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417474000 Elongated flexible chamber wall progressively deformed 95
417559000 Having pumping chamber pressure responsive distributor 63
417521000 Plural pumping chambers 38
417545000 Valved piston 32
417472000 Bellows-type chamber 32
417540000 Having pulsation dampening fluid receiving space 26
417510000 Mechanically actuated distributor 23
417490000 Pumping member position controlled port 20
417440000 Having separate noncyclic valve (e.g., bypass, etc.) 16
417505000 Electrically or magnetically actuated distributor 15
417460000 Moving cylinder 10
417486000 Plural pumping members in single pump chamber 8
417481000 Oscillating pumping member 7
417479000 Distributor formed from integral portion of flexible wall pumping member 6
417480000 Valve in collapsible wall pumping member 6
417471000 Biasing means effects eduction stroke of abutment driven, pressure producing pumping member 6
417454000 Including valve assembly, disassembly, or inspection facilitating means 4
20100135833Pump valve retainer - A retainer for movably securing a valve member within a fluid bore of a pump comprises a retainer head which includes at least one peripheral groove and a retainer hub which is connected to or formed integrally with the retainer head. The valve member is movably coupled to the retainer hub, and the retainer head is movable to position the groove over a radial protrusion in the fluid bore. In this position, the retainer is secured to the pump and the valve member is accordingly movably secured within the fluid bore.06-03-2010
20100322803SUCTION MANIFOLD MOUNTING FOR A FLUID END FOR A HIGH-PRESSURE PUMP - A suction manifold mounting for a fluid end of a high pressure pump having a frame assembly. The fluid end has a body forging with a detachable suction manifold plate. The plate is pivotally attached at opposed ends to a pair of swivel arms through a cooperating pair of yoke limbs. The swivel arms are rigidly affixed to the frame member. When attachment bolts are removed from the manifold plate, the plate may pivot from a first closed position wherein the mounting holes in the plate are aligned with mounting holes in the forging to a second open position.12-23-2010
20120177517Valve Cap - A valve cap for sealing an aperture in a pump; a plugging assembly for a valve cap to seal at an aperture in a pump; a docking unit for use with a plugging assembly for sealing an aperture in a pump; and a method of sealing an aperture in a pump. A valve cap (07-12-2012
20120288387RECIPROCATING PUMP WITH INTERSECTING BORE GEOMETRY - A reciprocating pump housing having a suction valve bore, a discharge valve bore, a plunger bore and an access bore. The suction and discharge bores are disposed on a first centerline and the plunger and access bores are disposed along a second centerline perpendicular to the first centerline. The pump housing includes a first annular transition zone extending between an intersection of the plunger bore and suction bore and an intersection of the access bore and the discharge valve bore. The housing also includes a second annular transition zone extending between an intersection of the suction valve bore and access bore and an intersection of the plunger bore and discharge valve bore. The first and second transition zones intersect along a third centerline perpendicular to the intersection of first and second centerlines, each including a curvature along their lengths to blend the intersections between the bores and reduce tensile stresses.11-15-2012
417443000 Pressure responsive distributor opened responsive to pumping member position 4
20120034115METHOD OF OPERATING A PUMP/MOTOR - A method of operating a pump/motor includes pumping working fluid into a high-pressure manifold with a first piston/cylinder assembly while the piston in the first piston/cylinder assembly is displaced from a bottom dead center position to a top dead center position, and transferring working fluid from the high-pressure manifold to the cylinder of a second piston/cylinder assembly to displace the piston of the second piston/cylinder assembly from a top dead center position to a bottom dead center position, thereby imparting torque on a cam and an output shaft, within the same complete revolution of the cam and the output shaft in which working fluid is pumped into the high-pressure manifold by the first piston/cylinder assembly.02-09-2012
20130156620FUEL INJECTION PUMP INCLUDING A VARIABLE PRESSURE COMPARTMENT - The present invention relates to a fuel injection pump having a variable pressure chamber which can adjust a fuel injection timing according to each engine load with a simple structure and a lower manufacture cost compared to the conventional injection pump without a separate apparatus for moving a barrel as well as not modifying a shape of a plunger.06-20-2013
20130209297PUMPING DEVICE - A pumping device compresses fluid, provides a vacuum, or both compresses fluid and provides a vacuum. A pumping device may be used to force gas through a sieve bed, draw gas out of a sieve bed, or both force gas through a sieve bed and drawing gas out of a sieve bed. A pumping device may be operated at high speed to provide a high fluid flow rate with a small pumping device.08-15-2013
20130209298VALVE, IN PARTICULAR OF A HYDRAULIC PISTON PUMP - In a valve, in particular of a hydraulic pixton pump, includes a valve seat, a valve closing element, and a positioning mechanism. A valve opening is formed in the valve seat. The valve seat also has a front side and a rear side. The valve closing element is arranged on the front side of the valve seat in order to open and close the valve opening as desired. The positioning mechanism is configured to hold the valve closing elementrelative to the valve seat. The positioning mechanism is arranged on the rear side of the valve seat and is connected to the valve closing element through the valve opening.08-15-2013
417451000 Valve element mounted in fixed chamber wall removable with pumping member 3
20120141308Polymeric Pump Parts - Polymeric and polymeric composite parts for pumps and a method of manufacturing same are disclosed. More specifically, a valve insert comprising a polymeric seal sized to fit on an outside diameter of a valve closure member for a plunger pump; a pressure packing element ring for a plunger on a plunger pump; and a pressure packing element ring for a push rod on plunger of a plunger pump, each of said articles being formed from a naphthalene-1,5-diisocyanate (NDI) based polyurethane component and an extender.06-07-2012
20120183424OFFSET VALVE BORE FOR A RECIPROCATING PUMP - A fluid end 07-19-2012
20100310395PUMP FOR A VEHICLE BRAKE SYSTEM HAVING A VALVE - The invention relates to a pump having a valve through which a fluid can optionally flow. The valve is embodied by a cavity for displaceably guiding a spherical blocking body, and a valve seat that is spatially adapted to the spherical shape of the blocking body. A free space protruding radially outwards from the spherical body is located downstream, directly behind the valve seat, for temporarily receiving the fluid which flows through the valve seat.12-09-2010
417555100 Fluid serially moved to opposite side of pumping member 3
20100028180BICYCLE AIR PUMP - A bicycle air pump is basically provided with a cylinder portion, an inner piston, a piston rod, a head portion, a handle and a magnetic mechanism. The cylinder portion includes a first end, a second end and a chamber disposed between the first and second ends. The inner piston is movably disposed in the chamber of the cylinder portion. The piston rod has a first end and a second end coupled to the inner piston. The head portion is coupled to the cylinder portion. The head portion includes an outlet passage communicated with the chamber cylinder portion for supplying air to an object to be inflated. The handle is coupled to the piston rod to move within the chamber. The magnetic mechanism includes first and second closure members for engaging together magnetically to hold the piston rod stationary with respect to the cylinder portion.02-04-2010
20090238702FOOD STORAGE BAG VACUUM PUMP - A vacuum pump comprises a casing having a bottom forming an aperture therein and a chamber slidably coupled within the casing. The chamber has a bottom forming an aperture therein. The vacuum pump further comprises a piston slidably coupled within the chamber. The piston includes an upper portion generally parallel to the chamber bottom. The piston further includes a hollow shaft extending from a bottom surface of the upper portion. The shaft has a first end adjacent to the upper portion and a second opposing end. The shaft is configured to fit within the chamber aperture and the casing aperture. The shaft includes at least one aperture positioned at the first end. The second end of the shaft is coupled to the casing at the casing aperture. The vacuum pump is configured to evacuate air from a flexible storage container by pushing the chamber in a downward direction.09-24-2009
20110182759Mechanism to Raise the Efficiency of a Reciprocating Air Compressor - An improvement to raise the efficiency of a reciprocating air compressor, the improvement comprising a channel in the piston that transfers pressure from the clearance volume of the cylinder to the low pressure side of the piston when an opening of the channel aligns with a groove in the cylinder wall. Alternately, the channel comprises a ball extending from and held to the clearance volume opening of the channel by a spring. When the spring is compressed, the ball is moved from the opening, and pressure in the clearance volume is transferred to the low pressure side of the piston. The improvement dramatically raises the efficiency of a reciprocating air compressor.07-28-2011
417442000 Selectively usable plural inlet or outlet distributors for single chamber 2
20090155106EXTENDED COMPRESSOR OPERATION FOR AUXILIARY AIR SUPPLY - A machine air supply system includes a primary air circuit and a secondary air circuit and a single compressor for supplying compressed air to both circuits. In an embodiment, the compressor is a reciprocating piston compressor having a primary air circuit including a compression chamber of the compressor and a secondary air circuit including a crankcase chamber of the compressor. In an aspect, the compressor may be a multi-cylinder compressor.06-18-2009
20120275944Airflow passage structure of manual pump of fluid-pumping apparatus - An airflow passage structure of manual pump of fluid-pumping apparatus includes a first control valve and a second control valve. The first and second control valves are movable between different positions to change flowing path of air so as to increase or decrease the air pressure in the chamber of a container of the fluid-pumping apparatus. In a relief operation mode, the air in the chamber is guided to go into a first compartment of the interior space of the manual pump and then go into a second compartment thereof to be exhausted into the atmosphere. On the other hand, in a pressurization operation mode, the communication between the chamber and the first compartment is interrupted and the air goes into the second compartment and then is pressurized and filled into the chamber to increase the pressure in the chamber.11-01-2012
417470000 Biasing means effects induction stroke of abutment driven, vacuum producing pumping member 2
20090097997FUEL PUMP - A housing has a compression chamber and a first passage, through which the compression chamber communicates with an accumulation chamber. A discharge valve is provided in the first passage and configured to open to supply fuel from the compression chamber to the accumulation chamber in response to increase in pressure in the compression chamber. A second passage is configured to communicate the accumulation chamber with the compression chamber via the discharge valve. A valve element allows fuel flow from the accumulation chamber to the compression chamber. A biasing unit biases the valve element to seat the valve element on a valve seat of the second passage. The sidewall of the valve element and the inner wall defining the second passage therebetween define a throttle midway through the second passage for restricting fuel flow from the accumulation chamber to the compression chamber.04-16-2009
