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415 - Rotary kinetic fluid motors or pumps

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415208100 Vane or deflector 422
415203000 Casing having tangential inlet or outlet (i.e., centrifugal type) 238
415213100 Casing with mounting means 148
415200000 Specific casing or vane material 148
415183000 Plural distributing means immediately upstream of runner 135
415220000 Casing with axial flow runner 90
415198100 Plural rigidly related blade sets 69
415214100 Casing having multiple parts releasably clamped (e.g., casing seal, etc.) 68
415207000 Pump outlet or casing portion expands in downstream direction 33
415224000 Casing with nonradial flow runner (e.g., circumferential flow, etc.) 16
415196000 Passage or casing attached removable liner or wear member 16
415201000 Access opening through portion of casing or cover 13
415202000 Nozzle discharging onto motor runner 12
415215100 Casing having multiple parts welded, cemented, or fused 10
415216100 With runner shaft of specific shape or material 7
415212100 Scroll or helical type casing with specific exit nozzle 6
415227000 Runner having flow confining continuous passage 5
20130058783IMPELLER AND CENTRIFUGAL FAN USING THE SAME - An impeller includes: a main plate; a shroud; and a plurality of blades provided between the main plate and the shroud and arranged circumferentially; wherein the impeller is configured to rotated about a rotation axis; wherein the plurality of blades include a pressure surface and a negative pressure surface; and the pressure surface has a shape, in which at least three types of circular arcs are connected, as viewed from a rotation axial direction. A centrifugal fan includes the above-described impeller; and three or more pillars, wherein an interval between one adjacent pillars of the three or more pillars is different from an interval between the other adjacent pillars of the three or more pillars.03-07-2013
20110014045FAN EXHAUST NOZZLE FOR TURBOFAN ENGINE - The cross sectional flow area of a fan discharge nozzle on one side of a central plane of an associated gas turbine engine power plant is greater than the corresponding flow area of the fan discharge nozzle on an opposite side of the central plane to compensate for the blockage of fan airflow by a pylon.01-20-2011
20090053058GAS TURBINE ENGINE WITH AXIAL MOVABLE FAN VARIABLE AREA NOZZLE - A turbofan engine includes a fan variable area nozzle includes having a first fan nacelle section and a second fan nacelle section movably mounted relative the first fan nacelle section. The second fan nacelle section axially slides aftward relative to the fixed first fan nacelle section to change the effective area of the fan nozzle exit area.02-26-2009
20090136344COOLING MODULE, AND COOLING FAN DEVICE HAVING THE SAME - A cooling fan device includes a main housing having first and second accommodating spaces as well as first and second vent holes, a tubular heat-insulating case body receiving a core unit and a conducting unit of a cooling module and disposed in the first accommodating space, and a fan unit disposed in the second accommodating space and driven by a driving motor to rotate such that air entering into the first accommodating space via the first vent hole flows into the case body through a first opening, is cooled by the cooling module, and then flows out of the case body via a second opening and into the second accommodating space, thereby blowing cooled air in the second accommodating space out of the main housing via the second vent hole.05-28-2009
20120163973FAN DEVICE - A fan device includes an impeller, a motor, a fan frame, a circuit board and a covering member. The motor is used for driving rotation of the impeller. The fan frame includes an axial-flow channel for accommodating the impeller and the motor and includes a receptacle. The receptacle is defined by two airflow inlet/outlet plates, one channel wall and two lateral plates. The circuit board is accommodated within the receptacle. The covering member is used for sheltering the receptacle.06-28-2012
415219100 Casing with axial, conical flow runner 3
20090162195FAN RING SHROUD ASSEMBLY - A shroud assembly for an engine cooling fan positioned between an engine and a radiator includes a ring shroud, a radiator shroud, and a flexible boot. The ring shroud is mounted adjacent to the fan and includes a locking feature. The radiator shroud, which is mounted to the rear of the radiator, has a first end with a first aperture for receiving air flowing rearwardly through the radiator, and a second end with a second aperture for discharging air received by the first aperture. A first end of the flexible boot engages the locking feature of the ring shroud to secure the flexible boot to the ring shroud. A second end of the flexible boot contacts the radiator shroud so that the boot provides fluid communication between the ring shroud and the radiator shroud.06-25-2009
20090180874"O" HEAD DESIGN - A discharge head features a motor mounting plate configured for mounting on a motor; a base plate configured for mounting on a pump assembly; an elbow transition mounted on the base plate configured for providing discharge from the pump assembly; a seal housing pipe coupled to the elbow transition configured for receiving a mechanical seal or packing arrangement; supporting pipes arranged between the motor mounting plate and the base plate; and ribs arranged between the supporting pipes and the seal housing pipe configured to prevent substantially lateral and torsional movement, including movement due to reacting hydraulic forces at a pump nozzle and inertia from a driver. The discharge head according to the present invention makes it quicker and easier to couple together the shaft of a pump and the shaft of a motor in such VTSH pumps when compared to the techniques known in the art.07-16-2009
20080219844Reverse flow cooling for fan motor - An air mover, such as a cooling fan, comprises a motor and an impeller which is driven by the motor to generate a flow of air through a flowpath. The motor comprises at least one inlet opening and at least one outlet opening, each of which is in fluid communication with the flowpath. In operation of the air mover, a pressure difference between the inlet and outlet openings causes a portion of the flow of air to flow into the inlet opening, through the motor and out the outlet opening to thereby cool the motor.09-11-2008
415226000 Annular exit chamber outward of runner 2
20130011255Fan - A fan includes a housing and a motor. The housing has a compartment, at least one lateral air inlet and at least one lateral air outlet. The lateral air inlet and lateral air outlet communicate with the compartment. The motor has a stator and an impeller. The impeller is coupled with the stator and includes a hub and a plurality of blades coupled with a top face of the hub. Each blade has first and second ends. The first ends of the blades face outwards, and the second ends of the blades define an air-guiding room encompassed by a virtual geometric pattern formed by a virtual line linking the second ends of the blades. The virtual geometric pattern has a maximal diameter. A gap is formed between the second ends of two adjacent blades. The gap is smaller than the maximal diameter of the virtual geometric pattern.01-10-2013
20080247870Compressor and Compressor Housing - A housing is disclosed for a compressor having a duct defining a main gas flow axis and blades that draw a fluid through the duct. The blades impart to the fluid a momentum along a main gas flow direction and a swirl. The housing includes a volute configured to extend substantially circumferentially around and fluidly communicate with the duct (at a first location). The volute may be configured to direct a fluid portion flowing thereinto from the duct to have a velocity with a component in a first circumferential direction generally aligned with the swirl. The housing may also include at least one conduit, such as a pipe, in fluid communication with the first volute. The conduit may be configured to redirect the fluid portion to have a velocity with a first component along the main gas flow axis in a direction opposite the main gas flow direction and a second component in a second circumferential direction opposite to the first circumferential direction.10-09-2008
415217100 With runner having corrosion resistant or nonmetallic portion 2
20090180873Armor-Plated Machine Components and Gas Turbines - The invention relates to a machine component with a base made of a base material, a part of the surface of which has been equipped with armor-plating, made of a plating material with greater hardness in comparison to the base material, with the armor-plating being segmented and made up of a number of armor-plating segments.07-16-2009
20090324405METHOD FOR FORMING CORROSION-RESISTANT PLATING LAYER AND ROTARY MACHINE - An object is to provide a method for forming a superior corrosion-resistant plating layer by sealing penetrating pinholes formed in an electroless plating layer. There are provided a first plating step of performing electroless Ni—P plating on a base material (12-31-2009
415218100 With runner having conical hub including small diameter facing upstream 1
20090022588Electric fan module and airflow conduction structure thereof - The present invention discloses an electric fan module and an airflow conduction structure thereof, wherein the airflow conduction structure is coupled to an electric fan and guides the central airflow to fan blades to reduce wind resistance and wind shear. The airflow conduction structure has an airflow conduction body and at least one airflow conduction groove arranged axially on the airflow conduction body. The airflow conduction body has a first end face and a second end face, and the first end face is greater than the second end face. The airflow conduction grooves are arranged between the first and second end faces.01-22-2009
415228000 Runner having full circular shroud for blades 1
20100008775Flow-Routing Component of a Pump - A flow-routing component of a pump is composed of at least two parts, a first part (01-14-2010
415224500 Radial flow casing having vaneless annulus diffuser 1
20090317248CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR HAVING VANELESS DIFFUSER AND VANELESS DIFFUSER THEREOF - In a high pressure centrifugal compressor, the occurrence of rotating stall noticeable in a comparatively-low specific speed wheel stage is prevented, thereby high efficient fluid performance is obtained and reliability is improved. The centrifugal compressor has a first vaneless diffuser with a constant flow channel height on the downstream side of an impeller, and a second vaneless diffuser in which the flow channel height decreases in a flow direction from an inlet to an outlet on the downstream side of the first vaneless diffuser. These diffusers are combined with an impeller using thick blades.12-24-2009
20080247868FAN AND IMPELLER THEREOF - A fan has an impeller, a motor and a frame. The impeller and the motor are disposed within the frame, and the motor is connected to the impeller and drives the impeller to rotate. The impeller includes a hub and an odd number of blade sets. The blade sets are disposed around the circumference of the hub. Bach blade set has a plurality of the blades, and the blades of each blade set can be the same or not. For example, the blades in each of the blade sets have different tilting angles, heights and/or lengths while the blades are connected with the hub. Or the blades in each of the blade sets have different curvatures, arc lengths, thicknesses, or side-view shapes.10-09-2008
20100086396DUAL INLET REGENERATIVE AIR PUMP - The present invention relates to a pump arrangement (04-08-2010
20110194930FAN HOUSING STRUCTURE - A fan housing structure including a base seat and a sideboard. The base seat has a bed section and a mating section extending along a periphery of the bed section. The bed section has a bush made of a material other than the material of the bed section. The bush is disposed on the bed section to axially protrude therefrom. The sideboard is made of a material other than the material of the base seat. The sideboard is disposed on the mating section and integrally connected with the base seat. The sideboard and the base seat together define a space therebetween. The sideboard and the bush are made of a material other than the material of the base seat and are integrally connected with the base seat by means of insert injection molding. Accordingly, the fan housing structure has enhanced structural strength and thinner thickness to save room.08-11-2011
20100074739PASSIVE BOUNDARY LAYER BLEED SYSTEM FOR NACELLE INLET AIRFLOW CONTROL - A gas turbine engine system includes a nacelle having a pressure side and a suction side. A passage extends between the pressure side and the suction side that permits airflow from the pressure side to the suction side. The passage receives turbulent airflow over the nacelle to produce a laminar airflow over the nacelle aft of the passage to thereby reduce drag on the nacelle.03-25-2010
20120243980Rotatable Dry Air Supply - A rotatable dry air supply system for a wind turbine is provided. The system includes a rotatable dry air supply housing connected to a rotatable hub having a plurality of wind turbine blades connected thereto. The housing is rotatable with the hub and includes a compressor and a moisture trap for removing moisture from the compressed air. The moisture trap may include a plurality of outlet ports arranged around a casing of the moisture trap. The moisture purged from the outlet ports may exit through a moisture outlet in the housing of the rotatable air supply. In some arrangements, the outlet may be heated.09-27-2012
20130078086TURBO MACHINE WITH A DEVICE FOR PREVENTING A SEGMENT OF NOZZLE GUIDE VANES ASSEMBLY FROM ROTATING IN A CASING; ROTATION-PROOFING PEG - A device for preventing rotation of a segment of nozzle guide vanes assembly in a form of an annulus sector housed inside an annular casing of a turbo machine with interposing of a heat shield sheet between an internal wall of the casing and an external wall of the segment of nozzle guide vanes assembly, the device including a rotation-proofing peg fitted both into a notch formed in the segment of nozzle guide vanes assembly and in a housing formed in the casing, the heat shield sheet including a tab resting against the rotation-proofing peg. A surface portion radially between the tab and the internal wall of the casing forms an end stop in event of a possible radial movement of the heat shield sheet while the turbo machine is in operation.03-28-2013
20130034430PORTABLE SWIM CURRENT GENERATOR - A swim current generator apparatus includes an enclosure and a motor shroud, the motor shroud enclosing a motor coupled to a propeller and having openings therein to permit the intake and discharge of water by the propeller, wherein the motor shroud is moveable between a retracted position within the enclosure and an extended position outside the enclosure.02-07-2013
20130034431CAMBERED AERO-ENGINE INLET - A propulsion system includes an engine with a fan and a nacelle that circumscribes the engine. The engine defines an axis. A distance between a forwardmost point at the top of the nacelle and at the front of the nacelle to a forwardmost point of the fan is greater than a distance between a forwardmost point at the bottom of the nacelle and at the front of the nacelle.02-07-2013
20130034432CORRUGATED CORE COWL FOR A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A core nacelle for a gas turbine engine, according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a core cowl positioned adjacent to an inner duct boundary of a fan bypass passage having an associated cross-sectional area that radially extends between a fan exhaust nozzle and the inner duct boundary. The core cowl includes at least one groove that is selectively exposed to change the cross-sectional area at an axial location of the fan exhaust nozzle.02-07-2013
