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426 - Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products

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426112000 Having consumer oriented diverse utility 163
426107000 Having specific electrical or wave energy feature 49
426119000 Having nonedible spacer to segregate all units of multiunit food product 26
426124000 Package containing separate noncoated or laminated interior inedible solid material 24
426129000 Packaged product is animal flesh 23
426118000 Packaging structure cooperating with food generated gas 23
426130000 Packaged product is lacteal derived 17
426122000 Having destructive type opening along scored or perforated line 16
426108000 Multiple discrete packages containing same material 13
426127000 Three or more layered packaging materials 13
426110000 Having package attached support means 12
426125000 Food is surface coated with peelable or strippable nonedible film former 12
426131000 Canned 11
426128000 Packaged product is dough or batter or mix therefor 9
426123000 Having destructive type opening utilizing tearing appendage 9
426109000 Having heat exchange material 6
426111000 Having telescoping feature to increase or decrease package dimension or having packaging structure cooperating with food expansion 5
20130040021Capsule Containing a Dose of Substance for Making a Drink, and a Method for Making a Drink Using the Capsule - A capsule for making a drink comprises a cup-shaped main body (02-14-2013
20080286420LOW PRESSURE DOUGH PACKAGING - Described are dough packages that include one or more of a container and an opening, optionally including an open end and an endcap, wherein the package may be vented or non-vented, and may contain dough for storage at refrigerated conditions.11-20-2008
20100203199Packaged Salad - There is disclosed a packaged salad. The packaged salad includes an undressed salad comprising a plurality of solid food items, and a package containing the salad. The package has a smaller distribution mode and a larger, expanded consumption mode. One or more air vents allow air to enter the package to prevent negative air pressure from impeding a user from expanding the package from distribution mode to consumption mode. Processes for using the package are also disclosed.08-12-2010
20130171302SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USING VEGETABLE OIL WITH MODIFIED RHEOLOGY AS POPCORN FAT - Disclosed is a trans fat replacement system and a composition comprising a composition of an expanded, low-density carbohydrate and at least one edible oil wherein the expanded, low-density carbohydrate modifies the rheology of the at least one edible oil.07-04-2013
20110311688PACKAGE COMPRISING ON-DEMAND COLLAPSIBLE SUPPORT MEMBER - The presently disclosed subject matter relates to packaging for products (such as fresh red meat) that are enclosed between a support member and a film in such a manner that the film can be peelably removed from the support member. More specifically, the presently disclosed subject matter relates to packaging wherein the support member is collapsible to allow the product to contact the film at any desired time, such as the time of retail display.12-22-2011
426126000 Three or more layered diverse packaging materials having at least one metal layer 4
20130078344Method for Packaging Crabmeat - A method for packaging crabmeat including the steps of providing a flexible pouch, placing a volume of crabmeat into the flexible pouch, controlling a volume of ambient air in the flexible pouch to obtain an ambient air to crabmeat ratio within the flexible pouch of about 13-20% by volume, sealing the flexible pouch to maintain the ambient air to crabmeat ratio within the flexible pouch, and pasteurizing the flexible pouch.03-28-2013
20100310731METHOD AND APPARATUS TO WRAP A PLASTIC CONTAINER - An apparatus comprises a closed container formed of substantially rigid plastic, and a wrapper that is loosely disposed fully about the closed container. This wrapper may also have twist ties on opposing ends thereof. This apparatus may be used to provide packaging for a retail commodity.12-09-2010
20110159157Process for Producing Vegetable or Fruit Pulp or Puree Packaging - Vegetable or fruit pulp is produced by treating pieces of fruit or vegetable so as to obtain a purée; keeping the purée under agitation conditions at a temperature ranging from room temperature to 60° C. for 5-40 minutes, at a pH from 2.6 to 2.9; filling the purée into a flexible bag formed of a sheet material comprising three layers of food-grade plastic film and one layer of aluminium foil sandwiched between the layers of plastic film, creating a vacuum inside said flexible bag at a vacuum value of not less than 0.2 bar, then immediately sealing the bag and submitting it to heat treatment. The heat treatment step includes a first sub-step of 15-25 minutes duration to rapidly bring the package up to a temperature of 105° C., a second sub-step of 5-15 minutes duration to hold the package at that temperature, and a third sub-step of 5-15 minutes duration to rapidly cool the package down to a temperature of 4° C.06-30-2011
20130142918BEVERAGE SUBSTANCE CARTRIDGE, FILTERING APPARATUS, BEVERAGE PRODUCING EQUIPMENT, BEVERAGE PRODUCING SYSTEM AND BEVERAGE PRODUCING METHOD - The invention provides a beverage substance cartridge, a tea filtering apparatus, a beverage producing equipment, a beverage producing system and a beverage producing method to solve the problem in the present technology that people eat tea leaf powder when drinking tea from present tea brewing equipment and it is troublesome to clear away tea leaf powder in the equipment. The invention could efficiently filter tea leaves and get rid of the trouble of clearing away used tea leaves manually. The beverage substance cartridge is used in conjunction with the tea filtering apparatus, the piercing point of the triangular pyramid structure could pierce the sealing cover of the beverage substance cartridge and then form matrix-shaped filtering holes in the sealing cover, brewed tea water could flow out, and used tea leaf is left in the extracting cartridge, so the filtering process is simple and convenient without clearing away tea leaves manually.06-06-2013
426121000 Lapped multiplanar unit, i.e., shingled 1
