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416 - Fluid reaction surfaces (i.e., impellers)

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416219000 Blade received in well or slot 239
416204000 Turbo machine 42
416210000 Distally supported on radial arm 35
416213000 Welded, cemented or fused 32
416205000 Adjustable 25
416214000 Blade held between separable surfaces 15
416215000 Blade received by continuous circumferential channel 13
416212000 Interlocking blades 9
416222000 Blade straddles carrier 2
20100278652TANGENTIAL ENTRY DOVETAIL CANTILEVER LOAD SHARING - Tangential entry dovetail cantilever load sharing is described herein. In one embodiment, a turbine bucket dovetail is provided that facilitates substantially even distribution of centrifugal loads on a plurality of hooks that define the bucket dovetail.11-04-2010
20110158815NON-CIRCULAR PINS FOR CLOSURE GROUP ASSEMBLY - A set of bladed buckets is provided for a turbine wheel having a male dovetail. The turbine wheel includes axial projections projecting outwardly from both sides of the wheel and formed on substantially the entire periphery of the wheel, except for an interruption by a notch formed by removal of portions of the male dovetail at a bucket loading location. A closure group includes a bladed closure bucket and a pair of adjacent bladed buckets, each having a root portion, a platform and an airfoil. The root portions include a pair of radially inwardly extending laterally spaced tangs, and retaining grooves having a non-circular profile. The adjacent bladed buckets are disposed on each side of the bladed closure bucket. A retaining key has a non-circular axial cross section, and is configured to fit into an opening defined by opposing retaining grooves in the bladed closure bucket and bladed buckets.06-30-2011
20110206520COMBINATION FAN PROPELLER STRUCTURE - A combination fan propeller structure including a hub and at least one first blade assembly. The hub includes a top section and an annular section extending from the top section. The annular section has a free end distal from the top section. The first blade assembly has at least one connection section for connecting with the free end to form the fan propeller structure.08-25-2011
20100086408FAN BLADE CONNECTION - A fan blade connection system and method for connecting at least one composite blade (04-08-2010
20130078102ELECTRICAL MACHINE HAVING A FAN WHEEL - The invention relates to an electrical machine having a fan wheel which comprises an injection-moulded blade carrier ring with fan blades as well as an annular insertion part which is integrated into the blade carrier ring and which comprises passage openings via which the blade carrier ring is connected to the fan blades.03-28-2013
20130078101INTERFACE ELEMENT BETWEEN A BLADE ROOT AND A BLADE ROOT HOUSING OF A TURBINE DISC, AND TURBINE ROTOR COMPRISING AN INTERFACE ELEMENT - An interface element to be mounted between a blade root and a blade root housing provided in a turbine disc of a gas turbine engine to limit wear between the root and the housing. The interface element includes: a base, configured to be aligned with a lower part of the root; and first and second upper side walls connected to the base and configured to surround the blade root up to an upper portion thereof, the first upper side wall including at least one ventilation opening to allow a flow of cooling air flowing through the rotor disc housing to flow over the upper portion of the root via the ventilation opening.03-28-2013
20130078100LOW OFFSET HINGELESS ROTOR WITH PITCH CHANGE BEARINGS - A hub assembly for a tilt rotor includes a yoke having a plurality of yoke arms located substantially orthogonal to a central axis of the hub assembly. An inboard pitch change bearing assembly substantially surrounds a yoke arm of the plurality of yoke arms. An outboard pitch change bearing assembly is located at the yoke arm. The inboard pitch change bearing assembly and the outboard pitch change bearing assembly are operably connectable with a rotor blade to allow pitch change of the rotor blade relative to the yoke about a pitch change axis.03-28-2013
20100092297SYNERGISTIC BLADE AND HUB STRUCTURE FOR COOLING FANS - A synergistic blade and hub structure for a cooling fan. Helical gussets are provided which proceed from the central hub member adjacent one blade member to the trailing edge of an adjacent blade member. The helical gussets provide structural load paths as well as aerodynamic flow guides. The helical gussets extend axially rearwardly to the trailing edges of preceding blade members and provide structural attachments between the leading and trailing edges of adjacent blade members. Hollow triangular structures are also provided on the rear of the fan structure and the triangulation area provides superior stiffness.04-15-2010
20120183403Wind turbine blade bearing - A wind turbine blade bearing is disclosed. The bearing includes a first ring being connectable to a wind turbine rotor blade; a second ring being connectable to a hub; and a number of elements for transferring forces between the first ring and the second ring. The second ring includes a number of shear pins for additionally connecting the second ring to the hub.07-19-2012
20100098545COOLING FAN STRUCTURE - A cooling fan structure includes a driving device having a rotatable section disposed therein for providing a rotatable effect. The rotatable section has a first end longitudinally extending to a top of the driving device and a second end longitudinally extending to a bottom of the driving device. A set of fan blades is radially mounted to the rotatable section of the driving device and driven by the rotatable section. Each fan blade has an inner end. The inner end has a first connection and a second connection respectively extending therefrom. The first connection of each fan blade is connected to the first end of the rotatable section. The second connection of each fan blade is connected to the second end of the rotatable section.04-22-2010
20090155079STACKED ANNULAR COMPONENTS FOR TURBINE ENGINES - Improved annular components and improved methods for assembling annular components into a turbine engine are described with respect to an axial compressor having a plurality of annular compressor rotor airfoil assemblies (06-18-2009
20100040471Method of manufacturing a turbine rotor - A method for joining a cast metal material blade ring and a metal material hub structure into a turbine rotor. One of the blade ring and the hub structure is mounted in a holder and the other is mounted in a rotation holder for being rotated. At least one of these mountings is heated, and then they are pressed together with a selected force while rotating to weld the ring interior wall and the disk side to form the assembled structure.02-18-2010
20130052022ROTOR FOR A COMPRESSOR OF A GAS TURBINE - A rotor, for a compressor of a gas turbine, comprising a rotatable support for rotation about an axis of rotation and a plurality of blades. Each blade comprising a hub, a leading edge and a trailing edge and a chord is defined between the leading edge and the trailing edge. Each of the blades extends from its hub away from the rotatable support and at least one of the blades has a hub-thickness to chord ratio greater than 10 percent. The leading edge of the at least one of the blades at its hub is positioned at a leading-edge-hub-radius from a position of the axis of rotation and the trailing edge of the at least one of the blades is positioned at its hub at a trailing-edge-hub-radius from the position of the axis of rotation. The trailing-edge-hub-radius is greater than the leading-edge-hub-radius.02-28-2013
20100129225CEILING FAN - A ceiling fan comprising a disc-like stator provided with a fixed shaft at the center, an annular rotor disposed in proximity to the periphery of the stator, a supporting frame fixed to the rotor and rotatably supported by the fixed shaft; a fan blade fixed to the supporting frame; and a retaining member having one end fixed to the supporting frame together with the fan blade and the other end coupled to the fan blade, wherein the fan blade comprises a root portion fixed to the supporting frame, a blade portion coupled with the retaining member, and an offset portion formed by bending between the root portion and the blade portion, thereby preventing the fan blade from being damaged easily even when it is impressed with a load and ensuring the safety even if the fan blade is broken since the blade portion is held coupled to the rotor side.05-27-2010
20090304513ROTOR ASSEMBLY FOR A WIND TURBINE AND METHOD OF ASSEMBLING THE SAME - A rotor assembly is provided that includes a hub rotatable about an axis of rotation. The assembly also includes a plurality of rotor blades spaced circumferentially about the hub. Each of said rotor blades extends from a blade root to a blade tip such that said plurality of blades are rotatable through a plane of rotation extending about said axis of rotation, said plane of rotation is defined as substantially perpendicular to said axis of rotation, wherein each of said blade roots is coupled to said hub, wherein each of said blade tips is offset a distance upstream from said plane of rotation.12-10-2009
20090104037Fan Apparatus for a Cooking Device - A fan apparatus for a cooking device is provided having a fan impeller that is held on a drive shaft of a rotary drive by its hub and is pressed against a stop of the drive shaft in an axial direction by a screw nut. In order to ensure that the fan impeller is securely held on the drive shaft, the screw nut exerts a pressing force on the fan impeller in a radial direction.04-23-2009
20090092495AXIAL FLOW HYDRAULIC TURBINE WITH FIXED BLADES BOLTED-ON - A hydraulic turbine has a runner blade bolted to a hollow runner hub. The runner blade has a flange that mates with a corresponding recess on the hub. Bolting connections pass through complementary array like patterns of apertures spread across and in the hub and blade flange to attach the blades to the hub.04-09-2009
20090092494DISK ROTOR AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A disk rotor comprises a hub having a bore, and a plurality of spoke segments radially extending from the hub, each spoke segment including a base portion being attached to the hub and a rim portion, wherein the rim portion includes one or more airfoils integrally formed thereon, the plurality of spoke segments collectively forming a ring.04-09-2009
