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By control of electric or magnetic drive motor

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417440110 Responsive to change in electrical operating characteristic 37
417045000 By changing electrical characteristic of motor or motor circuit 28
417440200 Responsive to pump fluid pressure 23
20110200452MULTIPLE SWITCH FLOAT SWITCH APPARATUS - A float switch apparatus for controlling the energization of multiple electric circuits in response to the level of a liquid in a vessel, and a pump system incorporating same, are provided. The apparatus has a guide structure adapted to be mounted in a fixed position relative to the vessel. A first micro-switch with a normal and an engaged position is mounted to the guide structure and is adapted to be connected into a first electric circuit to control the energization thereof. A second micro-switch with a normal and an engaged position is mounted to the guide structure at a location above the first micro-switch and is adapted to be connected into a second electric circuit to control the energization thereof. A float rod is slideably mounted to the guide structure for reciprocating movement in a generally vertical direction in a zone above a resting position. The float rod has upper and lower float stops and a lower cam surface for releasing the first micro-switch from an engaged position to its normal position during upward movement of the float rod above the resting position. The float rod also has an upper cam surface for moving the second micro-switch from its normal position to its engaged position during upward movement of the float rod. The float, adapted to float with the level of liquid in the vessel, is slideably mounted to the float rod between the upper and lower float stops.08-18-2011
20100150737Determination and Control of Wellbore Fluid Level, Output Flow, and Desired Pump Operating Speed, Using a Control System for a Centrifugal Pump Disposed within the Wellbore - A method and apparatus for determining a fluid level and/or output flow during operation of a centrifugal pump, are provided, which may be used for production of gas and/or oil from a well, and include a vector feedback model to derive values of torque and speed from signals indicative of instantaneous current and voltage drawn by the pump motor, a pump model which derives values of the fluid flow rate and the head pressure for the pump from torque and speed inputs, a pumping system model that derives, from the estimated values of the pump operating parameters, an estimated value of fluid level and other pumping system parameters. Controllers responsive to the estimated values of the pumping system parameters control the pump to maintain fluid level at the pump input, near an optimum level, or within a safe operating range and/or output flow from the pump.06-17-2010
20100014988INTEGRATED ELECTRIC COMPRESSOR - There is provided an integrated electric compressor having a circuit configuration capable of decreasing the size thereof while restraining current ripples. In an inverter of the electric compressor, by providing a capacitor 01-21-2010
20110194946ELECTRONIC OIL PUMP - An electronic oil pump has at least one lubricant inlet, at least one lubricant outlet, at least one piston being movable between a full stroke position and a fully retracted position, an electrical actuator operatively connected to the at least one piston, a first electrical lead connected to a first element of the pump for electrically connecting the first element to an electronic control unit (ECU), and a second electrical lead connected to a second element of the pump for electrically connecting the second element to the ECU. When the at least one piston is in the full stroke position, an electrical path between the first and second electrical leads is closed. When the at least one piston is in a position other than the full stroke position, the electrical path is opened. A method of controlling an engine having the oil pump is also disclosed.08-11-2011
20090191066ALIQUOT CORRECTION FOR FEEDING SET DEGRADATION - A peristaltic pump is able to deliver accurate volumes over the life of a pump set that is operated on by the pump to drive the flow of fluid. The pump delivers fluid in small volumes or aliquots. In order to deliver fluid at any particular selected flow rate, the pump determines how often the rotor will rotate. The pump is able to calculate aliquot volume based on selected flow rate, but also on a factor that compensates for changes in the dimensions of the pump set over its life.07-30-2009
20130084193MOTOR HOUSING THERMAL SENSING - A motor driven compressor apparatus includes a first stage compressor, a second stage compressor, an electric motor disposed between and coupled to the first stage compressor and the second stage compressor, thermal sensors disposed on the electric motor and configured to externally measure internal temperatures of the electric motor or internal bearings or components, and an external controller coupled to the electric motor and to the thermal sensors, and configured to at least one of slow down a speed of the electric motor and shut down the electric motor in response to at least one of an excess of a predetermined internal temperature and a rate of internal temperature change.04-04-2013
20130039778SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING LINEAR PUMP SYSTEM - Systems and methods for operating a linear pump system involve operating a linear motor system; reciprocating a linear pump and a motor control module that issues commands and a control logic input to the linear motor system. The linear motor system is operated to reciprocate an output shaft between first and second reversal positions. The linear pump is reciprocated with the output shaft to produce a flow of material. A pump reversal command reverses direction of the output shaft. A torque command controls speed of the output shaft. The control logic input reciprocates the output shaft at speeds to produce a constant output condition of the flow of material. The motor control module adjusts the torque command to operate the output shaft at an increased speed above what is necessary for the constant output condition for a temporary time period beginning when the reversal command is issued.02-14-2013
20100111707ROBUST PID CONTROL FOR BLDC MOTOR CONTROLLER - When controlling an air compressor (05-06-2010
20100111706HIGH VOLTAGE BUS CAPACITOR PRE-CHARGER CIRCUIT - A precharge circuit (05-06-2010
20090155089Method and Control Unit for Operating a linear Compressor - A control unit for a linear compressor comprises a current sensor for detecting the current consumption of the linear compressor, a deflection sensor for detecting the deflection of the linear compressor and a control circuit for controlling the movement and detecting an overload state of the linear compressor using the current consumption which is detected by the current sensor and the deflection which is detected by the deflection sensor.06-18-2009
20100143156Fail-Safe Control Method for Oil Pump Control Unit of Hybrid Vehicle - A fail-safe control method for an oil pump control unit of a hybrid vehicle directly connects an automatic transmission control unit and an oil pump control unit via a hard wire to control an oil pump driver in the event of a failure of the CAN communication line of the oil pump control. It enables the rotation speed of a motor of the electric oil pump to be controlled by a motor control unit (MCU) or a underdrive brake (UD_BRAKE) to be controlled in on/off mode or in slip mode by the automatic transmission control unit until a mechanical oil pump is driven, in the event of a failure of the oil pump control unit or the electric oil pump.06-10-2010
20120163998FLUID EJECTION DEVICE AND MEDICAL DEVICE - A fluid ejection device includes: a pulse generation unit that changes the volume of a fluid chamber using a volume changing section to eject pulsating flow; a fluid supply unit including a pump chamber and a pump chamber volume changing section that changes the volume of the pump chamber to supply the fluid to the pulse generation unit; a drive control unit that inputs a pulsating flow drive signal for driving the pump chamber volume changing section and inputs a fluid supply drive signal for driving the fluid supply unit; and an operation command input unit that inputs an operation command to the drive control unit, wherein the fluid supply drive signal and the pulsating flow drive signal are input in conjunction with the input of the operation command.06-28-2012
