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Carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide component

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423 - Chemistry of inorganic compounds


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423226000 Utilizing organic reactant 83
423230000 Utilizing solid sorbent, catalyst, or reactant 74
423224000 By oxidizing or burning component 28
423234000 Utilizing ammonium or metal hydroxide solution 15
423232000 Utilizing carbonate as reactant 11
423223000 Utilizing reactant containing arsenic, phosphorus, or boron 10
423222000 Reacting mixture with sulfur dioxide, sulfite, or bisulfite 8
423225000 By suspension of metal oxide or hydroxide particles in liquid 3
20100260653Removing Carbon Dioxide From Waste Streams Through Co-Generation of Carbonate And/Or Bicarbonate Minerals - Apparatuses and methods for removing carbon dioxide and other pollutants from a gas stream are provided. The methods include obtaining hydroxide in an aqueous mixture, and mixing the hydroxide with the gas stream to produce carbonate and/or bicarbonate. Some of the apparatuses of the present invention comprise an electrolysis chamber for providing hydroxide and mixing equipment for mixing the hydroxide with a gas stream including carbon dioxide to form an admixture including carbonate and/or bicarbonate.10-14-2010
20130115153Systems and Methods for Extraction of Carbon Dioxide From Air - The present invention describes methods and systems for extracting, capturing, reducing, storing, sequestering, or disposing of carbon dioxide (CO05-09-2013
20120294788Method and apparatus for desalination of water and extraction of carbon dioxide from flue gas via controlled and variable gas atomization - A water-desalination and carbon dioxide extraction method employs a greenhouse having a transparent, double-pane roof structure and containing an open-top receptacle for a receiving quantity of saline water or an aqueous mixture, derived from flue gas, of dissolved and suspended alkaline metal salts, which roof structure and receptacle are substantially coextensive and rectangular. A series of remotely controllable nozzles, capable of producing sheet-like discharges, withdraw the saline water or the aqueous mixture from the receptacle and discharges it into the overlying space for exposure to solar radiation passing through the roof structure, for controlled absorption of solar energy by the saline water or for effecting release carbon dioxide at elevated temperatures. Ambient air, heated during passage through channels in the transparent roof structure, may be used in a second greenhouse for promoting evaporation of free water or in other method steps.11-22-2012
20110195004METHOD FOR THE SEPARATION OF SOUR GAS - Method for separating a gaseous mixture that comprises as main ingredients H08-11-2011
20120244053STAGED ABSORBER SYSTEM AND METHOD - Provided are methods for sequestering carbon dioxide. A recovery method and system for recovering a gaseous component is provided. Methods and systems may utilize one or more absorbing solutions in two or more absorbing zones. Methods for reducing the volume of an absorbing system are described. Methods for adjusting the composition of sequestered carbon dioxide are provided.09-27-2012
20100068109Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Materials and Processes - The disclosure provides methods and systems for sequestering and/or reducing carbon dioxide present in an industrial effluent fluid stream containing carbon dioxide. A scrubbing material comprising a first component, a second component (distinct from the first component), and preferably water, is contacted with the effluent fluid stream. The first component comprises a source of calcium oxide and a source of alkali metal ions. The second component comprises a slag having one or more reactive silicate compounds. Methods of reducing carbon dioxide from exhaust generated by combustion sources, lime and/or cement kilns, iron and/or steel furnaces, and the like are provided. Carbon dioxide emission abatement systems are also disclosed. Methods of recycling industrial byproducts are further provided.03-18-2010
20130052109COMPOSITIONS FOR ABSORBING CARBON DIOXIDE, AND RELATED PROCESSES AND SYSTEMS - A carbon dioxide absorbent is disclosed. The absorbent compostion contains a liquid, non-aqueous, silicon-based material, functionalized with one or more groups that reversibly react with CO02-28-2013
