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Sorption testing

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422 - Chemical apparatus and process disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving, or sterilizing


422680100 - Means for analyzing liquid or solid sample

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422070000 Liquid chromatography 20
20110176965Y-CROSS MIXERS AND FLUID SYSTEMS INCLUDING THE SAME - Static mixers and fluid systems incorporating one or more of the static mixers. The static mixers include a mixing structure formed within a body, wherein fluid flowing through the mixing structure defines a downstream direction through the mixing structure. The mixing structure includes a series of Y-shaped channels that cross to provide flowpaths that result in efficient mixing.07-21-2011
20080260584Portable Apparatus For Analysis Of A Refinery Feedstock Or A Product Of A Refinery Process - The present invention provides a portable apparatus for analysis of a refinery feedstock or a product of a refinery process, said apparatus comprising: (a) a first analytical device for determination of the boiling point profile of a refinery feedstock or a product of a refinery process, and (b) at least two further analytical devices each of which contains or is associated with a database and an algorithm, at least one of said devices being adapted for determination of the density of the refinery feedstock or product of a refinery process, and at least one of said devices being adapted for determination of the total acid number of the refinery feedstock or product of a refinery process.10-23-2008
20110194980Process For Hydrophilizing Surfaces Of Fluidic Components And Systems - A method for applying reactive films containing solids to microporous membranes is provided wherein the membrane is firstly moistened and the reactive film containing solids is applied to the membrane while it is still moist. Membranes produced in this manner can contain reactive films having a high proportion of film openers and can be used advantageously in diagnostic elements for detecting constituents and, in particular, large hydrophobic analytes in body fluids.08-11-2011
20110194979Modulated magnetic permeability sensing assays - An analyte detection system includes a detector situated close to a well of a substrate. The well includes conjugated paramagnetic beads. The detection system also includes a magnetic field generator that provides an oscillating magnetic field in the well and the detector, an oscillator circuit coupled to the detector, and a circuit coupled to the detector that detect the conjugated paramagnetic beads. A method includes applying a magnetic field to well of a substrate with conjugated paramagnetic beads, alternating the polarity of the magnetic field, detecting a waveform associated with the alternating magnetic field, and associating the waveform with the quantity of conjugated paramagnetic beads. An analyte detection kit includes a substrate with an attached antibody that is reactive to the analyte, a conjugated paramagnetic particle, and a conjugated paramagnetic particle detector.08-11-2011
20110194978MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE - It is a microfluidic device including a flowchannel in which liquid flows. The flowchannel includes a main channel and a pair of branch channels provided across the main channel from each other to be each connected to the main channel. The main channel includes a first zone, a second zone, and a coupling zone that connects the first zone and the second zone. The second zone is smaller than the first zone in a distance between a bottom surface and a ceiling surface. The coupling zone is configured such that the distance between the bottom surface and the ceiling surface thereof gradually decreases towards the second zone from the first zone. A connection zone provided in the main channel and connected to each of the pair of branch channels overlaps with the coupling zone.08-11-2011
20130078148NEAR FIELD-ENHANCED FLUORESCENCE SENSOR CHIP - A surface plasmon-field enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy [SPFS] sensor chip may include a transparent support, a metal thin film formed on one surface of the transparent support, a self-assembled monolayer [SAM] formed on a surface of the metal thin film, said surface not being in contact with the transparent support, a solid phase layer formed on a surface of the SAM and having a three-dimensional structure, said surface not being in contact with the metal thin film, and a ligand immobilized in the solid phase layer. A fluctuation ratio represented by the following formula is not less than 0% but not more than 30%:03-28-2013
20130078147LIQUID-TRANSPORT AND ANALYTICAL TEST DEVICE - A liquid-transport device has a liquid-tight support (03-28-2013
20120183440FRET MEASUREMENT METHOD AND DEVICE - Among donor molecules labeling protein in living cells to be measured, the rate of donor molecules binding to an acceptor molecule and occurring FRET is determined. In a plurality of previous measurement samples having different ratios of first molecule concentration to second molecule concentration, a fluorescence lifetime of the first molecule are calculated and the fluorescence lifetime minimum value of the first molecule is calculated. The samples are irradiated with a laser beam having time-modulated intensity and the fluorescence emitted by the laser-irradiated measurement samples are measured. By using the fluorescent signals thus measured, the fluorescence lifetime of the first molecule is calculated. By using the fluorescence lifetime minimum value of the first molecule and the fluorescence lifetime of the first molecule that is calculated above, the rate of the first molecules occurring FRET in the first molecules in the measurement samples is calculated.07-19-2012
20120183439CHEMICAL ANALYZER - A chemical analyzer has a reaction vessel magazine 07-19-2012
20130078146SURFACE PLASMON RESONANCE FLUORESCENCE ANALYSIS DEVICE AND SURFACE PLASMON RESONANCE FLUORESCENCE ANALYSIS METHOD - A surface plasmon resonance fluorescence analysis device emits a light beam to a prism in which a metal film is formed on a prescribed surface while changing an angle of incidence relative to the metal film in a state in which the light beam is totally reflected, measures light generated on a surface of the metal film, determines an angle at which the light beam enters the metal film based on a change in intensity of the measured light, adjusts the emitting direction of the light beam so that the light beam enters the metal film at the determined angle of incidence, and measures fluorescence generated on the surface of the metal film in a state in which the light beam is emitted the adjusted direction.03-28-2013
20130078145SEMICONDUCTOR-BASED DETECTION AND DECONTAMINATION SYSTEM - A system for identifying and making quantitative determinations with respect to deposits on a portion of the system, determining that the deposit is a contaminant, and decontaminating at least the portion of the system is described. The system uses an embedded controller. It further includes an embedded sensing portion monitoring an atmosphere above the sensing portion. The sensing portion communicates with at least said controller and detects a quantity of the deposits. The sensing portion can be a film layer on a surface. The system also includes an embedded self-decontaminating portion.03-28-2013
20130089467GENERATION DEVICE, GENERATION METHOD, ANTIBODY CHIP, COMPUTER PROGRAM AND NON-TRANSITORY COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM - A generation device and the like for generating long-life antibody chips which can be produced and held in stock is a generation device and the like for generating an antibody chip by binding antibody to a cup, including an antibody solution holder that holds antibody solution having antibody, a buffer solution holder that holds buffer solution, and an injector that injects solution into the cup. The injector has an inlet out of which solution is injected. The injector injects the buffer solution held by the buffer solution holder. The injector injects the antibody solution held by the antibody solution holder with the inlet in the buffer solution in the cup.04-11-2013
20130089465MICROMECHANICAL SENSOR SYSTEM HAVING SUPER HYDROPHOBIC SURFACES - A sensor system is provided to detect the mass of a compound in a liquid solution, the system including a sensor including a plurality of pillars extending from a substrate and having a given height, the pillars having a free end opposite to the substrate, and including a lateral surface connecting said free end to the substrate. The free end defining a surface and the surface is functionalized in order to bind with the compound to be detected, and the lateral surface is hydrophobic. The distance between any two nearest neighbors pillars of the plurality satisfies the following equation04-11-2013
