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417410100 Electric or magnetic motor 1019
417375000 Fluid motor 151
417366000 Including means utilizing pump fluid for augmenting cooling, lubricating, sealing, or cleaning of motor 47
417352000 Motor within rotary pumping member 46
417364000 Internal-combustion engine 38
417374000 Including manual, mechanical, or diverse drive 21
417363000 Resiliently mounted pump or motor 21
417330000 Tide or wave motor 16
417372000 Interrelated or common lubricating or cooling means for pump and motor 15
417360000 Including means for facilitating assembly or disassembly of pump to or from motor or fixed support 13
417322000 Magnetostrictive chamber 10
417334000 Fluid current motor 10
417355000 Pump within rotary working member 8
417362000 Pump and motor interconnected by endless flexible transmission element 8
417338000 Relatively movable pumping members driven by relatively movable working members 6
417365000 Axial thrust balancing means for rotary pump and motor 4
20090035159Thrust and Intake Chamber for Pump - A pump end assembly has a centrifugal pump and a motor separated by a chamber. The chamber contains a thrust bearing as well as an intake for the pump. Fluid flowing into the intake flows through the thrust chamber and to the inlet of the pump. Some of the fluid also flows through the thrust bearing for lubricating the thrust bearing.02-05-2009
20090208352OIL PUMP OF AN ENGINE - A balance shaft function may be realized without employing a balance shaft, when an oil pump includes an inner rotor fixed to the rotation shaft and an outer rotor that rotates with the inner rotor if at least one rotor of the inner and outer rotors has a mass center formed apart from a rotation center.08-20-2009
20090016907DYNAMIC BALANCER WITH SPEED-RELATED CONTROL MECHANISM - A dynamic balancer for a prime mover, such as an internal combustion engine, with at least one balance shaft driven by the crankshaft of the engine, the at least one balance shaft. The pressure generator creates an output signal of pressurized working fluid whose pressure is speed-related. In one embodiment, the speed related pressure signal is applied to a device outside the balancer via a suitable the invention, a working fluid pump is also driven by at least one of the balance shafts of the dynamic balancer and the speed-related pressure signal is applied to the working fluid pump to control its output.01-15-2009
20090004032Deswirl mechanisms and roller bearings in an axial thrust equalization mechanism for liquid cryogenic turbomachinery - Vane, fin, and hole arrangements establish a predetermined reduced swirl at the inlet of mechanical seals and the inlet of a variable axial orifice gap which act in harmony as an axial thrust equalizing system for use in liquid cryogenic turbines and pumps. In said establishment the stiffness, damping, and inertia in said seal in conjunction with said variable orifice gap is manipulated, including the destabilizing cross-coupled stiffness which is reduced. Said seal is of either labyrinth annular type formed by a plurality of teeth, annular smooth, or a plurality diamond annular surface pattern. Said variable orifice gap is smooth. Liquid for the axial thrust equalizing seal is initially bled from the main to pass through a preset deswirl mechanism. The deswirl mechanism consists of either a plurality of vanes, fins, grooves, or circular holes that guide liquid radial inward before passing through said mechanical seal. After exiting the seal said liquid passes through a second deswirl mechanism consisting of a plurality of vanes, fins, or grooves before entering a variable axial orifice gap. The variable orifice moves in axial position to variably restrict balancing liquid and generate backpressure in the pressure chamber to balance the axial thrust caused by a plurality of impellers on the same single shaft. After passing through the variable orifice the bleed liquid can pass past a sealed lubricated roller bearing for heat exchange to cool said bearing with the cryogenic liquid along grooves in a bearing liner. Alternatively the liquid can also pass directly through an open unsealed bearing for cooling.01-01-2009
417328000 Spring or weight motor 4
20110250081Top-mounted digital-control tower pumping unit - A top-mounted digital-control tower pumping unit includes a tower frame (10-13-2011
20090016905Fluid Mechanical Converter - The invention relates to a fluid mechanical converter having at least one energy-accumulator mass system that can be powered by a power drive. To provide a fluid mechanical converter, which improves overall efficiency using the simplest components, it is proposed according to the invention that the displacement of the driven energy accumulator-mass system is overlaid with a displacement that is caused by at least one inertial force.01-15-2009
20110200463PUMP, PARTICULARLY HIGH-PRESSURE FUEL PUMP - The invention relates to a pump, particularly a high-pressure fuel pump, having a housing, a drive shaft that is rotationally driven and has at least one drive section, and at least one pump piston, which is guided in a cylinder bore of a housing part of the pump in a sealed manner and which is driven by the drive section of the drive shaft at least indirectly in a lifting motion. The at least one pump piston is acted on by a spring element at least indirectly toward the drive section of the drive shaft. The spring element is disposed on the side of the drive shaft opposite the pump piston, and via a coupling device extending past the drive shaft it engages at least indirectly on the pump piston.08-18-2011
20120230847VIBRATING ARMATURE PUMP - The invention relates to a vibrating armature pump having a pump housing, which comprises a cylinder for receiving a substantially linearly displaceable pump piston unit (09-13-2012
417357000 Pump fluid communicates with sealed chamber containing armature 3
20130064695FLUID PUMP HAVING WATERPROOF STRUCTURE - Provided is a fluid pump including: first and second housings that are mutually coupled; a support, shaft that is fixed to the second housing; an impeller that is accommodated in the first housing to thus pump fluid; a stator that is fixed to the second housing; a first rotor that is placed inside the second housing, rotatably supported on the support shaft, and is placed facing one side of the stator; and a second rotor that is fixed to the impeller, rotatably supported on the support shaft, and is placed facing the other side of the stator. The fluid pump employs an axial type brushless direct-current (BLDC) motor as a drive motor for driving an impeller, to thus realize a slim structure, and is formed to have the stator of the motor buried in the housing, to thus improve waterproof performance of the motor.03-14-2013
20130136628ELECTRIC WATER PUMP - An electric water pump, which can not only ensure more reliable waterproof and cooling performance, provides enhanced durability and operational reliability, and is able to reduce the number of parts and has a more compact structure, compared to the conventional technique.05-30-2013
20130142677PURIFICATION SYSTEM - A system and method is provided for filtration and purification of a liquid. A purification system can be used for filtration and purification of water. A system can include a raw water treatment system, an ultra filtration system, a reverse osmosis purification system, and a solar power system. A purification system can include hardware and controls for decreasing energy use and system inefficiency by monitoring and controlling temperatures of individual components, of the system, or of the purified liquid. A purification system can include a wetted ground and ground monitoring system control or improve the effectiveness of a ground.06-06-2013
417361000 Pump and motor unitarily adjustable relative to fixed support 2