20110033583Standardized sizes and types of food packaging and food products dimensions, mixtures, and processes for franchise usages including fresh or frozen grocery, restaurant, or vending - Fuel and transportation cost saving standardized cubicle and improved consumer meat and cheeses mechanically mass produced convenience food products and food packaging and improved unique ingredient mixtures and processes for improved mature established market startup fair competition and financial products viability. Also new types of package seals, also tear apart and fold over packaging, also new meat, cheese, and baked product, sizes and configurations, also new hotdog and sausage buns in various configurations, also condiment and garnish stuffed and mixed versions, also the same for new filled meat donuts sandwiches, Stromboli's, and exterior meat sandwiches, also bacon shorter length and weight, also bacon singeing process, and products used in retail, grocery, restaurants, and vending sales.02-10-2011
20090123612TEA BEVERAGE PACKED IN CONTAINER - Provided is a packaged tea beverage which has good flavor and is compositionally excellent in storage stability. The packaged tea beverage comprises a tea extract having a ratio of gallate-type catechins in non-polymer catechins of less than 50% by mass added to a tea extract liquid, and (A) 0.072 to 0.4% by mass of non-polymer catechins and (B) 21 to 150 ppm of gallic acid, wherein a ratio of gallate-type catechins in non-polymer catechins is 0 to 50% by mass and a ratio of epi-type catechins in non-polymer catechins is 30 to 60% by mass.05-14-2009
20100028499SCAVENGING OXYGEN - A container (02-04-2010
20100129501METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR PRESERVING EGG PRODUCTS - Methods and compositions for inhibiting 05-27-2010
20100112144Soybean Mixed Powder - Herein disclosed is a raw material used for preparing solidified soybean foods comprising the combination of a soybean mixed powder which comprises a soybean powder prepared by the pulverization of dried soybeans, dextrin and an alkali carbonate; and a coagulating agent, and more specifically, a raw material used for preparing solidified soybean foods (such as TOFU and TOFA) which comprises dextrin in an amount ranging from 9 to 40 parts by mass and an alkali carbonate in a rate ranging from 0.15 to 1.6 parts by mass, per 100 parts by mass of the soybean powder as well as a raw material used for preparing a soybean-derived beverage starting from the foregoing soybean mixed powder. Thus, the present invention can provide a soybean mixed powder or the like for use in the preparation of TOFU, TOFA and/or soybean-derived beverages, which have excellent appearance, high pleasantness to the teeth and high nutritive values, which can easily be prepared, for instance, at each home using soybean mixed powder obtained by the pulverization of dried soybeans.05-06-2010
20100074999FAT AND OIL COMPOSITION IN A CONTAINER - The present invention discloses a fat and oil composition in a container obtained by filling a fat and oil composition comprising soybean oil and palm olein in a container, 03-25-2010
20100143546CONTAINER AND COMPOSITION FOR ENHANCED GAS BARRIER PROPERTIES - A container comprising a polyester composition with enhanced carbon dioxide and oxygen barrier properties is provided. The polyester composition comprises a polyester and a gas barrier enhancing additive. In a particular embodiment, the gas barrier enhancing additive comprises a compound having the chemical formula:06-10-2010
20100143547Pet Container And Compositions Having Enhanced Mechanical Properties And Gas Barrier Properties - A container comprising a polyester composition with enhanced mechanical properties is provided. The polyester composition comprises a polyester and a creep control agent. In particular embodiments, the polyester composition comprises a polyester, a creep control agent, and a gas barrier additive. In particular embodiments, the creep control agents are molecules or polymers comprising dianhydrides, bis-lactams, bis-oxazoles, and epoxides.06-10-2010
20120225167PREVENTING THE GENERATION OF MBT IN A HOPS BASED BEVERAGE - A bottle, container, or beverage glass for containing a hops-based beverage that includes a concentration between 10 μg/l and 10 mg/l of Riboflavin is at least partially transparent or translucent to visible light, and has an optical filter characteristic preventing or reducing light transmission at the wavelength intervals 220-230 nm, 250-270 nm, 350-370 nm and 440-450 nm to a level preventing generation of more than a tasteable concentration of MBT in the beverage through photochemical reactions and photochemically initiated auto-catalytic reactions involving the Riboflavin. The tasteable concentration is between 1 ng/l and 35 ng/l, preferably between 5 ng/l and 25 ng/l, and more preferably 10 ng/l.09-06-2012
20120225166Tooth Protector for Beverage Bottle and Beverage Bottle Enclosure - Tooth protector devices are disclosed for attachment to the top of a bottle to provide protection against injury, including chipping of teeth that can occur during drinking from a glass bottle. One embodiment comprises a concentric sleeve with top lip for insertion over the end of a bottle. Sleeve inner portion is adapted for engaging the bottle outer surface to hold the sleeve in place. The outer and top portions of the sleeve protect the consumer from the top edge of the bottle. When installed, a tooth protector according to the present invention cushions the teeth and mouth from any blunt force or impact that can occur when a bottle is hit or knocked. Also disclosed is a beverage cap with cushioned outer and upper surfaces that remain in place on the beverage bottle after opening the bottle to protect the consumer, and another bottle enclosure without such cushioned surfaces.09-06-2012
20130064934Package Integrity Indicating Closure - A resealable closure for a container in which package integrity is indicated by a structure which breaks and/or produces an audible sound when the resealable closure is opened for a first time. The package integrity feature, in one form includes at least one strip initially affixed to two portions which comprise the resealable closure so that upon opening the resealable closure for a first time, at least one of the strips breaks, thereby producing the audible sound. The strips may include a weakened portion such as a narrowing. Integrity of the package is indicated by an intact strip viewable upon opening the resealable closure and conversely, a broken or non-intact strip would indicate that the resealable closure has been previously opened. Package integrity may also be shown by a movable second panel or movable die cut tab portions.03-14-2013