20130028717FLAP SEAL AND SEALING APPARATUS - A sealing plate for sealing a gap between two primary sealing plates is provided. The sealing plate has a sealing portion and a connector portion, wherein the sealing portion has a width which is greater than a width of the connector portion. An apparatus for sealing a gap between two structural components of a turbine, the apparatus including a plurality of primary sealing components, and at least one sealing plate is also provided, as is a turbine having a plurality of structural components with a gap between said structural components, wherein the gap is sealed by a plurality of sealing components, the sealing components comprising a plurality of primary sealing components and at least one sealing plate.01-31-2013
20120183392CAST TURBINE HOUSING WITH STAMPED VOLUTE - A turbine housing includes a housing having a volute section. A volute insert is positioned within an interior portion of the volute section. The surface of the volute insert may be smoother than the interior surface of the volute to reduce turbulence and increase air flow within the volute.07-19-2012
20120263583FAN CASING FOR A TURBOFAN ENGINE - A fan casing for a turbofan engine including an annular casing component of composite material including a body portion having an outwardly directed stiffening flange at one end, the stiffening flange being connected to the body portion by a radially outwardly stepped region, the fan casing also including a metallic ring which is coaxial with the annular casing component, the metallic ring being situated at least partially within the stepped region and being secured to the annular casing component.10-18-2012
20100104431COMBINED AXIAL AND TRANSVERSE CONSTRAINT AND ALIGNMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ROTARY MACHINES - A system for aligning a shell of a rotary machine with a standard along an axial centerline and a transverse centerline of the rotary machine includes a pair of generally L-shaped hooks on the shell; a generally T-shaped member comprising a base, a post, and a cross member provided to the standard; a pair of axial gib keys provided on opposing sides of the cross member, at least one of the axial gib keys configured to engage at least one of the L-shaped hooks and the other being configured to engage the shell; and a pair of transverse gib keys provided on opposing sides of the post, each transverse gib key configured to engage a respective L-shaped hook.04-29-2010
20090155060Integrated Fan with Pump and Heat Exchanger Cooling Capability - Disclosed is a compact and integrated fan, pump, and heat exchanger system where air-cooling is performed via the fan, liquid cooling is performed via a pump, and the drilled pump diffusers act as a heat exchanger. The pump has drilled diffusers through which liquid passes into the volute, the drilled diffusers are streamlined and thus act as fan stator blades. Hot liquid is centrifuged and carried inside the drilled diffusers while air flows around the outside surfaces of the drilled diffusers. A heat transfer occurs where heat transfers from the hot liquid into the air stream.06-18-2009
20130045092AXIAL FLOW FAN - A fan includes an impeller having a plurality of blades. Each of the plurality of blades has a trailing edge portion positioned rearmost in a rotation direction and a leading edge portion positioned foremost in the rotation direction. A curved line interconnects the trailing edge portion and the leading edge portion at the shortest distance on an imaginary cylindrical surface. Each of the blades includes a lower surface facing downward in the direction of the center axis and an upper surface facing upward in the direction of the center axis. In the fan, L02-21-2013
20130045093METHOD FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF A COMPONENT FOR HIGH THERMAL LOADS, A COMPONENT PRODUCIBLE BY THIS METHOD AND AN AIRCRAFT ENGINE PROVIDED WITH THE COMPONENT - A method for manufacturing a thermally deformable component for high thermal loads, includes: providing a first area of the component with a first metallic material by a generative laser process, or making the first area of the first metallic material; providing a second area of the component with a second metallic material by a generative laser process, or making the second area of the second metallic material; where at least one of the metallic materials is deposited by the generative laser process, and a ratio of a linear expansion coefficient α02-21-2013
20130084171TURBINE DRUM ROTOR RETROFIT - Systems for increasing the efficiency of a turbine and an overall power plant system are disclosed. In one embodiment, a turbine includes: an outer shell including a set of grooves configured to complement components of a wheel and diaphragm steam path section; a drum rotor disposed within the outer shell; a set of shell converts connected to the outer shell via the set of grooves, the set of shell converts configured to complement components of the drum rotor; and a working fluid passage substantially defined by the drum rotor and the set of shell converts.04-04-2013
20130084172TURBINE EXHAUST SECTION STRUCTURES WITH INTERNAL FLOW PASSAGES - A system is provided including a turbine exhaust section. The turbine exhaust section includes an exhaust flow path. The turbine exhaust section also includes an outer structure having an outer casing, an outer exhaust wall disposed along the exhaust flow path, and an outer cavity disposed between the outer exhaust wall and the outer casing. The turbine exhaust section further includes an inner structure having an inner exhaust wall disposed along the exhaust flow path, an inner cavity disposed between the inner exhaust wall and an inner casing, and a bearing cavity disposed between the inner casing and a bearing housing. In addition, the turbine exhaust section includes a strut extending between the outer structure and the inner structure. The strut includes a first flow passage configured to flow a fluid from the inner cavity to the outer cavity.04-04-2013
20120163963STRUCTURE FOR GAS TURBINE CASING - A structure for a gas turbine casing, capable of preventing gas from leaking when the structure is subjected to pressure. A structure for a gas turbine casing, divided by a horizontal plane at flange sections into two halves comprising an upper-half casing (06-28-2012
20130028718STRUT, A GAS TURBINE ENGINE FRAME COMPRISING THE STRUT AND A GAS TURBINE ENGINE COMPRISING THE FRAME - A strut is provided for being arranged between an annular inner structural casing and an annular outer structural casing in a gas turbine engine frame for carrying loads between the inner and outer structural casing during operation. The strut includes a first tube, which is configured to house a service line or pipe between the inner and outer structural casing. The strut includes a second tube, which is configured to house a fastening element for rigidly connecting the inner and outer structural casing. The first and second tube are arranged in a side-by-side relationship and rigidly attached to each other.01-31-2013
20130089414STRIP SEALS - A strip seal for providing a seal between adjacent components, which include a first groove and a second groove angled with respect to and intersecting the first groove. The grooves of respective components are opposed to one another when the components are assembled. The strip seal includes a first strip section to span between and be received in the opposed first grooves, and a second strip section to span between and be received in the opposed second grooves. One end of the first strip section is arranged to butt against the second strip section at the intersection of the grooves. The other end of the first strip section has at least one deformable projection that can engage the end of the first groove. The projection deforms as it engages the end of the groove and urges the end of the first strip section against the second strip section.04-11-2013
20130129492TURBOCHARGER - A turbocharger (05-23-2013
20130071237HOUSING FOR AIR MACHINE HAVING DRAIN HOLES - A housing for use in an air machine includes a housing body for housing at least one rotor. The housing body has at least one conduit for connection to a connecting conduit. The conduit has a drain hole adjacent an end of the conduit. The drain hole is formed at an angle relative to a plane made perpendicular to a center axis of said conduit. An air machine, an air machine assembly and a method are also disclosed.03-21-2013
20130058770FASTENING FLANGE - A flange for fastening a line to a pump casing, includes: a pump casing passage; and a plurality of stop members protruding in the passage and angularly distributed around the passage, the position of the flange being angularly adjustable by the stop members. A pump may include the fastening flange. A method for adjusting the position of the flange in relation to the pump is also disclosed. This method makes it possible to avoid the position of the pump casing being imposed by the orientation of the fastening flange of the pump casing.03-07-2013
20130183147CENTERING ATTACHMENT OF A COMPRESSOR HOUSING COVER - A casing is provided having a longitudinal axis of a turbomachine, the axis extending along a rotor. The casing includes at least one jacket part extending along the longitudinal axis and at least one end-face cover. The cover is surrounded by the jacket part at least with a part of the axial extension of the cover. In order to reduce the need for radial clearance, without compromising the availability or safety of the operation of the machine, the cover has radial clearance with respect to the jacket part and at least two separate guide elements of the cover are provided on the jacket part in two different circumferential positions with respect to the longitudinal axis. The respective guide elements are designed such that they block a respective movement of the cover in the circumferential direction at least unidirectionally.07-18-2013
20110014037Axial-flow compressor with a flow pulse generator - Axial-flow compressor including, within a compressor casing (01-20-2011
20090269192SUPPORT MEMBER FOR OPTIMIZING DYNAMIC LOAD DISTRIBUTION AND ATTENUATING VIBRATION - A support member for a compressor having a shell may include a hub receiving a load from the compressor, at least three spokes radially extending from the hub, and at least three attachment locations attaching the at least three spokes to the shell. The support member may further include at least one connecting portion extending between at least two of the at least three spokes to transmit a load between the at least two spokes, whereby the at least one connecting portion is spaced apart and separated from the shell.10-29-2009
20090269191GAS TRANSFER FOOT - The present invention includes a molten metal pump and associated components that enable gas to be released into a stream of molten metal. The gas may be released into the molten metal stream (preferably into the bottom of the stream) flowing through a passage. Such a stream may be within the pump discharge and/or within a metal-transfer conduit extending from the pump discharge. The gas is released by using a gas-transfer foot that is positioned next to and is preferably attachable to the pump base or to the metal-transfer conduit. Preferably, the conduit (and/or discharge) in which the gas is released comprises two sections: a first section having a first cross-sectional area and a second section downstream of the first section and having a second cross-sectional area, wherein the second cross sectional area is larger than the first cross-sectional area. Preferably, the gas is released into or near the second section so that the gas is released into an area of relatively lower pressure.10-29-2009
20130064656TURBINE HOUSING OF AN EXHAUST GAS TURBOCHARGER - A turbine housing of an exhaust gas turbocharger includes an outer housing, in which an inner housing with a tubular nozzle and an outlet duct for connection to an exhaust gas system is arranged, wherein the outlet duct is coupled to the tubular nozzle via a sealing lip for relative movement. The sealing lip is inwardly evertedly pushed onto the nozzle and for positional fixing, a sliding sleeve is further arranged on the nozzle, wherein the sliding sleeve and the nozzle form a gap in which an end of the sealing lip is received. This avoids that the sealing lip lifts of due to pressure differences and thus that gas leaks occur. Further, an end of the sealing lip is arranged so as to be thermally protected.03-14-2013
20130064655EXHAUST GAS TURBOCHARGER HOUSING - A turbine housing of an exhaust gas turbocharger, includes an outer housing in which an inner housing with a tubular nozzle and an outlet duct for connection to an exhaust gas system is arranged. The outlet duct is coupled with the tubular nozzle for movement relative to the nozzle via a seal ring. The seal ring is inwardly everted and pushed onto the nozzle and embraced by an inner-housing support ring, so that a fluid tight fit on the inner housing nozzle is ensured. The seal ring is further pushed onto the outlet duct and there also coupled onto the outlet duct with an outlet duct support ring in a fluid tight manner so that an especially durable connection is created. Both support rings are additionally coupled in a materially bonded manner with the seal ring and the outlet duct nozzle or with the inner housing.03-14-2013
20130064654HOUSING FOR A HIGH EFFICIENCY WIND TURBINE - A housing for a wind turbine includes a plurality of spine members with a central rib and opposed channels. Frame members are attached to adjacent spine members. The housing includes divergent frame members having a pair of longitudinal members which are inserted into channels of a spine member. The housing includes central support members, each central support member is attached to a divergent frame member. Each of the central support members is attached near the center of one of the divergent frame members. The housing also includes outer plates, each outer plate attached to and between adjacent spine members. Channels face in the opposite direction from adjacent channels on the spines. An inner shroud is attached to the spine members. Air passages are created underneath the arcuate outer plates. A cowling is attached to the end plates.03-14-2013
20130064652PROPELLER NOZZLE - A propeller nozzle for watercraft, includes a nozzle and a propeller having at least one propeller blade which can rotate about a propeller axis and which spans a propeller area through rotation about the propeller axis. The propeller blade has a propeller blade end region wherein the propeller is disposed inside the nozzle in such a manner that a circumferential gap in the circumferential direction of the propeller nozzle is formed between the propeller end region and the inner wall of the nozzle. A marginal flow running from a nozzle in the area of the inner wall of the nozzle can flow through the gap, wherein the performance losses which occur due to turbulence of the marginal flow during flow around the propeller blade end region are kept as low as possible. Flow guiding apparatus guides at least one part of the marginal flow onto the propeller area.03-14-2013
20130064651TURBINE CASING AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THEREOF - A design for a casing of a large turbine is described with the casing including at least a front section, a middle section and an end section designed such that changes to the mold of the casing required to provide for a change in rotational speed to adapt the turbine to a different power grid frequency are limited to the mold for the middle section of the casing.03-14-2013
20130064653METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING AIRCRAFT ENGINE CASES WITH BOSSES - A method of manufacturing turbine engine casings having at least one boss includes, in one exemplary embodiment, forming an engine casing having an outer wall, machining a tapered opening through the casing outer wall, and machining a tapered portion in a metal plug where the tapered portion is sized to mate with the tapered opening in the casing outer wall. The method also includes inserting the metal plug into the tapered opening in the casing outer wall, and welding the metal plug to the casing.03-14-2013
