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416 - Fluid reaction surfaces (i.e., impellers)

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416155000 Motor bodily rotatable with impeller hub or shaft 25
416153000 Having pitch lock or adjustable stop 18
416159000 Power or manual actuator on non-rotatable part 13
416148000 Tiltable carrier (e.g., hub, etc.) 7
416149000 Shiftable carrier support 5
20130039766DUAL DIRECTION AXIAL FAN - A dual direction axial fan is provided and includes a body having a retention assembly and being rotatable in first or second directions, a blade being retained by the retention assembly such that the airfoil section extends from the body with the blade assuming first, second or third orientations and a switching mechanism coupled to the retention assembly to urge the blade to assume the second or the third orientation when the body rotates in the first or the second direction, respectively.02-14-2013
20120237347Ram Air Turbine with Controlled Vibrational Resonances - A ram air turbine with a strut that is pivotable through a pivot plane about a pivot point on the strut from a generally horizontal rearward rest position to a generally vertical central operating position comprises at least one movable brace that extends between a stationary brace mounting point and a brace support point on the strut below the pivot point.09-20-2012
20110142645WIND TURBINE BLADE BEARING AND WIND TURBINE THAT MAKES USE THEREOF - It discloses a wind turbine blade bearing that makes it possible to avoid the collision of the blade with the wind turbine tower by providing a separation thereof via the disposal of the blades at an angle with respect to the wind turbine hub; where said angle is given by the bearing of the blade pitch change system.06-16-2011
20080199318Adjustment Device For Adjusting Propeller Blades of a Propeller Pump and a Propeller Pump Including Such a Device - The present invention relates to an adjustment device for adjusting the pitch angle of the propeller blades (08-21-2008
416151000 Power derived from impeller shaft 4
20110189018PROPELLER - The present invention relates to a propeller comprising a boss with a boss diameter and at least one propeller blade. The propeller further comprises an adjusting member, adapted to be displaced along a first dimension, and a transformation arrangement connecting the adjusting member to the propeller blade such that a displacement, in the first dimension, of the adjusting member results in a change in the pitch of the propeller blade. The transformation arrangement comprises a slot comprising a slot portion with a slot center extending in a slot extension direction which direction is arcuate with a radius of curvature. The transformation arrangement further comprises a control element slidably engaged with at least the slot portion.08-04-2011
20120128494VARIABLE PERFORMANCE VANEAXIAL FAN WITH HIGH EFFICIENCY - The design of a high efficiency, variable performance vaneaxial fan, requires the utilization of typical fan and single stage compressor design methodologies. To be able to replace multiple fans, the variable vaneaxial fan design must be capable of operation at several different flow rates and total pressures. These operation points can be met by varying motor revolutions per minute (RPM) or geometric parameters such as the hub diameter, tip diameter, as well as blade geometry including number of blades, pitch, spacing, and length. An ideal design with variable performance can replace a family of current fan designs by providing the capability for efficient operation over a range of flow rates and total pressures. This level of variability would not only allow the fan to respond to changing environmental conditions but also to be fit into systems with different characteristics.05-24-2012
20110274545PITCH CONTROL MECHANISM - A pitch control mechanism is provided for angular displacement of propellers of a propeller assembly of an engine arrangement. The pitch control mechanism has an epicyclic gear system rotating with the propeller assembly. The pitch control mechanism further has a drive gear controlling the rotational speed of the first epicyclic input in the rotating frame of reference of the propeller assembly, a control gear controlling the rotational speed of the second epicyclic input in the rotating frame of reference of the propeller assembly, and a drive mechanism rotating with the propeller assembly. The drive mechanism accepts rotary motion from the epicyclic output to deliver an output motion which angularly displaces the propellers of the propeller assembly.11-10-2011
20120093653TURBINE YOKEPLATE FLYWEIGHTS TO IMPROVE RAT STARTUP - A turbine having a cam follower operable to control turbine blade pitch in association with a position thereof is provided and includes an axially movable plate, a rotational and axially movable flyweight and a system operably coupled to the plate and the flyweight whereby, at low RPMs, the system prevents flyweight rotation such that the plate and the flyweight position the cam follower at a first position, at medium RPMs, the system permits flyweight rotation such that the plate and the flyweight position the cam follower at a second position, and, at high RPMs, the system prevents further flyweight rotation and permits initial axial movement of the plate and the flyweight such that the plate and the flyweight position the cam follower at a third position.04-19-2012
20090196753BLADE SUPPORT LIMB FOR VERTICAL AXIS WIND TURBINE - A blade support limb structure of vertical axis wind power generator includes a fixed support limb (08-06-2009
20090196752METHOD FOR STOPPING A WIND TURBINE - A method for stopping a pitch controlled wind turbine comprising at least one blade and a pitch system for adjusting the blade pitch angle, the pitch system allowing turning said at least one blade towards the feathered position or towards the fine position, that includes the step of turning said at least one blade towards the feathered position or towards the fine position so that the blade loads are minimized. Said step is carried on taking into account the state of one or more of the following operational conditions: the blade pitch angle, the blade angle of attack, the wind velocity, the blade loads.08-06-2009
20100008780MARINE PROPELLER PITCH ADJUSTMENT MEANS - A blade for a marine propeller includes an adjustment strip located in a channel near the trailing edge of a high pressure face of the blade. The adjustment strip protrudes from the blade face, altering the hydrodynamic properties of the blade. Strips can be replaced with other strips of different heights in order to suit particular requirements for hydrodynamic properties.01-14-2010
20100104439Hydraulic system and wind turbine generator provided therewith - There is provided a hydraulic pump startup control device in a hydraulic system, which avoids an overloaded state at startup to enable low-temperature, fast startup and maintaining of the temperature with low-cost means in order to improve low-temperature startability. A bypass path 04-29-2010
