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415 - Rotary kinetic fluid motors or pumps

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415178000 Working fluid on at least one side of heat exchange wall 46
415180000 Cooling fluid contacts shaft, seal or bearing 40
20090196744FAN AND IMPELLER THEREOF - A fan includes a frame, a motor and an impeller. The motor is disposed on the frame and coupled to the impeller to drive the impeller to rotate. The impeller includes a hub, a plurality of blades and an air exhausting structure. The hub has an opening formed on a top portion of the hub. The blades are disposed around the hub. The air exhausting structure is disposed in the opening for discharging hot airs generated by the motor out of the hub.08-06-2009
20090060725Engine with intake air temperature control system - A gas turbine engine system includes a gas turbine engine using vaporized liquefied gas as fuel. The gas turbine engine is configured to ingest intake air from an intake port and direct exhaust gases to an exhaust port. The gas turbine engine system also includes a heat exchanger with a heat transfer fluid therein. The heat exchanger is configured to create at least a part of the fuel by heating the liquefied gas. The gas turbine engine system also includes an intake air temperature control circuit. The intake air temperature control circuit includes conduits configured to direct the heat transfer fluid to the intake port and the exhaust port. The gas turbine engine system also includes a control system configured to selectively direct the heat transfer fluid to one of the intake port and the exhaust port.03-05-2009
20090123273TURBINE OR COMPRESSOR STAGE FOR A TURBOJET - A turbojet turbine or compressor stage, comprising at least one rotor disk mounted inside a sectorized ring (05-14-2009
20100074735Thermal Shield at Casing Joint - A thermal shield for reducing thermal stress induced proximate to a first joint formed between adjacent engine casing components in a gas turbine engine. The thermal shield includes a cover structure for covering a radially inner portion of at least one of the engine casing components. The cover structure is disposed proximate to the first joint and attached to the respective engine casing component so as to limit exposure of a covered inner portion of the engine casing component to hot gases in an interior volume defined by the engine casing components. A thermally insulating layer is disposed between the cover structure and the engine casing component for effecting a reduced amount of heat transfer to the covered inner portion of the engine casing component from the hot gases in the interior volume defined by the engine casing components.03-25-2010
20090185898TURBINE CASING WITH FALSE FLANGE - A turbine casing may include an outer surface with a false flange and an inner surface with a heat sink positioned adjacent to the false flange.07-23-2009
20130039747EXHAUST-GAS TURBOCHARGER - The invention relates to an exhaust-gas turbocharger (02-14-2013
20100111680Delivery Pump - A delivery pump for conveying a liquid between a pump inlet and a pump outlet, the pump being constructed as a single-stage centrifugal pump with a radial impeller (05-06-2010
20100104430Component with a Protective Layer - The invention relates to a component having a substrate and a protective layer, which consists of an intermediate NiCoCrAlY layer zone on or near the substrate and an outer layer zone which is arranged on the intermediate NiCoCrAlY layer zone, which is characterized in that the intermediate NiCoCrAlY layer zone comprises of (in wt %): 11-13% Co, 20-23% Cr, 10.2-11.5% Al, 0.3-0.5 Y, 1.0-2.5% Re and Ni balance.04-29-2010
20130084170GAS TURBINE ENGINE MOUNTING ARRANGEMENTS - A clamp suitable for use in an anti-icing system of a gas turbine engine is provided is disclosed. The clamp has a clasping portion for clasping a heating element. Two resilient arms extend from the clasping portion to a substantially rigid outer collar. Translational movement of the clasping portion, which may be created by radial expansion of an annular heating element being clasped thereby, can be accommodated by the clamp by elastic deformation of the resilient arms. This allows radial expansion of the heating element to be accommodated without relative rotation between the clasping portion and the heating element.04-04-2013
20100129207STEAM TURBINE - A steam turbine (05-27-2010
20130089413Screw Compressor - A screw compressor includes a compressor body and a shell and tube heat exchanger for cooling of a compressed air discharged from the compressor body. A tube provided in the shell and tube heat exchanger has both ends each having a cylindrical shape, and a center part formed as a multi-lobate tube to have a corrugated shape with crest portions and trough portions alternately arranged in a circumferential direction. The multi-lobate tube provided at the center part of the tube is formed to have a multi-lobate spiral shape through twisting. Size reduction of the shell and tube heat exchanger may make the screw compressor compact as a whole.04-11-2013
20100014962TURBINE VANE OF A GAS TURBINE - A turbine vane of a gas turbine, especially a gas turbine aircraft engine, is disclosed. The turbine vane includes a vane base body with an outer surface forming a suction side and a pressure side, the outer surface of the vane base body being at least partially coated with a thermal barrier coating. The thermal barrier coating extends continuously or uninterruptedly at least largely over the suction side and largely over the pressure side of the surface of the vane base body, with the layer thickness of the thermal barrier coating being variable or adjustable.01-21-2010
20110014036HEAT SHIELD AND TURBOCHARGER HAVING A HEAT SHIELD - A heat shield, in particular for a turbocharger, has a disk or a pot shape which is stepped once or multiple times. The disc or pot shape has an outer edge, and the outer edge is provided with at least one opening section. The opening section forms a web section with the outer edge, said web section being bent outward in order to form a spring arm. The web section is either designed as closed or as open at one point.01-20-2011
20090232645BLOWER APPARATUS - The invention relates to a blower apparatus with an electric motor, which drives a blower wheel, is arranged in a motor housing and has a commutator with at least two brushes, which form in each case an associated brush bearing face with respect to the commutator, wherein a cooling air flow for cooling the electric motor is diverted into a cooling air channel of the motor housing by a blower air flow produced by the blower wheel. The invention is based on the object of designing the motor cooling system of the blower apparatus of the generic type in such a way that it is more efficient. The object is achieved by virtue of the fact that the cooling air channel has an air distributor, which splits the cooling air flow into at least two cooling air subflows, which are in each case supplied to one of the brush bearing faces directly and in targeted fashion.09-17-2009
20090232644CMC VANE INSULATOR AND METHOD OF USE - A method for assembling a gas or steam turbine is provided. The method includes providing an insulator and positioning the insulator between a vane support and a vane such that the insulator facilitates preventing hot gas migration into the vane, and such that during operation, hot gas is channeled from a high pressure side of the vane to a low pressure side of the vane. A vane assembly for a turbine rotor assembly is also provided. The vane assembly includes a vane support and an insulator including a projecting portion. The assembly also includes a vane. The insulator is coupled to the vane support such that the projecting portion is between the vane and a nozzle support strut to facilitate hot gas flow from a pressure side of the projecting portion to a suction side of the projecting portion.09-17-2009
