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419 - Powder metallurgy processes

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419010000 Metal and nonmetal in final product 110
419005000 Making composite or hollow article 88
419026000 Post sintering operation 56
419030000 Powder pretreatment (prior to consolidation or sintering) 55
419002000 Making porous product 31
419038000 Consolidation of powder prior to sintering 22
419023000 Powder shape or size characteristics 16
419048000 Heat and pressure simultaneously to effect sintering 14
419025000 Controlled cooling after sintering 6
419045000 Sintering which includes a chemical reaction 4
20110176952BINDER FOR THE PRODUCTION OF SINTERED MOLDED ARTICLES - The aim of the invention is to devise a binder that is an alternative to prior art binders for producing sintered molded articles. Said aim is achieved by a binder comprising a first substance that has a first melting point and a first vapor pressure at 80° C. and a second substance that has a second melting point and a second vapor pressure at 80° C., the maximum melting point of the first and second substance amounting to about 150° C., and the minimum vapor pressure of the first and second substance amounting to about 5 torr (667 Pa) at 80° C.07-21-2011
20110020164PROCESS FOR SINTERING THERMOELECTRIC MATERIALS - The process for producing, processing, sintering, pressing or extruding thermoelectric materials with heat treatment under inert gas or under reduced pressure at temperatures in the range from 100 to 900° C. comprises producing, processing, sintering, pressing or extruding in the presence of oxygen scavengers which form thermodynamically stable oxides in the presence of free oxygen under the production, processing, sintering, pressing or extrusion conditions and hence keep free oxygen away from the thermoelectric material.01-27-2011
20110318216Method and Atmosphere for Extending Belt Life in Sintering Furnace - Disclosed herein is a method and gas atmosphere for a metal component in a continuous furnace. In one embodiment, the method and gas atmosphere comprises the use of an effective amount, or about 1 to about 10 percent volume of endo-gas, into an atmosphere comprising nitrogen and hydrogen. In another embodiment, there is provided a method sintering metal components in a furnace at a one or more operating temperatures comprising: providing a furnace comprising a belt comprising a wire mesh material wherein the metal components are supported thereupon; and sintering the components in the furnace in an atmosphere comprising nitrogen, hydrogen, and effective amount of endothermic gas at the one or more operating temperatures ranging from about 1800° F. to about 2200° F. wherein the amount of endothermic gas in the atmosphere is such that it is oxidizing to the wire mesh material and reducing to the metal components.12-29-2011
20120258008METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE CARBON OR OXYGEN CONTENT OF A POWDER INJECTION - The present invention relates to a method for controlling the carbon and/or oxygen content in a material by 10-11-2012
419053000 Plural heating steps including sintering 3
20120251378PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THREE-DIMENSIONALLY SHAPED OBJECT AND DEVICE FOR PRODUCING SAME - There is provided a method for manufacturing a three-dimensional shaped object. The method of the present invention comprises the steps of: (i) forming a solidified layer by irradiating a predetermined portion of a powder layer with a light beam, thereby allowing sintering of the powder of the predetermined portion or melting and subsequent solidification thereof; and (ii) forming another solidified layer by newly forming a powder layer on the resulting solidified layer, and then irradiating another predetermined portion of the new powder layer with the light beam, the steps (i) and (ii) being repeatedly performed in a chamber; wherein a localized gas flow is provided in the chamber, and at least a part of a fume generated by the irradiation of the light beam is entrained by the localized gas flow.10-04-2012
20090035169Dual metal torque transmitting apparatuses and methods for making the same - Apparatuses and methods are provided for transmitting torque in a way that can prolong the life of such apparatuses by using dissimilar materials for a body region and a torque transmitting region that absorbs the wear of the apparatuses, the apparatuses being constructed by methods of powder metallurgy. A torque transmitting apparatus can be provided and can include an annular body member composed of a first material and an outer ring member composed of a second powder metal material. The outer ring member can shrink about the annular body member during a sintering phase to form a single body in which the outer ring member can be fixedly attached to the annular body member.02-05-2009
20120213659METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PRODUCING A COMPONENT OF A TURBOMACHINE - A method for producing a component of a turbomachine is disclosed. The method includes a) layer-by-layer deposition of a powder component material onto a component platform in a region of a buildup and joining zone, where the deposition takes place in accordance with layer information of the component to be produced; b) local layer-by-layer fusion or sintering of the powder component material by energy supplied in the region of the buildup and joining zone, where the buildup and joining zone is heated to a temperature just below a melting point of the powder component material; c) layer-by-layer lowering of the component platform by a predefined layer thickness; and d) repetition of steps a) to c) until the component is finished. A device for producing a component of a turbomachine is also disclosed.08-23-2012
