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422 - Chemical apparatus and process disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving, or sterilizing

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422108000 Control element responds proportionally to a variable signal from a sensor 111
422112000 Control element is fluid pressure sensitive 35
422106000 Responsive to liquid level 19
422116000 Sensed condition is operating time and control is operation sequencer 10
422107000 Control element directly mechanically linked to separate sensor 9
422114000 Control element is a binary responsive valve 6
20090123340WATER QUALITY MONITORING DEVICE AND METHOD - A monitor device is attached to the water supply line of a consumer where it repeatedly measures a characteristic that correlates to quality of water in the water line. Each of a succession of a water quality values is derived from one or more of the measurements. The process continues at selected intervals to continuously monitor the condition of water in the line. Each new value can be compared to a reference value representing a maximum acceptable level of contaminants. If the water quality value exceeds the reference value, an overvalue signal is produced, indicating an unacceptable level of contaminants in the water. Additionally, the values can be transmitted to a central collection facility where they are correlated with values transmitted by similar devices on the supply lines of other consumers to track the quality of water of a supply system over time.05-14-2009
20090191100AREA STERILIZER AND METHOD OF DISINFECTION - An ultraviolet area sterilizer or disinfector is incorporated into a building structure where concern exists regarding the presence of pathogenic bacteria on environmental surfaces. Ultraviolet C (UV-C) generators generate UV-C that is directed to architectural partitions of an enclosed area. The architectural partitions reflect UV-C to kill pathogens in the enclosed area. The device transmits a calculated dose of UV-C from a fixture mounted to an architectural partition in the enclosed area. Once an effective cumulative dose of UV-C has been reflected to radiation sensors, as measured by the sensors, the device shuts down.07-30-2009
20100111775Surveying sterilizer methods and systems - Methods and systems for surveying and sterilizing one or more areas or one or more portions of one or more areas are described.05-06-2010
20090304553TOOL AND TRAY SANITATION - A system for sanitizing or sterilizing an item and storing the item in a sanitized or sterile environment. The system includes an enclosure into which a sealable package containing the item is placed. At least one ozone source is configured to introduce ozone inside the package. The ozone sterilizes the interior of the package and the item. The ozone source can include an electron beam which ionizes the oxygen, a corona discharge generated within the package, or Vacuum Ultra-Violet (“VUV”) radiation emitted into the package. A germicidal radiation source can be used to sanitize the item and generate ozone. The package containing the item is substantially transparent to germicidal radiation so that the germicidal radiation sanitizes the item as well as the interior of the package. Ultrasonic transducers can introduce ultrasonic energy into the item being sanitized, to break apart groups of clumped pathogens resident on the item.12-10-2009
20090047183AIR CLEANERS WITH ADAPTIVE OZONE GAS GENERATION - An air cleaner is provided, comprising a control unit, an inverter, a negative ion generator, and an ozone gas generator. The control unit generates a control signal. The inverter coupled to the control unit generates a voltage according to the control signal. The negative ion generator coupled to the inverter receives the voltage to generate a negative ion. The ozone gas generator coupled to the inverter receives the voltage to generate an ozone gas. The negative ion generator and the ozone generator are both activated when the voltage is larger than a first voltage level, and the negative ion generator is activated and the ozone gas generator is deactivated when the voltage is less than the first voltage level and larger than a second voltage level.02-19-2009
20110014088COMPACT NATURAL GAS STEAM REFORMER WITH LINEAR COUNTERCURRENT HEAT EXCHANGER - The present invention is natural gas steam reforming apparatus for generating an output gas mixture of carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The apparatus is made from two enclosures. A first enclosure contains a source of water, superheated steam, and channels, located within a lower portion of the first enclosure, which contain a water-gas-shift catalyst for converting CO into CO01-20-2011
20120288410EXHAUST GAS PURIFICATION APPARATUS FOR ENGINE - An exhaust gas purification apparatus is provided with: a first soot-accumulation calculation unit 11-15-2012
