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Pipette or other volumetric fluid transfer means

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422 - Chemical apparatus and process disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving, or sterilizing


422099000 - Miscellaneous laboratory apparatus and elements, per se

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20080317639SAMPLE DISPENSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A sample dispensing apparatus and method for dispensing a sample such as blood and urine collected for inspection from one vessel to another are provided wherein the remaining quantity of a primary sample can be reduced without disturbing the primary sample. When clogging by a separating agent is detected during suction of a sample such as blood and urine collected for inspection, the sample dispensing apparatus performs raising of an aliquot head such that an opening at the free end of a nozzle tip does not come out of the sample liquid surface to dissolve clogging; sucking of the sample under the residual pressure; and additionally sucking of a fixed quantity of the sample to reduce the remaining quantity of the sample.12-25-2008
20090196797Electronic Pipettor With Improved Accuracy - A hand-held electronic pipettor is designed particularly to be programmed and operated with one hand for the convenience of the user. It uses a capacitance touchpad control for programming, and a separate run button for the operating mode. Internal components are located so that the center of gravity of the pipettor is located within the palm of the user. Flash memory stores an empirically derived table that correlates aspiration volume to motor steps and a separate empirically derived table the correlates dispensing volumes to motor steps.08-06-2009
20080317638SYRINGE BARREL AND CYLINDER HOLDER - An arcuate guide projection is provided on a front surface of a flange of a syringe barrel and an arcuate guide groove for guiding the guide projection is provided on a front sidewall surface of a flange insert groove of a cylinder holder. When the syringe is mounted, the guide projection and the guide groove are brought into engagement thereby preventing the flange from slipping off upwardly.12-25-2008
20090123338BUBBLE-RESISTANT INJECTOR PORT FOR FLUIDIC DEVICES - An bubble-resistant injector port for fluidic and microfluidic devices includes an air-exhaustion feature to reduce the inclusion of bubbles or voids in injected samples, particularly in samples injected by a micropipette. The air-exhaustion feature comprises an air-exhaustion cavity in gas communication with the injector port through a narrowed channel that permits a flow of air into the cavity, while impeding a flow of injected liquid into the cavity.05-14-2009
20090191098High Density Plate Filler - A filling apparatus for filling a microplate. The microplate having a plurality of wells each sized to receive an assay. The filling apparatus can comprise an assay input layer having a first surface and an opposing second surface. The assay input layer can comprise an assay input port extending from the first surface to the second surface and at least one pressure nodule extending from the second surface. An output layer can comprise a plurality of staging capillaries each having an inlet and an outlet. The output layer can further comprise a capillary plane disposed above the plurality of staging capillaries in fluid communication with the assay input port. The capillary plane can be sized to draw the assay from the assay input port to generally flood fill the plurality of staging capillaries.07-30-2009
20090191097DISPENSATION TIP, REACTION KIT USING THE SAME, AND DISPENSATION TIP DRIVE MECHANISM - A surrounding environment and a solution to be dispensed are prevented from being polluted by aerosol inside a dispensation tip. A dispensation tip 07-30-2009
20100034706Disposable Pipette Tip - In one aspect, the invention relates to a pipette tip mounting shaft configuration and a disposable pipette tip having a matching configuration. The mounting shaft includes a locking section located above a lower sealing section. The locking section has outwardly extending locking lobes located above a stop member and a lower sealing section located below the stop member. In certain embodiments, the diameter of the mounting shaft below the stop member is reduced in order to lessen insertion and ejection forces, which is particularly helpful for hand-held multi-channel pipettors. In these embodiments, the lower sealing section contains either a frustoconical sealing section, or an annular groove and a sealing ring, such as a flouroelastomeric O-ring seal. When the mounting shaft is fully inserted into the collar of the mating disposable pipette tip, the tip locks onto the mounting shaft. The bore of the pipette tip includes a circumferential shelf or shoulder separating its upper collar from the tip sealing area which is located below the circumferential shelf. The tip collar preferably includes a locking ring located at or near the upper opening for the mounting shaft. The dimensions of the collar, and in particular the distance between its circumferential shelf and the locking ring, are selected to match the dimensions of the mounting shaft between the stop member and the upper end of the locking lobes, thus locking the pipette tip in a secure, reliable position and orientation while using ergonomic insertion and ejection forces. The locking lobes preferably include a ramp portion that gently flexes and distorts the pipette tip collar out of round as the mounting shaft is inserted in the pipette tip, rather than stretching the tip collar. The circumferential shelf on the pipette tip between the tip collar and the barrel isolates the sealing area at the upper end of the barrel from distortion, thus facilitating reliable sealing engagement between the lower sealing section of the mounting shaft and the sealing ring in the upper end of the barrel of the pipette tip.02-11-2010
20100074802MICROVOLUME LIQUID DISPENSING DEVICE - A microvolume liquid dispensing device capable of automatically dispensing a predetermined volume of a microvolume liquid placed from the outside. Because one surface of a main flow path (03-25-2010
20090246085Liquid Handling System and Methods for Mixing and Delivering Liquid Reagents - A liquid storage apparatus provides a safe and easy to use device for efficiently managing liquid reagents used in a variety of laboratory equipment. The liquid storage apparatus helps reduce the likelihood of accidents, allows for flexibility of experimental design, and helps maximize the use of chemical regents to prevent waste. The apparatus includes a plurality of containers with a pierceable septum interface at each end. The apparatus also includes a lower array of needles with each of the lower needles in the lower array of needles arranged to penetrate the bottom pierceable septum of a different one of the containers. The apparatus further includes a piercing device arranged to penetrate the top pierceable septum of a different one of the containers. Each of the piercing devices include a passageway so gas can flow into the pierced container.10-01-2009
20100104477MICROFLUIDIC ROTARY FLOW REACTOR MATRIX - A microfluidic device comprises a matrix of rotary flow reactors. The microfluidic matrix device offers a solution to the “world-to-chip” interface problem by accomplishing two important goals simultaneously: an economy of scale in reagent consumption is achieved, while simultaneously minimizing pipetting steps. N04-29-2010
20100104478SAMPLE ANALYZER - The present invention is to present a sample analyzer comprising: a reagent container holder for holding a reagent container for containing a reagent to be used for analyzing a sample; a measurement unit for measuring a value representing an amount of the reagent in the reagent container held by the reagent container holder; an instruction receiver for receiving an instruction to obtain a remaining amount of the reagent in the reagent container; a measurement controller for controlling the measurement unit so as to measure the value representing the amount of the reagent in the reagent container, when the instruction receiver has received the instruction; and a remaining reagent amount obtainer for obtaining remaining reagent amount information indicating the remaining amount of the reagent in the reagent container, based on a measurement result by the measurement unit.04-29-2010
