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20090232647AIRFOIL ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF FORMING SAME - An airfoil or vane for a combustive power plant includes an inner core formed from a first composite material having discontinuous fibers. An outer sleeve is formed from a second composite material having continuous fibers. The first composite material is different from the second composite material. The outer sleeve generally surrounds and is bonded or otherwise connected to the inner core. A method of fabrication includes injecting or otherwise introducing thermoplastic fiber composite material including chopped or otherwise discontinuous fibers into a mold to form the core and platforms of an airfoil assembly. The injected thermoplastic fiber composite material is then cured in the mold. The cured thermoplastic fiber composite material is then removed from the mold. A layup including one or more surface plies of a thermoset continuous fiber composite material is then applied to the core material. The surface plies are then compressed and cured in a mold.09-17-2009
20080317589Compressor Housing for Use at Low Temperatures - The invention relates to a turbo machine comprising a housing. Said turbo machine is designed especially as a turbo compressor for use at low temperatures, the housing preferably being made of a cold-resistant material that has a martensitic structure.12-25-2008
20100150706ARTICLES MADE FROM COMPOSITE MATERIALS HAVING TOUGHENED AND UNTOUGHENED REGIONS - Articles having a body including a composite material having at least one toughened region and at least one untoughened region, the toughened region containing a toughening agent selected from the group consisting of polymers, nano fibers, nano particles, and combinations thereof where the toughened region includes a toughened resin having a fracture toughness of at least about 1.0 MPa-m06-17-2010
20090162194Annular component - A stator vane assembly for a compressor has a support structure which carries and is bounded by an annular stator vane structure. The stator vane structure comprises a central bore and a sleeve carried on the central bore. The sleeve is disposed between the support structure and bore of the annular stator vane structure. The annular stator vane structure is made from a non-metallic composite material and the sleeve is made from a first material. The coefficient of thermal expansion of the non metallic material is equal to or less than the co-efficient of thermal expansion of the first material.06-25-2009
20100086398METHOD FOR COATING SLIDING SURFACE OF HIGH-TEMPERATURE MEMBER, HIGH-TEMPERATURE MEMBER AND ELECTRODE FOR ELECTRO-DISCHARGE SURFACE TREATMENT - A sliding surface of a high-temperature portion is subjected to an electro-discharge surface treatment with one or both of a high-temperature hard material (4) and a material having a lubricating property at a high temperature (6). The high-temperature hard material (4) is any or a mixture of cBN, TiC, TiN, TiAlN, TiB04-08-2010
20090263239Ring structure with a metal design having a run-in lining - A ring structure with a metal design for a moving blade of axially flowed through compressor and turbine stages, particularly in gas turbine engines is provided. The ring structure includes a circular ring-shaped outer wall, a circular ring-shaped inner wall, which is located at a short radial distance from the moving blade tips, and includes a joining structure provided in the form of hollow chamber structure between the outer wall and the inner wall. The outer wall is provided in the form of a closed, mechanically stable housing wall of the compressor or turbine stage, and the joining structure provided in the form of hollow chamber structure is joined in a fixed manner to the outer wall and to the inner wall, for example, by soldering, diffusion welding or other joining techniques. The inner wall is provided in the form of a closed, mechanically stable structure, which serves as a run-in lining for the moving blade tips and which is made of a metal woven fabric and/or of a metal felt.10-22-2009
20100158682NI-BASED ALLOY FOR A CASTING PART OF A STEAM TURBINE WITH EXCELLENT HIGH TEMPERATURE STRENGTH, CASTABILITY AND WELDABILITY, TURBINE CASING OF A STEAM TURBINE,VALVE CASING OF A STEAM TURBINE, NOZZLE BOX OF A STEAM TURBINE, AND PIPE OF A STEAM TURBINE - A Ni-based alloy for a casting part of a steam turbine having excellent high temperature strength, castability and weldability includes, in percentage by mass, 0.01 to 0.15 of C, 18 to 28 of Cr, 10 to 15 of Co, 8 to 12 of Mo, 1.5 to 2 of Al, 0.1 to 3 of Ti, 0.001 to 0.006 of B, 0.1 to 0.7 of Ta, and the balance of Ni plus unavoidable impurities.06-24-2010
20100158681NI-BASED ALLOY FOR A FORGED PART OF A STEAM TURBINE WITH EXCELLENT HIGH TEMPERATURE STRENGTH, FORGEABILITY AND WELDABILITY, ROTOR BLADE OF A STEAM TURBINE, STATOR BLADE OF A STEAM TURBINE, SCREW MEMBER FOR A STEAM TURBINE, AND PIPE FOR A STEAM TURBINE - A Ni-based alloy for a forged part of a steam turbine having excellent high temperature strength, forgeability and weldability includes, in percentage by mass, 0.01 to 0.15 of C, 18 to 28 of Cr, 10 to 15 of Co, 8 to 12 of Mo, 1.5 to 2 of Al, 0.1 to 3 of Ti, 0.001 to 0.006 of B, 0.1 to 0.7 of Ta, and the balance of Ni plus unavoidable impurities.06-24-2010
20130045094HIGH-VACUUM PUMP - A high-vacuum pump comprises a plurality of pumping stages, each comprising a plurality of mutually cooperating elements, including at least one rotating rotor element and one stationary stator element. At least one of the elements of at least one of the pumping stages is made of a plastic material reinforced with short fibres, dispersed in chaotic and substantially random manner inside the matrix of plastic material. Use of a plastic material reinforced with short fibres allows making the at least one element by injection molding and allows manufacturing the vacuum pump with considerably reduced production costs if compared to the conventional vacuum pumps.02-21-2013
20120183394TURBOMACHINE SHROUD - An example turbomachine shroud assembly includes an annular shroud configured to receive a rotating component. A radially outer surface of the annular shroud establishes positioning slots and relief slots. The positioning slots are configured to receive a support finger that limits radial movement of the annular shroud. The relief slots are different than the positioning slots.07-19-2012
20100322760Interlocked CMC Airfoil - A ceramic matrix composite (CMC) airfoil assembled from a pressure side wall (12-23-2010
20100104433CERAMIC SHROUD ASSEMBLY - A ceramic shroud assembly suitable for use in a gas turbine engine comprises a metal clamp ring shrink fitted around a ceramic shroud ring and an insulating and compliant interlayer. The interlayer is positioned between the metal clamp ring and the ceramic shroud ring.04-29-2010
20090155065COMPOSITE CONTAINMENT CASINGS - Composite containment casing including a body having an interior, an abradable system integrally joined to the interior of the body of the containment casing wherein the abradable system comprises, a sandwich structure including a first facesheet and a second facesheet position about at least one core layer, and at least one abradable layer applied to the sandwich structure wherein the at least one core layer comprises any of a cell configuration, a columnar configuration, or a truss configuration and wherein the sandwich structure is strong radially and weak circumferentially.06-18-2009
20130028719CONCRETE VOLUTE PUMP - A centrifugal pump is provided capable of pumping liquid volume flow rates of at least 20 m3/sec. The pump includes a centrifugal impeller rotatable about an axis and operable to direct a liquid towards a concrete volute arranged around the impeller. The pump further includes fixed fin-like elements arranged between the impeller and the volute. The elements form a discontinuous barrier around the impeller and are effective to reduce uneven radial thrusts exerted by the water on the centrifugal impeller, whilst limiting the water flow rate in a simple and economic manner.01-31-2013
20090304500TURBOCHARGER HOUSING WITH A CONVERSION COATING AND METHODS OF MAKING THE CONVERSION COATING - A turbocharger includes a center housing having a bearing surface configured to contact an inner surface of a unison ring. A conversion coating is impregnated onto at least the bearing surface of the center housing.12-10-2009
20110002779Method for Manufacturing by Molding a Machine Structural Element Having an Abradable Surface, and Structural Element - A method for manufacturing a machine structural element from a molded composite material includes manufacturing of an abradable layer made integrally from the material of the element. The method consists in adding a filler material to the resin at the surface to be made abradable, the filler material being able to disintegrate, such as e.g. transitioning to vapor phase, during the heat treatment of polymerizing the resin in order to create porosity inside the layer. The porosity thus created provides the relevant surface with properties of abradability.01-06-2011
20110014038WIND TURBINE WITH SKELETON-AND-SKIN STRUCTURE - A wind turbine comprises a turbine shroud and optionally an ejector shroud. The turbine shroud and/or the ejector shroud include a skeleton support structure, with a skin covering at least a portion of the turbine shroud and/or ejector shroud skeleton. In other embodiments, leading and trailing edges of the turbine shroud and/or ejector shroud are made of a rigid material and are not covered by the skin of the shroud.01-20-2011
20090269193MULTI-CAST TURBINE AIRFOILS AND METHOD FOR MAKING SAME - A gas turbine engine airfoil is made from separate cast sections having different cast alloy structures. The cast alloy structures are selected on the basis of the local operating conditions of each section. Friction welding can be used to join the sections together.10-29-2009