20100086407WIND TURBINE ROTOR - Wind power plant rotor comprising one or more rotor blades and stiffening elements to stiffen the rotor, where the rotor blades are arranged such that they can turn around their longitudinal axes relative to corresponding rotor stiffening elements. Each rotor blade may comprise at least two rotor blade parts where the outer rotor blade part may be turnably arranged relative to the inner rotor blade part. The solution facilitates use of longer or slimmer rotor blades while strength and stiffness increase. The fatigue forces are thereby reduced while the corresponding tower structure can be made stiffer and lighter. Manufacturing and transport costs are reduced.04-08-2010
20110280729AXIAL-FLOW FAN - A fan includes a hub and blades. A first edge of each blade is proximate an open end of the hub. A first rib is coupled to the hub and substantially aligned with a first plane intersecting the central axis and an intersection of the first edge of the first blade with the hub. The first plane is angularly spaced from a reference plane intersecting the central axis and an intersection of the first edge of the second blade with the hub. An angular spacing between the first plane and the reference plane defines one sector. A second rib is aligned with a second plane angularly positioned between the first plane and the reference plane at a location less than or equal to about (1/nR−0.05) sectors from the first plane, in which nR equals the number of ribs divided by the number of blades.11-17-2011
20110280730SEMI-FLEXIBLE SUPPORTING STRUCTURE FOR WIND TURBINE - A frame for supporting equipment arranged in a hub of a wind turbine is fixed to the hub at one end and flexibly connected to the hub at another end. The variation of the relative position between the hub and the frame caused by the deformation of the hub associated with a rotation of the wind turbine or the like is absorbed by the flexible connection. A wind turbine whose frame in the hub has high durability against the rotation can be provided.11-17-2011
20110142658HUB FOR A WIND TURBINE AND METHOD OF MOUNTING A WIND TURBINE - A modular rotor blade hub for a wind turbine rotor includes a plurality of segments, wherein at least one segment includes at least one face abutting against at least one face of at least one adjacent segment, and wherein at least one of said faces extends from an outer periphery of the hub to a central region of the hub. Further, methods for mounting a wind turbine including a modular hub are provided.06-16-2011
20100003140VENTILATOR WHEEL - The present invention relates to a ventilator wheel comprised of a hollow-cylindrical hub with fastening flanges disposed at the circumference for the detachable mounting of ventilator blades. The hollow-cylindrical hub and fastening flanges are made of steel. The fastening flanges may be connected to the hub via welding or another suitable means.01-07-2010
20100135810Universal Fan Blade Mount and Ceiling Fan Employing Same - A universal fan blade mount for connecting an integral fan blade assembly having two or three or four fan blades to a fan blade rotor, wherein the fan blade mount includes an adapter plate having a plurality of peripheral holes each for accommodating a respective mounting pin of the fan blade assembly, at least one of the holes being configured to accommodate a mounting pin of any one of the fan blade assemblies.06-03-2010
20110103957AXIAL FAN - An axial fan includes an impeller. The impeller includes a hub and a plurality fan blades connected with the hub. Each fan blade includes a mounting portion provided at an inner edge thereof. The mounting portion defines a slot therein. A fastener extends through the slot of the mounting portion to fix each fan blade to the hub. An angle is defined between each fan blade and a central axis of the axial fan. The angle is capable of being regulated when each fan blade is rotated relative to the hub to cause the fastener to slide in the slot of the mounting portion.05-05-2011
20100034658WIND TURBINE GENERATOR AND METHOD FOR CONSTRUCTING WIND TURBINE GENERATOR - Provided are a wind turbine generator and a method for constructing a wind turbine generator that allow for alleviation of construction costs, particularly for large wind turbine generators, and alleviation of limitations on construction due to weather. Provided are a rotor head that has a plurality of wind turbine rotor blades and that is rotated by wind power received by the plurality of wind turbine rotor blades, a front segment disposed on top of a tower and constituting a nacelle to which the rotor head is attached, a rear segment attached to the front segment and constituting the nacelle, a front frame disposed in the front segment and positioned between the rotor head and the tower so as to support a load on the rotor head, a rear frame disposed in the rear segment and attached to the front frame, a front cover covering the periphery of the front segment, and a rear cover covering the periphery of the rear segment.02-11-2010
20090263250ROTOR BLADE ATTACHMENT - The invention relates to a rotor blade attachment (10-22-2009
20090317256ROTOR HUB OF A WIND ENERGY PLANT - A rotor hub (12-24-2009
20110142656ROTOR BLADE DESIGN FOR A WELLS TURBINE - The invention relates to a Wells turbine, comprising 06-16-2011
20100124503Method for producing a turbine blade holder for an internal flow rate determination device - A method for producing a turbine blade holder for an internal flow rate determination device is provided. A base body of the turbine blade holder with an influx channel formed in the base bode and a three-dimensional model of a turbine blade with a recess including the negative geometry of a sealing element to be produced, are made. The three-dimensional model is placed on the base body and the sealing element is applied on the base body in a cavity delimited by the contour of the recess and the base body around the influx channel In another aspect, a turbine blade holder produced by the method is provided.05-20-2010
20090129930Trolling motor propeller with elastomeric hub - A propeller for a trolling motor has an inner hub and an outer hub. The inner hub is made of a synthetic elastomer so that relative rotational movement between the outer hub and a propeller shaft is permitted. This relative movement dampens the reactive forces during an impact between blades of the propeller and submerged objects, such as weeds. The elastic deformability of the inner hub also reduces noise that can be caused by imbalances contained in the propeller.05-21-2009
20110206522ROTATING AIRFOIL FABRICATION UTILIZING CMC - Disclosed is an airfoil comprising a plurality of ceramic matrix composite (CMC) fabric sheets which are layered to form a single, layered fabric sheet. The layered fabric sheet is formed so as to define a pressure and suction side of the airfoil. The airfoil includes primary fibers which extend radially outwardly from a rotor disk, for example. In this way, the airfoil is suitable for use in a gas turbine engine due to the temperature resistance of CMC and the strength provided by the primary fibers.08-25-2011
20110206521Rotating Part Assembly for Motor - A rotating part assembly for motor is presented, which includes a hub, a shaft, and a holding member. The hub has an assembly channel with a first end and a second end, with a first abutting portion encircling and defining the first end and a second abutting portion encircling and defining the second end, with a first positioning portion arranged between the first end and the second end of the assembly channel. The shaft extends through the assembly channel of the hub and provides a first end section and a second end section, wherein an engaging slit aligning with the first abutting portion, an engaging shoulder aligning with the second abutting portion, and a second positioning portion facing the first positioning portion are disposed at the first end section. The holding member inserts into and couples with the engaging slit and abuts the first abutting portion of the hub.08-25-2011
20110076148FAN - A fan is disclosed herein. The fan includes a hub portion operable to rotate about an axis. The hub portion extends along the axis between forward and aft ends. The fan also includes at least one platform operably fixed with the hub portion. The at least one platform at least partially encircles the axis. The fan also includes at least one airfoil extending from the at least one platform radially outward relative to the axis between a base and a tip. The at least one platform terminates at forward and aft circumferential edges spaced from one another along the axis. At least one of the forward and aft circumferential edges extends about the axis and along the axis.03-31-2011
20110076147Multiple Alloy Turbine Rotor Section, Welded Turbine Rotor Incorporating the Same and Methods of Their Manufacture - A method of making a multiple alloy, multi-section welded turbine rotor includes providing a forged multiple alloy rotor section having an integral microstructure, the rotor section comprising a first alloy having a first alloy composition and second alloy having a second alloy composition, a first weld face comprising the first alloy on a first end and an a second weld face comprising the second alloy on an opposed second end. The method also includes providing a first rotor section comprising the first alloy composition and a second rotor section comprising the second alloy composition. The method also includes welding the first rotor section to the first weld face and welding the second rotor section to the second weld face.03-31-2011
20110142657WIND TURBINE BLADE ATTACHMENT CONFIGURATION WITH FLATTENED BOLTS - A wind turbine includes a plurality of turbine blades, with each of the blades having a root flange that attaches to a flange of a rotor hub by a plurality of circumferentially spaced blade bolts. The blade bolts have opposite cylindrical end sections engaged within the rotor hub flange and blade root flange, respectively, and a non-cylindrical shank extending between the cylindrical end sections. At least one flattened side is defined in the shank along a longitudinal axis of the bolt.06-16-2011
