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Elongated flexible chamber wall progressively deformed

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417 - Pumps


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417476000 Deformation by rolling or sliding engagement member 71
417475000 Plural chambers 1
20130084200APPARATUS FOR THE TREATMENT OF THE BLOOD - Apparatus for the treatment of the blood, comprising at least one pump (04-04-2013
20110176945CRINKLE DIAPHRAGM PUMP - An undulating diaphragm pump having a propulsion chamber for receiving said diaphragm, wherein the diaphragm has mechanical characteristics that vary from an inlet of the propulsion chamber towards an outlet of the propulsion chamber in such a manner that, when the diaphragm is actuated to deform with a traveling wave that propagates from the inlet towards the outlet of the propulsion chamber in order to propel the fluid, the propagation speed of the wave in the diaphragm in any cross-section relative to the movement of the fluid inside the propulsion chamber is equal to or greater than the mean travel speed of the fluid in said section.07-21-2011
20100086420SYSTEM FOR IMPELLING A FLUID BY RECIRCULATION FROM A LOW-PRESSURE MEDIUM TO A HIGH-PRESSURE MEDIUM - The system comprises a cylindrical recirculator (04-08-2010
20100074781FLUID TRANSPORTING DEVICE, AND FLUID TRANSPORTER - A fluid transporting device is of a writhing type for transporting a fluid continuously. The fluid transporting device comprises a plurality of push pins arranged along a tube and radially on a concentric arc for squeezing a portion of the tube through which the fluid is fed and having elasticity substantially at right angles, and rollers for pushing those push pins sequentially from the inlet side to the outlet side of the fluid. With this structure, it is possible to provide a thin, small fluid transporting device for continuing a stable flow rate, and a fluid transporter having the fluid transporting device.03-25-2010
20120189476Pump Chamber for a Peristaltic Pump - The invention relates to a pump chamber (07-26-2012
20130064701PUMPING APPARATUS - The present invention provides such pumping apparatuses that have very little deviation and high stability in pumping flow. A pumping apparatus comprises two members that are set along a longitudinal direction of a tube made of an elastic material with a relation that the space formed by grooves made in the two members holds the tube. The two members have reciprocal motion such that at least one of the two opposing members shuttles in parallel with the other opposing member and has a move-in motion such that at least one of the two opposing members vertically moves to the opposing surfaces of the other opposing member so that surrounding part of the groove thereof moves into an inner space of the groove of the other opposing member, by which motion the liquid in the tube is discharged from the tube by the deformation of tube cross sectional shape.03-14-2013
20110142700DUAL-VENTRICLE PUMP CARTRIDGE, PUMP, AND METHOD OF USE IN A WEARABLE CONTINUOUS RENAL REPLACEMENT THERAPY DEVICE - A dual channel pulsatile pump for use with a completely wearable renal replacement device is provided.06-16-2011
20110286870System and Method for Holding Tubing for a Peristaltic Pump that Prevents Tubing Stretch or Deformation - An enhancement for a peristaltic pump that, in a particular embodiment, can be a thin concave spring member or other mechanism with at least one tubing notch adapted to be mounted on a peristaltic pump frame such that peristaltic pump tubing can pass through a notch in the spring member, through the peristaltic pump and through a notch in a similar thin concave spring member mounted on an opposite side of said peristaltic pump so that the spring members prevent tube-stretching or deformation of the tubing. Numerous other embodiments are possible. All of the embodiments allow attaching a first and second notched spring-clamp or other tubing holder onto the input and output sides of a peristaltic pump frame; threading peristaltic pump tubing through a notch or other part in a first spring-clamp or tubing holder, through the peristaltic pump and through a notch or other part in a second spring-clamp or tubing holder.11-24-2011
20090263264BI-DIRECTIONAL CONTINUOUS PERISTALTIC MICRO-PUMP - A bidirectional continuous peristaltic micro-pump is described. The micro-pump comprises: a substrate, an actuating mechanism and a fluid channel. The actuating mechanism comprises: a first slanted membrane the thickness of which increases progressively from left to right, a first chamber formed between the first slanted membrane and the substrate; and a second slanted membrane, the thickness of which decreases progressively from left to right, the second slanted membrane being located to the first slanted membrane's right side and parallel to the first slanted membrane with a space between the two membranes, a second chamber formed between the second slanted membrane and the substrate. By inflating the first chamber and the second chamber, the first slanted membrane and the second slanted membrane generate a continuous sweeping motion to force the working fluid to flow.10-22-2009