20090123339Bio-Waste Sterilizer - Bio-waste sterilizers are described. In one implementation an exemplary system has waste transport vessels that can be intermittently heated and pressurized, for example, with steam, and are interconnected to provide multiple sterilization pathways for waste as the waste is transported. Selected sterilization pathways may depend on attributes of the waste. Sterilization factors, such as mechanical shredding, application of steam, application of pressure, maintenance of temperature, separation of liquid, etc., are integrated into the waste transport features of the system, which can be made compact to save space while processing relatively large bulk amounts of materials, such as medical wastes. The system maintains safe isolation of bio-hazardous components in the waste from the external environment. A system controller provides parameters management, smart sterilization cycle control, quality assurance, safety management, diagnostics, and reporting over a network.05-14-2009
20110286890ELECTRICALLY HEATED EXHAUST GAS CONTROL APPARATUS - An electrically heated exhaust gas control apparatus includes: a hollow base member that has electroconductivity; a first insulation member that is disposed within the base member and that divides a vertically upper space and a vertically lower space from each other; a honeycomb catalyst formed in each of the vertically upper space and the vertically lower space; a pair of upper electrodes that heat the honeycomb catalyst in the vertically upper space and a pair of lower electrodes that heat the honeycomb catalyst in the vertically lower space; and a control portion that is able to stop electrifying the lower electrodes while continuing to electrify the upper electrodes.11-24-2011
20090291028Catalytic Alloy Hydrogen Sensor Apparatus and Process - An apparatus comprising a processing unit; a feed conduit and an effluent conduit connected to the processing unit; at least one operating parameter device associated with the processing unit, the feed conduit, the effluent conduit or a combination thereof; a catalytic alloy hydrogen sensor in fluid communication with the processing unit, the feed conduit, the effluent conduit or a combination thereof; and a computer processor electrically connected to the catalytic alloy hydrogen sensor, has been developed. A pressure indicator may be positioned to indicate the pressure of fluid passing through the catalytic alloy hydrogen sensor and there may be an electrical connection between the computer processor and the pressure indicator. The catalytic alloy hydrogen sensor may be a palladium-nickel catalytic alloy hydrogen sensor.11-26-2009
20090169436MEDICAL INSTRUMENT DISINFECTING SYSTEM - This disinfection system for medical instruments (07-02-2009
20090148351Plug Flow Reactor and Polymers Prepared Therewith - A plug flow reactor having an inner shell 06-11-2009
20100098596APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE GAS COMPOSITION PRODUCED DURING THE GASIFICATION OF CARBON CONTAINING FEEDS - A method for controlling the output composition from a gasification device for use in the gasification of biomass using a gasifier in which the biomass and gas both flow in a downward direction. The method combines the use of steam and oxygen as a mixed oxidation stream to control the processes occurring within the gasifier. The oxidants are introduced into the gasifier using a number of injection rings. Each injection ring is comprised of a number of injection nozzles each radially distributed at the same vertical height and possibly connected to the same supply source. Particularly satisfactory results can be achieved through the use of three injection rings, one at the top of the gasifier, one at the interface of the oxidation and reduction zone and one a small distance below the grate assembly. The produced syngas also contains extremely low concentrations of tar and low molecular weight hydrocarbons.04-22-2010
20120107181APPARATUS FOR SYNTHESIZING OLIGONUCLEOTIDES AND METHODS OF USE - The present invention relates to apparatus and methods for synthesizing oligonucleotides wherein a reaction zone has a variable volume based on the position of a piston, and the piston is adjusted to control the amount of headspace above solid support in the reaction zone. Methods and apparatus that limit the size or existence of the headspace are described.05-03-2012
20090285724Exhaust Device for a Diesel Engine - A flammable-gas led-out pipe (11-19-2009
