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425 - Plastic article or earthenware shaping or treating: apparatus

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425385000 Surface deformation means only 84
425387100 Including shaping means comprising fluid pressure contacting work directly 12
425394000 Coacting shaping surfaces (e.g., pressure surfaces, etc.) 10
425389000 By fluid pressure actuated flexible diaphragm 5
20130209601PROCESSES AND SYSTEMS FOR MANUFACTURING SPARS AND OTHER HOLLOW STRUCTURES - Processes for manufacturing hollow structures such as spars for helicopter rotor blades, fixed wings for aircraft, and other aerostructures can include the provision of a path for gases to exit the material from which the spar is formed as the material is heated and cured, to help eliminate voids within the material caused by the presence of such gases.08-15-2013
20120308681Intelligent Slitting - A system for managing elongation and stress dispersal in a bladder used during a deep draw high pressure process. Resilient bladder material is slitted at concentric or peripheral intervals from the bladder edge(s). The slits above are offset from slits below, such that as the bladder is stretched with deformational forces, the slits are widened, and as deformation forces are abated or relieved, the bladder and its slitting reassume their pre-deformation configurations.12-06-2012
20110027405Corner-Consolidating Inflatable Method for Manufacturing Composite Structures - An inflatable compaction tool for consolidating a composite material inside a faceted hollow or tubular mold for a composite part is made from an elastic material. The compaction tool includes relatively flat wall segments conjoined by corner segments that define a sealed chamber. The wall segments curve away from the mold surface toward the midpoint of each wall segment, so that as a pressurized fluid is introduced into the compaction tool, a component of the force exerted on the tool interior surface is transmitted through the wall segments toward the corner segments. Thus, during initial inflation, the corner segments are forced toward the corner regions of the mold before the wall segments contact the composite material, firmly compressing the composite material into the corner regions of the mold before the friction of the wall segments against the composite material inhibits expansion of the corner segments into the mold corner regions.02-03-2011
20120135099METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR RAPID MOLDING OF WIND TURBINE BLADES - A compliant cover is placed over a part being molded in a molding process. The compliant cover is formed from a plurality of longitudinal cells positioned next to one another. At least one communication port is coupled to each longitudinal cell, and a source of fluid media at a preselected temperature is coupled to the communication ports whereby the longitudinal cells may be filled with the fluid media at the preselected temperature. The compliant cover may thus be used to selectively heat and cool the part being molded to decrease the time required by the part to rise to the temperature required to cure the resin in the part and to cool the part so that it can be removed from the mold.05-31-2012
20090035412HYBRID LAY-UP TOOL - The present invention relates to a hybrid lay-up tool comprising a thin metallic working surface and a composite back structure. The working surface may be an Invar working surface, and the working surface and the back structure may be coupled using a self-locking connection mechanism. The present invention also relates to a method for providing a hybrid lay-up tool. The method may include providing a metallic face sheet, providing a composite back structure, and operably coupling the metallic face sheet with the composite back structure using a self-locking connection mechanism.02-05-2009
425392000 Rod or tubular preform 5
20090285925DEVICE FOR PREPARING PIPE ENDS FOR JOINTING - A device for the preparation of pipe ends, prior to jointing them together using an inserted close-fitting spool and an external close-fitting sleeve, consists of a plain cylindrical mandrel (11-19-2009
20110151045EXPANSION TOOL DEVICE FOR PLIERS OR MACHINE FOR PRODUCING SOCKETS AT THE ENDS OF PIPES MADE OUT OF PLASTIC OR COMPOSITE MATERIAL - The present invention is an expansion tool device for pliers or machine for producing sockets at the ends of pipes made out of plastic or composite material, used in the field of plumbing. The device includes a cylindrically-shaped ferrule formed by the tightening of several sector-shaped chucks. The chucks are movable in the radial direction under the action of the insertion between them of a tapered needle movable in axial translation through the actuation of the pliers or machine. The chucks are allowed to pass from a tightened position to a separated position. In an integrated way or in a unit designed capable of being intercalated between the ferrule and the pliers or machine, there is an automatic driver for the ferrule, when the ferrule passes from the separated position to the tightened position, directly or indirectly, in axial swiveling according to a portion of a turn.06-23-2011