20130089437MICRO-SIZED FLUID METERING PUMP - A motor-driven fluid pump has a positive displacement rotary pumping element with a circular rotating cam carried outwardly of the element that is rotated with the pumping element by contact with pistons carried radially by the pumping element. The pump maintains a constant mass flow rate for a given input command by adjusting for fluid type, for measured fluid operating temperature, and for changing motor speed according to a pre-set algorithm. The motor-driven fluid pump also has the capability to maintain a constant flow output over the life of the pump by adjusting for internal wear and having the capability to predict its remaining life by comparing its current motor speed against the maximum allowable motor speed.04-11-2013
20130071258DEPOSITION DETECTION DEVICE FOR EXHAUST PUMP AND EXHAUST PUMP HAVING THE SAME - To provide a deposit detection device capable of detecting with accuracy and alarming deposits deposited in an exhaust pump used for various processes regardless of kinds and flow rate of process gas, and to provide an exhaust pump equipped with the deposit detection device.03-21-2013
20090092501COMPRESSOR PROTECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method for protecting a variable speed compressor may include an inverter drive that modulates a frequency of electric power delivered to the compressor to modulate a speed of the compressor. The inverter drive may be cooled by refrigerant and include a temperature sensor that outputs an inverter temperature signal corresponding to an inverter temperature. A control module may receives the inverter temperature signal, compare the inverter temperature with a predetermined threshold, and reduce a compressor operating speed range when the inverter temperature is greater than the predetermined threshold.04-09-2009
20130058795METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE POWER OF AN ELECTRIC MOTOR OF A HYBRID COMPRESSOR - The invention relates to a method for determining the power (W03-07-2013
20090269211CONTROL SYSTEM AND CONTROL METHOD FOR ELECTRIC WATER PUMP - A control system is provided with an electric water pump that has a sensorless-type brushless motor including a rotor that rotates so as to circulate a coolant between an internal combustion engine and a radiator, and a control device that issues an instruction to stop the brushless motor and prohibits a start of the brushless motor till the rotor stops rotating.10-29-2009
20130064683LIQUID FEED PUMP AND CIRCULATION PUMP - A pump chamber is connected to an outlet-side buffer chamber via an outlet channel, and pumps a liquid from the outlet-side buffer chamber. A pressure vibration generated within the pump chamber when the volume of the pump chamber is decreased includes various kinds of information relating to the operating states of the liquid feed pump, such as mixing of bubbles, pumping pressure, dissolved gas amount, and liquid feed amount. Thus, it is possible to detect the pressure vibration, thereby simply and easily detecting the various kinds of information relating to the operating states of the liquid feed pump.03-14-2013
20130064685METHOD FOR MANAGING A HYBRID COMPRESSOR OF AN AIR-CONDITIONING CIRCUIT - The invention relates to a method for managing a hybrid compressor (03-14-2013
20130064684CONTROLLER OF COMPRESSOR - A controller of a compressor of the present invention sets a time in a timer according to a motor current detected by a motor current detector. When a time has reached the time set in the timer, the rotating speed of a DC motor is increased. Therefore, control of the rotating speed according to a load can be achieved. When it is determined that a refrigerator load is great, the compressor is operated at a higher speed quickly, while when it is determined that the refrigerator load is smaller, the compressor is operated at a lower speed, which results in energy saving.03-14-2013
20110129356ELECTRIC-MOTOR-DRIVEN OIL PUMP CONTROL SYSTEM - In an electric-motor-driven oil pump unit with automatic engine-stop system interaction, in which an electric-motor-driven oil pump is driven by an electric motor for hydraulic pressure supply to a transmission of an automotive vehicle employing an automatic engine-stop system, at least in a stopped state of a mechanical oil pump driven by the engine, a motor current/speed detector is provided for detecting a motor current and/or a motor speed of the electric motor. Also provided is a controller configured to output an inhibiting signal to the automatic engine-stop system for inhibiting a mode shift to an automatic engine-stop mode, when a change in the motor current and/or the motor speed during a preliminary operation of the electric-motor-driven oil pump executed from a point of time when an automatic engine-stop condition of the vehicle becomes satisfied, is out of a specified characteristic.06-02-2011
20110280737END OF STROKE DETECTION FOR ELECTROMAGNETIC PUMP - Detection of end of stroke for an electromagnetic pump is performed using, for example, a calculated first flux derivative.11-17-2011
20090148307Apparatus and method for controlling linear compressor with inverter unit - An apparatus and method for controlling a linear compressor with an inverter unit. In the apparatus and method, a capacitor is connected between a driving motor and an inverter unit that applies a voltage to the driving motor according to an output frequency thereof, thereby preventing a jump phenomenon due to an inductance of the motor coil. Furthermore, the linear compressor is precisely controlled through the inverter unit, thereby enhancing stability of the apparatus.06-11-2009
20110286860Method for Controlling a Compressor Installation - A method for controlling a compressor system comprising a plurality of compressors, wherein the compressor system is intended to maintain a predefined excess pressure in a pressurized fluid system, wherein decisions are met at fixed or variable intervals as to switching operations for adapting the system to current conditions, wherein—in a pre-selecting step, switching alternatives are excluded from the plurality of combinatorially available switching alternatives, —in a main selecting step, remaining switching alternatives are weighed against one another while referring to one or more optimization criterion (criteria) and optimum switching alternatives are selected from among the given criteria, and—in a control step, the selected switching alternative is output for implementation in the compressor system.11-24-2011
20100143157METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTING CAVITATION OF PUMP AND FREQUENCY CONVERTER - A method and a system are disclosed in accordance with a pump controlled with a frequency converter. An exemplary method includes controlling the pump with a frequency converter, the frequency converter feeding a motor connected to drive the pump, providing a torque estimate (T06-10-2010
20100111708FLUID EJECTION SYSTEM, FLUID EJECTION SYSTEM DRIVE METHOD, AND SURGICAL APPARATUS - A fluid ejection system includes: a pulsation generation section which, including a fluid chamber, a diaphragm which changes a volume of the fluid chamber, and a piezoelectric element which drives the diaphragm, pulsatively ejects a fluid from a nozzle; and a control apparatus including a pressure generation section which supplies the fluid to the fluid chamber at a predetermined pressure, a drive waveform generation section which inputs a drive waveform into the piezoelectric element, and a load detection section which detects a load of the pressure generation section, wherein in the event that the load detection section has detected a load abnormality of the pressure generation section, a fluid discharge pressure amplitude of the pulsation generation section or a fluid supply pressure of the pressure generation section is made higher than at a normal drive time.05-06-2010
20100119378ROTARY COMPRESSOR - A rotary compressor includes a compression mechanism, an electric motor and a controller. The compression mechanism includes a piston and a cylinder having two cylinder chambers. The electric motor is configured to change volumes of the cylinder chambers by eccentrically moving the cylinder and the piston relative to each other. The controller is configured to change an output torque of the electric motor in accordance with a variation in a load torque of the compression mechanism in one turn of rotation.05-13-2010
20120107139ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND COOLING FAN CONTROL METHOD - An electronic device capable of reducing a continuously generated whining sound is provided. Electronic device (05-03-2012
20090202360High rotational speed vacuum pump - A high rotational speed vacuum pump (08-13-2009
