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417151000 Jet 47
417118000 Liquid pumped by supplying or exhausting gaseous motive fluid to or from pumping chamber 17
417066000 Contact or entrainment within rotary impeller 11
417092000 Liquid piston 6
417085000 Diverse pumps 5
20090035153Jet pump retention and seal method with living hinge - A fuel supply unit includes a fuel reservoir (02-05-2009
20080304977Use of Fluidic Pumps - The invention provides a method for the transportation of at least one material in a molten state from a first location to a second location, the method comprising the use of transfer means comprising a fluidic pump to effect the transportation of said at least one material. The preferred type of fluidic pump is the Reverse Flow Diverter (RFD) Pump. Preferably, the at least one material in a molten state comprises at least one molten inorganic salt or molten metal, preferably alkali metal halides such as potassium chloride or lithium chloride, or eutectic mixtures thereof. The materials are in a molten state, at a temperature which is usually in excess of 200° C. A preferred gas for use according to the method of the invention is dry argon. In a particularly preferred embodiment, the method of the present invention is applied to the transportation of molten salts in dry conditions in various applications in the nuclear industry.12-11-2008
20120171054SYSTEM FOR FLUIDIZING SOLID FEEDSTOCK FROM A SOLID FEED PUMP - According to various embodiments, a system includes a fluidization elbow. The fluidization elbow includes an elbow inlet, an elbow outlet downstream from the elbow inlet, and an elbow body disposed between the elbow inlet and the elbow outlet, wherein the elbow body turns and converges from the elbow inlet toward the elbow outlet. The fluidization elbow also includes multiple gas nozzles coupled to the elbow body, wherein the multiple gas nozzles include injection axes that generally converge toward the elbow outlet.07-05-2012
20110164992VACUUM EVACUATION DEVICE - A vacuum evacuation device including: a main pump; an auxiliary pump connected in series to the main pump; and an inter-pump piping for interconnecting an outlet of the main pump and an inlet of the auxiliary pump, wherein the main pump includes a mechanical booster pump; a ratio of the maximum power of a motor for the main pump to the maximum pumping rate of the main pump is no less than 5 W/(m07-07-2011
20120148421Ejector Pump - An ejector pump (06-14-2012
417076000 Jet pump with motive fluid generating pump 3
20090297366JET WELL PUMP - An improved jet well pump includes a centrifugal pump assembly that is a stamping-welding one and a jet pump assembly. The centrifugal pump assembly includes a pump body and a pump cover, an impeller and a shaft that are disposed in the pump body, it also includes a motor arranged outside of the pump body. The impeller is installed on the shaft and driven by the motor. The jet pump assembly includes a jet pump body, a nozzle installed in the jet pump body and a throat member disposed on the upper end of the jet pump body. The centrifugal pump assembly and the jet pump assembly are communicated with each other by means of an inlet pipe and a return pipe. The upper ends of the inlet pipe and the return pipe are connected with an inlet and an outlet that are arranged on the axial surface of the pump body respectively, and the lower ends are connected with the throat member and the jet pump body respectively. The well pump not only improves manufactural process by simplifying and compacting structure and is convenient for transportation and use, but also reduces the intensity of labor and the cost, saves materials and has no pollution.12-03-2009
20100290924Nozzle Insert for Boosting Pump Inlet Pressure - A pump assembly includes a pump housing including an inner surface, a pump inlet and an excess flow passage, a filter assembly including a spout extending into the housing, and an insert located within and secured to the housing, and including a first surface spaced from the inner surface and producing therebetween an annular nozzle communicating with said excess flow passage, the nozzle directing a first fluid stream exiting the excess flow passage toward a second fluid stream exiting the spout, the fluid streams flowing toward the pump inlet.11-18-2010
20100092310Vehicle Transmission with Jet Pump - The present disclosure relates to a vehicle transmission with jet pump. The jet pump includes a hydraulic control system that has a nozzle fitted between a first and second housing. The nozzle is separable from the first and second housing. The hydraulic control system is configured to produce a jet stream of fluid through a center section of the nozzle.04-15-2010
417108000 Aerated column 1
20090047140Airlift pump - An airlift pump comprising a hollow, cylindrical main body having an injection hole near the bottom end, a channel routed in the outside surface of the main body and running continuously from the injection hole to the top end, and an air tube seated in the channel and bonded to the main body. The air tube comprises an injection end having an elbow forming an injection angle such that the air is injection into the main body in a downward direction toward the bottom end. The air tube further comprises a receiving end extending past the top end of the main body and connecting to air supply tubing. The pump has a restricted lateral width enabling the pump to fit inside the narrow monitoring wells typical in the groundwater monitoring industry.02-19-2009
20130078117DENSE PHASE PUMP FOR DRY PARTICULATE MATERIAL - A dense phase pump for particulate material includes a pump chamber wherein material flows into the pump chamber under negative pressure and flows out of the pump chamber under positive pressure. A plurality of pinch valves are provided to control flow of material into and out of the pump chamber. The pinch valves are operated independent of each other and of the pump cycle rate. A modular design of the pump is provided.03-28-2013
20130071262Gas Lift Assist For Fossil Fuel Wells - When a fossil fuel well is producing fossil fuel, lift gas injected into the well to bring the naturally occurring fluids in the well to the surface along with the fossil fuel and the plunger if the well has a plunger. An instrument is programmed to use the predetermined criteria to dynamically control the rate of injection of the lift gas into the well.03-21-2013
20110171041Vacuum Pump - A vacuum pump comprises an actuator with an actuating shaft; a mounting base with a first side being attached to the actuator; a pumping device having a pump ring being attached to a second side of the mounting base opposite to the first side; and a sound-proof cap being attached to an end face of the pump ring and the pumping device being driven by the actuating shaft penetrating through the mounting base.07-14-2011