20130052082ANALYSIS SYSTEM FOR ANALYZING A SAMPLE ON A TEST ELEMENT - The invention relates to an analysis system for analyzing a sample on a test element. The system has an analysis unit for generating a signal as a function of an analyte contained in a sample, and a detection unit for detecting the signal. The analysis system further includes a test element holder into which the test element can be reversibly introduced and in which it can be positioned relative to the analysis unit and the detection unit. The test element contains at least one guide element, which is suitable for laterally guiding the test element, so that the test element in the test element holder is held and guided only on an outer region of the test element, and an inner region of the test element introduced into the test element holder remains free. The test element contains a sample application site in the inner region.02-28-2013
20130052081DETECTION SYSTEM FOR HIGH SENSITIVITY FLUORESCENT ASSAYS - This invention relates to a detection system for measuring a fluorescent signal in a fluorescent assay. The system comprises a probe having a small sensing surface bound with a fluorescent label, and a light source and a detector both mounted at the proximal side of the sensing surface of the substrate. The invention also relates to a method for detecting an analyte in a liquid sample using a probe tip having a small surface area (≦5 mm) and a high molecular weight polymer (≧1 MD) having multiple binding molecules and multiple fluorescent labels. The binding reaction is accelerated by flowing the reaction solutions laterally and moving the probe tip up and down in the reaction vessels. The invention furthers relates to a fluorescent labeling composition comprising a cross-linked FICOLL® molecule having a plurality of binding molecules and a plurality of fluorescent labels.02-28-2013
20130089466Chemical Coating of Microwell for Electrochemical Detection Device - The described embodiments may provide a method of fabricating a chemical detection device. The method may comprise forming a microwell above a CMOS device. The microwell may comprise a bottom surface and sidewalls. The method may further comprise applying a first chemical to be selectively attached to the bottom surface of the microwell, forming a metal oxide layer on the sidewalls of the microwell, and applying a second chemical to be selectively attached to the sidewalls of the microwell. The second chemical may lack an affinity to the first chemical.04-11-2013
20130071289Biosensor on Thin-Film Transistors - The present invention relates to sensors, in particular, biosensors based on organic thin-film transistors.03-21-2013
20130058829CELLS FOR BIOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS, KIT FOR BIOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS, AND BIOCHEMICAL ANALYZER - The invention makes it possible to measure binding of a biochemical substance with a high throughput and with high sensitivity using a small cell capable of being filled with a small amount of chemical solution. A space between a first substrate and a second substrate such that probes are immobilized on their mutually facing planes is used as a cell that houses a specimen solution. Light is irradiated from a first substrate side, and reflected light is subjected to spectroscopy. Binding of the target with the probe is detected by a wavelength shift in the refection spectrum.03-07-2013
20130064714CHIP FOR FLUID ANALYSIS - Disclosed herein is a chip for analyzing fluids which restricts the flow of a fluid and the flow velocity of the fluid at a reaction unit, where an antigen-antibody reaction occurs, to increase reactivity and sensitivity.03-14-2013
20130064713BONDING AGENT AND DEVICE FOR USE IN MICROFLUIDICS - Disclosed embodiments concern a microfluidic device comprising a bonding agent and two or more components. In particular disclosed embodiments, the microfluidic device is made out of the disclosed bonding agent. Also disclosed are embodiments of a method for making a microfluidic device, wherein the method includes using the disclosed bonding agent to couple two or more components together.03-14-2013
20100086442Biosensor to Detect Infectious Agents - The present invention provides a sensor for the detection of chemical agents in real time. The sensor includes a sample region having a detector disposed about a substrate where a chemical agent binds to the detector to generate in a signal. The sensor includes a microcontroller in communication with the detector, an analog to digital converter, and a communication module to process the signal into an analytical signal. In addition, the sensor includes an antenna in communication with the microcontroller to enable a wireless communication network, wherein the analytical signal can be transmitted and a power source in operable communication with the microcontroller to supply a source of power to the sensor.04-08-2010
20090074619DEVICE FOR MEASURING TOTAL ORGANIC CARBON - A device for measuring total organic carbon includes an organic substance oxidative decomposition section (03-19-2009
20100266451Sensing device - To shorten the time required for an oscillation frequency to stabilize in a sensing device sensing a substance to be sensed by using the fact that a natural frequency of a piezoelectric resonator changes when the substance to be sensed is adsorbed by an adsorption layer formed on the piezoelectric resonator. A sensing device includes: an oscillator circuit 10-21-2010
20110286887OPEN TYPE GROOVE CHANNEL CHIP - The present invention relates to an open-type groove channel chip. More particularly, the present invention relates to an open-type groove channel chip comprising a main body upper plate (11-24-2011
20100166610Passive One-Way Valve and Microfluidic Device - This passive one-way valve is used in a connection portion between first and second flow channels, and includes: an inlet portion into which a fluid from the first flow channel flows; an elastic portion for blocking the inlet portion; a rigid portion for supporting the elastic portion from a side opposite to the inlet portion across the elastic portion; a gap portion formed around the rigid portion; and an outlet portion which is in communication with the gap portion for letting the fluid flow out into the second flow channel. Furthermore, the inlet portion is hermetically sealed by the elastic portion being pressed against the inlet portion side by the rigid portion. According to this passive one-way valve, it is possible to provide a simple and inexpensive passive one-way valve without requiring special equipment such as a vacuum pump and pressurized air, and to provide a microfluidic device using the same.07-01-2010
20090087346Method for Harvesting Nanoparticles and Sequestering Biomarkers - Capture particles for harvesting analytes from solution and methods for using them are described. The capture particles are made up of a polymeric matrix having pore size that allows for the analytes to enter the capture particles. The pore size of the capture particles are changeable upon application of a stimulus to the particles, allowing the pore size of the particles to be changed so that analytes of interest remain sequestered inside the particles. The polymeric matrix of the capture particles are made of co-polymeric materials having a structural monomer and an affinity monomer, the affinity monomer having properties that attract the analyte to the capture particle. The capture particles may be used to isolate and identify analytes present in a mixture. They may also be used to protect analytes which are typically subject to degradation upon harvesting and to concentrate low an analyte in low abundance in a fluid.04-02-2009
20120107176Detection Apparatus for Biological Materials and Methods of Making and Using the Same - Apparatus comprising surface site comprising substantially inorganic surface having chemical composition selected from group consisting of metals, semiconductors, insulators, and mixtures thereof, the surface positioned within polypeptide bonding region and having selective bonding affinity for polypeptide; plurality of interlayers between which surface site is interposed; distal site end on surface site and distanced from interlayers, the surface being provided on distal site end; surface site and interlayers being interposed between first and second supports; first and second conductors provided on first and second supports and having respective first and second distal conductor ends positioned within polypeptide bonding region; conductors being capable of applying external voltage potential across polypeptide bonding region. Apparatus, optionally comprising such first and second supports and conductors; and comprising third conductor in electrical communication with surface site, the third conductor positioned for electrical communication with source of an external bias voltage. Techniques for making apparatus.05-03-2012
20100061893Sensing Device - An object of the present invention is to provide a sensing device capable of easily grasping whether or not a concentration of a sensing target is equal to or less than a standard value.03-11-2010
20100278694SILICON BIOSENSOR AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A silicon biosensor and a manufacturing method thereof is provided, the silicon biosensor includes: a light source performing self emission a light detector generating a photoelectric current corresponding to an amount of incident light an optical fiber transmitting the light from the light source to the light detector and a micro fluidic channel adjusting an optical transmission rate of the optical fiber according to an antibody-antigen reaction when the antibody-antigen reaction occurs. The silicon biosensor can be easily integrated or bonded with a silicon electronic device, so that it is possible to manufacture the biosensor with a low price, under mass production.11-04-2010
