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Dough or batter type

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426 - Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products


426093000 - Isolated whole seed, bean or nut, or material derived therefrom

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426094000 Dough or batter type 89
20090220653Shortening system - A shortening system, such as a spray shortening system; for instance, a shortening system containing unhydrogenated or non-hydrogenated vegetable oil, such as a highly unsaturated, non-hydrogenated or unhydrogenated vegetable oil, e.g., soybean oil or canola oil and a minimum or minor amount (e.g., by weight about 3-10%, advantageously about 3-7%, more advantageously about 3-6% or about 3-5% or less than about 6% or less than about 8%) of conserved trans monoglyceride and/or diglyceride, advantageously a monoglyceride or a mono- and diglyceride that is mostly monoglyceride, based on a highly unsaturated ‘oil, such as a highly unsaturated vegetable oil, e.g., canola or soybean oil,’ which has been selectively and partially hydrogenated so as to result in conservation of the geometric isomer of the C18:1 ester, namely the C18:1t or elaidic ester, as well as to methods for making and using such a shortening system, products from the use of such a shortening system, and the monoglyceride and/or diglyceride constituent of the shortening system, and methods for making and uses thereof.09-03-2009
20090208610 PIZZA - The invention relates to an improved pizza in which a dough grid arises from its dough base, which grid is made of the same dough and completely covers the surface of the pizza occupied by the components, preventing the latter from being separated therefrom.08-20-2009
20110189351FAT BLOOM INHIBITING FOOD COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS - Shelf stable non-refrigerated food products having base-cake, filling and coating components with fat bloom inhibiting characteristics and low fat migration. One embodiment provides a food composition having a base-cake having canola oil and having moisture content in a range of about 1.7 to 3.1 percent; a créme filling having a non-lauric fat, and having a water activity level of about 25; and a coating having lauric fat and a non-lauric fat, and having less than about 1 percent moisture.08-04-2011
20120183652High Fiber Pastry Product - High fiber-containing pastry products are described. The high fiber-containing pastry products typically comprise about 5-10 grams of fiber in a 54 gram serving of the pastry. The high fiber-containing pastry products comprise a fried laminated dough piece prepared from a developed dough that comprises, inter alia, wheat flour, resistant wheat starch, and vital wheat gluten. The use of a reduced amount of wheat flour along with the addition of resistant wheat starch and vital wheat gluten enables the production of a dough composition that has a high fiber content while retaining desirable organoleptic and processing characteristics.07-19-2012
20120244258CONFECTIONERY PRODUCT CONTAINING ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - A nutritional product includes a shell and a core that is at least partially covered by the shell. The shell contains a fat-and-carbohydrate mixture. The core has a gel-like consistency. Based on a total weight of the core, the core includes: a) a protein component of 0.5 to 10 wt-%; b) a carbohydrate component of 65 to 82 wt-% in the form of a crystalline and a non-crystalline carbohydrate phase; and c) water from 10 to 30 wt-%.09-27-2012
20100316772Cookie Products Having Enhanced Stability - There is provided a cookie sandwich product having enhanced stability during manufacture, the cookie sandwich product comprising a top and a bottom cookie with a filling disposed therebetween. The top and bottom cookies have an inner and outer surface, with the inner surface being substantially flat and the outer cookies comprising a plurality of outer surface portions where at least one of the outer surface portions is substantially flat and provides stability to the cookie during manufacture of the cookie sandwich. A method of providing stability to cookie products during manufacture is also provided.12-16-2010
20100040742PREPARATION OF INDIVIDUALLY COATED EDIBLE CORE PRODUCTS - A method and apparatus for producing individually coated, baked, edible core products is disclosed. Individual edible cores are coated with a farinaceous dough and baked. The coated cores are agitated as their coatings expand to prevent them from clumping or agglomerating during baking. The baked, coated cores are individual core pieces with an expanded, crispy coating.02-18-2010
20100028497METHOD OF PRODUCING AN EXTRUDED FOOD PRODUCT - The invention provides a method of producing an extruded food product, wherein, in order to deposit inclusions on the surface, the method comprises, downstream from at least one extrusion die producing a ribbon of extruded and expanded dough: 02-04-2010
20090291169Apparatus and Method for Producing Sandwich Cookie Having Dissimilarly-Sized Base Cakes - A cookie cup sandwich cookie having dissimilarly-sized base cakes is continuously produced by applying a layer of filler cream to a lower base cake and applying an upper base cake to the lower base cake so that the outer periphery of the upper base cake surrounds the layer of filler cream. The apparatus for the production of the sandwich cookies includes at least one rotary molder for producing lower base cakes and upper base cakes having different sizes, a filler cream depositor that deposits a layer of filler cream on each of the lower base cakes, and a conveyer system for transporting and at least substantially concentrically aligning the dissimilarly sized lower and upper base cakes.11-26-2009
20090269446Fillings - The invention relates to a filling consisting of a continuous aqueous phase, wherein said filling has a water activity (Aw) of 0.5 to 0.93, and a fat content of less than 25% by weight relative to the total weight of the filling, and comprises at least one non-gelatinized starch, characterized in that at least 5%, preferably at least 10%, and even more preferably at least 15%, of the particles are greater than or equal to 10 μm in size.10-29-2009
20120114804APPARATUS AND PROCESS FOR PREPARING CONFECTIONERY HAVING AN INCLUSION THEREIN USING FORMING ROLLS AND A FORMING PIN - The present invention is directed to a forming apparatus comprising (a) first and second forming rolls with forming pockets in corresponding alignment, wherein at least one roll has one or more continuous grooves extending around the circumference of the roll in a plane perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the roll and which intersects the forming pockets in the plane, wherein the first and second forming rolls rotate in directions counter to one another, and (b) one or more forming pins positioned between the counter rotating rolls and within the continuous groove of the roll.05-10-2012