20130064650FAN UNIT ASSEMBLY - A fan unit assembly includes a fan rack, fan units and handles. The fan rack includes a carrier and parallel partition boards erected on the carrier to define fan-disposing regions. The partition board has at least one first positioning part and at least one first guiding part facing the corresponding fan-disposing region. The fan unit has two side surfaces and a front surface. The front surface connects the side surfaces. The side surfaces respectively have a second guiding part engaged with the first guiding part. The fan unit is suitable to move along the first guiding part through the second guiding part. The handles are disposed at the front surface and both ends thereof are bent to form two pivot portions respectively pivoted on the side surfaces. Each pivot portion has a second positioning part. When the handle rotates towards the front surface, the positioning parts interfere with each other.03-14-2013
20130064649PIPING ASSEMBLY AND METHOD FOR CONNECTING INNER AND OUTER SHELL IN TURBINE SYSTEM - A piping assembly and a method for connecting an inner shell and an outer shell in a turbine system are disclosed. The piping assembly includes an inner fitting for connection to the inner shell and an outer fitting for connection to the outer shell. The piping assembly further includes an attenuation member extending between the inner fitting and the outer fitting and comprising an attenuation curve. The attenuation curve permits movement of the attenuation member in at least one of a longitudinal direction, a radial direction, or a tangential direction.03-14-2013
20090246007Casing treatment for axial compressors in a hub area - A fluid flow machine includes a flow path formed by a casing 10-01-2009
20090238685Disguised air displacement device - A body has a back and parallel front. The back of the body defines an air inlet and a peripheral air outlet is associated with the front. A body chamber between the back and the front is in fluid communication with the air inlet and the air outlet. A structurally prominent faceplate is on the body proximate to the peripheral air outlet and bears a transforming aesthetic overlay. An air displacement unit is formed of a plurality of blades rotatable in a plane parallel with the back and the front. The air displacement unit is substantially concealed within the body chamber and is configured to accept air from the air inlet and urge the air through the air outlet.09-24-2009
20120114469COMPOSITE HUB FOR A PRESSURE WAVE SUPERCHARGER - The invention proposes that the shaft-hub connection of a rotatable cell rotor (05-10-2012
20120237343TURBOCHARGER - A variable geometry turbocharger includes a bearing housing rotatably supporting a turbine impeller; and an exhaust nozzle changing the flow rate of an exhaust gas supplied to the turbine impeller, wherein the exhaust nozzle has an exhaust inlet wall disposed at the bearing housing side, the turbocharger has a seal member exhibiting a ring shape and sealing a gap formed between the bearing housing and the exhaust inlet wall, and an inner circumferential edge of the seal member firmly contacts the bearing housing and an outer circumferential edge of the seal member firmly contacts the exhaust inlet wall.09-20-2012
20130164122FASTENER AND FAN ASSEMBLY USING THE SAME - A fan assembly includes a fan including a board defining a number of through hole, a dustproof member attached to an outer surface of the board, and a number of fasteners. The dustproof member defines a number of fixing legs. Each fastener includes a head abutted against a corresponding one of the fixing legs such that the corresponding leg is sandwiched by the head and the outer surface of the board, a pole extending from a side surface of the head to extend into a corresponding one of the holes, a hook extending in the same direction as the pole from an edge of the head, a projection extending toward the pole from a distal end of the hook and engaged with an inner surface of the board opposite to the outer surface.06-27-2013
20090003997VARIABLE SHAPE INLET SECTION FOR A NACELLE ASSEMBLY OF A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A nacelle assembly includes an inlet section having a plurality of discrete sections. Each of the plurality of discrete sections includes an adaptive structure. A thickness of each of the plurality of discrete sections is selectively adjustable between a first position and a second position to influence the adaptive structure of each of the plurality of discrete sections.01-01-2009
20120099975FAN CASE AND MOUNT RING SNAP FIT ASSEMBLY - A disclosed fan containment case includes a mount ring that supports a portion of the engine core. The mount ring includes openings and features that define a mounting location for the gas turbine engine. The example fan containment case includes a generally cylindrically shaped fan case that extends between an open front end and an open rear end. The mount ring is secured onto an outer surface of the fan case and includes a mounting lug and a plurality of openings for attachment of gas turbine engine components.04-26-2012
20110142605LOW-PRESSURE STEAM TURBINE HOOD AND INNER CASING SUPPORTED ON CURB FOUNDATION - A support arrangement for an exhaust hood. The inner casing in the inventive arrangement is supported directly by the curb foundation. As a result, the effect of pressure changes in the exhaust hood are eliminated and the effect of temperature changes of the exhaust hood are reduced relative to the positioning of the inner casing and the rotor within it. Shaft bearings may be outside the exhaust hood located in a standard directly on the foundation. Rotor end packing may also be attached to the standard. The exhaust hood can be a much simpler design with less structural supports and less fabrication time. Easier maintenance is facilitated because the shaft bearings are not tucked under the exhaust hood and the end packing can be removed without removal of a large section of the exhaust hood.06-16-2011
20120288363CEILING-MOUNTED INDOOR UNIT FOR AIR CONDITIONING APPARATUS - A ceiling-mounted indoor unit for an air conditioning apparatus is disposed in a ceiling of an air-conditioned room. The ceiling-mounted indoor unit includes a casing having an air outlet formed along a peripheral edge portion of an undersurface of the casing, at least four horizontal blades rotatably disposed in the air outlet, and a controller. The horizontal blades have airflow-direction angles that are independently changeable in an up-and-down direction. The control unit controls the horizontal blades such that at least two first horizontal blades of the at least four horizontal blades synchronously swing while taking the same posture. The first horizontal blades are adjacent to each other, and a combination of the at least four horizontal blades forming the first horizontal blades shifts in order along the peripheral edge portion.11-15-2012
20130216365Fan Unit and Its Mounting - In a method of mounting cooling air fans (08-22-2013
20110299979Method for Improving the Stall Margin of an Axial Flow Compressor Using a Casing Treatment - A method for determining a preferred circumferential groove arrangement for a casing treatment of an axial flow compressor is disclosed. The method includes using the results from a three dimensional steady state computational fluid dynamic analysis to generate a flow field between a blade tip of a rotating blade and a compressor casing to determine the preferred circumferential groove arrangement. A stall margin for the axial flow compressor will be increased with the method.12-08-2011
20100143107ASSEMBLY WITH TWO INDEXED PARTS - In one exemplary implementation, an assembly may include two indexed parts. A first part may have a void formed therein and an axis, with the void defining at least one rotational stop and at least one radial stop. A second part may have a projection that is received at least partially in the void when the first and second parts are assembled together. The projection may have at least one rotational abutment surface adapted to engage said at least one rotational stop to limit relative rotation between the first and second parts, and the projection having at least one radial abutment surface adapted to engage said at least one radial stop to limit relative radial movement between the first and second parts in a direction away from the axis.06-10-2010
20120189437HERMETIC COMPRESSOR - The present invention refers to a hermetic compressor and, more specifically, a hermetic compressor comprising a centrifugal pump (07-26-2012
20100129208ASSEMBLED FAN FRAME - An assembled fan frame suitable for a case body includes a framework, a plurality of first assemblies, a back slab, and a plurality of second assemblies. The framework includes a fixing slab, a first side wall and a second side wall facing each other, and an accommodation space is defined to accommodate at least one fan module. The fixing slab has at least one first vent and a plurality of first assembling holes which are disposed around the first vent. The first assembly is disposed through the first assembling hole and fastens the fan module on the fixing slab. The back slab is vertically mounted on a surface of the case body and faces the fixing slab. The back slab includes at least one second vent and a plurality of second assembling holes. The second assembly is disposed through the second assembling hole and detachably fixes the framework on the back slab.05-27-2010
20120107109AIRCRAFT ENGINE NACELLE COMPRISING A MOBILE COWL MOVED BY ELECTRIC MOTORS - A nacelle for receiving an aircraft engine, the nacelle having a tubular stationary cover and at least one movable portion connected to the stationary cover via movement means for moving the movable portion between a position close to the stationary cover and a position spaced apart therefrom. The movement means have asynchronous motors, each having a stator with windings connected in parallel to a power supply circuit and a rotor having windings, each connected to a resistive load in parallel with a winding of the rotor of each of the other motors.05-03-2012
20120107108RADIAL GAS EXPANDER - Provided is a uni-axial multi-stage radial gas expander which has a high degree of reliability and which can sufficiently cope with the conditions of a high pressure and a high pressure ratio. Two or more radial gas expander sections (05-03-2012
20120107107ANTI-ROTATION SHROUD FOR TURBINE ENGINES - A shroud for turbine engines. The shroud has an integrated anti-rotation device that prevents circumferential movement of the shroud during normal engine operation, and which allows for circumferential installation in split annular case designs. Since the anti-rotation device is an integral part of the shroud and/or annular split turbine case, no additional parts are necessary for assembly or disassembly. Moreover, existing annular split turbine cases can be reworked to accept the anti-rotation device and yet still be backwards compatible with original shroud designs.05-03-2012
20090274553REPAIRED INTERNAL HOLDING STRUCTURES FOR GAS TURBINE ENGINE CASES AND METHOD OF REPAIRING THE SAME - A method of repairing a case for a gas turbine engine includes identifying areas of damage on its internal holding structures in a gas turbine case, and utilizing cold metal transfer to deposit weld material to the internal holding structures.11-05-2009
20110171014NACELLE COMPRISING AT LEAST ONE SURGE TRAP - The invention relates to a nacelle for a turbojet engine, comprising a rear section forming an outer structure which defines, together with a concentric inner structure (07-14-2011
20110206503METHOD FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF A CIRCULAR REVOLUTION THERMOMECHANICAL PART INCLUDING A TITANIUM-BASED LOAD-BEARING SUBSTRATE LINED WITH STEEL OR SUPERALLOY, A TURBOMACHINE COMPRESSOR HOUSING WHICH IS RESISTANT TO TITANIUM FIRE OBTAINED ACCORDING TO THIS METHOD - A method for manufacture of a compressor housing which is resistant to a titanium fire (burning titanium). A circular blank made of steel, or steel alloy, or superalloy which is incombustible in the presence of a titanium fire is hydroformed against a circular blank made from titanium or titanium alloy.08-25-2011
20110200428WIND-DRIVEN ELECTRIC PLANT - A wind-driven electric plant comprises an inlet shell shaped as a circle and a circular outer shell with the cross section of its inside surface of a round form. Inside the circular shell, provision is made of a coaxially arranged turbine. Kinematically coupled with the turbine is a mechanism for the conversion of mechanical energy. At least a portion of the outer shell is ellipsoidal in cross section. The major axis of an ellipse defining the cross section of the outside surface of the inlet shell at an inlet of the latter is not less than 0.55 and not more than 0.95 of the dia. of a circle defining the inside surface of the outer shell in its minimum section.08-18-2011
20120294708Apparatus to protect a radon fan from mechanical failure due to damage from falling objects from within the radon mitigation system - This apparatus protects a radon fan from damage due to falling water, ice, critters and debris and is installed above the radon fan and protects the fan in several ways.11-22-2012
20080213087Pump for Liquids Under Positive Pressure - A pump for liquids at positive pressure, includes a pump chamber (09-04-2008
20110268565Tunnel turbine system generates potential energy from dorment kinetic energy - A generator system includes a pipe line which includes a control valve for diverting input gas or liquid into a pair of bypass pipe lines, whose output is coupled with two nozzle venture inlets in a turbine housing. Gas or liquid entering the turbine housing through the nozzle venture inlets rotates a turbine impellor having a generator shaft to generate energy. Gas or liquid exiting from the turbine housing, along with diverted input gas or liquid, pass through an ejector device which eliminates back pressure and restores any pressure loss.11-03-2011
20130121813FLEXIBLE SEAL SYSTEM FOR A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A flexible seal system for a gas turbine engine includes an annular mounting bracket, an annular support bracket, an annular flexible seal and a plurality of mounting spacers. The flexible seal extends axially between a first mounting segment and a second mounting segment. The first mounting segment is connected axially between the mounting bracket and the support bracket, and includes a plurality of mounting apertures that extend axially through the first mounting segment. Each of the mounting spacers is arranged within a respective one of the mounting apertures, and extends axially between the mounting bracket and the support bracket.05-16-2013
20120141259BLADE SEGMENT AND FLUID FLOW MACHINE - A blade segment (06-07-2012
20080273969HYBRID WORM GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A gas turbine engine has components including a compressor, a combustor, and a turbine. At least one component is radially bladed having at least one row of radially extending rotatable blades and at least another is a worm component having an inner body disposed within an outer body. The inner and outer bodies have offset inner and outer axes, intermeshed inner and outer helical blades wound about the inner and outer axes respectively, and at least one of the inner and outer bodies being rotatable about a corresponding one of the inner and outer axes. An aircraft gas turbine engine has components in serial downstream flow relationship including a fan, a low pressure compressor, a high pressure compressor, a combustor, a high pressure turbine, and a low pressure turbine. At least one of the components is radially bladed and at least one of the components is a worm component.11-06-2008
20080206047TURBINE STAGE IN A TURBOMACHINE - A turbine stage in a turbomachine comprising ring sectors (08-28-2008
20110223012TURBINE ROTOR ASSEMBLY AND STEAM TURBINE - A turbine moving blade cascade 09-15-2011
20100196149Apparatus and Method for Preventing Cracking of Turbine Engine Cases - A method for preventing cracking of a turbine engine case includes the steps of disposing at least two rails upon an exterior surface of a turbine engine case; and securing a first rail to a first means for attaching at least one fan exit guide vane to the turbine engine case and securing a second rail to a second means for attaching the at least one fan exit guide vane to the turbine engine case.08-05-2010
20080260525Device For Supplying Pulse Width-Modulated Output Pulses For the Motor of a Fan - A device for supplying pulse width-modulated output pulses for the motor of a fan has an arithmetic unit and at least one final output stage. The arithmetic unit and the final output stage are disposed in a rod-shaped housing. A fan encompasses a device that is located in a rod-shaped housing and is used for supplying pulse width-modulated output pulses.10-23-2008