20090155125MICROCHIP - A microchip is provided which includes a fluid circuit in which a first substrate having a groove provided on the surface of the substrate and a second substrate are bonded together. The fluid circuit includes at least a measuring portion for measuring the liquid and a flow path connected to one end of the measuring portion. The cross section of the measuring portion at the connecting position of the flow path and the measuring portion is shorter in length in the thickness direction of the microchip than the cross section of the flow path at the connecting position of the flow path and the measuring portion.06-18-2009
20090136384DEVICE FOR EXTRACTING, FRAGMENTING, MIXING AND HOMOGENIZING ESPECIALLY INFECTIOUS, MALODOROUS, CHEMICALLY CORROSIVE OR STERILE SUBSTANCES - A device for extracting and fragmenting substances, especially infectious or malodorous substances, in a laboratory test vessel (05-28-2009
20080305012Method and Device For Checking Whether a Liquid Transfer Has Been Successful - The invention relates to a method for checking whether the transfer of liquid samples has been successful. In said method, a pipetting system or a dispensing system is made to transfer a liquid sample (12-11-2008
20090092521APPARATUS FOR HANDLING PIPET TIPS - A pipet tip handling apparatus comprises a deep well plate that has a plurality of wells. Each of a first plurality of pipet tips has a head portion and a shank portion. A first tray is seated on the deep well plate and has openings for receiving the first pipet tips. The shank portions of the first pipet tips extend through the openings in the first tray and into the wells of the deep well plate. Each of a second plurality of pipet tips has a head portion and a shank portion. A second tray includes openings for receiving the second pipet tips. The shank portions of the second pipet tips extend through the openings of the second tray and into the head portions of the first pipet tips. The head portions of the first pipet tips support the second tray.04-09-2009
20090246086MICROFLUIDIC NETWORK AND METHOD - A microfluidic network comprising a plurality of droplet emitters forming droplets of a first fluid in a second fluid immiscible in the first fluid to produce an outlet stream of droplets, wherein each of the emitters are in fluid communication with each other via the network and all have an auto-synchronised droplet formation frequency by hydrodynamic interaction between the emitters is provided. The synchronisation gives a surprisingly narrow droplet size distribution for the network.10-01-2009
20090220387MICRO PUMP DEVICE - A micro pump device comprises a structure of chamber with centrally symmetric crossection, a needle compression unit and a traditional fluid extraction and injection unit. The needle compression unit combines with the chamber. The symmetric crossection is utilized to generate fine change in volume for fluid withdraw or discharge. It can be applied as a basic element to products requiring fine fluid withdraw and discharge resolution.09-03-2009
20090010810PRECISION LIQUID DISPENSING SYSTEM - A system for dispensing microdrops of reagent in small, precisely metered quantities maintains the fluid reagent to be dispensed in a reservoir under a controlled pressure. The reagent is dispensed through multiple nozzles connected to solenoid-actuated valves that control the flow of the reagent from the reservoir to the nozzles. Each valve is connected to one of the nozzles and electrical pulses are supplied separately to each of the valves to separately control the opening and closing of each valve to dispense predetermined quantities of the reagent through each nozzle at predetermined times.01-08-2009
20090010809MANUAL PIPETTE FILLER - A pipette device for aspirating and dispensing liquid, the pipette device comprising: a housing including a handgrip portion; and a bulb contained within the handgrip portion of the housing, the bulb compressible by a user to facilitate aspirating and dispensing of liquid.01-08-2009
20100034705Negative dead volume syringe - A negative dead volume syringe comprising a body defining a chamber, a syringe tip disposed at a distal end of the chamber and having a tip passageway therethrough in open communication with the chamber, a rod extending from a first end within the chamber to a second end coupleable to a motor to produce bidirectional motion of the rod, and a plunger tip having a proximal portion coupled to the first end of the rod, a medial portion distally extending from said proximal portion and shaped to complement the tip passageway, and a tip extension distally extending from said medial portion and shaped to be received within a dead volume defined by a passageway of a valve coupleable to the syringe tip wherein the plunger tip ensures evacuation of fluid and air from the chamber, syringe tip, and dead volume of the valve upon distal displacement of the rod.02-11-2010
20100034704MICROFLUIDIC CARTRIDGE CHANNEL WITH REDUCED BUBBLE FORMATION - A microfluidic cartridge may have a microfluidic channel that is configured to reduce or eliminate bubble formation in liquids disposed within or flowing through the microfluidic channel. In some cases, the microfluidic channel may be considered as having a channel surface, and a polymeric coating or film may be disposed on the channel surface to help reduce or eliminate bubble formation in liquids disposed within or flowing through the channel. In some cases, the polymer coating or film may be formed from a block copolymer having a hydrophobic portion that bonds to the channel surface and a hydrophilic portion that reduces surface tension of the channel surface.02-11-2010
20100266454Metering Device - A metering device for utilisation with a syringe, which features on a syringe cylinder a fastening portion with at least one axially directed sensing surface projecting from the upside, and at least one alignment nose projecting from the outer perimeter of the fastening portion, and a plunger with a plunger rod, the metering device having an accommodation for the fastening portion of the syringe cylinder, the accommodation having an axial opening for axially inserting the fastening portion into a fastening position, a sensing device disposed in the accommodation with at least one sensing means projecting from a basis surface of the sensing device facing the axial opening, for sensing the at least one sensing surface of a fastening portion inserted in a fastening position.10-21-2010
20100266453PIPETTE WITH ADJUSTABLE VOLUME OF ASPIRATED LIQUID - Pipette with adjustable volume of aspirated liquid built of a handle (10-21-2010
20090104079Liquid end assembly for a handheld multichannel pipette with adjustable nozzle spacing - A handheld multichannel pipette includes multiple fluid-handling nozzles and a rotary adjustment mechanism for adjusting the width of a pattern of nozzles while maintaining equal spacing between pairs of nozzles. Embodiments of the adjustable-spacing multichannel pipette include an adjustable stop mechanism.04-23-2009
20090274587MULTI-CHANNEL PIPETTOR WITH REPOSITIONABLE TIPS - A hand-held, multi-channel pipettor has an electronically controlled motor to reposition pipette tips for different center to center spacing. Each repositionable tip fitting assembly has a cam following pin that is driven by cam tracks in a motor driven roller drum. Stationary ports for the multiple aspiration cylinders are strategically placed to simplify management of flexible tubes leading to the repositionable pipette tip fitting assemblies. The pipettor has a user interface that can be operated conveniently by one hand to reposition pipette tips. It has a pipette tip ejection mechanism with a sinusoidal stripper bar.11-05-2009
20100266455DEVICE AND A METHOD FOR PROMOTING CRYSTALLISATION - A method of producing a microfluidic device for promoting target molecule crystallization growth for example for growth of macromolecules such as proteins, nucleic acids and/or carbohydrates Also, a microfluidic device for promoting crystallization of a target molecule from a solution of said target molecule and a liquid precipitant.10-21-2010
20100266456COMPLIANT MICROFLUIDIC SAMPLE PROCESSING DEVICE - Microfluidic sample processing disks with a plurality of fluid structures formed therein are disclosed. Each of the fluid structures preferably includes an input well and one or more process chambers connected to the input well by one or more delivery channels. The process chambers may be arranged in a compliant annular processing ring that is adapted to conform to the shape of an underlying thermal transfer surface under pressure. That compliance may be delivered in the disks of the present invention by locating the process chambers in an annular processing ring in which a majority of the volume is occupied by the process chambers. Compliance within the annular processing ring may alternatively be provided by a composite structure within the annular processing ring that includes covers attached to a body using pressure sensitive adhesive.10-21-2010