20100310396ARRANGEMENT AND PROCESS FOR MOUNTING A RESONANT SPRING IN A REFRIGERATION COMPRESSOR - The arrangement and the process are applied in a compressor comprising: a cylinder block (12-09-2010
417478000 Inlet and discharge distributors at opposite ends of tubular flexible wall pumping chamber 2
20080232987Diaphragm circulator - A diaphragm circulator for liquid material having an internal circuit provided with at least one material intake orifice for discharging the material. The circulator body defines a propulsion chamber with rigid walls between which a deformable diaphragm is placed in such a way that the edge thereof is adjacent to the intake oriface and the edge is adjacent to the discharge orifice for forming a ripple carrier. A diaphragm-exciting member is arranged on the side of the intake orifice for producing a reciprocating motion on the corresponding diaphragm edge in such a way that the ripple is generated and is provided with the circulator rigid walls which are arranged inside free ripple amplitude envelope surfaces extending along the diaphragm. The diaphragm is associated by at least one edge thereof with means for generating a tension therein at least while the ripple is generated in such a way that during the operation, the diaphragm tension on the side of the discharge orifice is greater than on the side of the intake orifice.09-25-2008
20080226478METERING PUMP WITH A PROTECTED PUMP CHAMBER - The invention provides a pump, in particular for a chemically reactive fluid, in which a pump head comprises at least two walls between which there is defined a pump chamber for pumping the fluid in question, one of the walls being stationary, the other wall being movable or deformable relative to the stationary wall by means of a drive or deformation device, at least the stationary wall being provided with a protective coating against the fluid, wherein the coating is constituted by a sheet of plastics material applied in leaktight manner against the wall at the periphery thereof, with the space between the protected surface and the coating sheet, within the zone where they make leaktight contact, being filled with an incompressible liquid.09-18-2008
417438000 Liquid coolant introduced into gas pump chamber or inlet 2
20130058817SURFACE HEAT EXCHANGER FOR COMPRESSIBLE FLUID ALTERNATIVE VOLUMETRIC MACHINES - The present invention relates to a surface heat exchanger (03-07-2013
20100329909COMPRESSED AIR ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM UTILIZING TWO-PHASE FLOW TO FACILITATE HEAT EXCHANGE - A compressed-air energy storage system according to embodiments of the present invention comprises a reversible mechanism to compress and expand air, one or more compressed air storage tanks, a control system, one or more heat exchangers, and, in certain embodiments of the invention, a motor-generator. The reversible air compressor-expander uses mechanical power to compress air (when it is acting as a compressor) and converts the energy stored in compressed air to mechanical power (when it is acting as an expander). In certain embodiments, the compressor-expander comprises one or more stages, each stage consisting of pressure vessel (the “pressure cell”) partially filled with water or other liquid. In some embodiments, the pressure vessel communicates with one or more cylinder devices to exchange air and liquid with the cylinder chamber(s) thereof. Suitable valving allows air to enter and leave the pressure cell and cylinder device, if present, under electronic control.12-30-2010
417502000 Multiple cyclic outlet paths 2
20130045123INTERNAL BELLOWS PUMP FLUID PATH - In a reciprocating piston pump, piston 02-21-2013
20090148321PUMP DEVICE AND FUEL CELL - A pump device may include a main body which may have an inflow passage in communication with an inflow port, an inflow side active valve disposed in the inflow passage, a pump chamber connected to the inflow passage, a pump mechanism disposed in the pump chamber, a plurality of outflow passages extended from the pump chamber and respectively in communication with a plurality of outflow ports, and outflow side active valves respectively disposed in a plurality of the outflow passages, wherein the outflow side active valves are disposed in a plane manner around the pump chamber. The pump may be capable of accurately discharging an appropriate amount of fluid.06-11-2009
417456000 Relatively movable serial distributors 1
20100215528Double standing valve sucker rod pump - A sucker rod pump with no travelling valve consisting of, from the bottom: hold down with pump inlet, lower standing valve, hollow coupling, upper standing valve suspended within the coupling, relief valve, hollow pump housing, solid piston within the housing, and barrel to clean and retain the piston in the housing. The piston attaches to and reciprocating with the rod string. Peripheral channels in the relief valve communicate between the coupling and the housing. A central channel in the relief valve communicates between the upper standing valve and the pump's outlets. The upstroke pulls fluid from the bottom of the well upward through the open lower standing valve, around the closed upper standing valve and into the housing chamber. The down stroke pushes fluid from the housing chamber past the closed lower standing valve and through the open upper standing valve to the pump's exit into the tubing.08-26-2010
417439000 Having additional chamber intake connection from nonpumping space 1
20090155105Low Vibration Pump - There is provided a liquid pump in which pulsation can be properly absorbed even if the pump is driven at a high frequency. A pulsation absorbing unit 06-18-2009
417489000 Control by withdrawal or tilting of pump piston relative to cylinder 1
20120282127MATERIAL MOVING APPARATUS - Described herein is a material moving apparatus that includes a chamber into which a compressible material is introduced. The chamber includes an input opening for receiving the material, a discharge opening and a sealing mechanism to prevent flow of air or other gasses between the input opening and the discharge opening. In one embodiment, the material moving apparatus can be used to introduce compressible biomass into a gasification reactor.11-08-2012
417558000 First distributor includes passage controlled by second distributor (i.e., inlet and outlet) 1
20110206545VOLUMETRIC PUMP AND ITS DRIVING MECHANISM - The pump includes a housing containing a hollow elongated part, a piston arranged to move back and forth inside an elongated part, an inlet port and an outlet port arranged so that a fluid can be sucked through the inlet port into a chamber during an instroke of the piston and expelled through the outlet port during an outstroke. A linearly and/or angularly actuable valve system has a valve holder mounted on the pump housing which includes at least one through-hole extending from the piston chamber to the housing outer surface. The valve holder contains an inlet and/or outlet to alternately connect the inlet and outlet ports of the volumetric pump.08-25-2011
417455000 Having valve parts relatively moved for nonvalving function 1
20080279706Valve-Seat Interface Architecture - A pump assembly with valve-seat interface architecture configured to extend the life of pump components and the assembly. A valve of the pump assembly is equipped with a conformable valve insert that is configured with a circumferential component having the capacity to reduce the radial strain of its own deformation upon its striking of a valve seat at the interface within the pump assembly. The circumferential component may include a concave surface about the insert, a rounded abutment at the strike surface of the insert, or a core mechanism within the insert that is of greater energy absorbing character than surrounding material of the insert. Additionally, the valve seat itself may be configured for more even wear over time and equipped with a conformable seat insert to reduce wear on the valve insert.11-13-2008
417557000 Pump chamber in constant communication with inlet or discharge conduit 1
20100061870MICROFABRICATED DEVICE - A microfabricated device (03-11-2010
417448000 Pump mounted in vertical tubular flow conduit removable as unit by driving rod manipulation 1
20100254839Top seal assembly - A downhole sucker rod pump including a brush disposed between the downhole pump barrel and the well tubing to provide an effective seal which is not damaged during the insertion and/or withdrawal of the pump. The bush has a sufficient density and stiffness, such that it provides a sufficient interference fit between the pump barrel and the well tubing, that which retains its integrity with damage during the insertion and withdrawal process of a deep well.10-07-2010
417509000 Distributor part forms traversed movable pump chamber wall portion 1
20100166585Microdosing Device for Dosing of Smallest Quantities of a Medium - A microdosing device for dosing smallest quantities of a medium, having an inlet device, an outlet device, a pump device and a media duct that leads from the inlet device to the outlet device, the inlet device having an inlet opening and an inlet valve having an inlet valve piston, and the outlet device having an outlet opening and an outlet valve having an outlet valve piston, and the pump device having a pump piston. The inlet valve piston, the outlet valve piston and the pump piston are situated on a common diaphragm layer. The microdosing device has the advantage that it is able to be produced in a simple and cost-effective manner.07-01-2010
20090129957Drywall Mud Pump With Improved Connection Between The Piston And The Rod - Drywall mud pump for pumping drywall joint compound, for instance, from a bucket into a drywall tool. The pump includes a cylinder, a piston, a rod, and a means, or a connection structure between the piston and the rod, for allowing the end of the rod to move laterally relative to the piston. Some embodiments have an elongated hole in the piston that receives a flattened or reduced diameter end of the rod, for example. Different embodiments include a pump head through which the rod passes, a handle, a linkage, a means for allowing the rod to pivot, a shortened guide, a means for preventing the piston from rotating about the rod, or a combination thereof. Pistons may include, for example, passageways with straight and curved sides, a flapper, an elongated washer to block the elongated hole, and a means for controlling the rotational position of the washer.05-21-2009
20090123311Plunger-slipper assembly of high-pressure pump - A plunger-slipper assembly of a high-pressure pump is herein claimed. The plunger-slipper assembly comprises a plunger and a slipper. The plunger has a first end and a second end, which are both spherical ends. The slipper comprises a coaxial hole for receiving the plunger and the coaxial hole has a spherical space formed at the extremity thereof for accommodating the second end of the plunger. The first end of the plunger juts out from the slipper. Further, the diameter of the coaxial hole of the slipper is slightly larger than the diameter of the plunger. An oil-filling channel lengthwise penetrates the plunger through the first end to the second end thereof. An oil-guiding channel radially penetrates the wall of the slipper and connects with the extremity of the coaxial hole. A first annular groove is deposited at the outer wall of the slipper. A third annular groove is also deposited surrounding the outer wall of the slipper. An annular stuff is settled in the third annular groove. The disclosed plunger-slipper structure operates in a high-pressure pump to provide a relatively larger stroke and to retard the abrasion thereof.05-14-2009
20100158726Plunger Pump - A pump system according on one or more aspects of another embodiment of the present disclosure comprises a pair of plunger pumps disposed in a back-to-back assembly having a width that is less than about 102 inches, wherein each pump comprises a zero offset and at least a six inch stroke.06-24-2010
