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Elemental chlorine or elemental chlorine releasing inorganic compound (e.g., chlorties, hypochlorites, etc.)

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424 - Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions


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424665000 Alkali metal or alkaline earth metal 34
424663000 Chloride 10
424662000 Chlorate 7
20100015251Tooth Polishing Compositions and Methods of Tooth Polishing Without Mechanical Abrasion - A method of polishing a tooth surface without mechanical abrasion is provided. Kits and compositions are also provided.01-21-2010
20090053326Compositions, Systems, and/or Methods Involving Chlorine Dioxide ("ClO2") - Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a composition of matter comprising chlorine dioxide dissolved in acetic acid. When stored, a concentration of the chlorine dioxide in the composition of matter can be retained, with respect to an initial concentration of chlorine dioxide in said composition of matter, at, for example, greater than 30% for at least 28 days. Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a method comprising releasing chlorine dioxide from a composition comprising chlorine dioxide dissolved in acetic acid.02-26-2009
20100015252Tooth Polishing Compositions and Methods of Tooth Polishing Without Mechanical Abrasion - A method of polishing a tooth surface without mechanical abrasion is provided.01-21-2010
20100074970METHOD AND COMPOSITION FOR PREVENTING AND HEALING OSTEONECROSIS OF THE JAW - A method and composition for preventing and treating all forms of osteonecrosis of the jaw are disclosed. The composition is comprised of 0.005%-2.0% weight/volume (w/v) chlorine dioxide source, such as sodium chlorite, chlorite ion, stabilized chlorine dioxide or similar and may take the form of a paste, gel, rinse, spray, powder, varnish or similar. The method for treatment and prevention includes the application of the composition in the oral cavity and other body areas affected by osteonecrosis of the jaw.03-25-2010
20130136805FOAMABLE COMPOSITIONS OF STABILIZED CHLORITE - The present application relates to foamable compositions and foams comprising stabilized chlorite, including stabilized chlorite solutions such as Oxovasin™, and to medical uses thereof, in particular for wound healing. The foamable compositions comprise at least one foaming agent, stabilized chlorite, water and optionally, a buffering agent.05-30-2013
20090004295USE OF A CHEMICALLY-STABILIZED CHLORITE SOLUTION FOR INHIBITING AN ANTIGEN-SPECIFIC IMMUNE RESPONSE - Methods of using a stabilized chlorite solution to inhibit antigen-specific immune responses are disclosed. The stabilized chlorite solution, when administered to a mammal in need thereof, can prevent the presentation of antigens by antigen presenting cells. The stabilized chlorite solution therefore is useful in treating, inter alia, auto-immune diseases, treating diseases caused by an inappropriate immune response, treating lymphoproliferative disease and in inhibiting rejection in transplant patients.01-01-2009
20130089628SODIUM-HYPOCHLORITE-BASED BODY WASH COMPOSITIONS - Sodium hypochlorite-based compositions that are non-toxic and have antimicrobial and cleansing properties may include from about 0.025% to about 10% by weight of sodium hypochlorite. For example, the compositions may include less than 1% by weight of sodium hypochlorite (e.g., less than 0.5% by weight of sodium hypochlorite). The compositions may further include sodium laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, cocamide MEA, disodium EDTA, and deionized water. Such compositions may be applied externally to a mammalian body through rinse-off or leave-on applications. Compositions also may be incorporated as a component of other products, such as deodorants, towelettes, or powders.04-11-2013
20130071492SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GENERATING GERMICIDAL COMPOSITIONS - The present invention relates to systems and methods for generating germicidal compositions for use in a wide variety of settings, including agricultural settings, food production settings, hospitality settings, health care settings, health club settings, exercise facility settings, research based settings, veterinarian settings, medical settings, hydraulic fracturing settings, and/or any setting requiring disinfection.03-21-2013
20120237616STABILIZED HYPOHALOUS ACID SOLUTIONS - The present invention provides a stabilized hypohalous acid solution (or formulation thereof), which may be conveniently packaged for sale, or stored for later use on demand. The invention further provides methods of making the stabilized hypohalous acid solution, as well as methods of use for disinfecting mammalian tissue, including wounds and burns, disinfecting or cleansing surfaces, or treating and/or preserving food products and cut flowers, among other uses.09-20-2012
