage, such as mineral water or soda or beer or sparkling wine or champagne.06-16-2011
20110318457Pet Meal Kit - The meal kit container of the present invention contains a disposable package which an animal can be feed by using a complete ready-to-use animal meal kit that can be disposed of after use. The invention comprises a meal kit whose components consist of a heat sealed locking closure pouch sufficient to store dry animal food, a locking closure pouch sufficient to hold water and a heat sealed pouch sufficient to hold an edible animal cookie or similar animal treat.12-29-2011
20120207886System and method of preparing frozen baking items - A method of preparing a frozen mixture that may be thawed and baked without adding additional ingredients is provided. A mixture is prepared, placed into an oversized pastry bag, and frozen. Air is evacuated from the bag which is then heat sealed. The frozen mixture can be distributed for purchase by customers at retail outlets. The product can be thawed, kneaded, and piped from the bag directly into a baking mold. If desired, flavoring or other ingredients may be added during or following the thawing stage, and can be kneaded prior to piping.08-16-2012
20120058230 METHOD AND A SYSTEM FOR PRESSURISING AND DISPENSING CARBONATED BEVERAGES - A self regulating and constant pressure maintaining beverage dispenser assembly comprises a dispensing device and a beverage container defining an inner space constituting a beverage space filled with carbonated beverage and communicating with the dispensing device for allowing dispensation of the carbonated beverage, and a head space communicating with the beverage space and filled with CO03-08-2012
20120058229SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR FACILITATING INTAKE OF EDIBLE SUBSTANCES - A system for facilitating a user's intake of edible substances. The system may include a first portion, a second portion, and a partition unit disposed between the first portion and the second portion. A first space may be located between the first portion and the partition unit for containing a first edible substance. A second space may be located between the second portion and the partition unit for containing a second edible substance. The system may also include a tube for causing a change at the partition unit to open an opening between the first space and the second space, and for transmitting a portion of an edible mixture to the mouth of the user. The edible mixture may include part of the first edible substance provided from the first space and part of the second edible substance provided from the second space.03-08-2012
20120156334SINGLE-USE BARREL FOR STORING AND RACKING A PRESSURIZED BEVERAGE SUCH AS BEER OR LEMONADE - The barrel includes a bag, a container and a lid that are equipped with rigid mating elements with sealing; a cap that includes a body that supports elements for closing and elements for drafting-off; a part that forms the neck, structurally separate from the lid; the outside lateral surface of the part that forms the neck and the inside lateral surface of the orifice of the lid are equipped with rigid mating elements with sealing; the bag is mated to the part that forms the neck toward its inside end; at least one hole on the container and/or the lid makes it possible to inject a positively pressurized gas inside the barrel and outside of the bag so as to compress the bag; airtight sealing elements are able to seal or open the hole, and when they seal the hole, to maintain the positive pressure that prevails inside the barrel.06-21-2012
20100285184Foodstuff Containing Packaging, The Foodstuff Being Fresh And Natural Kiwi Fruit - Packaging comprising:—at least a foodstuff (11-11-2010
20100092622Varieties of bold, "Tart and Cool", Sweet and Sour", or "Sharp and Spicy" beverage drinks - This invention is a broad new variety of delicious beverage drinks. Consisting of 2% or above concentration of apple cider vinegar, red or rice wine vinegar, distilled white or any other vinegar or vinegar product. Water, sea salt or any other salt, sugar and/or any other natural or artificial sweeteners. Fresh whole vegetables, fruits, peppers and spices, organically or otherwise grown. In singular vegetable, fruit, spice or pepper flavors or any combinations thereof. Flavor mixtures strained and filtered to a crystal clear liquid, like water or strained leaving a measured amount of pulp, pepper seeds and spice particles. Some flavors with a small fresh pepper or fruit in the bottle. All delicious flavors conveniently available in 6, 8, 12 ounce or larger containers.04-15-2010
20120121767CONTAINER FOR A PRESSURIZED BEVERAGE, IN PARTICULAR BEER, AND METHOD OF FILLING A CONTAINER WITH A PRESSURIZED BEVERAGE - The invention relates to a container for a pressurized beverage, in particular beer, comprising a casing of a thermoplastic material, a valve part for dispensing the beverage from the container, and an expandable device holding a compressed gas or a gas generating system for expanding the device during or after filling the container to compensate for an increase in the volume of the container resulting from creep in the thermoplastic material.05-17-2012
