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Bacterium or component thereof or substance produced by said bacterium (e.g., Legionella, Borrelia, Anaplasma, Shigella, etc.)

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424 - Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions


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424236100 Toxin or toxoid, except endotoxin (e.g., exotoxin, enterotoxin, etc.) 158
424248100 Mycobacterium (e.g., Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Calmette-Guerin bacillus (i.e., BCG), etc.) 52
424244100 Streptococcus (e.g., Group B Streptococcus, pneumococcus or Streptococcus pneumoniae, etc.) 39
424246100 Bacillus 29
424249100 Neisseria (e.g., Neisseria gonorrhoeae, etc.) 28
424257100 Escherichia (e.g., Escherichia coli, etc.) 20
424243100 Staphylococcus (e.g., Staphylococcus aureus, etc.) 19
424235100 Transposon mutant or deletion mutant bacterium (e.g., produced by transposon mutagenesis, etc.) 17
424258100 Salmonella (e.g., Salmonella typhimurium, etc.) 13
424263100 Chlamydia (e.g., Chlamydia trachomatis, etc.) 12
424247100 Clostridium (e.g., Clostridium tetani, Clostridium difficile, Clostridium perfringens, Clostridium botulinum, Clostridium chauvoei, etc.) 10
424264100 Mycoplasma 9
424256100 Hemophilus (e.g., Hemophilus influenzae, Hemophilus gallinarum, Hemophilus pleuropnemoniae, etc.) 8
424253100 Bordetella (e.g., Bordetella bronchiseptica, etc.) 7
424255100 Pasteurella (e.g., Pasteurella multocida, Pasteurella hemolytica, etc.) 7
424252100 Brucella (e.g., Brucella abortus, Brucella canis, etc.) 5
20120183576MODIFIED GRAM-NEGATIVE BACTERIA FOR USE AS VACCINES - The invention relates to Gram-negative bacteria carrying an inactivated gene encoding a glycosyltransferase involved in the synthesis of the core of the LPS of said Gram-negative bacteria, wherein said inactivated gene results in the synthesis of a LPS having a modified core. These strains have an attenuated virulence but induce a humoral immunity sufficient for ensuring vaccination of the host.07-19-2012
20100226942Producing an immune response for reducing the risk of developing brucellosis - This document relates to materials and methods for producing an immune response for reducing the risk of developing brucellosis. For example, this document provides vaccines for administration to animals as well as methods for producing an immune response against bacteria that cause brucellosis using vaccines provided herein. The vaccines provided herein can be effective for reducing the risk of developing brucellosis from multiple species of 09-09-2010
20100158954Brucella Melitensis Mutants and Methods - Certain attenuated mutants of 06-24-2010
20110117134Gene library of Brucella suis surface antigens - The invention relates to a bacterial antigen library of 05-19-2011
20110177127Brucella Abortus Proteins and Methods of Use Thereof - Compositions and methods for the diagnosis and prevention of 07-21-2011
424251100 Moraxella (e.g., Moraxella bovis, etc.) 4
20110280910NOVEL SURFACE EXPOSED IMMUNOGLOBULIN D-BINDING PROTEIN FROM MORAXELLA CATARRHALIS - The present invention relates to a surface exposed protein, which can be detected in 11-17-2011
20100098729NOVEL SURFACE EXPOSED IMMUNOGLOBULIN D-BINDING PROTEIN FROM FORAXELLA CATARRHALIS - The present invention relates to a surface exposed protein, which can be detected in 04-22-2010
20090246228Moraxella catarrhalis Proteins - Novel antigens of 10-01-2009
424242100 Pilus, fimbria, or adhesin 3
20100074923PURIFICATION OF BACTERIAL ANTIGENS - Presented are methods of isolation of pili and pilus-like structures from Gram-positive bacteria including 03-25-2010
20110097360STREPTOCOCCUS PNEUMONIAE PILUS ANTIGENS - Polypeptides from 04-28-2011
20110189236Methods and Compositions for the Display of Polypeptides on the Pili of Gram-Positive Bacteria - Provided herein are methods and compositions for the display of polypeptides of interest on the tip of pili of Gram-positive bacteria. According to the present invention, the polypeptide of interest is amino terminal to a Gram-positive bacterial pilus tip protein or an active variant or fragment thereof, wherein the active variant or fragment comprises a cleaved cell wall sorting signal (CWSS) motif. The Gram-positive bacterium displaying a polypeptide of interest on the tip of pili that are disclosed herein are useful, for example, in methods for immunizing a subject with an antigen and methods for removing contaminants from a composition.08-04-2011
424260100 Pseudomonas (e.g., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc.) 3
20090191241METHOD AND COMPOSITIONS FOR IMMUNIZATION WITH THE PSEUDOMONAS V ANTIGEN - A method of inhibiting, moderating or diagnosing 07-30-2009
20090208535Novel Methods of Diagnosis of Treatment of P. Aeruginosa Infection and Reagents Therefor - The present invention relates to novel diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic reagents for infection of an animal subject such as a human by 08-20-2009
20110212133Novel Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment of P. Aeruginosa Infection and Reagents Therefor - The present invention relates to novel diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic reagents for infection of an animal subject such as a human by 09-01-2011
424261100 Vibrio (e.g., Vibrio cholera, etc.) 3
20120244190Vaccination of Sex Reversed Hybrid Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus X O. aureus) With an Inactivated Vibrio vulnificus Vaccine - can cause infections in aquaculture-raised fish and is considered an opportunistic human pathogen. We isolated 09-27-2012