20130064933Packaging and Display System and Method Thereof - A packaging and display system and method thereof is disclosed. The packaging and display system includes a container having a base, at least one sidewall, and at least one openable section. An interior volume is positioned interior of the base, the at least one sidewall, and the at least one openable section. At least one bonding element is positioned on an exterior surface of at least one of the base, the at least one sidewall, and the at least one openable section, wherein the at least one bonding element is sized to retain the container in a substantially stationary position to a display surface.03-14-2013
20130064932PACKAGING FOR LIPOPHILIC MATERIALS - The present invention relates to a packaging comprising a container surrounding a container interior, wherein at least the inner surface of the container in contact with the container interior is produced from a composition which comprises a thermoplastic polymer, and a plasticizer composition comprising a polymeric plasticizer and a polyol ester, and wherein the container is at least partly filled with a lipophilic packed product.03-14-2013
20090238925Starch and Amphiphilic Surfactant or Particulate Emulsion for Paper Coating Applications - A composition suitable for coating a paper product can comprise starch and at least one additional component selected from the group consisting of (a) an amphiphilic surfactant and (b) a particulate emulsion; wherein the weight ratio of surfactant to starch is from about 0.005:1 to about 0.25:1 and the weight ratio of the particulate emulsion to starch is from about 0.005:1 to about 0.429:1.09-24-2009
20120237642Meat-Based Semi-Moist Animal Food Product and Method for the Production Thereof - A nutritionally suitable, semi-moist animal foodstuff which is similar to natural animal food meats and having a very high meat content is provided, which has good acceptance with the animal food animal and a corresponding structure. The semi-moist animal food product does not need cereal contents, cereal products and binders. The novel semi-moist animal food product is produced by extrusion cooking, wherein the extruder is charged at least with the following ingredients: 09-20-2012
20120164281Packaged fresh diced garlic and process for making same - Ready-to-use, fresh diced garlic that has been washed and sanitized and disposed in a container from which gas can escape.06-28-2012
20120100263OXYGEN SCAVENGING TERPOLYMERS - A method and system for oxygen molecule scavenging is disclosed. The system employs as a novel terpolymer as the reducing agent for oxygen molecules. The terpolymer is the polymerization product of macrocyclic poly(alkylene dicarboxylate) oligomer, unsaturated functional polymer, and epoxy-functional styrene-acrylate oligomer.04-26-2012
20100227026EDIBLE FAT AND OIL COMPOSITIONS - The present invention discloses a edible fat and oil composition which suppresses cooked odor of oil. The present invention also discloses an edible fat and oil composition which comprises palm olein having an iodine value of 66 or more and rapeseed oil.09-09-2010
20110287149PACKAGING ASSEMBLY - A packaging nexus that drives a predetermined message to facilitate a consumer message is described. The nexus formed from the one or more components of the packaging assembly is configured to collectively signal and/or reinforce a predetermined message and at least partially facilitate a consumer impression.11-24-2011
20090169687Hollow Celery Stick07-02-2009
20100112143Animal Food and Packaging Therefor - An animal food product and packaging includes gelatin combined with a broth base and subsequently coagulated to form a nutritious and digestible food product that is ingestible without chewing. The invention includes a package having an interior area and a resealable flap providing selective access to the interior area, the food product being coagulated and stored in the interior area. The broth includes at least one of beef broth, chicken broth, pork broth, or vegetable broth. The food product may include at least one of a medication or a nutritional supplement combined with the broth base before the food product is coagulated.05-06-2010
20080286419Method for thermal processing of products under vacuum and packaging obtained by executing said process - The invention relates to a method for thermal processing of products contained in a container (11-20-2008
20120107458SPINACH LINE SP6111 - Spinach, parts thereof, and the making and use thereof, including with respect to the inbred spinach line called SP6111 are disclosed.05-03-2012
20100098812PRODUCT AND PROCESS FOR CREATING INSTANT FLAVORED ICED BEVERAGES - The present invention is a product and method for making an instant iced coffee beverage but may be used to create any type of flavored beverage product. The method of producing an instant iced coffee beverage product comprising of providing a mixture of crushed ice, uncrushed ice, and liquid coffee in a container; a freezing step to freeze the mixture allowing the mixture to freeze into solid phase before the crushed ice substantially melts into the coffee; a sealing step to seal an opening of the container and a storing step to store the container in the freezer at or below freezing point. The product is then thawed in a microwave within a selected time frame which results in a freshly made instant iced coffee beverage.04-22-2010
20100098813FOOD PRODUCT MADE FROM DEHYDRATED PRICKLY PEAR CACTUS - A nutritious food product, made with cooked, seasoned and dehydrated prickly pear pads, and a method for its production. The resulting product has the appearance of an appetizer made of cured meat, but with improved taste and appearance, free of hormones or animal fat. The product of the present invention has a long shelf life and does not require either preservatives or refrigeration, making it an ideal appetizer or snack. The resulting product provides the consumer with the benefits of the prickly pear and also is economically affordable.04-22-2010
20090047394VACUUM PACKED PET FOOD - A pet food packages of pet food package is chosen for visual appeal. The package includes a tray and a film that retains loose components of the pet food in a specified and consistent arrangement by vacuum conditions.02-19-2009
20090297672Process for improving shelf life of refrigerated foods - A process for producing a food product having an extended refrigerated shelf life comprising sealing food in a container; heating the food in the sealed container at a desired temperature for a desired period to inactivate undesirable microorganisms likely to be present in the food; rapidly cooling the heated food to substantially prevent germination of undesirable microbial spores likely to be present in the food; wherein undesirable microorganisms present in the food are substantially inactivated and other microorganisms are prevented from re-contaminating the food after processing so that the food product has an extended refrigerated shelf life.12-03-2009