20130164388CHLORINE DIOXIDE PRECURSOR AND METHODS OF USING SAME - According to one aspect of the invention, a method of converting an oxy halide salt into a halide dioxide in a reaction zone under certain conditions is provided. More specifically, the method includes generating chlorine dioxide from a stable composition comprising an oxy halide salt by introducing said composition to a reducing agent and minimum temperature within the reaction zone. According to another aspect of the invention, a composition for a stable chlorine dioxide precursor comprising an oxy halide salt is provided.06-27-2013
20100285150DENTAL STERILIZING WATER, METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE WATER, AND DEVICE FOR PRODUCING THE WATER - This aims to produce dental sterilizing water having not only a sterilizing action but also an action to break a bio-film. Provided is a sterilizing water producing device (11-11-2010
20100266710PHARMACEUTICAL PREPARATIONS COMPRISING ELECTROCHEMICALLY ACTIVATED HYPOCHLORITE SOLUTIONS - The present application refers to pharmaceutical preparations comprising an active ingredient and a carrier wherein the carrier comprises an aqueous electrochemically activated salt solution.10-21-2010
20080292727Technique for treatment and prevention of fungal diseases in field-grown grains and legumes by application of acid-activated sodium chlorite solution - A technique for reducing fungal disease in growing grain-producing grasses and growing legume plants involves the generation of chlorine dioxide gas by dissolution of sodium chlorite with an activating acid in an aqueous solution, followed by foliar application of the gas to grasses or legume plants growing in fields. The most preferred acid solution contains urea sulphuric acid (monocarbamide dihydrogen sulphate).11-27-2008
20110076344USE OF A CHEMICALLY-STABILIZED CHLORITE SOLUTION FOR INHIBITING AN ANTIGEN-SPECIFIC IMMUNE RESPONSE - Methods of using a stabilized chlorite solution to inhibit antigen-specific immune responses are disclosed. The stabilized chlorite solution, when administered to a mammal in need thereof, can prevent the presentation of antigens by antigen presenting cells. The stabilized chlorite solution therefore is useful in treating, inter alia, auto-immune diseases, treating diseases caused by an inappropriate immune response, treating lymphoproliferative disease and in inhibiting rejection in transplant patients.03-31-2011
20090297629Systems, Methods, and Compositions Involving Chlorine Dioxide and Zeolite - Certain exemplary embodiments can provide one or more systems, machines, devices, manufactures, compositions of matter, and/or methods for, activities that can comprise, creating a composition comprising chlorine dioxide adsorbed in a zeolite, and/or releasing at least a portion of the chlorine dioxide from the composition, the released chlorine dioxide potentially useful for disinfection, decolorization, mildew control, and/or odor control.12-03-2009
20110200685Methods and compositions for the reduction of pathogenic microorganisms from meat and poultry carcasses, trim and offal - The invention includes a method of preparing hypochlorite-activated solutions of hypobromous acid and/or hypobromite ion. The method includes the steps of mixing a solution of a source of bromide ion with a solution of a source of hypochlorite ion to activate the bromide ion, allowing sufficient time to maximize the activation of the bromide ion, and storing the solution before use. The invention also includes a method of using the solution to wash meat and poultry carcasses, trim, and offal to reduce pathogenic microorganisms. The solutions may also be used to reduce pathogenic microorganisms in industrial cooling water and on food contact hard surfaces and equipment. The solutions may be stored for up to about three hours before use and are stable for that period of time.08-18-2011
20080241276Portable bio-chemical decontaminant system and method of using the same - The present invention relates to a portable bio-chemical decontaminant system and methods of using the same. Specifically, the present invention provides a portable bio-chemical decontaminant system that is rapidly effective across a broad range of chemical and biological weapons agents. The disclosed portable bio-chemical decontaminant system electrochemically generates a decontaminant solution at the point of use obviating the need to transport corrosive or reactive chemicals, and dramatically simplifies the logistics of delivering an effective bio-chemical decontaminant system to wherever it may be needed. The portable bio-chemical decontaminant system electrochemically generates chlorine dioxide and hypobromite.10-02-2008
