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416 - Fluid reaction surfaces (i.e., impellers)

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416189000 Axially extending shroud ring or casing 84
416182000 Radially extending web or end plate 74
416180000 Blades projecting axially from concavo-convex annular web 3
20110200438DIAGONAL FAN - A diagonal fan has a diagonal fan impeller (08-18-2011
20090232655Stamped stator assemblies and methods for assemblying stamped stator assemblies - A stator for a torque converter, including a pump side blade plate with a first outer circumferential portion and a turbine side blade plate with a second outer circumferential portion in contact with the first outer circumferential portion. One of the first or second outer circumferential portions includes an axially extending lip with a plurality of notches and the other of the first or second outer circumferential portions includes a plurality of radially outward protrusions disposed in the plurality of notches and the lip includes a plurality of at least partially radially inward protrusions in contact with other of the first or second outer circumferential portions and exerting force on the other of the first or second outer circumferential portions to urge the pump and turbine side plates together.09-17-2009
416181000 Apertured or foraminous web or shroud 2
20120282101GAS TURBINE ENGINE ROTOR CONSTRUCTION - A longitudinal stack of gas turbine engine rotor disks each include an annular spacer which transmits compressive preloading of the stack to an adjacent disk, the spacer and an annular shoulder on the disk rim defining an annular slot which accommodates the base of a segmented annular blade cluster which shields the rim from some of the heat associated with the flow of working fluid around the disks.11-08-2012
20100098543ROTOR STRUCTURE OF WIND TURBINE - A rotor structure is provided for a wind turbine and includes a central hub from which a plurality of blades radially extends. The blades have distal free ends that are surrounded by and coupled to a circumferentially arranged hood for rotation therewith. As such, with the rotor mounted to a generator of the wind turbine, when air flows caused by winds get into wind facing surfaces of the blades, the air flows are accelerated by either a divergent configuration, a convergent configuration, or a convergent-divergent configuration of the hood to remarkably enhance the performance of wind power generation and reduce the overall size of the rotor of the wind turbine.04-22-2010
20100143139BANKED PLATFORM TURBINE BLADE - A turbine blade includes an airfoil and integral platform at the root thereof. The platform is contoured in elevation from a bank adjacent the pressure side of the airfoil to a trough commencing behind the airfoil leading edge.06-10-2010
20090304511AERODYNAMIC SHROUD HAVING TEXTURED SURFACE - An aerodynamic shroud positionable surrounding a hub to which blades are attached is disclosed. The shroud has a textured outer surface that is configured so as to create a turbulent boundary layer for fluid flowing over the surface. The turbulent boundary layer delays flow separation from the shroud and reduces drag. The shroud may be formed from a domed shell mounted on the hub and have skirts that surround the hub. The textured surface is provided by dimples in the surface or projections from the surface. The shroud is intended to reduce main and tail rotor hub drag on helicopters but is also useful on marine propellers, aircraft propellers and jet engine fans.12-10-2009
20090116964Turbine rotor and method for producing the rotor - A turbine rotor has a row of turbine blades associated with a circumferential groove in a disk, each turbine blade having foot received in the groove, a blade profile above the foot, and a shroud plate above the profile. Each blade foot and each shroud plate have end surfaces and side surfaces which form a rhomboid, the end surfaces of each shroud plate tapering toward each other along respective radii and abutting the end surfaces of adjacent shroud plates to form a closed ring. The blade profiles are torsionally stressed by applying a force to each plate in a direction parallel to the axis of the disk, thereby twisting the cover plates through an angle alpha so that the side surfaces of adjacent cover plates are circumferentially aligned in a plane perpendicular to the longitudinal axis. This force is maintained by clamping devices applied to the combs of adjacent blades.05-07-2009
