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20080260683Rodenticide - The invention relates to the systemic insecticide fipronil in conjunction with a rodenticide used for manufacture of a bait composition to provide a lethal effect on fleas and/or ticks and a host rodent, following ingestion of the bait composition by the host rodent. Preferred rodenticides are brodifacoum, difethialone, flocoumafen, bromadiolone and mixtures thereof. The invention also relates to rodenticidal bait compositions and to a method of killing ticks and a host rodent by providing for ingestion to the rodent, a bait composition comprising an effective amount of a rodenticide and an acaricidally effective amount of fipronil.10-23-2008
20100074860INSECT ATTRACTANT FORMULATIONS - Disclosed are insect attractants in dry powdery formulations that when mixed with or used in cooperation with pre-registered, commercially-available, active ingredients and solvents, form low-toxicity, environment-friendly, baiting systems to attract and kill or otherwise neutralize a broad range of crop-damaging, crawling, walking and flying insects.03-25-2010
20120244109Animal scent preservation - The disclosed subject matter relates to a mixture that can facilitate preservation of animal scent, such as, e.g., doe pee; as well as to an apparatus and method for creating the mixture.09-27-2012
20090148399Controlled release attractant for gravid female mosquitoes - One or a combination of known chemical cues that attract pregnant female mosquitoes to an egg-laying site are embedded in a biodegradable carrier that releases the compound at a generally constant rate for up to a year or longer. The compound is useful for attracting large numbers of mosquito vectors to a site where they and their progeny can be eliminated.06-11-2009
20130078211MURGANTIOL AS A STINK BUG SYNERGISTIC ATTRACTANT FOR USE OUTDOORS - Provided herein are uses of the Harlequin bug pheromone, murgantiol, alone or in a synergistic combination with at least one other stink bug attractant, such as methyl (2E,4E,6Z)-decatrienoate or methyl (2E,4Z)-decadienoate, or both, for attracting stink bugs such as the brown marmorated stink bug in outdoor settings. Stink bug traps comprising murgantiol, or synergistic compositions comprising murgantiol with at least one other stink bug attractant, and methods of using these compositions in traps outdoors are provided. Compositions comprising murgantiol are also described as synergistic combinations of murgantiol with at least one other stink bug attractant.03-28-2013
20090274646Methods for Controlling Molluscs - Novel materials for controlling molluscs, such as snails and slugs, using carbohydrates including celluloses, hemicellulose complexes, and/or lignin, for inducing death in molluscs. The materials are non-toxic, will not contaminate a drinking water supply, will not harm fish, birds or wild life, will not cause any harmful effects if swallowed or absorbed through the skin, will not harm children or pets, and can be safely eaten by domestic animals and livestock that may consume such dead molluscs. The materials may be applied in various formulations at various water contents. The materials do not provide nutrition to the molluscs, and disrupt normal bodily functions resulting in death. An attractant may be included to encourage ingestion by the molluscs.11-05-2009
20130078212Double Stranded RNA Constructs to Control Ants - Disclosed are double stranded RNA constructs used to inhibit the expression of guanine nucleotide binding (3-subunit to induce mortality in ants classified in the Formicidae family.03-28-2013
20100322892PESTICIDE COMPOSITIONS AND APPLICATORS - Ready-to-use pesticide compositions that contain a solvent, a pesticide dissolved in the solvent, a particulate attractant and/or cellulose suspended throughout the solvent and a thickening agent. Applicators and methods for treating pests such as arthropods by dispensing the composition are also provided.12-23-2010
20130045178METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR CONTROL OF GYPSY MOTH, Lymantria dispar - The invention provides in part dialkoxybenzene and eugenol compounds for controlling infestation by a 02-21-2013
20130028858COMPOSITION AND METHOD FOR ATTRACTION OF EMERALD ASH BORER AGRILUS PLANIPENNIS FAIRMAIRE (COLEOPTERA: BUPRESTIDAE) - The invention disclosed relates to a novel composition and use thereof, for the attraction and detection of emerald ash borer, 01-31-2013
20090304624SUGAR-BASED BAIT - An ant bait which contains an active substance having insecticidal activity and a sugar syrup is described.12-10-2009
20090092577Male produced pheromone in Tetropium fuscum (F.) and Tetropium cinnamopterum (Kirby) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) - Described herein is (E)-6,10-dimethyl-5,9-undecadien-2-ol (geranyl acetol), termed here fuscumol, which has been identified as a male-produced pheromone emitted by Tetropium fuscum (F.) and Tetropium cinnamopterum. Also described are novel derivatives thereof e.g. esters, methods for the synthesis thereof and to a composition comprising fuscumol plus host volatiles e.g. a synthetic blend of monoterpenes plus ethanol, for attracting male and female T. fuscum and female T. cinnamopterum.04-09-2009