419003000 Making articles of indefinite length 2
20110243783Method for Producing a Semifinished Product and Semifinished Product for Electrical Contacts and Contact Piece - The invention relates to a method for producing a strand-like, particularly band-like semi-finished part for electrical contacts, wherein the semi-finished part has a top side intended for making the electrical contact, said top side made from a silver-based composite material in which one or multiple metal oxides or carbon are embedded, and has a carrier layer supporting the composite material made of silver or a silver-based alloy, said method having the following steps: Powder-metallurgic production of a block made from the silver-based composite material, encasing of the block made of the composite material with a powder made primarily of silver, compressing the block, encased by the metal powder, to condense the metal powder, sintering the compressed block, reshaping the sintered block by extrusion pressing, creating a partial strand with a top side made from composite material and a bottom side made from silver or a silver-based alloy.10-06-2011
20100322811Method of manufacturing powder metal plates - A method of manufacturing powder metal plates comprising feeding a predetermined mass of metal powder onto a moving tape (12-23-2010
419056000 Special medium during sintering 2
20100303664SINTERING OF BRIQUETTES - There is provided a method for sintering a metal powder, such as a green body briquette of a metal powder, which includes heating the metal powder by at least one DFI burner providing a flame for contacting said metal powder which is directly exposed to the flame of the at least one DFI burner.12-02-2010
20130149186DEVICE AND METHOD FOR SINTERING SINTER PRODUCTS - The invention relates to a device (06-13-2013
20130064706OPTICAL IRRADIATION UNIT FOR A PLANT FOR PRODUCING WORKPIECES BY IRRADIATION OF POWDER LAYERS WITH LASER RADIATION - The present invention relates to an optical irradiation unit (03-14-2013
20100119400HIGH NOBLE DENTAL ALLOY - A silver free high noble dental alloy comprising at least 60 wt. % noble materials, where 40 wt. % of the material is gold; at least 2.5 wt. % gallium, at least about from 2 to 4 wt. % cobalt; and at least from about 0.01 to 0.25 wt. % lithium and/or boron; and a principal balance of palladium is provided. Dental products and methods of manufacturing dental products using such a high noble dental alloys are also provided.05-13-2010
20100098573BOX-TYPE SINTERING CYCLE METHOD AND APPARATUS - The present disclosure relates to the sintering cycle method and apparatus of a kind of box-type sintering machine, which is peculiarly applicable to the production of lightweight aggregate using fly ash or industrial waste by sintering process. This apparatus includes four conveying systems, ignition station #1, ignition station #2, one tilt discharger, and one crusher; the box-type sintering stacking line A and B are straight and parallel, sharing one coarse dust collector; each box-type sintering stacking line is equipped with overhead workstation gantry crane rails and cranes, and each crane comprises two parts, i.e., hoist system and single rail trolley system; each box-type sintering stacking line has multiple sinter boxes; each sinter box has an air chamber below, under which there is the air chamber pipeline connected to the coarse dust collector. The present disclosure is a brand new cycle method and box-type sintering apparatus, resolving the long-standing issues of equipment waste and low efficiency associated with all sintering machines that return the empty sintering carts or boxes to the starting position following discharge, while also improving output efficiency, reducing the amount of equipment needed and related investment therein and considerably enhancing the reliability of system operation.04-22-2010
20090098004Method for Hot Isostatic Pressing - A method for the treatment of metal articles by hot isostatic pressing, wherein air is used as the pressure medium for the hot isostatic pressing.04-16-2009
20090252634METALLIC POWDER MIXTURES - The invention relates to mixtures of metal, alloy or composite powders which have a mean particle diameter D50 of not more than 75 μm, preferably not more than 25 μm, and are produced in a process in which a starting powder is firstly deformed to give platelet-like particles and these are then comminuted in the presence of milling aids together with further additives and also the use of these powder mixtures and shaped articles produced therefrom.10-08-2009
20090202378METHOD OF FORMING AN ARTICLE - From one aspect, a method of forming a support for use in a selective sintering or melting process includes forming a body on a platen having a plurality of generally parallel channels each channel being open at least one end. The base of the channels may be formed by the platen. Preferably the support is formed by a selective sintering or melting process.08-13-2009
20120237385Binderless Metal Injection Molding Apparatus and Method - A metal injection molding apparatus includes a metal injection mold die having first and second die halves, a first set of features provided in the first die half, a second set of features provided in the second die half and complementary to the first set of features provided in the first die half and an ultrasonic transducer disposed in contact with the metal injection mold die. A binderless metal injection molding method is also disclosed.09-20-2012