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426 - Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products

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426093000 Isolated whole seed, bean or nut, or material derived therefrom 144
426096000 Dry flake, dry granular, or dry particulate material 67
426103000 Sugar or carbohydrate containing 61
426092000 Animal meat derived component 56
426100000 Frozen material 27
426102000 Readily identifiable fruit or vegetable derived 22
426090000 Having inedible feature 20
20110195159METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR MAKING CO-EXTRUDED FOOD PRODUCTS - Described is a system and a method for making a co-extruded food product. The system is for continuously making individual co-extruded food products and may comprise: a food supply system comprising a first extrudable food supply and a second extrudable food supply that are horizontally co-extruded at a predetermined extrusion rate into a substantially linear stream of coextrudate comprising a substantially continuous layer of the first food supply surrounding a substantially continuous layer of the second food supply; and a cutting system, comprising a cutting element for cutting the stream of coextrudate supplied by the food supply system, wherein the timing of movement of the cutting element is synchronized with the extrusion rate to provide individual co-extruded food products having an approximately predetermined size and weight.08-11-2011
20130078338METHOD, KIT, AND CONTAINER FOR PREPARING A SNACK FOOD - A method for preparing a custom flavored snack food includes the provision of a quantity of a snack food that is at least partially cooked and at least one seasoning powder. The snack food is placed in a coating container with the at least one seasoning powder. The snack food is then coated with the at least one seasoning powder. The snack food coated with the at least one seasoning powder is subsequently heated to a predetermined temperature for a predetermined time to form the custom flavored snack food. The method may be practiced with a kit having the snack food, the at least one seasoning powder, the coating container, and the heating container. The heating container may have a removable panel that, when removed, provides access to a heating cavity for receiving and heating the coated snack food to form the custom flavored snack food.03-28-2013
20090155423Air Currents For Coating A Food Core - A process of creating a particulate encrusted food core comprises exposing a food core and a plurality of particulates to air currents. The air currents cause the particulates to collide with and adhere to the food core creating a particulate encrusted food core. The particulates may comprise granola and the food core may comprise a cereal. The encrusting process may occur within a fluidized bed apparatus.06-18-2009
20090155422METHOD FOR PREPARING A BEVERAGE FROM A CAPSULE - A method for preparing a beverage through a capsule (06-18-2009
20130011523ENHANCING THE APPEARANCE OF FOOD PRODUCTS - This invention provides processes and apparatus for enhancing the appearance of food products. The browning agents are applied or dispensed onto food products (01-10-2013
20090092713EDIBLE PRODUCTS WITH LOW CONTENT OF SATURATED AND TRANS UNSATURATED FATS - The present invention relates to a structured, fat continuous edible product, wherein the edible product contains, expressed on total product basis, less than 35 wt. % of saturated fatty acids, between 20 and 100 wt. % of a triglyceride composition, between 0 and 80 wt. % of a filler material and less than 15 wt. % of water. The triglyceride composition contains less than 50 wt. % of saturated fatty acids, less than 10 wt. % of trans unsaturated fatty acids, at least 10 wt. % of POP triglycerides, wherein P is a palmitic fatty acid, O is oleic acid, a ratio SUS/SUU of at least 1.3, a ratio SUS/SUU of at least 15, at least 90 wt. % of C8-18 fatty acids, a ratio C16/C18 saturated fatty acids of at least 1. The triglyceride composition has an SFC at 20° C. of between 3 and 55%. The present invention also relates to a process for producing such a product and to triglyceride compositions suitable for use in such a product.04-09-2009
20090092712Controlled Viscosity Oil Composition and Method of Making - The present invention relates to a sprayable oil composition comprising a blend of an oil, an edible solvent selected from the group consisting of triacetin, tripropionin, tributyrin, and ethyl acetate; and a preferably an emulsifier such as a lecithin. Advantageously, the viscosity of the blend can be controlled without interesterification of the solvent with the oil. Furthermore, such oil compositions can be effective sprayable oils such as for pan release applications while being substantially free of alcohols.04-09-2009