20090155075BLADE PITCH DRIVING APPARATUS FOR WIND DRIVEN GENERATOR - A blade pitch driving apparatus of a wind-driven generator and a driving method therefor are adapted to receive an external electrical power and impel a blade toward a corresponding pitch angle according to a pitch command. The apparatus includes an UPS, a permanent magnet synchronous motor drive (PMSM drive), an AC pitch motor (ACPM) and a hub controller. The hub controller normally switches the external power to the PMSM drive, receives the pitch command and control the ACPM to impel the blade toward the corresponding pitch angle. When the PMSM drive fails or the external electrical power is interrupted, the hub controller switches the electrical power of the UPS to the ACPM and controls the blade being impelled toward a feathered position.06-18-2009
20130028740CONTROL DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING THE ANGULAR SETTING OF A ROTOR BLADE OF A WIND POWER PLANT AND WIND POWER PLANT - A control device that is implemented to control an angular setting of a rotor blade of a wind power plant includes a drive motor including first and second windings that are galvanically isolated from one another, wherein the drive motor can be driven by both or only one of the first and second windings to change an angular setting of the rotor blade relative to the hub on which the rotor blade is mounted. Separate pitch controllers including separate frequency converters and separate emergency power supplies are implemented to provide the windings with drive signals. A wind power plant includes a respective controller for each of a plurality of rotor blades mounted on a hub. The pitch controllers provide a redundant system allowing control of the angular setting of a rotor blade of a wind power plant even when one of the pitch controllers for the drive motor has failed.01-31-2013
20090304510MARINE PROPULSION AND CONSTRUCTIONAL DETAILS THEREOF - A fin for use on a propeller, the fin comprising a lift generating section having a leading edge and a trailing edge, and a pair of surfaces extending between the leading and the trailing edges thereby defining a tip and a root having a root chord; and a dihedral section integrally formed with the root of the lift generating section and having a rotation axis about which, in use, the lift generating system can be rotated to vary the dihedral of the fin, the axis being generally parallel to the root chord of the lift generating section.12-10-2009
20110206515HYDRAULIC YAW DRIVE SYSTEM FOR A WIND TURBINE AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - A yaw drive system for a wind energy system includes a hydraulic yaw motor for adjusting the yaw angle of a nacelle of a wind energy system, at least one hydraulic pump adapted for providing a pressurized hydraulic fluid, a hydraulic line system, including at least one line connecting the at least one hydraulic pump and the at least one hydraulic yaw motor, and at least one overpressure valve. The at least one overpressure valve is connected to at least one flow path of the hydraulic fluid between the at least one hydraulic pump and the at least one hydraulic motor. Further, a method for changing a yaw angle of a wind turbine nacelle is provided.08-25-2011
20110293425WIND TURBINE GENERATOR - There is provided a wind turbine generator that includes an improved grease supply and discharge system of lubricant oil used in a blade rotating ring bearing of a wind turbine blade, and can reliably recover discharged grease. The wind turbine generator includes a pitch control mechanism that can adjust a pitch angle of the wind turbine blade via the blade rotating ring bearing provided between the wind turbine blade and a rotor head, a grease supply and discharge device is provided in the rotor head, and the grease supply and discharge device includes a grease supply device that pumps lubricant oil in a supplied grease tank with a grease supply pump and supplies the lubricant oil to the blade rotating ring bearing, and a grease discharge device that forcibly sucks and recovers the discharged grease from the blade rotating ring bearing.12-01-2011
20090087314Wind Turbine Blade And A Pitch Controlled Wind Turbine - The invention relates to a wind turbine blade comprising one or more turbulence generating strips, where the strips are placed on a surface of the blade. The blade is characterized in that at least one joint area of the turbulence generating strips and the surface of the blade are completely or partially covered by sealing means.04-02-2009
20100008779INTEGRATED ACTUATOR FOR A PROPELLER SYSTEM - A propeller system includes a propeller hub which supports a multiple of propeller blades. A tailshaft extends from a propeller hub portion of the propeller hub along an axis of rotation with a propeller pitch change yoke mounted within the propeller hub for movement along an axis of rotation to change a pitch of the multiple of propeller blades, the propeller pitch change yoke in sliding engagement with the tailshaft.01-14-2010
20090016884DEVICE AND METHOD FOR ADJUSTING ANGLE-OF-ATTACK OF WIND BLADES IN LIFT-TYPE VERTICAL AXIS WIND TURBINE - A device for adjusting an angle-of-attack (δ) of blades in a lift-type vertical axis turbine comprising a vertical rotating axis, a rotatable cantilever support wing fixed on the vertical rotating axis, a wind rotor comprising a plurality of blades mounted on the cantilever support wing, at least one cam disposed along an axial direction of the vertical rotating axis, the axial direction of the cam being parallel to the rotating axis, and for any point in a contour line of the cam, the angle of attack δ being set according to the following formula: δ=β−α, wherein δ is the angle of attack; β is an azimuth angle; α is a rotating angle for blades; and δ, β, and α are preset values.01-15-2009
20090317254PITCH ACTUATOR FOR WIND TURBINE GENERATOR, AND WIND TURBINE GENERATOR - Provided are a pitch actuator for a wind turbine generator and a wind turbine generator that can be prevented from losing their reliability. Provided are a cylinder (12-24-2009
20100266412Wind Turbine - A wind turbine (10-21-2010
20120189450ROTOR ASSEMBLY FOR A ROTORCRAFT - A rotor assembly (07-26-2012
20100080706TRAVERSE AXIS FLUID TURBINE WITH CONTROLLABLE BLADES - An improved transverse axis fluid turbine and system thereof are disclosed. The turbine has a base structure, rotor rotatably attached to the base structure, and at least three blades rotatably attached to the rotor. The blade has an elongated member, having first and second ends, and a blade member, the first end being rotatably attached to the rotor and the blade member is attached to the second end. The first end has a helical gear. An actuating device is disposed in the rotor and engages with the helical gear with a corresponding gear to control and actuate rotation of the blade. The rotation is controlled to maximize the effective exposed area of the blade when the blade moves in the direction of the flowing fluid and minimize the area when the blade moves thereagainst. The actuating device can be controlled by a direction vane to accommodate changes in direction of fluid flow.04-01-2010
20090004009Method for controlling of at least one element of a first component of a wind turbine, control device and use of the control device - The invention concerns a method for controlling of at least one element of a first component of a wind turbine and a control device not permanently belonging to the wind turbine wherein the control device is connected to a communication interface of the first component for supporting the mounting of the first component and a second component of the wind turbine with each other and/or for the purpose of service of the wind turbine. Moreover the invention concerns the use of the control device for controlling of at least one element of a first component of a wind turbine during the mounting of the first component and a second component of the wind turbine with each other and/or during a service procedure of the wind turbine.01-01-2009