20120183416Metered Pump Stand - A metered pump system periodically pumps measured amounts of chemical or biological material into a septic or sewage system. The metered pump system includes a metered pump stand having a main panel with first and second sides, a top edge, a bottom edge, and a pair of side edges. A pair of feet extends from the first side of the main panel near the bottom edge. An upper flange extends from the second side of the main panel near the top edge. A metered pump may be attached to the first side of the main panel. The upper flange of the metered pump stand is disposed above a portion of a material container that supplies chemical or biological material to the metered pump. The disclosed metered pump system is customizable by interchanging components while using the same metered pump stand.07-19-2012
20080240943AIR PUMP - An air pump has a bracket, a motor, a transmission device and pneumatic cylinder assembly. The bracket is formed from sheet metal and has a backplate, two side plates formed on the backplate and two top plates formed respectively on the side plates. The motor is mounted on the transmission device. The transmission device is mounted on the bracket and is connected to the motor. The pneumatic cylinder assembly is mounted on the bracket and is connected to the transmission device. The bracket formed from sheet metal is light and has a low cost.10-02-2008
417373000 With means to prevent heat transfer between pump and motor 2
20130216405CRYOGENIC PUMP FOR LIQUEFIED GASES - A cryogenic pump for liquefied gases is provided, which shortens precooling time, has a small loss of cryogenic liquefied gas, excels in pump efficiency, and is advantageous in cost. A motor 08-22-2013
20110081262MOTOR-DIRECTLY CONNECTED COMPRESSOR UNIT - To provide a motor-directly connected compressor unit which is equipped with a cooling means for suppressing the heating of the compressor and is easy to transfer without upsizing the compressor unit in size or weight, the compressor unit is configured such that a sirocco fan 04-07-2011
417348000 Common rotary pumping and fluid motor working member 2
20110236232AIR COMPRESSION DEVICE - An air compression device is applied in an air compressor. A rotatable pressure regulating disk and a valve are disposed in a rotor set. When external air enters an air chamber in the rotor set, the air is exhausted after being compressed through rotation of a first rotor and a second rotor. When the two rotors compress the air, a user may control the pressure regulating disk to rotate to advance or postpone exhaust of the air from the valve, so as to change an exhaust pressure in the air chamber to adjust an exhaust volume output by the rotor set. An adjustable air intake disk may further be added, so that timing adjustment can be performed during both air intake and exhaust.09-29-2011
417359000 Adjustable motor and pump rotor unit or relatively adjustable aligned pump and motor rotary shafts 2
20090191069ADJUSTABLE MOTOR BASE FOR AN HVAC&R BLOWER MOTOR - An HVAC&R system including a blower system having a vertical motor adjustment is provided. The HVAC&R system includes a cooling unit, a heating unit, an air conditioning unit, and a blower unit. The blower unit includes a blower assembly having a fan unit within a fan unit support frame. A motor attached to a height adjustable motor base is attached to a top surface of the fan unit support frame.07-30-2009
20090136367Air compressor - Provided is an air compressor that can keep good alignment between pulleys 05-28-2009
417327000 Reaction motor 1
20080304979Reaction Drive Energy Transfer Device - A fluid energy transfer device, including a chamber for receiving a fluid, at least a portion of the chamber comprising a movable portion relative to another portion of the chamber, the movable portion being adapted to change the volume of the chamber from a first volume to a second volume by movement of the movable portion. The device further includes a bender actuator attached to the movable portion, wherein the bender actuator is at least one of (i) connected directly to the movable portion and (ii) linked to the movable portion, to form a bender-movable portion assembly, wherein the bender is effectively not connected and effectively not linked to any other component of the device other than the movable portion, and wherein the bender-movable portion assembly is adapted to move substantially only due to oscillation of the bender at a drive frequency.12-11-2008
417326000 Including means for selectively varying motor speed or rotary motor direction 1
20100054964Rotating Speed Adjustment Circuit and Related Control System for a Heat Dissipation Fan - A rotating speed adjustment circuit for a heat dissipation fan includes a first node, a second node, a reception end for receiving a first control signal, a first resistor coupled to a voltage source and the first node, a second resistor coupled to the first node and the second node, a third resistor coupled to the second node and a ground end, a capacitor coupled to the first node and the ground end, a transistor coupled to the reception end, the second node and the ground end, an oscillator for generating an oscillating signal, and a comparator for comparing a signal of the first node and the oscillating signal, so as to output a second control signal to control a rotating speed of the heat dissipation fan.03-04-2010
417350000 Motor rotor intermediate coaxial pump rotors 1
20120134856Series-Connected Motor Unit and a Fan utilizing the same - A series-connected motor unit includes a first motor, a second motor and a separation member. The first motor has a first circuit board and the second motor has a second circuit board. The separation member has a first face and a second face opposite to the first face, wherein the first face abuts against the first circuit board and the second face abuts against the second circuit board.05-31-2012
20100158712COMPRESSOR WITH DUAL OUTBOARD SUPPORT BEARINGS - A compressor includes a motor having a rotor mounted to a free end of a crank shaft and a stator in a motor housing, and a bearing assembly supporting the crank shaft on the crank shaft housing adjacent the motor housing. The bearing assembly includes a bearing housing mounted to the crank shaft housing and including a bore; and a pair of spaced bearings mounted in the bore of the bearing housing and receiving the crank shaft. The space between the bearings is selected to allow the free end of the crank shaft to deform in synchronization with the movement of the stator and maintain a gap between the rotor and stator over the operating range of the motor.06-24-2010
20130078118SUB-FRAME INTEGRATION OF MOTOR-COMPRESSOR SYSTEMS - Apparatus and methods for supporting a compression system are provided. The apparatus includes a compressor support coupled to a compressor, and a motor support coupled to a motor, the motor and the compressor being stand-alone units and having a shaft extending therebetween. The apparatus also includes a subframe connector coupled to the compressor support and the motor support and configured to prevent radial and axial misalignment of the shaft.03-28-2013
20130034452DIAPHRAGM PUMP - A diaphragm pump includes a motor having a recess in an outer circumferential portion, a crank which rotates together with a motor output shaft, a driving member including a driving element which reciprocates in accordance with the crank rotation, and a diaphragm which forms a pump chamber which expands and contracts in accordance with the reciprocating driving element. The pump also includes a suction passage which draws a fluid into the pump chamber, a discharge passage which discharges the fluid, a suction valve formed in the suction passage to regulate a reverse flow of the fluid to the suction passage, a discharge valve formed in the discharge passage to regulate a reverse flow of the fluid to the pump chamber, and an elastically deformable cylindrical member which holds the diaphragm and includes a projection which engages with the recess of the motor.02-07-2013