20100074779Air Compressor Having a Cast Aluminum Crankcase - An air compressor of a pneumatic system in a vehicle includes a piston pump that is fitted with at least one piston and a crankshaft which are located in a crankcase. At least part of the crankcase is cast from aluminum and includes an integrally formed coolant duct.03-25-2010
20120183423BLOCK FOR A RECIPROCATING REFRIGERATION COMPRESSOR - The block (B) comprises a piston hub having a horizontal axis (X) and housing a piston and a shaft hub housing a crankshaft and having a vertical axis (Y) intersecting the horizontal axis (X). The block (B) incorporates a connecting portion having a first end attached to a region of the piston hub disposed on a side of the horizontal axis (X) opposite to that turned to the shaft hub, and a second end attached to an adjacent end portion of the shaft hub. The connecting portion is elastically deformable by a resulting bending moment (MF) generated: by a first compression derived force (F07-19-2012
20130034457DISTRIBUTING VALVE FOR CONCRETE PUMP AND THE CONCRETE PUMP - A distributing valve for a concrete pump and the concrete pump are provided, the distributing valve comprises a valve body (02-07-2013
20130039788BELLOWS BACKUP CHAMBER02-14-2013
20100040496DEVICE FOR DRIVING A PISTON PUMP - In a device for driving a piston pump, including at least one cam (02-18-2010
20100040495PISTON-DRIVING ROD ARRANGEMENT FOR RECIPROCATING COMPRESSOR - The arrangement is applied to a reciprocating compressor comprising a reciprocating piston and a driving rod having one end coupled to a driving means and an opposite end cooperating with a joint pin mounted to the piston, and carrying one coupling longitudinal extension fitted in the joint pin and there retained so that the driving rod displaces the piston in its suction stroke. The joint pin is coupled to the piston during the compression stroke along a longitudinal extension of the side surface of the joint pin larger than the difference between the total longitudinal extension of the latter and the height of the opposite end of the driving rod.02-18-2010
20090202373SUSPENSION SPRING FOR LINEAR COMPRESSOR - A substantially planar suspension spring for supporting a linear compressor housed within a hermetic shell. A hub portion (08-13-2009
20130058816RECIPROCATING COMPRESSOR - A reciprocating compressor comprises a cylinder having a cylinder side gas flow path for guiding refrigerant discharged to the discharge space to an inner circumferential surface of the cylinder and a piston having a piston side gas flow path communicating with the cylinder side gas flow path to distribute and supply the refrigerant guided through the cylinder side gas flow path between the cylinder and the piston. Also, an outlet of the gas flow path is formed in the piston and an inlet of the gas flow path is formed in the cylinder.03-07-2013
20130058815RECIPROCATING COMPRESSOR WITH GAS BEARING - A reciprocating compressor with a gas bearing is configured to support a portion between a cylinder and a piston by the gas bearing and induce a resonating motion of the piston by the use of compression coil springs. Therefore, a proper resonating motion of a vibrating body can be induced by the use of the gas bearing, without using plate springs, and accordingly manufacturing costs and the number of assembly processes can be reduced and the installation direction of the compressor can be freely designed.03-07-2013
20090269226Pump drive cartridge assembly - An anti-rotation sleeve for a high-pressure piston compression pump includes a sleeve having a generally cylindrical elongated shape and extending longitudinally along a central axis from a first end to a second end and features that provide orientation and that limit radial movement integrated in an inner diameter of the sleeve. The first end of the sleeve attaches to a base of the pump and the second end slidably engages a lifter body. The lifter body includes corresponding features that provide orientation and that limit radial movement integrated in an outer diameter of the lifter body. By providing an anti-rotation sleeve a relatively simple pump drive cartridge assembly that integrates all pump drive components into a one integral part is enabled. Hence, lower manufacturing and assembly costs, reduced manufacturing and assembly cycle times, and easier packaging conditions are obtained.10-29-2009
20130189138Virtually oil-free shock absorber having high dissipative capacity - A shock absorber has dissipation power and practically no oil. The shock absorber comprising a rod-and-piston assembly slidable in a tubular body. The rod-and-piston assembly co-operating with the tubular body to define two working chambers containing hydraulic fluid. Each working chamber being in permanent communication with an auxiliary chamber containing a heterogeneous energy absorption-dissipation structure with at least one porous capillary matrix and an associated liquid relative to which the matrix is lyophobic. The two auxiliary chambers are annular chambers formed in the wall of the tubular body on either side of central portion of the tubular body. Each of the annular auxiliary chambers houses a flexible bag containing the associated heterogeneous structure; and each of the two working chambers also communicates with an associated compensation chamber. The compensation chambers ensures hydraulic fluid continuity during movements of the rod-and-piston assembly in the tubular body.07-25-2013
20090232686Integrated Catalyst - The invention relates to an air compressor having a catalyst that is disposed in a reception block. The reception block is interposed between a valve block and a cylinder cover, comprises an inlet port in the region of a valve block outlet port, and an outlet port in the region of a cylinder head inlet port, so the compressed air exiting the valve block outlet port flows through said catalyst and through the outlet port into the cylinder cover.09-17-2009
20080247890Recriprocating Compressor - A highly reliable reciprocating compressor works efficiently with less energy, and produces smaller vibrations. This reciprocating compressor includes a crankshaft, a block, a piston, a connecting rod, and a balancing weight. The cylinder is placed offset such that an axis line thereof and an axis line of the main shaft do not cross each other. The center of gravity of the balancing weight is placed substantially opposite to the center of the eccentric section with respect to the axis line of the main shaft and deviated along a rotating direction of the main shaft from the place just opposite to the center of the eccentric section. The foregoing construction allows reducing lateral pressure of the piston, thereby increasing the reliability and efficiency of the reciprocating compressor, and allows to cancel unbalancing force produced by motions of the piston, the connecting rod and the eccentric section with motion of the balancing weight.10-09-2008
20110142699Coupling Arrangement Providing An Axial Space Between A Plunger Of A High Pressure Fluid Pump - A coupling for a pump connects a plunger to a plunger adaptor. The coupling provides a space between an end of the plunger and an end of the adaptor. Upon disconnecting the plunger from the adaptor, the space provides for removal of the plunger from and through a well of the pump.06-16-2011
20100266431GASKET FOR HIGH-PRESSURE PUMP AND HIGH-PRESSURE PUMP COMPRISING SAID GASKET - A high-pressure pump is provided with a high-pressure delivery line, a low- pressure supply line, a pumping element defined by a piston and cylinder, a cylinder head, and a gasket. The gasket is essentially flat and is provided with a sheet extending in a first plane and that has a first hole defining part of the low-pressure supply line, a second hole into which the cylinder head can be inserted, and a third hole defining part of the high-pressure delivery line. A coating of elastic material is provided to extend only around the first and second holes.10-21-2010
20110300009Method of Processing Contact Portions between Valve Plate and Suction Valve and/or Discharge Valve of Reciprocating Compressor, and Reciprocating Compressor - [Object of the Invention] An object of the present invention is to provide a method for processing contact portions between a valve plate and a suction valve and/or discharge valve of a reciprocating compressor to prevent the suction valve and/or the discharge valve from sticking on the valve plate at the portions contacting the valve plate, the productivity thereof being higher than that of the conventional method.12-08-2011
20110293451Vacuum pump - The invention relates to a vacuum pump, in particular a vane cell pump, having a housing in which a suction space is provided, and a housing passage opening into the suction space, wherein a suction non-return valve opening to the outside or into an external vacuum space is arranged in the housing passage, said valve being accommodated in a crucible-shaped housing and the crucible-shaped housing having a housing jacket, wherein the suction non-return valve can be latched in the pump housing passage.12-01-2011
20100111732Piston pump with rotating pump actuator - A reciprocating piston liquid pump and piston driver mechanism includes a reciprocating piston liquid pump having a piston chamber and a piston reciprocating in the piston chamber from an unactuated position to an actuated position, with movement of the piston from the unactuated position to the actuated position causing the advancement of product. The piston driver mechanism includes a first driver member having an axis and a sloped circumferential surface extending along its axis, and a second driver member having an axis and a sloped circumferential surface extending along its axis. The first and second driver members are aligned along their axes and mate at an unactuated position along at least a portion of their sloped circumferential surfaces. Rotation of one of the driver members about its axis relative to the other of the driver members causes the second driver member to advance away from the first driver member toward an actuated position. This movement also causes movement of the piston to its actuated position, thus advancing product.05-06-2010
20100054974Valve Cover Assembly and Method of Using The Same - A valve cover assembly for a pump. In an embodiment, the valve cover assembly comprises a first cylindrical member having a central axis and a first throughbore. In addition, the valve cover assembly comprises a second cylindrical member coaxially disposed within the first throughbore and rotatable relative to the first cylindrical member about the central axis between a first position and a second position. In the first position, the second cylindrical member is axially translatable relative to the first cylindrical member. In the second position, the second cylindrical member is axially fixed relative to the first cylindrical member.03-04-2010
20100054973METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REDUCING ACOUSTIC NOISE IN A SYNTHETIC JET - A synthetic jet includes a first backer structure, one and only one actuator, a wall member coupled to and positioned between the first backer structure and the one and only one actuator to form a cavity, and wherein the wall member has an orifice formed therethrough, and wherein the orifice fluidically couples the cavity to an environment external to the cavity.03-04-2010
20100034678Variable Ratio Hand Pump - A hand operated hydraulic pump has a cam that is pivoted by a compensation cylinder that rotates the cam so as to move the pivot of an operating handle closer to the pump plunger as the output pressure of the pump increases.02-11-2010
20100166582POLYMER MATERIAL AND SEALS FORMED THEREOF FOR HIGH PRESSURE PUMP APPLICATIONS - A seal is formed of a material including a crosslinked fluoropolymer. The seal substantially prevents leaks in a high pressure pump.07-01-2010
20100166581LUBRICANT OR HYDRAULIC PUMP - The invention relates to a lubricant or hydraulic pump for delivering oil or the like having a housing which is formed from two housing shells which are of at least substantially similar or identical construction. An inlet is provided on or in the housing. Furthermore, a rotatably mounted drive element, which is configured, in particular, as a swash plate, and at least one pump element which interacts with the drive element to deliver oil or the like are arranged in the housing.07-01-2010