20090092493VARIABLE PITCH ROTOR BLADE WITH DOUBLE FLEXIBLE RETENTION ELEMENTS - A propulsive thrust device for an engine includes a rotor blade and a hub assembly on which the rotor blade is mounted. The rotor blade comprises an airfoil and at least two support members. A propeller thrust device includes a rotor blade, a central hub at which the rotor blade centrifugal load is supported, and an outer hub supporting a control mechanism mechanically connected to the rotor blade and controllable to vary the pitch of the rotor blade on the central hub. A rotor blade for an aircraft engine or in a separate ducted fan housing driven by a powered shaft or gearbox output shaft includes an airfoil and first and second support members attached to the airfoil. An extended arm or portion of the structure at the root of the airfoil of each blade is attached to a controllable mechanism that can vary the pitch of all blades simultaneously.04-09-2009
20080206055Wind Turbine Blade - A wind turbine comprising a wind turbine blade with high lift and/or low solidity is provided. The blade is directed towards pitch regulated wind turbines, which are operated at variable rotor speed and have blades longer than about 30 meters. The blade is for example advantageous in that it may provide reduced extreme and fatigue loads at the same or near the same power production.08-28-2008
20120294718VARIABLE PITCH PROPELLER ROTOR - A bladed rotor comprises a rotor body 11-22-2012
20100135806HINGED WIND TURBINE BLADE TIPS - A wind turbine blade includes a plurality fins, each fin rotatably-joined to a tip of the blade.06-03-2010
20080292461Actuation system for a wind turbine blade flap - A method of actuating a flap in a wind turbine rotor blade is provided wherein a fluid is used for reversibly expanding an actuating element acting a movable part of the flap by varying the fluid pressure in the actuating element. Further, a wind turbine rotor with a rotor blade comprising a flap and a flap actuating system, where the flap comprises a fixed part that is fixed to the rotor blade and a movable part that is movable relative to the fixed part, is disclosed, in which the flap actuating system comprises an actuating element with a reversible changeable volume located between the movable part of the flap and the fixed part of the flap, a fluid within the actuating element the pressure of which is settable and a pressure setting device which is designed to press fluid into or release fluid from the element as to change its volume.11-27-2008
20120294717PROPULSION ENGINE - A propulsion engine for an aircraft includes a first fan having a set of first blades and a second fan having a set of second blades. There is provided a first angular pitch adjustment mechanism coupled to the first set of blades, a second angular pitch adjustment mechanism coupled to the second set of blades and an actuation means coupled to the first angular pitch adjustment mechanism. The first and second angular pitch adjustment mechanisms, are coupled together such that when the actuation means generates an output, the angular pitch of each of the first blades and each of the second blades changes.11-22-2012
20100143135TORSIONALLY LOADABLE WIND TURBINE BLADE - A torsionally loadable wind turbine blade, includes a loading member secured to a body of the wind turbine blade; and an adjuster for actively displacing the loading member and torsionally deforming the blade on a spanwise axis.06-10-2010
20100135807AN APPARATUS FOR OSCILLATING AND ORIENTING A VANE RELATIVE TO A FLUID - An apparatus for oscillating and orienting a vane (06-03-2010
20120141278ROTOR BLADE ASSEMBLY AND METHOD FOR MODIFYING LOAD CHARACTERISTIC OF ROTOR BLADE IN WIND TURBINE - A rotor blade assembly for a wind turbine and a method for modifying a load characteristic of a rotor blade in a wind turbine are disclosed. The rotor blade assembly includes a rotor blade having surfaces defining a pressure side, a suction side, a leading edge, and a trailing edge extending between a tip and a root. The rotor blade further defines a span and a chord. The rotor blade includes a body defining at least a portion of the pressure side, the suction side, and the trailing edge, and a nose feature movable with respect to the body. The rotor blade assembly further includes a controller operable to move the nose feature.06-07-2012
20090162202BRAKING AND POSITIONING SYSTEM FOR A WIND TURBINE ROTOR - A method of positioning a wind turbine rotor comprises defining a predetermined angular position in a main rotation plane of the rotor and controlling a rate of deceleration of the rotor, such as to stop the rotor at the predetermined angular position.06-25-2009
20120070290DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING THE PITCH OF FAN BLADES OF A TURBOPROP - A device for controlling pitch of fan blades of a turboprop including at least one set of adjustable-pitch fan blades secured to rotate with a rotary ring mechanically connected to a turbine rotor, each blade of the set being coupled for pitch adjustment to a synchronization ring. The device includes a rolling bearing including an inner cage slidably mounted on a turbine casing and connected to the rod of an actuator, and an outer cage that is mechanically connected to the synchronization ring by a plurality of connection arms connected to the actuator rod and hinge-mounted on the synchronization ring such that actuating the actuator causes the synchronization ring to move in turning about the longitudinal axis.03-22-2012
20100003139PROPULSOR DEVICES HAVING VARIABLE PITCH FAN BLADES WITH SPHERICAL SUPPORT AND DAMPING SURFACES - A system for providing support to a fan blade of an aircraft engine includes a rotatable hub; a cradle pivotally mounted on the rotatable hub, the cradle comprising a flexible member and an adjacently positioned support member; a fan blade attached at a first end thereof to the cradle such that the flexible member engages a first surface of the fan blade at the first end of the fan blade and the support member engages a second opposing surface of the fan blade at the first end of the fan blade and such that the flexible member and the support member provide support to the fan blade relative to the rotatable hub; and means for rotating the cradle relative to the rotatable hub to vary the pitch of the fan blade. The system may include spherical support surfaces located on sides of the cradle.01-07-2010
20100260606NAUTICAL VARIABLE-PITCH PROPELLER - Nautical variable-pitch propeller of the type comprising a hub driven by a drive shaft, an outer case externally constrained to the hub, and one or more blades, wherein each blade is constrained to the outer case freely to rotate around the (Y-Y) axis of an own shaft, the afore said outer case making each blade to rotate around the axis (X-X) of the hub, as well as a device for regulating the angular position of the blade around the (Y-Y) axis of its own shaft relatively to the hub. Advantageously, the regulating device comprises at least one moving member and means for transmitting movement from the moving member to the shaft of the blade, according to at least two different laws of motion transmission.10-14-2010