20110200716LID AND CONTAINER - A container lid comprises a top, substantially planar surface, means for coupling with a top of a container, a depressed area, a raised area, and a hinge area. The top, substantially planar surface is elongated to define two opposite longitudinal edges and two opposite lateral edges, and each of the two opposite lateral edges extends between and is shorter than each of the two longitudinal edges. The depressed area is surrounded by and extends below the top, substantially planar surface. The raised area is surrounded by and extends above the top, substantially planar surface. The raised area is positioned nearest one of the two opposite lateral edges and the depressed area is positioned nearest the other one of the two opposite lateral edges. The hinge area extends laterally across the top, substantially planar surface and is positioned between the depressed area and the raised area.08-18-2011
20100003377POLYESTER FILM - A heat-sealable, peelable, coextruded composite polymeric film comprising a substrate layer of polymeric material having on a surface thereof a heat-sealable layer, wherein said heat-sealable layer comprises a copolyester of least one aromatic dicarboxylic acid, at least one aliphatic dicarboxylic acid and one or more glycol(s); the thickness of said heat-sealable layer is in the range of from about 0.3 to about 3 μm; and the heat-sealable layer comprises one or more wax(es) is described.01-07-2010
20090004342Temporally Meal Menu For Infants - The invention concerns a kit of parts and a method for providing nutrition which provides within a time period of 5 to 10 days a nutritional composition comprising 0.35 to 6 mg iron per 100 g, a nutritional composition comprising 1 to 10 g fibre per 100 g and a nutritional composition comprising 10 to 5000 mg long chain poly unsaturated fatty acids per 100 g to an infant.01-01-2009
20090208613ROLLER GRILL PROTECTIVE PACKAGING - The invention relates to a packaging consisting of a heat resistant material enclosing food products for use on a rotary grill, roller grill or other apparatus providing heat transfer to the food product. The packaging may consist of an oven-able polyester film, polyester paper, or other compounds that may include plastic compounds. The polyester film, for example, will have a gauge of about 100 or one (1) millimeter thick. The packaging would be compatible with temperatures of the roller grill between 140 to 200 degrees F. The product inside the packaging would obtain internal temperatures of 140 to 170 degrees F. within 15 minutes from a slacked out state and 30 minutes from a frozen state.08-20-2009
20090004341Method for Conditioning Liquid, Neutral Products, and the Products Obtained and Obtainable Therewith - The invention relates to a method for conditioning liquid, neutral products which are intended for consumption or for processing into foods. In particular, the invention concerns a method for controlling the gas composition in such products at any time or during the complete treatment process. Further, the invention relates to the products obtained and obtainable from this method, which products possess improved properties and especially an improved microbiological quality.01-01-2009
20100003378Heat-Resistant Foamed Polyester Articles and Process for Their Manufacture - The present invention relates to a process for thermoforming a foamed polyester sheet of low crystallinity to produce a heat-resistant molded foam article (01-07-2010
20090252839Concentrate for preparing a bouillon, soup, sauce, gravy or for use as a seasoning, the concentrate comprising particulates and xanthan and locust bean gum - Concentrates for preparing a bouillon, broth, soup, sauce, gravy or for use as a seasoning, which concentrates comprises 20-80% water, 0.5-60% (pieces of) herbs, vegetables, meat, fish or crustaceans, 3-30% salt and a gelling agent comprising xanthan and locust bean gum.10-08-2009
20100015299Transparent food casing with textile backing material - The invention relates to a food casing with textile backing material which has been coated with a layer of regenerated or precipitated cellulose. This casing combines the properties of a textile skin with those of a cellulose fiber skin. Besides the surface texture for which textile skins are known and prized, it also has the transparency and the barrier properties, i.e. water-vapor permeability, oxygen permeability and smoke-constituent permeability, of a cellulose fiber skin. At the same time the casing is impervious to fat. It is used preferably as an artificial sausage casing.01-21-2010
20100151088CONTAINER-PACKED BEVERAGE CONTAINING VEGETABLE JUICE AND/OR FRUIT JUICE - Provided is a packaged beverage which can be discharged from the beverage container uniformly because precipitates containing effective components derived from vegetables or fruits can be dispersed quickly by mild shaking, though the formation of precipitates during long-term storage is allowed from the viewpoint of incorporating the effective components in the beverage without damaging them; is excellent in desorption and re-dispersibility of the precipitates; and is easy to drink.06-17-2010
20090117236Fruit or Vegetable Pods - The invention is drawn to methods and apparatus for protecting fruits and vegetables, particularly soft-skinned fruits and vegetables, from bruising, crushing and other damage during transport. Preferably, the apparatus of the present invention are designed for transport and protection of individual or small numbers of fruits and vegetables. Methods include methods for protecting fruit and vegetable from damage during transport.05-07-2009
20120244259CELERY PACK - A sanitized, ready-to-use and ready-to-eat celery pack is disclosed wherein the package consists of limbs that are from 6- to 18-inches in length and weigh from 0.10 to 11.75 pounds. The limbs are prepared by removing the butt, heart and leaves from celery stalks, cut to lengths from 6 to 18-inches, sorted by length, sanitized and packaged.09-27-2012
20100215813PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR POUCH-FORMING WITH OPTIMIZED FILL-ACCURACY AND HEADSPACE - This invention discloses a process for forming a pouch having an evacuated headspace containing a flowable material. The process relates to optimizing both, the evacuation of the headspace in the pouch and the accuracy of the flowable material filled in the pouch. Specifically, the present invention employs a process that includes a multiple-step or a continuous compression of the pouch headspace to accomplish the goals. Also disclosed is a vertical form-fill-seal apparatus for forming a pouch containing a flowable material and having an evacuated headspace.08-26-2010