20090290990CONTROLLER FOR A MOTOR AND A METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE MOTOR - A pumping apparatus for a jetted-fluid system includes a pump having an inlet connectable to the drain, and an outlet connectable to the return. The pump is adapted to receive the fluid from the drain and jet fluid through the return. The apparatus includes a motor coupled to the pump to operate the pump, a sensor configured to generate a signal having a relation to a parameter of the motor, and a switch coupled to the motor and configured to control at least a characteristic of the motor. The apparatus also includes a microcontroller coupled to the sensor and the switch. The microcontroller includes a model observer configured to receive a first value based on the signal and to generate a second value representative of at least one of a modeled flow or a modeled pressure based on the first value. The microcontroller is configured to control the motor based on the second value.11-26-2009
20090290989CONTROLLER FOR A MOTOR AND A METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE MOTOR - A method of controlling a motor operating a pumping apparatus of a fluid-pumping application. The pumping apparatus includes a pump having an inlet to receive a fluid and an outlet to exhaust the fluid, and the motor coupled to the pump to operate the pump. The method includes the acts of controlling the motor to operate the pump and monitoring the operation of the pump. The monitoring act includes monitoring a power of the motor, and determining whether the monitored power indicates an undesired flow of fluid through the pump. The method further includes the act of controlling the motor to cease operation of the pump when the determination indicates an undesired flow of fluid through the pump and zero or more other conditions exist.11-26-2009
20090263255APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING ELECTRIC COMPRESSOR - There is provided an apparatus for controlling an electric compressor, which can actuate the electric compressor rapidly through a simpler and lower-cost configuration while achieving reduction in weight, cost, and assembling time of the electric compressor. In the case where a pressure difference between the inlet side and the outlet side of the compressor body is present when a motor of the electric compressor is actuated, the motor is actuated at a number of revolutions lower than that in the normal mode. Thereby, even if a refrigerant has been liquefied on the outlet side of the compressor body, for example, the motor can be actuated by performing such action as to push out the liquefied refrigerant. In this case, the number of revolutions of the motor is increased by being changed stepwise or linearly, by which the number of revolutions of the motor is caused to reach a required number of revolutions as early as possible while surely performing the actuation.10-22-2009
20100284824Cooling an Electrically Controlled Turbocharger - An electrically controlled turbocharger has a motor mounted on a shaft in a motor housing between a turbine and compressor. Oil is sprayed onto the motor stator to cool the stator. An oil gallery is disposed above the stator to receive lubricating oil and contains apertures that perform as jets to allow oil to be sprayed directly on the motor stator. A coolant jacket is formed in the turbocharger housing between the turbine and the motor to allow liquid coolant to circulate therein and dissipate heat from the turbine end prior to reaching the motor components. Other embodiments provide for a stator component to be submerged in flowing cooling oil.11-11-2010
20100034666ELECTRONIC CAMSHAFT MOTOR CONTROL FOR PISTON PUMP - A two (or more) piston pump system (02-11-2010
20130011274COMPRESSED AIR SUPPLY FOR THE OPERATION OF MOVING BED FILTERS - A method for supplying compressed air for the operation of moving bed filters by way a compressor is characterized by controlling the pressure of compressed air from the compressor by controlling the rotational speed of the compressor. A system for supplying compressed air is also provided. By use of the described method and system, substantial energy savings of approximately 50 percent can be achieved.01-10-2013
20090136359MOTOR CONTROL APPARATUS FOR A VENTILATION SYSTEM - A method of constant airflow control for a ventilation system is disclosed. The method includes various controls to accomplish a substantially constant airflow rate over a significant change of the static pressure in a ventilation duct. One control is a constant I·RPM control, which is primarily used in a low static pressure range. Another control is a constant RPM control, which is primarily used in a high static pressure range. These controls requires neither a static pressure sensor nor an airflow rate sensor to accomplish substantially constant airflow rate while static pressure changes. This is because these controls use only intrinsic control variables which are electric current and rotational speed of the motor. Also, the method improves the accuracy of the control by correcting certain deviations that are caused by the motor's current-RPM characteristics. To compensate the deviation, the method adopts a test operation in a minimum static pressure condition. Also disclosed is an apparatus for conducting these control methods.05-28-2009
20090252617METHOD FOR OPERATION OF A COMPRESSOR SUPPLIED BY A POWER CONVERTER - The invention relates to a method for operation of a compressor supplied by a power converter. According to the invention, an operating condition (B10-08-2009
20090208347CONTROLLING APPARATUS FOR LINEAR COMPRESSOR - The present invention discloses a controlling apparatus and method for a linear compressor which can provide an efficient control, by selectively performing an operation which is not affected by a capacitor and an operation which does not include a phase control according to a load. The controlling apparatus for the linear compressor includes an LC path (P08-20-2009
20090220351Fan Controller and Image Forming Apparatus - A fan controller and an image forming apparatus are provided. The fan controller includes a rotational frequency instructing unit configured to output driving instructions to a fan driving unit that is configured to control a rotational frequency of a fan, the driving instructions including a target value of the rotational frequency of the fan; a rotational frequency detection unit configured to detect an actual measurement value of the rotational frequency of the fan; a storage unit configured to store consecutively at given time intervals a plurality of parameters indicating a correspondence relationship between the driving instructions output by the rotation frequency instructing unit and the rotational frequency detected by the rotational frequency detection unit; and a notification unit configured to notify a condition of the fan on the basis of the plurality of parameters. The image forming apparatus includes a fan, a fan driver and the fan controller.09-03-2009
20090232664Permanent magnet motor for subsea pump drive - A subsea pump drive employs a permanent magnet (PM) motor to drive a subsea pump. The PM motor rotor in one embodiment is canned with a non-magnetic material such as inconel that can provide a desired level of corrosion protection. The PM motor provides a subsea pump drive that is smaller and more efficient, having a high power factor than a subsea pump drive utilizing a conventional induction motor. The PM motor subsea pump drive eliminates the necessity for a topside storage tank and associated fluid transfer lines when the motor rotor is cooled with processed fluid.09-17-2009
20100189572PUMP ASSEMBLY HAVING AN INTEGRATED USER INTERFACE - A pump assembly includes a permanent magnet motor having a stator with coil windings, a rotor assembly having a shaft and an impeller attached to the shaft, with the shaft being driven by the stator and the impeller driving fluid through the pump assembly, and a control module having a controller and a user interface. The controller measures characteristics of the stator, the controller determines at least one of the flow rate and the pressure of the fluid moved through the pump assembly based on the characteristics measured, and the user interface is configured to display an output representative of the flow rate. A method of operating a pump includes the steps of measuring at least one operating characteristic of the pump utilizing the controller integrated with the pump, determining a flow characteristic of the pump based on the at least one measured operating characteristic, and displaying the determined flow characteristic on a user interface integrated with the pump.07-29-2010