20110293428METHOD FOR OPTIMIZING THE CONTACT SURFACES OF SHROUD SEGMENTS, WHICH ABUT AGAINST ONE ANOTHER, OF ADJACENT BLADES OF A GAS TURBINE - A method for optimizing the contact surfaces of abutting shroud segments of adjacent blades of a rotor blade row of a gas turbine includes providing a 3-D model of an individual blade. A geometry of the individual blade is calculated using the 3-D model while considering centrifugal forces, temperature stresses and pressure loads experienced in a loaded state of the blade during operation. The contact surfaces of the abutting shroud segments of adjacent blades are optimized in the loaded state of the blade. The optimization includes the surfaces of functionally serving interlocking surfaces and functionally serving wedge surfaces disposed on each side of the interlocking surfaces. A geometry of the interlocking surfaces and of the wedge surfaces in an unloaded state corresponding to the optimized contact surfaces in the loaded state of the blade is calculated.12-01-2011
20090263248SHAPE FOR A TURBINE BUCKET TIP SHROUD - A turbine bucket that may include an airfoil having a tip shroud, the tip shroud having an edge; wherein the edge has a profile substantially in accordance with values of X and Y in a Cartesian coordinate system set forth in Table 1 at points 10-22-2009
20110286847GAS TURBINE ENGINE VANES - One embodiment of the present invention is a gas turbine engine. Another embodiment is a gas turbine engine vane system. Other embodiments include apparatuses, systems, devices, hardware, methods, and combinations for gas turbine engine vanes. Further embodiments, forms, features, aspects, benefits, and advantages of the present application shall become apparent from the description and figures provided herewith.11-24-2011
20090290983TURBINE BLADE ASSEMBLY AND STEAM TURBINE - A turbine blade 11-26-2009
20090148293DUST COLLECTOR BLADE STRUCTURE - The present invention discloses a dust collector blade structure. In the present invention, the blades are uniformly and radiately arranged on a rotation disc. The blades are vertical to the rotation disc and form an air entrance at the center of the rotation disc. One end of each blade is exactly at the border of the rotation disc, and the other end of each blade has a wind-guiding bevel. The rotation disc is arranged inside a blower housing. The blower housing has an air outlet and a cover. The cover has an air inlet corresponding to the air entrance. The air outlet is arranged in the tangential direction of the rotation disc. The shape of the blades can reduce the air friction on the blades and thus can promote the blower performance and reduce the energy consumption.06-11-2009
20120107122RESILIENT MOUNTING APPARATUS FOR LOW-DUCTILITY TURBINE SHROUD - A turbine flowpath apparatus for a gas turbine engine includes: a flowpath component exposed at least partially to a primary combustion gas flowpath of the engine, the flowpath component comprising low-ductility material; a metallic annular stationary structure surrounding the flowpath component, including a bearing surface which bears against the flowpath component, so as to restrain the flowpath component from axial movement in a first direction; and a spring element disposed between the flowpath component and the stationary structure which resilient urges the flowpath component in the first direction against the bearing surface.05-03-2012
20110268574BLADE ROW FOR THE FINAL STAGE OF A STEAM TURBINE - A rotating blade row is provided for the final stage of a steam turbine has blades with an integrated shroud. The shroud of each blade has a projection in the axial direction, in each case on its pressure side, which prevents droplets in the working fluid of the steam turbine from reaching the shroud fillet of the respective subsequent blade in the flow direction. The shroud fillet is therefore protected against erosion damage caused by droplets impact erosion. The projection is positioned and of such a size that mass equilibrium is ensured between the suction side and the pressure side of the shroud, and stress equilibrium is ensured between the projection on the pressure side and the suction-side shroud. The projection furthermore has a recess between its greatest axial extent and the leading edge.11-03-2011
20090285687Blade, impeller, turbo fluid machine, method and apparatus for manufacturing blade - Plural saddle shape patches are formed on a blank material for forming a blade using a manufacturing apparatus provided with a punch support having punches each with a holder attached to be opposite with one another at a predetermined interval corresponding to a thickness of the blank material. The punch support is mounted to a second ram via a second rotational mechanism which is rotatable in a direction in which the ram moves. The die is attached to the first ram via the first rotational mechanism. The actuator controls the rotating angles of both the rotational mechanisms.11-19-2009