20130034453FAN MOTOR, ON-VEHICLE AIR CONDITIONER USING THE FAN MOTOR, AND METHOD FOR ASSEMBLING FAN MOTOR - A fan motor includes a motor having a shaft, a fan, and a fan fixing section for rigidly connecting the fan to the shaft. The fan has a first mounting face for the fan to be integrated with the motor. The fan fixing section has a fan mounting plate mounted to an end of the shaft and including a second mounting face in a radial direction, and an elastic plate having elastic force. The first mounting face is connected to the second mounting face via the elastic plate.02-07-2013
20100111720HIGH DISPLACEMENT AIR PUMP - The prior art has used pitched blades attached to a stationary motor normally electric to move air within the confines of a structure or room. The preferred invention incorporates a series of solid discs. The discs are affixed to a stationary electric motor and thus rotate around a central axis. The discs are equally spaced and centrally perforated in a manner that will allow air to flow in high volumes through the perforations and pass along the discs thus exiting symmetrically between each disc perpendicularly to the flow of air that is at its entrance.05-06-2010
20090155096HEAT EXCHANGER - Systems, methods, and devices are disclosed, including a heat exchanger having a manifold with a coolant inlet and a coolant outlet and a plurality of tubes with interiors fluidly connected to the manifold. In some embodiments, the plurality of tubes and the manifold are configured to fit within a bonnet of a compressor.06-18-2009
20090104051Guide device for blowers - A blower includes an adjusting device connected to the air outlet of the case unit and the adjusting device includes a fixed plate, a rotatable plate which is rotatably connected to the fixed plate. The fixed plate includes two first apertures and the rotatable plate includes two second apertures. The rotatable plate is rotated to adjust a size of communication of the first and second apertures so as to control the volume of air that is sucked into the blower.04-23-2009
20100111721DUAL PISTON PUMP ASSEMBLY WITH ANTI-ROTATION GUIDE RAILS - A dual piston-pump apparatus is provided having a pump chassis that includes a pair of spaced-apart, elongated piston bores, and a lead screw shaft. This shaft includes a motor driven end, and another portion thereof rotatably mounted to the chassis for rotation about a screw rotational axis. A piston drive member threadably cooperates with the lead screw shaft for selective reciprocating movement longitudinally along the screw rotational axis thereof between a first position and a second position. The drive member includes a pair of spaced-apart piston shafts, each piston shaft of which includes a respective piston head slideably received in a respective piston bore of the chassis. As the drive member is driven along the screw shaft between the first position and the second position, each piston head is simultaneously reciprocated between a dispensing condition and an aspiration condition. An anti-rotation device cooperates between the pump chassis and the drive member to substantially prevent rotational displacement of the drive member relative to the pump chassis and about the screw rotational axis during rotational motion of the screw shaft.05-06-2010
20130064694COMPRESSOR FLANGE FOR SCREW-TYPE COMPRESSOR - A compressor flange for connecting a screw-type compressor to a drive, wherein the compressor flange has a central opening for receiving a shaft and/or a bearing and a first annular bearing face for bearing on a housing of the compressor and a second annular bearing face for bearing on a housing of the drive. The compressor flange also has axially and/or radially effective seals for forming a seal with respect to the compressor housing and/or the shaft, with the result that an open compressor housing can be closed off and sealed by insertion of the compressor flange. The device relates to a screw-type compressor with such a compressor flange.03-14-2013
20090238701Compressor having a piston received on a gas bearing - A compressor includes a working chamber in which a piston for compressing a gas can be displaced, a piston disposed in the working chamber, an inlet connection communicated with the working chamber, the inlet connection guiding a gas to the working chamber; an outlet connection communicated with the working chamber, the piston being displaceable within the working chamber to displace gas from working chamber via the outlet connection; a plurality of openings in a wall of the working chamber, the openings being communicated with the outlet connection for permitting gas flow from the outlet connection back to the working chamber, the openings being respectively covered and uncovered by the piston as the piston moves within the working chamber; and a particle filter arranged in a flow path of the gas between the inlet connection and the outlet connection.09-24-2009
20130164154ELASTOMER COMPOSITIONS WITH SILANE FUNCTIONALIZED SILICA AS REINFORCING FILLERS - Certain embodiments described herein are directed to silane functionalized fillers that may be, for example, covalently coupled to a polymer. In some examples, devices that include the filler reinforced polymer compositions are also described.06-27-2013
20120288380PUMP-MOTOR ASSEMBLY - A pump-motor assembly includes a motor housing, a motor disposed substantially within the motor housing, and a pumping element driven by the motor. A pressurized region is filled with a fluid pressurized by the pumping element, and a fluid passage is in fluid communication with the pressurized region and the motor housing. Fluid flows from the pressurized region to the motor housing and at least partially submerges the motor.11-15-2012
20110286865HERMETIC COMPRESSOR - A compressor has a rotation shaft in a hermetic container, and first and second bearings to support the shaft in the container. A tolerance between the second bearing and the rotation shaft and a tolerance between the first bearing and the rotation shaft are different, so as to cause hydrodynamic lubrication to occur at one of the first or second bearings.11-24-2011
20110293445HERMETIC COMPRESSOR - A compressor has a rotational driver in a hermetic container, a rotational shaft coupled to the rotation driver, and a compression mechanism coupled to the rotational shaft to inhale and compress refrigerant. In addition, a first bearing fixed to the compression mechanism supports the rotational shaft, and a second bearing is separated from the first bearing on the rotational shaft. The gap between the shaft and the first bearing is set to control a gap between the shaft and the second bearing.12-01-2011
20090285698DIAPHRAGM PUMP - A pump is provided including a housing and a plurality of diaphragm assemblies radially disposed within the housing, each diaphragm assembly of the plurality of diaphragm assemblies including a diaphragm. A drive element is configured to be eccentrically coupled to a rotating shaft motor to actuate the diaphragm for each of the plurality of diaphragm assemblies to draw fluid into or expel fluid from the diaphragm assembly. The drive element includes a first member and a plurality of second members, each second member of the plurality of second members being movably secured to the first member and disposed between the first member and the diaphragm of each of the plurality of diaphragm assemblies. During actuation of each diaphragm of the plurality of diaphragm assemblies, the corresponding first member and second member provide a continuously rigid radial coupling with the diaphragm.11-19-2009
