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417307000 Pressure responsive relief or bypass valve 43
417300000 Fluid flow rate responsive 7
417295000 Inlet throttle or stop valve 7
417286000 Plural pump units with individual or relative control 6
417297000 Expansible chamber pump distributor operation modified 5
20100040487Device for Adjusting the Flow Rate of a Mobile Oil-Injected Screw-Type Compressor - Improved device (02-18-2010
20110268590FLUID WORKING MACHINES AND METHODS - A fluid working machine, operable to carry out a motoring cycle under at least some circumstances, comprises a controller (11-03-2011
20120121443Air compressor having enlarged compartment for receiving pressurized air - An air compressor includes a cylinder housing, an outlet receptacle disposed on the cylinder housing, and a partition formed between the cylinder housing and the outlet receptacle and having an air passage formed in the partition, a piston slidably received in the cylinder housing and coupled to a motor for moving relative to the cylinder housing in a reciprocating action in order to generate a pressurized air, and a spring-biased check valve engaged with the partition for selectively blocking the air passage of the partition, the outlet receptacle includes an inner diameter “D05-17-2012
20110091335CALCULATION OF DOWNHOLE PUMP FILLAGE AND CONTROL OF PUMP BASED ON SAID FILLAGE - Methods and apparatus are provided for determining pump fillage, using data arrays of pump plunger position with respect to time and/or pump plunger load with respect to time. In this manner, well operators may be able to accurately monitor the pump fillage and control the pump accordingly.04-21-2011
20120177510HIGH-SPEED CHECK VALVE SUITABLE FOR CRYOGENS AND HIGH REVERSE PRESSURE - A check valve is disclosed that includes a base having a porous first surface, a keeper coupled to the base, and a flexible leaf with a first section that is fixedly coupled between the keeper and the base and a second section that is cantilevered from the first section. The leaf has a first position when the leaf is fully in contact with the base and a second position when the leaf is fully in contact with the keeper. The leaf is configured to sealingly cover the porous first surface when the leaf is in the first position. The leaf is in an unstressed configuration when in the first position, and a maximum stress in the leaf is less than the yield stress when the leaf is in the second position. The check valve is particularly suited for use with cryogenic fluids such as liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen.07-12-2012
417293000 Driven pump part speed responsive 4
20110142691SPEED-DEPENDENT STABILITY VALVE - A stability valve assembly includes a centrifugal pump and a valve downstream of the centrifugal pump. The valve includes a valve member that is movable along a valve axis within a valve body to control a fluid flow from the centrifugal pump. The valve member has a first orifice connecting a valve input to a valve chamber, and has at least one second orifice connecting a valve outlet to the valve chamber. A reference pressure upstream of the centrifugal pump applies pressure to a stepped portion of the valve member such that an amount of negative feedback provided by the valve assembly is proportional to a rotational speed of the centrifugal pump.06-16-2011
20110150671SUPERCHARGER TIMING GEAR OIL PUMP - A positive displacement pump is provided. The pump includes a housing, and first and second meshed rotors rotatably disposed in the housing and arranged to transform relatively low-pressure inlet port air into relatively high-pressure outlet port air. The pump additionally includes first and second meshed timing gears fixed relative to the first and second rotors, respectively, for preventing contact between the first and second rotors, and sufficiently enclosed to generate a flow of lubricating fluid. Furthermore, the blower includes an input drive adapted to be rotatably driven at speeds proportional to speeds of an internal combustion engine and arranged to drive the first and second timing gears.06-23-2011
20110135508VARIABLE WATER PUMP CONTROL SYSTEM AND THE CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A variable water pump control apparatus, may include a detecting portion detecting engine speed, operation of an idle stop and go system (ISG), coolant temperature, operation of a blower, and outside temperature, a variable water pump selectively circulating a coolant through an engine, and a control portion controlling the variable water pump according to the detected information including operating conditions and outside environmental factors, and a variable water pump control method may include detecting a driving condition and an environmental condition of a vehicle, and engaging or releasing a clutch of a variable water pump according to a detected condition so as to selectively circulate a coolant.06-09-2011
20100189577Method for Increasing Compressed Air Efficiency In a Pump - A method for increasing compressed air efficiency in a pump utilizes an air efficiency device in order to optimize the amount of a compressed air in a pump. The air efficiency device may allow for controlling the operation of the air operated diaphragm pump by reducing the flow of compressed air supplied to the pump as the pump moves between first and second diaphragm positions. A sensor may be used to monitor velocity of the diaphragm assemblies. In turn, full position feedback is possible so that the pump self adjusts to determine the optimum, or close to optimum, turndown point of the diaphragm assemblies. As such, air savings is achieved by minimizing the amount of required compressed air.07-29-2010
417280000 Responsive to pump created drive motor condition 3