20110123681DOUGH PRODUCT INCLUDING LAMINATED AND NON-LAMINATED DOUGH COMPONENTS - A composite dough product including a laminated dough component and a non-laminated dough component is described. The laminated dough component includes at least one layer of fat, such as a layer of roll-in shortening, and at least one layer of dough. The thickness of the non-laminated dough component is greater than the thickness of a layer of dough in the laminated dough component. Alternatively, the weight of the non-laminated dough component is greater than the weight of a layer of dough in the laminate. The laminated dough component and the non-laminated dough component each retain their individual characteristics in the composite dough product.05-26-2011
20090311387HYDRATED FAT PIECE COMPOSITIONS AND DOUGH ARTICLES MADE THEREFROM - Disclosed are hydrated fat piece compositions along with various methods of making hydrated fat piece compositions. Also disclosed are dough compositions and baked articles made using the hydrated fat piece compositions of the invention.12-17-2009
20120231121Preparation of Individually Coated Edible Core Products - A method and apparatus for producing individually coated, baked, edible core products is disclosed. Individual edible cores are coated with a farinaceous dough and baked. The coated cores are agitated as their coatings expand to prevent them from clumping or agglomerating during baking. The baked, coated cores are individual core pieces with an expanded, crispy coating.09-13-2012
20110293794Method of Producing Stackable Low-Fat Snack Chips - Stackable, farinaceous based low-fat snack chips are produced from a thin chain link strip of dough blanks by baking the strip in an oven with the strip blanks supported and carried by a lower mold assembly. Alternatively, the strip may be partially baked and then fried with the strip blanks sandwiched between upper and lower molds to produce reduced fat stackable snack chips.12-01-2011
20090098255MOISTURE BARRIER COMPOSITION FOR BISCUITS - An at least partial, typically non-continuous, moisture barrier coating composition applied to the external surface of biscuits, such as scones or muffins. Use of the composition achieves significantly improved flavor, moisture retention in the interior of the biscuit, and a significantly improved biscuit exterior.04-16-2009
20100266731PIZZA AND CRUST HAVING AN IRREGULAR EDGE - Premium quality parbaked frozen pizza can be made by adding premium rough cut toppings to a premium generally square crust having a rough edge mimicking a hand formed crust. The pizza provides the appearance of being hand made and baked in a brick wood fired oven providing a crispy exterior, a soft interior crust having characteristic toasted color indicia. In use, the pizza is packaged in conventional corrugated forms, outer wrapped and packaged for delivery in retail environments. The product can be removed from its packaging and baked at home, mimicking a product from a restaurant grade preparation.10-21-2010
20090047391Method Of Preparing Dough Products - The present relates to a method of preparing a dough product comprising: mixing flour, water and optionally other bakery ingredients to form a dough; and applying a coating composition directly to the outside surface of the dough at a stage of the dough manufacture when the dough is no longer subjected to kneading or lamination, said coating composition containing, calculated on dry matter, emulsifier in an amount of 10-100% and polysaccharide in an amount of 0-20%. The dough products obtained by the present method offer the advantage that they can be baked or fried to yield a product that will retain a crispy crust for a considerable period of time and even after reheating of the baked or fried product. Other aspects of the invention relate to dough products that can be obtained by the aforementioned method as well as to baked and fried products obtained by baking or flying such a dough product.02-19-2009
20090285944Food Composition - The invention relates to a food composition consisting of a continuous aqueous phase, wherein said food composition has a water activity (Aw) of 0.3 to 0.99 and a fat content of less than 15% by weight relative to the total weight of the food composition, and comprises at least one non-gelatinized starch.11-19-2009
20090252838Chocolate brittle - Chocolate brittle containing chocolate and syrup is a brittle confection which may, additionally, have other flavorings and toppings added thereto.10-08-2009
20120294986CONFECTIONERY PRODUCTS WITH PEA PROTEINS - The present invention relates to the use of pea proteins to substitute at least partially the milk proteins in confectionery traditionally made with milk. It also relates to the confectionery product obtained after this substitution.11-22-2012
20120294985CURVED BREAD BUN - A baked dough food product includes a body having a free-rise side and an opposite bottom side and first and second opposite ends. The body forms a curved construction. In one example, the baked dough food product is a bun for holding a sausage product that is in a curved shape that generally matches the curved construction of the bun. A method of making a baked dough food product includes providing a dough composition; forming, from the dough composition, an elongate dough body; arranging the dough body on a baking pan and then curving the dough body to form a non-overlapping curved construction; proofing the dough body; and then baking the dough body.11-22-2012
20080292757Method of Production a Sweet, a Forming Core for Production a Sweet Shell and a Sweet Produced by the Same Method - The method of production of sweet comprises shell (11-27-2008
20130216660EDIBLE CONTAINER FOR FOODSTUFFS AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - An open-ended edible container for foodstuffs is provided. The open-ended container is composed of cereals and/or fruits in a sheet formed of a binder wherein the inner surface of the container is very lightly patterned while the outer surface has a smooth texture with embedded flakes. A process for manufacturing edible containers for foodstuffs is also provided and includes the steps of: pouring a liquid batter on baking plates, partially cooking the batter for providing a sheet, depositing cereals and/or fruit flakes as a layer onto the sheet, cooking the sheet, and giving the desired shape to the container. The inner surface of the container is very lightly patterned while the outer surface of the container has a rough texture with embedded flakes.08-22-2013
20090324781APPARATUS AND METHOD OF TOASTING SANDWICHES WITHOUT HEATING THE SANDWICH FILLING - An apparatus and method of preparing and serving a sandwich which is prepared in advance and stored in a refrigerator. The sandwich is toasted in a heating apparatus such that the bread is selectively toasted while the contents remain substantially cold. The toasting apparatus has a heater, a blower and duct to heat the air and direct it to the sandwich. The sandwich is in a basket received in a recess wherein.12-31-2009
20090098256COATING COMPOSITIONS FOR DOUGH-BASED GOODS INCLUDING DOUGHNUTS AND OTHER PRODUCTS - A food product including an edible substrate at least partially derived from dough or batter is provided. Such a food product includes a first water-soluble coating. The first coating includes a starch, a starch derivative, or a mixture thereof. The first coating at least partially covers the surface of the edible substrate prior to the application of a second coating. The substrate and the second coating have different water activities. The first coating provides at least a partial moisture barrier between the substrate and the second coating.04-16-2009