20130064930MULTILAYER FOOD PRODUCT AND METHOD FOR PREPARING SAME - The invention concerns a multilayer food product and a method for obtaining a multilayer food product which includes at least one lower layer and one upper layer of thermally stable food components, wherein the lower layer has a low viscosity and the upper layer has a uniform distribution.03-14-2013
20120237641PET FOOD COATING FOR REDUCING DENTAL CALCULUS ACCUMULATION IN DOMESTIC ANIMALS - An improved pet food product, such as a dog biscuit or other treat, is provided. The pet food product is formed with a coating which includes a polyphosphate as a sequestering agent in an amount of between about 0.5 and 3.0 percent weight as compared to the overall weight of the food product and a non-ionic antimicrobial agent containing from between 10 and 40 percent weight of fat with the remainder being a carrier. The antimicrobial agent is present in an amount between about 0.15 and 2.0 percent weight as compared to the overall weight of the food product.09-20-2012
20130122154Palatable Pet Foods and Methods for Improving the Palatability of Pet Foods - A food product comprises a plasticizer. The plasticizer may be incorporated (internally) into the food, and/or coated (externally) on the food. The food product may further comprise a fat coating. The fat coating may comprise a structurant. A method for softening a food product by adding a plasticizer. A method for making a food appear meaty or lubricious.05-16-2013
20110280994Tortilla Seasoning Applicator and Method of Use Thereof - A novel enclosed manual seasoning applicator including two concentric sieved internal components positioned on either side of a subject tortilla is provided. Such a device permits a user to apply any level of desired seasonings to a flat tortilla (or other like flat food product) without spilling or wasting any of the powdered and/or granulated seasoning product itself. The novel device includes a two similarly shaped portions that releasable attach together after introduction of seasoning materials in either or both portions, each portion having a sieve portion as well for the selected delivery of seasoning to an inserted tortilla after both portions are attached and operated through manual movement to permit passage of the seasoning material through each sieve onto the subject tortilla surface. As such, the inventive device, allows for proper and thorough coating of the subject tortilla in such a manner without egress of seasoning outside the device, permitting, as well, a portable tortilla applicator that is easy to use and clean. A method of utilizing such a unique, self-contained individual tortilla coating device is encompassed within this invention also.11-17-2011
20090017169METHOD FOR MAKING HARD PRETZELS THAT EFFECTIVELY ABSORB SEASONING SLURRY - A method for making a hard pretzel product that effectively absorbs a seasoning slurry, such as an oil-based seasoning added after baking. In a preferred embodiment, three dough strands extruded simultaneously are cut and formed into a triad arrangement of three dough rods. Several process steps are used singly or in combination to promote the formation of a stress cracking at the intersection between these three rods in the triad formation. During the final drying stage and a seasoning stage in a seasoning tumbler, this stress cracking is sufficient to allow separation of the three rods into individual pretzel sticks. Each of these pretzel sticks has a longitudinal surface area in the proximity of the original stress fracturing which effectively absorbs a seasoning slurry.01-15-2009
20100239718Use of polydimethylsiloxane and/or siloxane (silicone) derived chemical compounds in the suppression of mold and spoilage on harvested forages - The invention outlines the use of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) copolymer and/or a siloxane derived chemical compounds in the suppression of mold, heating and spoilage in animal feedstuffs and forage products. The PDMS compound and derivatives thereof are also found to suppress the damage resulting from oxidation within the feedstuff mass. When applied, PDMS coats the feedstuff and is included in the moisture portion of the feed or forage mass. This helps preserve the feed quality and slows the damaging effects of spoilage organisms and oxidation.09-23-2010
20110287147BITE SIZED REFRIGERATED YOGURT PRODUCTS - Refrigerated yogurt products of small size suitable for eating with the fingers are prepared by providing a frozen yogurt composition in individual serving portions and coating the frozen yogurt portions with a fat based coating that is a solid at 45° F., thereby completely enveloping the frozen yogurt portions. The coated frozen yogurt portion is allowed to thaw to form a refrigerated yogurt product and is stored at a temperature of from about 32° F. to about 45° F. The yogurt composition has a final viscosity of from about 35,000 to about 150,000 cP at 4° C., and has a total solids content of at least about 22% and/or exhibits a viscosity reduction at 45° F. of less than 10% after two freeze/thaw cycles. Methods and products are described.11-24-2011
