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425 - Plastic article or earthenware shaping or treating: apparatus

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425150000 Mold motion or position control 75
425143000 Temperature control 44
425145000 Feed control of material en route to shaping area 41
425149000 Molding pressure control means responsive to pressure at shaping area (e.g., injection or press mold, etc.) 34
425139000 Article ejector or stripper control 11
425140000 Control means responsive to product weight or dimension 6
425142000 Cutter control 5
20090258101MULTI-LEVEL MACHINE FOR DUPLICATING A SECTIONED AND SCANNED BONE END AND FOR PRODUCING A FITTING IMPLANT REPLACEMENT - A machine for producing a three dimensional joint replacement article and which exhibits a three dimensional shaped body incorporating a scanner component for at least receiving a digitized input corresponding to a set of dimensions associated with a replacement article to be produced. Incorporated in die machine is a numerical control guided machining subassembly in communication with at least one material blank corresponding to an article to be produced. Material shavings are vacuum removed and collected for disposal and, following CNC machining, the finished part is deposited into a cavity accessed by a retrieval door for removal.10-15-2009
20100143520EXTRUDER SYSTEM AND CUTTING ASSEMBLY - An extruder system for extruding material through a die/extrude insert in an opening in an extruder plate.06-10-2010
20100221376APPARATUS OF MANUFACTURING PIPE-SHAPED INSULATOR - Disclosed is an apparatus of manufacturing a pipe-shaped insulator, wherein a thin fiberglass mat is coated, at a surface thereof, with a binder (adhesive) and is press-wound on a forming roller, so as to manufacture a pipe-shaped insulator having a predetermined thickness and a predetermined diameter. The apparatus includes a mat feeding roller, a plurality of fiberglass mat transportation rollers, a coating roller to coat a binder over a surface of the fiberglass mat, a forming roller on which the fiberglass mat, coated with the binder, is wound in plural times to form a pipe-shaped insulator, a squeeze roller disposed parallel to the forming roller, a pressure regulator to press the fiberglass mat, an encoder to measure a transported length of the fiberglass mat, a cutting unit to diagonally cut the fiberglass mat, a control system, a sensor, and a plurality of drive motors and power transmission members.09-02-2010
20080299243EXTRUSION CUTTING APPARATUS - An extruder system and a cutting assembly for cutting a material extruded from a die plate.12-04-2008
20120321735COLOR SENSING FOR LASER DECOATING - A coating removal apparatus utilizing a common optics path to provide laser pulses to a coated surface and to direct a light illumination reflected from the coated surface to a photosensitive detector and analyzer. The apparatus is an integrated device including a laser source, a beam splitter, scanning optics, a waste removal apparatus, one or more light illuminators, a photosensitive detector, a comparator, and a control logic circuit. Alternatively, the laser source is external to the integrated device and a fiber optic cable is used to connect the laser source to the integrated device.12-20-2012
425136000 Means responsive to abnormal condition completely stop operation of machine 3
20110293766MACHINE FOR PRODUCING EXPANDED-GRAIN CAKES - Disclosed herein is a machine for producing expanded-grain cakes. The machine includes a frame, a mold unit, a grain supply unit, a grain transfer unit, a mold pressure arm, a drive unit, an open cam, a control unit and a cover unit. A precise charge of cereal grain is metered at the grain supply unit and in synchronism with the mold open cycle, distributed evenly over the mold cavity. Then with the mold unit clamped closed, the charge is heated and, at the end of the baking cycle, a preform is produced with gases at high pressure entrained therewithin. Upon release from the mold, the preform expands to a grain cake of the desired size. The machine controls the thermal energy input, the cycle frequency, the size of the grain charge, and the ejection trajectory. Several interrupts are used to ensure conformance to the control parameters and to enhance operator safety.12-01-2011
20100151067AUTOMATED CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURIZED RESIN INFUSION - An apparatus comprising a vacuum source line, a pressurized fluid source line and an inlet circuit communicative with the vacuum source line and operatively connectable to an inlet container. The apparatus further comprises an outlet circuit communicative with the vacuum source line and operatively connectable to an outlet line. The apparatus also comprises an outer cover circuit communicative with the vacuum source line and operatively connectable to the outer cover. Further, the apparatus comprises an inlet restrictor fluid circuit in communicative with the fluid source line and adapted to control flow between the inlet vacuum container and interior. Moreover, the apparatus comprises a controller operatively connected to the inlet vacuum circuit, the outlet vacuum circuit, the outer cover vacuum circuit and the inlet restrictor fluid circuit for controlling operation of the inlet vacuum circuit, the outlet vacuum circuit, the outer cover vacuum circuit and the inlet restrictor fluid circuit, respectively.06-17-2010
20080233227Drive Unit of Molding Machine and Injection Molding Machine - An injection molding machine has a motor (09-25-2008
20130052291POWDER REMOVING APPARATUS, MOLDING SYSTEM, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING MOLDED OBJECT - A powder removing apparatus includes a box, a stage moving mechanism, and a powder removing processing mechanism. The box has a main body with an opening and a stage movably provided in the main body.02-28-2013
20080206383Solid Imaging System with Removal of Excess Uncured Build Material - Solid imaging apparatus and methods for use are disclosed that reduce the amount of uncured solid imaging build material remaining on a completed build object following the completion of the solid imaging build process. The amount of uncured build material is reduced through the use of either an uncoating web that removes excess build material from the build object during the course of the building process or an ink jet source of build material that uses only as much build material as is necessary for the fabrication of the build part. Also disclosed is an imager assembly for use with such a solid imaging apparatus that incorporates two or more individual imagers in an array and accounts for variations in the intensity and alignment of adjacent imagers. The apparatus can be modified for semi-continuous operation and for integrating into a manufacturing operation, if desired.08-28-2008