20120189475DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PUMPING FLOWABLE MASSES - A device for pumping a flowable mass, such as a consumable item, has a main body with a hollow space that is fluidically connected with a mass source through an inlet opening and with a mass destination through an outlet opening in the surroundings of the main body. The inlet opening and the outlet opening are disposed along a direction at a distance from each other on the main body. A first body and a second body can each be moved in the hollow space relative to the main body and relative to each other along the direction. The first and second bodies are sealed against an inside wall and slidable on the inside wall to define a chamber. Moving the first body and/or the second body varies the volume of the chamber and its position relative to be main body.07-26-2012
20100278666HIGH SOLIDS MATERIAL MOVING APPARATUS - Described herein is a material moving apparatus having a chamber that includes a chamber having a cross-sectional shape and a discharge opening; a pumping ram mounted in the chamber configured to move material out of the discharge opening of the chamber; and a discharge pipe connected to the discharge opening of the pump and having and an inlet and an outlet and a cross-sectional shape corresponding to the cross-sectional shape of the discharge opening.11-04-2010
20100098566LINEAR COMPRESSOR - The present invention provides a linear compressor having an elastic body capable of reducing vibration transferred to a shell due to a motion of a moving part. The linear compressor includes a shell defining a hermetic space, a stationary part installed in the shell and having a mass of M04-22-2010
20090274568PISTON PUMP - A piston pump, having a pump housing in which a pump piston is guided in an axially moving fashion so that when the pump piston is actuated, a fluid is conveyed from a suction side to a pressure side via a pumping chamber that adjoins the pump piston; a region for guiding the pump piston in the pump housing includes a guide ring, which is provided with a sealing section and is affixed to the pump housing.11-05-2009
20090291005MANUAL PUMP FOR DISPENSING LUBRICANTS - A manual pump for lubricant fluids having a body capable of mounting a removable color scheme to identify a particular fluid within the drum for managing customized fluid identification labels and attendant documents for accurately and uniquely identifying fluids for an advanced fluid management system in which the pump attaches to drums and containers for moving lubricants from bulk storage, to intermediate container or to the point of application on plant equipment and machinery in residential commercial or industrial applications.11-26-2009
20120294741PUMP TAPPET - An object of the invention is to provide a pump tappet capable of bearing a large load from a pump plunger even if a case, which is a constituent member of the pump tappet, has a reduced thickness in its intermediate bottom. The invention thus contributes to reduced weight of the overall pump tappet. The case for the pump tappet is formed from an intermediary workpiece 11-22-2012
20110200471Compressor and manufacturing method thereof - A compressing device, a drive shaft and a bearing device are assembled into a tubular member. All-around welding of a cover member to the tubular member is performed to form a casing in such a manner that welding is overlapped over a welding start point, at which the all-around welding is started, to form an overlapped portion in a welding bead generated by the all-around welding. In the all-around welding, heat input is externally applied to a diametrically opposite portion of the casing, which is diametrically opposite to the overlapped portion, so that the diametrically opposite portion is deformed symmetrically with respect to a welding distortion at the overlapped portion.08-18-2011
20080240950COMPRESSOR IMPROVEMENTS - A linear compressor has a hollow piston with crown and sidewall. The piston reciprocates in a cylinder. A piston rod connects the piston to a spring. A connection between the piston rod and the piston transmits axial forces directly to the piston crown. The connection transmits lateral forces to the piston at an axial location away from the piston crown. The connection allows rotational flexibility between the piston and the piston rod transverse to and uniformly around the piston reciprocation axis.10-02-2008
20080292482PRIMING PUMP FOR A CIRCUIT SUBJECTING SAID PUMP TO AN OUTLET PRESSURE GREATER THAN AN INLET PRESSURE - The invention provides a priming pump comprising a deformable envelope associated with an inlet endpiece and an outlet endpiece each fitted with a moving valve member, the endpieces being arranged in such a manner that when the valve members are in the closed position, the outlet endpiece presents a leakage rate that is greater than the leakage rate of the inlet endpiece.11-27-2008
20120294740PUMP - A pump comprises: a pump body 11-22-2012
20080240949Zero emissions reciprocating pump - A sealing system for a pump having a plunger includes a housing having an internal chamber adapted to receive a portion of the plunger. Primary and secondary seals are located within the internal chamber and adapted to sealingly engage the plunger. The primary seal communicates with the fluid being pumped. A barrier fluid chamber contains a barrier fluid in contact with the primary seal and the secondary seal. A pressure referencing device has an inlet port in communication with the pumped fluid and an outlet port providing fluid at a pressure magnitude equal to a peak pressure of the pumped fluid. A pressurizing device is in communication with the fluid at the peak pressure and the barrier fluid to maintain the barrier fluid pressure at a magnitude greater than the peak pressure of the pumped fluid such that the pumped fluid is restricted from leaking past the primary seal.10-02-2008
20090297374PUMP WITH STABILIZATION COMPONENT - In at least some embodiments, a pump includes a turning member and a reciprocating member coupled to the turning member, the reciprocating member performing a pumping motion as the turning member turns. The pump also includes at least one stabilization component in contact with the reciprocating member to stabilize the pumping motion.12-03-2009
20090162227VALVE AND INFUSION DEVICE HAVING THE SAME - Operability and lifespan of a drain valve of an operated infusion device are improved when changing the composition of a transported solution or releasing the pressure. A sealing portion and a shaft portion of the valve are constructed to be separated from each other. The shaft portion is disposed with a through hole having a step. A screw passes through the through hole, such that a screw portion of the screw is screwed to the sealing portion, and on the other hand, a screw head is fastened to the step portion of the through hole of the shaft portion. The sealing portion and the shaft portion can ensure a degree of freedom of rotation while maintaining a fixed position relationship there-between, thereby preventing the sealing portion from falling off and prolonging the lifespan of a valve body.06-25-2009
20090252625Linear Compressor and the Supporter for the Same - The present invention relates to a linear compressor compressing a working fluid in the cylinder such as a refrigerant and etc with the reciprocating movement of the piston in the cylinder due to the reciprocating force of the linear motor, and provides a linear compressor and the supporter for the same that the change of the lateral resonance frequency due to the lateral stiffness of the piston spring is easy as having a stub or a narrow part on the supporter preventing the increase of the mass inertia moment compared with the distance between the centroid of the supporter and the center of the piston spring sat on the supporter arm of the supporter, and capable of reducing the entire size and the manufacturing costs as raising the lateral resonance frequency easily without extending the length of the supporter arm.10-08-2009
20080260558Device and Methods of Measuring Pressure - Embodiments of the present invention are directed to method and devices for measuring the pressure of a pump chamber in which no internal opening or connections are needed. One embodiment of the present invention is directed to an apparatus for pumping fluid. The apparatus comprises at least one housing having a transducer surface. The transducer surface has a thickness exhibiting measurable deformation upon the chamber holding a fluid under pressure such that the transducer surface has a first position at which the chamber is at one pressure and a second position at which the chamber is at a second pressure. A strain sensor is affixed to the transducer surface producing; at least one signal upon the transducer surface assuming the first position and at least one signal upon the transducer surface assuming the second position to function as an integrated pressure transducer.10-23-2008
20090246050VARIABLE CAPACITY COMPRESSOR - A variable capacity compressor includes a rotating member 10-01-2009
20090274569Piston compressor - A piston compressor with at least one compression cylinder having a piston, and with one suction port and one pressure port is described. The suction port and the pressure port are arranged at one end face of the compression cylinder.11-05-2009
20100150758AIR PUMP - An air pump comprises a cylinder, a piston, a piston rod, and four substantially rigid members. The piston is reciprocably movable within the cylinder and is secured to the piston rod. The first member is pivotably connected at its first end to the cylinder. The second member is pivotably connected at its first end to the piston rod and at its second end to the second end of the first member. The third member is pivotably connected at its first end to the connected second ends of the first and second members. The fourth member is pivotably connected to the cylinder and to the second end of the third member. The third member is arranged to transmit between the handle and the connected second ends of the first and second members a force resulting from a force applied to the handle.06-17-2010
20100189580METHOD FOR DETECTION OF A MALFUNCTION RELATED TO A FLUID AFFECTED COMPONENT IN A PISTON MACHINE - A method for detection of a leak in a fluid affected component of a piston machine includes obtaining a vibration signal from a vibration sensor disposed proximate to at least one valve block of the piston machine. The vibration signal includes vibration generated by valves in the valve block. The method further includes presenting the obtained vibration signal for analysis by at least one of a human or a computer, analyzing the obtained vibration signal with respect to revealing a malfunction related to a fluid affected component of the piston machine, and selecting the obtained vibration signal emitted from the valve block during the closed periods of the valves for presentation.07-29-2010
20100260631MULTI-PIECE CONNECTING ROD - A reciprocating pump assembly having a pump within a housing. The pump having a crankshaft that rotates and a crosshead that is connected to a plunger via a pony rod. The plunger pumps fluid through cylinders in the pump. A connecting rod connects at one end to the crankshaft and at another end to the crosshead to translate the crankshaft's rotational movement into linear movement of the crosshead and thereby the plunger. The connecting rod is fabricated from multiple pieces, with the body of the connecting rod fabricated out of light weight aluminum and the end connected to the crosshead fabricated out of steel. The steel end of the connecting rod can withstand the stress at the crosshead. The lighter weight of the connecting rod lightens the weight of the pump and its transportation is easier and less costly.10-14-2010
20100189579PNEUMATIC COMPONENT - The invention relates to a pneumatic component with a cylinder (07-29-2010