20080260590Handheld and/or mountable fluid-ejection device having removable tip with cap - A fluid-ejection device includes a handheld and/or mountable enclosure, a removable tip, a cap, a pneumatic fitting, and a controller. The removable tip has a fluid-ejection mechanism located at an end thereof. The cap is disposed on the end of the removable tip such that just the fluid-ejection mechanism is exposed through the cap. The pneumatic fitting extends from the enclosure and is receptive to placement of the removable tip thereon. The controller is situated within the enclosure to cause the removable tip to eject fluid.10-23-2008
20100196211Volumetric Pipet - The invention relates to a kind of volumetric pipet. It includes an outer casing. At the lower part of the outer casing, there is a fetching mouth which is detachably mounted to a liquid container. At the top of the outer casing, there is a detachably sealed top cover. Inside the outer casing, there is a hollow core with a top opening. There is an inlet mouth on the side wall of the core that corresponds to the fetching mouth. The internal wall of the outer casing can slide against the external wall of the core. The core's rotating or sliding along its longitudinal orientation makes the fetching mouth and the inlet mouth correspond or stagger. This invention provides an easy-to-operate, precise rationing, quick and sanitary volumetric pipet.08-05-2010
20100098594Modular and Reconfigurable Multi-Stage Microreactor Cartridge Apparatus - A modular and reconfigurable multi-stage microreactor cartridge apparatus provides a manifold for removably attaching multiple microfluidic components such as microreactors. The microfluidic components are attached at microfluidic component ports having two input/output terminals, which microfluidic component ports are connected via connections internal to the manifold to other microfluidic component ports providing a microfluidic circuit. The microfluidic component may be a microfluidic circuit plug-in or a cartridge having a mounting block with two input/output terminals and a fastener aperture and fluidic tubing having a first and second transport portion and a body portion, the three portions being disposed in substantially parallel planes and the body portion being would in a coil around a spool. The coil is connected to the mounting block by either epoxy protector or L-bracket. The cartridge has a first and a second remote input/output terminal connected to the first and second transport lines respectively.04-22-2010
20090202392PIPETTE TIP - A pipette tip formed by a polypropylene substrate coated with a water repellent agent. The water repellent agent contains a silicone resin containing at least one specific substance selected from the group consisting of diisononyl phthalate, diisodecyl phthalate, trioctyl trimellitate and poly (1,3-butanediol adipate). The total mass of the specific substance is 1-30 mass % of the silicone resin.08-13-2009
20090074622PIPETTOR SOFTWARE INTERFACE - A hand-held electronic pipettor includes menu driven software for controlling the information displayed on the user interface display, for inputting information to program the pipettor and for controlling the operation of the pipettor.03-19-2009
20080286158LIQUID DISPENSING APPARATUS - The present invention provides a liquid dispensing apparatus which makes it possible to correctly and easily detect a dispensing operation judgment failure with high accuracy without particularly using a complicated detection mechanism or means. The present invention provides a liquid dispensing apparatus comprising: a nozzle which sucks a solution in a cassette and dispenses the sucked solution into another cassette; and a cassette holder which holds the another cassette; wherein the nozzle is used as a first electrode and the cassette holder as a second electrode; and wherein the liquid dispensing apparatus includes measurement means for measuring a capacitance between the first and second electrodes between the time before the start of solution dispensing operation and the time immediately after the end thereof.11-20-2008
20080206109Electric Pipette - The invention relates to an electric pipette (08-28-2008
20100111769Pipette Device System and Micropipette Thereof - A pipette device system and micropipette thereof is disclosed. The micropipette is disposed on the pipette device system and includes a pipe body, a rotating shaft and a swing member. A rotating hole and an engaging hole of the pipe body are connected with each other. A receiving hole and a discharging hole are formed in the pipe body and connected with the rotating hole. The rotating shaft is disposed in the rotating hole and has a connecting hole and a switching hole. A first connecting opening and a second connecting opening of the connecting hole are respectively connected with the receiving hole and the discharging hole. The switching hole has a third connecting opening and is connected with the connecting hole. The swing member is fixed on two ends of the rotating shaft. The present invention can implement the multiple micro-dispensation based on the simple structure and movement manner.05-06-2010
20100111770Microfluidic Chip and Method of Fabricating The Same - Provided are a microfluidic structure including a polysiloxane layer and a method of fabricating the microfluidic structure. The polysiloxane layer is coupled to substrates via a SiO05-06-2010
20080241001Protease Inhibitor Sample Collection System - A collection container and a method for collecting a biological sample, particularly whole blood, includes at least one stabilizing agent in an amount effective to stabilize and inhibit protein degradation and/or fragmentation. The stabilizing agent is able to stabilize proteases in the biological sample, particularly at the point of collection, by inhibiting protein degradation and/or fragmentation in the sample when the sample is stored. The stabilizing agent comprises or consists of one or more protease inhibitors.10-02-2008
20100135859MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE HAVING REGULATED FLUID TRANSFER BETWEEN ELEMENTS LOCATED THEREIN - A centrifugal microfluidic device includes a substrate configured for rotation about an axis, the substrate having a start chamber disposed therein, the start chamber configured to hold a liquid. The device includes an output chamber disposed in the substrate and located radially outward of the start chamber. A fluid transfer channel connects the start chamber to the output chamber. A ventilation channel connects the output chamber to the start chamber, the ventilation channel connecting at one end to a radially inward portion of the start chamber and at an opposing end to a junction point on the output chamber. A vent hole is provided in the substrate that is operatively connected to the output chamber. The location of the junction between the ventilation channel and the output chamber is located radially outward with respect to the level of fluid in the start chamber so as to prevent cross-contamination.06-03-2010
20080199361Hand-held pipetting device - A hand-held pipetting device for drawing liquid into and dispensing liquid from a pipette includes head and handle portions that are rotatably connected together. One or more extender modules may be connected between the head and handle portions. The handle portion includes a normally biased trigger mechanism that crimps flexible aspirating and dispensing conduits. Pressure against the conduits may be released by squeezing the trigger mechanism so that one or more of the conduits is partially or fully opened. A pipette holder is rotatably and removably connected to the head portion. When the holder is rotated, the attached pipette can be positioned generally vertically or at an angle with respect to the pipetting device.08-21-2008