20090053346PREVENTING MOLD USE BY DISABLING MOLDING CYCLE COMPONENTS - Presented herein is a system for preventing the unauthorized use of a mold, said system comprising a mold comprising at least two cooperating mold sections that are required by a mold cycle; and a lock assembly operatively associated with said mold; wherein, when the mold is mounted on a molding machine and the lock assembly is in the locked position, the system allows disabling at least one of the components required to complete a mold cycle. According to some embodiments, the lock assembly may further comprise an electronic control that may be accessed remotely or locally or both. According to some embodiments, the system may further comprise a counter operatively associated with the lock assembly.02-26-2009
20090098232Method and Apparatus For Controlling A Vent Gap With Active Material Elements - Method and apparatus for controlling a vent gap in a mold for an injection molding machine are provided, and include an active material insert configured to be regulate the degree of opening of the vent gap. The active material insert is configured to be actuated in response to signals from a controller, so as to selectively block the opening of the vent gap during the molding process. Wiring structure is coupled to the active material insert, and is configured to carry the actuation signals. Melt flow sensors may also be provided to aid in regulating the vent gap, and may be connected to the controller in order to provide real-time closed loop control over the operation of the vent gap. Preferably, the methods and apparatus are used as part of a system for controlling the flow of melt within a mold cavity.04-16-2009
20090258100Thermal Growth Compensating Extrusion Screw Assembly - An improved extrusion assembly is disclosed which better adapts to thermal changes resultant from the transport of high-temperature extrudate. An extrusion screw present in the assembly includes a hollow portion. A biasing member is disposed in the hollow portion. When the assembly is transporting high-temperature extrudate, the biasing member's included Belleville washer component compensates for the thermal expansion and contraction of the extrusion screw.10-15-2009
20090022836OVEN PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR A THERMO-FORMING MACHINE - An oven protection system for a thermo-forming machine having a source of heat for heating a workpiece. The oven protection system includes a barrier that is movable from a stored position to a deployed position located beneath the workpiece and above the source of heat to prevent the workpiece from coming into contact with the source of heat in response to a predetermined condition.01-22-2009
20110020483VENTED MOLD AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING MOLDED ARTICLE - The invention relates mold, particularly a mold for producing foam articles. In a preferred embodiment, the mold comprises a lid and a bowl releasingly engageable to define a mold cavity, the lid comprising: (i) a vent having a passageway for gas to escape from the mold cavity, and (ii) a plurality of grooves connected to the vent. The use of a plurality of grooves/slots in the mold cavity surface effectively acts as a siphon to draw gas away from the composition to be molded. The plurality of grooves/slots is connected to one or more vents which then allows for escape of the gas from the mold cavity to the exterior of the mold.01-27-2011
20120114778SURFACE TEXTURING USING FOLDABLE STRUCTURES AND ACTIVE MATERIAL ACTUATION - Active texturing systems adapted for selectively and reversibly modifying the texture of a surface utilizing a variably foldable structure in communication with the surface, and active material actuation to enable and/or cause folding.05-10-2012
20120058213METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ROTARY MOLDING - A rotary molding system for molding food products, mold cavities formed when a mold shell rotates mold shapes disposed along the mold shell into a fill position between a fill plate and a wear plate. Molded food products are removed from mold cavities using knock-out cups, the use of air pressure, or the use of a vacuum source disposed below the mold cavity, without the need to slow the rotation of the mold shell. Knock-out cups may be used with a heating system to reduce accumulation of unwanted materials on the knock-out cups. The rotary molding system can also be used to form products with contoured surfaces. A smart tagging system can be used to ensure that compatible sets of mold shells and knock out cups are being used. A vacuum region may be disposed upstream of the fill position to remove air within the mold cavity prior to filling.03-08-2012
20120156319DEVICE FOR MANUFACTURING A THREE-DIMENSIONAL OBJECT - A device for the production of a three-dimensional object made of solidifiable material has at least one processing unit for processing of the solidifiable material into a fluid phase in order to discharge the material from a material reservoir via a discharge unit in the direction of a construction space in the form of discrete drops. The closing mechanism has an elastic deformable solid body joint.06-21-2012
20090092700INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE - A second display device is provided separately from a first display device that displays information regarding molding conditions. The second display device displays character information or picture information. A control part includes a first data conversion part that data-converts the information to be displayed on the first display device and a second data conversion part that data-converts the information to be displayed on the second display device. The second display device displays information different from the first display device.04-09-2009
20120269917MOLD CLAMPING DEVICE - A mold clamping device includes a first fixed member to which a stationary mold is to be attached; a first movable member to which a movable mold is to be attached; a second movable member configured to move together with the first movable member; a second fixed member provided between the first movable member and the second movable member; a mold clamping force generating mechanism configured to generate a mold clamping force due to an electromagnetic force between the second movable member and the second fixed member; and a mold clamping force amplifying mechanism configured to amplify the mold clamping force generated by the mold clamping force generating mechanism.10-25-2012
20080233226Machine Enclosure Sealing and Hygiene Features of a Food Patty Molding Machine - A patty-forming machine using linear displacement sensors to sense and report the position of hydraulic cylinder rods. The machine enclosure includes double sealed door openings. Mold cover lift rods are cylindrical and utilize annular seals on a top skin of the mechanical compartment. The machine comprises removable floor panels and has an easily accessible swing out electrical enclosure. The machine uses modular I/O blocks for the control solenoids, which are signal connected to a bus block. The bus block communicates between machine control and the solenoids with a single serial cable.09-25-2008
20120088000DEVICE FOR PRODUCING CLOSURES - The invention relates to a device (04-12-2012