20120195744ENGINE HOT SECTION COMPONENT AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - One embodiment of the present invention is a unique engine hot section component having a coating system operative to reduce heat transfer to the hot section component. Another embodiment is a unique method for making a gas turbine engine hot section component with a coating system. Other embodiments include apparatuses, systems, devices, hardware, methods, and combinations for gas turbine engines, hot section components and coating systems. Further embodiments, forms, features, aspects, benefits, and advantages of the present application shall become apparent from the description and figures provided herewith.08-02-2012
20100003129Flow control redistribution to mitigate high cycle fatigue - The present invention provides a method operable to improve pressure recovery and/or distortion within engine inlet. This method involves providing a first fluid flow to primary jet vortex generator(s) operable to inject fluid at a first injection rate into a boundary layer of a primary fluid flow within the inlet. A secondary fluid flow is injected by secondary jet vortex generator(s) at a second injection rate into the boundary layer of the primary fluid flow. The fluid injected at the first injection rate and second injection rate is operable to induce secondary flow structures within the boundary layer. These secondary close structures are then operable to improve or manipulate the pressure recovery of the inlet. At specific engine conditions, this method may redistribute the ratio of the first injection rate and second injection rate in order to improve pressure recovery and/or distortion of the inlet when the particular engine conditions. Such engine conditions may be associated with a natural blade frequency of the engine at a particular speed. Embodiments of the invention allow blade vibration problems associated with engine operation at particular speeds to be solved without adding damping or increasing blade strength to change the natural frequency of the blades, thereby reducing weight and improving engine performance.01-07-2010
20100003128Combustor transition piece aft end cooling and related method - A transition duct for a gas turbine includes a tubular body having a forward end and an aft end; a plurality of cooling channels formed on an exterior surface of the tubular body at the aft end; a closure band surrounding the aft end, covering at least a portion of the cooling channels; and a seal attached to the closure band, surrounding the aft end of the tubular body.01-07-2010
20120141258AIR TURBINE STARTER - An air turbine starter is provided and includes a rotor including turbine blades, which is rotatable about a rotational axis, a housing including a portion thereof radially surrounding the turbine blades to define a pathway along which fluids flow to interact with the turbine blades and a containment ring affixed to an exterior of the portion of the housing radially surrounding the turbine blades.06-07-2012
20100158677AXIAL FLOW FAN - An axial flow fan includes a blade having a curved portion formed in the vicinity of a radially outer end portion positioned opposite to the base portion in the radial direction of the peripheral wall portion of the hub. The curved portion is convex in the rotation direction, concave in the direction opposite to the rotation direction, and extends along the radially outer end portion of the blade. The curved portion extends from a rear end edge of the blade, positioned on a side where one end of the base portion of the blade is positioned, and extends in the radial direction of the hub to the vicinity of a front end edge of the blade, positioned on a side where the other end of the base portion of the blade is positioned and extending in the radial direction.06-24-2010
20090116957Steam turbine with two steam chambers - A steam turbine with at least two steam chambers which are enclosed by a basically tubular casing and which are separated from each other by means of at least one partition which is arranged in the casing, is characterized according to the invention in that the partition is formed from at least two flat partial surfaces which are formed in an inclined manner relatively to each other.05-07-2009
20100183432NOSE DOME FOR A TURBOMACHINE ROTOR - A nose dome for a turbomachine rotor is provided. The turbomachine rotor has an impeller which is arranged in an overhung fashion with respect to a bearing point of the turbomachine rotor. The nose dome can be connected axially to the impeller in order to guide an axial inflow and/or outflow of the impeller, and includes a coupling device. The impeller and the nose dome can be mechanically coupled radially with the coupling device, such that the vibration behavior of the turbomachine rotor may be influenced. The turbomachine with the turbomachine rotor including the nose dome is also provided. The impeller and nose dome are coupled radially using the coupling device, such that the vibration of the turbomachine rotor is damped.07-22-2010
20100189552Fan assembly - A fan assembly 07-29-2010
20110236194FAN APPARATUS WITH AIR DUCT - An air duct includes a cover and two adjusting pieces. The cover includes a top board and two end boards extending downwards from two opposite ends of the top board. The cover defines an air outlet in a front of the cover and an air intake in a rear of the cover. Two adjusting pieces are slantingly extended from rear ends of the two side boards toward the air outlet.09-29-2011
20100239416Wind Turbine Nacelle - A nacelle for a wind turbine, the nacelle having a first height in its installed position and a second height in its transported position, the first height being higher than the second height, comprising a bottom part having a bottom face and two opposite side faces defining a space and a width of the bottom part and a top part. In the transported position, the top part extends inside the width or outside the width in order to cover at least part of the space. The invention also relates to a transportation kit and a transport method.09-23-2010
20130216364AIRCRAFT PROPULSION SYSTEM NACELLE - An aircraft propulsion system has an engine assembly having an axis of rotation, a fan assembly operatively connected to the engine assembly and comprising a plurality of fan blades arranged circumferentially around the axis of rotation and a monolithic nacelle assembly which circumferentially encloses the fan assembly. The propulsion system has a ratio of fan assembly outer diameter to nacelle assembly outer diameter of at least 0.87. As a result, the propulsion system provides for a significantly larger fan assembly outer diameter for a given nacelle assembly outer diameter than a conventional prior art turbofan engine, thereby increasing the specific power output or the bypass ratio of the propulsion system, which will result in improved propulsive efficiency without an increase in nacelle drag.08-22-2013
20100226763FAN ASSEMBLY - A bladeless fan assembly for creating an air current includes a nozzle mounted on a base. The nozzle comprises an interior passage and a mouth for receiving the air flow from the interior passage and through which the air flow is emitted from the fan assembly. The nozzle defines an opening through which air from outside the fan assembly is drawn by the air flow emitted from the mouth. The nozzle is detachable from the base, which is preferably sized to be accommodated within the opening of the nozzle for transportation.09-09-2010
20110027075VENTILATION FAN - A ventilation fan includes a rotor holder rotating around a rotation axis, an impeller cup including a plurality of blades provided on an outer circumference thereof, and a base portion arranged to rotatably support the rotor holder through a bearing portion. The base portion includes an outer circumferential wall extending upwards in an axial direction from an outer circumferential edge portion thereof. A gap defining a labyrinth structure is provided between an upper end portion of the outer circumferential wall of the base portion and a lower end portion of an outer circumferential portion of the impeller cup. A lower end portion of a cylindrical portion is located axially lower than the upper end portion of the outer circumferential wall of the base portion.02-03-2011
20110123319COMPOSITE SLIDER SEAL FOR TURBOJET PENETRATION - A seal assembly for a turbo machine, such as a turbo jet, includes a housing having a retainer secured relative to the housing. A seal is arranged between the housing and the retainer. The seal provides an opening configured to receive a penetrating element. The seal comprises a composite material. In one example, an anti-rotation feature prevents the seal from rotating relative to the housing. The anti-rotation feature includes a rivet received in a hole in the seal that cooperates with at least one of the housing and the retainer to maintain the seal in a desired angular position.05-26-2011
20110123320Arrangement with a Nacelle and with an Instrument - An arrangement with a nacelle and with at least one instrument of a wind turbine is disclosed. The instrument is connected with a rod. A channel penetrates the wall of the nacelle. The channel interacts with the rod in a way that the rod and its assigned instrument are moved through the channel between a first and a second position. The instrument is positioned inside the nacelle at the first position for installation and/or service purposes, while the instrument is positioned outside the nacelle at the second position for operation purposes of the instrument.05-26-2011
20090068000COMPRESSOR - An air bleeding passage 03-12-2009
20110033286NACELLE FOR TURBOJET ENGINE - The present invention relates to a nacelle for a turbojet engine comprising an air intake structure able to channel an airflow towards a fan of the turbojet engine, and a middle structure comprising a casing (9) intended to surround the said fan and to which the air intake structure is attached, the latter structure having at least one peripheral interior panel (41), characterized in that the casing extends around the fan more or less as far as the fan blades (8), the air intake structure being connected to the casing by the interior panel by means of at least one structural peripheral flange (15) capable of providing containment for at least one blade should the latter break off.02-10-2011
20110033285ASSEMBLY FOR A STATOR STAGE OF A TURBOMACHINE, THE ASSEMBLY COMPRISING AN OUTER SHROUD AND AT LEAST ONE STATIONARY VANE - The invention relates to an assembly for a stator stage of a turbomachine, the assembly comprising: 02-10-2011
20110044806TURBOMACHINE CASING ASSEMBLY - A turbomachine casing assembly comprises a first casing portion for at least partially encasing one or more rotating aerofoil structures of a turbomachine and a second casing portion; the first casing portion being movable with respect to the second casing portion. One or more resilient elements are arranged so as to resist movement of the first casing portion with respect to the second casing portion.02-24-2011
20110243719NON-CIRCULAR AFT NACELLE COWLING GEOMETRY - A nacelle for a turbofan propulsion system that extends along a centerline includes a forward cowling and an aft cowling. To improve the fit of a turbofan propulsion system in the space between the wing and ground of a fixed-wing aircraft, the aft cowling of the nacelle is modified. The aft cowling has a non-circular cross-sectional geometry disposed in a plane substantially perpendicular to the centerline. The non-circular cross-sectional geometry includes a radially recessed section disposed between first and second curved sections. The first and the second curved sections each have a radius that is greater than a radial distance between the centerline and a center point of the radially recessed section.10-06-2011
20110243718REINFORCED FAN FRAME STRUCTURE - A reinforced fan frame structure includes a frame body and at least one metal ring. The frame body has a seat portion with a centered bearing cup axially forward extended from the seat portion. The metal ring is integrally associated with the seat portion and has an inner circumferential edge facing toward the bearing cup. With the metal ring integrally associated with the seat portion of the frame body, it is able to effectively control the deformation and the flatness of the seat portion and accordingly, effectively upgrade the overall structural strength of the seat portion.10-06-2011
20110085896CASING FOR A MOVING-BLADE WHEEL OF TURBOMACHINE - A casing for a turbomachine rotor wheel includes a plurality of circumferential grooves, each of substantially constant section, with the section areas of the circumferential grooves decreasing from upstream to downstream on going from the first groove to the last groove. By treating the casing in this way, the efficiency of the rotor wheel is optimized and its surge margin is improved.04-14-2011
20110211942METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR A LEAKAGE CONTROLLED FAN HOUSING - A method and system for a fan assembly that includes a fan casing having a longitudinal centerline axis extending from an upstream inlet opening to a downstream outlet opening is provided. The fan assembly also includes a first substantially cylindrical casing segment extending circumferentially about and substantially axially aligned with tips of a plurality of blades extending from a rotor hub, the first casing segment including a first inner diameter that is greater than the rotor diameter, a second casing segment configured to extend axially in a direction opposite a flow of fluid through the fan casing, the second casing segment including a second inner diameter, the second inner diameter less than the first inner diameter and the rotor diameter, and a third casing segment including the first inner diameter along a first circumferential edge, the second inner diameter along a second circumferential edge, and a surface extending therebetween.09-01-2011
20110085897CASING COMPRISING A PERIPHERAL SHROUD FOR A TURBOMACHINE ROTOR - The present invention relates to a casing (04-14-2011
20110085898VERTICAL AXIS TURBINE FOILS - Geometries of foil shapes that act particularly well to increase the power output of adjacent vertical axis turbines are presented.04-14-2011
20110176915BLADE FOR A WATER TURBINE - A turbine blade is described which includes a blade root;a blade tip; a leading edge extending from the blade root to the blade tip; a trailing edge extending from the blade root to the blade tip; a blade root chord defined as a straight line between the leading edge and the trailing edge at the blade root; a blade tip chord defined as a straight line between the leading edge and the trailing edge at the blade tip; wherein the blade tip chord is angularly displaced from the blade root chord by a twist angle of between 50° and 90°.07-21-2011
20100054928GAS TURBINE TRANSITION DUCT APPARATUS - A gas turbine transition duct is provided comprising a generally tubular main body having first and second ends, the first end being adapted to be positioned adjacent to a combustor unit and the second end being adapted to be positioned adjacent to a turbine and a collar coupled to the main body second end. The collar may have upper, lower and side portions. At least one of the side portions may be provided with a notched section.03-04-2010
20110150639Fan Device - A fan device includes: a fan housing configured with a receiving space defined among opposite top and bottom walls, and a surrounding side wall; and a fan impeller mounted in the receiving space, disposed adjacent to an air outlet in the top wall and operable to rotate about a central axis transverse to the top and bottom walls of the fan housing. The fan impeller includes a hub body disposed coaxially with the central axis, and a plurality of angularly spaced apart fan blades extending outwardly and radially from the hub body. An angular distance between each adjacent pair of the fan blades is different from that of any other adjacent pair of the fan blades.06-23-2011