20090232646Use of a Thermal Barrier Coating for a Housing of a Steam Turbine, and a Steam Turbine - The invention relates to the use of a thermal insulating layer for a housing of a steam turbine in order to even out the deformation behaviour of different components based on different heatings of the components.09-17-2009
20110044805COOLING SYSTEM OF RING SEGMENT AND GAS TURBINE - A cooling system of ring segment is provided with: a collision plate that has a plurality of small holes; a cooling space that is enclosed by the collision plate and a main body of the segment body; a first cavity that arranged is the upstream end portion of the segment body in the flow direction of the combustion gas so as to be perpendicular to the axial direction of a rotating shaft; a first cooling passage that communicates from the cooling space to the first cavity; and a second cooling passage that communicates from the first cavity to a fire combustion gas d gas space in the downstream end portion of the segment body in the flow direction of the combustion gas.02-24-2011
20120189436TEMPERATURE CONTROL RING FOR VEHICLE AIR PUMP - An annular device for the temperature control of a pump is provided. That device is in fluid communication with the radiator coolant system of a vehicle, and the engine-warmed coolant flows through the annular device to warm the pump and thaw ice buildup. The device is removable and can be added on to an existing pump without any redesign of the existing pump housing.07-26-2012
20120288362INSULATING A CIRCUMFERENTIAL RIM OF AN OUTER CASING OF A TURBINE ENGINE FROM A CORRESPONDING RING SECTOR - A turbine stage of a turbine engine, the stage including a rotor wheel mounted inside a sectorized ring carried by an outer casing, the outer casing including at least a circumferential rim housed in an annular cavity to attach a downstream end of the ring sector. A bottom wall of the annular cavity of the ring sector remains radially spaced apart from the circumferential rim of the outer casing to provide a thermally insulating space between them and includes a radial positioning mechanism acting on the circumferential rim.11-15-2012
20100284798Turbine Airfoil With Dual Wall Formed from Inner and Outer Layers Separated by a Compliant Structure - A turbine airfoil usable in a turbine engine with a cooling system and a compliant dual wall configuration configured to enable thermal expansion between inner and outer layers while eliminating stress formation is disclosed. The compliant dual wall configuration may be formed a dual wall formed from inner and outer layers separated by a compliant structure. The compliant structure may be configured such that the outer layer may thermally expand without limitation by the inner layer. The compliant structure may be formed from a plurality of pedestals positioned generally parallel with each other. The pedestals may include a first foot attached to a first end of the pedestal and extending in a first direction aligned with the outer layer, and may include a second foot attached to a second end of the pedestal and extending in a second direction aligned with the inner layer.11-11-2010
20090041578Component of a Steam Turbine Plant, Steam Turbine Plant, Application, and Production Method - The aim of the invention is to provide a superheated component of a steam turbine installation with high thermal and mechanical resistance. To this end, the component comprises a lining applied to a body of the component, on a hot side facing a steam chamber, said lining being adapted to the contour of the component body. According to the invention, the lining comprises a number of moulded parts, each moulded part comprising a metallic and ceramic composite layer formed from at least one metallic layer and at least one ceramic layer. The ceramic layer is used especially as a insulating layer, and the metallic layer is especially used as a support or for protection against abrasion and/or erosion.02-12-2009
20100086395Cooling Fan with Oil-impregnated Bearing - A cooling fan with oil-impregnated bearing includes a base portion, a bearing, a fan hub, and a coil assembly. The base portion has a forward extended bearing housing, into which the bearing is tightly fitted with a colloidal material applied between them. The fan hub is mounted on and around the bearing housing, and has a rearward extended rotary shaft extended through a centered shaft hole of the bearing. An oil receiving space is formed on a wall of the shaft hole at a predetermined position. The coil assembly is externally tightly fitted around the bearing housing with a colloidal material applied between them. With the colloidal material, the bearing and the coil assembly can be associated with the bearing housing without detriment to the effective porosity of the bearing and the dimensional precision of the bearing housing. The oil receiving space also prevents the lubricating oil from leaking out.04-08-2010
20100278640TURBINE ENGINE HAVING COOLING GLAND - In one embodiment, a turbine may include a bearing housing for a rotor with a passage along an axis of rotation of the rotor shaft. A cooling gland configured to transfer cooling fluid to the passage may be mounted to the bearing housing with a mounting structure configured to mount the cooling gland substantially in-line with the passage of the rotor.11-04-2010
20130216363SURFACE AREA AUGMENTATION OF HOT-SECTION TURBOMACHINE COMPONENT - An example turbomachine hot-section component protrusion extends away from a base surface of a hot-section component along a longitudinal axis. A radial cross-section of the protrusion has a profile that is non-circular.08-22-2013
20090280005Use of a Thermal Barrier Coating for a Housing of a Steam Turbine, and a Steam Turbine - The invention relates to the use of a thermal insulating layer for a housing of a steam turbine in order to even out the deformation behaviour of different components based on different heatings of the components.11-12-2009
20100278641 LINER FOR A TURBINE SECTION, A TURBINE SECTION, A GAS TURBINE ENGINE AND AN AEROPLANE PROVIDED THEREWITH - A liner for a turbine section includes a first wall, a plurality of webs interconnected with and projecting from the first wall, and a plurality of cooling channels, each of the cooling channels being delimited by two adjacent webs and the first wall, wherein each cooling channel presents a height corresponding to the height of its delimiting webs, and a width corresponding to the distance between its delimiting webs. At least one of the cooling channels has a width/height ratio of below 5 or/and the material of the webs has a higher thermal conductivity than the material of the first wall. A turbine section, a gas turbine engine and an aeroplane provided with such a liner are also disclosed.11-04-2010
20100111679Asymmetrical gas turbine cooling port locations - A method is disclosed for improving a turbine's thermal response during transient and steady state operating conditions in which the flow of cooling fluid in the turbine's casing is caused to be asymmetrical relative to the horizontal and vertical symmetry planes of the casing so that the turbine's cooling symmetry planes are rotated relative to its geometric symmetry planes and thereby the heat transfer at locations in the casing with increased mass is increased.05-06-2010