20130058890METHODS FOR CONTROLLING PESTS USING RNAi - The present invention concerns methods for controlling insect infestation via RNAi-mediated gene silencing, whereby the intact insect cell(s) are contacted with a double-stranded RNA from outside the insect cell(s) and whereby the double-stranded RNA is taken up by the intact insect cell(s). In one particular embodiment, the methods of the invention are used to alleviate plants from insect pests. Alternatively, the methods are used for treating and/or preventing insect infestation on a substrate or a subject in need of such treatment and/or prevention. Suitable insect target genes and fragments thereof, dsRNA constructs, recombinant constructs and compositions are disclosed.03-07-2013
20090274644Ant Eradication Composition and Method - A composition and method for eradicating ants is provided wherein the composition includes borax, sugar and yeast. The messenger ants taste the composition; the workers take the composition back to the Queen who also eats the composition. The composition renders her infertile, and later distends the gastrointestinal tract.11-05-2009
20090269300Anthranilamides for Controlling Invertebrate Pests - Disclosed are compounds of Formula (1), including all geometric and stereoisomers, N-oxides, and salts thereof, wherein R10-29-2009
20090232765Method for improved refuge efficiency - A method to improve the efficiency of refuge crops in preventing the development of insects that are resistant to an insecticide. The method involves using an attractant to lure insects to the refuge and increase the population of survivors. The protected crops include cotton and corn. The refuge crop may be the same crop, a different crop, or a naturally occurring plant population.09-17-2009
20090047236Mycoattractants and mycopesticides - The present invention utilizes extracts of the pre-sporulation (preconidial) mycelial stage of entomopathogenic fungi as insect attractants and/or pathogens. The fungus can be cultivated on grain, wood, agricultural wastes or other cellulosic material. More than one fungus and substrate can be used in combination.02-19-2009
20080305072Attractant for the Anastrepha Obliqua Fruit Fly - The invention relates to a specific attractant for male and female 12-11-2008
20080305071Surface Cleaning Method and Composition - The present disclosure provides a method for treating a contaminated surface. According to one embodiment of the present disclosure, the method preferably includes a first step of providing a cleaning composition which includes from about 0.002 to about 2 percent, by weight, of a cationic surfactant which is capable of acting as a microbial biocide and from about 0.05 to about 5 percent, by weight, of a boron-containing component which is capable of acting as both a microbial biostat and an insecticide. This cleaning composition is applied to the surface so as to substantially remove contaminants from the surface while, leaving a residual amount of the cleaning composition on the surface to act as a biostat. The surface is then allowed to become at least partially recontaminated so that contaminants contact on the surface and mix with the residual cleaning composition on the surface to form an insecticidal bait effective to attract insects such that the insects ingest the insecticidal bait and die as a result. A cleaning composition is also disclosed.12-11-2008
20100226876COMPOSITION FOR CONTROLLING FISH - The present invention relates to a composition for controlling fish. In particular, the composition may be an incitant, functioning as either a fish attractant or a fish repellent. The composition may be prepared by extracting bacteria from a source fish, culturing the bacteria in an appropriate media, and subsequently combining the cultured bacteria with a substrate to form the composition.09-09-2010
20120107265METHOD FOR PRODUCING MONOTERPENE AND MONOTERPINOID COMPOUNDS AND USE THEREOF - In various embodiments, the present disclosure provides a method and enzyme for forming various compounds, such as monoterpenes and monoterpenoid compounds. In a specific example, the present disclosure provides a method for producing one or more of (−)-ipsdienol, (−)-ipsenol, ipsenone, and ipsdienone. The present disclosure also provides methods of using compounds formed from the disclosed method and enzyme.05-03-2012
20090104145Mixtures of Anthranilamide Invertebrate Pest Control Agents - Disclosed are mixtures and compositions for controlling invertebrate pests relating to combinations comprising (a) 3-bromo-N-[4-cyano-2-methyl-6-[(methylamino)carbonyl]phenyl]-1-(3-chloro-2-pyridinyl)-1H-pyrazole-5-carboxamide, an N-oxide, or a salt thereof, Formula (1) and (b) at least one invertebrate pest control agent selected from neonicotinoids, cholinesterase inhibitors, sodium channel modulators, chitin synthesis inhibitors, ecdysone agonists, lipid biosynthesis inhibitors, macrocyclic lactones, GABA-regulated chloride channel blockers, juvenile hormone mimics, ryanodine receptor ligands, octopamine receptor ligands, mitochondrial electron transport inhibitors, nereistoxin analogs, pyridalyl, flonicamid, pymetrozine, dieldrin, metaflumizone, biological agents, and salts of the foregoing. Also disclosed are methods for controlling an invertebrate pest comprising contacting the invertebrate pest or its environment with a biologically effective amount of a mixture or composition of the invention.04-23-2009
20110091409ARTIFICIAL TERMITE EGG HAVING BETA-GLUCOSIDASE AS TERMITE EGG RECOGNITION PHEROMONE, AND CONTROL OF TERMITES USING THE SAME - The present invention provides a mimetic egg comprising β-glucosidase, a salt thereof, a biological fragment thereof or a β-glucosidase-related peptide as an egg recognition pheromone in its base material mimicking an egg of a insect pests, particularly a termite, a method for exterminating and controlling insect pests, and a tool for a biological study using the same.04-21-2011