20090087521PARTICULATE FILLED EDIBLE PRODUCT AND PROCESS FOR MAKING - The subject invention relates to a particulate filled edible product and a method of making the particulate filled edible product. The edible product comprises an edible shell of dough that defines an enclosed cavity having a cavity volume. At least one edible food particulate is disposed within the cavity. The food particulate has a particulate volume that is less than the cavity volume and the at least one food particulate moves freely in the cavity.04-02-2009
20090214717FOOD PRODUCT ARRANGEMENT - A food product composed of a first elongated dough member formed into the shape of a pretzel and defining three open spaces and a second elongated dough member formed into a spiral and positioned into at least one of said open spaces and the first dough member is pretzel dough and the second dough member is cinnamon bun dough.08-27-2009
20090220654FILLED, BAKED CRISPY SNACK HAVING A HIGH MOISTURE CONTENT - A shelf-stable, filled, baked crispy snack which possesses a crispy textured casing and a moist, soft textured filling over a prolonged period of time is obtained by formulating a casing which when baked has a high glass temperature (Tg) at a high moisture content. Increasing the degree of starch gelatinization to increase the Tg may be achieved during baking and by the addition of a pregelatinized starch. The high Tg baked casing permits the use of a high moisture content filler in high amounts to provide a shelf-stable substantial textural dichotomy in the filled, baked, crispy snack. The filled, baked snack exhibits an unexpectedly high resistance to deformation or peak force at high baked casing moisture contents. The baked snack is ready-to-eat out of the packaging and does not have to be toasted, microwaved or further baked, cooked, or heated for consumption, or to achieve a crisp textured casing.09-03-2009
20120196003Natamycin-Cyclodextrin Complexes For Use In Foodstuff, Process For Their Manufacture And Use Thereof - The present invention concerns a process for improving the preservation of a bakery product by natamycin. A composition comprising natamycin in the form of a natamycin-cyclodextrin complex is provided and the composition is applied onto a bakery product as an antifungal agent. The invention also concerns a bakery product comprising an effective antifungal amount of natamycin. Another aspect of the invention is an antifungal natamycin composition and the use thereof, which composition has a modified antifungal activity. Further, the invention concerns a process for modifying the antifungal activity of natamycin.08-02-2012
20090274797HIGH FIBER PASTRY PRODUCT - High fiber-containing pastry products are described. The high fiber-containing pastry products typically comprise about 5-10 grams of fiber in a 54 gram serving of the pastry. The high fiber-containing pastry products comprise a fried laminated dough piece prepared from a developed dough that comprises, inter alia, wheat flour, resistant wheat starch, and vital wheat gluten. The use of a reduced amount of wheat flour along with the addition of resistant wheat starch and vital wheat gluten enables the production of a dough composition that has a high fiber content while retaining desirable organoleptic and processing characteristics.11-05-2009
20100260897Commercial bakery sandwich breads and rolls products - An improvement to a variety of sandwich-based bakery products to prevent “leakage” of food from the sandwich while eating, due to the open sides of present sandwich bakery products. Leakage is avoided by using separate baking-pan molds to create top and bottom parts of a variety of sandwich-like products (e.g., hamburger rolls, English muffins, submarine rolls, and soft taco/burrito shells). The top and bottom parts of most of the products contain outside walls that have a crust layer created by the baking molds that prevents food from falling or squirting out of the sandwich product due to gravity or pressure from biting or squeezing the sandwich product during eating. The one-piece burrito product has “wings” which, when folded properly, prevents leakage of the contents during eating and reduces the multiple end layers created when “rolling up” a conventional burrito.10-14-2010
20100215810Glyceride Composition For Use As Coating Fat - A composition comprising triglycerides may be used as a coating fat. The triglyceride content of the composition comprises: SSS in an amount of from 10 to 20%; SUS in an amount of from 25 to 65%; SSU in an amount of from 20 to 50%; SU2 in an amount of less than 15%; and S2U in an amount of greater than 70%; wherein: the weight ratio of SUS:SSU is from 0.5:1 to 3.0:1; S is a saturated fatty acid residue having from 12 to 24 carbon atoms; U is an unsaturated fatty acid residue having from 12 to 24 carbon atoms; and all percentages are by weight based on the total triglycerides present in the composition.08-26-2010
20100215809Composition Comprising Triglycerides - A composition comprising triglycerides may be used as a coating fat. The triglyceride content of the composition comprises: SSS in an amount of from 10 to 20%; SUS in an amount of from 45 to 65%; SSU in an amount of from 10 to 18%; SU2 in an amount of less than 15%; and S2U in an amount of greater than 70%; wherein: the weight ratio of SUS:SSU is from 3:1 to 6:1; S is a saturated fatty acid residue having from 12 to 24 carbon atoms; U is an unsaturated fatty acid residue having from 12 to 24 carbon atoms; and all percentages are by weight based on the total triglycerides present in the composition.08-26-2010
20100239720DUAL TEXTURED, MULTICOMPONENT SNACK FOOD HAVING A CREAMY FILLING - A dual textured, multicomponent snack food item comprising an outer jacket and a center filling encased within the outer jacket is disclosed. The center filling has a creamy texture. At the interface between the outer jacket and center filling, the center filling does not substantially migrate into the outer jacket during co-extrusion processing of the food item and/or in the final food item.09-23-2010
20100239719Pizza With Peripheral Crust Structure - A pizza including a dough substrate defining a plurality of pieces, each piece including a sheet portion bounded by at least two internal edges and at least one external edge, wherein at least a portion of each of the internal and external edges includes a crust portion, the crust portion having a thickness that is different than a thickness of the sheet portion, and at least one topping disposed on the sheet portion.09-23-2010
20100196553COATING COMPOSITION FOR BAKERY FOOD PRODUCTS AND BAKERY FOOD PRODUCTS USING THE SAME - The purpose of the present invention is to provide a coating composition for bakery food products, which coating composition is capable of offering a variety of flavors, has superior moisture-retaining property, the coating composition being pleasantly mild, smooth and flexible and in the form of gel; as well as a bakery food product coated with the coating composition. The above problem is solved by the coating composition for bakery food products of the present invention, said coating composition comprising agar, a saccharide, a modified starch and water, which coating composition is in the form of gel.08-05-2010