20100135776COOLING SYSTEM FOR A TURBOMACHINE - An embodiment of the present invention may provide an integrated cooling system for multiple compartments of a turbomachine. The cooling system, in accordance with embodiments of the present invention, may provide the following benefits to the user. Improvement on the combined cycle efficiency and an increase in the power output. This may result from reducing the exhaust dilution losses and reducing the parasitic load by requiring fewer air circulation devices. The present invention may also benefit the user by reducing the installation and start-up costs of the cooling system by requiring fewer air circulation devices and integrating the cooling systems. The present invention may circulate a cooling fluid through an integrated cooling circuit, which may be in fluid communication with each compartment of the multiple compartment of the turbomachine.06-03-2010
20090035128COOLED TURBINE BLADE FOR A GAS TURBINE AND USE OF SUCH A TURBINE BLADE - An aspect of the invention is a turbine blade for a gas turbine, comprising a blade root, adjoining which one after the other are a platform region having a transversely running platform and then a blade profile curved in the longitudinal direction, comprising at least one cavity which is open on the root side and through which a coolant can flow and which extends through the blade root and the platform region into the blade profile. The cavity is surrounded by an inner wall, on the surface of which structural elements influencing the coolant are provided. In order to prolong the service life of such a turbine blade, the invention proposes that a section, lying at least in the blade profile and adjoining the platform region, of the surface of the inner wall be free of structural elements. Such a turbine blade can preferably be used in a stationary gas turbine02-05-2009
20110008155HEAT TRANSFER PASSAGE - This invention relates to heat transfer passage (01-13-2011
20080310954PUMP HAVING HEAT-DISSIPATING MECHANISM - A pump includes a DC motor (12-18-2008
20110206501COMBINED FEATHERSEAL SLOT AND LIGHTENING POCKET - A segmented engine component has multiple segments which are connected to each other via a featherseal arrangement. Each of the components has a combined featherseal slot and lightening pocket.08-25-2011
20110206502TURBINE SHROUD SUPPORT THERMAL SHIELD - A turbine shroud assembly includes an annular thermal shield around an annular shroud support. A honeycomb layer is attached to the shroud support along an inner side of the honeycomb layer and a heat shield is attached to an outer side of the honeycomb layer. The honeycomb layer may be brazed to the shroud support and the heat shield may be brazed to the honeycomb layer. A lip may depend inwardly from a forward end of the heat shield and an axial extension may extend beyond an aft end of the honeycomb layer. The thermal shield may be segmented. The shroud assembly may include axially spaced apart first and second stage thermal shields circumferentially disposed around an annular shroud support and may be incorporated in a high pressure turbine including first and second stage shrouds coupled to shroud hangers that are inwardly supported by hooks of the shroud support.08-25-2011
20100266394FAN SHAFT SEAT STRUCTURE - A fan shaft seat structure including a shaft bushing and a heat dissipation member. The shaft bushing has an open end, a closed end and a, connection section. A receiving space is defined between the open end and the closed end. The connection section extends from the closed end in a direction reverse to the receiving space. The heat dissipation member has a first face and a second face. The first face is flush with a first end of the connection section in contact with the closed end of the shaft bushing. The second face is flush with a second end of the connection section. The shaft bushing is integrally connected with the heat dissipation member to increase heat dissipation area and save working time and manufacturing cost as well as achieve better heat dissipation effect.10-21-2010
20120141257SEGMENTED TURBINE RING FOR A TURBOMACHINE, AND TURBOMACHINE FITTED WITH SUCH A RING - The segmented ring has the gaseous hot flow of the turbomachine passing through it and comprises: 06-07-2012
20080260524HEAT SHIELD FOR SEALING A FLOW CHANNEL OF A TURBINE ENGINE - A heat shield arrangement for local separation of a flow channel within a turbine engine, with respect to a stator housing radially surrounding the flow channel is provided. The heat shield includes two axially opposite joining contours which are each engageable with two components which are axially adjacent along the flow channel. Each provides a complementary reception contour for the joining contours. At least one of the reception contours has an axial clearance, in which the associated joining contour is axially displaceably mounted. At least one seal is provided between the axially displaceable joining contour and the reception contour. The seal is mounted movably within the reception contour or the joining contour in such a way that the seal is deflectable against a surface region of the reception contour or of the joining contour.10-23-2008
20090263237Coated turbine component and method of coating a turbine component - Turbine components with different types of coatings on different parts thereof are described. The coatings are chosen such that they are especially adapted to the thermal and corrosive conditions being present on the parts of the component during use. A method to coat a turbine component is also described.10-22-2009
20100003127AIR COOLED BUCKET FOR A TURBINE - A bucket for a turbine is described. The bucket includes a dovetail portion configured to couple the bucket to a turbine wheel, the dovetail portion having a lower surface. The bucket also includes a shank portion that extends from the dovetail portion and an airfoil having a root and a tip portion, an airfoil shape, and a nominal profile substantially in accordance with Cartesian coordinate values of X, Y, and Z set forth in Table I. The bucket also includes a plurality of cooling passages. The plurality includes no more than five cooling passages that extend between the root and the tip portion of the airfoil. Each of the cooling passages exits the airfoil at the tip portion, the plurality of cooling passages are positioned in a camber line pattern.01-07-2010
20100226761Turbine Airfoil with an Internal Cooling System Having Enhanced Vortex Forming Turbulators - A turbine airfoil usable in a turbine engine and having at least one cooling system. At least a portion of the cooling system may include one or more cooling channels having a plurality of turbulators protruding from an inner surface and positioned generally nonorthogonal and nonparallel to a longitudinal axis of the airfoil cooling channel. The cooling channel may also include a plurality of vortex enhancers protruding from an inner surface forming the cooling channel and positioned nonparallel to the turbulators. In one embodiment, the vortex enhancers may be positioned generally orthogonal to the turbulators. The configuration of turbulators and vortex enhancers creates a higher internal convective cooling potential for the blade cooling passage, thereby generating a high rate of internal convective heat transfer and attendant improvement in overall cooling performance. This translates into a reduction in cooling fluid demand and better turbine performance.09-09-2010
20100221103TURBOMACHINE - A turbomachine is provided. The turbomachine includes a rotor, a stator and a plurality of blade discs mounted on the rotor. The rotor includes a turbulator cylinder where a plurality of turbulators are provided on a curved surface of the turbulator cylinder and the stator includes an annular shroud extending around the turbulator cylinder. The plurality of turbulators increase a heat transfer to a coolant flowing between the adjacent opposed surfaces of the turbulator cylinder and the annular shroud.09-02-2010
