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425 - Plastic article or earthenware shaping or treating: apparatus

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425112000 And means to form or reshape preform 40
425117000 Female mold type means 32
425113000 Extrusion shaping means 30
425116000 Opposed registering coacting female molds 18
425115000 Endless surface means to shape fluent material 10
425111000 And means to apply stress to preform and uniting in stressed condition 4
20100119635APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MOLDING ONTO A STRETCHED BLANK - An apparatus and method for molding a component onto a stretched blank. The apparatus includes a stretching assembly mounted adjacent to a first mold part. The stretching assembly includes a plurality of clamp assemblies that grasp the peripheral edge of the blank and a plurality of slide assemblies that move the clamp assemblies away from one another to apply a stretch to the fabric. The apparatus further includes a press for closing a second mold part onto the first mold part while the fabric is held in a stretched condition by the stretching assembly. In one embodiment, the stretching assembly may include a float plate that is movable with respect to the first mold part between a stretch position and a mold position. The apparatus may include a robot with tooling for moving the fabric onto the stretching assembly. The tooling may include a plurality of shot pins that push the fabric off of the tooling onto corresponding fabric pins in the stretching machine.05-13-2010
20110008479Forming method using pressing and injection-molding multifunction die, forming apparatus provided with pressing and injection-molding multifunction die, and metal-resin molded product formed by the method or the apparatus - A forming method using a pressing and injection-molding multifunction die for forming a metal-resin molded product by integrating metal with resin, includes: forming a resin-molded portion on the metal; and performing, after the resin-molded portion is formed on the metal, at least one of a pressing process and an injection-molding process on the metal in the state in which the metal-resin molded product is supported by only the resin.01-13-2011
20080241295EMBEDMENT DEVICE FOR FIBER REINFORCED STRUCTURAL CEMENTITIOUS PANEL PRODUCTION - An embedment device for use in a cementitious panel production line such as a structural cementitious panel (SCP) production line wherein hydraulic cement slurry is transported on a moving web on a support frame, and chopped fibers are deposited upon the slurry. The device includes as one embodiment, a wire grid structure mounted on a reciprocating shaft driven by a piston which moves the grid down into the slurry and then up out of the slurry transverse of the travel of the slurry layer on the web. An alternative embodiment device includes a grid cell structure with thin walls extending upward from the grid surface in contact with the slurry that is moved up and down in a reciprocating motion transverse of the travel of the slurry layer on the web. The intermeshing relationship of the grid cell with the fiber and slurry enhances embedment of the fibers into the slurry and also prevents clogging of the device by fibers and prematurely set slurry particles.10-02-2008
20130149402Press System for Forming a Composite Article - A press with a pressure chamber and a lid. The chamber is filled with a substantially incompressible medium and the medium at least partially encloses an elastomeric pressure vessel. The vessel is filled with a substantially incompressible fluid that is in fluid communication with a pressurized source of the fluid.06-13-2013
20130040008Composite Sections for Aircraft Fuselages and Other Structures, and Methods and Systems for Manufacturing Such Sections - Composite sections for aircraft fuselages and other structures, and methods and systems for manufacturing such sections, are disclosed herein. A method for manufacturing a shell structure in accordance with one embodiment of the invention includes applying composite material to an interior mold surface of a tool to form a skin extending 360 degrees around an axis. The method can further include positioning a plurality of stiffeners on an inner surface of the skin. After the stiffeners have been positioned, a vacuum bag can be installed over the stiffeners and evacuated to press the stiffeners and the skin outwardly against the interior mold surface of the tool. Next, the skin/stiffener combination can be cocured to bond the stiffeners to the skin and harden the shell structure.02-14-2013
20120107435RE-USABLE RETAINERS FOR CO-BONDING UNCURED STRINGERS - A re-usable retainer designed to be used in the curing process of co-bonding uncured stringers. The re-usable retainer is made of metal so it is not necessary to manufacture one retainer for each manufactured stringer. The metallic retainer is placed in direct contact with the uncured resin so the cured stringer has a very good surface quality.05-03-2012
20090263526POSITION MECHANISM - The present invention provides a position mechanism including a locating body. The locating body defines a locating cavity and a receiving chamber communicating with the locating cavity. A locating stopper is received in the receiving chamber of the locating body with an end thereof toward the locating cavity, and an elastic component is received in the receiving chamber of the locating body and resiliently biases the locating stopper into the locating cavity.10-22-2009
20110117232SEMICONDUCTOR CHIP PACKAGE WITH MOLD LOCKS - A semiconductor chip package is provided. A semiconductor chip package includes a base comprising a top surface and a bottom surface, the top surface comprising a die attach region and a through-hole forming region surrounding the die attach region, a die attached on the die attach region, a molding material encapsulating the die and a plurality of through holes filled up with the molding material formed in the through-hole forming region.05-19-2011