20110150638Fan Device - A fan device includes: a fan housing configured with a receiving space defined among opposite top and bottom walls, and a surrounding side wall; a fan impeller mounted in the receiving space, disposed adjacent to an air outlet in the top wall and operable to rotate about a central axis transverse to the top and bottom walls of the fan housing; and an air-guiding unit mounted fixedly in the receiving space and disposed adjacent to an air inlet in the bottom wall. The air-guiding unit includes a central connecting member disposed axially with the central axis, and a plurality of angularly spaced apart air-guiding blades interconnecting the central connecting member and the surrounding sidewall. An angular distance between each adjacent pair of the air-guiding blades is different from that of any other adjacent pair of the air-guiding blades.06-23-2011
20110255959TURBINE ALIGNMENT CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD - A turbine that includes a rotor, an inner turbine shell, an outer turbine shell, and a sliding engagement between the inner turbine shell and the outer turbine shell. The inner turbine shell is a single piece construction that completely surrounds at least a portion of the rotor, and the outer turbine shell surrounds the inner turbine shell. A method for aligning turbine components that includes aligning a single-piece inner turbine shell substantially concentric with a rotor and surrounding the single-piece inner turbine shell with an outer turbine shell. The method further includes supporting the single-piece inner turbine shell with respect to the outer turbine shell using a bearing assembly between the single-piece inner turbine shell and the outer turbine shell.10-20-2011
20080292453FAN AND FRAME THEREOF - A fan includes a frame and an impeller. The frame includes a main body, a plurality of guiding elements and a motor base. The main body has an airflow inlet and an airflow outlet. The guiding elements are disposed in the main body and located at the airflow outlet, wherein each of the guiding elements includes an inclined part and an axial extended part, and the inclined par meets the axial extended part at an angle. The motor base connects to the main body. The impeller is disposed on the motor base for providing an airflow, wherein the guiding elements guide the airflow away from the fan.11-27-2008
20110164966Method and apparatus to improve wake flow and power production of wind and water turbines - A wake flow injector method and apparatus are presented to improve the power production of wind and water turbines by directly injecting higher-energy fluid or air directly into the wake flow region behind the rotor or turbine.07-07-2011
20110164965STEAM TURBINE STATIONARY COMPONENT SEAL - A steam turbine and a seal member between stationary components of a steam turbine are disclosed. The seal member is annular, with a cross-section having an elongated seal member and bulbous ends that are adapted to be inserted into grooves in the stationary components to form point seals between the bulbous ends and axial faces of the grooves. The bulbous ends are designed to rotate with respect to the axial faces of the annular grooves and the elongated member is designed to flex to maintain the point seals in response to a realignment of the components.07-07-2011
20110020117CASING STRUCTURE OF STEAM TURBINE - In a steam turbine according to a first embodiment, an outer casing 01-27-2011
20100284802INFLATABLE WIND TURBINE - A wind turbine has an impeller surrounded by a shroud. The shroud is formed from inflatable components extending between two rigid structural members. When inflated, the shroud acts to increase the energy generated by the impeller. Under adverse wind conditions, the inflatable components can be deflated to reduce surface area and wind load on the turbine.11-11-2010
20100284801Turbo machine blade11-11-2010
20110052380SECTORED DISTRIBUTOR FOR TURBOMACHINE - The invention relates to a sectored distributor (03-03-2011
20110052379METHOD FOR MONITORING A MIXTURE OF AT LEAST TWO COMPONENTS - Provided is a method and apparatus for monitoring a mixture of at least two components. Also provided is a rotor blade of a wind power installation, a gondola casing of a wind power installation and a wind power installation itself. To provide a method in which the composition of the mixture can be easily monitored without damaging the workpiece produced therefrom, a dye is added to each component, wherein added to each component is its own color which is different from that of the other components, and the mixture of those components is monitored colorimetrically. A gondola casing and/or a rotor blade is manufactured by using such a method to determine amounts of components to include in a material of which the gondola casing or rotor blade is to be made.03-03-2011
20110052378SIDE CHANNEL COMPRESSOR - A side channel compressor for compressing a gas comprises a housing (03-03-2011
20100329857Compact Fan - The present invention relates to a compact fan, comprising a fan wheel, in particular a radial fan wheel (12-30-2010
20100226764FAN - A floor standing pedestal fan for creating an air current includes a base housing an impeller and a motor for rotating the impeller to create an air flow, an air outlet, and a telescopic duct for conveying the air flow to the air outlet.09-09-2010
20110116913HYDRODYNAMIC TORQUE CONVERTER - The invention relates to a hydrodynamic torque converter having a pump shell including blades, a turbine shell including blades, a torus-shaped flow cycle. The blades are configured to be attached at the respective shells through inner walls and the inner walls of the turbine shell and of the pump shell form an inner torus with outer surfaces facing the flow cycle and an end of an extension of the inner wall of at least one shell and an end of an extension of an adjacent shell are disposed in a plane and extend over one another and define a gap between one another. A transition from the extensions is configured to be hydrodynamically smooth.05-19-2011
20090191051STACKABLE NACELLE FOR WIND TURBINES - A stackable nacelle for a wind turbine includes a first piece having a top wall and integral first side walls extending at a first obtuse angle from each edge of the top wall; and a second piece, for mating with the first piece, having a bottom wall and integral second side walls extending at a second obtuse angle from each edge of the bottom wall.07-30-2009
20100068044COMPRESSOR - A compressor which includes: an inner casing arranged so as to cover a rotor shaft; an outer casing arranged so as to cover the inner casing and forming a fluid flow path around the rotor shaft; and a plurality of struts mounted in the entrance of the fluid flow path and between the inner casing and the outer casing; in which the plurality of struts are arranged in a radial pattern centered on the rotor shaft, and the spacings between the adjacent struts in the circumferential direction of the rotor shaft are unequal.03-18-2010
20120121395METHOD FOR FABRICATING A GAS TURBINE ENGINE COMPONENT AND A GAS TURBINE ENGINE COMPONENT - A method for fabricating a gas turbine engine component including an inner ring, an outer ring and at least one strut connecting the inner ring with the outer ring includes the steps of connecting the inner ring to the outer ring via a load carrying edge of the strut, and attaching a side face component of the strut in abutment with the load carrying edge after the step of connecting the inner ring to the outer ring has been performed. A as turbine engine component fat by the method is also provided.05-17-2012
20120308369LAMINATE THERMAL INSULATION BLANKET FOR AIRCRAFT APPLICATIONS AND PROCESS THEREFOR - A thermal insulation blanket for an aircraft engine, and processes for producing the thermal insulation blanket to have low thermal conductivity and high temperature capability. The thermal insulation blanket has a layered construction that includes an aerogel insulation material, a composite layer disposed at a first surface of the aerogel insulation material, and a backing layer disposed at an opposite surface of the aerogel insulation material so that the aerogel insulation material is encapsulated between the composite and backing layers. The composite layer contains a resin matrix material reinforced with a fiber reinforcement material.12-06-2012
20110064568 Fluid Pump - An apparatus for pumping or compressing a fluid, the apparatus comprising: 03-17-2011
20110064567Impingement Baffle for a Gas Turbine Engine and Gas Turbine Engine - An impingement baffle for a gas turbine engine is provided. The impingement baffle is a one piece impingement ring with one opening and with fastening elements at both free ends of the impingement ring to enable the closing of the impingement ring. A gas turbine engine including at least one such an impingement baffle is also provided.03-17-2011
20110318173GUIDE SYSTEM FOR NACELLE ASSEMBLY - A guide system for translating components of an aircraft engine nacelle includes a track assembly and a slider assembly. The track assembly includes a track guide member having a track channel. The slider assembly translatably engages the track assembly. The slider assembly includes a slider body configured to be received within the track channel. The slider assembly further includes a slider arm member pivotably coupled to the slider body with a hinge joint disposed within the track channel. The slider arm member extends from the body portion and outwardly of the track assembly. Associated apparatuses are also provided.12-29-2011
20120045321WIND TURBINE NACELLE - The present invention relates to a nacelle for a wind turbine, the nacelle having a first height in its installed position and a second height in its transported position, the first height being higher than the second height, comprising a bottom part having a bottom face and two opposite side faces defining a space and a width of the bottom part and a top part. In the transported position, the top part extends inside the width or outside the width in order to cover at least part of the space. The invention also relates to a transportation kit and a transport method.02-23-2012
20120045320AIR TURBINE STARTER TURBINE NOZZLE AIRFOIL - A vane profile section for an Air Turbine Starter includes an airfoil which defines an airfoil profile section through a leading edge and a trailing edge, the airfoil profile section defined by a set of X-coordinates and Y-coordinates.02-23-2012
20120003083Side Channel Pump for Conveying Fuel in a Motor Vehicle - A side channel pump for conveying fuel having a flow divider disposed in an impeller. The flow divider divides blade chambers of the impeller into individual partial chambers. Flow dividers are also disposed in housing parts opposing the impeller having partial ring-shaped channels radially encompassing each other. The flow dividers in the impeller and in the housing parts are at a distance from each other in order to allow cross flow between the conveyance chambers formed by the partial chambers and the partial ring-shaped channels. The side channel pump thereby has a high efficiency and particularly low radial dimensions.01-05-2012
20120014785STRUCTURE OF CIRCULATION FAN - A fan includes a casing that is composed of a front cover and a rear cover, a base mounted under the casing, and blades rotatably mounted in the casing. The base includes support frames symmetrically mounted thereto. The front and rear covers are each composed of a plurality of circular frames of different diameters. The rear cover has a lower portion that forms slots corresponding to the support frames so that the support frames are movably received through the slots respectively. A connection bar is connected to the rear cover so that the casing may undergo vertical and horizontal rotations through the arrangement of the slots for adjusting direction of airstream generated by the fan, thereby realizing an effect of indoor air circulation. Further, due to the arrangement of the rotation structure inside the casing, the outside appearance of the fan shows a sense of completeness of aesthetics.01-19-2012
20120301283TURBINE WITH UNEVENLY LOADED ROTOR BLADES - An unevenly loaded turbine rotor blade is disclosed herein, the blade including a power-extracting region adapted for radially-varied (relative to the axis of rotation) power extraction per mass flow rate. The pitch and/or shape of the airfoil at a first radial position may be configured, so that power extraction per mass flow rate at the first radial position is different than power extraction per mass flow rate at a second radial position. Thus, the power-extracting region may be advantageously configured to take advantage of a non-uniform flow profile across a rotor plane such as may be induced using a shrouded turbine.11-29-2012
20120301282WIND-COLLECTING TOWER FOR A WIND POWER GENERATOR - The present invention relates to a wind-collecting tower for a wind power generator, including a cylindrical wind tunnel which stands upright on a base, and which has a circumferential surface with wind inlet ports for introduction of wind; a guide unit having guide passages arranged on the circumference of the wind tunnel to guide wind introduced from the outside to the wind inlet ports; louvered windows formed on the guide passages of the guide unit and spaced apart from the wind tunnel, such that the wind introduced into the guide unit is guided downwardly by the guide unit and introduced into the wind inlet ports of the wind tunnel; and one or more support frames which are arranged transversely on the respective guide passages, and which have one or more through-holes covered by the louvered windows.11-29-2012
20120301281FAN MODULE - A fan module suitable for an electronic apparatus is provided. The fan module includes a bottom plate, a top cover. a sidewall, a heat-dissipating fan and a housing. The sidewall is assembled between the top cover and the bottom plate. The sidewall, the top cover and the bottom plate together form an accommodating space. The heat-dissipating fan is disposed on the bottom plate and located in the accommodating space. The housing is stacked on the top cover.11-29-2012
20120156019FAN MODULE - An exemplary embodiment of a fan module includes fan units, and each fan unit includes a box-shaped shell, a guiding plate, and a torsion spring. The box-shaped shell includes a bottom plate and two opposite side walls substantially perpendicular to the bottom plate, and each side wall has a vent defined therein. The guiding plate is rotatable relative to the bottom plate of the shell. The torsion spring includes a first torsion arm, a second torsion arm, and a coil portion. The first torsion arm and the second torsion arm are urged against the bottom plate and the guiding plate respectively by torque force applied from the coil portion. Thereby, the guiding plate is driven to a position adjacent and generally parallel to one of the side walls to obstruct the corresponding vent by the second torsion arm.06-21-2012
20120156018TURBINE SHROUD FOR AIR CYCLE MACHINE - A turbine shroud for an air cycle machine includes a wall inner surface which at least partially defines a turbine flowpath, the wall inner surface defined by set of points in Table T-1 scaled by a desired factor.06-21-2012
20120156017SHAFT SUPPORT FOR AIR CYCLE MACHINE - An example shaft support includes a cylindrical body establishing a bore extending along an axis. The bore is configured to receive a shaft. Openings are provided in the cylindrical body and distributed circumferentially about the axis. The openings are positioned radially outward of the bore. Each of the openings has a cross-sectional area. The ratio of a total cross sectional area of the openings to a diameter of the cylindrical body is between 0.0963 and 0.0964.06-21-2012
20090081030BOLT ASSEMBLY FOR STEAM TURBINE ENGINES AND METHOD OF ASSEMBLING THE SAME - A method of assembling a turbine casing is provided. The method includes inserting a bolt assembly through a first opening defined generally vertically through a first flange extending from a first casing member, such that a portion of the bolt assembly extends a distance upward from an upper surface of the first casing flange and such that the bolt assembly is retained within the first opening. The method further includes positioning a second casing member including a second flange including a second opening defined therein against the first casing member such that a portion of the bolt assembly extends through the opening defined in the second casing flange.03-26-2009