20090047137Control System for Electromagnetic Pumps - A control system for controlling electromagnetic pumps, such as electromagnetic driven membrane pumps, has at least one microprocessor and at least one sensor, the microprocessor controlling the power supply to at least one electromagnet whose changes in emitted magnetic field causes at least one moving part, directly or indirectly, to perform an oscillating pumping movement. The control system has at least one positioning sensor which senses the moving part's position in the electromagnetic driven pump. By use of the positioning sensor's measurements, the pump can be controlled with great accuracy. A method for controlling electromagnetic pumps is also provided.02-19-2009
20100189570Intelligent auto-sensing pumping device - The present creation includes at least a control circuit for performing the start, stop or test run modes of a motor, and a detection loop composed of two detection circuits, the two detection circuits connecting the control circuit to the motor and the guide of a waterproof case respectively. When there is no water or the water is pumped off, the pumping device remains in the stopped state due to disconnection of the detection loop. As the water level reaches the guide and enables conduction in the detection loop, the circuits of the motor would be actuated and work in accordance with the modes set by the control circuit.07-29-2010
20100189571METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DEFOGGING TRANSPARENT DOORS IN DISPLAY CASES - A system for defogging doors to a display case is described and includes an electric motor and an air moving device. The air moving device is operatively coupled to the electric motor and positioned to provide an output proximate to at least one door of the display case. The motor is configured to operate at a first speed under standard closed door conditions, at a second speed when the door of the display case is open, and at a third speed for a predetermined length of time after the door is moved from an open position to a closed position.07-29-2010
20100215511Level Sensor System - A system and method for turning on and off a bilge pump whereby bilge water level is detected using level sensors and bilge pumps are turned on and off based on the detected water level. The system further incorporates an automatic transmission outside the watercraft to alert of the water level in the bilge. The system is controllable from within the watercraft and remotely controllable through wireless transmission.08-26-2010
20100254826Radial Blower - The invention relates to a radial blower, with at least one axial air inlet port (10-07-2010
20100254827Method and Auto-control System on Improving Pumping System Performance - The present invention discloses a method and auto-control system on improving pumping system performance. The system contains a pump, a pool, pipelines, a parameter setting module, a water level measuring module and a system control module. The parameter setting module is configured to preset a characteristic parameter and a control parameter of the pump and the pipelines. The water level measuring module is configured to measure, determine and compute a high level pool water level, a flow demand trend and a system instantaneous flow at regular intervals. The system control module is configured to receive the data sent by the water level measuring module that is measured and computed, and controls the operation of the system based on the data. The method and auto-control system on improving pumping system performance in the present invention is able to automatically measure and predict the flow demand of the pipeline system, and controls the pumping system to operating in high efficiency zone in most of the time. Compared to existing pumping control system, the system in the present invention can save energy for 10%-30%.10-07-2010
20090110562Variable frequency control module for an AC compressor in an air conditioning system - A variable frequency control module includes a temperature detecting unit outputting a detecting signal corresponding to ambient temperature detected thereby, an operating unit operable so as to output an input signal corresponding to a target temperature, and a processing unit receiving the detecting signal and the input signal from the temperature detecting unit and the operating unit., and outputting a control signal corresponding to a difference between the ambient temperature and the target temperature based on the detecting signal and the input signal. An encoding unit receives the control signal from the processing unit, encodes the control signal into an encoded signal, and outputs the encoded signal to a frequency converting unit that outputs a driving signal having a frequency corresponding to the encoded signal to an AC compressor so that an AC compressor is operated at a rotary speed based on the driving signal.04-30-2009
20110110792SENSORS AND METHODS AND APPARATUS RELATING TO SAME - In one form a capacitive sensor is disclosed for immersion into a fluid, the capacitive sensor having a housing and first and second electrodes with the first electrode being disposed at least partially within the housing and electrically connected to a circuit, the second electrode being electrically connected to the circuit via an electrical connection and physically separated from the housing containing at least a portion of the first electrode so that at least a portion of the electrical connection or second electrode is located above or outside of the fluid to reduce the risk that minerals will form between the electrodes. In other forms, capacitors, capacitive sensors, pump controls and systems utilizing these features are disclosed along with methods and apparatus relating to same. In yet other forms additional sensors such as current sensors, thermal sensors, speed sensors, torque sensors and Hall Effect sensors are disclosed for use alone or in combination with said capacitive sensor for detecting fluid level and/or controlling pumps.05-12-2011
20090214357Variable speed drive for progressing cavity pumps - A variable speed drive for RPM control of a revolvable device, preferably a progressing cavity pump, is proposed. It comprises parallel driving and driven shafts, coupled respectively to a first and second substantially identical cone-shaped rotors, situated in inverse positions to each other; an elastic belt, stretchably placed around the rotors, forming a left branch, a right branch, and curved sections frictionally coupled with the rotors; and a speed control means, capable to displace the left branch upward or alternatively to displace the right branch downward, causing corresponding displacements of the belt, changing the transmission ratio, thereby controlling the RPM of the rotatable device, in some embodiments—automatically. Known materials, parts, and inexpensive technologies can be utilized in the drive, and can be manufactured, e.g., by establishments in the oil equipment and machinery industry, and thus can be efficient, cheap, reliable, and convenient for producers and users.08-27-2009
20110176934SAMPLE PREPARATION APPARATUS, SAMPLE PREPARATION METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - A sample preparation apparatus comprising: a filter which separates predetermined cells from a liquid sample containing a plurality types of cells; a rotor which includes a magnetic body and detaches the predetermined cells attached to the filter by rotation; a driving unit which rotates the rotor using a magnetic force; and a rotation information acquiring unit which acquires a rotation information of the rotor when the driving unit rotates the rotor. A method and a computer program product are also disclosed.07-21-2011
20110081255Controlling Pumps for Improved Energy Efficiency - A method for improving the energy efficiency of a pump system. The method includes measuring an instantaneous power consumption of the pump system, measuring an instantaneous fluid flow rate of the pump system, and determining an instantaneous specific energy consumption (SEC) of the pump system based on the instantaneous power consumption and the instantaneous fluid flow rate. The method then adjusts the speed of a pump in response to the determined SEC. The above steps may be performed a number of times to seek a reduced value of the instantaneous SEC of the pump system.04-07-2011
20090324428SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING A FAULT CONDITION IN A COMPRESSOR - A system and method for determining a fault condition in a compressor is provided. The current of a motor drive powering the compressor and the outdoor ambient temperature are measured and used to determine if a fault condition or a potential fault condition is present in the compressor. If a fault condition is determined to be present, the compressor can be shutdown to avoid damage to the compressor. If a potential fault condition is determined, remedial action can be taken to attempt to prevent the fault condition from occurring and shutting down the compressor.12-31-2009