20090169385FAN-TURBINE ROTOR ASSEMBLY WITH INTEGRAL INDUCER SECTION FOR A TIP TURBINE ENGINE - A fan-turbine rotor assembly for a tip turbine engine includes a fan hub with an outer periphery scalloped by a multitude of elongated openings which extend into a fan hub web. Each elongated opening defines an inducer section and a blade receipt section to retain a hollow fan blade section. The blade receipt section retains each of the hollow fan blade sections adjacent each inducer section. The inducer sections are cast directly into the fan hub which minimizes leakage between each fan blade section and each of the respective inducer sections to minimize airflow leakage and increase engine efficiency.07-02-2009
20100135809WIND WHEEL - The invention relates to a wind wheel (06-03-2010
20090311101Fan Propeller, In Particular For Motor Vehicles - The fan impeller (12-17-2009
20080240921FAN AND IMPELLER THEREOF - An impeller used in a fan is provided. The impeller includes a hub and a plurality of blades disposed around the hub. The hub has at least one curve-shape surface. A fan comprises a fan frame, an impeller, and a motor. The impeller disposed in the fan frame comprises a hub and a plurality of blades disposed around the hub, wherein the hub has at least one curve-shape surface and an airflow guiding structure disposed on an outer circumference of the hub. The motor is disposed in the impeller for driving the impeller.10-02-2008
20090162203FAN MODULE - A fan module is provided. The fan module is configured to dissipate heat from, e.g., a compressor and a condenser disposed in a machine room of the refrigerator. The fan module includes a fan, a shroud having a receiving hole positioned around the fan, a fan mounting portion coupled to a rear surface of the shroud on which the fan is mounted, the rear surface facing a downstream airflow direction of the fan, and a concave recess provided on a rear surface of the shroud and circling the receiving hole. The fan module prevents noise caused by air passing through the receiving hole and prevents flow loss.06-25-2009
20110142650Turbine Blade Damping Device with Controlled Loading - A damping structure for a turbomachine rotor. The damping structure includes an elongated snubber element including a first snubber end rigidly attached to a first blade and extending toward an adjacent second blade, and an opposite second snubber end defining a first engagement surface positioned adjacent to a second engagement surface associated with the second blade. The snubber element has a centerline extending radially inwardly in a direction from the first blade toward the second blade along at least a portion of the snubber element between the first and second snubber ends. Rotational movement of the rotor effects relative movement between the first engagement surface and the second engagement surface to position the first engagement surface in frictional engagement with the second engagement surface with a predetermined damping force determined by a centrifugal force on the snubber element.06-16-2011
20110229326STRUCTURAL AND AERODYNAMIC MODULE FOR A TURBOMACHINE CASING AND CASING STRUCTURE COMPRISING A PLURALITY OF SUCH A MODULE - The invention relates to a structure and aerodynamic module comprising two blades each extending along a longitudinal axis, each blade each comprising a leading edge, a trailing edge, a radially inner edge and a radially outer edge, the module also comprising a radially inner platform mechanically connecting the radially inner edges of the two blades, and a radially outer platform mechanically connecting the radially outer edges of the two blades such that the two blades and the radially outer and inner platforms delimit a flow stream, the two blades and the platforms being made from a composite material and the two blades being fixed on the radially outer and inner platforms using screw-nut assemblies.09-22-2011
20090097979ROTOR BLADE - A rotor blade may include a tip shroud having at least one seal tooth disposed at an angle that may be relative to the engine centerline when in an assembled condition, the leading edge of the tip shroud and/or the trailing edge of the tip shroud.04-16-2009