20100266640Plant-Derived Cholera and Malaria Vaccine - Described herein are methods for simultaneously immunizing a subject against Cholera and Malarial infection. Specifically exemplified herein are methods that involve administering compositions comprising a CTB-AMA1 or CTB-MSP1 derived from plants having plastids transformed to express such conjugates.10-21-2010
20120276146VACCINE AGAINST CHOLERA AND ENTEROTOXIGENIC E. COLI (ETEC) DIARRHEA - A vaccine against cholera and/or ETEC is provided, comprising a 11-01-2012
424245100 Corynebacterium (e.g., Corynebacterium diphtheriae, etc.) 2
20120107363IMMUNOGEN AGAINST CAMPYLOBACTER INFECTION - The invention relates to the use of 05-03-2012
20100272756GRAM POSITIVE BACTERIA PREPARATIONS FOR THE TREATMENT OF DISEASES COMPRISING AN IMMUNE DYSREGULATION - This application relates to compositions comprising components prepared from Gram positive bacteria such as Gram positive facultative intracellular bacteria for treatment of disorders comprising an immune dysregulation in humans and animals.10-28-2010
424259100 Klebsiella (e.g., Klebsiella pneumoniae, etc.) 1
424262100 Treponema (e.g., Treponema hyodysenteriae, Treponema pallidum, etc.) 1
20120251578Diagnostic, Therapeutic And A Vaccine Against Treponemes - The development of a diagnostic, therapeutic and making and administering a vaccine against ungulate diseases which involves spirochete bacteria in particular, Treponemes.10-04-2012
20110177126BACTERIA AND DERIVED PRODUCTS TO REINFORCE THE BODY DEFENCES AND TO REDUCE THE RISK OF DISEASE - This invention relates to a new strain of the genus 07-21-2011
20100150964POLYPEPTIDES AND METHODS FOR THE SPECIFIC DETECTION OF ANTIBODIES IN PATIENTS WITH A BORRELIA INFECTION - The present disclosure relates to proteins derived from OspC from bacteria of the genus 06-17-2010
20100119553Helicobacter pylori sialic acid binding adhesin, SabA and sabA - gene - An isolated 05-13-2010
20100074921CARRIER - The present invention is directed to providing a carrier which can transport a compound to a gut-associated lymphoid tissue efficiently without being degraded or digested. For that purpose, the carrier contains a coccoid cell of a gastric mucosa-damaging spiral bacterium. Preferably, the carrier is orally administered. By making this carrier carry an antigen and orally administering it, a local or a systemic immunological reaction to the antigen can be induced.03-25-2010
20130078278VACCINE FOR PROTECTION AGAINST SHIGELLA SONNEI DISEASE - Compositions and methods for protecting a susceptable host against an infection of 03-28-2013
20100104601TREATMENT OF IMMUNE DISEASE BY MUCOSAL DELIVERY OF ANTIGENTS USING GENETICALLY MODIFIED LACTOBACILLUS - The present invention relates to the treatment of autoimmune and allergic diseases by mucosal delivery by micro-organism, in particular 04-29-2010
20090155313Vaccine Against Salmonid Rickettsial Septicaemia Based on Arthrobacter Cells - A vaccine based on live 06-18-2009
20100040652LIVE ATTENUATED CATFISH VACCINE AND METHOD OF MAKING - A high throughput bioluminescence mutant screening procedure is disclosed. This procedure utilizes robotics, and bacterial luciferase to allow real-time monitoring of mutant viability. The procedure was used to decelop a live attenuated vaccine for a catfish against 02-18-2010
20100143412BASB027 PROTEINS AND GENES FROM MORAXELLA CATARRHALIS, ANTIGENS, ANTIBODIES, AND USES - The invention provides BASB027 polypeptides and polynucleotides encoding BASB027 polypeptides and methods for producing such polypeptides by recombinant techniques. Also provided are diagnostic, prophylactic and therapeutic uses.06-10-2010
20110008388PIGLET FEED RATIONS HAVING LOW LEVELS OF FERMENTABLE CARBOHYDRATES - The present invention provides compositions comprising at least one acidifying agent, at least one immune stimulating agent, at least one antioxidant, and optionally, at least one tissue regeneration agent. The compositions comprise pre-mixes for inclusion in the diets of piglets, wherein the diets have low levels of fermentable carbohydrates.01-13-2011
20130071433Interferon- Production Modulating Listeria Strains and Methods for Using Same03-21-2013
20130071434Campylobacter Polypeptides and Methods of Use - The present invention provides isolated metal regulated polypeptides obtainable from a 03-21-2013
20130164331ORAL VACCINATION OF FISH WITH LIVE ATTENUATED EDWARDSIELLA ICTALURI VACCINES - The present invention is directed to a novel live attenuated isolate and sub-isolets thereof of a strain of the pathogen 06-27-2013
20130164332LAWSONIA VACCINE AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF - The present invention provides improved vaccination methods for increased protection against ileitis. The methods provide for the vaccination of young animals, preferably piglets, between 10 and 26 days of age, vaccination of pregnant sows during the second or third stages of gestation, and a combination of these methods. Vaccination of the pregnant sows can occur using repeated and/or high doses of 06-27-2013