20090004337Wax capsules containing hydrophilic cores - Provided is a method for cooling wax after coextrusion to create wax capsules. The method includes immersing a concentric nozzle of a coextruder in a container of heated alcohol. The container of heated alcohol sits in a water-ice bath to create a temperature gradient. A core material having a wax coating is extruded through a concentric nozzle to form a capsule. The capsule enters the container of hot alcohol where the wax coating is solidified. In an embodiment, the method is a continuous method including a capsule and solvent transfer system.01-01-2009
20100055253MICRO-ENCAPSULATED CAPSICUM, METHOD FOR PREPARING THE SAME AND USE THEREOF - A food additive or feed ration for an animal contains an active agent including at least one capsaicinoid. The additive or ration is prepared by a method which includes the step of cold-state atomizing of granulating a liquid mixture containing an encapsulation fat, the active agent including at least one capsaicinoid. Solid particles of the mixture are thus produced. The cold-state atomization or the granulation act on the nature of the encapsulating fat, on the particle size, and on the temperature of the atomization step in order to control the capsaicinoid release kinetics in the digestive tract of animals.03-04-2010
20100136180METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MAKING CENTRE-FILLED SHAPED FOOD PRODUCTS - The present invention relates to an apparatus for making a food product (06-03-2010
20100112139Foaming Agents Comprising Hydrophobin - Gelled particles having a largest dimension of more than 0.1 μm which are coated with hydrophobin are provided. Aerated and aeratable compositions comprising the particles are also provided.05-06-2010
20110268849FRIED-CHUNK FOOD COMPOSITIONS - The invention provides fried-chunk food compositions comprising (1) food chunks that have been fried in oil at a temperature of from about 110 to 205° C. to produce fried food chunks having a moisture content of about 16% and an Aw of about 0.7 and (2) from about 5 to about 35% plasticizer applied to the fried food chunks, wherein the fried food chunks with applied plasticizer have a moisture content of about 12% or less and an Aw of about 0.65 or less. The compositions are made without using preservatives, have a desirable texture and appealing meat-like appearance, and are shelf-stable and therefore do not spoil due to unwanted microbial growth.11-03-2011
20090148568Candy composition with excellent sweetness and candy using the same - It is an object of the invention is to provide a candy composition in which a sugar alcohol is used as a main raw material and which is comparable in intensity of sweetness and quality of sweetness to sugar as well as a candy manufactured using the same.06-11-2009
20100266729Han-burger and making method thereof - A method of preparing a han-burger includes the steps of: providing a dough of the han-burger; shaping a first portion of the dough to form a burger shell having a filling compartment and a top opening, and a second portion of the dough to form a burger cover having a size and shape geographically matching the top opening of the burger shell; applying heat to the burger shell and the burger cover to retain the shapes thereof; preparing a filling with predetermined ingredients and nutrition, wherein the filling is disposed in the filling compartment of the burger shell; and covering the burger cover at the top opening of the burger shell to enclose the filling within the filling compartment.10-21-2010
20080206409Filled confectionary product and process - A filled candy cane formed by injecting a soft candy into a hardening, elongate candy. A method and means for same.08-28-2008
20090291168MONONUCLEARLY FILLED MICROCAPSULES - Described are mononuclearly filled seamless microcapsules comprising: 11-26-2009
20110217422PET FOOD PRODUCT BANDOLIER - Aspects of the present invention are directed to methods for manufacturing shaped, comestible articles. Multiple comestible articles are connected by flash, and stress lines in the flash surround the articles. The comestible articles are subsequently separated from the flash at the stress lines. Additional aspects of the present invention are directed to an intermediate comestible product. In certain embodiments, the intermediate comestible product comprises multiple articles, web-like flash connecting the articles, and stress lines formed in the flash and about each article.09-08-2011