20110293553IDENTIFICATION OF INSECT ATTRACTANT, ARRESTING, AND/OR AGGREGATION COMPOUNDS AND METHODS THEREOF - Compounds, compositions, kits, devices, and methods of attracting, detecting, eradicating, controlling, or killing an insect, such as a bed bug, by utilizing insect attractant, arresting, and/or aggregation compounds and compositions is provided. Insect attractant, arresting, and/or aggregation compounds identified from insect fecal extract by an analytical technique, such as gas chromatography, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), Carbon-13 NMR, mass spectroscopy, LC-MS, GC-MS, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), or combinations thereof are provided. A bed bug attractant, arresting, and/or aggregation compound identified from bed bug feces and exhibiting a Carbon-13 NMR peak at about δ 159.453 ppm is also provided.12-01-2011
20110262382Dual-Action Pest Control Formulation and Method - The present disclosure provides a dual-action pest control formulation for controlling rodents and arthropods, the formulation including: a rodenticide; an insecticide; an optional attractant; and a carrier matrix. The present disclosure also provides a method of controlling rodents and arthropods, the method including: applying the dual action pest formulation to a target area.10-27-2011
20100021417ACETATE-CONTAINING MATING DISRUPTANT AND MATING DISRUPTION METHOD USING THE SAME - Provided are a mating disruptant having an improved mating disruption effect against pest insects. Specifically, provided is a mating disruptant for the control of pest insects whose natural sex pheromone composition is substantially free of an alcohol and comprises one or more acetates, the disruptant comprising the one or more acetates and an alcohol or alcohols which can be derived from the one or more acetate, wherein an amount of each of the alcohol or alcohols is from 0.5 to 10% by weight relative to an amount of each deriving acetate; and a mating disruption method using the mating disruptant. The alcohol which can be derived from the acetate is an alcohol obtainable by hydrolysis of the acetate and means an alcohol component of the ester derived from an acid and the alcohol.01-28-2010
20100111895Human sample matching system - Methods and apparatus for a human sample (S), analyzing the sample (S) and then determining a match with a member of the opposite sex is disclosed. In one embodiment, a customer purchases an AromaMatch™ Test Kit (05-06-2010
20100111896Items Containing A Human Pheromone Component - Food items, cosmetics and household items having a human pheromone component. Also disclosed are body washes, body splashes and body lotions that contain an incorporated human pheromone component or ingredient and methods for producing these products.05-06-2010
20110268692Synergistic rodenticidal compositions - The present invention relates to the combination of an active anticoagulant rodenticidal compound with an analogue of vitamin D, with at least one of the two components being used at a very low concentration.11-03-2011
20090148398 Naturally Occurring Volatile Attractant - A bait composition for the control of fire ants based on fact that an ant pyrazine attractant contained therein will attract foraging fire ants and the fire ants will be stimulated by the phagostimulant to eat the bait and distribute active ingredients also contained therein throughout the colony. Furthermore, the bait composition can be used directly or modified as a surveillance composition for monitoring and detecting fire ants based on the fact that a pyrazine attractant contained therein will attract foraging fire ants to a trap containing a fast acting, non-repellent insecticide that keeps attracted workers in the trap as a measure of fire ant presence.06-11-2009
20120107266COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS FOR ATTRACTING NOCTUID MOTHS - The invention provides compositions for attracting noctuid moths, which include at least one pheromone and at least one synergist. The synergist is a naturally-occurring phytochemical compound. The synergist is preferably β-caryophyllene, iso-caryophyllene, α-humulene, or combinations thereof. The invention also provides traps containing the composition for attracting noctuid moths, and methods for attracting, capturing, killing or sterilizing noctuid moths using the composition.05-03-2012
20110200551Mycoattractants and Mycopesticides - The present invention utilizes extracts of the pre-sporulation (preconidial) mycelial stage of entomopathogenic fungi as insect attractants and/or pathogens. The fungus can be cultivated on grain, wood, agricultural wastes or other cellulosic material. More than one fungus and substrate can be used in combination.08-18-2011
20090202468Attractant compounds for yellow jacket wasps - The use of individual chemical compounds as attractants in traps for yellow jacket wasps 08-13-2009
20120294828MURGANTIOL AS AN INDOOR STINK BUG ATTRACTANT - Provided herein are uses of murgantiol for attracting stink bugs in indoor settings. Stink bug traps comprising murgantiol and methods of using murgantiol in traps indoors are provided. Compositions comprising murgantiol are also described.11-22-2012
20110268691dsRNA Delivery Composition and Methods of Use - The present invention provides for compositions comprising a cucurbitacin bait for stimulating insect feeding and a dsRNA—such as for eliciting RNAi mediated gene silencing in an insect. The present invention also provides for methods of delivering a dsRNA molecule to an insect, inhibiting protein expression in an insect, and killing an insect by providing a dsRNA molecule.11-03-2011