20090291027PLASMA REACTOR WITH INTERNAL TRANSFORMER - There is provided a plasma reactor with an internal transformer. The plasma reactor comprises: a plasma chamber with a gas inlet and a gas outlet, for providing a plasma discharging space; one or more core cylinder jackets for providing a core storage space in the plasma discharging space and forming a plasma centralized channel and a plasma decentralized channel by including one or more through-apertures; and one or more transformers each including a magnetic core with primary winding surrounding the through-aperture and installed in the core storage space, wherein the plasma discharging space comprises one or more first spatial regions to form the plasma centralized channel and one or more second spatial regions to form the plasma decentralized channel. In the plasma reactor, since the transformer is installed in the plasma chamber, energy is transferred with almost no loss from the transformer to the plasma discharging space and therefore the energy transfer efficiency is very high. Then, since most of gases flow through the first spatial region and the through-aperture inside the plasma chamber, most of active gases are generated in the plasma centralized channel. Consequently, the plasma reactor is very suitable for generating large amount of active gases. Further, even though the plasma chamber is composed of a conductive material, since no special insulating region needs to be formed, it is very easy to constitute the plasma chamber. Further, since the plasma chamber itself is sufficiently capable of forming an outer case, the plasma reactor is very simply manufactured.11-26-2009
20110200488MODULAR FRAGRANCE APPARATUS - A fragrance apparatus comprising a fragrance dispensing unit having a plurality of fragrance dispensers being refillable, the fragrance dispensing unit being disposed in a modular housing unit and a control unit disposed in the modular housing unit, the control unit configured to control the fragrance apparatus such that the fragrance dispensing unit generates a spatio-temporal pattern of fragrance and/or removes the generated spatio-temporal pattern of fragrance is disclosed. The disclosed fragrance apparatus is useful in atmosphere creation.08-18-2011
20100111774EXHAUST GAS PURIFICATION SYSTEM FOR INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - An object of the present invention is to suppress, in a system in which an NOx selective catalytic reduction catalyst and a particulate filter are provided in an exhaust passage of an internal combustion engine, discharge of ammonia from the NOx selective catalytic reduction catalyst. In the exhaust gas purification system for an internal combustion engine according to the present invention, when a condition for executing a filter temperature raising control is satisfied, the supply of urea to the NOx selective catalytic reduction catalyst by urea supply means is stopped, and the filter temperature raising control is executed by filter temperature raising means after a specific time has elapsed since the time of stoppage of the supply of urea to the NOx selective catalytic reduction catalyst.05-06-2010
20080274017SYSTEM FOR THE PRODUCTION OF SYNTHETIC FUELS - A system is provided for producing synthetic fuels. A feedstock containing polymers from a wide variety of sources is re-formed into a more satisfactory fuel source in one or more reactors. The reactor can be tube shaped and have an internal auger. The reactor can be non vertical, preferably horizontal. It can include electrical heating elements and can control both temperature and time of reaction. Feedstocks in accordance with the invention can include a wide variety of sources of cellulose or scrap plastic and tires. The process can be environmentally friendly, producing no net greenhouse gases.11-06-2008
20090162249Acoustically controlled reaction device - Embodiments of a system including a remotely controlled reaction device and associated controller are described. Methods of use and control of the device are also disclosed. According to various embodiments, a reaction device is placed in an environment in order to perform a chemical reaction in an environment. Exemplary environments include a body of an organism, a body of water, or an enclosed volume of a fluid. In selected embodiments, an acoustic control signal may be used.06-25-2009
20120070344Clathrate Hydrate Modular Storage, Applications and Utilization Processes - Methods, apparatuses and systems directed to clathrate hydrate modular storage, applications and utilization processes. In one implementation, the present invention provides a method of creating scalable, easily deployable storage of natural gas and thermal energy by assembling an array of interconnecting, modular gas clathrate hydrate storage units.03-22-2012
20090185958AIR TREATMENT DEVICE HAVING AN AUDIBLE INDICATOR - The present invention provides a system for dispensing an air treatment and audibly indicating the dispensing and/or a change in the dispensing intensity. An exemplary audible indicator may comprise a pattern of a plurality of audible indicators having the same or different durations, having the same or different intensities, separated by the same or different intervals, and having the same or different audible impressions. Different audible indicators are associated with different device states, such as not dispensing, dispensing to create ambiance, dispensing in response to a malodor, or dispensing to offset habituation. Different audible indicators may also be associated with different malodors, or different intensities of the same or different malodors.07-23-2009