20100136182FAT FILLING OR CHOCOLATE SUBSTITUTE FOR CEREAL-BASED BAKERY PRODUCTS - The invention relates to a butterfat filling or imitation chocolate with a reduced butterfat and/or sugar content, and cereal cooking products comprising one such butterfat filling or imitation chocolate. The inventive butterfat filling or imitation chocolate consists of a suspension of solid particles in a continuous fat phase, said suspension comprising less than 33% butterfat and between 3 and 40% raw starch.06-03-2010
20110129575BATTER COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS OF PREPARING AND USING SAME - The invention provides batter compositions including a structure-providing amount of a flour replacement ingredient comprising native starch in an amount of 70% by weight or more, and a protein source in an amount of 30% by weight or less, weight percentages based upon weight of the flour replacement ingredient; a sweetener in an amount effective to provide a water activity of 0.94 or less; and a fat source, wherein the batter composition has a pH of 6.5 or higher. Optionally, the flour replacement ingredient can further include a fiber source, a minor amount of modified starch, or a combination of these. In some aspects, the invention provides batter compositions including a novel leavening system.06-02-2011
20110045146Gluten free and/or dairy free cookie dough - Adapting to the gluten free and/or casein free and lactose free diet requires some lifestyle changes. The present invention is a gluten free and/or casein free, and lactose free baked food. The invention utilizes a flour mixture of white rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, xanthum gum or any combination to create a pre-packaged, ready to bake cookie dough, with good taste and texture similar to currently marketed wheat flour containing cookies which are ready to bake.02-24-2011
20100047401METHOD AND COMPOSITION FOR EXTRUDED PET FOOD PRODUCT - A method for forming a pet food product includes supplying a basal formula to a feed section of an extruding system, passing the basal formula through the extruding system, supplying a particulate dough to the basal formula downstream of a compression section of the extruding system, mixing the basal formula and the particulate dough to form a pet food product, and forming the pet food product into discreet pieces. The formed pet food product includes an extruded basal portion and a granular portion mixed throughout the extruded basal portion.02-25-2010
20100310728ENCAPSULATED OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS FOR BAKED GOODS PRODUCTION - Encapsulated polyunsaturated fatty acids which can be incorporated into a baked good dough or batter without smearing or dissolution of the encapsulated product contains film-coated oil droplets encapsulated by a matrix material, a liquid plasticizer which plasticizes the matrix material, and an acidic antioxidant dispersed throughout the plasticized matrix material which helps to prevent oxidation of the polyunsaturated fatty acids; and the production of a fishy taint or malodors and mal-flavors. The matrix material includes a starch component which helps to avoid a rubbery consistency and texture and promotes extrudability, and a protein component, which hardens the encapsulated product and prevents substantial smearing and dissolution during dough or batter mixing and baking. The matrix material protein content is from about 25% to about 77.5% by weight of the matrix material. The protein content of the encapsulated product is from about 15% to about 65% by weight, of the encapsulated product.12-09-2010
20100297301Method of Producing Filling for Filled Food Product and Food Product Comprising Filling - Provided are a method of producing a filling which improves water-retention capability during heating conducted after the filling is wrapped, and which has an excellent texture, and a filled food product produced by using the filling. Specifically, provided is a filling for a filled food product, the filling comprising at least one or more heat-processed filling ingredients and water-soluble cellulose ether which is gelable during heating. Also provided is a method of producing a filling for a filled food product comprising at least the steps of: heat-processing one or more filling ingredients; and mixing the heat-processed filling ingredients with water-soluble cellulose ether which is gelable during heating, to thereby obtain a filling. Further provided is a filled food product obtained by performing any one of heating, baking, and frying of: a filling comprising at least one or more heat-processed filling ingredients and water-soluble cellulose ether which is gelable during heating; and a dough skin which wraps the filling.11-25-2010
20110135792SANDWICH AND METHOD FOR FORMING - A sandwich includes a partially baked sandwich insert and a chemically-leavened batter layer that envelops at least a portion of the partially baked sandwich insert. The partially baked sandwich insert includes a filling that is completely enveloped by a yeast-leavened dough.06-09-2011
20110104339DOUBLE-CRUSTED PIZZA PRODUCTS, AND METHODS FOR PRODUCING SAME - Compositions and methods for double-crusted pizza product and method for making are disclosed having a peripheral gap extending around, or substantially around, the product perimeter between upper and lower crusts forming a gap. One embodiment provides a double-crusted layer pizza product having a lower crust layer forming a base; an upper crust layer positioned above the lower crust layer; a sauce layer applied directly adjacent to the upper crust layer on a lower surface thereof and positioned between the lower and upper crust layers; at least one ingredient; and the sauce layer having a water concentration of at least 40 percent weight. A second sauce layer or oil layer can be optionally applied adjacent to an upper surface of the lower crust layer. Cut-outs of the second crust layer can occur prior to or after hot-pressing a billet. Optional methods can include spraying the second sauce layer.05-05-2011
20100068349REDUCED SUGAR SWEET ROLL - A low or no sugar sweet roll product or intermediate is provided wherein at least a portion of the sweetness of the sweet roll product is provided by a non-nutritive sweet flavorant provided in combination with at least one sugar alcohol having a molecular weight less than about 350. Additionally, specific formulations of non-nutritive sweet flavorant with defined sugar alcohols and/or polydextrose are provided when the non-nutritive sweet flavorant and sugar alcohol is in the filling component or the icing component of the sweet roll product or intermediate.03-18-2010