20100135856NANOPARTICLE FOR DETECTING BIOMATERIALS AND BIOSENSOR BY USING THE NANOPARTICLE - Provided are a nanoparticle for detecting biomaterials and a biosensor by using the nanoparticle. The nanoparticle includes a metal nanostructure around which an electric field is induced by localized surface plasmon resonance when light is irradiated onto a surface of the metal nanostructure, a spacer covering the surface of the metal nanostructure, and capture molecules specifically reacting with fluorophore-labeled target molecules, and immobilized on a surface of the spacer.06-03-2010
20110206560BIOSENSOR WITH MULTI-CHAMBER CARTRIDGE - The present invention provides a biosensor comprising a cartridge for accommodating a fluid sample, the cartridge comprising at least two chambers, wherein each chamber comprises a sensor surface with one or more binding sites. The biosensor further comprises means for generating a magnetic field at the binding sites of the sensor surfaces of the at least two chambers. The biosensor also comprises means for detecting particles accumulated at/and or proximate the binding sites of the sensor surfaces of the at least two chambers. Therein, the magnetic field at the binding sites has a sufficiently large gradient to actuate magnetic label particles towards the binding sites.08-25-2011
20090041629Method and apparatus for measuring gas sorption and desorption properties of materials - The invention relates to a method and an apparatus (herein referred to as a “gas sorption/desorption analyzer”) for measuring the gas sorption properties of substances (for example hydrogen sorption by metal alloys). Measurements include: Pressure Composition Temperature isotherm (PCT), Kinetic, Cycle-life, and density. Measurements are made by sorption of aliquots of gas to or from a sample of the substance. The amount of gas in each aliquot is determined from the gas pressure and temperature in calibrated reservoir volumes. The apparatus comprises components rated for operation up to 200 atm, a plurality of sensors covering a broad pressure range, and minimized volumes to enable accurate measurements of small samples. Aliquot pressures are controlled using a feed-back controlled pressure regulator that can also be used for constant pressure sorption measurements. The gas temperature is regulated using a temperature controlled enclosure. The apparatus also comprises a plurality of safety and failsafe mechanisms.02-12-2009
20120288408SAMPLE ANALYSIS DISC AND METHOD OF PRODUCING SAMPLE ANALYSIS DISC - A sample analysis disc has concave sections and convex sections formed alternately in a track area of a disc surface. Labeled beads are immobilized to the track area. Each labeled bead has a biopolymer bound thereto. Only one of the labeled beads is allowed to be filled in each concave section.11-15-2012
20120195797MEMS Sensors with Closed Nodal Anchors for Operation in an In-Plane Contour Mode - A MEMS sensor includes at least one closed nodal anchor along a predetermined closed nodal path on at least one surface of a resonant mass. The resonant mass may be configured to resonate substantially in an in-plane contour mode. Drive and/or sense electrodes may be disposed within a cavity formed at least in part by the resonant mass, the closed nodal anchor, and a substrate.08-02-2012
20120195798PIPETTE TIP SUPPLYING APPARATUS, SAMPLE ANALYZER AND PIPETTE TIP SUPPLYING METHOD - The present invention is a pipette tip supplying apparatus which comprises: a storing section configured to store a plurality of pipette tips; a supplying section configured to supply at least one of the plurality of pipette tips stored in the storing section outside the storing section; a detector configured to detect a pipette tip assembly in which one pipette tip and another pipette tip are piled up with a distal end of the one pipette tip inserted into the another pipette tip; and a discharging section configured to discharge the pipette tip assembly from the storing section, when the detector has detected the pipette tip assembly in the storing section.08-02-2012
20110058985ANALYSIS DEVICE AND AN ANALYSIS APPARATUS USING THE ANALYSIS DEVICE - An analysis device comprises a separation chamber for separating a sample solution into a solution component and a solid component, a holding channel, a mixing chamber connected to the holding channel, an overflow channel connected between the holding channel and the separation chamber, a sample overflow chamber into which the sample solution remaining in the separation chamber is discharged, and a joint channel connecting the separation chamber and the sample overflow chamber. After the separated solution component fills the overflow channel with priority, the separated solid component is transferred to the holding channel via the overflow channel, and a predetermined amount of the solid component is measured. The solid component in the holding channel is transferred to the mixing chamber by a centrifugal force, and simultaneously, the sample solution remaining in the separation chamber is discharged to the sample overflow chamber by the siphon effect of the joint channel.03-10-2011
20120141327LABEL-FREE BIOSENSOR - A label-free biosensor includes a substrate, a reaction inducing part for inducing a bio antigen-antibody reaction to occur, and a reaction detecting part formed on the substrate and adapted to measure current change in accordance with change in an amount of light, which is caused by the bio antigen-antibody reaction in the reaction inducing part, to detect a bio antigen.06-07-2012
20100209299METHOD OF ANALYSIS OF A MIXTURE OF BIOLOGICAL AND/OR CHEMICAL COMPONENTS WITH THE USE MAGNETIC PARTICLES AND APPARATUS FOR ITS EMBODIMENT - Disclosed is an apparatus for analysis of a mixture of biological and/or chemical components that exposes a spatially arranged chosen component attached to magnetic particles to a magnetic field and records a magnetic induction signal from which the content of the biological and/or chemical components is determined. The magnetic field is alternating and has a pre-set spectrum at least at two frequencies. The apparatus records the signal at a frequency which is a linear combination of the at least two frequencies while the magnetic particles are exposed to the magnetic field.08-19-2010
20120244037SENSING DEVICE AND BIOSENSOR - Provided are a sensing device and a biosensor that are capable of achieving stable performance in sensing saccharides or hydroxyl group-containing polymers, and that can be stored for a long time. The biosensor 09-27-2012
20110123401Detection Apparatus for Biological Materials and Methods of Making and Using the Same - Apparatus comprising a surface site comprising a substantially inorganic surface having a chemical composition selected from the group consisting of metals, semiconductors, insulators, and mixtures thereof, the surface positioned within a polypeptide bonding region and having a selective bonding affinity for a polypeptide; a plurality of interlayers between which the surface site is interposed; a distal site end on the surface site and distanced from the interlayers, the surface being provided on the distal site end; the surface site and the interlayers being interposed between first and second supports; first and second conductors provided on the first and second supports and having respective first and second distal conductor ends positioned within the polypeptide bonding region; the conductors being capable of applying an external voltage potential across the polypeptide bonding region. Apparatus, optionally comprising such first and second supports and conductors; and comprising a third conductor in electrical communication with the surface site, the third conductor positioned for electrical communication with a source of an external bias voltage. Techniques for making apparatus.05-26-2011
20110123400APPARATUS FOR DETECTING METAL CONCENTRATION IN AN ATMOSPHERE - The present invention provides an apparatus for detecting metal concentration from an area including compounding a solution that includes a metal dissolved by a solvent, and a reagent combined with metal ions dissolved in the solution and referring a difference of absorption rates between a compound of the solvent and reagent and a compound of the solution and reagent.05-26-2011
20110123399DEVICE FOR MEASURING PROTEINS USING BIOSENSOR - A sensor for measuring a protein with a measurement speed improved from a conventional impedance measurement, using a biosensor is provided. The sensor is capable of efficiently and accurately measuring impedance generated by a selective binding to the protein by Fourier-transforming an electric current signal which is obtained by applying a potential signal of a delta function waveform.05-26-2011
20110116972MICROFLUIDIC ASSAYS AND MICROFLUIDIC DEVICES - The invention is a method for determining in the amount of an analyte (An) in a sample. The method comprises competitive immunoassays and enzymatic assays in which a soluble product (immune complex and enzymatic product, respectively) is formed. The product is subsequently measured in a measuring zone of a microchannel structure of a microfluidic device.05-19-2011