20090142201Hydraulic flow control system and method - Apparatus and methods are provided for controlling a double-acting hydraulic cylinder during a load-induced rod-extending operation, where the cylinder is activated by fluid supplied from a reservoir by a pump, and the cylinder has a rod end, a head end, a piston connected to a rod for engaging the load, the cylinder piston being urged toward the rod end by the load during the operation. The apparatus includes a cylinder activating circuit including an activation valve for providing a flow path from the pump to the cylinder head end; a flow regeneration circuit fluidly connecting the cylinder rod end and the cylinder head end and configured for providing flow from the cylinder rod end to the cylinder head end during rod extension, the regeneration circuit including a regeneration flow valve; and a controller operatively connected to the regeneration flow valve and the activation valve, the controller being responsive to rod-extending rate demands from an operator to control the activation valve to provide flow from the pump to the head end and to control the regeneration valve to provide flow from the rod end to the head end. The cylinder activating circuit also includes a return flow path and a return valve positioned in the return flow path and configured to control flow from the cylinder rod end to the fluid reservoir. Both the activation valve and the return valve are controllable by the controller independently from the regeneration flow valve.06-04-2009
20110008187Controller and the Use Thereof - A hydraulic controller having at least one input for a hydraulic fluid for controlling the speed of a hydraulic pump driven by an internal combustion engine is characterized in that the controller has at least two inputs, that at least two pressure chambers each connected to one of the inputs are provided, that each of the same has a piston displaceable under pressure from a rest position against the force of a spring into a switched position and that the piston rod thereof engages at the end of a rod or a pull in the switched position.01-13-2011
20120057996COMPRESSED AIR ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM UTILIZING TWO-PHASE FLOW TO FACILITATE HEAT EXCHANGE - A compressed-air energy storage system according to embodiments of the present invention comprises a reversible mechanism to compress and expand air, one or more compressed air storage tanks, a control system, one or more heat exchangers, and, in certain embodiments of the invention, a motor-generator. The reversible air compressor-expander uses mechanical power to compress air (when it is acting as a compressor) and converts the energy stored in compressed air to mechanical power (when it is acting as an expander). In certain embodiments, the compressor-expander comprises one or more stages, each stage consisting of pressure vessel (the “pressure cell”) partially filled with water or other liquid. In some embodiments, the pressure vessel communicates with one or more cylinder devices to exchange air and liquid with the cylinder chamber(s) thereof. Suitable valving allows air to enter and leave the pressure cell and cylinder device, if present, under electronic control.03-08-2012
417282000 Plural separate sensing means for a single fluid controller 3
20090274565Continuing compressor operation through redundant algorithms - A method of operating a compressor of a compressor system is disclosed. The method uses three models. Each model of the three models describes a surge line of the compressor as a function of any two of three operating parameters of the compressor. The three operating parameters include head H, flow Q, and speed N. The method includes measuring operating characteristics of the compressor system using sensors, and determining a current value of the three operating parameters based on at least some of the measured operating characteristics. The method also includes locating operating points of the compressor on each of the three models based on the current value of the operating parameters, and identifying a sensor fault that affects the determination of at least one of the operating parameters. The method further includes avoiding surge of the compressor using one model of the three models. The one model being a model that is a function of two operating parameters unaffected by the sensor fault.11-05-2009
20100172767SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING PRESSURE VARIATIONS IN FUEL DISPENSERS TO MORE ACCURATELY MEASURE FUEL DELIVERED - A system and method for compensating a calculated or flow rate of fuel dispensed to a vehicle via a fuel flow path in response to a determination of a non-steady state condition based on data corresponding to a signal transmitted by a pressure sensor operatively coupled to the fuel flow path and configured to sense pressure therein, where the pressure sensor is adapted to transmit a signal representative of the sensed pressure.07-08-2010
20080232980Digit button-operated air compressor output control structure - A digit button-operated air compressor output control structure for controlling output of compressed air from an air compressor by means of a digital control panel and an air pressure regulating structure with internal pressure sensors for enabling the user to set the desired output air pressure quickly and to control the output air pressure stably.09-25-2008
417302000 Plural paths having individual condition responsive control means 3
20090053077FLOW PRIORITIZING VALVE SYSTEM - A flow prioritizing system includes a regulating valve and a flow prioritizing valve. The regulating valve receives a first portion of the fluid supplied from a fuel supply pump, and is responsive to a control pressure to selectively allow or prohibit flow to secondary loads. The flow prioritizing control valve is responsive to fluid pressure representative of delivery pump discharge pressure to control the control pressure to which the regulating valve is responsive.02-26-2009