20110104343Draw tube container - A one-piece draw tube container offering a user the ability to expel its medium to high viscosity product contents by sucking up the product through a top opening of the tube container. A base plug at the tube's bottom end includes an aperture through which ambient air is sucked from an outside environment to drive a gasket in the tube forwardly against the product to be sucked up.05-05-2011
20100009043Ez squeezy condiment/dairy package - The EZ Squeezy Condiment/Dairy Package is an utility product that consists of a collapsible tube that is sealed on one end, and with a capable one-way valve opening on the other that is used to package and dispense different dairy products and condiments. The product can be provided in a variety of package volumes. This utility is for use of a squeezable tube to package, store, and dispense food products. The utility covers all use of such packaging for food products other than cake decorations and peanut butter.01-14-2010
20120258210SYSTEM, CAPSULE AND METHOD FOR PREPARING A PREDETERMINED QUANTITY OF BEVERAGE - A capsule for holding an extractable product for dispensing a beverage is disclosed. The capsule comprising a circumferential wall, a bottom, a lid, and an entrance opening portion and an exit opening portion for letting fluid in the capsule and draining prepared beverage from the capsule, respectively, of which at least one opening portion is closed to prevent fluid from passing. The circumferential wall, the bottom and the lid of the capsule enclose an inner space that comprises an extractable product, and the capsule further comprises at least one moveable portion of the capsule that extends at a distance from a respective opening portion, and that is arranged to open the respective opening portion by being moved with respect to the respective opening portion.10-11-2012
20120263834GUM SLAB PACKAGE HAVING INSERTABLE PRODUCT RETENTION MEMBER - A package assembly encloses a plurality of individual elongate consumable products. The package assembly includes a plurality of products aligned in a side-by-side array. The package housing enclosed the array of product. The package housing has front and back walls for supporting the products therebetween and a closeable cover for closing a product dispensing opening. The package housing further includes a frictional product retention member insertably supported within the package for frictionally retaining the array of product within the package.10-18-2012
20120231125METHOD OF PRODUCING A PACKAGED EDIBLE - A packaged edible including a generally cylindrical body of a foodstuff mixed with a binder in a generally solid form and arranged about a longitudinal axis and a dispensing package generally enclosing the generally cylindrical body of a foodstuff mixed with a binder in a generally solid form, the dispensing package including a first hand engageable enclosure portion generally surrounding the generally cylindrical body of a foodstuff mixed with a binder in a generally solid form, a shaving element arranged to rotate about the longitudinal axis and a second hand engageable element arranged for manual rotation about the longitudinal axis and arranged to rotate the shaving element about the longitudinal axis in operative engagement with the generally cylindrical body of a foodstuff mixed with a binder in a generally solid form for shaving a surface thereof.09-13-2012
20120263833SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PREPARING A PREDETERMINED QUANTITY OF BEVERAGE - A system for preparing a predetermined quantity of beverage comprises an exchangeable capsule and a fluid dispensing device for supplying an amount of fluid to the exchangeable capsule, a receptacle for holding the exchangeable capsule, and an outlet arrangement for supplying the beverage to a container, such as a cup. The capsule comprises a circumferential wall, a bottom, a lid, an entrance area and a closed exit area. The circumferential wall, the bottom and the lid enclose an inner space that comprises an extractable product. The fluid dispensing device supplies fluid to the extractable product for preparing the beverage. In use, the outlet arrangement is in fluid communication with the exit area for draining the prepared beverage from the capsule. The capsule further comprises an opening element through the closed exit area for draining the prepared beverage from the capsule.10-18-2012
20120321756COMPOSITIONS, SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PORTION-PACKAGED SOUPS AND MEALS - Methods and systems for producing a food product having a liquid component and an insoluble component, such as soups or stews. A food product assembly may include a cartridge containing a liquid component medium that is usable by a beverage forming machine to produce a liquid component of the food product. A second container, to which the cartridge may be removably attached, may contain the insoluble component of the food product, and may receive the liquid component so as to hold both the insoluble component and liquid component together, e.g., for consumption by a user.12-20-2012