20110076197NANO-FIBERED MEMBRANE FOR WESTERN BLOT AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF THE SAME - The present invention relates to a membrane for Western blotting which has a three-dimensional open pore structure, an average pore diameter of 0.1-1.0 μm and a thickness of 30-200 μm, wherein the membrane for Western blotting is manufactured by subjecting nanofibers having an average fiber diameter of 50-1000 nm, obtained by electrospinning, to a hot-plate calendering process, and a method for manufacturing the same. The method comprises the steps of: dissolving a hydrophobic material in a solvent to prepare a spinning solution; subjecting the spinning solution to a spinning process to obtain a hydrophobic polymer nanofiber web; and calendering the obtained nanofiber web to obtain a membrane for Western blotting.03-31-2011
20110070127Method and Assay for Detection of Residues - Embodiments described herein include methods and assays for detecting an analyte in a sample using a plurality of control zone capture agents. Some embodiments include detection of multiple analytes in a sample utilizing a plurality of analyte binders and a control zone containing multiple control zone capture agents. In some embodiments, the multiple control zone capture agents capture a plurality of binders within one control zone. Test results are determined by comparison of the control zone signal to a test zone signal.03-24-2011
20110044856FLUID SPECIMEN COLLECTION DEVICE - A drug test device for bodily fluids, such as urine, includes a cup and a removable lid which houses one or more test strips. The lid is releasably locked onto the cup so as to align dipping ends of the test strips exposed through an underside of the lid with a position stabilizer, thereby causing the dipping ends to be located downwardly and submerged in fluid when the device is placed on its side in a reactive position. The position stabilizer may comprise a sidewall indentation that reduces the internal volume of the cup and keeps the cup from rolling when placed on its side.02-24-2011
20110256025IMMUNOASSAY PRODUCT AND PROCESS - The invention is directed to an apparatus useful in conducting detection of compounds on blotting membranes. The device is comprised of several layers including a porous support layer below the blotting membrane(s), a flow distributor above the blotting membrane(s) and optionally a well on the flow distributor to contain the liquid to the desired area and to allow for lower starting volumes of such liquid. Preferably, the flow distributor is a non-binding or low binding hydrophilic porous membrane such as a 0.22 micron membrane and the support layer is a grid or sintered porous material. The distributor and support are held together to form an envelope around the membrane(s). The use of a hinge, clips and other such devices is preferred in doing so.10-20-2011
20100310420SENSORS - The invention provides sensors that are useful for detecting and measuring chemical characteristics and physical properties of compositions containing analytes. The invention further provides, among other things, methods for making the sensors and for using them, as well as modified cells having sensors of the invention therein.12-09-2010
20110158852OFFSET PATH MIXERS AND FLUID SYSTEMS INCLUDNG THE SAME - Static mixers and fluid systems incorporating one or more of the static mixers. The static mixers include one or more channels that provide a fluid path through a body, wherein fluid flowing through each channel defines a downstream direction through the channel. The channel includes two or more sets of concatenated mixing elements arranged adjacent to each other across the width of the channel, wherein two sets of the mixing elements are offset from each other along the downstream direction of the channel.06-30-2011
20090022627Adsorption fabric and method of fabricating the same - A color-changing adsorption fabric is provided to identify an adsorption state of a type of chemical, e.g., acid, alkali or organic matter, the color change being generated through a chemical reaction between chemical solution and pH-indicator material after wiping the chemical solution with the fabric. An adsorption fabric used in wiping the chemical solution may include a material, whose color changes when contacting an acid, alkali or organic matter, thereby identifying a type of chemical solution and thus preventing or reducing a fire occurrence. The color change of the adsorption fabric used in wiping a chemical solution may be identified with the naked eye so that separating and disposing the used-adsorption fabric corresponding to a type of chemical may be easier.01-22-2009
20110150704CONTAINER HAVING GAS SCRUBBER INSERT FOR AUTOMATED CLINICAL ANALYZER - A device and method for extending the useful life of a liquid in a container used in an automated clinical analyzer. The liquid comprises a material subject to deterioration, the subject material capable of deteriorating as the result of reaction with a contaminant in a gas present in the atmospheric air surrounding the container. Atmospheric air surrounding the container that displaces the liquid consumed from a container is routed through a gas scrubber insert in order to remove or at least reduce the quantity of at least one contaminant present in that air. The gas scrubber insert is positioned between the liquid in the container and the atmospheric air surrounding the container. The gas scrubber insert contains a reagent that is capable of reacting with a contaminant in the atmospheric air surrounding the container, whereby a required characteristic(s) of the liquid does (do) not change excessively prior to the date that the liquid is consumed. For example, if the contaminant is carbon dioxide, and the required characteristic of the liquid is the level of pH of the liquid, the reagent in the gas scrubber insert prevents the level of pH of the liquid from changing excessively prior to the date that the liquid is consumed.06-23-2011
20120201716SURFACE PLASMON-ENHANCED FLUORESCENCE MEASURING APPARATUS - Provided is an apparatus having a beam geometry changing device that changes the beam geometry of excitation light, and a control device that controls the beam geometry changing device, with favorable precision, which the apparatus performs a resonance angle scan and to detect a target material.08-09-2012
20110165024DEVICES AND METHODS FOR DETECTING ANALYTES IN FLUID SAMPLES - A device for detecting the presence or amount of an analyte in a fluid sample and method thereof, comprises a sample collector and a receiving cup for receiving and holding the sample collector within the receiving cup. The sample collector contains a compressible absorbent member for collecting the fluid sample, and has a first position and a second, locked position within the receiving cup. The absorbent member is uncompressed in the first position and is compressed in the second, locked position. The sample collector or the receiving cup has at least one test element having reagents for detecting the presence or amount of the analyte in the fluid sample.07-07-2011
20100329931SENSING SWITCH AND DETECTING METHOD USING THE SAME - Provided are a sensing switch and a sensing method using the same. The sensing switch includes: a substrate; a supporter on the substrate; a sensing plate that is connected to a side of the supporter and is in parallel with the substrate by a predetermined distance; a receptor binding region on an upper surface of an end portion of the sensing plate; an electric or magnetic field generation device that induces deflection of the sensing plate when a receptor bound to the receptor binding region is selectively bound to an electrically or magnetically active ligand; and a pair of switching electrodes that are separated by a predetermined distance and is connected when the sensing plate contacts the substrate due to the deflection of the sensing plate. A target material need not be labelled, a signal processing of a fluorescent or electrical detection signal using an analysis apparatus is not required, and a signal can be directly decoded by confirming whether a current flows through the switch.12-30-2010
20100322824BIOSENSOR CARTRIDGE - The present invention provides a cartridge comprising a sample input portion and a sensor portion, wherein said sensor portion comprises a sensor surface and a first microstructure adapted to provide a capillary force for transporting sample fluid from the sample input portion to the sensor portion, wherein said microstructure does not interfere with the sensor surface.12-23-2010
20100322823Rapid Detection of Post-Vaccination Antibody Response - The present inventions are directed to apparatuses for rapidly measuring post-vaccination immune status. In one version, the apparatus has a support platform, with a top side, a bottom side, a first portion, and a second portion. A first void is integrally formed in the first portion. A container is configured to be removably affixed to the top side of the support platform. The container has a housing, a base, and at least one reactant. The container base can be viewed through the first void when the container is removably affixed to the first portion of the top side. An absorbent material is affixed to the second portion, where the base of the container comes into contact with the absorbent material when the container is removably affixed to the second portion of the top side.12-23-2010