20110189031METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMPROVED, HIGH-PRESSURE, FLUID PUMP - An apparatus for constructing a high pressure fluid pump has a piston housing, a pump head connected to and supported by the piston housing, and a pump pedestal for supporting the pump head and the piston housing. The pump head receives water at low pressure and, in combination with the piston housing, produces fluid through a flow channel at high pressure. The combination of piston housing and pump head contain a “go-thru” valve which, in response to a suction on one side of the valve allows water at low pressure to pass through the valve into a receiving chamber, and in response to a high pressure fluid in the receiving chamber enables fluid at a high pressure to pass through the valve and eventually to an output port while closing off the input path. The pump further has, in one embodiment, an aluminum pump head or manifold appropriately structured to withstand high pressure fluid impact.08-04-2011
20120045348Integral Plus Proportional Dual Pump Switching System - A dual-pump fluid distribution system that includes a first pump having an inlet and an outlet, and configured to supply a first flow of fluid, and a second pump having an inlet and an outlet, and configured to supply a second flow of fluid. In an embodiment, a bypass flow valve with a four-way hydraulic bridge is configured to initiate the switch between single-pump mode and dual-pump mode based on fluid flow demand. The bypass flow valve is configured such that the position of the bypass flow valve member relative to the four-way hydraulic bridge operates a pump selector valve. In an embodiment, the pump selector valve has a valve member, a biasing element, and a pressure switching port, and is configured such that the position of the valve member determines whether the second flow of fluid is combined with the first flow of fluid.02-23-2012
417305000 Manual actuation of condition responsive valve 3
20120107146Pumping Device Having A Pressure Adjustable Function - A pumping device includes a barrel, a top cover mounted on an open top of the barrel, a cylinder mounted in the barrel and connected to the top cover, a piston movably mounted in the cylinder, a plurality of check valves mounted on the piston, an operation unit mounted on the top cover and connected with the piston, a connecting unit mounted in the barrel and connected between the barrel and the cylinder, and a pressure adjusting unit connected between the barrel and the top cover. Thus, when the air pressure in the receiving chamber of the barrel reaches a predetermined value, the pressure adjusting unit provides a pressure release function to partially release the air pressure in the receiving chamber of the barrel so as to ensure a safe operation of the pumping device.05-03-2012
20110250080Human-Powered Irrigation Pump - A human-powered pump assembly includes a frame and a treadle pivot attached to the frame, such that the treadle pivot defines a horizontal rotational axis. The pump assembly includes a pair of treadles coupled to the treadle pivot and a rocker pivot attached to the frame, such that the rocker pivot defines a separate horizontal rotational axis. The pump assembly includes a reciprocating rocker coupled to the rocker pivot and to the pair of treadles to constrain the motion thereof, such that the rocker pivot axis is located below the treadle pivot axis.10-13-2011
20110150672PUMP APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE PUMP APPARATUS - A pump apparatus including a pump housing, a drive shaft, a cam ring movably disposed in the pump housing, a pump element disposed within the cam ring and rotationally driven by the drive shaft to vary a specific discharge quantity which is a discharge quantity of the working oil per one rotation of the pump element in accordance with variation in eccentric amount of the cam ring with respect to the drive shaft, and a solenoid which is drivingly controlled on the basis of a steering condition and a vehicle speed and operated to control the eccentric amount of the cam ring. The solenoid is controlled to execute a flow rate reduction control during cranking of an engine of the vehicle in which the cam ring is allowed to move in such a direction as to reduce the specific discharge quantity.06-23-2011
417292000 Pumped fluid temperature responsive 3
20100074767HYDRAULIC PUMP SYSTEM WITH REDUCED COLD START PARASITIC LOSS - A machine hydraulic pump system including at least one hydraulic pump driven to pressurize hydraulic fluid. A drain port is in fluid communication with an interior lubricating cavity of the pump. A selectively activatable flow control member is in flow-controlling relation to the drain port. The selectively activatable flow control member is adapted to move from a fluid containment condition to a fluid withdrawal condition prior to activation of the pump to at least partially evacuate lubricating liquid from the interior of the pump in response to the temperature of the lubricating liquid dropping below a predefined lower limit.03-25-2010
20080317607SMART BLOW-DOWN SYSTEM FOR VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE COMPRESSOR UNITS - A method and apparatus for blowing down a compressed air system when temperature is at or below a predefined temperature threshold is provided. Temperature sensors in the compressed air system monitor temperature and a control processor determines when the temperature is at or below the predefined temperature threshold. When it is determined temperature is at or below the predefined temperature threshold, the control processor operates a solenoid blow-down valve that depressurizes the compressed air system.12-25-2008
20120315160MECHANICAL COOLANT PUMP - A mechanical coolant pump for an internal combustion engine includes a main pump body configured to be stationary. A pump wheel is rotatably supported by the main pump body. The pump wheel comprises a central axial inlet opening. The pump wheel is configured to pump a coolant from the central axial inlet opening radially outwardly. A valve disk configured to be axially shiftable is arranged in the pump wheel. An actuator is configured to actuate the valve disk so as to close the central axial inlet opening in a closed position of the valve disk.12-13-2012
417290000 Having timer or delay means for fluid controller 2