20110038891NOVEL LACTIC ACID BACTERIUM HAVING ANTI-ALLERGIC ACTIVITY, ANTI-ALLERGIC AGENT, FOOD AND PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOSITION EACH COMPRISING THE LACTIC ACID BACTERIUM, AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCTION OF THE ANTI-ALLERGIC AGENT - An object aims to develop a lactic acid bacterium having an anti-allergic activity, which can be grown by using rice, particularly polished white rice, and can be collected, cooked and ingested together with rice in such a state that the lactic acid bacterium is attached to the surface of the rice. Another object aims to develop a food composition and a pharmaceutical composition, each of which comprises rice containing the lactic acid bacterium as a material. Thus, disclosed are: a lactic acid bacterium 02-17-2011
20130064850Using Modified Plasmids to Suppress Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens - Methods of suppressing at least one species of micro-organism that is pathological to an organism. A first embodiment includes a method of suppressing at least one species of micro-organism that is pathological to an organism. A second embodiment includes a method of suppressing at least one species of micro-organism that is pathological to a mammal. A third embodiment includes a method of suppressing at least one species of bacteria that is pathological to a mammal.03-14-2013
20100112002Modified Pathogens for Use as Vaccines - Described herein are microorganisms that are modified so that they have an increased ability to be recognized by the innate immune system of a eukaryote, relative to an unmodified microorganism. A microorganism may be a gram-negative bacterium that has been modified to produce high potency lipopolysaccharide, e.g., 05-06-2010
20090238845ENCAPSULATED VACCINES FOR THE ORAL VACCINATION AND BOOSTERING OF FISH AND OTHER ANIMALS - The invention relates to a composition comprising a pharmaceutically active agent and a bioadhesive delivery system that provides for the oral delivery of a vaccine to animals, particularly aquatic animals.09-24-2009
20090232848METHODS FOR CULTIVATING LAWSONIA INTRACELLULARIS - This invention relates to methods for cultivating 09-17-2009
20100233211ATTENUATED FRANCISELLA AND METHODS OF USE - is the bacterial pathogen that causes tularemia in humans and a number of animals. To date, no approved vaccine exists for this widespread and life-threatening disease. The present disclosure provides attenuated 09-16-2010
20100303863RECOMBINANT EDWARDSIELLA BACTERIUM - The present invention encompasses a recombinant 12-02-2010
20090035329DIAGNOSTIC AND TREATMENT METHODS FOR CHARACTERIZING BACTERIAL MICROBIOTA IN SKIN CONDITIONS - The present invention relates to methods for characterization of bacterial skin microbiota to provide diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive measures for alleviating skin conditions. In certain embodiments, the invention relates to characterization of bacterial skin microbiota associated with psoriasis and related diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive measures for alleviating psoriasis. These methods will be useful for detecting, diagnosing, and monitoring individuals who have or are at risk of certain skin conditions.02-05-2009
20090060952PRODUCTION OF THE LIPIDATED FORM OF THE PEPTIDOGLYCAN-ASSOCIATED LIPROPROTEINS OF GRAM-NEGATIVE BACTERIA - The expression of the lipidated form of the peptidoglycan-associated protein (PAL) of gram-negative bacteria is achieved through the use of a plasmid containing a tightly regulated promoter. A bacterial host cell is transformed, transduced or transfected with such a plasmid. The host cell is then cultured under conditions such that the lipidated recombinant PAL is expressed. The lipidated recombinant PAL is included in an antigenic composition administered to a mammalian host to immunize against a gram-negative bacterium.03-05-2009
20120009218Attenuated Gram Negative Bacteria - Disclosed and claimed are a mutant of a gram negative bacterium, wherein said bacterium has at least one mutation in a nucleotide sequence which codes for a polypeptide having an identity which is equal or more than 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, or 99% with an amino acid sequence coded by a nucleotide sequence selected from the group consisting of nucleotide sequences identified SEQ ID NO: 2, 6, 9, 12, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34, 37, 40, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 61, 64, 67, 70, 75, 78, 81, 84, 87, 90, 93; said mutation resulting in attenuated virulence of the bacterium. Immunogenic compositions and vaccines containing such a mutant are also disclosed and claimed.01-12-2012
20120189661VACCINES COMPRISING HEAT-SENSITIVE TRANSGENES - The present disclosure provides temperature sensitive essential nucleic acid molecules from a psychrophilic bacterium, proteins encoded by the nucleic acid molecules, as well as recombinant cells into which have been introduced such nucleic acid molecules. The disclosed recombinant cells containing one or more essential nucleic acid molecules from a psychrophilic bacterium are thereby made temperature sensitive, and can be administered to a mammal to induce an immune response in the mammal.07-26-2012
20110110981Orally Administerable Vaccine for Yersinia Pestis - Disclosed herein is the successful expression of the plague F1-V fusion antigen in chloroplasts. Parenteral and/or oral administration of chloroplast produced antigens effectively elicit protective immune responses in vivo. Disclosed herein is the first report of a plant-derived oral vaccine that protected animals from live 05-12-2011
20110293661VACCINE STRAINS OF BRACHYSPIRA HYODYSENTERIAE - The present invention relates generally to vaccine strains of 12-01-2011