20100150719Swashplateless rotorcraft with fault tolerant linear electric actuator - An electric linear actuator is disposed to pitch a blade of a hingeless, swashplateless rotor in rotary motion. This actuator can be equipped with an electric motor advantageously made fault tolerant by winding the motor for at least 4, 5, 6, 8, or even 12 phases. Rotational motion of the electric motor is preferably converted to a translatory linear actuator output motion using a planetary roller screw coupling the rotation of the motor with pitch of the blade. The output link of the actuator can be advantageously coupled to the planetary roller screw using an internal spherical joint providing an isolated load path through the actuator. It is contemplated that a preferred rotorcraft having an electric blade pitch actuator might also be equipped with a controller that could provide the vehicle with individual blade control, in which the pitch of any rotor blade can be controlled independently of the others.06-17-2010
20100143136SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ASSEMBLING A PITCH ASSEMBLY FOR USE IN A WIND TURBINE - A method of assembling a pitch assembly for use in a wind turbine. The method includes coupling a pitch bearing to a hub of the wind turbine, wherein the pitch bearing includes a plurality of bearing teeth. A pitch drive system is coupled to the pitch bearing such that the pitch drive system contacts a first set of bearing teeth. A plurality of bearing segments is coupled to the pitch bearing to cause the pitch drive system to selectively contact a second set of bearing teeth.06-10-2010
20100129220BLADE PITCH CONTROLLING APPARATUS AND APPLICATION THEREOF - A blade pitch controlling apparatus and an application thereof are described. The blade pitch controlling apparatus includes a centrifugal device and a blade pitch variable device, and the blade pitch variable device is arranged under the centrifugal device. The blade pitch variable device has a downward stroke that is variable by the centrifugal device according to a centrifugal force induced thereon so as to drive the blade pitch variable device to change the setting angle of the blades of the wind power generator.05-27-2010
20090074578TURBINE AND COMPRESSOR EMPLOYING TUBERCLE LEADING EDGE ROTOR DESIGN - A turbine/compressor comprises at least one magneto electric device and a drive train coupled to the magneto electric device. At least one rotor blade is coupled to the drive train. The rotor blade has a shaped leading edge with a series of spaced tubercles formed therealong.03-19-2009
20110243738WIND TURBINE AND A PITCH BEARING FOR A WIND TURBINE - A wind turbine includes a rotor having a rotational axis and a wind turbine blade connected to a hub through a pitch bearing. The pitch bearing includes an outer ring, a centre ring and an inner ring. The pitch bearing further includes a first rolling element arrangement having at least two rows of rolling elements between the centre ring and one of the inner and outer rings, and a second rolling element arrangement having at least one row of rolling elements between the centre ring and the other of the inner and outer rings. A first row of the at least two rows is arranged at a first distance from the rotational axis, and a second row of the at least two rows is arranged at a second distance from the rotational axis greater than the first distance. A pitch bearing for a wind turbine is also disclosed.10-06-2011
20110014047DEVICE FOR ADJUSTING THE ANGLE OF ATTACK OF A ROTOR BLAE OF A WIND POWER PLANT - The invention relates to a device for adjusting the angle of attack of a rotor blade of a wind power plant, comprising a flexible clad drive train that can be moved by a driving wheel, wherein the rotor blade can be rotated about the longitudinal axis thereof by said drive train in opposite directions. According to the invention, the clad drive train can be moved only in a single plane perpendicular to the rotational axis of the driving wheel and engages on a pivot bearing ring forming an end piece of the rotor blade, and the driving wheel is connected to a motor/transmission unit, which is mounted on the hub of the rotor blade, for the individual adjustment of the rotor blade.01-20-2011
20090214343Turbine for a Hydroelectric Power Station - There is provided a turbine for a hydroelectric power installation. The turbine has a rotor with a plurality of blades, with the rotor being arranged in front of a guide apparatus (in the flow direction). The pitch angle of the blades of the rotor is adapted to be variable. As the rotor is arranged in front of the guide apparatus (in the flow direction) the flow meets the rotor first and only thereafter meets the guide apparatus, thus affording optimum flow conditions for the rotor.08-27-2009
20110033297DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING VARIABLE-PITCH BLADES IN A TURBOMACHINE COMPRESSOR - A device for controlling variable-pitch blades in a turbomachine compressor, including at least one control ring surrounding an external casing of the compressor, and a control shaft connected to the ring and to the rod of an actuator, the body of which is mounted such that it can pivot about an axle borne by a support mechanism of the control shaft so as to guarantee a precise relative positioning of the axis of pivoting of the actuator with respect to the control shaft.02-10-2011
20110070086SIMPLIFIED SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING PROPELLER BLADE PITCH IN AN AIRCRAFT TURBOSHAFT ENGINE - A system for controlling propeller blade pitch in a turboshaft engine, including: a first track connected to a propeller blade, of which the rotation provides for the setting of the incidence of this blade; a second track; a member actuating the first track, arranged between the first and second tracks, and having a recessed angular portion; and at least one locking member provided between the first and second tracks, housed in the recessed angular portion and in the notch. The locking member can occupy a normal over-center position rendering the first and second tracks integral in rotation, and a release position authorizing the displacement in rotation of a unit including the first track, the locking member, and the actuating member.03-24-2011
20100296932HORIZONTAL AXIS WIND TURBINE - The object of the invention is to construct a horizontal-axis wind turbine comprising a dual-system pitch drive unit for one blade that is independent up to the transmission mechanism or a dual-system yaw drive unit for one wind turbine nacelle that is independent up to the transmission mechanism, and to provide the dual system with new applicability. The horizontal-axis wind turbine of the present invention has a hub 11-25-2010
20110150654ELEVATION ANGLE ADJUSTMENT STRUCTURE FOR A SHAFT OF A WIND POWER GENERATOR - An elevation angle adjustment structure for a shaft of a wind power generator, including a shaft bridged between two piers and an elevation angle adjustment unit disposed on one of the piers. The elevation angle adjustment unit serves to incline the shaft from a horizontal position and adjust the elevation angle of the shaft.06-23-2011