20090208608FLAVORED SOFTGEL CAPSULE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THEREOF - Disclosed herein is a softgel capsule, and methods of producing a softgel capsule, comprising a gelatin shell and a fill. Prior to encapsulation, a flavored composition is applied to the gelatin sheets used to encapsulate the fill.08-20-2009
20090053367Kinetic Beverage for Delivery of Physiologically Active Substances - The invention pertains to a delivery system for delivery of at least one physiologically active ingredient in a pleasant and palatable manner. One preferred embodiment is a beverage mix comprising a plurality of morsels, each morsel comprising a core, a plurality of effervescent zones, at least one barrier zones, wherein the at least one barrier zone temporarily protects the plurality of effervescent zones. When a beverage is immersed in water, the barrier zone prevents water reaching the effervescent zone. The at least one barrier zone deteriorates exposing the effervescent zones in sequence. The effervescent zones dissolve and carbon dioxide gas is released. Gas bubbles coat the morsel and it rises. When the gas bubbles disengage from the morsel, the morsel falls. The process repeats until all of the effervescent zones are exposed. The drink comprising gelatinous cores in carbonated water is ready for consumption.02-26-2009
20090117232LIPOIC ACID PELLETS - Lipoic acid pellets are described, obtained from inert cores externally coated with lipoic acid. The so obtained active cores are coated with a first layer of insulating polymeric material and then with a polymeric coat that is insoluble at the gastric pH. Pellet are then formulated pharmaceutically, for instance in jelly capsules or controlled release capsules or as oral suspensions, dispersible powders, sachets, etc.05-07-2009
20120141633PROCESS AND A MACHINE FOR PRODUCING A FILLED SHEET OF PROCESS CHEESE, AS WELL AS A FILLED SHEET OF PROCESS CHEESE - A process of producing a filled sheet of process cheese, in which process cheese and a filling are co-extruded into a packaging material to produce a strand having a thickness, the strand is separated at predetermined locations to produce separate sheets, in which the filling is fully enclosed. A machine for producing filled sheets of process cheese, having a co-extrusion nozzle with an outer port for extruding an outer component and an inner port for extruding an inner component fully enclosed by the outer component into packaging material to form a co-extruded strand. The machine may comprise a device for reducing the thickness of the co-extruded strand, such as two or more cooperating rollers, and a device for separating the co-extruded strand, such as two or more rollers having ridges. A sheet of process cheese filled with a filling fully enclosed by the process cheese and having a thickness of 6 mm or less is also disclosed.06-07-2012
20090074920Beverage precursor and process for the manufacture thereof - The present invention provides a beverage precursor comprising black leaf tea characterised in that the precursor comprises theanine in an amount of at least 4% by dry weight of the precursor. The invention also provides a process for manufacturing a beverage precursor wherein black tea is coated with theanine and then blended with uncoated tea.03-19-2009
20080305216Capsule clusters for oral consumption - Provided are oral products that provide engaging and flavorful experiences to a user. The oral product includes a plurality of capsules, a powdered component, a viscous component and a binder that create a matrix that is molded into a shape. In a preferred embodiment, the capsules provide functional and flavorful ingredients. In an embodiment, the matrix is enclosed in a porous material that forms a pouch.12-11-2008
20100310727Coffee Composition - The disclosure relates to a coffee composition, in particular, an instant coffee composition which can provide a three-layered coffee drink in one step. The coffee composition comprises coffee, a foaming agent, a protein source and at least 1.3 wt % (based on the total weight of the composition) of a kappa-carrageenan, iota-carrageenan or mixture thereof. The disclosure also relates to a method for the preparation of such a composition and such a drink.12-09-2010
20100310726Novel Preparation of an Enteric Release System - Hydrophobic liquids are microencapsulated by an enteric matrix in an environment substantially free of organic solvents, the process including forming an emulsion of the enteric material and hydrophobic liquid in water, the emulsion titrated with an acid to form a particulate precipitate of the microencapsulated hydrophobic liquid in an enteric matrix.12-09-2010