20090104232COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS FOR INDUCING AN IMMUNE RESPONSE AGAINST YERSINIA PESTIS - The invention provides a gene transfer vector for inducing an immune response against 04-23-2009
20100266637METHOD OF PREVENTING EARLY LAWSONIA INTRACELLULARIS INFECTIONS - The present invention relates inter alia to the use of a combination of a vaccine against 10-21-2010
20100080828IMMUNOGENIC SEQUENCES - The application relates to nucleic acids which encode enzymes responsible for the production of the O-antigen of 04-01-2010
20090142375LIPOTEICHOIC ACID FROM LACTIC ACID BACTERIA AND ITS USE TO MODULATE IMMUNE RESPONSES MADIATED BY GRAM-NEGATIVE BACTERIA, POTENTIAL PATHOGENIC GRAM-POSITIVE BACTERIA - The invention relates to a composition for modulating the immune responses induced by Gram negative bacteria, potential pathogenic Gram positive bacteria and/or their derivatives, comprising lipoteichoic acid from lactic acid bacteria as an active ingredient. It also relates to the use of a lipoteichoic acid from lactic acid bacteria as an active ingredient and/or lactic acid bacteria producing it and/or its supernatant of culture, in the manufacture of a medicament, an oral or topical product for cosmetic, dermatological or ophtalmological applications, a food or petfood composition for modulating bacterial colonisation, immune responses and decreasing the inflammatory processes associated with bacterially-mediated disease and infection in the gastrointestinal tract, bone, skin, eye, ear, lung and oral cavity. The invention also relates to lipoteichoic acid selected thereof.06-04-2009
20110200637Immunizing Compositions and Methods of Use - The present invention provides compositions including siderophore receptor polypeptides and porins from gram negative microbes, and preferably, lipopolysaccarhide at a concentration of no greater than about 10.0 endotoxin units per milliliter. The present invention also provides methods of making and methods of using such compositions.08-18-2011
20090285857RECOMBINANT CHIMERIC ANTIGENS FOR DIAGNOSIS AND PREVENTION OF SCRUB TYPHUS - Recombinant chimeric antigens comprising unmodified and modified reactive polypeptide fragments of expressed product of the recombinant 56 kDa proteins of multiple strain of scrub typhus, such as Karp, Kato (Ktr56), Gilliam (Gmr56), and TA763 (TAr56). The invention is useful for detecting prior exposure to a number of strains of scrub typhus, based on the strength of reaction toward the chimeric protein and as a component in vaccine formulations and production of immune globulins for passive prophylaxis and immunity in subjects against heterologous infections.11-19-2009
20090285856HELICOBACTER SPECIES AND CULTIVATION THEREOF - The present invention relates to the isolation and cultivation of “Candidatus 11-19-2009
20090074817TYPE III SECRETION PATHWAY IN AEROMONAS SALMONICIDA, AND USES THEREFOR - Disclosed is a newly identified and characterized type III secretion system in 03-19-2009
20080279894Bacterial Glycolipid Activation of Cd1d-Restricted Nkt Cells - Disclosed are methods for activating an NKT cell, methods of stimulating an immune response in a subject, methods of improving vaccine efficacy, and methods of treating an infection. Also disclosed are methods of promoting tumor rejection, treating cancer, modulating autoimmunity and inhibiting allergen-induced hypersensitivity in subjects. The methods include contacting an NKT cell with a bacterial glycolipid complexed with a CD1 molecule to activate the NKT cell. The bacterial glycolipid may be derived from a member of the Class Alphaproteobacteria.11-13-2008
20080279893Lawsonia intracellularis immunological proteins - The present invention provides nucleic acid and amino acid sequences useful as the immunogenic portion of vaccines or immunogenic compositions effective for lessening the severity of the clinical symptoms associated with 11-13-2008
20100143411METHOD FOR IDENTIFICATION OF T-LYMPHOCYTE ANTIGENS - A method for high-throughput identification of antigens is disclosed. The method involves generating transcriptionally active PCR (TAP) products of one or more antigen candidates and expressing the TAP products in an in vitro translation transcription (IVTT) system. The TAP products are purified using identifiable tags. The purified TAP products are presented to isolated antigen-presenting cells (APCs), which are in turn are presented to T-cells. The ability of the antigen candidates to induce activation of the T-cells is determined. Activation of the T-cells identifies the antigen candidate as an antigen. Immunogenic compositions and methods of treatment using such compositions are also disclosed.06-10-2010
20090186051Compositions comprising HMW-MAA and fragments thereof, and methods of use thereof - This invention provides recombinant polypeptides comprising a fragment of a High Molecular Weight Melanoma-Associated Antigen (HMW-MAA), recombinant 07-23-2009
20090136546IMMUNOMODULATING COMPOSITIONS AND USES THEREFOR - The present invention discloses the use of an inhibitor of IL-10 function and an immune stimulator that stimulates the priming of an immune response to a target antigen, in methods and compositions for stimulating and prolonging host immune responses to the target antigen. The methods and compositions of the present invention are particularly useful in the treatment or prophylaxis of a range of conditions including pathogenic infections and cancers.05-28-2009