20100239439ENGINE DRIVEN PUMP DISCONNECT MECHANISM - An engine driven pump includes a drive apparatus that is assisted into the disengaged condition prior to disconnect by the ported pressure in the pump. A spring-biased actuator assembly is fluidly connected to a depressure valve of the pump, and along with its spring bias, urges a yoke into a disengaged position to disengage the gear faces of the mechanism. A trigger link held by a solenoid plunger normally retains the yoke in an engaged position. A drive socket can be accessed to return the yoke, and hence the gear faces, into the engaged position. The pump can be disengaged under command during flight or when the aircraft is on the ground, and can only be re-engaged when the aircraft is on the ground. The drive apparatus has few rotating components to reduce rotational inertia; and is enclosed within a housing with no exposed components with all parts continually lubricated.09-23-2010
20100215517Hydraulic Pump Unit, Hydraulic Pump Set, and Working Vehicle - There is provided a working vehicle having first and second hydraulic pump units operatively driven by a driving source and arranged away to each other in a width direction of the vehicle. In the working vehicle, each of the first and second hydraulic pump units includes a pump body; a port block formed with an oil passage for supplying/discharging an operating fluid to/from said pump body; a pump case connected to the port block so as to define a pump body accommodating space for surrounding the pump body; and a pump shaft for rotatably driving the pump body, the pump shaft having an input end operatively connected to said driving source. A drain port for opening the pump body accommodating space outward and a charge suction port for drawing in an oil from an oil tank in order to supply a charge oil to a hydraulic circuit fluidly connecting with the corresponding hydraulic motor unit are provided respectively in first and second assemblies formed by the corresponding pump case and port block. The drain port is provided on a wall surface other than an opposing wall surface facing each other of the wall surfaces of said first and second assemblies when arranging the first and second assemblies so that the input ends of each pump shaft are directed in the same direction.08-26-2010
20120189470COMPRESSOR - A compressor (07-26-2012
20120189469AIR COMPRESSOR - An air compressor with enhanced air compressing effect comprises a mounting chassis with a coupling aperture, a piston having a piston rod with a crankpin linking bore and a piston head with an air acting face, a cylinder having an air chamber with an inner top wall, and a driving mechanism including a motor having a shaft and a rotational crank cam with an eccentric crankpin. The coupling aperture on the mounting chassis is bias disposed relative to the axial line of the cylinder. Both of the air acting face on piston head and inner top wall in cylinder are configured into corresponding slant planar surface. The eccentric crankpin on the crank cam pivotally links the crankpin linking bore on the piston rod of the piston so that rotary motion of the crank cam is converted into linear reciprocating motion. Thus, air compressing effect is substantially enhanced.07-26-2012
20100266428PROPELLER FAN - A propeller fan includes a hub 10-21-2010
20120107148Hermetic compressor - A hermetic compressor includes a drive unit to provide drive power for compression of a refrigerant, a shaft having a body portion coupled to the drive unit and an eccentric shaft portion provided at one end of the body portion to perform eccentric rotational motion, and a piston connected to the eccentric shaft portion via a connecting rod to perform rectilinear reciprocating motion. The connecting rod includes a shaft coupling portion provided at one end thereof for coupling with the shaft, the shaft coupling portion having a coupling hole into which the eccentric shaft portion is rotatably inserted, and a piston coupling portion provided at the other end thereof so as to be rotatably coupled into the piston. The coupling hole has an increasing diameter toward the body portion to ensure that the refrigerant is efficiently compressed even if the shaft is inclined.05-03-2012
20120107147Damping Compressor and Method for Generating Compressed Air by Damping a Relative Motion Between an Axle and a Chassis of a Vehicle - A damping compressor generates compressed air by damping a relative motion between an axle and a chassis of a vehicle.05-03-2012
20110171047REMOVABLE LOCKING COUPLING FOR SHAFT - An electrical submersible pump has a pump assembly joined to a seal section. The pump assembly shaft, which may experience upthrust axial forces, may joined to the seal section shaft by a detachable coupling. The detachable coupling may have splines on its inner diameter that engage splines on the outer diameters of the pump assembly shaft and the seal section shaft. The detachable coupling can be bolted to one of the shafts. Locking members, such as plates, can be inserted through slots on the coupling to engage a recess on one of the shafts. A retaining device, such as a sleeve, can be used to hold the locking members in place.07-14-2011
20110200462SEALED COMPRESSOR - A hermetic compressor includes a thrust ball bearing (08-18-2011
20110076165DRIVE DEVICE - A drive device in which a driving force transfer mechanism is accommodated in a case that includes a main body portion having an opening portion and a cover portion attached to the opening portion, and the cover portion is provided with an oil pump. The drive device is configured with a pump cover attached to a case inner surface of the cover portion, which forms an inner surface of the case, such that the pump cover is accommodated in a case internal space surrounded by the main body portion and the cover portion. A pump chamber of the oil pump is formed by a recess that is formed in at least one of a mating surface of the cover portion and a mating surface of the pump cover in a bonding portion between the cover portion and the pump cover.03-31-2011
20110076164Air compressor having tilted piston - An air compressor includes a cylinder housing having an outlet tube and an inner peripheral surface, a piston slidably received in the cylinder housing and having a piston rod, the piston is tilted relative to a longitudinal or lateral axis T of the piston rod, and a motor is coupled to the piston for moving the piston relative to the cylinder housing in a reciprocating action in order to generate pressurized air. The piston rod is tilted relative to the longitudinal axis Z of the cylinder housing, and the piston is arranged to be perpendicular to the longitudinal axis Z and the inner peripheral surface of the cylinder housing when the piston is moved toward the outlet tube in a pumping stroke for effectively compressing and pumping the air in the cylinder housing.03-31-2011
20100278661VALVE COVER ASSEMBLY - A method and apparatus for sealing an opening of a fluid manifold is provided. A grooved sealing member, having compliant members disposed in the grooves, is seated in the opening. A retention member is coupled to the fluid manifold by tensile members such as bolts. One or more compression members fit between the retention member and the sealing member, and a cap fits over the sealing member to secure the one or more compression members. The cap is fastened to the sealing member. When pressure is applied inside the fluid manifold, the force generated thereby is transmitted by the sealing member through the one or more compression members, and the retention member, to the tensile members, which absorb and equalize the force around the sealing member.11-04-2010
20120141304Pump Housing for a Hydraulic Unit in a Motor Vehicle - A pump housing for a hydraulic unit in a motor vehicle, includes a body that is provided with openings for accommodating components of an associated pump. One of the external surfaces of the body is designed such that a motor can be mounted thereon. A cutting process is not used to machine the external surface for mounting the motor.06-07-2012