20130071307METHOD AND DEVICE FOR THE ABSORPTIVE REMOVAL OF CARBON DIOXIDE FROM BIOGAS - The absorptive removal of carbon dioxide from biogas using a scrubbing liquid in which carbon dioxide is chemically bound proceeds by heating the loaded scrubbing liquid, occurring after the absorption, to a temperature at which liberation of CO03-21-2013
20130058851System and Method for Removing a Contaminant from a Gas Stream - A system and method for removing contaminants from a gas stream is provided. The method can include the steps of reacting the gas stream with ozone to form solid contaminant particles and separating the solid contaminant particles from the gas stream. The solid contaminant particles can he separated from the gas stream using an adsorption material.03-07-2013
20130183216ENERGY EFFICIENT, LOW EMISSIONS SHALE OIL RECOVERY PROCESS - A process for the energy efficient, environmentally friendly recovery of liquid and gaseous products from solid or semi-solid hydrocarbon resources, in particular, oil shale or tar sands. The process involves non-oxidative pyrolysis to recover fluid energy values, oxidative combustion to recover energy values as recoverable heat, and environmental sequestration of gases produced.07-18-2013
20130064745FLUE GAS TREATMENT AND PERMEATE HARDENING - Combining flue gas treatment, and in particular CO03-14-2013
20120195816GAS TREATMENT PROCESS AND SYSTEM - The present disclosure relates to a gas cleaning A process for cleaning a gas stream containing carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, including removal of carbon dioxide from the gas stream in a carbon dioxide removal stage; the process comprising08-02-2012
20110091366NEUTRALIZATION OF ACID AND PRODUCTION OF CARBONATE-CONTAINING COMPOSITIONS - Provided are methods and systems for neutralizing acidic solution. In such methods, an acidic solution may be generated and methods of raising the pH of the acidic solution are provided that may utilize rocks or mineral. Methods for processing rocks and minerals for digestion by an acidic solution are described. Digestion products of rocks and minerals are provided.04-21-2011
20110300043METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REMOVING CARBON DIOXIDE FROM EXHAUST GAS BY UTILIZING SEAWATER - According to one embodiment, a method for removing carbon dioxide in an exhaust gas utilizing seawater includes: blowing ammonia into seawater to produce ammonia-saturated seawater; contacting an exhaust gas under a state of non-heat with the ammonia-saturated seawater so that carbon dioxide in the exhaust gas is absorbed in the ammonia-saturated seawater; and splaying a solution containing sodium hydrogen carbonate and ammonium chloride which are produced through absorption of the carbon dioxide by the ammonia-saturated seawater utilizing pressure of the exhaust gas while cooling the solution utilizing heat of evaporation of a solvent of the solution so as to settle out and recover the sodium hydrogen carbonate and the ammonium chloride.12-08-2011
20120189519Flue-gas purification and reclamation system and method thereof - A flue-gas purification system includes a flue-gas cycling system, a reactor, and an absorbent adding system having at least a catalytic absorbent, wherein the catalytic absorbent is being gasified for reacting with the flue-gas in the reactor in a homogenous gas-gas phase reacting manner. Therefore, the purification system has fast reaction rate between the pollutants of the flue-gas and the catalytic absorbent, which is preferably ammonia, to efficiently remove pollutants, so as to effectively purify the flue-gas.07-26-2012
20090130007Gas-Liquid Contactor - A contactor for reacting a flow of gas with a liquid, comprises a vessel, a first chamber in the vessel and a second chamber in the vessel, the first and second chambers being linked only by a porous wall, and means for directing ultrasonic noise into at least one of the first and second chambers.05-21-2009
20090263301APPARATUS AND METHOD TO SEQUESTER CONTAMINANTS - The invention relates to an apparatus and method for reducing contaminants from industrial processes. More particularly, the invention is directed to a method of sequestering pollutants from flue gases in operational plants. The method includes sequestering contaminants from a point source by reacting an alkaline material with a flue gas containing contaminants to be sequestered, wherein the reaction has a rapid mass transfer rate to sequester at least a portion of the contaminants.10-22-2009