20110058934Cooled Turbine Airfoil Fabricated From Sheet Material - A turbine airfoil (03-10-2011
20120141256ANNULAR GAS TURBINE HOUSING COMPONENT AND A GAS TURBINE COMPRISING THE COMPONENT - The invention relates to an annular gas turbine housing component (06-07-2012
20090148280Turbine Vane for a Gas Turbine Engine - A turbine vane for a gas turbine engine having an outer wall of nonuniform thickness. The turbine vane may be formed from a generally elongated airfoil formed from an outer wall having a leading edge, a trailing edge, a pressure side, a suction side, a first endwall at a first end, a second endwall at a second end opposite the first end, and an internal cooling system positioned internally of the outer wall. The outer wall may be formed of a non-uniform thickness such that aspects of the outer wall positioned between an outboardmost portion of the outer wall and an inboardmost portion of the outer wall are thinner than the outboardmost and inboardmost portions of the outer wall.06-11-2009
20110123318HEAT TRANSFER DEVICE IN A ROTATING STRUCTURE - A cooling system includes a moving rotor system which in turn includes: a rotating disk on which a plurality of heat conducting structures are distributed, the heat conducting structures including an inner arrangement of spiral blades; an air flow generating fan element; and an outer arrangement of heat transfer pins distributed along a perimeter of the rotating disk, the heat transfer pins having a high aspect ratio that maximizes a surface area to footprint area; wherein the spiral blades generate a mass fluid flow of ambient fluid toward the heat transfer pins such that the heat transfer pins are persistently cooled.05-26-2011
20110110772Turbine Engine Components with Near Surface Cooling Channels and Methods of Making the Same - A turbine airfoil has an airfoil-shaped core and a skin extending about the outer peripheral surface of the core. The core and/or the skin are configured such that a plurality of cooling channels is formed between them. In one embodiment, the cooling channels are formed by a plurality of radially extending channels in the core. In another embodiment, the cooling channels are formed by providing a wave-shaped skin such that, when the skin is attached to the outer peripheral surface of the core, the cooling channels can be formed in the space between the outer peripheral surface of the core and each wave of the skin. Such airfoil constructions can allow the inclusion of different materials in the airfoil. Further, such constructions can allow greater flexibility in the formation of cooling channels. Moreover, such constructions can help to achieve thinner outer walls and near surface cooling of the airfoil.05-12-2011
20090067999EXTENDED IMPINGEMENT COOLING DEVICE AND METHOD - An extended impingement cooling structure to cool outside an air supply plenum comprises an inner wall; an impingement sheet; a series of supports to maintain the inner wall in spaced relation to the impingement sheet, and a baffle supported between the inner wall and the impingement sheet. The baffle has a collector plenum area that receives impingement cooling air from the air supply plenum and a channel in fluid communication with the collector plenum and extending outside the air supply plenum with openings to allow impingement cooling air to pass therethrough and having a series of lands extending into the channel wherein the lands are located in proximity to impingement cooling air outlets in the inner wall.03-12-2009
20110033284STRUCTURALLY DIVERSE THERMAL BARRIER COATINGS - A coated article includes an article having at least one surface and a thermal barrier coating system disposed upon the at least one surface. The thermal barrier coating system has at least two layers, with each layer having a different microstructure. The microstructure of each layer may be any one of the following: columnar, amorphous, randomized, and splat-like. The thermal barrier coating system typically exhibits a thermal conductivity of no more than 16 BTU in/hr ft02-10-2011
20100034647Processes for the formation of positive features on shroud components, and related articles - A process for the formation of positive features on the surface of a turbine shroud component is described. The process involves applying a feature-forming material to a selected portion of the component surface with a laser consolidation apparatus, according to a pre-selected shape and size for the positive features. A gas turbine engine, comprising a shroud component which contains positive features formed according to embodiments of this process, represents another embodiment of this invention. Methods for modifying the shape of at least one positive feature on a surface of a shroud component are also described.02-11-2010
20110243717DEAD ENDED BULBED RIB GEOMETRY FOR A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A component within a gas turbine engine includes a dead ended rib which at least partially defines an internal cooling circuit flow path, the dead ended rib defines a bulbed rib profile.10-06-2011
20100054925Apparatus and Method for Reducing the Pressure on a Joint Between at Least Two Delimiting Parts - An apparatus, especially a steam turbine, including a first delimiting part and a second delimiting part is provided. The delimiting parts are attached to one another forming a joint and enclosing at least a part of a first pressure chamber. A shielding element is also provided on the sides of the delimiting parts facing towards the first pressure chamber and is arranged to form a seal completely covering the joint, so that a cavity is formed between the delimiting parts and the shielding element. A line is routed in the cavity connecting the cavity to a second pressure chamber. In addition, a method for decreasing the force acting on a joint, which is formed by the joining together of a first delimiting part and a second delimiting part of an apparatus, especially a steam turbine, and for reducing the attachment forces acting on the joint is provided.03-04-2010
20120243979MIXING FAN - The invention relates to a fan comprising a housing and a fan wheel arranged on a motor shaft and being drivable by a motor. According to the invention, the fan is designed as a mixing fan for transporting and mixing a combustible medium with air, wherein at least the fan wheel is designed in an insulating manner.09-27-2012
20120201662CORE RUNOUT CEILING FOR TURBINE COMPONENTS - A method of closing off a mold plug opening in a turbine component includes the steps of inserting a weld member into an opening to be closed, and to abut a necked portion within a passage leading from the opening. Heat is applied to the weld member, such that a surface of the weld member in contact with the necked portion liquefies, and such that the weld member adheres to the necked portion, closing off the opening. The weld member and application of heat are selected such that the entirety of the weld member does not liquefy, but remains in the opening, without ever having liquefied. A turbine component formed by the method is also disclosed.08-09-2012
20100260598THERMAL CONTROL SYSTEM FOR TURBINES - A thermal control system for a turbine casing (10-14-2010