20100015295METHOD OF PREVENTING STALING IN BAKED GOODS - Disclosed is method for enhancing the shelf life of a baked good. Shelf life is defined as maintaining the % moisture, water activity, and organoleptically perceived tenderness and moistness of the baked good while preventing drying out and hardening of the baked good during storage at room temperature. In the disclosed method the baked good, preferably as it comes out of the baking apparatus, is topically coated with a primary lipid-based coating oil on all surfaces. The primary lipid-based coating oil, which is largely a solid at room temperature, is applied at a temperature above its melting point. The primary lipid-based coating oil preferably has a solid fat content at 20° C. of at least 68%. The baked good is then allowed to cool permitting the primary lipid-based coating oil to penetrate the baked good and to solidify. The coated baked good is then coated with a secondary lipid-based coating comprising a compound coating or a chocolate coating. The baked good treated as described has a shelf life of at least 4 months at room temperature, more preferably at least 6 months and most preferably at least 8 months.01-21-2010
20110189352Convenience Desert Item and Method of Preparation and Use - A convenience desert item wherein the container is filled with portions of the desert item, which are first prepared outside the container, cut into multiple portions, and placed into the container in layers, each layer is comprised of a plurality of the cut portions, which are gently compressed before placing additional layers on top of said layer, and the final layer having a frosting applied to the top of the final layer; a method of preparing, storing, transporting, and serving a desert item, comprising the steps of preparing a desert, reducing the desert into a plurality of portions, providing a container, said container having a handle, providing a lid adapted to close the container, placing one or more of the portions into the container to create a first layer of portions, compressing the first layer of portions located in the container, placing additional one or more portions into the container to form a second layer of portions, compressing the second layer of portions located in the container, smoothing a top surface of a top layer of portions, placing the lid on the container, freezing the container and/or storing the container, grasping the handle of the container, transporting the container from a first location to a second location while grasping the handle, removing the lid from the container, scooping downwardly into the container, through more than one layer with a utensil to remove a serving portion, placing the serving portion onto a plate, and replacing the lid onto the container.08-04-2011
20090110779Batter Coated Food Pieces - A batter slurry, for coating food pieces so as to enhance crispness hold time for extended periods in take-out food conditions, comprising, as a percentage of a dry batter used to make the slurry, 97.4 to 99.8% by weight of a batter base selected from a modified food starch batter base and a flour batter base. The batter base comprises a modified food starch of from 10 to 60% by weight of the batter. The modified food starch is acetylated, cross-linked or acetylated and cross-linked. The dry batter further comprises from 0.0 to 1.0% by weight of calcium lactate and from 0.1 to 1.6% by weight of de-oiled lecithin. Coated food pieces are par-fried and preferably frozen. The frozen pieces, once reconstituted, retain their crispness under adverse, e.g. high humidity, conditions such as those encountered under take-out conditions where such pieces are typically placed into a closed container for home delivery or take out.04-30-2009
20080317908FOOD PRODUCTS AND ITS PACKAGING - The invention relates to a combination of at least one three-dimensional food product and a tray member for displaying the food product thereon. The tray member includes a support base and at least one first retaining member. The food product includes at least a bottom surface arranged so as to rest on the support base and at least one second retaining member. The first and second retaining members are complementarily shaped and arranged to adjust in engagement together so as to be capable to resist disengagement at least in a direction substantially parallel to the support base.12-25-2008
20100015294CAMILLEON COOKIE RECIPE COLLECTION - The Camilleon Cookie Collection brings a new flavor of cookies to the market. They are lighter, flavorful, and delightful to the palate. Many kinds of cookies can be created with the use of the base recipe, and more cookies are yielded per batch. The cookies have natural preservative and the doe can last for more than a month. The cookie itself can be frozen and later warmed up again to taste as fresh as the first time they were baked.01-21-2010
20120009303Method for Producing Reduced Fat Layered Baked Product - A method for producing a reduced fat, layered baked product and the resulting product. A main dough is provided and formed into a sheet. Frozen dough or ice is encased by the main dough to form two layers of main dough separated by a layer of frozen dough or ice. The layered dough may be rolled out and folded repeatedly to form more layers. The layered dough is then sheeted, cut, proofed and baked to form a reduced fat, layered, flakey baked product.01-12-2012
20090081335CRISP, FILLED FOODS AND METHODS RELATED THERETO - The present invention provides crisp filled foods, intermediates, and processes for making them. Particularly, the present invention provides crisp crackers, pretzels, breadsticks, cookies and the like with creamy and lubricious filling. Efficient processes are also provided for making such crisp filled foods, wherein dough is baked, fried or similarly heated in the presence of a specially-formulated powder so as to ultimately result in a lubricious filling and a crisp exterior. Superior intermediates and end products are therefore also provided. The foods surprisingly retain their crisp exterior and lubricious interior for an extended time span when packaged and stored under commercial conditions.03-26-2009
20100119661COATED BISCUIT PRODUCT - Processes for applying a barrier coating to a biscuit that is to be coated with a component having a higher moisture content. The barrier coating is a mixture of a high-melting fat and icing sugar and is applied uniformly to the biscuit by liquefying this coating and then applying it by rotating the biscuit during panning or brushing. The resultant coated biscuit products also form part of this invention.05-13-2010
20110091612CRUMB COATING FOR FOOD PRODUCTS - A method of manufacture of a crumb coated food product comprising the steps of04-21-2011
20100247717MULTI-TEXTURED READY-TO-EAT CEREAL WITH EXTRUDED RICE PELLETS - A multi-textured ready-to-eat cereal flake includes a plurality of rice based pellets embedded in a cooked cereal grain. The plurality of rice pellets are formed from a rice product and have a first moisture content. A cooked cereal grain mixture is then formed and has a second moisture content that is greater than the first moisture content of the rice pellets. The plurality of rice pellets are then embedded within the cooked cereal grain mixture to create a multicomponent mixture. A multicomponent pellet is formed from the multicomponent mixture. The multicomponent pellet is then formed into a flake. The flake is heated to create a multi-textured flake. Based on the moisture differential between the cooked cereal grain and the plurality of rice pellets, the plurality of rice pellets expand to create a blistered appearance on the multi-textured flake.09-30-2010