20090208378Methods and systems for monitoring sterilization status - Methods and systems for monitoring sterilization status are provided.08-20-2009
20090252653FLUID REFORMING APPARATUS - A fluid reforming apparatus of the present invention includes: a flow channel (10-08-2009
20090117012Air Treatment Device Utilizing A Sensor For Activation And Operation - The present invention provides a system for detecting a malodor and dispensing an air treatment when needed. In an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, the system includes a selection mechanism which allows the user to choose how the system dispenses the air treatment, a sensor, a timing control circuit coupled with the sensor, and a delivery system coupled with the timing control circuit. Upon detection of a malodor by the sensor, the sensor communicates with the timing control circuit which, in turn, communicates with the delivery system to dispense the air treatment. In another exemplary embodiment of the present invention, an air-freshening system is shown that combines a continuous dispensing system with a sensing dispensing system.05-07-2009
20100150783CHEMICAL REACTION APPARATUS - A chemical reaction apparatus in which a chemical reaction of solutions is carried out by transferring the solutions includes moving units to seal or move the solutions in a flow passage or a plurality of chambers of a container by applying an external force to an elastic body of the container by moving on a surface of the elastic body while the moving units contact with the surface of the elastic body, the moving units being movable independently from each other with respect to a cartridge including the container which is at least partially structured with the elastic body, the container including the plurality of chambers to contain the solutions and the flow passage to connect the plurality of chambers, and a detection unit to detect a state of solution pool in the flow passage or the chamber.06-17-2010
20100129263Method for Supporting A Driver Using Fragrance Emissions - When it is determined that a driver is extremely-concentrating, a fragrance emitted by a relaxing air freshener is intermittently released by emitting. To quickly reduce the tension of the driver, a long fragrance emit period is set, while a short fragrance emit stopped period is set. When it is determined that the driver is randomly scanning, the amount of the relaxing air freshener discharged is smaller than that when the driver is extremely-concentrating, and a shorter fragrance emit period is set, while a longer fragrance emit stopped period is set. As a result, an aroma that is so faint that the driver may not notice is used to maintain the random scanning state, and further, a fragrance emitted by an awakening air freshener is emitted, as needed, near the nose of the driver.05-27-2010
20110008214PURIFICATION ASSEMBLY HAVING CATALYSTS FOR GASES AND COMBUSTION FUMES FROM SOLID FUEL HEATING APPARATUS - An assembly for purifying the gases and combustion fumes from a heating apparatus, particularly from a closed chimney furnace of the type using a catalyst device (01-13-2011
20090035188FRAGRANCE EMITTING APPARATUS - A fragrance emitting apparatus includes a case, a heat conducting board mounted in the case, a fragrance container disposed in the case and contacting the heat conducting board, a heater disposed in the case and contacting the heat conducting board, and a temperature control apparatus connected to the heater and configured to control the heater to heat the heat conducting board according to the temperature thereof.02-05-2009
20110033342Hydrogen Generator and Fuel Pellet - A hydrogen generator comprising a plurality of a fuel pellets (02-10-2011
20110150706METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING HYPERPOLARIZED MATERIALS - Methods and apparatuses for generating hyperpolarized materials are disclosed. In one embodiment, a flexible fluid path is provided for use in a polarizer system. In a further embodiment, a polarizer system is provided with an electromechanical assembly for controlling the movement of a fluid path, when present, within a sample path of the polarizer system. In a further embodiment, a polarizer system is provided having a sample path entry point at a convenient height for use by a user standing on the ground.06-23-2011
20090129991TOY HAVING AIR PURIFICATION FEATURES AND METHOD FOR MAKING SAME - A toy such as a plush toy having various sanitizing features is disclosed, The toy of the present invention optionally includes an air purifying device such as an ionizing device or an ozone device disposed within an interior cavity of the toy. The toy optionally includes a visco-elastic material. The visco-elastic material may be infused with an anti-microbial nano-material such as a silver nano-material. Furthermore, an outer material layer of the toy optionally includes an antimicrobial agent, and can be removable and washable to reduce or eliminate air particulate. An optional liner may be hypoallergenic. The air purifying device is optionally activated via a sensor, such as a motion or heat sensor, and is optionally deactivated via a timer.05-21-2009