20120224953External Segmented Shell Capable of Correcting For Rotor Misalignment in Relation to the Stator - The invention relates to a housing for covering the ends of a row of rotor blades of an axial turbomachine compressor, the housing being provided with a sealing device between the blade tips and the housing. It comprises a shell segmented along its circumference, each segment being fixed to the housing by a series of elastomeric elements in a recess in the shape of a channel cut into the inner surface of the housing. In this way, in the event of misalignment of the rotor relative to the stator, the rotor blades coming into contact with sections of the shell will be able to move to compensate for this misalignment while reducing the frictional forces generated by contact between the blades and the shell. In the event of alignment being re-established the segments of the shell will be able to resume their initial position because of the elastic behaviour of the elements.09-06-2012
20130064658COMPRESSOR CASE LINING - A lining for a compressor case in use with a gas turbine engine compressor is provided. The compressor includes a compressor casing, which is generally comprised of a first and second half. Inside the casing is a plurality of vanes attached to a plurality of vane bands. The vane bands are affixed to the interior of the compressor casing. A lining, comprising a carbon fiber reinforced-type material is applied to the interior of the compressor casing over the vane bands. The lining allows a minimal clearance to be between the lining and wheel blade tips spinning within the compressor casing. The carbon fiber in the lining allows the lining to withstand a high number of temperature cycles due to the use of the compressor and the gas turbine engine.03-14-2013
20090246008Layer System - Thermal barrier coating layer systems, in addition to good thermal barrier properties, also have to have a long service life of the thermal barrier coating. The layer system according to the invention comprises a specially adapted layer sequence of metallic bonding layer, inner ceramic layer and outer ceramic layer.10-01-2009
20100086397Surface Treatments for Turbine Components to Reduce Particle Accumulation During Use Thereof - A turbine engine component includes at least one treated surface wherein the treated surface has a surface roughness (Ra) of less than 12 microinches; and a hard coating disposed on the superfinished surface, wherein the hard coating is a nitride and/or a carbide material at a thickness of less than 50 microns formed using electron beam physical vapor deposition, cathodic arc evaporation, or magnetron sputtering. disclosed are methods for substantially preventing micropitting on a surface of a turbine engine component.04-08-2010
20130115070BLOOD PUMP INCLUDING A ROTOR - A blood pump includes a rotor mounted in a pump housing via a bearing. The housing includes a metal rod extending from the outer wall of the housing towards the inner side of the housing. The rod allows dissipating heat and has a stabilising action.05-09-2013
20100158680CMAS MITIGATION COMPOSITIONS, ENVIRONMENTAL BARRIER COATINGS COMPRISING THE SAME, AND CERAMIC COMPONENTS COMPRISING THE SAME - Calcium magnesium aluminosilicate (CMAS) mitigation compositions selected from rare earth elements, rare earth oxides, zirconia, hafnia partially or fully stabilized with alkaline earth or rare earth elements, zirconia partially or fully stabilized with alkaline earth or rare earth elements, magnesium oxide, cordierite, aluminum phosphate, magnesium silicate, and combinations thereof when the CMAS mitigation composition is included as a separate CMAS mitigation layer in an environmental barrier coating for a high temperature substrate component.06-24-2010
20110286840LIQUID RING PUMP WITH LINER - A liquid ring pump is provided that includes an annular housing having an inner surface forming a housing cavity. The annular housing is filled with an operating fluid during operation of the pump. The operating fluid forms an eccentric liquid ring in the annular housing during operation of the pump. A rotor is disposed in the housing cavity and includes a plurality of rotor blades. A shaft extends into the annular housing into the housing cavity. The plurality of rotor blades extend radially outward from the shaft toward the inner surface of the annular housing. A liner formed from a corrosion resistant material is disposed substantially flush with at least a portion of the annular housing inner surface opposite a plurality of rotor blade ends.11-24-2011
20130216367CASE WITH BALLISTIC LINER - A case for a gas turbine engine includes a containment section with a plurality of unidirectional roving fiber layers and a plurality of non-crimp fabric layers. A method of manufacturing the case includes winding the plurality of unidirectional roving fiber layers around the plurality of non-crimp fabric layers.08-22-2013
20090148281Resinous shroud and manufacturing method of the same - A resinous shroud includes a resinous wall portion formed between a portion corresponding to a casing and a portion corresponding to a retaining member in a shroud portion when a resin material is filled from a gate portion. Thereby, a flow of the resin material to the portion corresponding to the casing from a portion corresponding to the gate portion can be dispersed by the resinous wall portion. Alternatively, an extended resinous wall portion may be formed in place of the resinous wall portion. Therefore, welds generated at the casing can be made small, and cambers generated at the casing can be suppressed.06-11-2009
20090290979COMPRESSOR HOUSING - The present invention provides a compressor housing capable of reducing the weight of a compressor without leading to an increase in the size and a reduction in the efficiency of the compressor. The compressor housing includes: an inner cylinder made of a plastic material and extending in an axial direction and in a circumferential direction to surround blade tips of the blades; and an outer cylinder made of a plastic material and extending in the axial direction and in the circumferential direction to surround the inner cylinder. The inner cylinder and the outer cylinder are bonded or jointed at the first end, opposite the second end where the volute is formed.11-26-2009
20090087309Protective ring for the fan casing of a gas-turbine engine - A protective ring (04-02-2009
20090257865NI-BASE ALLOY FOR TURBINE ROTOR OF STEAM TURBINE AND TURBINE ROTOR OF STEAM TURBINE - An Ni-base alloy for a turbine rotor of a steam turbine contains in percent by weight C: 0.05 to 0.15, Cr: 22 to 28, Co: 10 to 22, Mo: 8 to 12, Al: 0.8 to less than 1.5, Ti: 0.1 to 0.6, B: 0.001 to 0.006, Re: 0.1 to 2.5, and the balance of Ni and unavoidable impurities.10-15-2009
20090257864Hydraulic machine member with an abrasion-resistant reinforced edge and a hydraulic machine using this member - This hydraulic machine member has at least one flow of water passing through it, and comprises at least one wetted surface extending between two edges of the member, at least one of the edges of the member and part of the adjacent wetted surface being reinforced and formed by at least one removable solid element made from material having a high resistance to abrasion.10-15-2009
20130216368TURBINE STATOR AIRFOILS WITH INDIVIDUAL ORIENTATIONS - In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, a turbine stator component includes a first endwall; a second endwall; a first stator airfoil coupled between the first and second endwalls; and a second stator airfoil adjacent to the first airfoil and coupled between the first and second endwalls. The first stator airfoil has first crystallographic primary and secondary orientations. The second stator airfoil has second crystallographic primary and secondary orientations, the first crystallographic primary and secondary orientations being different from the second crystallographic primary and secondary orientations.08-22-2013
20120107110 THERMAL PROTECTION COATING FOR A TURBINE-ENGINE PART, AND A METHOD OF MAKING IT - A thermal protection coating, in particular for a turbine-engine part (05-03-2012
20110171016AUSTENITIC DUCTILE CAST IRON - The invention provides an austenitic ductile cast iron alloy composition including about 2.2% to about 2.4% by weight carbon; about 3.5% to about 4.0% by weight silicon; about 28% to about 29% by weight nickel; about 2.5% to about 3.0% by weight chromium; about 0.9% to about 1.1% by weight molybdenum; and greater than about 50% iron, wherein percentages are based on the overall weight of the composition. The invention further provides articles, such as turbocharger housings, prepared using the inventive alloys.07-14-2011
20090041579Torque converter having stator with cast-in side plate - A method for manufacturing a torque converter includes providing an outer race of a one way clutch, contacting the outer race with a side plate, and casting a stator housing together with the outer race and the side plate. A torque converter is also provided.02-12-2009
20100124492TURBINE NOZZLES AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Turbine nozzles and methods of manufacturing the turbine nozzles are provided. In an embodiment, by way of example only, a turbine nozzle includes a first ring, a vane, and a first joint. The first ring comprises a single unitary component and having a first opening and including a first metal alloy. The vane includes a first end disposed in the first opening and includes a second metal alloy. The first joint is formed in the first opening between the first ring and the vane and includes a first braze layer and an oxide layer. The first braze layer is disposed adjacent to the oxide layer, and the first braze layer and the oxide layer are disposed between the first ring and the vane.05-20-2010
20080206048METHOD OF MANUFACTURING A GAS TURBINE CASING OUT OF COMPOSITE MATERIAL, AND A CASING AS OBTAINED THEREBY - A composite material casing of varying thickness, in particular for a gas turbine fan, is made by forming fiber reinforcement and densifying the reinforcement with a matrix. The fiber reinforcement is made by winding superposed layers of a fiber texture onto a mandrel, the texture being made by three-dimensional weaving with varying thickness.08-28-2008
20090290978TURBINE ENGINE FOR AIRCRAFT - According to the invention, the internal wall (5.1) of the air intake (2) and the housing (12.1) for the fan (3) are pieces of composite fibre/resin material, overlap-jointed at the ends thereof (5.1R) and (12.1A).11-26-2009