20130017290FILM OPENING MECHANISMAANM Sawamura; TakujiAACI Sakai-shiAACO JPAAGP Sawamura; Takuji Sakai-shi JP - A film opening mechanism in which, regardless of whether a tubular film is long or short, a deviation in timing of delivery of the tubular film from a mandrel does not occur, and the tubular film does not become wrinkled. The film opening mechanism includes a mandrel for causing the tubular film to be opened into a predetermined state by fitting it thereon; a film transport unit composed of an upstream-side feed belt unit and a downstream-side feed belt unit, each having a feed belt which nips the tubular film fitted on the mandrel in cooperation with the mandrel to transport the tubular film toward a lower side of the mandrel; and attraction means for attracting the mandrel and the feed belt to each other by means of a magnetic attractive force.01-17-2013
20100215793DEVICE FOR IMPLEMENTING A SOCKET ON AN END OF CROSSCUT PLASTIC PIPES - A device is described for implementing a socket on an end of crosscut plastic pipes (08-26-2010
425403000 Shaping surfaces per se (e.g., mandrel, etc.) 4
20080274228EMBOSSING PROCESS INCLUDING DISCRETE AND LINEAR EMBOSSING ELEMENTS - An apparatus for producing a deep-nested embossed product including a first embossing member and a second embossing member. The first embossing member has a plurality of discrete embossing elements disposed in a first non-random pattern. The second embossing member has a plurality of second embossing elements including at least one linear embossing element. The second embossing elements are disposed in a second non-random pattern such the first non-random pattern and the second non-random pattern nest together to a depth of greater than about 0.01 mm.11-06-2008
20080274227EMBOSSING PROCESS INCLUDING DISCRETE AND LINEAR EMBOSSING ELEMENTS - An apparatus for producing a deep-nested embossed product including a first embossing member and a second embossing member. The first embossing member has a plurality of discrete embossing elements disposed in a first non-random pattern. The second embossing member has a plurality of second embossing elements including at least one linear embossing element. The second embossing elements are disposed in a second non-random pattern such the first non-random pattern and the second non-random pattern nest together to a depth of greater than about 0.01 mm.11-06-2008
20120251652PREFERENTIAL CURING TECHNIQUE IN COMPRESSION MOLDING OF FIBER REINFORCED COMPOSITES - A molding process that involves applying heat (10-04-2012
20120263818DEVICE FOR TENSIONING A PREFORM - An apparatus for tensioning a preform may include a mandrel to receive a preform. The mandrel may have a first mandrel end and a second mandrel end. The preform may have a first preform end and a second preform end. The apparatus may include an anchoring groove disposed at the first mandrel end, and an anchoring device being configured and located to urge the first preform end towards the anchoring groove to secure the first preform end therebetween. The apparatus may include a tensioning groove disposed between the first mandrel end and the second mandrel end, and a tensioning device being configured and located to urge at least a portion of the preform into the tensioning groove.10-18-2012
425403100 Including product handling means 3
20110038978PLASTIC FILM STRETCHING APPARATUS - (A1) Translate this text A plastic film (02-17-2011
20090269432RECEIVING JIG - To separate resin molded parts that are used for a push button switch member with less light leakage from the side faces and less trouble in key operation, easily, a resin molded body comprises one or more resin molded parts for a push button switch member, a frame surrounding the outside of the resin molded parts, one or more gates connecting a plurality of the resin molded parts each other or the resin molded part to the frame and one or more runners crossing the longitudinal direction of the gates, wherein the gates are connected at the back faces of the resin molded parts not to be coated with light shielding paint, and wherein the runners are connected to the gates on the same surfaces as the resin molded parts are connected to and are connecting the opposing sides of the frame.10-29-2009
20110212211Method and Apparatus For Forming Unit Portions of Frozen Food Materials - A method and apparatus for forming pressed food products can utilize up to 98% chicken breast meat in high profit margin products. Breast meat is marinated and then extruded into a slab which is then frozen and shaped into a plank. The plank is sliced into unit portions which are then pressed into shaped portions with a preferred, or other, press. One preferred press linearly reciprocates unit portions into the press. This or another preferred press imparts three dimension exterior shape to the pressed food products.09-01-2011
425384000 Including both heating and cooling means 1
20120009294METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR STRETCHING AND CRYSTALLIZING THE NECK FINISH OF A MOLDED PLASTIC ARTICLE - Apparatus and method for making a molded plastic article having a stretched and crystallized neck finish. In one embodiment, a series of platforms are carried by a conveying apparatus for transporting a series of molded plastic articles along a predetermined path of travel through one or more treatment stations. At a finish widening station, the molded article, having a relatively wide and thin-walled blow-molded body portion, and a relatively narrow and thick-walled unexpanded neck finish portion, is positioned to enable insertion of a mandrel into an open top aperture of the finish portion to widen the finish.01-12-2012