20110256027OZONATED WATER SPRAYING SYSTEM WITH ENERGY RESOURCE CONVERSION, AND OZONATED WATER SPRAYING APPARATUS THEREOF - An ozonated water spraying system with energy resource conversion is disclosed. The system includes an ozonated water spraying apparatus and an energy resource conversion device. The ozonated water spraying apparatus has an ozone generation unit, a mixing and spraying unit, and a water flow detection unit, in which the ozone generation unit is for generating ozone. The mixing and spraying unit couples with the ozone generation unit, for mixing the generated ozone with water and spraying the ozonated water out. Further, the water flow detection unit, coupled to the ozone generation unit and the mixing and spraying unit, is capable of detecting whether water flows through the mixing and spraying unit so as to control the ozone generation unit in response to the detection result. Additionally, the energy resource conversion unit is for converting energy resource into electrical power to provide the requisite power to the ozonated water spraying apparatus.10-20-2011
20110262308APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING ALKYLATE GASOLINE AND MIDDLE DISTILLATE - An apparatus comprising: a) an alkylation reactor holding an ionic liquid catalyst and a reactant mixture, b) a means for measuring levels of a halide in an effluent from the alkylation reactor, and c) a control system that receives a signal in response to the measuring and communicates changes in an operating condition that influences the yield of products from the reactant mixture. The control system is responsive to deviations outside a predetermined range of halide level that has been selected to obtain a ratio of a yield of an alkylate gasoline and a yield of a middle distillate from 0.31 to 4.0 in the product from the alkylation reactor.10-27-2011
20100068103Control of pH in formaldehyde-free binder systems - A system for controlling the pH of a formaldehyde-free aqueous binder composition used in the manufacture of glass fiber products. Following the formation of an aqueous binder composition, acid is added to the composition to reduce the pH to less than about 3.4. After the acid is combined with the aqueous binder composition, the pH of the composition is measured and then compared within a pre-set set point. The rate of acid addition is then adjusted thereby adjusting the pH of the composition such that the measured pH equals the set point pH. The pH measurement is preferably done before the addition of other additives to avoid interference by those additives.03-18-2010
20120027643Process and apparatus for generating hydrogen - A solution is to be created, with a method and a device for generating hydrogen, in which silicon and/or an alloy that contains silicon is reacted in a reaction vessel (02-02-2012
20100040508Apparatus for producing amorphous silica ash - The invention provides apparatus and a method for exothermic treatment of feed material to provide an ash. The apparatus includes a housing extending about a central axis and having first and second ends, and a central mixing zone adjacent the first end. A material intake carries the feed material into the housing and gas enters through a first gas inlet at the first end through guides to create an inner vortex extending axially about said axis and the gas then follows an outer vortex which also extends axially but in the opposite direction from that of the inner vortex. However the inner and outer vortices rotate in the same direction. A gas outlet is positioned to receive spent gas from the housing and an ash outlet is positioned remotely from the mixing zone to receive the ash. If preferred, the position of the ash outlet may be incorporated into the gas outlet. A control system is provided to limit the temperature in the feed material in the housing. As a result, in operation, gases can be fed into the first and second gas inlets carrying sufficient oxygen for exothermic combustion of the feed material and having a flow rate to create said inner and outer vortices. The outer vortex meets the inner vortex in the mixing zone to mix both with the inner vortex and with the feed material which will be subjected to exothermic combustion as the feed material is entrained in the inner and outer vortices. The material will pass through the mixing zone repeatedly until the feed material is converted to the desired ash having escape criteria needed to reach and exit through the ash outlet.02-18-2010