20110091316FAN ASSEMBLY WITH SNAP-ON COVER - An exemplary fan assembly includes a fan and a snap-on cover. The fan includes a bracket and an impeller disposed in the bracket. The cover includes a base body, a number of first clasps extending outwardly from a first side of the base body, a number of retaining clasps extending outwardly from an opposite second side of the base body, and an operation portion connecting the retaining clasps. The base body is disposed on the bracket, the first clasps clasp a first side of the bracket, the retaining portions clasp an opposite second side of the bracket, and the operation portion presses the bracket.04-21-2011
20110091315FAN WITH PRESSURIZING STRUCTURE - A fan with pressurizing structure includes a rotor having a main body, blades spaced on the main body, a magnetic body annularly mounted in the main body, and a shaft axially connected to an inner side of the main body; a frame having a sleeve and at least one bearing rotatably received in the sleeve, and an opposing end of the shaft being inserted into the bearing; a stator assembly fitted around the sleeve and including silicon steel plates and a base plate; and a plurality of first pressurizing sections selectively provided on one of the base plate and an end face of the magnetic body. With the first pressurizing sections, deposition of moisture and salt fog in the sleeve and the rotor can be prevented to avoid corroded and damaged bearing and rotor shaft, and the service life of the whole fan is increased.04-21-2011
20110103941BREATHER DUCT SHIELDING - A gas turbine engine comprising a nacelle and a breather duct. The breather duct provides communication between a component of the engine within the nacelle and the exterior of the nacelle and opens at an exhaust port on the external surface of the nacelle. There is at least one clean air outlet bounding the exhaust port and arranged to expel, in use, a vortical flow of clean air to form an aerodynamic barrier between the external surface of the nacelle and a flow of breather air expelled from the exhaust port.05-05-2011
20100290900HYDROPOWER SYSTEM WITH INCREASED POWER INPUT CHARACTERISTICS - A turbine system having a series of uprights or fingers disposed about the inner surface of a rotating ring having turbine blades disposed within the ring. As the turbine blades are motivated by water movement, the fingers or uprights cause increased power by increasing the flow characteristics of the turbine system. The uprights can be of a variety of lengths and may be directed toward the central hub of the turbine or pointed at angles to the hub. Alternatively, the uprights may be bent on the end or curved to create a vortex into the main turbine blades.11-18-2010
20120121396WIND ENERGY POWER ENHANCER SYSTEM - An enhanced multi-phased wind power generating system is disclosed that creates power from flow through an air inflow chamber and by second phase air flow that does not pass through the inflow chamber. In one embodiment, a turbine extends at least partially from the air inflow chamber whereby second phase air flow that may be directed, deflected or concentrated prevailing wind, may impinge the air blades to enhance the power generation of the system. In another embodiment, second phase air flow may be deflected by a configuration of air deflectors to create a low pressure over a flow tube to enhance power generation. Air deflectors and/or air scoops are described in any number of configurations to further increase and optimize power generation. In one embodiment an impingement chamber is attached to the inflow chamber and one or both chambers may comprise protective fencing material.05-17-2012
20130170967FAN IMPELLER STRUCTURE - A fan impeller structure includes an annular body. The annular body has a top section and a receiving space. At least one first bending section is formed between the top section and the annular body. At least one recess is formed at the first bending section. At least one flow guide hole is formed between the first bending section and the recess in communication with the receiving space. In operation, the airflow conducted into the receiving space is increased. Moreover, no matter whether the fan impeller structure is clockwise rotated or counterclockwise rotated, the airflow can be conducted into the receiving space through the flow guide hole. Accordingly, the heat dissipation effect will not be affected by the rotational direction of the fan impeller structure.07-04-2013
20120121397TURBINE ROTOR FOR A TURBOCHARGER, TURBOCHARGER AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A TURBINE ROTOR - A turbine rotor for a turbocharger, in particular for a motor vehicle, has a turbine wheel which is formed in one piece and which has a turbine blade arrangement and a solid turbine wheel shoulder with a first end surface without cavities or depressions. A rotor shaft is formed in one piece and has a second end surface with a depression arranged coaxially with respect to the rotational axis. The first end surface of the turbine wheel shoulder is connected to a second end surface of the rotor shaft in a cohesive fashion by way of a friction weld. There is also provided a turbocharger and a method for producing a corresponding turbine rotor.05-17-2012
20110002778GAS TURBINE HOUSING COMPONENT - A gas turbine housing component includes a wall structure including two adjacent wall parts and a connection arrangement arranged between adjacent edges of the two wall parts. The connection arrangement includes an elongated seal strip positioned along the wall part edges and bridging the distance between the wall part edges.01-06-2011
20120163962TURBOMACHINE ELECTRIC CONNECTION AND METHOD - A turbomachine includes an expander; a central region having a first end attached to the expander; a compressor attached to a second end of the central region; an electrical device provided inside the central region; and an electrical connection including a first part and a second part, the first part being configured to be removably attached directly to the second part. The first part is configured to be removably attached to an external surface of an external casing of the central region, and the second part is configured to be fixedly attached to a bundle.06-28-2012
20120163961FLEXIBLE HOUSING FOR STEAM TURBINE EXHAUST HOOD - A flexible housing is arranged along an axial centerline of a rotor shaft of a steam turbine. The flexible housing extends between an exhaust hood endcover and a seal end packing housing on a separate supporting standard. The flexible housing includes a top cover portion and a bottom cover portion with a flanged horizontal joint that permits removal and replacement without need to remove the exhaust hood cover and the rotor shaft. The flexible housing encloses the rotor shaft with a first cylindrical element and a second cylindrical element of a different radius joined with an thin member that flexes to absorb expansion and contraction of the turbine exhaust hood.06-28-2012
20100247302WIND ENERGY SYSTEM - A method and system for harvesting wind energy. The system may include a wind turbine disposed subjacent to a roof assembly of building. A plurality of conduits are adjacent to and extending below the wind turbine, wherein each of the plurality of conduits defines a first portion and a second portion, wherein the first portion defines a larger cross-sectional area than the second portion.09-30-2010
20100247301Power converting device - A power converting device includes a main body having a heat producing part housed therein, a fan case having a cooling fan therein for cooling the heat producing part provided in the main body, and a housing portion in the main body which houses the fan case. The fan case and the housing portion are interconnected so that the fan case is pivotally attached to and detached from the housing portion.09-30-2010
20120213630HIGH-PERFORMANCE TURBINE WITH INCREASED SPECIFIC POWER - A high-performance turbine, particularly with increased specific power, including a rotor and a distribution apparatus which is adapted to convey a fluid stream onto the elements of the rotor for the rotation of the rotor about its own rotation axis, where the rotor includes a plurality of thrust ducts adapted to receive the fluid stream conveyed by the distribution apparatus to generate a rotary thrust on the surrounding walls of the thrust ducts, the turbine further including at least one slot, which is formed on the walls of the thrust ducts and/or of the distribution apparatus and is adapted to connect the fluid stream to the outside environment of the turbine, where at least one of the thrust ducts and the distribution apparatus crossed by the fluid stream includes at least one portion that converges in the direction in which the fluid stream travels, which is defined upstream of the slot in the direction of travel of the fluid stream for the at least local lowering of the pressure inside the thrust ducts and/or the distribution apparatus, which are crossed by the fluid stream, below the value of the pressure of the filling fluid of the outside environment, with consequent suction of the filling fluid into the thrust ducts and/or the distribution apparatus which are crossed by the fluid stream.08-23-2012
20120128475Vortex Enhanced Wind Turbine Diffuser - A diffuser for a wind turbine where slots in said diffuser wall entrain air to enter into the diffuser with a swirl that is counter to the internal swirl created as a reaction to the turbine blades rotation as it extracts power such that the internal swirl and the externally introduced swirl cross over each other thereby causing vortices to form between them that energizes the internal flow and helps to prevent it from separating from the internal duct wall. Such a diffuser would beneficially consist of a radial array of repeated segments each comprising a radial portion of a duct with a wing emerging from behind said duct leading edge and spiraling out and backwards and connecting back onto the wing of the next segment round such that each segment's wing connects to the trailing neighboring segment wing just as the leading neighbors wing connects onto it, and that a gap is left between the spiral arms to permit external air to flow between the trailing edge of one segment wing and the leading edge of the adjacent wing.05-24-2012
20120128474FLOW PATH FOR STEAM TURBINE OUTER CASING AND FLOW BARRIER APPARATUS - A steam turbine may include a turbine section including a rotor. An inner casing is provided about the turbine, the inner casing including an upstream end, a downstream end and an inner casing exhaust port positioned at the downstream end allowing exhaust steam to exit the inner casing. An outer casing is provided about the inner casing, the outer casing including an upstream end, a downstream end and an outer casing exhaust port positioned at the upstream end of the outer casing. A flow path extends between the inner casing and the outer casing through which the exhaust steam passes in an upstream direction from the inner casing exhaust port to the outer casing exhaust port. A flow barrier may be provided in the flow path between the inner casing and the outer casing.05-24-2012
20100209234Method for producing a turbine housing and turbine housing - A housing for a thermal turbomachine is provided. The housing includes an inner layer and an outer layer. The inner layer is subjected to greater thermal loading and the outer layer is subjected to less thermal loading, the inner layer being made of a more heat resistant material than the outer layer. Further, a method for producing a housing for a thermal turbomachine is provided.08-19-2010
20120134789Water Pump - A water pump includes a pump shaft surrounded by a pump housing having a tubular section. A pulley having a cylindrical section and a flange wall is mounted on an end section of the pump shaft. An impeller is mounted on the other end section of the pump shaft. A mechanical seal is coaxially disposed between the tubular section and the pump shaft. A bearing is coaxially disposed between the tubular section of the pump housing and the cylindrical section of the pulley. In this water pump, the pump shaft includes a coaxial small diameter shaft section located at its first part which is located axially between the mechanical seal and the flange wall. The small diameter shaft section has a diameter smaller than a diameter of a second part of the pump shaft on which the mechanical seal is disposed so as to form an annular step portion.05-31-2012
20120134790SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR STORING ENERGY - A system includes at least one body, a link for suspending the body for movement with gravity from a first elevation position to a second elevation position, and an electrical energy generator coupled with the body through the link to drive the generator to generate electricity upon movement of the body with gravity from the first to the second elevation position. The at least one body has a mass of at least approximately 100 tonnes; the first and the second elevation positions define a distance therebetween of at least approximately 200 meters; and/or the system further includes an operator configured to operate the link to controllably move the at least one body against gravity from the second to the first elevation position to increase a gravitational potential energy of the at least one body, and to maintain the gravitational potential energy of the at least one body.05-31-2012
20120219408CYLINDRICAL STRUCTURE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A method for manufacturing a cylindrical structure having an axial direction includes: winding a fabric around a mandrel in a circumferential direction that is perpendicular to the axial direction, the fabric containing first fibers oriented in a first direction intersecting the circumferential direction; winding a roving into a helical shape around the mandrel, the roving containing second fibers oriented in a longitudinal direction of the roving; and joining the fabric and the roving together by using a resin.08-30-2012
20100260599ROTARY MACHINE - To reduce the size of a rotary machine and to provide a rotary machine in which it is possible to achieve an improvement in reliability and performance of the rotary machine. A first casing (10-14-2010
20120219407VACUUM PUMP - Vacuum pump for pumping gas from a process chamber, the pump comprising: a rotor supported for rotation in a pumping chamber by a drive shaft, the shaft extending through a shaft bore in a wall of the pumping chamber extending transversely to the drive shaft, and a seal arrangement provided between the shaft and the transverse wall for resisting the passage of gas through the shaft bore, wherein on rotation of the rotor gas is pumped from a low pressure region at an inlet of the pumping chamber to a high pressure region at an outlet of the pumping chamber, and wherein the rotor and the transverse wall are spaced apart by an axial clearance along which back leakage of gas can flow from the high pressure region to the low pressure region, and an additional leakage path for back leakage is formed spaced away from the seal arrangement along which gas can flow without contact with the seal arrangement so that the amount of gas which contacts the seal arrangement during use of the pump is reduced.08-30-2012
20120251306Fan Rotor Support - A turbofan engine comprises an engine case. A gaspath extends through the engine case. A fan has a circumferential array of fan blades. A fan case encircles the fan blades radially outboard of the engine case. A plurality of fan case vanes extend aftward and outward from the engine case to the fan case. A forward frame comprises a plurality of vanes radially across the gaspath. A torque box couples the fan case vanes to the forward frame. A transmission couples a shaft to a fan shaft to drive the fan. A fan bearing assembly couples a stationary forward hub structure to the fan shaft.10-04-2012