20120294787METHOD FOR REDUCTION OF THE CO2 CONTENT OF FLUE AND ATMOSPHERIC GASES, AND EQUIPMENTS FOR APPLICATION OF THE METHOD - The subject of the invention is a method for reduction of the CO11-22-2012
20100135880Hydrocarbon Based Sulfur Solvent Systems and Methods - Contemplated configurations and methods for elemental sulfur removal from various gases, and especially well acid gases employ a hydrocarbon solvent that dissolves the sulfur to form a rich solvent and that is then regenerated by hydrotreating. Thus, sulfur is removed from the rich solvent as H2S that may then be processed (e.g., in Claus unit or absorption unit) while the regenerated solvent is routed back to the well and associated production pipes.06-03-2010
20110223083SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENERATING A CARBON DIOXIDE STREAM - A flue gas stream processing system includes a fuel reactor for combusting a fuel to generate a flue gas stream including water vapor, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. The system includes an oxidation catalyst downstream of the fuel reactor, the oxidation catalyst configured to receive the flue gas stream and oxidize the carbon monoxide to form a carbon dioxide rich flue gas stream, and a processing unit to liquefy carbon dioxide in the carbon dioxide rich flue gas stream and generate an exhaust gas.09-15-2011
20090081094METHOD AND INSTALLATION FOR THE PURIFICATION OF GAS - A method and an installation is provided for the purification of gas, in particular synthesis gas, from the gasification of sewage sludge. Scrubbing hydrogen sulfide and ammonia is performed successively from the gas in two gas scrubbers.03-26-2009
20090226353Process for treating acid gas in staged furnaces with inter-stage heat recovery - A process for treating acid gas comprising hydrogen sulfide comprises introducing a first acid gas into a reducing furnace to produce a first oxidized gas stream, cooling the first oxidized gas stream in a first heat recovery system, introducing the cooled gas stream into an oxidizing furnace to produce a second oxidized gas stream and cooling the second oxidized gas stream in a second heat recovery system. The acid gas is preferably produced in a refinery after treatment of sour gas or sour water. Spent acid may be fed into oxidizing furnace as part of a sulfuric acid recovery process. The spent acid can be spent sulfuric acid from a sulfuric acid alkylation process.09-10-2009
20100150802PROCESSING CO2 UTILIZING A RECIRCULATING SOLUTION - In some embodiments, the invention provides, a method comprising a) contacting a solution with an industrial source of carbon dioxide to produce a CO06-17-2010
20100158776CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSION REDUCTION METHOD - Carbon dioxide emissions within a refinery are reduced by reforming a hydrocarbon containing feed at low pressure to enhance the conversion of methane to hydrogen and carbon monoxide and thereby reduce methane slip. The hydrocarbon containing feed is composed entirely or at least in part of a refinery off gas. The resulting reformed stream is then subjected to water-gas shift conversion to form a shifted stream from which carbon dioxide is separated. As a result of the separation and the low pressure reforming, hydrogen containing fuel gas streams, that are thereby necessary lean in carbon dioxide and methane, are used in firing the steam methane reformer and other fuel uses within the refinery to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon dioxide that is separated can be sequestered or used in other processes such as enhanced oil recovery.06-24-2010
20100221162System and method for purification of flue gases - A method and system for purifying flue gases from power plants fired with fossil fuels has an absorber with at least one contact installation level arranged in an upper region, impinged with a suspension, and flowed through by untreated gas. The lower region has an absorption suspension sump, above which the inflow for the untreated gas is disposed. A separate reaction container includes two chambers separated by a partition wall with an overflow. The first chamber is connected with the sump, receives oxidation air, and has in a lower region an opening for discharging suspension. The second chamber is connected with a lime/limestone suspension container. A gas exhaust hood above the reaction container draws exhaust vapors into an exhaust vapor hood. A line for absorption suspension extends between at least one spraying level of the absorber and the reaction container, and a process water feed lies above the spraying level.09-02-2010
