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Sample mechanical transport means in or for automated analytical system

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422 - Chemical apparatus and process disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving, or sterilizing


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422067000 With specific analytical program control means 36
422064000 Means is turntable (circular) 35
422065000 Means is conveyor and rack 34
422066000 Means is moving tape or band 3
20090238721DIAGNOSTIC TAPE UNIT AND A PROCESS FOR ITS PRODUCTION - A diagnostic tape unit and a process for producing is are provided, in which disposable, test units are applied to a rollable transport tape which is wound onto an unwinding spool and is connected to a take-up spool such that the test units can be successively made available to a user by winding on the transport tape. One or both of the leading end and trailing end of the transport tape is connected to their corresponding spools by means of an auxiliary tape.09-24-2009
20130216433DIAGNOSTIC TAPE CASSETTE - A diagnostic tape cassette is disclosed that includes an analytical test tape, a supply spool for winding off unused test tape and a take-up spool for winding used test tape, a housing and a rotational lock for the take-up spool at least against inadvertent unwinding of test tape. The rotational lock includes one of a locking teeth arrangement, friction elements, and a catch spring and spring latch arrangement.08-22-2013
20110189051Reaction Cuvette Supply to an Automatic Analysis Machine - Device for supplying an automatic analysis machine with reaction cuvettes, comprising means (08-04-2011
20080260580Method and System for Radiopharmaceutical Kit Preparation - An automated system for remotely drawing and dispensing eluate in preparing kits of radioactive pharmaceuticals. The system includes cradles for holding shielded vials containing eluate or the final kit from cold kit vials. The present invention also provides methods and apparati directed to the withdrawal and dispensing of eluate while reducing waste and exposure to operators.10-23-2008
20100119413ROBOTIC GRIP AND TWIST ASSEMBLY - A microtiter plate transport device is configured to grip a microtiter plate in a first location. The microtiter plate transport device is configured to make a vertical approach to the microtiter plate and grip the microtiter plate in either a portrait orientation or a landscape orientation along either the opposing longer sides or the opposing shorter sides of the microtiter plate. The device comprises a Cartesian coordinate robot including a first gripping member and a second gripping member opposed to the first gripping member. The first gripping member and the second gripping member are supported by an arm configured to move along a vertical axis which extends between the first gripping member and the second gripping member. The first gripping member and the second gripping member are configured to rotate about the vertical axis.05-13-2010
20100111765REAGENT AND SAMPLE HANDLING DEVICE FOR AUTOMATIC TESTING SYSTEM - A handling device for samples and reagents to be used in testing in a system. Carriers of samples and reagents are loaded on a platform which detects the presence of, and proper loading of, such carriers. The carriers are moved from the platform by a transporter to a bar code reader for identification. A reagent container is rotated during reading to facilitate identification. The transporter further moves identified reagent carriers to a carousel on which the carriers automatically secured for storage awaiting use in testing. The carousel rotates, and selected reagent containers rotate on the rotating carousel, during storage.05-06-2010
20090041622AUTOMATIC ANALYZER - Disclosed herein is an automatic analyzer that includes one or more pipetting probes for pipetting reagents or samples to be examined, one or more pipetting-probe-transferring means for transferring the probes and one or more washing tubs installed on the transfer paths of the probes and having structure permitting the probes to pass therethrough. The washing tub has washing-water-discharging orifices for discharging washing water and air-jetting orifices for jetting out air.02-12-2009
20090081081PIPETTE TIP SUPPLIER AND SAMPLE ANALYZER - The present invention is to present a pipette tip supplier and a sample analyzer which are capable of increasing an efficiency of eliminating electrification charge of the pipette tip than ever before. The pipette tip supplier comprises: a tip supply mechanism section 03-26-2009
20090232705AUTOMATIC ANALYZER - An automatic analyzer for qualitatively and quantitatively analyzing biological samples includes mixing means by which magnetic particles that have undergone B/F reactions are stirred before being introduced into a flow cell. Control means are provided for performing control so that during one analytical cycle, a reaction solution containing the magnetic particles that underwent B/F reactions is suctioned in a plurality of operations into the flow cell so that the solution is stirred by the mixing means prior to each of the suctioning operations.09-17-2009
20090232704Multiple-Sample Automatic Processing System and Multiple-Sample Automatic Processing Method - A system completely automates process steps to reduce contamination, enables quantification of products, and reduces the defective ratio. Sample containers are transported on a unit by unit basis, each unit consisting of a predetermined number of containers, and supplied to the individual dispensing/aspiration apparatuses and each reaction bath. In order to ensure quantification and reliability of the reaction/processing of the sample, a reaction monitoring sensor is provided, and the sample containers are affixed with barcodes to identify the samples. Samples determined through monitoring to be defective are returned to a predetermined step site where reaction/processing is performed again.09-17-2009