20090257891HYDRAULIC SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING VALVE PHASING - An exemplary hydraulic system includes a first digital valve fluidly connectable to a first hydraulic load and a pump. The first valve is operable to fluidly connect the first hydraulic load to the pump. A second digital valve is fluidly connectable to a second hydraulic load and the pump. The second valve is operable to fluidly connect the second hydraulic load to the pump. The system includes a first sensor for detecting a pump discharge pressure and a second sensor for detecting an inlet pressure of the first hydraulic load. A controller is configured to determine a time delay based on the pump discharge pressure and the first hydraulic load inlet pressure and to send a control signal instructing the second valve to commence opening at a time substantially equal to the time delay after commencing closing the first valve.10-15-2009
20100226795HIGH PRESSURE FUEL PUMP WITH PARALLEL COOLING FUEL FLOW - A high pressure fuel pump with parallel cooling fuel flow is disclosed wherein a fuel pump barrel having a substantially cylindrical plunger bore with an annular drain groove is provided. A first fuel path is provided that fluidically couples a fuel supply to an annular cooling ring formed on the outer surface of the barrel. The first fuel path further fluidically couples the annular cooling ring to a storage tank via an exit passage. A second, parallel fuel path is provided that fluidically couples the first fuel path to the drain groove, and further includes a drain passage fluidically coupled to the drain groove and the first fuel path via the storage tank.09-09-2010
417289000 Variable cutoff or pumping member controlled port 2
20110129363FUEL PUMP - In one embodiment, a small-diameter opening (06-02-2011
20120020814CONTROL VALVE FOR VARIABLE DISPLACEMENT COMPRESSOR - There is provided a control valve for a variable displacement compressor capable of directly connecting a plunger to a valve rod in a relatively easy way, and realizing an improvement in assemblability, reduction in costs, and the like. A connecting cylinder for directly connecting the plunger to the valve rod is provided. The valve rod is provided with a mushroom-like or flange-like part. The connecting cylinder is provided with an elastic locking piece which, by pushing the mushroom-like or flange-like part into the elastic locking piece, is pushed and opened outward in a radial direction so as for the mushroom-like or flange-like part to pass through the elastic locking piece, and which, after the passing of the mushroom-like or flange-like part, is restored to an original shape due to elasticity which the elastic locking piece has, and locks the mushroom-like or flange-like part.01-26-2012
417299000 Normally open bypass or relief passage closed by increased pressure or flow 1
20100092314DEEP FORCE PUMP FOR OIL WELLS - Once the production route by the tubing has been selected, the stem travels through the inside of a guide whose upper end has a diameter adjusted to that of a rod which develops, increasing until it is connected to a barrel. The upper part of a anchor is arranged in the lower part of the barrel. The lower part of the anchor is connected to a nipple fixed to a transfer box. The fluid passage from an admission valve to the barrel in the upward stroke and the emptying of the barrel in the downward stroke is linked at least with a connector disposed between a basket and the transfer box. The basket houses the ball and the seat of at least one production valve arranged together with at least one connector in a carrier body retained between the transfer box on the top and a cage at the bottom and fitted to a conduit. The admission valve is housed inside the cage and it is provided with a ball that releases or obstructs the fluid passage. Such passage provides a seating seal of the ball linked to a connector body that tightens the admission valve which provides a threaded torque in its lower end. A relief valve is housed in the piston cage and its opening releases the excess of pressure generated between the lower end of the guide and the upper end of the piston and towards the inside of this one.04-15-2010
417284000 Bypass or relief valve carried by movable pumping member 1
20080232981Check Valve for a Vacuum Pump - A check valve 09-25-2008
417296000 Bypass or relief valve part carried by or carries distributor part 1
20100028170Device for Delivering a Liquid, the Device Comprising a Pump and a Valve - The invention relates to a device for delivering a liquid, which device comprises a pump, and an anti-siphon valve external to the pump and having an inlet channel connected to the outlet duct of the pump, and an outlet channel, between which channels a seat and a moving member are disposed that are suitable for co-operating together and that define, between the inlet channel and the outlet channel, a leaktight liquid flow zone, said moving member being suitable for going from an opening position making it possible for liquid to flow through said flow zone, to a closure position in which the moving member comes into contact with the seat of the valve and prevents any flow through said flow zone, said moving member being subjected to the pressure of a reference chamber that is not in fluid communication with the outlet channel. Application to obtaining a pump for injecting liquid medication.02-04-2010
20090304531INTEGRATED COOLANT PUMPING MODULE - An integrated pumping module for use in a thermal management system, for example for a fuel cell. The integrated pumping module includes a diverting or mixing valve closely coupled to a pump element, such as the volute chamber of a centrifugal pump. The valve chamber and the pump chamber are closely and directly coupled through a connecting passage so as to minimize pressure drop as a liquid coolant passes through the connecting passage from the valve chamber to the pump chamber. A bypass inlet and outlet opening are provided in the valve chamber to permit all or a portion of the coolant flow to be diverted to a radiator once the coolant reaches a predetermined temperature. The integrated pumping module may also be provided with a filter housing into which a portion of the coolant flow may be diverted.12-10-2009