20090142374COMPOSITION FOR IMMUNOSTIMULATION - The present invention relates to a composition for immunostimulation useful for promoting IgA and secretory component productions in mucosal tissues, comprising, alone or in combination, a cell of bifidobacterium belonging to 06-04-2009
20090324646Targeting the Histone Code as a Bacterial Strategy for Selectively Modulating Gene Expression - The ospF gene of 12-31-2009
20090087456ADJUVANTED VACCINE - This invention relates to new immunogenic compositions and vaccines suitable for preventing or treating tularemia.04-02-2009
20110229521NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM DURING ANTI-CANCER TREATMENT - The present invention relates to methods and immunonutritional compositions for preventing the impairment of the immune function during anti-cancer therapy, thereby attaining a better efficacy of the treatment. More particularly, the present invention relates to methods and immunonutritional compositions that can transiently augment or enhance the immunocompetence of an immune cell and the immunogenecity of a tumor cell of a subject undergoing anti-cancer therapy-induced apoptosis and tumor-cell-enhanced immunogenicity such that the innate and adaptive immune functions and normal physiology of the immune cell are preserved, which, in turn, lead to (i) a better tolerance and increased efficacy to anti-cancer therapy; (ii) transient augmentation or enhancement of immunocompetence of the immune cell and immunogenecity of the tumor cell; and (iii) optimization of the effects of and increase of immunocompetence of the immune cell weakened by anti-cancer therapy.09-22-2011
20090220548Immunogenic Agents Against Burkholderia Psudomallei And/Or Burkholderia Mallei, Comprising Lipopolysaccharide, Capsular Polysaccharide And/Or Proteins From Burkholderia Pseudomallei - An immunogenic agent which comprises a killed strain of 09-03-2009
20080317781Vaccines for diseases of fish - Fish are immunized by a mass vaccination method, such as by immersion in water containing an attenuated strain of a pathogenic bacterium that does not effectively cause disease in fish when the non-attenuated pathogenic bacterium is exposed to the fish by immersion. An illustrative example of the method is for immunizing against coldwater disease caused by 12-25-2008
20120034268BACTERIAL GHOSTS FOR MEDIATING INNATE IMMUNITY - The invention relates to the use of bacterial ghosts (BG) to promote an innate immune response.02-09-2012
20100183674COMPOSITIONS COMPRISING YERSINIA PESTIS ANTIGENS - Disclosed are several 07-22-2010
20110129499DUAL DELIVERY SYSTEM FOR HETEROLOGOUS ANTIGENS - Provided herein are recombinant 06-02-2011
20120141530CANINE LYME DISEASE VACCINE - The present invention provides a vaccine for canine Lyme disease and methods of making and using the vaccine alone, or in combinations with other protective agents.06-07-2012
20100221286Modified live aeromonas hydrophila vaccine for aquatic animals - Safe and effective live vaccines against 09-02-2010
20090004223Capsule composition for use as immunogen against campylobacter jejuni - An immunogenic composition, and method of using the composition to elicit an immune response to 01-01-2009
20100297179Immunology Treatment for Biofilms - The invention provides a composition for use in raising an immune response to 11-25-2010
20100303862INCAPACITATED WHOLE-CELL IMMUNOGENIC BACTERIAL COMPOSITIONS PRODUCED BY RECOMBINANT EXPRESSION - The present invention features incapacitated whole-cell bacterial immunogenic compositions and methods of their production, which compositions are useful to deliver antigens in a manner resembling the live infectious organism in terms of elicitation of a robust immune response, but with reduced risk or no risk of disease. The compositions of the invention are produced by rendering a bacterium bacteriostatic through expression of a recombinant promoter in the bacterial cell, which promoter can be operably linked to a polynucleotide encoding a recombinant gene product. In one embodiment, where the bacterium is a gram negative host, the recombinant gene product provides for reduced toxicity of LPS. In one embodiment, the gene product is a bacteriophage protein, such as endolysin, holin, or ndd.12-02-2010
20100303861 Live Attenuated Vaccine Strain for Prevention of Tularemia - The invention provides live attenuated avirulent strains of 12-02-2010
20110117131Production of OspA for Lyme Disease Control - The present invention relates, generally, to the production of one or more OspA proteins in plant cells. Heterologous DNA comprising genes encoding one or more desired OspA protein(s) are introduced into plant cells. The one or more OspA protein(s) can be recombinantly-produced in the plant cells, optionally purified from the plant cells, and used as an oral vaccine to prevent the transmission of Lyme disease, particularly by animal vectors. The recombinantly-produced OspA protein(s) can be provided in oral and parenteral formulations. The present invention also relates to oral administration of OspA protein(s) to vaccinate against Lyme disease. The OspA protein(s) may be provided in a dosage form that is suitable for oral administration as a vaccine to prevent an animal from developing Lyme disease after exposure to a source of 05-19-2011
20110117130Method of diagnosing and treating Ehrlichia - The present invention provides an isolated and purified heat shock protein 60 (Hsp60) peptide having the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID NO:2. The instant invention is also directed to a vaccine against 05-19-2011