20100129312INFANT FORMULA CONTAINING AN AROMA COMPOSITION FOR USE AS FRAGRANCE - The invention relates to a nutraceutical composition such as infant formula or infant food comprising a) a defined aroma composition; b) a methodology for developing, maintaining certain aroma constituents in the infant formula and an aroma or fragrance composition to be used to increase the acceptance of a person or an object by the baby or new born.05-27-2010
20080274076Composition for Use in Controlling Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes - The present invention discloses a composition for use in luring 11-06-2008
20080286226POLYMERIC ENHANCEMENT OF PESTICIDE BAIT SPRAYS TO INCREASE RAINFASTNESS - An insecticide composition is provided for killing insects comprising a bait spray formulation comprising a bait component, an insecticide component, and an adjuvant effective to decrease the water solubility of the bait spray formulation upon drying of the bait spray formulation. Upon application to a target environment, the bait spray formulation will dry, typically via evaporation of at least a portion of the water contained in the original bait spray composition, leaving a residue which is substantially insoluble in water, and thus less prone to being washed-off by rain or irrigation.11-20-2008
20080279810Pheromones - The apple leaf midge and raspberry cane midge pheromones have been found to be acetoxyheptadecenone and acetoxyundecanone, respectively, and uses for these and related compounds are provided, including monitoring population levels of the midge and control of midge populations by disrupting mating patterns.11-13-2008
20090081154Attractant composition for yellowjackets - Disclosed is a new attractant composition for yellowjacket wasps, which contains certain esters of butyric acid known to be attractive to yellowjackets, such as heptyl butyrate, octyl butyrate, or other esters of butyric acid, in combination with certain plant volatiles (kairomones), including trans-2-hexenol and methyl salicylate, said kairomones being used in combination with said esters of butyric acid to achieve an enhanced or synergistic attractiveness to yellowjackets. The new attractant composition is significantly more attractive to yellowjackets than the known attractant esters heptyl butyrate and octyl butyrate when used either singly or together.03-26-2009
20090047237Mycoattractants and Mycopesticides - The present invention utilizes extracts of the pre-sporulation (preconidial) mycelial stage of entomopathogenic fungi as insect attractants and/or pathogens. The fungus can be cultivated on grain, wood, agricultural wastes or other cellulosic material. More than one fungus and substrate can be used in combination.02-19-2009
20100254936COMPOSTIONS AND METHODS TO CONTROL FUNGAL PATHOGENS - Disclosed herein are acylhydrazone and semicarbazones derivatives of aldehydes and ketones that may act to attract plant pathogenic zoospores and methods of using these compounds. These compounds include the compound according to Formula 1:10-07-2010
20100196307Attractant for Indian Meal Moth Larve - A composition containing 2-pentylfuran is an effective attractant for the larvae of the Indian meal moth (08-05-2010
20100297059METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR CONTROL OF GYPSY MOTHS, LYMANRIA DISPAR - The invention provides in part dialkoxybenzene and eugenol compounds for controlling infestation by a 11-25-2010
20120148524Formicidae (Ant) Control Using Double-Stranded RNA Constructs - Disclosed is a dsRNA construct that relates to a method to control Formicidae (ants) via double-stranded RNA interference of the PBAN/Pyrokinin gene.06-14-2012
20110150822PHEROMONE COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS OF USE - Pheromone compositions based on a combination of squalene, linoleic acid and 1-docosanol are described. The compositions are useful for behavior modification in mammals that exhibit undesirable or harmful stress-related behaviors.06-23-2011
20100310499LURE - The invention relates to a lure for attracting, and in some circumstances, killing dust mites, especially house dust mites. The lure comprises neryl formate and/or limonene and is usually arranged in powder form to allow it to be shaken over an area containing the mites. What about liquid that dries.12-09-2010
20090317356Composition and method for repelling mammals - A composition that first attracts then repels mammals, which is delivered via an easy-to-use open container, or on a transportable flat surface. The open container or transportable flat surface holding the composition may be placed near, in or on an object or area to be protected. The composition maintains its effectiveness over an extended period of time, in varying climates and weather conditions.12-24-2009
20080279811Animal attractant and associated dispenser - A dispenser for an animal attractant including: a housing, wherein the housing includes a chamber for containing a spool; a spool, wherein the spool is associated with the chamber of the housing, and wherein the spool is associated with a deer attractant; and wherein the deer attractant includes a substrate, wherein the substrate is associated with an agent wherein the agent includes a deer attractant.11-13-2008
20080219945PHEROMONES AND METHOD OF PREVENTING INFESTATION OF CONTARINIA NASTURTII - The present invention relates to pheromone mixture comprising 2,9 diacetoxyundecane, 2,10-diacetoxyundecane and 2-acetoxyundecane, as a racemate or, biologically active stereoisomers thereof, as well as a method for monitoring and/or mating disruption of swede midge, 09-11-2008
