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Control element responds proportionally to a variable signal from a sensor

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422 - Chemical apparatus and process disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving, or sterilizing


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422110000 Controls flow rate of a material to or from a contact zone 56
422109000 Controls heat transfer 35
20100074804APPARATUS FOR DEACTIVATING A PATHOGENIC CHEMICAL AGENT - Hydrogen peroxide is vaporized (03-25-2010
20130078152Device for Conditioning Process Gases for the Heat Treatment of Metallic Work Pieces in Industrial Furnaces - In a device for preparing process gases (03-28-2013
20130064718SELECTIVE CATALYTIC REDUCTION SYSTEM - An SCR system that can detect a NO03-14-2013
20130064719SELECTIVE CATALYTIC REDUCTION SYSTEM - A selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system that can suppress thermal damage in operation of a dosing valve resulting from crystallization of urea solution and corrosion of the dosing valve to perform proper urea solution injection control, and includes an SCR device provided in an exhaust pipe of an engine; a dosing valve that injects urea solution at an upstream side of the SCR device; a minimum injection quantity setting unit that if temperature of the dosing valve is equal to or higher than a predetermined temperature, sets a minimum injection quantity according to the temperature of the dosing valve; and an urea solution injection control unit that if injected quantity of urea solution according to quantity of NO03-14-2013
20130064717ENGINE EXHAUST PURIFICATION DEVICE - An engine exhaust purification device comprises: a selective reduction type NOx catalyst; an oxidation catalyst disposed on an upstream side of the NOx catalyst; a reducing agent adding device which adds an NOx reducing agent to an exhaust gas of an engine; a control device which controls the reducing agent adding device; and an NO03-14-2013
20130189161Synthesis of Silicon Nanocrystals by Laser Pyrolysis - The invention relates to the synthesis of silicon-containing nanoparticles by laser pyrolysis. For this purpose: a precursor (SIH07-25-2013
20110171073SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TREATING INFECTIOUS WASTE MATTER - In accordance with the present invention, a system and method is provided for producing a safely disposable end product from waste matter containing undesirable materials, such as infectious, biohazardous, hazardous, or radioactive elements. The method comprises the steps of providing a highly basic solvent, immersing the waste matter containing the undesirable materials within the highly basic solvent, and heating the solvent. The waste matter containing the undesirable materials is allowed to remain within the solvent until digested, thereby forming a solution void of any infectious or biohazardous elements and/or containing a concentration of radioisotope below the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) for release to a sanitary sewer as defined in applicable federal regulations. The invention further provides a system for producing a safely disposable end product void of any infectious or biohazardous elements and/or containing only a concentration of radioisotope below the MPC for release to a sanitary sewer as defined in applicable federal regulations from waste matter containing such materials. The system comprises a tank or vessel capable of containing a highly basic solvent during a closed digestion reaction, heating means for heating the solvent within the vessel, filtering means, and means for removing the post-digestion aqueous solution and solid waste materials from within the vessel. The post-digestion product in both aqueous and solid form can then by disposed of by conventional means.07-14-2011
20090280035BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY MONITORING AND/OR SUPPRESSION - Ultraviolet radiation is shone within an area and detected. The detected ultraviolet radiation is monitored over a period of time to determine a set of biological activity dynamics for the area. Ultraviolet radiation detected during a calibration period can be used to provide a baseline with which analysis of subsequently detected ultraviolet radiation is compared and analyzed. When the presence of biological activity is determined within the area, ultraviolet radiation and/or one or more other approaches can be utilized to suppress the biological activity.11-12-2009
20090297404PLASMA REACTOR WITH HIGH SPEED PLASMA IMPEDANCE TUNING BY MODULATION OF SOURCE POWER OR BIAS POWER - A plasma reactor, having source and bias RF power generators of different frequencies, is provided with a controller responsive to fluctuations in plasma load impedance measured at one of the generators to modulate the output of the other generator to compensate for the fluctuations.12-03-2009
20110268613APPARATUS FOR DIAGNOSING TEMPERATURE STATE OF CARRIER OF CATALYST CONVERTER - An apparatus is used for diagnosing the temperature state of a catalyst converter. The catalyst converter includes a catalyst for cleaning an emission, and a conductive carrier for carrying the catalyst. The conductive carrier is energized for temperature rise of the catalyst, and the conductive carrier has a characteristic in which resistance drops with temperature increase. In the apparatus, a first obtaining unit obtains a first parameter having a first correlation with supply power to the conductive carrier for energization of the conductive carrier. A second obtaining unit obtains a second parameter having a second correlation with a temperature of the conductive carrier. A diagnosing unit diagnoses the temperature state of the conductive carrier based on a comparison between the first parameter and the second parameter.11-03-2011