20100111685 GAS TURBINE ENGINE COMPONENT, A TURBOJET ENGINE PROVIDED THEREWITH, AND AN AIRCRAFT PROVIDED THEREWITH - A gas turbine engine component is provided including at least one ring element, and a plurality of circumferentially spaced load carrying vanes extending in a radial direction of the ring element. The load carrying vanes have an internal structure with an anisotropic load carrying property, and the internal structure is configured so that a main load carrying direction is in parallel with the extension direction of the load carrying vane. The component includes a stiffening structure bridging the distance between at least two adjacent load carrying vanes in the circumferential direction of the ring element, and the at least two adjacent load carrying vanes are attached to the stiffening structure.05-06-2010
20100061846REPAIRED TURBINE EXHAUST STRUT HEAT SHIELD VANES AND REPAIR METHODS - A method of repairing a turbine exhaust case strut heat shield vane includes removing a damaged portion of the vane, solution heat treating the vane, attaching a replacement section to the vane, and relieving local stresses in an attachment area between the replacement section and the vane.03-11-2010
20120294709TURBINE HOUSING OF AN EXHAUST-GAS TURBOCHARGER - A turbine housing of an exhaust-gas turbocharger includes an outer housing, an inner housing, and a tubular fitting which is formfittingly connected to the inner housing and has a flange collar for attachment of a bearing case of a turbine wheel. The inner housing traverses the fitting and has an end portion which is bent radially outwards about the flange collar. A press ring is arranged upon the end portion for additional securement of the inner housing in place.11-22-2012
20090169372METHOD OF PRODUCING A PROTECTIVE COATING, PROTECTIVE COATING, AND COMPONENT WITH A PROTECTIVE COATING - A method for producing a wear-resistant, temperature-resistant, and corrosion-resistant protective coating for a component, in particular for components of a gas turbine, using thermal spraying, wherein during the application onto the component of the protective coating, which consists of a hard material-metal combination, in order to produce an abrasive surface a structuring of that surface of the protective coating that faces away from the component takes place, the hard material or materials consisting of boron nitride particles, titanium carbide particles, tungsten carbide particles, chromium carbide particles, and zirconium oxide particles, or a mixture thereof, and the hard materials having a particle size of 0.1 μm-200 μm, and the protective coating having a thickness of 10 μm-6.0 mm.07-02-2009
20090035131Component for a gas turbine engine - Blades for gas turbine engines which are formed from composite materials have problems with respect of resistance to impacts such as bird strikes. Previous blades formed from metals had some ductility towards the trailing edge which could accommodate the whiplash effects of impacts. With regard to composite materials such ductility is not present. By providing projections 02-05-2009
20080304959Joint Between a Metal Part and a Ceramic Part Based Sic and/or C - An assembly between a metal piece and a ceramic material piece made of SiC and/or C based ceramic material. The assembly includes a stack structure including the following elements assembled together in pairs in this order, by brazing: the metal piece; a first intermediate piece; a second intermediate piece; and the ceramic material piece. The second intermediate piece is made of another ceramic material, that is chemically less reactive relative to metals than are SiC or C, and that presents a coefficient of expansion smaller than that of the material constituting the metal piece. The first intermediate piece is made of metal and can deform to compensate for expansion difference between the metal piece and the second intermediate piece. The assembly can be used in a turbomachine.12-11-2008
20100266396RISER CLAMP FOR PUMPS FOR PUMPING MOLTEN METAL - This disclosure features a transfer pump for pumping molten metal having a riser with a reusable socket. The pump includes a motor, support structure above a molten metal bath, a motor driven shaft and an impeller on an end of the shaft rotatable in a base. A riser made of refractory material extends from a transfer opening in the base to the support structure. The riser has a passageway for molten metal along a length of the riser. A clamp has a first clamp portion fixedly connected to the support structure and a second clamp portion that is pivotable with respect to the first clamp portion. A fastener is used to open and close the clamp. Sections of a split socket each have a flange and a body portion. The socket is received in the clamp such that the flanges of the socket are disposed above the clamp, and when the clamp is closed the socket holds the riser.10-21-2010
20090081034Oilfield Equipment Composed of a Base Material Reinforced With a Composite Material - Oilfield equipment is provided that includes a base material less subject to abrasion, corrosion, erosion and/or wet fatigue than conventional oilfield equipment materials such as carbon steel, and a reinforcing composite material for adding stress resistance and reduced weight to the oilfield equipment.03-26-2009
20110142606QUICK SUBMERGENCE MOLTEN METAL PUMP - A pump for transferring molten metal includes an intake tube, a motor, a rotor positioned at least partially within the bottom end of the intake tube, a rotor shaft positioned at least partially in the intake tube, the rotor shaft having a first end attached to the motor and a second end attached to the rotor. An overflow conduit is attached to the intake tube. The pump does not include a pump housing and preferably does not include a superstructure, so it is relatively small, light and portable. In use, the motor drives the rotor shaft and rotor to generate a flow of molten metal upward into the intake tube and into the overflow conduit where it is discharged.06-16-2011
20090053051PLASTIC COMPRESSOR HOUSING AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME - A plastic compressor housing, in particular a radial flow compressor housing, preferably for a turbocharger, has at least one thermosetting plastic body for providing an intake pipe, a compressor duct, and an outlet pipe, and a thermoplastic at least partially covering the thermosetting plastic body in a hood-like fashion. The thermosetting plastic body is formed as a basic body and the thermoplastic is injection molded on the basic body. At least a first anchoring element is embodied on at least a first surface of the thermosetting plastic body and at least a second surface of the first anchoring element is substantially completely covered with the thermoplastic. The disclosure further relates to a method for producing a plastic compressor housing.02-26-2009
20090053050GAS TURBINE SHROUD SUPPORT APPARATUS - A support apparatus for a gas turbine shroud is disclosed. The apparatus includes an outer shroud block having a coupling connectable to a casing of the gas turbine and a shroud component having a forward flange and an aft flange. The shroud component is attached to the outer shroud block via the forward flange and the aft flange. The apparatus further includes a damper disposed between the outer shroud block and the shroud component and a biasing element disposed within the outer shroud block. A translational degree of freedom between the damper and the outer shroud block defines a direction of motion of the damper. The biasing element is in operable connection between the outer shroud block and the shroud component via the damper, a bias force of the biasing element directed along the direction of motion of the damper.02-26-2009
20090081032COMPOSITE AIRFOIL - A turbine component includes mounting structure for attaching the turbine component. A core is attached to the mounting structure. The core is made from a structural material. A plastic airfoil portion envelopes at least a portion of the core.03-26-2009
20090081033Stacked Lamellae Ceramic Gas Turbine Ring Segment Component - A gas turbine ring segment (03-26-2009
20090104030ASSEMBLY - An assembly includes a first member and a second member, the first member including a first material composition and the second member including a second material composition. The first and second material compositions each include one or more isotopes of the same element, which are arranged to permit distinguishing between the first and second members or 0 parts thereof.04-23-2009
20110142607CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR FOR WET GAS ENVIRONMENTS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A centrifugal compressor comprises at least one stage suited to separate a liquid phase and a gas phase with the aid of at least one of a hydrophobic, super-hydrophobic, hydrophilic or super-hydrophilic surface layer, wherein the hydrophobic and/or super-hydrophobic surface layer is disposed on at least one of an inlet guide vane, impeller, return channel straight hub, or exiting hub bend; and the hydrophilic and/or super-hydrophilic surface is disposed on at least one of the impeller casing, diffuser casing, exiting casing bend, return channel straight hub, exiting hub bend, collection point, or drain.06-16-2011
20100150708Segmented Composite Inner Ferrule and Segment of Diffuser of Axial Compressor - A ferrule of a stator with blades of an axial turbomachine consists of at least two segments having the general form of an arc of a circle and intended to be arranged end to end, so as to form the ferrule, where each segment contains on its outside a plurality of openings arranged at regular distances along the general arc of the circle of the segment, into each of which fits the end of a blade of the stator. Each end of a segment possesses a section of which the profile essentially corresponds with that of the end of the corresponding blade when the segment is placed on the blades of the stator, such that the joint between two adjacent segments corresponds with the profile of the corresponding blade.06-17-2010
20120195745 COMPRESSOR NOZZLE STAGE FOR A TURBINE ENGINE - A single-piece compressor nozzle stage for a turbine engine, the stage comprising two coaxial rings, connected together by radial vanes, the inner ring including an annular cavity for housing damper means for damping vibration by friction, which damper means are secured to an annular abradable-material support.08-02-2012