20120237397CONFIGURATION AND OPERATING MODE OF AN AUTOMATED ANALYZER - An automated analysis apparatus having sample, reagent and process rotors, at least three pipetting devices for transferring first and second reagents and a sample, a mixing device, a measuring device, and a flushing device. The analysis apparatus operates in successive operating cycles with the process rotor rotating about its axis of rotation. Simultaneously in each operating cycle in different process containers at different positions of the process rotor a sample is transferred into a process container, the first reagent is transferred into a process container, the second reagent is transferred into a process container, the process mixture is mixed in a process container, the measurement parameter of the process mixture in a process container is measured, and at least one process container is flushed. The rotation of the process rotor is stopped at most twice per operating cycle to transfer a sample and the first and second reagents into a process container.09-20-2012
20120195794FLOW CELLS AND MANIFOLDS HAVING AN ELECTROOSMOTIC PUMP - A flow cell for use in a microfluidic detection system is provided. The flow cell includes a flow cell body having a channel that is configured to convey a solution through the flow cell body. The flow cell also includes a bottom surface and a top surface. The bottom surface is configured to be removably held by the detection system, and the top surface is transparent and permits light to pass therethrough. The flow cell body also includes fluidic inlet and outlet ports that are in fluid communication with the channel. A pump cavity is also provided in the flow cell body. The pump cavity fluidly communicates with, and is interposed between, an end of the channel and one of the fluidic inlet and outlet ports. An electroosmotic (EO) pump is held in the pump cavity. The EO pump induces flow of the solution through the EO pump and channel between the fluidic inlet and outlet ports.08-02-2012
20130164174RADICAL IONS FOR ELECTRON TRANSFER DISSOCIATION - Radical anions for use in the fragmentation of positively charged biopolymer ions by means of electron transfer are produced from substances previously unknown for use as ETD production substances. The inventive substances produce radical anions that lead to electron transfer dissociations with a high yield of fragment ions. The substances have high volatility that allows them to be kept in unheated containers outside the vacuum system and transported into the vacuum system to an in vacuum electron attachment ion source via unheated lines and low molecular weights that allow the measurement of even very light fragment ions. In one embodiment, a suitable substance is 1-3-5-7-cyclooctatetraene.06-27-2013
20110300021AUTOMATED ANALYZER - Stepped portions of a flow channel are reduced by completely fixing the channel that extends to the measuring unit, and reducing connections in the channel, thereby to suppress a disturbance in the flow of the liquid suctioned into the measuring unit. A means is provided so that the reaction solution and reagent suctioned will move towards the channel through which the liquids are suctioned.12-08-2011
20110268610Tip Tray Assembly For Optical Sensors - An apparatus and method for packaging of an optical sensing fiber is disclosed. The apparatus includes a substrate with a plurality of openings, and each opening is configured for holding an optical sensing assembly. The assembly is positioned in the opening with a tip of the assembly extending through the opening to be suspended from the substrate. In addition, openings are arranged so the assembly positioned therein avoids contacting another assembly positioned therein. The apparatus can include a support member for supporting the substrate and positioning the substrate so the tip of the assembly suspended from the opening in the substrate contacts solution in one of a plurality of wells in a container adjacent to the substrate. The assembly can be configured for preparing of the optical assembly for assay. An agitation assembly for agitating the container to create flow of the solution in the container wells over an optical sensing assembly is also disclosed.11-03-2011
20100086440System and method for robotic storage of microplates - In some embodiments of the present disclosure, a robotic storage system for storing microplates carrying a plurality of sample tubes is provided and may comprise a freezer room having a plurality of freezing units and a first robot being capable of removing a microplate from and moving a microplate into a freezing unit. The first robot may be further capable of transferring the microplate to a processing station, where the microplates are stored in the freezing units such that a plurality of microplates are arranged one above the other in a microplate recipient. The robotic storage system may also include at least one processing room and means for thermally separating the processing room from the freezer room. Each processing room may include a processing station having at least one tube transfer module as well as a second robot for moving the microplates between the microplate recipients and the at least one tube transfer module. The first robot may be designed such that it is only capable of removing a microplate recipient from and moving it into a said freezing unit as well as of transferring it from a freezing unit to a processing station or vice versa.04-08-2010
20090257916Punching Apparatus for Use in Dispensing - Provided is a punching apparatus for use in dispensing, having a blood specimen contained therein, and punching a dispensing hole in a plug body of a test tube serving as a specimen container closed by the plug body whose upper end opening is made of a rubber or synthetic resin material, the apparatus comprising a guide rail serving as a transport passage which transports the test tube while the plug body thereof is held at the upper side in a vertical state, an elevating mechanism provided at a punch position P in the middle of the guide rail, and an ultrasonic cutter which is supported by the elevating mechanism, and which is lowered when the test tube reaches the punch position, thereby punching a dispensing hole immediately before penetrating the plug body from a top face thereof.10-15-2009