20100226829HYDROGEN GENERATOR AND FUEL STICK - A hydrogen generator includes a plurality of fuel sticks each of which includes a hydrogen release compound configured to generate hydrogen by a chemical reaction, a pressure-resistant container configured to store therein the plurality of fuel sticks, and a controller configured to carry out control in such a manner that hydrogen is generated selectively from the plurality of fuel sticks.09-09-2010
20110150708ULTRAVIOLET IRRADIATION DEVICE - According to one embodiment, an ultraviolet irradiation device that sterilizes, disinfects, and inactivates raw water such as city water or underground water, includes a water processing vessel, an ultraviolet sensor, and a controller. The water processing vessel includes a water supply port into which the raw water flows, at least a pair of ultraviolet lamps configured to irradiate the raw water that flows into the water processing vessel with ultraviolet rays, and a water discharge port from which the raw water irradiated with the ultraviolet rays is discharged. The ultraviolet sensor is configured to measure an amount of ultraviolet rays irradiated from the ultraviolet lamps. The controller is configured to control turnon and turnoff of the ultraviolet lamps.06-23-2011
20110150707ULTRAVIOLET IRRADIATION SYSTEM - According to one embodiment, an ultraviolet irradiation system that sterilizes, disinfects, and inactivates raw water such as city water or underground water, includes a plurality of ultraviolet irradiation devices connected in series, and a controller configured to control output and non-output of the ultraviolet irradiation devices. The ultraviolet irradiation device includes a water processing vessel through which the raw water flows, an ultraviolet lamp configured to irradiate the raw water in the water processing vessel with ultraviolet rays, and an ultraviolet sensor configured to measure an amount of ultraviolet rays emitted from the ultraviolet lamp.06-23-2011
20100172804SOLID PRODUCT DISPENSER - A dispenser (07-08-2010
20110064619Apparatus for arbitrary peptide synthesis - Methods, apparatus, systems, computer programs and computing devices related to biologically assembling and/or synthesizing peptides and/or proteins are disclosed.03-17-2011
20120156102WASTE REMEDIATION - A system including a steam generation system and a chamber. The steam generation system includes a complex and the steam generation system is configured to receive water, concentrate electromagnetic (EM) radiation received from an EM radiation source, apply the EM radiation to the complex, where the complex absorbs the EM radiation to generate heat, and transform, using the heat generated by the complex, the water to steam. The chamber is configured to receive the steam and an object, wherein the object is of medical waste, medical equipment, fabric, and fecal matter.06-21-2012
20110116975METHOD AND APPARATUS TO ACHIEVE FORMULATION AND REACTIVE POLYMERIZATION UTILIZING A THERMALLY AND ATMOSPHERICALLY CONTROLLED FEEDING SYSTEM FOR THERMOPLASTIC MATERIALS - A continuous process wherein a mechanized and automated feeding system provides precision delivery of thermally and atmospherically conditioned components to a pelletization process including extrusion, pelletization, thermal processing, drying, and post-processing of the polymeric pellets formed. The components can be combined to form solutions, dispersions, emulsions, formulations, and the like. These components can further be reacted and thermally modified to form oligomers, pre-polymers, polymers, copolymers, and many combinations thereof.05-19-2011
20120321521Magnetically Susceptible Particles and Apparatuses for Mixing the Same - The present invention includes a magnetically susceptible polymer component, a method of making the same, and apparatuses and systems for mixing, separating or localizing a magnetically susceptible polymer compound in a reaction. The magnetically susceptible polymer component includes a polymer and a magnetically susceptible particle of a predetermined size, which yields a component having a much-improved magnetic reactivity due to the increase in magnetic material by mass percentage. The apparatuses and systems of the present invention employ controllable magnetic fields distributable in perpendicular directions in order to precisely control the orientation, position and relative motion of any magnetically susceptible components within a reaction vessel.12-20-2012
20100055001REACTION ANALYSIS APPARATUS, RECORDING MEDIUM, MEASUREMENT SYSTEM AND CONTROL SYSTEM - The present invention is capable of determining that a reaction region is in an abnormal reaction state precisely with high reproducibility, executing proper analysis processing in accordance with the determined state of the reaction region, and efficiently analyzing a characteristic of the reaction region. The present invention obtains intensity values of first and second wavelength components by measurement of light emitted from the reaction region with a spectrometer. A relative intensity calculator calculates relative intensity of the first wavelength component relative to the second wavelength component from the intensity values of the first and second wavelength components. The apparatus determines whether or not the calculated relative intensity is a value within a predetermined range. An output portion provides notification that the state of the reaction region is a predetermined state when it is determined that the relative intensity is within the predetermined range.03-04-2010
20130156648Power Supply Including Transformer-Less High Voltage Power Oscillators for Ozone Generation - A transformer-less power supply is provided for ozone generation. The power supply advantageously reduces costs and increases reliability of ozone generators. The power supply provides a first AC voltage from a power source to a resonant circuit and the resonant circuit provides a second AC voltage to the ozone generating unit, the second AC voltage being greater than the first AC voltage. A controller for the power supply that adapts to the resonance of the circuit to provide control with a wide tolerance for the high Q circuit component values of the circuit.06-20-2013

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