20090257863Turbine assembly - The ‘hydrokinetic turbine assembly’ is a device for the conversion of the kinetic energy of oscillating tidal currents into rotary torque to generate clean electric power. This device is a horizontal axis hydroturbine with a plurality of trapezoidal symmetrical blades placed at about 45 degrees to the axis. The inclination of the blades assures its maximum energy conversion capacity and the dual reaction function of the turbine where ‘floods and ebbs” are alternatively converted into rotary torque. The inner blade frame, its aerodynamic contour, and at least one connective circumferential blade-ring, add strength buoyancy and sensitivity to slow currents. This hydrokinetic turbine is separated from the electric generators and can be placed in pre-planned current flow locations for greater efficiency.10-15-2009
20100150707Airfoil - An airfoil has a hollow shell providing external airfoil surfaces, and a corrugated core within the shell. The core contacts inner surfaces of the shell to support the shell. The airfoil is formed by consolidating a hollow shell pre-form and a corrugated core pre-form. At least a part of the hollow shell has a leading edge shell portion and/or a trailing edge shell portion which, before consolidation of the pre-forms, is a unitary body having a shape which wraps around the respective edge.06-17-2010
20100189555METHOD AND ASSEMBLY FOR GAS TURBINE ENGINE AIRFOILS WITH PROTECTIVE COATING - A method of processing turbine airfoils includes depositing a protective coating on first and second turbine airfoils, and bonding the first and second turbine airfoils together after the deposition such that there is an open throat between the first and second turbine airfoil and at least portions of surfaces in the open throat are coated with the protective coating.07-29-2010
20090074570Local application of a protective coating on a shrouded gas turbine engine component - A gas turbine engine component includes a blade section having an inner end and an outer end, a shroud section at the outer end, and a platform at the inner end. A protective coating is disposed on the shroud, where the blade section is substantially free of the protective coating. The protective coating may also be disposed on the platform.03-19-2009
20100189556SEGMENTED CERAMIC MATRIX COMPOSITE TURBINE AIRFOIL COMPONENT - A segmented component for use with a gas turbine engine comprises a radially extending gas path portion. The gas path portion is for interacting with gas flow from the gas turbine engine. The component is divided into axially aligned segments comprising a forward segment, an aft segment, and a plurality of middle segments disposed between the forward segment and the aft segment. The middle segments comprise radially elongate ceramic matrix composite material plates. In one embodiment, the gas path portion comprises an airfoil for a turbine blade. In another embodiment, the gas path portion comprises a removable platform for a turbine blade. In another embodiment, the gas path portion comprises an airfoil for a turbine vane.07-29-2010
20100143108Device for the Protection of Components Having A Flammable Titanium Alloy From Titanium Fire, and Method for the Production Thereof - The use of titanium-based materials in the manufacturing of gas turbines, especially of engines, and, in particular, of compressors is made possible in that a device is devised that protects the components (guide vanes, guide vane stages, rotor blades, rotor blade stages) that are subject to the action of titanium fire and/or FODs by employing a layer system that includes at least two layers, is situated on the surface of the components to be protected, and is bonded thereto, as the case may be, via an adhesion-promoting layer is disclosed. The outermost layer is ceramic; the layer that is subjacent thereto is of metallic nature. Additional layers can optionally follow, ceramic and metallic layers alternating with one another. Moreover, a method is provided for producing the device. Through the at least partial use of titanium alloys, in particular for guide vanes of gas turbines, the weight of compressors can be significantly reduced in that the need for the nickel- or steel-based structural materials used under the related art is eliminated in favor of lighter titanium alloys.06-10-2010
20080310956VARIABLE GEOMETRY GAS TURBINE ENGINE NACELLE ASSEMBLY WITH NANOELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEM - A nacelle assembly includes an inlet lip section and a cowl section downstream of the inlet lip section. At least a portion of the cowl section is flexed to take various shapes through a nanoelectromechanical system and thereby influence an effective boundary layer thickness of the nacelle assembly.12-18-2008
20120243981CAST TURBINE CASING AND NOZZLE DIAPHRAGM PREFORMS - Various turbine component preforms are disclosed having near-net shape features. In one embodiment, a turbine casing preform is disclosed. The turbine casing preform includes an as-cast body comprising a partially cylindrical wall section of a turbine casing, the wall section having an inner surface and an outer surface. The turbine casing preform also includes a circumferentially-extending vane slot formed in the wall section on the inner surface. In another embodiment, a turbine nozzle diaphragm preform is disclosed. The turbine nozzle diaphragm preform includes an as-cast body comprising a partially-cylindrical wall section of a turbine nozzle diaphragm having an inner surface and an outer surface. The turbine nozzle diaphragm preform also includes an as-cast, circumferentially-extending seal member projecting from one of the outer surface or inner surface.09-27-2012
20110123323ATTACHING CERAMIC MATRIX COMPOSITE TO HIGH TEMPERATURE GAS TURBINE STRUCTURE - An assembly for use in a gas turbine engine has an underlying metal sheet, and at least one ceramic matrix composite tile attached to the underlying metal sheet with at least one fastener assembly. The panel fastener assembly includes a fastener having a threaded portion extending rearwardly from a head, which has a frustoconical surface facing the threaded portion. The frustoconical surface is received in a frustoconical bore in the ceramic matrix composite panel. A bushing is positioned on an opposed side of the metal sheet from the ceramic matrix composite panel. The bushing has a flange extending away from the metal sheet. A sleeve is received about the threaded portion of the fastener, and extends away from the panel, beyond the metal sheet. The sleeve has a lip extending radially outwardly toward the flange on the bushing, such that the flange on the bushing extends beyond a space defined between the lip and a seating surface on the bushing. A wave spring is received within the cavity.05-26-2011
20090060728PUMPS AND PUMP-HEADS COMPRISING INTERNAL PRESSURE-ABSORBING MEMBER - An exemplary pump includes a pump housing defining a pump cavity, a movable pumping member situated in the pump cavity, and at least one pressure-absorbing member located inside the pump housing. The housing also has an inlet and an outlet, and includes at least one interior non-wearing location that contacts liquid in the pump housing when the pump housing is primed with the liquid. The movable pumping member, when driven to move, urges flow of the liquid from the inlet through the pump cavity to the outlet. The at least one pressure-absorbing member is located inside the pump housing at the non-wearing location and contacts the liquid. The pressure-absorbing member has a compliant property to exhibit a volumetric compression when subjected to a pressure increase in the liquid contacting the pressure-absorbing member, the volumetric compression being sufficient to alleviate at least a portion of the pressure increase.03-05-2009
20130136588FIBROUS STRUCTURE FORMING A FLANGE AND A COUNTER-FLANGE - A fibrous structure for fabricating a composite part including a matrix reinforced by the fibrous structure, the fibrous structure being made by three-dimensional weaving and presenting a main portion and a margin adjacent to the main portion. The margin presents a thickness greater than the thickness of the main portion and the margin includes a first portion arranged in continuity with the main portion and a second portion superposed on the first portion to constitute extra thickness, the margin thus being configured to be folded towards the second portion so that the first and second portions respectively form a flange and a counter-flange for fastening the part.05-30-2013
20090068004BRAZED JOINT BETWEEN A TITANIUM-BASED METAL PART AND A CERAMIC PART BASED ON SILICON CARBIDE (SIC) AND/OR CARBON - The assembly comprises a stack structure made up of the following elements assembled together in pairs by brazing: the titanium-based metal piece (03-12-2009
20110008158COOLED HOUSING CONSISTING OF A TURBINE HOUSING AND A BEARING HOUSING FOR A TURBOCHARGER - A housing of a turbo charger has a turbine housing and a bearing housing. A cooling jacket is formed of at least one or more shell elements that are fixed to the outside of the housing and that form therewith a cavity into which a coolant can be introduced.01-13-2011
20100166547WIND TURBINE WITH REDUCED RADAR SIGNATURE - Various components of a shrouded wind turbine are coated with a radar absorbent material. The resulting wind turbine has a reduced radar signature compared to conventional wind turbines.07-01-2010
20100061847STEAM TURBINE PART INCLUDING CERAMIC MATRIX COMPOSITE (CMC) - A steam turbine part includes a ceramic matrix composite (CMC). The part may be made wholly or partially of CMC. The CMC eliminates the possibility of oxidation and thus increases steam turbine availability and reliability03-11-2010
20110116915Steam Turbine Having a Cooling Apparatus - A turbomachine comprising a rotor, an inner housing, and an outer housing is proposed. The inner housing is arranged around the rotor and the outer housing is arranged around the inner housing, An encapsulation is arranged around the inner housing. An annular channel and holes into a chamber are provided between the encapsulation and the inner-housing outer surface, and steam flows out again via holes which are situated in the encapsulation.05-19-2011
20100014964ELECTRO-FORMED SHEATH FOR USE ON AIRFOIL COMPONENTS - An article for protecting an airfoil component includes a sheath having an outer side and an inner side that forms a cavity for receiving a leading edge of the airfoil component. The sheath is made of cobalt and phosphorous to protect the leading edge of the airfoil component from erosion.01-21-2010