20110164979MECHANICAL SYSTEM FOR HIGH ACCELERATION ENVIRONMENTS - A mechanical system for high acceleration loading includes a mechanical element configured for rotational movement in a high acceleration environment. The mechanical element possesses a first density. A lubricant having a second density is disposed about the mechanical element. The first and second densities are substantially identical such that the mechanical element is substantially neutrally buoyant in the lubricant.07-07-2011
20090175726VARIABLE GEOMETRY FAN AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE BLADES THEREOF - A fan, particularly for cooling internal combustion engines for earth moving machines, whose blades have an elastically deformable composite structure including at least one shape memory alloy foil adapted to be heated by means of electric current to vary the geometry of the blade.07-09-2009
20110217172AIRFOIL ATTACHMENT HOLDING AN AIRFOIL ROOT IN A BROACH FITTING - Airfoil attachment comprising a support (09-08-2011
20080279689Propeller Blade Bearing, Especially for Propeller Blades of Aircraft Propellers that Can be Adjusted Along Their Longitudinal Axis - The invention relates to a propeller blade bearing, for the propeller blades of aircraft propellers that can be adjusted along their longitudinal axis, a plurality of propeller blades being individually fastened on a propeller hub in a corresponding number of blade seats. Every propeller blade, at its blade base, has a primary adjustable bearing and a secondary adjustable bearing and is received so as to be rotatable along its longitudinal axis inside a blade seat. The primary and the secondary adjustable bearing are configured as angular contact ball bearings that have respective upper bearing races and lower bearing races and rolling bodies interposed between said bearing races. A lubricating oil reservoir is arranged in the propeller hub and supplies the primary and the secondary adjustable bearing with lubricating oil when the propeller rotates. Every propeller blade is configured as a completely pre-assembled unit with the primary adjusting bearing and the secondary adjusting bearing. The upper bearing races of the primary and the secondary adjustable bearing are connected to respective lubricating oil overflow rings which axially enclose the lower bearing races on one side and which allow to store the lubricating oil from the lubricating oil reservoir in the propeller hub mainly in the adjustable bearings.11-13-2008
20090148291MULTI-SECTION WIND TURBINE ROTOR BLADES AND WIND TURBINES INCORPORATING SAME - A multi-section blade for a wind turbine comprising a hub extender connected to a hub of the wind turbine is provided. The blade includes at least one pitchable outboard section. The hub extender can have a pitch bearing located near the interface between the hub and hub extender, or the hub extender and outboard blade section. The hub extender can be configured to pitch or not pitch with the outboard blade sections. An aerodynamic fairing is configured to mount over the hub extender and is configured to not pitch with the outboard blade sections.06-11-2009
20090280012WIND TURBINE WITH WIRELESS PITCH CONTROL - A wind turbine includes wireless system for receiving a control signal at a hub of the wind turbine.11-12-2009
20120148410MOUNTING ARRANGEMENT FOR PITCH GEAR - A system for a wind turbine includes a pitch system having a blade pitch bearing and a wind turbine hub, the pitch bearing being attached to the wind turbine hub and arranged to be attachable to a wind turbine rotor blade. A pitch gear, having a gear surface for engaging with an actuator, such as a pinion, is releasably coupled to the pitch system so that the pitch gear, under the action of the actuator, causes relative rotation between the hub and the relevant part of the bearing. Releasably coupling the gear surface to the pitch system can allow easy replacement of the gear without requiring the removal of large components such as the bearing.06-14-2012
20120039714WIND POWER GENERATOR HAVING WINDMILL WINGS BASED VARIABLE - The present invention relates to a wind power generator having variable windmill wings, which includes: an installation mount; a vertical rotating shaft; a bearing; ‘[’-shaped holders; a plurality of inner wing installation units; support rods; a plurality of outer wing installation units; support rings; vertical support rods; windmill wings; support units installed on the vertical rotating shaft between the groups of the windmill wings made in the up/down multi-stage fashion, and connected to the ‘[’-shaped holders through wires; power generation means installed on the bottom surface of the central portion of the installation mount; windmill wing fixing means installed on the vertical rotating shaft above the inner wing installation units to be movable in the up/down direction and fixing displacements of the windmill wings; and a fixing means driving device installed on the bottom end side of the vertical rotating shaft. The wind power generator having the variable windmill wings can operate by a gentle wind having a low velocity regardless of the direction of the wind, thus increasing the power generation efficiency, can fold the windmill wings in the wind opposite direction and unfold the windmill wings in the wind blowing direction so as to minimize a resistance force exerted on a rotary force of a windmill shaft, thus increasing the power generation efficiency, and can simplify the manufacturing process by the simple structure and be installed in a plural number in various places regardless of the installation location, thus maximizing the amount of power generation per unit area, achieving the industrial purpose, and generating electricity in the environment-friendly fashion without causing pollution such as greenhouse gas.02-16-2012
20100178170ADJUSTABLE SANITARY IMPELLER HUB - An adjustable sanitary impellor hub device having a hub, a tapered, split collet, a locking collar and multiple seals. Impeller blades are attached to a hub that may be slid over an agitator shaft to a desired position. A tapered, split collet engages with a tapered inner cylindrical bore of the locking collar as the locking collar and hub are forced together, clamping the collet to shaft. At the same time, the outer surface of the locking collar engages with the hub, locking all three elements to the shaft. The multiple soft seals ensure that there are no dead spaces.07-15-2010
20110164978BACK-UP FEATHERER - A back-up featherer is provided for an engine arrangement having a main hydraulic actuator which angularly displaces propellers of a propeller assembly of the engine arrangement. The back-up featherer has a back-up hydraulic actuator for angular displacement of the propellers, the back-up hydraulic actuator rotating with the propeller assembly. The back-up featherer further has one or more back-up fluid supply lines for transferring hydraulic fluid between a hydraulic pressure power source located on a static structure of the engine arrangement and the back-up hydraulic actuator. The back-up featherer further has a back-up hydraulic rotating coupling, the back-up fluid supply lines fluidly communicating with the back-up hydraulic actuator via the back-up rotating coupling. A static side of the back-up hydraulic rotating coupling is mounted to the static structure of the engine arrangement, and a rotating side of the back-up hydraulic rotating coupling rotates with the propeller assembly.07-07-2011