20090317244GAS TURBINE ENGINE WITH IMPROVED THERMAL ISOLATION - A gas turbine engine includes a housing with a duct wall that defines a generally annular and axially elongated hot gas flow path for passage of combustion gas. The engine further includes a contoured shroud mounted within the internal engine cavity and defining a hot gas recirculation pocket for receiving hot gas ingested from the hot gas flow path through the annular space and for recirculating the ingested hot gas back through the annular space to the hot gas flow path. The contoured shroud includes a base wall extending radially inwardly from the duct wall, an inboard wall extending from the base wall in an axial direction toward the rotor, and an end wall extending from the inboard wall in a radially outward direction. The end wall terminates in a circumferentially extending free edge disposed in proximity to the annular space. The end wall defines an opening.12-24-2009
20090136340HYDRODYNAMISCHE MASCHINE, INSBESONDERE HYDRODYNAMISCHE KUPPLUNG EINES TURBOCOMPOUNDSYSTEMS - A hydrodynamic machine, and especially a hydrodynamic coupling, for a turbine compound system includes (a) a bladed primary wheel and a bladed secondary wheel which together form an operating space which is filled or can be filled with operating medium, and (b) a housing which encloses the primary wheel and the secondary wheel and which is manufactured from sheet metal. The housing is manufactured from at least two separate sheet metal components which are placed on the primary wheel and/or the secondary wheel, are aligned with each other at a joint abutment location and are welded together. In the area of the welded joint abutment, a relief which is open toward the joint abutment is provided and which extends along the joint abutment in the surface of the primary wheel and/or the secondary wheel.05-28-2009
20100284799METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TURBINE ENGINES - A method for sealing a gas turbine engine includes coupling a turbine bucket to a rotor wheel and forming an interface region therebetween. A cooling air passage is defined in a portion of the rotor wheel and a cooling air manifold is defined in a portion of the turbine bucket. The method also includes inserting a seal tube within at least a portion of the cooling air passage. The method further includes coupling the cooling air passage, the seal tube, and the cooling air manifold in flow communication to at least partially define a turbine bucket cooling system. The method also includes operating the gas turbine engine such that the rotor wheel and the turbine bucket are rotated, thereby inducing a pressure on the seal tube to substantially decrease air flow discharged from the turbine bucket cooling system through the interface region.11-11-2010
20100178161Compressor Clearance Control System Using Bearing Oil Waste Heat - The present application provides a compressor clearance control system for a gas turbine engine having an oil recirculation system with a flow of oil therein and a compressor with a casing and a number of rotor blades. The compressor clearance control system may include a casing heat exchanger positioned about the casing of the compressor and a conduit in communication with the casing heat exchanger and the oil recirculation system so as to heat the casing of the compressor with the flow of oil from the oil recirculation system.07-15-2010
20100040459FILM COOLING STRUCTURE - A film cooling structure 02-18-2010
20110097199SYSTEM AND METHOD TO INSULATE TURBINES AND ASSOCIATED PIPING - An insulation system includes at least one turbine insulation compartment configured to enclose at least a portion of a turbine; an insulation storage compartment configured to store a supply of insulation; a plurality of first pipes that connect to the turbine insulation compartment and the insulation storage compartment; and a blower configured to generate a flow of air in at least one first pipe to pneumatically convey insulation between the insulation storage compartment and the at least one turbine insulation compartment. A method of insulating at least a portion of a turbine includes enclosing at least a portion of the turbine in a compartment; and conveying insulation into the compartment.04-28-2011
20100172747PLASMA ENHANCED COMPRESSOR DUCT - A compression system is disclosed, comprising a first compressor having a first flowpath, a second compressor having a second flowpath located axially aft from the first compressor, and a transition duct capable of flowing an airfow from the first compressor to the second compressor, the transition duct having at least one plasma actuator mounted in the transition duct.07-08-2010
20100172746METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COOLING A TRANSITION PIECE - Disclosed is a compressor discharge can including a transition piece and a flow redirector located about the transition piece, defining an airflow space therebetween, the flow redirector configured to reduce recirculation of flow in the airflow space.07-08-2010
20100068043COOLING STRUCTURE FOR OUTER SURFACE OF A GAS TURBINE CASE - A gas turbine case is provided including an outer case surface, and a channel portion formed as a recessed area extending radially inwardly into the outer case surface. The channel portion extends about a circumference of the case. An outer flow jacket is attached to the outer case surface and extends over the channel portion to define an enclosed cooling passage along the outer case surface. At least one inlet passage and at least one outlet passage are provided in fluid communication with the enclosed cooling passage to convey air to and from the cooling passage.03-18-2010
20100028138VENTILATION OF A DOWNSTREAM CAVITY OF AN IMPELLER OF A CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR - A system for ventilating a downstream cavity of an impeller of a centrifugal compressor in a turbomachine, this cavity being delimited by the downstream face of the impeller and by an annular end-piece of a diffuser and being ventilated by taking air from the outlet of the compressor, the system comprising at least one annular deflector mounted in this cavity in order to oppose the rise of hot air along the downstream face of the impeller and in order to cause the diverted hot air to be driven by the air taken from the outlet of the compressor.02-04-2010
20100021289Method for applying a NiA1 based coating by an electroplating technique - The present invention provides a coated article made using a plating process, either electroless or electrolytic, whereby nickel is plated on the article using a solution that includes a suspension of powders or containing one or more of the following elements: Ni, Cr, Al, Zr, Hf, Ti, Ta, Si, Ca, Fe, Y and Ga. Optionally, the coating is then heat treated at a temperature above about F. for an effective amount of time to allow to homogenize the coating by allowing effective interdiffusion between the species. The level of aluminum may be altered to produce a coating of the predominantly beta phase of the NiAl alloy composition. Optionally, a TBC layer is applied over the predominantly beta phase NiAl alloy composition metallic bond coat.01-28-2010
20110070075FASTBACK TURBULATOR STRUCTURE AND TURBINE NOZZLE INCORPORATING SAME - A heat transfer apparatus, includes a member defining a wall exposed to fluid flow in a predetermined direction of flow; and a plurality of turbulators disposed on the wall. Each turbulator includes an upright front face which generally faces the direction of flow, and a back face which defines a ramp-like shape tapering from the front face to the wall.03-24-2011
20090297342GAS TURBINE ENGINE HAVING A COOLING-AIR NACELLE-COWL DUCT INTEGRAL WITH A NACELLE COWL - A gas turbine engine includes an engine core extending along a core axis, a cooling-air delivery duct on the engine core, and a removable nacelle cowl overlying the engine core. A cooling-air nacelle-cowl duct delivers cooling air to the cooling-air delivery duct. At least a portion of the length of the cooling-air nacelle-cowl duct is integral with the nacelle cowl and not directly supported on the engine core.12-03-2009