20120219406PIPELINE PUMP SHAPED BY STAMPING AND WELDING - A pipeline pump shaped by stamping and welding, comprises a pump body, a pedestal, a pump rear cover and a motor installed at the opening of the pump body, and an impeller arranged inside the pump body. The pump body is comprised of an inner cylinder and an outer cylinder. A flow guide part, the impeller, an exhaust part, and the pump rear cover mounted on the opening of the outer cylinder are coaxially arranged upwards in turn from the opening of the inner cylinder. The impeller is axial suction and radial discharge. The disk bottom of the flow guide part is sealed with the opening of the inner cylinder. The impeller is coaxially arranged inside the flow guide part, and a flow guide vanes corresponding to a radial exhaust port of the impeller are provided on a circumferential wall of the flow guide part.08-30-2012
20120251305IMPACTOR CONTAINMENT - A containment system 10-04-2012
20120076647METALLIC RADIUS BLOCK FOR COMPOSITE FLANGE - A disclosed fan containment case includes a fan case fabricated from a plurality of non-metallic composite layers with an attachment flange formed of both a composite portion and a metallic backing. The disclosed metallic backing is mounted on a rearward facing surface of a composite portion of the attachment flange.03-29-2012
20120257963INNER DIAMETER SHROUD ASSEMBLY FOR VARIABLE INLET GUIDE VANE STRUCTURE IN A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - An inner shroud assembly includes an aft core segment mountable to a forward core segment to support a multiple of vanes for rotational movement relative thereto. A shroud backing plate segment engageable with the aft core segment and at least one fastener which passes through the shroud backing plate, the aft core segment and the forward core segment.10-11-2012
20120315132THIN VENTILATED SEAT FOR A VEHICLE AND ITEMS OF FURNITURE - An air conditioning unit includes a shaped body forming at least one part of a seat cushion. The shaped body has a seating surface and an opposite lower side. An air flow module is arranged at the lower side of the shaped body. The air flow module includes an air mover and has an air inlet opening and an air outlet opening. The shaped body has at least one air through-hole extending from the seating surface to the air flow module. The air flow module is in fluid communication with the at least one air through-hole in the shaped body. At least one channel extends in a radial direction adjacent the lower surface of the shaped body. The air flow module is in fluid communication with the at least one channel, and provides airflow between the seating surface of the shaped body and the at least one channel.12-13-2012
20090060726RETAINER FOR A TURBOCHARGER - Disclosed are retainers for a turbocharger. In one embodiment, the retainer includes a generally annular body that defines a bore and one or more channels. The bore is generally directed along a central axis of the body and can be configured to mate with a nose of a center housing of a turbocharger. The channels can be configured to accommodate vanes associated with a cartridge assembly of the turbocharger. One or more legs may extend from the retainer body and may be configured to mate with and locate the retainer relative to a cartridge assembly for the turbocharger. The retainer can also include a concave portion disposed around a perimeter of the body. The concave portion and the body may be together configured to act as a spring when the retainer is mechanically loaded in a direction having a component parallel to the central axis. Also disclosed are corresponding turbochargers.03-05-2009
20120263582Ceramic matrix composite shroud attachment system - Shroud assembly for use in a turbine, having an outer shroud having a side proximate to flow of operative fluid of the turbine, the side having a boss and an outer shroud aperture extending through the boss. An inner shroud is located between the side of the outer shroud proximate to the flow of operative fluid and the operative fluid flow of the turbine, the inner shroud having an inner shroud aperture which is dimensioned to fit over the boss.10-18-2012
20110038721FAN WITH DUST-RESISTANT COATING - A method of making a fan having one or more dust-resistant surfaces comprises the steps of: providing (S02-17-2011
20120269619FLUID-FLOW MACHINE - A fluid-flow machine includes at least one rotor having a rotary element with a plurality of rotor blades arranged on the rotary element, and a circumferential casing having a central axis and surrounding the rotor. The circumferential casing or a part connected thereto has an annular space surface on the inside, which delimits a flow duct of the fluid-flow machine radially outwards. The annular space surface has a structuring at least in one area adjoining a rotor on the circumferential side. At least one structuring of the annular space surface has, relative to the central axis of the circumferential casing, a circumferentially asymmetrical design.10-25-2012
20120269618BLADE SUPPORT IN A QUASITURBINE PUMP - A pump comprises a housing having an inner contour and defining an ovaloidal chamber with a rhomboidal rotor assembly positioned therein and being configured to rotate. The housing includes intake and exhaust ports in communication with the chamber providing for intake of fluid therein and exhaust of fluid therefrom. A movement imparting assembly imparts a rotational movement to the rhomboidal rotor assembly. The rhomboidal rotor assembly comprises four blades, adjoined at four joints comprising rotatable members spaced interposed between two adjacent blades and being spaced therefrom. The pump can be a compressor or and engines and can be used in a variety of fields.10-25-2012
20110211943PANELLED ASSEMBLY - A panelled assembly has a spacer 09-01-2011
20100247300REDUCING INTER-SEAL GAP IN GAS TURBINE - A device for reducing inter-seal gap in gas turbines. Embodiments of a gas turbine with a first arcuate component adjacent to a second arcuate component; a first slot and a connected second slot on an end of the first arcuate component; a first seal disposed into the first slot and a first adjacent slot on the second arcuate component; a second seal disposed into the second slot and a second adjacent slot on the second arcuate component, leaving a gap between the first seal and the second seal; and a connector coupled to the first seal and the second seal and substantially covering the gap between the first seal and the second seal.09-30-2010
20100247299HIGH PRESSURE CASING ACCESS COVER - A closure device for a compressor having at least one access opening, wherein the closure device includes a plug portion disposeable at least partially within and configured to substantially obstruct the at least one access opening, a head portion having a shoulder surface extending generally radially outwardly with respect to the plug portion, wherein the head portion is generally disposeable against an inner surface of the compressor and configured to maintain the plug portion disposed within the at least one access opening during compressor operation, and a retainer member having a bracket engageable with an outer surface of the compressor and a threaded rod extending between the bracket and the plug portion, wherein the retainer member is configured to retain the plug portion disposed within the at least one access opening.09-30-2010
20110236195Compressor - It is an object of the present invention to provide a compressor that has a simple structure, produces a damping effect and improves aerodynamic performance.09-29-2011
20110158794INTERMEDIATE HOUSING FLOOR FOR A FLUID KINETIC MACHINE - An intermediate housing floor for a fluid kinetic machine is provided. The intermediate housing floor includes a partial joint at which the intermediate housing floor may be divided during installation and/or removal into/from the fluid kinetic machine and is made up of at least two overlapping partial joint surfaces at sections of the intermediate housing floor that face one another. A recess is provided in the area of the overlap in at least the one partial joint surface, a coating is kept in the recess. The coating protrudes from the one partial joint surface as a protrusion in the removed state of the intermediate housing floor in which the intermediate housing floor is divided at the partial joint so that in the installed state of the intermediate housing floor the coating abuts against the other partial joint surface facing the one partial joint surface, whereupon the partial joint is sealed.06-30-2011
20100232948Fan Housing - A fan housing includes a casing body, two air vents, an assembling portion, two supporting ribs and a side outlet. The air vents and assembling portion are formed in a base plate of the casing body. The assembling portion is surrounded by the air vents. The supporting ribs spaces out the air vents. A remaining portion of the base plate other than the air vents, the assembling portion and the supporting ribs being defined as a border that surrounds and adjoins the air vents, with each supporting rib linking the assembling portion and the border. A dividing line is defined in the base plate to divide the casing body into an output section close to the side outlet and a temporarily-staying section away from the side outlet by the dividing line, and each supporting rib is not completely within the output section. Consequently, turbulence in the output section is suppressed.09-16-2010
20120087785MULTI-STAGE TURBOCHARGER ARRANGEMENT - The present invention relates to a multi-stage turbocharger arrangement (04-12-2012
20120282083TURBINE CASING HAVING LEDGE RING PARTITION APERTURE - A turbine casing segment is disclosed. In one embodiment, a turbine casing segment is disclosed including: a plurality of stage segments; a plurality of ledge ring partitions separating the plurality of stage segments, wherein at least one of the plurality of ledge ring partitions has an axially extending aperture therethrough; and a substantially rounded extraction aperture located flush with an inner surface of one of the plurality of stage segments.11-08-2012
20120328424INTAKE CONDUIT ELEMENT AND COMPRESSOR ARRANGEMENT THEREFROM - Intake manifold element (12-27-2012
20120328423GAS TURBINE AND REPAIRING METHOD OF GAS TURBINE - A gas turbine includes ring segments and isolation rings that surround a channel for high-temperature gas W from an outer peripheral side, blade rings formed in an annular shape on the outer peripheral side of the ring segments and the isolation rings, and supporting members fitted into fitting concave portions recessed from the end faces of the blade rings in the direction of the axis and supporting the ring segments and the isolation rings. An inner wall surface of the fitting concave portion has a first inclined surface that inclines so as to narrow gradually from an opening edge of the fitting concave portion toward the inside of the blade ring in the direction of the axis, and the supporting member has a second inclined surface that inclines so as to correspond to the first inclined surface.12-27-2012
20120328421METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR COOLING A TRANSITION NOZZLE - A turbine assembly includes a fuel nozzle configured to mix fuel and air and a transition nozzle oriented to receive the fuel and air mixture from the fuel nozzle. The transition nozzle includes a transition portion and a nozzle portion integrally formed with the transition portion. The transition nozzle includes a plurality of openings oriented to channel air to facilitate cooling the transition portion and/or the nozzle portion. The transition portion is oriented to channel combustion gases towards the nozzle portion.12-27-2012
20120328422EXHAUST-GAS TURBOCHARGER - The invention relates to an exhaust-gas turbocharger (12-27-2012
20120099976FAN CONTAINMENT SYSTEMS WITH IMPROVED IMPACT STRUCTURES - Methods and apparatus are provided for a fan containment system for a gas turbine engine having a plurality of fan blades includes a cylindrical casing with an inner surface surrounding the plurality of fan blades and an opposing outer surface; a first layer of fabric material positioned on the exterior surface of the cylindrical casing; and a shear thickening fluid impregnated within the first layer of fabric material.04-26-2012
20100183431REPAIR OF CASE FLANGE WITH BOLT HOLES - A method for repairing damaged bolt holes in a flange having a plurality of circumferentially spaced bolt holes therein, with each bolt hole defining a center axis and the flange defining an outer diameter edge. The method includes removing parent material of the flange in a first pattern, and metallurgically joining a replacement detail to the parent material of the flange a location where the parent material of the flange was removed in the first pattern. The first pattern is bounded by first, second, third and fourth points. The first point corresponds to the center axis of a first of the plurality of bolt holes, the second point corresponds to center axis of a second of the plurality of bolt holes, and the third and fourth points are defined at the outer diameter edge of the flange circumferentially spaced from each other.07-22-2010
20130017073WALL RING FOR AXIAL FANAANM Sauer; ThomasAACI IdsteinAACO DEAAGP Sauer; Thomas Idstein DEAANM Best; DieterAACI IngelfingenAACO DEAAGP Best; Dieter Ingelfingen DEAANM Beck; SvenAACI KrautheimAACO DEAAGP Beck; Sven Krautheim DEAANM Weiss; ChristianAACI Mulfingen-ZaisenhausenAACO DEAAGP Weiss; Christian Mulfingen-Zaisenhausen DE - The invention relates to a wall ring for an axial fan comprised of a supporting frame (01-17-2013
20130017074Rotor Fastening Arrangement - A rotor fastening arrangement, particularly for connecting a drive shaft and a rotor hub of a centrifugal pump assembly, having a fitting surface and at least one contact surface at the drive-shaft end. Respective ends of the drive-shaft (01-17-2013
20080226444CASING ASSEMBLY - Provision of panels within casings can cause problems where retaining bolts require apertures in the casings, which in turn may reduce the structural strength of that casing. By providing a loose or snug fit ring placed within the casing and appropriate retainer elements secured to that ring which in turn appropriately presents panels it is possible to provide a casing assembly which avoids the necessity of drilling or otherwise forming holes in the casing which may reduce structural strength. The rings, retainers and the panels do not need to be mechanically fixed to the casing although where possible a ring may be secured through bolts in areas of the casing where structural strength is less important. Where there is no bolting between the ring and the casing then dam elements can be provided at each end of the assembly to prevent lateral axial movement and therefore retain panel position within the casing.09-18-2008
20130170968HEAT DISSIPATING FAN WITH LATERAL AIR INLET AND OUTLET - An exemplary heat dissipating fan includes a frame and an impeller rotatablely received in the frame. The frame includes a base and a top cover disposed on the base, the base includes a bottom plate a peripheral sidewall. The sidewall extends between the bottom plate and the top cover, and the base and the top cover cooperatively defines a receiving space. The impeller is rotatably received in the receiving space. The top cover, the bottom cover and the sidewall cooperatively defines an air inlet therebetween. The top cover, the bottom plate and the sidewall cooperatively defines an outlet therebetween. The air outlet is generally adjacent to and substantially perpendicular to the air inlet.07-04-2013
20110274537BLADE EXCITATION REDUCTION METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT - An impeller shroud is configured to receive an impeller. The impeller shroud establishes a plurality of air-bleed holes configured to communicate air with an impeller. The air-bleed holes are circumferentially distributed about the impeller shroud. The circumferential spacing between some adjacent air-bleed holes within the plurality of air-bleed holes is different than the circumferential spacing between other adjacent air-bleed holes within the plurality of air-bleed holes. A diffuser vane is configured to direct pressurized air to the combustor, the diffuser vanes are circumferentially distributed about the blade exducer. The circumferential spacing between some adjacent diffuser vanes within the plurality of diffuser vanes is different than the circumferential spacing between other adjacent diffuser vanes within the plurality of diffuser vanes.11-10-2011