20110111098SYSTEM FOR DELIVERING INFUSION BEVERAGES AND INFUSION CAPSULE - A system is described for delivering infusion beverages including at least one infusion capsule having an essence to be infused, at least one delivering manifold equipped with at least one housing seat of the capsule and at least one manifold for perforating and supplying water. The housing seat includes at least two different delivering ducts each one of which has a perforating end oriented towards an inside portion of the housing seat and a base of the capsule including at least one recess and one perforation portion. The recess and the perforation portion selectively correspond to the perforating end depending on a type of essence to be infused. An infusion capsule is also described.05-12-2011
20110008499OIL COMPOSITION FOR COATING - An oil-and-fat composition for coating that simultaneously exhibit both significantly conflicting properties: drying quickly at ambient temperature and hardly peeling off (when eaten), and a food product including the oil-and-fat composition. The oil-and-fat composition for coating of the present invention includes an interesterified oil (A) that is nonselectively interesterified and contains 80 mass % or more of a fatty acid having 16 or more carbon atoms and 35 to 60 mass % of a saturated fatty acid having 16 or more carbon atoms in its constituent fatty acids, and an interesterified oil (B) that is nonselectively interesterified and contains 20 to 60 mass % of a saturated fatty acid having 12 to 14 carbon atoms and 40 to 80 mass % of a saturated fatty acid having 16 to 18 carbon atoms in its constituent fatty acids. The composition also includes a tri-saturated fatty acid acylglycerol in a content of 10 to 15 mass %.01-13-2011
20110177209APPARATUS AND PROCESS FOR PREPARING FROZEN CONFECTIONERY PRODUCTS - A filling head apparatus for producing frozen confectionery products is provided, the filling head 07-21-2011
20110076363CO-EXTRUDED DUAL TEXTURE FOOD PRODUCT - A co-extruded dual texture animal or human food product with open ends, a harder outer shell component, and a softer inner filling component is disclosed. The inner softer filling component has viscosity characteristics which allow pumping during the manufacturing process yet without leakage from the cut ends of the product during cutting, drying, or storage. The harder outer shell component is at least 75 times harder than the softer inner filling component which has hardness less than about 0.5 kg force. In certain embodiments, the product could be used as a means of delivering medicants to pets where the medicant is held in place and disguised from the pet by the softer inner component, thus inducing the pet to unknowingly ingest the medicant.03-31-2011
20090110778Multi-Component Food or Feed Product - Shelf-stable food or animal feed products are disclosed. The products have a substantially cereal based outer shell at least partially surrounding a core, which may be hollow, or filled at least partially with a granular component, a gaseous component, or coextruded with two or more components to form a food product having one or multiple textures, flavors, and colors.04-30-2009
20100159079Encapsulate and Food Containing Same - An encapsulate comprising an outer shell and an inner core formed using sol/gel technology. Preferably the encapsulates are incorporated into foods such as weigh management foods, preferably nutrition bars, ready-to-drink beverages, powdered beverages or soups. In a preferred embodiment, the encapsulate is made using an acid catalyst and releases its contents sufficiently in the human ileum to result in enhanced satiety.06-24-2010
20100196549MICROENCAPSULATED CITRUS PHYTOCHEMICALS AND APPLICATION TO SPORTS DRINKS - Methods are disclosed for fortifying a sports drink with one or more citrus phytochemicals while concealing the bitter taste of these compounds in the beverage. These methods comprise microencapsulating the citrus phytochemicals and adding the microencapsulated citrus phytochemicals to the beverage. Also disclosed are sports drinks fortified with one or more microencapsulated citrus phytochemicals but which do not have the bitter taste characteristics of these compounds.08-05-2010
20110217423CONFECTIONERY AND METHODS OF PRODUCTION THEREOF - The present invention relates to a confectionery product comprising a first extruded portion and a second extruded portion, wherein each portion has a plurality of capillaries disposed therein, and the capillaries of the first and second portions are: a) discontinuous; and/or b) continuous and oriented in more than one direction. The present invention also relates to a process for making the same.09-08-2011