20090280029High Throughput Materials-Processing System - The present invention discloses a materials-processing system, which comprises an inputting subsystem, a processing apparatus coupled to the inputting subsystem and a collecting subsystem coupled to the processing apparatus. The inputting subsystem comprises three or more sample vessels, which can be connected to the processing apparatus. Since the processing system includes multiple sample vessels, which can be grouped into different groups so that each group contains two or more of the multiple sample vessels. High throughput materials transport can be realized by sequentially connecting different groups of sample vessels to the processing apparatus, thereby overcoming a limitation of the prior art that cannot continuously perform multiple batches of materials processing and improving material processing efficiency.11-12-2009
20090104075User interface for a fluidic system of a flow cytometer - The fluidic system of the preferred embodiment includes a sheath pump to pump sheath fluid from a sheath container into an interrogation zone and a waste pump to pump waste fluid from the interrogation zone into a waste container. The sheath pump and/or the waste pump draw sample fluid from a sample container into the interrogation zone. The fluidic system also includes a controller to adjust the flow rate of the sample fluid from the sample container into the interrogation zone. The fluidic system is preferably incorporated into a flow cytometer with a flow cell that includes the interrogation zone.04-23-2009
20120294762Temporary Store - An analyzer for detecting or quantitating an analyte comprising a temporary storage unit for storing a reagent cassette and a method for presenting a reagent cassette present in a temporary storage unit to a pipetting device are described.11-22-2012
20120294763SPECIMEN ANALYZING APPARATUS AND SPECIMEN ANALYZING METHOD - A specimen analyzing apparatus comprising: a detector for detecting component information regarding a component in a specimen contained in each of analyzing containers, the analyzing containers comprising first and second analyzing containers; an analyzing part for analyzing the component information detected by the detector; a transporting device for transporting specimen containers each containing a specimen, the specimen containers comprising first and second specimen containers; an operation mode selector for selecting one of a first operation mode and a second operation mode; a first supplying device for supplying the specimen of a first amount; a second supplying device for supplying the specimen of a second amount grater than the first amount; and a supply controller for controlling the first and second supplying devices in accordance with an operation mode selected by the operation mode selector, is disclosed. A specimen analyzing method is also disclosed.11-22-2012
20080219886Sample Analyzer and Its Components - A sample analyzer includes a liquid aspirator to be stuck into the closed container for aspirating a sample from a closed container; a preparing section for preparing an analysis sample using the aspirated sample; and an analyzing section for analyzing the prepared analysis sample; the liquid aspirator including an elongated pipe, the pipe having a liquid flow path extending therein and a plurality of communicating sections provided in an outer surface thereof, at least one of the communicating sections communicating between an inside and an outside of the container when the pipe is stuck into the container.09-11-2008
20090041623FLUID ANALYZING APPARATUS - A fluid analyzing apparatus. The fluid analyzing apparatus sequentially or simultaneously detects and analyzes a multiplex fluid sample with suitable analyzing elements. Meanwhile, the fluid analyzing apparatus may be disassembled to a first unit, a second unit and a third unit, such that the analyzing elements therein are easily disposed and replaced. The fluid analyzing apparatus analyzes and detects the multiplex fluid sample by allowing the multiplex fluid sample to sequentially or simultaneously flow through a plurality of target chambers. The fluid analyzing apparatus sequentially or simultaneously transports the multiplex fluid sample to the target chambers, thereby enhancing the speed and analysis thereof.02-12-2009
20090162246SAMPLE CARRYING APPARATUS CAPABLE OF REVOLVING SAMPLE - A sample carrying apparatus capable of revolving a sample includes a body and a revolvable structure. The body has a slot. The revolvable structure partially accommodated within the slot is pivotally connected to the body and is revolvable relative to the body.06-25-2009
20090004057AUTOMATIC ANALYZER AND REAGENT STORAGE THEREOF - A holding unit pivotally holds a plurality of reagent bottles which store reagents. A reagent case houses the holding unit and has an edge higher than at least the housed holding unit. The reagent cover is a cover for closing the reagent case. A cooling unit is mounted on one outer surface of the reagent case and cools air in the reagent case closed by the reagent cover through one outer surface. A circulating unit is mounted on the holding portion and circulates the cooled air in the reagent case closed by the reagent cover.01-01-2009