20080240999PIPETTE TIP TRANSFER SYSTEM - A pipette tip transfer and storage system includes a transfer tray configured to receive and store a plurality of pipette tips. The transfer tray includes a means of grasping the tray so that it may be inserted and removed from a storage container. The storage container includes a lower base unit for receiving and storing the transfer tray and an upper lid unit configured to securely cover the base unit. The storage container includes ridges configured to register with and engage ridges on the transfer tray to effect a secure fit between the storage container and the transfer tray. The lid unit includes ridges along an upper surface configured to register with the lower surface of a base unit, allowing a plurality of storage containers to be stored in a stacked configuration.10-02-2008
20080292505Disposable safety pipet - A disposable safety pasteur pipet having an integral elongated stem 11-27-2008
20080241000Systems for pathogen detection - The present disclosure relates to methods, systems, devices, and microfluidic chips that may be used for the detection of pathogens.10-02-2008
20080267828Micro-Volume Liquid Ejection System - The present invention relates to a micro-volume liquid ejection system, including an air pressure module, a micro-ejection unit which is connected with the air pressure module by means of pipes, and a control circuit which is connected with the air pressure module and the micro-ejection unit respectively. In the present invention, due to air is used as the pressure medium, on one hand, as the sample does not contact with the pressure regulating module, the efficiency of cleaning process is improved, on the other hand, the volume of the sample needed in the sample ejecting process is only equal to the cavity-dimension of the micro-ejection unit by not need to fill the whole pipe with liquid. During the sample ejecting process, it is not need to regulate the pressure. After the sample ejecting is finished, the sample can be put into its original place, so as to greatly save the sample. The present invention is connected with the manipulator, so as to sample from the sample plate, eject sample and clean the pipes automatically, and it can also dispense a multiplicity of samples to micro-array substrate conveniently. The present invention can be used for transferring or dispensing the micro volume liquid of nL grade and L grade widely, and all kinds of the micro-volume liquid including biological liquid.10-30-2008
20080286157LOCKING PIPETTE TIP AND MOUNTING SHAFT - In one aspect, the invention relates to a pipette tip mounting shaft configuration and a disposable pipette tip having a matching configuration. The mounting shaft includes a locking section located above a lower sealing section. The locking section has outwardly extending locking lobes located above a stop member and a lower sealing section located below the stop member. In certain embodiments, the diameter of the mounting shaft below the stop member is reduced in order to lessen insertion and ejection forces, which is particularly helpful for hand-held multi-channel pipettors. In these embodiments, the lower sealing section contains either a frustoconical sealing section, or an annular groove and a sealing ring, such as a flouroelastomeric O-ring seal. When the mounting shaft is fully inserted into the collar of the mating disposable pipette tip, the tip locks onto the mounting shaft. The bore of the pipette tip includes a circumferential shelf or shoulder separating its upper collar from the tip sealing area which is located below the circumferential shelf. The tip collar preferably includes a locking ring located at or near the upper opening for the mounting shaft. The dimensions of the collar, and in particular the distance between its circumferential shelf and the locking ring, are selected to match the dimensions of the mounting shaft between the stop member and the upper end of the locking lobes, thus locking the pipette tip in a secure, reliable position and orientation while using ergonomic insertion and ejection forces. The locking lobes preferably include a ramp portion that gently flexes and distorts the pipette tip collar out of round as the mounting shaft is inserted in the pipette tip, rather than stretching the tip collar. The circumferential shelf on the pipette tip between the tip collar and the barrel isolates the sealing area at the upper end of the barrel from distortion, thus facilitating reliable sealing engagement between the lower sealing section of the mounting shaft and the sealing ring in the upper end of the barrel of the pipette tip.11-20-2008
20100008827METERING DOSES OF SAMPLE LIQUIDS - A device and method of metering and mixing a dose of a sample liquid with a diluent liquid includes introducing a sample liquid into a channel defined in a housing. The housing defines a pocket open to the channel and sized to both collect a metered dose of the sample liquid, and to retain the collected dose by capillary force when the channel is emptied. The sample liquid is then removed from the channel under conditions that enable retention of the collected, metered dose of the sample liquid in the pocket. Following a cleaning step, a volume of diluent liquid is introduced into the channel to induce diffusion and mixing of the diluent liquid with the dose of sample liquid to form a mixture.01-14-2010
20090257921Apparatus for Dispensing Material - An apparatus capable of dispensing drops of material with volumes on the order of zeptoliters is described. In some embodiments of the inventive pipette the size of the droplets so dispensed is determined by the size of a hole, or channel, through a carbon shell encapsulating a reservoir that contains material to be dispensed. The channel may be formed by irradiation with an electron beam or other high-energy beam capable of focusing to a spot size less than about 5 nanometers. In some embodiments, the dispensed droplet remains attached to the pipette by a small thread of material, an atomic scale meniscus, forming a virtually free-standing droplet. In some embodiments the droplet may wet the pipette tip and take on attributes of supported drops. Methods for fabricating and using the pipette are also described.10-15-2009
20090098024DISPENSING MECHANISM, DISPENSING APPARATUS AND DISPENSING METHOD FOR LIQUID TO BE DISPENSED - There is provided a dispensing mechanism for a liquid to be dispensed that does not damage microspherical bodies such as an erythrocyte and a liposome in the liquid to be dispensed when the liquid to be dispensed such as a sample and test liquid is sucked/discharged with a pipette.04-16-2009
20090081084Low Dead Volume Extraction Column Device - The invention provides extraction columns for the purification of an analyte (e.g., a biological macromolecule, such as a peptide, protein or nucleic acid) from a sample solution, as well as methods for making and using such columns. The invention is characterized by the use of low dead volume columns, which is achieved in part by the use of low pore volume frits (e.g., membrane screens) to contain a bed of extraction media in the column. Low dead volume facilitates the elution of the captured analyte into a very small volume of desorption solution, allowing for the preparation of low volume samples containing relatively high concentrations of analyte.03-26-2009
20090220385LIQUID DISPENSING FOR HIGH-THROUGHPUT EXPERIMENTATION - Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer program products, implementing techniques for mixing liquid components. Quantities of two or more liquid components are transferred from pressurized source reservoirs to one or more destination locations by means of a fluid outlet that includes a dispense valve, and the two or more liquid components are mixed in the destination locations to create a plurality of fluid mixtures. Two or more dispensing technologies can be combined to provide for increased efficiency in the dispensing of high volume liquid components. The amounts of liquid components being dispensed can be monitored during the dispensing to provide feedback control of the dispensing.09-03-2009
20090220386Porous Sealing Material - A porous article of manufacture (a sealing material) which comprises sintered hydroxyalkylcellulose, for example, sintered hydroxypropylcellulose, or a sealing material which is capable of being formed into a porous article in the form of a filter and which is made by heating at least one gelling agent that has carboxyl functionality and at least one gelling agent that has hydroxyl functionality, preferably carboxylmethylcellulose (CMC) and hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC) respectively, and a method for preparing the same from a powdery admixture thereof, and a pipette which includes the sealing material in the form of a filter, and also including embodiments of a bilayer filter and of a trilayer filter, each of which comprises a composite of a filter of the present invention and a filter comprising porous sintered polyethylene, preferably ultra high-molecular weight polyethylene.09-03-2009