20100226804PUMP - A pump includes a cylinder and a plunger. The cylinder defines an outlet-side passage therein. The plunger is reciprocably received within the cylinder. An inner peripheral surface of the cylinder and an end surface of the plunger define a pump chamber. The outlet-side passage is communicated with the pump chamber. When the plunger reciprocates within the cylinder, fluid inside the pump chamber is pressurized such that fluid is discharged to an exterior through the outlet-side passage. The inner peripheral surface includes a spherical surface part that surrounds the pump chamber. The spherical surface part is defined by a curved surface having a predetermined curvature such that the pump chamber defines a spherical space. The spherical surface part is provided with an opening of the outlet-side passage, which has a circular shape when observed from a spherical center of the pump chamber.09-09-2010
20100232994PISTON PUMP FOR DELIVERING A FLUID, AND ASSOCIATED BRAKE SYSTEM - A piston pump includes a piston assembly which has at least one transverse bore which corresponds to a longitudinal bore. The piston pump further includes a cylinder in which the piston assembly is guided in a longitudinally movable manner, and an inlet valve which includes a cage element, in which an inlet valve spring and sealing element are arranged, and a corresponding inlet valve seat which is arranged on the piston assembly. The inlet valve sealing element can be pressed sealingly into the corresponding inlet valve seat by means of a restoring spring in order to close off the longitudinal bore. The restoring spring is designed as a simple cylindrical spiral spring which is supported axially with an upper end winding against the cage element and with a lower end winding against a cylinder base. The cage element has an elastic high-pressure sealing element which, in the direction of a cylinder wall, has a radial support region for holding and centering the upper end winding of the restoring spring. In order to guide the restoring spring, the cylinder has, at the transition between the cylinder wall and the cylinder base, a cylinder base corner radius which is adapted to the lower end winding.09-16-2010
20100226805Refrigerant compressor - A refrigerant compressor, comprising a hermetically sealed compressor housing (09-09-2010
20100254838Oil drain and suction pump - A pump providing oil suction and oil drain functions includes a barrel and a lid; a first passage is disposed on a bottom of the barrel; the lid contains a second passage, a third passage, and a fourth passage; a regulating member is disposed on the lid to connect the third passage through the second passage and to allow air to flow in sequence from an oil storage space, the third passage, the second passage, a pipe, the first passage, a ventilation pipe, and the fourth passage into the ambient air for producing suction in oil suction operation; and to connect the fourth passage through the third passage for the ambient air to flow in sequence through the second passage, the pipe, the first passage, the ventilation pipe, the fourth passage, and the third passage to enter into the oil storage space for producing pressure during the oil drain operation.10-07-2010
20100209273PISTON PUMP - A piston pump includes a pump mechanism configured to compress fluid sucked from an inlet port by increasing or decreasing a volume of a pump chamber which faces a front end of a piston by reciprocating the piston housed in a housing, a feed mechanism including a feed ring mounted to an annular groove provided at an outer periphery of the piston and following a motion of the piston, a feed chamber formed between the feed ring and the housing, and a valve portion. The piston pump includes a pressure wall provided at the piston and configured to contact the feed ring to axially move the feed ring, and a restriction portion provided at the feed ring and configured to engage with an outer periphery of the piston at a position approximate to the pressure wall for restricting a radial displacement of the feed ring on the piston.08-19-2010
20100129244HERMETIC COMPRESSOR - A hermetic compressor includes a shaft having a connecting section formed between an eccentric shaft portion and a countershaft portion, the connecting section provided with an axial length sufficient for shifting a large end hole of a connecting rod to a position coaxial with the eccentric shaft portion. The shaft also has an extended surface of the eccentric shaft portion formed on the connecting section at one side opposite an eccentric axis thereof. This structure facilitates alignment of the center of axes of the eccentric shaft portion and the large end hole by simply sliding the extended surface of the shaft along a sliding surface of the large end hole, so as to ease insertion of the eccentric shaft portion into the large end hole, and prevent damages to the sliding surfaces of the eccentric shaft portion and the large end hole, thereby improving workability and productivity of assembling the shaft as well as reliability of the compressor.05-27-2010
20100129246FLUID PUMP ASSEMBLY - A fluid pump assembly comprising a driven cam and a reciprocating member reciprocal within a bore provided in a pump housing as the cam is driven, in use, to cause pressurisation of fluid within a pump chamber. The pump assembly further comprises an interface between the cam and the reciprocating member, for example in the form of bevelled surfaces of the cam and the reciprocating member, which serve to drive the reciprocating member (i) to translate in a first, axial direction within the bore and (ii) to rotate within the bore in a second, rotational direction. An optional feature of the fluid pump assembly is that the pump housing defines a bearing for the cam which is provided with a recess to define a region of weakness to allow the bearing to deflect, in use, thereby to provide an increased lubrication volume between the cam and the bearing. The reciprocating member may take the form of a tappet which cooperates with a pumping plunger to pressurise fluid within the pump chamber.05-27-2010
20080292481MASTIC PUMP - A mastic pump is provided. The mastic pump is operable to pump mastic from a container to a mastic application tool. The mastic pump includes a pump body, a piston movable within the pump body, an actuator coupled to the piston for moving the piston, and a fulcrum adjustor coupled to the actuator at one of at least two positions. The mastic pump may include a valve diaphragm having an opening defined therein to allow mastic flow. Also, the pump may include a foot stand coupled to the pump body having a concave shaped portion. In addition, the actuator may include a grip and a carrying member spaced from the grip, the carrying member is grippable to transport the pump. Further, the mastic pump may include an accessory connector coupled to the pump body for connecting and disconnecting a mastic tool accessory to the pump body without the use of tools.11-27-2008
20090110575High-Pressure Fuel Supply Pump and the Manufacturing Method - An object of this invention is to provide such a welded structure of and welding method for two metallic parts fitted together at a tubular section in a high-pressure fuel supply pump, that enables rapid joining of both metallic parts by staking (press-fitting included), screw fastening, and/or laser welding, offers high welding strength and sufficient fluid sealability, and keeps the metallic materials free from thermal changes in composition. Solution: While an electric current is supplied to any one of the welding connection surfaces formed between a pump housing and cylinder in a high-pressure fuel supply pump, between the pump housing and an installation flange, between the pump housing and an intake or discharge joint, between the pump housing and a pulsation-absorbing damper cover, between the pump housing and a relief valve mechanism, and between the pump housing and an electromagnetically driven intake valve mechanism, the particular two sections are pressed against each other to generate, along the connection surface, a plastic flow not causing melting or fusion due to heat, and form a diffusion-weld region at the connection surface by using the plastic flow and the application of the pressure.04-30-2009
20100296953PUMP CHAMBER CONFIGURED TO CONTAIN A RESIDUAL FLUID VOLUME FOR INHIBITING THE PUMPING OF A GAS - The present invention involves, in some embodiments, mechanisms and methods of occluding collapsible tubing with an occluder to prevent fluid flow therethrough. In some embodiments, a tube occluding mechanism is disclosed that includes a bendable occluding member for creating a force that can be applied to a collapsible tube to occlude the tube. In some embodiments, the collapsible tube can be an inlet/outlet tube on a removable pumping cartridge that is coupled to a reusable pump drive component when the system is in operation. In such embodiments, the occluding mechanism can be attached to the reusable component and can be used to block fluid flow to and from the pumping cartridge. In some embodiments, the occluding member can comprises a spring plate which can create a force to occlude tubing when in a relaxed, unbent configuration, and which can be bent to unocclude the tubing. In some preferred embodiments, in a default configuration of the tube occluder mechanism (when no external force is applied to the occluding member) the tubes are occluded, so that the tube occluder mechanism provides a fail-safe configuration preventing fluid flow to and from a pumping cartridge to which the tubes can be connected.11-25-2010
20100296952Zero Emissions Reciprocating Pump - A sealing system for a pump having a plunger includes a housing having an internal chamber adapted to receive a portion of the plunger. Primary and secondary seals are located within the internal chamber and adapted to sealingly engage the plunger. The primary seal communicates with the fluid being pumped. A barrier fluid chamber contains a barrier fluid in contact with the primary seal and the secondary seal. A pressure referencing device has an inlet port in communication with the pumped fluid and an outlet port providing fluid at a pressure magnitude equal to a peak pressure of the pumped fluid. A pressurizing device is in communication with the fluid at the peak pressure and the barrier fluid to maintain the barrier fluid pressure at a magnitude greater than the peak pressure of the pumped fluid such that the pumped fluid is restricted from leaking past the primary seal.11-25-2010
20130136637MINIATURE PUMP - A miniature pump includes a driving unit and an airflow control unit, which includes a bladder supporter, a compression unit, a valve base and an output valve. The compression unit has multiple intake valves and multiple bladders, each intake valve covers the corresponding intake through hole, each intake through hole is surrounded by a circular wall, wherein the circular wall is disposed on a bottom surface of the corresponding intake valve or a top surface of the corresponding bladder supporter. The valve base is arranged over the compression unit, and the valve base has multiple output through holes aligned with the bladders respectively. When the bladder is compressed, air inside the bladder is output via the output through hole and the output valve. When the bladder is decompressed, external air is introduced into the bladder via the intake through hole and the intake valve.05-30-2013
20090068038Pump - A pump includes a cylinder including at least one upper aperture and lower aperture. A piston is movable in the cylinder. A rod is connected to the piston. A ring is provided around the rod and fit in the cylinder. An upper collar is formed with at least one countersink hole and provided around the cylinder. At least one upper threaded bolt is driven into the ring through the countersink hole, the upper aperture and an upper elastic washer. A base includes a reduced portion fit in the cylinder. A check valve is provided on the reduced portion of the base. A lower collar is formed with at least one countersink hole and provided around the cylinder. At least one lower threaded bolt is driven into the reduced portion of the base through the countersink hole of the lower collar, the lower aperture and a lower elastic washer.03-12-2009