20110116912ZONED DISCONTINUOUS COATING FOR HIGH PRESSURE TURBINE COMPONENT - A turbine component has an airfoil extending between a leading edge and a trailing edge, and has an outer surface. A coating includes at least two discontinuous areas that are spaced from each other such that there is an area of uncoated surface between the discontinuous areas of coating. In addition, a method of providing such a coating is disclosed.05-19-2011
20100196148TURBOMACHINE - A turbomachine comprises a housing (08-05-2010
20110305559HEAT DISSIPATION DEVICE AND CENTRIFUGAL FAN THEREOF - An exemplary heat dissipation device includes a centrifugal fan and a fin assembly. The centrifugal fan includes a fan frame and an impeller mounted in the fan frame. The fan frame includes a base plate, a cover plate and a side wall extending between the base plate and the cover plate. An air outlet is defined in the side wall.12-15-2011
20100150704 WIND TURBINE WITH A REFRIGERATION SYSTEM AND A METHOD OF PROVIDING COOLING OF A HEAT GENERATING COMPONENT IN A NACELLE FOR A WIND TURBINE - The invention provides a wind turbine wind turbine with two vessels, each being interchangeably in thermal communication with a heating medium which transfers heat from a heat generating structure to the vessel, and with a cooling medium which transfers heat from the vessel to an ambient space. The vessels form a compression structure which form part of a refrigerating circuit which can circulate a working fluid between the compression structure, a condenser and an evaporator. At the evaporator, cooling effect is obtained based on evaporation of a working fluid, and the cooling can be utilized for cooling a heat generating component in the wind turbine.06-17-2010
20110110771AIRFOIL HEAT SHIELD - Exemplary embodiments include a multi-layer, modular and replaceable heat shield for gas turbines. The heat shield apparatus can include a base layer adjacent the airfoil and a thermal layer coupled to the base layer, wherein the base layer and the thermal layer match a contour of the airfoil.05-12-2011
20080219836Fan with heat dissipating outlet guide vanes - A method for designing a fan having a motor which drives an impeller comprises providing an outlet guide vane assembly which includes a hub and a plurality of guide vanes that extend radially outwardly from the hub, attaching the hub to the motor, determining an approximate amount of heat which is generated by the motor during operation of the fan, determining an approximate surface area which is required to dissipate the heat into a surrounding air stream, and configuring the guide vanes to comprise a total surface area which is approximately equal to the required surface area. In this manner, the heat generated by the motor during operation of the fan can be dissipated by the guide vanes.09-11-2008
20090317243HIGH REFLECTIVITY INFRARED COATING APPLICATIONS FOR USE IN HIRSS APPLICATIONS - The present invention is a hover infrared suppression system for a gas turbine engine comprising a hover infrared suppression system having an upstream first stage, a second stage downstream of the first stage and a third stage downstream of the second stage, the engine operating at a temperature sufficient to cause the hover infrared suppression system to emit infrared radiation. The present invention further comprises a high reflectivity coating applied over a preselected area of at least one of the stages of the hover infrared suppression system to reduce the infrared radiation emitted from the engine, the high reflectivity coating being fired after application.12-24-2009
20120014784RAM AIR FAN MOTOR COOLING - A ram air fan assembly includes a ram air fan disposed at a fan inlet and a ram air fan motor operably connected to the ram air fan. A blower is operably connected to the ram air fan and is configured to redirect a cooling flow across the ram air fan motor from a substantially axially directed flow to a substantially radially directed flow thereby increasing the cooling flow across the ram air fan motor. A method of cooling a ram air fan assembly includes urging a cooling flow toward the ram air fan motor and is directed across the ram air fan motor thus removing thermal energy from the ram air fan motor. The cooling flow proceeds across a blower operably connected to the ram air fan motor, thus directing the cooling flow substantially radially outwardly toward the fan inlet.01-19-2012
20120156013AIR CYCLE MACHINE COMPOSITE INSULATOR PLATE - An air cycle machine including a housing with a compressor housing portion and a turbine housing portion secured to one another by fasteners. The compressor and turbine housing portions each provide a surface. An insulator plate is provided between and engages the surfaces. The fasteners extend through circumferentially arranged holes in the insulator plate. The insulator plate has an axial width, an inner diameter and an outer diameter. The outer diameter to the inner diameter provides a first ratio of 1.19-1.21, and the inner diameter to the width provides a second ratio of 53-59. In one example, the insulator plate is a composite structure constructed from 9-12 carbon fiber laminations with each layer having directional carbon fibers oriented transversely relative to the carbon fibers of an adjacent layer.06-21-2012
20120107104COMPRESSION SYSTEM FOR TURBOMACHINE HEAT EXCHANGER - An example turbomachine cooling arrangement includes a pump configured to pressurize a first turbomachine fluid that is then communicated through a heat exchanger assembly to remove thermal energy from a second turbomachine fluid. A portion of the pump is configured to be housed within a gearbox housing of a turbomachine.05-03-2012
20080298957INLET AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM - An embodiment of the present invention provides an air conditioning system located upstream of the inlet system for a gas turbine. The air conditioning system may comprise at least one conditioning module for adjusting the temperature of the airstream. The at least one conditioning module may have a plurality of forms including at least one of the following systems: a chiller, an evaporative cooler; a spray cooler, or combinations thereof. The specific form of the at least one conditioning module may be determined in part the configuration of the gas turbine.12-04-2008
20120076643Sealing System for Centrifugal Pumps - A centrifugal pump for delivering hot fluids, having a contacting shaft seal, a seal housing (03-29-2012
20100047063Use of a Tungsten Bronze Structured Material and Turbine Component with s Thermal Barrier Coating - A tungsten bronze structured ceramic material as a thermal barrier coating is described wherein the tungsten bronze structured ceramic coating material has the formula AO—B02-25-2010
20100008770PROTECTION OF THERMAL BARRIER COATING BY A SACRIFICIAL COATING - According to an embodiment of the invention, an article of manufacture for use in a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The article comprises a part having a surface covered with a ceramic thermal barrier coating. The thermal barrier coating has an outer surface covered with a sacrificial phosphate coating, wherein the sacrificial phosphate coating reacts with contaminant compositions to prevent contaminant infiltration into the thermal barrier coating.01-14-2010