20090129931Module of a nacelle of a wind turbine, nacelle of a wind turbine, wind turbineand method for the assembly of a nacelle of a wind turbine - The invention concerns a module of a nacelle of a wind turbine, which is separately designed, manageable and comprise a housing part. The module is connectable to at least one further module of the nacelle, which is also separately designed, manageable and has a housing part, wherein the housing part of the module builds in the assembled status of the nacelle, which comprises several modules, a part of the housing of the nacelle. The invention concerns also a nacelle comprising several such modules, a wind turbine comprising such a nacelle as well as a method for the stepwise assembly of such a nacelle aloft.05-21-2009
20120070296ROTOR BLADE OR ROTOR BLADE SEGMENT FOR A WIND TURBINE - A rotor blade or rotor blade segment for a wind turbine has at least one cable for the fixation of the rotor blade or rotor blade segment on a rotor hub or on the further rotor blade segment. A connecting surface, in the mounted state, faces the rotor hub or further rotor blade segment and from this connecting surface, a free end of the at least one cable protrudes for fixation on the rotor hub or further rotor blade segment. The at least one cable is anchored inside a connecting region of the rotor blade or rotor blade segment and extends only over a longitudinal section of the rotor blade or rotor blade segment which adjoins the connecting surface.03-22-2012
20120070295ROTOR BLADE OR ROTOR BLADE SEGMENT FOR A WIND TURBINE - Rotor blade or rotor blade segment for a wind turbine, having at least one cable for fixing the rotor blade or rotor blade segment to a rotor hub or to a further rotor blade segment, characterized in that the at least one cable is redirected in a U-shaped manner within the rotor blade or rotor blade segment.03-22-2012
20110142655Fan set for wind power generator - A fan set for a wind power generator is disclosed. The fan set has fan blades that are able to rotate between 0 and 90 degrees with respect to a fan hub, so that each of the fan blades has a concentrated position and an expanded position.06-16-2011
20090185907FAN ASSEMBLY AND REFRIGERATOR HAVING THE SAME - A fan assembly. The fan assembly includes a rotation shaft, a rotor coupled to the rotation shaft, a stator disposed inside the rotor, and a fan including a hub having a receiving space therein, and a plurality of blades disposed at a circumference of the hub, and coupled to the rotation shaft such that the rotor is spaced from an inner surface of the hub respectively in axial and radial directions, thereby preventing a transfer of vibration of a permanent magnet to the outside, and thus reducing the generation of noise due to the vibration.07-23-2009
20120141280METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TURNING A ROTOR BLADE BEARING ON WIND TURBINES WITHOUT USING A MOBILE CRANE - The invention relates to a method of servicing wind turbines having a hub containing a slewing ring bearing to which a rotor blade is fastened such that the pitch angle is adjustable. The rotor blade is brought into a position pointing vertically downward, lowered by means of threaded rods and hoisting means and attached suspendingly to the hub. The slewing ring bearing is then turned. The rotor blade is then hoisted again and fastened to the slewing ring bearing.06-07-2012
20120195760LEAD-LAG DAMPER DEVICE - Damper device for damping relative movements of two elements of a mechanical system. The damper device comprises a damping chamber filled with a hydraulic fluid, a rod (08-02-2012
20130216386PUMP FOR PUMPING MOLTEN METAL INCLUDING COMPONENTS THAT RESIST DETERIORATION - A pump for pumping molten metal includes a pump shaft having an upper end and a lower end. A motor is connected to the upper end of the shaft. An impeller is fastened to the lower end of the shaft. Support structure supports the motor above the molten metal. A base is disposed below the support structure including an impeller chamber in which the impeller is rotated by activation of the motor. The base includes at least one inlet opening leading to the impeller chamber and at least one outlet passageway leading from the impeller chamber. At least one support post extends between the support structure and the base enabling the base to be submerged in the molten metal beneath the support structure. A device enables the post to resist deterioration while the post is disposed in the molten metal.08-22-2013
20100254815NOZZLE VANE AND CRANK ARM ASSEMBLY AND METHOD - A method of assembling a crank arm (10-07-2010
20100061858Composite Blade and Method of Manufacture - A method of making a composite blade that is attachable to a rotating shaft using a conventional metal blade attachment. A blade is formed from a composite material with a blade root at one end thereof. A metallic member having an external shape conforming to a conventional metal blade root is shaped with an interior cavity having an opening for receipt of the blade root. Before the composite material is fully cured, a bladder is formed into or is inserted into an end of the blade root and inflated, thereby forcing the composite material into intimate contact with the interior cavity of the metallic member, thereby ensuring a fret-free interface upon final curing of the composite material. The interior cavity of the metallic member may be shaped or surfaced to improve the load carrying capability there between.03-11-2010
20100040472Annulus filler - An annulus filler (02-18-2010
20090074581VERTICAL-AXIS WIND TURBINE - A vertical-axis wind power plant employed especially for supplying electricity, pumping water or for storing potential energy. More precisely, the wind power plant of the invention comprises at least two blades attached by their respective lower ends to a rotating supporting step of a tower. Each of the blades is likewise attached by its upper end to the rotating supporting step of the tower by means of a rigid lever supported on this tower and attached to this rotating supporting step.03-19-2009
20100303628ROTOR BLADE IN FLAT DESIGN - A rotor blade (12-02-2010
20090226320SYSTEM FOR CONNECTING WIND GENERATOR BLADE SECTIONS - The invention relates to a system for connecting wind generator blade sections, preferably for the application in the connection of blade sections (09-10-2009
20100260608PROPELLER FAN - Provided is a propeller fan that can prevent deformation of the propeller fan while maintaining the basic performance thereof, such as the air blowing performance, efficiency, and noise performance. In a plastic propeller fan including a hub and a plurality of blades integrally molded in a radial pattern on the outer circumference of the hub, assuming that the radial size of each blade from the base to the outer peripheral edge is 100, a ring member that joins the plurality of blades together is provided at a dimension position of 5 to 45 from the outer peripheral edge.10-14-2010
20090324412Rotor for use in a wind turbine, and method for making the rotor - The invention relates to a rotor for use in a wind turbine with two or more fibre-reinforced plastic vanes and a hub which can rotate about an axis of rotation, the rotatable hub and the plastic vanes being combined to form a component which is composed of walls made from fibre-reinforced plastic. It is preferable for the walls, in any cross section, to be provided with uninterrupted, continuous reinforcing fibres. The invention also comprises a method for making the rotor.12-31-2009
20120201683Rotor Yoke and Method of Making the Same - A method of making a composite rotor yoke includes preparing a molded rotor yoke in a closed cavity tool and possibly machining at least one portion of the molded rotor yoke to form the rotor yoke. In the preferred embodiment, preparing the molded rotor yoke is accomplished by applying layers of uncured low-flow composite material and a layer of uncured high-flow adhesive; substantially enclosing the uncured molded rotor yoke in the closed cavity tool; applying pressure so as to compress the uncured molded rotor yoke; and curing the uncured molded rotor yoke. During the curing process, the high-flow adhesive bleeds out of the molded rotor yoke, thereby preventing marcels from forming through movement of the low-flow composite material.08-09-2012
20120201682ROTOR FOR A TURBOMACHINE - A rotor that includes an impeller secured to a shaft. The impeller has a bore and a counterbore. The shaft forms an interference fit with the bore and is adhered to the counterbore. A method of manufacturing the rotor is also described.08-09-2012
20110044817Method for Establishing A Blade Connection of a Rotor Blade, A Blade Connection and a Securing Element for a Blade Connection - The invention relates to a process for manufacturing a blade connection of a rotor blade for a wind energy system which comprises fastening elements for fastening the blade connection to a hub, which fastening elements are provided on a circular arc, preferably equidistant from each other. Furthermore, the invention relates to a blade connection and a fastening element for a blade connection. The invention is based on the problem of improving the fastening of a rotor blade on the hub of a wind energy system as well as improving the manufacture and/or making a suitable blade connection available. The invention solves this problem as regards the process in that fastening elements formed in pieces are arranged on the circular arc and spaced from each other with spacer elements.02-24-2011
20100322773IMPELLER OF A SUCTION-ENFORCED TYPE AND FAN-MOTOR HAVING THE SAME - Disclosed are an impeller of a suction-enforced type, and a fan-motor for a vacuum cleaner having the same. The fan-motor having the impeller of the suction-enforced type includes: a motor housing; a motor installed in the motor housing; an impeller casing coupled to the upper portion of the motor housing; the impeller of the suction-enforced type installed in the impeller casing and connected to a rotation shaft of the motor; and a guide vane installed at the lower portion of the impeller of the suction-enforced type, for guiding the air sucked into the impeller casing to the motor side. As a result, suction efficiency of the impeller is improved, and thus efficiency of the fan-motor for the vacuum cleaner is improved.12-23-2010