20100074780A Reciprocating Pump Having a Piston Assembly - A reciprocating pump including a piston is disclosed. In some embodiments, the piston includes an annular hub, a flexible sealing element coupled to an outer surface of the hub, and a sleeve seated on the outer surface of the hub adjacent the sealing element. The sleeve is axially moveable relative to the hub to compress the sealing element. The sealing element includes a lip, which is displaced radially outward when the sleeve compresses the sealing element.03-25-2010
20110176944HIGH-PRESSURE PUMP - A housing of a high-pressure pump defines a passage communicating with a pressurizing chamber in which fuel is pressurized. The passage has an annular engagement groove which is radially outwardly concaved on its inner wall surface. A valve body is disposed in the passage. The engaged member is disposed inside of the passage wall. A valve body engaging member is comprised of a plurality of arc-shaped plate members, which form circular shape. The valve body engaging member is inserted into the engagement groove in such a manner as to be engaged with the valve body. A C-ring is firmly in contact with the plate members and biases them toward the engagement groove.07-21-2011
20100129245Floating Pinion Bearing for a Reciprocating Pump - A reciprocating pump assembly includes a power frame that houses a crankshaft. The crankshaft is mechanically connected to a large gear or bull gear on each end that is in mechanical engagement with a small gear or pinion bearing. A bearing housing is integrally formed as part of the power frame with an increased width and a constant inner diameter. A pinion bearing assembly, comprising an inner race, an outer race, and spherical bearings is placed around the shaft of the pinion bearing. The pinion is installed in the reciprocating pump assembly such that the bearing assembly rests on the bearing housing, which is integrally formed as part of the power frame. The bearing assembly is free to float in the bearing housing and provides for some lateral movement of the shaft and bearing assembly during operation of the reciprocating pump assembly.05-27-2010
20100239445FLANGE OF A HIGH-PRESSURE FUEL PUMP - The invention relates to a high-pressure fuel pump for operating an internal combustion engine, with the pump being connected to a low-pressure and a high-pressure circuit. The pump includes a pump housing and a pump flange with which the pump is detachably fastened to the internal combustion engine. A pump camshaft is provided in order to compress fuel from the low-pressure circuit by way of the movement of at least one pump piston and to deliver the compressed fuel to the high-pressure circuit. The pump flange is further divided into an inner and an outer part, in a manner such that the inner part receives a bearing of the pump camshaft and the outer part receives elements of the low-pressure circuit.09-23-2010
20110256006Apparatus for removing standing water - A manually-operated, self-contained apparatus for removing standing water from an athletic field.10-20-2011
20090274570SELF-ALIGNING DYNAMIC CLEARANCE SEALS AND FLUID-MOVING DEVICES UTILIZING SUCH SEALS - A self-aligning dynamic clearance seal assembly is disclosed. The assembly comprises a stationary casing, a moving member, a housing member circumferentially disposed between the stationary casing and the moving member, a sealing member circumferentially disposed between the housing member and the moving member, and two elastomeric seals. The first elastomeric seal prevents the flow of a fluid into a gap between the sealing member and the stationary casing. The second elastomeric seal, when compressed, prevents the housing member from biasing against the sealing member. The sealing member and the moving member define a continuous and uniform gap having a size that allows the fluid to fill the gap but prevents the fluid from flowing through the gap from the first side to the second side of the opening under an operating pressure differential between the first and the second side. A pump utilizing the self-aligning seal assembly is also provided.11-05-2009
20080279705Externally Assisted Valve for a Positive Displacement Pump - A positive displacement pump having a valve with an actuation guide for assisting its actuation. The valve may be configured for controlling fluid communication relative to a chamber of the pump with the valve actuation guide positioned external to the chamber and configured to assist in the controlling. The valve actuation guide itself may include an arm extending into a valve actuation assembly below the valve. In such embodiments, the arm may be reciprocated by crankshaft, hydraulic, or other means. Alternatively, the valve actuation assembly may include electromagnetic means for assisting in actuation of the valve.11-13-2008
20110189039DRYWALL MUD PUMP WITH IMPROVED HANDLE - Drywall mud pumps for pumping drywall joint compound from buckets into drywall tools that each include a body or main cylinder, a driver or piston, and a handle. A structural component may be in rigid relation to the body and the handle may include two members that slidably or telescopically engage to allow the driver or piston to travel in a straight line while the handle pivots about a pivot point at an end of the structural component. In various embodiments, the handle may include a linear ball or PTFE bearing reducing friction between the two members, the pump may include a clamp to attach the pump to the side of the bucket, or the pump may have an inlet valve or foot valve that may include two semi-circular-shaped flaps that hingedly rotate about a pin. Methods may include acts of selecting, obtaining, or providing various such components.08-04-2011
20110189038DRYWALL MUD PUMP WITH CLAMP OR IMPROVED FOOT VALVE - Drywall mud pumps for pumping drywall joint compound from buckets into drywall tools that each include a body or main cylinder, a driver or piston, and a handle. A structural component may be in rigid relation to the body and the handle may include two members that slidably or telescopically engage to allow the driver or piston to travel in a straight line while the handle pivots about a pivot point at an end of the structural component. In various embodiments, the handle may include a linear ball or PTFE bearing reducing friction between the two members, the pump may include a clamp to attach the pump to the side of the bucket, or the pump may have an inlet valve or foot valve that may include two semi-circular-shaped flaps that hingedly rotate about a pin. Methods may include acts of selecting, obtaining, or providing various such components.08-04-2011
20110020158RECIPROCATING COMPRESSOR - A compressor includes a cylinder block including cylinder bores and pistons within the cylinder bores. A front housing opposes a first cylinder block end face to form a crank chamber accommodating a piston driving mechanism. A valve plate opposes a second cylinder block end face and includes suction and discharge holes. A rear housing includes suction and discharge chambers and opposes the second cylinder block end face with the valve plate there between. Strap-shaped suction valves on the valve plate end face oppose the cylinder block, thereby opening and closing the suction holes at tip portions. Discharge valves on the valve plate end face oppose the rear housing to open and close the discharge holes. Through-bolts join the front housing, the crank chamber, the cylinder block, the valve plate, and the rear housing. The valve plate includes grooves extending from holes accommodating the through-bolts to portions abutting the suction valves.01-27-2011
20100021325Two Bolt Adjustable Centering System - A centering mechanism for a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic pump assembly and a method of assembling a hydraulic pump assembly. The pump assembly generally includes a hydraulic pump, a control arm, and a centering mechanism. The pump generally includes a pump housing, a pump mechanism operable to control a flow of hydraulic fluid through the housing, the pump mechanism having a neutral condition in which fluid does not flow through the housing, a trunnion cap connectable to the housing, the trunnion cap and the housing cooperating to house the pump mechanism, and an input shaft extending along an axis and through the trunnion cap, the shaft being rotatable to operate the pump mechanism. The control arm is connected to the shaft, and movement of the control arm causes rotation of the shaft. The centering mechanism may generally include a first bracket fixable to the housing, a second bracket adjustably fixable to the first bracket, and biasing structure operable to return the control arm to a centered position when an operating force is not applied to the control arm. The second bracket is adjustable relative to the first bracket to an adjusted position such that the centered position corresponds to the neutral condition of the pump mechanism, the second bracket being fixable in the adjusted position. Fasteners fix the first bracket and the trunnion cap to the pump housing.01-28-2010
20100172778CONNECTING ROD WITHOUT WRIST PIN - A reciprocating pump assembly has a pump within a housing. The pump has a crankshaft that rotates and a crosshead that is connected to a plunger via a pony rod. The plunger pumps fluid through cylinders in the pump. A connecting rod connects at one end to the crankshaft and at another end to the crosshead to translate the crankshaft's rotational movement into linear movement of the crosshead and thereby the plunger. The end connected to the crosshead is secured to the crosshead by a bushing located within the crosshead that allows the connecting rod end to pivot during operation. The bushing extends more than 180 degrees, retaining the connecting rod with the crosshead without the need for a wrist pin. The end secured by the bushing can be retained within the bushing by a lock plate, and retainers without the need for a wrist pin.07-08-2010
20110318206Chemical Liquid Supplying Apparatus - A chemical liquid supplying apparatus which can discharge chemical liquid with high accuracy is provided. The apparatus is used to discharge the chemical liquid in a chemical liquid tank from an application nozzle. The apparatus has a combined member formed integrally with a pump case and a cylinder, and a flexible tube serving as a pump member is provided in the pump case, wherein its inside is a pump chamber and its outside is a pump-side driving chamber. A piston is assembled to the cylinder and when the piston is reciprocated by a motor, the pump chamber is expanded and contracted. A gap between the piston and the cylinder is covered with a diaphragm, and an interior of the diaphragm is a seal space. Therefore, an incompressible medium having leaked from the gap between the piston and the cylinder enters into the seal space and does not leak to the outside.12-29-2011
20100322802Readily Removable Pump Crosshead - A reciprocating pump has a driven crankshaft and a connecting rod having an aft end rotatably mounted to the crankshaft. The pump has a stationarily mounted crosshead case in which a crosshead assembly strokes. The crosshead assembly has first and second crosshead members. A retainer pivotally joins the forward end of the connecting rod to the first crosshead member. The second crosshead member has a partially cylindrical recess containing a bushing. The forward end of the connecting rod is in pivotal engagement with the bushing. The second crosshead member is releasably secured to the first crosshead member to allow removal of the second crosshead member and the bushing from the crosshead case without detaching the forward end of the connecting rod from the first crosshead member.12-23-2010
20120058000Self-Aligning Rod Seal - A seal assembly for providing a seal around a non-stationary rod includes a seal housing with a hollow body with first and second ends. The first end has a first opening to allow the non-stationary rod to pass therethrough and the second end has a second opening to allow the non-stationary rod to pass therethrough. A seal cartridge is disposed within the seal housing and radially moveable within the seal housing. A rod seal is disposed in an internal diameter of the seal cartridge.03-08-2012