20130189127ADJUSTABLE HYDRAULIC PUMP - A hydraulic pump includes an adjustment device configured to adjust a delivery volume. The adjustment device is configured to be connected via a shuttle valve to a control pressure supply and to a working line. The working line is supplied by the hydraulic pump. The adjustment device is configured to be alternately supplied with control pressure by the control pressure supply and by the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump also includes a nozzle. The nozzle is configured to connect the working line to the control pressure supply in a zero stroke operating mode. The nozzle is formed in or on a valve body of the shuttle valve.07-25-2013
20130164152DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE CONTROLLED MOTOR AND PUMP BARRIER FLUIDS PRESSURE REGULATION SYSTEM - A motor and a pump barrier fluids pressure regulation system for a subsea motor and pump module is disclosed. The pressure regulation system comprises—a barrier fluid circuit (06-27-2013
20090232668VEHICLE INCLUDING COMPRESSED AIR CONSUMING DEVICES AND A METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - A vehicle, such as a lorry or a bus, includes compressed air consuming devices and a power driven compressor to deliver compressed air to at least one storage tank. A control device controls the operation of the compressor so as to maintain the air pressure in the tank at a desired pressure level sufficient to operate the air consuming devices, such as a braking system and a suspension system, when needed. The air pressure is usually maintained substantially at a predetermined first elevated level or value. However, based on signals from position identification means, such as a global navigation system or other external or internal position identification sources the control device controls the operation of the compressor so as to change the pressure of the air in the storage tank to a predetermined second elevated level or value substantially different from the first level or value in response to receiving from the position identification means an indication to the effect that the vehicle is approaching or has arrived at one of a plurality of predetermined positions and/or positions fulfilling predetermined criteria.09-17-2009
20110293442OIL PUMP APPARATUS - An oil pump apparatus for supplying an oil to a vehicular transmission, includes a pump to suck the oil from an oil reservoir through an inlet port into a pumping chamber, and an intake circuit to convey the oil sucked from the oil reservoir to the inlet port. The intake circuit includes a proximal segment, an intermediate segment and a distal segment. The proximal segment extends from the inlet port, to the intermediate segment. The intermediate segment extends upwards from the proximal segment. The distal segment extends downwards from a first connecting end portion connected with the intermediate segment to a end portion formed with an suction opening to suck the oil from the oil reservoir into the intake circuit.12-01-2011
20110293441MULTIPHASE PUMP FLOW RECIRCULATION SYSTEM - In accordance with certain aspects of the invention, a pump system is provided. The pump system includes a pump casing having a process fluid inlet chamber connected to a process fluid inlet through the pump casing, and a process fluid outlet chamber connected to a process fluid outlet through the pump casing. The pump system also includes rotors disposed inside the process fluid inlet chamber and the process fluid outlet chamber. The rotors are configured to pump a process fluid from the process fluid inlet chamber to the process fluid outlet chamber. In addition, the pump casing comprises one or more fluid injection inlets axially located between the process fluid inlet and the process fluid outlet.12-01-2011
20090041592Pump - A pump has a body and a pressurizing barrel. The body has an outlet tube and a magnetic check valve mounted in the outlet tube to prevent a back-flow current from damaging an impeller mounted inside the body. When closed, the magnetic check valve actuates a magnetic switch to signal external devices. The pressurizing barrel has a tank containing liquid for compensating a pressure in the body and a casing. The casing is externally mounted on the pressurizing barrel and defines a notch for receiving a circuit board and has a detachable cap to facilitate maintenance of the circuit board. Accordingly, the pump effectively prevents impeller and motor damage due to the back-flow current. Moreover, the casing facilitates maintenance of the circuit board.02-12-2009
20080273995Apparatus for Inhibiting the Propagation of a Flame Front - Apparatus is described for inhibiting the propagation of a flame front ignited by a pumping mechanism drawing a waste stream from a process chamber. A combustion chamber comprises an inlet for receiving the waste stream exhaust from the pumping mechanism and means for generating a flame for burning a flammable component of the waste stream. A pressure detector detects a pressure at a location through which the waste stream is drawn by the pumping mechanism, and a flame detector detects the presence of a flame in th combustion chamber. A controller regulates the delivery of at least one process fluid to the process chamber if the detected pressure is greater than a pressure above which the flame front can be sustained by the waste stream, or if there is no flame present in the combustion chamber.11-06-2008
20080279699FEED PUMP - The disclosure relates to a feed pump for hydraulic media having an input and an output. A pressure-reducing element is connected to the output, at the output of the element the system pressure being present and the output being connected to a consumer, wherein the output is connected to the first input of a pump controller, the second input being connected to the output of the pressure-reducing element, and wherein the pump controller adjusts the feed pump toward maximum delivery if the system pressure is smaller than a minimum pressure or if the system pressure is smaller than the feed pressure, and wherein parallel to the pump controller a pressure limiter is switched such that at the first input thereof the feed pressure is present and at the control input the system pressure is present, wherein the pressure limiter opens if the feed pressure is greater than a desired quantity.11-13-2008