20110183046COATED FOOD PRODUCT AND METHOD OF PREPARATION - Coated snack products are provided whose coating are reminiscent of high fat compound fat coating, resistant to rub-off of a powdery or fat based topping as well as methods for preparing such coated snack products. The present invention provides methods for preparing such coated food product including providing a hot (about 60-85° C.), oil-in-water emulsion coating slurry containing a hydrated film forming hydrophilic colloid. The slurry comprises about 5%-30% of the emulsion of flavor solids in powder form. The methods include applying the hot emulsion to a food base to provide a wet emulsion coated food base. The methods include drying the wet slurry emulsion coated food product to a moisture content of about 1-4% at a temperature of less than the sugar melting point to provide a finished dried food product having non-powdered coating.07-28-2011
20120219669READY-TO-EAT FARINACEOUS PRODUCT AND A METHOD FOR THE PREPARATION THEREOF - The invention provides a method of preparing a ready-to-eat farinaceous food product, said method comprising the successive steps of: a) preparing a farinaceous dough by mixing flour, water and optionally one or more other bakery ingredients; b) dividing the dough into one or more dough portions; c) shaping the one or more dough portions into one or more shaped dough pieces; d) proving the dough pieces; e) contacting 30-60% of the total surface area of the one or more shaped dough pieces with hot oil during a period of at least 10 seconds to produce one or more partially fried dough pieces comprising a fried surface area and a non-fried surface area; and f) baking said one or more partially fried dough pieces to produce one or more baked dough pieces; where in a layer of edible material is applied to 40-70% of the surface area of the shaped dough pieces, the partially fried dough pieces or the baked dough pieces and wherein the surface area of the final ready-to-eat product that is not covered by the layer of edible material is fried surface area. This method achieves a significant reduction in fat uptake during preparation of the ready-to-eat farinaceous product without introducing a perceptible adverse effect on product quality. Another aspect of the invention relates to ready-to-eat food product comprising a body of baked farinaceous dough, 40-70% of the surface area of said body of baked dough being coated with a layer of edible material, wherein the surface of the baked dough body that is not coated with the layer of edible material is fried surface area and wherein at least 70 wt. % of the surface of the baked dough body that is covered with the layer of edible material is non-fried.08-30-2012
20120251674WRAPPED FRIED FOOD - It is intended to provide: a wrapped food to be fried that allows a wrapped fried food to effectively maintain its oil cooking-derived crunchy texture based on the layered structure of wrappers wrapped around an ingredient; a wrapped fried food obtained by cooking the same with oil; and methods for producing these foods. The wrapped fried food of the present invention has an ingredient and a wrapper portion wrapped around the ingredient. At least a portion of this wrapper portion is formed as a layered structure consisting of 10 or more wrapper layers in a rolled-up state.10-04-2012
20120225165METHOD FOR BINDING PARTICULATES TO A SNACK BASE - The invention provides novel products and methods. The composition of the invention is a coated food product generally comprising: a product base, a slurry coating and a dry set coating. Specifically, there is disclosed a food product with a cookie and cream coating and a method of coating a food product with a cookie and cream coating.09-06-2012
20100272865SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PREPARING MICROWAVABLE FRIED FOOD PRODUCTS - A microwavable fried food product is prepared that possesses the crispiness of a restaurant-quality or conventional oven-cooked fried food product without employing special packaging during the microwaving process. This is achieved through use of a process whereby the fried food product, such as an egg roll, is fried for a first time after having been coated in a batter comprising at least modified food starch. Following the first frying step, a coating comprised of at least modified food starch is applied to the food product and then fried for a second time after the food product absorbs the coating. The resultant fried food product, when microwaved, possesses the texture of the fried food after having been heated in a conventional oven. She fried food product is prepared in a microwave oven and retains the texture and crispiness of a fried food prepared in a conventional oven.10-28-2010
20120231120MULTI-LAYERED FOOD PRODUCT AND METHOD FOR FORMING - A multi-layered food product comprises a filling encapsulated by a substantially baked yeast-leavened dough. The encapsulated filling is further encapsulated by a substantially baked chemically-leavened batter layer.09-13-2012
20100215811CONFECTIONERY COMPOSITIONS - Confectionery compositions, suitable for fillings, comprise one or more confectionery additives selected from sugar, cocoa powder, milk powder, yoghurt powder, flavouring and emulsifier, together with a fat blend comprising: (i) polyunsaturated fatty acid residues in an amount of greater than 40% by weight based on total fatty acid residues in the fat blend; (ii) S2U triglycerides in an amount of between 10 and 50% by weight based on the weight of the fat blend, wherein S is a saturated fatty acid residue having 12-24 carbon atoms and U is an unsaturated fatty acid residue having 12-24 carbon atoms; and (iii) H2M+M2H triglycerides in an amount of less than 5% by weight based on the weight of the fat blend, wherein H is a saturated fatty acid residue having at least 16 carbon atoms and M is a saturated fatty acid residue having 8 to 14 carbon atoms; and wherein the fat blend has a content of trans fatty acid residues of less than 3% by weight based on total fatty acid residues in the fat blend, a content of diglycerides of less than 3% by weight of the fat blend and a C12 fatty acid residue content of less than 5% by weight based on total fatty acid residues in the fat blend. The composition is particularly useful as a confectionery or bakery filling.08-26-2010
20120288592MICROWAVEABLE BATTER - A microwave cookable or reheatable foodstuff coating composition comprises 55 to 80 wt % water and 20 to 45 wt % by dry weight of an ingredient mixture including: 11-15-2012
20100129499BREADS - A bread having good texture, brightness and flavor is provided despite inclusion of a great deal of catechins.05-27-2010
20130177676Soft Cake With Simulated Unbaked Heart - The disclosure relates to shelf stable soft cake, such as a brownie-type pastry, comprising outer layers of baked dough in direct contact with an inner core which resembles the unbaked dough heart of the soft cake. The disclosure further relates to a process for producing the soft cake, wherein the dough and filling layers are deposited on each other prior to baking.07-11-2013