20110229374SAMPLE ANALYZER - A sample analyzer including: a first reagent container holding unit; a second reagent container holding unit being arranged on one side of the first reagent container holding portion; a reagent information reading unit; and a control unit. The reagent information reading unit includes an electric wave emitting portion, which is arranged on the other side of the first reagent container holding unit, for emitting a plurality of electric waves having mutually differing reaching ranges, and the control unit controls the reagent information reading unit to switch the electric wave emitted from the electric wave emitting portion in accordance with a read target being the first electronic tag or the second electronic tag.09-22-2011
20110229373ANALYZING APPARATUS AND CALIBRATION CARTRIDGE - An apparatus for analyzing a biological component in a test sample, comprising: a mounting part for selectively mounting a calibration cartridge and an analysis cartridge; a detection part for detecting a component included in a control sample accommodated in the calibration cartridge, the component included in the test sample accommodated in the analysis cartridge, and a biological component included in the analysis cartridge; and an analyzing part for analyzing the biological component included in the test sample based on a detection result of the component included in the control sample, a detection result of the component included in the test sample, and a detection result of the biological component included in the test sample detected by the detection part. A cardridge is also disclosed.09-22-2011
20090004056Clinical Sample Analysis System Having An Analyzer Positioning Mechanism - A clinical sample analysis system having an analyzer positioning mechanism for providing height adjusting and horizontal alignment between an analyzing module and a clinical workstation using cradle beams and rolling ball transfer positioners.01-01-2009
20090246081INSTRUMENT DOCKING STATION FOR AN AUTOMATED TESTING SYSTEM - An automated testing system includes one or more laboratory devices that operate together to perform an assay. The testing system is designed such that a laboratory device may be seamlessly integrated with the remaining devices in a quick and effortless manner. Specifically, the laboratory device is securely mounted on a slidable cart with fluid and electrical connections established therebetween. The slidable cart is in turn adapted to releasably engage with a docking station that is fixedly mounted on the workspace floor, the docking station being provided with at least one fluid input connection, an input power connection and at least one communication signal connection that are relatively permanent in nature. In order to couple the cart to the docking station, the cart is rolled generally into position above the docking station using complementary alignment posts and tracks.10-01-2009
20100178204Automated Self-Contained Liquid Handling and Detection System Device - An integrated device which combines automated liquid handling, rapid planar binding assay format, reservoir of assay devices, automated package opening device and automated reader for obtaining assay results, with an optimized means for data analysis, storage and management, is described.07-15-2010
20090117004SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATICALLY LOADING IMMUNOASSAY ANALYZER - A component of a laboratory automation system that integrates (a) separating a solid magnetic substrate from the liquid contents of a reaction vessel, (b) management of the thermal characteristics of the component of the laboratory automation system, (c) automated loading of multi-well plates and tip combs into the component of the laboratory automation system, (d) automated unloading of multi-well plates and tip combs from the component of the laboratory automation system, and (e) reading of radio frequency identification tags attached to multi-well plates.05-07-2009
20090117003LIQUID DELIVERY APPARATUS - Provided is a pipette head assembly and tip holder apparatus for use in an automated liquid handling device, which apparatus comprises a pipette head assembly mountable in the device and a pipette tip holder comprising locations for holding pipette tips for the pipette head assembly; 05-07-2009
20100080732ANALYZER AND LIQUID CONTAINER - The present invention is to present an analyzer, comprising: a container holder for holding a liquid container, wherein the liquid container includes a container body having an opening at a top end and containing a liquid, and a cover for sealing the opening; a liquid aspirating device comprising a liquid aspirating tube for aspirating the liquid within the liquid container held by the container holder; and an opening device for opening the opening such that the liquid aspirating tube is able to be inserted into the liquid container, by conducting a first operation and a second operation, wherein the first operation releases a sealing state between the cover and the opening under a condition that the cover is covering the opening, and the second operation moves the cover to a position at which the opening is not being covered by the cover under a condition that the sealed state is being released.04-01-2010
20090110598FULLY AUTOMATED MICROARRAY PROCESSING SYSTEM - An automated microarray processing system includes a microarray housing assembly module, an incubation module, a washing module and at least one automated transport module. With the automated transport module being mechanically moved among the microarray housing assembly module, the incubation module and the washing module, biochemical reaction of a reaction region of a microarray and a biological sample solution disposed therebetween is automatically performed, and the reacted microarray is automatically cleaned when the biochemical reaction of the microarray is completed.04-30-2009