20090068078PROCESS FOR CONTACTING TWO PHASES WHOSE CONTACT IS ACCOMPANIED BY HEAT EVOLUTION - A method for bringing into contact two phases which are not completely miscible with one another, and whose contact is accompanied by heat development owing to mass transfer and/or chemical reaction, in which a first phase is introduced into the lower region of a contactor and a second phase is introduced into the upper region of the contactor and passed in countercurrent flow to the first phase in the contactor, a treated first phase and an exhausted second phase being obtained, which comprises recirculating a part of the exhausted second phase to the contactor at least one point situated between the upper region and the lower region. In the preferred embodiment, the first phase is a fluid stream comprising acid gases such as CO03-12-2009
20110033354ABSORPTION MEDIUM FOR REMOVING ACID GASES FROM A FLUID STREAM - An absorption medium for removing acid gases from a fluid stream comprises an aqueous solution (A) of an alkali metal salt of an N,N-di-C02-10-2011
20110070135Processes and Apparatuses for Purifying Greenhouse Gases - This invention relates to processes and apparatuses for purifying greenhouse gases. This invention relates to processes and apparatuses for drying carbon dioxide and/or producing syngas. The process includes the step of contacting a greenhouse gas stream having a contaminant with a solvent stream to at least partially reduce an amount of the contaminant and form a used solvent stream. The process includes the step of using the greenhouse gas stream for carbon sequestration, enhanced oil recovery, industrial gas supply, or chemical synthesis and production.03-24-2011
20110020203PROCESS FOR REMOVAL OF CARBON DIOXIDE FROM A GAS - The invention provides a process for the removal of CO01-27-2011
20120207658PROCESS AND SYSTEM FOR CLEANING A GAS STREAM - The present application relates to a system and a process for gas cleaning wherein a) part of the carbon dioxide contained in the gas stream is removed by bringing the gas stream into contact with a first ammoniated liquid; b) a further part of the carbon dioxide contained in the gas stream is removed by bringing the gas stream partly depleted in carbon dioxide into contact with a second ammoniated liquid to form a carbon dioxide depleted gas stream enriched in ammonia; and c) at least a part of the ammonia of the gas stream is removed by bringing the carbon dioxide depleted gas stream enriched in ammonia into contact with the liquid enriched in carbon dioxide formed in step a) to absorb into the liquid ammonia from the gas stream, such that a carbon dioxide depleted gas stream at least partly depleted in ammonia and a liquid enriched in ammonia are formed, wherein the liquid enriched in ammonia is the first ammoniated liquid used in step a).08-16-2012
20100021361METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR SELECTIVELY SEPARATING CO2 FROM A MULTI-COMPONENT GASEOUS STREAM - The present invention provides for methods for selectively removing CO01-28-2010
20120034144CARBON DIOXIDE SEQUESTRATION INVOLVING TWO-SALT-BASED THERMOLYTIC PROCESSES - The present invention relates to an energy efficient carbon dioxide sequestration processes whereby Group 2 silicate minerals and CO02-09-2012
20090081095Process for Destroying Carbonaceous Materials and Composition and System Thereof - A process for substantially removing carbonaceous material from a composition comprising providing the composition having carbonaceous material, reacting the carbonaceous material with a sulfur compound, and forming products having carbon and sulfuric acid, sulfurous acid and/or sulfur dioxide, and the resulting composition and system used therefore.03-26-2009
20110064634Removing Carbon Dioxide From Gaseous Emissions - The present invention provides methods and apparatuses for removing carbon dioxide from gaseous emissions. In particular, the present invention provides methods and apparatuses for removing carbon dioxide from gaseous emissions as a metallic carbonate precipitate.03-17-2011