20090169646METHODS OF TREATING CYSTIC FIBROSIS - A method of treating and/or managing cystic fibrosis in a patient by administering an electrolyzed saline solution containing hypohalous acid. Preferably, the hypohalous acid is hypochlorous acid. Also provided is a method of treating and/or managing cystic fibrosis by administering an electrolyzed saline solution at specific pHs such as between 5.0 and 6.2. The present invention also provides a method of administering an electrolyzed saline solution for treating and/or managing cystic fibrosis using a combined electrochemical generator and a vaporizer, humidifier or fogger. Combination therapies are also provided.07-02-2009
20090214672ANTIMICROBIAL COMPOSITION - An antimicrobial composition prepared by mixing a polymer-ammonium salt formulation comprising one or more polymers and one or more ammonium salts with alkali and a chlorine source in a molar ratio of chlorine (as Cl08-27-2009
20090136597Cyclic process for the efficient generation of chlorine dioxide in dilute solutions - An efficient cyclic process and related compositions for the in-situ generation of chlorine dioxide from dilute solutions of chlorite anions at near neutral pH. The cyclic process provides a means of safe and effective use of chlorine dioxide with reduced concern of chlorite accumulation in the aqueous system. The disclosed chemistry used to support the cyclic process can be applied independently or in various combinations that are effectively inert. This dramatically reduces safety concerns since the chlorine dioxide is produced in-situ to the application and in dilute concentrations. Also, the process allows for regeneration of inert anions such as bromide and chlorite thereby reducing operating cost.05-28-2009
20090181107SOLUTION HAVING BIOCIDAL ACTIVITY - A method and apparatus for the electrochemical treatment of an aqueous solution in an electrolytic cell is described. Output solution having a predetermined level of available free chlorine is produced by applying a substantially constant current across the cell between an anode and a cathode while passing a substantially constant throughput of chloride ions through the cell.07-16-2009
20090028965MULTI-PART DISINFECTANT - Disclosed is a multi-part disinfectant composition, wherein the parts thereof are solid and are packaged separately prior to use, and wherein the separately-packaged parts, when combined in the presence of water or an aqueous solution, react to form chlorine dioxide.01-29-2009
20130216631TARGETED PERFORMANCE OF HYPOHALITE COMPOSITIONS THEREOF - This invention relates to extend the benefits of using hypochlorite compounds such as sodium hypochlorite to clean and disinfect articles while reducing or eliminating the side effects of treating an article with a strong oxidant material. The invention relates to a single step process involving mixing of precursor compositions of a suitable hypohalite or hypohalous acid with a solution of a reducing agent. Optionally a buffer may be present in either or both precursor compositions, such that at time of use such active hypohalous acid concentration in the resulting aqueous mixture remains at a sufficient activity level to effect one or more desired benefits against a target substrate for a desired period of time. The oxidant is substantially consumed by reaction with the reducing agent after the time needed for achieving the desired benefit has passed.08-22-2013
20090324746SYSTEM FOR PRODUCING AND DISPENSING CHLORINE DIOXIDE - The invention relates to a multi-component chlorine dioxide producing system. The invention produces effective amounts of chlorine dioxide in five minutes or less without instantaneous production or loss of chlorine dioxide. The invention further includes a dispensing apparatus to allow for the dispensing of the multi component system to allow for insitu production of chlorine dioxide.12-31-2009
20090053325Method of Controlling Floating Virus Infection - A method of controlling floating virus infection. The method includes the step of: supplying chlorine dioxide gas into a space where floating virus can be present by a gas concentration which allows the animal to live or stay, but deactivates the virus.02-26-2009
20110229586CONTROL OF DEVELOPMENT OF BIOFILMS IN INDUSTRIAL PROCESS WATER - There is provided a method of inhibiting the development of a biofilm adjacent a surface, the method comprising intermittently applying a biofilm inhibiting substance to a collection of microorganisms having biofilm developing potential. Other embodiments are also described.09-22-2011