20110243990Vaccine comprising lactobacilli for treating prostate inflammation and benign prostate hyperplasias - The invention relates to vaccines for treating prostate inflammation and benign prostate hyperplasias (stages I and II) comprising 10-06-2011
20080286309Process for Preparing Variant of Erysipelothrix Rhusiopathiae Surface Protective Antigen in E. Coli - A variant of 11-20-2008
20100221288NOVEL STREPTOCOCCUS PNEUMONIAE OPEN READING FRAMES ENCODING POLYPEPTIDE ANTIGENS AND USES THEREOF - The present invention relates to newly identified open reading frames comprised within the genomic nucleotide sequence of 09-02-2010
20090098163Mutant F. turlarensis strain and uses thereof - A mutant strain of 04-16-2009
20100062022IMMUNOGENIC PROTEINS OF BURKHOLDERIA PSEUDOMALLEI AND USES THEREOF - A protein derived from an outer layer of 03-11-2010
20100239613ATTENUATED EHRLICHIOSIS VACCINE - The present invention relates to an attenuated strain of 09-23-2010
20120148623VACCINATION FOR LAWSONIA INTRACELLULARIS - The present invention include a method of protecting an animal against 06-14-2012
20110256178BORRELLIA BURGDORFERI BACTERIN - A bacterin including effective immunizing amounts of two non-crossprotective isolates of inactivated 10-20-2011
20110256177YERSINIA PESTIS VACCINE - The present invention encompasses a recombinant 10-20-2011
20080254069VACCINES FOR IMMUNIZATION AGAINST HELICOBACTER - The invention relates to the immunisation of pigs against 10-16-2008
20100112004HYPOXIA INDUCIBLE FACTOR INDUCER AND METHODS FOR USING THE SAME - The present invention provides vaccine compositions and methods for using the same. Generally, the vaccine is used to prevent infection of a microorganism that produces an HIF inducing compound. Accordingly, vaccines of the invention comprise at least a portion of an HIF inducing compound that is produced by the microorganism.05-06-2010
20080267998Combinations of gene deletions for live attenuated shigella vaccine strains - vaccine strains whose primary attenuating feature is deletion of the virG(icsA) gene and additional two or more deletions in setAB(shET1), senA(shET2), senB(shET2-2), stxAB, and msbB2 genes. Thus, the vaccine strain will have three or more deletions in the identified genes, will be safer, and will reduce or eliminate symptoms of fever and diarrhea in humans. The following specific vaccine strains have been constructed: WRSS3 (ΔsenA, ΔsenB, ΔvirG, ΔmsbB2), WRSf2G15 (ΔvirG, ΔsetAB, ΔsenA, ΔsenB, ΔmsbB2), and WRSd5 (ΔvirG, ΔstxAB, ΔsenA, ΔsenB, ΔmsbB2).10-30-2008
20110020399Vaccines and Immunomodulatory Therapies for Tularemia - The present invention relates to attenuated strains of 01-27-2011
20110020401TISSUE TARGETED ANTIGENIC ACTIVATION OF THE IMMUNE RESPONSE TO TREAT CANCERS - The invention provides in part methods of treating cancers of a specific organ or tissue by administering a composition that is antigenically specific for one or more microbes that are pathogenic in the specific organ or tissue in which the cancer is situated. The formulations of the invention thereby facilitate activation of an immune response to a cancer in a particular tissue or organ. The compositions may for example include killed or attenuated microbial pathogens, such as whole killed bacterial cells, and may be administered at sites distant from the cancer, for example the skin. In some embodiments, microbial species of endogenous flora that are known to cause infection in the relevant organ or tissue may be used in the formulation of the antigenic compositions. In alternative embodiments, exogenous microbial pathogens that are known to cause infection in the relevant organ or tissue may be used in the formulation of the antigenic compositions. The administration of the immunogenic compositions may be repeated relatively frequently over a relatively long period of time. In embodiments for intradermal or subcutaneous injection, dosages may be adjusted so that injections reproduce a consistent, visible, delayed inflammatory immune reaction at the successive site or sites of administration.01-27-2011
20100285068METHOD FOR THE INTERNALIZATION OF NON-INVASIVE BACTERIA IN EUKARYOTE CELLS - The present invention relates to the use of adenylate cyclase toxin (ACT), or a functionally equivalent variant thereof, as an inducing agent for the internalization of non-invasive bacteria in eukaryotic cells. Due to ACT, said non-invasive bacterium can move through the plasma membrane of a eukaryotic cell and transfer plasmid DNA to said cell, which is useful for releasing or introducing molecules of therapeutic interest, for example, antigens, in the interior of the eukaryotic cell, thereby triggering the immune response.11-11-2010
20110052635LIVE ATTENUATED SALMONELLA VACCINE - The present invention is related to double and triple attenuated mutant strains of a bacterium infecting veterinary species such as 03-03-2011
20100021501LIVE VACCINE STRAINS OF FRANCISELLA - A strain of 01-28-2010
20090258037VACCINE DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY USING MICROGRAVITY CONDITIONS - Methods are provided herein for producing a vaccine, comprising culturing bacteria in microgravity. In some examples, the method includes culturing bacteria in microgravity, evaluating RNA expression, detecting an RNA that is over- or underexpressed during culture in microgravity, deleting the over- or underexpressed RNA in bacteria, and killing or attenuating the bacteria to produce a vaccine. In other examples, the method comprises culturing bacteria in microgravity, evaluating RNA expression, detecting a RNA that is over- or underexpressed during culture in microgravity, selecting bacteria that over- or underexpress the RNA, culturing the selected bacteria, and killing the bacteria to produce a vaccine. Vaccine compositions produced by the disclosed methods are also contemplated.10-15-2009