20100226776Sacrificial blade tip - A propeller blade device used in environments where a propeller system is subjected to blade erosion and wear and may also be subjected to an axial force from water. The propeller blade includes a blade tip mounted on its outer end using a mounting device such as nuts and bolts to form a junction there between. The tip may easily be replaced when worn or damaged without removing the blade. The tip is designed to fracture upon impact with an axial force before transmitting the force radially inward to the propeller blade.09-09-2010
20110081246AIR FENCE FOR FAN BLADE - A fan comprises a rotatable hub, a plurality of fan blades coupled with the hub, and a plurality of air fences coupled with the fan blades. Each fan blade has a free end and an opposite end secured to the hub. The air fences are positioned at selected locations along the length of the fan blades, between the ends of the fan blades. Each air fence includes a fin, which may extend upwardly or downwardly from the fan blade. Each air fence may be formed of a resilient material and may be configured to allow the air fence to be snapped onto a fan blade. Each air fence may define an opening through which a fan blade may be inserted. One or more surfaces of the air fence may be contoured to complement a surface contour of an airfoil shaped fan blade.04-07-2011
20100215501APPARATUS FOR BUCKET COVER PLATE RETENTION - In one embodiment, a system includes a turbine engine that includes a turbine stage including a turbine rotor having multiple blades disposed in a first annular arrangement. The turbine engine also includes multiple cover plates disposed in a second annular arrangement along interfaces between the turbine rotor and the blades. The turbine engine further includes multiple lugs coupled to the turbine stage and a first ring coupled to the lugs to hold the cover plates to the turbine stage.08-26-2010
20100028153METHOD FOR INSTALLING A ROTOR HUB ON A ROTOR SHAFT OF A WIND ENERGY PLANT, AND A WIND ENERGY PLANT - The present invention is related to method for installing a rotor hub on a rotor shaft of a wind energy plant, in which the following steps are consecutively performed: at the end of the rotor shaft (02-04-2010
20100028154Axial flow fan - Disclosed is an axial flow fan capable of preventing cracks from generating at parts where stress is concentrated, by improving the structure. For this, the axial flow fan includes a hub, a plurality of wings extended from an outer surface of the hub, and a reinforcing member filling a space formed between the outer surface of the hub and a front edge part of each wing.02-04-2010
20120308390STEAM TURBINE - A steam turbine having a fork-type joint structure is provided that secures sufficient strength for endurance of stress corrosion cracking, low-cycle fatigue, and high-cycle fatigue, and extends an operating life while making it possible to endure long-term operation. The turbine includes a rotor having a plurality of rotor forks rowed in an axial direction; a turbine blade having blade forks arranged in the axial direction of the rotor, the blade forks engaged with the rotor forks; a plurality of pin holes whose positions are different from each other in the radial direction of the rotor; and a plurality of fork pins inserted into the plurality of pin holes in the axial direction of the rotor. A clearance exists between an inner diameter of the pin hole of the blade fork and a diameter of the fork pin, the clearance varying depending on positions in the axial direction of the turbine.12-06-2012
20090311104REINFORCED BEARING FOR A WIND-POWER GENERATOR BLADE - Mounting arrangement of the blades on the hub (12-17-2009
20090097981Low Cost Wind Turbine - A vertical axis wind turbine includes an elongated rotor propelled by wind-drag, having a high aspect ratio, with a length, L, and diameter, D, wherein 504-16-2009
20120039717CEILING FAN - A ceiling fan comprising a disc-like stator provided with a fixed shaft at the center, an annular rotor disposed in proximity to the periphery of the stator, a supporting frame fixed to the rotor and rotatably supported by the fixed shaft; a fan blade fixed to the supporting frame; and a retaining member having one end fixed to the supporting frame together with the fan blade and the other end coupled to the fan blade, wherein the fan blade comprises a root portion fixed to the supporting frame, a blade portion coupled with the retaining member, and an offset portion formed by bending between the root portion and the blade portion, thereby preventing the fan blade from being damaged easily even when it is impressed with a load and ensuring the safety even if the fan blade is broken since the blade portion is held coupled to the rotor side.02-16-2012
20120207607INSERT FOR WIND TURBINE BLADE ROOT - An insert (08-16-2012
20120207606Impeller Wheel for a Ventilator - The impeller wheel is rotatably supported about a central axis and has a hub on which vanes are arranged. The vane has across its radial length at least similar profiled sections, viewed in cylindrical section through the vane. The radial outermost profiled section which is positioned on a cylindrical enveloping surface of the impeller wheel has a greater displacement relative to the neighboring profiled section than this neighboring profiled section to its neighboring profiled section. The impeller wheel can also be provided on the radial outer edge with at least one projecting flow element whose axial height has a maximum in the area of the leading edge and of the trailing edge of the vane. The impeller wheels, while having a simple constructive configuration, provide a great noise reduction in operation of the ventilator.08-16-2012
20120014801DIFFUSER HAVING DETACHABLE VANES WITH POSITIVE LOCK - A system, in certain embodiments, includes a centrifugal compressor diffuser that includes an elliptical plate including multiple vane receptacles disposed about an axis of the plate and multiple detachable vanes attached to the plate. Each vane receptacle includes a first two dimensional (2D) projection along a plane of the elliptical plate and each detachable vane includes a second two dimensional (2D) projection along a base portion of the vane, where each detachable vane is disposed in a respective vane receptacle with the first and second 2D projections blocking movement of the detachable vane in at least a first axial direction relative to the elliptical plate. In certain embodiments, the first and second 2D projections may include a first tab to fit in a recess between a pair of second tabs, respectively, or vice versa. However, in other embodiments, the first and second 2D projections may include alternative mating surfaces.01-19-2012
20120301306HYBRID ROTOR DISK ASSEMBLY FOR A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A rotor disk assembly for a gas turbine engine includes a rotor hub defined about an axis of rotation, the rotor hub includes a blade mount section with a first radial flange having a multiple of first apertures and a second radial flange with a multiple of second apertures.11-29-2012
20120301305INTEGRATED CERAMIC MATRIX COMPOSITE ROTOR DISK HUB GEOMETRY FOR A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A rotor disk for a gas turbine engine includes a CMC hub and a rail integrated with the CMC hub opposite the multiple of CMC airfoils, the rail defines a rail platform section that tapers to a rail inner bore.11-29-2012
20090162204HIGH LIFT TRANSONIC TURBINE BLADE - A turbine blade system including a blade airfoil having an airfoil shape with the blade airfoil having a nominal profile substantially in accordance with normalized Cartesian coordinate values Z set forth in a table 1 below and which values are dimensionless values that are convertible to corresponding absolute distance values that define nominal airfoil profile sections and which, when joined smoothly with adjacent ones thereof, form a complete nominal airfoil shape that is substantially matched by the airfoil shape of the blade airfoil. This blade airfoil can be supported on a ring platform having a support surface with a support surface shape in the vicinity of the location at which that blade airfoil is supported thereon formed in a similar manner.06-25-2009
20120156043FAN ROTOR FOR AIR CYCLE MACHINE - A fan rotor includes a rotor body that has plurality of fan blades for rotation about a central axis. An annular wall extends radially inward from the rotor body. A hub body extends axially from the annular wall and defines a central hub bore with a hub bore diameter D06-21-2012
20090035139Hub-profile connection system for axial fan and axial fan provided with this connection system - A hub-profile connection system for axial fan, consisting of a hub to which one or more blades provided with an air displacement profile are fixed, said system comprising two separate and distinct flexible elements both fixed on-hub side, to a fastening block and, on blade side, to a corresponding fastening block.02-05-2009
20120156042FAN BLADE SYSTEM - A fan blade system includes a hub and a plurality of fan blades. The hub has a sidepiece and a plurality of protrusions alternately disposed along the sidepiece. Each of the fan blades corresponds to one of the protrusions and extends radially outwards from the sidepiece. Each protrusion is embedded in a corresponding fan blade and couples the fan blade to the hub. Both the hub and the plurality of protrusions are made of metallic material, while the plurality of fan blades is made of plastic material. The fan blade system provides consistent and mass-produceable fan blades with enhanced mechanical strength.06-21-2012
20100290912WIND TURBINE BLADE AND HUB ASSEMBLY - This invention relates to a wind turbine blade with at least two connection members such as bushings and/or threaded bars in the root of the blade for attaching the blade to a hub. The connection members are placed along the blade surface and at least some of the connection members are non-parallel and hence oriented in different directions. Hereby is obtained that the root section of the blade can be shortened and the maximum chord of the wind turbine blade can be moved closer to the hub, whereby the part of the blade exploiting the wind is increased and the power output similarly increased.11-18-2010