20110123397SAMPLE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND SAMPLE RACK TRANSPORTING METHOD - A sample processing apparatus, including: a sample processing unit for obtaining a sample from a sample container positioned at a sample obtaining position and performing a predetermined process of the sample; a transport unit for transporting a sample rack holding the sample container via the sample obtaining position; and a transport controller for performing a stop process to stop the transport operation of the sample rack by the transport unit when a transport suspension event has occurred during the transport operation of the sample rack, and for controlling the transport unit to restart the transport operation of the sample rack from a stop position at which the sample rack has been stopped by the stop process.05-26-2011
20090214385AUTOMATIC ANALYZER - A diluted sample can be reused to remeasure a sample whose measurement has been completed, which is to be manually performed. The automatic analyzer according to the present invention can manage the elapsed time after a diluted sample pipetted to set hold and discard conditions. It is possible to check, before the measurement is performed, whether or not each requested measurement item can be measured, and the length of time it takes before measurement of all samples is completed. The automatic analyzer according to the present invention has functions of: setting diluted sample hold and discard conditions; allowing an operator to specify a kind of sample, for example, to select between a parent sample and a diluted sample; separately executing pipetting or measurement; and displaying each requested measurement item for which a sample or a reagent is insufficient, and displaying the length of time it takes until measurement of all samples is completed.08-27-2009
20110116970DEVICE FOR USE IN MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS TESTING - The invention relates to a device for use in molecular diagnostics testing comprising: at least one reagent storage container (05-19-2011
20100054993Microplate Mounting Stand, and Analyte Testing/Observing Apparatus Equipped Therewith - [Objective] An object is to provide an analyte testing/observing apparatus which can prevent evaporation and drying of an analyte and a reagent accommodated, before being dispensed, in a plurality of wells formed in microplates, to thereby stabilize the reaction between the analyte and the reagent and improve the accuracy of analyte test, and which can reduce the required space.03-04-2010
20100296972FLOW CELL - A measurement fluidic channel (11-25-2010
20100322822SYSTEM FOR MANAGING INVENTORY OF BULK LIQUIDS - A system for managing bulk liquids for an automated clinical analyzer. The system comprises (a) at least one local reservoir for storing a bulk liquid for impending use, (b) at least one container for holding a bulk liquid before the liquid is transferred to a local reservoir, and (c) a controller for monitoring the level of a bulk liquid in a local reservoir. The local reservoir for storing a bulk liquid for impending use can be a trough. The use of troughs for storing a reagent, a diluent, or some other treating agent for impending use enables an aspirating/dispensing device having a plurality of pipettes to aspirate and dispense the reagent, diluent, or other treating agent at a high rate of throughput. The controller can monitor the level of a liquid in (a) a local reservoir for storing a bulk liquid for imminent use and the level of liquid in a (b) container for holding a bulk liquid before the liquid is transferred to a local reservoir. In the laboratory automation system described herein, the container for holding a bulk liquid before the liquid is transferred to a local reservoir can be a bottle. Other desirable features in the system include, but are not limited to, pump(s), valves, liquid level sensors.12-23-2010
20100196202APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR DISPENSING SAMPLE HOLDERS - An apparatus and methods for dispensing sample holders for use in an automated sample analyzer is disclosed herein. The apparatus for dispensing sample holders includes a rotating carousel for housing stack of sample holders. Stacks of sample holders from the rotating carousel are fed into a chute where sample holders contact a set of rotating members having helical threads thereon. The helically threaded rotating members engage the sample containers and separate each sample holder from the remaining sample holders in the stack by rotation of the helically threaded rotating members. The sample holder can then be transferred for use in an automated sample analyzer.08-05-2010
20110020179Systems and Methods for Multiple Analyte Detection - Systems and methods for multiple analyte detection include a system for distribution of a biological sample that includes a substrate, wherein the substrate includes a plurality of sample chambers, a sample introduction channel for each sample chamber, and a venting channel for each sample chamber. The system may further include a preloaded reagent contained in each sample chamber and configured for nucleic acid analysis of a biological sample that enters the substrate and a sealing instrument configured to be placed in contact with the substrate to seal each sample chamber so as to substantially prevent sample contained in each sample chamber from flowing out of each sample chamber. The substrate can be constructed of detection-compatible and assay-compatible materials.01-27-2011
20100068096IN SITU HEAT INDUCED ANTIGEN RECOVERY AND STAINING APPARATUS AND METHOD - An automated in situ heat induced antigen recovery and staining method and apparatus for treating a plurality of microscope slides. The process of heat induced antigen recovery and the process of staining the biological sample on the microscope slide are conducted in the same apparatus, wherein the microscope slides do not need to be physically removed from one apparatus to another. Each treatment step occurs within the same reaction compartment. The reaction conditions of each reaction compartment for treating a slide can preferably be controlled independently, including the individualized application of reagents to each slide and the individualized treatment of each slide.03-18-2010