20120243982COMPRESSOR AND ASSEMBLY METHOD THEREOF - Provided is a compressor that is capable of, with a simple configuration, facilitating the insertion operation of a compressor bundle by reliably preventing tilting thereof during insertion into a chamber; and that also makes it possible to reduce a roller size without increasing the contact pressure of rollers for sliding the compressor bundle. A small tilt sensor that detects a relative angle difference θ of the compressor bundle with respect to the bundle casing is provided at at least one location in the compressor bundle to be inserted into the chamber inside the bundle casing. In addition, the weight of the compressor bundle during the insertion into the chamber is supported by rollers provided at a bottom portion near the front end of the compressor bundle by making the rollers come in contact with an inner circumferential wall surface of the chamber.09-27-2012
20100054933STATIONARY TURBINE COMPONENT WITH LAMINATED SKIN - A stationary turbine engine component, such as a turbine vane, includes a internal spar and an external skin. The internal spar is made of a plurality of spar laminates, and the external skin is made of a plurality of skin laminates. The plurality of skin laminates interlockingly engage the plurality of spar laminates such that the external skin is located and held in place. This arrangement allows alternative high temperature materials to be used on turbine engine components in areas where their properties are needed without having to make the entire component out of such material. Thus, the manufacturing difficulties associated with making an entire component of such a material and the attendant high costs are avoided. The skin laminates can be made of advanced generation single crystal superalloys, intermetallics and refractory alloys.03-04-2010
20100054932Circumferential Shroud Inserts for a Gas Turbine Vane Platform - Protective insert plates (03-04-2010
20090028697LOW TRANSIENT THERMAL STRESS TURBINE ENGINE COMPONENTS - A turbine vane includes a platform; and at least one airfoil mounted to the platform and having a trailing edge and a leading edge, wherein the vane is composed of a functionally graded material having a first material and a second material, wherein the trailing edge includes a greater amount of the first material than the second material, and the leading edge includes a greater amount of the second material than the first material.01-29-2009
20110076140HOUSING FOR THE NACELLE OF A WIND TURBINE - Disclosed is a housing for the nacelle of a wind turbine, comprising a support structure (03-31-2011
20100310362Housing for a Blade Wheel - A turbine housing for a turbine wheel of an exhaust gas turbocharger, is formed from a casting material and comprises at least two flow chambers that are separated from each other by a flow separator. The flow separator is embodied as a separate insert especially as a sheet metal part or a cast part, that is embedded into a wall region of the housing.12-09-2010
20120034076FAN CASE CONTAINMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD OF FABRICATION - Composite article includes a generally cylindrical body having an internal grid structure interleaved with casing layers formed of reinforcing fibers disposed in a resin matrix. The composite article may be utilized in a fan case containment system for aircraft engine applications. Methods for fabricating the composite article are also provided.02-09-2012
20110150643Architecture of a Compressor Rectifier - The present invention relates to a turbine engine rectifier stage comprising a plurality of fixed vanes connecting an inner ferrule support 06-23-2011
20090324401ARTICLE HAVING A PROTECTIVE COATING AND METHODS - The article comprises a substrate having a first surface, a plurality of elements extending from the first surface, and a protective coating disposed between at least a portion of the plurality of elements, on at least a portion of the plurality of elements, or both. The plurality of elements are integral with the substrate. A method for applying a protective coating onto an article is also provided.12-31-2009
20090317246Guide Vane Arrangement for a Driving Mechanism - The invention relates to a guide-vane arrangement (12-24-2009
20090142190Frame structure for fan - The present invention relates to a fan frame structure including a plastic frame and a metal fixing frame, in which at least two support arms are disposed on the rim of the fixing frame and extended outwardly therefrom, the outwardly extended distance of each support arm shall be beyond the range of an accommodation space of the frame, the portion of the support arm beyond the accommodation space in integrally enclosed by the plastic material of the frame. Therefore, the present invention not only significantly lowers the material cost, but also produces a variety of products in coordination with various specifications of fixing frame by using a single injection mold for the frame to save the mold cost.06-04-2009
20080304960PLASTIC COMPRESSOR HOUSING AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A PLASTIC COMPRESSOR HOUSING - A plastic compressor housing, in particular a radial compressor housing, preferably for a turbocharger, includes at least one first housing part and at least one second housing part, which respectively comprise at least in some areas at least one thermoset material. The first housing part and/or the second housing part comprises or comprise at least two individual elements, wherein the first housing part and the second housing part are coated at least in some areas with at least one thermoset body or at least one thermoplastic body such that the first housing part, the second housing part and the individual elements of the first housing part and/or the second housing part respectively are in contact at least in some areas with the thermoset body or the thermoplastic body. Also disclosed is a method for producing a plastic compressor housing and a turbocharger.12-11-2008
20110135457MOLTEN METAL PUMP ROTOR - A molten metal pumping device is disclosed that comprises a pump base including at least one input port, a pump chamber, a chamber wall, and a discharge leading to an output port. A rotor is retained within the chamber and is connected to a rotor shaft. The rotor is a dual-flow (or mixed-flow) rotor, directing molten metal both into the chamber and out of the chamber, where it ultimately exits through the discharge. The dual-flow rotor has a recess to permit high amounts of molten metal to enter the pump chamber.06-09-2011
20110052384CERAMIC TURBINE SHROUD SUPPORT - A turbine shroud includes a ceramic shroud ring configured to surround a plurality of turbine rotor blades, a plurality of slots circumferentially distributed around the ceramic shroud ring, a forward metallic support ring, a plurality of tabs attached to a forward edge of the forward metallic support ring configured to engage a turbine support case, and a plurality of tabs attached to an aft edge of the forward metallic support ring received by the slots of the ceramic shroud ring. Only two axially extending radial surfaces of each of the tabs attached to the aft edge of the forward metallic support ring are configured to contact the slots of the ceramic shroud ring.03-03-2011
20110052383COMPOSITE FAN CONTAINMENT CASE - A gas turbine engine fan section includes first and second composite layers providing a generally cylindrical case. Axially spaced apart rings are arranged between the first and second composite layers and form reinforcing ribs that provide a fan containment area axially between the rings. A belt is arranged over and spans the fan containment area between the reinforcing ribs. A fan blade has a tip in proximity to the first composite layer without any intervening structural support between the tip and the first composite layer, which provides a fan blade rub resistant surface. A method of manufacturing a fan containment case includes wrapping at least one first composite layer around a mandrel. Axially spaced apart rings are arranged circumferentially about the first composite layer. At least one second composite layer is wrapped around the rings and first composite layer to provide reinforcing ribs at the rings.03-03-2011
20110052382COMPOSITE CASING FOR ROTATING BLADES - A gas turbine engine includes a fan including a plurality of circumferentially spaced rotatable blades, and a fan casing for containing fragments of fan blades in the event of blade release, the fan casing having a shell surrounding the blades and circumscribing a containment zone of the fan. The shell is made of a fiber reinforced polymer composite material which includes nanoparticles.03-03-2011
20110097201STEAM TURBINE CASING SYSTEM - The disclosure relates to a steam turbine outer casing that can be at least partially cast out of a first material and has a plurality of support regions adapted to support an inner casing. The outer casing can be at least one support region that has a metal insert, made of a second material, with a flaring portion for retaining the metal insert in the casting of the outer casing. The second material has a greater hot strength than the first material. The support region can include a guide for limiting the movement of the inner casing in the outer casing.04-28-2011
20100166548STEAM TURBINE BLADE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A steam turbine blade includes a coating film formed at least a portion of a surface of the steam turbine blade, the coating film containing a ceramic matrix and nanosheet particles dispersed in the ceramic matrix. The steam turbine blade is employed as one of stator blades or one of rotor blades in a steam turbine. The steam turbine includes a turbine rotor, the rotor blades implanted in the turbine rotor, the stator blades provided in an upstream side of the corresponding rotor blades, and a turbine casing supporting the stator blades and accommodating turbine rotor, the rotor blades and the stator blades. The steam turbine is also configured such that the rotor blades are paired with the corresponding stator blades to form turbine stages arranged in an axial direction of the turbine rotor, thereby forming steam paths.07-01-2010