20120134833ROOT ATTACHMENT FOR A ROTOR BLADE ASSEMBLY - A root attachment for a wind turbine rotor blade having a blade root is disclosed. The root attachment may include a wall panel configured to be coupled to the rotor blade at or adjacent to the blade root. The wall panel may define at least a portion of an airfoil shape and may include an inner side and an outer side. In addition, the wall panel may define a non-uniform cross-section between the inner and outer sides.05-31-2012
20100047072TURBOCHARGER - The invention relates to a turbocharger (02-25-2010
20120315142MEANS FOR LOCKING A SEALING RING ON A TURBINE DISK - A mechanism compressing a sealing ring of a cooling circuit of blades of a turbine engine against a turbine wheel supporting the blades, the wheel supporting on a downstream surface thereof an annular flange positioned radially and defining with the surface a groove configured to house the sealing ring. The flange includes at least two cut-outs on the edge thereof located opposite the bottom of the groove, to form windows for axial insertion in the groove for claws supported by the circumference of the ring facing the groove of the wheel. The mechanism includes a bolt tab configured to be positioned in the groove between the surface of the wheel and the ring, and a clamping shaped to be supported by the surface of the wheel and to engage with the bolt to ensure that the ring is compressed against the flange.12-13-2012
20120177497Propeller Connecting Piece for Electric Model Airplane - A propeller connecting piece for electric model airplane, for connecting an electric-power output shaft with a propeller in an electric model airplane with the propeller, characterized in that the propeller connector comprises two connectors, wherein one of the connectors is connected with the electric-power output shaft of the model airplane, and the other connector is connected with the propeller of the model airplane, one of the two connectors is an elastic component provided with an opening slot, and the two connectors are coaxially connected and can rotate together, but can be conveniently separated from each other when impacted by external force, so as to put the propeller under effective protection.07-12-2012
20120177496CEILING FAN HAVING A SINGLE FAN BLADE - A ceiling fan including a motor having a rotating flange; a single integrally formed fan blade, wherein the fan blade includes two substantially equally weighted wing portions disposed opposite each other; and a center portion disposed between and integrally formed with the two wing portions and having a passageway therethrough, wherein the passageway is sized such that the fan motor fits at least partially within the passageway; and means for attaching the center portion of the fan blade to the rotating flange of the motor is provided.07-12-2012
20120275921TURBINE ENGINE AND LOAD REDUCTION DEVICE THEREOF - A fan rotor apparatus includes: a rotatable fan disk defining a central aperture and carrying an array of airfoil-shaped fan blades around its periphery, the disk having a forward end and an aft end; and an annular, generally axially-extending forward fan shaft extending through the aperture and coupled to the fan disk for rotation therewith, where the forward fan shaft joins the fan disk at or near the forward end.11-01-2012
20090016889Locking Sub-Assembly for Closing The Remaining Gap Between The First and The Last blade of a Blade Ring Which Are Inserted in a Circumferential Groove of a Turbomachine, and Corresponding Turbomachine - The invention relates to a closing assembly for closing the gap remaining between the first and the last blade of a blade ring that is inserted in a peripheral groove of a turbo machinery, said assembly consisting of at least two lateral parts, at least one of which can be hooked onto a projection that forms an undercut in said peripheral groove and at least one securing element, which secures the parts from coming detached from the peripheral groove. To provide a particularly reliable closing assembly, the securing element is configured as a pin, joining the parts of the closing assembly in a non-positive fit.01-15-2009
20090016888DISK OF A DISK ROTOR FOR A GAS TURBINE - Disk of a disk rotor for a gas turbine comprising a central portion (01-15-2009
20120230827REPAIR OF ROTOR BLADE ROOTS - A method for repairing a wind turbine is described. The method may include preparing the surface of the blade, removing a plurality of mounting bolts, and replacing the mounting bolts with rod members. The rod members may be bonded to the blade root thereby strengthening the blade root and/or repairing any damaged or weakened regions. This repair may be performed on blades and blade coupling regions of various characteristics as well in modular fashion using pre-molded sections attached together around the blade root. The method of repair may be performed while the blade is still attached to the turbine hub. Wind turbines repaired according to these methods are also described. The method may also be used for attaching and otherwise handling new turbine blades and new wind turbines.09-13-2012
20120328441AUTO-ROTATING DEVICE - A launchable device capable of autorotating flight. The device comprises a wing with two airfoils that induce this autorotating flight after launch and ascent.12-27-2012
20110158811TURBOMACHINERY COMPONENT - A turbomachinery blade for a gas turbine engine is provided and includes an airfoil extending between a leading edge and a trailing edge. In one embodiment the turbomachinery blade is a compressor blade. The blade can include a platform attached to the airfoil on one side, the other side being attached to a stalk having a lower attachment portion useful for being received in a compressor disk. The blade includes an undercut beneath a portion of the airfoil, preferably beneath the leading edge and/or trailing edge of the airfoil. In one form the undercut is located in a corner of the platform and extends partially along two sides of the platform.06-30-2011
20100232969Device And Method For Connecting A Blade To A Rotor Shaft Of A Continuous Flow Machine - A device for connecting a blade to a rotor shaft of a continuous flow machine, includes a first fork foot which has a quantity of first foot lugs with first bore holes, a second fork foot which has a quantity of second foot lugs with second bore holes, and at least one connection bolt which passes through first and second bore holes to connect the first fork foot to the second fork foot. The device has a first area with a predetermined first diameter difference between a first inner diameter of one of the bore holes and a first outer diameter of the connection bolt, and a second area with a predetermined second diameter difference between a second inner diameter of one of the bore holes and a second outer diameter of the connection bolt, wherein the first diameter difference and the second diameter difference differ from one another.09-16-2010
20120282102SPLIT BLADE RETENTION RACE WITH INNER AND OUTER CHAMFERS - A blade shank assembly for an aircraft propeller blade includes a blade shank; a split blade retention race encircling the blade shank, the split blade retention race including two splits, wherein the split blade retention race comprises: inner chamfers located between the blade shank and the split blade retention race at each of the two splits; and outer chamfers located adjacent to a race surface of the split blade retention race at each of the two splits; and a plurality of ball bearings located on the race surface of the split blade retention race.11-08-2012
20120328442WIND TURBINE ELEVATOR - A method for assembling a wind turbine includes: unloading a nacelle and hub from a truck; connecting the nacelle and hub to a carriage of an elevator in a vertical position; connecting blades to the hub, thereby forming a rotor; raising the carriage, nacelle, and rotor along a tower to a top of the tower; and pivoting the carriage, nacelle, and rotor to a horizontal position at the top of the tower.12-27-2012
20130202440SEGMENTED RINGS WITH CAPTIVE NUTS FOR FAN BOLTS - An apparatus and method for connecting a fan rotor to a shaft of a gas turbine engine includes a segmented clinch nut plate having a plurality of clinch nuts installed in pre-drilled holes in each segment. A plurality of mounting bolts extending through the holes in the rotor shaft and holes in a mounting device of the shaft threadedly engage the clinch nuts of the clinch nut plate. The segments of the clinch nut plate are disposed separately one from another.08-08-2013
20080240922CONNECTION OF COMPONENTS OF A WIND TURBINE - The invention relates to a connection between components of a wind turbine. More specifically, the present invention relates to components for a wind turbine having a diameter of more than 0.5 m, preferably more than 1.0 m, and more preferably more than 1.5 m. The wind turbine includes two components that are connected together, whereby each component has a contact surface. The surface of the contact surface of a first component is softer than the surface of the contact surface of a second component. Further, the surface of the contact surface of the second component is annealed.10-02-2008
20100086406VERTICAL-AXIS WIND TURBINE AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF - The invention relates to a vertical-axis wind turbine and at least 2 turbine blades, wherein every turbine blade is connected via a supporting arm and a connecting element that can be purely tensile-loaded to the rotatable vertical axis. According to the invention, between the connecting element that can be purely tensile-loaded and the supporting arm a blade is provided that is convex at an angle of attack side defined by the turbine blades and is concave at the other side. The invention also relates to a method for manufacturing a wind turbine.04-08-2010
20130177426VERTICAL-AXIS WIND TURBINE - Vertical-axis wind turbine composed of first and second independent coaxial rotors (07-11-2013