20110165115SYNERGISTIC ATTRACTANTS FOR PESTIFEROUS SOCIAL INSECTS - An insect attractant composition is disclosed. The composition includes a volatile insect attractant chemical blend comprising acetic acid and one or more compounds selected from the short chain alcohol group chosen from among methyl-1-butanol, isobutanol, and 2-methyl-2-propanol; and one or more homo- or mono-terpene herbivore-induced plant volatiles chosen from among (E)-4,8-dimethyl-1,3,7-nonatriene, (Z)-4,8-dimethyl-1,3,7-nonatriene, 4,8,12-trimethyl-1,3E,7E,11-tridecatetraene, trans-β-ocimene, cis-β-ocimene, trans-α-ocimene, cis-α-ocimene, and any combination thereof. The composition may be useful to attract one or more insect species, including, but not limited to, wasps, hornets, and yellowjackets, to a location or trap.07-07-2011
20100119473INSECT ATTRACTANT - The invention relates to insect attractants containing compounds with pentagonal heterocyclic structures that are effective in attracting fruitflies.05-13-2010
20090208445Compositions Comprising Eucalyptol And/Or Ocimene And/Or Farnesol For Use As Bumblebee Pheromones - Compositions comprising eucalyptol and/or ocimene and/or farnesol are provided for use as bumblebee pheromones. The compositions are useful in agriculture to assist in the pollination of angiosperm plant species. Such compositions can attract insects of the genus 08-20-2009
20110189122Use of Molt-Accelerating Compounds, Ecdysteroids, Analogs Thereof, and Chitin Synthesis Inhibitors for Controlling Termites - The subject invention relates in part to the oral administration of ecdysteroids for controlling subterranean termites. Preferred ecdysteroids for use according to the subject invention are ecdysone, certain ecdysone analogs, and 20-hydroxyecdysone, for example. In some preferred embodiments, one or more of these compounds is used in a termite bait in combination with one or more chitin synthesis inhibitors. Thus, the subject invention also relates in part to controlling termites by the use of a chitin synthesis inhibitor (CSI), such as hexaflumuron and/or noviflumuron, together with an ecdysteroid (and analogs thereof) or molt-accelerating compound (MAC), such as halofenozide. The subject invention also relates to mixtures comprising these two active ingredients. The MAC/ecdysteroid analog induces a preliminary molting event in termite workers (they could not complete the molting), which then allows the CSI to further disrupt the molt and cause mortality. The combination of these active ingredients, causing accelerated molting together with inhibition of chitin synthesis surprisingly shown herein to enhance activity against termites, as compared to either group of compounds alone.08-04-2011
20100028294Methods and compositions for attracting or repelling cockroaches - A method for attracting cockroaches to an object or area, involving treating said object or area with a cockroach attracting composition containing a cockroach attractant effective amount of at least one compound selected from the group consisting of methyl, ethyl, propyl, or butyl esters of C02-04-2010
20100028293Agents for control of codling moth in fruit orchards - The invention provides a method for identifying volatile insect repellents and/or attractants released from their non-volatile glycosides by the action of -glucosidase on plant tissue extracts. By this method, geraniol was identified as codling moth repellent and methyl salicylate, (2R,5R)-theaspirane, and (2S,5R)-theaspirane, and to a lesser extent linalool and benzyl alcohol as codling moth attractants. The invention provides compositions comprising said repellent and attractants and methods for control of codling moth in fruit, preferably apple, orchards.02-04-2010
20100021418Weather Resistant Granular Slug, Snail and Insect Bait - The present disclosure is directed to a physical and chemical formulation designed to be attractive to, and eaten by, terrestrial mollusks, specifically slugs and snails. Optionally, the formulation is also attractive to and toxic to insects. Upon being eaten and after a set delay, the invention is designed to kill such pests and in so doing remove them from the premises or environment treated.01-28-2010
20120308512Bio-Polymer Air Effector Delivery Systems - The present invention comprises a bio-polymer based solid for the sustained release of an active agent into the air consisting of: 12-06-2012
20100226875CONTROLLED RELEASE OF ACTIVE COMPOUNDS FROM DYNAMIC MIXTURES - The present invention relates to a dynamic mixture in the form of a dynamic mixture obtained by reacting together, in the presence of water, at least one O-substituted hydroxylamine or S-substituted thiohydroxylamine derivative with at least one perfuming, flavoring, insect repellent or attractant, bactericide or fungicide aldehyde or ketone. This mixture is capable of releasing in a controlled and prolonged manner the aldehyde or ketone into the surrounding environment. Furthermore, the present invention concerns also the use of these dynamic mixtures as perfuming ingredients as well as the perfuming compositions or perfumed articles that include these mixtures.09-09-2010
20100028295Pesticide Composition - The present invention relates to novel pesticide compositions in the form of a gel material or a solid material which are suitable for combating arthropod pests, in particular insects. The pesticide composition in the form of a gel or solid contains 02-04-2010