20090208335Annulus filler - An annulus filler is provided for mounting to a rotor disc of a gas turbine engine and for bridging the gap between two adjacent blades attached to the rotor disc. The annulus filler has a body portion which defines an airflow surface for air being drawn through the engine, and one or more hook portions which extend radially inwardly from the body portion. The hook portions are for connection to corresponding engagement portions on the radially outer face of the rotor disc. The or each hook portion is attached to the body portion by a joining arrangement in which a wedge part provided by one of the hook portion and the body portion is received in a complementary-shaped retention recess provided by the other of the hook portion and the body portion.08-20-2009
20090257875PLATFORMLESS TURBINE BLADE - A turbine blade rotor assembly is disclosed for a gas turbine engine. The assembly includes a rotor having nickel alloy turbine blades secured thereto. Each of the blades includes a root and an airfoil. The roots are supported by the rotor. A ceramic matrix composite platform separate from the turbine blades is supported between each pair of the turbine blades adjacent to the airfoils. In another example, the airfoil includes a perimeter. A shroud having an aperture receives the airfoil with a single shroud substantially surrounding the airfoil at the perimeter. In one example, the turbine blade includes high and low pressure sides opposite one another that extend from a tip to a root. The airfoil is free from any protrusions extending from the high and low pressure sides on a portion of the blade axially outward from the root.10-15-2009
20100143138Axial flow wind turbine - An axial flow wind turbine having forwardly swept blades with an annular ring interconnecting the blade tips. A rearwardly directed rake profile is also provided together with unequal blade spacing.06-10-2010
20100080707Blade Outer Air Seals, Cores, and Manufacture Methods - A blade outer air seal (BOAS) casting core has first and second end portions and a plurality of legs. Of these legs, first legs each have: a first end joining the first end portion; a main body portion; and a second end. Second legs each have: a second end joining the second end portion; a main body portion; and a first portion. At least one of the second legs may have its first end joining the core first end portion and a plurality of apertures in the main body portion. Alternatively, at least one of the first legs may have its second end joining the core second end portion and a plurality of apertures in its main body portion.04-01-2010
20110027088ROTOR BLADES FOR TURBINE ENGINES - A tip shroud that includes a plurality of damping fins, each damping fin comprising a substantially non-radially-aligned surface that is configured to make contact with a tip shroud of a neighboring rotor blade. At least one damping fin may comprise a leading edge damping fin and at least one damping fin may comprise a trailing edge damping fin. The leading edge damping fin may be configured to correspond to the trailing edge damping fin.02-03-2011
20090110556Process of making a shrouded impeller - A method of fabricating a shrouded impeller is disclosed. The method includes providing an open faced impeller, the open faced impeller including a plurality of blades extending at least partially radially from a hub. The method also includes performing a first powder metallurgical process to form a first material over at least part of the open faced impeller. The method further includes forming a shroud circumferentially disposed about the hub and connected to one of more of the blades. Forming the shroud includes performing a second powder metallurgical process to metallurgically bond the shroud to at least some of the blades.04-30-2009
20100303627TURBINE STAGE - A turbine stage includes a circumferentially distributed row of adjacent airfoils between which there is a flow passage. The passage has a surface, which in its unmodified form, defines a datum plane. A channel, located in the passage, extends in the direction of an airfoil pressure face from a point towards a leading edge line to a point towards a trailing edge line. The channel includes two channel walls angled relative to the datum plane. Relative to the datum plane, the channel has a low point, two high points, and a channel height, which is measured between the low point and the highest one of the high points. The channel provides a means to reduce secondary flow losses.12-02-2010
20090136347Turbine bucket shroud internal core profile - A turbine bucket including a bucket airfoil having a hollow tip shroud, the hollow tip shroud having a hollow core having a nominal profile substantially in accordance with Cartesian coordinate values of X, Y and Z set forth in Table I, in inches, wherein the shape of the core is defined by the cloud of points listed which are distributed around each surface of the shroud, and the complete hollow portion of the tip shroud could be constructed by defining smooth sheet surfaces through the listed points.05-28-2009