20110135500METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR LUBRICATING A TRANSMISSION OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - The invention relates to a method for lubricating a transmission of a motor vehicle, particularly a power divider, wherein the oil is conveyed by an oil pump from an oil sump to components of the transmission. The amount of oil conveyed is set as a function of the predetermined parameters. The conveyed amount of oil is controlled in that the oil pump is operated intermittently, e.g. is switched on and off repeatedly. The invention further describes a device for carrying out the method.06-09-2011
20110097214Pump control device, oil well with device and method - A method of operating an oil well comprises applying through a variable frequency drive AC electrical energy from a power grid to an AC electric motor to operate a drive mechanism of an oil well pump. The motor speed is regulated in a manner to optimize oil production and maximize the operational life of the drive mechanism, decreasing motor speed by transferring the electrical energy to the power grid and increasing motor speed by transferring the electrical energy from the power grid to the motor. The drive mechanism has a predetermined stroke cycle and, over the course of each stroke cycle, the motor is operated at different regulated speeds initiated when the drive mechanism is at a predetermined position in each stroke cycle.04-28-2011
20100028166SUBMERSIBLE PUMP WITH INTEGRATED LIQUID LEVEL SENSING AND CONTROL SYSTEM - In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention, there is provided a submersible pump that includes a pump housing forming a main compartment for receiving a pump impeller and having liquid entrance and exit openings in said main compartment, and an impeller mounted in the main compartment. The pump housing is adapted for submersion in a body of liquid whose level is to be controlled, and a sealed auxiliary compartment is formed as an integral part of the housing and located to be at least partially submerged in the liquid body. A drive motor is coupled to the impeller for rotating the impeller to eject liquid from the main compartment through the exit opening. An electric-field sensor is mounted in the sealed auxiliary compartment for detecting the elevation of the surface of the liquid body adjacent the sealed auxiliary compartment. At least one controllable switch is connected in the power supply line for controlling the supply of power to the drive motor, and the electric-field sensor is connected to the controllable switch for opening and closing the switch in response to changes in the detected elevation of the surface of the liquid body adjacent the outer surface of the sealed auxiliary compartment.02-04-2010
20100021313ELECTRONIC CONTROL FOR A ROTARY FLUID DEVICE - A fluid device system includes a fluid pump, an electric motor in engagement with the fluid pump, and a controller. The electric motor is adapted for rotation in response to an electric signal. The controller is adapted to communicate the electric signal to the electric motor. The controller includes a lookup table having a plurality of performance data related to the fluid pump and the electric motor. The performance data from the lookup table is used by the controller to set aspects of the electrical signal communicated to the electric motor in order to achieve a desired attribute of the fluid pump.01-28-2010
20110217184Solar Powered Attic Fan Control System - A solar powered attic fan control system preferably includes a remote interface unit and at least one fan controller unit. The remote interface unit includes a display screen and a remote interface electronic control device. Each fan controller unit preferably includes a fan controller electronic control device and temperature, pressure, voltage and humidity sensors. The remote interface electronic control device preferably has a wireless connection to the at least one fan controller unit. A plurality of control buttons on the remote interface unit allows a user to select one of a plurality of fan controller units connected to the remote interface unit. The display screen will display temperature and relative humidity conditions in the fan controller unit location. The specific fan controller may be turned on and off by the remote interface unit. The remote interface unit preferably displays the available power level from a solar panel or battery pack.09-08-2011
20110217183BEVERAGE PRODUCTION MODULE AND METHOD FOR OPERATING A BEVERAGE PRODUCTION MODULE - A beverage production module that includes a pump for delivering a fluid from a tank to an extraction chamber, a power source for the pump and a controller for operating the pump and for controlling the voltage applied from the power source to the pump. The controller is adapted to operate the pump both at a normal operation voltage over a predefined time at a reduced voltage level. The invention further relates to a method for operating the pump of the beverage production module.09-08-2011
20100135825Multiple Motors Driving a Single Compressor String - Systems and methods of driving a compressor are provided. The compressor can be driven by multiple electric motors, which can be controlled by an adjustable speed drive (ASD) to increase efficiency. A torque controller may also be included.06-03-2010
20110135499APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING OPERATION OF ELECTRIC OIL PUMP - The present invention provides an apparatus and method for controlling the operation of an electric oil pump for creating a working fluid pressure in a transmission and a clutch for a hybrid vehicle, which can accurately reflect the viscosity characteristics of oil to accurately control the operation of the pump, instead of measuring the temperature of the oil to reflect the state of the oil. In preferred embodiments, the present invention provides an apparatus for controlling the operation of an electric oil pump, the apparatus including: a current detector for detecting a current applied to a motor of an electric oil pump; a rotational speed detector for detecting a rotational speed of the motor; and a controller for calculating a load torque of the motor based on the detection values of the current detector and the rotational speed detector, calculating a target rotational speed based on the detection values, and controlling the operation of the motor based on the target rotational speed.06-09-2011
20090196764HIGH FREQUENCY ELECTRIC-DRIVE WITH MULTI-POLE MOTOR FOR GAS PIPELINE AND STORAGE COMPRESSION APPLICATIONS - An integrated electric-drive compressor system utilizes a high frequency drive for powering the multi-pole pair motor. The electric motor and compressor are housed in a common pressure casing. The electric motor has added permanent magnets for achieving higher ratings and higher speeds.08-06-2009
20110318193LINEAR COMPRESSOR - The present invention discloses a linear compressor which makes it possible to adjust a variable rate of a cooling capacity. The linear compressor includes a fixed member having a compression space therein, a movable member linearly reciprocated in the fixed member to compress a refrigerant sucked into the compression space, one or more springs provided to elastically support the movable member in the motion direction of the movable member, a motor unit including a motor connected to the movable member to linearly reciprocate the movable member in the axial direction and a capacitor connected in series to the motor, and a motor control unit controlling an AC voltage applied to the motor to adjust a variable rate of a cooling capacity by the reciprocation of the movable member.12-29-2011
20120207619FAN MOTOR DRIVING DEVICE AND COOLING DEVICE USING THE SAME - The present invention is provided to remove dust that adhered to a cooling fan. A plurality of comparators are disposed for each of a plurality of coils, respectively, and generates a back electromotive force sensing signal denoting a comparison result by comparing a back electromotive force appearing at one end of each corresponding coil with a neutral-point voltage of the coils. A driving signal synthesis circuit generates a driving control signal used to enable the fan motor to proceed the following actions: (i) enabling the fan motor to rotate toward the opposite direction as a normal operation within a specific reverse rotation period after a driving of the fan motor is started, (ii) applying a brake to the fan motor within a braking period, and (iii) enabling the fan motor to rotate toward a direction of normal operation in a normal driving period. A driving circuit drives the fan motor.08-16-2012