20100329930STREPTAVIDIN MACROMOLECULAR ADAPTOR AND COMPLEXES THEREOF - A streptavidin macromolecular adaptor (SAMA) protein may be used for the controlled assembly of nanostructure building blocks and struts including streptavidin:SAMA complexes.12-30-2010
20100329929Methods and Compositions for Highly Sensitive Detection of Molecules - Disclosed are methods, kits, and compositions for the highly sensitive detection of molecules. The methods, kits, and compositions are useful in determining concentrations of molecules in samples to levels of 1 femtomolar, 1 attomolar, or lower. The methods, kits, and compositions also allow the determination of concentration over a wide range, e.g., 7-log range, without need for sample dilution.12-30-2010
20110044857METHOD FOR FABRICATING A BIOSENSOR CHIP AND THE BIOSENSOR CHIP MADE THEREBY - A method of fabricating a biosensor chip includes: forming at least one metallic layer on a transparent substrate to form a composite member; disposing the composite member in a vacuumed chamber, and introducing a gas into the vacuumed chamber; applying microwave energy to the gas to produce a microwave plasma of the gas within the vacuumed chamber, and causing the microwave plasma to interact with the metallic layer so that the metallic layer is melted and formed into a plurality of metallic nanoparticles that are spaced apart from each other and that expose partially the surface of the transparent substrate; and disposing a receptor at the surface of the transparent substrate that is exposed among the metallic nanoparticles. A biosensor chip is also disclosed.02-24-2011
20110097240ANALYZER USING MAGNETIC PARTICLES - This invention provides an analyzer that uses magnetic particles, the analyzer being capable of removing inhibitors within a short time and reducing an analytical time. Magnetic particles 04-28-2011
20100158756REAGENT STORAGE IN MICROFLUIDIC SYSTEMS AND RELATED ARTICLES AND METHODS - Fluidic devices and methods including those that provide storage and/or facilitate fluid handling of reagents are provided. Fluidic devices described herein may include channel segments positioned on two sides of an article, optionally connected by an intervening channel passing through the article. The channel segments may be used to store reagents in the device prior to first use by an end user. The stored reagents may include fluid plugs positioned in linear order so that during use, as fluids flow to a reaction site, they are delivered in a predetermined sequence. The specific geometries of the channel segments and the positions of the channel segments within the fluidic devices described herein may allow fluid reagents to be stored for extended periods of time without mixing, even during routine handling of the devices such as during shipping of the devices, and when the devices are subjected to physical shock or vibration.06-24-2010
20110262306Detecting apparatus with photonic crystal structure - A detecting apparatus with photonic crystal structure comprises several empty spaces arranged orderly and a molecularly imprinted polymer containing an inorganic material. The molecularly imprinted polymer has several imprinted sites for specifically binding with a target compound. The empty spaces are orderly arranged in the inner of the molecularly imprinted polymer. The empty spaces and the molecularly imprinted polymer form a photonic crystal structure.10-27-2011
20100172801METHOD FOR UNIFORM APPLICATION OF FLUID INTO A REACTIVE REAGENT AREA - Analytical results obtained with microfluidic devices are improved by providing structural features in areas containing dry supported reagents, the structural features directing the flow of a sample over the area in a predetermined uniform manner and facilitating the purging of air.07-08-2010
20100172800ELECTROSENSING ANTIBODY-PROBE DETECTION AND MEASUREMENT SENSOR HAVING CONDUCTIVITY PROMOTION MOLECULES - A sensor for electrosensing an antigen in a test sample is disclosed. The sensor has two electrodes electrically disconnected and physically separated from each other, a layer of antibody immobilized on the surface of at least one of said electrodes. The antibody has specific binding reactivity with the antigen. Conductivity promotion molecules are conjugated with the antibody to improve electrical conductivity characteristics across the two electrodes. The antibody captures the antigen present in the test sample mixed in a buffer solution that comes into contact with the antibody-populated electrodes. This alters the electrical conductivity characteristic across the two electrodes in which an amount representative of the altering provides an indication for electrosensing of the antigen.07-08-2010
20110305599OPTICAL SENSOR OF BIO-MOLECULES USING THIN-FILM INTERFEROMETER - The present invention is directed to an assembly for use in detecting an analyte in a sample based on thin-film spectral interference. The assembly comprises a waveguide, a monolithic substrate optically coupled to the waveguide, and a thin-film layer directly bonded to the sensing side of the monolithic substrate. The refractive index of the monolithic substrate is higher than the refractive index of the transparent material of the thin-film layer. A spectral interference between the light reflected into the waveguide from a first reflecting surface and a second reflecting surface varies as analyte molecules in a sample bind to the analyte binding molecules coated on the thin-film layer.12-15-2011
20100189601CAPILLARY - This invention relates to a capillary channel comprising a first pair of opposing walls defining a width and a second pair of opposing walls defining a depth, wherein the channel has an aspect ratio of 10-100 defined as the ratio of the width to the depth of the channel and wherein an internal surface of at least one of the second pair of opposing walls is roughened. The capillary channel is preferably incorporated into a sensor.07-29-2010
20110008212CHEMICAL SENSOR HAVING SENSITIVE FILM IMITATING OLFACTORY RECEPTOR - A chemical sensor is provided which has an odor detection and discrimination system imparting selectivity and specificity inherent in living organisms for odor substances to a quartz oscillator or a SAW device and which is able to measure a sample in a vapor phase. The chemical sensor includes a sensitive film using a polypeptide prepared by selecting at least part of an amino acid sequence of an olfactory receptor and imitating the at least part thereof so as to have homology thereto. The chemical sensor preferably has a piezoelectric oscillator including the sensitive film.01-13-2011
20120148448MICROFLUIDIC-CHANNEL EMBEDDABLE, LATERALLY OSCILLATING GRAVIMETRIC SENSOR DEVICE FABRICATED WITH MICRO-ELECTRO-MECHANICAL SYSTEMS (MEMS) TECHNOLOGY - Laterally oscillating gravimetric sensing device embeddable under micro-fluidic channels and fabricated with micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) technology, which detects biological cells and analytes by measuring the change of mass attached on its surface is composed of four main groups, namely a resonator that can be placed onto the basis of the channel, components of the resonator bio-activation, a micro fluidic channel, and the microfabrication techniques, and its main components are the proof mass (06-14-2012
20110064614PIEZOELECTRIC RESONATOR AND SENSING SENSOR - Provided is a piezoelectric resonator having high frequency stability and a sensing sensor using the piezoelectric resonator. A piezoelectric resonator has a first oscillation area which is provided in a piezoelectric piece and from which a first oscillation frequency is taken out. A second oscillation area which is provided in an area different from the first oscillation area via an elastic boundary area and from which a second oscillation frequency is taken out. Excitation electrodes are provided on one surface side and another surface side of the oscillation areas across the piezoelectric piece, and a frequency difference between the first oscillation frequency and the second oscillation frequency is not less than 0.2% nor greater than 2.2% of these oscillation frequencies.03-17-2011
20110064615PIEZOELECTRIC SENSOR AND SENSING INSTRUMENT - An object of the present invention is to improve detecting ability of a piezoelectric sensor.03-17-2011
20110318228METHODS AND DEVICE FOR THE DETECTION OF OCCULT BLOOD - The present invention relates generally to detection of occult blood. In particular, the present invention provides a device and methods for the simultaneous detection of hemoglobin and transferrin in fecal samples, which permit a more sensitive diagnosis of occult blood in fecal sample and a differential diagnosis of bleeding of the upper GI tract versus the lower GI tract.12-29-2011
20120045368Chemical Coating of Microwell for Electrochemical Detection Device - The described embodiments may provide a method of fabricating a chemical detection device. The method may comprise forming a microwell above a CMOS device. The microwell may comprise a bottom surface and sidewalls. The method may further comprise applying a first chemical to be selectively attached to the bottom surface of the microwell, forming a metal oxide layer on the sidewalls of the microwell, and applying a second chemical to be selectively attached to the sidewalls of the microwell. The second chemical may lack an affinity to the first chemical.02-23-2012