20080199569APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PRODUCTION OF ROLLED DOUGH FOOD PIECE - An improved method and apparatus for producing a rolled snack piece using an extruder having typically a plurality of orifices through which an extrudate exits the extruder. Each of these orifices is spiral shaped. When a desired length of extrudate stream or rope protrudes from an orifice, it is cut at its base, thus producing individual snack pieces that appear to have been rolled after being sheeted.08-21-2008
20100297302PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR FORMING A WAVE CHIP PRODUCT - Thin snack chips having a curved or wave shape are obtained by forming, shaping or curling baked chips into a curved or wave configuration before they become too cold and rigid so as to result in breakage during forming. The essentially flat, malleable baked chips, still hot from baking in an oven may be continuously transported on a conveyer belt into a nip or gap formed between the conveyer belt and a rotating forming roller to curve or curl the malleable baked chips around the roller. The malleable baked chips are subjected to a guided curtain of air to cool and set the chips in a curved or wave configuration and to remove or blow the curved or wave chips off of the rotating forming roller onto the conveyor belt.11-25-2010
20110311687MULTI-LAYERED CHILLED DESSERT - The present invention relates to a multi-layered, cooked and chilled dessert in a heat-resistant container and to a method for manufacturing it. The dessert of the invention is prepared by subsequently filling layers in a heat-resistant jar and baking the dessert comprising the layers, followed by cooling the dessert to chilled conditions. The dessert may be consumed as chilled dessert or, alternatively, following a re-heating step shortly before serving. The dessert of the present invention provides advantages with respect to food safety in that its manufacturing process is shortened and not prone to contamination if compared to prior art processes.12-22-2011
20130251859PROCESS FOR PREPARING, PRIOR TO FILLING, A WAFER CORNET, CORNET THUS OBTAINED AND INSTALLATION FOR IMPLEMENTING THE PROCESS - Process for preparing a cornet consisting of a substantially conical wafer (09-26-2013
20120021097PORTABLE CINNAMON ROLL AND METHOD FOR MAKING - A method for manufacturing a portable cinnamon roll includes forming raw dough in the shape of a sphere having a central pocket, placing cinnamon, frosting and sugar within the central pocket and cooking the raw dough with cinnamon, frosting and sugar until it is fully prepared for consumption.01-26-2012
20090011093Aroma-Producing Compositions for Foods - An improved aroma-producing composition is provided that is shelf-stable and allows controlled release of a desired aroma from the composition, and also food products treated with the aroma-producing composition. The aroma-producing composition is a homogenous one-phase system which includes an aroma-producing material and a fat-containing composition which includes a medium chain fatty acid triglyceride and fat or lipid having a melting point greater than the medium chain fatty acid triglyceride. The aroma-producing composition can be heated to induce and boost aroma release from the aroma-producing composition at an opportune time, such as when a food product treated with the aroma-producing composition is preheated by microwave heating immediately before it is consumed.01-08-2009
20120027894LIGNAN FLAX SEED CAKES - Lignan Flax Seed Cakes offers consumers a delicious and simple way to consume ground flax seed. This product combines multiple healthy ingredients, such as fruit, oats, and walnuts, with ground flax seed to produce a well-textured and desirable food item. This comestible food product enables individuals to receive a known (controlled) quantity of flax seed, while simultaneously consuming other beneficial ingredients. The enjoyable taste makes it easy to obtain the health benefits provided by flax seed within a consumer's diet.02-02-2012
20130196033Crisp Bread Snack Foods - Crisp bread snack food products based on traditional bread recipes from around the world and a method for producing the products on a commercial processing line. The crisp bread snack food products are shelf-stable and have flavors substantially similar to the traditional breads.08-01-2013
20120093983FLOUR-BASED FOOD PRODUCT WITH INHOMOGENEOUS TASTANT BULK DISTRIBUTION AND METHOD FOR MAKING SUCH FOOD PRODUCT - The invention provides a method for the production of a flour-based food product comprising a tastant. The food product according to the invention has a tastant bulk weight percentage and an inhomogeneous tastant bulk distribution. The invention provides the use of an inhomogeneous tastant bulk distribution in a food product for providing a food product with a reduced tastant bulk weight percentage. Further, the invention provides the use of an inhomogeneous tastant bulk distribution in a food product for enhancing and/or improving the sensory perception of the tastant in a food product.04-19-2012
20130259980Method For Forming A Flavored Confectionery Treat - A method and apparatus is provided for adding a uniform amount of a confectionery flavor to an ice cream based confectionery treat. A flavor rod is either formed from compressed pieces of a confectionery flavor formed into a rod or from adhering a confectionery flavor to a rod shaped food item. The flavor rod is then placed into an ice cream receptacle such that the flavor rod is orthogonally aligned with a plane formed by a threshold of the receptacle. Ice cream is then dispensed around the flavor rod to form an ice cream based confectionery treat with a confectionery flavor disbursed through the interior of the ice cream. The flavor rod provides both a guide for forming the treat and support for the ice cream such that the ice cream is vertically straight and does not fall from the receptacle.10-03-2013
20110159153GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH FOR THE TOASTER - A freezable, toaster reheatable grilled cheese sandwich, and a method for making this type of sandwich, are described. The grilled cheese sandwich has organoleptic properties that are identical or substantially identical to a homemade, made-from-scratch grilled cheese sandwich.06-30-2011
20100112141NOVEL METHOD OF MANUFACTURING AN ENVELOPED FOOD PRODUCT AND APPARATUS THEREFOR - A method of producing an enveloped food product comprising a sealed bread or pastry envelope and a filling contained therein is provided. An apparatus for producing an enveloped food product is also provided.05-06-2010
426095000 Containing frozen material 11
20090155426Baked Microwavable Frozen Bread and Bakery Products - A fully assembled frozen food product is provided which comprises a bread portion having a top portion and a bottom portion and having a filling between, and co-extensive with, the top and bottom portions, wherein the fully assembled frozen food product can be heated in a microwave oven to provide a heated food product which is then ready to be eaten, wherein the bread portion of the heated food product is not dried out and wherein the filling in the heated food product has an essentially uniform temperature.06-18-2009