20080240920Rotatable Duct Type Shrouded Rotating Wing - In a rotatable duct type shrouded rotating wing, permanent magnets are arranged in the outer periphery of a rotatable duct, rotor blades are connected to the inner periphery of the rotatable duct, the rotor blades having a rotatable support portion at about every 2.5 m to prevent deflection or distortion. The shroud and the rotatable duct are constantly in vertical contact with each other, and an appropriate horizontal spacing is provided between the inner periphery of the shroud and the outer periphery of the rotatable duct to permit expansion and contraction of the rotatable duct and the rotor blades. Accordingly, even if the shrouded rotating wing is of a large radius, is used in a horizontal orientation and undergoes a rapid change of direction mounted to a turntable, it always rotates stably to generate lift and thrust.10-02-2008
20110211963RADIAL OR DIAGONAL FAN WHEEL - A fan wheel (09-01-2011
20100284811TURBINE SHROUD RING WITH ROTATION PROOFING RECESS - Turbine shroud ring sector for a turbomachine intended to be supported at the upstream end by a downstream support (11-11-2010
20110164981PATTERNED TURBOMACHINE COMPONENT AND METHOD OF FORMING A PATTERN ON A TURBOMACHINE COMPONENT - A method of forming a pattern on a turbomachine component includes adding material to selected surface regions of the turbomachine component, the material is arranged in a predetermined pattern.07-07-2011
20100329870SHROUDED TURBINE BLADE DESIGN - The use of a shroud to surround a set of turbine blades works best when the blades are shaped to maximize the unique distribution of velocity of such a shroud. Parameters for the construction of such blades for both water and wind turbines are presented.12-30-2010
20110135479TURBINE BLADE AND GAS TURBINE - Provided are turbine blades and a gas turbine capable of damping the vibrations caused by an excitation force and facilitating mounting/disassembly. Included are a shroud portion disposed at an end portion of an airfoil portion; a holder casing that can slide relative to the shroud portion, that can also be attached thereto/detached therefrom, and that forms a space with the shroud portion therebetween; and an elastic portion that is disposed in the space, that biases the shroud portion in a direction that separates it from the holder casing, and is disposed in a movable manner relative to the shroud portion; and a pressing portion that is disposed between the elastic portion and the holder casing and that can be moved toward and away from the shroud portion.06-09-2011
20100172760Non-Integral Turbine Blade Platforms and Systems - In one embodiment, a turbine blade platform may be disposed between two turbine blades. The platform may include a first exterior side configured to interface with a first turbine blade. The platform also may include a second exterior side disposed generally opposite the first exterior side and configured to interface with a second turbine blade.07-08-2010
20100166556PARTIAL ARC SHROUD FOR WIND TURBINE BLADES - A wind turbine blade includes an arcuate partial annulus arc shroud secured to a tip of the blade.07-01-2010
20100068061TURBINE MOVING BLADE ASSEMBLY AND TURBINE HAVING THE SAME - A shroud of adjacent turbine moving blades has the primary contact face portion, which has opposing flat faces forming an acute angle from a turbine rotating direction and has the secondary contact face portion which has opposing flat faces forming an obtuse angle from the turbine rotating direction. In a process of increasing the rotor speed of a turbine, the secondary contact face portion shifts from a contacting state to a separated state, and thereafter, the primary contact face portion shifts from the separated state to the contacting state. According to such arrangement, vibration in a turbine higher speed range can be suppressed in addition to the suppression of the contact reaction force between coupling members of adjacent turbine moving blade from increasing too high, thereby improving the reliability of the turbine moving blades.03-18-2010
20090175727Dimensional restoration of stationary shroud segments - A method for dimensionally restoring a stationary shroud segment, the method comprising removing at least a portion of a damaged flowpath of the stationary shroud segment to provide an exposed surface, casting a replacement flowpath, positioning the replacement flowpath on the exposed surface, and diffusion bonding the replacement flowpath to the stationary shroud segment.07-09-2009