20100068094APPARATUS FOR TREATING PREPARED SPECIMENS - An apparatus is described for treating prepared specimens. The apparatus comprises at least two container rows arranged in parallel to each other, each comprising a plurality of reagent containers and a transport mechanism for transporting at least one transport container that receives at least one carrier holding at least one prepared specimen. The transport mechanism is movable along an X and Z axis. A rotation unit is provided comprising holding arms and at least one holding element. The container rows are received rotatably at the ends of the holding arms of the at least one holding element that is connected to a rotation shaft such that it co-rotates with the rotation shaft that extends parallel to the X axis. The rotation unit is adapted to assume at least one working position allowing the transport mechanism to have access to the reagent container.03-18-2010
20100068095DEVICE FOR MANIPULATING AT LEAST ONE SPECIMEN SLIDE - A device for manipulating at least one specimen slide. The device includes a first sensor unit operable to sense a first rotation of a first component of the device about at least one first axis of a three-dimensional coordinate system. A second sensor unit is operable to sense a second rotation of a second component of the device about the at least one first axis of the coordinate system, the coordinate system being independent of a position of the first component and of a position of the second component. A positioning unit is operable to position the second component relative to the first component.03-18-2010
20110305598MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE - A microfluidic device is described herein which comprises a micron-sized deep flow channel and a sensor. The micron-sized deep flow channel is configured such that a sample solution and a reference solution flow side-by-side to one another in a single sensing region of the sensor. The single sensing region is divided into a detection region and a reference region which are contiguous to one another and which are respectively interfaced with the sample solution and the reference solution that flow side-by-side to one another in a longitudinal direction within the micron-sized deep flow channel.12-15-2011
20120039748AUTOMATIC ANALYSIS APPARATUS - An automatic analysis apparatus capable of testing a plurality of items with high accuracy and at low cost without increasing the size of the apparatus is provided. An automatic analysis apparatus 02-16-2012
20110318226Calibration slide for fluorescence detection instruments and process of preparation - The present invention relates to calibration slides for fluorescence detection instruments and processing method of making them. The aim of this invention is to disclose calibration slides with high photostability and long lifetime for fluorescence detection instruments. The calibration slides are fabricated by patterning calibration spot arrays of modified inorganic phosphors on the glass slide. The process for producing a calibration slide comprises the following procedure: 1) Dispersing the inorganic phosphors of rare-earth doped complex in water; 2) Patterning the affay of the above suspension on the glass slide. The calibration slides in the present invention employ a very stable fluorescing material that is insensitive to photobleaching, has long lifetime and stability under mild storage condition. The calibration slides in the present invention can be used to calibrate and test for some fluorescence instruments, i.e. microarray scanner, fluorescent microscopy, fluorescence spectrometer, fluorescent multiwell-plate reader12-29-2011
20120009087SAMPLE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND SAMPLE TRANSPORTING DEVICE - The present invention provides a sample transporting device for transporting a sample container based on transport control information received from a transport control unit. The sample transporting device includes: a controller configured to control a transport operation of the sample transporting device in response to transport control information received from the transport control unit; and a repeater connected to a first cable and a second cable, configured to receive the transport control information from the transport control unit through the first cable, and relay the transport control information to the controller when the received transport control information specifies the sample transporting device, or relay the transport control information to the second cable when the received transport control information specifies another sample transporting device.01-12-2012
20120301357APPARATUS AND PROCESS FOR OPENING AND CLOSING FLUID CONTAINERS - An apparatus for the automated opening/closing of one or more fluid containers is presented. Each container comprises an opening and a cap for closing the opening. The cap is pivotable with respect to the container body so as to open or close the container. A mount and a carriage supported by the mount by a translating mechanism bidirectionally translate the carriage with respect to the mount. The carriage comprises a base portion and a pivoting portion supported by the base portion by a pivoting mechanism that bidirectionally pivots the pivoting portion with respect to the base portion. The pivoting portion has a contact member that contacts a projecting portion of the cap of each of the fluid containers while pivoting the pivoting portion so as to open and optionally close the opening. A drive is coupled to the carriage for translating the base portion and pivoting the pivoting portion.11-29-2012
20120058010ALIQUOTING APPARATUS FOR BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL CONTAINERS - An automatic apparatus is described, which is suitable for the withdrawal of portions of biological material from a parent test tube (03-08-2012