20120014813Method and Apparatus for Solar Attic Fan with Air Flow Guide - A method and apparatus for solar attic fan with air flow guide have been disclosed. In one version a solar array provides energy for a fan having an air flow guide within a shroud thereby decreasing back pressure and increasing air flow.01-19-2012
20120301323APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING COMPRESSOR - An apparatus for controlling a compressor is provided. When grounding the apparatus for controlling a compressor, an analogue circuit ground and a digital circuit ground may be insulated from each other to protect the apparatus. A ground of an analogue circuit driven by commercial alternating current (AC) power, and a ground of a digital circuit driven by a voltage which has been converted from commercial AC power, may also be insulated from each other by a simple circuit device to protect a controller inside the digital circuit.11-29-2012
20120301322USE OF WATTMETER TO OBTAIN DIAGNOSTICS OF HYDRAULIC SYSTEM DURING TRANSIENT-STATE START-UP OPERATION - Disclosed herein is an approach that uses a wattmeter to obtain diagnostics of a hydraulic system during transient-state start-up operation. In one aspect, a controller uses the electric power measured by the wattmeter during the transient-state start-up operation to determine fluid flow parameters. In another aspect, the controller determines diagnostics for the hydraulic fluid consuming device and the hydraulic pump unit as a function of the fluid flow parameters.11-29-2012
20120063922MOTOR CONTROL APPARATUS/METHOD FOR ELECTRIC OIL PUMP - Motor control apparatus for an electric oil pump includes the control command generating section configured to drive the motor control section by the first current command signal obtained from the fixed second target torque signal of the second signal generating section in a first stage, when the control command generating section receives the start command of the motor from the host control device when engine stops, to output the sum signal of the first current command signal and the second current command signal to the current control section, and to drive the motor control section by the third current command signal in a second stage, and to switch the output of the target torque switching section from the fixed second target torque signal to the first target torque signal of the first signal generating section in a third stage.03-15-2012
20120207620HYBRID VEHICLE DRIVE SYSTEM AND METHOD AND IDLE REDUCTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - One embodiment relates to a hybrid vehicle drive system for a vehicle including a first prime mover, a first prime mover driven transmission, a rechargeable power source, and a PTO. The hybrid vehicle drive system further includes a hydraulic motor in direct or indirect mechanical communication with the PTO and an electric motor in direct or indirect mechanical communication with the hydraulic motor. The electric motor can provide power to the prime mover driven transmission and receive power from the prime mover driven transmission through the PTO. The hydraulic motor can provide power to the prime mover driven transmission and receive power from the prime mover driven transmission through the PTO.08-16-2012
20120207618Cooling Fan and Housing Thereof - A cooling fan includes a sidewall coupled to a base of a housing and defining a compartment. The housing includes an air inlet, an air outlet, and a dust channel. The air inlet, the air outlet, and the dust channel are in communication with the compartment. An impeller is rotatably coupled to a stator coupled to the base. A control element includes a driving circuit electrically connected to the stator and a rotating direction control circuit electrically connected to the driving circuit. The air outlet and the dust channel separate an inner periphery of the sidewall into first and second guiding wall sections. The first guiding wall section has a guiding portion contiguous to the dust channel. A first spacing between the guiding portion and a center of the impeller is not larger than a second spacing between the second guiding wall section and the center of the impeller.08-16-2012
20110091330Condensate Removal Pump Controller Using Acoustic Liquid Level Sensor - A pump controller is provided for removing liquid condensate from a reservoir in a condensate pump removal system which collects condensate from an air conditioning/refrigeration system. The pump controller comprises a liquid level sensor in the form of an acoustic transmitter and acoustic receiver which are used to measure the time of flight of the acoustic signal, to thereby indicate the level of the liquid and determine whether the pump should be switched on and off.04-21-2011
20110103972ECCENTRIC SCREW PUMP FOR MORTAR - An apparatus for delivering a viscous material by means of an eccentric screw pump, includes a framework for carrying and fastening apparatus elements, a pump-housing portion for carrying a stator and a rotor in the form of a delivery screw, suction and pressure regions for introducing and discharging the delivery material, respectively, an electric drive unit for driving the rotor in the stator in a first direction of rotation for delivering the delivery material, a control mechanism for activating the drive unit, and one or more releasable retaining members for the rotationally fixed and/or positionally fixed connection of the drive unit and of the stator. A change in the direction of rotation to a second direction of rotation of the electric drive unit, with the retaining mechanism released, gives rise to automatic separation of the pump-housing portion with the stator by virtue of the rotor being unscrewed.05-05-2011
20110103973SYSTEM AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING A LINEAR COMPRESSOR - The present invention relates to a system and method of controlling a linear compressor (05-05-2011
20120251334Ceiling Fan Controller Using a Dip Switch to Set Rotation Speed Thereof - A ceiling fan controller using a DIP switch to set a rotation speed comprises a rectifying filter circuit, a CPU, a motor driving module, a voltage lowering circuit, an automatic balancing circuit, and a sensing circuit for a DC non carbon brush motor. A DIP switch electrically connects to the CPU to set different maximum rotation speeds for the DC non carbon brush motor.10-04-2012
20120163997VANE COMPRESSOR WITH INTEGRATED MOTOR - A rotor disk of a vane compressor includes a multiple of slots along an outer diameter and a multiple of magnets along an inner diameter. Each of the multiple of slots is radially aligned with one of the multiple of magnets.06-28-2012
20120213645Energy Saving System and Method for Devices with Rotating or Reciprocating Masses - A system and method are provided for reducing the energy consumed by a pump jack electric motor by reducing the supply voltage to the motor when the motor would be generating energy in open loop mode. By substantially eliminating the energy generation mode, the braking action of the utility grid in limiting the acceleration of the motor and system that would otherwise occur is substantially removed. The motor and system will speed up, allowing the natural kinetic energy of the cyclic motion to perform part of the pumping action.08-23-2012
20120219429FUEL SYSTEM - An aircraft engine fuel system is provided and includes a pump, including an inlet and an outlet, from which pressurized output is produced, a valve disposed downstream from the pump outlet to receive and to direct the pump output flow toward the engine and to provide a leak tight seal when the pump is not operating, a sensor configured to issue a signal reflective of a state of the valve at first and second conditions and a controller, operably coupled to the pump and the sensor, which is receptive of the signal and which modifies performance models of the pump and engine to control pump speed to modify pump flow accordingly.08-30-2012
20120171050AUTOMATIC BLOWER CONTROL - A blower system includes a blower motor and an inverter in electrical communication therewith. The blower motor is mechanically coupled to a blower configured to generate an airstream having an airflow rate. The inverter is configured to provide a motor drive signal to the motor. A flow rate calculator is configured to determine a calculated airflow rate from motor operating parameters of the blower motor using a mathematical model of the airflow rate.07-05-2012