20130177427BLADE ARRANGEMENT AND ASSOCIATED GAS TURBINE - A blade arrangement with a rotor and a plurality of blades which are distributed in a ring along the circumference of the rotor is provided. Two immediately adjacent blades of the ring form a blade pair, between the blades of which a damping element is arranged, and wherein the respective damping element comes into contact with the two blades of the blade pair assigned to them during a rotation of the rotor about a rotor axis as a result of a centrifugal force which acts in the radial direction. In order to bring about frequency detuning of the oscillation properties of blades, as a result of which machining of the turbine blade becomes unnecessary, it is proposed that the blade ring has at least two blade pairs with different damping elements.07-11-2013
20110211964HYDROFORMED TURBINE BLADE - In at least one implementation, a method of making a turbine blade may include providing a preform having a hollow cross-section, hydroforming the preform to form a turbine blade body comprising a shell that includes a continuous hollow portion along its interior, and providing a mounting portion attached to the body to mount the turbine blade to a hub. In one or more implementations of the method, the mounting portion may be provided during the step of hydroforming the preform and the mounting portion may be formed from the same preform as the turbine blade body.09-01-2011
20130136604WINDMILL AND HUB SEALING APPARATUS THEREOF - A windmill having a hub sealing apparatus for sealing an interface between a hub and a blade of the windmill, The hub sealing apparatus includes a bottom sealing ring configured to be sealed to the hub, a top sealing ring configured to be rotatably sealed to the blade, and a middle sealing ring configured to be sealed to the top sealing ring and the bottom sealing ring, so as to connect the top and bottom sealing rings.05-30-2013
20110255980Method for repairing a rotor system of a turbomachine, annular element for a rotor system of a turbomachine, and rotor system for a turbomachine - A method for repairing a rotor system (10-20-2011
20120275920ADAPTOR ASSEMBLY FOR COUPLING TURBINE BLADES TO ROTOR DISKS - An adaptor assembly for coupling a blade root of a turbine blade to a root slot of a rotor disk is disclosed. The adaptor assembly may generally include an adaptor body having a root configured to be received within the root slot. The adaptor body may also define a slot having an open end configured to receive the blade root. The adaptor body may further define a channel. The adaptor assembly may also include a plate having an outwardly extending foot. The foot may be configured to be received within the channel. Additionally, the plate may be configured to cover at least a portion of the open end of the slot when the foot is received within the channel.11-01-2012
20080298971ANCHORAGE SYSTEM FOR THE ROTORS OF A ROTATING FLUID MACHINE - An anchorage system is described for a rotor (12-04-2008
20130121835WIND-POWERED MODULAR SAVONIUS ROTOR ELECTRICAL GENERATION AND FLUID PUMPING DEVICE - Provided are systems and methods for a wind-powered electrical generation and fluid pumping device, including: a drive shaft; a generator comprising a rotor, wherein the generator may be coupled to the drive shaft by means of the rotor; and at least one vane pair, the vane pair comprising ribs and a structural twist, wherein the at least one vane pair is attached to the drive shaft by screws and square washers and further wherein vane extensions may be attached to the at least one vane pair with rivets. The vertical wind-powered electrical generation device is also described. It utilizes unique improvements of shaft coupling (to generator and rotor), the strengthening of complete Savonius rotor system, and ease of assembly. The vane pairs may be a segmented Savonius rotor. They may also create a helix pattern as they are installed.05-16-2013
20120027602HUB ASSEMBLY FOR USE WITH A WIND TURBINE AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - A hub assembly for use with a wind turbine is provided. The hub assembly includes a body formed from a first material, a bearing seat formed integrally with the body, and a support assembly positioned within an opening defined by the bearing seat and at least partially coupled to the body. The support assembly includes an insert formed from a second material different than the first material.02-02-2012
20120027601ROTATABLE COMPONENT MOUNT FOR A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - Radial shifting of a rotatable component in a gas turbine engine is prevented by radially offsetting overlying mounting apertures in said component and a base or mounting flange therefor such that fasteners received within said overlying apertures are radially interference fit within the apertures thereby eliminating the necessity of machining or otherwise forming the apertures to an exact fit with the fasteners.02-02-2012
20130195666SNAP RING RETENTION ASSEMBLY FOR A MAIN SHAFT IN A WIND TURBINE - A retention assembly for securing a main rotor shaft in a wind turbine relative to a pillow block is provided. A main rotor shaft extends through a pillow block, and a ring groove is defined in an outer circumferential surface of the main rotor shaft axially offset from the pillow block. A snap ring is engaged within the ring groove, wherein the snap ring and ring groove are designed to achieve a design axial load capacity.08-01-2013
20130101420AXIAL FLOW FAN - An axial flow fan, with which effective work of blades is ensured and blade tip vortices are suppressed, thereby reducing noise. The axial flow fan includes blades, which are each formed such that a chord centerline connecting chord center points from inner to outer peripheral ends of the blade is curved so as to protrude toward a downstream side in a whole region.04-25-2013
20130202441FAN WITH OVERMOLDED BLADES - A fan member particularly for use in a vehicle cooling system. A formed metal hub member with a plurality of plastic polymer blade members. The blade members are overmolded on the hub member, preferably individually. The plastic polymer material is molded through openings in the hub member to help securely hold the blade members in place.08-08-2013
20120063906Fan Blade - To improve upon a fan blade (03-15-2012
20120063905BUSHING FOR A VARIABLE SET BLADE - A bushing for a variable set blade includes a cylindrical part configured to receive the blade, the root of the blade being able to rotate in the cylindrical part, and a base including: a first side able to be put in contact with a first edge of a circumferential groove of the ring, and/or a second side able to be put in contact with a second edge of the circumferential groove of the ring. At least one of the first side or second side of the base includes at least one bevel through which the first side or the second side is able to be put in contact with one of the first edge or second edge of the circumferential groove so as to block the bushing in rotation. The invention finds a particularly interesting application in the field of aircraft.03-15-2012
20110206519FASTENER APERTURE HAVING AN ELONGATED GEOMETRY - An apparatus includes a substrate having one or more fastener apertures that extend therethrough. Each fastener aperture has a centerline and includes first and second circular segmented regions and a central channeled region. Each circular segmented region has a diameter and a segment length that extends along the centerline, wherein the segment length is greater than one-half the diameter. The central channeled region extends along the centerline between the first and the second circular segmented regions. The central channeled region has a height that is less than the diameter of the first and the second circular segmented regions.08-25-2011
20120244001RETAINING RING ASSEMBLY AND SUPPORTING FLANGE FOR SAID RING - A retaining ring assembly for at least one blade of a rotor disk of a turbine engine and a supporting flange for the ring. The flange and the ring are rotating parts having an axis X, the flange including an attachment edge configured to be connected to the rotor disk and a free edge configured to bear against the retaining ring; and the flange bears against the ring such that the bearing force of the flange on the ring has an axial component and a radial component relative to the axis of revolution X.09-27-2012
20090041584Kinetic hydro power triangular blade hub - A rotor hub mounting arrangement for removably mounting a plurality of turbine rotor blades to the rotor hub in a compact and secure manner. The rotor hub includes an internal mounting assembly, preferably comprised of a series of interconnected mounting plates, positioned adjacent a series of foil shaped openings in the rotor hub into which the root end of turbine blades can be inserted and removably mounted to the internal mounting assembly.02-12-2009
20110014050TURBINE BLADE ASSEMBLY AND SEAL STRIP - A turbine blade assembly, in particular for a gas turbine, is provided. The turbine blade assembly includes a disc with a rotation axis, turbine blades, each turbine blade including an airfoil, a blade root and a platform between the airfoil and the blade root by which it may be fixed to the disc, locking plates and bent seal strips. The turbine blades are arranged adjacent to each other on the disc, such that gaps are present between the platforms of adjacent turbine blades and root cavities are present between the portions of the roots of adjacent turbine blades. The turbine blades are secured axially to the disc by the locking plates. The seal strips are arranged in the gaps between the platforms of neighbouring turbine blades to seal the gap and protrude axially over the blade root and over the locking plate.01-20-2011
20080267780MIXING AND/OR EVAPORATION DEVICE AND RESPECTIVE MANUFACTURING METHOD - The invention relates to a mixing and/or evaporation device for an exhaust system, an internal combustion engine, having a tubular body on whose one axial end are arranged several blades adjacent to one another in the circumferential direction, protruding radially inward and leaving free a central passage such that the blades are set at an angle to the axial direction. For inexpensive manufacturing, the tubular body may be manufactured from a single sheet metal body by shaping together with the blades.10-30-2008