20120114526AUTOMATED ANALYZER - Disclosed is an automated analyzer intended for qualitative/quantitative analysis of blood, urine, and other biological samples, and including a reagent disk for mounting a plurality of reagent containers thereon, wherein any errors in liquid-level measurement due to oscillation of a reagent liquid surface during rotation of the reagent disk are minimized, even when reagent containers of a large capacity are mounted. If a predetermined constant cycle time is defined as one unit, the reagent disk with reagent containers mounted thereon is transported to a liquid-level detection position using at least two units when a liquid level of a reagent is measured.05-10-2012
20110104007AUTOMATIC ANALYZING DEVICE - A reaction solution is mixed in a short period of time with excellent stir efficiency. A stir rod 05-05-2011
20120251389AUTOMATIC ANALYZING DEVICE - A reagent loading mechanism includes a reagent loading unit and a reagent holding unit serving as a rotating mechanism. A reagent cover opening mechanism and a reagent transferring mechanism are disposed on the circumference of the reagent holding unit. A position at which the reagents can be continuously loaded from the reagent loading unit can be selected from accommodating positions in the reagent holding unit by setting the number (X) of held reagents and an offset number (Y) of the opening mechanism and the transferring mechanism to satisfy a relationship of X=nY+1 (n is arbitrary). In addition, the opening operation and the transferring operation are performed during the same period so that unnecessary operations of the mechanisms can be suppressed by controlling the sequence such that opening of the reagent covers and transferring of the reagents can be continuously performed.10-04-2012
20100209298Sample Processing System - In accordance with an embodiment of a system for handling and processing chemical and/or biological samples, a MicroChamber comprises a substrate, a reservoir formed on the substrate for receiving a chemical and/or biological sample, and an encoder such as a barcode or other suitable device. The encoder encodes information describing at least one characteristic of the substrate and/or reservoir.08-19-2010
20120213667AUTOMATED MICRO-VOLUME ASSAY SYSTEM - An automated assay system is described with stations for placement of materials to be used in an assay of materials inside capillaries and an automated gripper for manipulating capillaries. The system includes a separation and immobilization station where reactions inside the capillaries take place and a detector station where photoemissions from the capillary reactions are detected. The photoemissions from the capillaries may be displayed as line graphs or in columns of a pseudo-gel image resembling the familiar Western gel blot. An automated control system has a user interface by which an operator can select a run protocol and define the locations of samples and reagents to be used in the protocol run. Following the setup the control system will cause the automated system to execute the protocol, then display the results in a selected display format.08-23-2012
20100047128LIQUID ASPIRATING APPARATUS AND SAMPLE ANALYZER - The present invention is to present a liquid aspirating apparatus comprising: a liquid aspirating nozzle; an aspirator for aspirating liquid through the liquid aspirating nozzle; a washing liquid discharging nozzle being arranged along a longitudinal direction of the liquid aspirating nozzle, wherein a discharge hole for discharging washing liquid is formed on the washing liquid discharging nozzle and the discharge hole faces a side surface of the liquid aspirating nozzle; and a washing liquid supplier for supplying the washing liquid to the side surface of the liquid aspirating nozzle through the discharge hole of the washing liquid discharging nozzle.02-25-2010
20100008824Retaining clip for reagent test slides - A retaining clip for retaining reagent test slides in a stacked arrangement is formed as a unitary member and has first, second and third plates, each having an inner surface and an outer surface. The inner surface of the first plate pivots towards the inner surface of the second plate, and the inner surface of the third plate also pivots such that the inner surfaces of the first and third plates at least partially face each other upon pivoting. The inner surfaces of the first and third plates are separated by a distance to accommodate the reagent test slides in a stacked arrangement. Alternatively, the third and second plates can be fixed rigidly to each other with only the first plate pivoting to at least partially face the third plate upon pivoting.01-14-2010
20090060784AUTOMATED ANALYZER - Disclosed herein is an automated analyzer including pipetting means for discharging a sample and reagent into an empty reaction vessel without contact between the leading end of a sample probe and the bottom of the reaction vessel.03-05-2009
20090016931CHEMICAL ANALYSIS DEVICE - A chemical analysis device capable of suppressing deterioration of analysis and test accuracy while avoiding contamination by residual samples or reagents and having no complicated configuration is constructed.01-15-2009
20120321513ANALYSIS DEVICE AND REAGENT CONTAINER - An analysis device for particle analysis, configured in such a manner that a reagent container is set in the device by inserting the reagent container from a side surface of the device toward the inside thereof, the reagent container having, near the forward end thereof, a suction pipe entrance portion into which a suction pipe can enter. The analysis device is provided with: a reagent container holding portion which holds the reagent container inserted from the suction pipe entrance portion side; and the suction pipe which enters, from above, the suction pipe entrance portion of the reagent container held by the reagent container holding portion and which sucks a reagent within the reagent container. The reagent container holding portion includes a guide member for guiding the insertion of the reagent container, which is inserted from the suction pipe entrance portion side, into the reagent container holding portion.12-20-2012