20100159080Gelatin based substrate for application of oil or water soluble edible paint - A gelatin based substrate containing a milk based product and gelatin substrate mixture is poured into the mold and chilled until set forming a first gelatin and milk based substrate layer which is paintable with oil based or water based edible paint. A second layer is prepared comprising a selected second gelatin or gelatin containing flavored ingredients such as fruit or berries or combinations thereof which is spooned over the first gel and milk based substrate layer to form a bi-layer or multi-layer low calorie dessert product. The multi-layered product is chilled in the mold until set and then inverted in order to remove the mold leaving the first gel and milk based substrate as the top layer of the finished dessert product which may be painted with oil or water based edible coloring agent including an edible paint, edible dye, edible water soluble ink, and combinations thereof. The oil or water based edible paint does not bleed or dissolve in the water based gelatin and milk based substrate. The gelatin and milk based substrate can also be used to prevent bleeding or migration of colors between different colored gelatin layers.06-24-2010
20090297669FOOD-GRADE TONER - A toner consists essentially of food-grade components. Because the toner consists essentially of food-grade components, it can be used to provide a coating or create an image on food products, including those intended for human or animal consumption.12-03-2009
20120064199STABILIZED FOAM - The present invention comprises a gel-stabilized foam for use in food products. Foam bubbles are stabilized by either a continuous gel coating or a particulate gel coating created under high shear conditions. The foam is viscous and shelf-stable, and can be combined with a viscous food product to lower its caloric density and improve its organoleptic properties.03-15-2012
20120251673FEED INTAKE ENHANCING PROTEIN PRODUCT AND THE MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A method for manufacturing a biochemical product is provided. The method includes steps of providing a plurality of substrate bodies, wherein each of the substrate bodies has an outer surface; adhering a feed intake enhancer onto the outer surface to form an intermediate; and mixing the intermediate with a substrate to form the biochemical product.10-04-2012
20100092619PORTION CONTROL CHEESE DISC FOR TOTAL PRODUCT UTILIZATION - A pizza pie and its associated method of making the pizza pie wherein the pizza pie includes a cheese topping in the form of a cheese disc which has a generally uniform predetermined thickness and size, is placed on the pizza pie. The cheese disc is dimensioned so as to as to be located within an inside boundary of a formed perimeter crust of the pizza pie.04-15-2010
20120121766Composition - There is described a method for the prevention, mitigation or slowing of the discolouration of vegetables the method comprising: (i) an optional first step of pre-dipping the produce separately, sequentially or simultaneously in a chelating agent and an antioxidant; and (ii) treating the optionally pre-dipped vegetables with an enzyme inhibitor.05-17-2012
20100136181PARTICULATE FOOD COMPONENT - The invention relates to a particulate food constituent comprising a filling and a coating, characterised in that the filling is a food preparation which is free-flowing at room temperature and selected from the group consisting of fruit preparations, other preparations and mixtures thereof, and in that the coating consists of a layer consisting of a constituent selected from the group of suitable cocoa products, chocolate products, and hydrophobic food ingredients, especially optionally aromatised and/or dyed fats or fatty materials that have a minimum fat content of 80%, or mixtures thereof. The average particle diameter of the food constituent is between 6 and 18 mm, preferably between 8 and 11 nm.06-03-2010
20120177786MOULDING DEVICE, MOULDING MEMBER, MOULDING METHOD, FOOD PREPARATION METHOD AND MOULDED PRODUCT - A moulding device for moulding three dimensional products from a mass of foodstuff starting material suitable for consumption, includes a moulding member having a moulding surface provided with at least one mould cavity delimited by a bottom and a peripheral wall defining a cavity opening in the moulding surface. The mould cavity has a cavity height defined between the bottom and the cavity opening. The moulding member can be moved along a movement path from a fill position for filling the mass into the mould cavity to a product release position for releasing a moulded product from the mould cavity and from the product release position to the fill position. A mass distribution device is arranged at the fill position along the movement path of the moulding member for filling the mass into the mould cavity.07-12-2012