20120156072COMPRESSOR - A compressor includes a housing (06-21-2012
20110091339BICYCLE TIRE PUMP - A bicycle tire pump includes a movable connection member connected to the bottle end of the cylinder and the connection member has an insertion rod which is inserted into a tubular member on the base and fixed to the base. The tubular member includes positioning slots for guiding the connection member and the cylinder to be assembled to the tubular member. The pump can be quickly assembled with strong structure and manufactured with lower cost. The connection member and the base are two parts which can be made of different material for different needs.04-21-2011
20110103983COOLANT COMPRESSOR - A coolant compressor (05-05-2011
20120251363HIGH-PRESSURE PUMP - During a pressurization stroke of a high-pressure pump, a cylinder inner wall and a plunger receive a fuel pressure from the pressurization chamber. Meanwhile, an upper housing does not receive the fuel pressure from the pressurization chamber, so that its thickness can be made thin. A cylinder is comprised of a bottom portion, a cylindrical portion and a large-diameter cylindrical portion. When inserting the large-diameter cylindrical portion into a large engaging hole, the bottom portion and the cylindrical portion are not brought into contact with a lower housing. A high liquid-tightness between the bottom portion, the cylindrical portion and a small engaging hole can be ensured.10-04-2012
20100247357Device comprising a combination of a chamber and a piston - The object of the invention is to provide a reliable and inexpensive combination of a chamber and a piston to be used in any device where such a combination is needed so that it comply with specific demands towards the operation force for e.g. pumps, specifically manually operated pumps.09-30-2010
20120128517COMPRESSOR PUMP FOR A SPRAYER - A compressor pump for a sprayer comprises a pump, a piston and a connecting rod. The pump comprises a containment space, an opening formed at a bottom thereof and a plurality of through holes connected to the containment space at an upper portion thereof. The piston is disposed through the opening of the pump in the containment space, and the piston has a plurality of oil slots formed around an outer periphery, a sealing ring and an O ring jacketed onto the outer periphery, and an assembling portion with an internal thread formed inside of the piston. The elongated connecting rod has a connecting portion at each end respectively pivoted to a connecting member and a crank via respective axis hitches, such that the connecting member and the crank are capable of performing reciprocating (biased) movements at two ends of the connecting rod.05-24-2012
20100209272VARIABLE DISPLACEMENT COMPRESSOR - A variable displacement compressor comprises an opening-degree adjustment valve which is disposed in a flow passage between a suction port and a suction hole communicating with a cylinder bore and variably controls the opening area of the flow passage. The variable displacement compressor is characterized in that the resistance against the movement of the valve body of the opening-degree adjustment valve in the direction of increasing the opening area of the flow passage is made to be greater than the resistance against the movement thereof in the direction of decreasing the opening area. The liquid compression at the starting of the compressor is prevented from occurring, whereby the durability and the reliability of the device can be improved and the device can exhibit excellent displacement control responsiveness.08-19-2010
20120213651PRECOMPRESSION EFFECT IN PUMP BODY - The current application discloses various embodiments where a portion of a fluid end pump body is made of a first material the other parts of the pump body are made of a second material where the first material is a material having better resistance to fatigue and the second material used is a material of less quality and cheaper than the first material.08-23-2012
20120177516Pump Housing of a Motor Vehicle Hydraulic Unit with at Least One Main Cylinder Connection Opening - In a pump housing (07-12-2012
20100034679REFRIGERANT COMPRESSOR, PISTON OF A REFRIGERANT COMPRESSOR AND PISTON ARRANGEMENT - The invention concerns a refrigerant compressor with a cylinder, in which is arranged a piston (02-11-2010
20100008802COMPRESSOR - A compressor having a shell formed by mutually coupling shell constitution members that are a closed-bottomed container-like housing and a front housing into which a drive shaft is inserted, a compression chamber forming body provided in the shell, and a coupling element for coupling and fixing the compression chamber forming body and the shell constitution member to each other. The coupling element is extended only in the region where the shell is present, and a hole in which the coupling element extends and that is formed in the shell constitution member to which the coupling element is coupled does not penetrate the shell constitution member but terminates in the wall of the shell constitution member. In the compressor, sealing ability for leakage of refrigerant can be remarkably enhanced and restrictions on external piping and apparatuses are relaxed to significantly increase the degree of design freedom.01-14-2010
20110020157FEED PUMP AND SEALING ARRANGEMENT FOR SAME - The present invention relates to a feed pump, in particular for pumping UV paints and other high-viscosity media, with a pump housing to which an inlet valve and an outlet valve are fitted, and a piston, which for pumping a medium is mounted in the pump housing in a manner as to permit positional shifting. To improve the seal and the piston lifetime, the piston is guided in at least one section of the pump housing by way of at least two seals positioned one behind the other in the axial direction of the piston so as to seal it from its surroundings and forming between them an intermediate gapped space that connects to the flow from a coolant and/or lubricant container.01-27-2011
20110236238CLAMPING DEVICE FOR CYLINDER SLEEVES AND USE THEREOF, AND MUD PUMP HAVING A CLAMPING - Clamping device for cylinder sleeves of a pump system, and a piston pump or plunger pump for conveying drilling fluid during drilling of boreholes, particularly in the field of oil and natural gas production, and its use. Pump system includes a pump unit and a driving rotary drive unit. Clamping device for cylinder sleeve of a piston pump or plunger pump includes a cylinder sleeve receptacle, a clamping element provided at the pump, and cylinder sleeve or a portion of the cylinder sleeve provided between the clamping element and the cylinder sleeve receptacle, Clamping element and cylinder sleeve receptacle are connected by a connecting apparatus.09-29-2011
20120288386SOLVENT DELIVERY PUMP - A plunger seal has a cylindrical protruding portion on its front face. A base end portion of the protruding portion has a recessed curved shape having a certain curvature. In a portion of a pump head, where the plunger seal is mounted, a seal insertion portion into which the protruding portion of the plunger seal is to be fitted is formed as a cylindrical recessed portion. An opening edge portion of the seal insertion portion has a protruding curved shape having the same curvature as the base end portion of the protruding portion of the plunger seal.11-15-2012
20100202906Safety Clamp for Walking Beam Compressor - Various methods and devices are provided for securing a walking beam compressor to a walking beam. In general, the walking beam compressor is a gas compressor unit that can be disposed around a piston rod extending from a walking beam of an oil well. The piston rod can be coupled to the walking beam by a securing mechanism that engages both the piston rod and the walking beam to prevent the piston rod from disengaging from the walking beam during rocking movement of the walking beam.08-12-2010
20090246049COATED CYLINDER FOR WALKING BEAM COMPRESSOR - Various methods and device are provided for use in a walking beam compressor used in an oil well pump. In one embodiment, a walking beam compressor assembly is provided having a compressor configured to receive and compress gas. The compressor can be positioned around a piston rod movably disposed therethrough and can include a cylindrical housing having an interior surface that is coated with a self-lubricating composite material. The self-lubricating composite material can be impervious to gas such that it protects the interior surface of the cylindrical housing from corrosion by the gas. In one embodiment, the self-lubricating composite material can be a nickel ceramic composite. The cylindrical housing can be formed of any suitable material known in the art able to withstand pressure and heat within the housing, for example, a metallic material.10-01-2009
20130011283Air Compressor - An air compressor includes a cylinder housing with a piston slidably disposed in a compression chamber of the cylinder housing for generating pressurized air. The air compressor further includes an air drum receiving the cylinder housing and engaged with a flange extending outwardly from a peripheral wall of the cylinder housing. An expanded chamber for storage of the pressurized air is formed between the air drum and the cylinder housing and being in communication with the compression chamber of the cylinder housing. The expanded chamber has significantly larger volume which reduces resistance applied to the piston during reciprocation in the cylinder housing and increases air compression efficiency.01-10-2013
20100124511Wear-resistant plunger rod - A wear-resistant plunger rod incorporated in a pump of a paint spraying units comprises: a rod (05-20-2010
20130017107DIESEL ENGINE FUEL INJECTION PUMP WHICH PISTONS ARE SEALED WITH ALL METAL SEAL RINGS - An injection fuel pump, comprising: a pump body; a drive shaft assembled into the pump body; a piston-drive cam assembled on to the drive shaft; and one or more cylinder heads, each comprising: a pump piston inserted in a cylinder bore, wherein the pump piston is fitted with one or more all-metal-seal rings; wherein the pump piston that is fitted with one or more all-metal-seal rings having a cross-sectional area that is the same as the cylinder bore cross-sectional area, as such creating zero internal leakage. In one embodiment, the all-metal-seal rings are coiled felt seals.01-17-2013
20130022483CASSETTE SYSTEM INTEGRATED APPARATUS - A cassette integrated system. The cassette integrated system includes a mixing cassette, a balancing cassette, a middle cassette fluidly connected to the mixing cassette and the balancing cassette and at least one pod. The mixing cassette is fluidly connected to the middle cassette by at least one fluid line and the middle cassette is fluidly connected to the balancing cassette by at least one fluid line. The at least one pod is connected to at least two of the cassettes wherein the pod is located in an area between the cassettes.01-24-2013
20130022482NON-CIRCULAR BEARING AND A METHOD FOR ROTATING A CAM - A bearing is provided. The bearing includes: an inner race; rolling elements located in an array around the inner race; and an outer race located around the inner race and the outer race is configured to retain the rolling elements between the inner and outer races, wherein at least one of the outer race and the rollers have an external profile that is a non-circular external profile and thereby configured to exert a linear motion in a radial direction to a work piece in contact with the external profile as the bearing rotates with respect to the work piece. A method of rotating a cam is provided. The method includes: rotating a bearing about a substantially constant center; and causing rolling elements in the bearing to rotate along a non-circular and circumference line and about the substantially constant center, wherein the circumference line has high portions and low portions wherein the high portions have a longer radial distance from the substantially constant center than the low portions.01-24-2013