20110085923Method and Device for Regulating Fluid Pump Pressures - A method is provided for regulating fluid pump pressures by detecting an elevation differential between a fluid flow control device and the distal end of a fluid line in communication with the fluid flow control device. A fluid flow control device, for instance a peritoneal dialysis device, is at a first height, a distal end of a fluid line is at a second height, and a valved outlet, when open, affords communication between the fluid flow control device and the distal end of the fluid line. The elevation differential is correlatable with a pressure measurable during a calibration procedure provided as a part of the methodology.04-14-2011
20110243759CENTRIFUGAL PUMP APPARATUS - A centrifugal blood pump apparatus includes an impeller provided in a blood chamber, a permanent magnet provided in one surface of the impeller, a permanent magnet provided in an inner wall of the blood chamber, a permanent magnet provided in the other surface of the impeller, and a magnetic material and a coil provided in a motor chamber for driving the impeller to rotate via a diaphragm. Grooves for hydrodynamic bearing are formed in the diaphragm facing the impeller, and in the inner wall of the blood chamber, respectively. As a result, the impeller can be smoothly activated to drive by controlling a coil current.10-06-2011
20090035157VACUUM PUMP INCORPORATING SAFETY DEVICE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A safety device for a vacuum pump, arranged to be associated with a duct putting the interior of the casing of the vacuum pump in communication with the outside environment, The safety device comprises a breakable member (02-05-2009
20090311115OIL SUPPLYING APPARATUS FOR VEHICLE - An oil supplying apparatus for a vehicle, includes an engine driven mechanical oil pump, a hydraulic actuator operated by pressure of oil supplied from the engine driven mechanical oil pump to the hydraulic actuator, an engine lubrication device lubricating each member of the engine with the oil supplied from the engine driven mechanical oil pump, and a priority flow valve selectively establishing priority flow and secondary flow conditions when a low oil pressure is working on the hydraulic actuator and when a high oil pressure is working on the hydraulic actuator, respectively, the priority flow condition allowing an oil supply from the engine driven mechanical oil pump to the hydraulic actuator with priority over an oil supply from the engine driven mechanical oil pump to the engine lubrication device, the secondary flow condition allowing the oil supply from the engine driven mechanical oil pump to the engine lubrication device.12-17-2009
20110020148MULTI-STAGE ROTARY COMPRESSOR - A multi-stage rotary compressor comprises: a casing having a sealed space therein; a driving unit installed in the casing, for generating a driving force; a first compression unit and a second compression unit for receiving the driving force from the driving unit and compressing a refrigerant; and a connection unit for connecting the first and second compression units and guiding the refrigerant discharged from the second compression unit to be sucked directly in the first compression unit and then re-compressed, by which it is possible to vary capacity, even using every plurality of compression units, and to obtain power saving effect suitable for a saving mode.01-27-2011
20120275934FAN ARRAY FAN SECTION IN AIR-HANDLING SYSTEMS - A fan array fan section in an air-handling system includes a plurality of fan units arranged in a fan array and positioned within an air-handling compartment. One preferred embodiment may include an array controller programmed to operate the plurality of fan units at peak efficiency. The plurality of fan units may be arranged in a true array configuration, a spaced pattern array configuration, a checker board array configuration, rows slightly offset array configuration, columns slightly offset array configuration, or a staggered array configuration.11-01-2012
20100296949HIGH-EFFICIENCY PNEUMATIC DRIVE MOTOR SYSTEM - A fluid driven motor system including a source of pressurized drive fluid and at least one cylinder having a piston therein for reciprocating motion. The cylinder receives the pressurized drive fluid from the source, and a compressor receives drive fluid exhausted from the at least one cylinder. The pressurized drive fluid circulates in a closed loop from the compressor to the cylinder.11-25-2010
20110064589AIR PUMP SET - An air pump set includes an air pump, at least two air distributors and a pressure reducer. At least two air distributors are serially connected with the air pump for further distributing the pressurized air to respective air-requiring targets. The pressure reducer is serially connected between any adjacent two of the at least two distributors for reducing the pressure of the pressurized air to a downstream one of any adjacent two of the at least two distributors. The pressure reducer includes a hollow cylinder and a cylinder core. The hollow cylinder includes a first pair of inlet and outlet and a second pair of inlet and outlet. The cylinder core is loosely fitted within the hollow cylinder, and comprises a first air channel and a second air channel. The cylinder core is rotatable between a first position and a second position relative to the hollow cylinder.03-17-2011
20120009074WATER-CONDUCTING HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE, PARTICULARLY A DISHWASHER - A water-conducting household device, particularly a dishwasher, includes a pump having at least one normal operating mode in which fluid is pumped in a pumping direction, and a venting operating mode which can be carried out before the normal operating mode. The venting operating mode is provided to allow venting of the pump by pumping a gas bubble in opposition to the pumping direction during the normal operating mode at least partially out of a pump chamber of the pump to a fluid pump inlet of the pump.01-12-2012