20080260592Discretely Adjustable Pipettor - A pipettor is provided of discretely adjusting the volume of fluid transferable by the pipettor in a pipetting operation. One or multiple piston assemblies, comprising pistons detached from the actuator of the pipettor, resilient members that urges the pistons toward initial positions, and independent adjusting mechanisms, such as slide-and-lock, facilitate discrete adjustments of the pipetting volume. The pipettor affords the operator to expediently adjust the pipetting volume, and to conveniently operate the pipettor using only one hand.10-23-2008
20090252652Apparatus And Method For Handling Fluids For Analysis - A reaction vessel with a bottom drain opening supporting a selected unpressured head of fluid by the surface tension of the fluid. A device processing zone includes a support for spaced rows of reaction vessels, passages communicating with their drain openings of supported vessels, and a pressure source for selectively draining fluid through the drain openings. Generally horizontal bar magnets are supported for selected vertical movement between the vessel rows. A dispensing head has X discharge openings selectively positionable over X selected reaction vessels. A metering pump mechanism selectively meters X a selected quantity of fluid a bulk supply (where X is at least four), and selectively pumps the metered selected quantities through the drain openings to the selected reaction vessels. Methods of drawing fluid from the vessels using the pressure source, and moving the magnets to form a pellet of analyte are also included.10-08-2009
20090117010PIPETTING APPARATUS WITH INTEGRATED LIQUID LEVEL AND/OR GAS BUBBLE DETECTION - A pipetting apparatus has a fluidic space to which a pressure transducer with a pressure sensor is attached with a gas filled space. The fluidic space is defined by a pipette tip, a first tubing that connects the pipette tip to a pump, and an active part of the pump. The pipetting apparatus further has an impulse generating mechanism that is in operative contact with a column of system liquid inside the fluidic space. The impulse generating mechanism induces a vertical movement in the system liquid column, which results in a pressure variation in the gas filled space that is pneumatically connected with the fluidic space. This pressure variation, as recorded with the pressure transducer and as processed by a first data processing unit during utilization of this pipetting apparatus, is taken as an indicator for the detection of penetration or of quitting of a surface of a liquid, with an orifice of the pipette tip, of which liquid an amount is to be aspirated and dispensed. This pressure variation is also taken as an indicator for the detection of the presence or the absence of gas bubbles in the system liquid contained in the fluidic space of this pipetting apparatus.05-07-2009
20090117008Two-phase pipette - The invention relates to a two-phase electronic pipette, in which the piston can be moved from the basic position to the lower position and in which the distance between basic position and lower position can be changed.05-07-2009
20100221149High Density Plate Filler - A filling apparatus for filling a microplate. The microplate having a plurality of wells each sized to receive an assay. The filling apparatus can comprise an output layer having a plurality of capillaries. Each of the plurality of capillaries can comprises an inlet and an outlet. A funnel assembly can comprise a funnel member sized to receive the assay. The funnel member can comprise an outlet for delivering a fluid bead of the assay along a top surface of the output layer and in fluid communication with each of the plurality of capillaries such that a portion of the fluid bead can be drawn within at least some of the plurality of capillaries in response to capillary force. The funnel assembly and the output layer can be moveable relative to each other between a first position and a second position to draw the fluid bead across the top surface.09-02-2010
20100226825Smart pipette with sensor in tip - The present invention relates to a pipette. More specifically, the invention relates to systems and methods for using the pipette. The pipette and system includes technological advancements which improve quality control and accuracy in pipetting operations.09-09-2010
20100221150APPARATUS FOR FILLING A SAMPLE VOLUME DEFINING DEVICE - An apparatus for filling a sample volume defining device for separating at least one small defined volume of a liquid sample from a relatively larger undefined volume of said sample, said device including a first body and a second body movable relative to each other, whereby said first body has at least one cavity in a surface thereof, said at least one cavity having said defined volume. One of said first or said second body has at least one inlet opening adapted to be placed in a drop of the liquid sample. A defined channel is provided between said first and second body, which channel has fluid connection with said at least one opening and at least beyond said at least one cavity whereby the dimensions of said channel being such that said channel and said at least one cavity is filled with said liquid sample.09-02-2010
20090074624LIQUID TRANSFER DEVICE - A liquid transfer device is provided for biochemical assay, including a pipette forming an interior space extending in an axial direction and having first and second ends. The first end forms an opening and the second end forms an enclosed variable volume, whereby variation of the volume causes a change of pressure to selectively induce a suction force and a releasing force in the pipette. An analysis container includes a plurality of receptacles retained by a slab. A film covers the slab to seal the container. A movement control device includes a manipulator that releasably holds the pipette and a tray that forms a cavity for receiving and retaining the container. The pipette and the tray are movable with respect to each other in order to fill/draw test agent into/out of the receptacles.03-19-2009
20090074625MICRO FLUIDICS MANIFOLD APPARATUS - A manifold device is provided for use with a valve assembly, an aspiration source and a dispensing source to transfer fluid from at least one of a plurality of fluid reservoirs to at least one test site on a substrate surface. The manifold device includes a manifold body that defines a plurality of fluid aspiration conduits, for fluid aspiration in an aspiration position, and a plurality of fluid dispensing conduits to selectively dispense at least one droplet of the corresponding liquid sample slug, in a dispensing position. In the aspiration position, the respective sample paths are out of fluid communication with the dispensing source and, in the dispensing position, the respective sample paths are out of fluid communication with the aspiration source.03-19-2009
20090074623MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE - Provided is a microfluidic device including a substrate; a chamber formed by a groove in a bottom surface of the substrate, whereby a fluid can be accommodated in the chamber; and an adhesive tape adhered to the bottom surface of the substrate, wherein the adhesive tape includes a polymer film and a silicone adhesive agent coated on the polymer film.03-19-2009
20090280033Pipette Tip Mounting And Ejection Assembly And Associated Pipette Tip - An air displacement pipette has a tubular pipette tip with an upper section surrounding a locking chamber, and a body section leading from the upper section and tapering downwardly to a reduced diameter end. A tubular mounting shaft on the pipette has a distal end configured and dimensioned for axial insertion into the locking chamber of the pipette tip. Coacting surfaces on the distal end of the mounting shaft and the upper section of the pipette tip establish an axially interengaged relationship between the pipette tip and the mounting shaft in response to insertion of the distal end of the mounting shaft into the locking chamber. A sleeve is axially shiftable on the mounting shaft between a retracted position accommodating the establishment of the axially interengaged relationship, and an advanced position disrupting the axially interengaged relationship to thereby accommodate axial ejection of the pipette tip from the mounting shaft.11-12-2009