20100233212METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS USING LISTERIA FOR ENHANCING IMMUNOGENICITY BY PRIME BOOST - Provided herein are prime-boost regimens and materials used therein. The prime-boost regimens enhance the immune response to a target antigen. The vaccines used for boost are comprised of recombinant attenuated metabolically active 09-16-2010
20120064118BACTERIA STRAINS HAVING A HIGH ANTI-INFLAMMATORY ACTIVITY - The present invention relates to probiotic bacteria strains having a high anti-inflammatory activity. The present invention relates to bacteria strains as strongly inducers of Interleukin-10 (IL-10) production. In particular, the present invention relates to the anti-inflammatory activity shown by said bacteria strains due to its enhancement of IL-10 production in peripheral blood mononuclear cells, with on the other hand a low capability to stimulate the production of the pro-inflammatory 11-12, thus leading to a high IL-10/IL-12 ratio. Further, the present invention relates to the use of at least one bacterium strain for the preparation of a composition for the prevention or treatment of the inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Finally, the present invention relates to food products, such as probiotic dietary supplements containing at least one probiotic bacterium strain, as an active ingredient.03-15-2012
20100278866BORRELIA DIAGNOSTICS AND SCREENING METHODS - Compositions and methods of detecting 11-04-2010
20110135689Vaccine, therapeutic composition and methods for treating or inhibiting francisella tularenis - The present invention is directed to compounds and methods for treating a mammal exposed to 06-09-2011
20100322973ANTI-ALLERGIC AGENT - Provided is an antiallergic agent including, as an active ingredient, a fermentation product of a propionic acid bacterium.12-23-2010
20100221287Streptococcus pneumoniae Polynucleotides and Sequences - The present invention provides polynucleotide sequences of the genome of 09-02-2010
20120045475LIVE ATTENUATED VACCINES - The present invention relates to a bacterium attenuated by a mutation in at least one ABC transporter gene wherein the mutation renders the corresponding ABC transporter protein non-functional and wherein the attenuated bacterium persists in a subject.02-23-2012
20100291148Shigella mutants in the functions pertaining to the processes of maturing and recycling peptidoglycans and their uses as immunogens - Bacteria belonging to the 11-18-2010
20100092516BACTERIAL GHOST (BG) PRODUCTION PROCESS USING BETAPROPIOLACTONE (BPL) FOR FINAL INACTIVATION - The invention relates to bacterial ghost preparation using betapropiolactone for final inactivation of bacteria.04-15-2010
20100247575AGENTS FOR PROMOTING IGA PRODUCTION - The present invention provides 09-30-2010
20120128718ATTENUATED FNR DEFICIENT ENTEROBACTERIA - The invention provides an attenuated enterobacterium comprising an attenuating mutation in the fnr gene, and optionally further comprising a heterologous nucleic acid encoding a foreign antigen. Also provided are pharmaceutical formulations comprising the attenuated enterobacteria of the invention. Further disclosed are methods of inducing an immune response in a subject by administration of an immunogenically effective amount of an attenuated enterobacterium or pharmaceutical formulation of the invention.05-24-2012
20100172938MODIFIED BACTERIAL SURFACE LAYER PROTEINS - Modified bacterial surface layer (S-layer) proteins are disclosed where the modification is the insertion, at an internal location, of a heterologous polypeptide, or polypeptide of interest. The polypeptide is a binding or target protein, such as an antigen or antibody, or part thereof, in particular a bacterial antigen (e.g. from 07-08-2010
20100047283FRANCISELLA STRAIN FOR LIVE VACCINE - A strain of 02-25-2010
20120177687GENE EXPRESSING A BIFIDOBACTERIUM SURFACE-PRESENTED FUSION PROTEIN - According to the present invention, there is provided a means of expressing and displaying a protein on the cell surface of a 07-12-2012
20120082698MUTANTS OF FRANCISELLA TULARENSIS AND USES THEREOF - The present invention relates to a mutant 04-05-2012
20120258138PROBIOTIC BACTERIAL STRAINS AND METHOD OF USE TO DECREASE MORTALITY IN FISH DUE TO BACTERIAL DISEASE - Two novel strains of bacteria, C6-6 and C6-8, deposited in accordance with the Budapest Treaty, protect fish, such as by reducing mortality, against disease caused by bacteria, such as coldwater disease caused by 10-11-2012
20110123571USE OF BACTERIUM FOR MANUFACTURE OF A VACCINE - The present inventon relates to the use of live attenuated bacteria for the manufacture of a vaccine for submucosal administration.05-26-2011
20110123570ACTINOBACILLUS SUIS ANTIGENS - The invention provides immunogenic compositions useful for inhibiting, treating, protecting, or preventing infection by 05-26-2011
20120269855TOLL-LIKE RECEPTOR 5 LIGANDS AND METHODS OF USE - The invention provides methods to elicit an immune response with an immunomodulatory flagellin polypeptide having toll-like receptor 5 (TLR5) binding, and further comprising an ADCC targeting molecule.10-25-2012