20130121851APPARATUS FOR PURGE TO PREVENT AIRBORNE MOLECULAR CONTAMINANT(AMC) & NATURAL OXIDE - An apparatus for purge to prevent AMC & natural oxide includes an FOUP configured to contain wafers and to have a receipt supply hole for supplying gas and a receipt discharge hole for discharging the gas at a lower part of the FOUP; stage units each configured to have the FOUP separated therefrom or seated therein, to support the seated FOUP, and to have a gas supply hole for supplying the gas at a position corresponding to the receipt supply hole and a gas discharge hole for discharging the gas at a position corresponding to the receipt discharge hole; a first gas supply port unit disposed in response to the gas supply hole and configured to supply the gas to the FOUP; and a first gas discharge port unit disposed in response to the gas discharge hole and configured to discharge the gas from the FOUP.05-16-2013
20100254829Attachment to air moving device or system for the purpose of scenting spaces - An attachment for a fan, blower of other air moving device encompassing, and made of or designed to hold a scented material. The attachment may be constructed from any flexible, rigid or semi rigid material. A scented material base utilizing or made of paper, polymer, plastic, cardboard, ceramic, gel or other fragrance containing substrate that can be contained or placed inside said attachment. When the fan or blower is turned on a scent is emitted throughout the space. The attachment is available in standard or custom sizes, scents, shapes or colors to fit any standard fan or blower. The air movement produced creates a scent dispersion/diffusion effect.10-07-2010
20110110797SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR WATER EXPULSION FROM UNDERWATER HYDROPOWER PLANT AND HYDROPOWER PLANT ASSOCIATED THEREWITH - Systems and methods relate to utilizing fluid potential energy to produce large scale and sustainable hydroelectric power by employing a Cho-Venturi hydraulic ram (CVHR). The CVHR system includes a Cho-Venturi tube (CVT) in which a primary flow from a fluid at a head pressure at a depth in a body of the fluid combines with a recirculation flow in a throat section of the CVT. A pressure higher than the pressure outside the plant is generated at the end of a diverging section the CVT, which enables expulsion of the fluid discharged from hydraulic turbines under atmospheric pressure to the fluid depth while another portion of the fluid is recycled for power generation.05-12-2011
20110176937VENTURI-TYPE LIQUID PUMP - A venturi-type liquid pump is provided. The pump includes a supply line having a front end and a rear end, wherein the front end of the supply line includes a connector for connecting a supply of pressurized liquid to the supply line and the rear end of the supply line includes a nozzle having an exit orifice through which the pressurized liquid exits the supply line. The pump further includes a suction line having a first end and a second end, wherein the suction line is positioned in relation to the supply line to define a gap between the exit orifice and the first end such that the pressurized liquid exiting the exit orifice traverses the gap and entrains a second liquid within the gap before entering the first end of the suction line together with the entrained second liquid.07-21-2011
20110255999USE OF A ROLLING-ELEMENT BEARING FOR BEARING ROTATING COMPONENTS IN VACUUM DEVICES AND VACUUM DEVICE - A rolling-element bearing for bearing rotating components in vacuum devices includes a plurality of rolling elements (10-20-2011
20090104046ROTARY PRESSURE TRANSFER DEVICES - A rotary pressure exchange device for transferring the pressure of a high pressure stream of first fluid to a low pressure stream of second fluid having an improved substantially cylindrical rotor (04-23-2009
20120003105DRY VACUUM PUMP - The invention pertains to a dry-type vacuum pump comprising: 01-05-2012
20120057995SIDE-CHANNEL COMPRESSOR WITH SYMMETRIC ROTOR DISC WHICH PUMPS IN PARALLEL - The present invention provides a pump comprising a regenerative pumping mechanism having a generally disc-shaped rotor mounted on an axial shaft for rotation relative to a stator. The rotor has first and second surfaces each having a series of shaped recesses formed in concentric circles thereon, and a stator channel formed in a surface of the stator which faces one of the rotor's first or second surfaces. Each of the concentric circles is aligned with a portion of a stator channel so as to form a section of a gas flow path extending between an inlet and an outlet of the pump, and the rotor divides the section of flow path into sub-sections such that gas can flow towards the outlet simultaneously along any sub-section, channel or rotor side. As a result, the gas being pumped flows in a parallel fashion along both surfaces of the rotor. Thus, this configuration can provide a pumping mechanism where gas pressures on either side of the rotor can be substantially equal or balanced.03-08-2012
20120282117AIR BLOWING FAN, CIRCULATOR, MICRO-PARTICLE DIFFUSION DEVICE, AND AIR CIRCULATION METHOD - An air blowing fan, comprising a crossflow-type impeller, and a first casing and a second casing for covering the impeller and for forming an air flow route, the first casing and the second casing being disposed next to each other in an axial direction of the impeller; and an outgoing direction of the air flow passing through the first casing and an outgoing direction of the air flow passing through the second casing being different from each other.11-08-2012
20130209282POWDER SUPPLYING DEVICE FOR A POWDER COATING INSTALLATION - The invention relates to a powder supplying device for a powder coating installation with at least one powder container, which has a powder chamber for coating powder, and with at least one powder injector, which is connected or can be connected to a powder discharge channel opening out via a powder discharge opening in the powder chamber, in order to suck coating powder out of the powder chamber in the powder coating operation of the powder coating installation with the aid of conveying compressed air fed by the powder injector. In order to make it possible for the powder to be changed quickly in an easy manner, it is provided according to the invention that the powder discharge channel has a reduced length of at most 300 mm, preferably a length of 160 mm to 240 mm and more preferably a length of 200 mm.08-15-2013