20090068066LIQUID DISPENSING DEVICE - A liquid dispensing device. The liquid dispensing device has a tray for holding a liquid at a relatively constant level. A syringe is used for drawing fluid from the tray. A liquid container containing a liquid is positioned upside-down in the tray. Atmospheric pressure on the liquid in the tray and a vacuum inside the liquid container prevents liquid from draining from the container except when the liquid level in the tray drops to a level sufficient to allow air into the liquid container and to allow fluid to flow from the liquid container into the tray. The fluid flows from the liquid container into the tray until the level of liquid in the tray returns to the relatively constant level. The positioning of the syringe for drawing fluid is simplified in that the level of fluid in the tray is maintained at an approximately constant level despite withdrawal of quantities of fluid from the tray.03-12-2009
20090035186APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DISPENSING LIQUID UTILIZING FLOW OF FLUID - An apparatus for accurately and precisely aspirating and dispensing liquid from a in the nano-liter range without contacting the syringe tip to the target reservoir during dispensing; and a method to utilize such an apparatus. Such an apparatus utilizes a partially collapsible syringe tip that compresses when subjected to pressurized fluid around its outer surface area to discharge a liquid at the tip of said partially collapsible syringe tip with a high velocity. Such a discharge of liquid at such a high speed allows even the smallest amount of liquid in the nano-liter range to be dispensed to a target reservoir without contacting the target reservoir.02-05-2009
20090214391Microfluidic Device With Integrated Micropump, In Particular Biochemical Microreactor, And Manufacturing Method Thereof - A microfluidic device for nucleic acid analysis includes a monolithic semiconductor body (08-27-2009
20090214390Microfluidic connection - A microfluidic connection comprising a carrier element having a microfluidic channel fixed between a feeding element and a backplate. The feeding element comprises a channel adopted for feeding a fluid into the microfluidic channel of the carrier element. The backplate comprises a recess arranged opposing the feeding element and comprising an elastic thrust piece.08-27-2009
20100254858MICROCHANNEL STRUCTURES HAVING BONDED LAYERS INCLUDING HEIGHT CONTROL FEATURES - Patterned layers including height control features are stacked and bonded to form microchannels in a micro-fluidic device. The heights of the microchannels are determined by the height control features of the patterned layers. Side walls of the microchannels are partially formed or completely formed by the height control features. Layers are bonded together with a bonding agent disposed between the layers and outside the microchannels near the microchannel side walls. This approach provides numerous significant advantages. Material consumption can be reduced by up to 50%. Mass production can be made easier. Lateral dimensions of microchannels can be more readily controlled. Erosion of the bonding agent by flow through the microchannels can be greatly reduced.10-07-2010
20090129985HIGH-SPEED AUTOMATIC DISPENSING DEVICE WITH REPLACEABLE DISPENSING HEAD AND DISPENSING STATION - A high-speed automatic dispensing apparatus capable of preparing samples under different conditions, minimizing waste liquid materials, and realizing high productivity. A dispensing station is also provided. The high-speed automatic dispensing apparatus with a replaceable dispensing head comprises a dispensing head including a plurality of pipettes, a pipette head to which one end of a plunger extending to pass through each pipette is fixed, and a head body part abutting against the pipette head and allowing the pipettes to pass therethrough, a pipette head moving mechanism vertically moving the pipette head, and a drive mechanism horizontally and vertically moving the dispensing head. The dispensing station includes the high-speed automatic dispensing apparatus.05-21-2009
20100278698BELLOWS TYPE DISPENSING TIP, BELLOWS TYPE DISPENSING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF BELLOWS TYPE DISPENSING PROCESSING - There is provided a bellows type dispensing tip, a bellows type dispensing apparatus, and a method of bellows type dispensing processing that performs highly precise dispensing processing despite having a simple structure. The apparatus comprises; two or more bellows type dispensing tips having; an accommodating section that is capable of accommodating a liquid or gas in the interior thereof surrounded by a wall face, and that has a deformable deforming wall face in a portion of the wall face, and an opening section communicated with the accommodating section, through which the liquid to be suctioned/discharged can flow in and flow out due to expansion and contraction of the interior caused by deformation of the deforming wall face; and a dispensing head that supports one or two or more of the bellows type dispensing tips, and that performs suction/discharge of the liquid into or from the bellows type dispensing tip, by deforming the deforming wall face of the bellows type dispensing tip.11-04-2010
20100310427Ergonomic pipetting workstation - A workstation for pipetting provides for an ergonomic pipetting environment. Test tubes, centrifuge tubes, micro tubes and micro plates are inserted into a top plate, which is designed to hold such devices in a desired configuration. The top plate is adjustable with respect to height and planar angle, so that extensive pipetting efforts are less likely to result in repetitive stress related injuries.12-09-2010
20100310426REAGENT CARTRIDGE - A self dispensing reagent cartridge includes a vessel with a movable piston at one end and a puncturable self sealing septum at an opposite end. A hollow needle is located in alignment with the septum. The vessel is moved toward the needle to enable the needle to puncture the septum. The piston is then moved toward the septum to enable a predetermined amount of liquid in the vessel to be transferred outwardly of the vessel through the needle in an amount corresponding to the piston stroke.12-09-2010
20080247914Sample Preparation System And Method for Processing Clinical Specimens - A system and method for automated handling of vials containing liquid medical specimens is disclosed. The robotic system processes the specimens for further downstream molecular analysis. The processing comprises automated vial cap removal, pipetting of the vial contents, transfer of the vial contents to a destination tray such as a multiwell plate, and recapping of the vial.10-09-2008
20090317303FLEXIBLE DISPOSABLE TIP INTERFACE - A disposable pipette tip for releasably connecting with a pipette shaft is described, comprising an elongated flexible tubular interface having a central axis for connecting the pipette tip to the pipette shaft and an elongated tubular part extending from a distal tip opening to said tubular interface, wherein said elongated flexible tubular interface has a strain of more than of more than about 20% and wherein the extensibility of said elongated flexible tubular interface is reversible.12-24-2009
20090317302Microfluidic System Comprising MEMS Integrated Circuit - A microfluidic system comprising a MEMS integrated circuit. The MEMS integrated circuit comprises: a silicon substrate having one or more microfluidic channels defined therein; at least one layer of control circuitry for controlling one or more microfluidic devices; a MEMS layer comprising the microfluidic devices; and a polymeric layer covering the MEMS layer. Part of the polymeric layer provides a seal for the microfluidic devices.12-24-2009
20090317304Pipette Core Member, Pipette, and Pipette Device - A pipette core member is used in a pipette for sampling a sample. This pipette core member includes: a pump body including a reservoir communicated with one suction/discharge port of an electroosmotic flow pump, the electroosmotic flow pump and the reservoir being integrally formed; and a capillary connected to the electroosmotic flow pump and communicated with the other suction/discharge port of the electroosmotic flow pump. The capillary is secured to the pump body.12-24-2009
20090317301Bonded Microfluidics System Comprising MEMS-Actuated Microfluidic Devices - A microfluidic system comprising a MEMS integrated circuit bonded to a polymeric microfluidics platform. The system comprises one or more microfluidic devices. At least one of the microfluidic devices comprises a MEMS actuator positioned in a MEMS layer of the integrated circuit.12-24-2009