20080279963PHYSIOLOGICALLY BALANCED, IONIZED, ACIDIC SOLUTION AND METHODOLOGY FOR USE IN WOUND HEALING - Described herein is a physiologically-balanced, acidic solution. Typically the solution is prepared by a chemical reactions or by the electrolysis of a solution comprising a mixture of an inorganic salt to form a physiologically balanced solution. This invention also relates to methods for use of the solutions, including a specialized bandage which may be used in combination with the solutions, or optionally with other topically applied materials. A mixture of inorganic salts and, optionally minerals, is used in order to mimic the electrolyte concentration and mixture of body fluid in an isotonic state. The solution typically comprises of one halide salt of lithium, sodium, potassium, calcium, and other cations. Typically the halide is fluoride, chloride, bromide, or iodide, and most typically chloride. A typical electrolyzed solution of the present invention has a pH within the range of about 2 to about 5, an oxidation reduction potential within the range of about +600 mV to about +1200 mV, and hypohalous acid concentration in the range of about 10 ppm to about 200 ppm. The solution has bactericidal, fungicidal, and sporicidal properties. The composition of the invention is nontoxic and has antibacterial properties, and is useful in any application in which antimicrobial properties are desirable.11-13-2008
20100260869Biocidal materials - Provided are materials that effectively kill pathogenic bacteria and other organisms. Also disclosed are methods that concern the use of materials having biocidal activity, and biocidal systems that incorporate such materials.10-14-2010
20100112092ANTIMICROBIAL SOLUTIONS CONTAINING DICHLORINE MONOXIDE AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING THE SAME - Methods and products are provided for treating a wound or infection in a mammal or disinfecting a surface with a hypochlorous acid solution that has been activated by a catalyst. Additionally provided is a process for preparing an antimicrobial product that produces an activated hypochlorous acid solution for use as an antimicrobial.05-06-2010
20100055203SOLID COMPOSITION FOR TREATING WATER - Solid water treatment compositions are provided comprising (a) a halogen-containing source; (b) a boron-containing source; and (c) a polyphosphate-containing source. Methods for their use are also provided.03-04-2010
20110250294COMBINATIONS OF PRESERVATIVE COMPOSITIONS FOR OPHTHALMIC FORMULATIONS - The present invention provides a preservative composition for protecting ophthalmic solutions from microbial attack comprising a combination of benzalkonium ion and An oxy-chlorite moiety, e.g. purite wherein the combined concentrations of benzalkonium ion and An oxy-chlorite moiety, e.g. purite in said composition is sufficient to provide protection against microbial attack when said composition is added to an ophthalmic solution as compared to said ophthalmic solution having the same concentration of benzalkonium ion and An oxy-chlorite moiety, e.g. purite, alone.10-13-2011
20110256244COMPOSITION FOR STABILIZING CHLORINE DIOXIDE - A composition for stabilizing chlorine dioxide maintains a chlorine dioxide concentration nearly constant in the agent containing chlorine dioxide dissolved therein even when chlorine dioxide is continuously released as gas from agent, and includes a chlorite and a pH adjuster. The pH adjuster is an acid or a salt thereof having a buffering property whose pH is 2.5 to 6.8 as a 5% aqueous solution at 25° C.10-20-2011
20110020472NON-AQUEOUS GENERATION OF CHLORINE DIOXIDE - Disclosed is a method of making a non-aqueous chlorine dioxide solution by combining a chlorite salt and a non-aqueous carboxylic acid and the non-aqueous chlorine dioxide solution made by this method. Also disclosed are methods of disinfecting an object by applying the non-aqueous chlorine dioxide solution to the object and methods of disinfecting a liquid by adding the non-aqueous chlorine dioxide solution to the liquid.01-27-2011
20110256243SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PREPARATION OF ANTIMICROBIAL SOLUTIONS - A system to prepare an antimicrobial solution by the electrolysis of brine is presented where the antimicrobial solution is a solution comprising HOCl that contains a HOCl concentration of 100 ppm or more at a pH of approximately 6.5. The system includes an electrolysis cell that is provided with a constant current by a digital DC power supply controlled by a microprocessor and a controlled brine concentration at a controlled rate, which can also be controlled by the microprocessor to deliver a fluid that is continuously observed by a pH probe and an ORP probe that provides input to the microprocessor to adjust voltage, pump rate and/or flow rate in a programmed manner by the microprocessor. A method to produce the antimicrobial solution, including a sporicidal solution, by the novel system is presented.10-20-2011