20090130053NATURAL METHOD OF KILLING BACTERIA AND PATHOGENS IN ANIMAL SCENTS - The present invention relates to a composition for killing the bacteria and the pathogens that are present in animal scent attractants or animal scent repellents, including a plant derivative and an animal scent. Additionally, the present invention relates to a composition that enhances the scent emitted by animal scents, while naturally killing bacteria, pathogens and the like, in the animal scent attractants or repellants to make them safer for people to use.05-21-2009
20090047235Paratransgenesis to Control Termites or Other Social Insects - A paratransgenesis system is disclosed to kill targeted social insects such as termites and cockroaches, for example the Formosan subterranean termite. A genetically modified yeast can be effectively used to express and deliver lytic peptides directly within the termite gut. Some highly lytic peptides directly damage the insect gut itself, leading to the death of the insect within about three days. Other lytic peptides kill all (or at least most) species of protozoa in the termite gut. The protozoa provide wood-digesting enzymes (cellulases) to the termite. Without these protozoa (and their cellulases) the insect dies within about six weeks. The system is completely free from conventional neurotoxins and other organic pesticides.02-19-2009
20100291022Fly Gel Bait - The invention relates to baits for controlling flies (fly gels) comprising a) one or more neonicotinoids, b) one or more gelling agents, c) one or more attractants, and having a gel point between having a Brookfield yield value between 150 and 1000 and a Brookfield viscosity between 40,000 and 150,000 mPa.s, to a process for the preparation of such fly gels, its use and methods for controlling flies.11-18-2010
20120148525Lepidopteran Moth Control Using Double-Stranded RNA Constructs - Disclosed is a dsRNA construct that relates to a method to control Lepidopteran moths via double-stranded RNA interference of the PBAN/Pyrokinin gene.06-14-2012
20090214462COCKCROACH JELLY BAIT - The present invention provides jelly bait for carrying insecticide to kill cockroaches. The jelly bait benefits from maintaining its softness for longer periods of time, which results in higher successful rates in luring and then killing cockroaches. The jelly bait can be injected with a syringe into the crevices or cockroach habitats for best effects in eradication of cockroaches.08-27-2009
20090196849Fishing Lure Formulations - The invention is directed to compositions comprising at least one water-soluble long-chain polyhydroxy polymer for making soft, biodegradable, artificial fishing lures that may readily be removed from a mold in their frozen state, to methods for making such fishing lures, and to the resultant fishing lures.08-06-2009
20120207702INSECT ATTRACTANT COMPOSITIONS - An attractant composition suitable for attracting Lepidopterous insects, particularly 08-16-2012
20120156165SUSTAINED RELEASE PHEROMONE PREPARATION TARGETING INSECT PEST HAVING CARBOXYLIC ACID AS PHEROMONE SUBSTANCE - Targeting an insect pest having a carboxylic acid compound as a pheromone substance, provided is a sustained release pheromone preparation enabling a high amount of pheromone to be released during the control period. More specifically, provided is a sustained release pheromone preparation, comprising: a carboxylic acid compound to be released, and an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer membrane through which the carboxylic acid compound can permeate, wherein the preparation is targeted for an insect pest having the carboxylic acid compound as a pheromone substance.06-21-2012
20110104099COMPOUNDS TO AFFECT INSECT BEHAVIOR AND/OR BIRD BEHAVIOR - Various exemplary compounds, compositions, methods and devices are disclosed. An exemplary composition or formulation includes methyl anthranilate, fatty acid and an amine such as, but not limited to, monoethanolamine or triethanolamine. Such an exemplary composition is optionally an emulsion. An exemplary method applies an exemplary compound to an insect nest. Such an exemplary compound may be in a composition or formulation. Exemplary compounds optionally include semiochemicals of insects, plants and/or animals. Other exemplary compounds, compositions, methods and devices are also disclosed.05-05-2011
20100247480DRY POWDER FORMULATIONS FOR LOW-TOXICITY INSECT BAIT - Disclosed are low-toxicity, bio-rational insect baits in dry powdery formulation and related methodology wherein the insect bait compounds are designed, manufactured, packaged, shipped and otherwise handled in a dry powdery bait composition form prior to being mixed and dissolved in water or other solvent, without precipitate, by agricultural growers or other end users to produce a low-toxicity, liquid insect bait effective for utilization in the long-term delivery Liquid Gravity Feed Elimination System, LGFAES, or a equivalent delivery device, for the elimination of a broad range of crop-damaging or otherwise problem crawling, walking and flying insects using lateral transfer of the insect killing substance within the bait to reach insects that have not been attracted to the delivery device creating exponential destruction to the targeted insect infestation.09-30-2010