20130164137TURBOFAN FLOW PATH TRENCHES - An integrally bladed disk includes a rotor disk and circumferentially spaced first and second blades. The rotor disk has a rim the periphery of which forms a flow surface. The first and second blades extend integrally outward from the rim. The rim defines a trench in the flow surface between the first and second blades aft of a leading edge of the rim. The trench extends axially forward and rearward of a leading edge of the first blade.06-27-2013
20090035138Bladed rotor balancing - A method of manufacturing a rotating component (02-05-2009
20090311103ROTOR FOR STEAM TURBINE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A steam turbine rotor shaft and a method of manufacturing the same are provided wherein the sliding characteristics of a journal are improved, and the journal is free from welding cracks and does not need a post heat treatment. The low alloy steel coating layer having a better sliding characteristics than 9 to 13% Cr heat resisting steel and a area rate of defects including pores and oxides in a range of 3 to 15% is formed by a high velocity flame spray coating method on a sliding surface of the journal.12-17-2009
20080292465Rotating apparatus disk11-27-2008
20090263249Welded Low-Pressure Turbine Shaft - Turbo-engine which has a low-pressure area, containing at least one shaft, wherein the low-pressure area has an inflow area, the shaft having, at least on its inflow part arranged in the inflow area, a heat resistant material, wherein the shaft has, on outflow parts arranged opposite the inflow part, a 26NiCrV14-5 and/or 2SNiCrMoVii-5 and/or 22CrNiM09-9 material.10-22-2009
20100239423ASSEMBLY FOR A TURBOMACHINE - An assembly for a turbomachine comprising: a plurality of components (09-23-2010
20110243744SEAL FOR A PLATFORM IN THE ROTOR OF A TURBINE ENGINE - A seal for an intermediate platform provided between two adjacent blades in the rotor of a turbine engine, the seal having an elongate shape with an upstream end and a downstream end, and including transversally, in the direction of the width thereof, a contact portion, an attachment portion, and a flexible portion between the attachment portion and the contact portion. The cross section of the seal has an open-ended shape between the two ends thereof.10-06-2011
20090214348METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE ROTOR ASSEMBLY OF A ROTATING VACUUM PUMP - A rotor assembly for rotary vacuum pumps has improved mechanical characteristics and low manufacturing cost due to a one-step thermal coupling of a rotor having a male axial projection and its supporting shaft having an end portion comprising a female cavity with a shape and size for receiving the male projection with interference at an ambient temperature. The rotor and the shaft are made of different materials. Heating of the end portion of the shaft provides expansion of the female cavity and allows for inserting the mail projection of the rotor into the female cavity of the shaft. By cooling the end portion to the ambient temperature the contraction of the cavity is obtained forming fixed interference coupling between the shaft and the rotor, where the end portion of the shaft contracts and compresses about the male axis projection of the rotor.08-27-2009
20090214347SPLIT RING FOR A ROTARY PART OF A TURBOMACHINE - A split ring for mounting with elastic prestress in an annular groove of a rotary part of a turbomachine and having, in the free state, a diameter that is greater than the diameter of the groove, is remarkable in that, in the free state and without stress, the end portions of the ring are circular arcs having a radius of curvature that is substantially equal to the radius of curvature of the annular groove.08-27-2009
20110116931METHOD FOR INCREASING THE COEFFICIENT OF ADHESION BETWEEN TWO PARTS ROTATING AS ONE WITH A ROTOR - A method for increasing the coefficient of adhesion between two parts that rotate as one with a rotor, for example a turbomachine rotor, those parts pressing against one another via pressing faces. The method includes milling at least one of the pressing faces so as to modify its surface finish and increase its roughness, then covering the or each machined face with a thin layer of a material that is hard and has a high coefficient of friction.05-19-2011
20100054944Rotor assembly for an exhaust gas turbocharger - In a rotor assembly for an exhaust gas turbocharger including a turbine wheel and a compressor wheel mounted on a common shaft for joint rotation wherein the turbine wheel consist of a metal aluminide or of a high-temperature resistant titanium alloy, the turbine wheel and the compressor wheel are disposed on the shaft in spaced relationship by way of a bearing sleeve via which the turbien wheel and the compressor wheel are axially firmly engaged by axial clamping structures associated with the common shaft.03-04-2010
20110176921METHOD OF REPAIRING OR REWORKING A TURBOMACHINE DISK AND REPAIRED OR REWORKED TURBOMACHINE DISK - The invention relates to a method of repairing or of reworking a turbomachine disk comprising, on it's rim, at least one external radial tab with an axial bore to accept an axial pin comprising a head and a shank with a threaded portion, the pin being slipped into the bore in such a way that the head comes to press against one face of the tab through the tightening of a nut on to the shank with threaded portion against the opposite face of the tab, said pin forming a retaining means to keep a tab secured to a component attached to the rim.07-21-2011
20100239422COMPONENTS FOR GAS TURBINE ENGINES - A component for a gas turbine engine having an engine axis includes a rotor disk and a plurality of airfoils. The rotor disk comprises a web and a rim. The web has a first outer surface at least partially defining a plurality of holes and a plurality of slots. Each of the plurality of slots extends from a corresponding one of the plurality of holes and forms a first angle with the engine axis at the point of intersection with the corresponding one of the plurality of holes. The rim has a second outer surface also at least partially defining the plurality of slots. Each of the plurality of slots forms a second angle with the engine axis at the second outer surface, the second angle being different from the first angle. Each of the plurality of airfoils extends from the second outer surface.09-23-2010
20110070088STEAM TURBINE ROTOR AND ALLOY THEREFOR - An alloy suitable for use in a rotor, such as one or more regions of a steam turbine rotor, as well as a forged rotor formed with the alloy. The alloy consists of, by weight, 0.20 to 0.30% carbon, 0.80 to 1.5% chromium, 0.80 to 1.5% molybdenum, 0.50 to 0.90% vanadium, 0.30 to 0.80% nickel, 0.05 to 0.15% titanium, 0.20 to 1.0% manganese, and 0.005 to 0.012% boron, the balance iron, optionally low levels of other alloying constituents, and incidental impurities.03-24-2011
20110255979IMPELLER FOR TURBINE - An impeller for a turbine includes an impeller body formed by alternately stacking and fixing two or more types of disk blades, a base plate, and a rotating shaft. A plurality of pressed vane sections projecting from one surface are formed on the base plate of each disk blade, and recessed spaces are formed in the pressed vane sections, respectively. The projecting rear sections of the pressed vane sections are affixed to the other surface of the base plate of the adjacent disk blade, and disposed in the recessed spaces of the pressed vane sections of the adjacent disk blade in the mutually crossing direction. A part of a working gas is moved in the recessed spaces, and moved forward in the rotating direction over the projecting rear sections.10-20-2011
20090252609IMPELLER FOR SUPERCHARGER AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An impeller for a supercharger cast in molds to provide excellent aerodynamic performance by eliminating parting-line corresponding parts from a hub surface and vane surfaces in each space formed of a pair of long vanes adjacent to each other an a method of manufacturing the impeller. The method comprises a step for casting the impeller in the molds. Molten metal is poured in spaces formed by radially arranging, toward a center axis, the plurality of slide molds each having a short vane-shaped bottomed groove part and a shape for the space between the pair of long vanes adjacent to each other to mold the impeller. Then, the slide molds are moved in the radial direction of the center axis while rotating for mold-releasing. Thus, the impeller for the supercharger having no parting-line corresponding parts on both the hub surface and the vane surfaces in each space formed of the pair of long vanes adjacent to each other can be provided.10-08-2009
20120201681TURBINE WHEEL FITTED WITH AN AXIAL RETAINING RING THAT LOCKS THE BLADES RELATIVE TO A DISK - A turbine wheel having an axis of rotation and including: a disk having a periphery and a side face; a plurality of blades assembled on the disk, each blade having a blade root and a first hook oriented radially and defining a first groove that opens radially towards the axis of rotation of the turbine wheel. The disk includes a series of second hooks oriented radially and defining a second groove that opens radially towards the axis of rotation of the turbine wheel. An axial retaining ring for placing in the first and second grooves includes a tab for placing between two adjacent blade roots to limit movements of the ring in azimuth.08-09-2012
20110255978Locking Assembly For Circumferential Attachments - A locking spacer assembly is provided for use with a rotor blade assembly. The locking spacer assembly includes a first end portion, a second end portion, at least one securing device, and a center portion positioned between the first end portion and the second end portion. An opening is defined between the center portion and at least one of the first end portion and the second end portion. The opening is configured to receive the securing device.10-20-2011