20120321755 Beverage Composition - A chocolate beverage composition is provided having a white, non-discolored foam on its surface. The chocolate beverage composition includes a foaming creamer and discrete, substantially non-powdered cocoa solids. The composition may be suitable for forming a beverage on the addition of a hot or cold liquid. The composition may also include a sweetening agent, a flavouring agent, a thickener, or a whitener. A beverage dispensing container of the beverage composition is also provided and may be in the form of a cartridge, sachet, pod or capsule and may be used with a beverage dispensing machine. Methods of forming the beverage composition are also provided.12-20-2012
20120100266CONTROL OF BUBBLE SIZE IN A CARBONATED LIQUID - Cans, bottles and/or other containers used to hold a carbonated beverage can include internal features to promote and/or control bubble formation.04-26-2012
20130017297COMPLETELY DISPOSABLE COOKING APPARATUS FOR FILLING AND DECORATING OF FOODSAANM Grimes; Brenda MarieAACI EsteroAAST FLAACO USAAGP Grimes; Brenda Marie Estero FL USAANM Grimes; Charles WilsonAACI DarienAAST CTAACO USAAGP Grimes; Charles Wilson Darien CT US - A completely disposable cooking apparatus used for filling and decorating of foods, that is a one-piece disposable construction, comprising a one-piece, funnel-shaped bag with a soft side wall, having an open first end at the “top” or wider end of the funnel through which food material can be inserted into the bag and a closed second end at the “bottom” or narrow end of the funnel, with an integral, malleable, conical shaped, discharge orifice (also sometimes referred to as a nozzle or a tip). The orifice has serrations or ridges extending inwardly from the internal wall of the orifice, running longitudinally or parallel to the cone axis for all or a part of the length of the orifice. The orifice can either be initially closed or manufactured with a small opening or hole. The orifice is made of a material so that it is capable of being cut at any point along its longitudinal axis to yield an exit opening or hole with a desired size. Regardless of the point of cut, i.e., regardless of the size of the hole or opening, the inwardly extending serrations or ridges that remain after the cut insure that the material is “treated” as it is expelled from the bag through the orifice. While the orifice is capable of “treating” the material as it is discharged from the bag, the orifice is also either: (a) elastic or flexible enough in order to allow the hole or opening in the orifice to expand to pass “clogs” or “lumps” and then return to its original shape; or (b) supple or deformable enough in order to allow the orifice to be compressed or collapsed “upstream” of the hole or opening so that the “clogs” or “lumps” can be broken up and then passed through the hole or opening when the orifice returns to its original shape.01-17-2013
20080248171ICE CREAM PACKAGE - An ice cream scoop package includes one or more recesses in a bottom portion of the package for holding a respective scoop of ice cream. A package can include several scoops of ice cream of different flavors for extremely quick and easy serving in a bowl or in a cone, for example.10-09-2008
20130177677METHOD FOR PREPARING A BEVERAGE FROM A CAPSULE, CAPSULE AND BEVERAGE PREPARING SYSTEM - The invention relates to a method for preparing a beverage through a capsule (07-11-2013
20130095214PROGRAMMING CONNECTOR FOR BEVERAGE CAPSULES, BEVERAGE CAPSULES AND KIT OF CAPSULES AND PROGRAMMING CONNECTORS - The present invention proposes a kit, comprising:—at least a capsule (04-18-2013
20130115340CAPSULE FOR PREPARATION OF A FOOD PRODUCT FROM A FOOD PREPARATION MACHINE - The present invention is directed to a capsule (05-09-2013
20130122157CAPSULE FOR THE PREPARATION OF A FOOD PRODUCT IN A FOOD PREPARATION MACHINE AT HIGH PRESSURE - The present invention relates to a capsule for delivering a food product by injection of a fluid under pressure into the capsule, said capsule comprising a chamber defined by capsule side walls, a flexible bottom wall and a top wall, said chamber containing at least one ingredient to be dissolved and/or extracted by said injection fluid, and a beverage dispensing structure comprising at least one dispensing opening disposed through the bottom wall, wherein said beverage dispensing structure comprises a pressure retaining element adapted to retain a certain predetermined dissolution and/or extraction pressure in the chamber, disposed in the vicinity of the bottom wall, which comprises a protrusion in correspondence to the dispensing opening so that said protrusion is disposed into the corresponding opening and restricts its diameter at the time injection fluid inside the capsule chamber moves said membrane towards said pressure retaining means.05-16-2013