20130216404BLADELESS FAN STRUCTURE - A bladeless fan structure includes a driving member, a pipe member, and at least one air-pressure increasing area. The driving member has a shaft connected and extended through the pipe member, and a first space is formed between an inner surface of the pipe member and an outer surface of the shaft. The air-pressure area is provided on the inner surface of the pipe member or the outer surface of the shaft. The pipe member is provided with at least one opening communicating with the first space and the air-pressure increasing area. When the driving member drives the shaft to rotate in and relative to the pipe member, air in the first space is brought to flow and is compressed in a direction along the air-pressure increasing area to blow out of the pipe member via the opening to achieve the function of a bladeless fan.08-22-2013
20080317611Adapter Plate in a Pump of a Beverage System - A beverage system includes a pump that draws a set amount of a flavored concentrate into a mixing chamber for mixing with water to form a beverage. A pump head includes a piston opening that receives a piston and a water port that defines a water flow path. The pump head includes protrusions. An adapter plate includes a piston opening that receives the piston and a water opening that receives the water port of the pump head. The adapter plate includes depressions. When the adapter plate is installed in the pump, the piston opening of the adapter plate and the piston opening of the pump head align, and the water port of the pump head is received in the water opening of the adapter plate. The protrusions of the pump heads are received in the depressions of the adapter plate, aligning the pump head and the adapter plate.12-25-2008
20110229349FAN DEVICE FOR A VEHICLE - The invention relates to a fan device for a vehicle, the fan device comprising a regulating device and a motor for actuating a ventilation device of the fan device, characterized in that the fan device is designed such that the motor and the regulating device can be cooled by a common air flow of the ventilation device.09-22-2011
20090208351Device with a drum with a drive motor mounted therein - The invention relates to a device for driving a drum (08-20-2009
20090116978REFRIGERANT COMPRESSOR - The invention concerns a refrigerant compressor (05-07-2009
20100221127Main Coolant Pump - An engine pump assembly (09-02-2010
20110110799LIQUID PUMP - In a liquid pump, n sets of concavities are formed in an outer circumference of an impeller. In a case where an angle between an i05-12-2011
20090220359COMPRESSOR ASSEMBLY - A compressor assembly includes a support plate and a plurality of components mounted on the support plate via mechanical connections. The plurality of components includes at least a drive and a compressor for compressing air, the compressor being driven by the drive. The assembly also includes at least one line integrated into the support plate and selected ones of the mechanical connections. The line provides at least one of a fluidic connection and an electrical connection between at least two of the plurality of components.09-03-2009
20110085925SCROLL COMPRESSOR LUBRICATION SYSTEM - A lubricant metering system for a compressor may include a cap, a cap cage, and a shaft. The cap may include an outer surface, a first recess, and a first radial bore extending between the first recess and the outer surface. The cap cage may include a second recess receiving the cap and a lubricant inlet in communication with the first recess via the first radial bore. The shaft may be received within the first recess and may include an axially extending bore and a second radial bore extending between an outer diameter of the shaft and the axially extending bore. The shaft may be mounted for rotation relative to the cap to allow lubricant to flow into the axially extending bore via the first and second radial bores when the second radial bore is aligned with the first radial bore.04-14-2011
20110085924PUMP ASSEMBLY VIBRATION ABSORBER SYSTEM - The vibration of a pump assembly, comprising a prime mover, a multiplex fluid pump connected to a drive line, and a transmission connected to transfer torque from the prime mover to the drive line to reciprocate a plurality of plungers, and a source of harmonic excitation, is inhibited by coupling a counteracting resonant system to the pump assembly, wherein the counteracting resonant system has an oscillatory frequency matching the harmonic excitation source. Also disclosed are a pump assembly comprising the prime mover, the multiplex fluid pump, the drive line, the transmission, and the counteracting resonant system; and a pumping method comprising connecting the transmission to transfer torque from the prime mover to rotate the drive line, connecting the drive line to the multiplex fluid pump, and coupling and tuning the counteracting resonant system to the induced harmonic excitation.04-14-2011
20110243762MOTOR-DRIVEN CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR - A motor-driven centrifugal compressor includes a journal air bearing having a bump foil and a top foil for restraining a bearing shaft in a resting state and forming an air layer between the top foil and the bearing shaft in a rotating state. The top foil and the bump foil are fixed to an inner circumferential surface of a ring member, which is fixed to an inner circumferential surface of a first stationary holding member of the ring member. The first stationary holding member has a coolant water channel defined therein. The bearing shaft, the air layer, the top foil, the bump foil, and the coolant water channel are arranged in the order named along a normal direction.10-06-2011
20110081258FAN AND MOTOR HAVING MULTIPLE INSULATORS WITH AN AXIALLY PROTRUDING CONDUCTOR PIN - In a motor, axially upper and lower end surfaces of the stator core are substantially covered by a first insulator and a second insulator, both of which are made of resin. A boss is arranged circumferentially between two neighboring teeth. Three bosses are arranged at three out of four positions defined between any two neighboring teeth. A conductor pin is inserted into each boss along an axial direction. The boss includes a hole extending axially upward from the axially lower end thereof, in which a conductor pin is fitted. An axially lower position of the conductor pin axially downwardly protrudes from the boss. The conductor pin is inserted into each of the notched portions arranged to the circuit board, and is soldered with the circuit board such that the conductor pin and the circuit board are electrically connected.04-07-2011
20120201698Variable Speed Compressor - A compressor, as well as a lightweight and strong casting for a compressor, are disclosed. The compressor, which may be a reciprocating compressor for use in compressing high-pressure refrigerants such as CO08-09-2012
20100303646Non-Dilution Blower Apparatus for High Efficiency Water Heater - A blower housing of novel two-piece construction is comprised of first and second housing parts of stamped or drawn sheet metal that are attached together. The two-piece construction provides the housing with two interior portions separated by an interior wall. The interior wall has an opening that is spaced from the aligned exhaust opening of the heater and the output opening of the housing. This creates a winding exhaust gas flow path through the blower housing. The interior wall is also provided with a recessed cavity that receives a portion of a fan rotated by a motor supported by the blower housing. Positioning of at least a portion of the fan in the cavity reduces the overall height dimension of the blower housing and facilitates the retrofitting of the blower housing between an existing exhaust opening of a heater and an axially aligned flue pipe.12-02-2010