20120063927CONTROL AND DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEMS FOR A VARIABLE CAPACITY ENGINE OIL PUMP AND AN ENGINE OIL PRESSURE SENSOR - A control system includes an oil pump module and a diagnostic module. The oil pump module, based on engine operating conditions, selectively generates a first mode request signal to initiate a first transition from operating an oil pump of an engine in one of a first pressure mode and a second pressure mode to operating the oil pump in another one of the first pressure mode and the second pressure mode. The second pressure mode is different from the first pressure mode. The diagnostic module, based on when a driver starts the engine, selectively generates a second mode request signal to initiate consecutive transitions from operating the oil pump in the second pressure mode to operating the oil pump in the first pressure mode. The diagnostic module diagnoses a pump fault when a first oil pressure change associated with the consecutive transitions is less than a first predetermined pressure change.03-15-2012
20120251346Air Compressor - An air compressor includes a motor, an air compression mechanism driven by the motor, a rotation shaft rotatable integrally with a rotor of the motor, a fan rotatable integrally with the rotation shaft, a plurality of air tanks for reserving compressed air generated by the air compression mechanism, and a control unit for controlling the motor. The plurality of air tanks are juxtaposed with each other and arrayed in an array direction. The plurality of air tanks includes an endmost air tank and an adjacent air tank adjacent to the endmost air tank. The control unit is disposed adjacent to and opposite to the adjacent air tank relative to the endmost air tank. The control unit is disposed adjacent to and in confrontation with an outer circumference of the fan.10-04-2012
20120082571FLUID LEVEL CONTROL MECHANISM - A fluid level control mechanism comprising a float assembly, a flow line assembly, an upper centralizer, and a lower centralizer. The float assembly has a cylindrical outer float tube and a cylindrical inner float tube connected by upper and lower end plates to form a sealed cavity. The flow line assembly has a main flow line capable of passing a fluid, a diverter flow line, and a diverter valve. The diverter valve is connected to the lower end plate of the float assembly via a lever arm, such that the float assembly is capable of sliding along the length of the main flow line in response to a fluid level. Downward movement of the float assembly opens the diverter valve and upward movement of the float assembly closes the diverter valve. The upper and lower centralizers center the mechanism within a well bore.04-05-2012
20090016904Compressor - A first tank, a main body of a compressor, an electric motor, and a second tank are combined to form a single assembly. A booster type air compressor as the single assembly including the first tank may be easily carried. The first tank at an inlet side is integrally combined to prevent a pulsation in the supplied compressed air for eliminating the drain contained in the compressed air. The air compressor, thus, is structured to discharge high compressed air from a high-pressure outlet joint formed on the second tank.01-15-2009
20120230846Systems and Methods of Controlling Pressure Maintenance Pumps and Data Logging Pump Operations - Example devices, systems, and methods disclosed herein relate to controlling operation of a jockey pump of a fire pump system. A jockey pump controller may include an electronic circuit board configured to receive a signal indicating a pressure value, and to compare the pressure value to a threshold for initiating operation of a jockey pump. The jockey pump controller may further include memory configured to store event statistics indicating information regarding past operation of the jockey pump. Additional example devices, systems, and methods are described herein.09-13-2012
20110123363Hydraulically Controlled Reciprocating Pump System - A system for pressurizing a working fluid includes a cylinder having an outlet through which the working fluid is exhausted at a discharge pressure, a plunger translatably disposed within the cylinder, and a hydraulic system. The plunger has a first piston coupled thereto, a second piston disposed opposite the first piston, wherein the second piston is driven to reciprocate, and a variable-volume chamber disposed between the first and second pistons. The hydraulic system is operable to adjust the volume of hydraulic fluid within the variable-volume chamber, whereby the discharge pressure is maintained substantially at a predetermined level.05-26-2011
20110158830NEGATIVE CONTROL TYPE HYDRAULIC SYSTEM - A negative control type hydraulic system is provided, in which the use of a pilot pump and a load pressure generator between a hydraulic pump and a control valve is not required to prevent a power loss. The negative control type hydraulic system includes an engine; at least one variable-displacement hydraulic pump connected to the engine; at least one hydraulic actuator connected to the hydraulic pump; switching valves installed in a center bypass line of the hydraulic pump and shifted, in accordance with the supply of signal pressure from the outside, to control a flow of hydraulic fluid supplied to the hydraulic actuator; pilot signal pressure generators installed on a downstream side of the center bypass line to generate signal pressure for variably controlling a discharge flow rate of the hydraulic pump; a control lever outputting signal pressure in proportion to a manipulation amount; and a pressure reducing valve installed in a pilot line having one end branched and connected to the center bypass line and the other end connected to an input port of the control lever, and controlling hydraulic fluid supplied through the pilot line when the control lever is manipulated so that the hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic pump can be used as the signal pressure according to the manipulation of the control lever.06-30-2011