20100247479All natural oil spray - The “All Natural Oil Spray” makes cleaning litter boxes easier then before. It prevents most pet waste from sticking to litter boxes. It saves time, eliminating scraping & chiseling pet waste. No more cleaning, after torn plastic liner bags, due to pet claws, causing pet waste & litter to leak. It is affordable saving you money, no more buying liner bags. No more paying to replace litter boxes, due to scraping damage. It saves the cost of replacing broken scooper/sifter utensils. It helps limit physical discomfort in sifting litter or dumping it. This spray, when used with only the Vegetable oil, Eucalyptus oil & H2o is a “green product” made with all natural ingredients & recycled packaging. Making it safe for your pets. It also has a scent that attracts most pets to use the litter box. Best of all you'll use less plastic & help save your planet.09-30-2010
20100226877Semiochemical - cis-Jasmone has been discovered to be useful as a semiochetnical that changes the behaviour of insects and/or the physiology of plants. It has direct signalling roles with plant-feeding aphids, in attraction of aphid predators and parasitoids, and may act as an airborne signal inducing production of volatile plant semiochemicals, including the monoterpene (E)-β-ocimene, that stimulate foraging by parasitoids. It is an extremely benign compound having, to human beings, a pleasant aroma and gives a long-lasting effect after removal of the stimulus.09-09-2010
20100068172Nematode Control - The present invention concerns methods for controlling nematode infestation via dsRNA mediated gene silencing, whereby the intact nematodes are contacted with a double-stranded RNA and whereby the double-stranded RNA is taken up by the intact nematodes. In one particular embodiment, the methods of the invention are used to alleviate plants from nematode pests. Alternatively, the methods are used for treating and/or preventing nematode infestation on a substrate or a subject in need of such treatment and/or prevention. Suitable nematode target genes and fragments thereof, dsRNA constructs, recombinant constructs and compositions are disclosed.03-18-2010
20120315242Methods and Compositions for Attracting or Repelling Cockroaches - A method for attracting cockroaches to an object or area, involving treating said object or area with a cockroach attracting composition containing a cockroach attractant effective amount of at least one compound selected from the group consisting of methyl, ethyl, propyl, or butyl esters of C12-13-2012
20120315241Bait Composition Useful For The Control Of Silverfish - Ready-to-use granular bait compositions that contain a feeding attractant and an active ingredient are disclosed. Methods for controlling silverfish using such bait compositions are also provided.12-13-2012
20120251484COLD PREPARED GEL AND METHOD FOR MAKING SAME - A gel comprising water, pectin having a DE from about 62 to 75, soluble saccharide or sugar alcohol solids present in an amount from about 44 to 60% by weight of the gel, and a pH reducing agent for reducing the pH of the gel from a level from about 2 to 3. A method for making the gel without heating or cooling is also disclosed.10-04-2012
20120076751PLANT VOLATILES - The present invention provides compounds and compositions for attracting or repelling sap-sucking insects, such as whitefly, as well as methods for using such compositions.03-29-2012
20120082639COMPOSITIONS FOR ATTRACTING BLOOD-FEEDING INSECTS - Methods and compositions suitable for influencing insect behaviour are provided. In a preferred embodiment, the compositions comprise a blend of between two and eight insect attractant compounds selected from the group consisting of: a) compounds of formula (I); b) compounds of formula (II); c) compounds of formula (III). Wherein: n is zero or an integer; x is zero or an integer selected from 1-8, or greater than 9; and R is a C04-05-2012
20110002878SCENTED SOIL FOR HUNTING AND TRAPPING - The present invention is directed toward a wax and scent impregnated soil for use in hunting and trapping. The soil is dried and mixed with wax and a scent such as the urine of a target species. The wax makes the soil water resistant and prevents it from freezing. In addition, the wax increases the ability of the soil to retain the impregnated scent over a period of time. The soil is used to attract various animals to traps or target hunting areas. Alternatively, the soil can be spread around to disguise the scent of a hunter or trapper such that they are not detected by the animals they are pursuing. A repellant version can be made by using a repellant scent.01-06-2011
20110044936Composition for Attracting Bed Bugs - The present invention provides a composition comprising an unsaturated aldehyde component and an organic acid component which is a powerful bed bug attractant when volatilized and released at very low concentrations. This attractant can be used to lure bed bugs to a location in which the bed bugs can be detected, monitored and/or trapped.02-24-2011
20120321587COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS OF USE PERTAINING TO INSECTICIDE - The invention provides an aqueous insecticide comprised of at least one surfactant, a preservative, e.g., preservative, for example a potassium salt, sodium chloride in proportions similar to proportions normally detected in mammalian blood, a nutrient source, an organic acid capable of lowering the pH of the aqueous insecticide, fragrance, and water, for the control of 12-20-2012