20080247891High-Pressure Pump Piston/Cylinder Unit - A high-pressure pump piston/cylinder unit includes a pump cylinder having a piston which oscillates therein provided in a housing. The piston is connected to a controlled drive to vary a suction and compression stroke volume of the pump cylinder. The pressure of the fluid drawn into the pump cylinder is increased by the stroke of the piston to make it available to a further supply element through a conveying valve. A centering cone in the form of a straight truncated cone having a circular base area and top area is formed integrally on the pump piston a maximum half diameter reduction of the centering cone with respect to the diameter of the piston skirt being in a ratio of approximately 1:200, and an axial length of the centering cone being designed in relation to the axial length of the entire piston skirt in a ratio of approximately 1:6.6.10-09-2008
20130142683ELECTRIC MOTOR THERMAL ENERGY ISOLATION - A compressor assembly (06-06-2013
20130177462DOSING PUMP ARRANGEMENT - A metering pump assembly includes a metering space (07-11-2013
20120251364PISTON COMPRESSOR - A piston compressor includes at least one piston which is coupled in movement to a crankshaft, the crankshaft being designed in an at least two-part manner. The at least two parts of the crankshaft are connected to one another by way of a cone connection.10-04-2012
20130121861Piston Pump - A support ring of a sealing ring of a piston pump of a slip-controlled vehicle brake system is designed with longitudinal grooves in order to prevent a pressure build-up between the sealing ring and the support ring due to slip leakage.05-16-2013
20130121860RETROFIT OF A RECIPROCATING COMPRESSOR WITH A CONCENTRIC VALVE - A first valve head is selected for removal from a piston cylinder. The first valve head has been configured to house at least a one way intake valve assembly in an intake chamber of the head and at least a one way exhaust valve assembly in an exhaust chamber of the head. The intake and exhaust chambers are sealed off from each other. The first valve head is removed from the piston cylinder. A second valve head is selected. A bottom of the second valve head is removably coupled to the piston cylinder. A concentric two way valve is seated within the second valve head. The concentric valve is secured within said second valve head with a valve clamp having a top cover. The top cover is removably coupled to the second valve head.05-16-2013
20120275943Pump - A pump for a dialysis machine, the pump having a pump chamber and a deformable membrane actuable to pump a fluid from the pump chamber, the pump chamber being substantially conical such that the membrane is actuated to extend into the conical chamber in order to pump the fluid from the chamber.11-01-2012
20100316515HERMETIC COMPRESSOR AND REFRIGERATION SYSTEM - A valve plate includes a suction port to which gas to be compressed in a compression chamber flows in and a discharge port from which gas compressed in the compression chamber is discharged, a projection that appears from the discharge port with the reciprocating movement of the piston is arranged at a position facing the discharge port at a distal end face of the piston, and the projection includes a flat surface extending parallel to a reciprocating direction of the piston, so that a highly efficient hermetic type compressor that reduces the dead volume of the discharge port and reduces the loss in the compression chamber and the discharge port is provided.12-16-2010
20130183180SLIDING INFLATOR WITH INNER AND OUTER CYLINDERS - A sliding inflator with inner and outer cylinders is provided. The outer cylinder has a fixing element with an axial pipe protruding therefrom and having two through holes. A rotating element is disposed around the axial pipe and has two receiving chambers matching the through holes, respectively, and receiving a ball each. A gradually-deepened curved portion of the receiving chamber is defined between shallow and deep ends thereof. The rotating element rotates between an unlocked position and a locked position. A stopping element is fixed to the inner cylinder and has a protruding post with an annular groove. The rotating element switches from the unlocked position to the locked position to couple the cylinders together, and switches from the locked position to the unlocked position to release engagement between the cylinders.07-18-2013
20130189136AIR PUMP - An air pump has a body, a piston rod and a seal cap assembly. The body has an outer protrusion and a first engaging part. The outer protrusion protrudes from the body. The first engaging part is longitudinally mounted on the outer protrusion. The piston rod is inserted into the body. The seal cap assembly has a top cover and a sleeve. The top cover is movably mounted on the piston rod. The sleeve is mounted on the body and has a retaining rib and a second engaging part. The retaining rib protrudes from an inner surface of the sleeve and abuts against a retaining surface of the outer protrusion. The second engaging part is longitudinally mounted on the inner surface of the sleeve and is engaged the first engaging part of the body. Therefore, the relative rotation between the body and the sleeve is prevented.07-25-2013
20130189137EASILY ASSEMBLED INFLATOR - An easily assembled inflator has a cylinder, a piston rod, a piston, an assembled seal cover and a sleeve. Because the assembled seal cover has at least two cover segments, the cover segments can be mounted around the piston rod by being connected together radially. Then the piston does not interfere with the cover segments and the sequence of the assembly of the piston and the assembled seal cover is not limited, as well. Thus, the assembly is more convenient and flexible. Besides, because the assembled seal cover has multiple cover segments, the whole assembled seal cover can bear more stress and has more room to be deformed. Then the assembled seal cover is not damaged and broken easily when pushed in to the cylinder. To sum up, the inflator as mentioned above is easy to be assembled and is not damaged easily during the assembly.07-25-2013
20110318205SOLVENT DELIVERY PUMP - A solvent delivery pump is provided, which includes: a cylindrical pump chamber, an inside of which is made of metal; a plunger inserted from a tip end into the pump chamber to reciprocate in a certain direction to increase and decrease a capacity in the pump chamber; a capacity decreasing member made of resin and covering at least a portion of an inner wall of the pump chamber to reduce a clearance from the plunger; and a seal member provided to a plunger insertion portion of the pump chamber to come in sliding contact with an outer peripheral face of the plunger to seal the pump chamber. Preferable examples of the capacity decreasing member are a cylindrical sleeve covering at least a portion of an inner peripheral face of the pump chamber, a spacer disposed on an innermost face of the pump chamber to reduce a clearance from a tip end face of the plunger which has reached a top dead center, or both of the sleeve and the spacer.12-29-2011
20120020821ROCKING PISTON TYPE COMPRESSOR - A rocking piston type compressor is provided with a piston rod, a lip ring, and a ring holding member. The lip ring includes a center portion fixed by the ring holding member, and a lip portion upwardly extending around the center portion along a periphery of the ring holding member. The ring holding member includes a flange portion covering at least a part of an upper end surface of lip portion. A back pressure introducing portion is provided in a part of the flange portion.01-26-2012
20120027631AIR COMPRESSOR - A compressor including an oil separator connected to a supply of compressed air, the oil separator including a chamber having a wall defining a cavity within the chamber, and a vent within the wall, wherein the vent is in communication with the supply of compressed air at a first end, and in communication with the cavity via a second aperture, and extends substantially parallel to an externally-facing surface of the wall.02-02-2012
20130195699CONNECTION PLATE FOR A HYDROSTATIC PISTON MACHINE - A connection plate for a hydrostatic piston machine includes two connection openings on opposite lateral surfaces of the connection plate. The connection openings are arranged at an offset from a main axis of the connection plate on a common side. Two slotted recesses are formed from an inner face of the connection plate. The slotted recesses are each connected in the area of the first end section of the slotted recesses to one of the connection openings in order to connect the piston machine to a hydraulic circuit. A valve cartridge is inserted in an installation bore of the connection plate. The installation bore is formed opposite the plate axis in the connection plate with respect to the connection openings and extends approximately parallel to axes of the connection openings. The valve cartridge is hydraulically connected to one of the slots.08-01-2013
20130202465Piston Pump having an Inlet Valve - A piston pump includes a piston, a sealing element sealing the piston radially with respect to a cylinder, and an inlet valve arranged on the piston. The inlet valve includes a valve cage holding a closing member. The sealing element is integrally designed with the valve cage.08-08-2013
20130202466SUPPLY PUMP - A supply pump includes a housing, a tappet and an anti-rotation pin. The housing has a cylindrical slide wall and an attachment hole. The tappet is provided in the housing to be slidably reciprocatable along the slide wall, and the tappet has an elongated hole. The anti-rotation pin includes an end pin inserted into the attachment hole to be attached to the housing, and a plug fixed to the housing to prevent the end pin from dropping out of the attachment hole. The end pin is fitted into the elongated hole of the tappet to prevent the tappet from rotating with respect to the housing. The end pin is provided separately from the plug.08-08-2013
20120063938FUEL FEED APPARATUS - A reservoir is in a bottomed tubular shape and located in a fuel tank. A lid member closes an opening of the reservoir. A pump unit discharges fuel stored in the reservoir to an exterior of the fuel tank. The pump unit is supported by a holding portion of the lid member.03-15-2012
20120063937SUCTION ARRANGEMENT FOR A HERMETIC REFRIGERATION COMPRESSOR - The suction arrangement of the present invention is for a hermetic compressor of the type which includes a hermetic shell; a cylinder block defining, in a single piece, a shell portion and a compression cylinder having an end opened to the exterior of the hermetic shell and closed by a valve plate; a head affixed to the cylinder block onto the valve plate so as to define, with the latter, at least one suction chamber receiving refrigerant gas from a gas inlet pipe external to the hermetic shell. The suction arrangement of the present invention comprises a gas inlet duct defined through the shell portion and through the valve plate and having an outer end hermetically coupled to the gas inlet pipe and an inner end opened to the suction chamber.03-15-2012
20130209295Pump Seal - A seal for a pump includes a seal housing configured to be received in a housing of the pump and a seal assembly received in the seal housing. The seal further includes a seal holder receiving at least a portion of the seal assembly, the seal holder being configured to rotate with respect to the seal housing. The seal also includes a guide coupled to the seal housing and retaining the seal holder, such that the seal holder rotates with respect to the seal housing, wherein during operation of the pump, the seal holder and a portion of the seal assembly rotate. A pump includes the pump seal, and a method for refurbishing a pump seal includes removing and replacing at least a portion of a seal assembly of the pump seal, wherein refurbishing the pump seal does not require removing a pump shaft from the pump.08-15-2013

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