20090175958Methods for Deactivating Allergens and Preventing Disease - This invention relates to articles of manufacture containing liquid compositions of hypohalous acid or hypohalous acid salt for deactivating allergens and preventing diseases on hard surfaces, soft surfaces and in the air. The articles of manufacture contain usage instructions with health claims. This invention also includes methods of instructing the public and promoting the use of these compositions.07-09-2009
20100196512Treatment of Non-Oral Biological Tissue with Chlorine Dioxide - Methods, devices, compositions, and systems for the alleviation of non-oral biological tissue infections by administration of chlorine dioxide are provided.08-05-2010
20080279964BIOFOULING CONTROL - A system and method for stabilizing bromine in an industrial water system by monitoring and flexible dosing of chlorine oxidant and halide ion stabilizer residual levels. The system comprises chlorine oxidant, and a halide ion source with a halogen stabilizer.11-13-2008
20090186098SPORTS DRINK COMPOSITION - A composition having a high molecular weight carbohydrate with an average molecular weight greater than about 10,000. A hydrolyzed protein is also included in the composition, the protein having an average molecular weight less than about 10,000. The composition has an osmolality in solution that is less than the osmolality of human blood.07-23-2009
20100255120COMPOSITIONS FOR FORMING IMMOBILIZED BIOLOGICAL LAYERS FOR SENSING - The invention is directed to enzyme immobilization compositions comprising: one or more enzymes, a humectant, an acrylic-based monomer, a water-soluble organic photo-initiator and a water-soluble acrylic-based cross-linker in a substantially homogeneous aqueous mixture. The invention is also directed to methods for forming sensors comprising such compositions and to apparati for forming arrays of immobilized layers on an array of sensors by dispensing such compositions onto a substrate.10-07-2010
20100159031Nail fungus treatment and composition - Compositions and methods for treating or preventing fungal infections of the nail are provided. The topical composition includes the use of chlorine dioxide, chlorite salts, benzoyl peroxide, an alpha hydroxy acid, antifungal and antibiotic agents. Also provided is a heat-generating device for use in treating at least one nail infected with fungus and a toe sock device.06-24-2010
20120301556Disinfectant Materials and Methods - A disinfectant combination comprises a first supply of a water-soluble hypochlorite; and a second supply of at least one saturated, water-soluble, physiologically acceptable carboxylic acid in solution in an alcoholic solvent which comprises ethanol and optionally water. The combination is used in a method of disinfection, in which a dosed amount of the first supply is mixed with a dosed amount of the second supply to form a disinfectant in situ, and the resulting combined solution, optionally diluted with further water, is applied to a surface or article to be disinfected. In a preferred embodiment, the combination is used for disinfection of endoscopes.11-29-2012
20110064829PERSISTENT AND FAST ACTING ANTISEPTICS AND DISINFECTANTS BASED ON CALCIUM FLUORIDE - Antiseptic compounds that act as persistent and fast acting antiseptics and disinfectants. The base of these antiseptic actions is CaF03-17-2011
20120207858BIOCIDE AND BLEACH COMPOSITIONS AND RELATED METHODS - Provided are biocide compositions and bleach compositions comprising organic acyl polyoxychlorine and related methods. The reduction of the acyl polyoxychlorine group releases a reactive intermediate that undergoes a series of cascading reduction steps, resulting in termination products Generally Recognized As Safe.08-16-2012
20120009279METHOD OF TREATING A SUBSTRATE WITH STABLE BLEACHES WITH COLORING AGENTS - The invention provides an aqueous bleaching solution for substrate treatment comprising a source of oxidant and a suspended polymer matrix having a plurality of optically functional particles associated with one or more copolymers present in the polymer matrix. The plurality of optically functional particles are associated with the copolymer during polymerization of at least one hydrophobic and at least one hydrophilic monomer so as to form a polymer matrix useful to impart an aqueous bleaching solution with optically functional properties providing a benefit to the solutions during storage, use and application to substrates for treatment. In accordance with various embodiments of the invention, the suspended polymer matrix forms a substantially stable dispersion of the optically functional particles in the aqueous bleaching solution, and provides compositions, methods and kits for employing aqueous bleaching solutions having optically functional properties that are maintained over substantially long storage times.01-12-2012