20100028216Apparatus for Generating Hydrogen Gas Using Composition for Generating Hydrogen Gas and Composition for Generating Hydrogen Gas - The present invention relates to an apparatus for generating hydrogen gas using a composition for generating hydrogen gas, which generates hydrogen gas (H02-04-2010
20110318231Carbon Dioxide Capture System for Diminution of Global CO2 Levels - A system is demonstrated which captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by introducing air into the vehicle at high speeds and reacting such air with hydroxide-containing material. System comprises means for introducing air into vehicle, means for reacting the air in reaction vessels and means for stopping the carbon dioxide scrubbing once a predetermined carbonate concentration is reached in the solution.12-29-2011
20120045370MICROREACTOR SYSTEM - In relation to a microreactor, and also a microreactor system applying the same therein, not producing any dead volume therein, and thereby achieving a high level of mixing properties even at a low solution flow rate and having a simple structure thereof, disclosed herein are a microreactor and microreactor system, comprising a channel for mixing up at least two (2) types of fluids, and thereby conducting mixing/reacting of fluids by conducting the mixing/reacting of the fluids at least one (1) time, i.e., being suitable for so-called a multi-step reaction.02-23-2012
20120003125EXHAUST GAS PURIFICATION APPARATUS - An exhaust gas purification apparatus 01-05-2012
20120014838CONTROLLER FOR PLANT - A controller for a plant that controls a controlled variable for the plant in accordance with estimated values, allowing to reduce any error in the estimated values that is caused by solid variation or aging of the plant. A controller for an exhaust emission control system has an estimated Inert-EGR value calculation section (01-19-2012
20120114529SCAVENGING OXYGEN - A closure (05-10-2012
20090123341STEAM STERILIZING SYSTEM - A steam steriliser is described wherein the means of generation of the vacuum is a vacuum pump functioning in conditions of saturated or almost saturated steam at high temperatures, without a cooling system, and comprising a circuit of lubrication with a tank, wherein a lubricant fluid circulates, resistant to high temperatures and with high anti-emulsifying power, with means of filtration able to separate the steam from the lubricator fluid.05-14-2009
20120121468System For The Conversion Of Carbonaceous Feedstocks To A Gas Of A Specified Composition - The present invention provides a carbonaceous feedstock gasification system with integrated control subsystem. The system generally comprises, in various combinations, a gasification reactor vessel (or converter) having one or more processing zones and one or more plasma heat sources, a solid residue handling subsystem, a gas quality conditioning subsystem, as well as an integrated control subsystem for managing the overall energetics of the conversion of the carbonaceous feedstock to energy, as well as maintaining all aspects of the gasification processes at an optimal set point. The gasification system may also optionally comprise a heat recovery subsystem and/or a product gas regulating subsystem.05-17-2012
20120128538ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE MICROREACTOR - Technologies are generally described for adjusting a pressure in a microreactor system. An example microreactor system may include a reaction chamber, wherein the reaction chamber is effective to receive at least one reactant, and carry out a reaction on the reactant to produce a product. An example method may comprise controlling a first electroosmotic pump to drive a first fluid toward the reaction chamber with a first force. In some examples. the method may further comprise controlling a second electroosmotic pump to drive a second fluid toward the reaction chamber with a second force. In some examples, the method may further comprise carrying out the reaction on the reactants in the reaction chamber to produce the product. The first and the second forces may be effective to generate a pressure inside the reaction chamber, where the pressure is greater than one atmosphere.05-24-2012
20100047133Exhaust Gas Purifying Apparatus for Internal Combustion Engine - The present invention has an object to provide an exhaust gas purifying apparatus for an internal combustion engine capable of obtaining accurate temperature information relating to a catalyst placed in an exhaust passage of the internal combustion engine. The degree of influence emthc of a catalyst inlet gas temperature and catalyst rear end temperature ethuf[end] is calculated (Step 02-25-2010