20130011262Downwind Variable Pitch Wind Turbine Generator - The invention designs a downwind variable pitch wind turbine generator which mainly comprises a wheel hub, a main shaft, a generator, a frame and a base, wherein a synchronizing disc is arranged in the wheel hub, the synchronizing disc is connected with a fan blade connection slewing bearing through two joint bearings which are in mutual butt joint, one end of a reciprocating rod arranged in the main shaft is connected with the synchronizing disc, the other end of the reciprocating rod is connected with a displacement sleeve, an electric push rod is arranged in the frame, and the displacement sleeve is connected with the electric push rod. The downward variable pitch wind turbine generator is mainly suitable for medium and small-sized fans, and a pitch control mechanism of the downward variable pitch wind turbine generator can control three blades to change pitch simultaneously and keep the pitch-changing amplitude consistent; and the pitch control mechanism can enable each blade to change the pitch to a certain negative angle, realize the shutdown of the downward variable pitch wind turbine generator and keep the shutdown state under harsh conditions, such as hurricane and the like. The frame can rotate 360 degrees relative to the base so as to adapt to all wind directions. In addition, the downwind variable pitch wind turbine generator is further provided with an anemometer and a controller, so that the reaction is more sensitive and the downwind variable pitch wind turbine generator can be suitable for wind direction and wind speed, which change suddenly.01-10-2013
20120207604Incapsulated horizontal wind turbine - The incapsulated horizontal wind turbine is a wind powered sophisticated apparatus attached to a generator to produce electricity. A state of the art computer controlled diagnostic system that accepts data from wind sensors in the area or by satellite of the wind velocity and applies it to a computer program that has information for the best position to turn the aerodynamic wind blades with extending shaft that turn 360 degrees. To achieve the best speed for the generator or turbine to spin at different wind velocity and will adjust itself automatically for every 5 to 10 miles of wind change to get maximum power output of the generator or turbine at all times, also with the tower able to rise and lower the incapsulated horizontal wind turbine, to reach higher wind velocity higher in the sky to reinsure operations of wind generator to achieve electric output at all times.08-16-2012
20120045334UNDUCTED FAN WITH VARIABLE-PITCH BLADES FOR A TURBINE ENGINE - A non-streamlined propeller including blades with a variable setting for a turbine engine, the blades of the propeller being rotatably mounted about the axes thereof in radial recesses of a rotor element, and each blade being supported by a plate held in a recess by a sectored ring, and including an inner portion mounted, by interlocking, in a groove of the plate, the ring sectors being inserted into the recess from the inside and locked by a nut screwed onto the plate.02-23-2012
20120063900METHOD FOR EXAMINING AN ELECTRIC ENERGY ACCUMULATOR - The invention relates to a method for examining an electric energy accumulator (03-15-2012
20120070289BELLOWS TYPE SEALING DEVICE FOR PARTITION PENETRATION BY A CONNECTING ROD OF A TURBOPROP FAN BLADE ORIENTATION CONTROL SYSTEM - The invention relates to a sealing device for the partition penetration of a connecting rod of a turboprop fan blade orientation control system. The device includes a bellows (03-22-2012
20120251320WIND POWER GENERATOR - The present invention relates to a wind power generator. The power generator comprises a wing section including a hub, wings and a pitch angle control unit. The pitch angle control unit comprises a bearing and a first drive part, and the hub comprises an installation area used for a second drive part having a second drive gear to be engaged, in case an available area of the internal gear is damaged, with an area that is different from the available area of the internal gear. Accordingly, the maintenance and repair work can be facilitated and the maintenance and repair costs can be reduced.10-04-2012
20120134828WIND TURBINE WITH HYDRAULIC BLADE PITCH SYSTEM - A wind turbine is disclosed having a rotor with at least two blades and a blade pitch system for controlling the pitch angle of the blades. The blade pitch system comprises for each of the blades, a hydraulic blade pitch drive and at least two valves mutually connected in parallel for controlling a flow of liquid to the hydraulic blade pitch drive for that blade. The valves each comprises an arrangement for providing a variable flow of liquid.05-31-2012
20120134827PITCH DRIVING UNIT FOR FOR WIND-TURBINE ROTOR BLADE AND WIND POWER GENERATOR EQUIPPED WITH THE SAME - A pitch driving unit according to the present invention is equipped with hydraulic actuators that change the pitch angles of wind turbine blades; a hydraulic pump that supplies oil to the hydraulic actuators; a high-pressure oil line that guides the oil discharged from the hydraulic pump to the hydraulic actuators; a low-pressure oil line that returns the oil discharged from the hydraulic actuators to the hydraulic pump; and a pressure control unit that stores a surplus amount of the oil and that refills the low-pressure oil line with the oil so as not to generate negative pressure at an oil intake portion of the hydraulic pump, wherein the hydraulic actuators 05-31-2012
20100272571PHASE ADJUSTMENT MECHANISM - A variable transmission is described having a transmission mechanism and a phase adjustment mechanism. The transmission mechanism has supports that are movable toward or away from one another to vary the effective size of an effective cog. The phase adjustment mechanism has a differential type gear arrangement that creates a phase change to adjust the transmission mechanism. Another configuration is described which includes a subassembly with a phase adjustment mechanism for adjusting the pitch of propellers. Counter-rotating elements to control relative gear phase or pitch are provided externally, internally, distally or proximally relative to the source of mechanical torque in various configurations.10-28-2010
20120257975PROPELLER HUB HAVING A REINFORCED POLYGONAL RING AND TURBINE ENGINE PROVIDED WITH SUCH A HUB - A variable pitch blade propeller hub for a turbomachine with a longitudinal axis includes a polygonal ring supporting the blades, concentric with the longitudinal axis and including two spaced parallel annular end flanges between which are diametrically fastened, by root areas arising from the annular flanges, collars with cylindrical radial housings to receive the blades. The collars are equi-angularly distributed at the lateral periphery of the polygonal ring and separated from each other by intermediate areas with through-openings. The also includes connectors connecting the polygonal ring to a turbine rotor element of the turbomachine. The intermediate areas defined between two concentric collars and the annular end flanges include elements for reinforcing the collars that are arranged radially and/or tangentially and fastened at least to the lateral walls of two consecutive collars.10-11-2012