20090162216FEED PUMP AND MODULAR PUMP SYSTEM - The invention relates to a feed pump for supplying lubricant to at least one lubricating point, with at least one driving module and at least one pump module. Each driving module and each pump module is selected from a modular system which comprises a plurality of driving modules and/or a plurality of pump modules which each have at least one connecting region. In this case, the connecting regions are matched to one another in such a manner that the at least one driving module can be exchanged for at least one further driving module and/or the at least one pump module can be exchanged for at least one further pump module.06-25-2009
20100329900Pump for Pumping Fluids - A pump is disclosed which has a housing with a upper end and a lower end. A conduit is defined through the housing between the upper and the lower ends. The pump includes an impeller within the housing, an inlet from the conduit to the impeller and an outlet from the impeller. Portions of the impeller may be distributed around the conduit. The pump may also include a motor coupled to the impeller. Portions of motor may also be distributed around the conduit. The outlet from the impeller may be independent of the conduit.12-30-2010
20110033318Single Motor Multiple Pumps - A motorized pump assembly including a motor having a rotatable shaft, at least a first pump having a first impeller and a second pump having a second impeller, wherein the first pump and the second pump are connected to the motor through a rotatable shaft, and wherein the first impeller of the first pump is independently operable from the second impeller of the second pump. The first pump includes a first one-way bearing operatively driven by the rotatable shaft when the rotatable shaft is rotated in a first direction, while the second pump includes a second one-way bearing operatively driven by the rotatable shaft when the rotatable shaft is rotated in a second direction, wherein the second pump and the second one-way bearing are not operatively driven by the rotatable shaft when the rotatable shaft is rotated in the first direction, and wherein the first pump and the first one-way bearing are not operatively driven by the rotatable shaft when the rotatable shaft is rotated in the second direction. A method of dispensing multiple fluids is also described.02-10-2011
20110135511MOTOR STAND OF A PRIMARY MOTOR-DRIVEN PUMP UNIT OF A PRESSURIZED WATER NUCLEAR REACTOR - A motor stand of a primary motor-driven pump unit of a pressurized water nuclear reactor comprises an upper flange and fixing means suited to ensure the fixing of transverse holding means of the said primary motor-driven pump unit, the said primary motor-driven pump unit comprising an electric motor having a lower flange suited to be integrated with the said upper flange of the said motor stand. The motor stand is characterized in that the said fixing means comprise an annular element resting on the said upper flange of the said motor stand suited to be flanged between the said upper flange of the said motor stand and the said lower flange of the said motor, the said fixing means comprising at least one radial excrescence in which there is arranged a space suited to receive the said holding means.06-09-2011
20100322792Blower - A blower has an air channel housing that defines an air channel therein, the air channel housing having an air outlet extending therefrom. A plurality of air blades are positioned inside the air channel housing, and positioned horizontally with respect to a surface on which the blower is supported. A base seat is positioned below the air channel housing, the base seat having a side wall, with an air inlet provided in the side wall. A motor is positioned in the base seat and has a shaft that extends through the air channel housing to be coupled to the air blades.12-23-2010
20100172768Oil Pump with Improved Structure - An oil pump with improved structure comprises a motor casing, a motor cap, and an oil pump. The motor cap comprises a through hole, and is used for the enclosure of a motor in cooperation with the motor casing. The interior of the motor is assemblingly provided with a rotating shaft passing at one end thereof through the through hole of the motor cap and an oil pump joint. The oil pump comprises the oil pump joint, a cap body, and a rotor, the oil pump joint is projectingly provided on and integratedly formed with the motor cap. The rotor of the oil pump is assemblingly provided on the rotating shaft of the motor. In this case, neither the need for the connection or additional manufacture and assembly of a rotating shaft of the oil pump, nor the problem resulted from the interconnection may occur. Moreover, the concentricity may be assured, and the cost may be reduced significantly as well.07-08-2010
20110097219ICE WATER PUMP - A water pump for pumping ice water is provided. The pump includes a motor assembly, a cover, and a tube. The motor assembly includes water pumping blades rotatably set at one end of the motor assembly. The motor assembly includes a water-resistant housing that is set outside and partially encloses the motor assembly. The cover is attached to an end of the water-resistant housing to enclose the motor assembly. The tube extends through the cover to communicate between inside and outside of the cover. Thus, when the pump is positioned in a tank containing ice water, air is allowed to freely flow through the tube between inside and outside of the cover to balance pressures between inside and outside of the pump so as to prevent cracking caused by thermal expansion and contraction from occurring in connection portions of the pump.04-28-2011
20100068079SUPPLY PUMP, IN PARTICULAR FOR SUPPLYING DIESEL FUEL, WITH IMPROVED BEARING OF THE DRIVE SHAFT - The present invention relates to a delivery pump, in particular for delivering diesel fuel into a high-pressure accumulator. The pump has a housing and a drive shaft which is accommodated in the latter and is mounted by at least one sliding bearing arrangement such that it can rotate about a drive shaft axis. The sliding bearing arrangement is formed by a bearing bore and a bearing shaft section which extends through the latter. The sliding bearing arrangement has a bearing play which extends in the radial direction between the bearing shaft section and the bearing bore and has a smaller value in the bearing center than at at least one bearing edge. A delivery pump for delivering diesel fuel is therefore provided which has a low-wear sliding bearing arrangement.03-18-2010
20110020150Hydraulically Driven Machine Improvement - A hydraulically driven diaphragm pumping machine comprises a plunger (01-27-2011
20110020149AIR PUMP FOR INFLATABLE ARTICLE - An air pump for an inflatable article has a housing and a blower, a switch assembly and an air valve mounted in the housing. The switch assembly has a slider and a driving device sliding the slider and the air valve to switch operating modes of the air pump. Thus, the air pump inflates or deflates the inflatable article or maintains or fine-tunes the air pressure inside the inflatable article. Therefore, the first and second openings of the housing are disposed on the housing for connection to different kinds of inflatable articles and the airflow directly flows through the air pump so inflating and deflating the inflatable article is fast.01-27-2011
20080206076Vertical Pump Arrangement - In one aspect, a pump having a pump module and a motor module includes a support member that substantially supports a weight of the motor module and uncouples the pump module from the weight of the motor module.08-28-2008
20110064591Comprehensive Control System for Mobile Pumping Apparatus - A control system for a pumping apparatus consisting of an engine-driven primary pump includes an intake pressure regulating system for maintaining the intake pressure above a preset low value, a discharge pressure regulating system for maintaining the discharge pressure below a preset maximum value, and a master controller for monitoring, recording, and controlling the intake and discharge pressure regulating systems and other components of the system. The discharge pressure regulating system includes a pump governor which varies the engine RPM and operates a relief valve in response to fluctuations in discharge pressure. The intake pressure regulating system includes a reserve tank that is automatically maintained at a preset level which determines the minimum intake pressure of the system. The system may also include a priming pump, foam tanks, foam pumps, bottled nonflammable gas, and an air compressor.03-17-2011