20100111733Peristaltic pump with constrictions at fixed locations - In a pump, a flexible tube passes through the pump and is held “normally closed” at an output constriction. The pump includes a pump body and a pump member that can perform two functions by their relative motion. The first function is to open and close an input constriction of the flexible tube. The second function is to compress the section of flexible tube between the input constriction and the output constriction. This section of tube acts as the pump chamber. When closed, the input constriction provides a greater impediment to fluid flow than the output constriction. Therefore, when the input constriction is closed and the pump chamber is compressed, fluid flows out of the pump past the output constriction. When the input constriction is open and compression of the pump chamber is removed, the output constriction closes and fluid can enter the pump by flowing past the location of the input constriction.05-06-2010
20080232986TUBULAR PUMP - The invention provides the arrangement of a resilient and flexible tubular element, with shape memory, which contains the product to be metered and which receives an action of limited compression of the walls thereof, in such a way that there is no contact between the internal walls of the opening of the tubular element which propels the product, in such a way that the product supply and discharge are controlled by respective valves situated before and after the compressible tubular metering element.09-25-2008
20120294742PERISTALTIC PUMP DEVICES, METHODS, AND SYSTEMS - A peristaltic pump with a removable pump race module has guiding channels for receiving at least a portion of a flexible fluid-carrying tubing and an adjusting device for displacing a flexible inner portion of the removable pump race module to change the compression on the fluid-carrying tubing. The arrangement of the various elements makes it particularly suitable in configurations where compactness and convenience are important considerations.11-22-2012
20120034117METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR FORMING A TUBE FOR USE WITH A PUMP DELIVERY SYSTEM - In a method and system for forming tubing to achieve at least one predetermined performance characteristic relating to the flow of a flowable material therethrough, a relationship is determined between at least one material characteristic of the tubing material, at least one operating parameter of the tube forming machine, and the at least one predetermined performance characteristic of the tubing. Based on this relationship, at least one operating parameter for operation of the tube forming machine to achieve the at least one predetermined performance characteristic is determined. The at least one operating parameter is input into the tube forming machine and the machine is operated to achieve the at least one predetermined performance characteristic.02-09-2012
20090214365METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR LOADING OF TUBING INTO A PUMPING DEVICE - A tube-positioning system for loading tubing into a peristaltic pump includes a holder and a first tube segment. The holder includes a shell configured to slidably fit onto an exterior of a pump and a pair of guides extending upward from opposite side walls of the shell. The first tube segment has a fixed length and extends between the pair of guides with each end of the first tube segment secured within one of the respective guides.08-27-2009
20090214364Mechanical liquid pump - A mechanically operated liquid pump for medical and nutrient liquids, as well as for liquids used in biological and laboratory applications, has an integrated, self-contained pump construction comprising a housing having an expandable elastic member mounted wholly within the housing and shaped to store and dispense a liquid therefrom. Inlet and outlet members are also mounted within the housing, are operably connected with the elastic member inside the housing, and regulate the flow of liquid traveling into and out of the pump. A flow regulator is also mounted wholly within the housing, communicates with at least one of the inlet and outlet members, and maintains a substantially constant volumetric flow of liquid dispensed from the elastic member.08-27-2009
20110176946DIAPHRAGM PUMP WITH A CRINKLE DIAPHRAGM OF IMPROVED EFFICIENCY - A pump having an undulating diaphragm mounted for undulating between two end plates under drive from at least one electromagnetic actuator in order to transfer a fluid between an inlet of the pump and an outlet of the pump. The pump includes adapter means connecting the diaphragm support to a movable portion of the actuator in order to shorten the stroke of the movable mass of the actuator such that its stroke is shorter than the stroke of the diaphragm support.07-21-2011