20110158849INSTRUMENT FOR CASSETTE FOR SAMPLE PREPARATION - A parallel processing system for processing samples is described. In one embodiment, the parallel processing system includes an instrument interface parallel controller to control a tray motor driving system, a close-loop heater control and detection system, a magnetic particle transfer system, a reagent release system, a reagent pre-mix pumping system and a wash buffer pumping system.06-30-2011
20130022499SAMPLE ANALYZER AND SAMPLE ANALYSIS SYSTEM - A sample analyzer which transports a rack holding a plurality of sample containers and analyzes samples includes: a first measurement apparatus which measures samples; a second measurement apparatus which is arranged downstream, in a transport direction, from the first measurement apparatus, and which measures samples; and a transporting apparatus which transports samples to a first supply position for supplying a sample to the first measurement apparatus, and to a second supply position for supplying a sample to the second measurement apparatus. The transporting apparatus linearly transports a rack from the first supply position to the second supply position, and the distance between the first supply position and the second supply position is a multiple of the distance between adjacent sample containers held in the rack.01-24-2013
20080226498HIGH THROUGHPUT CHEMICAL HANDLING SYSTEM - A high throughput chemical handling system includes a chemical storage module, a transport module, and one or more liquid handling modules. The transport module may implement parallel chemical transport, and the system may include a plurality of asynchronously operable liquid handling modules coupled to the parallel transport module.09-18-2008
20130171025Dispensing Nozzle for Autoanalyzer, Autoanalyzer Equipped with the Nozzle, and Method for Producing Dispensing Nozzle for Autoanalyzer - In an autoanalyzer for analyzing a specimen such as urine and blood, protecting a measurement value of analysis from influence of a dispensing nozzle repeatedly used. For this purpose, a phosphonic acid derivative or a phosphoric acid derivative is chemically adsorbed on the surface of the dispensing nozzle. In this manner, a molecular layer for suppressing adsorption of biopolymers or adhesion of a specimen per se is formed on the nozzle surface to prevent accuracy of analysis from being influenced.07-04-2013
20110274584AUTOMATIC ANALYZER - An automatic analyzer that dispenses a sample and a reagent in a reaction cuvette and measures the mixed solution, including a dispensing probe configured to suction the sample from the sample container and to discharge the sample into the reaction cuvette; a detecting unit configured to detect the sample in the sample container by the end part of the dispensing probe contacting the sample; and a washing unit configured to wash a wide range of the external surface containing a broad end part, rather than the end part of the dispensing probe, which keeps the suctioned sample in the sample container in a second downward suction position, rather than a first suction position detected by the detection unit, wherein the washing unit is configured to have a washing tube, wherein the dispensing probe enters into an upper part of the washing tube, and a pump that supplies the washing tube with cleaning liquid and makes the cleaning liquid flow up through the inside of the washing tube.11-10-2011
20110236259SAMPLE ANALYZER - A sample analyzer that analyzes a sample by using a reagent contained in a reagent container is disclosed. The sample analyzer includes a container holding unit which is configured to hold a plurality of reagent containers, and a plurality of electronic tags is attached to the plurality of reagent containers, on which a reagent information regarding reagents is recorded. The sample analyzer further includes an antenna section which emits a radio wave to an electronic tag of a reagent container. A range of the radio wave emitted from the antenna section to the electronic tag is limited to a predetermined range or by a limiting member which is arranged between the antenna section and the electronic tag of the reagent container, and which is configured to limit a range of the radio wave emitted from the antenna section to the electronic tag.09-29-2011
20110250091RACK TRANSPORT SYSTEM - Provided is a rack transport system that horizontally slides a rack tray holding and storing a plurality of specimen containers, allowing the rack tray to be safely placed on a rack tray set section. For this purpose, a rack transport system (10-13-2011
20100054994AUTOMATIC SAMPLING APPARATUS FOR CHEMICAL ANALYSES WITH A GUIDE DEVICE FOR THE SAMPLE COLLECTING/INJECTING - An automatic sampling apparatus for use in instrumental chemical analyses comprising at least one workstation (03-04-2010
20130195718Method for Heating a Volume of Liquid in a Heated Pipetting Needle - The invention relates to a pipetting device for automatic analysis instruments and a method for heating a volume of liquid in a heated pipetting needle.08-01-2013
20120058009ANALYZER - An analyzer includes a pretreatment device and a mass spectrometer. The pretreatment device includes a solid phase extraction mechanism. The mass spectrometer performs mass spectrometry on a sample pretreated by the pretreatment device and then subjected to ionization. The analyzer also includes a storage unit that stores data on dependence of signal intensities of the analyte substance to be measured and the internal standard upon the concentration of a substance inhibiting ionization in the sample, and that stores data on a recovery rate. The analyzer also includes a correcting unit that corrects measurement results of the sample and the internal standard on the basis of the data stored in the storage unit.03-08-2012

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