20120076667ELECTRIC MOTOR PUMP CONTROL INCORPORATING PUMP ELEMENT POSITION INFORMATION - A method and a system for controlling an electric motor of a pump to counter act pressure pulsations generated by at least one pump element and to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness generated by the pump. The positions of at least one pump element of the pump and a shaft of the electric motor are determined. A pump stroke position is determined from the position of the pump element relative to the position of the shaft of the electric motor. The power sent to the electric motor is controlled according to the pump stroke position.03-29-2012
20100047079Method for the Predictive Closed-Loop Control of a Linear Drive or of a Linear Compressor and Linear Drive or Linear Compressor Subject to Predictive Closed-Loop Control - A method for closed-loop control of a linear drive including a stator, a rotor configured for reciprocating movement along a drive axis therein, and a drive coil through which coil current flows, in particular for a linear compressor including a piston housing and a compressor piston configured for reciprocating movement along a piston axis therein, and driven by the linear drive wherein the coil current is subject to closed-loop control, the method including the steps of determining a target coil current and applying an actual coil current wherein the actual coil current and the target coil current are substantially the same value.02-25-2010
20120177504Linear Rod Pump Apparatus and Method - An apparatus and method for pumping fluids, such as water and/or hydrocarbons, from a subterranean formation or reservoir, include a linear rod pump having a mechanical rack and pinion drive arrangement, adapted for attachment to a pumping mechanism, such as the polished rod at the top of a rod string in a hydrocarbon well. The rack gear, of the rack and pinion drive arrangement, is adapted for connection to, and movement with, the polished rod. The pinion gear does not translate with the rack gear, and is driven by a reversible motor for affecting up and down reciprocating motion of the rack gear and pumping mechanism. Some forms of the invention include a compressible gas counter-balance arrangement. Some forms of the invention include an electronic drive configured for dealing with electric power generated by the motor during a portion of the pumping cycle.07-12-2012
20120224978Apparatus and methods for adjustment of the pressure in a vehicle tire - An apparatus for adjusting the pressure in a tire of a vehicle comprises a compressed gas source, a coupling which can be fastened on a valve of the tire, and control means for selective action upon the coupling with compressed gas from the compressed gas source, said control means comprising an interface for communication with a TPM system.09-06-2012
20120230841Linear Rod Pump Apparatus and Method - An apparatus and method for pumping fluids, such as water and/or hydrocarbons, from a subterranean formation or reservoir, include a linear rod pump having a mechanical rack and pinion drive arrangement, adapted for attachment to a pumping mechanism, such as the polished rod at the top of a rod string in a hydrocarbon well. The rack gear, of the rack and pinion drive arrangement, is adapted for connection to a cable and pulley arrangement for imparting motion to the polished rod. The pinion gear does not translate with the rack gear, and is driven by a reversible motor for affecting up and down reciprocating motion of the rack gear and pumping mechanism. Some forms of the invention include a compressible gas counter-balance arrangement. Some forms of the invention include an electronic drive configured for dealing with electric power generated by the motor during a portion of the pumping cycle.09-13-2012
20110002792CONTROLLER FOR A MOTOR AND A METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE MOTOR - A pumping apparatus for a jetted-fluid system includes a pump having an inlet connectable to the drain, and an outlet connectable to the return. The pump is adapted to receive the fluid from the drain and jet fluid through the return. The pumping apparatus includes a motor coupled to the pump to operate the pump, a sensor connectable to the power source and configured to generate a signal having a relation to a parameter of the motor, and a switch coupled to the motor and configured to control at least a characteristic of the motor. The pumping apparatus also includes a microcontroller coupled to the sensor and the switch. The microcontroller is configured to generate a derivative value based on the signal, and to control the motor based on the derivative value.01-06-2011
20080292474Method for Controlling a Hydraulic Machine in a Control System - A method is provided for controlling a hydraulic machine in a control system when utilizing the hydraulic machine as a pump, in which an electric machine is connected in a driving manner to the hydraulic machine. The method includes detecting at least one operating parameter, determining, based on the detected operating parameter, whether a pressure supplied by the hydraulic machine is to be limited, and controlling the electric machine correspondingly.11-27-2008
20120269653DUAL POWER INPUT FLUID PUMP - A fluid pumping system for a vehicle having an internal combustion engine includes a housing, an electric motor, a controller to control the speed of the electric motor, a planetary gearset including a first member adapted to be driven by the internal combustion engine, a second member driven by the electric motor and a third member. A pump is driven by the third member of the planetary gearset. The housing contains the electric motor, the pump and the controller.10-25-2012
20120087805METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE DISCHARGE PUMP OF A HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE AND PROCESSING UNIT FOR IMPLEMENTING SAID METHOD - A method for controlling a discharge pump of a household appliance, including starting a synchronous electric motor that actuates said discharge pump until the synchronism condition is reached, and driving said synchronous electric motor at a steady state through phase control by varying the firing angle (α). In driving said synchronous motor at steady state through phase control, said firing angle (α) is feedback controlled to cancel the phase difference between the mid-point of a zero current plateau of a function of the phase current fed to the electric motor and the zero-crossing point of a counter electromotive force signal (fcem) relative to the same phase. In feedback controlling the firing angle (α), the synchronous electric motor is switched off if the required firing angle (α) exceeds a maximum threshold (α04-12-2012
20120321485CONTROL DEVICE OF THE PISTON STROKE OF A DOSING PUMP FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE AUTOMATIC FLOW REGULATION - A device for controlling the stroke of a piston 12-20-2012
20120328453Well Pumping And Control System - A well watchman pumping and control system capable of operating in a wide range of ambient conditions is described. The system automatically maintains fluid level in a fluid storage vessel, while protecting the pump and generator from operating in conditions outside preset operating parameters to prevent premature failure and reduce repair. By operating to pump fluid only when preset operating conditions exist, e.g. low fluid level, ambient temperature, etc., the system reduces labor, fuel, and maintenance operating costs to the owner, improves well pumping reliability and production, reduces generator fuel consumption, reduces emissions, and conserves ground water or liquid hydrocarbons, whichever is being pumped into the fluid storage vessel by the system.12-27-2012
20120100011CONTROL SYSTEM - A control system is provided that can identify the occurrence of a single surge cycle in centrifugal compressor using various methods and devices. Once the occurrence of a single surge cycle is identified, the control system can take remedial action to respond to the surge cycle, such as by adjusting the position of a variable geometry diffuser, and restore the centrifugal compressor to stable operation.04-26-2012
20120100010Speed Control - Embodiments of the invention provide a pumping system for at least one aquatic application controlled by a user. The pumping system includes a pump, a variable speed motor, a memory, and a controller. The pumping system includes a user interface with a first speed button, a second speed button, an increase button, and a decrease button. The buttons provide an actuate and release operation, a first touch and hold operation, and a second touch and hold operation. The controller operates the variable speed motor at a substantially constant speed based on a current speed value selected by the user using the buttons.04-26-2012