20100239721METHOD AND APPARATUS TO FACILITATE ENCAPSULATING AN EDIBLE SUBSTANCE - An apparatus is provided comprising an edible substance, a discrete sheet of flexible film, and an adhesive disposed on the flexible film in a pattern that surrounds an adhesive-free space that is sized to accommodate the edible substance. The adhesive preferably does not extend to at least one edge of the flexible film. Portions of the adhesive contact other portions of the adhesive such that the discrete sheet encapsulates the edible substance, and the discrete sheet is twisted in at least one area that includes the adhesive.09-23-2010
20120128833Low Application Temperature Hot Melt Adhesive - High temperature performance hot melt adhesives are formulated for application at low temperatures below, i.e., below 300° F. Hot melt adhesives containing low levels of metallocene polymer together with a maleated polyethylene wax show an excellent balance of high and low temperature performance and are particularly useful as packaging case and carton adhesives.05-24-2012
20120128832Organic vegan protein shakes - The present invention relates to Organic Vegan Protein sports drinks and shakes formulated from 100% organic and natural plant-based ingredients with the highest grade of protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The Organic plant proteins used in the drinks and shakes are predominantly, Organic Hemp Powder, Organic Pea Powder and Organic Vegan powder (made from a mixture of Organic seed sprouts). Organic Soy milk and Organic Almond milk provide additional sources of proteins in the shakes. The shakes are packaged in ready to drink (R-T-D) tetra pack containers.05-24-2012
20110236541CAPSULE FOR THE PREPARATION OF A BEVERAGE BY CENTRIFUGATION - Method for preparing a beverage, from a capsule (09-29-2011
20110117250Method for Closing of a Container and a Thus Manufactured Packaging - The invention relates to a method for closing an opening in a container for food products, such as a tray or jar, comprising the processing steps of: A) arranging a flexible foil layer over the opening which protrudes outside the edge of the opening; and B) urging the overhanging part of the foil layer against the outer side of the container; and C) attaching the foil layer to the container. The invention also relates to a thus manufactured packaging.05-19-2011
20100310729Packaged Beverage Having Enhanced Carbon Dioxide Retention, Method For Packaging A Beverage, Container For Packaging A Beverage, And Polyester Composition - A packaged aqueous carbonated beverage comprising a container which replaces at least a portion of CO12-09-2010
20090136628Produce shaping, apparatus therefor and uses thereof - The apparatus and method shaves produce such as carrots to a uniform style capable fo being packaged. The apparatus has shavers arrayed about the rotational axis of, yet carried by, a carousel, each having at least one blade rotatable about its associated rotational axis substantially parallel to but spaced outwardly of the rotational axis of the carousel. A magazine or hopper or robotic fed product stuffer is adapted to drive a produce item for shaving into an indexed shaver for shaving of that produce item as the shaver but not the carousel is drivingly rotated. A product ejection arrangement is to act on the shaven and crowned product whilst the shaver still supports the product to remove the product in a direction opposite its stuffing direction.05-28-2009
20090035421PACKAGED COFFEE DRINK - To provide a packaged coffee beverage, which contains chlorogenic acids at high concentration, has good flavor and taste, and is suppressed in the occurrence of sediment during long-term storage. A packaged coffee beverage subjected to heat sterilization treatment, the beverage comprising (A) monocaffeoylquinic acid, (B) feruloylquinic acid and (C) dicaffeoylquinic acid, wherein (a) a total content of the ingredients (A), (B) and (C) contained in dissolved states in the beverage is from 0.14 to 4% by weight based on the beverage, and the beverage comprises (b) 80% by weight or more of water, (c) magnesium and sodium at a Mg/Na weight ratio of from 0.04 to 1, (d) a coffee extract obtained from roasted coffee beans having an L value of form 16 to 25, and (e) from 0.0024 to 0.0122% by weight of brown color in terms of Food Yellow No. 4.02-05-2009
20110244084PRODUCT MOUNTING SHEET - A product display sheet (10-06-2011
20100062117THERMALLY RESISTANT GAS BARRIER LAMELLAE - A coating composition comprising a silylated polyvinyl alcohol, a colloidal silica and a water-dispersible or water-soluble aminoplast resin in an aqueous vehicle may be coated on a substrate with a layer of an inorganic compound to form a gas barrier lamella.03-11-2010
20110081458OBJECT MADE OF HOLLOW GLASS - The invention relates to a hollow glass article having, for a thickness of 5 mm, an overall light transmission greater than or equal to 70%, said overall light transmission being calculated by taking into consideration the illuminant C as defined by the ISO/CIE 10526 standard and the CIE 1931 standard colorimetric observer as defined by the ISO/CIE 10527 standard, and a filtering power greater than or equal to 65%, especially 70%, said filtering power being defined as being equal to the value of 100% reduced by the arithmetic mean of the transmission between 330 and 450 nm, said article having a chemical composition of soda-lime-silica type, which comprises the following optical absorbent agents in a content that varies within the weight limits defined below: 04-07-2011
20110250322Plastic Packaged Nutritional Liquids Comprising HMB - Disclosed are nutritional compositions comprising a plastic package and a nutritional liquid contained therein, wherein the nutritional liquid comprises beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) and at least one of fat, protein, and carbohydrate. It has been found that HMB provides a buffering effect in the nutritional liquid to thus minimize an acidic pH shift that is more prevalent in plastic packages, and thus help maintain product stability over time.10-13-2011