20120321588SEX PHEROMONE COMPOSITION OF PEACH FRUIT MOTH AND ATTRACTANT COMPRISING THE SAME - Provided are a novel sex pheromone composition of peach fruit moth which is expected to be used in emergence forecast, mass trapping and mating disruption and has higher attractiveness than that of conventional sex pheromone compositions; and a sex attractant, a mating disruptant and a control method comprising the novel sex pheromone composition as an active ingredient. Specifically provided are a novel sex pheromone composition of peach fruit moth comprising (Z)-7-tricosene and (Z)-13-eicosen-10-one, a sex attractant and a mating disruptant comprising this sex pheromone composition, and a method for controlling peach fruit moth using this sex pheromone composition.12-20-2012
20120100098SOLID FORM SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE (SLS) PESTICIDE COMPOSITION - A composition and method of eliminating pests combines water and a solid form of sodium lauryl sulfate to form a pesticide composition effective to cause mortality in pests. The composition is applied to the indoor structure in an area which the pests inhabit. The sodium lauryl sulfate can be in needle form, pellet form or powder form and constitutes between about 1% and about 10% by weight of the pesticide composition. The composition may be applied to an area inhabited by cockroaches, including, but not limited to, in crevices, cracks, corners, wall and floor junctures or other enclosed or partially enclosed areas of a structure.04-26-2012
20110158934FLY ATTRACTANT COMPOSITION AND FLY ATTRACTING METHOD, AS WELL AS FLY EXPELLANT COMPOSITION AND FLY EXPELLING METHOD - Provided are a fly attractant composition containing a ligninsulfonate as an active ingredient, and a fly expellant composition containing 5 to 20% by weight of a ligninsulfonate and at least 0.1% by weight but less than 5% by weight of an insecticidal active ingredient.06-30-2011
20080233080Inulins, Levans, Fructans And Other Smaller-Than-Cellulose Termite Feeding Attractants, And Termite - The present invention discloses Resistance Management (RM) practices that are critical to safeguarding 09-25-2008
20130142753APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR GENERATING CARBON DIOXIDE AS AN ATTRACTANT FOR BITING ARTHROPODS - Disclosed and claimed herein is a device and method for generating carbon dioxide as an attractant for biting arthropods in combination with a trap, comprising: a reaction chamber charged with an aqueous acid solution when in use; a gas outlet from the reaction chamber connecting between the reaction chamber and the trap; a feeder reservoir containing a powder when in use, said powder comprising a bicarbonate salt; and means for controllably adding the powder to the reaction chamber; whereby carbon dioxide is generated in the reaction chamber, passed through the outlet and into the trap.06-06-2013
20130101548Whey Protein Isolate Hydrogels and Their Uses - A biodegradable hydrogel has been made based on high concentrations of whey protein isolate (WP1). WP1 gels of different compositions were fabricated by thermally inducing gelation of high-concentration suspensions of protein, and characterized for compressive strength and modulus, hydration swelling and drying properties, mechanical behavior change due to polysaccharide additives, and intrinsic pore network structure. The gels were shown to be compatible with bone cells and could be used as bone tissue scaffolds. In addition, WP1 fibers were produced by electrospinning. Several additives could be incorporated into the WPI gels, including structural additives, growth factors, amino acids, etc. The WP1 hydrogels can be made with glycerol to increase flexibility and stability. The hydrogels could be used for tissue regeneration, food protection, controlled-release applications (including drug encapsulation, dietary supplement release, attractant release in lures, nutrient release to plants (fertilizers), column packing for compound separation, and membrane development.04-25-2013
20130129667Attractant compounds for yellow jacket wasps - The use of individual chemical compounds as attractants in traps for yellow jacket wasps 05-23-2013
20090274645GALL MIDGE PHEROMONE MIXTURE - The present invention relates to a pheromone composition for attracting male Hessian fly, 11-05-2009
20130149278Insect Control Composition - A composition that attracts insects and which is sufficiently ingested by the insects as to kill the insects, the composition having a boron-containing compound; a saccharide, and a solvent. The composition optionally includes a preservative, at least one organic acid, or an alkali or an alkaline earth sale thereof, and optionally at least one hygroscopic agent.06-13-2013
20120282214EXTERMINATION TECHNIQUES UTILIZING TERMITE EGG VOLATILE CALLING PHEROMONE AND QUEEN PHEROMONE - The present invention provides a termite attractant comprising 1-butanol, 2-butanol, or esters, ketones, ethers, carboxylic acids thereof, or salts thereof; a mimic termite-egg comprising the attractant; and a method for exterminating and controlling termites using the attractant or mimic termite-egg.11-08-2012
20120087889PLANT VOLATILES BASED ON R-CURCUMENE - The invention provides a method for controlling whiteflies which comprises the steps of: providing a composition comprising or consisting of R-curcumene and optionally further beta-myrcene, para-cymene, gamma-terpinene, alpha-terpinene, alpha-phellandrene zingiberene and/or 7-epi-zingiberene; and adding said composition one or more times to a plurality of crop plants. The method can be combined with the use of attractant compositions comprising beta-phellandrene, limonene and/or 2-carene, and optionally adding said composition one or more times to one or more trap plants and/or trap materials.04-12-2012

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