20110217174Fin-Ring Propreller For a Water Current Power Generation System - A water current power generation system is provided, including a plurality of flotation tubes joined by a body structure; a plurality of ballast chambers joined by a body structure; a plurality of induction type power generation units disposed within housings associated with one or more of the flotation chambers, ballast chambers and body structure; and a plurality of propellers disposed in mechanical communication with each of the induction type generator units. In one presently preferred embodiment, a plurality of propellers disposed in communication with a plurality of induction type generator units, wherein the propellers each include one or more concentrically disposed rings, with each of the concentrically disposed rings having an inner ring member, an outer ring member, and a plurality of curved fin members separated by gap spaces disposed between the inner and outer ring members. Methods and means of deploying, positioning, maintaining, controlling and operating the system are also provided, as are detailed descriptions of novel inductor type generators used to obtain power from fast moving water currents, flotation tanks for tensioning the system against a submerged anchoring system disposed on an associated seafloor, and fluid-filled ballast chambers equipped with multiple sub-chambers that lend precision control and continuous adjustability to the system.09-08-2011
20100247315STEAM TURBINE ROTATING BLADE OF 52 INCH ACTIVE LENGTH FOR STEAM TURBINE LOW PRESSURE APPLICATION - A bucket for use in the low-pressure section of a steam turbine engine is provided. The bucket has a vane length of at least about 52 inches. The bucket is comprised of a dovetail section disposed near an inner radial position of the bucket, a tip shroud disposed near an outer radial position of the bucket and a part span shroud disposed at an intermediate radial position. The intermediate radial position is disposed at a location between the inner and outer radial positions the intermediate radial positioning adapted to promote aerodynamic performance of the part span shroud. The bucket is comprised of a chromium steel.09-30-2010
20110081245RADIAL SEAL PIN - The present application provides a turbine bucket. The turbine bucket may include a shank, a radial seal pin slot positioned on the shank, and a seal pin positioned within the radial seal pin slot. The seal pin may include a pair of shouldered ends.04-07-2011
20120301303HYBRID CERAMIC MATRIX COMPOSITE VANE STRUCTURES FOR A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A vane structure for a gas turbine engine includes a multiple of CMC airfoil sections integrated between a CMC outer ring and a metal alloy inner ring.11-29-2012
20120163978TURBINE AIRFOIL COMPONENTS CONTAINING CERAMIC-BASED MATERIALS AND PROCESSES THEREFOR - Hybrid turbine airfoil components containing a ceramic material, in which detailed features of the components are formed of materials other than ceramic materials. The components include a first component formed of a ceramic-based material and a second component formed of a metallic material. The first component comprises an airfoil portion and a nub, and the second component is separately formed and attached to the first component by casting the metallic material around the nub of the first component. The second component includes a platform portion between the airfoil portion and the nub of the first component and a dovetail portion on the nub of the first component. Each of the platform and dovetail portions has at least one off-axis geometric feature that results in the second component having a more complex geometry than the first component.06-28-2012
20090074579TURBINE RING - A turbine ring made up of an assembly of a plurality of sectors forming the outer shroud of the rotor of said turbine. The sectors are united end to end with interposed sealing systems comprising tongues housed in slots, said tongues being rectilinear and engaged in respective rectilinear slots in the radial faces of said sectors.03-19-2009
20100284810PROCESS FOR INHIBITING DELAMINATION IN A BEND OF A CONTINUOUS FIBER-REINFORCED COMPOSITE ARTICLE - A process for inhibiting delamination in a bend of a component formed of a continuous fiber-reinforced composite material having layers containing arrays of unidirectional fibrous elements in a matrix material. A preform of the component is formed by laying-up prepreg tapes corresponding to layers of the component. Each tape contains a matrix precursor, a binder, and an array of the fibrous elements. The tapes are laid-up so that the fibrous elements of at least a first tape traverse the bend, and the fibrous elements lie in planes that are not perpendicular to the axis of curvature of the bend. The preform then undergoes thermal processing, during which delamination of the layers in the bend is inhibited as a result of none of the fibrous elements lying in a plane perpendicular to the axis of curvature of the bend.11-11-2010