20110236536METHOD AND COMPOSITION FOR LONG LASTING FLAVOR DELIVERY SYSTEM - A flavor gradient capsule having concentric shells with flavor increasing from outside to inside, to balance desensitization of flavor receptors during a slow dissolution in the mouth. The capsule has a core with a concentrated flavorant, an inner shell substantially surrounding the core with the same flavorant at a lower concentration, and an outer shell substantially surrounding the inner shell, with the same flavorant at a yet lower concentration. Also disclosed are methods of making such flavor gradient capsules and orally-enjoyable products incorporating the same.09-29-2011
20120093982EDIBLE FILM - An object of the invention is to provide an edible film which, even if accidentally swallowed, does not cause respiratory distress.04-19-2012
20110159152MICROCAPSULES, METHOD OF PRODUCING THE MICROCAPSULES AND FOOD AND DRINK CONTAINING THE MICROCAPSULES - A method of producing microcapsules that comprises an emulsification step in which a fat-soluble substance and a sodium alginate aqueous solution are mixed to obtain an emulsified liquid in which there are dispersed emulsified particles composed of the fat-soluble substance and having a mean particle size of not greater than 800 nm, and a spraying step in which the emulsified liquid is sprayed into a calcium ion-containing solution to obtain microcapsules in which the emulsified particles are encapsulated.06-30-2011
20100086651LARGE COACERVATED CAPSULES - The invention relates to a coacervated capsule comprising from 10 to 95% by weight of the capsule of a core comprising essentially a hydrophobic material, and from 90 to 5% by weight of the capsule of a coating layer comprising essentially a protein, and optionally a non-protein polymer, wherein the core further comprises from 0.01% to 30% by weight of the capsule of a cellulose ether derivative having an alkoxyl content from 35 to 60% and a degree of substitution of alkoxyl groups per anhydroglucose unit of from 2 to 3 and the viscosity of the core, measured at ambient temperature, is from about 100 mPa·s to 30000 mPa·s.04-08-2010
20080226774Confectionery Product - A confectionery product having an integrated body portion, which comprises at least two distinct and discrete and discrete regions respectively containing physiologically acceptable sugar free sweetener bases, wherein each two adjacent regions respectively contain different sweetener bases, and at least one regions respectively and essentially contain different sugar free sweetener bases. Said distinct and discrete regions respectively and selectively contain physiologically acceptable plant extracts and flavors, and are adapted to provide multiple different taste profiles to attract consumers.09-18-2008
20130129869COMPOSITIONS COMPRISING A SHELF-LIFE STABILITY COMPONENT - Compositions that include a shelf-life stability component are provided. In some instances, the compositions are ingestible compositions which include the shelf-life stability component and an ingestible component. Aspects of the invention further include methods of making and using the compositions.05-23-2013
20100291268POPPED GRANULATED SNACKS - Poppable granules each including a heat-expandable core encapsulated by a solid coating layer including a polymer. For at least 90 wt% of the granules:11-18-2010
20130183408POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL LACTID COATING ON FRESH EGG - This process is designed to coat fresh chicken eggs with polyethylene glycol-lactide. The process reduces possible microbial content which may be inside fresh eggs while preventing the contamination of the eggs after being laid. It also extends the shelf life while maintaining the quality of the eggs. In addition, the PEG coating lowers the rate of fractures related to the egg shell while being handled, whether that be during storage, when the eggs are transported, or when the eggs are transferred to a market display.07-18-2013
20080311254Extinguisher Food Product and Method of Manufacture - An extinguisher food product is provided in which the intensity level of each piece of food product is controlled. The intensity level of each piece may be a sourness level or a spiciness level. The extinguisher food product may be a hard candy, fruit snack or other snack products.12-18-2008
20090246325INSTANT NODDLES AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING INSTANT NODDLES - The present invention provides instant noodles containing agar and curdlan, having water absorption of 250% or more upon reconstitution with water at 20° C. for 3 minutes, and being capable of reconstitution with water in a time of 5 minutes or less, and having an excellent texture with suitable hardness.10-01-2009
20130202744METHOD FOR MAKING A MULTILAYERED FOOD PRODUCT AND CORRESPONDING PRODUCT - The present invention relates to a method for providing a cooked multilayered food product, the method comprises the steps of: providing a food base product; and subjecting the food base product to a cooking extrusion process through a multilayer shaped extrusion die providing a cooked multilayered food product with controlled expansion.08-08-2013