20110020505PACKAGE FOR MOLDED FOOD PRODUCT - A solid food product is molded in a mold cavity and is thereafter packaged in the mold cavity. The mold cavity is formed in a sheet and includes a side wall which extends from the sheet and a bottom wall which includes an inverting portion which extends from said side wall and a central portion. The central potion of the bottom wall includes a plurality of ridges which form a decorative design. A liquid food product is introduced into the mold cavity and allowed to solidify to form a molded solid food product. The central portion of the bottom wall is thereafter pushed into the mold cavity to invert said inverting potion and to push the molded food product away from the central portion of the bottom wall. The molded food product includes ridges which correspond to the ridges in the bottom wall of the mold cavity. A lid is attached to the sheet to enclose and package the molded food product within the mold cavity.01-27-2011
20100285182CONTAINER-PACKED BLACK COFFEE BEVERAGE - Disclosed is a container-packed black coffee beverage which has an excellent hypertension ameliorating effect and can be ingested in an ordinary manner. A container-packed black coffee satisfying the following requirements (A) to (C): (A) a chlorogenic acid: 0.01 to 1% by mass; (B) hydroxyhydroquinone: 0.1% by mass or less relative to the mass of the chlorogenic acid; and (C) the chlorogenic acid/a coffee solid content ≧0.025 (by mass).11-11-2010
20120135114PACKAGING OF RESPIRING BIOLOGICAL MATERIALS - Packaging of bananas in containers, for example polyethylene bags, having designed permeabilities to oxygen, carbon dioxide, and ethylene. The bags preferably include a gas-permeable membrane comprising (1) a microporous film, and (2) a polymeric coating on the microporous film. The containers enable storage and/or ripening of bananas under controlled conditions. Using the new containers, bananas can be ripened while they are being transported, or in conventional ripening rooms without opening the containers in which they have been transported, or after they have left a ripening room. In addition, bananas can be preserved in a satisfactory ripened state for longer periods of time.05-31-2012
20110135793PACKAGE FOR READY-PREPARED FOODS - The invention relates to a package for ready-prepared foods, which comprises a dish (06-09-2011
20110104342Chlorine-Free Packaging Sheet with Tear-Resistance Properties - A chlorine-free packaging sheet having a first rigid component, a second rigid component and a multilayer film positioned between the first rigid component and the second rigid component, a package comprising such packaging sheet and a method of manufacturing such sheet. The packaging sheet has a normalized combined tear initiation and propagation resistance in both the machine direction and the transverse direction of less than about 0.115 in*lbf/mil energy to break and less than about 0.800%/mil elongation, and a normalized tear propagation resistance in both the machine direction and the transverse direction of less than about 0.300 in*lbf/mil energy to break and less than about 0.145 lbf/mil peak load.05-05-2011
20100068352Venting mechanism for a microwave flexible package - An improved package comprising a self-venting mechanism that provides an indication of high temperature venting. The package includes a fin seal with an aperture positioned in the fin seal to act as a vent when the package and its contents are heated in a microwave oven. The pressure in the package is vented by allowing steam to escape through the aperture upon partial separation of the fin seal up to the aperture.03-18-2010
20090196959Fresh Pineapple Spear Pasteurization Process and Product - A process for producing a fresh pineapple spear package product from fresh whole pineapple is disclosed. The process includes removing the crowns from the fresh whole pineapples; removing surface soil and microbial loads from the fresh whole pineapples; eliminating the rind from the fresh whole pineapples to form peeled fresh pineapples; eliminating the core from the fresh whole pineapples to form cored and peeled fresh pineapples; forming fresh pineapple spears from the cored and peeled fresh pineapples; packaging the fresh pineapple spears in sealed heat-resistant packages to form packaged fresh pineapple spears; and pasteurizing the fresh pineapple spears in the sealed heat-resistant packages to form the fresh pineapple spear package product.08-06-2009
20100255157PROCESSES FOR PREPARATION OF OIL COMPOSITIONS - The present invention is directed to processes for preparing oil compositions having a high concentration of poly-unsaturated fatty acids and oil compositions having a low concentration of α-linolenic acid. In addition, the present invention is directed to processes for preparing oil compositions having advantageous stability characteristics.10-07-2010
20120308689METHOD FOR PRODUCING PLASTIC CONTAINERS BY STRETCH BLOW MOLDING, PREFORM, CONTAINER AND USE OF SUCH A CONTAINER - Hollow plastic containers provided with a narrow opening and a body having a base and at least one side wall extending longitudinally between the narrow opening and the base, such as bottles or similar, are obtained from preforms by stretch blow molding. A blend of polyethylene terephtalate (PET) and polytrimethylene terephtalate (PTT), with a weight proportion of PTT in the range 5-50% is injected to obtain the preform. During the stretch blow molding step, the multi polyester preform undergoes longitudinal stretching at a longitudinal ratio of between approximately 3.5 and 6 and radial stretching at a ratio of between approximately 4 and 9. The body of the preform is subjected to an overall stretching ratio included between 16 and 50, whereby the weight of the container produced by stretch-blow molding may be reduced.12-06-2012
20090123613HIGH MODULUS IONOMERS FOR PACKAGING - A multilayer packaging film or sheet is disclosed. The film comprises at least one layer comprising or produced from an olefin copolymer, a composition, or combinations thereof in which the composition comprises the olefin copolymer and a polyamide, a barrier resin, a polyolefin, a vinyl ester copolymer, a carboxylate ester copolymer, or combinations of two or more thereof and the olefin copolymer is a magnesium-neutralized ionomer and comprises repeat units derived from an α-olefin and a comonomer including one or more α-, β-ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acids. Further disclosed is a shaped article comprising or produced from the packaging film or sheet and packaged food.05-14-2009
20120045554WINE GLASS, METHOD FOR PACKAGING WINE, AND WINE CONTAINER - The invention relates to a method of packaging wine in a container essentially consisting of a plastics material glass closed by a lid, wherein a lid is sealed to the rim of the glass and, while sealing the lid, the container is deformed to reduce the volume of the head space.02-23-2012