20120177539HYDROCARBON SYNTHESIS REACTION APPARATUS, HYDROCARBON SYNTHESIS REACTION SYSTEM, AND HYDROCARBON SYNTHESIS REACTION METHOD - A hydrocarbon synthesis reaction apparatus includes a reactor, and a synthesis gas supply line through which a synthesis gas is supplied to the reactor, and syntheses hydrocarbons by contacting the synthesis gas and the catalyst slurry in the reactor. The hydrocarbon synthesis reaction apparatus includes a spare supply line which is connected to the synthesis gas supply line, and supplies inert gas or hydrogen gas to the reactor through the synthesis gas supply line when supply of the synthesis gas to the synthesis gas supply line from the synthesis gas supply device is stopped, and a fluid heating device which heats at least one of a fluid which flows through a flowing line of the synthesis gas supply line located closer to the reactor than a portion connected with the spare supply line, and a fluid which flows through the spare supply line.07-12-2012
20130022503AIR PURIFIER - An air purifier is provided which can effectively purify the air for a long period of time without increasing the capacity of an internal power supply and an external power supply. A control section determines, by means of a power supply detection circuit, whether or not the external power supplies power. The control section causes an ion generator drive circuit and a fan motor drive circuit to perform operations in accordance with the determination. For example, the control section causes the ion generator drive circuit and the fan motor drive circuit to perform continuous operation in a case where the external power supply supplies power, and causes them to perform intermittent operation in a case where the external power supply does not supply power.01-24-2013
20110274586Plasmon Filter - A plasmon filter may include an element supportive of plasmon energy and having a plurality of openings through which a material may pass. A system includes a fluid filter supportive of evanescent energy, an evanescent field generator, a sensor, and/or other components. A corresponding method may include generating plasmons on the filter and exposing a material to the plasmon energy.11-10-2011
20130136658REACTORS FOR CONDUCTING THERMOCHEMICAL PROCESSES WITH SOLAR HEAT INPUT, AND ASSOCIATED SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Reactors for conducting thermochemical processes with solar heat input, and associated systems and methods. A representative system includes a reactor having a reaction zone, a reactant source coupled in fluid in communication with the reactant zone, and a solar concentrator having at least one concentrator surface positionable to direct solar energy to a focal area. The system can further include an actuator coupled to the solar concentrator to move the solar concentrator relative to the sun, and a controller operatively coupled to the actuator. The controller can be programmed with instructions that direct the actuator to position the solar concentrator to focus the solar energy on the reaction zone when the solar energy is above a threshold level, and point to a location in the sky having relatively little radiant energy to cool an object when the solar energy is below the threshold level.05-30-2013
20100316532FUEL REFORMING DEVICE - Provided is a fuel reforming device, which can produce and supply a reformed gas in quick response to a demand for the reformed gas and which is so inexpensive as can be suitably mounted on a vehicle. The fuel reforming device feeds a material to a reforming catalyst and produces the reformed gas under a pressure higher than the atmospheric pressure. The fuel reforming device comprises a material supply means for supplying the material to the reforming catalyst, a reforming means having the reforming catalyst, for reforming the material supplied from the material supply means, to produce the reformed gas, and a run control means for controlling the run of the fuel reforming device. The run control means includes a stop mode, in which the drive of the material supply means is stopped to stop the production of the reformed gas, a reform mode, in which the material supply means is driven to produce the reformed gas, and a standby mode, in which the material supply means is driven and in which the temperature of the reforming catalyst is held within a predetermined range while producing the reformed gas as little as possible, so that the standby mode can shift instantly to the reform mode.12-16-2010
20110311398ZERO-HEAT-BURDEN FLUIDIZED BED REACTOR FOR HYDRO-CHLORINATION OF SiCl4 and M.G.-Si - A fluidized bed reactor for producing chlorosilanes from silicon tetrachloride (SiCl12-22-2011
20120093690SYSTEM AND METHOD OF SUBSTITUTE NATURAL GAS PRODUCTION - A system includes a radiant syngas cooler (RSC). The RSC includes cooling tubing configured to transmit a fluid. The RSC is configured to have a heat transfer area such that the RSC generates a pressure and a temperature of the fluid exiting the RSC to a level allowing for superheating of the fluid to between approximately 750° Fahrenheit and approximately 850° Fahrenheit. Additionally, the heat transfer area is determined based on an amount of heat to be transferred to the fluid as the fluid passes through a heat exchanger in a first path external to the RSC.04-19-2012