20080253894Co-forged steel rotor component for steam and gas turbine engines - A method of forming a rotor for a turbine engine such that the rotor is formed of two materials including: an outer ring formed from a first steel material, and a disk formed from a second material, such as a low alloy steel, having a larger thermal expansion coefficient than the first material forming the inner disk. The ring may include an inner aperture having a conical shape, and the disk may have an outer surface with a conical shape and a diameter with a portion that is larger than a portion of the ring. The ring may be heated such that the aperture expands to a size greater than the largest diameter of the inner disk. The ring may be positioned over the disk and allowed to cool to allow the ring to be attached to the disk. The ring and disk may then be co-forged.10-16-2008
20100215499BLADE RETAINING DEVICE FOR TURBO MACHINE PROPELLER - The invention concerns an aircraft turbomachine propeller comprising a plurality of blades (08-26-2010
20110189022SHAPED ROTOR WHEEL CAPABLE OF CARRYING MULTIPLE BLADE STAGES - A shaped rotor wheel, a turbo machine including the rotor wheel, and a method for producing the same are disclosed. In an embodiment, a rotor wheel is provided which includes at least one disk member and at least one spacer member, and is a capable of carrying and axially spacing one or more stages of blades. Also disclosed is a method for producing such a rotor wheel using metal powders as a starting material, and processing the metal powder using powder metallurgy techniques.08-04-2011
20110064580TURBOFAN FLOW PATH TRENCHES - An integrally bladed disk includes a rim and blades. The blades are circumferentially spaced and extend integrally outward from the rim to define a flow path therebetween. The periphery of the rim forms a flow surface and includes a trench that is disposed adjacent the blades.03-17-2011
20090081044POLYGON ROTOR ATTACHMENT DEVICE - A rotor and shaft assembly for turbomachinery has a polygon shaped drive collar interposed between corresponding polygonal mating surfaces of a drive shaft and a rotor hub. The mating surfaces of the polygon collar, the drive shaft and the rotor hub may be sized both axially and radially for required torque transmission without the need for hub inserts or oversized shafts. The polygon drive collar is manufacturable using standard machine tools such as lathes and end mills that remove metal in a tool path following not more than two axes of simultaneous movement. A shaft end assembly secures the rotor and drive collar to the shaft.03-26-2009
20100209252DISK FOR TURBINE ENGINE - A disk for a turbine engine is disclosed herein. The disk includes a rotatable body extending along a longitudinal axis between a forward side and an aft side. The disk also includes a plurality of slots disposed about a periphery of the body. Each of the slots extends between the forward and aft sides along a respective slot axis. The sides of each of the slots are asymmetrical relative to one another in a cross-section normal to the slot axis.08-19-2010
20120251324Rotor of an axial compressor stage of a turbomachine - The present invention relates to a rotor of an axial compressor stage of a turbomachine featuring a rotor assembly with a rotary axis, forming on its circumference a blade ring with a radially outer ring surface, and several rotor blades arranged on the blade ring. It is provided that the ring surface between two adjacent rotor blades has at least in a partial area a changing radius relative to the rotary axis of the rotor assembly both in the axial direction and in the circumferential direction.10-04-2012
20120076657GAS TURBINE ENGINE AND MAIN ENGINE ROTOR ASSEMBLY AND DISASSEMBLY - One embodiment of the present invention is a unique gas turbine engine. Another embodiment is a unique gas turbine engine main engine rotor. Still another embodiment is a unique method for assembling a gas turbine engine main engine rotor. Other embodiments include apparatuses, systems, devices, hardware, methods, and combinations for gas turbine engines and gas turbine rotors. Further embodiments, forms, features, aspects, benefits, and advantages of the present application shall become apparent from the description and figures provided herewith.03-29-2012
20100278651GUIDE DEVICE - The fastening for an attachment of a guide device to a gas outlet housing is positioned in a region radially outside guide blades. In this way, a circumferential position of the guide blades may be freely selected within predefined angles. Collisions are avoided between the guide blades and fasteners.11-04-2010
20120263597TURBOMACHINE ROTOR WITH ANTI-WEAR SHIM BETWEEN A DISK AND AN ANNULUS - The present invention relates to a turbomachine rotor comprising a disk with a rim and axial cavities machined into the rim to individually house blades, an annulus pierced with stress-relief holes, part of the stress-relief holes being situated in the axial continuation of the cavities, being attached to one side of the rim. The rotor is characterized in that an annular shim is attached and interposed between the disk and the annulus, the shim forming a removable means of closing off the said holes and an axial bearing surface against which the blades housed in the cavities can bear.10-18-2012
20120269637METHODS FOR CONTROLLING FRICTION BETWEEN HETEROGENEOUS CONTACT SURFACES - A method of conditioning a first, heterogeneous contact surface for operational engagement with a second contact surface, the method comprising: performing a smoothing operation on part or all of the first contact surface whilst subjecting said part or all of the first contact surface respectively to a contact pre-stress corresponding to a nominal operational contact stress between the first and second contact surfaces.10-25-2012
20110236213Guide blade carrier - A stator blade carrier, particularly for a gas turbine, is provided. The stator blade carrier includes a number of axial segments and is intended to attain a particularly high degree of operational reliability and long service life. To this end, two neighboring axial segments are connected to a number of tie rods, each enclosed by a support tube, wherein a spherical disk is arranged on at least one end of the respective support tube and mounted in a conical socket supported on the respective axial segment.09-29-2011
20120099996ROTARY MACHINE HAVING GROOVES FOR CONTROL OF FLUID DYNAMICS - A system includes a rotary machine including, a stator, a rotor configured to rotate relative to the stator, a plurality of axial grooves disposed along a circumference of the stator or the rotor, a plurality of blade segments disposed along the circumference, wherein each blade segment of the plurality of blade segments comprises a blade coupled to a mounting base supported in a respective axial groove of the plurality of axial grooves, and the plurality of blades has a non-uniform blade spacing about the circumference.04-26-2012
20100215500ROTOR ASSEMBLY - A rotor assembly that includes a shaft to which are mounted an impeller and a bearing assembly. The bearing assembly is located at least partly within the profile of the impeller so as to reduce loading of the bearing assembly as well as reduce the cantilever length of the rotor assembly.08-26-2010
20130115088COMPRESSOR WHEEL SHAFT WITH RECESSED PORTION - A turbocharger assembly includes a compressor wheel with a base surface, a nose surface, a z-plane disposed between the base surface and the nose surface and a bore extending from the base surface to the nose surface and a shaft that includes a first pilot surface disposed in the bore of the compressor wheel at a position between the z-plane and the nose surface, a second pilot surface disposed in the bore of the compressor wheel at a position between the z-plane and the base surface, and a recessed surface disposed between the first pilot surface and the second pilot surface. A nut adjustably disposed on the shaft adjacent to the nose surface can tension the shaft to apply a compressive load between the base surface and the nose surface of the compressor wheel. Various other examples of devices, assemblies, systems, methods, etc., are also disclosed.05-09-2013
20130121834FAN HUB DESIGN - A fan rotor has a fan web and a plurality of circumferentially spaced-apart fan blades extending radially outwardly from an outer rim of the fan web. The outer rim is integrally connected to an inner rim through an axially facing web section. The web section has an inward concavature and extends aft of the center of gravity of the fan blades to shift the center of gravity of the hub rearwards while maintaining airfoil stress below critical levels. The rim section may have an inwardly projecting annular channel formed in a leading edge thereof and tuned to the 2M3ND mode of the fan hub.05-16-2013
20120027600SEPARATIVE TIDAL CURRENT ROTOR BLADE - Provided is a separative tidal current rotor blade including: a hub constituting a body of a rotor; a blade formed by coupling a plurality of blade blocks together; a connecting member for connecting the hub and the blade; and a coupling unit for coupling one end of the connecting member to the hub. The blade can be mass produced and has excellent compactibility by dividing a body unit of the blade into a plurality of blocks and assembling the blocks. Also, manufacturing and maintenance costs and time can be reduced since the body unit of the blade is divided into the blocks. In addition, the blade can be prevented from being damaged since a shock absorbing member is disposed between blade blocks to absorb a sudden shock.02-02-2012
20120034084PROCESS FOR PRODUCING A TURBINE WHEEL FOR AN EXHAUST GAS TURBOCHARGER - The invention relates to a process for producing a turbine wheel for an exhaust gas turbocharger by metal powder injection molding, which comprises the following steps: (a) provision of a feedstock comprising a metal powder and a binder, (b) provision of a tool which comprises a negative mold of the turbine wheel to be produced for metal powder injection molding of the turbine wheel, (c) introduction of a rotationally symmetrical core comprising a binder into the negative mold of the tool provided in process step (b) and alignment of the core so that it is aligned symmetrically about the axis of rotation of the turbine wheel to be produced, (d) production of a green body by metal powder injection molding of the feedstock provided in process step (a) around the core, (e) carrying out of a binder removal step to remove the binder from the green body in order to obtain a molding in the shape of the turbine wheel, and (f) sintering of the molding.02-09-2012

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