20120021069Chlorite Formulations and Methods of Preparation and Use Thereof - Described herein are chlorite formulations having a pH between about 7 and about 8.5, wherein the chlorite formulations are substantially free of deleterious non-chlorite components. Described herein are chlorite formulations, including pharmaceutical formulations, which are formulated for systemic, parenteral, or intravenous administration. Described herein are methods of preparing and methods of using the chlorite formulations described herein.01-26-2012
20090317491MANUFACTURING METHOD OF MEDICAL STERILIZED ISOTONIC SOLUTION HAVING LOW-CONCENTRATEDLY CONTROLLED FREE CHLORINE INCLUDING HYPOCHLOROUS ACID THEREIN - The present invention relates to a manufacturing method of medical sterilized normal saline, more specifically, to such a method for manufacturing sterilized normal saline for medical purpose with effective sterilizing efficacy comprising: a step of disposing at least one electrode set immersed in saline solution of pH 4.0 to pH 7.5 including a pair of electrodes with flat surface separated from each other by an interval between 1 mm and 3 mm, the flat surfaces of the electrodes facing each other; and a step of supplying 3 OmA to 20 OmA direct current to the electrodes by applying 2.4V to 3.3V DC power to the electrodes; wherein free chlorine is reliably and stably generated as having concentration range between 0.17 ppm and 6 ppm from electrolysis between electrodes.12-24-2009
20120121728STABILIZED AND ACTIVATED BROMINE SOLUTIONS AS A BIOCIDE AND AS AN ANTIFOULING AGENT - The invention provides a process of removing or preventing biofouling, particularly on surfaces of industrial and agricultural equipment in contact with aqueous liquids. The process employs an antifouling composition of stabilized active halogen having a low pH.05-17-2012
20100330203METHOD FOR SUPPRESSING OR PREVENTING FIBROUS ADHESION FORMATION USING A MULTICOMPONENT AQUEOUS OXYCHLORINE COMPOSITION PREPARED ON-SITE - A composition and method are described for suppressing or preventing fibrous adhesion formation using a multicomponent aqueous oxychlorine composition. Fibrous adhesions typically form during healing of tissue, for example following a surgical procedure. A multicomponent oxychlorine composition is provided for irrigating the tissue which minimizes post-surgical adhesion formation, the composition containing both chlorine dioxide and chlorite ion, and a complex ion thereof. The chlorine dioxide level generally is in an effective range of ClO12-30-2010
20100330202PROCESS FOR PRODUCING AQUEOUS CHLOROUS ACID SOLUTION FOR USE AS DISINFECTANT - A process for producing aqueous chlorous acid solution in which chlorous acid, which is safe for the human body, is easy to handle, and less generates chlorine dioxide, is yielded and used as a disinfectant for a pretreatment in food processing. To an aqueous sodium chlorate solution is added sulfuric acid or an aqueous solution thereof in such an amount and concentration that the pH of the aqueous solution can be kept at 2.3-3.4 to thereby react them and generate chloric acid. Subsequently, hydrogen peroxide is added to the chloric acid in an amount which is equal to or larger than the amount necessary for a reduction reaction to thereby yield chlorous acid. Any one of inorganic acids, inorganic acid salts, organic acids, and organic acid salts, or two or more thereof, or a combination or these is added to the aqueous solution containing chlorous acid yielded, whereby the chlorous and acid can be present for long and the pH of the aqueous solution is regulated to regulated to 3.2-7.0. Thus, high bactericidal power is imparted thereto.12-30-2010
20120225135Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide Solution - An aqueous stabilised chlorine dioxide solution for use as a universal biocide. The stabilized solution preferably, but not necessarily, includes: (A) an effective stabilising amount of ClO09-06-2012
20080292728Cosmetic composition - A cosmetic composition effective in skin lightening or skin rejuvenation is provided. The cosmetic composition is characterized by containing sodium ions, potassium ions, calcium ions, magnesium ions, chlorine ions and HCO11-27-2008