20100028142Turbocharger - To provide a turbocharger whose lifetime is long, which is capable of inexpensively and precisely performing nozzle vane angle synchronous control by using inexpensive and highly wear resistant components in a link mechanism for driving a rotation mechanism of nozzle vanes of an adjustable nozzle mechanism. As pins fixedly arrayed in a ring plate rotatably supported on the turbocharger, that set an angle of the nozzle vanes for controlling an amount of exhaust gas for rotating a turbine rotor, each pin in which a hard coating with a thickness of approximately 2 μm which is formed of Al, Cr, Si, and N by physical vapor deposition is formed onto an austenitic stainless steel as a base material, is used.02-04-2010
20100021290Ceramic matrix composite turbine engine vane - A vane has an airfoil shell and a spar within the shell. The vane has an outboard shroud at an outboard end of the shell and an inboard platform at an inboard end of the shell. The shell includes a region having a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) varying with depth.01-28-2010
20110217160COMPONENT COMPRISING A RESIN MATRIX - A composite material comprises plies 09-08-2011
20110008157TURBINE STATOR AIRFOILS WITH INDIVIDUAL ORIENTATIONS - In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, a turbine stator component includes a first endwall; a second endwall; a first stator airfoil coupled between the first and second endwalls; and a second stator airfoil adjacent to the first airfoil and coupled between the first and second endwalls. The first stator airfoil has first crystallographic primary and secondary orientations. The second stator airfoil has second crystallographic primary and secondary orientations, the first crystallographic primary and secondary orientations being different from the second crystallographic primary and secondary orientations.01-13-2011
20120148392COMPOSITE FAN CONTAINMENT CASE ASSEMBLY - A fan case for a gas turbine engine includes a composite fan containment case having an outer surface, a front and a rear. An attachment flange and a mounting ring are respectively provided on the front and the rear. A bolt attachment is supported on the outer surface. The composite fan containment case has a containment area that is configured to be axially aligned with a fan blade. A ballistic liner is arranged in the containment area.06-14-2012
20120148391CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR - A centrifugal compressor is equipped with a resin housing, that is made in a manner such that compression efficiency is not lost and merits such as weight and cost reduction are not cancelled out. The turbo charger housing comprises a volute section, a channel formation section, and an impeller that is fixed in the center of the channel formation section to a rotating shaft. An annular shroud is disposed in a recess formed on the inner wall of the channel formation section. The annular shroud forms the outer walls of a channel and a diffuser for compressed gas. The edge of the annular shroud spaced from a partition wall, which forms a portion of a bearing housing. If the resin housing undergoes thermal deformation, the dimensions of a gap between the annular shroud and the curved profile of a blade is maintained.06-14-2012
20100074740VANE RING, AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF - The invention relates to a vane ring of a turbo engine, particularly a gas turbine, comprising a vane support ring and several guide vanes that are mounted on the vane support ring. According to the invention, the vane support ring and the guide vanes are made of different materials, the materials of which the guide vanes are made being of a higher quality than the material of which the vane support ring is made.03-25-2010
20110064569NICKEL-BASE ALLOY FOR FORGING OR ROLLING AND STEAM TURBINE COMPONENT MADE OF THE SAME - In one embodiment, a nickel-base alloy for forging or rolling contains, in weight %, carbon (C): 0.05 to 0.2, silicon (Si) 0.01 to 1, manganese (Mn): 0.01 to 1, cobalt (Co): 5 to 20, iron (Fe): 0.01 to 10, chromium (Cr): 15 to 25, and one kind or two kinds or more of molybdenum (Mo), tungsten (W) and rhenium (Re), with Mo+(W+Re)/2: 8 to 25, the balance being nickel (Ni) and unavoidable impurities.03-17-2011
20120045322VACUUM PUMP - A multi stage vacuum pump for pumping corrosive fluid with a first flow section of material less resistant to corrosion than the material of a second flow section downstream of the first flow section.02-23-2012
20120003086TURBINE NOZZLES AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A turbine nozzle is provided and includes a first ring having a first microstructure, a vane extending from the first ring, a first porous zone between the first ring and the vane that is more porous than the first microstructure to attenuate thermo-mechanical fatigue cracking between the vane and the first ring. Methods of manufacturing the turbine nozzle are also provided.01-05-2012
20110081238GAS TURBINE ENGINE SHEET METAL VANE - A gas turbine engine stator vane has a sheet metal body with a pressure surface and a suction surface extending chordwise from a leading edge to a trailing edge. The sheet metal body has opposed pressure and suction side trailing end portions that meet at a joint upstream from the trailing edge of the airfoil. The pressure and suction surfaces of the sheet metal body are parallel to one another between the joint and the trailing edge, thereby forming a straight non-tapering trailing edge section from the joint to the trailing edge of the airfoil.04-07-2011
20120014787THERMAL EXPANSION CHAMBERS FOR AIRTIGHT CONTAINERS - A hydraulic pump has a rotor and a hollow housing with a main interior chamber. The rotor is rotatably mounted in the main interior chamber. A smaller interior chamber is separated from the main interior chamber such that the smaller interior chamber retains gas therein when the main interior chamber is filled with a liquid.01-19-2012
20120301286METHOD FOR REPAIRING A FLANGE OF A HOUSING - A method of repairing a flange of a casing, or a casing made of aluminum, for a turbine engine or an airplane turboprop or turbojet, the flange including at least one through hole for passing a bolt for fastening equipment. The method includes: forming a spot face in the flange around the hole for passing the bolt; anodizing the bottom surface of the spot face; placing a washer on the spot face; and fastening the washer to the flange using adhesive.11-29-2012
20120156020METHOD OF REPAIRING A TRANSITION PIECE OF A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A method of weld repairing an air-cooled aft frame of a transition piece of a gas turbine engine. The transition piece has an interior surface coated with a ceramic coating. The aft frame has a surface with cooling holes therein and from which cracks have propagated. The method includes removing the transition piece from the engine and, without removing the ceramic coating or the aft frame from the transition piece, weld repairing the cracks by performing a laser beam welding technique that deposits a filler material on the surface but does not close the cooling holes in the surface. The surface of the aft frame can be machined to remove excess filler material prior to re-installing the transition piece in a gas turbine engine.06-21-2012
20120207592TURBOMOLECULAR PUMP, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING ROTOR - A turbomolecular pump includes: a rotor (08-16-2012
20110008156COMPOSITE TURBINE NOZZLE - A composite nozzle segment includes one or more airfoils extending radially between arcuate radially outer and inner band segments having band plies curved about a centerline axis, an outer chordal seal line on an outer aft flange of the outer band segment, and thickened areas in corners of the outer aft flange along pressure and suction side edges of the outer band segment. The thickened areas may be thickest at the pressure and suction side edges and thinnest near a middle of the outer band segment. The thickened areas taper off from an aft end of the thickened area towards a forward flange of the outer band segment. Insert plies may be disposed between some of the band plies within the thickened areas may be grouped together in a discrete group or be interspersed with some of the band plies. The insert plies may have triangular shapes.01-13-2011
20120251309CMC TURBINE NOZZLE ADAPTED TO SUPPORT A METALLIC TURBINE INTERNAL CASING BY AN AXIAL CONTACT - Composite material turbine nozzle blade including an airfoil (10-04-2012
20100092281TURBINE RING ASSEMBLY FOR GAS TURBINE - A turbine ring assembly for a gas turbine comprises a one-piece split ring (04-15-2010
20100247303DUCT MEMBER BASED NOZZLE FOR TURBINE - A nozzle for a turbine includes a duct member having a substantially uniform wall thickness. Nozzles made of different materials can be used.09-30-2010
20100209235METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR A STRUCTURAL OUTLET GUIDE VANE - In one aspect, a method for assembling an outlet guide vane is provided. The method includes providing an outlet guide vane frame having a first side and a second side. The outlet guide vane includes a radially inward flange coupled to a radially outward flange by a leading edge. A trailing edge is coupled to the radially inward flange and the radially outward flange aft of the leading edge. A cavity is defined between the radially inward flange, the radially outward flange, the leading edge, and the trailing edge. A first and a second mating surface circumscribe the cavity on the first and second sides respectively. The method further includes coupling a filler portion within the cavity wherein the filler portion includes a third side and a fourth side, coupling a first skin to the third side and the first mating surface, and coupling a second skin to the fourth side and the second mating surface, wherein at least one of the first skin and the second skin are fabricated from a composite material.08-19-2010
20120134793BLOOD PUMP WITH SEPARATE MIXED-FLOW AND AXIAL-FLOW IMPELLER STAGES, COMPONENTS THEREFOR AND RELATED METHODS - A rotordynamic pump for delivering continuous flow of fluids, such as blood, is provided. In one embodiment, the pump includes a stator housing having an inlet and an outlet. A rotor hub is disposed within the stator housing having a first, mixed-stage impeller and a second, axial-flow stage impellers. One or more stator vanes and extend radially inwardly from the stator housing. In one particular embodiment, the second stage impeller is disposed nearer to the outlet than to the inlet. The stator vanes may include a first set of stator vanes disposed between the first and second stage impellers, and a second set of stator vanes positioned between the second stage impellers and the outlet.05-31-2012