20120014836MANIPULATION OF MAGNETIC PARTICLES IN A BIOLOGICAL SAMPLE - The present invention relates to a microfluidic device, to be used with a processing device comprising a magnetic supplier, the microfluidic device comprising: —a chamber arranged to receive a biological sample and to comprise at least one magnetic particle, and—storing means for storing information comprising a magnetic protocol in a form readable by the processing device, wherein the magnetic supplier being able to generate magnetic forces on the magnetic particle(s) according to this magnetic protocol read from the storing means. The invention relates also the said processing device and to a system comprising said microfluidic device and said processing device, as well as a method of manipulating the magnetic particles according to said magnetic protocol.01-19-2012
20120063955METAL-ENHANCED FLUORESCENCE FROM PLASTIC SUBSTRATES - The present invention relates to methods for functionally modifying a polymeric surface for subsequent deposition of metallic particles and/or films, wherein the polymeric surface is modified by increasing hydroxyl and/or amine functional groups thereby providing an activated polymeric surface for deposition of metallic particles to form a fluorescence sensing device. The device can be used for metal-enhanced fluorescence of fluorophores positioned above the metallic particles that can be readily applied to diagnostic or sensing applications of metal-enhanced fluorescence.03-15-2012
20120107177CLICK CHEMISTRY SURFACE FUNCTIONALIZATION FOR RESONANT MICRO-CAVITY SENSORS - Micro-cavity resonant sensors have outer surfaces that are functionalized using click chemistry, e.g., involving a cycloaddition reaction of an alkyne functional group and an azide functional group. A first polymer linking element binds to an outer surface of the micro-cavity and has an azide functional group, which bonds to an alkyne functional group of a second polymer linking element as a result of a cycloaddition reaction. A functionalization element such as an antibody, antigen or protein for sensing a target molecule is bound to the second linking element.05-03-2012
20110104010BINDING REAGENT SYSTEM FOR HOMOGENEOUS IMMUNOASSAYS FOR MULTIPLE ALLERGENS - A homogeneous immunoassay method and system for quantitative determination of total immunoglobulin E and specific antibody levels to a plurality of allergens, in which a relatively small sampling of blood is required. The method utilizes relatively small microparticles in aqueous suspension. The immunoassay procedure is an immunometric sandwich procedure preferably utilizing biotin-streptavidin signal amplification techniques and R-phycoerytherin fluorescent labels.05-05-2011
20100254856SWELLABLE SOL-GELS, METHODS OF MAKING, AND USE THEREOF - The present invention relates to a method of making a swellable sol-gel composition that involves the use of a bridged silane precursor. The resulting sol-gel includes residual silanols, which are derivatized with a reagent having at least one silanol-reactive group and at least one alkyl group; and the sol-gel is then dried. Sol-gels of the invention are demonstrated to swell up to about 8-10 times their original volume in the presence of a non-polar sorbate. The sol-gel compositions can be used in a sorbate-activated actuator or in a detector for non-polar sorbates. The sol-gel compositions can further be used to take up non-polar sorbates for purposes of chemical remediation, extraction from aqueous systems or vapor, and chemical sensing.10-07-2010
20120315189Immunoassay Product And Process - The embodiments disclosed herein are directed to an apparatus useful in conducting detection of compounds on blotting membranes. The device is comprised of several layers including a porous support layer below the blotting membrane(s), a flow distributor above the blotting membrane(s) and optionally a well on the flow distributor to contain the liquid to the desired area and to allow for lower starting volumes of such liquid. Preferably, the flow distributor is a non-binding or low binding hydrophilic porous membrane such as a 0.22 micron membrane and the support layer is a grid or sintered porous material. The distributor and support are held together to form an envelope around the membrane(s). The use of a hinge, clips and other such devices is preferred in doing so.12-13-2012
20120164028LATERAL FLOW ASSAY TEST STRIP AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - The invention relates to a lateral flow assay test strip and a method for making the same. The strip comprises, in the flow direction, a selectively activated membrane for a test reaction and an absorption pad, which are both made of paper and may comprise an integral paper strip. The absorption pad has the paper strip embossed and/or folded to increase the strip's absorption capacity. The folded pad may have an accordion-like configuration, the strip running to-and-fro, or it may have the strip rolled and then flattened to a stack of layers.06-28-2012
20120164027Polymer Based Lanthanide Luminescent Sensors for the Detection of Organophosphorus Compounds - A device for measuring and detecting the organophosphorus compounds, such as a pesticides or a nerve agents is provided. The devices function by selectively binding an organophosphorous compound to a luminescent functionality-imprinted copolymer. The copolymers possess a securely bound luminescent lanthanide ion, such as Eu06-28-2012
20100247382FLUORESCENT BIOCHIP DIAGNOSIS DEVICE - Disclosed is a fluorescent biochip diagnosis device including: an image sensor having a plurality of photo-detectors; and a band-pass filter unit having a plurality of band-pass filters formed on a plurality of the photo-detectors, wherein a plurality of the band-pass filters are implemented by forming a nanostructure pattern in a metal layer. Since the fluorescent biochip diagnosis device has little optical loss due to a short interval between the biochip and the photo-detector, excellent sensitivity can be provided. Also, since signals can be simultaneously measured by combining light beams having a short wavelength used as an illumination depending on a type of a fluorescent protein material, cost of the diagnosis device and a diagnosis time can be reduced.09-30-2010
20120128536MOLECULARLY PRINTED POLYMER FOR DETECTING THE PENTRAXIN, AND METHOD FOR PREPARING SAME - The present disclosure relates to a molecularly imprinted structure for detection of a pentraxin protein and a method for preparing the same by synthesizing a reactive group-pentraxin protein ligand complex specifically reacting with the pentraxin protein and being polymerizable with a crosslink agent to detect a pentraxin protein by using the complex. The present disclosure also provides a chip for detection of a C-reactive protein and a method for preparing the same, the chip including a molecularly imprinted layer having excellent sensitivity to a C-reactive protein and an improved binding force to a metal substrate by using click chemistry.05-24-2012
20120128535Bridged Element For Detection Of A Target Substance - Physical changes resulting from an association between a template molecule and a target molecule are detected by monitoring changes in the template molecule. Exemplary changes include a change in a physical dimension or stiffness of the template molecule, a change in electrical conductivity of the template molecule and a change in the energy required to dissociate the target molecule and the template molecule. The magnitude of the change is indicative of the specific identity of the target molecule.05-24-2012
20120213670DEVICE TO DETECT ANALYTES IN A BIOLOGICAL SAMPLE - Device to detect at least an analyte, comprising a transparent substrate (08-23-2012
20120219458SENSING DEVICE - A sensing device is configured that a first piezoelectric vibrator and a second piezoelectric vibrator, changing over a connection to an oscillation circuit, have the oscillation circuit in common, that an impedance of a conductive path including a first one-surface-side electrode constituting the first piezoelectric vibrator from the oscillation circuit and an impedance of a conductive path including a second one-surface-side electrode constituting the second piezoelectric vibrator from the oscillation circuit are uniform with each other, and that an impedance of a conductive path including a first other-surface-side electrode constituting the first piezoelectric vibrator from the oscillation circuit and an impedance of a conductive path including a second other-surface-side electrode constituting the second piezoelectric vibrator from the oscillation circuit are uniform with each other.08-30-2012
20120213669OPTICAL-WAVEGUIDE SENSOR CHIP, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME, METHOD OF MEASURING SUBSTANCE, SUBSTANCE-MEASURING KIT AND OPTICAL-WAVEGUIDE SENSOR - An optical-waveguide sensor chip includes an optical waveguide having a first substance immobilized on the surface thereof, the first substance being specifically reactive with an analyte substance, and fine particles dispersed on the optical waveguide and having a second substance immobilized on the surface thereof, the second substance being specifically reactive with the analyte substance.08-23-2012