20130122155DISPENSING PACKAGE - A dispensing package for holding and dispensing food products, such as yogurts, frozen confections, custards, and the like, comprises a unitary, one-piece package body preferably comprising thermo-formed polymeric material which is liquid impermeable. The package body includes a seamless sidewall having a generally elongated, downwardly and inwardly tapering configuration. A lower portion of the sidewall is inwardly deformable so that inward deformation urges product within the package upwardly through the open mouth of the package for dispensing the product.05-16-2013
20130129870METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CARTRIDGE-BASED CARBONATION OF BEVERAGES - Systems, methods and cartridges for carbonating or otherwise dissolving gas in a precursor liquid, such as water, to form a beverage. A gas source can be provided in a cartridge which is used to generate gas that is dissolved into the precursor liquid. A beverage medium, such as a powdered drink mix or liquid syrup, may be provided in the same, or a separate cartridge as the gas source and mixed with the precursor liquid to form a beverage. The use of one or more cartridges for the gas source and/or beverage medium may make for an easy to use and mess-free system for making sparkling beverages, e.g., in the consumer's home.05-23-2013
20130129872PORTION CAPSULE HAVING AN IDENTIFIER - A portion capsule for producing a beverage includes a base element having a cavity in which a beverage raw material is provided and which is closed by a membrane fastened to the base element.05-23-2013
20130129871BEVERAGE SUBSTANCE CARTRIDGE, WATER FILLING APPARATUS, BEVERAGE PRODUCING EQUIPMENT, BEVERAGE PRODUCING SYSTEM AND BEVERAGE PRODUCING METHOD - The invention provides a beverage substance cartridge, a tea filtering apparatus, a beverage producing equipment, a beverage producing system and a beverage producing method to efficiently solve the problem that a tea brewing equipment of the present technology has problems like slow tea leaf extraction, long tea drinker waiting time, low tea water temperature, bad tea water taste, etc. The water filling apparatus of the beverage producing equipment fills hot water into the bottom of the beverage substance cartridge near the side wall of the cartridge body, and forms vortex in the beverage substance cartridge which speeds up extraction efficiently. Furthermore, inside convex edges are set at the side wall of the beverage cartridge and hot water temperature is high enough to strengthen extraction effects and then realize rapid brewing effects in the tea brewing equipment. The beverage producing equipment adopting the invention could be widely applied in offices and homes.05-23-2013
20090142454RECLOSABLE CONTAINER FOR SLICED FOOD PRODUCTS - A reclosable food package for sliced food products to be maintained in a shingled arrangement and to provide convenient top access to the food product, the package including a rigid base member forming a compartment for receiving the food product and a rigid lid secured to the base. Advantageously, the base member includes a bottom wall and side wall portions that are configured to hold the food product in a shingled arrangement. The bottom wall further includes at least one channel that facilitates removal of the food product and cooperates to provide stability when the package is placed in an upright or horizontal position resting upon its bottom wall. The lid also has an inwardly extending annular bead which provides an audible sound when the lid is being placed upon the base.06-04-2009
20110274794CAPSULE AND METHOD FOR PREPARING A BEVERAGE SUCH AS COFFEE FROM SAID CAPSULE - Capsule for the preparation of a beverage in beverage preparation device comprising: a cup-shaped body (11-10-2011
20130156897BEVERAGE FILTER CARTRIDGE - A beverage filter cartridge for use in a single serve beverage brewing machine, the cartridge including a sleeve with a cup-shaped filter pouch containing a beverage material sealed to the inside thereof proximate to a top end. The top end includes a flange to which a cover is sealed. A bottom cover of the sleeve seals the cartridge and to prevent spoilage of the beverage material by atmospheric oxygen. The cartridge includes a filter bag with a dry beverage material. The inner surface of the sleeve has a series of vertically oriented channels which allow for the brewed beverage to flow out of the sides of the filter hag and down the channels before exiting the cartridge at the bottom. The brewed beverage can flow out of the bottom of the cartridge either via the side of the filter bag through the channels or through the bottom of the filter bag.06-20-2013
20130156898Preparation of Beverages and Liquid Food Products - The present invention relates to improvements in the preparation of beverages and, in particular, to an improved cartridge for preparing beverages in brewing machines. The cartridges can also be used for preparing liquid food products. The cartridge comprises a continuous elongate tubular chamber containing the at least one ingredient providing a fluid flow path linking an inlet for the introduction of the liquid at one end of the chamber to an outlet for discharge of the beverage or food product at an opposite end of the chamber. The chamber has an internal width to length ratio in the range of 1:4 to 1:200.06-20-2013