20080305011MICROFLUIDIC CHIP AND METHOD OF FABRICATING THE SAME - Provided are a microfluidic chip and a method of fabricating the same. The microfluidic chip includes: a lower substrate; an upper substrate formed of a silicone resin, wherein the lower substrate and the upper substrate, bonded together, provide a channel through which a fluid can flow and a chamber to receive the fluid; and an organic thin film formed on the upper surface of the lower substrate except for portions on which the lower substrate and the upper substrate are attached to each other.12-11-2008
20080279727Polymeric Fluid Transfer and Printing Devices - A method and apparatus for making a polymeric printhead having one or more pins for fluid transfer and printing, including the steps of forming a positive mold of the printhead using a bulk micromachining process, forming a negative mold of the printhead from the positive mold using an electroforming process, and forming the printhead from a polymeric material in the negative mold, the polymeric printhead being operative for fluid transfer and/or printing. Also, printheads and pins, holders and dispensing trays microfabricated from a polymeric materials for fluid transfer and printing.11-13-2008
20080253934AUTOMATIC PRECISION NON-CONTACT OPEN-LOOP FLUID DISPENSING - A rugged, all-electronic fluid dispensing system for use with pipettes or in other contexts indirectly measures fluid flow by using a non-linear system model to correlate vacuum existing at the top of a column of suspended fluid. Non-contact operation is provided to eliminate the need for contact-type closed-loop fluid flow sensing and associated potential cross-contamination risks. In one particular exemplary non-limiting illustrative implementation, an electronic controller within a gun-shaped, cordless self-contained pipetter housing dynamically calculates valve opening time based on a non-linear equation. Calibration is used to derive equation constants, and column vacuum pressure before the valve is opened is used as the independent variable to derive a valve opening time that will result in accurate dispensing of a desired programmed fluid quantity. Repetitive automatic dispensing with accuracies greater than 1% are possible within the context of a relatively inexpensive portable pipette or device without the need for mechanically-complex positive displacement arrangements.10-16-2008
20080253933Liquid Photometry - A photometric or spectrophotometric apparatus and method wherein a sample is contained in a pipette held between two surfaces, one containing a photometric or spectrophotometric source and the other a photometric or spectrophotometric detector and an optical path is established through the walls of the pipette tip and through the sample between the two surfaces. Use of a disposable pipette tip which may be left attached to pipette tip during sample analysis or reattached to the pipette device following analyses, provides a means to recover the sample for subsequent applications and manipulations, and enables especially small volume samples to be analysed.10-16-2008
20080253935METHODS OF MANIPULATING SMALL AMOUNTS OF SOLIDS - The invention relates to methods and apparatuses for manipulating small amounts of solids. Specific embodiments of the invention are particularly suited for the automated transfer of small amounts of solids. In one embodiment, a uniform powder bed is lightly compressed into plugs of powder and dispensed. In another embodiment, the solid is placed in a liquid carrier to form a slurry, dispensed, and the liquid component is subsequently removed. In yet another embodiment, solids are manipulated using adhesive surfaces.10-16-2008
20100080733NEEDLE ASSEMBLY FOR ASPIRATING AND DISPENSING FROM SEALED CONTAINERS - A needle assembly has at least one guide member supported by a first body for sliding movement between an extended position and a retracted position. A second body is attached to the guide member. A biasing member biases the guide member to the extended position. A liquid handling needle is coupled to the first body so sliding movement of the guide member toward the retracted position retracts the second body relative to the liquid handling needle. The second body is adapted to contact a sealed receptacle. The biasing member urges the guide member toward said extended position during insertion and during said removal of the needle from the receptacle whereby the second body remains in contact with the sealed receptacle as the guide member moves from its extended position to its retracted position during said insertion and from its retracted position to its extended position during said removal.04-01-2010
20100080734TIP PLATE FOR HIGH THROUGHPUT SCREENING APPLICATIONS - A pipette tip plate includes individual tips organized in ranks and files to match in pattern the array of wells in a standard well plate and held together by a web structure which permits individual tips to move into registration with individual pins of a robotic head.04-01-2010
20100196212High Density Plate Filler - A filling apparatus for filling a microplate. The microplate can comprise a plurality of wells each sized to receive an assay. A substrate can comprise a first surface and an opposing second surface, a first assay input port for receiving the assay disposed on the first surface, a plurality of staging capillaries extending through the substrate, and a first plurality of microfluidic channels fluidly coupling the first assay input port with at least one of the plurality of staging capillaries. Each of the plurality of staging capillaries can comprise an inlet and an outlet and be sized to receive the assay.08-05-2010
20100196210DEVICE FOR MOUNTING PIPETTE TIPS, PIPETTE TIP, AND PIPETTING DEVICE - The invention relates to a device for mounting pipette tips with a coupling element (08-05-2010
20100196209Method of Dispensing in Reaction Vessel and Reaction Vessel Processing Apparatus - It is intended to facilitate dispensing of a minute amount of a nonvolatile liquid. In a preferred embodiment, in dispensing of mineral oil (08-05-2010
20100028213METHOD OF IDENTIFYING A BLOCKAGE, A COAGULUM OR A CLOT AT THE RECEIVING OPENING OF A DOSING NEEDLE - A method of identifying a blockage at the receiving opening of a pipetting needle which at or in the proximity of the receiving opening has an electrode (E02-04-2010
20100021349BOTTLE TOP DISPENSER FOR HANDLING LIQUIDS - A bottle top dispenser for handling liquids having a piston-cylinder arrangement in an outside housing. At least one actuating button (01-28-2010
20090016935Coating formulations including polyphosphazene polyelectrolytes and biologically active agents and asperities coated with such formulations - A formulation for coating asperities, such as microprojections or microneedles, which comprises at least one polyphosphazene polyelectrolyte and at least one biologically active agent. Such formulation provides for improved loading and improved homogeneity of the at least one biologically active agent on the microprojections or microneedles.01-15-2009
20100172803METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FLUID DISPERSION - A microfluidic method and device for focusing and/or forming discontinuous sections of similar or dissimilar size in a fluid is provided. The device can be fabricated simply from readily-available, inexpensive material using simple techniques.07-08-2010
20100290955CENTRIFUGAL FORCE-BASED MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE FOR BLOOD CHEMISTRY ANALYSIS - Provided is a microfluidic device that can automatically perform various types of biological blood analysis. In the microfluidic device, a specimen is centrifugally separated and the centrifugally separated specimen is diluted into various dilution ratios. Also, at least two reagents that are required for one reaction and that need to be separately stored are stored in separate chambers, and they are mixed when a reaction is needed. Thus, various conventional blood analyzing reagents can be used as they are or after being minimally processed in the microfluidic device.11-18-2010