20090004011STEAM TURBINE, AND INTERMEDIATE SUPPORT STRUCTURE FOR HOLDING ROW OF LONG MOVING BLADES THEREIN - A row of moving blades for a steam turbine has moving blades elongated radially which are arranged peripherally around and secured to a turbine rotor 01-01-2009
20100232966STEAM TURBINE - In a steam turbine including a turbine rotor 09-16-2010
20130011264TURBINE BLADE - A blade for a rotor of a turbine includes an airfoil, a shroud and a platform. The platform includes a top plate, a shank and a fixing part. An upstream wall projects in the circumferential direction away from the shank and extends from the top plate toward the fixing part, the upstream wall at least partially covering an upstream side of the shank. A downstream wall projects in the circumferential direction away from the shank and extends from the top plate toward the fixing part, the downstream wall at least partially covering a downstream side of the shank. A recess is disposed in at least one of the upstream wall and the downstream wall. The recess has an open side facing in a same direction as a respective one of the upstream wall and the downstream wall, in which the recess is disposed, is projecting.01-10-2013
20130177425TURBINE BLADE ASSEMBLY - A turbine blade assembly that is able to be driven by the wind, the turbine blade assembly comprising a hub, a multiplicity of hub blades attached to and extending outwardly from the hub, a first cowl attached to an end of the hub blades, wherein the first cowl is at an angle of between 9 and 15 degrees with respect to a central axis of rotation of the hub.07-11-2013
20110229327Centrifugal multiblade fan - A centrifugal multiblade fan includes a rotatable shaft, blades, a side shroud, and a main shroud. A front edge has a shape inclined radially outward in a direction from the main shroud toward the side shroud. When viewed from an axial direction, a corner part on a positive pressure surface-side is located on a tangential line of a positive pressure surface reference curve at a positive pressure surface side reference corner part, and when viewed from the axial direction, a curvature radius of a negative pressure surface becomes larger in a direction from the side shroud toward the main shroud.09-22-2011
20100068060COOLING FAN - A cooling fan of the present invention includes: a bottomed cylindrical boss portion; and a plurality of blades provided on an outer circumferential surface of the boss portion, the blades radiating in a radial direction, in which a ring member for connecting the blades with each other is provided on a side radially inner from tips of the blades. According to the present invention, it is possible to provide a cooling fan capable of preventing the worsening of the noise characteristic and also of enhancing the versatility even if the blades are made thinner.03-18-2010
20130121832Wind Turbine with Cable Supported Perimeter Airfoil - A wind turbine 05-16-2013
20130189106TURBOMACHINE BLADE TIP SHROUD - Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed toward systems including a turbomachine blade tip shroud having a pressure side portion and a suction side portion. The pressure side portion and the suction side portion are divided by a mean camber line of a turbomachine blade, and the pressure side portion has a greater surface area than the suction side portion.07-25-2013
20120020794ROTOR WITH INLET PERIMETERS - A device for use in a molten metal pump helps alleviate jams between rotating rotor blades and a stationary pump base. The device includes inlet perimeters that partially define one or more openings, and one or more rotor blades, wherein each rotor blade has a portion that directs molten metal into a pump chamber, and a portion that directs molten metal outwards. Each rotor blade may also include a recess that makes an opening larger to enable more molten metal to pass through the openings.01-26-2012
20120020793Turbine blade system - A turbine blade system including a first turbine blade and a second turbine blade being arranged adjacent to each other shall be suited to allow a particularly secure and reliable operation of a turbine. To this end, the turbine blades are in contact in a first surface area and separated from each other in a second surface area, wherein the first turbine blade includes a pocket containing a damping piece in the second surface area.01-26-2012