20120177537APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SEPARATING PLASMA - An apparatus for separating plasma by which plasma can be separated from a small amount of whole blood cell sample without centrifugation is disclosed. This apparatus includes a blood channel through which blood flows; and a plasma channel through which plasma separated from said blood flows. The plasma channel is arranged at least partially in parallel with said blood channel and the blood channel and the plasma channel are at least partially in contact with each other along the longitudinal direction of the channels. Blood is made to flow at a flow rate at which blood cell components in the blood flowing through the blood channel axially accumulate and at which hemolysis does not occur. The plasma moves to the plasma channel after being separated into a blood cell layer and a plasma layer.07-12-2012
20100272608TEMPERATURE SENSOR AND BIOSENSOR USING THE SAME - Embodiments of the invention relates to a temperature sensor and an analytical device comprising the same. The temperature sensor comprises a carrier (10-28-2010
20100021346SENSING INSTRUMENT - A sensing instrument includes: a reference sensor including a reference piezoelectric resonator not adsorbing a substance to be sensed; a reference oscillator circuit oscillating the reference piezoelectric resonator; a measuring unit receiving an oscillation output of a sensing oscillator circuit and an oscillation output of the reference oscillator circuit in a time-series manner to measure frequencies of the oscillation outputs of the oscillator circuits; and a data creator creating time-series data of a difference between a frequency in a sensing sensor and a frequency in the reference sensor, based on the frequencies of the oscillation outputs of the oscillator circuits obtained by the measuring unit. Therefore, a frequency changed due to a factor other than the adsorption of the substance to be sensed is cancelled.01-28-2010
20110038758Microchip - A microchip, which is used in a diagnostic system using a microfluid system, has a flow path capable of greatly improving the reaction efficiency and realizing a stable measurement with high reproducibility. The microchip has two substrates with at least a flow path 02-17-2011
20100233030Western Blot by Incorporating an Affinity Purification Zone - An upstream affinity purification region is used to bind one or more component of interest in a mixture of components prior to separating the mixture of components. Detection of the separated components and a released component of interest provide identification of the component of interest. In addition, post separation dilution is optionally used to improve detection of the mixture of components and the released component of interest. Microfluidic devices and systems suitable for performing such analyses are also provided.09-16-2010
20100233029COMPENSATED MEMBRANE CAPACITIVE BIO-CHEMICAL SENSOR - A sensor having a membrane, which is adapted to deflect in response to a change in surface stress. The membrane has a first and a second surface, which includes a first coating layer on the first surface of the membrane, and a second coating layer on the second surface of the membrane. The first coating layer is adapted to couple one or more probe molecules with the membrane.09-16-2010
20100233028SENSOR ELEMENT FOR SPR MEASUREMENT - An object of the present invention is to provide an element for SPR measurement without the need of a mechanical solution-sending mechanism. The scope of the present invention is defined by a sensor element for surface plasmon resonance (SPR) measurement utilizing an SPR effect, wherein the sensor element comprises a transparent substrate, a gold thin film formed on at least a part of the transparent substrate, and a thin film with affinity for a sample provided on the transparent substrate having the gold thin film formed on at least a part thereof, and the thin film with affinity for a sample has a measurement region (region A), a sample introduction section (region B) and a sample absorption section (region C) provided with the region A therebetween, the region A is provided with a sample measurement section containing a molecule-recognizing film, an introduction port is formed on the film with affinity for a sample in the region B, an absorption pad is provided on the film with affinity for a sample in the region C so that the whole region C should be covered, and a point in the region B, a point in the region A, and a point in the region C exist in one straight line on the thin film with affinity for a sample.09-16-2010
20100233031Method and Apparatus for Analyzing Bioprocess Fluids - Methods and apparatus for analyzing bioprocess fluids are provided. A plurality of particles coated with a plurality of capture agents having an affinity for one or more biological markers is combined with bioprocess fluid to form a plurality of analyte-particle complexes. The system also includes a transport arrangement for transporting the sample to a sensor surface, and optionally a magnetic field inducing structure constructed and arranged to establish a magnetic field at and adjacent to the sensor surface. The resonant sensor produces a signal corresponding to an amount of analyte-particle complexes that are bound to the sensor surface.09-16-2010
20120321518Assay Devices and Methods for the Detection of Analytes - The present invention relates to devices and methods for performing assays, especially for determining the presence and/or amount of one or more analytes. In particular, the invention relates to a device for the detection of analytes, comprising a reversibly compressible matrix located between a first surface and a second surface, wherein the second surface is located opposite to the first surface, and wherein the distance between the first surface and the second surface is variable. The invention also relates to a corresponding method using such a device for the detection of one or more species of analytes.12-20-2012
20120321517Sensor Apparatus and Method using Optical Interferometry - A sensor includes a sensor head with at least two surfaces separated by a gap. One surface is mechanically fixed, a second surface is free to move and deflections of the second surface relative to the first surface are monitored by optical interferometry. An optical fiber could be used to direct light from a light source to the sensor and collect light reflected by the sensor. Interaction of molecules or other objects in the sample with the second surface is detected as a change in amplitude and/or phase of deflection the second surface in response to an applied driving signal. A layer of binding molecules may be immobilized on the second surface and this surface exposed to a sample.12-20-2012
20130171026POROUS MEMBRANES HAVING A POLYMERIC COATING AND METHODS FOR THEIR PREPARATION AND USE - A modified porous membrane comprising a polymer coating grafted to a porous membrane is described. The polymer coatings grafted to the porous membranes generally comprise a polymer of variable length of an electron beam (e-beam) reactive moiety, designated “poly-(A)07-04-2013
20130171027OXYGEN SENSORS BASED ON HARD-SOFT ACID-BASE RELATIONSHIPS - A fluorescence quenching oxygen sensor (07-04-2013
20130177479COMPONENT MEASUREMENT DEVICE - A component measurement device, namely a blood-glucose measurement device, that has a measurement unit that focuses measurement light on a test paper through an illumination lens and receives reflected light from the test paper. The blood-glucose measurement device measures blood components on the basis of results from detecting the reflected light. The illumination lens is provided in the measurement unit such that the focal point of the measurement light is beyond the test paper.07-11-2013
20120251393DISPENSING NOZZLE FOR AUTOMATIC ANALYZER, AND AUTOMATIC ANALYZER INCLUDING SAME - An automatic analyzer for analyzing samples, such as urine and blood, is adapted so that analysis measured values are not affected by carry over by a repeatedly used dispensing nozzle. Coating the surface of the dispensing nozzle with a chemisorbed polyethylene glycol derivative forms a molecular layer that inhibits the adsorption of biopolymers, to reduce carry over by the dispensing nozzle.10-04-2012
20120251392Biosensor Using Magnetic Microparticles - Provided is a biosensor using magnetic microparticles whereby a biomaterial can be detected at a high sensitivity. The biosensor using magnetic microparticles is provided with a light source (10-04-2012
20130115135CENTRIFUGAL-BASED MICROFLUIDIC APPARATUS, METHOD OF FABRICATING THE SAME, AND METHOD OF TESTING SAMPLES USING THE MICROFLUIDIC APPARATUS - Provided is a microfluidic apparatus including: a microfluidic structure for providing spaces for receiving a fluid and for forming channels, through which the fluid flows; and valves for controlling the flow of fluid through the channels in the microfluidic apparatus. The microfluidic structure includes: a sample chamber; a sample separation unit receiving the sample from the sample chamber and separating a supernatant from the sample by using a centrifugal force; a testing unit receiving the supernatant from the sample separation unit for detecting a specimen from the supernatant using an antigen-antibody reaction, and a quality control chamber for identifying reliability of the test.05-09-2013