20120263581Heating pump - A heating pump includes an electric motor, a pump housing fixed to the motor, an impeller driven by the motor, and a ring heater with an inner hole for heating fluid in the pump housing. The pump housing has a pump chamber and a pump inlet and a pump outlet which are in fluid communication with the pump chamber. The impeller is received in the pump housing and having an impeller inlet and a plurality of impeller outlets. The ring heater is disposed inside the pump chamber and between the pump inlet and the impeller. The impeller inlet is in fluid communication with the pump inlet via the inner hole.10-18-2012
20110038720FAN AND FAN ASSEMBLY - An assembly includes a fan and a heat sink for detachably fixing the fan. The fan includes a pair of first and a pair of second sidewalls, with two pair of rims respectively extending from the first and second sidewalls. Ends of the rims of the first sidewalls, which are directed toward and are adjacent to a same one of the second sidewalls, each have a latch flange. Ends of the rims of the second sidewalls, which are directed toward and are adjacent to a same one of the first sidewalls, each have a latch flange. The heat sink includes a channel for slidably receiving one pair of rims of the first or second sidewalls, a blocking member disposed at one end of the channel to block a corresponding sidewall of the fan, and a latch member disposed at the other end of the channel to latch the corresponding latch flanges.02-17-2011
20110038719SIMPLIFIED HOUSING FOR A FUEL CELL COMPRESSOR - A compressor includes a shaft assembly including a thrust disk disposed on a main shaft and a housing having a first portion and a second portion, the first and second portions adapted to receive the shaft assembly and enclose the shaft assembly therebetween, wherein the shaft assembly is rotatably disposed within the housing, and wherein at least one of the first portion and the second portion includes a shaft assembly retention feature for receiving the thrust disk to regulate a motion of the shaft assembly.02-17-2011
20110236190TURBINE ROTOR WHEEL - A rotor wheel is provided and includes a body having first and second opposing faces and portions recessed from a plane of the first face to define therein an annular groove and a plurality of tributary grooves, the annular groove being receptive of fluid from an external source and formed to direct the fluid to flow along an annular flow path, and the plurality of tributary grooves being receptive of the fluid from the annular groove and respectively formed to direct the fluid to flow sequentially along radial and axial tributary flow paths while preventing inter-tributary groove fluid communication.09-29-2011
20100232947IMPINGEMENT COOLING ARRANGEMENT FOR A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - There is disclosed an impingement cooling arrangement for a gas turbine engine (09-16-2010
20100232946DIVOTED AIRFOIL BAFFLE HAVING AIMED COOLING HOLES - A baffle insert for an internally cooled airfoil comprises a liner, a divoted segment and a plurality of cooling holes. The liner has a continuous perimeter formed to shape a hollow body having a first end and a second end. The divoted segment of the hollow body is positioned between the first end and the second end. The plurality of cooling holes is positioned on the divoted segment to aim cooling air exiting the baffle insert at a common location.09-16-2010
20100232945TURBOMACHINE INLET HEATING SYSTEM - A turbomachine system includes a compressor having a compressor intake and a compressor extraction outlet, and an inlet system fluidly connected to the compressor intake and the compressor extraction outlet. The inlet system includes a plenum having a first end portion that extends to a second end portion through an intermediate portion. The inlet system also includes a heating system having a plurality of conduits extending horizontally through the intermediate portion of the plenum and arranged in a vertical relationship. Heated air from the compressor extraction outlet passes through the plurality of conduits and raises a temperature of ambient air passing through the plenum and into the compressor intake.09-16-2010
20100232944 METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GAS TURBINE ENGINE TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT - A turbine engine has a compressor for delivery of compressed air to a combustor. The combustor delivers hot combustion gas through an outlet to a turbine. The turbine includes a nozzle assembly, downstream turbine blades, and shroud assemblies adjacent radially distal ends of turbine rotor blades. The nozzle and shroud assemblies include internal cooling passages for receiving compressed air from the compressor and, cooling air apertures opening through walls of the vanes and shrouds into the hot gas path to release film cooling air. The number of apertures, the aperture area, and the aperture pattern are varied in relation to the circumferential temperature profile of the combustion gas with a higher aperture area and/or higher number of apertures in high temperature regions and a lower aperture area and/or lower number of apertures in low temperature regions.09-16-2010
20110280716GAS TURBINE ENGINE COMPRESSOR COMPONENTS COMPRISING THERMAL BARRIERS, THERMAL BARRIER SYSTEMS, AND METHODS OF USING THE SAME - Gas turbine engine compressor disks having a hot flowpath side; a shaft having a first surface positioned in the hot flowpath side; and a thermal barrier applied to at least the first surface of the shaft where the thermal barrier is operable to maintain the temperature of the shaft below about 700° C. (1300° F.) when the hot flowpath side experiences a service operating temperature of from about 700° C. (1300° F.) to about 788° C. (1450° F.).11-17-2011
20130011246Gas-Turbine Aircraft Engine With Structural Surface Cooler - The present invention relates to a gas-turbine aircraft engine with a core engine surrounded by a bypass duct, with a substantially annular cooling element being provided in the area of a radially inner wall of the bypass duct downstream of stator vanes of the bypass duct.01-10-2013
20080240911HEAT INSULATING STRUCTURE FOR EXPANSION TURBINE, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A heat insulating structure for an expansion turbine includes an adiabatic expansion device including an expander body that includes an outlet passage for refrigerant fluid at a central portion thereof and an introduction chamber for refrigerant fluid communicating with an inlet of the outlet passage on an outer peripheral portion thereof, and a turbine impeller that is rotatably provided at the inlet and braked by a braking device. The adiabatic expansion device adiabatically expands refrigerant fluid by rotating the turbine impeller with refrigerant fluid that flows from the introduction chamber to the outlet passage side. A heat-insulating layer, which surrounds the entire periphery of the outlet passage over the entire length of the introduction chamber, is formed between the introduction chamber and the outlet passage. Accordingly, it is possible to improve turbine efficiency by reducing transfer of heat of refrigerant fluid from the introduction chamber to the outlet passage.10-02-2008
20110274535TURBOCHARGER ASSEMBLY HAVING HEAT SHIELD-CENTERING ARRANGEMENTS - A turbocharger for internal combustion engines, having a heat shield disposed between a turbine housing and center housing of the turbocharger for shielding the center housing from exhaust gases passing through the turbine. The heat shield in one embodiment is centered on a generally conical surface of the center housing, by engagement between the conical surface and a centering portion of the heat shield. In another embodiment, the heat shield has a generally conical portion that is non-axisymmetric, having a plurality of radially enlarged lobes that engage a radially inwardly facing surface of the turbine housing for centering the heat shield.11-10-2011