20120003361POLYAMIDE RESIN COMPOSITION, FILM COMPRISING THE SAME AND POLYAMIDE-BASED LAMINATE FILM - The invention relates to a polyamide composition for film, comprising a polyamide resin, a vinyl amide-based polymer and a crosslinked poly(N-vinyl lactam), and a film comprising the same. More specifically, the present invention relates to a polyamide resin composition for a film, ensuring that the film has a matte texture, good film appearance with very little yellow tint, large water vapor permeability and excellent smoking treatment effect and that problems such as clogging of a filter can be reduced and continuous productivity is excellent, and a film comprising the same.01-05-2012
20120207884EDIBLE GLUES AND APPLICATORS FOR SAME - Described herein are edible glues and customized applicators for delivering the same.08-16-2012
20120107459CYCLODEXTRIN COMPOSITIONS, ARTICLES, AND METHODS - Cyclodextrin compositions including one or more radiation polymerizable monomers and a cyclodextrin inclusion complex, the cyclodextrin inclusion complex including a cyclodextrin compound and an olefinic inhibitor of an ethylene generation in produce, are coated onto packaging materials and cured. Treated containers and treated package inserts having the cured cyclodextrin compositions are useful in packaging of respiring plant materials.05-03-2012
20090087522PACKAGED PROTEIN-ENRICHED FOOD PRODUCT - A protein-enriched food product having enhanced texture characteristics combined with ease of use, a method of its manufacture and a method of its packaging is disclosed. The protein-enriched food product comprises a coarsely granulated mixture of cereal pieces combined with a finely granulated high-protein powder mixture. The cereal mixture has a moisture level between 2% and 20% by weight, and comprises a edible fiber material so that fiber content is between 2% and 20% by weight. The protein powder mixture has a moisture level between 2% and 15% by weight, and includes about 50 to 95% by weight of protein. A novel method of manufacture and packaging disclosed permits a consistent blending of the coarsely granulated mixture of cereal pieces with the finely granulated protein powder mixture in a compact package, while maintaining the larger granularity of the cereal mixture.04-02-2009
20120064201GALVANIC PACKAGE FOR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AND PRESERVATION METHOD - A package for fruits and vegetables having galvanic functionality is formed by using two or more metals with different galvanic activity properties on the surface of a nonmetallic substrate. The metals may be deposited electrolytically, by vacuum, autocatalytically, or by other methods. The metals are selected to create a galvanic reaction after the package is filled with a low pH food product and its associated liquids, juices, brine, etc. The package may extend the shelf-life of the food product contained therein, for example, by making metal ions available to the food product.03-15-2012
20100092621MULTI-LAYER PLASTIC CONTAINER FOR NON-OILY CONTENTS - [Problem] To provide a polyethylene container which enables a non-oily viscous content such as ketchup or the like to favorably run down when the container is inverted.04-15-2010
20090130266METHOD FOR PRESERVING FLAVOR COMPONENT - A method for preserving a liquid that contains a flavor component derived from a food material, comprising adding a pH-adjuster to the liquid.05-21-2009
20100209564EDIBLE FAT AND OIL COMPOSITIONS - The present invention discloses an edible fat and oil composition having a good flavor. The present invention also discloses an edible fat and oil composition comprising palm olein having an iodine value of 64 or more, corn oil and rapeseed oil.08-19-2010
20120213895ELIMINATING THE GENERATION OF MBT IN A HOPS BASED BEVERAGE - A bottle, container, or beverage glass for containing a hops-based beverage that includes a concentration between 10 μg/ and 10 mg/ of Riboflavin is at least partially transparent or translucent to visible light and has an optical filter characteristic preventing or reducing light transmission of wavelengths between 200 nm and 510 nm to a level preventing generation of more than a tasteable concentration of MBT in the beverage through photochemical reactions and photochemically initiated auto-catalytic reactions involving the Riboflavin. The tasteable concentration is between 1 ng/l and 35 ng/l, preferably between 5 ng/l and 25 ng/l, and more preferably 10 ng/l.08-23-2012
20120076899SHELF STABLE MONATIN SWEETENED BEVERAGE - A shelf stable beverage composition which comprises a liquid having a reduced dissolved O03-29-2012
20120258209ASEPTICALLY PACKAGED NUTRITIONAL CONCENTRATE - Disclosed are packaged compositions comprising an aseptically sterilized container and a sterilized, concentrated, nutritional liquid emulsion that is aseptically packaged and sealed within the container. Also disclosed are methods for making and using the packaged compositions. In some embodiments, the aseptically packaged, concentrated, nutritional liquid emulsions have a desirable flavor and aroma and have increased emulsion stability.10-11-2012
20120328744Machine For The Production Of Coffee - A machine for the preparation of drinks in capsules, particularly coffee, more particularly “Americano type coffee” or filter coffee or filtered coffee, of the type includes a boiler with a resistance for heating a liquid for the preparation of drinks, a pump for putting under pressure the liquid for the preparation of drinks, a hydraulic group for the feed of the liquid from the boiler through the capsule containing a portion of preparation for dinks with formation of the drink, and conveying means of the drink from the capsule to a collection container in which the hydraulic group includes a distribution valve blocking the distribution of the liquid for the preparation of drinks until a second operating threshold value is exceeded by the hydraulic pressure applied by the liquid for the preparation of drinks, this second operating threshold value being between 4 and 10 bar, preferably 4 and 6 bar.12-27-2012
20110236540Ovenable cook-in film with reduced protein adhesion - The presently disclosed subject matter relates generally to packaging films that exhibit favorable sealing characteristics and reduced adhesion to meat at high temperatures. The presently disclosed subject matter also relates to packages constructed from such films and methods of using the films in high temperature applications.09-29-2011
20100233326Antibacterial Laminate - Disclosed is an antibacterial laminate having at least either of antibacterial property and antifungal property. The antibacterial laminate is composed of at least a base layer (09-16-2010