20100143544CHILLED PRODUCT OF COOKED FOOD, FROZEN PRODUCT OF COOKED FOOD, STORAGE METHOD AND STORAGE APPARATUS - It is intended to provide a frozen product of a cooked food and a refrigerated product of a cooked food, wherein multiple kinds of cooked food materials to be re-heated under different conditions, which have been stored over a long time within a freezing temperature range or a refrigerating temperature range, can be heated, re-cooked and cold-sterilized by procedures appropriate for the moisture content required by the food even by simultaneously re-heating and keeping in an atmosphere at the same temperature; a storage method and a storage apparatus. A base is prepared by adding an inflating agent to a dough, bubbling air into the dough or fermenting the dough by adding a yeast and then baking. Next, topping(s) are provided on the base or fillings are enclosed in the dough followed by baking to give a cooked food. The cooked food is then refrigerated or frozen while or after spraying water thereto, or it is frozen and then water is sprayed thereto. Subsequently, the refrigerated or frozen cooked food is packaged airtightly or substantially airtightly.06-10-2010
20120196004MICROWAVEABLE COATED FOOD PRODUCT, AND METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR THE MANUFACTURE THEREOF - A frozen, microwaveable, coated food product comprising: 08-02-2012
20090068319UNBAKED CHINESE DUMPLINGS, BAKED CHINESE DUMPLINGS AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - The present invention provides fried Chinese dumplings, such as fried jiao-zi, shao-mai, won-ton, and steamed bread, unfried Chinese dumplings, and methods for producing the same, wherein deterioration of the crispness of their browned skin is sufficiently inhibited after the dumplings are fried, even when a certain period of time is passed after frying, or even when the dumplings are stored in a frozen state. The unfried Chinese dumpling of the present invention has a crispness deterioration inhibitor provided on the external surface of the dough sheet for inhibiting deterioration with time of crispness of the dough sheet after the dumpling is fried. The inhibitor comprising grain powders and a starch hydrolysate (A-1) in powder form having a bulk density of not lower than 3.0 ml/g.03-12-2009
20100034931BISCUIT FOR FROZEN CONFECTIONERY - Crisp and crunchy reconstituted biscuit composed of fragments of baked biscuit, agglomerated within a binder comprising at least one carbohydrate and fat, the biscuit having the characteristic feature of preserving its crunchiness during storage at a negative temperature. Also, composite frozen confectioneries that include a biscuit and a frozen confectionery mass in contact therewith. The frozen confectionery thus obtained has the advantage of the contrast in texture between the creaminess of the frozen confectionery mass and the crunchiness of the biscuit, even after a long storage at freezing temperature. Finally, a process for preparing such a biscuit.02-11-2010
20110151062MICROWAVEABLE LAMINATED DOUGH PRODUCTS AND METHODS FOR MAKING SAME - Microwavable laminated dough products are provided having a laminated dough that is packaged in combination with a unique packaging that expands upon exposure to microwave energy to contact the laminated dough and to provide enhanced browning and crisping to the laminated dough. The packaging may also incorporate vent holes to allow for moisture and temperature control within the package during microwave cooking. The laminated dough may contain a filling. A laminated dough product having zero grams of trans fat per serving size and a laminated dough comprising about 1% or less of trans fat per 100 grams are also provided.06-23-2011
20120189743System And Method For Preparing Naan Bread - A method and system for preparing naan bread is provided. A conveyor oven is used to bake flattened and pre-shaped naan bread loaves. The conveyor oven uses high temperature gas heat to bake the naan, imparting traditional characteristics such as the slightly smoky or scorched appearance. The oven interior is preferably lined with stone, granite, clay or porcelain to enhance baking and provide traditional flavour.07-26-2012
20100189846FROZEN NOODLES, METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME, AND A COATING LIQUID FOR THE PREVENTION OF FREEZER BURN - To provide frozen noodles that is substantially resistant to freezer burn.07-29-2010
20100233324METHOD OF PREPARING TRAY-BASED FOODS - The present invention is directed to a distributed system and method for preparing tray-based foods and in particular, pizza pie, in which a pie together with its ingredients are prepared in stages, including intermediate freezing of at least a subset of ingredients. The present invention is characterized by methods of preparing and distributing at least a subset of those ingredients distinctly from other ingredients initially without use of the base layer.09-16-2010
20090285945COOK-STABLE ICE CREAM FILLINGS FOR USE IN CONSUMER HEATABLE PASTRY PRODUCTS - Described are cook-stable ice cream fillings that are suitable for use in filled pastry products of the type that are pre-cooked, packaged, and frozen. In many embodiments, the cook-stable ice cream fillings of the invention display a texture, consistency, and mouth-feel that is similar to ice cream. In contrast to ice cream, however, the cook-stable ice cream fillings of the invention are more tolerant of heat exposure conditions that are typical when the filled pastry is pre-cooked by the manufacturer. For example, in many embodiments, the cook-stable ice cream fillings do not melt-out or otherwise degrade during the pre-cooking operation. In addition, the cook-stable ice cream fillings of the invention remain substantially frozen when a frozen pastry product containing a cook-stable ice cream filling of the invention is heated in a toaster or microwave oven under typical heating conditions. In many embodiments, the cook-stable ice cream fillings of the invention can be dispensed by the manufacturer as high viscosity liquids onto an unbaked dough piece during the process of manufacturing the filled pastry products. Also described are toaster or microwave heatable pastries that comprise an outer pre-cooked (e.g., baked or fried) dough piece that surrounding and an inner filling layer that comprises a cook-stable ice cream filling of the invention. Methods of making cooked filled pastry products including a cook-stable ice cream filling are also described.11-19-2009
20130259981FROZEN GYOZA AND REFRIGERATED GYOZA WITH BROWNING AGENT, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - Frozen or refrigerated gyoza having an improved quality can be produced by forming a layer of a browning agent on a portion of a gyoza, such that the browning agent has a net-like structure and the structure properties of the net-like structure is used as an index.10-03-2013

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