20110217205DIAGNOSTIC RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION SENSORS AND APPLICATIONS THEREOF - An integrated passive wireless chip diagnostic sensor system is described that can be interrogated remotely with a wireless device such as a modified cell phone incorporating multi-protocol RFID reader capabilities (such as the emerging Gen-2 standard) or Bluetooth, providing universal easy to use, low cost and immediate quantitative analyses, geolocation and sensor networking capabilities to users of the technology. The present invention can be integrated into various diagnostic platforms and is applicable for use with low power sensors such as thin films, MEMS, electrochemical, thermal, resistive, nano or microfluidic sensor technologies. Applications of the present invention include on-the-spot medical and self-diagnostics on smart skin patches, Point-of-Care (POC) analyses, food diagnostics, pathogen detection, disease-specific wireless biomarker detection, remote structural stresses detection and sensor networks for industrial or Homeland Security using low cost wireless devices such as modified cell phones.09-08-2011
20110236262BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCE DETECTING APPARATUS - A biological substance detecting apparatus that enables stable detection and quantitative analysis of biologically derived target substances is provided. The biological substance detecting apparatus employs a sensor chip provided with a fine flow channel through which a sample liquid is caused to flow, and a sensor surface that adsorbs a biologically derived target substance. Light is irradiated onto the sensor surface, and light emitted by the adsorbed target substance or a labeling substance bound thereto is detected. A flow speed controlling means, for controlling the flow speed of the sample liquid that flows through the fine flow channel to a value within a range such that the adsorption speed of the target substance is not controlled by dispersion.09-29-2011
20130149196Method for Functionalising Fluid Lines Contained in a Micromechanical Device, Micromechanical Device Including Functionalised Lines, and Method for Manufacturing Same - The present invention relates to a method for functionalising fluid lines (06-13-2013
20130156643DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANIPULATING OR ANALYSING A LIQUID SAMPLE - A device and a method for manipulating or analysing a liquid sample in a microfluidic channel are proposed. In order to implement an immunoassay, a movable substrate having a binding region is inserted in the channel. The substrate is embodied as a plate-like plastic part and is microstructured in the binding region. It is magnetically movable in the channel and for optical detection can be moved into a gas space.06-20-2013
20130156644INTEGRATED MICROFLUIDIC CARTRIDGE - Embodiments of the disclosure describe a structure for mounting a biosensor in a microfluidic cartridge including a biosensor holder, a gasket seal, a strut, and a leaf spring using a method for maintaining constant pressure and a microfluidic cartridge including the same. The structure allows pressure to be evenly distributed to the biosensor in order to secure reproducibility and reliability of the detection signal, and enables integrated configuration of the cartridge by using a minimum amount of space.06-20-2013
20130156645C-REACTIVE PROTEIN IMPRINTED POLYMER FILM AND MICROCHIP SYSTEM UTILIZING THE SAME - The present invention is a C-reactive protein imprinted polymer film. The C-reactive protein antibody imprinted polymer film comprises a plurality of imprinted nanocavities with unified orientation and distribution formed by removing a plurality of C-reactive proteins from a polymer film. Its ability to capture the target proteins can achieve 99% compared with the natural antibodies. The present invention further provides a C-reactive protein microchip system formed by the dynamic capacitance sensing method with the above imprinted polymer film. The C-reactive protein microchip system comprises a body having a first chamber and a second chamber, and a detector.06-20-2013
20130121879Magnetic-Field Measurement Device - The disclosed magnetic immunoassay device, which performs magnetic immunoassays using antigen-antibody reactions, can perform speedy immunoassays without bound/free separation in the test samples. The device is also practical, being capable of stable magnetism measurement without magnetic shielding. The disclosed magnetic immunoassay device is provided with: an excitation coil that uses an AC magnetic field to magnetize a test sample containing a magnetic marker; a magnetism sensor that measures magnetism in the test sample and outputs a magnetism signal; and a displacement sensor for detecting changes in the distance between the test sample and the magnetism sensor. By optimally setting the bandwidth of a lock-in amplifier, which detects changes in the phase of the magnetism signal outputted by the magnetism sensor, and the rotational speed produced by a drive system, which moves the test sample at low speeds, the impact of environment magnetic noise is reduced, and correcting the magnetism signal using distance information obtained from the displacement sensor allows stable magnetism measurement.05-16-2013
20120020837Portable Apparatus for Improved Sample Analysis - The present invention is an improved apparatus for sample analysis. The apparatus employs an assay component containing a membrane having one or a plurality of analyte-specific binding agents attached thereto, a means for absorbing liquid, and a piston means for drawing analytes through said membrane into said means for absorbing liquid. The apparatus is configured to be portable and provide a detector for detecting binding of an analyte to an analyte-specific binding agent, a plurality of data acquisition components, and a computer for integrating, analyzing and storing the detected analyte specific binding and acquired data.01-26-2012
20120020836PIPETTING NOZZLE FOR AUTOANALYZER, METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME AND AUTOANALYZER USING SAME - In an autoanalyzer for analyzing samples, such as urine and blood, analytical and measured values are prevented from being affected by carry-over caused by the repeated use of a pipetting nozzle. A molecular layer for inhibiting the adsorption of biological polymers is formed by coating surfaces of the pipetting nozzle with a polyethylene glycol derivative chemisorbed thereto, thereby reducing carry-over caused by the pipetting nozzle.01-26-2012
20130195721METALLIC-NANOFINGER DEVICE FOR CHEMICAL SENSING - A metallic-nanofinger device for chemical sensing. The device includes a substrate, and a plurality of nanofingers. A nanofinger includes a flexible column, and a metallic cap coupled to an apex of the flexible column. At least the nanofinger and a second nanofinger are to self-arrange into a close-packed configuration with at least one analyte molecule disposed between at least the metallic cap and a second metallic cap of respective nanofinger and second nanofinger. A morphology of the metallic cap is to generate a shifted plasmonic-resonance peak associated with amplified luminescence from the analyte molecule. A coating encapsulating the metallic cap to respond upon exposure to a liquid, and a chemical-sensing chip including the metallic-nanofinger device are also provided.08-01-2013
20130202488OPTICAL EVANESCENT FIELD SENSOR - The invention relates to an optical sensor device (08-08-2013
20120076694Analyte Detection Using an Active Assay - Analytes using an active assay may be detected by introducing an analyte solution containing a plurality of analytes to a lacquered membrane. The lacquered membrane may be a membrane having at least one surface treated with a layer of polymers. The lacquered membrane may be semi-permeable to nonanalytes. The layer of polymers may include cross-linked polymers. A plurality of probe molecules may be arrayed and immobilized on the lacquered membrane. An external force may be applied to the analyte solution to move the analytes towards the lacquered membrane. Movement may cause some or all of the analytes to bind to the lacquered membrane. In cases where probe molecules are presented, some or all of the analytes may bind to probe molecules. The direction of the external force may be reversed to remove unbound or weakly bound analytes. Bound analytes may be detected using known detection types.03-29-2012
20120087831RAPID DIAGNOSTIC DEVICE, ASSAY AND MULTIFUNCTIONAL BUFFER - A rapid diagnostic device, assay and multifunctional buffer reagent are provided for the detection of a target analyte in a fluid test sample. The 2-step assay utilizes a dual component flow-through device comprising a test unit and a dried indicator reagent delivery unit for receiving the fluid sample and multifunctional buffer, respectively. The test unit comprises a reaction zone containing immobilized capture reagent that can bind to the target analyte, an absorbent zone supporting the reaction zone, and optionally, a blood separation zone in lateral fluid communication with the reaction zone. The delivery unit comprises a label zone permeated with a dried indicator reagent which can be placed in transient fluid communication with the reaction zone of the test unit during the assay procedure. The rapid diagnostic assay system reduces the number of assay reagents, method steps and time required for performance compared to other conventional assays.04-12-2012

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