20120100009PUMP CONTROL DEVICE AND PUMP DEVICE - A pump control device for a pump device having a DC brushless motor as a drive source and a flow rate of the pump device is increased and decreased depending on a corresponding increase and decrease of a rotational speed of the DC brushless motor is structured so that, when the rotational speed of the DC brushless motor is higher than a predetermined speed, the DC brushless motor is controlled in an open loop control and, when the rotational speed of the DC brushless motor is lower than the predetermined speed, the DC brushless motor is controlled in a closed loop control on the basis of a measurement result of an actual rotating speed which is an actual rotational speed of the DC brushless motor.04-26-2012
20130017098METHOD FOR OPTIMIZING THE ENERGY OF PUMPSAANM Kallesoe; Carsten SkovmoseAACI ViborgAACO DKAAGP Kallesoe; Carsten Skovmose Viborg DKAANM De Persis; ClaudioAACI Veroli (FR)AACO ITAAGP De Persis; Claudio Veroli (FR) IT - The device for energy-optimization on operation of several centrifugal pumps controlled in rotational speed, in a hydraulic installation, begins firstly with determining which pumps as pilot pumps are assigned directly to a consumer and which pumps are hydraulically connected in series upstream of the pilot pumps. Thereafter, one or more energy-optimization circuits are formed, which in each case consist of one or more pilot pumps and of one or more pumps connected in series upstream, which deliver into the pilot pumps, wherein the energy-optimization circuits are selected such that the pumps connected in series upstream in each case are assigned to only one energy-optimization circuit, whereupon the energy-optimization circuits are energy-optimized with respect to the pumps.01-17-2013
20130022475Sewage Pumping System and Method - A system includes a pump that is operative to move liquid out of a reservoir. The system also includes a depth level sensor that is operative to determine a depth level of the liquid in the reservoir, and a controller operatively connected to the depth level sensor. The system further includes a variable frequency drive operatively connected to the motor and the controller. Responsive to the determined depth level of the liquid increasing to a first level, the controller is operative to start operation of the motor. The variable frequency drive is operative to control the speed of the motor. The controller is operative to cause the variable frequency drive to output an optimum frequency that causes the motor to operate at substantially the lowest usage of energy to lower the depth level of the liquid in the reservoir from the first level to a second level.01-24-2013
20080226464Device for Driving an Electromagnet for Operating a Pump, and Related Electromagnetic Dosing Pump - The present invention concerns a device for driving an electromagnet for operating a pump, as well as the related method and the related dosing electromagnetic pump, the electromagnet comprising a primary winding and a moving element, capable to be attracted within the primary winding when an energising current is higher than a first threshold value so as to let a liquid dose into an external hydraulic circuit depending on the travel of the moving element, the device comprising a control logic unit, capable to control said energising current, the device being characterised in that the control logic unit is capable to detect said energising current so as to provide said energising current to the primary winding until said energising current assumes a second threshold value, depending on a value of the liquid dose to let into the external hydraulic circuit, higher than the first threshold value and not higher than a third threshold value in correspondence of which the moving element arrives at stop.09-18-2008
20130115108HYDRAULIC POWER SYSTEM - A hydraulic power system comprises a hydraulic pump coupled to a brushless motor. The brushless motor may comprise stators having a plurality of windings and at least one outrunning rotor having a plurality of magnetic poles and optionally coupled to a drive shaft via flexible couplings which may be coaxial with the drive shaft and rotor.05-09-2013
20130156606WASHING APPLIANCE AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - Control method for a washing household appliance comprising a drainage pump unit with an impeller and a motor supplied with an alternating supply voltage of a determined frequency from among a plurality of possible preset frequencies. According to one implementation the method involves an adjustment stage in which the frequency of the motor supply voltage is regulated between the preset frequencies. The method also includes an application stage in which a stator voltage is applied to the motor, the frequency of the motor supply voltage being regulated between the preset frequencies in accordance with the stator voltage applied.06-20-2013
20130195676FAN CONTROLLING METHOD AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A fan controlling method for an electronic device having at least one fan is provided. In the method, as for each of the fans, a calibration process is performed to obtain fan rotation information and an power/fan-rotation speed information. An assembling position of each of the fans within the electronic device is determined and an operation mode of the electronic device is determined as well. As for each of the fans, according to the fan rotation information, an power/fan-rotation speed information, the assembling position and the operation mode, a temperature-power correlation between the operation temperature of the processor and the power of the fan is calculated. According to the temperature-power correlation of each of the fans, the fans within the electronic device are controlled respectively.08-01-2013
20120027620FORCED VIBRATION PIEZO GENERATOR AND PIEZO ACTUATOR - Piezoelectric elements for power generation and/or actuation are described. An aspect is directed to generators utilizing piezoelectric elements for electrical power generation. Such a generator can use one or more arrays of piezoelectric cantilevers for electrical power generation in conjunction with modulated air pressure used for exciting the cantilevers. The pressure level/modulation and cantilever area can be controlled variables for maximizing the bending, and hence energy generation, of the cantilevers. A further aspect is directed to hydraulic fluid actuators utilizing a pumping mechanism that includes a piezoelectric element. The linear actuators can advantageously utilize the high force and high frequency characteristics of a piezoelectric membrane in conjunction with a large stroke and actuation direction conversion afforded by hydraulic transmission.02-02-2012
20130209274EFFICIENCY OPTIMIZED AIR FLOW APPARATUS AND METHOD OF OPERATION - A method for controlling the motor of an air handling system to provide a desired output of flowing air therefrom while minimizing the power used by the motor, including operationally connecting a switched reluctance electric motor to a blower, operationally connecting an electronic controller to the switched reluctance electric motor, operationally connecting at least one sensor to the electronic controller, measuring at least one environmental parameter with the at least one sensor, inputting the desired air flow into the electronic controller, calculating the minimum motor speed necessary to provide the desired air flow, and sending a control signal from the electronic controller to the motor to control the motor to the minimum motor speed necessary to provide the desired air flow.08-15-2013
20130209275PERISTALTIC PUMP WITH LINEAR FLOW CONTROL - A peristaltic pump includes a conduit having a first end for receiving a fluid from a reservoir and a second end for delivering the fluid. A plurality of fingers are disposed at respective locations along a segment of the conduit and are configured to alternately compress and release the conduit at the locations. A cyclical pump mechanism is coupled to move the fingers between respective compressed and released positions in a spatio-temporal pattern so as to drive a predetermined quantity of the fluid through the segment of the conduit in each pump cycle. A motor is coupled to drive the pump mechanism. A controller is coupled to activate and deactivate the motor in alternation during each pump cycle with a duty cycle that varies within the pump cycle.08-15-2013

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