20110318245Flue-Gas Purification and Reclamation System and Method Thereof - A flue-gas purification system includes a flue-gas cycling system, a reactor, an absorbent adding system having at least a catalytic absorbent, wherein the catalytic absorbent is being gasified for reacting with the flue-gas in the reactor in a homogenous gas-gas phase reacting manner. Therefore, the purification system has fast reaction rate between the pollutants of the flue-gas and the catalytic absorbent, which is preferably ammonia, to efficiently remove pollutants, so as to effectively purify the flue-gas.12-29-2011
20120063975PROCESS GAS TREATMENT SYSTEM - A system is arranged to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from a gas stream by bringing the gas stream into contact with a circulating ammoniated solution stream such that CO2 is removed from the gas stream by the ammoniated solution stream. A method of removing non-volatile compounds from the circulating ammoniated solution stream includes: introducing a portion of the circulating ammoniated solution stream into a gas-liquid separating device; and separating the introduced ammoniated solution into an ammonia rich gas phase and a liquid phase comprising the non-volatile compounds; and reintroducing the ammonia rich gas phase into the circulating ammoniated solution stream.03-15-2012
20120121489Method And System For Removing Pollutants And Greenhouse Gases From A Flue Gas - The invention relates to a method for removing pollutants and greenhouse gases SO05-17-2012
20120128559CO2 - CAPTURE IN MOLTEN SALTS - The present invention concerns carbon dioxide capture from waste gas, where metal oxides dissolved in salt melts are used as absorbents.05-24-2012
20120219481METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR EXTRACTING CARBON DIOXIDE FROM AN INDUSTRIAL SOURCE OF FLUE GAS AT ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE - A system and method for extracting carbon dioxide from an industrial source of flue gas at atmospheric pressure. The system comprises means for conditioning the flue gas for entry into a compressor unit; the compressor unit being adapted compressing the conditioned flue gas; a heater unit for heating the compressed flue gas; an expander unit for expanding the heated compressed flue gas for generating power; and a separator unit for separating Carbon Dioxide from the heated compressed flue gas.08-30-2012
20120134905METHOD OF USE OF AN IONIC LIQUID AND DEVICE FOR SORPTION OF A GAS - A method of use of an ionic liquid for sorption of a gas having an electric multipole moment is provided, wherein the ionic liquid comprises an anion and a non-aromatic cation. In particular, the electric multipole moment may be an electric dipole moment and/or an electric quadrupole moment. The sorption may be an adsorption or an absorption. The ionic liquid may be a pure ionic liquid, i.e. a liquid substantially only containing anions and cations, while not containing other components, e.g. water. Alternatively a solution containing the ionic liquid and a solvent or further compound, e.g. water, may be used.05-31-2012
20120258031CARBON DIOXIDE CAPTURE SYSTEM - A chilled ammonia capture system for capturing carbon dioxide from a flue gas stream comprises a first absorber and a second absorber. The first absorber operates at a temperature of about 25 to about 50 degrees Celsius. The operating temperature permits the use of a lower circulation rate, which leads to smaller diameter vessels and to fewer recirculation pumps, which in turn leads to lower operating and maintenance costs.10-11-2012
20120230895SOUR NATURAL GAS SPARGER - An apparatus and method is provided for treating sour natural gas. The apparatus comprises a sparger for use in a high pressure and associated or non-associated sour natural gas environments. The sparger is used to disperse sour natural gas inside a sweeting tower/sulphide treatment vessel to facilitate an efficient transfer of hydrogen sulphide or carbon dioxide from the sour natural gas to a sweeting chemical inside the sulphide treatment vessel. A portion of the sparger exposed to the sulphide treatment environment is protected with a corrosion resistant layer/coating. The corrosion resistant layer protects the substrate metal of the sparger from corrosive environment of the sour natural gas inside or outside of the sparger. Corrosion resistant layer material may be selected so as to prevent the substrate metal from corrosion and suphide cracking.09-13-2012