20130189400SINGLE SERVE BEVERAGE DISPENSING SYSTEM INCLUDING AN IONIZER - A single serve beverage dispensing device having a water reservoir from which water is drawn and ionized to produce alkaline water, which is returned to the water reservoir, and acidic water, which is routed to a waste water reservoir. The dispensing device includes a capsule holder for holding a beverage capsule including a powdered beverage media. The device includes a dispensing arm which punctures through the beverage capsule to and delivers the alkaline water into the capsule to mix with the beverage media. The beverage flows upward to exit the beverage capsule, and is then dispensed into a beverage receptacle.07-25-2013
20130196036Beverage Concentrates - The present invention provides a cartridge for a beverage preparation system, the cartridge comprising an inlet for the introduction of an aqueous medium into the cartridge, an outlet downstream of the inlet for the discharge of a beverage from the cartridge and a flow path connecting the inlet to the outlet, wherein the flow path includes within it a non-gelled beverage liquid concentrate containing about 0.01 to about 5 weight % in total of one or more thickeners. The cartridge may comprise an aperture having a cross-sectional area of 2 mm08-01-2013
20130202748COFFEE PRODUCTS AND RELATED PROCESSES - A coffee milling process comprising the steps of: a) introducing particles of a roasted coffee precursor into a milling chamber; b) introducing particles of soluble coffee into the milling chamber; c) jetting a gas into the milling chamber to mobilise the particles of the roasted coffee precursor and soluble coffee; d) thereby producing a milled and blended coffee product by comminuting the particles of the roasted coffee precursor by self-collision of the particles of the roasted coffee precursor and by collision of the particles of soluble coffee with the particles of the roasted coffee precursor within the milling chamber. Processes and products incorporating milled and blended coffee products are also described.08-08-2013
20130202750STRETCH AND BAKE FOOD ITEM TRAY - The present invention relates to a consumer-friendly, ready-to-bake food item containment product (08-08-2013
20130202747SYRUP CAPSULE - A capsule for storing a fixed amount of syrup. The capsule includes a housing to store the fixed amount of syrup and is shaped to sit on an opening of a bottle of liquid. The capsule also includes a release mechanism to release the syrup in a controlled manner into the bottle. The invention includes a method for releasing syrup from a capsule into a bottle of carbonated water. The method includes the capsule being placed on a rim of the bottle and the capsule receiving a downward force.08-08-2013
20130202749CONTAINERS - Improvements in containers are provided, and in particular improvements in containers for preparing and dispensing foamable beverage and food products. The package may contain at least a liquid primary ingredient and a secondary ingredient and comprises at least one wall defining a chamber at least partially filled with the primary ingredient, an outlet for dispensing the prepared product, and a capsule surrounding the primary ingredient separating the secondary ingredient from the primary ingredient. The capsule may be attached to insides of opposing walls of the package such that as the opposing walls are moved further apart the capsule breaks. At least one of the ingredients may include a foaming agent such that the foamed product is produced when the capsule is broken and the primary and secondary ingredients mix.08-08-2013
20120070546SYSTEM, PACKAGE, APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DOSING COFFEE BEANS - A system for dosing coffee beans, comprising a coffee bean package provided with walls enclosing an inner space for coffee beans, a coffee bean outlet for delivering coffee beans, and a coupling part for coupling and uncoupling the coffee bean package with an apparatus that is provided with a coffee bean grinder, and an at least partly movably arranged coffee bean receiving device for supplying coffee beans from the coffee bean package to the grinder, which coffee bean receiving device is provided with a dosing space for being capable of containing a predetermined dose of coffee beans, wherein the coffee bean package prior to use in itself is closed off such that exposure of the coffee beans to ambient air is prevented, and the coffee bean receiving device is arranged to be guided through the coffee bean outlet into the inner space of the coffee bean package for letting coffee beans from the coffee bean package into the dosing space, and to guide the dosing space through the coffee bean outlet out of the inner space of the coffee bean package for supplying the dose of coffee beans from the dosing space to the grinder.03-22-2012

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