20120251310METHOD FOR PRODUCING AN ABRADABLE COATING ON A TURBOMACHINE - In a method for producing an inlet coating (10-04-2012
20120177488PROCESS FOR JOINING SILICON-CONTAINING CERAMIC ARTICLES AND COMPONENTS PRODUCED THEREBY - A process for joining silicon-containing ceramic articles, and particularly ceramic articles and CMC articles that contain both silicon carbide and free silicon. The process entails providing a reactive metal-containing braze material between the articles, and then heating the braze material and the articles to react the reactive metal with the silicon within the articles to form a brazement containing a silicide phase of the reactive metal. The brazement and articles are then cooled to produce a component comprising the two articles and the silicide phase-containing brazement. The process is preferably carried out at temperatures below that which would thermally degrade constituents of the articles, and more preferably below the melting point of silicon.07-12-2012
20100008771PUMP UNIT - A pump assembly has a housing formed of at least two metallic housing parts (01-14-2010
20120315133NI-BASED ALLOY FOR CASTING USED FOR STEAM TURBINE AND CASTING COMPONENT OF STEAM TURBINE - An Ni-based alloy for casting used for a steam turbine of an embodiment contains in percent (%) by mass C (carbon): 0.01 to 0.1, Cr (chromium): 15 to 25, Co (cobalt): 10 to 15, Mo (molybdenum): 5 to 12, Al (aluminum): 0.5 to 2, Ti (titanium): 0.3 to 2, B (boron): 0.001 to 0.006, Ta (tantalum): 0.05 to 1, Si (silicon): 0.1 to 0.5, Mn (manganese): 0.1 to 0.5, and the balance of Ni (nickel) and unavoidable impurities.12-13-2012
20120275913EXTERNAL THREADED MOUNT ATTACHMENT FOR FAN CASE - An example composite fan case assembly includes a composite fan case body disposed on an axis. The fan case body has a radially inner surface and a radially outer surface. There is at least one mounting attachment to receive a threaded member. The at least one mounting attachment includes a base component and a spool component. The base component extends through an opening in the fan case body from the radially outer surface and toward the radially inner surface of the fan case body. The base component including a base portion, a boss having a non-cylindrical profile, and a cylindrical portion. The mounting attachment also includes a spool component disposed on the radially outer surface and attached to the base component. The spool component receives at least a portion of the base component. An outer surface of the cylindrical portion and an inner surface of the spool component are threaded and correspondingly mate to lock the spool component relative to the base component.11-01-2012
20120082541GAS TURBINE ENGINE CASING - An engine casing for a gas turbine engine, such as, but not limited to, a gas turbine engine fan case, is disclosed which includes an annular case shell formed of a substrate material that is at least partially coated by a nanocrystalline metal coating. A method of manufacturing such an engine casing is also provided. The present engine casing provides improved containment capability in the event of a blade release or other failure during operation of the engine.04-05-2012
20120263584Compressor Housing of a Radial Compressor - A compressor housing (10-18-2012
20120230815VENTILATION FAN - A ventilation fan arranged to reduce vibrations includes an impeller rotating around a center axis, a motor portion arranged to rotate the impeller, a motor supporting portion arranged to support the motor portion, and a housing arranged to accommodate the impeller and the motor portion. The motor supporting portion includes a substantially disk-shaped base portion, and a substantially cylindrical bearing holding portion axially extending with the center axis as the center. At least the base portion is made from resin. On the surface of the base portion, a plurality of recessed portions which are axially recessed are arranged in the form of a net, a staggered pitch, a grid, or a honeycomb. A flat portion of the base portion excluding the recessed portions does not have a continuous region extending in a straight line radially from the center of the base portion.09-13-2012
20110038723TURBINE HOUSING WITH WALL CLADDING - A turbine housing for a turbine is provided. The turbine housing includes a wall cladding on an inner wall of the turbine housing. In a region of joint flanges, the wall cladding is arranged and embodied such that the wall cladding reduces convective heat transfer and thermal radiation in a region of the joint flanges.02-17-2011
20110038722FLUID INTAKE ASSEMBLY - A fluid intake assembly adapted for use with a turbo-machine is provided. The fluid intake assembly provides an efficient fluid inlet assembly including a casing adapted to guide fluid into the turbo-machine. The casing includes an inner wall, the inner wall having a lining of a resin infused composite material. A method of producing a fluid intake assembly for use with a turbo-machine is also provided.02-17-2011
20110211945METHOD FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF A CIRCULAR REVOLUTION THERMOMECHANICAL PART INCLUDING A TITANIUM-BASED LOAD-BEARING SUBSTRATE LINED WITH STEEL OR SUPERALLOY, A TURBOMACHINE COMPRESSOR HOUSING WHICH IS RESISTANT TO TITANIUM FIRE OBTAINED ACCORDING TO THIS METHOD - A method for manufacture of a compressor housing which is resistant to a titanium fire (burning titanium). An explosion cladding of a circular blank made of steel, or steel alloy, or superalloy which is incombustible in the presence of a titanium fire is accomplished on a circular blank made from titanium or titanium alloy.09-01-2011
20110268566METHOD FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF A CIRCULAR REVOLUTION THERMOMECHANICAL PART INCLUDING A TITANIUM-BASED LOAD-BEARING SUBSTRATE LINED WITH STEEL OR SUPERALLOY, A TURBOMACHINE COMPRESSOR HOUSING WHICH IS RESISTANT TO TITANIUM FIRE OBTAINED USING THIS METHOD - A method for manufacture of a compressor housing which is resistant to a titanium fire (burning titanium). A ring made of steel, steel alloy, or superalloy which is incombustible in the presence of a titanium fire is ring roll-bonded with a ring made from titanium or titanium alloy.11-03-2011
20110280717STEAM DEVICE - In one embodiment, a steam device includes a high-temperature member and a low-temperature member. One surface of the high-temperature member is exposed to high-temperature steam, and the other surface is cooled by cooling steam having a temperature lower than the high-temperature steam. The low-temperature member is disposed to face the high-temperature member with a passage for the cooling steam therebetween and is formed of a material having a heat resistance lower than that of the high-temperature member. The steam device has at least one high-reflectance film selected from a first high-reflectance film, which is formed on the surface of the high-temperature member which is exposed to the high-temperature steam and has a higher reflectance with respect to infrared rays than the high-temperature member, and a second high-reflectance film, which is formed on the surface of the low-temperature member facing the high-temperature member and has a higher reflectance with respect to infrared rays than the low-temperature member.11-17-2011
20120328428CEMENTLESS PUMP FOR PUMPING MOLTEN METAL - In a cementless pump for pumping molten metal, support structure is suspended above the molten metal. A motor is supported by the support structure. A shaft is fastened to the motor. An impeller is mounted to a lower end of the shaft. A refractory base is supported in the molten metal and includes at least one impeller chamber in which the impeller is rotated and at least one discharge passageway. The base includes through holes. Support posts are each fastened to the support structure and to the base. Refractory sleeves are each disposed in one of the through holes. Post fastening members fasten the lower ends of the posts to the base without cement. A portion of each of the post fastening members is located inside the refractory sleeve. Also featured is a method of replacing posts in a cementless pump for pumping molten metal.12-27-2012
20120328427FIRESHIELD FASTENER HOOD - A fireshield fastener hood and method of bonding a cover to a substrate therefor.12-27-2012
20120099982TURBINE DISTRIBUTOR ELEMENT MADE OF CMC, METHOD FOR MAKING SAME, DISTRIBUTOR AND GAS TURBINE INCLUDING SAME - A turbine nozzle element including an inner annular platform sector, an outer annular platform sector, and at least one vane extending between the platform sectors and connected to both of them. The nozzle element includes a single piece of composite material including fiber reinforcement densified by a matrix that is at least partially ceramic, and the fiber reinforcement includes a fiber structure that is woven by three-dimensional or multi-layer weaving, and that presents continuity throughout the volume of the nozzle element and throughout the periphery of the vane.04-26-2012
20120099981AEROENGINE FAN CASING MADE OF COMPOSITE MATERIAL, AND A METHOD OF FABRICATING IT - An aeroengine fan casing is made of composite material comprising fiber reinforcement densified by a matrix. The casing (04-26-2012
20120099980PLASTIC HOUSING OF A RADIAL FLOW COMPRESSOR - The invention relates to a housing (04-26-2012
20120099979PORTABLE BLOWER WITH WEAR RESISTANT DISCHARGE END - A portable blower having a propulsion unit for continuously generating a supply of pressurized fluid and a conduit assembly for controllably directing fluid from the propulsion unit to and through a discharge opening on the conduit assembly. The discharge opening is bounded by a rim, defined at least partially by a discrete component made from a first material. The conduit assembly has a first portion made from a second material to which the discrete component is operatively connected. The first material is at least one of: a) more resistant to abrasive wear than the second material; b) more resistant to impact than the second material; and c) harder than the second material.04-26-2012