20120257974Wind Turbine - A wind turbine includes two sets of blades. A first set of blades is placed at a front location of the wind turbine. A second set of blades is placed behind the first set of blades. The first set of blades turns in an area within a first circumference. The second set of blades are mounted at a location sufficiently away from an axis of rotation of the wind turbine so that the second set of blades turns within an area that is within a second circumference and that is substantially outside the first circumference.10-11-2012
20120263593VARIABLE PITCH FAN HAVING A PITCH SENSOR - A compact variable pitch fan has a drive fluid pitch change mechanism. A pitch change piston is constrained to follow reciprocating motion under drive fluid control within a peripheral hub from which fan blades extend outward. A pitch change sensor is mounted with the rotary union.10-18-2012
20120321472DIRECTIONALLY CONTROLLABLE FLYING VEHICLE AND A PROPELLER MECHANISM FOR ACCOMPLISHING THE SAME - A flying vehicle in accordance to an embodiment of the present invention includes a main propeller and a propeller control mechanism for flying the vehicle. The main propeller includes a central base that permits the propeller control mechanism to be connected to the drive shaft. The propeller control mechanism includes a propeller hub and a lower hub with offset knobs that are connected by a link. A returning spring is sandwiched between the hubs and tends to return the hubs to the offset position when a change in a driving torque of the drive shaft causes them to move. The spring and link work in concert to change the pitch and height of the propeller blades while substantially unchanging the tip path plane of the propeller blades.12-20-2012
20120321471WIND TURBINE BLADE - A wind turbine blade is described having a pitch system coupling which is adapted to allow fasteners, such as bolts, of such a coupling to be tightened from the inside of the blade. This removes the need for relatively difficult and expensive external maintenance operations to tighten pitch coupling bolts. The coupling is arranged to present first and second internal bearing surfaces, against which the bolts of the pitch coupling can be tightened. The coupling may comprise a shaped end portion of an inner blade section, and/or the pitch system may comprise an additional bolting collar to facilitate this arrangement.12-20-2012
20120321470MOUNTING SYSTEM - A mounting system for mounting a blade to a rotor body includes a pitch control mechanism including an anchor and a pitch change rod extending radially outwardly from the anchor to join to a base of the blade. The anchor and the rod are rotatable about the longitudinal axis of the rod to vary the blade pitch. The pitch control mechanism further includes a torque-transmitting formation between the blade and the anchor such that pitch-varying torque can be transmitted to the blade through the torque-transmitting formation while allowing relative radial movement between the blade and the anchor. The system includes a primary bearing formation, which transmits blade centrifugal loads to the rotor body while accommodating variation of the blade pitch, and secondary bearing formation, which transmits pitch change mechanism centrifugal loads to the rotor body while accommodating rotation of the anchor and the rod during variation of the blade pitch.12-20-2012
20120321469VERTICAL SHAFT WIND POWER SYSTEM AND AN EQUIPMENT FOR AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTING THE ANGLE OF THE FAN BLADE - The present invention relates to a vertical shaft wind power system and an equipment to adjust the angle of the fan blade automatically, the system includes an equipment to adjust the fan blade automatically, in which the outboard side of the rotary support is pivotally connected with the back of the fan blade, the inner side of the rotary support is connected with the fan blade support plate, which is arranged in the vertical shaft wind power system and the rotary can roll together with the fan blade support plate; the power device is associated with the lower end of the positioning shaft to drive the positioning shaft to rotate; the rotary crankshaft is associated with the upper end of the positioning shaft, the rotary crankshaft can rotate with the positioning shaft synchronously; the eccentric shaft is arranged on the eccentric position of the rotary crankshaft, the eccentric shaft is sleeved with eccentric shaft, the eccentric shaft can rotate around the eccentric shaft; the outer end of the fan blade draw bar is rotatablely connected with the fan blade, the inner end of the fan blade is rotatablely connected with the eccentric plate; the mechanism consists of the rotary support, the fan blade draw bar and the fan blade can adjust the angle of the fan blade automatically, when the power device make the positioning shaft associated with the wind direction, the fan blade can rotate with wind to turn the windward side of the fan blade to the best position.12-20-2012
20110236212FEATHERING DEVICE FOR THE FAN BLADES OF A TURBOPROP ENGINE - The invention concerns a feathering device for the fan blades of a turboprop engine that includes at least one set of fan blades (09-29-2011
20110243739WINDMILL PITCH DRIVING APPARATUS - A windmill pitch driving apparatus is provided, which is capable of achieving improved durability as well as improved output torque and reduced size. The apparatus includes a fixing mechanism for fixing the output pinion to the output shaft. The fixing mechanism includes a positioning portion and a pressure-applying fixing portion. The positioning portion positions the other end side of the pinion with respect to the output shaft side. The pressure-applying fixing portion biases the pinion toward the output shaft in the direction of the axis P of the output shaft from the one end side and is fixed to the output shaft while applying pressure to the pinion.10-06-2011
20130011261ASSEMBLY HAVING A CONTROL DEVICE WITH RACKS FOR CONTROLLING THE ANGULAR POSITION OF PIVOTALLY-MOUNTED BLADES IN A TURBINE ENGINE - An assembly in a turbine engine for controlling plural toothed pivotally-mounted blades arranged in azimuth around the axis of the turbine engine and including an actuator ring controlling a position of the blades. Racks mounted on the ring present corresponding sets of teeth meshing with the set of teeth of a respective one of the blades to place it in a selected angular position, and they are held in the radial direction by radial positioning mechanism fastened to the blade. Each rack is mounted on the ring by plural guides spaced apart circumferentially around the ring, that connect together movements of the rack and of the ring in the circumferential direction, and that are configured to slide relative to the ring, for each guide in its own radial direction, and relative to the rack in a direction of movement that is substantially radial and specific to the rack.01-10-2013
20130017087DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING THE PITCH OF TURBOPROP FAN BLADESAANM GALLET; FrancoisAACI ParisAACO FRAAGP GALLET; Francois Paris FR - The invention provides a device for controlling the pitch of the fan blades of a turboprop, the device comprising: at least one set of adjustable pitch fan blades, the set being constrained to rotate with a rotary ring mechanically linked to a rotor; a synchronizing ring coupled to each blade of the set in order to adjust its pitch; an actuator centered on the longitudinal axis of the turboprop and constrained to rotate with the rotor; and control links, each connected firstly to the actuator rod and secondly to an inside end of a cylindrical shaft via a crank capable of imparting turning movement to the shaft about its axis of revolution, an outside end of the shaft being coupled to a blade in order to adjust its pitch.01-17-2013