20100151089Unblanched frozen vegetables - An improved method of freezing vegetables is disclosed in the present invention that eliminates the step of blanching vegetables prior to freezing. The method includes depleting headspace oxygen and oxygen within the plant tissue. The oxygen in the package is depleted by allowing the vegetables to respire for a period of time prior to freezing the vegetables. Frozen vegetable packages depleted of headspace oxygen and internal oxygen are also included in the present invention.06-17-2010
20120100264CAPSULE FOR THE PREPARATION OF A BEVERAGE COMPRISING AN IDENTIFICATION ELEMENT - The invention relates to a capsule for the preparation of a beverage. The capsule includes first and second covering walls connected at a peripheral seam for forming a cavity containing a beverage ingredient, and a contactless element for identifying the capsule by detecting means of a beverage producing device. The identifying element is oriented along its longer dimension substantially orthogonally relative to the transversal plane passing along the seam of the capsule.04-26-2012
20130022714Takeout food bag - A method for packaging hot food and a bag container which has a base, a front wall, and a rear wall, and first and second side walls, the bag container being formed of a laminate having an inner layer of a biodegradable plastic material and an outer layer formed of a paper material.01-24-2013
20080226775Controlled Atmosphere Package for Bananas - A controlled atmosphere package for respiring fruits and vegetables, particularly for bananas, is disclosed. The package has a convex outer wall and an atmosphere control element that comprises at least one hole in the container bottom which is placed close to the wall opposite the convex wall. A selective gas-permeable membrane is attached to the container bottom in such a way that the atmosphere control element is hermetically covered by the membrane.09-18-2008
20130101708NESTABLE PRODUCE CONTAINER - A produce container comprises a basket portion and a closure portion, which are hingedly secured to one another to be relatively movable between an open configuration and a closed configuration. The container can be secured in the closed configuration by at least one tab projecting distally from a front edge of a basket portion peripheral lip or closure portion peripheral lip, which tab is received within a corresponding slot defined inwardly of the front edge of the other peripheral lip. Each slot extends into a collocated recess in the outer surface of that peripheral lip, and each tab has an outwardly extending locking projection which, in the closed configuration, engages a corresponding recess engagement surface. Each locking projection terminates inwardly of the outer surface of the front edge of the respective peripheral lip and each tab terminates below the upper surface of the respective peripheral lip.04-25-2013
20090123611Printed sterilizable laminate for aseptic packaging - A printed sterilizable laminate for aseptic packaging includes two films each including a core layer including ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer, polymeric adhesive, or polyamide; first and second intermediate layers each including a polyamide; an outer layer including amorphous cyclic olefin copolymer, or a blend of amorphous cyclic olefin copolymer and at least one olefinic copolymer; an inner layer including olefinic copolymer, or a blend of an olefinic copolymer and amorphous cyclic olefin copolymer; and first and second tie layers adhering the intermediate layers to the outer and inner layers respectively; a printed image disposed on the outside surface of the first film, or the inside surface of the second film; and an adhesive that bonds the outer layer of the first coextruded film to the inner layer of the second coextruded film. An aseptic package, and a method of making an aseptic package are also disclosed.05-14-2009
20120276254SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR TRANSPORTING OR STORING OXIDATIVELY-DEGRADABLE FOODSTUFF - Disclosed are packaging systems and methods useful in extending the storage-life of foodstuff such as fresh fish. The packaging systems and methods can be used to transport or store the foodstuff for an extended period of time. The packaging systems preferably use a fuel cell to maintain a reduced oxygen level in the environment surrounding the foodstuff.11-01-2012
20100297305ASPARTAME-CONTAINING ACIDIC BEVERAGES - The present invention relates to aspartame-containing acidic beverages, and also relates to acidic beverages designed to prevent a storage-induced reduction in the sweetness of aspartame, which comprise a polymerized polyphenol (particularly a polymerized catechin). The present invention further relates to a method for preventing a storage-induced reduction in the sweetness of aspartame in aspartame-containing acidic beverages by using a polymerized polyphenol (particularly a polymerized catechin).11-25-2010
20110274793PURIFIED ALGINIC ACID OR SALT THEREOF - There is provided a purified alginic acid or a salt thereof having a low degree of coloration and a process for producing the same.11-10-2011
20130183411COOKED AND SHELF STABLE STEEL CUT OATMEAL IN A CUP - A cooked steel cut oatmeal product is shelf stable and supplied in a cup. The oatmeal product of the present invention allows people to enjoy a healthful steel cut oatmeal without the hassle and time needed for cooking it. The product of the present invention may simply be warmed and ready to eat while retaining its natural taste and texture.07-18-2013
20120282376REUSABLE FOOD PACKAGE - A reusable food product package that is initially provided with a polymeric, gas-impermeable film overwrapping that seals the seam of engagement and sufficient portions of the top surface of the lid and the outer surface of the compartment so as to remain in place during shipping. In particular, respiring foods may be packaged with an oxygen absorber and/or a CO11-08-2012
20120070545OXYGEN SCAVENGING DENDRIMERS - A method and system for oxygen molecule scavenging is disclosed. The system employs as an amphiphilic dendritic polymer as the reducing agent for oxygen molecules in a thermoplastic compound. Clarity of the compound, nearly the same as thermoplastic matrix itself in the compound, is achieved by the addition of an epoxy-functional styrene-acrylate oligomer. Food and beverage containers now made of polyethylene terephthalate can be molded from the compound and have substantially the same haze as the polyethylene terephthalate itself but with the oxygen scavenger to maintain freshness of the food or beverage from oxidation.03-22-2012

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