20110318200BLOWER FAN AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A blower fan includes a rotor arranged to rotate about a rotation axis together with a shaft, a stator arranged radially outward of the rotor and opposite the rotor, a motor support portion arranged to support the shaft through a bearing such that the shaft is rotatable, and an impeller arranged to rotate together with the shaft. The motor support portion includes a base portion, a bearing support portion arranged to support the bearing, and a stator support portion arranged to support the stator. Each of at least a portion of the bearing support portion which is in contact with the bearing and at least a portion of the stator support portion which is in contact with the stator is defined by a metallic member coupled to the base portion, which is made of a resin, preferably through, for example, insert molding.12-29-2011
20120156063Fan Module - A fan module includes a housing and at leas one impeller. The housing includes first and second air channels. The housing further includes an axial air inlet in communication with the first air channel and a radial air inlet in communication with the second air channel. The housing further includes at least one radial air outlet in communication with the first and second air channels. The at least one impeller draws external air into the housing via the axial air inlet or the radial air inlet and expels air out of the housing via the at last one radial air outlet. By such an arrangement, external air can be guided into the fan module via different directions, providing enhanced cooling effect.06-21-2012
20110091336Compression Heater - The present invention, referred to as a Compression Heater, is used as a source of heat, and/or as a means of cooling. As the name of the invention implies, a means to compress an appropriately chosen and operatively contained liquid or gas is utilized such as to cause a working fluid to become heated to some applicable temperature. This rise in temperature is caused by molecular friction due to compression. The thusly heated working fluid can then be incorporated in many novel applications as will become apparent below and in the Preferred Embodiments.04-21-2011
20120164003BLOWER FAN - A blower fan including a motor having a rotating shaft, a bracket, a fan housing having a cavity, a fan wheel, and fan blades. The motor is disposed on the fan housing via the bracket. An extended portion of the rotating shaft extends into the cavity of the fan housing and connects with the fan wheel. The fan blades are disposed on the rotating shaft and between the motor and the fan housing. On the casing of the motor is disposed with air vents. The bracket forms an annular side wall. A cavity is formed inside the annular side wall. The annular side wall is outfitted with air outlets which are connected with the cavity of the annular side wall and the fan blades are disposed in the cavity.06-28-2012
20100247340FOOD CENTRIFUGAL PUMP FORMED BY STAMPING AND WELDING - A food centrifugal pump formed by stamping and welding, comprising a pump casing and a cover mounted therein, an impeller, a shaft and a motor provided on the outer side of the casing, wherein the impeller is mounted on the shaft and driven to rotate by the motor; the pump casing is provided with an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe; the impeller have a structure of half-opened type and consists of blades, a hub and a back cover plate, the front end of the blade is close to the inner side of the axial plane of the pump casing, and there is an end face seal formed therebetween; the pump casing is formed by stamping a single metal plate, the outer side of the axial plane of which is provided with an inlet pipe bracket used to support the inlet pipe, the end of which is connected to the outer side of the pump casing, the other end of which is nestedly connected to the inlet pipe and fixed thereon. The manufacturing process of the food centrifugal pump is simple and convenient, its cost is low, its flow rate capability is high, and the inside of the pump casing is clean.09-30-2010
20100247341IRRIGATION AID - A irrigation aid for a water harvesting device comprising: a housing; at least one inlet incorporated into one side of the housing; an outlet incorporated into the housing and adapted to attach to at least one irrigation line; and a transfer mechanism adapted to transfer water from the at least one inlet through the housing to the outlet. The transfer mechanism may include a plurality of fins to direct the water received from a rainwater tank through the inlet and transfer mechanism to the outlet and irrigation lines. The irrigation aid may further include a level measuring device and may further include either pressured water line water or solar cells to drive the transfer mechanism.09-30-2010
20100209263MODULAR FLUID PUMP WITH CARTRIDGE - A modular fluid pump including: a pump motor that provides a motor force, a sealed housing cartridge removably coupled to the pump motor, wherein the housing cartridge is interchangeable with a replacement housing cartridge, a frame enclosed in the housing cartridge and having a plurality of rollers arranged on the frame, a drive coupling means for transmitting the motor force from the pump motor to the frame thereby inducing rotation of the frame, and a fluid conduit, wrapped under tension around at least one of the plurality of rollers, that facilitates fluid flow from an inlet region of the fluid conduit to an outlet region of the fluid conduit. Rotation of the frame causes the plurality of rollers to compress the fluid conduit at subsequent intervals, thereby driving fluid to the outlet region with a peristaltic movement.08-19-2010
20120315162Sealing Device For An Immersible Pump - Disclosed herein is an apparatus for an immersible pump. The apparatus can include a shaft for communicating with a motor. The shaft includes a first region having a first diameter, a second region having a second diameter that is less than the first diameter, and a tapering region between the two regions. A sleeve can be provided to receive the shaft. A sealing device includes a receiving area in which the tapering region is at least partially positionable to form a seal, and an abutment that is configured to form a seal with the sleeve and that is responsive to a force directed from the sleeve to enhance the seal with the tapering region. In some embodiments, the sealing device is provided with a circumferential outer wall for centering the sleeve about the shaft and/or for aligning the force with the abutment.12-13-2012
20120251348MOTOR-DRIVEN COMPRESSOR - A motor-driven compressor that suppresses the transmission of vibration and noise to the exterior. The motor-driven compressor includes a housing and a compressor mechanism and motor mechanism, which are arranged in the housing. The compressor mechanism draws refrigerant into the housing, compresses the refrigerant, and discharges the refrigerant from the housing. The motor mechanism actuates the compressor mechanism. The housing includes a first housing, in which the compressor mechanism and the motor mechanism are fixed, and a second housing, which includes a mounting portion that can be mounted to another member. An anti-vibration member is arranged between the first housing and the second housing.10-04-2012