20100202876STEAM TURBINE FACILITY - Provided is a steam turbine facility capable of suppressing the possibility of vibration occurrence and a drastic increase in facility cost, thereby realizing an increase in size of the facility, even if steam conditions of 650° C. or higher are adopted. In a steam turbine facility including a high-pressure turbine, an intermediate-pressure turbine, and a low-pressure turbine, the intermediate-pressure turbine is separated into a first intermediate-pressure turbine on a high-temperature and high-pressure side and a second intermediate-pressure turbine on a low-temperature and low-temperature side, at least any one of the rotors and casings of the steam-introduction-side turbines into which steam with a temperature of 650° C. or higher is introduced is formed from Ni-based alloy, and at least any one of the overall rotors and the overall casings of the turbines are constructed by joining together a plurality of rotor members or casing members by welding.08-12-2010
20130011249MULTI-LAYER FILTER, GAS TURBINE INCLUDING A MULTI-LAYER FILTER, AND PROCESS OF FILTERING - A multi-layer filter, a gas turbine including a multi-layer filter, and a process of filtering are disclosed. The multi-layer filter includes a nano-fiber layer positioned to receive an airflow, a coalescing base medium layer, and a membrane layer. The coalescing base medium and the membrane layer are positioned for the airflow to travel through the nano-fiber layer and the coalescing base medium layer, then through the membrane layer. The gas turbine includes an inlet and the multi-layer filter in a filter portion. The process includes positioning the multi-layer filter and directing an airflow through the multi-layer filter01-10-2013
20130011248REDUCTION IN THERMAL STRESSES IN MONOLITHIC CERAMIC OR CERAMIC MATRIX COMPOSITE SHROUD - A shroud for use in a gas turbine engine has a ring with a plurality of protrusions and a plurality of slots and each of the protrusions having an arc length and parallel sides.01-10-2013
20080253883CASING - Casings are utilized within gas turbine engines in order to provide both an environmental containment for the engine core as well as inhibit release of debris should engine components fragment and fail in service. Traditionally, casings have taken the form of a solid containment shield to prevent debris and object release on percussive impingement with the casing. Such an approach avoids the uncertainties with respect to flap rupture propagation of the casing in use. However such casings are relatively thick and therefore provided a severe weight penalty in aircraft. By providing a casing which has a relatively thinner containment shield and an additional, where required, catch layer rupture of the containment shield can be allowed whilst the catch layer prevents rupture propagation and therefore aperture development to a sufficient size to allow the debris to pass completely through the casing at all or with sufficient energy to cause damage.10-16-2008
20110274538CERAMIC GAS TURBINE SHROUD - An example gas turbine engine shroud includes a first annular ceramic wall having an inner side for resisting high temperature turbine engine gasses and an outer side with a plurality of radial slots. A second annular metallic wall is positioned radially outwardly of and enclosing the first annular ceramic wall and has a plurality of tabs in communication with the slot of the first annular ceramic wall. The tabs of the second annular metallic wall and slots of the first annular ceramic wall are in communication such that the first annular ceramic wall and second annular metallic wall are affixed.11-10-2011
20130142637LOW RHENIUM SINGLE CRYSTAL SUPERALLOY FOR TURBINE BLADES AND VANE APPLICATIONS - A low rhenium nickel-base superalloy for single crystal casting that exhibits excellent high temperature creep resistance, while also exhibiting other desirable properties for such alloys, comprises 5.60% to 5.80% aluminum by weight, 9.4% to 9.9% cobalt by weight, 4.9% to 5.5% chromium by weight, 0.08% to 0.35% hafnium by weight, 0.50% to 0.70% molybdenum by weight, 1.4% to 1.6% rhenium by weight, 8.1% to 8.5% tantalum by weight, 0.60% to 0.80 titanium by weight, 7.6 to 8.0% tungsten by weight the balance comprising nickel and minor amounts of incidental impurity elements.06-06-2013
20130177407ROTOR, A STEAM TURBINE AND A METHOD FOR PRODUCING A ROTOR - A rotor, a steam turbine having a rotor, and a method of producing a rotor are disclosed. The rotor disclosed includes a shaft high pressure section. The high pressure section includes a first high pressure section, a second high pressure section, the second high pressure section being joined to the first pressure section, and a third high pressure section, the third high pressure section being joined to the second high pressure section. At least a portion of the second high pressure section is formed of a high-chromium alloy steel comprising 0.1-1.2 wt % of Mn, up to 1.5 wt % of Ni, 8.0-15.0 wt % of Cr, up to 4.0 wt % of Co, 0.5-3.0 wt % of Mo, 0.05-1.0 wt % of V, 0.02-0.5 wt % of Cb, 0.005-0.15 wt % of N, up to 0.04 wt % of B, up to 3.0 wt % of W, and balance Fe and incidental impurities.07-11-2013
20130094951MID TURBINE FRAME (MTF) FOR A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A static structure of a gas turbine engine according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes a multiple of airfoil sections between an outer ring and an inner ring. A spring biased tie-rod assembly is mounted through at least one of the multiple of airfoil sections.04-18-2013
20130101406HIGH PRESSURE MOLDING OF COMPOSITE PARTS - Composite pre-forms are molded at high pressure to form composite parts that can be used in place of metal-based high performance parts, such as the outlet guide vanes found in turbofan jet engines. The composite pre-forms include two different fiber orientations that are co-molded in a resin matrix at high pressures to provide composite outlet guide vanes and other high performance parts. Chambers within the composite part are optionally formed during molding of the pre-form at high pressures.04-25-2013
20130156565Boron-Containing Nucleating Agent for Polyphenylene Sulfide - A boron-containing nucleating agent is provided for use with a polyarylene sulfide. The boron-containing nucleating agent can have low crystallinity, a small particle size, and a large specific surface area. By selectively controlling certain aspects of the nucleating agent, the crystallization properties of a thermoplastic composition including the nucleating agent and a polyarylene sulfide can be significantly improved. For instance, the recrystallization temperature can be increased, which can allow the “cooling time” during a molding cycle to be substantially reduced. Through use of the boron-containing nucleating agent the recrystallization temperature can be greater than about 231° C.06-20-2013
20130149126TREATED VALVE SEAT - An aluminum alloy turbine housing includes an inlet for exhaust, a turbine wheel space configured to receive exhaust via the inlet, a wastegate opening configured to receive exhaust via the inlet and to provide received exhaust to a wastegate chamber, and a locally hardened valve seat surrounding the wastegate opening. Various other examples of devices, assemblies, systems, methods, etc., are also disclosed.06-13-2013
20130149127Structural Platforms for Fan Double Outlet Guide Vane - A structural platform comprises a first end, a second end, a first side wall and a second side wall, a platform body extending between the first end and the second end and further between the first side wall and the second side wall, a first fillet joining the first side wall and the platform body, a second fillet joining the second side wall and the platform body, the sidewalls being curved.06-13-2013
20120282086NICKEL-BASE ALLOY - The invention is a class of nickel-base alloys for gas turbine applications, comprising, by weight, about 13.7 to about 14.3 percent chromium, about 5.0 to about 10.0 percent cobalt, about 3.5 to about 5.2 percent tungsten, about 2.8 to about 5.2 percent titanium, about 2.8 to about 4.6 percent aluminum, about 0.0 to about 3.5 percent tantalum, about 1.0 to about 1.7 percent molybdenum, about 0.08 to about 0.13 percent carbon, about 0.005 to about 0.02 percent boron, about 0.0 to about 1.5 percent niobium, about 0.0 to about 2.5 percent hafnium, about 0.0 to about 0.04 percent zirconium, and the balance substantially nickel. The nickel-base alloys may be provided in the form of useful articles of manufacture, and which possess a unique combination of mechanical properties, microstructural stability, resistance to localized pitting and hot corrosion in high temperature corrosive environments, and high yields during the initial forming process as well as post-forming manufacturing and repair processes.11-08-2012
20110293411HONEYCOMB CORE STRUCTURE FOR USE IN A STRUCTURAL PANEL FOR A JET ENGINE NACELLE - The invention relates to a honeycomb core structure (12-01-2011
20130189092GAS TURBINE ENGINE STATOR VANE ASSEMBLY WITH INNER SHROUD - A stator vane assembly includes a vane having an inner end. In one example, the vane is aluminum. An inner shroud has an aperture receiving the inner end. A flexible material secures the inner end to the inner shroud. The material has an inner surface opposite the vane providing a seal land in one example. The inner shroud provides an arcuate inner shroud segment, which is constructed either cast aluminum or stamped sheet steel. An inner shroud segment has an arcuate wall providing multiple apertures, for example. First and second flanges are integral with and extending radially inwardly from a concave side of the wall.07-25-2013
20130202425Turbojet engine case, notably intermediate case - The present invention relates to an annular case (08-08-2013
20130202424CONFORMAL LINER FOR GAS TURBINE ENGINE FAN SECTION - A fan section of a gas turbine engine includes a fan case structure having a first coefficient of thermal expansion. A fan blade is arranged within the fan case structure and has a second coefficient thermal expansion. A continuous ring-shaped liner surrounds the fan blade and includes a third coefficient of thermal expansion that is substantially similar to the second coefficient of thermal expansion and substantially different than the first coefficient of thermal expansion. An elastomeric adhesive operatively connects the liner to the fan case structure. The adhesive is configured to accommodate diametrical change in the liner and maintain a desired radial tip clearance throughout various fan section operating temperatures.08-08-2013

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