20120321538GAS SEPARATION BY VAPORIZED COMPOUND - An improved process for deacidizing a gaseous mixture with reduced overall energy costs is described. The process involves contacting the gaseous mixture with at least one of a vaporizing compound, a vaporized compound, a vaporizing solution of compound and a vaporized solution of compound, and forming a liquid or solid reaction product that can be easily separated from the gaseous mixture.12-20-2012
20090246106REDOX GAS SWEETENING SOLUTIONS - Gas sweetening solutions are described that are capable of removing hydrogen sulfide from gas streams. These gas sweetening solutions increase the size of produced sulfur particles and thereby improve efficiency of their separation, while simultaneously reducing corrosive effects of the sweetening solutions.10-01-2009
20130142716METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REDUCING INDUSTRIAL EMISSIONS - The invention relates to a method adapted for integration with a carbonate absorption/stripping process for removal of carbon dioxide, the method and system including the steps of: converting a source of alkali from a first industry to a non-carbonate alkali; feeding the non-carbonate alkali as makeup to a carbonate absorption system for stripping carbon dioxide from emissions from a second industry; recovering an output from the system for stripping carbon dioxide, and in the process of conversion of the alkali from the first industry, utilising energy from the second industry.06-06-2013
20130095016Carbon Dioxide Separation Unit and Carbon Dioxide Separation Method - The problem is to provide a carbon dioxide separator that, when hydrating carbon dioxide contained in a gas to be treated to separate, can separate carbon dioxide from the gas to be treated at high efficiency and a method therefor. For this, a carbon dioxide separator that includes: a carbon dioxide hydrate formation part where carbon dioxide hydrate is formed with a gas to be treated containing carbon dioxide and water as a raw material; and a carbon dioxide absorption part where high pressure gas that passed through the carbon dioxide hydrate formation part without being hydrated is brought into gas-liquid contact with water to let absorb carbon dioxide in the high pressure gas, in which water in the carbon dioxide absorption part is sent to the carbon dioxide hydrate formation part as the raw material water is provided.04-18-2013
20130095015METHOD FOR BIOGAS TREATMENT - The present invention provides a method and apparatus for the treatment of process gas from an anaerobic digestion system or a landfill gas system. In one embodiment, the system comprises a caustic scrubber including a vertical column having a top and a bottom and including a counter current flow system, wherein a process gas stream flows up vertically through the column in counter current flow to a caustic liquid solution that flows downward through the column. The caustic liquid solution removes at least one acid from the process gas stream, wherein treated gas that is substantially free of acids bubbles out through an opening at the top of the vertical column04-18-2013
20130101486ON-LINE MONITORING AND CONTROLLING OF SULFUR COMPOUNDS IN POWER GENERATION FACILITIES FOR CARBON DIOXIDE CAPTURE PROCESSES AND ARTICLES COMPRISING THE SAME - An online monitoring and controlling system is used for monitoring and controlling sulfur content in heat stable salts or in a flue gas stream. The system comprises valves, sensors and analyzers that are operated by a valve flow and control system that regulates the valves to redirect flow of the heat stable salt or the flue gas stream to reduce the sulfur to below a desirable value. The valve and flow control system is automated and uses a feedback loop to control the sulfur content.04-25-2013
20130129588Multi-Purpose Absorber - Systems and methods directed to cleaning a flue gas are described, in which a column housing can be configured to receive a feed stream, and includes an absorber configured to produce a clean stream that is substantially depleted of at least one of SO05-23-2013
20110229393METHODS FOR DEACIDIZING GASEOUS MIXTURES BY PHASE ENHANCED ABSORPTION - An improved process for deacidizing a gaseous mixture using phase enhanced gas-liquid absorption is described. The process utilizes a multiphasic absorbent that absorbs an acid gas at increased rate and leads to reduced overall energy costs for the deacidizing operation.09-22-2011
20130149224SELECTIVE CAUSTIC SCRUBBING USING A DRIVER GAS - Systems and methods are described for selectively removing an acid gas from a feed stream to reduce co-absorption of CO06-13-2013

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