20100062023CHOLESTEROL-CONTAINING COMPOUNDS AND THEIR USE AS IMMUNOGENS AGAINST BORRELIA BURGDORFERI - Unique compounds that can be used for inducing an immune response to 03-11-2010
20120087946RECOMBINANT BACTERIUM AND METHODS OF ANTIGEN AND NUCLEIC ACID DELIVERY - The present invention provides a recombinant bacterium and methods of using the recombinant bacterium to induce an immune response.04-12-2012
20130183343System and Method of Preparing and Storing Activated Mature Dendritic Cells - The present invention provides compositions and methods for generating and cryopreserving dendritic cells with superior functionality in producing stronger signals to T cells, resulting in a more potent DC-based anti-tumor vaccine. The present invention includes mature, antigen loaded DCs activated by Toll-like receptor agonists that induce clinically effective immune responses, preferably when used earlier in the disease process. The DCs of the present invention produce desirable levels of cytokines and chemokines, and further have the capacity to induce apoptosis of tumor cells. The cells can be cryopreserved and thawed for later use, thereby reducing the need for repeated pheresis and elutriation processes during vaccine production. These methods can also be utilized to directly target molecules involved in carcinogenetic signaling pathways and cancer stem cells.07-18-2013
20120093864Methods and Compositions for Polytopic Vaccination - The present invention relates to therapeutic and prophylactic methods for treating Or preventing an infectious disease in a subject by stimulating or enhancing an immune response against an infectious agent causing the disease. The methods comprise administering to the subject a plurality of compositions, each composition being administered to a different site Of the subject, wherein each site is, or substantially drains to, an anatomically distinct lymph node, a group of lymph nodes, a nonencapsulated cluster of lymphoid tissue, or the spleen. Each composition comprises at least one antigenic molecule having one or more epitopes of the same infectious agent or a strain thereof. The antigenic molecules of each composition comprise in aggregate a set of epitopes distinct from that of any other composition that is administered to the subject.04-19-2012
20120288523ADMINISTRATION ROUTE FOR A COMPOSITION TO PROTECT AN ANIMAL AGAINST RHODOCOCCUS EQUI - The present invention pertains to the use of 11-15-2012
20120135036BACTERIAL COMPOSITION AND ITS USE - The subject of the present invention is a bacterial composition having immunomodulation properties comprising at least one strain selected from the group consisting of 05-31-2012
20130011437Immune compositions for treating H. pylori infection - An immune composition for use, via topical administration, in eliciting Th2 or regulatory T cell-mediated immune responses specific to 01-10-2013
20080254068Novel Vaccine for Veterinary and Human Medicine Prophylaxis and Therapy - The present invention relates to a novel vaccine, its use for immunoprophylaxis and/or the treatment of candidamycoses in human and veterinary medicine as well as methods for its preparation, wherein said vaccine consists of the combination of the 10-16-2008
20080241190VACCINATION OF HORSES AGAINST LAWSONIA INTRACELLULARIS - The present invention is broadly concerned with vaccination of horses against proliferative enteritis, preferably equine proliferative ileitis, which is caused by an obligate intracellular bacterium Lawsonia Intracellularis (L. intracellularis). Specifically, the invention provides for a method of providing immune protection against L. intracellularis by vaccinating horses, preferably foals starting from one (1) week of age. Preferably the foals are vaccinated with about 4.9 log 10 to about 6.9 log 10 of a live modified L. intracellularis bacteria per dose.10-02-2008
20130156811METHOD OF PREVENTING EARLY LAWSONIA INTRACELLULARIS INFECTIONS - The present invention relates inter alia to the use of a combination of a vaccine against 06-20-2013
20110274722FOOD CONTAINING A PROBIOTIC AND AN ISOLATED BETA-GLUCAN AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF - The invention features a food product containing a probiotic and β-glucan isolated from a natural source, methods of treating a disease or disorder by administering the food product, and a package containing separated components of the food product.11-10-2011
20110305728DRUG FOR TREATING INFECTIONS - The invention relates to the use of glycoproteins extracted from the 12-15-2011
20120045474Substrate peptide sequences for plague plasminogen activator and uses thereof - The present invention is directed to peptide sequences that were identified from combinatorial libraries and could serve as substrates of plague plasminogen activator (Pla). Another aspect of the present invention is drawn to peptides derived from the substrates for Pla as a result of chemical modifications leading to specific inactivation of the proteolytic activity of Pla. Additionally, the present invention is directed to the use of the substrates identified herein in the detection of bacteria expressing omptin family of proteases which includes 02-23-2012
20130202641IMMUNOLOGY TREATMENT FOR BIOFILMS - The invention provides a composition for use in raising an immune response to 08-08-2013
20100062021VACCINATION FOR LAWSONIA INTRACELLULARIS - The present invention include a method of protecting an animal against 03-11-2010

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