20100092342Pipetting Device - A pipetting device, having a base plate, an elastic sealing plate that covers the outside of the base plate, and a plurality of pipetting channels arranged in a predetermined grid extending through the base plate and the sealing plate. A magazine is loaded in the same grid with the pipette tips, each pipette tip having a shoulder. The magazine is arranged in a magazine holder indirectly frictionally connected via the shoulders and the sealing plate with the base plate, and a drive motor, indirectly connected to the eccentric shafts of two identical eccentric drives that are permanently mounted on the support on the base plate. Each drive has an eccentric pin that is offset by a distance with respect to the axis of the eccentric shaft, and one T-shaped gravitational pendulum is suspended from each of the eccentric pins. The magazine holder is formed by a U-shaped magazine frame with a vertical bearing surface on the inside. The magazine frame, on its lateral legs, is connected to the cross member of each gravitational pendulum so as to be able to lift and lower the magazine frame relative to the base plate.04-15-2010
20100247384Microfluidic cell culture device and method for using same - Microfluidic devices for cell culturing and methods for using the same are disclosed. One device includes a substrate and membrane. The substrate includes a reservoir in fluid communication with a passage. A bio-compatible fluid may be added to the reservoir and passage. The reservoir is configured to receive and retain at least a portion of a cell mass. The membrane acts as a barrier to evaporation of the bio-compatible fluid from the passage. A cover fluid may be added to cover the bio-compatible fluid to prevent evaporation of the bio-compatible fluid.09-30-2010
20100209303Pipette Device and Method of Manufacture and Use Thereof - The present invention provides a pipette device for moving or transferring micron quantities of fluid and cells, particularly oocytes/embryos, with a simplified pipette tip loading and unloading process. The present invention further provides a pipette device comprising a controller by which air pressure inside and outside of the controller can be intentionally balanced. Methods of manufacture and use of the pipette device of the present invention are also provided.08-19-2010
20090110606DISPENSING APPARATUS AND ANALYZER - A dispensing apparatus includes a syringe that houses a liquid thereinside; and a plunger that moves forward and backward inside the syringe to thus discharge the liquid from an outlet formed in the syringe to the outside of the syringe. A hydrophilic film is formed on at least either of an inner wall of the syringe and a surface of the plunger.04-30-2009
20090060795MICROFLUIDIC DEVICES WITH INTEGRATED RESISTIVE HEATER ELECTRODES INCLUDING SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CONTROLLING AND MEASURING THE TEMPERATURES OF SUCH HEATER ELECTRODES - The invention relates to methods and devices for control of an integrated thin-film device with a plurality of microfluidic channels. In one aspect, the present invention provides a method for controlling the temperature of a heater electrode associated with a microfluidic channel of a microfluidic device, wherein power applied to the heater electrode is regulated by varying the duty cycle of a pulse width modulation (PWM). In another aspect, the present invention a controller configured to compute the temperature of the heater electrode during the power-on portion of the duty cycle and the during the power-off portion of the duty cycle and to adjust the duty cycle as necessary to achieve a desired temperature in the heater electrode.03-05-2009
20090060796Acoustic Liquid Dispensing Apparatus - A liquid dispensing apparatus for dispensing droplets of a liquid, and methods for measuring various fluid parameters of the liquid are described. The liquid dispensing apparatus comprises a container having a chamber for holding a liquid. An orifice is positioned at an end of the chamber for dispensing droplets of the liquid, the orifice being configured to retain the liquid in the container if the container is positioned with the orifice facing in a downward direction. An acoustic transducer means is at least partially positioned in the chamber for periodically propagating a focused acoustic beam toward the orifice and through at least some of the liquid while the liquid is contained in the chamber, with the focused acoustic beam being capable of causing a droplet of the liquid to be ejected from the orifice when a free surface of the liquid is within the depth of field of the acoustic transducer means. Fluid parameters that can be measured include the sound velocity in the liquid, liquid level and liquid concentration, liquid acoustic impedance, liquid density ultrasonic attenuation and ultrasonic viscosity.03-05-2009
20100233033FLOW CELL AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An object of the invention is to provide various flow cells and a method for manufacturing the same, in which formation of a groove on a substrate and formation of components such as an electrode, auxiliary parts such as a pump are not necessary. The inventive flow cells are capable of realize complicated chemical analysis or synthesis or the like. A channel of a porous member provided on a sample-incompatible substrate is formed; the porous member is composed of an air non-contact region having a network structure and an air contact region covering the air non-contact region and having a lower pore density than the air non-contact region; in which a capillary force to be generated within the porous member is a drive force for pumping a liquid.09-16-2010
20100202928Microfluidic Apparatus to Control Liposome Formation - An apparatus to create a homogenous liposome population without post-processing using laminar flow/diffusive mixing, and for reducing waste discharge of the therapeutic or compound to be encapsulated and delivered by the liposomes.08-12-2010
20080247913Suction Device - This invention relates to plunger operated liquid dispensers, such as hand held pipettors, which are used to portion liquids. Specifically the invention relates to a reliable removal of a liquid from the liquid dispenser. According to the invention the plunger of the liquid dispenser is arranged into a speeded up movement while removing the liquid. This change in speed is preferably sudden.10-09-2008
20080233014Collider Chamber Apparatus and Method of Use of Same - The disclosed apparatus includes a stator and a rotor disposed for rotation within the stator. An inner wall of the stator defines one or more collider chambers. Rotation of the rotor causes movement of fluid disposed between the rotor and stator and establishes a rotational flow pattern within the collider chambers. The fluid movement induced by the rotor increases the temperature, density, and pressure of the fluid in the collider chamber.09-25-2008
20080233013DISPENSING NOZZLE TIP - An upper end 09-25-2008
20090117009MULTI-CHANNEL ELECTRONIC PIPETTOR - A multi-channel electronic pipettor has a removable lower multi-channel assembly to facilitate autoclaving. The pipettor includes a position holding mechanism which allows adjustment of the angular position of the lower multi-channel assembly with respect to the handle assembly. The lower multi-channel assembly includes a cylinder block including a plurality of aspiration cylinders along with a plurality of pistons, a series of pipette tip mounting shafts and a manifold to communicate between the aspiration cylinders and the air passageways in the pipette tip mounting shafts, among other components. The volume of the air passageways in the manifold is balanced among channels to improve tip-to-tip pipetting accuracy. In addition, the lower multi-channel assembly includes an internal frame to which the other components, such as a cylinder block, are attached either directly or indirectly.05-07-2009
20080199363POROUS BARRIER MEDIA COMPRISING COLOR CHANGE INDICATORS - The present invention provides porous barrier compositions comprising color change indicators and methods of making and using the same.08-21-2008
20080199362Microfluidics Package and Method of Fabricating the Same - A microfluidics package (08-21-2008
20080286156Upward Microconduits - A microfluidic device comprising a hydrophilic microchannel structure in which there is a functional unit that comprises a microconduit which a) is intended for the transportation of liquid aliquots, and b) has an inlet end and an outlet end between which there is a capillary valve I. Microconduit I comprises an upwardly directed section that extends over a part of or over the full length of microconduit I. Capillary valve I is preferably placed in this section.11-20-2008

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