20110217188Extended Length Cutoff Blower - A blower assembly including a blower housing having a side wall with a first portion extending from the initial cutoff through an angle of at least 45° or more, the first portion having a radius which is substantially constant or which increases at a relatively small rate. The side wall additionally includes a second portion, extending from the end of the first portion to the outlet, which forms a continuous curve with the first portion and has an increasing radius which is increasing at a larger rate and has a rate of increase that is also increasing with housing angle. The shape of the side wall allows a reduction in the overall size of the blower housing for a given size of impeller.09-08-2011
20120100018MAINTENANCE MACHINE FOR REFRIGERATION UNITS - For refrigeration units, maintenance machines are required that can receive and compress the refrigerant from the refrigeration unit. Furthermore, a vacuum pump is required, which is connected to the emptied lines and pumps out humidity and air. The maintenance machine according to the invention includes a motor that drives a compressor via a freewheel in one rotational direction. The same motor drives a vacuum pump via a second freewheel in the other rotational direction. The maintenance machine, which can perform two different functions, includes only one single motor. The machine is lightweight, so that it can be carried by the maintenance personnel. Furthermore, it is small and can be produced in a cost-effective manner.04-26-2012
20120100017CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR UNIT - Centrifugal compressor unit (04-26-2012
20130017100MOTOR-DRIVEN COMPRESSORAANM OTA; TakayukiAACI Kariya-shiAACO JPAAGP OTA; Takayuki Kariya-shi JPAANM SUITOU; KenAACI Kariya-shiAACO JPAAGP SUITOU; Ken Kariya-shi JP - A motor-driven compressor includes an inner housing member that accommodates a compression mechanism and a motor mechanism in a sealed state. The motor-driven compressor also includes an outer housing member that accommodates the inner housing member and has attachment portions, which are fixed to a target through bolts. The inner housing member has a suction port for drawing refrigerant into the compression mechanism and a discharge port for discharging the refrigerant from the compression mechanism. A suction member and a discharge member, which are connected to the suction port and the discharge port, respectively, are fixed to the inner housing member. The outer housing member is formed of vibration-absorbing and heat-insulating material. The outer housing member is combined with the inner housing member such that the outer housing member accommodates the inner housing member and is held in a non-contact state with respect to the suction member and the discharge member.01-17-2013
20080253906Magnetically sequenced pneumatic motor - A pneumatic motor having a piston and a magnetically actuated valve. The magnetically actuated valve may be adjacent the piston and, in some embodiments, include a spool valve.10-16-2008
20080253905Molten Metal Pump - A molten metal pump includes an impeller, a pump base housing at least partially enclosing the impeller, a shaft connected to the impeller, a motor connected to the shaft, a motor mount plate for supporting the motor; and a post for connecting the motor mount plate to the pump base housing. The molten metal pump can include a connector that connects the post to the motor mount plate. The molten metal pump can include a socket for connecting the shaft to the motor. The shaft can comprise an assembly including an elongated metal rod having a first end and a second end and a metal non-circular drive member attached at the second end of the elongated metal rod. The impeller can include a cap member having a plurality of generally polygonally shaped inlet openings communicating with internal passages of the impeller, each inlet opening having an inner wall and an outer wall, the outer wall being longer than the inner wall, each inlet opening also including a leading wall and a trailing wall, the leading wall and the trailing wall each interconnecting the inner wall and the outer wall and each being inclined such that an uppermost edge of each wall precedes a lowermost edge of each wall in a first rotational direction.10-16-2008
20110274565MODULAR BELLOWS WITH INSTRUMENTATION UMBILICAL CONDUIT FOR ELECTRICAL SUBMERSIBLE PUMP SYSTEM - An electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system for use in a wellbore having a pressure equalization system that employs modules with a bellows. The bellows axially expands and contracts in response to pressure fluctuations encountered in the wellbore. The modules are attachable in series on a lower end of a motor of the ESP to form the string, where the string can range from a single module to a multiplicity of modules, depending on the application. The bellows has a conduit axially inserted through the bellows that includes an umbilical and has an end in pressure communication with the motor.11-10-2011
20110274564Compressor unit - A compressor unit for vehicles having a motor (11-10-2011
20130115116RECIPROCATING COMPRESSOR - The present invention relates to a reciprocating compressor in which a cylinder of a compression unit is tightly fixed to a hermetic shell, and a stator of a reciprocating motor is fixed to the hermetic shell by a support spring consisting of a leaf spring, so as to reduce the gap between a compressor body and the hermetic shell and thus reduce the size of the compressor. In addition, the masses of the members of the reciprocating motor and of the compression unit, as well as the elasticity of the spring supporting the members, are properly adjusted to offset the force being applied to the hermetic shell, thereby minimizing the vibrations of the hermetic shell. Further, the relative velocity of the reciprocating motor increases such that the relative velocity of the reciprocating motor is faster than the relative velocity of the compression unit, thereby improving the efficiency of the motor.05-09-2013
20110217187MOTOR-FAN ASSEMBLY HAVING A TAPERED FAN WITH A CONCAVE UNDERSIDE - A motor-fan unit includes an end plate assembly, a motor assembly supported by the end plate assembly, and a shaft rotated by the motor assembly and extending through the end plate assembly. The fan assembly further includes a fan secured to the rotatable shaft which is supported by the end plate assembly. The fan includes a fan disc having a substantially frusto-conical shape, a fan ring having a substantially frusto-conical shape, and a plurality of vanes connecting the fan disc to the fan ring such that the frusto-conical shapes are substantially parallel to one another. A diffuser with a tapered fan side is also provided between the fan and the end plate assembly, wherein the tapered fan side is substantially parallel with the fan disc.09-08-2011
20110211978IMMERSION MOTOR - An immersion motor includes a housing (09-01-2011
20110318201Underwater Conveying Assembly with a Pump and with a Drive Device - The invention relates to an underwater conveying assembly with a pump (12-29-2011
20120027628COMPRESSOR AND OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR - A compressor that generates compressed air by compressing raw air has a case section; a driving motor that is provided in the case section and that has an output shaft; head sections operated by the rotation of the output shaft of the driving motor and that suck and compress raw air to generate thereby compressed air; and a raw air intake section formed of a plurality of raw air intake holes for taking raw air into the case section and supplying the raw air to the head sections.02-02-2012
20120294736Fluid Machine - Provided is a fluid machine which can be produced with a reduced weight and size at a reduced production cost. The fluid machine (11-22-2012
20120093665Light Weight Crankcase Casting for Compressor - A compressor, as well as a lightweight and strong casting for a compressor, are disclosed. The compressor, which may be a reciprocating compressor for use in compressing high-pressure refrigerants such as CO04-19-2012

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