20130115114SYSTEM FOR DETECTING CONTAMINANTS IN AN INTAKE FLOW OF A COMPRESSOR - A system includes a detector configured to detect a fog condition within an air flow directed toward a compressor. The system also includes a controller coupled to the detector, wherein the controller is configured to activate a first control measure in response to the fog condition.05-09-2013
20130121853Pump System Having Liquid Level Sensing System and Multipurpose Frame - A pump system especially suitable for pumping out liquids from tank enclosures. A liquid pump, Preferably powered by pressurized gas such as compressed air or natural gas from a nearby well, is mounted in a tubular member frame. The rate of pressurized gas flowing to the pump, and consequently the liquid pumping rate, is controlled by a limit valve, lever arm, and float assembly. As the liquid level increases, the float rises and the lever arm opens the limit valve, permitting a higher rate of pressurized gas flow and higher pump rate. At least some components of the frame have liquid inlet openings, which permit liquids to enter the frame, and the frame serves as a conduit to carry the liquids to the intake of the pump.05-16-2013
20130129532Syringe Infusion Pump - One embodiment of the present patent application is a syringe infusion pump that includes a syringe, a syringe barrel holder, and a force sensor. The syringe includes a barrel and a plunger. The plunger has a plunger axis and the barrel has a barrel axis and a barrel diameter. The syringe is one of a plurality of syringes, each having a different barrel diameter. The force sensor is positioned for detecting a force along the barrel axis. The syringe holder provides the barrel axis automatically aligned with the force sensor for each syringe of the plurality of syringes.05-23-2013
20130149174CONTROL CIRCUIT FOR A VARIABLE VANE OIL PUMP - A control circuit for a variable vane oil pump of an automatic transmission vehicle may include the variable vane oil pump supplying a working fluid for controlling the automatic transmission, a regulator valve mounted at a hydraulic line fluid-connected to the variable vane oil pump, and a torque converter control valve fluid-connected to the regulator valve for controlling the working fluid supplied from the regulator valve to have a pressure required in a torque converter, wherein the variable vane oil pump may be controlled by an amount of the working fluid discharged from the torque converter control valve.06-13-2013
20100316507Split discharge vane pump and fluid metering system therefor - A split discharge vane pump is disclosed having a pump body that includes an interior pumping chamber having a central axis and defining a continuous peripheral cam surface, the cam surface including four quadrantal cam segments, wherein diametrically opposed cam segments have identical cam profiles, and each cam segment defines an inlet arc, a discharge arc and two seal arcs. A rotor is mounted for axial rotation within the pumping chamber and a plurality of circumferentially spaced apart radially extending vanes are mounted for radial movement within the rotor, wherein the plurality of vanes define an equal number of circumferentially spaced apart buckets which extend between the rotor and the cam surface of the pumping chamber for carrying pressurized fluid.12-16-2010
20130202457PUMP ASSEMBLY INCLUDING FLUID CYLINDER AND TAPERED VALVE SEATS - According to one aspect, a pump assembly includes a fluid cylinder, the fluid cylinder including a fluid passage, the fluid passage defining a tapered internal shoulder of the fluid cylinder, the tapered internal shoulder defining a first angle. A valve controls flow of fluid through the fluid passage. The valve includes a valve seat, which is disposed in the fluid passage and includes a tapered external shoulder, the tapered external shoulder defining a second angle. In one embodiment, the first tapered external shoulder engages the first tapered internal shoulder to distribute and transfer loading.08-08-2013
20130202458PUMP FLUID CYLINDER INCLUDING LOAD TRANSFER SHOULDER AND VALVE SEAT FOR SAME - According to one aspect, a pump assembly includes a fluid cylinder, and the fluid cylinder includes a fluid passage that defines a tapered internal shoulder of the fluid cylinder. The tapered internal shoulder defines a first frusto-conical surface. A valve controls flow of fluid through the fluid passage. The valve includes a valve seat, which includes a seat body disposed in the fluid passage, and a bore formed through the seat body and through which fluid flows. The seat body includes inlet and outlet end portions, wherein the fluid flows into the bore at the inlet end portion and flows out of the bore at the outlet end portion. The inlet end portion of the seat body defines a second frusto-conical surface. In one embodiment, the second frusto-conical surface engages the first frusto-conical surface to distribute and transfer loading.08-08-2013
20120070317OIL PUMP UNIT WITH VARIABLE FLOW RATE - An oil pump unit with a variable flow rate includes: an oil pump having an intake port and a discharge port and accommodating a pump rotor; and an oil path switching valve having oil inlets and oil outlets and opening/closing oil pressure return holes communicating with the discharge port, in which the oil path switching valve and the oil pump are separately disposed, the intake port and the discharge port are open to valve-mounting surfaces formed at the oil pump, and oil inlets and the oil outlet are open to body-mounting surfaces matching with the valve-mounting surfaces of the oil path switching valve.03-22-2012
20130209285MECHANICAL PUMPING HYDRAULIC UNIT - The present invention relates to an improved mechanical pumping hydraulic unit for use in oil production or hydrocarbon extraction. The unit is characterized in that it has one motor (08-15-2013


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