425391000 Convoluting or twisting means 1
20090041883Apparatus for fabricating flat panel display - This invention relates to a flat panel display and a fabricating method thereof that are adaptive for conducting a patterning process without using a photo process to thereby reduce its process time and minimize pattern defects. A fabricating method and device of a flat panel display according to an embodiment of the present invention spreads an etch-resist on a thin film and forms an etch-resist pattern on a thin film by pressing a soft mold of a permeable structure to the etch-resist.02-12-2009
20110020488APPARATUS FOR FABRICATING ELECTROLUMINESCENT DISPLAY DEVICE - The apparatus for fabricating an organic electroluminescent device which can distribute stress applied to the mask uniformly to form precise and reliable light emitting layers is disclosed. The apparatus for fabricating an electroluminescent device according to the present invention comprises a plurality of grippers disposed in a zigzag state at a periphery of a mask for clamping the mask, a plurality of jaws formed on each gripper and contacting with the mask, and power supplying units for supplying power to the grippers to stretch the mask. Each of the grippers is divided into a connecting section connected to the power supplying unit and a head section integrated into the connecting section, and a plurality of jaws are formed on the head section of each gripper, and odd (or even)-numbered grippers disposed at each side of the mask are disposed in a more forward position than even (or odd)-numbered grippers. Accordingly, the head section of each even (or odd)-numbered gripper is placed between the connection sections of two adjacent odd (or even)-numbered grippers. The head sections of even-numbered grippers and the head sections of odd-numbered grippers are arranged alternatively in two different imaginary lines. Also, the jaws are arranged in a line on the head section of each gripper or are arranged in a zigzag state on the head section of each gripper. At this time, the jaws are arranged by equal distance from each other.01-27-2011
20090169668TRANSVERSE STRETCHING DEVICE - A transverse stretching device comprises two stretching wheels and endless bands arranged against them and revolving around band guide rolls so that a plastic film to be stretched is arranged at its both edges between a stretching wheel and a band. The stretching wheels and the bands are arranged in such a way that in the direction of travel of the plastic film they are further apart from each other at the end than in the beginning, whereby the transverse stretching device stretches the plastic film in the transverse direction. The stretching wheels are rims open in the center and the device includes heating means arranged through the rims at least at some angle between the stretching wheels.07-02-2009
20100062097SHEET OR FILM CLIPPING STRETCHER - A clip support member 03-11-2010
20130101694Method and Forming Tool for Producing a Fiber Composite Preform - A method and forming tool produce a multi-dimensionally profiled preform from a multidirectional fiber composite material. A tensioning frame envelops top and bottom tool components and fixes the fiber composite material so it is allowed to be subsequently fed-in under frictional engagement. In order to compensate for excess material in regions where a shaping gap has a weaker profile, the tool components have forming elements arranged in the edge trimming zone of the preform and defining between them a drawing-through gap for the material. The drawing-through gap becomes increasingly the shape of a bead in synchronism with the tool components closing movement, and/or the tensioning surface of the tensioning frame is vertically adjusted relative to a tool component inlet surface in the forming phase such that a drawing edge for the material is formed in the tensioning surface.04-25-2013
20130122134APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR SELECTIVE THERMOFORMING - Apparatus and methods of forming selected portions of integral sheets of material are disclosed. Unformed portions of the sheets may remain undistorted during the forming process, allowing them to contain text, art work, or other desired information without material risk of the information being degraded or becoming unintelligible during the forming process. This result may be accomplished, moreover, with less trim than usually occurs in conventional forming processes.05-16-2013
20110311672DEVICE FOR STRETCHING AN ELASTIC RING - A device for stretching a plastic ring which comprises pushing means (12-22-2011
20120070528DEVICE FOR STRETCHING FILM SECTIONS IN A MONOAXIAL OR BIAXIAL MANNER - The invention relates to a device for stretching film sections in a monoaxial or biaxial manner, preferably by way of a tenter frame, for films made substantially of polymers, wherein a square or rectangular section of a such film is seized at 4 sides by at least two tenter hooks each, designed as regards improved stretching such that the upper tenter hook part (03-22-2012