20130136602Wind Turbine Rotor - Wind turbine rotor comprising a hub, a plurality of blades and at least one pitch system for rotating a blade substantially along its longitudinal axis, the pitch system comprising a motor, a drive pinion, a gear arranged to mesh with the drive pinion and a pitch bearing, the pitch bearing comprising an outer bearing ring connected to the hub, an inner bearing ring connected to a blade and, between these two bearing rings, one or more rows of rolling elements which allow both bearing rings to rotate relative to each other, wherein the inner bearing ring has an inner side, and wherein a reinforcement disc is radially fixed to the inner side of the inner bearing ring.05-30-2013
20080253892Tension Wheel Hub in a Rotor System for Wind and Water Turbines - A rotor system for a fluid-flow turbine comprising a hub mounted on a shaft, a plurality of rotor blades, and a tension wheel, the tension wheel comprising a rim structure mounted to the hub by a plurality of spokes. Each rotor blade is attached to the rim structure of the tension wheel. The lost energy in the area of the rotor circumscribed by the tension wheel rim structure is captured by applying airfoils, such as blades or sails, to the spokes of the tension wheel and/or an inner section of the rotor blades.10-16-2008
20110274544PITCH CONTROL MECHANISM - A pitch control mechanism for controlling the pitch of propeller assembly propellers has a hydraulic actuator, main hydraulic fluid supply lines, first back-up hydraulic fluid supply lines, and second back-up hydraulic fluid supply lines. The hydraulic actuator has first and second hydraulic cylinders that each angularly displace the propellers between fine and coarse positions. The main hydraulic fluid supply lines supply fluid to the first and second hydraulic cylinders for operating the hydraulic cylinders. The first back-up hydraulic fluid supply lines supply fluid to the hydraulic cylinder for displacing the propellers to a coarser position. The second back-up hydraulic fluid supply lines supply fluid to the second hydraulic cylinder for displacing the propellers to a coarser position. When the main hydraulic fluid supply lines supply inadequate fluid, the first and/or second back-up hydraulic fluid supply lines can supply fluid for displacing the propellers to a coarser position.11-10-2011
20130094966AXIAL DISPLACEMENT AND ROTATIONAL SPEED MONITORING - An apparatus, for example for a pitch change mechanism, includes a cylinder having a magnetic portion defining an annular array of features extending parallel to the longitudinal axis of the cylinder, the cylinder rotating in use and able to translate longitudinally. There is a sensing arrangement including a stationary magnetised core and two coils connected in series and wound around the core. In use, the cylinder rotates and current is induced in the coils. Monitoring equipment is arranged to calculate rotational speed of the cylinder from the frequency of the current and to calculate longitudinal position from the relative amplitude of the current in each coil. Also a method.04-18-2013
20130101419TURBOMACHINE BLADE INCIDENCE CONTROL SYSTEM AND TURBOMACHINE - Turbomachine blade incidence control system including a fluidic cylinder with a first and a second chamber and having a pressurized fluid network adapted to selectively supply pressurized fluid to the first and/or the second chamber, the fluid network having one fluid routing device having a first normal position and a second protection position. The fluidic cylinder includes a fluid inlet positioned to be in fluid communication with the first chamber when the fluidic cylinder is in the blocked position, the routing device being adapted to set up a fluid communication between the inlet and the second chamber when it is in the protection position and to inhibit the fluid supply to the inlet when it is in the normal position.04-25-2013
20110211960Vertical windmill - The vertical windmill includes a rotatable wind wheel column mounted to a base. The column includes a plurality of hollow wheel hubs stacked vertically atop each other. Each wheel hub includes a plurality of radiating mounting arms equidistantly spaced around the axis of the wheel hub such that the arms of an adjacent hub are angularly offset with respect to the other. A plurality of mounting assemblies is disposed on each of the mounting arms for mounting an array of wing blades. Each alternate stacked wheel hub and mounting arms together forms a wind wheel with vertically oriented wing blades mounted between upper and lower spaced arms such that the top wheel is interconnected with the lower wheel at a height less than the height of the blades. Each array of blades may freely rotate or be positively rotated to orient the blades for optimum usage of wind power in rotating the column.09-01-2011
20100290908A BLADE PITCH CONTROL MECHANISM - This invention relates to a blade pitch control mechanism and in particular to a blade pitch control mechanism for a turbine. The invention has been developed primarily for controlling the pitch of a plurality of blades of a turbine in an ocean wave energy extracting system. According to one aspect of the present invention provides a blade pitch control mechanism (11-18-2010
20110293426ROTOR BLADE PITCH ADJUSTING DEVICE AND TURBOMACHINE CONTAINING THE SAME - An adjusting device is provided for pivoting blades of a rotor via a transmission that is actuatable by a co-rotating, axially-displaceable actuating shaft. The adjusting device includes a roller bearing having a first side or ring that is attachable to the actuating shaft and a second side or ring connected with an actuating body that is non-rotatably supported in a support body. The adjusting device further includes a screw drive that axially displaces the actuating body within the support body to thereby linearly actuate the transmission.12-01-2011
20120027595PITCHABLE WINGLET FOR A WIND TURBINE ROTOR BLADE - A rotor blade for a wind turbine is disclosed. The rotor blade may include a blade root, a blade tip and a body. The body may include a base portion extending from the blade root and a winglet extending from the base portion to the blade tip. In addition, at least a portion of the winglet may be configured to be pitched independent of the base portion.02-02-2012
20120093652UNDUCTED PROPELLER WITH VARIABLE PITCH BLADES FOR A TURBOMACHINE - A turbomachine including at least one unducted propeller with variable pitch blades, the blades being carried by respective plates mounted to pivot in radial housings of a rotor element and connected to a control ring that is driven in rotation about the axis of the turbomachine together with the rotor element, and that is movable in translation along the axis to pivot the plates about their axes, the control ring being centered and guided in rotation about the axis on a mechanism that is stationary in rotation and movable in translation along the axis by an actuator carried by the stator of the turbomachine.04-19-2012


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