20090317272MEMS Integrated Circuit Comprising Peristaltic Microfluidic Pump - A MEMS integrated circuit comprising a peristaltic microfluidic pump and control circuitry for the pump. The pump comprises a pumping chamber positioned between an inlet and an outlet; a plurality of moveable fingers positioned in a wall of the pumping chamber, the fingers being arranged in a row along the wall; and a plurality of thermal bend actuators. Each actuator is associated with a respective finger such that actuation of the thermal bend actuator causes movement of the respective finger into the pumping chamber. The control circuitry controls actuation of the plurality of actuators. The control circuitry is configured to provide a peristaltic pumping action in each pumping chamber via peristaltic movement of the fingers.12-24-2009
20120034118Fluorinated Elastic Tube - A fluorinated elastic tube includes: an elastic hollow body made of a fluorinated polymer; and an amorphous perfluororesin membrane having a thickness of not greater than 1 μm and being in direct close contact with the inner surface of the hollow body. The amorphous perfluororesin membrane may have a repeating unit of, for example, formula (1), (2a), or (2b). The fluorinated elastic tube can have further improved durability while ensuring solvent resistance.02-09-2012
20110305588FLUID TRANSPORTER - A fluid transporter includes: a rotor; a fluid delivery channel which has a groove having a circular-arc shape around a rotation axis of the rotor and disposed on a surface of a channel frame opposed to the rotor, and a sheet-shaped elastic member sealing an opening of the groove; and a plurality of pressing members disposed between the rotor and the elastic member to sequentially and repeatedly open and close the delivery channel from the upstream side to the downstream side by deforming the elastic member in accordance with the rotation of the rotor.12-15-2011
20120148429FLUID CONVEYING DEVICE AND DRIVING METHOD FOR FLUID CONVEYING DEVICE - A fluid conveying device includes: a tube; a cam having protrusions; fingers arranged along the tube between the tube and the cam; a driving rotor which rotates the cam to sequentially push the fingers by the protrusions in a flowing direction of a fluid, repeatedly pressuring and opening of the tube, driving the cam; a detection unit which detects a rotating position of the cam; a control unit which calculates a cam rotation angle along a cumulative ejection volume, using a first approximation formula for an ejection area H where the cumulative ejection volume increases substantially in proportion to the rotation angle of the cam and a second approximation formula for a constant area J where the cumulative ejection volume little increases or decreases even if the cam rotates, driving the driving rotor until a rotating position of the cam corresponding to a designated cumulative ejection volume is reached.06-14-2012
20120156073INFUSION APPARATUS - In a peristaltic medical infusion pump unit, comprising a peristaltic assembly and a counter surface or anvil facing said peristaltic assembly and provided by the inner surface of a door pivotally mounted on a housing of the unit, the door is readily non-destructively removable and replaceable. In use of the peristaltic pump unit, a flexible resilient tube forming part of a medical fluid delivery line is extended between the peristaltic assembly and the counter surface or anvil provided by the door. The medical fluid delivery line has first and second color coded fittings spaced therealong upstream and downstream of the peristaltic assembly and the region of the housing of the pump unit across which the infusion line is extended is provided, correspondingly spaced above and below the peristaltic assembly with correspondingly color coded support means for these fittings.06-21-2012
20080260559Harmonic Motion Pumping Tube - A pump comprises a vertical pumping tube fitted with a check valve supported against gravity and held in tension by extension springs; a lower spring stretched between the pumping tube and a dead weight; an upper spring stretched between the pumping tube and a rigid frame; a scotch yoke, escapement, or other device that imparts motion to the pumping tube to cause filling, lifting, and draining of the pumping tube so as to pump water or other fluids from a well or body of water.10-23-2008
20120164012FLUID TRANSPORTING DEVICE OF THE PERISTALTIC TYPE WITH A PUSH PIN AND PUSH PLATE ARRANGEMENT - A fluid transporting device includes an elastic tube, a tube frame that holds the elastic tube in an arc, a rotary push plate arranged in the arc for facilitating fluid flow inside the elastic tube, and a plurality of push pins disposed between the elastic tube and the center of the arc. Each push pin includes a semispherical end portion that contacts the rotary push plate, a pushing end portion that places a bias on the elastic tube, and adjacent end portions of at least two push pins close the elastic tube when the semispherical end portions are pushed by an outer circumference arc of the rotary push plate.06-28-2012
20120082576PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM FOR INFUSION PUMPS - A pressure monitoring system allows for more accurate and reliable measurement of the pressure inside of a tube in a pump. The pressure monitoring system prevents movement of the tubing or a change in size of the tubing due to external forces applied to the pump, eliminating inaccuracies due to handling of the pump during use.04-05-2012

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