20130142633TURBOMACHINE COMPONENT MACHINING METHOD - An exemplary component manufacturing method includes scanning a first surface of a component to determine a location of pocket surfaces of the first surface. The method machines apertures in the component from a second, opposite surface of the component. The apertures each have a cooling air inlet within one of the pocket surfaces and a cooling air outlet within the first surface.06-06-2013
20130142634METHOD FOR MOUNTNG SHIELDING ON A TURBINE CASING, AND MOUNTING ASSEMBLY FOR IMPLEMENTING SAME - A method and structure negating thermal inertia of a solid portion, such as shielding, which influences mechanical behavior of parts of an engine structure, by reducing forces transmitted to the engine structure during an event in which a turbine blade ruptures, while preserving mechanical strength and vibratory positioning. The structure includes a flexible fastener for a shield, enabling producing a fusible section. An assembly for mounting a shielding onto a casing of the engine structure of a turbine includes connection lugs and points for attachment to the casing and shielding. The attachment points are sufficiently spaced apart in accordance with curvature of the shielding and casing so connection between the lugs and the shielding or casing, and connection of the attachment points, are substantially tangential. The lugs are sized so the connection has sufficient flexibility to control vibratory positioning thereof and ensure sufficient mechanical strength under thermo-mechanical loads.06-06-2013
20090324398DEVICE FOR CARRYING OUT AN INDUCTIVE LOW-FREQUENCY OR HIGH-FREQUENCY PRESSURE WELDING METHOD, COMPRISING AN INSULATOR LOCATED BETWEEN THE INDUCTOR AND THE COMPONENTS IN THE ZONE OF THE JOINT - A device for carrying out an inductive low-frequency or high-frequency pressure welding method for joining metallic components, in particular components of a gas turbine, having at least one generator and at least one inductor, wherein an insulator is situated at least partly between the inductor and the components, in the area of the sections that are to be joined of the components, the insulator being made of a material that, due to its specific properties, does not, or does not significantly, prevent the magnetic interaction between the inductor and the components that are to be joined, and the insulator being situated at a distance from the inductor and the components, and that the insulator is made of high-temperature-resistant quartz glass.12-31-2009
20080219837FAN AND FAN FRAME THEREOF - A fan has a fan, an impeller and a motor. The impeller is disposed in the fan frame, and the motor is disposed in the fan frame for driving the impeller. The fan frame has a housing, a base and at least one connecting element. The housing has an inlet and an outlet, and the base is disposed in the housing and at the outlet. The connecting element is disposed between the housing and the base. The base has a first airflow guiding structure disposed on the circumference of the base. The housing has a second airflow guiding structure disposed on the inner circumference thereof and adjacent to the outlet. The first airflow guiding structure and the second airflow guiding structure are correspondingly disposed.09-11-2008
20130094948INTAKE CHARGED PUMP FOR DELIVERING A LIQUID - An intake charged pump for pumping liquid and which has an intake duct that extends to the suction area of the pump. The pump has a duct through which a jet stream flows to the suction area. A nozzle arrangement in the intake duct accelerates the liquid which is returned via the jet stream and supports the suction of a suction stream of the liquid from a storage container. A nozzle of the nozzle arrangement leads into the mixing chamber at an acute angle in a such way that the jet stream, leaving the nozzle, creates a common mixing stream with the suction stream from the storage container, and through which partial streams having essentially the same pressure and energy content, can be delivered to the front and back suction pockets of the double chamber pump.04-18-2013
20130115066CENTRIFUGAL FAN - A centrifugal fan comprises an impeller and a casing. The impeller includes a hub and a plurality of blades. The casing comprises an upper casing, a lower casing, at least one protrusion, a first inlet opening and a second inlet opening. The lower casing is disposed opposite to the upper casing and connected to the upper casing to form an accommodation room for receiving the impeller. The protrusion is formed on the upper casing and/or the lower casing inside the casing and immediately surrounds the blades. The first inlet opening is defined on the upper casing and comprises a primary inlet opening augmented by a secondary inlet opening. The second inlet opening is defined on the lower casing. The protrusion surrounds the first inlet opening and/or second inlet opening.05-09-2013
20130115065ASYMMETRIC RADIAL SPLINE SEAL FOR A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A shroud apparatus for a gas turbine engine includes: an annular shroud segment having an arcuate bottom wall defining an arcuate inner flowpath surface, spaced-apart forward and aft walls extending radially outward from the bottom wall, and spaced-apart side walls extending radially outward from the bottom wall and between the forward and aft walls, each side wall defining an end face which includes: an axial slot extending in a generally axial direction along the end face; a first radial slot extending in a generally radial direction along the end face, and intersecting the axial slot; an axial spline seal received in the axial slot; and a first radial spline seal having an L-shape with radial and axial legs, the radial leg being substantially longer than the axial leg, wherein the radial leg is received in the first radial slot, and the axial leg is received in the axial slot.05-09-2013
20130101404ENCLOSURE AND MANIFOLD FOR ADAPTING NONCONFORMING FANS FOR USE IN HARSH OR WET ENVIRONMENTS - A fan enclosure that has manifolds connected to the inlet and outlet of the fan that provides an airtight connection. The manifolds, once connected to the enclosure, provide a pass through of the enclosure for the fan, thereby not requiring the enclosure to be pressurized. A condensate bypass can be installed both on the discharge manifold and the fan impeller body. Both condensate bypasses can be piped to the inlet manifold, preventing moisture accumulation in the fan and the enclosure. The fan enclosure helps prevent contamination and explosive gas in the air stream from coming in contact with the fan motor's electrical components and bearings. The fan enclosure reduces the contamination of the impeller bearing, does not draw or push air through the electrical conduit connected to the enclosure, and the enclosure is not required to be airtight to preform properly.04-25-2013
20130101403AERODYNAMIC MODIFICATION OF A RING FOIL FOR A FLUID TURBINE - A ring fluid foil including a modified trailing portion for a shrouded fluid turbine and shrouded fluid turbine including such ring fluid foils are described herein. The modification of the trailing portion increases flow turning by the fluid foil without, or with reduced, boundary layer separation on a suction side of the fluid foil.04-25-2013
20130129491WATER DRAINAGE SYSTEM FOR BLOWER - A water drainage system for a blower, including a shell body (05-23-2013
20130129490FAN ASSEMBLY - A nozzle for a fan assembly has an air inlet, an annular air outlet, and an interior passage for conveying air from the air inlet to the air outlet. The interior passage is located between an annular inner wall, and an outer wall extending about the inner wall. The inner wall at least partially defines a bore through which air from outside the nozzle is drawn by air emitted from the air outlet. The inner wall is eccentric with respect to the outer wall so that the cross-sectional area of the interior passage varies about the bore. The variation in the cross-sectional area of the interior passage can control the direction in which air is emitted from around the air outlet to reduce turbulence in the air flow generated by the fan assembly.05-23-2013
20130156558ANNULAR GAS TURBINE ENGINE CASE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING - The method is used for making an annular gas turbine engine case from a preform. The method comprises comprising flowforming at least one section of the preform, and then outwardly bending at least one portion of the perform.06-20-2013
20130156556LOW-DUCTILITY TURBINE SHROUD - A shroud segment for a gas turbine engine, the shroud segment constructed from a composite material including reinforcing fibers embedded in a matrix, and having a cross-sectional shape defined by opposed forward and aft walls, and opposed inner and outer walls, the walls extending between opposed first and second end faces, wherein the inner wall defines an arcuate inner flowpath surface; and wherein a compound fillet is disposed at a junction between first and second ones of the walls, the compound fillet including first and second portions, the second portion having a concave curvature extending into the first one of the walls.06-20-2013
20110211944AIR CONDITIONER - There is provided an air conditioner having a fan guard assembly which is easy to assemble, and the transversal crosspieces of the fan guard assembly are not easily disengaged from the longitudinal crosspieces. The air conditioner includes: an air conditioner, comprising: a housing accommodating therein an air delivery fan and having a discharge opening from which an airflow generated by the air delivery fan is blown out; and a fan guard assembly disposed between the air delivery fan and the discharge opening, in the housing, wherein the fan guard assembly includes a first member having a protruding portion protruding in such a manner as to form a retaining groove, and a second member held in the retaining groove of the first member; and the protruding portion protrudes in such a manner that, in a side view, the protruding portion intersects a rectilinear line passing a center point of the second member held by the retaining groove and an arbitrary point P09-01-2011
20090123274SPLIT GEARBOX AND NACELLE ARRANGEMENT - A gas turbine engine is disclosed that includes at least first and second gearboxes rotationally coupled to at least one spool. Accessory drive components are mounted on and driven by the gearboxes. The accessory drive components include, for example, a fuel pump, a hydraulic pump, a generator, a lubrication pump, or a starter. The accessory drive components are split between the two gearboxes to reduce the diameter of the nacelle adjacent to each gearbox.05-14-2009
20120275909MICRO COOLING FAN - A micro cooling fan comprises a housing and a main circuit board. The housing has an accommodation space, a first inner surface, and a gap. The gap is in communication with the accommodation space, and two opposite side edges of the gap have a groove respectively. The main circuit board comprises a first circuit board and a second circuit board. The first circuit board has a stator, the second circuit board has a driving circuit, and the stator is electrically connected to the driving circuit. The first circuit board is disposed on the first inner surface, and the second circuit board is embedded into the grooves and blocks the gap.11-01-2012
20100290899VEHICULAR TURBOCHARGER COMPONENTS - Metal plated organic polymer compositions are useful as vehicular turbochargers components. Such components may have lighter weight, and/or superior corrosion resistance, and/or be more easily fabricated than conventional turbocharger components.11-18-2010
20100316492Cooling Structure For Gas Turbine Transition Duct - A transition duct for conveying hot combustion gas from a combustor to a turbine in a gas turbine engine. The transition duct includes a panel including a middle subpanel, an inner subpanel spaced from an inner side of the middle subpanel to form an inner plenum, and an outer subpanel spaced from an outer side of the middle subpanel to form an outer plenum. The outer subpanel includes a plurality of outer diffusion holes to meter cooling air into the outer plenum. The middle subpanel includes a plurality of effusion holes to allow cooling air to flow from the outer plenum to the inner plenum. The inner subpanel includes a plurality of film holes for passing a flow of cooling air from the inner plenum through the film holes into an axial gas flow path adjacent to the inner side of the inner subpanel.12-16-2010
20130156555BRAZE MATERIALS, BRAZING PROCESSES, AND COMPONENTS WITH WEAR-RESISTANT COATINGS FORMED THEREBY - Braze materials, brazing processes, and coatings produced therefrom, for example, a wear-resistant coating suitable for protecting surfaces subjected to wear at high temperatures. The braze material includes first particles formed of a metallic alloy and second particles formed of a cobalt-base braze alloy having a melting point below the melting point of the first particles. The braze alloy consists of, by weight, 3.5 to 15.0% silicon, 2.0 to 6.0% boron, and the balance cobalt and incidental impurities, and the second particles constitute at least 30 up to 90 weight percent of the first and second particles combined. Following a brazing cycle performed on the braze material, a wear-resistant coating is formed in which the first particles are dispersed in a matrix of the braze alloy.06-20-2013
20130156557SHAPING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF SHAPING A WORKPIECE - A shaping apparatus for shaping a workpiece. The apparatus comprises first and second pairs of shaping members and a spacer located between the first and second pairs of shaping members. The first pair of shaping members comprises a material having a first linear coefficient of thermal expansion, and the second pair of shaping members comprises a material having a third linear coefficient of thermal expansion. The first linear coefficient of thermal expansion is higher than the second linear coefficient of thermal expansion such that on heating of the apparatus, thermal expansion of the shaping members causes the first pair of shaping members to expand outwardly, and the second pair of shaping members to expand inwardly.06-20-2013
20120282084RECEPTACLE DEVICE FOR THE ROTOR ASSEMBLY OF A TURBOCHARGER - A turbocharger has a turbocharger housing with at least one section that is divided in the longitudinal direction into at least two housing halves. A receiving device for receiving a rotor assembly of the turbocharger can be fastened to at least one half of the housing.11-08-2012
20130121814TURBOJET ENGINE NACELLE - A nacelle for a turbojet engine is provided that includes an air intake upstream from the turbojet engine, a middle section intended to surround a fan of the turbojet engine and its case, and a downstream section. The middle section is made from at least one aerostructure capable of ensuring external aerodynamic continuity of the nacelle, and the aerostructure is rigidly bound, so as to be able to be taken apart, to at least one surrounding fixed structure.05-16-2013
20110311354COMPRESSORS WITH CASING TREATMENTS IN GAS TURBINE ENGINES - A compressor section includes a rotor platform; a rotor blade extending radially outwardly from the rotor platform, the rotor blade including a pressure sidewall and a circumferentially opposing suction sidewall extending in a radial direction between a root and a tip and in an axial direction between a leading edge and a trailing edge; a casing having an inner surface surrounding the tip and spaced radially outwardly thereform to define a gap therebetween; a plurality of grooves disposed in the inner surface of the casing and extending in a generally circumferential direction, the plurality of grooves including a first groove and a second groove; and a channel system comprising at least a first channel positioned within the casing and configured to provide fluid communication between the first groove and the second groove.12-22-2011
20130189089VACUUM PUMP - To be provided is a vacuum pump having substrates which can be wired together easily and cooled easily.07-25-2013
20130189090VACUUM PUMP - To be provided is a vacuum pump reducing the influence of thermal expansion of connector pins to prevent cracks in soldered parts while preventing damage to electronic elements.07-25-2013