20130115064INSULATOR, AND STATOR AND MOTOR PROVIDED WITH SAME - An insulator includes a main body, a latching portion, and a slot. The main body covers a portion of a stator core around which a coil is wound to insulate the stator core from the coil. The latching portion is disposed at an end of a portion of the main body around which the coil is wound to latch the coil onto the main body. The slot is formed so as to expose the coil at a portion of the latching portion on a side where cooling oil for cooling the coil is supplied to the coil.05-09-2013
20130115062INLET BLEED HEAT SYSTEM - An embodiment of the present invention takes the form of an IBH system that has a single conduit, which is positioned close to a downstream end of a silencer section. This arrangement may reduce the overall pressure drop associated with the inlet system. This arrangement may also promote a substantially uniform mixing between the cooler ambient air and the warmer heated air.05-09-2013
20130115063OIL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR A COMPRESSOR - The invention relates to an oil management system for a compressor in a refrigeration system comprising: an oil temperature sensor; a heater arranged to heat oil in a crank case of the compressor; and a controller operatively associated with the temperature sensor and the heater, the controller arranged to control operation of the heater on the basis of ambient air temperature and oil temperature to maintain the oil temperature within a range Tmax≧R≧Tmin where Tmax>Tmin.05-09-2013
20130115061INLET BLEED HEAT SYSTEM - An embodiment of the present invention takes the form of an IBH system that has two conduits, which are positioned close to a downstream end of a silencer section. This arrangement may reduce the overall pressure drop associated with the inlet system. This arrangement may also promote a substantially uniform mixing between the cooler ambient air and the warmer heated air.05-09-2013
20130142631EXHAUST GAS HOUSING FOR A GAS TURBINE AND GAS TURBINE HAVING AN EXHAUST GAS HOUSING - An exhaust gas housing for a gas turbine, in which an annular gas passage, through which exhaust gas discharges from the gas turbine to the outside, is formed by a concentric inner casing and an outer casing which concentrically encompasses the inner casing at a distance, wherein the inner casing and the outer casing are interconnected by a plurality of radial struts which extend through the gas passage and have in each case a leading edge and a trailing edge with regard to the exhaust gas flowing through the gas passage, and wherein the struts, the outer casing and the inner casing are equipped in each case with a heat-resistant lining towards the gas passage, wherein the lining of the struts is at least partially mechanically decoupled from the lining of the inner casing and/or of the outer casing for reducing thermal stresses on the periphery of the struts.06-06-2013
20130136584SEGMENTED THERMALLY INSULATING COATING - A gas turbine article includes a substrate and a thermally insulating topcoat disposed on a surface of the substrate. The surface of the substrate includes a surface pattern defining first surface regions and second surface regions. The first surface regions include incubation sites that are favorable for deposition of the thermally insulating topcoat and the second surface regions are less favorable for deposition of the topcoat. The topcoat includes segmented portions that are separated by faults extending through the topcoat from the second regions.05-30-2013
20110236192COMPRESSOR HOUSING RESISTANT TO TITANIUM FIRE, HIGH-PRESSURE COMPRESSOR INCLUDING SUCH A HOUSING AND AIRCRAFT ENGINE FITTED WITH SUCH A COMPRESSOR - A compressor housing resistant to a titanium fire (burning titanium). A mixed housing is constructed, in which a structure holding stator blades includes a single-cast part made from titanium or titanium alloy, and at least one element forming a shield made from refractory alloy(s), and which is incombustible in presence of burning titanium, where each shield is secured to the single-cast part by fasteners. The fasteners are positioned with each shield so as to define jointly an inner wall demarcating an outer contour of the compressor airstream.09-29-2011
20110236191EXHAUST-GAS TURBOCHARGER - An exhaust-gas turbocharger includes a bearing flange for securement of the exhaust-gas turbocharger to a bearing housing of a turbine wheel. The bearing flange is provided with an outer circumferential fin having a base portion which terminates in a free end. The base portion is defined by a width which is greater than a width of the free end. An outer housing is welded to the outer circumferential fin of the bearing flange, and accommodates an impeller housing.09-29-2011
20130149120GAS TURBINE ENGINE WITH OUTER CASE AMBIENT EXTERNAL COOLING SYSTEM - A thermal barrier/cooling system for controlling a temperature of an outer case of a gas turbine engine. The thermal barrier/cooling system includes an internal insulating layer supported on an inner case surface, the internal insulating layer extending circumferentially along the inner case surface and providing a thermal resistance to radiated energy from structure located radially inwardly from the outer case. The thermal barrier/cooling system further includes a convective cooling channel defined by a panel structure located in radially spaced relation to an outer case surface of the outer case and extending around the circumference of the outer case surface. The convective cooling channel forms a flow path for an ambient air flow cooling the outer case surface.06-13-2013
20100316491THERMAL INSULATION STRUCTURE FOR STRUCTURAL MEMBER, AND SCROLL STRUCTURE - To provide a thermal insulation structure for a structural member and a scroll structure which can be easily used even in integrally constructed structural members and which can ensure reliability and thermal insulation properties. Provided are securing portions (12-16-2010
20130183146TURBO COMPRESSOR - A turbo compressor is provided that has first, second and third stage compressor blades rotated by a large gear shaft via an acceleration device, and includes a cast integral casing (07-18-2013
20130189088TURBINE EXHAUST DIFFUSER SYSTEM MANWAYS - A turbine exhaust diffuser system includes a plurality of manways. The plurality of manways each extend between an outer wall of the turbine exhaust diffuser system and an interior access tunnel of the turbine exhaust diffuser system. The plurality of manways extend between the outer wall and the access tunnel at an angle that is not perpendicular to a central axis of the turbine exhaust diffuser system.07-25-2013
20130202420Turbine Shell Having A Plate Frame Heat Exchanger - A turbine shell is provided, and includes a body portion and at least one plate. The body portion has a forward portion and an aft portion. The plate is located between the forward portion and the aft portion. The plate is part of a plate frame heat exchanger, which is part of the body portion of the turbine shell.08-08-2013
20120063890WIND TURBINE NACELLE WITH COOLER TOP - The present invention relates to a wind turbine nacelle having a first face with a longitudinal extension in a wind direction, comprising a cooling device having a cooling area and extending from the first face of the nacelle, and a cover having at least one inner face, the cooling device being enclosed by the first face of the nacelle and the inner face of the cover. A first distance between at least one of the faces and the cooling area is at least 30 mm.03-15-2012