20090035407Apparatus for placing mold charges into a compression molding machine - An apparatus for placing mold charges into a mold of a compression molding machine includes a carrier, an arm pivotally mounted on the carrier and a mold charge pick-up cup on the arm at a position spaced from the carrier. The arm is pivotal on the carrier between a first position at which the arm is positioned to deposit a mold charge into a mold and a second position at which the mold charge pick-up cup is disposed to transport the mold charge. The carrier preferably is mounted for rotation around an axis. In some embodiments, a cam mechanism is coupled to the arm to pivot the arm as a function of rotation of the carrier. A spring may be coupled between the arm and the carrier for biasing the arm toward one of the first and second positions of the arm. In another embodiment, an actuator is carried by the carrier and coupled to the arm to pivot the arm with respect to the carrier. The arm preferably includes a passage for selective application of air and/or vacuum to the mold charge pick-up cup.02-05-2009
20100297276Spacer Mold and Methods Therefor - A hip spacer mold forming a spacer with a spacer stem connected to a spacer head has a stem portion for forming a spacer stem. The hip spacer mold also has a plurality of interchangeable head modules configured for alternatively forming spacer heads of a plurality of different predetermined sizes. The head modules are configured to be disposed adjacent the stem portion.11-25-2010
20100297275Positioning device - The present invention concerns a system for the aftertreatment of parisons (11-25-2010
20090022835Injection molding machine with two tie bars - A molding machine includes a bed, a stationary and a moving mold holding plates, an adjustment plate, two tie bars, and a mechanism for driving the moving mold holding plate; both the mold holding plates are arranged on the bed for holding female and male parts of a mold respectively; the adjustment plate is positioned on the bed; the moving mold holding plate is connected to the tie bars so as to be moved along the tie bars when the driving mechanism is actuated; the tie bars pass through all of the plates in such a position as to intersect a diagonal line of each of the plates; to install the mold, male and female parts of the mold can be passed through space next to adjacent vertical and horizontal sides of the holding plates, which don't have a tie bar intervening between them to interfere with installation.01-22-2009
20090035406COEFFICIENT OF THERMAL EXPANSION CONTROL STRUCTURE - The present invention is directed to the incorporation of a substructure into tooling for constructing composite structures in order to control thermal expansion of the tooling during aerospace manufacturing processes. Substructure, such as headers and/or gussets is added to the tooling to constrain the growth of the laminate expansion and/or control the diametric growth of the tool during the curing cycle. The thickness of the face-sheet of the tooling also may be reduced in order to further reduce the effective coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of the tooling.02-05-2009
20110097430Apparatuses and Methods for Fabricating Semiconductor Packages - An apparatus for fabricating a semiconductor package may include a mold and a molding plate. The mold may define a mold cavity with the mold being configured to receive a circuit board in the mold cavity, and the circuit board may include a semiconductor chip mounted thereon. A molding plate may be moveable in the mold cavity with the molding plate being configured to adjust a volume of the mold cavity. Related methods are also discussed.04-28-2011
20120213877INJECTION MOLD - An injection mold for molding an electronic product which has a terminal includes a movable mold, a first sliding block levelly defining a through-hole, a second sliding block, a supporting pole and a stationary mold. A top of the movable mold defines an opening of which a bottom defines a fastening hole for fastening a bottom of the terminal therein. An inner sidewall of the second sliding block defines a groove for restraining a top of the terminal. The first and second sliding blocks are located at two opposite sides of the opening to together define a cavity for molding the electronic product. The supporting pole is movably inserted in the through-hole and stretches into the cavity to resist against the top of the terminal. The stationary mold is positioned on the first and second sliding blocks, and defines a sprue channel connected with the cavity.08-23-2012
20110236516Coal reforming apparatus - A coal reforming apparatus includes: a dryer body and the like provided to dry low-quality coal; a pyrolysis body which pyrolyzes the dried coal thus dried, and the like; and a briquetter which compression-molds the pyrolyzed coal thus pyrolyzed, and the like. The coal reforming apparatus has a radical scavenger supplier which supplies drying gas with a radical scavenger so that the low-quality coal can be dried in an atmosphere containing the radical scavenger, the drying gas being supplied from a drying gas supply source and heated by a heater, the radical scavenger being formed of an organic compound having a hydroxyl group.09-29-2011
20090104300METHOD OF CLAMPING MATERIAL AND A MATERIAL-CLAMPING UNIT USED THEREFOR - This invention provides a method for clamping material, wherein a product that has no creases can be manufactured, even if the material has a complex shape, and the method can improve a yield of the product, and can reduce the cost of the dies. Also, the present invention provides a material-clamping unit used for the method.04-23-2009
20130022697SEALING DEVICE - A plugging device 01-24-2013
20120040035CAPTIVE SCREW FABRICATION MOLD - A captive screw fabrication mold for molding a plastic or rubber knob on the head of a lock screw for captive screw is disclosed to include a bottom die having a tubular post vertically disposed in each bottom die cavity thereof for holding a lock screw for molding, and an upper die that has an annular rib vertically downwardly suspending in each upper die cavity thereof for stopping against the head of the lock screw in the associating bottom die cavity around the top protrusion of the lock screw to isolate the molding chamber in each upper die cavity, avoiding overflow of the applied molten material into the tool groove in the top protrusion of each lock screw.02-16-2012