20120269904SOLUTION CONTAINING HYPOCHLOROUS ACID AND METHODS OF USING SAME - The present invention relates to low pH antimicrobial solutions comprising hypochlorous acid, water, and, optionally, a buffer. The inventive low pH antimicrobial solutions have a pH from about 4 to about 6 and are useful for treating impaired or damaged tissue and for disinfecting surfaces. Chemical processes for the production of the low pH antimicrobial solutions are also provided wherein chlorine gas is added to a buffer solution containing a buffering agent and water. The present invention also provides an electrochemical process for the production of the low pH antimicrobial solutions.10-25-2012
20120087993BIOCIDAL ALDEHYDE COMPOSITION FOR OIL AND GAS EXTRACTION - A combination biocide (Glutaraldehyde or OPA), quaternary phosphonium biocide (preferably TTPC), alcohol (preferably isopropyl alcohol), and functional excipients for the oil and gas recovery industry. The functional excipients for the oil and gas recovery industry are a cellulose type proppant, a poloxamer wetting agent, a friction-reducing pluronic block copolymer, a drag reducing agent such as polyethylene oxide, and a flocculating agent. The OPA may be of the dialdehyde C04-12-2012
20110159115Massive Bodies Containing Free Halogen Source For Producing Highly Converted Solutions of Chlorine Dioxide - A massive body, e.g., a tablet, for producing a thickened solution of chlorine dioxide when the massive body is added to liquid water is disclosed. The massive body comprises a metal chlorite, an acid source and a thickener (incorporated directly into the massive body or added as a component separate from the massive body) and optionally a source of free halogen. The concentration of free chlorine in the solution will be: (a) less than the concentration of chlorine dioxide in said solution on a weight basis and the ratio of the concentration of chlorine dioxide to the sum of the concentrations of chlorine dioxide and chlorite anion in said solution is at least 0.25:1 by weight; or (b) equal to or greater than the concentration of chlorine dioxide in said solution on a weight basis and the ratio of the concentration of chlorine dioxide to the sum of the concentrations of chlorine dioxide and chlorite anion in said solution is at least 0.50:1 by weight.06-30-2011
20120282351System and Method for The Prevention of Bacterial and Fungal Infections Including Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) Using N-Halogenated Amino Acids - Disclosed is a system that prevents the development of infection and biofilm establishment in medical devices in general, and in particular Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), including Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI). The system comprises a medical device (such as a catheter) and an antimicrobial composition containing an antimicrobial compound. A medical device delivers the composition both to the inside and/or outside portions of the device, as well as to the inside of the bladder itself and to the urethra. Reduction or elimination of the infection may be accomplished by irrigating the medical device, bathing the bladder, or irrigating the bladder with the composition.11-08-2012
20120021068COMPOSITIONS FOR DECONTAMINATION - Compositions comprising at least one decontaminating agent, and being in a form of a gel, are disclosed herein, as well as processes for producing the compositions by contacting a solution containing the decontaminating agent(s) with at least one gelling agent. The compositions are useful in decontamination. The decontamination efficacy of the compositions can be enhanced by adding a solid hypochlorite salt to the composition. Systems are further disclosed herein which are designed for mixing the decontaminating agent(s) with the gelling agent(s) when and where needed, and for propelling the mixed solutions onto a surface to be contaminated. Methods employing the compositions for decontamination are also disclosed.01-26-2012
20120021067MAINTENANCE FLUID FOR ANIMALS - Maintenance fluid for fluid therapy in animals comprising the following components/quantities: —Na+: 38-50 mmol/l —K+: 20-40 mmol/l —Ca++: 5-11 mmol/l —Cl−: 50-70 mmol/l —Mg++: 5-12 mmol/l —Glu-Anhydrid: 60-100 mmol/l.01-26-2012
20130202719STABILIZED CHLORITE SOLUTIONS IN COMBINATION WITH FLUROPYRIMIDINES FOR CANCER - Pharmaceutical compositions for treating neoplastic disorders and uses thereof are provided. Said pharmaceutical compositions comprise stabilized chlorite solutions (e.g. WFIO) and a fluoropyrimidine, 5-FU, or a 5-FU prodrug (e.g. capecitabine, doxifluridine, UFT, S-1, or BOF-A2). The use of the above stabilized chlorite solution in combination with a fluoropyrimidine dramatically improves the quality of life index (QOL) of a patient undergoing cancer chemotherapy. Cancers that can be treated include cancers of the pancreas, gastrointestinal, head, neck, and breast.08-08-2013

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